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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  October 8, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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taking on two deadly viruses. the meeting in philadelphia that now aims to tackle growing health concerns. two police officers are waking up in jail this morning for an alleged attack inside an atlantic city casino. the rain is over, the clouds and wind, they're still with us, but the first alert radar is tracking clear skies later this morning. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm chris cato. yeah, some of that rain was pretty heavy overnight. let's start with meteorologist bill henley and his first alert forecast. bill, it looks like the clouds are out of here, though, for the
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most part. >> well, they will be moving out and we will see a lot of sunshine today. the showers, heavy stuff is long gone. you can see some of the remaining clouds in this live view from center city. that's the view from the comcast center this morning. look closely and you can see the last few rain drops in south jersey. that's on the radar. you can see those showers are not very impressive at this hour. cumberland county near millville getting a few rain drops, and into atlantic county near mulica township this morning. that will be the last of the rain, but the wind is just getting started. 14-mile-an-hour winds in philadelphia out of the south. we'll see them gusting closer to 30 miles an hour this afternoon. so, becoming sunny, windy, and temperatures in the 70s later today. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood when i come back with the latest forecast, but first, jillian mele has traffic. good morning, jillian. >> good morning to you, bill. i have an update on this tractor-trailer fire on the new jersey turnpike. it was northbound, just past interstate 195. i just got word in the last few
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minutes that it's clear. it is out of there. so, you're good to go on the new jersey turnpike. heading to 295, right at the interchange with route 168, in the midst of this construction zone, you can see no delays to report. traffic is moving along just fine on that portion of 295. and into philadelphia right now, this is a live look at the vine street expressway right at eighth street. you can see both directions very quiet. the vine is clear the entire length between 76 and 95. rosemary? >> all right. thank you, jillian. new from overnight, what conditions on the roads may be to blame for that crash early this morning on i-95 north in yardley, bucks county. here's a look at the crash scene from one of our nbc 10 traffic cameras. it looked to be a one-car crash. no word on any injuries. and strong wind from overnight may have caused a fire at a garage in glenside, montgomery county. fire crews say the wind may have knocked down some wires, starting that fire. no one was hurt and there was no damage to any of the storefronts in that neighborhood. new this morning, two police officers from new york are reportedly expected to be arraigned today on sexual assault charges of a woman at an
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atlantic city casino. the assault reportedly happened last april at the trump taj mahal. one of the accused, a state trooper, was arrested last night and the other, a new york city police officer, turned himself in. nbc 10 confirmed that the two are in custody. 4:33 now. happening later today, infectious disease experts from across the country will gather in philadelphia for a conference where ebola and enterovirus d-6 will certainly be in the spotlight. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in center city for us this morning. jesse, this is an annual conference that's been planned for over a year now. but obviously, global events and events here at home have changed what's on the menu at this conference. last half hour, you mentioned that doctors are discussing those two viruses, and the enterovirus as well, on patients. >> reporter: chris, yeah. one of the new add-on sessions for the conference this morning is going to have specialists in from children's hospital in colorado. they're going to discuss the
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neurologic manifestations of evd-68, including paralysis. let's take a look at our video. doctors here in philadelphia are testing several children for evd-68 because they're exhibiting that symptom, paralysis. and officials with the new jersey state health department say there are now five new cases of enterovirus in that state. one of those cases is in mercer county, the same county where eli waller died due to that virus last month. i'm going to update the new information about the surviving boy who is battling that illness in mercer county coming up in 25 minutes. live in center city, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. and now on to the ebola outbreak. health officials in dallas are monitoring ten definite and more than 30 possible contacts of thomas duncan to see if those people potentially have ebola. now, duncan was the first ebola patient to be diagnosed in the u.s. he remains in critical condition. yesterday, reverend jesse jackson led a prayer vigil at the dallas hospital where duncan is in isolation.
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you can count on nbc 10 and to follow the ebola and enterovirus d-68 outbreaks and bring you any new developments as they happen. today in montgomery county, the jury could begin deliberations in the trial of a man accused of murdering a baby girl and her grandmother. authorities say that raghunandan yandamuri targeted the family in upper merion township for a $50,000 ransom. yandamuri, acting as his own lawyer, took the stand yesterday and testified that his dna was on the grandmother's body because the real killers made him remove her jewelry. prosecutors say yandamuri confessed to the 2010 kills. also today, darren person is accused of killing a teenage girl. 15-year-old aisha abdur-rhaman was killed in miami last month, police say an innocent bystander caught in the cross fire about a block from where a group of students were fighting. a makeshift memorial continues
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to grow at the site of that shooting just outside einstein medical center. police expect to charge a mother and her two daughters for attacking a 14-year-old girl inside of a philadelphia high school. according to police, the victim was punched, kicked and had her hair pulled at edison high school in hunting park. she had to be taken to the hospital to be checked out. police say the woman accused in the attack is 32 years old. her daughters are 15 and 17. it's unclear what sparked the incident. at 4:36, we have new information on the bear that attacked and killed a hiker in north jersey. state wildlife officials have tested that bear and say the tests are back and it shows that the bear did not have rabies as they believed it might have. police shot and killed the animal after this rutgers university student was found dead in a nature preserve last month. officials say this is the first time a bear has killed a person in new jersey. still don't know what provoked the attack. quite a mystery there. casino workers are taking a stand. >> that's right. the new tactic they plan to use a little later this morning to protest the shutdown of another
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atlantic city casino. plus, new developments overnight in the scandal surrounding a "7th heaven" star. what happened at steven collins's house that's caused a lot of concerns. and eyes on the skies. why you'll want to check out a rare sight this morning, that is if the clouds cooperate
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purchase a specially marked bottle now through december 31st... and a portion of the proceeds will help breast cancer survivors live beyond their diagnosis. 4:39. now to the casino crisis in atlantic city. unionized workers expected to stop traffic in atlantic city to protest eliminations of pension and health care. they will hold a rally and civil disobediance at arctic avenue at 5:30 this afternoon. trump entertainment resorts is threatening to close taj mahal next month unless major concessions from the union. other news out of atlantic city, revel is officially sold this morning. a bankruptcy judge approved the sale of the now-closed hotel and casino to a toronto firm. brookfield asset management will pay $110 million for the $2.4
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billion casino. that's 5 cents on the dollar. the judge rejected a number of objections from the florida developer who lost in the auction. brookfield asset management says it plans to reopen the property as a casino, but the company has not said when. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> i've got a gusty wind blowing this morning with clearing skies, and we will see lots of sunshine. we also should get a pretty good look at the lunar eclipse that is just starting right now. gusty winds will be blowing, especially this afternoon because of winds to 30 miles an hour this afternoon, making for a chilly night tonight with clear skies and lowering wind during the nighttime hours. 62 degrees in reading. skies are already clearing there. 65 with clouds in philadelphia. those clouds won't last much longer. and clouds but no rain in cape may, 66 degrees. there were some big storms right offshore. now we're seeing the big winds
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starting. winds this afternoon, that's when we'll see the strongest wind. but it's already going at a pretty good clip. we're getting wind gusts of more than 20 miles an hour. and it's a steady wind right now in philadelphia of 14 miles an hour. there go the last few showers. just a few rain drops moving into atlantic county. the heavy-duty showers and thunderstorms you may have heard last night are now offshore. so, the forecast calling for sunshine, wind and 64 degrees in the pocono mountains. low 70s for allentown, quakertown and reading. and plenty of sunshine today for trenton, northeast philadelphia and mt. holly. into the middle 70s for dover, vineland 77 degrees, 77 in cape may this afternoon. mid-70s for wilmington, chester and philadelphia. the seven-day when i come back. it's 4:41. it's early, but we've already had an active morning on the roads out there. we had a tractor-trailer fire earlier. jillian just told us during her last update that that's out of the way now. >> good news there. let's check in now with jillian for the latest on the roads. what's going on? >> good morning.
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we have an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, the eastbound side right as you approach reading. the left lane is blocked there. then on the westbound side, we do have some debris on the roadway from that eastbound accident, so use caution and expect a slowdown in both directions. this is a live look at the boulevard out near broad street. both directions quiet right now. no issues there for drivers in delaware. 95 at 495 clear as can be. and in new jersey, we are dealing with repair work from a water main break that happened yesterday in mt. laurel. laurels town near mt. laurel road near unionville. here's what else we're following this morning. a plea from the fbi. >> that's right. why the agency is asking for your help this morning in the fight against terrorism. and a new kind of downfall if you upgrade. new allegations that link the iphone 6 to hair loss. and you're already up, so there's no reason to miss it. we'll explain why you'll want to look to the sky a little later this morning .
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new from overnight, two drivers that were sent to the hospital after this car crash are expected to be okay. nbc 10 was at the scene along north 2nd street in juniada. police say the drivers were racing when they lost control and crashed. the crash also involved an oncoming car and several parked vehicles. no one else was injured. today a man is scheduled to be formally arraigned for the murder of an art school graduate in philadelphia. police say jeremiah jackson strangled the woman and stuffed her body in a duffel bag. laura ariujo was 23 years old. her body was found outside an abandoned house in kensington back in july. police say jackson killed her after forcing her to give up the p.i.n. number to her bank card. in delaware, the attorney for the former headmaster of a wilmington prep school is asking that child porn charges against his client be dropped. the bench trial for 54-year-old christopher wheeler lasted just two hours yesterday. a state trooper testified that wheeler tried to scrub his laptop computer as police closed in on him. wheeler resigned last year as
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headmaster at the tower hill school in wilmington. he has elected to waive his right to a jury trial and have his fate be decided by a judge. the state has until october 24th to respond to his attorney's request to have the charges dismissed. it's 4:46. there is new information this morning on actor steven collins. los angeles police say he is alive and well after a neighbor reported hearing a distinct pop come from his home last night. collins is under investigation for allegedly molesting teenage girls 40 years ago. tmz says it obtained a tape in which collins confessed to his estranged wife to being a child predator. collins starred on the tv show "7th heaven." now to the effort to stop isis. canada is joining the coalition of nations combating the islamic state terrorist group. canadian lawmakers voted last night to send fighter jets to iraq to take part in air strikes on isis targets. the vote followed a request by president obama to join the
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international effort. meanwhile, the fbi is reaching out to the public to help identify the man behind a mysterious voice in a new isis propaganda video. take a listen. >> things are only beginning to intensify. the fighting has just begun. >> as you can see, he's wearing a mask, and authorities say from the sound of his voice, he could be an american or a canadian. he claims to be in the syrian city of al rocca. he says the men behind him are syrian soldiers digging their own graves. they were later executed, according to the video. a grand jury is expected to investigate two new york city police officers for allegedly punching and hitting a 16-year-old in the face with the butt of a gun. investigators say that august incident was captured on this video. it shows the officers chasing the teen after he stopped, an officer punches him. then you'll see the other officer allegedly hit the young man with the gun there. the officers have not been charged. their names have not been released. one, though, has been suspended,
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and the other is on modified duty. it is known as a wedding destination, especially if you want to elope. and today, las vegas will start offering same-sex marriage licenses. officials will start accepting license applications after a federal appeals court struck down gay marriage bans in nevada. also today, a federal judge in idaho could overturn that state's ban on same-sex weddings. on monday, the u.s. supreme court took a pass on the issue, leaving it up to the states to decide. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> last few clouds are into the area. they're not going to stay long. the wind is blowing, pushing the clouds out of here this morning. 65 degrees. winds out of the southwest at 14 miles an hour in philadelphia. humidity's still on the high side, but that number will come down in a big way today. you can still see a few puddles on beach avenue, though the rain has ended. still some clouds overhead. 65 degrees in philadelphia. trenton is 64 degrees. little bit cooler north and
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west. to the west, west chester is at 60 degrees, while it's 59 in chadsport. fairly uniform temperatures this morning. we're all into the low 60s, lower 60s. and as far as rain is concerned, well, a few specs on the radar screen, but the big storms are now offshore. those quickly clearing storms will take the clouds with them. so, we will see sunshine and should get a nice view of the lunar eclipse before it sets just after 7:00 this morning. 70s this afternoon. winds gusting to 30 miles an hour later today. tomorrow, sunshine will be bright. a chilly start. 40s for much of the area. 67 degrees tomorrow afternoon. and then the clouds move in, which could lead to some rain later on friday and into saturday. 60s both days. a little bit chilly on sunday morning, back down to 53 degrees. and a chance of showers again on monday, a high of 72. then warmer weather ahead for
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tuesday and lots of sunshine, too. the wet conditions out there certainly haven't been helping drivers early this morning. >> yeah, let's see if there's anything causing problems on the roads, weather or unweather-related. jillian mele has a look at that. >> dgood morning, guys. pennsylvania turnpike, an accident on the eastbound side approaching reading. the left lane is blocked there. we have restrictions on the westbound side because of debris in the roadway from that eastbound accident. so, just leave yourself extra time if that's part of your commute. chester county, route 100 looking good at route 113. no issues to report there. for drivers on 95, nothing to deal with this morning as far as accidents go. it is, as you can see, clear as can be. this is a live look at 95 at girard avenue. so, a good start to the morning for drivers there. in fact, your drive time on 95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine is about 14 minutes. 14 minutes on 76 westbound from the vine out to the blue route. and the blue route northbound from 95 to 76 will take you about 18 minutes right now. chris? 4:50 now. in california, a pilot is dead
4:51 am
after his air tanker crashed while fighting a wildfire on the edge of yosemite national park. the plane crashed into a steep canyon wall yesterday. pieces of the aircraft landing on the highway close to firefighting crews. thankfully, no one on the ground was hurt. the fire has burned more than 130 acres. and look at this. some people in kentucky are recovering this morning from severe weather that hit part of a state. this video showing what appears to be a tornado roaring through the city of paris in northern kentucky. the storm flattened a warehouse and ripped through several homes. no one was seriously hurt. well, since you're already awake at this fine hour, you might as well take a peek outside. during a commercial break, of course. to see the blood moon this morning. a lunar eclipse. the last time we saw a blood moon from a full lunar eclipse was in april. they call it a blood moon because of the rusty color the moon takes on. this morning's eclipse will take about or last about an hour along the east coast. a live picture here. we'll see if the clouds are cooperating outside. yes, look! we're getting some clearing, and you can see the moon.
4:52 am
so, this lunar eclipse will start around 5:15-5:30. your best chance of seeing it, though, is around 6:25 in philadelphia, lasting until around 7:10 this morning, around the time that the moon will set. so, 6:25 to 7:00. meteorologist bill henley, though, says the clouds should cooperate with us and get on out of here to give us a chance to see that lunar eclipse. well, there are some new complaints this morning about the iphone 6. we'll tell you why some people say it's making them lose their hair. plus, the truth about hands-free. a new report reveals whether it really makes you safer behind the wheel. and one man's journey across america that ended in this area this week and why he quit his job to do it. and while you have to get up this morning, might as well do it in style. wake up with your favorite nbc 10 personality. download our morning app to your smartphone. there you'll find headlines, a live stream of our morning newscast. you can even set your alarm to
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first, there was ben a gate, when some iphone 6 users complained about phones bending. now there's a new alleged problem. some iphone 6 users have gone on social media to say their hair is being pulled out by apple phones. they say it gets snagged in the seams between the aluminum and the glass screen. twitter users have been posting under #seamgate and #hairgate. using hands-free technology behind the wheel may not be as safe as you think. according to a new study from aaa, hands-free, voice-activated systems actually increase the amount of distraction that a driver is dealing with, which also increases your chances of getting into an accident. so, which technology systems are the most distracting? well, aaa found that the apple's siri has the worst overall rating, while chevrolet's miley received the worst rating for
4:56 am
infotainment systems. they say when a driver's workload has to go up, so does the level of distraction. >> well, i think one of the things that is a little troublesome is the fact that a lot of times, we don't realize just how distracting that technology may be. >> the good news for consumers is that it's possible to design hands-free technologies that are less distracting, and that's something that aaa is urging manufacturers to do now. a new penndot program could use traffic congestion throughout pennsylvania. it's called green light go. penndot says it will use money from gasoline taxes and drivers fees to upgrade traffic lights on busy roads. the money is being set aside for state-owned roads that handle at least 10,000 vehicles a day. pay the toll. that's what truckers say delaware officials want them to do on roads marked for local deliveries only. del dot wants funding for more police enforcement of truck tolls after seeing a drop of toll collections on i-95. some truck drivers don't like
4:57 am
the tickets for violating weight restrictions on roads like route 4 and old baltimore pike. the truckers argue it's not efficient to use i-95 when they can travel local routes to their destinations. 4:57 now. pass or don't graduate. that's how important a new standardized test is at high schools in pennsylvania. parents in delaware county pack the radnor township municipal building last night for a forum about the keystone examples. the tests are designed to evaluate proficiency in algebra, literature and biology. they feature multiple choice and open-ended questions. there's no time limit, and there are several opportunities to retake the test. however, a panel was divided on the keystone exam's effectiveness. >> we have standards -- [ inaudible ] but we're missing the key ingredient, and the key ingredient is the resources to teach the students to meet the standards. >> there are remediation plans. there are plans to help those students who might be struggling with the competencies. >> gentilly says the keystone
4:58 am
exam will be given three times a year to juniors and seniors, beginning with the class of 2017. students have to pass all three subjects to graduate. happening today, a preview of the newest food and merchandise that fans can enjoy at flyers and sixers games this season. here's a live look at the wells fargo center, where the sneak peek will take place a little bit later today. chefs will give members of the media a debut of the many new menu items at concession stands and restaurants. the center will also unveil the hottest team items on sale over the new season. especially this time of year, we give you stories about charity events, walks especially because the weather's so great, and we have one for you this morning. >> yeah, this guy is taking things to another level, walking from coast to coast. norman horn is from phoenixville. he's walking across the country to raise money for fighting childhood cancer, and he's only 75 miles from the finish line now. horn quit his job as a personal trainer, moved to california and started walking in april to
4:59 am
fulfill his mission. >> ultimately, i have a little bit of a restored faith in humanity, and it's been a blessing with the way people have treated me along the way. >> he's expected to complete his journey to atlantic city on saturday, and i have to wonder if he had no beard when he started walking in april. >> i mean, it's got to be tough. if you're walking coast to coast, there's little time for grooming. >> how do you shave? it's like forrest gump doing the crosscountry run. you're watching nbc 10 news. "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts now. a fire sparks in montgomery county. investigators say downed power lines from storms that moved through overnight may have started it. a live look now at nbc 10 first alert radar. you can see the showers, some of them strong storms that moved through overnight are well offshore and to the east of us. now clouds are getting out of
5:00 am
here, hopefully in time to take this look outside and see a lunar eclipse a little later this morning. you can see the moon behind the clouds there. winds will be picking up throughout the morning, though, something else to watch out for. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> and i'm rosemary connors. as i was walking in this morning, the winds really whipping up. you could feel it. now let's check with first alert meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> good morning, guys. as the clouds clear out, we'll get a better look at the eclipse, which is just 15 minutes away from starting this morning. you can see the scattered clouds over the city. that's a dramatic view from the adventure aquarium. a nice, wide view showing those clouds beautifully this morning. the showers, they're offshore, completely offshore right now. so, now we're just dealing with wind. temperatures are not bad. we're in the 60s pottstown, reading at 60 degrees, 64 for trenton, mt. holly and philadelphia international also 64 degrees. but look at the winds. 14-mile-an-hour winds in philadelphia will be intensifying this afternoon. so, stand by for quick