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tv   Today  NBC  October 8, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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latest information. that's going to do it for us. have a good one. good morning. breaking overnight. nbc news has learned the american photo journalist battling ebola will receive an emergency blood donation from content brantly, the american doctor who survived the virus. we're live at the hospital. tragic crash. a plane being used to fight a raging california wildfire goes down near yosemite, killing the pilot. investigators now racing to the scene. shocking scandal. police called to the home of "7th heaven" star stephen collins overnight after getting a report of gunshots inside after the actor allegedly confessed to molesting three girls during a therapy session with his estranged wife. and did he leave them
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laughing? >> al roker! >> al takes us behind the scene of his star-studded uso tour for our troops overseas, "today," wednesday, october 8th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer, along with tamron hall, al roker and natalie morales, savannah begins on maternity leave. it's not often we begin a show by mooning you. you know what? it's worth it today. look at the blood moon. that is a live picture from out in california. >> it's also coinciding with the hunter moon, a full moon in october. >> carson will have much more in the orange room. that is our logo. our top story on this wednesday morning, doctors in
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oklahoma turning to an american who survived his own battle with ebola to help a photo journalist infected with the illness now. kate snow is in omaha with more on this. >> reporter: good morning, matt. brantly's blood will be administered to ashoka mukpo later. his father saying this kiact of kindness restores his faith in humanity. kent brantly's blood type happens to match ashoka mukpo's. doctors were asking him to donate blood hoping that the antibodies would kick start ashoka's immune system. doctors said where are you right now? he pulled noefr kansas city and flew his blood to omaha. it's not the only treatment they're trying.
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ashoka is also receiving an experimental drug. >> that's what seems so remarkable about what you're doing here. this is all so untested. >> right. that's very true. each patient is very different. they receive different products. their courses have been different. we really are in a brave new world here. >> reporter: in dallas, they're trying the same drug on thomas eric duncan, accompanied by jesse jackson, his family tried to visit him on tuesday, hoping to see him through a window. >> he's not well. he's sick. >> reporter: they were told his condition is critical but stable but it would be too risky for them to get too close. the head of the cdc says no one duncan came in contact with is ill. >> we do know how to stop it, by isolating patients, contact tracing and breaking the chains of transmission. >> reporter: in spain, a new question being raised, can a dog transmit ebola? after a nurse tested positive, the dog was ordered euthanized. her husband begged them to reconsider. overnight, the campaign went
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viral. #saveexcalibur. >> can dogs transmit ebola to people? >> reporter: even the cdc was asked about it. >> we have not identify this had as a means of transmission. >> reporter: we know that that transmission happens from human to human. we also know that a survivor's blood can be potentially life-saving for someone going through the disease at the moment. matt? >> kate snow in omaha this morning. thank you very much. now to california where the pilot of an air tanker has decide, fighting a wildfire near yosemite national park, his plane crashing into a canyon wall. miguel almaguer is at the entrance in el portal, california. good morning. >> reporter: tamron, good morning. ntsb has investigators arriving on scene. for now they don't know what cause this had plane to go down. but overnight the still unidentified pilot's body was
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discovered. the crash site is in a burn zone so rugged, it took investigators hours to locate the wreckage and the pilot's body. the sc-2, seen here, lost contact while battling the dog fire in yosemite. it suddenly dropped off the radar after 4:00 pm. >> all units here, for resources responding to the dog rock incident. >> reporter: air units scrambled to find the downed plane. hikers in yosemite heard the crash. >> it was dumping water over the fire and crashed against the rock and explode. >> reporter: a navy warplane converted to drop 1,200 gallons of retardant, reaching speeds of 200 miles an hour, the single pilot planes are typically used for initial attack, when fires first break out, when conditions are at their worst. we flew with cal fire's top fire chief over hot zones, where the aerial attack can be danger oou
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>> there are power lines. there are trees, rock out croppings, steep slopes, all this while they're dropping retardant at very low altitudes. >> reporter: this is cal fire's first fatality since 2006. other deadly high-profile crashes, including this contracted forest service plane that went down in 2002, has raised questions about aging air fleet. still this morning, cal fire says tragedies like this one are rare. a sad day for firefighters everywhere. the crash site this morning is said to be at the top of a 25-foot hundred cliff. the pilot's name will be released after all of his family has been notified. tamron, snat. >> thank you very much, miguel. asking for your help, hoping that someone will recognize the militant in the latest propaganda video.
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investigators believe he may be from the united states. correspondent pete williams has more on this. pete, good morning to you. >> reporter: the fbi has been trying for weeks to figure out who that man is. now they're asking for public help, hoping to generate valuable tips. the fbi has a simple question. does this man look or sound like someone you know? >> in the 17th division military base outside the city -- >> reporter: released september 19th with most of his face hidden by a mask, he wears desert camouflage and shoulder holster. behind him are syrian soldiers taping scenes of executions. >> you can see them digging their own graves. >> reporter: and he speaks both english and arabic.
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the fbi posted a short excerpt from the full 55-minute isis video. >> not only is the video produced in english, the people who produce this only produce videos and magazines in english in order to recruit westerners and particularly americans. >> reporter: the fbi is also asking the public for tips about anyone else who may be planning to travel overseas to join violent terror groups. u.s. officials have long feared that americans would join up with isis in syria and then seek to return to the u.s. to plot attacks here. a similar concern in london, where police arrested four men tuesday, accused of planning an act of terrorism there. police say one of the men recently had returned from syria and uk and u.s. authorities say knives were found when the men were arrested. investigators are looking at whether the men were planning on carrying out isis-inspired beheadings on the streets of london. the fbi has asked for public help before in identifying suspects but rarely for terrorists overseas and asking for public help now, one
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official says no piece of information is too small. matt, tamron? >> pete williams, thanks very much. al is tracking a storm that's bringing heavy rain and possible flooding to the southwest. >> that's right. this is really the remnant low, that tropical storm we were talking about yesterday, simon. guess what, it is now pushing its moisture into the southwest. tempe, arizona, dry right now. the potential for flooding exists. the reason for this, as this system pushes up, it could be dropping anywhere from one to three inches of rain. as that system moves up into the rockies. in fact, we could be look at three to four inches of rain causing rapid flash flooding in isolated spots. if you think just the southwest has to worry about this, this moisture, the next 48 hours, streams up into the plains and the midwest, could drop three to four inches in that area as well. >> thank you very much, zblal we're back with your local forecast in a minute. a court appearance is being
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watched. >> pro football player adrian peterson is appearing in court, facing the child cruelty karge that has derailed his career, as even more allegations of wrong doing have been brought against him. >> reporter: he plans to plead guilty in a couple of hours. this, as a player once considered a shoo-in for the hall of fame now finds his career in balance. >> the goal is simple. to get adrian peterson exonerated so he can return to the football field during the 2014 season. >> reporter: one of the nfl's marquis players is charged with reckless endangerment of a child after he says that he disciplined his child with a
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tree branch earlier this year. the vikings let him continue playing but then -- >> we made a mistake and need to get this right. >> reporter: corporate sponsors like nike and radisson cut tie. >> if he doesn't begin to show he has learned something from this, he's not going to have an audience. >> reporter: adding to his image problem, a report in the minneapolis tribune that he has fathered at least six children out of wedlock and was investigated for rape in 2011 after a night of drinking with four women in a minnesota hotel. he was never charged. but in the police report also obtained by nbc news, peterson's uncle told a detective that he used a company credit card to reserve the room. overnight, peterson tweeted that the company is different from the all day foundation, his charity. peterson's attorney also saying either peterson nor his uncle had a foundation credit card and peterson did not use the charity funds for personal expenses.
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the vikings say peterson will remain off the field until this child abuse case is resolved but he's still getting paid more than $11 million this season. natalie, if convicted here in texas, he faces up to two years in prison. >> all right. gabe gutierrez in combo, texas, thank you. one of the suspects is dead and another in custody after a six-hour standoff at an apartment building. the police captain shot in the head and shoulder is in stable condition. the incident started as they tried to arrest a man wanted for multiple shootings in indiana. the season is officially over for a new jersey high school football program amid accusations of bullying and harassment. the school board affirmed the superintendent's decision. before the unanimous vote, some football players took to the
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podium to plead with board members to save their season. after the meeting about 100 players and parents gathered on the field one last time. the cancellation affects all players from varsity down to the freshman. now a caged diver who put some teeth into her work. take a look at these spectacular pictures of a great white shark taken off the coast of south africa. the woman who snapped the toothy grin was collecting data for a conservation group. she says the sharks were beautiful and wasn't even a little frightened. >> i like the sound effect you put in there. were that me in the cage you would have heard a different sound. >> imagine how cool her students think it is. >> exactly. mr. roker? >> some severe weather firing up, we were telling you about this yesterday. this is near paris, kentucky,
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south of the ohio/kentucky border where they had at least an ef-1 tornado touch down. fortunately no injuries. there was a lot of damage and people without power this morning. there's the local on your satellite. showers in northern new england. wet weather central and southern florida. beautiful day along the los angeles coastline, southern california. temperatures getting up in the low 80s today. ♪ [ male announcer ] when you see everyone in america almost every day, you notice a few things. like the fact that you're pretty attached to these. ok, really attached. and that's alright. because we'll text you when your package is on the way. we're even expanding sunday package delivery. yes, sunday. at the u.s. postal service, our priority is...was... and always will
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good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. lots of sunshine and a healthy breeze, too. temperatures will climb into the 70s. winds climbing to near 30 miles an hour. the gusts settle down tonight, and it will be cooler as a result with clear skies and dry air, 49 degrees. then 67 degrees thursday afternoon. a bit of sunshine on friday will fade. clouds increasing, leading to some late-day showers, then rain a possibility for saturday-sunday and into monday, then warmer tuesday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. now to some tense moments overnight at the home of actor stephen collins after it was revealed that the star of shows like "7th heaven" is under allegati investigation for alleged molestation. hallie jackson, good morning. how are you? >> reporter: good morning, matt. reporters have been camped out outside of his home after
7:16 am
allegations of molestation. a scare for many who say they heard what sounded like a gun shot inside the house. police say it was a false alarm and even face timed with the actor to confirm he's not hurt. police responded to stephen collins' los angeles home late tuesday night where reporters, waiting for the actor, who they believe to be inside, said they heard what sounded like a gun shot. lapd says collins was not home at the time and he is alive and well. collins is best known for playing reverend eric camden on the movie "7th heaven." in a 3 1/2 hour audio recording, tmz says collins is heard admitting to molesting three young girls. tmz says the reporting was made by his now estranged wife in a therapy session in 2012. grant filed for divorce from collins after a 27-year marriage. in court documents, grant says
7:17 am
in a therapy session, stephen admitted that he has engaged in a long-term pattern of sexually abusing minor children, including sexually molesting three young girls over a decade ago. collins has not been charged with any crimes. the documents say one of the girls was from los angeles, two from new york, both between 10 and 14 years old. an nypd spokesperson confirms a police report was filed and special victims unit is investigating. police in los angeles investigated grant's claims but was unable to go further because there was no victim. we are reviewing the case to make sure that we didn't miss anything and allow fresh eyes to take another look in light of the recent developments in new york. grant denied any role in the release of the tape calling it, quote, an extremely private recording i handed over to the authorities in 2012 per their request in connection with a
7:18 am
criminal investigation. nbc news reached out to collins and his lawyer for comments on the investigation, but they did not respond. collins has resigned from his board position at the screen actor's guild. and scenes he recently filmed for the movie "ted 2" have been cut, guys. >> hallie jackson, thank you very much. carson is here with a spectacular sight that we are all talking about this morning. >> blurry eyed folks in the office this morning. that is the lunar eclipse, also known as the blood moon. a religious term, not an astronomical one. you knew that, right? >> i did know that. >> obviously, people online are geeking out about this. red tinted moon happens, sun, moon and earth perfectly aligned and the light passing through the earth's atmosphere and landing on the moon, hence the redness. we have a little eclipse -- or they streamed the eclipse live
7:19 am
online. you can take a look at that if you like. a new logo in the orange room. thank you very much. >> i thought i heard you howling. >> thank you. >> this is why it's significant, the series of the four lunar events we saw already happen. one in april. obviously, today. we won't see this again until next april and then one in september. that is four in a row, happening in the span of 18 months. from the year 1600 to 1900, 300-year span, we never saw any of them. wildlife in australia, taking in the sights. if you've got any pictures, send them in. we're casting a bunch in the o.r. >> good choice of music, too. carson, good job. we'll hear from that boy who recorded this video of police smashing his mother's car window and using a taser on her boyfriend. plus oscar winner jennifer
7:20 am
lawrence breaks her silence and those infamous photos stolen from her icloud account. why she says it's
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coming up, why more business travelers are turning to air bnb and why some are crying foul. the cost of an engagement ring says about your chances of getting divorced. >> ouch. >> there's a how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40, $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge might not seem so big after all.
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good morning. i'm rosemary connors. the rain from overnight is moving out. let's check in now with first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> yeah, the rain is long gone. the clouds are quickly moving out, thanks to some pretty good winds gusting to more than 20 miles per hour in the pocono mountains. that's blue sky over blue mountain, the view from the pocono mountains. the wind is also picking up in philadelphia to 13 miles an hour. 62 degrees right now in philadelphia. still seeing some 50s north and west, but plenty of sunshine today and winds, too. we'll see high temperatures in the 70s. jillian mele is watching the traffic backups out there. fill us in, jillian. >> we have our second accident of the morning on the vine street expressway, rosemary. this is on the eastbound side, just as you approach broad
7:27 am
street. you can see those two vehicles involved. we have a third vehicle here, so a multivehicle accident. we have lane restrictions on the eastbound side of the vine. as a result, you can see traffic has stacked up behind this accident as drivers make their way off of 76 on to the vine and then eventually into center city, philadelphia. so, leave yourself extra time if you're headed that way. rosemary. >> thank you, jillian. today, ebola and enterovirus d-68 will be the focus of discussion at the convention center in philadelphia. that's because infectious disease experts from around the country are here for their annual conference. the recent outbreaks prompted organizers to add speakers and workshops that are centered around those two diseases. we will be watching that conference. we'll have another update for you in about 25 minutes. and remember, you can always get the latest news and weather on now back to the "today" show. i'm rosemary connors. have a good one. what's possible today?
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♪ ♪ i said women they will come and they will go ♪ >> that's a nice way to start the 7:30 half hour on a wednesday morning, fleetwood mac's legendary lineup back together on stage for the first time in 16 years. tomorrow, the reunion rolls into our plaza. we'll hear from the band later this morning to get you ready for a big concert on a thursday morning. we were just talking about our favorite fleetwood mac songs here. silver spring. >> it's going to be fun. >> you mentioned, al, more people have asked you, how can we get to the plaza tomorrow? when we say big concert, we
7:31 am
really mean this one. the journalist being treated for ebola in nebraska will receive an emergency blood donation from dr. kent brantly, american survivor of the virus. doctors hope his antibodies can jump-start ashoka mukpo's immune system. teaching medical professionals how to deal with ebola. they want to make sure that doctors and nurses know how to handle patients infected with the virus. air tanker crashed in california while fighting a wildfire near yosemite national park. crews located the scene overnight and confirmed the pilot's death. investigators believe he was the only person on board. jennifer lawrence delivers a powerful statement on the nude photos of celebrities stolen and posted online. this morning, her message to anyone who may have looked at those photos. >> we'll take you behind the scenes at bagram air base in afghanistan. i hosted my first uso show for
7:32 am
the dedicated men and women serving our country in afghanistan. >> looking forward to that in the next half hour. a story we first brought you on tuesday, a routine traffic stop in indiana that ended with police smashing a window and then tasering a man. the family has filed a lawsuit and are now speaking out. john yang has more on this. john, good morning to you. >> reporter: we're hearing from the family in that cell phone video, including the exclusive interview with the 14-year-old who shot it. we do have to warn you, some of the pictures we're going to show you are violent. 14-year-old joseph ivy, from his view in the backseat began recording after the car had been pulled over. >> that's really why i started recording, because i knew it was wrong. >> reporter: joseph's family was rushing to the hospital to see his dying grandmother when police stopped him. his mother was driving without her seat belt. >> he just pulled a gun on me.
7:33 am
i'm not getting out of the car. >> reporter: lisa mahone and her boyfriend, jamal jones, say they were too afraid to get out of the car. >> i was scared for my family and my little sister. she was in the back with me. >> reporter: in a federal lawsuit, the family claims hammond police used excessive force when they broke through the car window, sending broken glass on to joseph and his 7-year-old sister. >> tase me, tase me, tase me. i felt deferenceless that i couldn't even help my family at that time. >> reporter: in a statement, the hammond police department says jones refused to leave the vehicle after approximately 13 minutes had elapsed and upon request by at least three different officers. the statement also said police broke the window, fearing the occupants of the vehicle possessed a weapon and seeing the passenger repeatedly reach towards the rear seats of the vehicle. there were no weapons in the car. jones was charged with failure to aid an officer and resisting law enforcement. joseph, who talked to us with
7:34 am
his mother's permission, explained why he thought it was important to record the incident. >> i wanted them to hear how she was crying so they could feel bad. what if somebody was doing that to their kid? >> reporter: hammond police say they have their own video of the incident shot from a police car dash cam. nbc news asked to see it but so far there's been no response. >> john yang, thank you so much. let's check in with al for the weather. >> that's right. we go to the western pacific, and we've got very close to a super typhoon going on right now. this is phanfone. 160-mile-per-hour winds moving west-northwest at 8. why are we showing you this? because there are some 50,000 service men and women on okinawa base there and 40,000 dependents, almost 100,000 folks. it gets very close to okinawa. we'll be watching this very closely.
7:35 am
this could have a profound impact on those islands off japan. closer to home, we have very warm weather to talk about. temperatures will be rising up again. shreveport, 89. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. lots of sunshine and a healthy breeze, too. temperatures will climb into the 70s, winds climbing to near 30 miles an hour. the gusts settle down tonight and it will be cooler as a result with clear skies and dry air, 49 degrees. then 67 degrees thursday afternoon. a bit of sunshine on friday will fade. clouds increasing, leading to some late-day showers, then rain a possibility for saturday, sunday and into monday. then warmer tuesday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. oscar winner jennifer lawrence is speak out for the first time since her intimate personal photos were leaked online. stephanie gosk is here with
7:36 am
more. good morning, stephanie. >> good morning, tamron. most celebrities understand they can't keep their lives private, especially the very popular ones but jennifer lawrence tells "vanity fair" stealing naked pictures from her icloud account and posting them online went way over the line. she's calling it a sex crime. the young oscar-award winning actress condemns both the crime and celebrity obsession. it's not a scandal. it's a sex crime. it is a sexual violation. it's disgusting. the law needs to be changed and we need to change. jennifer lawrence is one of an estimated 100 female celebrities targeted by a hacker who cracks passwords and accessed private photo accounts on apple's icloud. naked pictures popped up online in late august. kate upton, avril levine was also included. lawrence had not spoken publicly
7:37 am
about the photos. >> she was smart and funny about it and very brave. i think she wants some good to come out of this whole thing. i mean, maybe she could appeal to people's better nature, you know, to sort of stop trading in this kind of garbage. >> reporter: lawrence made a point of addressing critics who addressed celebrities should expect this kind of invasion of privacy. just because i'm a public figure, just because i'm an actress does not mean i asked for this. it does not mean that it comes with the territory. it's my body and it should be my choice. and she talks about the moment she had to share the news with her father. when i have to make that phone call to my dad and tell him what's happened, i don't care how much money i get for "the hunger games," it's not worth it. she's not just angry at the hackers. the 24-year-old has a message for anyone who searched online for the photos. anybody who looked at the pictures, you're perpetuating a
7:38 am
sexual offense. you should cower with shame. i did not tell you that you could look at my naked body. she was in a long-distance relationship at the time and the pictures were for her boyfriend. when she learned they were first posted online, her first thought was fear. she was afraid it would affect her career. >> and having to tell her dad. we can all relate to that. >> exactly. how humiliated she must have been in that moment, too. >> stephanie, thank you very much. letting people avoid hotels and get a taste of home. >> in trending, some of the biggest names in music coming together for a special recording biggest names in music coming togethsome cash back cardsording limit your rewards by telling you where you can earn bonus cash back. and then those categories change every few months. one month it's the "gym"... next month it's movie theaters?!
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before we craft it into a sandwich. the tender, slow-roasted turkey, the zesty cranberry mostarda, the freshly baked flatbread paired perfectly with our autumn squash soup. a delicious meal made just for you only at panera bread. 7:43. we're back on a wednesday morning. do you have a business trip coming up? that used to mean booking hotel rooms and ordering room service. as joe friar explains, more corporate travelers are getting creative, using the internet to find alternative housing. >> reporter: sometimes there's no place like someone else's home. that's the case for these three women who work for the environmental company, wildlife works, and visiting austin, texas, for a conference.
7:44 am
they're staying in a three-bedroom condo, discovered on the website air bnb, helping renters rent out their homes. >> we're able to rent one air bnb unit and share the space together. >> reporter: a search engine devoted solely to business travelers. the owner of this austin condo is booked six months in advance and says it's especially useful when big events come to town. >> not enough hotels here to accommodate everybody. that's where air bnb has stepped in. >> reporter: the business travel company, concour, has seen a 20% increase in the use of air bnb. >> sometimes they can find a really good deal on air bnb in places they doesn't expect it. >> here you for $140, you can get a modest hotel room with a couple of beds like this one. or for the same amount of money you can get a place like this, which has a living area, bedroom, bathroom and a kitchen,
7:45 am
all of it a major draw for business travelers. >> huge. i'm going to say 80% of my tenants are business travelers. >> reporter: air bnb's rapid growth presents a challenge still trying to figure out how to regulate and tax the rentals. critics call them illegal hotels that are hurting the supply of affordable housing but lauren auburn and company see it as a way to help the local economy. >> it's giving us a lot more space than what we would get in the hotel. >> reporter: letting a virtual innkeeper leave the light on. joe friar, nbc news, los angeles. >> a lot of hotels not happy about that. >> big competition. >> no question about it. shining a light on our troops overseas. the laughs al shared with jay leno and other friends on the first-ever al roker "today" show uso tour. up next, why is carson -- is that your happy dance? there we go. more right after this.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
this song will never, ever die. it's a great classic. let's join carson in the orange room. he is wrapping up a special project. >> there we go. >> oh, yeah. >> we joined the popular social initiative, 100 happy days. and day 100. we've been keeping an album of all our days here on our facebook page, shots from the studio, shots you've sent us. really cool stuff there. natalie in brazil. >> fun. >> little celebration there. >> that was a happy day. >> and some of the most favorited ones, al and ariana grande, the most liked shot on facebook of our 99 days so far. on twitter, this was national elephant day. guess that exists. people love that one. >> and here on instagram, baby
7:51 am
vale's foot. today is day 100. what shot is going to go there? send us one. what's making you happy today? my new personalized orange and blood moon orange and vodka making me happy. back to you. >> we need to visit. >> too happy today, carson, but that's cool. good for you. >> he's still dancing. >> i've never seen him that happy. that's a real drink. >> the cost of your engagement ring, what it may reveal about your marriage. plus glen campbell's family your marriage. plus glen campbell's family gives us a glimpse inside his woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him
7:52 am
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good morning. i'm rosemary connors. a sunny start on this wednesday, now that the clouds and showers have moved out. let's check in with meteorologist bill henley, who has the forecast. >> looks good, doesn't it? lots of sunshine and a pretty good breeze that is going to be increasing this afternoon. that's the view from the comcast center. sunshine all day long today, so the temperatures will be climbing, but they're still cool right now. 59 in washington township, while it's 62 in philadelphia. chester springs and kennett square 57 degrees, also in doylestown and quakertown. but look at that sunshine. bright, sunny skies, gusty winds this afternoon to near 30 miles an hour. jillian mele is watching the roads. where are the trouble spots this morning? >> we still have this accident about to clear out, but still on the vine street expressway eastbound approaching broad street. you can see with the tow truck at the scene. this is a multivehicle accident, so we still have some lane restrictions there causing a
7:57 am
huge backup on the vine eastbound all the way from 76 to broad street, and then this is also causing heavy volume on 76 in both directions approaching the vine. in medford, we have a crash route 70 eastbound at hartford road. rosemary? >> thank you, jillian. strong winds may have caused a fire at a garage in glenside, montgomery county. nbc 10 was at keswick and donaldson avenues, where the fire started around 1:00 this morning. crews say the wind may have knocked down some power lines. nobody was hurt and there was no damage to any of the storefronts in the neighborhood. the wet roads may be to blame for a one-car crash early this morning on i-95 north in yardley, bucks county. here's a look at the crash scene from one of our nbc 10 traffic cameras. the crash sent one person to the hospital with minor injuries. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. i'm rosemary connors. now back to the "today" show. have a good one. this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
7:58 am
in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard.
7:59 am
aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, glen campbell's courage. >> i ain't done yet. >> the legendary musician and his family open up about his brave battle with alzheimer's. >> he's still glen campbell and he still loves and feels and expresses joy and sadness. plus al in afghanistan. >> we're going to have a good show, clean show, fun show. here we go! >> he and his all-star lineup are back with a behind-the-scenes look at their special uso show for men and women in uniform. ♪ and if you don't love me now >> and mac is back. fleetwood mac reunitees for a tour and talk about making music
8:01 am
for the first time in nearly two decades as we prepare for them to perform on our plaza "today," wednesday, october 8th, 2014. kentucky teachers on fall break. we're from madison, alabama. >> the hogs love "today." ♪ i'm just gonna shake shake shake ♪ >> today's our father's 70th birthday. >> i'm celebrating 10 today. >> whoo! >> we're back now 8:00 on a wednesday morning, the 8th day of october, 2014. carson was just saying it was a beautiful day in new york city. by the way, i'm matt lauer, alongside tamron hall, here while savannah is on maternity leave. carson over here, al.
8:02 am
24 hours from now this area, or that area -- >> fleetwood mac. >> i'm not sure which area, one of these areas, filled with the sounds of fleetwood mac. >> great show kicked off in minneapolis. people are still talking about how good they sound, better than ever. to have that here at the plaza. >> let's head inside to natalie with a check of the top stories. >> an ebola survivor has donated his blood to help a photo journalist now battling the disease. kate snow is in omaha. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. dr. kent brantly, the first american air lifted out of liberia and treated for ebola in the u.s. got an urgent call on his phone from doctors here. he happened to be on a road trip at the time and pulled over in kansas city, missouri, to donate blood. they then air lifted that here and hope to administer the blood to ashoka mukpo later today.
8:03 am
the point being the antibodies in the survivor's blood may help to kick start ashoka's immune system. he and the dallas patient, thomas eric duncan, are receiving an experimental drug as well. yesterday jesse jackson joined the family as they tried to visit the patient. they couldn't get close because he remains in critical condition and isolation. his college-aged son spoke out for the first time last night, saying he thanked the hospital for keeping his dad alive. natalie? >> kate snow in omaha. thank you, kate. the fbi is asking the public to help identify a masked man who appears on an isis propaganda video released last month. he speaks english and arabic. he may be from the united states or canada. he is shown presiding over what appears to be the execution of syrian prisoners. search teams have found the body of an air tanker pilot who
8:04 am
crashed while fighting the yosemite wildfire. the plane was dropping retardant when it crashed near a rocky cliff and then exploded. ntsb is now investigating. about 50 people were evacuated when 26 cars of a freight train derailed in canada. two of the cars caught fire. a hazmat crew is on scene cleaning up today. the person who bought the most famous hair remains anonymous, $37,000 for a pair of braids clipped from the head of country music legend willie nelson. the braids were given to jennings to celebrate his
8:05 am
sobriety. now out to al. thank you, natalie. someone is celebrating double digits. who is here with you? >> mom. >> she wanted to talk to you. >> it worked out okay then. >> hope you get something else. this is nothing. but thanks for being here. let's show you what we've got going on right now. the remnants of simon up into phoenix. we're looking at showers and heavier storms. could be some flash flooding. we'll be watching that. here in the northeast, clear skies in new york. that's cleared out. wet weather around boston and on into northern new england, a few showers. the sun is coming out now that the rain has moved through there as well. the afternoon commute will be fine. the rest of the country, wet weather in the southwest. beautiful day in the pacific northwest. showers around western new york. look for fog down through the central gulf coast. hit or miss showers and thunderstorms down in central and southern florida. miami looking to deal with the
8:06 am
king tide that's going on right now good morning i'm bill henley. lots of sunshine and a healthy breeze too. temperatures will climb into the 70s and wind will get near 30 miles per hour. the gusts will settle down tonight and it will be cooler as a result. 67 degrees thursday afternoon. a lit of sunshine on friday will fade. clouds increasing leading to some late day showers and rain. a possibility for saturday and sunday and into monday. then warmer on tuesday. have a great day. s your latest weather. >> look at the shoes. look how bright these things are on camera. my goodness. >> are those brand new? >> our birthday gift for the orange room from deborah zblupsz we didn't get any. >> sorry, guy. >> i love your name. it's actually on the shoe. carson. >> i can jog at night safely now. >> very sweet. thank you very much. remarkable cover of a
8:07 am
classic hit from the beach boys that have stars lending their voices to this amazing project. glen campbell's fight against alzheimer's disease and what could be the last song he ever records. and a little cooking. giada de laurentiis is here with a twist on a with psoriatic arthritis, i had intense joint pain that got worse and worse. then my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. enbrel helps relieve pain and stop joint damage. i've been on the course and on the road. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu.
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8:10 am
because small is huge. we're back with what's trending today. i have a feeling half of you will love this first story, the other half, you'll hate this. when it comes to engagement rings, a new study suggests the bigger the diamond, the shorter the marriage. ladies, don't shoot the messenger. >> okay. >> this is based on legitimate research done by carson and emory university. they crunched the data and said people who tend to spend a lot not only on the ring but also the wedding end up divorced. having more guests at your wedding and a honeymoon. so big weddings, having a lot of people helps your marriage, but spending a lot and getting a big rock does not help.
8:11 am
>> it's more about the statement the couple is making. >> guys right now watching this are collectively going, yes! see, honey, it's small for a reason. >> we're talking about the ring, right? >> oh, yeah. >> al? >> i just had a question. >> and on we go. >> and on we go. today is a big day for our friend friends at "people" magazine. i'm blushing. they're marking their 40th anniversary and doing something special. taylor swift. does it look familiar? "people" got taylor to replicate their first magazine of mia farrow. >> you recognize andy sandberg and seth meyers. >> that's great. >> this is how it compares to the original, if you needed a
8:12 am
comparison. of course, first names that come to mind are -- >> not betty white and bob newheart? >> no. >> that's who we have here in that photo. you can see more of these on our website. what a great idea. >> can you possibly put the "e.t." one back? that would have been a great halloween costume back in the day. which one would you have wanted to be? >> god only knows, right? classic recorded by the beach boys. so fantastic, back in 1966. now co-founder of the beach boys, brian wilson, teaming up with some of the biggest names in music to remake this classic. ♪ i may not always love you as long as there are stars above you you'll never need to doubt it
8:13 am
i'll make you so sure about it ♪ ♪ god only knows what i'd be without you god only knows what i'd be without you god only knows what i'd be without you ♪ >> so many stars packed into one video. one direction, stevie wonder, elton john, pharrell williams. to help children in need. if you would like to know more about that or see the video in its entirety, go to it came out so great. >> introducing to the voices. >> and the right song, too. >> perfect song for kids. >> brian williams, that would have been the -- >> i said brian williams? >> you got it right the first
8:14 am
time. >> can't get brian williams out of my head. as you know, al teamed up with the uso and familiar faces to put on a show for our troops in afghanistan. >> jay leno, kevin eubanks, craig robinson and iliza shlesinger. i think we gave our troops a few hours of laughs but what they gave us in return will last a lifetime. central command for operation enduring freedom. it can be a stressful and dangerous place for the thousands of american soldiers stationed there. our uso mission? bring them a little bit of home and, hopefully, a few laugh. >> thank you for being here for our great soldiers. >> happy to be here. >> four hours to show time, boys. first we have to pull off this little thing we call the "today" show. >> let's go to al at bagram air field in afghanistan. >> we want to shine a light on the uso and all the work that
8:15 am
they do. minutes off the air, we're told to hit the direct. indirect rocket fire drives home just how dangerous it can be here. first, we heard a couple of siren blasts, we all had to get down. then another siren and everybody is like, get into the bunker. we've not heard the all-clear yet. we're in the bunker. the all clear sounds just in time for our show. >> we're going to have a good show, clean show, fun show. here we go. >> yeah. >> clean show. >> a clean show. >> no. it's going to be a good show, though! >> one, two, three. uso! >> a great shout out to al roker. >> thank you. first of all, god bless you and thank you for your service to this country. sblae ladies and gentlemen, kevin eubanks. this is my first uso tour. without further ado, a man who
8:16 am
is late night television, a man who i called and said we're going to afghanistan, will you be there? he said you tell me when. ladies and gentlemen, jay leno! >> you know competitive eating is now a sport in america? it's a sport. this is the only country in the world where eating 300 chicken wings makes you an athlete. >> after a few more jokes unfit for morning tv -- [ bleep ] here is a horrible joke. [ bleep ]. >> it's time to send a little love to the ladies. >> iliza shlesinger. >> when we park the car, it's very important we park the car. okay. i'm in 4s let me remember that. we all rely on girl gps, for those of you who don't know consists of one girl doing this.
8:17 am
um, i feel like it's this way. >> then to bring home the night -- >> give it up for comedian, musician and all-around sex symbol, craig robinson! mr. craig robinson knocks it out of the park singing blues about bagram. ♪ i'm in bagram ♪ you've lost that lovin' feelin' now it's gone gone gone ♪ >> an experience of a lifetime. >> you are always in our thoughts and our hearts and we are so incredibly proud of you. >> an inspiration that we had just from seeing you live your life and do what you do. thank you so much. thank you. >> you're the heartbeat of this country. a night full of laughter, honor
8:18 am
and pride. ♪ and the home of the brave >> thank you! >> craig robinson, ladies and gentlemen! >> awesome. >> great job. >> bravo. >> that's amazing. >> it was -- again, jay leno, when i called him, he said when? just showed up. iliza shlesinger, craig robinson, kevin eubanks. he has a terrific voice and is funny. the soldiers, one of them came up to me and said, you know what? this is the first thing i've had to smile about in two months and this other soldier said i forgot where i was for two hours. that's why we were there. >> think of the moms and the dads and the kids left behind and the sacrifices they're making.
8:19 am
>> an annual event now? >> we're hoping to. >> that's right, you should. >> we would love to do it. we would love for you to help us support the uso and our troops. please go to and donate, because every -- everything we can do to help these troops. it's just not enough. >> way to shine a light, al. >> amazing. up next, a look at music legend
8:20 am
it's 8:19. more than 5 million americans have alzheimer's disease and that number is growing. cynthia mcfadden is here with one star that's trying to change the perception of this devastating disease. cynthia, nice to see you. good morning. >> always good to see you, matt. when 78-year-old glen campbell was diagnosed with alzheimer's three years ago, he decided he wanted to do something about the stigma and shame that is often accompanied with the dreaded disease. the result is a powerful new documentary already surrounded by oscar buzz. >> who is that? >> it's you, honey. >> it is a scene played out in millions of home. >> that's me there? no kidding. >> alzheimer's. taking away the most precious of memories. this time, it's music legend glen campbell. >> this indicates in all likelihood your difficulties are due to alzheimer's. >> reporter: devastating news that would have meant the end
8:21 am
for most entertainers. >> i ain't done yet. just tell him that. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. i'm glen campbell. it's knowing that your door is always open and your past is free to walk. >> a dazzling career. >> entertainer of the year, glen campbell. ♪ like a rhinestone ko bcowboy ♪ >> reporter: not just going public with the diagnosis, but heading out on 151 stop farewell tour with his three kids, his wife in the wings of the show. >> it was a high wire act, holding your breath. is he going to be able to make it through the night? >> who are these people over here? oh, yeah, there they are. >> reporter: to make the stakes even higher, he invited filmmakers to come along. the result, a raw and emotional new documentary "glen campbell: i'll be me." >> he asked us to make the movie
8:22 am
and i know he wanted us to tell the gnarly truth. showing the audience what this man is up insurgence what 44 million people are up against worldwide. >> how is the alzheimer's, glen? >> i gave him the left hook. >> at some points he doesn't recognize his own children. he can play the guitar like nobody's business. >> the doctors all told us it was good for his brain. >> what does it feel like to be up on that stage with him? >> in spite of his limitations, he can still get out there and play his butt off and smile and entertain people. he's just the kind of guy that makes you want to root for him. >> one of my favorite moments on stage is where you and your father duel. >> that was so much fun. i remember the first time we kind of did it. you know, he was probably going easy on me.
8:23 am
so honest on stage and i think people loved that he wasn't hiding anything. >> reporter: during the tour, the disease was in the early stages but two years ago, campbell had to quit performing. we visited him just last week. the disease is now in late stage six. stage seven is the end of the road. can glen still play the guitar? >> it comes and goes. some days he gives us a big surprise. he will pick it up and we're like, whoa, where did that come from? >> reporter: conversation is no longer possible but the music is still in the man. >> he's still glen campbell and he still loves and feels and expresses joy and sadness. he really made himself vulnerable because he wanted to make a difference. ♪ i'm still here but yet i'm gone ♪ >> reporter: one final good-bye song recorded nearly two years ago. the video released just this week ♪ all the hurts and all the
8:24 am
pain ♪ >> the words the painful truth. ♪ i'm not gonna miss you >> wow! that's incredible. must have been an incredible experience for. >> you incredible to be with him. we spent about 40 minutes. he is now in a memory care facility outside nashville. his doctor said last spring that he really needed 24-hour care for his own safety and comfort. but his wife, kim, tells us she goes almost every single day, gives him a bath, feeds him and he lights up when he sees her. >> this documentary is going to touch a lot of people and do a lot of good to kind of make people feel aleast they're not alone in this battle. >> precisely. so often people are ashamed of this memory loss. what he was trying to do -- and he said early on when he was still able, i want to hit this disease in the head and i want everyone to see what it's really like. it's so powerful. >> and amazing he can still, on certain days, pick up the guitar and play. >> good news. i asked the doctor who is the
8:25 am
head of the alzheimer's at the mayo. he said people can hit a golf ball late in the disease. they can't keep score. >> thank you very much. coming up, fleetwood mac tomorrow on our plaza. and giada
8:26 am
right now sky force 10 is on the way to the scene of a school bus accident where at least one child was severely injured. we are in touch with police. here is what we're telling us, four people were hurt and that includes the child who was taken to the children's hospital in philadelphia. we reached out to the school district and the spokesperson just heard art the accident. there is also a bus accident in philadelphia. jillian mele is following that. that's right sky force 10
8:27 am
was over this accident before going to southwest philadelphia for the other accident. you see the bus and van are involved here. it is slowing down that right lane there. it is at island afternoon and lynnburg boulevard. bill henley is tracking the sunny and middle conditions, bill? >> the sun has been up for almost an hour and a half. so the temperatures are starting to come up, bright sunny skies, a healthy wind, 70s this afternoon. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. again as soon as we get more information about that school bus accident that injured at least one child we'll bring it to you. now back to "the today show."
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> back now at 8:30 on a wednesday morning, the 8th day of october, 2014. coming out to say hi to some of the nice people in our plaza. and we are all counting down. >> yes. >> 24 hours from now, we'll be out here, getting ready for some great music from that band right there, the legendary fleetwood mac. >> speaking of counting down, these teachers, right here, 362 years of teaching combined.
8:31 am
>> that's 3 2/3 smuckers jars. >> thank you, al. lester holt caught up with fleetwood mac recently before taking the stage together in more than 16 years. take a look at what giada is cooking up in the kitchen. an updated twist to your mom's old casserole recipe, anything covered in cheese and sauce. >> it's all about the layer. >> i thought it was all about the bass. let's get a check of the weather from al roker. >> let's show you what we've got going on. for "today," wet weather making its way into the southwest. remnants of simon bringing rain there, beautiful day along the midatlantic coast. texas going to be toasty today. for tomorrow, more toasty weather in the texas area. i like texas toast.
8:32 am
sunshine in the southeast. rain makes its way into the mid mississippi river valley. another gorgeous day in the pacific northwest. plenty of sunshine. . nny tomorr good morning i'm bill henley. lots of sunshine and a healthy breeze too. temperatures climbing into the 70s and winds near 70 miles per hour. it will be cooler as a result. 67 degrees thursday afternoon. a bit of sunshine on friday will fade. clouds increasing leading to late day showers and rain a possibility for saturday and sunday and into monday and warmer tuesday. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. i had no idea. did you? that's national pierogie day. >> all right. bring us the pirogie's over
8:33 am
here. we have to work out first. "today's" lifestyle and fitness correspondent, jenna wolfe. you showed us yesterday how easy it is to pack on 500 calories. and you'll show us how to burn out 100 in minute. >> even more, yes. this is my pyramid workout. this is ten exercises. as you decrease in reps, you increase in difficulty. ten exercises. first one you do 100 reps, then 90, then 80. ten folks are doing all the exercises for 2 1/2 straight minutes, guys. i'm really proud of you. as you get less and less reps, you're getting harder and harder with the workout. >> do you want to run down some of them for us? >> we're starting with butt kickers. the goal is to work every single muscle in the body. by the time you get to the end of this workout at the end of ten minutes, you've worked every muscle, burned a number of calories. it starts off relatively ease
8:34 am
which 100 reps of butt kickers. you go down, halfway down, you see we're doing renegade rows, lifting up, working the back, the core, the shoulders. your gluts are nice and tight. further down the line to make it even harder -- rj, are you doing okay down there? doing some push-up jacks. >> this isn't about the time? it's about the count? >> toent worry about the time. if it takes you 10 to 12 minutes to get through all of these, the goal is to see how many of these pyramids you can do in an hour. try to do as many as you can do. >> what about modification? some of them may be tough for people to do. >> absolutely. you can swap out exercises that either you enjoy or that are easier or harder. for example, let's come down here. my upper cuts. if this is too hard for you on your core, why don't you stand up for me and let's get into a modified squat, just a little bit of a squat and now you work. so now you're still working the upper body.
8:35 am
>> you look strong with that. >> she looks amazing. >> i like using water bottles as your weights. >> you don't have to use any weights at all. you can do this anywhere, any time with, no equipment at all or you can add some and do it basically, you know, with anyone. >> with all the advice you've given us, what's the major takeaway we need to know? >> if you eat relatively well and you work out for a decent amount of time, it is a foolproof plan that you will lose weight. this will work for everyone. there's no excuses. i've given you three days worth of no excuses. get out there and move. >> no excuses. they're out of breath. all right. thank you so much. and, jenna, thank you. >> of course. >> follow along the pyramid workout and find out more about jenna's notes, head over to i'm going to try this again. no excuses. yes, "today."
8:36 am
we'll catch up with the legendary fleetwood mac to get you ready for the concert tomorr
8:38 am
and we're back now, 8:38. in less than 24 hours, fleetwood mac will be rock our plaza. the full lineup back together. and lester holt joined them. lester, good morning to you. >> i saw them last night. you and your audience are in for a treat. amazing. 50 years, selling more than 100 million records. and they found ways to stay together despite a long history of affairs, divorces and breakups within the band. giving them a chance to revisit the sound track of their lives. ♪ don't don't break the spell ♪ >> 20,000 fans are witnessing a
8:39 am
piece of rock 'n' roll history, 16 years in the making. christine mcvee behind her keyboard, with one of the best-selling bands of all time. >> i feel really at home. i felt like a family on stage. it was just great. >> welcome back, chris! >> reporter: it's a homecoming some believed would never happen. in 1998 mcvee left fleetwood mac and the other four members moved on without her. >> what we did over the last 16 years, we had to make fleetwood mac relevant without chris if we were going to continue to play. so we did. >> reporter: earlier this year, the band announced mcvee's return and in march they were back in the studio. >> it's reignited something in all of us, i think. really profound ♪ i want to be with you everywhere ♪ >> she used the six weeks of
8:40 am
rehearsals to prepare her voice and body for a 2 1/2 hour show. >> when the five of us walk out on stage that first night it's going to be chaos and it's going to be fantastic. >> getting so excited for the fleetwood mac show tonight at target center. >> reporter: minneapolis, the first stop on a 34-city tour. >> it's sort of a huge day for us. >> reporter: two hours before the show, a meet and greet with fans, spanning multiple generations. you really must come away with this incredible appreciation of people like myself. fleetwood mac was the sound track to my growing up. >> the audience itself is going through a highly emotive performance themselves, being triggered by you. it's really a two-way performance. that's what resonates in that hall. and it's very profound. >> two minutes till show time. two minutes. >> reporter: backstage, a little nervous energy. a few hugs and kisses.
8:41 am
and it's time to rock 'n' roll. ♪ listen to the wind blow watch the sun rise ♪ >> did you feel the audience building you up last night? >> the adrenaline was palpable. it was astounding. the power that the audience has drives you on. >> reporter: some people who may not have seen you perform before might be taken aback in concert because this is hard rock 'n' roll. >> that's true. and it makes for that much more reason to come see us live. this is a beautiful new chapter in the saga of this band. ♪ keep us together >> the band has recorded new material they won't be playing it on this tour, which is all about their greatest hits. when christine decided she wanted to come back, stevie nicks told her you need to train. she meant go to a trainer.
8:42 am
she stands at the keyboard for three hours. >> you try to sing a couple of songs in a row, you're out of breath. that's a long time. have we told you they're going to be here tomorrow morning? >> is that tomorrow? >> 24 hours from now they'll be back with a concert on our plaza for a big crowd. lester will be back in our next hour. he will have a one-on-one conversation with stevie nicks. check that out. and catch fleetwood mac in concert tomorrow morning. up next, giada, sharing some of her favorite fall recipes.
8:44 am
all right. 8:44. back to do a little cooking with our friend and chef and contributor giada de laurentiis. spilling the secrets on how to make perfect casseroles while adding her italian flair. welcome back. >> hi. >> it's good to see you. it's fall. >> i need to get a head start. >> it's casserole time. why do you love these recipes?
8:45 am
down in front. that's all right. why do you love these recipes? >> actually in italy, we make casseroles as well. you can prep them the day before and take all the ingredients, leftover pasta, veggies, layer them with cheese. cheese is the secret. >> these get a bad rap. it's a casserole. >> that word is not very sexy. >> right. >> but i think with the right ingredients and lots of color and ooey, gooey creaminess, which you'll have in yours for sure, can you really revamp them. >> we're making two separate recipes. >> this is my side. >> doing a pesto casserole and i'm doing a cheesy vegetable. >> creamy white sauce vegetable one and i'm doing a pasta, turki and red sauce. >> where do we start? >> it's all about the layers? >> it's all about the layers. i like making them in a glass baking dish so you can see the layers. make them the day before. put a little sauce on the bottom. >> you start with flour and
8:46 am
butter. add milk. i added a bunch of cheese and you thicken it together. take all your veggies -- i like to layer the vegetables. zucchini down first. spread them out. it doesn't matter. once it's all baked it doesn't matter. >> we're going to take a couple of short cuts but you'll get the idea. >> you can grill your veggies indoor or outdoor or you can roast them in the oven or take leftover vegetables. sometimes i do this with squash, lots of different vegetables i have leftover. i'm making mine with pasta. penne and tossing it in store-bought pesto. you can take any sauce you want. >> i was going to put another layer of sauce on that. >> you didn't put all the zucchini down. you only went halfway. >> how long has it been since you've been here? i haven't been yelled at this way in at least a month. >> you want to do your own, now you get to do your own.
8:47 am
otherwise i'll do it for you. i put my pasta down. now i'm putting my turkey down. >> do i put another layer of the sauce down? >> yes. >> one stray zucchini in there. >> that's fine. just go. peppers on top of that. >> do you like different textures in the layers as well? >> yes. color and texture in everything. that's why i do zucchini, peppers and red onions. but then again, you know, you could do cauliflower and broccoli. put cream sauce and a little cheese, you're good to go. if you were having a dinner party, you could do two casseroles, prep them the day before, bake them. and a salad. you're done. look how pretty it looks. >> cheese is not just for the people who like the taste of cheese. it's a binding agent, too, isn't it? >> it is. a great casserole, whatever cheese you like. i'm using mozzarella and parm because i'm italian. you could use cheddar, whatever
8:48 am
ingredients your family likes. the idea is to change up sort of leftovers and make them into a new dish or create a new dish all together like we did today. >> is there any way to make this one a little healthier? the vegetables are healthy but that sauce will send you right to the emergency room. >> i didn't say eat the whole thing, matt. >> okay. >> it's all about portions. is there a way to make it healthier? sure. you could use low-fat milk. you could use almond milk. but you have to use a little bit of fat in there. you still have to use some cheese. >> beautiful. you pop it in the oven. how long do these cook? >> about 20 minutes, 400 degrees or 30 minutes for 375. >> look at the way they come out looking. giada, thank you. good to have you back. >> i'll finish
8:50 am
>> announcer: small acts, big impacts on "today" is brought to you by wells fargo. together, we'll go far. well, last month we asked you to send in your nominations for our small act, big impact contest. we introduce to our winner this morning, gayle hortman. >> he is hooked.
8:51 am
>> i've been fishing probably 36 years of my life. it's a strong passion of mine. make sure no one is behind you. >> not just for fishing. >> and let go like that. >> but for teaching, too. >> i like to see them catch something and bring it in. >> reporter: growing up on the allegheny river in pennsylvania, his grandfather, who shared his passion, passed away last year. his dying wish? place his fishing rods in good hands. he said you can keep what you can use. whatever you don't use, just give away to whoever needs them. >> reporter: that's when he began to fix them with a purpose in mind. >> these are the good poles and they're all ready to go for action. >> reporter: he gives them away to the young, hoping they'll trade their x-boxes for tackle boxes. >> it makes you happier, i think, than playing angry birds. >> reporter: his wife, shannon, keeps count. so far 328 poles.
8:52 am
>> reporter: dale is trying to give them something different to do and the kids are responding to it. >> reporter: he started reeling them in. >> it's a great thing to do with friends. >> reporter: most of the poles are now donated. he buys materials for repairs, making a difference one rod at a time. >> it's kind of him to do that and it's caring. >> no one else would do that for us. >> reporter: for "today," craig melvin, nbc news, new york. >> thanks, craig. out on the plaza with us, dale hortman, nominated by his wife, shannon. good to see you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> watching that piece. you made the repairs for the rods despite having eye cancer. this is life changing for you. >> yes. yes, it is. great direction. >> was it a healing for you in the way as well? >> yes. i was able to complete what i started out to do. >> fantastic. >> it is tough having one eye and trying to do a lot of the ties and everything.
8:53 am
it's very -- >> therapeutic? >> therapeutic for myself, too, yeah. >> and, shannon, you nominated dale. >> i did. >> you have to be so proud. >> i am. he used to be a humble man and i'm the pr person i go on facebook and asks for more lures and rods. i read a book while he's fishing. >> good points to the table. >> behind every successful man is a woman rolling her eyes. >> no pun intended. we would like to welcome michelle lee from wells fargo, the sponsor of small act, big impact contest. we heard you needed a few things. >> atwells fargo, we believe the small acts such as yours make a big difference in our community. >> thank you. >> we believe that small is
8:54 am
huge. so, thank you. >> a ton of them over there. we have another surprise, because this is the "today" show. we go big. okay? i know that, dale often uses his own money to repair those rods. so wells fargo is also giving a $50,000 check. >> thank you for making a difference. >> oh, my gosh! >> that's a lot of lines. >> that's a lot of lines. dale, thank you. >> very great, tamron. thank you very much. now to "today's" special birthday wishes from our friend, willard scott. hey, willard. >> hey, new york. for just 150 down, you can get this beautiful home here for a nice vacation place. you will love t cornelia
8:55 am
vanderbilt liked it. virginia fries, avondale. beautiful garden. everything she grows, she eats. that makes sense. floyd koerner, from michigan. 100 years old. his favorite thing in life is pizza. he eats it all the time. kept him healthy all these years. this is adolph wolff, 100 years old today. he says he has lived this long because every day he knocks off some smuckers jam and/or jelly. you knew he would get on the show. well, that's it, new york. you're doing a great job up there. i watch you all the time. you're my favorite morning show. now back to new york. >> but you have to say that, willard. >> that's true. >> thanks very much. what have you guys got coming up in the next hour? >> we're going to take a little bit more look at that jennifer lawrence story. she went out publicly and talked
8:56 am
about her hacked pictures. >> that's right. and also we've got more of your uso tour. >> that was incredible. right now sky force 10 is live over a school bus accident in northeast philadelphia. you can see that it appears that at least four cars are involved in this school bus accident. details at this point are very scarce. we're looking to get more
8:57 am
information about injuries at this point. in this case we know that at least one child was hurt. sky force 10 drew over this at highland avenue. the child was taken to the hospital in serious condition. traffic is getting by this accident and we're working to learn more. we will bring you updates when we get this. we also have this accident involving a septa bus this morning. it is unclear fif any of the injuries are serious. >> after the storms moved through overnight, just rolling clouds past. the wind will just to more than 20 miles per hour during the day today. it is 65 in philadelphia. humidity is dropping and the
8:58 am
temperatures will be climbing along with the wind which is now steady at 15 miles per hour. 16 miles per hour winds in mount pocono. redding is at 62. we will see 70s this afternoon. wright sunny skies today. the winds potentially gusting to 30 miles per hour with more sunshine. >> now back to "today." with tom corbett, things keep getting worse.
8:59 am
september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." it's wednesday morning, a beautiful wednesday morning, i don't mind saying, october 8th, 2014. good-looking crowd out on our plaza. i'm willie geist along with al, natalie and tamron. have we stepped up our flower game lately? >> we actually have flowers now. we never have flowers. >> are they for you? >> hoda and kathie lee. >> that looks familiar. >> i don't think they're real. >> they're not? we've not had flowers before? >> those are real. >> are they real? >> they're lovely. >> they're really real. >> they're real. >> it's the little things in
9:01 am
life. >> that we don't even notice. >> there are other things on this set that are fake but the flowers are real. >> wow! >> i'm a little offended. >> just thought i would -- >> anything you want to share? >> yeah. i had some pec implants. >> it's working. >> there are so many things i could say here and none of them are good. >> wow! >> not a moment too soon. let's talk jennifer lawrence. she's on the cover of the new issue of "vanity fair," online today, hits newsstands tomorrow. she's talking about the scandal where the photos were leaked out against the will of jennifer lawrence and many other celebrities. she speaks out very strongly. she says, among many other things, it's not a scandal. it's a sex crime. it's a sexual violation. it's disgusting. she goes on to say anybody who looked at those pictures, you are perpetuating a sexual offense. you should cower in shame. jennifer says us just because
9:02 am
i'm a public figure, just because i'm an actress does not mean i asked for this. it does not mean it comes with the territory. it's my body and it should be my choice. she put out a statement when this first happened. but this she really came out guns blazing. >> i was so proud of her for speaking out about this. because, i mean, so many people are affected by this. and it's true, that because she's a celebrity people put her in that box that, well, you know, why not look at that? but it's true. i mean, by looking at those photos, you are perpetuating that. i agree, it is a sex crime. >> she says she took the photographs with her long-time boyfriend, supposed to be a private thing. >> long-distance relationship. >> long-distance relationship. >> imagine what it's like when she had to call her dad to tell him about this and i think everybody can relate -- really relate to that. she even had people that she knows and loves -- >> mher friends. >> looked at the pictures. imagine how much that hurt.
9:03 am
it's the minimum amount of privacy we should all expect. some people would say just don't take those kinds of pictures. listen, it's your phone. it's your body. it's your account. how about rather than blaming the person who is taking the pictures looking at these hackers. let me tell you, if you are going through a divorce, for example, what's to stop another individual from hiring someone to try to break into your account to get information about you? what's to stop another individual who then becomes fixated? breaking into your information. you don't have to be a celebrity. >> nope. >> for someone to set their sights on your private data on your phone, on your e-mail and suddenly say i want to know what's there. it does expand past these celebrities. and it goes to cyber security. and every day we're hearing about accounts being hacked and trying to change your debit card. it's kind of a big deal. >> it's a crime, no question about that. here is another story, which i've always loved jennifer garner and ben affleck.
9:04 am
>> she's amazing. >> she's so real. >> here is why we love you, jennifer. if ryan seacrest asked if it's hard on the couple when one of you has to go on a diet. >> by diet we mean bulking up and -- >> here is what she had to say. >> there's something about it whenever one of us has to be really good, the other one pudges up. i don't know why it is. but i blame my pudginess on his strict and disciplined place in life. there's something about it that just makes me like, well, i'm going to have a bon bon. i don't know. i'm going to have some ice cream. i don't want the temptation around for him and i say here, honey, let me just take care of this for you. >> let me down that. i'll take care of that. >> she's taking one for the team. >> that's sweet. i like that. >> it really goes to, if you're in a relationship or a couple and wuvone of you is really
9:05 am
disciplined, i think you can go the other way. that's the excuse i use. >> first of all, we should all be as pudgy as jennifer garner. >> i was going to say. >> as she describes herself. christina and i, if one of us decides to do it, it make it is easier. >> team effort. then you do have the times where your husband, like mine, sabotages your efforts. i've been trying to be good and not drink any wine during the week. >> he tries to get you drunk? >> i try to go sunday through thursday without any drinking. and he's like, have a little glass with me, just a little glass of wine. >> romantic. he's being romantic. >> i'll have a sip but i'm trying. i'm trying something new. >> a natalie sip. >> mommy's baba. >> you snack after your kids and suddenly their lunch is all gone
9:06 am
because you've eaten their cheese dips and thing. >> when your kid doesn't like the crust. >> that's my favorite. >> when leyla was younger, i'm making her a grilled cheese sandwich. and it was getting to the point where she was getting maybe a square. that's a pretty big crust. oh, that's a -- i don't know where i'm gaining this weight. i'm just having crust. >> she was getting bite sized grilled cheese. >> the portions are too big for a 35-year-old at a restaurant and you feel guilty so it's at a timer -- tater tots, chicken tenders. >> i do like tater tots. >> who can resist a tater tot? except natalie, who is disciplined. >> i'm not that good. apparently not. we've got this quiz. >> oh, yeah, the quiz. today is wednesday. we call it would you wednesday. >> that's what we're calling it? >> yes. >> i did not know that. >> you were gone yesterday.
9:07 am
>> how about top it off thursday? >> you want to do this? okay. they ask you at what age will you die? that is why al is hesitant about me bringing up this quiz. a series of questions. cdc has a new report out today that the life expectancy is longer. that's great news, al. >> at what age will you die? >> 78 is the new life expectancy. >> you want to know? >> you guys took the quiz already. i didn't want to know. that's why i didn't take it. >> this is a very unscientific quiz. >> on play buzz. >> play buzz. they say even though we're living longer apparently there's a curiosity about when you're going to die. people get palm readers to find out how many kids, your lifeline. you never had someone look at the life line? of course you have. think of it along the lines of when you had someone look at why your life line. >> all right. >> the first question -- i'm going to play it on the screen.
9:08 am
apparently i'm told the first question is the one that's not naughty. the rest are naughty. i have to take them in a commercial break. which meal makes your stomach growl in a good way? there's some kind of minestrone soup, a steak, sushi. salmon. >> i picked the steak. >> i'm going to go with the steak because that's exactly what would make my stomach growl. >> i picked all the healthy choices on this. >> how old were you? >> i die at 68. >> what? >> yeah. i did all the healthy things. i don't go out much. i don't drink much. >> maybe you're missing out so you're -- you need to have more fun. >> al, what did yours say? >> picked the steak dinner. >> you lived till how old? >> i lived till 103. >> what? >> i'm only 12 years away from it, so -- >> the second question, do you go out and party a lot? >> i don't know what you're talking about, all the naughty questions. >> take it down by five. i was being told --
9:09 am
>> i don't know what naughty questions are on it. >> difficult co-workers. >> that increases your life expectancy. >> al roker has shortened my life. do you go out and party a lot? not really, every chance i have. that would be every chance i have. >> i made it to 75, which i was pretty happy with. >> we have a hash tag going. i don't know what it is, though. yes age or #no age. >> do you want to know what age you would die? >> #yes age or #no age. >> there's no scientific basis whatsoever. >> it's fun. can we get on to some other polling? important data that we want to make sure -- >> oh, yeah. yeah. >> it's that time, we're reminding you once again where we are trying to help you get to vote and donate to our cause, pink or swim. remember yesterday tamron and i were tied at about 40% each as
9:10 am
to who is going to get dunked on the plaza here on friday. willie and al, i don't know what's up with the guys. >> i know. >> seriously. >> they don't want to see us. >> i do. >> there are women. >> i got a tweet from a woman who said she wanted to see willie in a speedo dunked. she sent me a picture of one of the most disturb iing speedos ie ever seen in my life. they call them a banana hammock. it was a side. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> you vote and donate at the same time. >> so why don't we do this? if we make it to $10,000 by the end of the show, let's have an agreement we will all get dunked. >> we don't have to, because you guys are leading and we're not. and it all goes to the avon foundation for women cancer
9:11 am
fund-raiser. you'll be a double dip. s you look, wet weather, remnants of simon making its way up into the southwest. we're looking at heavy rain throughout phoenix and parts of arizona. this system will be pushing up and into the four corners, eventually into the rockies. as we get into the middle of the week, into the plains and the midwest, we'll be watching that. rainfall amounts anywhere from one to two inches generally. we could see isolated amounts, three to four inches, and that could make for flash flooding. over the next 48 to 72 hours, heavier rain moves in from denver, garden city, kansas city, over to st. louis. a lot of folks have to be concerned about this. also concerned, tamron and natalie, going in that water on good morning i'm bill h
9:12 am
henley. lots of sunshine and wind today. gusts will settle down overnight and it will be cooler as a result. 49 degrees and 67 degree ops thursday afternoon. a bit of sunshine on friday will fade. clouds increasing leading to late day showers and rain. saturday, sunday and into monday, warmer tuesday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. dangerous signs of the enterovirus parents should be
9:13 am
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ocean spray cranberry juice cocktail. scary, huh? mm. [ gasp! ] find all our recipes at ♪ it's written on my face ♪ we're singin', we're singin' ♪ i found a happy place ♪ a rather happy place ♪ i'm singin', i'm singin' ♪ ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪ i found a happy place [ female announcer ] with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts, skim milk, and cocoa, there's a whole lot of happy in every jar of nutella. spread the happy. >> announcer: health headlines is brought to you by tums. fights heartburn fast. >> the spread of the enterovirus, the alleged bene t
9:16 am
benefits of stress, sperm count. dr. natalie azar, at nyu langone medical center and author sampson davis. let's start with the enterovirus. especially on monday we heard the story of a 4-year-old boy in new jersey who passed away. and, sadly, it was confirmed later that he did have the enterovirus. what are the underlying concerns here? as parents, so many of us are like oh, my gosh, it's here. it's in our backyard. >> usually i'm pretty liberal with my kids about not washing their hands all the time. i'm definitely one of those mothers who says kids should play in dirt so they build up their immunity. but i've started to remind them to do a little more hand washing in school. what's concerning about this case and the reason we're all taken aback by it, reportedly this child had no underlying pulmonary conditions, like asthma and things like that,
9:17 am
which we think is a susceptibility factor here. it's affecting coschool-age kid but predominantly those that have an under lying pulmonary disease. the d-68 strain was the cause of this child's death and he didn't have any underlying conditions. >> the only thing they noticed the night before when the child went to sleep, stayed home for a day and, unfortunately, the outcome occurred. we're seeing a widespread of enterovirus across the country. in particular, this strand 68 is starting to show up a little more and it's more concerning. the most important thing is hand hygiene. making sure you wash your hands, cough into your elbow and not share utensils. >> we don't know why this strain has become so virulent now. it's been around since the 1960s. dp again to remind, wash with soap and water for 20 seconds, as dr. davis says, coughing into the crook of your elbow, which is
9:18 am
something we teach our children anyway. washing contaminated surfaces and toys. if your child does have asthma, make sure they're up-to-date on their medicines, their asthma is well controlled at any sign. wheezing, using the neck muscles or chest muscles to help them broeth, or taking more than one breath per second, get them to the doctor immediately and have them evaluated. don't second guess yourself. >> good advice for parents watching. i drew the short straw. moderate weekly alcohol intake is linked to poor sperm quality. who judges the quality of the sperm? >> if you're wanting to have a child that's important. >> it's a great question. they did not mention this in this study out of the bmj journal, 1,200 men. men who drink a moderate amount of consumption of alcohol had lower testosterone levels and lower sperm quality. this is not the first study that was done on sperm quality.
9:19 am
cdc had similar findings in which they noticed mild or moderate intake may help with the dna quality of the sperm because of the antioxidant effects. it's confusing data. i don't know who the judges the sperm and the quality. what we do know for certain is high use of alcohol is something that's very dangerous and does impact not only the sperm but your overall health. >> we're talking how many drinks? >> one drink for women, and one or two drinks for men. >> per day. >> per day. >> one for us only. >> let's talk about stress. stress can actually be good for snus. >> come on. >> where is this coming from? >> this is really going to be good for all the type a's listening to the show right now. >> that would be me. >> exactly. normally we associate stress with symptoms of tension headache and fatigue and all of these things. three misconceptions about stress that this study was debunking. one is that being overworked is
9:20 am
particularly stressful. this study suggests that what we call under load or not having enough to do, boredom, for example, can cause some of the same symptoms as being overworked. the two other misconceptions that stress is unhealthy or bad for you. they're suggesting maybe not so much. if you have a stressful situation it teaches you to be resilient and gives you adaptive qualities. it's sugar coating but for most of us, when we feel like we have a lot to do in our busy days and we accomplished it, it gives you that positive reinforcement. stress is not always a negative thing. >> i think it's total nonsense but you just told me on that. >> i want what she's having. dr. davis, dr. azar, thank you very much. coming up next, all the news you need to head out the door this morning. and comedians join al at bagram air base
9:21 am
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taking a look at the headlines, ebola survivor dr. kent brantly has given a donation of blood for ashoka mukpo. his blood type matches ashoka's and he is hoping that it will
9:24 am
jump-start his immune system. a new study finds many big restaurant chains are introducing more lower calorie items on their menus. the study found, on average, the new food and drink options have about 60 fewer calories than more traditional items. researchers say if people took in 60 fewer calories every time they eat out, it would have a big impact on the nation's obesity problem. research is suggesting that how much coffee you drink could be in your genes. study in the journal molecular look at the data from 120,000 people and six regions of human dna that appear to be linked to coffee drinking and may explain why some people can drink coffee at night and fall asleep while others cannot. incredible picture this morning of a great white shark who knows when to smile for the camera. this photo was taken off the coast of south africa. the woman who snapped the toothy grin is an elementary school teacher in new jersey.
9:25 am
she says she wasn't even a little bit frightened. although the rest of us are. coming dove invited women to a makeover with a difference. hi ma'am hi would you like to have a free makeover? yeah, why not? who doesn't love a free makeover? there you go. it's a shower. it's a shower. but it's a shower with new dove body wash, with its new breakthrough formula all it takes is just one shower for softer smoother skin. want to feel? feels really good. really silky smooth. it's awesome. i love it. new dove body wash. softer, smoother skin after just one shower. the "r" word i want good digestive health... ... but i don't want to think about the word regularity. benefiber helps support good digestive health... and maintain... the "r" word. you know what it tastes like in water? water! except this water makes you feel great. benefiber. now in stick packs. (birds chirping softly in background.) (loud engine sounds!) what! how's it going? heard you need a ride to school. i know just the thing to help you get going.
9:26 am
power up with new cheerios protein. a school bus accident in northeast philadelphia that happened just over a half hour ago, you see the bus ended up on the lawn of a home. several cars were involved. we checked with the school district and we're still waiting on word of any injures. now this holliday, a different school bus accident in southwest philadelphia, one child was hurt in this accident. the child was taken to the hospital in serious condition. three other people were hurt, one of them seriously. now let's look at the forecast on this windy and sunny wednesday. bill henley has that.
9:27 am
>> those are beneficial winds, chris, blowing the clouds out of here including in the pocono mountains. winds are now out of the west in the mountains at 16 miles per hour. seems like the winds in philadelphia too. the temperatures are climbing, 66 now in northeast philadelphia. into the 70s with bright sunny skies and gusty winds this afternoon. this morning, students staged a protest in philadelphia. students gathered about an hour ago. the students are protesting monday's move by the school. right now philadelphia police are investigating this accident. there are reports of injures here and no word yet on if any of those are serious at this time. another update coming for you in about 25 minutes. get the latest at
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
welcome back to "today," wednesday morning, october 8th, 2014. i'm willie, along with al, natalie and tamron. little florida georgia line. >> yes. >> yeah. i like that. >> get ready. >> why are we hearing that? >> because we've got some big news. >> uh-oh. >> and some special guests waiting for you. >> head on over to the old weather wall and show you what's going on. florida georgia line tyler had you been ard ahubbard and brian kelly. your album comes out next week. you're coming back next week for a performance here. we are so excited. that's great. your song "cruise" was so huge. were you guys ready for how big this thing blew up? >> i think so, man.
9:31 am
i think we were ready. we've been blessed with the most amazing fans and country radio support has helped change our life. it's been unbelievable, man. >> you guys are going to be out on the road. are you ready for that? >> absolutely. we're doing our first headline worldwide tour, bringing out frankie ballard. >> anything goes. >> that's like this show. that's our motto. do you tour by bus? you do. i guess getting to europe would be hard. >> long boat ride. >> that's right. southern delight weather for you here. so, boom, we're going to hit this and show you. here we go. >> hey. >> we're going in. so, right along the florida georgia line, chattahoochee, it will be sunny and 78. who is from monroe? >> that would be me. light, humid -- sunshine. >> very happy. >> happy sun. >> ormond beach, looking like a
9:32 am
beach day. 84 degrees. bring your shades. >> that's what mr. sun wears. >> that's right. >> florida georgia line, great to see you both. lots of sunshine and a healthy breeze, too. temperatures will climb into the 07s, wind classrooms to near 30 miles per hour. gusts settle down tonight and it will be cooler as a result with clear skies and dry air. 67 on thursday afternoon. a bit of sunshine on friday will fade. clouds increasing leading to some late day showers and some rain. saturday, sunday, and into monday. warmer tuesday. >> and don't forget, florida georgia line back to perform for us on tuesday. that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. now to our shine a light series. of course, al's incredible uso mission to afghanistan. al, as you know, and a few of his friends came through on a
9:33 am
promise to deliver a lot of laughs to brave troops over there in afghanistan. >> it was our honor and privilege to visit bagram air field in afghanistan. went there with jay leno, kevin eubanks, iliza shlesinger and craig robinson. to thousands of soldiers on duty in afghanistan, bagram air base serves as a home away from home. >> there are many soldiers who have way more time than that. >> we've come to put on a show, just as important is the time we spend simply talking to the soldiers and learning about what they do. where are you from? >> stationed in kansas but from new orleans. >> new orleans, all right. >> thank you for the work you do. >> thank you. >> to keep us safe then it's our mission to help them forget all of that if only for a few hours.
9:34 am
>> it's two minutes to show time for the first-ever "today" show uso tour. this is where you live. >> al roker. >> we've got a great show for you. i'm not going to take up a lot of your time. ladies and gentlemen, kevin eubanks. without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, jay leno. >> did you watch the world cup? a lot of americans think soccer is boring. i tell you something, i watch that final match of the world cup. for the first 20 minutes, it was 0-0. i turned my head away for just one hour and, boom, it was 1-0. whoo! >> after a few jokes, unfit for morning tv -- [ bleep ] [ bleep ] -- and even a few unfit for late
9:35 am
night, some jokes we could air. almost. >> [ bleep ] on pinterest baby. it's a pumpkin. you're like, i'm in a war. it's a pumpkin, look! >> craig robinson jumps on the keyboard with his tunes to get everybody in the mood. ♪ here we go! ♪ i want to say -- >> it was just a few hours on stage but a lifetime of memories. >> you are truly our greatest natural resource. >> we wouldn't be anywhere without you. the fact that you do what you do so we can do what we do, there's no way we can thank you enough.
9:36 am
so thank you from the bottom of our hearts. >> the least we could do for those who sacrifice so much. ♪ and the home of the brave >> thank you. >> nicely done. >> and i want to thank our team, a bunch of other folks who were over there that made this thing happen. it really was a labor of love. if you would like to support the uso go to to donate and support the uso and, therefore, support our troops who deserve and really should have all of our support. >> uso does so much for the support of our troops and families as well. they don't get money from the government. >> there's no money from the
9:37 am
government. >> so special. >> everybody, including -- i mean, everybody. we took five, six hours, just taking pictures, signing autographs. next morning, having breakfast with the troops. again, you are filled with such pride to be with these people. >> very cool, al. nicely done, sir. coming up next, a movie getting very big attention right now, being compared to films like "the full monty" and "billy elliot," the "r" word i want good digestive health...
9:38 am
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at the corner of "a little flu shot" and "a world of difference." when you get any immunization at walgreens, you'll help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in a developing country through the un foundation's shot@life campaign. thanks to customers like you, last year we helped supply three million vaccines to children in need. this year, help give even more. it's easy at walgreens. simply get a shot. and give a shot. at the corner of happy and healthy. there is an awful lot of buzz around a new film called "pride." >> it's filled with lots of drama and laughs along the way.
9:42 am
>> i think i'm starting to freak out slightly. >> guys, your gays have arrived. >> dominic west and ben schnetzer, two stars of the film, are with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> we heard you started to cry, that the script actually brought you to tears. why? >> i read it. it's so rare you read a script that you read straight through. i did three times and every time i cried. i knew then it was, you know, something i wanted to do. >> why did it hit you to the point of tears? >> i suppose you have to see the film. but at that point of the film it's very moving and i grew up in shefield. maybe it rang something in my
9:43 am
childhood. >> and you play a real person who actually did a lot during this time. >> yeah. >> when the miners and the gays united. give us a little of the history and why you wanted to do this. >> when i first read it, i couldn't believe that i didn't know that it was a true story. i couldn't believe that it wasn't common knowledge. and i think at that time, in particular, these two communities were really being marginalized by the mainstream media and being demonized and mark kind of felt like there's strength in numbers, power in a union. so he decided to, yeah, start this campaign to show solidarity with other groups that are being oppressed and that was kind of the catalyst that kicks off this story. >> incredible. >> you grew up on the west side here in new york. and you're playing an irishman, reversing this trend of you guys coming over and taking american jobs, you went over to ireland.
9:44 am
how tough was it getting that accent? >> it was tough. i watched "in the name of the father" before the audition, a million times, listening to daniel day lewis. it had nothing to do with the actor that i did in the film. once i got it, i was able to get footage of the real mark ashton, listen to that on loop and we had a great dialect coach. >> he was my dialect coach. >> there's a little bit of it left over. >> is there? i lived in london for a while. i went to school there. so i sometimes have a little bit of a -- >> little bit? >> i don't know. go see the movie. >> you absolutely nailed it, by the way, that accent. the performance is incredible. dominic, i have to ask you, the minute you stopped filming this movie, you head to the south pole. >> yes. >> with prince harry no less. >> yes. >> tell me about that experience. >> i think they shot me out of the movie early so i could get to capetown for wounded soldiers
9:45 am
with prince harry. we walked or skied three weeks to the pole. we were led in by a guy, double a amputee who was leading an american soldier, who was blind, who was leading a woman with one leg. it was extraordinary. >> walking with the wounded. >> walking with the wounded. >> good for you. >> bravo. congratulations on this film. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> you can catch "pride" in select theaters now. up next, one on one with legendary singer stevie nicks. find out what she did between gigs to pay her bills. okay. that is a tease. wow! right after this. latte or au lait? cozy or cool? exactly the way you want it ... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. right now, you can save $400 on our most popular bed. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. and snoring? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that.
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9:50 am
lester holt is live with more on that. >> mentoring singers on "the voice" or witches on "american horror story," in the middle of the fleetwood mac reunion tour, she's released her own solo album, tapping into a catalog of songs never released until now. stevie nicks wrote "dreams" in the middle of the emotional turmoil that turned fleetwood mac's "rumors" album into one of the best-selling of all time ♪ there you go again you say you want your freedom ♪ >> 40 years later, some of her earliiest songs from that same era are being released on 24 karat gold, songs from the vault. using the original demos, nicks recorded the new tracks in nashville over the summer. >> the first song was written in 1969. "cat house blues" ♪ i got the cat house blues >> many come from her early
9:51 am
years with lindsay buckingham when she worked as a waitress and housekeeper to pay the bills between gigs. ♪ i'm tired of knocking on doors and there's nobody there ♪ >> i think "lady" was the first song i ever wrote on a piano. that was probably four, five, six, seven songs before. >> reporter: she also diagnose up some old photos hidden in a shoebooks for decades. series of selfies taken late at night on the road between 1975 and 1987, with nicks as photographer, lighting director, and model. >> i have a long cord with a button, plug it into the polaroid. put it on tripod and take pictures from 2:00 in the morning until 4:00 or 5:00. that went on for years and years and years and years. and i never really thought that anybody would ever even see these polaroids. so these all stayed in the
9:52 am
shadows for the reason, to be on this sweet little record and be hand in hand with these sweet little polaroids that were so much work. but so much fun. i'm stevie nicks. >> she has moved from stage to screen, introducing herself to a whole new generation of fans, from "american horror story" -- >> i think it would be more fun for you if you were able to actually turn and look at each other. >> reporter: to "the voice," adviser on team adam. >> i would have been a really good teacher. i'm very honest and i'm going to do everything i can do to make you better. >> reporter: and this fall, nicks turns back the clock again with fleetwood mac on tour together for the first time in 16 years. >> it's going to be really beautiful. ♪ no >> stevie's new album just came out yesterday. her role as adviser on "the voice" starts monday. you can see stevie and fleetwood mac on the plaza tomorrow.
9:53 am
>> are you coming in? >> yeah. i was at the garden last night for their concert. they rocked the house. three hours. crazy. >> lester, thank you. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
pop quiz, what's on the show? >> we never know. >> we do. snl rachel dratch is here. >> so cool. >> have you heard them? they are outstanding. >> who knew. 40 years, "people" magazine. >> what else? >> many, many -- >> local news and weather. >> enough to fill up an hour. i know that.
9:56 am
good morning, everyone, i'm chris cato. let's check in with bill henley for the forecast. sunshine and wind. >> yes, a healthy dose of sunshine and the wind has been pretty steady this morning. in some areas it is gusting. not a cloud in the sky. 17 miles per hour winds in afternoon. the pocono mountains have
9:57 am
increased. the temperature is still climbing, 67 now into the 70s this afternoon with bright sunny skies. >> we're following school bus accidents in two parts of philadelphia. this was in northeast philadelphia with several cars involved. we're working to find out if there was any injuries were in that accident. three other people were hurt in this ax, no word on how that crash happened either. in montgomery county today closing argument can be heard this morning and a jury could begin deliberating in the man charged with killing a ten month old baby and her grandmother in a botched kidnapping and ransom plot. we'll have another update for you in about 25 minutes.
9:58 am
get the latest news and weather at i'm chris cato, have a great wednesday.
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today." with kathy lee gifford and hoda g guffy. >> hello everybody, it's wednesday, october 8th, and it's nice, pretty nice day out there. >> it is a nice day, but it's a great show indoors today. we have the star rachel dratch. >> i think she will. >> and four fun dads known as the fun dads. they've matched up the latest hits. >> it's amazing. >> yeah. and it's also time for hoda's
10:01 am
words of wisdom. >> hey, it's wednesday. and today i decided to take something from aristotle. >> take me there. >> this is my aristotle. or aerosmith. we are what we repeatedly do. we are what we repeatedly do. think of your behavior, day in and day out. and if you want to change your behavior, change monday a little thing, then tuesday, then wednesday, then a week, then a month, then a year. if you have dissfieled with who you are -- disfstats if ied wit who you are. it's a very sweet new video. remember "god only knows" what a genius. >> the bbc got a bunch of people together to record this song.
10:02 am
farrell, elton john, lorde, one direction, anyway -- >> a lot of good ones. >> a lot of great, great singers, they came together and take a look at this rendition. ♪ ♪ if you should ever leave me ♪ life is unbelieving ♪ you do nothing to me ♪ but what could live dog me ♪ god only knows what i'd be without you ♪ ♪ god only knows what i'd be
10:03 am
without you ♪ ♪ god only knows what i'd be without you ♪ >> awesome. love that. that by the way, any song by the beach boys did was a great song. >> that's awesome song. >> so much fun. >> and all this goes to charity, it's for, it's a charity called children in need. and yours is doing so well, hoda woman, over 1 million likes. >> yeah, and i want to thank dr. oz too, they're doing a little thing on his show today. thank you for watching to truly brave and for clickingen to and all these great kids came out who are cancer survivors, and we'll see them today later on. >> awesome. now i didn't know this, but i was happy to hear it. we hear about bullying in the word, and -- world and we think it's for the kids, overweight,
10:04 am
but jessica chastain, one of the hottest actresses in hollywood, you may remember her from the "help," she's had two oscar nominations. she revealed when she was little, she was a victim of bullying. she said i was told every day at school that i was ugly, and that nobody wanted to be my friend. now, she wants to be a cheerleader, she's awesome she's using her platform. >> i think a lot of kids who were picked on when they were younger end up getting a thicker skin. it's difficult to get through because i think if you go -- like i remember seventh grade sitting in the front of the bus and getting picked on all the time and i would just pray the bus would get to school. like that was the game, get to school. >> your name right or it was different. >> glasses, the hair was crazy. i was the terrific that of freaky. but then you do, you learn other skills. i wouldn't expect her -- >> survival skills.
10:05 am
>> you know, i think you become like a bully becomes a bully because that's what they know or somebody whose got such a heart for people that are apathetic, bigger or better. >> okay. let's talk about jennifer lawrence. >> okay. >> so jennifer lawrence appears on the cover of vanity fair, and she has not spoken out about those photos that were leaked, the naked photos, but she finally did in this issue of vanity fair. she calls the release of the photos a sex crime. it's not a scandal, it's a sex crime. just because i'm an actress doesn't mean what i asked for this. it's my body and it should be my choice. and she also wenten to say, anybody who looks at those photos is also per ph waiting a sexual offense and they should cower with shame. she talks about telling her dad, by the way, these pictures are coming out. she had a long distance
10:06 am
relationship -- >> for four years. >> he's going to look at porn or you send pictures of yourself. >> i think there are other options. >> few come to mind. but she also said i don't care how much money i get for the hunger games, she says, anybody given the choice or making a phone call to tell you dad it's not worth it. and i know she feels unbelieve bli vulnerable and betrayed. and violated. yes. but i don't know that it's a sex crime. in terms of how we define that in legally. i don't know. i'm sure she feels violated and that's her right to feel that way. >> i'm sure there are people who would say that's different than a sex crime. i do, i get it. you have a picture of you that you think is private, and you send it to someone and suddenly, everyone's looking at it and it has to be humiliating. >> where are the guys, it's all women expect for one guy. >> guys are probably the ones
10:07 am
hacking. >> i have no interest in seeing the pictures. through all of time, nudity has been a source of great art. just a source of beauty, you know, it can be done -- i'm wondering what island of images they are. what the images are like. are they pretty, expliciexplici. i don't know. a lot of people are posing for playboy, and they're thrilled. it's all there, but i guess if you were sending it to your boyfriend for his eyes. even if it wasn't hacked on the icloud, people break up with each other then people do things to be revengeful and send pictures out like you have to be careful, period, when you're doing stuff like that. >> you have to be careful about everything, hoda, every day, you're one decision away from disaster. >> okay. >> nick cannon had a big mariah tattoo. his back had an incredible mariah tattoo on it. he met mariah, six weeks later
10:08 am
they got married, then came the tattoo and the children. [ laughter ] >> then apparently the marriage broke up quickly and covered up mariah with a giant crucifix. >> which is metaphor for something, i don't know what. >> clear the marriage is over. >> we loved him, he is absolutely sweetheart of a guy. the moral of that is, you know, mom. mom. mom or your own name, you can't break up with yourself. frank will tell you, his giff right there, no, it was dumb when he was 14 which was 70 years ago. but he's never wanted to have it removed because it wasn't any good. >> you have to be careful. when you're in love, you do stupid things, that's what people do. >> i know. like it's going to be forever. >> thinks it's going to be forever. out know what's not forever either, willie nelson's braids. >> just so you know, his braids
10:09 am
are now, who has his braids now? >> right now at the waylon jennings estate. first johnny cash, this is red hair. johnny cash got his braids, and then johnny cash, then they went to waylon jennings, now they could be yours. >> here's the thing about hair, we were discussing this in the make up room earlier. hair can be very pretty and luxurious when it's on someone's head. when it's elsewhere, it'sicy. let's take a look at this seinfeld episode. >> the other day about hair and that's a weird thing about it, is that people will touch other people's hair. you will actually kiss another human being's right on the head, but if one of those hairs should somehow be able to get out of that skull, and go off on its own, it is now et vilest, most disdwusing thing that you can -- disgusting thing that you can encounter. >> reporter: on a bar of soed, you're like oh, i was trying to
10:10 am
get a little piece of tape today, and it was a hair on it. it was like, oh, you freak out. probably mine. >> i was in the gym today and i was about to put my bag just in the locker -- >> stop it. >> and there was a hair, i was so grossed out, i mean, it's a hair, i'm sure it's fine, but it is gross. and weird. don't you think? how about willie nelson? >> anyway, those braids can be yours apparently. the snl alum that's gotten mixed up in four different political scandals. >> yep, juicy details from rachel dratch. and the firs we take away your stuffy nose, you keep the peace. we calm your congestion and pain, you rally the team. >>you guys are awesome! we give you relief from your cough, you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol® cold helps relieve even your worst cold and flu symptoms, so you can carry on with your day.
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10:14 am
for seven years, audiences watched rachel dratch, debbie downer and the lova's in the hot tub. no surprised that she's found a way to make a splash. >> in a new play called tail spin. it's about the scandals of four public scandals. wife, mistress, stripper, and barbara walters. >> hey. >> i was fascinated to read that it's from straight transcripts. you can't write this stuff up, can you? >> it's all verbatim from texts, e-mails, interviews, et cetera, it was all real. >> that's a lot to memorize.
10:15 am
>> it was, i'll just leave it at that. >> do you have a particular favorite? >> my favorite is barbara walters? >> in the scene, you play two people, right? barbara walters and -- >> interviewing jenny stanford. >> yeah. i just reenact. >> how does it go? >> okay she's like um, for one birthday he gave you a used bike. he drew me a picture of half a bike. that's real. >> and what else does barbara say? >> she says like we've seen the pictures of mr. mcgrievy, they stood next to their husband, you did not stand next to your husband. >> oh fun. >> et cetera, et cetera. >> i want to hear the anthony weiner part. we miss anthony weiner. >> yeah.
10:16 am
>> i do a lot in that one. >> i bet you do. but i don't do barbara in that one. >> now, did you study barbara walters? >> i'm not at big impressionist, but there's certain people you see it and you're i think i can do that. yeah, yeah, yeah. i didn't really to want. >> you play barbara, jenny -- >> several ladies in the weiner scandal. well like a lot of people he was texting. >> oh. >> on the receiving end. >> yeah. >> and i play -- >> whoa, what a way to put it. >> larry craig's wife, she's very stand by her man. >> she was the one with the foot. >> yeah. >> it's hard to keep track of everybody. >> i feel bad for these guys because we picked these random four. >> in the news today, you could add a few more people. >> there's someone every day. >> what do you think of snl? do you watch it every saturday? >> not every saturday, but i do
10:17 am
watch it quite a bit. >> and what do you miss about -- >> oh my gosh, there's so much i miss. like the live aspect, never know who's going to drop by, oh, here's steve martin, he's doing this. and just, so fun like being with all the friends and funny people. >> you still have a audience, eight shows a week? >> we are, but steve martin hasn't shown up yet. >> whatever. >> what character do you get asked to do the most? >> debbie downer. >> what do you want do they want -- >> times they want a picture and a debbie downer face. yeah. i've got a giant debbie downer tattoo on my back. no, i don't. >> people that are debbie downers don't realize it. >> everyone says my mom's like that, people call me debbie downer. erin knows a debbie downer. and i think a debbie downer livesed in of me. maybe that's ya yi thought of it. >> that's it. >> okay.
10:18 am
>> let me chug this. >> the show is called hail! sin! now she gets crazy. >> i got a drink, it's free. and it's my stuff. enjoy. >> what do you think? >> hey. okay. >> you're playing at theater right here in new york. >> great to see you. coming up -- chug, chug, chug. how to get one of a kind uggs for free, coming up after this. >> go ahead. >> thank you. >> and they've covered everyone from adel to one direction, piano guy, newest matchup performance. >> right after these messages. [ woman ] i've had it with my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... the frustration... covering up. so i talked with my doctor. he prescribed enbrel. enbrel is clinically proven to provide clearer skin. many people saw 75% clearance in 3 months. and enbrel helped keep skin clearer at 6 months.
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10:22 am
okay. we are back. cover a few more topics that we didn't get to. >> this is interesting, you guys, think about this for a minute, how much did your engagement ring cost? >> okay. think about that for a second. >> should you know that? some people know. >> okay. let's pretend you know. there's a new study out that says this. they surveyed 3,000 adult fwbs you spent a lot of money on an engagement ring, you were more likely to end up divorced. >> i know. here's what the break down goes. think about this, if your engagement ring costs between $2,000 and $4,000, you are fwhun three times more likely to get divorced than couples who spend under two grand. spend under $2,000. and they say why? because when you overspend, because you think oh aye got to get a big one, it puts strain on
10:23 am
the relationship and everything craters. >> i think the marriage should have nothing to do with whatever ring is given to you. a true marriage. >> but have you ever seen those people that when they get engaged, the guy is proposing and they want to see the ring, they want to see what it looks like. >> yeah, i guess, i don't know. you just wonder how these surveys done. it was done by a fine university, but i just -- >> it should be a percentage of your salary. because some people $2,000 is everything. >> tost so relative. >> under $500, it's doomed. >> that's not true for two people who love one another and are just happy to have something. >> exactly. >> i think that's insulting to people frankly. >> i do too. okay. so we have something to show you, very sparkly. you and i love our uggs. live in this frem from november to april.
10:24 am
i broke mine out already. >> wear them the other day. new york raw. >> i was. okay. okay so ugg teamed up with swa vor sky crystals. so there's a challenge here. >> look at all those crystals. now if you can guess how many crystals are in those boots, it's like. >> reporter: jelly beans in a car kind of thing. >> the lucky person will actually win them. there you have it. >> can you buy them, or are they just for this? i think they're just for this. valued at five grand. >> wow, so take a look, start counting, and put in your guess. >> now i love uggs, but i wouldn't want them. >> well then don't guess. >> love to know what you all think on facebook. >> okay. all right. we're getting ready to play, who knew celebrating 40 years in people's magazine. >> who has appeared on the cover of people the most time, princess diana, julia roberts,
10:25 am
angelina jolie, or jennifer anistan anist aniston. >> we're going to play with a great crowd outside. >> first your local news, please stay with us, we're going to have some fun. >> yes, we are. >> we'll be right back.
10:26 am
"life is better on the farm." we always say, and that's because we love what we do... which is growing the best-tasting fruit available. after months of nurturing, our orchards are bursting with crispy, delicious apples. and we can't wait for you to taste them. that's why we work with walmart... they help us deliver some of the freshest apples available. backed by their 100% money back guarantee. picked by farmers. guaranteed by us. good morning, everyone. i'm chris cato. it's 10:26. bill, if you like sunshine and a breeze, this is your day. >> we have sunshine and
10:27 am
temperatures that are climbing in spite of the strong wind, which is blowing clouds through the pocono mountains. a blue sky and a few scattered clouds. winds are 17 miles an hour, gusting to 24 miles an hour in the city and strong gusty winds in the pocono mountains steady at 25. new information now on the school bus accident in northeast philadelphia we have been telling you about. it happened around 8:20 this morning. we learned 23 children were on the bus. ten were taken to hospitals to be evaluated. no word on the range of the injuries. the bus hit four parked cars. police are questioning the driver. a live report on that on nbc 10 news at 11:00. in southwest philadelphia, a child was seriously hurt in this school bus accident. three other people were also hurt, one of them seriously. no word on exactly how that crash happened. happening now in
10:28 am
philadelphia, ebola and enterovirus are in the spotlight at the pennsylvania convention center. that's because infectious disease experts from around the country are in philadelphia. it prompted organizers to add speakers and workshops centered around those two diseases. another update in 25 minutes. our 11:00 news will start a full hour of news and weather. always get the latest at n nbc10.c i'm chris cato. have a great wednesday.
10:29 am
10:30 am
back now with more on this wednesday, we're ready to play our weekly trivia game. since this week marks people's 40th anniversary, we're playing trivia. she's ready to hand out $100 to anyone who gets the questions right. and those who don't, get her fabulous cd. lucky, lucky. here to help me out in studio is people magazine's special project's editor michelle tan. >> good morning. >> before the break we asked this question, who appeared on the cover of the people most times, is the answer princess diana, julia roberts, angelina jolie, or jennifer anton. our readers love royals, princess diana. she appeared object cover 57 times.
10:31 am
>> wow, wow. okay. all right, good. let's go across. >> i changed my mind about the uggs. i don't know, they're growing on me, i think i'm going to tripe to win these babies. hi, are where are you from? >> waco, texas. >> which men was named people's sexiest man alive more than once. sean connery, ben affleck. >> george clooney. >> you knew that right away. >> wow, that's got to be one of most popular issues. >> it is, appeared in 1996 and 2007. we also had johnny depp, brad pitt, and richard gear who held the title twice. >> i think clooney looks better now than this. >> campaigning for him this year? >> yeah. all right, from california, here with her beautiful son, who appeared on the cover of the debut issue of people in march 19748, you weren't even born probably, elizabeth taylor, olivia newton john, brook
10:32 am
shields or -- >> elisabeth taylor. >> no, it's fun to wish she was. >> i was going guess elizabeth taylor too. >> the question is mia. >> that's right, we showed her as daisy in the film of the great gaits by. >> that's crazy. all right. over to you. >> oh, sorry, i'm meeting a family from kentucky. all right, here we go. which bride and broom were featured on people's best selling wedding cover. prince charles and diana, prince andrew and sarah? >> i'm going to say a, and you're going to be wrong. >> oh. >> no, no, stop it. she gets this. everyone's a winner. this one surprised me. >> very surprising, that's right, they appeared on the cover for their wrong. >> sarah ferguson.
10:33 am
they were the best selling out of all of them. >> why do you think that was? >> i think again, it's the royals. everybody wanted to see a big royal wed, and sadly, they didn't last, they separated in 1982. >> nice gentleman from ohio, what was the cover price for the first issue of people? was it 25 cents, 35, 75, or 1? >> 75 cents. >> oh. >> i'm having a good day. >> the correct answer, 35 cents. >> 35 cents. >> great day for kat. >> for our special anniversary, we have a double issue for $5.99. >> we have time for one more. >> okay. who among the following is not been featured in one of people's most beautiful issues, hoda, brian williams, matt lauer, natalie morales, excuse me. they've floating still in my right eye. all right. >> i don't to want say this, but has hoda been on it?
10:34 am
>> yes, she has. >> i think you're beautiful. >> it's a great mystery. i know, the correct answer is -- >> she just did. >> oh yeah, i guess she did by saying that. >> another one for kathy lee. >> and a fellow hoeky. >> brian williams has not been in most beautiful. >> how come? >> i think we start the campaign right now. #brianwilliams. >> he is a cutie. >> i love it. but yeah, hoda was in most beautiful, you appeared in a bathtub in our issue. >> all right. thank you so much for being with us, i really appreciate it. all right, do you want to know how your kids really feel about you. we have answers and videos have nearly one billion views on youtube, the performance by the piano guys coming up right after this. [ male announcer ] there's chicken,
10:35 am
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10:39 am
parents lost their cell phone for a day? here's what they had to say. >> lost their cell phone for a day? i don't know how she would survive. >> i think that my mom would go crazy. >> okay, where's my phone? you need to go to ballet, that thing over there, has anybody seen my phone? have you sign my phone? where's my phone? i can't find my phone. >> then you'll just have to go buy a new one. >> kristene is the editor and chief of highlights. haven't seen that old friend in a long, long time. is it parenting and child bullying expert, welcome. >> boy, does show that you're paying attention to your children but what they're watching is what you're doing, not what you're saying. we're spending way too much time on the cell, is what the headline is here? >> that is the headline. this has been in the news for a while, but we've been talking about it from an adult perspective.
10:40 am
when kids start to talk about it, it's a whole, it's a whole different meaning. >> is that psychologically telling them that we don't care about them as much as we care about the other side of that phone. >> bingo. one guy told me exactly i feel like my mommy likes her cell phone better than me. and it's so, what we really need to do is put the pause button on a minute and realize that our kids are concerned about wanting us to be in their lives and the other thing is, we don't do that, well finding the humanness goes out, learning, conversation skills, empathy, social skills. >> we talked about this since hoda and i started our show, we're called a post human society. more comfortable with our technology than other human beings. >> let's talk about what stresses kids out. i was surprised to learn how stressed out young kids feel. >> half the kids admitted to having a lot of school-related stress. >> like tests and things. >> test was the number one
10:41 am
response. >> home work. >> home work was on the list. >> so much homework. >> math class, third, bad grades. >> what do you do to lower the stress level for your kids? >> well number one it's a mix that your child is stressed, they've done few surveys in 85% of the kids say they are stressed, but less than half parents recognize their kid's stress. so tune in, your kid has signs. some kids it's sleep habits, some kids they're a little bit like this. >> real quick, you say, we're overscheduling them like crazy. they don't have time to breathe. >> to be a kid. >> yeah, we asked them about extracurricular activities and we learned that more girls and boys participate in extra curriculars. >> too many. >> and 28% of the girls say they participate in four or more afterschool activities. >> god bless them. >> all right. >> obviously in highlights magazine. it's must-see tv tonight because hoda woman is showing off her acting chops alongside this beautiful young hollywood
10:42 am
star. >> she's great. and the new music by four very talented dads, they call themselves the the piano guys, after this. latte or au lait? cozy or cool? exactly the way you want it ... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. right now, you can save $400 on our most popular bed. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. and snoring? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. right now save $400 on our most popular bed, plus 36-month special financing. hurry ends columbus day. know better sleep with sleep number new dove body wash with at one breakthrough formula. just one shower gives you softer smoother skin. my skin is really silky smooth. new dove body wash. softer, smoother skin after just one shower. and discover an exciting combination of tastes. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers.
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10:46 am
they're back, they're four music loving dads. they've sold out concert venues around the country, wonders which is their fourth album. they're going to debut something today. the piano guys are al, paul, steven, nelson, and john. >> hello kid. >> hey guys, welcome back. >> wow. >> so nice to be back, thank you. >> these guys are touring all over the world now. most pride in being full-time dads. how are you working that out?
10:47 am
>> we have something special for you two, we appreciate being back. it's not signed by us, we have two of them here, it's signed by each of the wives and our 16 children. >> oh my gosh. >> that's so cute. >> we're honored, thank you. >> you could get to al roker for us, we'd appreciate it. >> comedians also. >> you are going to sing a mash up. >> yeah. >> never been done before. >> ode to joy by beethoven. >> thanks so much. >> you guys. ♪
10:48 am
10:49 am
10:50 am
[ applause ] . >> piano guys. >> that was awesome. >> four big showoffs. >> that was awesome. >> thank you so much. >> all right. coming up you guys, that was terrific, we have one of the stars of the law and order svu. yeah, really great. stevie lynn jones, first this is "today" on nbc. >> that was awesome.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
in front of the tv tonight,
10:54 am
or set your dvr, it's a big night for hoda. she's going to be starring in law and order:svu, it's a stretch, starring as kind of a generous word. >> i was lucky enough to work alongside a great young actress, her name is stevie lynn jones, she plays a starlet who just escaped rehab and finds herself in a heap of trouble. take a look. >> officer, oh. >> well guess who's at it again? that's right, tinsly evans with, fast, cheap, and out of control. she was arrested last night for another dui. >> did you see this? >> she's accused of leaving the scene of the accident. >> that was it. >> wow. i smell an emmy. >> oh. >> now, how did you find to play this young starlet, troubled
10:55 am
starlet, where did you draw your inspiration for that? >> i just tried to be as dramatic as possible, it's so much fun to be outrageous because you always have to be natural and real, and tinsly is not natural or real, so that was great. >> they are pulled from the headlines of today, aren't they? >> no comment. >> we're being coy. and you are almost a look a like for a certain somebody. >> what was it like, this show obviously has such al history. its been on for so many seasons. mariska is great. >> i watched this show, grew up watching it all the time. to be able to work with someone that you like watched and grew up with was incredible. and she's the nicest -- >> right. >> fun nest person that i will ever met. behind the saenls, she's just i had lairs you. >> they've done it for so many
10:56 am
years, we shot our scene in the basement of a church at 10:30 at night. >> yeah. >> you waited for a while to get to that. >> there's a lot of that going on. >> some people look at you and say i know her from another show, you were on crisis, the show that was on nbc last, last season. >> dylan mcdermt's daughter. >> i always get the names confused. >> what's next for you, stevie, what do you see ahead? >> i don't know, i'd loov to just continue working vane my fingers crossed. let's lots of auditions and different things. i would love to work in movies. >> it's a competitive world, isn't it? >> it's a really tough business. >> everybody wants the same part. >> well, you're very, very talented and wish you all the best. >> tonight, check out hoda and stevie. >> there's another part. >> i don't think so. >> law and order svu on nbc. >> thanks for coming. tomorrow the new movie you're not you. >> wow.
10:57 am
>> the actor is with us. >> and ambush makeover been have an awesome wednesday. >> what's tomorrow? >> you know what it is,
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00 a.m., breaking news. nbc 10 following the latest on two bus accidents in philadelphia which has sent numerous people to the hospital. the accidents happened within a half hour of each other in the southwest and northeast areas of the city. nbc 10's monique braxton is at the scene of one. monique. >> reporter: the banged up cars are being towed away. two remain behind me. the others are on the top of tow trucks. moments ago, the captain told us 23 children were on this bus. ten have been taken to a local hospital, all of them from the ann frank school. look at this video. witnesses say the