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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  October 6, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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on pipes and one of them burst. cleanup should take about eight hours, about 60 customers are affected. new developments on the children's hospital of philadelphia. officials there say they have notified the cdc about two additional kids who have acute muscle weakness. along with changes in the spine, just last friday. we told you about three similar cases. at this time, none of these patients has confirmed cases of enterovirus d68. but more tests will be required. news at a mercer county preschooler's death was caused by enterovirus has parents on edge and full of questions. >> fear remains high as officials await test results about another possibly infected student. nbc 10's south jersey bureau reporter cydney long is live in hamilton township. what are administrators to doing to calm the fears. >> reporter: we just found out a few minutes ago from the superintendent's office here in hamifn township that the student attendance rate here at
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yardville was in fact 93%. remember, this is the first day that parents have sent their children back since it was confirmed friday night that eli waller in fact died of enterovirus d68. also, we know that the custodial staff worked overtime through the weekend and they will continue to do so to disinfect all surfaces with a bleach alternative approved by the state department of health. in light of 4-year-old eli waller's death due to enterovirus d68 and tabitha vassi's little boy, still awaiting confirmation from the cdc. >> when i hear about how two children from the same classroom were affected in hamilton township schools, it's not just one school that's not up to par in cleanliness. it's more than one school. >> reporter: victoria felt compelled to share this photo she says was taken at her son's elementary school, langtree. on a scheduled visit, due to the
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fact he came home and told his mom -- >> the bathrooms were so disgusting, they were like a new york city subway. >> he's 5. >> he's 5. >> reporter: she removed her child from the school before the fear of enterovirus surfaced. she wants to make sure all bathrooms and surfaces are disinfected. >> you're not going to go around with a white glove in kindergarten. but there shouldn't be dirt on the floor. >> reporter: this doctor says of the nine confirmed cases this be we are only being narrowed down to eight new jersey counties but the state in fact knows the towns and schools in which the cases exist. >> we want to assure parents that we are monitoring the situation and that we're, woulding closely with the schools as well as the local health department to ensure that appropriate procedures are followed. >> reporter: it is important to note we did send that bathroom photograph to both the
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superintendent's office and the local health department. the superintendent has not had a chance to see it and respond yet this afternoon but the local health department tells me they will investigate that bathroom over at langtree elementary. they do have questions and concerns with regard to that photo. live in hamilton township, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. contract canceled. in a surprise move, the philadelphia school commission announced today they will kansing the contract with the teachers union. the decision oms after nearly two years of negotiations. the move will force teachers to help pay for their own medical benefits, contributing $21 to $70 per pay period. the src says the changes will provide nearly $44 million to students in the school year. they are the funds that the district says are urgently needed. the question many people are asking is why now? >> they've refused to make any
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meaningful financial concessions to help us deal with the structural deficit. >> that's an absolute lie to say that the pft has not negotiated. pft has offered a wage freeze. pft has offered changes. >> as for the union, they are promising a fight. turning to family, friends and colleagues, gathering today to remember a pennsylvania state trooper accidentally killed last week in montgomery county. ♪ >> there was an outpouring of emotion in northeast philadelphia where a funeral service was held for trooper david kedra. hundreds of law enforcement officers linedç the streets outside the church and bagpipes played as kedra's flag-draped casket was carried inside. the 26-year-old was a temple university alum who joined the state police in 2012. kedra was assigned to the skippack barracks in montgomery county in january 2013 following his graduation from the academy. officials say kedra was shot in
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the chest last tuesday after another trooper's gun accidentally discharged during a training exercise at a conshohocken gun range. this morning, kedra's brother remembers the man he said was born to be a state trooper. >> nothing was going to stop him from doing what he wanted, protecting what he knew was right. that's how he lived his life. he so determined, so hard-working, maybe a little hard-headed at times but also so loyal and true to himself. those are the qualities that made him such a great trooper and a great man. >> kedra was the second trooper shot to death in september. philadelphia police hope you can help them track down a thief who held up a deli in overbrook. surveillance video shows him walking into the 65th and lebanon deli last wednesday night. you see him take out a gun and point it at a clerk. he walks off with the store's cash. give them a call if you know anything about the holdup. police want your help
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finding a guy they say tried to go on an illegal shopping spree. take a good look at him. that's him there at the macy's counter. he tried to use a stolen credit card, police say. a newly released indictment reveals just how far a group of philadelphia ironworkers are accused of going to get work. the defendants from ironworkers local 401 are accused of using threats and violence to force contractors to hire union members. they're accused of starting a fire at a quaker meeting house just a few days before christmas in 2012. the indictment also says the group's slashed tires within grabbed rivals by the throat and blockaded work sites. 8 of 12 ironworkers pled guilty. after a cold start this morning, we're into the 70s. >> i'm meteorologist sheena parveen.
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there's some showers around the state of pennsylvania, at least right now. as we go late into tonight, we could see a few showers. the main area of moisture is off to our west. you can see it moving in this general direction. it will mainly slide up to our north and west. showers moving into parts of central pennsylvania. a few of these could be moving in later on tonight. in the mean tame, we're staying dry. we're milder than we were yesterday. tomorrow will be warmer than today. >> it's 71 degrees right now, philadelphia, lehigh valley coming in in the low 70s. millville, 78, atlantic city, 67. northeast philly at 71. still about the mid-to-low 60s. cool, 69 degrees around the philadelphia area. we get more clouds starting to move in by 8:00 p.m., especially by 10:00 p.m. you'll notice the clouds increasing by that time. temperatures around 60 degrees. coming up, i'll show you the timing of the rain before the
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week is over. that's straight ahead. a closed casino in atlantic city no longer bears the trump name. today the giant letters were removed from the outside of trump plaza. donald and ivanka trump is pressing a lawsuit against trump entertainment toç have their ne stripped from the trump taj mahal casino. they claim the company allowed the casino to fall into such disrepair it violated quality standards both sides agreed to. the company is threatening to shut its last casino, the taj mahal last month. the main casino workers union in atlantic city plans to block traffic to protest efforts to eliminate workers' pensions and health care. trump entertainment and resort says it will close the taj mahal without major con sessions from the union. the showdown for revel casino isn't over yet. the losing bidder says he's upset over how the auction was hand handled.
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glenn straub will challenge that auction at a hearing tomorrow. straub's lawyer says he's considering whether to make an offer higher than that winning bid at tomorrow's hearing. teachers in the delaware county school district who have been working without a contract plan to picket at a school board meeting tonight. more than 100 teachers and staff at the ridley school district have been picketing for more than a month. they're contract expired in june. teachers tell nbc 10 their main dispute isn't about money but guaranteed preparation time throughout the school day. tonight's school board meeting is 7:30 at ridley high school. promoting fire safety, today septa and the philadelphia fire department kicked off fire prevention week. expect to see these placards promoting the campaign displayed in 2,500 septa buses, trains and trolleys throughout the fall. this year's theme is freedom from fire. be a safe and smart citizen through community, risk,
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reduction. >> we want to make sure safety is not only a septa but thing something people can take with them and share with their friends and family. this is one of those things we can do. >> fire commissioner derrick sawyer wants to remind everyone to make a plan, resist re-entry and find two ways out. >> a nurse in spain is the latest victim suffering from the ebola virus and as fears grow globally, people in our area doing our part to battle that disease. how charity workers of delaware county are pitching in to keep people thousands of miles away safe. check this out. the women and men in pink. police choose a unique-looking ride to show their support for the fight against breast cancer. why this is more than simply a new paint job.
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the american video journalist who contracted ebola while working in liberia is back in the states tonight. a specialized medevac jet carrying 33-year-old ashoka mukpo landed in an omaha, nebraska this morning. he's now being treated at the nebraska medical center. in the meantime, a liberian national, the first to be diagnosed with the disease, on american soil, is fighting for his life in the isolation unit of a dallas hospital. nbc's jay gray has the latest developments on the outbreak. >> reporter: an intense struggle continues inside the isolation unit of texas health
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presbyterian hospital right now. >> we recognize that this is a critical time for him and his family. >> reporter: this afternoon we learned doctors have turned to an expertal medicine to try and keep thomas eric duncan alive. family members say a respirator and dialysis machine are part of that effort as well. the effort to treat journalist ashoka mukpo is under way in omaha now, a medevac jet transported the fifth american diagnosed with the virus from liberia to the medical center in nebraska overnight. >> he's enormously relieved to be here. of course, it's still quite frightening. he's hanging in and sounds very strong. >> reporter: back in dallas, hazmat teams returned to the apartment where duncan had been living. they are working to ease the concerns of a community on edge. >> people are really freaked out. >> reporter: that concern over the deadly virus stretches across the state. and today texas governor rick perry announced the creation of the texas task force on
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infectious disease preparedness and response. >> there is a tremendously talented and expert group of professionals engaged around the clock, functioning as a single team, to do what is necessary to stop any additional spread of ebola. >> reporter: a big part of that process is constantly monitoring close to 50 people who had some kind of contact with duncan. >> temperatures were taken. none of them had symptoms, none had fever. >> reporter: including ten considered high-risk who will remain in isolation for the next two weeks. for those considered high risk, public health officials say the next three or four days could be the most critical in determining if they've been infected with the virus. in dallas, jay gray, nbc 10 news. a liberian aid worker is visiting delaware county this month. gathering medical supplies for doctors dealing with ebola patients. taje smalley runs the clinic.
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he's working with compassion corps to get bleach, blankets and rubber gloves to doctors in west africa. many clinics rely on simple plastic bags or raincoats for protection from the virus. for contacts, the cdc uses hazmat suits. the supplies will be shipped via cargo freight out of philadelphia. >> it's very terrible. people are dying because there is not equipment or dressing that will help them to prevent ebola. >> they still need about $7,000. the charity is selling west african coffee beans grown by liberian farmers to raise money for the shipments in. in our next half hour, we'll tell you about a delaware company that's helping in the fight against ebola in west africa. a look at the disinfectant technology that could save lives. be sure to tune in to "nbc nightly news" for complete coverage of the ebola outbreak,
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including updates on the americans being treated for the disease. a hjoseph clancy steps in after a series of setbacks and miscues by the secret service. clancy actually headed president obama's security detail before taking a job as comcast cable director of corporate security three years ago. now it's back to the presidential protection business for this villanova grad. >> as tremendous, obvious, confidence of the first family. he's highly respected within the organization. >> clancy once taught history at father judd's high school in the northeast. he protected presidents dating back to bill clinton. the nation's highest court made a major move on same-sex marriage today. the u.s. supreme court declined to decide on the constitutionality of gay marriage which means that in five states where gays and
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lesbians could not marry before, they can now. this also ends the ban in six more states this led to mixed reactions across the country. >> for a lot of people, including those of us who have been pushing for marriage equality have whiplash. it was so quick. >> no precedent was set today which means that states can still ban gay marriage and lower courts can uphold those bans. gay marriage is legal across our region. in may of this year, a u.s. judge struck down pennsylvania's ban. last year, a mercer county judge ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. while same-sex couples began marrying in delaware on july 1st, 2013. switching gears now, two people on board a plane that plunged into waters in florida can thank some fishermen for being at the right place at the right time.
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fishermen were passing by, spotted the two men on board and they rescued them. they rushed them to awaiting ambulances. that's what you see here. everyone is expected to be fine. there's no word on whatç cause the plane to go down. it's a unique take on raising awareness about breast cancer. the orlando police department unveiled a new pink cruiser in support of breast cancer awareness month. they want to honor survivors and patients, that includes several orlando police officers. >> i was very shocked. as a police officer, you go out and deal with bad people. you don't think about yourself getting sick. >> i had nine surgeries within the next two years and the support that i received was amazing. >> doctors say breast cancer awareness month is a good reminder for teenage girls to learn how to do self-breast exams.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, after another chilly start this morning, temperatures milder than they were yesterday. and tomorrow will be milder than today. until we get there, we have more clouds that will move in tonight. we'll start to see changes taking place through the overnight hours. maybe a couple showers, too. then tomorrow's temperatures will start off a little milder. the afternoon will be milder, too. we'll have more in the way of cloud cover. more rain chances ahead, before we end out the week. there's quite a few days of rain in the seven-day forecast. here's a live look outside, center city from the adventure aquarium. completely sunny skies. things start to change through the overnight hours. still comfortable outside. cool in some spots. 71 degrees. we have a breezy south/southeast wind sustained at 13 but gusting at 21 miles an hour. little gusty still out there this afternoon. it's been windy all day today. temperatures through the lehigh valley, still around 70 degrees for allentown, 70 pottstown, 69
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in westchester. mt. holly at 70, 69 in trenton, south jersey and delaware mainly in the upper 60s through south jersey, low 70s through much of delaware. 71 degrees in dover and wilmington. here's a look at the wind gusts through the area. still gusting from 20 to 25 miles an hour, reading and wildwood both have wind gusts around 28 miles an hour. so the winds are going to stay up this afternoon and later on today they'll diminish. we're watching this moisture back off to our west. there's a lot of rain starting to move into parts of central p.a. mainly it's moving to the northeast but should slide to our northwest. we could see a couple showers later on tonight but as far as the timing is concerned for later this week, we have more showers in the forecast. so here's future weather. through the rest of the afternoon, the moisture will slide up to the north and west. more clouds overnight, maybe a few late showers. then tomorrow we'll see more clouds during the day. in the afternoon, we could have a couple showers. the main threat will be later tomorrow night.
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this is 11:00 p.m. tuesday night. as we go into wednesday, we start to see things clearing up and improving conditions. we do have more rain in the forecast, aside from that. for tonight, more clouds move in, a chance of a late shower. 58 for the low in philadelphia, 51 areas north and west. partly sunny, tomorrow, milder than today. with some very late showers. temperatures will be in about the mid-70s. milder tomorrow afternoon. wednesday we stay in the mid-70s but take a look at thursday. we are sunny, cooler. highs only topping out in the mid-60s. as we go into friday with more rain and it looks like so far we have a chance of rain over the weekend. in politics and in life, you've heard this before, it's all about who you know. one former president's support can mean more to voters than any other. what bill clinton's endorsement means to keanes and where the sitting president's support it started out great but ended with some tension. the eagles won their father game
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and are tied for first. ahead, john clark joins us to break down a win that left many fans concerned. how can i avoid maintenance fees?
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says ignition keys can be accidentally knocked out of the run position by the driver's knee, that can cut off the engine and air bag. so far, gm has issued 74 recalls affecting more than 30 million vehicles. federal investigators are looking at a possible power steering problems in ford models. the investigation covers more than 900,000 ford fusion and lincoln mkz cars from 2010 through 2012. the 2011 mercury milan is also involved. there are more than 500 complaints alleging cars lost power steering. four complaints say the problem caused crashes. an endorsement by bill clinton packs the biggest punch on the campaign trail. the former president scored the best among eight prominent political figures when registered voters were asked if a campaign endorsement would help or hurt a candidate.
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24% who would look less favorly. the survey was conducted by nbc news, "the wall street journal" and annenberg. after nearly a month, police still don't have their man. next, where the search is know focusing and how the changing weather may impact the manhunt in the days ahead. take a look at this. it fogged up our camera lens. how this could help the global fight against the ebola virus. plus, all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, mo'ne davis hits the big time. how she's teaming up with one of hollywood's biggest directors. i'm sheldon yellin,
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and i started my career rebuilding homes for one family at a time. today, our companies help build something more. for 28 years, belfor has been restoring homes and businesses destroyed by fire, flood, or any disaster. and even though we've grown to over 6,000 dedicated people around the world, for me, it's still about helping one family or business at a time. at belfor, we're restoring more than property.
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this is nbc 10 news. right now at 5:30, the sun is setting on the 24th day after an all-out manhunt. pennsylvania state police continue their search by air and on the ground for eric frein. the man they say shot two troopers, killing one of them. today the search took them inside an abandoned pocono resort. >> this as concern grows that the changing weather will make finding the accused cop killer even more difficult. doug shimell explains. >> reporter: this manhunt has become a shell game of unoccupied buildings and abandoned resorts all complicated about i this time of year. in a cabin at the back of the abandoned penn hills resort in
5:31 pm
stroud township, a worker told police he found two recently inhabited rooms, one with air fresheners tacked all over the ceiling, a second with unspecified newspaper articles taped to the walls. it's the latest tip in the hundred for the fugitive sniper eric frein, a hunt that has yielded a campsite, pipe bombs, ammo but no suspect. veteran hunter chris folk says his price township property has been searched and sealed by police. he says this is the worst time of year to be on a manhunt in this part of the pocono. >> you see the leaves on the trees yet. you could walk by someone within 20 feet. i don't think he'll give his position up until he has to. >> reporter: the last confirmed sighting of eric frein was a week ago and folk says the
5:32 pm
limited visibility from the ground and the air will start to change in favor of police. >> i'd say they have enough people, it's just a matter of getting them in the right place at the right time. if it gets colder and the leaves come off the trees, he's going to slip up. >> reporter: police are hoping to find eric frein before the other part of winter sets in, snow. in twice township, monroe county, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. here's some of the stories making headlines on nbc 10 news at 5:30. the children's hospital of philadelphia says they are treating two more children for what's been called acute muscle weakness. officials are looking into whether this is linked to enterovirus d68. philadelphia police are questioning a person in connection to this surveillance video. it shows the suspect attacking a woman inside a business in the city's chinatown neighborhood. police say he choked her, sexually asauled her and robbed
5:33 pm
her. she had to be taken to the hospital to be treated. teachers will be forced to start contributing money to their own medical benefits. that will send millions of dollars pouring into the distressed philadelphia school budget. a final farewell today for a pension state trooper, accidentally killed last week. a funeral service was held in northeast philadelphia for 26-year-old david kedra. officials say the trooper was shot in the chest tuesday after another trooper's gun accidentally discharged. four high school football players at the jersey shore are off the field after police charged them with a spree of armed robberies in two different counties. 18-year-old devin delaney didn't say much when he appeared in court this afternoon. authorities arrested delaney and threeç teammates of the lakewo high school football team. the other suspects have not been identified because they're 17. this video shows delaney's
5:34 pm
arrest last week. outside the courthouse, delaney's father said his son is innocent. >> not guilty. >> what do you think about the charges against him. >> it's false. just like o.j. simpson, he plays basketball and football. >> they are also charged for a pair of robberies last month. as part of an agreement with local law enforcement, a statement will not be immediate until the criminal investigation is completed. a worker has been charged with stealing thousands of dollars of septa coins from the agency. he's accused of submitting fraud len the overtime expenses and stealing tokens from the agency. that added up to nearly $18,000. she worked as a social worker services manager for the department and those tokens were supposed to be for clients. she's been employed by the city since 2006.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we start the day a bit cool but warmed into the 70s. >> right now, showers are unfortunately moving in. >> meteorologist sheena parveen joins us. >> the showers are getting closer but our best chance of timing for the rain won't be until later on tonight. right now the showers are moving into parts of central p.a. there's a chance of some of these could move into the area. mainly they're moving up to the northeast, count of skimming just by us. as we go through tonight and even tomorrow night, the rain chances will stay in the forecast. you see the moisture over to our west and southwest. it's all going to be just skimming to our north and west. so we'll be watching for the rain, chances increasing as we go through tonight and then again maybe even tomorrow night, too. temperature right now, milder than yesterday at this time. 71 degrees in philadelphia. we are warming up because our winds are really in from the south, gusting near 20 to 25
5:36 pm
miles an hour. it's driving in this milder air. you see mid-70s down to our south. by tomorrow, we will be more into the mid-70s. it will be milder tomorrow, too, as far as the temperatures are concerned. by 6:00 p.m. tonight, we're cool and sunny, upper 60s by 8:00 p.m. low 60s by 10:00, more clouds move in. our chance of showers coming into the forecast and even tomorrow night, i'll show you the timing of that. the rest of the week, cooler temperatures coming up. >> thanks, sheena. the investigation continues into what caused the teen to lose control of her suv and crash it feet away from the schuylkill river. it happened last friday at fairmont park. that 17-year-old girl is paralyzed. police say she was driving eastbound on martin luther king drive when she lost control of her suv, crossed over three lanes of traffic, jumped the curb, hit a guardrail and went tumbling down the embankment. philadelphia transit officials say there won't be another rail strike for at least
5:37 pm
four months. talks between septa and the union representing its engineers resumed today. it will request federal intervention in the sides can't reach a deal. engineers have been without a contract since 2010. employees ended their walkout after president obama appointed an emergency board to oversee the disputes. waging war against the global ebola virus starts in our area. this fogging machine is made in new kagle county, delaware. how it works and where it's being siene to keep the deadly ebola virus from spreading. the eagles are 4-1, right? a lot of fans are concerned. we hear from one eagles player who's not worried at all how they're playing. plus, the joints come here to nbc 10. we'll talk about it.
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the eagles are 4-1 and tied
5:40 pm
for first place in the division. special teams came up big against the rams. look at that, going in the end zone. despite the excitement of that play and a 27-0 point lead at one point, many fans are a bit anxious. yes, a win's a win but the rams made it too close for comfort. >> is the team concern as we head into a sunday night showdown against the giants. big game, john. >> i've never seen so much concern for a 4-1 team. the eagles have the best record in the nfl watching the cowboys and another team. the birds have to give a special thanks to their special teams and defense for helping them beat the rams yesterday. and a few other games, actually. the eagles special teams are historic. they're the first nfl team in 94 years that have five special teams, touchdowns and the first five games. the bird's offense have been outscored over the last two
5:41 pm
games, 35-20. the offense needs to pick it up. the players admit that. listen to jason peters. he tells us he's not apologizing >> why should i be concerned in i'll go to practice on tuesday and fix my mistakes. why be concerned? we won. i'm going to fix what i did wrong. and the guy beside me going to fix what he did wrong and we're going to go into the game sunday night and play the giants. >> the eagles defense gave up three touchdowns in an 11-minute span yesterday. you see fletcher and williams getting beat a lot pft eagles have given up 13 passing touchdowns, most in the nfl. chip kelly says there isn't a lot of room to make changes. >> for three quarters we played well on defense. then in the fourth quarter we didn't do well.
5:42 pm
all of our corners were inp this they're on the field. you know, i think our guys are there. they have to do a better job of making a play on the ball. >> it's going to be a tough matchup for the eagles defense against the giants sunday night at the link. the giants started off 0-2. here they are beating the falcons yesterday. eli manning has turned his season around. the eagles are only a 2 1/2-point favorite. can the eagles get their offense and running game going? we hear from lesean mccoy and chip kelly coming up at 6:00. for now, i'm john clark, back to you. the eagles take on the new york football giants right here. right after the gale, stay on nbc 10 for extended eagles coverage with our exclusive
5:43 pm
postgame show. that's followed by nbc 10 news. around the world, concern is growing about the ebola virus and that's where a new tassel county company comes in. what this ship does to the disease and where it will be shipped to find it. >> you're tracking rain, sheena? >> yes, just to our west. some milder temperatures coming in. i'll show you the forecast, coming up. all new on nbc 10 news at 6, when you pass a car on the road, do you honk your corn? if not, you're breaking the law in emergency emergency.
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there are new developments about olympic swimmer michael phelps and his dui arrest. the united states swim team suspended phelps from all team-sanctioned swimming competitions for the next six months. he violated the team code of conduct. last week he was arrested for driving under the influence and speeding in baltimore. phelps can still train but must forfeit funding for six months. a spokesperson for phelps says the olympian will enter a six-week inpatient program. phelps put out this tweet saying, quote, i recognize this is not my first lapse in judgment. and i'm extremely disappointed with myself, end quote. his first dui charge was in 2004. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, milder day today than what we had yesterday across the area. still a cool start to the morning as we go through tonight. we will have more clouds moving in. you will see changes through the overnight hours. we could see a couple showers.
5:47 pm
tomorrow will be milder than today. so we'll be move into the mid-70s tomorrow afternoon. we do have more rain chances aside from a few showers we may see tonight, more rain chances even as we go into tomorrow, later in the day. right now, here's a live look out at center city. looking out from the comcast center in philadelphia, down at liberty one and two. completely clear skies across the area. we've seen plenty of sunshine today. our temperatures have warmed up a lot compared to yesterday because of the strong south winds. we have a south/southeast wind. it is pretty windy outside. sustained at 13 miles an hour, gusting closer to 21. temperatures in the low 70s. still cool but not as cool as yesterday afternoon. the rain we're watching is back off to our west. you see it moving into parts of central p.a. locally we are dry. this rain tries to move closer especially as we go into tonight. right now it's moving into central p.a. it is mainly moving to the
5:48 pm
northeast. it will skim to our northwest. some of the showers could move in as we get into the late hours sh evening. the temperatures have warmed up. 71 pottstown, south jersey temperatures mainly in the 60s right now. 68 degrees millville. 66 in wildwood with that south wind coming off the water. 67 atlantic city. areas like reading coming in at low 70s, çallentown, 71 degree right now. for most of your evening, we will continue to see those milder temperatures. not as cold as it was last night. here's future weather. for the rest of the evening we stay fairly dry. the clouds do increase by about 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. there's a chance we could have a few showers moving in for most of your evening will stay dry. going into tomorrow, we'll see more clouds by the afternoon. we could see a few showers moving in and then later tomorrow night, we start to have increasing rain chances. tomorrow between 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. we could see rain moving in
5:49 pm
from the west, possibly a thunderstorm or two. this will be in the early morning hours, by wednesday, 3:00 a.m., we could have more showers approaching the area. tomorrow, 58 philadelphia, 51 north and west. the clouds will be, in part, responsible for that. tomorrow, partly sunny skies, milder than today. temperatures anywhere from 74 to 77 degrees. not as cool as we saw this weekend. as we go into wednesday, we clear up during the day. sunny skies, mid-70s. on thursday we drop back into the 60s for the high temperature. 67 thursday, doing into friday mid-60s. that chance of rain will carry over into the whole weekend, saturday and sunday. temperatures so far looking like the mid-60s. pennsylvania is the only state that doesn't allow local
5:50 pm
municipalities to use radar guns. the local community is supporting new legislation that would change that. uber darby lawmakers and police officials want to allow local police departments to utilize the best and most effective technology to keep communities safe. >> we're not looking to generate revenue from it. we're trying to provide additional safety for our families within the community. >> according to a 2012 report by the national highway transportation safety administration, pennsylvania has the third highest number of speeding fatalities in the country. >> delaware is expanding a program to help some military veterans accused of crimes. the news journal of wilmington reports sussex county will establish a veterans court later this month. they already exist in new castle and kent counties. the courts provide veteran mentors and access to health care and other services.
5:51 pm
the defendant's charges are deferred during the program. those who successfully complete the treatment plans have charges dismissed. a new report shows the wealthiest americans are giving a smaller share of their income to charity than the poor and middle class. according to the chronicle of fl philanthropy, charitable giving is down by 10% in cities like new york. among the 50 largest cities, salt lake city had the most generous residents. it is becoming a global health crisis. >> now there's a local weapon to fight it. >> this machine has the power to fight ebola. a delaware company is sending machines just like this one to africa as we speak. i'm tim furlong, coming up, i'll show you how it works. and coming up at 6:00, the results of an investigation of a
5:52 pm
bus crash. we'll tell you what hapt'ed as the driver lost control.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
a nurse in spain is the latest person to become infected with the ebola virus. >> a delaware company is actually helping to stop the disease from spreading. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong shows you how it works. >> the forklift driver here at
5:55 pm
this small company, sani-seal is busy today. this company is shipping a new product to help fight ebola. >> we have a technology that can be used to fog and disinfect very complex rooms like hospital rooms, airplanes, school rooms, anything of that nature where you want to be certain that all of the pathogens on all surfaces have been killed. >> reporter: the small haley disinfectant machine is pretty simple. fill the machine with the company's solution and hit the start button. once you leave, the machine comes on, the mist comes out and every spot in the room gets disinfected. youç can see why nigeria just ordered a dozen $7,000 machines and why they expect to buy many more. many hospitals and facilities in the u.s. use this model machine and they have scientific tests
5:56 pm
th. >> we have a responsibility to try to save as many people as we can. all the pain that that creates the families and the extended community. >> reporter: the mobile machines can get hospital rooms back online and be used overnight to clean heavy used public areas like stores and train stations. the machine can't treat ebola symptoms but can help stop the virus from spreading. in new castle, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. coming up next on nbc 10 at 6:00, breaking news. >> philadelphia police are questioning a person of interest after a woman was sexually assaulted in chinatown. the crime was caught on camera and up next, why police don't think this is the attacker's first crime. i'm watching the skies and tracking our next chance for rain. not that far away. i'll tell you when to expect it and my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. plus, all new on nbc 10 news
5:57 pm
at 6:00, a big mistake. etched in stone on the side of a local library, the latin phrase that means the opposite of its intended message.
5:58 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. a suspected predator smirking on camera. right now police are questioning a man about a sexual assault and beating happened to a woman at work at 8:00 in the morning. officers don't believe this is
5:59 pm
the attacker's first crime. >> the victim was working inside a building at 9th and arch streets when her attacker walked in through the front door. nbc 10's deanna durante is live in chinatown and deanna, why do police think this man attacked before. >> reporter: they say it's because he walked in and pushed the victim quickly to the back of the store, getting her away from the front of the building where he beat her, sexuallya sa -- assaulted her and robbed her. police say the man behind the attack looked into the surveillance camera after he beat and robbed a woman inside a chinatown business. they say the man behind that crime has likely committed other crimes. >> based on just his mannerisms of doing this. this is something he is used to doing. whether he's been accused of it,
6:00 pm
it's something, it seems like he's comfortable in doing this. >> reporter: police say the man is extremely vial went his victim. what they're not sure about is why he chose this spot early on a sunday morning. >> sometimes it's just a matter of looking for an opportunity to strike. this may have been that opportunity, a quiet area, an area in which there weren't a lot of people early in the morning. he took advantage of that. >> reporter: on a weekday, this area of chinatown is busy with cars and people. but at this time on sunday, most of the stores in this area are closed. >> i've never had anything happen or never felt fearful. >> reporter: now, since 4:00 we can tell you that a person of interest is being talked to at the special victims unit. investigators there tell me that apparently two patrol officers spotted a man who looked similar to that video description and now they are talking with him. at this point, no