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tv   NBC 10 News at 9am  NBC  October 4, 2014 8:30am-9:31am EDT

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d68 but did it cause his death? our soggy start to our saturday morning. the clouds are hanging low there. once that rain moves out, even cooler weather will be coming in. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 8:30 on this saturday morning. meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the dreary conditions outside. certainly not a nice way to kick off the first weekend in october. right? >> that's right but thing are going to get better as we head into the afternoon, once we get rid of the rainfall. and the clouds, we will see a mix of clouds and sunshine later on in the afternoon. plus, temperatures stay mild for us today. but that will all change as we head into tomorrow. live look at cape may. cloudy overcast. rainy start to the morning. radar shot shows we've seen a few more showers and light rainfall fill into parts of south jersey. millville, atlantic city seeing light to moderate rainfall. you can see all the showers are spotty in nature. depends on where you are. dry conditions.
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poconos, this is part of a larger system that's going to continue to stay to the northeast of us. right now temperatures at 69 degrees. southeast winds, five miles per hour. as we head into the rest of today, temperatures will stay in the high 60s. rosemary? >> thank you, brittney. in the next hour, hamilton township, mercer county will open the call center to answer questions about enterovirus d68. this comes after the centers for disease control confirmed a child from that area who died last week has tested positive for the virus. there are nine confirmed cases of enterovirus in jersey, they span from camden to sussex counties. matt is live in our digital pragues center this morning. matt, the cdc is being careful ability how they're wording this report. >> the concerns were there. and now testing confirms that this 4-year-old boy from hamilton township did have irs
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enterovirus d krls 68. th they're only saying that the child who died had this virus, although it's unclear if that virus played a definitive role in the child's death. last month four people died and later tested positive for enterovirus d68. this morning hamilton township will open up a call center to take questions about this virus. that will be from 9:00 a.m. to noon. if you have a pen and prap pape handy, that number is on your screen. we also have that number on meanwhile, health officials in new jersey are taking some extra steps to help prevent this disease from spreading in light of these findings. we'll have more on that and what you can do to help keep your kids safe in the next half hour. live in the digital operations center, nbc10 news. meanwhile, children's
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hospital of philadelphia is treating three kids with sudden muscle weakness. they are wait for test results to determine if the symptoms are linked to enterovirus d68. the hospital recently treated five children who had enterovirus d68. for more information on the virus go to our website we have health tips. now to the ebola virus. the obama administration says the national response to the disease is under control and there is little chance of an outbreak here in the u.s. tomorrow american journalist ashoka mukpo who tested positive will leave liberia. he will arrive for treatment at the nebraska medical center in omaha. in dallas, the family who lived with ebola patient thomas duncan has moved out of their apartment. they are currently in quarantine. >> it's been tough because no
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one wanted them. okay? and so someone was kind enough to offer up a private residence that is gated, that is separated from any neighborhood, any apartment complex so they can have their privacy and be away from anyone. >> the u.s. sent a shipment of supplies to west africa yesterday and the first of 3600 troops departed to the country to support the fight against the epidemic there. outbreak in west africa and the fears that surround it here in the u.s. are having a ripple effect through our region's liberian population. the owner of a african travel agency says bookings are down 65% and large tour groups are canceling visits even to unaffected countries. many local families have been trying to fly loved ones out of west africa but say it's nearly impossible because of flight cancelations. new this morning. philadelphia police are invest gating what happened here after a man was found inside this
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overturned car in the park. the car was discovered off forbidden drive which is park trail. officers aren't sure how long the man was trapped in the car but say he may have been there since last night. the driver is now currently being treated at the hospital. today marks day 22 in the manhunt for suspected cop killer eric frien. this new photo, take a look, shows a campsite believed to be used by frien. here searchers found two explosive devices, a rifle, ammunition, clothes, and food. investigators believe that frien cabins or searching through tash bins to survive. according to authorities, frien killed a pennsylvania state trooper and wounded another in an ambush outside the state police barracks in pike county. it's a plea for help. in philadelphia friends and family are reaching out tort public in the search for mariah gray. she's been missing for two weeks. relatives handed out fliers last night. they say gray who suffers from
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seizures and needs medication has sbonted several times in that area with an older man. >> walking to bring mariah home safe. she's been seen in this area quite frequently. the whole entire week. so we're just going to walk around, pawalking in peace, hopg someone can lead was to where she is. >> if gray returns home, no questions will be asked. they just want her back safe and sound. in just about 30 minutes from now, law enforcement officers from our region will compete in a battle of the badges. the 14th annual basketball tournament is to honor officers from our area who have died. since it began the competition has raised more than $10,000. scholarship money for students. this year's tournament will be held in honor of joseph walker jr. he was shotnd killed in an attempted robbery in 2012. he had just gotten off of work. today his family will be
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presented with a plaque honoring walker's life and legacy. this morning we're learning that two south jersey men will serve jail time for running an illegal poker club. 43-year-old thomas rand of williamstown received a 270-day prison sentence. 33-year-old ryan dion of blackwood, 364 days. both men operated running a social club out of a storefront. three others that acted as dealers and cashiers received probation. today in newark essex county more than 1,000 people are expected to witness the beatification of a nun credited with curing a boy's eye disease. according to the archdiocese the boy received a relic of sister miriam teresa in the 1960s and prayed over it. church officials say the boy's illness was totally reversed within six weeks. pope francis certified it as miracle. the sister who died more than 80 years ago be will beatified
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during a mass of the cathedral basilica in knnewark. >> we will pray and we will take part with joy. this is important. >> great to be right here in northern new jersey, people can come and be a part of it. it's wonderful. >> today's beatification ceremony is the third of four steps towards sainthood. our area's home to the other saints. st. catherine drexel, canonized in 2000 and st. john newman became a saint in 1977. the jewish holiday of yom kippur ends at sundown tonight. ♪ last night the jewish faithful in north philadelphia celebrated the day of at tonement and repentance. it's a time of intense prayer and fasting. the holiday which began at sun down yesterday is tmost holy da
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of the jewish year. it's been on hold for months but crews are ready to start looking again for that missing malaysia airlines jet. what they will be using to find the missing plane during their search. plus, one college is on high alert this weekend after an e-mail threat went out to hundreds of people about a potential mass shooting on campus today. the usual? not tonight.
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introducing longhorn's steaks that sizzle for $12.99. the smoky double bacon sirloin. the new spicy sriracha sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. steaks that sizzle. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. here is a live look outside right now of center city. you can't see much. that's because we've got clouds out there this morning. temperatures have bumped up a little bit since earlier today. now in the upper 60s. it's rain is going to clear out eventually. it's going to make way for a cold front that's coming through. temperatures really dip tomorrow morning. we'll have the details in the seven-day forecast coming up.
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m. isis is threatening another american hostage with execution following the beheading of a british aide worker. they released this video showing the killing of allen henning. the video appears to show american captive of indianapolis. the family of the former army ranger says the 26-year-old moved to the middle east to provide humanitarian aid to war refugees. so far two american reporters and british aide worker have been shown being executed in isis videos. there are new developments this morning in the search for missing malaysian airlines flight 370. the search for the plane is about to resume after a four-month break. the first of three ships that will hunt for the wreckage in the indian ocean is expected to arrive off of sus stralia's coast tomorrow. crews will sus sonar, video cameras and jet fuel sensors to search the waters. it was back in march when flight 370 disappear we'd 239 people
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onboard. this weekend harvard university has significantly incleesed the police presence after a serious e-mail threat. here's the deal. the e-mail was sent to hundreds of people including students and faculty members just before 5:00 last night. sender threatened to shoot up the campus this morning. those who received the e-mail say that it was poorly written and racially charged. according to campus officials they are using every asset available to keep that community safe. there are security changes in ferguson, missouri, nearly two months after 18-year-old michael brown was shot and killed by a police officer. st. louis county police now have commanders in ferguson directing security operations. this change was requested after a dozen protesters were arrested on thursday night. demonstrators are demanding that officer darron wilson be charged in the shooting of brown who was unarmed. park officials say flight 93 national memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania, will be open a day after a fire. take a look.
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the fire destroyed three administration buildings at that site in shanksville. officials worry that some memorabilia stored there could be lost. that i cluds a flag that flew over the u.s. capitol on september 11th, 2001. the cause of this fire is still under investigation. the site marks the spot where united airlines flight 93 crashed during the september 11th terrorist attacks. in chicago, the head of the faa is now calling for a more sophisticated backup air traffic control which stems after that fire at a facility near the windy city. toured the building yesterday and said that he was shocked beity damage. the faa hopes to have the centers communication system operational by october 13th. authorities say that a contract employee started the fire late last month which caused plenty of flight delays and cancelations throughout the country. all of you who have made this decision to have him are a
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disgrace. >> harsh words from the widow of a murdered philadelphia police officer. coming up a little bit later, what she has to say about her husband's killer being allowed to have a voice at a college graduation. and rain is still moving through our area but we will clear up heading into the afternoon. plus, changes on the way for sunday. i'll let you know what to expect in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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ths good morning.
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rainfall moving through parts of our area, especially if you live in south jersey. it is a soggy start to your weekend but things will get better as we head into the afternoon. although we do expect cooler temperatures into sunday. but mild conditions will return to us as we push into next week. a live look at the city skyline. you can see the low hanging clouds, light rain coming down. in parts of philadelphia, 69 degrees. humidity is at 90%. throughout the rest of our region we're seeing light to moderate rain depending on where you are. rain is coming down in reading, philadelphia, same thing, atlantic city. we're seeing moderate rainfall right now. and temperatures on the mild side at 69 degrees. 58 currently in the poconos. 63 in allentown. mid 60s in pottstown. 68 in swedesboro. temperatures at 66. and closer to the shore, nice and warm. avalon, 71. if you're closer to dover 70 degrees. an area of low pressure that's
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going to stay to the north of us but a dip in the jet stream. take a look at some of these temperatures. in chicago, only 36 degrees. only 32 in north plate. and if we look at our satellite radar shot, it does show we're seeing a lot of showers and light rainfall filling in into parts of south jersey. these are spotty shower it is you're closer to the poconos, lehigh valley, not seeing rainfall. if you're in philadelphia right now you're seeing a break from the rain. as we've seen we have a line of showers here from norristown down to wilmington. that's going to continue to track to the east and north east. philadelphia, see another round of vein fall as we head into the next 20 to 30 minutes or so. you can see these are fast moving showers and rainfall that continue to move to the east and northeast. that's going to be the trend as we head into the rest of your morning. by the afternoon we'll see more clearing. there's that larger system. you can see it rotating near toronto and we do have a cold front associated with that. that's going to drop our
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temperatures down. at least until noon we will dealing with a chance of showers. by noon, we will see mostly cloudy skies. eventually more clearing as we head into the afternoon. mix of sun and clouds for us. temperatures staying just slightly below average. cool air is on its way due to the cold front once it moves through. that's going to drop our temperatures overnight into the 40s. even the 30s for allentown and the poconos. as far as today is concerned we'll see a.m. rain and more clearing as we head into the afternoon. temperatures will range between 68 and 71 degrees. seven-day forecast shows a big-time cooldown by sunday. that is ten degrees below average. part of reason is because our temperatures will drop the low into tonight. overnight low is dropping down into the mid 40s for philadelphia. we recover nicely heading into next week. >> thank you, brittney. this week's wednesday's child can really light up a room. she has a personality that shines and she's more than ready to find a loving home. nbc10 introduces us to cammy.
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>> cammy is a very joy use and vibrant 17-year-old who is out going and bubbly personality lifts the spirits of those around her. she's very curious and loves to see new things. so we met her at adventure aquarium to see the sights. >> here's one. >> the best way i can describe her is a joy to be around. she's very positive all the time. very personable. and is curious about you, she wants to get to know you. >> do you see that big turtle? >> turt. >> she could not get enough of all the animals and wanted to see everything. she enjoys going to school and especially her music class. cammy has cerebral policy and uses an arm brace to get around but it never slows her down. >> she does use a walking stick but she uses it very well. sometimes it's hard for us to keep up with her. >> cammy is filled with love and willing to share her open heart.
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>> what does it mean to be loved? >> that. >> what are you doing? is that a heart? uh-huh. >> right to my family right there. show them that heart. >> cammy is this week's wednesday's child. >> you can make the dream of a forever family come true for cammy or any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation. to our website and search wednesday's child or call 1-866-do-adopt. all right. it is saturday morning. and that means we have high school football scores and highlights around the region. a breakdown of last night's biggest match-ups coming up next in the high school blitz.
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good morning to you. i'm danny pommells.
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buckle up, we have some of the biggest high school football match-ups across the year. we're all over it on the "high school blitz." ♪ a huge match-up at former eagle john runnion on hand. the rest of the st. joe's prep teams taking on melvern prep. runnion watching. trick play here. john reed airing it out to terrence who makes a great grab and sets up the touchdown. 49-28. running the rock on south philly. luke white carried it for 110 yards and 2 touchdowns in this game. beat southern, 20-2. carmel o'hara going to the air against archbishop carol. brandon to jackson. look at him hold on under duress. 27-37. camden catholic had no trouble with stepford. rogers and johnson far side for the score. camden catholic dominates, 50-0.
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the high school blitz game of the week is brought to you by your quality plus ford stores, home of america's favorite brand. >> you want to see bishop shanahan and westchester henderson? well, you got it. look at this punt. at the hands of richard. straight to the right and straight down the sideline. gone. henderson wins, 21-7. "the high school blitz play of the week" is brought to you by toyota. let's go places. >> a play of the week comes from the white hall/easton game. this is white hall running back barkley going to penn state next year. last night he was shredding the defense. look at this play. every easton defender had a shot at him. but hey, he has more moves than a u-haul truck. easton gets the bragging rights with a 64-39 win. lasalle and archbishop. shermer, eagles offensive pat shermer. goes against the grain. no matter.
8:56 am
james makes the great dobing. lasalle wins, 35-31. bishop trying to pass against lansdale catholic. eddie mcgee tracks him down for the sack. they win it, 36-25. coatesville's two-yard line. they try to run it in but they say, uh-uh, force the fumble and scoops it up. roxborough trying to pass against penn charter. sanchez. penn charter's patrick mccain takes it away. penn charter wins by 20. central going for the air against frankfurt in the public league. picked off by lee. frankfurt, a touchdown better than central. to delaware now. mt. pleasant and dickinson, williams gets the rock for a second touchdown of the game. mt. pleasant with the 12-0 shutout. opening drive. sam ragland gets around the left side for the 34-yard touchdown. they cruise 41-6. one more from down the shore.
8:57 am
egg harbor township. toe to toe in this one. two touchdowns in the game. . 29-28. many more games and great highlights still to come tonight at 7:00 on "the high school blitz" right here on nbc10. i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet. next, a mercer county child who died last week has tested positive for enterovirus d68. nbc10 is following the developments. >> rosemary, still unanswered questions as that town prepares to take some action. i'll have more on that coming up next. we're seeing more rainfall to start this saturday morning. also cooler air is on the way. i'll let you know what to expect for the rest of your weekend coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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as new cases of enterovirus d68 are being reported in our area, we are learning that a 4-year-old boy from mercer county new jersey who died last week was, in fact, infect we'd t with the virus. may be the best season of the year but not when you have leaves to rake. here's a live picture of the
9:01 am
center city skyline. get ready for a blast of cooler weather tomorrow. welcome back to "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 9:00 on this saturday morning. meteorologist brittney shipp is keeping an eye on the first alert radar. brittney, we will dry out sooner rather than later. >> that's right. we're going to see a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures will stay just slightly below average. right now we are seeing a soggy start to your saturday. here's a live look outside right now at cape may. looks pretty overcast and dreary. as we look at our radar i'll show you exactly what the rainfall is. mainly confined to burlington county. all the showers are tracking to the north. also have a coastal flooded a vuzry that will stay in affect until 11:00 a.m. average for this time of year is 72 degrees. today we'll stay slightly below that average but tomorrow you will really feel the difference. temperatures staying in the low 60s. i'll have your tailgating forecast for you coming up.
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thank you. enterovirus d68 may be the cause of death of a mercer county child. that's what health officials are trying to determine. the centers for disease control says there are now nine confirmed cases of the virus in new jersey. they span from camden county to sussex county. matt is live in the digitals operation center this morning. what can people do right now if they have concerns? >> two things. first, a call center is now open to take questions. more on that in just a moment. with regard to that 4-year-old hamilton township boy who died last week, mercer county health officials have sent that case over to the medical examiner for review. tests did come back positive for enterovirus d68. at this point though the cdc can't say for certain they're investigating this but they don't know if that is what caused the 4 yaerl's death. that is certainly worried
9:03 am
parents this our area and nationwide. at least 500 people in 42 states have been infected. most of them children. they are the most susceptible to this virus. right now there is no vaccine. parents have been pulling their kids out of school. hamilton township is trying to stop this virus from spreading. they're advising everyone to wash their hands, avoid close contact with sick people and disinfect surfaces. all things generally done around sick individuals anyway but the reminder is out there. health officials are also recommend that anyone who is sick stay home from work or school and get to a doctor if there are breathing problems that are getting worse. as i mentioned, hamilton township just opened a call center to take questions and concerns. that phone number is 609-586-0311. that number will stay open until noon today. if you don't have a pen and paper handy we put that phone number on ur website you can find it there.
9:04 am
rm. children's hospital of philadelphia is treating three kids can sudden muscle weakness. they're waiting to determine if those symptoms are linked to enterovirus d68. the hospital has treated five kids recently who had the virus. doctors say none of those children experienced the muscle weakness. if you would like to learn more go to our website tomorrow the american journalist who tested positive for the ebola virus will leave west africa. ashoka mukpo will fly out of liberia and arrive back to the u.s. and treated in open no a at the same facility that successfully treated another ebola patient. in dallas, the family who lived with thomas duncan, the man who came to the u.s. and was diagnose with ebola here, they have moved out of their apartment and they are currently in quarantine. the outbreak in west africa and
9:05 am
the fears in the u.s. are having a ripple affect throughout our region. significant liberian population. the owner of a west philadelphia african travel agency says bookings are down 65% and large tour groups are canceling visits even to unaffected countries. with those with loved ones living there it's an ongoing worry. >> call every day to check them, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, before you go to bed. >> just to make sure they're okay. >> every day we get good news and bad news. people are dying. they are losing family members. >> across the area, emts and doctors are being told to ask patients one critical new question. whether that patient or someone they know have traveled to west africa in the past three months to a month. that travel history plus a new cdc checklist then guides their response. new this morning, a man is in the hospital after police found him inside this overturned
9:06 am
car in the park. the car was found off the forbidden drive which is a park trail. it's not open to cars. officers aren't sure how long the man was trapped inside but he may have been there since last night chl. today marks day 22 in pennsylvania's search for the suspect wanted in the killing of a state trooper. police showed a new photo of the campsite believed to be used by suspect eric frien. they say there they found food, clothing, ammunition, and a rifle. this is the same campsite where searchers discovered two pipe bombs earlier in the week. investigators believe that frien may now start breaking into cabin or searching through trash bins to survive. according to authorities, frien killed a pennsylvania state trooper and wounded another in an ambush outside of the police barracks in pike county. now to an update on a story we first sold you about yesterday afternoon. sources tell nbc10 that the teen who lost control of her suv during last nate's evening rush
9:07 am
may be paralyzed. she was rescued from her overturned yukon after police say she crashed it just feet away from the schuylkill river. she was heading eastbound on martin luther king drive when she lost control of her suv. they say she crossed over three lanes of traffic, jumped the curb, hit a guardrail, and then went tumbling down the embankment. a nurse who happened to see the crash rushed to helped the trapped teen. >> she's just scared. she's talking but she's scared. >> once freed, the victim whom sources have identified as chandler was placed offen a stretcher and taken to the hospital. police are now investigating to find out if speed was a factor in this crash. despite the publicized controversy of convicted philadelphia cop killer will give a college graduation speech this weekend. this morning we're hearing from the widow of the officer he killed more than 30 years ago. a recorded address by him will
9:08 am
be played tomorrow for 20 students at goddard college in vermont. he received his bachelors degree from the school in '96 while behind bars. the 60-year-old is spending life in prison for killing faulkner in 1981. nbc10 spoke with faulkner's widow. she said they could have chosen anybody to give them inspiration and they made the wrong choice. >> sometime in their future of their life they are going to come across either a loved one or maybe a friend that will lose their life brutally and when they do they can think of me. >> during tomorrow's address philadelphia police plan to hold a silent protest at the site of faulkner's murder. today philadelphia city leaders, religious groups, and community members will hold a peace walk near the playground
9:09 am
where a teen was shot and killed over the summer. 17-year-old robert reid was gunned down while playing basketball on cumberland street in north philadelphia. it happened during a neighbor hood cookout in august. the gunman fired a dozen shots before running away. that person has not been caught. the organizers of today's walk say it will bring healing, hope, and help to an area that's reeling from violence. from the nbc10 delaware bureau, competitors will have to wait until next year for the annual pumpkin chunkin' contest. i think the name pretty much sums it up. this year's event was played for earlier this month but organi r organizers say they can't get all the details worked out in time so they postponed it until november of 2015. the pumpkin chunkin' is moving from original location at a form in bridgeville to the dover international speedway. trump's entertainment resort says it's bankrupt but does it mean they are off the hook for making pension payments to
9:10 am
atlantic city workers? we'll tell you what a judge decided next. plus, no strikes for now. septa riders can breathe a little bit easier but the new year could bring some bad news if there is no deal on a contract with regional rail workers. and you want to get an mba. but going back to school is hard. because you work. now capella university offers a revolutionary new way to get your degree. it's called flexpath, and it's the most direct path,
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a judge denied a request by. trump entertainment resorts to be relieved of pension obligations or union workers at the taj mahal.
9:13 am
the bankruptcy judge ruled the company did not prove that it would be harmed if it continued to make the pension contributions. during union negotiations the company agreed to make those contributions. taj mahal filed for bankruptcy last month because of cash flow problems and out of state competition. septa officials say there will not be a regional rail strike in ten days but they are not ruling out a future work stoppage. if no se ltment is reached, they plan to ask for their second emergency mediation which would force workers to stay on the job for 120 days nap would end on february 10th and if no deal is done by then, there could be a strike of the entire system. union representatives say that the hold-up is over wage increases. let's check in now with cnbc's tyler mathisen with what moved the market this past week. >> big news in the economy this week was about jobs. u.s. employers added 248,000 jobs in september in a burst of
9:14 am
meyering that helped the nation's unemployment rate fall to a six-year low, 5.9 '. that helped boost the stock market on friday. all week long, weakness over europe, political unrest in hong kong and the first ever ebola case diagnosed in the u.s. september auto sales were strong with the industry selling at a 16.5 million cars annual pace of cars in light trucks. sales of gm and chrysler up 19% last month over a year ago. would you buy one from warren buffe buffett? berkshire hathaway is buying van tool auto dealership chain. it's fifth biggest in the u.s. there's big money in selling and maybe especially servicing autos. we now know how bad this summer's cyber attack on jpmorgan chase really was. personal information on seven million small businesses was compromised but the bank says
9:15 am
social security numbers and account numbers are safe. ebay says it will spin off paypal into a separate company. that will happen next year. it's gearing up to take on electronic payment plans from amazon, google, and the apple pad. netflix is siping a deal with adam sandler to produce and star in four films that will run exclusively on the video streaming service and it will air a sequel to the martial arts film "crouching tiger, hidden drag dragon" and it will do that on the same day it opens in some imax movie theaters. that breaks that windowing approach that the studios and theaters have used for decades. i'm tyler mathisen and i'm not crouching or hiding. get all your business, news, on cnbc. there are two more opportunities today for families to check out the monster jam in south philly. nbc10 was at the wells fargo center yesterday as some of the monster truck drivers practice
9:16 am
their moves. during the show they performed stunts and tricks with the gigantic trucks. you can find out philadelphia area events, concerts and more on our website just search philadelphia entertainment guide. mccoy is tired of hearing about the eagles' struggles running the football. we'll hear from him and more coming e g uing up next in spor soggy start to your saturday, plus cooler air coming in for sunday. lots of changes. i'll let you know what to expect and help you plan your weekend coming up in your first alert seven-day forecast.
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with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years.
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for more information, go to good morning. a soggy start on this saturday with rain moving in to parts of our area, especially in south jersey. we will see clearing as we head into the afternoon. but sunday chill is on the way for us. temperatures stay well below average by tomorrow. not to worry if you like warmer weather. we're going to see a warm-up heading into next week. 69 degrees. light rainfall at the philadelphia airport. humidity is at 93%. winds at 7 miles per hour. for the rest of the year, 67 in the poconos. 63 in allentown. 67 in wilmington. 70 degrees in millville. 71 in stone harbor. dover 70 degrees. a closer look at our radar shot. it shows where all the rainfall is. spotty rainier philadelphia.
9:20 am
if you're closer to burlington county, that's where we're seeing the rainfall. same thing in atlanta city. we're seeing light to moderate rainfall. same thing as we take a closer look at norristown, rain coming down. glenside, more rainfall for us. we'll continue to see this rain moving in from the west. it's actually tracking to the north for the most part as we head into the rest of your morning hours. if we widen out the picture i'll show you exactly where the system is. it's actually to the north of us. you can see the general trend is a northerly flow here. we're seeing the wind speeds coming up from the south. it's all rotating around this big area of low pressure. that center closer to toronto. and that's pulling in cooler air. especially as the cold front moves through. as we head into the next few hours. by noon you will notice a few spotty showers lingering heading to the rest of your early afternoon. 1:00 or 2:00, start to see more sunshine peeking through. all the rainfall moving off to the northeast. it is going to be a cool evening out by 7:00 p.m.
9:21 am
breezy conditions. temperatures at 60 degrees. by 9:00 p.m., cool at 56. then if you stay out late you will definitely need a jacket. temperatures dropping down into the low 50s by 11:00. chilly conditions on tap for us. as we push into the rest of the afternoon, we should head into the 70s for philadelphia. mid 60s in allentown. 60 degrees in the poconos. take a look at what happens as that cold front moves through. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning we're talking about temperatures at 49 degrees for philadelphia. low 40s in the poconos. possible the 30s. cold night ahead for us. that's going to give way to a cooler start to the morning, especially if you plan on tailgating. heading out early. by 1:00 p.m. we're only at 58 degrees. by 4:00 p.m., 62 degrees. heading to the eagles game, bring a sweater or jacket, even a scarf. you will need it if you head out early. for tomorrow, temperatures range between 68 and 71 draes. cooler by tomorrow. 62 degrees. take a look at next week.
9:22 am
we warm right back in the 70s. mid 70s by tuesday. track a chance of showers by the middle portion of your workweek. eagles and rams getting set to kickoff at lincoln financial field on sunday. all the defensive side, kendricks will miss his third straight came with a calf injury while boykin is questionable with a hamstring. literally hit the ground running. for mccoy averaging a pedestrian 2.7 yards for carry. career worst. the rams entered the league's 20th rank rush defense. eagles struggle from the ground has been analyzed, talked about, and well documented. mock coy f mccoy for one has had enough. >> is there one thing not going right? >> i'm not going to keep answering the same questions. you asking about the run game. he just asked me the same thing about tate, washington tate. i just told you, i'm not going to keep talking about it. >> shady had enough about that.
9:23 am
the fliers wrap especially up the preseason thursday in washington. team bonding commences up at cape cod. season opens wednesday in boston. the open opener thursday against the comcast sportsnet. despite thoughts to the contrary, marin down to his junior hockey team in quebec to start the season. to basketball now. sixers camp owner josh harris gave his state of the team address in which he said the key to the we aare rebuilding proces is to be honest with the fans. they opened preseason monday in boston. that's sports. i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet.
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♪ the barnes foundation in fair mount celebrated hispanic heritage month last night. the evening combined dance and music with artists and scholars from the hispanic and latino community. reporter ire russ delgado hosted the festivities. the barn museum houses an expensive collection of post impressionists and early modern paintings. today is one of those days you could go out on the parkway and it's a good thing to do. >> it's a good thing to do, especially this morning when it's so dreary out. we're going to see more sunshine as we approach the afternoon. it's going to take a while to get all the clearing to get rid of all the rainfall and also the clouds. it will happen as we head into the afternoon. temperatures are going to still stay down a little bit below our average as we head into the rest of your saturday. a big-time drop in temperatures heading into tomorrow. so a cold tailgating forecast for you will mainly be in the mid 50s when you head out to
9:27 am
tailgate tomorrow. >> that is not going to stop the eagles fans whatsoever. you know what, when you're bundled up. >> we want them to be prepared. bring your sweatshirts. you will need them tomorrow. >> that's going to do it for us this morning. i'm rosemary connors. for brittney shipp and everybody here at nbc10, have a good one. we'll see you tomorrow.
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-hello, i'm jared. -i'm landon. -and i'm guy allen. and we are the allen family. and we are in east hills, new york. my boys, landon is 15 and jared is 13. -i'm surprised he got that right. he never gets that right. -i do have to think about that from time to time. we bought this house about eight years ago when landon was in first grade. the challenges of raising two boys, you know, at their ages-- it's really, really hard because they're involved in so many different things and they,