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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  October 7, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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this is nbc 10 news today. i'm christine maddela. >> i'm chris cato. you won't need the jacket. a look at that and the rain that is out there. good morning, bill. >> that prevented the temperatures from cooling off. running 15 to 25 degrees warmer. but you may need an umbrella. scattered light showers and not seeing a lot of activity, just enough to mess up the car wash you might have gotten yesterday. that's a live view from center city. a dry view for now. really fizzled the rainfall this morning. these showers have quickly fallen apart. so, the chance of a shower this morning is a little less likely than what we'll see coming through late tonight when we could see storms returning to the area. looking at the temperatures. much improved and no sign of the 30s like we saw in the suburbs yesterday. 63 in wilmington and 64 in philadelphia.
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so, a warmer start at the bus stop with clouds. a chance of a light shower, but most of the area will be dry to start with. around lunchtime, an isolated shower is possible before we break out into bright sunshine this afternoon. the neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back and first jillian mele has traffic. >> good morning, bill. a little problem here on 422. disabled vehicle on the shoulder right at route 23. you can see police just got to the scene and not causing any delays and certainly not blocking any lanes out there. still, something for you to be aware of. a disabled tractor trailer in northeast philadelphia at grant and the boulevard and we're dealing with an accident. i got word of church road at new second street and use caution there and 95 is starting to slow down. southbound side right near cottman avenue and not seeing a delay on the drive times and give it a few minutes and that will change. chris? new from overnight, fire officials in delaware county are expected to allow people to start going back into their apartments some time later this morning. now, this is after a fire that
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happened overnight in folcroft. the cause of that fire is still under investigation this morning. some people who were evacuated had to spend the night at the fire station. a live report coming up in 30 minutes to let you know when those people will be allowed to return. doctors at children's hospital of philadelphia are monitoring five children that potentially have enterovirus d68. they're testing those patients for that virus. as of now, four confirmed cases at c.h.o.p. and doctors say an mri reveal changes in the spine of two of the newest patients. as c.h.o.p. awaits those test results, they are telling people to avoid contact with anyone who is sick and wash your hands frequently and disinfect surfaces. limit the spread of a
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potentially deadly virus. the annual flu season infects more people than enterovirus or ebola. jesse, we talked bout the two current outbreaks and efforts to limit the flu's impact. is there something else doctors should be concerned about? >> i put that question to a doctor who said no and that the presence of the enterovirus and ebola not unharbinger of a bad flu season upcoming. let's look at that video. the flu season starts next month and lasts until march. i did some digging in stats from the cdc and found only a quarter of adults get vaccinated. a shot and good hygiene are the best ways to prevent a flu outbreak. a local state senator shirley kitchen is offering free flu shots at her district office here in north philadelphia, just down lehigh avenue. that starts at 10:00 this morning. live in north philadelphia, jesse gary, nbc 10 news.
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if you want to know more about the acute muscle weakness or enterovirus d68 and possible symptoms, head over to our website, the u.s. is stepping up its tactics in the fight against ebola. president obama says the u.s. will work on protocols for additional screening of airline passengers who arrive from west africa. the cdc meantime has sent flow charts to 500 hospitals nationwide and also monitoring several cities with west african populations, including philadelphia. a nurse at a hospital in spain is the first person known to catch ebola outside the outbreak zone in philadelphia. she treated a priest who died from ebola after being flown back to spain. that nurse is now being treated in isolation. officials at a hospital in dallas are using an experimental drug to treat thomas duncan the first person here in the u.s. use for that new drug which is in the late stages of testing.
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the nbc freelance photographer being treated at a hospital in numberb the this mo morning. he was able to walk off the plane to a gurn a eaey and take the hospital by ambulance. happening today, a former philadelphia special education teemper will face a judge. stephanie amato is accused of sexually assaulted one of her students. a 14-year-old boy testified that amato had sex with him several times this past spring. amato was a teacher at ethan alan elementary school. she surrendered to police in june. amato has a pretrial hearing this morning. a homeless man is charged with rape, robbery and attempted murder of a business owner in chinatown. the man on this video taken during the attack is 29-year-old brandon menley. officers caught him yesterday outside a homeless shelter on
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hamilton street just eight blocks from the crime street on ninth street. sources tell nbc 10 the victim is familiar with menley and had run-ins with him twice over the summer. the manhunt continues for suspected cop killer eric frein and now cnn is reporting that police found a letter apparently written by frein. according to the report, the handwritten letter details how frein shot two pennsylvania state troopers outside their barracks and how he escaped. one of those troopers died in the ambush 25 days ago. cnn is citing unnamed law enforcement officials and they say the letter did not mention a motive and they're not saying where that letter was found. now, to the casino crisis. the losing bidder for revel casino will head back to court in camden to fight the sale. toronto-based brookfield asset management was declared the winner with a bid of $110 million.
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florida developer glen straub wants a new option. a bankruptcy court judge is expected to rule today if the sale should be approved. 6:07 now. happening later today. postal workers will gather for a protest outside a staples store in center city. those workers are upset over the postal counters. those counters are being staffed by staples employees than postal employees. the postal service said the move is one of membany to grow its business. philadelphia transit officials say septa riders can rest easy. there won't be another strike for at least four months. talks between septa and its union resumed yesterday. septa will request federal intervention if the sites cannot reach a deal. engineers have been without a contract since 2010. their strike in june end one day after president obama disputed
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wages and other issues. we've seen a few showers move through this morning and still a few raindrops out there, but most of the showers are quickly falling apart. this afternoon, we'll actually get some nice sunshine breaking through. that will warm us well into the 70s today. and then tonight, we could be seeing some strong storms move to the area from the west. there's a slight risk of severe weather in our region. 60 degrees clouds over reading. we start off with rain there. it has ended. philadelphia 64 degrees with cloudy skies and cape may is at 63 degrees and dry there. you can see some of the scattered clouds and the few from center city from the comcast center. the clouds will thin out and we'll get some sunshine and the temperatures that are already warmer are going to go warmer this afternoon. 15 degrees warmer this afternoon compared to yesterday at this time yesterday. potstown up 22 degrees and it's
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because of the clouds that came in overnight. there will be some breaks in the clouds. you see it to the southwest and farther to the west. behind the brighter white clouds you can see in kentucky and tennessee. those are the storms that are going to be moving into the area tonight. some gusty winds and heavy downpours are possible, but they will be brief and they will be moving out. so, just a chance of an isolated shower this morning and then sunshine breaking through this afternoon. the temperatures not bad. 75 for reading and 75 in quakertown and allentown will see a high of 74 degrees and upper 70s for trenton, northeast philadelphia and mt. holly. an isolated shower around noontime and then sunshine and sunshine will warm temperatures into the 70s and upper 70s for philadelphia. got the seven-day forecast, when i come back. nine minutes after 6:00. rain is light and shouldn't cause many delays on the roadways.
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>> let's check in with traffic reporter jillian mele. >> you got that right, christine. 95 is slowing down and 76, this is a live look right near the conshohacken curve. the light tap of the brakes that we typically get as we hit that 6:00 hour. no delays on the drive time and eastbound volume of 76 is just building right now. we have an accident church road at new second street for drivers and just use caution there. in the lehigh valley, this is a much different scene. we have more drivers on the roads, so we are starting to see increased volume and also the roads have been drying out. earlier this morning, this is completely saturated and the roads were really wet out there for drivers in the lehigh valley. so, at least as far as the conditions go on the roads, we have seen some improvements there. christine? did he understand his rights? it's a 35-year-old murder case that sparked national attention and a south jersey man at the
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center of it. the difference is an opinion the judge will have to rule on. today philadelphia gets a look at its newest rec center. a sneak peek. coming up, why some people are saying this is the best in the city.
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to the people of the coffee-drinking world. the time has come to put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for a dunkin' donuts dark roast. bold start, smooth finish, never bitter. rejoice with the 99-cent medium hot or iced dark roast today. 6:14 a.m. new information this morning in the case of a south jersey man accused in the 1979 murder of a boy in new york city. a psychologist for the prosecution testified that pedro hernandez understand his miranda rights before he confessed. a defense psychologist said hernandez likely did not understand his right to remain silent because he has the iq of someone with an intellectual
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disability. testimony could wrap up today in a week's long hearing to determine if the suspect's week-long confession could be allowed at trial. hernandez admitted to luring 8-year-old and strangling him and dumping his body in the trash. the boy's remains have never been found. hernandez has pleaded not guilty. at 6:15, it is a big day for anyone interested in more opportunities to have fun. the philadelphia neighborhood is home to the city's newest recreation center. katy zachary checked it out. we see a lot of these rec centers, but really nothing like this out there. right? >> it's really different, chris. for starters t houses a professional theater where kids and adults alike can perform. and also sits between schuylkill and the canal. welcome to the new venice island. philadelphia's brand-new recreation center, the first to house a state of the art
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theater. >> even though most of our facilities are built for sports, we have about 5,000 kids a year that participate in dance, music and drama. >> parks and recreation says a lot of people have been waiting a long time for venice island to open. it took a decade to finish. during that time, people in manioc were without their rec center by the water. >> we have the canal where key can do fishing with the kids. on the other side we have the river where key can do boating. >> reporter: water was the driving force behind this project. the city's water department had to build a large underground tank and new pump house on the property. they got federal dollars to do it and tore down the old rec center and worked with the parks department to do it. the hope is this is an after school haven for kids, as well as a destination for adults and families. >> this is what it should be. this is what a rec center should be.
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>> and you can't look at this project anywhere without seeing security cameras. they are everywhere. part of that reason, i'm told, is that there has already been some damage to the property graffiti and some of the surfaces have been damaged from skateboarders. 6:17. today the mayor will announce a multi-million redevelopment plan. this is happening at the tri-town plaza on route 70. the $15 million upgrade will create hundreds of jobs and generate revenue for the local economy. we'll learn more about the plan when that announcement is made at noon. 6:17. just about ten minutes ago when we checked in with jillian mele, already some volume building. >> let's see if the backups are building out there. >> 6:17 in the morning and that's what we expect every morning. 95 southbound is slowing down and so is 76. something happening here on the 72 freeway and you can see this police activity and most of it on the shoulder and partially blocking that right lane and
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unclear what we have out there, whether it be a disabled vehicle or accident and we are dealing with police activity there. new jersey and cherry hill accident on the westbound side right near cherry hill drive. we can expect to see a lane restriction in that area. route 30 bypass and starting to see some congestion eastbound and no significant delays just yet in that area. at new second street. so far no accidents to report on the majors for drivers in delaware. 95 is looking good, so is 495 and even route 1 is pretty quiet right now. if you're waking up in the lehigh valley, roads wet out there this morning and drying out right now which is good news. the northeast extension pretty quiet. if you're taking mass transit, everything is on or close to schedule. we are 20 minutes away from
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sunrise this morning. skies are starting to brighten and clouds moving through the area. some breaks already in the clouds and we're really getting a break from the wet weather that started things off. 64 degrees and it's dry right now in philadelphia. it's 15 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. completely dry now where we saw some raindrops in center city earlier in the morning, but they have really died down. just an isolated shower in lehigh county and moving through western burkes county right now. next round of rainfall, there it is, moving in late tonight. some heavy storms are possible late tonight. but during the day, we'll see 70s as the clouds break this afternoon for some sunshine and the wind like yesterday is going to be gusting to more than 20 miles an hour, possibly 25 miles per hour this afternoon. showers move through tonight and then tomorrow, we clear out. 74 after morning low of 54 degrees. sunshine bright on thursday, too. chillier morning and in the 40s to start with and then upper 60s thursday afternoon.
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clouds return for friday and friday will be in the 60s along with the weekend and a chance of showers friday, saturday, sunday and monday. we will finally get a little bit warmer with breaks of sunshine, in spite of the chance of showers on monday. a push for a new law prompted by this convicted cop killer's recent commencement address. and $22 million. that's how much a poker star won playing in atlantic city and london casino. the request he made that has the casino's accusing him of cheating.
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we are penn state, making our mark on the world. pennsylvania governor tom corbett supports a bill that will give crime victims a way from causing mental anguish. that bill was created in response to a recent college to have mumia abu-jamal give its
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commencement address. the bill, which out of house committee will give victims the ability to go to court for injunction against offenders. a ten-time world series of poker winner claims he did not cheat when he won nearly $22 million playing at casinos in atlantic city and london. the borgodda and the other casino agreed to using a shuffling machine and playing cards and using the same card decks. in court filings casino officials said they thought it was because of superstition. it's his job to try to exploit weaknesses to give himself the best opportunity to win. good morning, at 6:24. this is an accident on the southbound side of the 42 freeway at creek road. you can see it right there on the shoulder. not really blocking anything and not causing a big slow down and it is out there.
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just use caution in that area. cherry hill, westbound route 38 right near cherry hill mall boulevard and watch for lane restriction there. i'll take you to a live look at 95 and for now take you outside to a live look at cape may where it's looking pretty nice and looking dry. we've seen showers across parts of the area this morning and looks like off to a good start there. >> more breaks in the clouds as the day goes on. it will turn out to be a pretty nice day. the clouds overnight, actually, helped keep temperatures a bit warmer this morning. we're in the 60s right now. and no sign of the 30s that we started with yesterday. and as far as the rain is considered, well, it is pretty much fizzling. just a few rain drops in chester and burkes counties. a late night fire in delaware county forced dozens of people out of their homes. nbc 10 matt delucia is live in fo folcroft. >> some forced out of their apartments are staying at the
6:26 am
folcroft fire department. same-sex couples across the country the surprise decision that will have many saying i do. what's possible today?
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heerdz where we're following a fire to delaware county contained to one apartment but left dozens of families out of their homes this morning. live at a fire station that has turn under to a shelter. the man who had a losing bid for revel casino hotel will head to court today. why he's challenging the auction results. a live look at nbc 10. one of our cameras in center city shows a break in the clouds. we have some showers move through earlier. those are pushing out of the area. we may have stronger storms move in later today, though. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today, i'm chris cato. >> i'm christine maddela.
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let's get to bill henley with his first alert forecast. good morning, bill. >> breaks in the clouds after they came in overnight with some showers. they came in just in time to keep temperatures warmer this morning, but they are starting to break up already. it's a live view from cape may this morning. we are just 32 minutes away from sunrise. we're seeing a few raindrops right now, but you have to look closely to see them. it's in portions of burkes and lancaster counties. a very light rainfall to start with that will not last all day long. we'll get nice breaks of sunshine and see if the temperatures that are already warmer warm into the 70s this afternoon. 64 in philadelphia. 59 in allentown and potstown which were in the 30s at this time yesterday. there you can see a beautiful view from center city. cool to start with. 65 degrees and a bit breezy at lunchtime and then breaking in to lots of sunshine to warm up to middle to upper 70s later this afternoon. more wet weather on the way and go through it neighborhood by
6:31 am
neighborhood when i come back. jillian mele standing by with traffic. good morning, jillian. >> no surprise we have delays on 95, but pretty heavy right now. 95 southbound right at girard avenue as drivers make their way into center city philadelphia. you can see that jam. you can see the brake lights out there and 95 is definitely slow moving and southbound from woodhaven to the vine and almost 30 minutes right now. you definitely want to leave yourself some time this morning. an accident church road at new second street and also following an accident in cherry hill. the westbound side of 38 right near chilly hill mall drive. we do have some lane restrictions on that portion of 38. check out the ben franklin bridge. jammed solid on the westbound side as drivers make their way to philadelphia and all because of this construction we have going on on the westbound side. one lane blocked there. heavy volume on the ben already. the rest of the area bridges looking pretty good. you might want to consider taking the walt wittman bridge this morning.
6:32 am
nearly 100 people are out of their homes after a fire at a delaware county apartment building. matt delucia is at the folcroft fire station. >> i've been talking to the red cross this morning and they are helping two dozens of the residents who were forced out of their home last night. the fire broke out on the 100 block of folcrotf avenue. the fire was contained to one apartment, but smoke filled the rest of the building. three people were taken to had hospital with minor smoke inhalation and at this point no cause of the fire has been determined but residents are expected to be allowed back inside this morning. this building has 72 units, a total of 92 people were forced out of their homes, but most of them have found another place to stay as the investigation continues this morning. live in folcroft, i'm matt
6:33 am
delucia. new from overnight a man is in critical condition after he was shot several times in camden. police tell nbc 10 the victim is in his 60s. so far investigators have not arrested anyone and don't know what the motive may have been. 6:33 now. doctors at children's hospital of philadelphia are monitoring five patients with acute muscle weakness this morning. they say it's possible those children have enterovirus d68 the illness that has sickened hundreds of kids across the country. they're testing those kids for that virus. right now four confirmed cases of enterovirus d68 at c.h.o.p. an mri revealed changes in the signs of two of the newest patients. they're concerned the virus is spreading more rapidly. >> it's scary because i have two small children and if something like this was to happen to them, i don't know what i would do. >> as doctors at c.h.o.p. await the test results from the cdc
6:34 am
health departments are urging people to avoid contact with anyone who is sick and wash your hands. doctors say the bigger concern should be over the upcoming flu season. health experts say the flu is more common and affects more people. today is the first of three free opportunities to get it in philadelphia. shirley kitchen is offering it at her clinic today. 6:34 a.m. happening today, the head of cooper health system and his wife will be remembered at a memorial service. the couple died after a fire was set inside their new jersey home. the service for john and joyce sheridan will be held at 11:00 this morning at the patriots theater. governor chris christie and form er governor plan to attend. the couple was found in the burning bedroom of their home in somerset county last thursday.
6:35 am
the fire was arson, but no word on who may have set the fire or if the fire is what caused the couple's death. the man accused of killing two women inside their northeast philadelphia home is expected to appear in court today. facing murder charges for the shooting death of dolly evans and 57-year-old ruby thomas. police say those women had taken in the 25-year-old suspect to keep him from being homeless. investigators say on august 23rd he tried to rob one of the women before allegedly killing both of them execution style. from our delaware bureau now, a former tower hill head master will go on trial after more than two dozen counts of dealing child pornography. christopher wheeler waived his right to a jury trial so his fate will be decided by a judge. he faces a minimum mandatory 50 years in prison. wheeler stepped down from his jock at tower hill nearly a year ago after police searched his home. now to the philadelphia
6:36 am
school budget crisis, the city federation of teachers plans to fight the district's sudden decision to cancel their contract and force them to pay for their health care. it was a surprise move that caught many off guard yesterday. the school reform commission terminated their union contract. the move forces teachers to start paying 20 to $70 each pay period. overall, the district says the change will put $44 million back into the classroom. now to the casino crisis in atlantic city where the legal battle continues over the auction of revel. florida developer glen straub is challenging that hearing. declared the winner of the auction with a winning bid of $110 million. straub claims the process was improper and questions the timing of the winning bid. a bankruptcy court judge is expected to rule today if the sale will be approved.
6:37 am
pretty nice start this morning. some clouds overnight and temperatures are no where near as cool as they were yesterday morning. look at the scattered clouds we're seeing them break up fairly quickly. showers have moved out and now it's 53 degrees in mt. pocono and 61 in trenton and had light rain just an hour ago and wilmington is 63 degrees. the view from the nbc 10 studios and a lot of blue there and not much wind just yet. but the wind will be picking up and help to boost temperatures already more. we're already running 22 degrees warmer at potstown and 23 degrees warmer for millville compared to yesterday morning. northeast philadelphia is up by 22, as well. pretty nice start and a pretty nice day. an isolated shower this morning and then partly sunny sky. 74 degrees for allentown and reading into the 70s for quakertown. partly sunny and an isolated shower still possible around midday, but not all that likely. we will see sunshine for
6:38 am
doylestown, northeast philadelphia and mt. holly. atlantic city, warms to 74 today and 76 degrees for wilmington, chester and philadelphia this afternoon. still an isolated shower possible this morning, but most of the area will stay dry until tonight when we could see some storms. the extended future weather when i come back. 6:38 a.m. time to check and see if there is anything else other than the normal slow downs out there. >> hopefully not. the delays this morning are bad enough without any problems on the roads. i see some flashing lights. >> this is a live look in center city philadelphia. the vine street expressway. a disabled vehicle. now, just a few minutes ago it was right here blocking the left lane. police are out there at the scene and we have a tow truck and pendot is at the scene and move this between the onramp and highway itself. one lane restricted and that helped in this heavy delay that we have here on the ben franklin
6:39 am
bridge and that backed things up on the bridge. we have the right lane still blocked on the westbound side of the bend. as you can see, a tough commute right now for drivers making their way on the ben franklin bridge into philadelphia. go ahead and take the walt wittman bridge and that is going to be a good option for you this morning. we'll keep you updated. in cherry hill westbound side route 38 and right near cherry hill ball drive and the accident into the system literally in the last three minutes schwab road and use caution if that's part of your commute. chris? local high school teammates accused of having an illegal game plan. what police say the four teenagers did that has them in jail and facing serious charges. plus, an engraving mistake. why the final touches, the final latin touches on this new south jersey library have to be corrected. and don't forget you can wake up with your favorite nbc 10 personality.
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download the nbc 10 morning app on your smartphone. you'll find headlines and a live stream of our morning newscast and even set your alarm to wake up to the voice of an nbc 10 personality. all you need to get your day started.
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and graduate at the speed of you. flexpath from capella university. learn about all of our programs at it is 6:43 on this tuesday morning. 64 degrees outside. starting out warmer than we did yesterday morning and what a beautiful view out there looking from center city across the delaware river as the sun starts to peek up this morning. those storms, those showers, rather, moved out of our viewing area, but storms could move in later today. we'll check in with first alert meteorologist bill henley in a little bit. veteran affair officials say they will fire four senior executives as they work to clean
6:44 am
up the department over long wait times and among those being fired is the director of the va hospital in pittsburgh. now, these dismissals are the first since congress passed a law this summer making it easier for veterans to get medical care outside the va system. >> and a surprise move the supreme court rejected appeals from states that were seeking to prohibit same-sex marriage by not taking action the judge expanded marriage equality to 50% of americans, however, states can still ban gay marriage and lower courts can uphold those bans. in our region, gay marriage is legal in may of this year u.s. judge struck down pennsylvania's ban. last year a mercer county judge ruled in favor of same-sex marriage and in october, the new jersey supreme court denied a request for a stay in the case. same-sex couples began marrying in delaware on july 1st of 2013. at 6:44. a necessary roughness.
6:45 am
an ocean county man is facing charges after his son's football game. he is accused of, he is charged with assault. police say it happened sunday night at tom's river high school north after the game. the coach threatened to cancthal rest of the season because the of team's bad attitude and that's when he attacked the coach. his son jumped in to help. he's been expelled from the league and the coach was also kicked out of the league for using profanity in front of his players. a high school player is among four teammates accused of armed robberies. he plays for lakewood high school. delaney was arrested last week after lakewood police say there were three hold ups in the span of about 30 minutes. the group is also accused of two armed robberies in tom's river last month. you see the video of his arrest there. the other suspects have not been identified because they're juveniles. a delaware mom is under arrest after her 4-year-old
6:46 am
daughter passed out hundreds of packets of heroin at a day care thinking it was candy. investigators say the girl had 249 bags of hair win in her backpack at hickory tree child care center yesterday. the kid were sent to the hospital and everyone was okay. the girl's mother, ashley toll, was arrested. officers say she gave her daughter the wrong backpack by mistake. at 6:46. police have a warning this morning for new jersey drivers who are driving through philadelphia or stopping in philadelphia. morris town police say thieves in philadelphia are targeting cars that have new jersinag news and registration. set your car alarms and make sure your car doors are locked. from our south jersey bureau now. the meaning of a motto on a new library in burlington got lost in translation. the motto is in latin.
6:47 am
the builders thought it meant we confirm all things twice. well, the builders didn't confirm this twice and neighbors figured out it actually means we second guess all. the architect said it was an honest mistake and the architect will pay the $6,000 to $12,000 to correct it. in chester county, more than 200 elected officials and business leaders will gather to unveil a ten-year economic development plan. it's called vista 2025. it will be unveiled at 8:00 this morning at pennstate great valley. the plan includes ways to develop the city and downtown areas of chester county. leaders will also announce changes to office parks, ways to preserve agriculture and promote entreprene entrepreneurism. mo'ne davis back in the spotlight teaming up with spike lee. the director posted this picture
6:48 am
on instagram. a spokesperson for davis tells us that lee is putting together a ten-minute documentary for chevrolet and turned into a commercial that will air during the world series. yes, now mo'ne is going to the world series. you can vote for your high school blitz game of the week for this friday and here are your selections. last i checked a few minutes ago still leading with 60% of the vote. lasalle and st. joseph's prep and also martin luther king are your other choices and those are splitting the votes now to cast your vote, go to or our facebook page and you can also call or text your once per day vote at 610-624-4111 and the game with the most votes, of course, will be featured as our game of the week on the high school blitz which airs every saturday at 7:00 p.m. on nbc 10.
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quite a turn around this morning. we started off with clouds and rainfall and right now we're seeing the clouds thin out and waiting for sunrise. just 14 minutes before the sun comes up and we will see temperatures climb from the 60s already 15 degrees warmer this morning compared to yesterday into the 70s this afternoon. and look at the view from cape may. completely dry. never saw the showers in cape may. storms, though, tonight could produce heavy showers at the shore and inland, too. the temperatures much improved over yesterday. 50 for potstown and doylestown and 54 in northeast philadelphia. and look at westchester 60 degrees west town and east of 202 westchester at 60 degrees. phoenixville is at 60 degrees and berwyn 59. a drier one than it was an hour or two ago. isolated showers farther north and west and some scattered
6:50 am
showers to our southwest, but it's these storms that are moving in late this evening and into the night that could produce some heavy downpours. but during the day, more and more sunshine and look at the temperatures this afternoon, well into the 70s. storms roll through tonight clear out tomorrow and 74. a nice day on wednesday, but breezy with winds gusting and bringing in cooler air for thursday. thursday morning we'll be in the 40s and just 67 degrees in the afternoon and then sunshine starts to fade on friday with a chance of showers for friday, saturday, sunday and even monday. monday will be a bit warmer, high of 70 degrees. at ten minutes until 7:00, les see see where things are backing up on the roads. >> last time we checked in with jillian mele, a problem on the vine street expressway. >> that cleared in the last 30 seconds. eighth street blocking the left lane and then pushed over to the shoulder, but this did cause a delay on the vine, which then backed things on to the ben franklin bridge. you can see we're stacked up on
6:51 am
the westbound side of the ben. here's why that happens when we have a problem, as we did on the vine. this is where we have that disabled vehicle. right near the ben franklin bridge and right near 95. this caused a big delay on the ben and this is 95 southbound right at girard avenue. so, we're definitely seeing that normal volume, plus a little bit more out there because that disabled vehicle slowed things down out there. also dealing with an accident on church road right near at new second street. this accident has been with us for about an hour. watch out for a little delay around that intersection this morning. i'm also just getting word on route northbound and i'll be back in a few minutes with those details. a late-night fire in delaware county left 100 people looking for shelter. matt delucia is live in folcroft. >> became a shelter for many of those people who were displaced because of that fire and i'll be
6:52 am
updating the situation coming up in just a couple of minutes. matt, i'm live in north philadelphia. we have enterovirus and now ebowl ebola and now something worse than both of those. how you can prevent getting it coming up.
6:53 am
6:55 am
6:55. new from overnight. a fire at a delaware county apartment building put almost 100 people out of their homes. matt delucia is live at the fire station and that station had to become a temporary shelter for people, right? >> nearly two dozen people are here after being forced out of their apartments late last night. here's some video. this happened about 10:30 last night on the 100 block of folcroft avenue. smoke filled the rest of the
6:56 am
building and three people were taken to the hospital with minor smoke inhalation. at this point no cause has been determined. we're hearing possibly in the next hour or so. 92 people were forced out of their homes, but most found other places to stay. i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. free shots meant to limit the spread of a potentially deadly virus. doctors tell nbc 10 the annual flu season affects more people than enterovirus or ebola. >> that's right, state senator shirley kitchen offering the free shots at her kitchen just a little ways from here on lehigh avenue. flu season officially starts next month and runs until march. so, she's helping people get a jump on getting vaccinated against the flu by offering those free shots. more people are at risk from the flu than enterovirus or from
6:57 am
ebola. doctors say the best way to prevent the spread, get a shot and practice good hygiene. free shots start at 10:00 this morning and two other times this month we'll put that on our website. live in north philadelphia, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> how about a shot of fun. happening today the highly anticipated opening of a center in antioch. this comes after ten years of planning and it should be good. katy zachary is live. >> a lot of people have waited, as you heard, a decade for this new rec center to open up because it offers a lot of thin thin things that other rec centers don't offer. work was still being done. it has a large theater where kids can perform and also an amp theater for outdoor performances and a spray guarden for the kids or adults and because it sits between the schuylkill river and the canal, water sports will also be offered here. now, you'll notice back out here
6:58 am
live just how high venice island sits. that's by design. because we're standing in an active flood plain. reporting live, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. two minutes before 7:00. right now for drivers in delaware, we're seeing a pretty heavy delay right now on route 1, the northbound side right near route 4. you can see that line of traffic and right here blocking that left shoulder. we can see an accident, we have police activity and it's on the left shoulder, but it's causing a pretty significant slow down as drivers pass that scene. leave yourself extra time if you're heading out on route 1 this morning. northbound side near route 40. this is at the base of the plat. you can see right here partially blocking that right lane and on the shoulder we have an accident there as drivers make their way westbound on the platte bridge. the big problem the ben franklin bridge. heading into philadelphia, typically right around 7:00 this is when we see this heavy volume, but this has been with us for about 40 minutes right now. we have that right lane blocked
6:59 am
because of construction and we had a disabled vehicle blocking one lane on the westbound side of the vine street expressway. that has since cleared but it helps to back things on to the ben. avoid the ben franklin bridge and take the walt wittman if you need to head into philadelphia this morning. a dry morning is what we're seeing for most of the area after we start off with showers. look at the clouds quickly breaking. that's the view from center city and just scattered showers at the shore, as well. as we're getting closer to sunrise, 3 1/2 minutes before the sun comes up this morning and it will be nice and bright. still tracking a few isolated showers and still a possibility you might see a rain drop or two this morning but as we go into the afternoon, the 60s will warm into the 70?h"s with sunshine taking over. we're already running 22 degrees warmer in northeast philadelphia compared to yesterday at this time and that warming will continue with breaks of sunshine this afternoon. well, the "today" show is
7:00 am
next as they follow the latest on the u.s. response to ebola. we'll be back in a few minutes with a local update. >> all right. have a great day, everybody. good morning. national security priority. that's how the president now describes the ebola crisis, as new screening measures are considered for passengers arriving in the u.s. and experimental drugs will be used on two ebola patients in this country. aiding isis? we're learning more about the chicago teenager arrested at o'hare airport for allegedly trying to join the enemy, while the terror group storms a key city in syria, despite u.s.-led air strikes. this morning, former defense secretary leon panetta and why he says the president's actions have empowered isis. police under fire for smashing a window and tas