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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  October 8, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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health officials announced duncan's death earlier today. >> reporter: he died ten days after being admitted to ebola. it is with profound sadness and heartfelt disappointment that we must inform you of the death of thomas eric duncan this morning at 7:51 a.m. the mayor of dallas announced duncan's passing and offered condolences this morning. >> this is sad news for all involved. >> reporter: there have been questions surrounding duncan's care since he came to texas from liberia in late september. he first went to the emergency room when he became sick and despite saying he had been in liberia, duncan was sent home, returning two days later when his condition worsened. once admitted his condition went from serious to critical. he battled the disease for ten days, taking an experimental drug. >> his fever is pretty much gone because his temperature is normal. >> reporter: duncan dies just hours later. in a written statement, his fiance said my family is in deep
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sadness and grief but we leave him in the hands of god. she called for a thorough examination regarding all aspects of duncan's care. she it among 48 people who had contact with duncan and are now being watched for ebola. so far, no one has shown symptoms. the same protective measures will be taken while disposing of mr. duncan's body. in ohm ham, ashoka mukpo continues fighting ebola after getting blood transfusion from dr. kent brantly who successfully battled the disease last month. he was willing to give blood for mr. duncan but never heard back from the hospital. >> the body must be wrapped in
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plastic before being cremated or burr riy buried, depending on the family's wishes. the closest airport to us that is doing this is in newark, new jersey. >> nice wade efforts are ramping up to stop the ebola virus from spreading. this week, philadelphia's ground zero for discussions on infectious diseases. >> some of the top experts in the field are holding a series of meetings and workshops in center city. christine madella hasç been listening in to those sessions. what are they saying about ebola. >> health experts are saying this is the first ebola epidemic the world has ever known and it will continue unless the international health community steps up to help those health care providers in west africa. now, today i listened in to dr. ingrid damon from the
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centers for disease control. she outlined from the cdc is doing in the united states and in west africa. she said ten cdc employees are in dallas where the first case was reported in the u.s. those employees are monitoring everyone who came into contact with the infected patient. in west africa, there are more than 7,400 confirmed cases of ebola. the cdc has hundreds of employees there, trying to treat those infected and since there's no vaccine and no treatment, trying to educate communities about the symptoms and what to do if they become sick, ebola experts, though, say more must be done. >> the world is getting in the act but it's been slow. again, it was something that was over there that wasn't a major issue for either us or the europeans. and as a result, the kind of resources that we are now devoting to this outbreak would have been much more beneficial
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had we done it six months ago and even now, it may be totally inadequate and may need to have much more attention paid to resources. >> i also spoke it a representative from the world health organization. he said they just need more people from the united states, canada and europe, in west africa to help treat the sick. the cdc representative actually asked the crowd here inside the convention center during one of her presentations, she asked for students and for volunteers to go over to west africa and help treat the sick. reporting live at the pennsylvania convention center, christine madella, nbc 10 news. >> you just pointed out west africa is lacking those resources. did experts tell you what specifically the health care workers need over there? >>. >> reporter: frankly, they said they need everything from clinics without sanitary conditions, they don't have enough beds. they don't have the supplies or the protective measures for those health care providers. and in some cases with be no running water and soap.
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it really just makes it difficult for them to treat any disease, especially a deadly disease like this ebola outbreak. so they really need all the help they can get. back to you. >> christine madella, reporting to us live from the p.a. convention center in philadelphia. right now on we have an entire section dedicated to the ebola outbreak. plus, learn more about the effort by airport workers on u.s. soil to spot people who may have the ebola virus. new information now on breaking news we first told you about at 4:00. we now know three people were taken to hospitals after an accident involving a school bus in greenville, delaware. the people injured were in the cars. no one on the bus was hurt. this happened just before we went on the air at 4:00 on kennett pike and sunny side road. investigators have not yet said what caused the crash. new information on a house fire this afternoon, northeast philadelphia. a firefighter was hurt trying to put out the fire. he's expected to be okay. skyforce 10 over that scene after intense smoke and flames
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poured from the home. investigators still trying to figure out just what started that fire. we're following a developing story from montgomery county. >> after weeks of testimony, the murder trial of a man accused killing a 10 mld girl and her grandmother is now in the hands of a jury. nbc 10's deanna durante is live outside the montgomery county courthouse. >> reporter: family members for both sides of the case are gathered outside that courtroom as murder suspect raghunandan yandamuri sits insideç an empt courtroom, empty except for him and six sheriff's deputies. the jury began deliberations about 4:30 this evening. the judge is allowing yandamuri to remain in the courtroom for the next 20 minutes or so just in case the jury has a question. raghunandan yandamuri blames police, he says for not tracking down leads that he suggested and he told a jury he begged police to search for the real killers. an accusation prosecutor kevin steele immediately told a jury was insulting and ridiculous. steele replayed yandamuri's videotaped confession.
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once the jury has the case, they won't be able to get to see that confession again. >> the evidence in this case shows total lack of remorse of the defendant. the butchering that he did, the killing of a 10-month-old. and i don't think anything that has been put forward by the defense shows any bit of remorse over what he did. >> reporter: yandamuri apologized to the venna family. he told the jury, quote, whoever did this deserves big punishment. what he didn't say it why he bought new jeans after walmart immediately after the killings. 10-month-old saanvi venna was a suitcase in the trunk of that car. steven heckman is yandamuri's
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standboy counsel. >> i don't know why he didn't do that. the d.a. asked him and he gave the answers he gave. >> reporter: prosecutors say yandamuri killed the grandmother and the 10 mld -month-old in a botched kidnapping attempt. prosecutors say saanvi venna was killed in the attempt. the judge did tell them if they need to, he will provide dinner for them. he would like them to come up with a verdict. if raghunandan yandamuri gets life in prison or the death penalty, they'd have to decide that if he is found guilty. nbc 10 deanna durante, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> sun and clouds today in
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philadelphia and at the jersey shore as well. nbc 10 atlantic city, you can see people shopping at the outlets there and hopefully a fall jacket was on that shopping list. >> meteorologist sheena parveen is joining us now. how chilly will it get tonight? >> it will be cooler than it was last night. that is for sure. today as far as our temperatures were concerned we were a little milder today. temperatures remained in about the mid-to-low 70s across the area. we're still looking at the temperatures now. 73 degrees in philadelphia. 74 northeast philly, 73 degrees in millville. mid-70s in dover. 72 reading, 68 degrees in pottstown. as we go through tonight, we will see the temperatures cooling down by 8:00 p.m., upper 60s around philadelphia. then by 10:00 tonight, temperatures will be in just about the mid-to-low 60s. coming up, i'll show you how cool it will be tomorrow morning and our next chance of rain going into the weekend. that timing, too, straight ahead. >> looking forward to that. thank you. looking for a paint machine and the driver of this car.
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last month, philadelphia police say this guy pulled up to the sidewalk of a business on the 9200 block in bustleton. he lifts an expensive paint machine and puts it into the back of his bmw. if you recognize the equipment or the man who took it, police want to hear from you in. new infoçrmation about the manhunt for eric frein. a short time ago, state police confirmed the accused cop killer left behind a journal detailing the shooting of state troopers. we're also learning about what frein may have been doing in the days leading up to the shooting. nbc 10's doug shimell has been in blooming grove, covering the manhunt since the shooting nearly a month ago. >> friday, september 12th, got a shot around 11:00 p.m. and took it. he dropped. i was surprised at how quick. another cop approached the one i just shot. as he went to kneel, i took a shot at him and jumped in the door. his legs were visible and still. i ran back to the jeep.
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hearing helos, i missed my marker lights, missed the trial around a runoff pool and drove straight into it. disaster. >> reporter: eric frein stayed on the couch in the first floor apartment on ridgeway street in east stroudsburg in the weeks before the shooting. he told investigators he had been eric frein's only friend since they were teenagers and got a text from him hours before the shooting saying, quote, i stayed at your place last night. all is good. heading back to delaware now. won't be around till next weekend. almost a month later, the fbi released enhanced photos of that man on the couch who has led hundreds of law enforcers on a manhunt. in blooming grove township, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. in our next half hour, see how an easton middle school art teacher is keeping the memory of the murdered state trooper alive. hear how his colleagues are making a special memorial even
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more personal. it happened on the high school soccer field but had nothing to do with the game. >> i was shaking and he was upset. i couldn't believe it. >> the players and their coach are in trouble with police. what they allegedly did to one of their teammates. and all aboard, night owls. what septa is doing to make sure you have a ride home after a weekend night out. and first fashion, first lady michelle obama opens the white house to philadelphia students for an education in how to succeed in fashion. i'm sheldon yellin, and i started my career rebuilding homes for one family at a time. today, our companies help build something more. for 28 years, belfor has been restoring homes and businesses destroyed by fire, flood, or any disaster. and even though we've grown to over 6,000 dedicated people around the world, for me, it's still about helping one family
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or business at a time. at belfor, we're restoring more than property.
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a developing story in california, officials there have grounded air tankers after one of them crashed while fighting this fire in yosemite national park. nbc's miguel almaguer reports. >> reporter: the crash site is in a burn zone so rugged it took investigators hours to locate the wreckage and the pilot's body. the grumman st-2 lost contact while battling the fire near yosemite. it suddenly dropped off the radar after 4:00 p.m. >> resources are responding to the dog rock incident. >> reporter: hikers in yosemite heard the crash. >> it was dumping water over the fire and crashed against the
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rock and exploded. >> reporter: one in a fleet of 23, the grumman was a navy warplane converted to drop 1200 gallons of retardant, reaching speeds of 270 miles an hour, the single pilot planes are typically used for initial attack, when fires first break out, when conditions are at their worst. we flew with cal fire's top fire chief over hot zones where the aerial attack can be dangerous. >> there are power lines. there are trees. rock outcroppings, steep slopes, all of this while dropping retardant at low altitudes. >> reporter: this is cal fire's first air fatality since 2006. other deadly high-profile crashes, including this contracted u.s. forest service plane that went down in 2002 has raised questions about aging air fleet. still, this morning, cal fire says tragedies like this one are rare. a sad day for firefighters everywhere.
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>> that was nbc's miguel almaguer reporting. the child abuse trial for minnesota vikings star adrian peterson could begin as early as december. with his wife by his side, he arrived in a texas courtroom for his arraignment this morning. the arraignment was delayed after prosecutors said they would file a motion asking a judge to recuse himself. peterson is accused of injuring his 4-year-old son when he used a tree branch to discipline him. a doctor studying the brains of former athletes opposes a plan to settle nfl concussion claims. his concern is a type of brain decay known as cte which can only be diagnosed after death. the doctor says many players who suffered from it would not have qualified for the league settlement plan. the plan would call for the nfl to pay more than $750 million over 65 years. nearly 20,000 explayers have to decide whether to opt out of the settlement by next week in a case being heard in philadelphia. a federal report shows
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americans are living longer than ever before.ç for example, the centerer is fo disease control say a child born in 2012 will live an average of 78 years and 9 months. that's six weeks longer than life expectancy in 2010 and 2011. the leading causes of death have staid the same with heart disease and cancer topping the list. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a little milder of a day today. the winds were still breezy and were nice and dry, despite all the rain we had late last night. cooler as we go into tonight. the temperatures cool down again. a chilly start tomorrow morning and through the afternoon tomorrow will be even a little bit cooler than today. we go into the weekend and we have showers moving in. the cool air will in fact stay around, even as the rain moves in. i'll show you the timing on that in just a minute. here's a live look out at the wells fargo center.
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flyers start tonight. in boston against the bruins. tomorrow night they will be home. you can see the camera shaking. it is windy out there, a mix of clouds and sun but we're nice and dry. 73 in philadelphia. winds gust near 30 miles an hour. it's been windy all day today. the winds will diminish tonight. another windy day tomorrow. in bensalem, mid-70s, 78 in pottstown, 72 reading, 71 right now westchester. low 70s for much of south jersey. especially closer to the shore. stone harbor coming in at 72 degrees, same thing wilmington 74 in dover. pretty uniform temperatures across the area but they will be dropping down as we go through tonight. live look at satellite and radar, a few clouds moving in. but there is no rain. all the rain is up to our north, way up to our north. no rain in the forecast until about late friday night going into the weekend. until then we will be dropping down again tonight. cooler than last night. 42 for the morning low tomorrow
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morning around sunrise is when the temperatures will hit. allentown, 42, 44 reading, 46 for the morning low in quangertown. poconos in the upper 30s tomorrow morning. 48 doylestown and norristown tomorrow morning. farther inland, could be 48 degrees under mostly clear skies. around philadelphia, right around 50 degrees. chilly start when you wake up in the morning. we stay dry as we go through tonight. area of high pressure keeps us dry even tomorrow and to start off friday. we go later into the day friday. you notice rain moving through. this goes into saturday morning. it will mostly be overnight into early saturday. this will be starting off our weekend. as we go later in the day saturday, we start to see things improve. we will be clear, cooler than last night. 52 for the low in philadelphia. 42 areas north and west. tomorrow, sunny and breezy, also a little cooler, 67 to 70 for the high temperature. winds could be gusting near 30
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miles an hour tomorrow. friday we have a chance of late rain. it will be here overnight into early saturday. you will be waking up once again with rainy conditions this weekend. high saturday in the low 60s. sunday for the eagles game, looks look a mix of sun and clouds. more clouds later sunday night. more details coming up. today first lady michelle obama held the first ever fashion education workshop at the white house. >> the event connected more than 150 students with leading professionals in the fashion industry. including designers and magazine editors. students from the philadelphia high school for creative and performing arts and kensington high school for creative and performing arts participated. the goal of the event was to show young people what it takes to succeed in the fashion industry. >> and the most important you've got to do is work and work and work and work and ;eju)y that's it. it's hard work. sorry. years and even decades before
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you can achieve your goals. >> good advice for any career pursuit. students attended workshops including one called wearable technology. they learned about making boots to charge cell phones, bras that detect breast cancer and compression shorts that monitor your heart rate. danger on the tracks. nbc 10 has new information about just how deadly the rails across the tri-state really are. what real experts say are reasons people are unexpected putting themselves in harm's way. plus, the growing effort to make the tracks safer. at&t customers, the check may soon be in the mail. the reason the cellular carrier could owe you money for charges and services.
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your top 15 in the wrong category. pennsylvania, new jersey ranked near the top when it comes to people struck and killed by trains. now a national campaign is under way to save lives and keep people from getting hit. according to operation life saver, a big part of that problem is the number of people who use train tracks as short cuts. train don't it the always run on schedule, they're more quiet than they used to be and it takes a mile for conductors to get them to stop. >> we are seeing that being unfocused, not paying attention, perhaps being distracted by music or talking on the phone oç texting can be contributing to some of these incidents. >> crossing train tracks anywhere other than at a crossing point is considered trespassing. the proposed merger between comcast and time warner cable is one step closer to a done deal
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tonight. comcast shareholders voted to approve the $45 billion deal today in philadelphia. time warner shareholders will vote tomorrow in new york. state and federal regulatory officials are expected to decide whether to approve the merger sometime next year. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. good news for night owls using septa rails on the weekends. due to the overwhelming popularity of weekend overnight subway service on the broad street, and market frankford line, septa is extending the service indefinitely. septa launched the pilot program in june. an average of 15,000 riders took advantage of the service between midnight and 5:00 a.m. each weekend. because train service costs more than bus service, it does cost more to ride. happening right now, hundreds of casino workers are converging for protests. >> nbc 10 cydney long is live in atlantic city. cydney? >> reporter: they are fighting for their futures and what could mean the end of health benefits
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and pension contributions. why these casino employees tell me they're willing to sit down in the street and risk getting arrested to prove their point. i'll explain, straight ahead. then tonight on "nbc nightly news" with brian williams, a special investigation into a type of artificial turf used in thousands of fields across the country, including in our area. in just minutes, hear what they uncovered and why it's so important. plus, all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, the search for a local man accused of holding his girlfriend captive. what he did to her for days as she tried to escape.
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this is nbc 10 news. happening right now at 5:30, hundreds of workers are gathering in the heart of atlantic city. >> they want their voices heard as the threat to close another casino looms. nbc 10's cydney long is live in atlantic city. cydney, what are they planning? >> reporter: jacqueline and keith, it is called a civil disobedience rally. take a look right now. it is civil as we speak. these are local 54 casino workers. this crowd could grow to 500 over the next hour or so. they have not stepped foot off of the curb but they are
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prepared to sit down in traffic right here at arctic avenue and missouri where the expressway ends into atlantic city. they are prepared to get arrested. on that note, take a look behind me. police are on the ready. atlantic city police department also working in conjunction with the state police are ready to make arrests if necessary. all of this to send a message that any ruling with regard to trump taj mahal where health care and pension contributions are concerned that it will affect all casino worker employees and their family and the city for years to come. >> are you prepared to get arrested today to fight for what's important for you and your family? >> most definitely. >> reporter: tell me why. >> well, i'm a single parent. i raise two kids by myself. and in 2005 i flat lined. i was dead for three minutes with a massive heart attack. my medical bills were well over a million dollars. benefits are the most important thing. i would have never been able to survive or put a roof over my
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churn's head without my benefits. >> reporter: now, smith was wearing that doctor's outfit he says because health care benefits are critical to all these workers so far we have not witnessed any arrests but we are in touch with police. we know the police chief white is also out here on the scene. in addition we reached out to trump entertainment for any comment about those give-backs that these workers are fighting for out here this afternoon. we reached out twice but they finally responded, no comment. live in atlantic city, we'll let you know if there are any arrests. back to you. the ebola outbreak now and a developing story. the first patient to be diagnosed with ebola in the united states has died. thomas duncan passed away at a dallas hospital this morning. duncan arrived at the u.s. from liberia last month showing no ebola symptoms but fell ill within a week. he was sent home after an initial visit to the emergency room at texas health presbyterian hospital but he was taken back a week an a half ago and had been in isolation. starting saturday, workers at
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five airports here in the united states will be on the lookout for any signs of ebola symptoms from passengers coming in from overseas. that's an order from the department of homeland security. the closest airport to us that's doing this is in newark. we checked, there are no direct flights from africa into philadelphia. native west africans who live in southwest philadelphia are concerned about the first death from ebola in this country. in a neighborhoodç with so man ties to their homeland, people we spoke to are relieved the united states is stepping up efforts now to stop the spread. most completely support the decision to start testing travelers, flying in directly from west african countries. they wish testing would extend to philadelphia where people are coming through on connecting flights. >> i'm worried. i have a life, too. if somebody comes from africa today, i will try my best not to go close. i don't care who the person is. >> customs at philadelphia international says it's been
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handing out flyers about what to do if you have symptoms of ebola since september 30th. right now on we have an entire section dedicated to the ebola outbreak. plus you can learn more about the efforts by airport workers on u.s. soil to spot those who may be contaminated with the ebola virus. here are some of the stories making headlines on nbc 10 news at 5:30. the abduction and murder trial of a montgomery county man is in the hands of a jury. raghunandan yandamuri who's representing himself in the case, spoke to jurors for nearly two hours during closing arguments today. if convicted for the deaths of a 10-month-old baby and her grandmother, yandamuri can face the death penalty. two women are accused of supplying heroin to miners. two were arrested yesterday. the district attorney says the arrests are the latest in an upkick of heroin use in the area. it is day 26 in the search
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for eric frein, wanted for the deadly ambush of two state troopers. police seized night vision scopes from fraen's house along with computers and tablets. we're seeing this new picture of what eric frein might look like now. a man accused of killing a philadelphia teacher will act as his own attorney. he's accused of killing 23-year-old bo zobl. jones allegedly wanted his ipod. jones is already serving time for the murder of 20-year-old tyreke taylor. detectives say jones killed taylor to keep him from talking to police about zobble's murder. a major settlement was announcedtown at&t mobility and
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the federal trade and communications commissions. the settlement involves something called cramping, whin. they are billed for horoscopes, trivia and sports scores, something they didn't approve. at&t mobility is required to pay the fcc $80 million. and something completely different. take a look the this, villano villanova's men's basketball coach addressed hundreds of students today. they were there as part of a youth leadership summit. other speakers included miss delaware, brittany lewis and former penn state football player adam talefaro. do your kids play sports on artificial turf? if so, don't miss an important
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nbc news investigation. next, a preview of a special report about one type of artificial turf used in thousands of fields across the country. and a pennsylvania high school soccer team is under investigation. what was done to a fellow player on the field?
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this is nbc 10 news. >> tonight on "nbc nightly news" with brian williams, a special investigation that a type of artificial turf used in thousands of fields across the country. >> if you have a kid who plays soccer or football, you probably know exactly what we're talking about here. nbc's stephanie gosk joins us now from new york with a preview of her report. good evening, stephanie. >> hey, keith and jacqueline. you may be familiar with those pesky small dots that show up in your house after a game or practice. it's called crumb rubber. they're made from old tires. we met a college soccer coach
5:40 pm
who started asking questions after two of her own players were diagnosed with blood cancers. she reached out and learned of other soccer players with similar stories. we investigated the research that's out there. no one has established a link between cancer and these fields and the industry and others point to more then a dozen studies, saying their product is safe. we talked to researchers, doctors and advocacy groups who say the studies are insufficient. keith and jacqueline? >> stephanie, what should be done here? what's the next step? >> reporter: well, keith, it really depends on who you ask. the coach and players are look for definitive answers what we've learned is that they're not so easy to find. this is probably going to trigger questions from viewers and parents, questions we hope to answer tonight on "nightly news." back to you guys. >> "nbc nightly news" with brian williams airs tonight at 6:30 right after nbc 10 news. keeping the memory of a
5:41 pm
murdered state trooper alive, how an easton school teacher and state police from across the region are collaborating on a special tribute. and weç have a cooler nigh in store for tonight. then i'm tracking rain as we go into the weekend. i'll show you the timing on that coming up. >> what a catch. all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, find out where in our area a man reels in this record-breaking fish. wow!
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happening right now, a live look at currently peaceful protests going on in atlantic city, casino employees from the local 54 hitting the streets today. they're prepared to sit down in traffic and cause gridlock in the middle of the intersection here. this is arctic and missouri avenues. police are standing by to both divert traffic and make arrests. they do not appear like they're on the pavement at this point. casino workers want to send a message that any ruling with regard to trump taj mahal with health care and pension contributions and bankruptcy proceedings will affect all casino worker employees and their families and the city for years to come. hundreds of people out there protesting down in atlantic city, outside the trump taj mahal. turning to this now, farther south from our delaware bureau. >> new castle county police want to take a new look at some old cases. the department isç starting a
5:45 pm
cold case team that will specifically try to crack 40 to 50 unsolved county murders dating back to the early 70s. one detective and a small support staff will go back through original crime scene evidence, reconnect with family members and resubmit dna samples to the state lab. >> that's the main goal here, to get some justice for our deceased victims and get closure for the families, for the loved ones. >> the cold case team will soon have its own spot on department's website. the public will be able to offer cold case tips through the department's mobile app. i hate to break it to you, but a new shows things are getting worse in new jersey, according to residents, at least. the monmouth university poll says they rank the garden state worse than in april. they said their satisfaction with life in the state is the
5:46 pm
lowest it's been in the last four years. the percentage of people who felt very safe in their neighborhoods at night dropped eight points to 58%. a new penndot program could ease traffic congestion throughout pennsylvania. it's called green light go. penndot says it will use money from gasoline taxes and drivers' fees. that money will be used to help financially strapped municipalities make improvements on their traffic signals. the cash has been set aside for state-owned roads that handle at least 10,000 vehicles a day. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a milder day today, still plenty of sunshine, much drier conditions than we had last night overnight, cooler as we go through tonight. temperatures will once again drop down around 50 degrees for philadelphia, cooler north and west. i'll show you the numbers in just a minute. through the afternoon tomorrow, we'll be cooler than this afternoon. then as we go into the weekend,
5:47 pm
we start to see rain approaching the area. it will be going into part of your weekend, too. i'll show you the timing of that in just a minute. 73 in philadelphia, 74 bensalem. through the lehigh valley, right around 70 degrees. south jersey and delaware, temperatures fairly uniform, about the mid-to-low 70s there. we'll keep on cooling as we go through the rest of the evening, too. here's a live look outside. mostly sunny but clouds have started to move in. this is looking down from the comcast center at liberty 1 and 2. a quiet evening. we don't expect any rain through the overnight hours tonight. the winds will stay through the rest of the diminishing later tonight. closer to 30 mile-an-hour wind gusts in philadelphia. tomorrow will also be another windy day but before we get that in the afternoon hours, we'll start off with some chilly temperatures. low temperatures as we go overnight into the morning.42 for the low in allentown, 44
5:48 pm
reading, 46 for the morning low in quakertown. around 50 degrees in trenton and mt. holly. upper 40s for norristown, low 50s for northeast philly. 48 for vineland, low 50s for dover and philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs tomorrow morning, we'll be starting with temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. locally we are nice and dry. this is how we'll stay overnight and into tomorrow. it's all because of this big area of high pressure. this is keeping us pretty dry. it's helping the temperatures drop down tonight. as we go through friday, most of the day friday will be dry. we'll see clouds increasing. then into the weekend. big area of low pressure gets closer, also a cold front as well. this will increase rain chances starting off the weekend. as we end out, the weekend will start to dry out a bit. some rain may come back into the night. a chance of showers by noon possibly for the temple game. we start to dry out for the afternoon. staying chilly, by noon in the
5:49 pm
upper 50s. by about 3:00 p.m., topping out in the low 60s. then we go into sunday for the eagles game. later sunday night, temperatures will be cooler, 60 degrees by about 8:30. by 11:00 p.m., we could see a chance of a shower returning into the forecast. temperatures the mid to upper 50s. if you're heading to the eagles game, you want a jacket to are that one. for tonight, clear and cooler than last night. 42 north and wefrt, clear skies. tomorrow, sunny, breezy but cooler than today. winds still gusting possibly near 30 miles an hour tomorrow. highs will be in about the upper 60s, near 70 degrees for most of the area. friday, mid-60s, late rain starts off the weekend, too. temperatures stay in the mid-to-low 60s through the weekend. let's check in on a live look at a peaceful but loud protest. it appears hundreds of casino workers from the local 54 are on the move. this is right along the street in atlantic city nearby the trump taj mahal.
5:50 pm
we've seen police standing by to divert traffic, make arrests if that's necessary. they weren't on the pavement before. it appears they are blocking that intersection, however. cydney long is live on the scene near the trump taj mahal. we'll hear from her about 6:00. as you can see it right now, hundreds of casino workers crowding the streets near the trump taj mahal in atlantic city. we'll check in with this live picture and check in with cydney long as well in just a few minutes. we know what that music means. today is the last day to vote for this friday's high school blitz game of the week. here are the matchups, cinnamins cinnaminson. go to or facebook page or call or text 610-624-4111. the game with the most votes is always featured on the high school blitz every saturday night at 7:00 right here on nbc 10. and not that you need this
5:51 pm
reminder, sunday night is football night. the birs take on the new york giants right here on nbc 10. coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. with nbc's "football night in america." kickoff is at 8:20. stay tuned to nbc 10 for extended eagles coverage with our exclusive postgame show. that's followed by nbc 10 anchored by myself and jackie lond london. he thought they were his teammates and friends. >> one pennsylvania teen isn't sure what to think, really, his soccer coach, fellow players are suspended and in trouble with the law. what they're accused of doing to him on the soccer field. then coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00, a local love story that's getting national attention. a couple awaits the birth of a child who's only expected to live a few hours. how they are still going on adventures as a family before he's even bore born.
5:52 pm
our first alert weather team is tracking rain just in time for the weekend. >> keep your umbrella handy. showers and cooler temperatures for saturday and sunday. the latest before you head out the door. two political heavyweights are in town thursday campaigning in the pennsylvania's governor's race. why this could have an impact in the race for president in 2016. and skyforce 10 playing above all the breaking news in the morning. we'll see you back here from 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. for nbc 10 news.
5:53 pm
5:55 pm
another live look now at a supposedly peaceful protest. we see several arrests boeing made, however. this is a live picture down in atlantic city. hundreds of casino employees from the local 54 on the move. they had gathered on the sidewalks. they moved into the street. they're using the twist ties to arrest some of the people. we heard from cydney long who's live there on the scene. she had talked to some of the people who said they were ready to be arrested to make their point. some of them sitting down in peaceful protest. we'll check in with her at 6:00 for a full report on these arrests. now, two high school soccer players in western pennsylvania have been suspended from school. >> they're accused of duct taping an autistic teammate to a goalpost. it happened in natrone that heights in allegheny county out west across the keystone state. 16-year-old austin babinsack told police he was left taped to
5:56 pm
the goalpost for 15 or 20 minutes before someone walking by heard his screams. the school district suspended the two players involved and the school's soccer coach for five days. it's important to know that the school soccer coach was not present during the incident. the 17-year-old students were allegedly involved in the prank and could face charges. a pencil-drawn portrait of bryon dickson is being sent to departments across the lehigh valley before being donated to dickson's widow. local police heard about the portrait and began putting their signatures on it. soon the names of officers from around the region will surround the frame. >> the easton police department have signed it so far right about here. and we just took possession of it yesterday. and this is a way of us showing his widow that, you know, he's
5:57 pm
touched all our lives even though we may not have personally known him. >> it will then be given to his wife, tiffany after being signed by members of his own barracks. coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00, new developments in the ebola outbreak. and philadelphia's mayor has a conference call with president obama. the topic,i making sure america is prepared. there are fears that a man who died from ebola today passed it on to a sheriff's deputy. more rain's on the way and it could arrive in time to interfere with your weekend plans. i'll have the details on that plus a new chill moving in. don't miss my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, a leak from a nuclear power plant sends a chemical into the schuylkill river. details are coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 6:00, more ebola fears. >> the risk is minimal but, again, we are taking all precautions. >> reporter: a sheriff's deputy is hospitalized feeling ill after visiting the apartment of a dallas man who died of ebola. tonight, some of the world's brightest minds are in philadelphia discussing ways to
6:00 pm
contain the outbreak. this afternoon, philadelphia's mayor, michael nutter, part of a conference call with president obama. it also included top leaders from the white house and the cdc. on the agenda, how well america is prepared to handle the ebola epidemic. this as emergency responders in suburban dallas say a sheriff's deputy now showingç symptoms similar to those an ebola patient would experience. this is video of the deputy being transported today. the deputy entered an apartment where thomas duncan was staying. he was the first patient to be diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. >> this patient had reported that he initially had been in the apartment and the initial ebola patient in dallas and had some contact with family members. >> authorities say the deputy is being treated out of an abundance of caution. there's no indication he had any direct contact with duncan. >> as for duncan, he died at a