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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  October 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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brand new in the last 30 minutes. the centers for disease control confirmed a new jersey toddler who died last week tested positive for enterovirus d-68. this is the first child death in our area involving the disease. the cdc officials say -- can't say yet whether the virus directly caused the boy's death or played a role. the four-year-old boy attended yardville elementary school in hamilton township. there will be a call center open form from 9:00 a.m. to noon for anyone who wants more information. now, keep in mind, this is all part of two health scares, one targeting children in our area, the other the expanding ebola crisis and whether this country
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ready to handle it. good evening, i'm keith jones. tonight, there are more questions about america's response to ebola. it wasn't until today that the dallas apartment where ebola victim thomas eric duncan lives was finally sanitized. the car he wroed in wrapped in plastic. his family deliver that lived there moved to a different home late today after a week in quarantine. at least 17 people, including churn in the dallas area, are being monitored daily. in the meantime, an nbc news photographer working with dr. nancy snyderman in liberia has tested positive for ebola. he'll return to the u.s. for treatment this weekend. and philadelphia, by the way, has a large population of people with ties to west africa. nbc 10's george spencer is live at philadelphia international airport. george, i understand some of these local families have been trying to fly their loved ones out of west africa. >> they have, keith, and it has not been easy. there are between 5,000 and 10,000 liberians in our region and many of them are now finding it is nearly impossible to get
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even healthy loved ones on a plane out of the ebola hot zone. >> everyday. >> reporter: you're getting calls? >> everyday. everyday. >> reporter: don dennis says the calls have been burning up the international minutes on his cell phone as he talks with liberian relatives living in the heart of the ebola outbreak. >> so you call everyday to check on them in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, before you go to bed. >> reporter: just to make sure they're stock? >> just to make sure they are okay. >> reporter: similar anxiety has also hit clients of the west philadelphia african travel agency where bookings are down 65%. he says large touring groups are cancelling visits even to unaffected countries and far sadder, he's field misdemeanor calls recently from local families trying to get loved ones out of west africa and flights have been cancelled? >> they come to us as the travel agent and say can you get them out. >> reporter: and there's not much you can do.
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>> there's not much we can do. >> reporter: across the area, emts and doctors are being told to ask one critical new question as they interact with patients in our travel-heavy region. >> you want to know where that patient has been. somewhere where that individual has been. if anyone has traveled to west africa over the past 21 days or past month. >> that travel history plus a new cdc checklist guides their response for local west africans, the time between calls home is tough zbles everyday we're getting good news and bad news. people are dying, we have friends in the community losing family members. >> reporter: leaders region-wide are paying attention to this virus threat. today two new jersey senators sent a letter to the state health commissioner inquiring about hospital preparedness. in the meantime, the local liberian association is collect dough nations and supplies for their loved ones abroad. live tonight at philadelphia international airport, george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> george, thanks.
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a health scare that caused polio-like symptoms in children in colorado hits home. children's hospital of philadelphia tells us they're treating three kids with sudden muscle weakness. federal health officials warned us about the condition earlier this week. they're looking into whether it's linked to enterovirus d-68, that's the respiratory illness sickening children across the country and recently may have been the cause of death of that child in mercer county, new jersey. chop is waiting for test results from the cdc of these three children being treated here. >> parents need to hear that if they have a child that has new weakness of their arms or legs or weakness of the muscles of the face, for example, they need to seek medical attention immediately. >> reporter: the hospital has treated five children recently who had enterovirus d-68. doctors say none of those children experienced that muscle weakness. >> i just barely had strength for several days. i'm asthmatic to begin with so
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it started affecting my ability to breathe. i. >> and it's not just children who can catch enterovirus d-68. paul parker tells nbc 10 he's been sick for five weeks with the disease. his doctor confirmed lab tests came back from the cdc positive for the virus. parker believes he caught it from his grand kids when he was baby-sitting them. he says they, too, were officially diagnosed. head to for more about this child virus. we have what parents need to know including symptoms and health tips to keep your children virus free. i hate to break it to you, rain is moving in right now. before it arrives, some people are out enjoying nice night enjoying the fountain at logan circumstance until philadelphia. when the rain comes it will bring cooler temperatures as well. let's talk to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena. sheena, how will this affect our weekend plans? >> keith, it will affect the start of your weekend.
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not your entire weekend but it will be impacting the end of your weekend especially some colder temperatures. so right now outside it's pretty nice. the rain, though, has moved in mainly west of philadelphia. these the areas now seeing the rain. parts of lancaster county moving into chester county. the rain is approaching reading. it's mainly on the lighter side, though. as we go overnight tonight, we have more rain moving in because of a cold front back off to our west. there's still more rain we have to get through before we get the colder air behind it and there is much colder air behind it, that will set us up for a very chilly start on sunday especially. temperatures back off to our west, we have 30s and 40s dipping into the middle of the country. right now we're at 63 degrees in philadelphia, but this colder air will be moving in once the rain leaves. so the rain has just begun west of philadelphia. here's future weather. as we go through the overnight hours, notice how more rain moves in, some of it could be heavy at times early in the morning and there's a chance of
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early morning thunderstorms. here's 6:00 a.m. saturday. we still have the rain around and it will be several hours after that until we see the clearing. so coming up, i'll show you a closer look at the timing of the rain for your saturday and how cool it will get as we go into sunday morning. that's straight ahead. >> looking forward that that, sheena. drama today at river's edge as rescuers and good samaritans leap in to help a teenaged girl who wrecked her suv. she was trapped inside that wreck when the vehicle ran off the schuylkill river at rush hour. we're live at the university of pennsylvania hospital where the girl was rushed. how is she doing? >> reporter: she's expected to survive but we are told she's paralyzed from the waist down after she lost control of her suv and crashed it. sky force 10 was there as rescue crews worked feverishly to cut through the roof of this suv in order to save the teen trapped inside.
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the 17-year-old girl was pulled from her overturned yukon as police say she crashed it feet away from the schuylkill river. >> i just pulled over. >> brandy meterhover, a nurse, was heading into work when she saw the accident and jumped out to help. >> everything smashed around her. >> reporter: the nurse ran down the embankment to check on the teen who sources close to this case have identified as taneera chandler. >> she's scared but talking. >> reporter: this unfolded just after 5:00 this afternoon. police say she was heading eastbound on martin luther king drive when she lost control of her suv, crossed over three lanes of traffic, jumped the curb, hit a guardrail and went tumbling down the embankment. the scene left those on the river in awe. >> she said she doesn't know, she lost control. >> reporter: once free, chandler was placed on a stretcher and take on the the hospital where police tell nbc 10 she is now surrounded by her loved ones. sources say that the girl will likely be paralyzed from the waist down.
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now, tonight there is no word on what caused the teen to lose control of her vehicle, however police tell us they're checking to see if speed played a role. that is the latest. nbc 10 news. >> reporter: someone shot at a winslow township police department vehicle tonight. other townships sent police when the shots fired warning went out. no one was hurt. there are no arrests at this time. still no sign. the manhunt for suspected cop killer eric frein enters its third week and tonight we see this new photo of a campsite believed to be used by frein. searchers found a rifle, ammunition, clothes and food. investigate believe frein may be interested in breaking into cabins or searching through trash bins to survive. frein has been on the run for 21 days after the ambush that killed pennsylvania state police corporal brian dixon and wounded
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trooper alex douglas in pike county. the british government trying to verify a video that shows yet another hostage being executed by an isis extremist. the video surfaced today showing an isis militant beheading british hostage alan henning. the aid worker was taken captive in december. the video ends with the militants threatening to kill an american hostage. the murder of henning is the fourth killing carried out by isis. two american reporters and a british aid worker were shown being executed in earlier isis videos. at 11:00, she's been missing for 14 days, tonight family and friends of my ariah gray passed out pamphlets. relatives say she suffers from seizures and needs medicine. she's been spotted several times with an older man. >> walking to bring mariah home safe. she's been seen in this area quite frequently so we're going
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to walk around, give out flyers and hope somebody's seen her and can us to where she is. >> reporter: the family says this f she returns home no questions will be asked. tonight the jewish faithful in north philadelphia celebrated the day of atonement known as yom kippur. it's the most holy day of the jewish year. it's a time of intense prayer and fasting. jews confess their sins to god and ask for forgiveness. turning to this now. accept a strike threat. when the transportation workers could strike and what the issues are that are preventing a deal. and new tragedy at the site of the flight 93 memorial. fire does significant damage. the priceless m lesless memorab may be gone for good. >> i'm tracking rain overnight
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tonight and to start off your weekend. aside from that, we have colder temperatures setting up for sunday. i'll show you those details coming up. we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speeds of our downloads so our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job of posting our vacation pics. when i post my slow jams, i'm a little half-fast. totally half-fast. stop living with half-fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. so his homework won't be so half-fast.
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that is up to him.
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>> there will not be a rail strike in ten days. that's the word from officials, of course, but they aren't ruling out a future work shortage. if no settlement is reached by october 13, they plan to ask for their second emergency mediation which would force workers to stay on the job for 120 days. that ends on february 10 and could bring about a strike of the entire system. we're talking bus, sub, way and trolley workers. union officials say wage increases is a major holdup. this was difficult to see earlier today. a fire burned three administration buildings at the flight 93 national memorial site in shanksville, pennsylvania. and tonight officials worry some of the memorabilia stored there could be lost. that includes a flag that flew over the u.s. capitol on september 11, 2001. but until the site is declared
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safe, staff members can't get in to see what's been damaged or destroyed. the site marks the spot where united airlines flight 93 crashed during this t september 11 terrorist attacks. tonight the barnes foundation celebrated hispanic heritage month with a flamenco fiesta. the evening combined dance and music with artists and scholars from the hispanic and latino community. telecommune doe 62 reporter iris delgado hosted the festivities. the barnes museum hosts an an extensive collection of modernist paintings. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. well, raining s starting to move into the area and we expect it to increase overnight tonight. showers are moving in currently. most of this is west of philadelphia right now into tomorrow morning, though, there
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will be rain to start off your week so a rainy saturday morning, then we clear out through the day. much colder air moves in as we go mainly into sunday in reading, reporting rainfall, mainly light. philadelphia mostly cloudy, still die, 63. atlantic city cloudy conditions, mid-60s. so we'll stay around 60 degrees and have the showers moving in. right now they're mainly west of philadelphia. that's where we see the lighter rain shown by the green coloring. south jersey looks dry but this rain will shift from west to east as we go overnight tonight. so as we zoom into lancaster you can see the rain approaching reading with light rain now. even lancaster. it's spreading through chester county quickly. parts of montgomery county seeing spotty light rain there. even into delaware through kent counties and newcastle we have more rain approaching dover.
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river view seeing lighter rain and this will increase in coverage and even in intensity as we go overnight tonight. it's all because of a cold front. it's still west of souse until the cold front moves through we have rain that will be moving through until that clears out. so there's still moisture around for us to work with through the overnight hours. we have a colder air mass with snow in minneapolis believe it or not. so here is future weather. the rain continues to move in as we go overnight tonight. waking up tomorrow morning, we could have rain heavy at times, the possibility of a thunderstorm. 9:00 we'll wake up to scattered showers. 11:00 we could have the rain around. then after about noon that's when we see more clearing developing, sunshine through the afternoon and much cooler temperatures really start to set in as we go into saturday night and especially sunday morning. so by sunday morning, areas north and west of philadelphia could be in the 30 eyes and around philadelphia temperatures could be in the 40s to wake up sunday morning. so the mild air mass that's been in place this week, that will be
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moving away. the cooler air mass will be moving in all the way down to the southeast. as we go into sunday afternoon, temperatures stay cool berkshire hathaway low average, about 10 degrees below normal for this time of the year. eagles forecast will be dry and sunny, 58 degrees by the start of the game so this is definitely football weather. rain increases as we go through tonight. chance of a thunderstorm, 61 for the low in philadelphia, 5 areas north and west. then tomorrow we'll see the morning rain, afternoon clearing. it will be a little breezy, too, highs around 70 degrees. as we go into sunday, that's when we have the cooler air in place, waking up to the 40s. by the afternoon only the low 60s. it won't last long. next week we are back in the 70s. rain may be on the way but it's still friday night so that means high school football. danny, good to see you. [ muted ]
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some of the biggest high school football matchups across the region. i'm danny pommells. we're all over it on the high school blitz. former eagle john runyon watching his son and the rest of the st. joe's prep team taking on the eagles. john reed passes it to tarns green who reels it in. this sets up a touchdown. st. joe's prep rolls 49-28. running the rock on south philly, luke white tote it had ball for 110 yards and he scores
11:23 pm
as grants beats southern 20-6. cardinal o'hara, meanwhile, airing it out against archbishop carol. brandon laughlin to terrell jackson and look at the kid hold on. good grab. o'hara wins 37-27. tyre rogers to johnson for the easy score. camden catholic dominate s 50-0. you wanted to see bishop shanahan and westchester henderson. this punt falls into know t hands of noah richards. he runs straight to the right and straight down the sideline. touchdown. henderson wins 21-7. how's this for a play of the week from the white hall/easton game. the running back going to penn
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state next year. spreading the easton defense. they all have a shot at him but the kid had more moves than a u-haul truck. easton gets the bragging rights. sky 4 high above lasalle and archbishop wood. kyle shermer throwing against the grain. the great diving grab in the end zone. lasalle wins 35-31. lands dale catholic tracks down the qb for the sack. release the hounds. they win it 36-25. at coatesville two yard line they try to punch it in but uh-uh, coatesville straps the threat, they force the bubble and pick it up. trying to pass against pen charter. penn charter's patrick mchan takes it away. central going to the air against frank further. warring picks it off, his pass is picked off by da von tae lee.
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to delaware now, mount pleasant and dick can i be skin son. mount pleasant with a 12--0 shutout. sam raglan gets the give for a 34-yard score. 41-6. one more from down the shore. egg harbor township. getting it done as they win the game 29-28. cue the music, many more games and great highlights still to come tomorrow night at 7:00 on the high school blitz. where else but right here on nbc 10. from the high school scene to the pros. eagles and rams getting set to kick off at lincoln financial field. michael kendric will miss his third straight game with a calf injury while brandon boykin is questioning with a strained hand string. the birds hope to literally hit the ground running with sean mccoy average ago pedestrian 2.7
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yards. the eagles struggled on the ground and have been analyzed, discussed, talked about and mccoy for one has had enough. >> reporter: is it one thing not going right. >> listen, man, listen. how long am i going to keep asking the same questions. you keep asking about the running game. he just asked the same thing about watching tate. i just told you. i don't want to keep talking about it. >> flyers wrapped up their pre-season thursday in washington. today the team hit the ice for practice before some team bonding commences in cape cod. the season opens wednesday in boston, the home opener thursday against the devils on comcast sports net. despite some thoughts to the contrary, the defenseman has been sent down to a junior hockey team in quebec to start the season. meanwhile, owner josh harris gave his state of the team address in which he said among other things the key to the rebuilding process to be honest with the fans in terms of what the goals for the franchise are. the sixers opened the preseason
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monday in boston. that's sports, we'll be right back.
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over the past four years pennsylvania has gone from 9th to 47th in job creation. and now, news about our economy is getting even worse.
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"pennsylvania's jobless rate is up for the second straight month as employment fell and unemployment rose." "bond rating agency has cut pennsylvania's rating to double a minus because of recurring budget deficits." "the state government is out of cash and is scrambling to make sure school districts and state employees can even be paid."
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how could you go from the five people there dancing to us just sitting talking about rain. >> you have to smiling and laughing. you can smile about the rain. not too bad, not too heavy but we have more moving in overnight. we have light showers west of philadelphia. these will continue to increase overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. so starting off your weekend you will be waking up to showers saturday. it's going to be a rainy start to your weekend. let's look at if seven-day forecast. tomorrow rain in the morning, highs around 70, we clear through the afternoon so we will have developing sunshine. it looks like the rain should be clearing around noontime tomorrow and just going to turn out to be a nice afternoon. on sunday colder waking up to temperatures in the 40s. some areas north and west could be in the 30s.
11:31 pm
afternoon highs only the low 60s. >> wow, low 60s to the 40s there, too. that's nbc 10 news at 1:00. i'm keith jones. for sheena and all of us, thank you for watching. the "tonight show" starring jimmy fallon is next. and you want to get an mba. but going back to school is hard. because you work. now capella university offers a revolutionary new way to get your degree. it's called flexpath, and it's the most direct path, leveraging what you've learned on the job and focusing on what you need to know.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- emma thompson. comedian dane cook. and featuring the legendary