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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  October 8, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00 a.m., breaking news. nbc 10 following the latest on two bus accidents in philadelphia which has sent numerous people to the hospital. the accidents happened within a half hour of each other in the southwest and northeast areas of the city. nbc 10's monique braxton is at the scene of one. monique. >> reporter: the banged up cars are being towed away. two remain behind me. the others are on the top of tow trucks. moments ago, the captain told us 23 children were on this bus. ten have been taken to a local hospital, all of them from the ann frank school. look at this video. witnesses say the school bus came barrelling through just
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before classes began about 8:25 this morning. the bus driver hit four parked cars, all empty at the time, according to witnesses. two of the cars belong to teachers. parents and students tell us they had just departed the remaining two vehicles minutes before the accident. we have been talking to people who saw the crash. >> he just kept going. and he took all the cars and climbed the curb with the children on the bus. >> reporter: how were the children? >> they looked a little shooken up. they were just, you know, stunned by everything going on. >> reporter: were they cry sng. >> some of them were crying. you could see the stunned look on their face. they were scared. >> reporter: after the children were let off the bus, they were examined at a triage unit here on the school grounds. sky force 10 captured video of that while it was taking place. we have spoken to one parent whose car was hit. you see him here in the distance. he tells us that he is going to tell us what's going on.
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we're working on that for you at 11:30. live for now, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> this comes after another school bus accident. this in southwest philadelphia. now in this case, at least one child was hurt. sky force 10 was over island avenue around 8:00 this morning. the child is in serious condition. three other people were injured. sky force 10 over the scene of an accident involving a septa bus this morning. this is at tomlinson and roosevelt boulevard. we are working to find out if anyone was injured. closing arguments in trial of a man accused of murdering a baby girl and her grandmother. prosecutors say the man confessed to the 2012 killings. the man acting as his own lawyer took the stand yesterday.
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he testified his dna was on the grandmother's body because the real killers made him remove her jewelry for them. breaking news in to nbc 10. the hole lameland security agen ordering monitoring of people coming into the u.s. for potential signs of ebola. agents will hand out fact sheets to travelers with details about what symptoms to look out for. this comes on the same day that ebola and enterovirus are the focus of discussions at the pennsylvania convention center in philadelphia. that's because infectious disease experts are here for their annual conference. the recent outbreaks prompted organizers to add several speakers and workshops centered around both these viruses. five more cases of enterovirus cases have been
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confirmed. one in mercer, one in camden and three in north jersey. that brings the total of sick children in the state to 48. eli waller of hamilton township died last month from the virus. officials say there's no connection between the cases. show of support for philadelphia teachers outside the high school for creative and performing arts. the students are protesting two days after the school reform commission canceled its contract with 15,000 teachers. this move means teachers would need to contribute up to $140 a month for healthcare. hold on to your hats. it's a windy day out there as we take a live look at the flags flying atop the aramark building in philadelphia. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast for us. >> quite a different story than
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what we saw yesterday. we see a lot of sunshine out there. also a lot of wind. we have clouds in the poconos. no rain anywhere. the front that brought the rain is well offshore. we just have clouds up toward the poconos. it's already up to 70 degrees. so the temperature will continue to climb. 72 degrees in georgetown, delaware. it's windy. 33 miles an hour in lancaster. 25 miles an hour in many other parts of the area. it will be a windy afternoon. but it's also going to be the warmest day of the week. 75 degrees by 3:00. and down to 72 by 6:00. it's going to be another chilly night. but we also have some rain in the forecast. some of that over the weekend. the timing of that coming up with the seven-day in a few minutes. we are expecting an update from police on the manhunt for
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eric frein. the search is its 26th day. earlier this week they searched a resort in stroud township. they found a cabin that had been lived in. the rooms had plastic covering to the windows and the ceilings were covered with air fresheners. the walls plastered with newspaper articles. no word on what they were about. searchers found a letter written by frein. it detailed the shooting and his escape. a stabbing victim is in critical condition. the stabbing happened last night at the pathmark. police say two men got into an argument in the dairy aisle. one pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed the other in the neck and face. police arrested the suspect not far from the store. it did close for the night. the health department could make sure the food there was safe. police in delaware county are after a man they call a
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serial burglar. upper darby police tell us there have been five burglaries in the overnight hour s since septembe 20th. a woman fought off the burglar in front of her 9-year-old daughter. the woman spoke with us on the condition we not show her face. >> i'm not safe. my kids are not safe. this man walked in my house. he violated me and my family. >> the burglar enters through first floor windows and steals handbags, wallets and electronics. several neighborhood in bucks county are dealing with a possible serial burglar. police looking into whether five break-ins in buckingham are connected to a rash of attempted burglaries is in hatfield township. most recent happened sunday. the thieves used similar techniques such as cutting through screen doors or windows. governor tom corbett and his challenger tom wolf will face
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off tonight. the debate is at 7:00 just outside of pittsburgh. corbett hopes to get a campaign boost from gore nvernor chris christie. he will attend two events for corbett. khristie is the chairman of the governor commission. voters have less than a molest ntmake their decision for governor. the election is tuesday, november 4th. now to the casino crisis. union casino workers plan to stop traffic today in atlantic city. they are protesting efforts to eliminate pensions and healthcare at the taj mahal. union members plan to hold a rally later today. trump entertainment resolves
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have threatened to close the taj mahal next month without major concessions with the union. a new penndot program would ease congestion throughout pennsylvania. penndot will use money from gasoline taxes and driver's fees to upgrade traffic lights. the money is being set aside for state-own roads that handle at least 10,000 vehicles a day. the government will not police a study with a plan to build a light rail line in south jersey. according to a report in the philadelphia enquirer, the federal transit administration said it would not follow through with the study because no agency has said it would build or operate the line. people living near a closed navy base are worried about what's in their drinking water. the navy and the epa met with neighbors last night. they addressed concerns about high levels of pfcs found in well water near the former willow grove naval air station.
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they have been linked to reproductive problems. they have tested 18 wells and found two that needed to be shut down. the water and sewer authority is now providing water to those homes through alternate lines. a test will determine if students graduate from high school. parents packed a building to learn more about the test. it's designed to evaluate p proficienc proficiency. students must pass all three subjects to graduate. the test will be given through teams a year starting in 2017. up next, corporal punishment or child abuse? all eyes are on a texas courtroom as one of the nfl's top running backs makes his first appearance on charges he abused his 4-year-old son. new developments overnight in the scandal surrounding a
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seventh heaven star. what happened that has caused concern? a wind day. get ready for rain. i'm tracking the wet weather that could affect your weekend plans. that's just ahead.
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the u.s. and coalition forces launched air strikes overnight against isis targets in syria and iraq. five isis targets were hit
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destroying an isis checkpoint. outside the border tone of kobani, the strikes destroyed gun trucks and artillery pieces. kobani has become the focus of the fight against isis. kurdish forces have been battling militants there for the past three weeks. the militants have laid siege on the town in an effort to gain control over syria's border with turkey. it has forced people out of their homes. search crews recovered the body of the last u.s. airman swept out to see in japan. he was found a few miles south of where the three men were last spotted sunday. they were swept away while taking photos near waves caused by a typhoon. a transfer ceremony was held this morning. the bodies of all three airmen were then thrown off to okinawa. they were temporarily assigned there from georgia. a pilot is dead in
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california after his air tanker crashed. the pilot was helping to fight a wildfire. the plane smashed into a wall yesterday. pieces of the he s of the aircrn a highway. no one on the ground was hurt. in connecticut, officials are investigating what caused a house fire where a firefighter was killed and three others were hurt. it broke out last night. a witness said she saw a firefighter jump out of a window that was filled with smoke. one of the injured firefighters suffered burns. he is expected to survive. the other two are in stable condition. football player adrian peterson is in court for a hearing on child abuse charges. he is expected to plead not guilty. the running back was charged last month with using a small tree branch or a switch to discipline his 4-year-old son. he says he never intended to harm the child.
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peterson is on indefinite paid leave until his legal problems are resolved. los angeles please say stephen collins is alive and well after a neighbor reported hearing a pop coming from his home last night. the former 7th hfsh heaven star under investigation for molesting girls. tmz has a team in which he confessed to his estranged wife. the tv guide channel and up tv have both stopped airing reruns of 7th heaven. many people in our area have their eye on the sky. it was early this morning. in case you missed it, here is a look at the moon from our mellon camera. this is a total lunar eclipse known as a blood moon. that's when the moon passes into the earth's shadow. how cool. it's a blood moon because of the reddish color that the moon takes on. if you missed it, you have until
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april 4, 2015 to see the next one. fortunately, those clouds moved out just in time in the area this morning. now we have dry weather but windy weather continues to bring in the dry air. the chill is going to return. it's going to be pretty chilly tonight and for the rest of the week and into the weekend when we're going to be getting probably at least some rain. more on that coming up. the flags are blowing hard. the wind is coming out of the west, 17 miles an hour sustained. it's up to 70 degrees. it's not really a cold wind yet. the gusts are 25 miles an hour at philly international. mid 60s north and west. 71 in bensalem, one of the warm spots. 70 in atlantic city and in dover in delaware. temperatures probably going up
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into the mid 70s during the day today. you can see the wind gusts, 20 to 25 miles an hour in most of the area. lancaster has the strongest gust right now of 33. it is possible that we could see gusts to 30 miles an hour during the day today. it is bone dry. we have fair weather clouds up toward the poconos. that's about it. and the dry air goes back for hundreds of miles across the country. however, it's not going to stay that way. as we go into friday, the first chance of rain comes in. this particular computer model keeps the rain back to the west at least through the middle of the day friday. friday afternoon, chance of rain. friday night, likely. saturday morning, likely. and then again this model moves it out by later in the day. so saturday would be the most likely day to see rain, but even
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on sunday that's not that far away. so we have to keep chances of rain in the forecast for multiple days. for today, the wind continues. temperatures into the mid 70s. gusts up to 30 miles an hour. and the seven-day forecast, after the cooler night tonight in the 40s in philadelphia and then potentially down near 40 in some of the suburbs, then the clouds increase friday with a chance of rain later in the day. saturday, that's the best chance of rain, especially in the morning. and then a chance of showers sunday and monday. >> thanks. still ahead, from target to home depot, the list that goes on and on. you have heard about the data breaches involving big businesses. where are the thieves using the stolen information? we will take a closer look. if lunch is on your mind, you will want to sink your teeth into this. the home of the flyers and sixers is unveiling what's new
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for hungry fans this season.
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breaking news. we have just learned that the american patient who was being treated for ebola in dallas, texas, has died. thomas eric duncan passed away a short time ago this morning. now as you know, we have been following the story. he got the virus while in
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liberia. he was treated for symptoms back on september 20th but was sent home with antibiotics. it was several days later sent back to the hospital where it was diagnosed that he had ebola. his condition went from serious to critical a few days ago. he died this morning from the ebola virus at the texas presbyterian hospital in dallas, texas. more on this story throughout the day. the dreams of some deserving children, they were unveiled last night in delaware county. they were given cameras and asked to capture their dreams. now these photos that they took, they have been greeting cards as part of a pictures of hope program. money raised from the sale of the cards will benefit the druding center that helps the homeless. this week's wednesday's child is a teen with a passion for sports. he is looking for a forever t family to make his dreams come
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true. jacqueline london introduced us to nasser. >> he loves boxing. we headed to the boxing gym to meet the champ. >> nice to meet you. how are you doing? everything good? >> yes, it is. >> he was a natural in the gym. >> he's a natural right here. take it to the next level. >> he picked up moves, got a tour of the facility and learned life lessons. >> you have to live a clean light. you have to work hard. you have to be disciplined. >> he is a funny teenager who loves playing sports and having a good time. >> all sports except hockey. i can't skate for nothing. >> he has a good sense of humor. he is very shy when you first meet him. but then as he feels more comfortable, he can really become the life of the party. >> he wants to share that playful side with a forever family. >> when i think about family, i
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think about having fun. >> the eideal family would provide structure. >> i think a family that can give him structure and a family that can really help him stay focused. >> he would make a great addition to a loving home. >> thank you, man. stay focused, do what you do, work hard. remember i told you, tunnel vision, work hard, and you will always be okay. >> nasser is this week's wednesday's child. >> make the dream of a forever family come true for him or any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation. go to our website, and search wednesday's child or call the national adoption center. delaware governor is going back to school. he will be principal for a day in dover. it's part of an initiative for
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the chamber of commerce. the wells fargo center revealing new food. they will reveal new menu items. the center will be showing off new jersey and other team gear. the new items will be sold at flyers and sixers games this season. that's new jerseys not new jersey. as we just told you, that ebola patient in texas, the first diagnosed with the disease in this country, has now died from ebola. more details now about the death of thomas eric duncan. we have a report coming up on this -- a special report from the network just ahead. we continue to follow breaking news out of northeast philadelphia. at least ten children are hurt in a school bus accident. live from the scene with an update on their conditions just ahead.
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we are following breaking news out of dallas, texas, where the first ebola patient diagnosed in the u.s. with ebola has died. we are waiting word -- a special report from the network. we will bring that to when you it comes. hospital officials say thomas eric duncan passed away this morning. now, to give you the time line, he arrived in dallas september 20th from liberia. he fell sick a few days later. he went to the hospital but was sent home with antibiotics. he got worse over the following days. he returned to the hospital on september 28th. he was then diagnosed with ebola. health officials believe ten people had direct contact with him during that time. five of those people were placed in isolation. we are right now awaiting a
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special from nbc news, more on the death of eric duncan. we will bring you that as soon as it comes into our station. we will have that for you. also today, members of the centers for disease control, they are in alabama training medical professionals who will go to west africa. the training sessions focus on how to handle patients infected and how doctors and nurses can protect themselves from becoming infected. burial teams are on strike because of a dispute over pay. because of ebola virus in the corpses, only specialized teams are able to dispose. they say they haven't been paid in two weeks and they are seeking hazard pay. that's in africa. count on nbc 10 and to follow the ebola outbreak and bring you any new developments.
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as soon as that special report comes from nbc network, we will bring that to you. more breaking news to tell you about. this closer to home. northeast philadelphia where police are investigating a school bus accident. this is right near ann frank elementary school. monique braxton talking to parents. what are the parents telling you? >> reporter: parents we talked to tell us they are astonished. you can see two of the banged up cars on the scene. the bus has been pulled on the side of the street off the person's lawn. the police captain tells us, 23 children from ann frank were on the school bus. ten have been taken to a local hospital. look at our video. investigators say the crash occurred just before 8:25 this morning as parents were dropping off their children here at the school. parents tell us the bus driver hit four parked cars, all of the cars were empty at the time. according to witnesses, we hear two of the cars belong to teachers. the remaining two were those of
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parents. one parent told us if it happened minutes earlier, he would have been inside the car with his son. >> it sounded like a really bad explosion. i came running back. that's when i saw the bus on the lawn with the suv in front of it. >> reporter: your car is the second from the right? >> yeah. mine is the second one in between this car and the white suv. >> reporter: did the driver say anything? >> he did not. >> reporter: after the children were let off the bus by teachers, the school nurse as well as others who rushed to the scene, they were examined at a triage unit here on the school grounds. we have that video for you from sky force 10. over the scene capturing every minute for you. the captain says the driver lost control. i asked him if he will be charged. the captain told us they're going to be talking to him as the afternoon progresses and keep us posted. as soon as we know the outcome
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of this accident, once again, only ten injured and are being treated at local hospitals. we will let you know what's going on. live for now as the cars are being loaded on tow trucks, monique braxton, nbc 10. good morning. i'm erica hill. we have learned thomas eric d n duncan who was the first case of ebola diagnosed and confirmed here in the u.s. has been died. the hospital where he was being treated in dallas, texas health preside presbyterian announced he fought courageously but succumbed to a disease, ebola. live now to nbc's ron mott at the hospital where the news broke not long ago. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. sad news. we are getting word of this in the last ten minutes that mr. duncan did pass away. a lot of questions going
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forward, particularly the first visit he made here to the hospital on september 26 with the symptoms of ebola. told the staff that he traveled here from liberia. they sent him away. two days later he came back to texas health presidebyterian. he passed away. his family came down, his mom and his nephew and other family members from inco members from north carolina. they were able to see him through a conference call. they wanted to come back to see him, but the mother said it was too difficult for her. he has been in a coma. we thought he was goi inin inin through. >> ron mott in dallas. the hospital saying that the other dallas residents they have been monitoring who had possible contact have not shown any signs of the disease. there has been much talk about how thomas eric duncan got here and travel into the united states from west africa.
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pete williams is standing by in washington with more on some potential changes coming, what we are hering from the government. >> starting today, the government will do more screening of people who have been to the countries in west africa where ebola is more -- most prominent. they will be questioned when they arrive. their temperatures will be taken. they will be asked to fill out a questionnaire. the government will be able to track people and keep them informed. they will be given this card that tells them about ebola, tells them if they have been to a place that has ebola or come in contact, they should take their temperature twice a day. if they get a fever, go to a doctor. the back of the card has instructions for their doctors on what to do. tells the doctor to put them into isolation and to contact the cdc for the full protocols on how to handle someone who might have ebola. >> that was, of course, one of the initial concerns. because he went to the hospital in dallas and then was sent home before coming back in the days that followed. the government has been getting
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flak on that as well. how prepared are you hearing is not only the cdc but in terms of them reaching out in other areas ahead of potentially someone coming in? >> always a problem at the outbreak of something like this. there are some medical experts who question how effective this effort to screen people at the border will be given that someone who wants to come to the u.s. and take advantage of the better medical care can reduce fiver by taking over-the-counter prescription medication and lie on the questionnaire. none theless, the government hopes they will get a better handle on people who may have been exposed and try to encourage those people to look after their own health and get to a hospital or a doctor if they start to get any of the symptoms. >> pete williams in d.c. we should point out, continuing coverage today throughout the day on nbc news. complete coverage this evening on "nbc nightly news" with brian
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williams. thomas eric duncan has died. he was pronounced dead this morning at 7:51 this morning in dallas. i'm erica hill in new york. catch us online at turning to our weather. it is a windy day throughout our area on this wednesday. a live look at penns landing in philadelphia. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast for us. >> we have a lot of sunshine out there. but as you saw, it's pretty windy. blue in the sky, dry air has come in. fair weather clouds up toward the poconos. no rain anywhere in the area. 70 at philadelphia now. 65 in allentown and in pottstown. 72 in georgetown, delaware. that's the warm spot. we are getting significant wind gusts, near 25 miles an hour in philadelphia, up to 33 in
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lancaster. the wind will continue to be a factor throughout the afternoon. temperature going up into the mid 70s. the sunshine continuing. we do have rain that is going to be coming back. it does look like it's going to affect a part of the weekend. that timing coming up with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> thank you. two police officers from new york are facing sexual assault charges. the assault happened last april at the trump taj mahal. after a six-month investigation, police charge a new york city police officer and a new york state trooper. both are expected to be arranged today in new york. they will be extradited to new jersey. the attorney general is talking about the lessons learned from ferguson. we received the video of the policing form at the clinton presidential library. it's a gathering of mayors and
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police chiefs from across the country. after the meeting the mayors will come up with a plan to prevent situations like the one that happened in ferguson. that's where protests continue following the death of 18-year-old michael brown. he was unarmed when he was shot and killed by a ferguson police officer back in august. a grand jury is expected to decide next month whether to bring criminal charges against the officer. new jersey's lieutenant governor will make her first public appearance after a bicycling accident last week. she will be in collingswood this afternoon. she broke her wrist and elbow when she fell off her bicycle. michael j. fox has filed a lawsuit against a research organization based in camden. fox claims that the organization left a freezer open compromising scientific samples.
11:41 am
the lawsuit claims that those samples could not be used and hurt research efforts funded by fox's parkinson's foundation. the organization said it will defend itself. if you are looking to add a new member to your family, this is the weekend to do it. where you can find cats and dogs in need of new homes. that's coming up next. windy conditions today. and get ready for more rain. i'm tracking the approach of the wet weather and how it could affect your weekend plans just ahead.
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a new poll shows people in new jersey feel worse about their state. the poll said home owners in every part of the state rate new jersey worse than they did just in april. they say their satisfaction with life in the state is the lowest in the last four years. the percentage of people felt safe in their neighborhoods at night dropped 8 points to 58%. we have learned more over the last few weeks about data breaches at big businesses like home depot and j.p. morgan. bob hanson looks at where they are using the stolen information. >> it's the result of failure -- unrelenting criminal activity which so far we have not found an effective way to deter. it's easy for the bad guys to do this and get away with it right now. >> reporter: a senior research
11:45 am
security says every day thieves take stolen financial information and sell it to the highest bidder. information they may have taken from major stores and banks or smaller targets. but it's all the same. >> one of the appeals of psycher crime is that it's low risk, can be high reward and it doesn't feel like you are physically stealing something. >> reporter: companies like mission federal credit union say they have lost $650,000 from fraud. you see, someone always pays. >> it feels like a victimless crime but it's not. >> reporter: the people who are stealing your credit card information are not necessarily the ones using your credit card. >> they put it on the market. the markets are their own sector, the dark market where it's bought and sold. the people who buy it and take the chance that they can turn your stolen credit card data into money. >> reporter: mission federal has noticed that many stolen cards
11:46 am
eventually end up in the hands of people shopping at popular department stores like target and walmart. or used at fast food restaurants. while you would think people using someone else's money would buy tvs and other high-end items, the average fraud transaction on a fake card is around $200. >> that was bob hanson reporting for us today. if you are looking to add a new member to your family, this could be the weekend to do it. it's the 5th annual sprout fest taking place this sunday. it's a community pet adoption event, matching up cats and dogs with families. grace, great to have you here. >> thank you for having me. >> tell me about the event on sunday. >> it's super pet adoption day. we have rescues, vendors, dogs and cats of all ages and sizes and shapes. it's a wonderful day to come out and find out about rescue.
11:47 am
we have fun for the kids and for the family. >> how many different rescues are you expecting. >> we have 25 different rescues coming. it's a really full park. there will be lots of people and animals. >> now, walk me through the process. let's say a family shows up on sunday. they fall in love with that little dog right there. can they take him home? >> it's actually illegal in the state of pennsylvania to transfer ownership in a public place that doesn't have a kennel licen license. where he not permitted to do that. the organizations who are there are all on board to follow-up and to take applications, to tell you as much as you want to know about the animal and follow through a process to match you with the animal. >> in addition to all the great things you are doing in terms of matching pets with families, you are also doing something special on sunday. you are honoring a documentary that's coming up. talk to me about that. >> we are honoring the teen behind dog by dog. it's a documentary that's coming out about puppy mills.
11:48 am
puppy mills are a huge focus of what we do in our rescue. this film is so incredibly well done. it's fact-based. it's just -- it's a fantastic film. we want to honor them for the work that they are doing to support us and n what we do. >> a lot of the dogs that you receive and end up in shelters are because of puppy mills? >> there's a high concentration of them. there are a lot of puppy mills, especially there lancaster county. that's where we do our rescue. many of the animals that are generated through pet stores or purchased online, they originate from puppy mills. a lot of the animals are turned in to shelters. we save a lot of the breeder dogs from the mills. we take the ones who are no longer productive. >> you are doing a lot of good work. we want to let people know that it is this coming sunday. it's the 5th annual sprout fest named after your little dog sprout. it take place this sunday from 11:00 to 3:00 at the upper marion township building park on
11:49 am
west valley forth road in king of prussia. it's free and our own nbc 10 lu ann cahn will be the mc. it's going to be a great event. for more information and see the pets, go to our website, grace, thank you so much for coming in. good luck on sunday. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. one thing we can be pretty sure of about sunday, it's going to be chilly and a lot cooler than today. we have dry winds moving in, eventually bringing in cooler air. you are going to feel that tonight and for the rest of the week and the w7bd, the chilly air returning and rain on top of that for at least a portion of the weekend. a lot of sunshine out there right now. 70 degrees. the wind west and 17, gusting to 25 miles an hour. a little warmer than it was at this time yesterday. we see temperatures in the mid 60s to near 70 degrees
11:50 am
throughout the area already. so that's going to be pretty mild compared to the rest of the week. these are the sustained winds and the directions straight out of the west that's bringing in dry air and eventually the cool air. the strongest wind, 23 miles an hour in lancaster. the wind may keep up a little bit during the night or else these temperatures would go lower. 38 in mount pocono. 42 in allentown, 44 in reading, 48 in doylestown and norristown. temperatures get a little bit more uniform when we have winds. when if it would go calm, vineland would be colder and less of a contrast from the city to the suburbs as a result of the wind staying up. all you need is five miles an hour, and that has an influence. it's very dry except for a few clouds up in the poconos and dry back to the west. that's for sure. it's not going to stay that way. we have a front that's going to
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set up nearby and some rain move right along it. we have issues of timing. some of the models bring the rain in by friday afternoon. others hold it off until friday night. then the question is whether this front goes down to the south and gives a break. a lot of the models do show that. from later on saturday into sunday morning, we may get a break. but the rain is still pretty close and could come back by later on sunday or sunday night. for today, it's mid 70s, sunny and windy, gusts up to 30 miles an hour. the seven-day forecast, cooler during the day tomorrow with sunshine. the clouds increase friday and the chance of rain as early as afternoon. likely at night and especially into saturday morning. there's a chance it may move out of here by saturday afternoon and just leave in some chances of late rain on sunday.
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>> thanks. today is the last day to vote for this friday's high school blitz game of the week. here are your matchups. the game with the most votes always features on the high school blitz saturday night at 7:00 right here on nbc 10. now take a lunch break and check out these interesting stories trending right now on we're right back.
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coming up this afternoon, starting at 3:00, "ellen" is all new with jennifer garner. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. a local man learns he is a millionaire and didn't know it. the record amount of money that's now been deposited into his bank account. that story this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. then at 5:00, was he part of the team or part of a joke ?
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a coach and players suspended for something they allegedly did to a fellow member of the team who is autistic. hear what happened and the victim's mother is saying. then at 6:00, we are following this breaking news. the death of the ebola patient in dallas, eric duncan. we are exploring the mesh nue in our area to prevent the spread of the disease. it's windy out there. a bad hair day. need extra hair spray. it's the mildest day of the week, mid 70s. we go down starting tonight and it's going to feel chilly all the way through the weekend as you see. the rain, the most likely to come back friday night and into saturday morning. we will update, of course, those rain chances this afternoon. new data coming in. >> thank you. thank you for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz
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and all of us here at nbc 10, thanks for watching. have a great day. glenn and i will see you back here today at 4:00. enjoy your afternoon.
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>> chad: are you sure this is a good time? >> will: trust me, when a subject says he's ready to talk, you make sure it's a good time. >> chad: okay if a grab a beer? >> will: knock yourself out. >> chad: thought if i'm gonna be spending the next couple hours talking about myself, can't hurt to loosen up a bit. looks like you could use this more than me. >> will: no, i'm good. >> chad: oh, no, you're not. look, so your mom's bummed you're writing the article about me. what'd you expect? >> ej: hello, caroline. eric. >> caroline: i would like to see my granddaughter. >> ej: well, i'm--i'm sure i know what this is about. please, come in, make yourself at home. >> caroline: i'd like to speak to her alone.