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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  October 9, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the sun is more than an hour away from coming up but we will see bright sunshine from the mellon bank building. that's the view this morning from center city. 55 degrees here at nbc10. it's currently 55 at philadelphia international. but look at the 40s for pottstown and doylestown at 48. whitetown on the cool side, trenton at 51 degrees. a bit cooler out of the northeast, philadelphia international airport, 52 degrees there. bright sunshine to start thing off at the bus stop, 43 degrees in the suburbs. 55 degrees in center city. a nice warmup as the day goes on by lunchtime, 65 degrees, near 70 later today. your hurt-by-hour forecast, neighborhood by neighborhood, when i come back, first, jillian has traffic. >> good morning. let's talk about septa. most of the regional lines are on town but one more than with thorndale in center city in philadelphia.
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septa officials said that amtrak is having some problems there. you can expect delays on the paoli thorndale line. this is eastbound at trooper. we're starting to see volume building but no big slowdowns yet. that's going change. 422 drive time between east and 702, about a 20-minute drive. if you're heading out this morning no accidents or delays. drive times really good 17 and 18 on the blue route between 76 and 95. thank you, jillian. new from overnight, investigators are looking at what caused this deadly fire. skyforce 10 was over the scene last night. it happened at an assisted living facility in delaware county. we know one person is dead. at last one other is hurt. dozens of others had to be evacuated. the blaze broke out at the elwyn institute. a fire started in the room of
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one of the units. it was contained just to that unit. more than three dozen residents were evacuated to another part of the facility. nbc10's katy zachry is gathering new information. we're going to be checking in with her at 6:30. now to the ebola outbreak. the u.s. is marking its first death from the virus. and new measures are being taken to stop the virus in spreading. day two of the infectious disease conference. we'll be getting an update on the ebola outbreak. some of the brightest minds or in on the conference. this saturday, the federal government will begin taking the temperatures of people who fly into the u.s. from west africa at five u.s. airports, including new york's jfw. newark liberty, washington dulles, chicago o'hare and atlanta hartsfield. the extra screenings will not be done, however, at philadelphia
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international airport since few if any passengers from west africa arrive here. the second case of ebola just hours after the victim of ebola was remembered at a memorial service in dallas. thomas eric duncan died in the hospital. a sheriff's deputy who visited the apartment where duncan was living is in the hospital himself. we have a section devote to the ebola crisis. more on how dr. kent brantly is helping to work with nbc news with the freelancer being treated for ebola. and in yemen, at the 6:00 hour, 35 people are dead following a bombing at the nation's capital. this happened in the last hour. many victims are soldiers. we're still trying to find out more about the attack and we'll bring you that information as soon as it comes into our newsroom. no verdict yesterday.
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today, a montgomery county jury will continue to deliberate the fate of a man accused of killing a baby and her grandmother. the jury in the trial of yandamuri worked until 10:00 last night. yandamuri is representing hills in the case if convicted in the death of the baby and her grandmother, yandamuri could face the death penalty. a pennsylvania state lobbyist charged with sexual assault is scheduled for a preliminary hearing. andrew marsico is accused of attacking attacking a woman in september. his lawyer says he's innocent in that. in chester county, the treasurer of a volunteer fire company is charged with stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars for his own use. prosecutors say howard smith iii embezzled donations in valley township. they told us he used the money to buy phillies season tickets,
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pool cleaning supplies and a vacation to hawaii. it was the vacation that was uncovered with a suspicious charge. >> he betrayed the tlaurust tha other men and women put in him. these are men and women who put their life on the line and risked their lives to protect the community. >> his mother calls the charges against her son totally false. and to support the party's candidate in the pennsylvania governor's race, new jersey governor chris christie and hillary clinton are coming to town. the two potential candidates for president in 2016 will make stops miles apart. nbc10's jesse gary is live in center city. jesse, we know it's bringing a lot of national attention. >> reporter: that's right, the party that controls the governor's mansion and the legislature here also determines the number of delegates to the
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national convention. right now, tom corbett, republican, controls the senate. and the democrats control the house. now, if the democratic contender wolf wins next month, that could shift the balance of power and the number of delegates to the convention in 2016. those delegates ultimately nominate the presidential candidate. >> they got it wrong in terms of who gets the nomination. not a big number, but it all goes into an equation that calculates the number of delegates that go to the convention. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton will be at a rally. and governor christie will be on the main line campaigning for governor corbett. and candidates for pennsylvania governor say stumping the third and final debate in pittsburgh, last night
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tom corbett and wolf took questions from a three-member panel and tweets from viewers. among the issues, taxes, public education. >> we've paid off 27,000 educators over the last few years. class sizes have gone up. property taxes have gone through the roof. we are not spending what we were spending before on public education in the classroom. >> when you say 27,000 teachers were laid off, 14,000 is in the private. when you look at state spending, taxpayers of pennsylvania we're in the highest level. >> and corbett with now just 26 days before the november 4th election. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> got a chilly start this
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morning. that's a live view from center city. clear skies that we are experiencing overnight have led to a chill consider start this morning. but we will see bright sunshine all day long. and the temperatures will be climbing, as far as tomorrow and the weekend is concerned, we are tracking some rain, as we head closer to the weekend. right now, 44 degrees in allentown. northeast philadelphia, 52, and it's 53 degrees in atlantic city. and a nice clear view from center city, is this a view from the comcast center this morning. we're waiting for sunrise, we are now less than an hour away from sunrise this morning. look at the temperature change, eight degrees cooler compared to yesterday in philadelphia. millville and pottstown are in the 40s. off by 16 degrees this morning. so you need an extra layer to get started. satellite says we're clear right now. plenty of sunshine today, but clouds start moving in overnight tonight and will bring us rain for later tomorrow. for today, no sign of any
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showers. just temperatures in the 60s for the pocono mountains. allentown, quakertown, reading all in the 60s today. 71 this afternoon for northeast philadelphia at the airport. while 70 degrees in mount holly. just a little cooler for doylestown. very close to the 70 degree mark for atlantic city, vineland and dover. plenty of sunshine but a little breezy at times for wilmington, chester and philadelphia. temperatures near 70 today but cooler weather along with rainy weather is on the way. it may impact your weekend plans and timing with the seven-day forecast when i come back. it's about 10 after 6:00 this thursday morning, that 6:00 hour when volume starts to build anyway. >> yeah, usually some delays out there. let's check in with jillian mele. what's happening on the roads? >> let's talk about mass transit for a second. we just got this information in the last few minutes, the septa thorndale line has a delay.
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from thorndale into philadelphia. septa officials haven't said what kind of delay we're dealing with but we know the trains are going to be delayed from thorndale. once again, that's only inbound service affected. heading to 76, we're starting to see volume at the conshohocken curve which is typical. drive time not indicating any delays. 15 minutes between the blue route and the vine. of course, that's going to change. getting to a live look at the ben franklin bridge from camden. quick traffic starting to increase as drivers make their way into philadelphia. we still have lane restrictions because of that track rehab project. he is called a fugitive. he is still on the run but police may have a break in the case. they say they've uncovered new evidence in the search for the survivalist eric frein suspected of killing a pennsylvania state trooper. plus, a montgomery county mother is locked up on charges that she gave heroin to her own child.
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and today's day 27 in the hunt for fugitive eric frein in the pocono. even though the police don't have the suspect they have their hands on a treasure trove of evidence, police took computer drivers found in a house where police say frein stayed the days before the shooting. and they found a letter written by frein found in detail. and a sketch shows what frein might look like now after a month after the attack that dills corporal byron dixson and robert douglass. and these surveillance photos of the masked men that had a gun and held up the td
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bank in hatboro yesterday. investigators believe he's behind the robbery at the same bank back in july. in camden county police are on the hunt for a bank rob here wore muslim garb. he handed a note to a teller yesterday afternoon. investigators believe he's behind two other camden robberies last month. police say he wore a burk da in both of those incidents as well and took off on a bicycle. a montgomery county mother is accused of injecting her own teenage daughter with heroin. police arrested patricia davenport on tuesday. the prosecutors say the two would take davenport's daughter, boy friend and her 8-year-old son while alleging using drugs. >> a read the story about the allegations of a mother
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introducing her child to a drug, i'm really at a loss for words. i can't fathom these allegations. i can't fathom the facts charged. >> prosecutors say this happened several times over the last months. both women are charged with endangering the welfare of children and a number of other offense. and for thursday, another day of traffic? >> at least in the report, a delay on mass transit, jillian? >> let's start off in chester county. this is a live look at the route 30 bypass. you can see, we're starting to see that volume out there that we're used to seeing, not too bad but definitely increasing. average speed outbound near girard. 28 miles per hour. 33 is what we're seeing at cottman avenue. this is a live look at 95, near cottman. you can see the brake lights
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right there so it's definitely slowing down. 76, we have some volume building out there. we do have an inbound delay since the problems that amtrak is having in that area. we don't know how long the delay is, septa officials haven't said but they are giving us warning that we are seeing delays inbound service between thorndale and center city philadelphia, so just keep that in mind. heading into new jersey a live look at 295, where things are quiet at 70. no accidents on 295. no accidents to report on the majors in delaware. now, yours in 10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. we're about 45 minutes away from sunrise this more than. we're starting to see a little bit of light. look how nice and clear it is. this is a view from the comcast center in center city. clear skies. the temperatures have dropped to 55 in philadelphia.
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the humidity is down. it's going to be a nice day. a clear view from cape may. just a couple spots of clouds and this view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. low 40s in pottstown. doylestown is 48 degrees. in the 50s on the i-95 corridor. parts of camden, cool, haddonfield at 49 degrees. 56 degrees in camden. lower 50s in cherry hill and vorhees while glendora is 54 degrees. we will be clear today. the radar screen is going to stay dry today. tomorrow, this is what we're tracking, showers that we're tracking are move into the midwest, will be here later tomorrow, and likely impact the weekend as well. sunglasses do the trick today. look at the temperatures into the upper 60s and low 70s. with winds not as strong as yesterday. still getting breezy this afternoon, gusting to 20 miles an hour. cooler tomorrow as aclouds move in. and a chance of shower it's in
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afternoon, 64 degrees, the high temperature after a morning low of 51 degrees. and it stays cooler this weekend. showers continuing into saturday morning. and drying up, actually getting breaks of sunshine. sunday, cool, cooler in the morning. a chance of showers again on monday but it will be warmer as we go into the new work week. 70s for monday, tuesday, and wednesday. this morning, we are talking about the future of philadelphia's schools. what teachers and some lawmakers say must happen for the district to recover from the ongoing budget crisis.
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6:22, 55 degrees out there. you see a live look at center city philadelphia with the liberty towers there, just to your right all lit up. it's going to be dry today but
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bill henley will be along with the forecast to tell us when you can expect that all to change. now to news on the philadelphia school budget crisis, we are expecting reaction later this morning from the teachers union on the school reform commission's move to cancel its contract. state representative curtis thomas will hold a news conference in northern liberty at 11:00 this morning. he's expected to join philadelphia teachers in calling for quick completion of the state audit of the philadelphia school district. thomas has already called for the city to take back control of the public school's reform commission. in delaware today, the board of education will decide in a charter school will stay open. moyer academic school in wi wilmington was placed under academic review. the school has replaced 90% of its teachers and has a new
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principal, moyer believes it can turn it around. and it shows voters aren't as people aren't as satisfied as in recent years. 68% of the people believe the state is an excellent place to live. 58% of the people polled say they feel safe in their neighborhood at night. the poll was conducted by monmouth university. good morning at 6:24. just got word of an accident out of montgomery county. this is happening at horsham at the intersection of county line road and heath valley road. watch for lane restriction there's. a pretty busy intersection at this time of the hour. keep in mind, we're still dealing with delays at the septa morning line. all because of track problems that amtrak is having this morning. just keep that in mind.
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>> a live look outside at cape may. it looks like we're starting to see a bit of that sunrise. it's cooler out there this morning, bill. >> yes, it is definitely cooler at cape may. cape may is the warm spot. inland, most of the spots have dropped in the 40s and 50s. the temperatures are still falling right now. we've got a good half hour plus to go. right now, 55 in philadelphia, horsham is at 46 degrees. 41 right now in quakertown. and 40s in interior new jersey, vineland is 47 degrees while cape may harbor is 63 degrees. new from overnight, a deadly fire and apartment that housed people with disabilities. nbc10's katy zachry is live in delaware county. >> reporter: hi, in the last half hour, i talked to pennsylvania state police investigating the deadly fire that happened here. i'll have new information from the person who died. monique braxton is live in center city, monique.
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>> reporter: katy, in just a couple hours doctors who treated ebola patients will share lessons learned here at the convention center after the break.
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revealed through the work of its scholars and graduates. it has inspired strength and purpose. an enduring symbol of passion and excellence that is not static, but moves among us.
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a feeling...a shared experience, a reminder that we are connected for life. we are penn state, making our mark on the world.
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>> announcer: this is "nbc10 news." just about 6:30 this thursday morning. one person is dead in a fire in an assisted living facility in delaware county. we're live with the investigation and the effect on residents. and in the wake of the ebola outbreak that claimed a life here in the u.s., health experts will be focusing on the deadly disease in a conference in philadelphia. and there's a chill in airporthe air. there's a look at the skies. good morning, welcome to "nbc10 news." i'm vai sikahema.
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>> and i'm rosemary connors. it's chilly out there, yeah. let's check in with meteorologist bill henley and the "first alert" forecast, bill. >> rosemary, the temperatures have gotten a bit cooler since you came in. the numbers in the 40s and 50s. and look at the clear view from the comcast center in center city. just a few scattered clouds. those will be out of here and we'll see brilliant sunshine during the day. look at the numbers, 55 in philadelphia. pottstown is in the low 40s. 40s for millville and 53 in wilmington. sunshine, just 34 minutes away. it will warm us to 65 degrees at lunchtime. and a breezy afternoon. not quite as warm as yesterday, but we will be up to 70 degrees later today. we're talking rain to head towards the weekend. i've got that when i come back. first, jillian mele is watching traffic. >> good morning, bill. we're following one accident out of the traffic center. this is happening in horsham at
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county line road. a live look at route one. northbound on the blue route, 95 to 76, that will take 18 minutes. we are getting that yellow light, that slow down from woodhaven to the vine. 23 minutes if you're traveling on 76, westbound on the vine to the blue route. a 16-minute trip right now. don't forget if you're taking the septa paoli thorndale line is delayed a little bit because of track problems that amtrak is having, guys. new from overnight, investigators are looking into a deadly fire at an assisted living facility in delaware county. one person died, another was hurt. dozens were evacuated. this fire broke out around 9:30 at the elwyn institute in middletown township. it's a facility for disabled people. nbc10's katy zachry joins us
6:32 am
live. you found out more about the victim. tell us more. >> reporter: yeah, vai, i talked to members of the pennsylvania state policebarracks, not far from here in media. they are releasing more information about the victim saying he's in his 60s or 70s. we understand he lived here at the institute. firefighters and state police along with the staff here at elwyn worked together to get nearly 40 people to safety last night. firefighters say the flames started in a room, though they won't say if the man who was killed lived in that room. >> workers here at elwyn did a great job. the troopers, the media barracks troopers tonight, they were all here, they were all helping to assist. people needed help getting out. >> reporter: and we also learned that a security guard and another employee here at elwyn were taken to a local hospital for observation. we're told they didn't suffer --
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major injuries, only minor injuries at this time. the fire broke out inside smith hall. and for the time being, the people who live in smith have been located to another building on campus. reporting live in media. katy zachry, "nbc10 news." now to the ebola outbreak. new measures are being taken at some airports to help stop the spread of the virus. this saturday, federal officials at five u.s. airports will begin taking the temperatures of people flying in from west africa. those airports are newark's jfk, newark liberty, washington dulles, chicago o'hare and atlanta hartsfield. the extra screenings will not be done at philadelphia international as few passengers from west africa arrive here. and now an infectious disease conference is takes place in philadelphia. nbc10's monique braxton joins us live outside the convention center with a preview of today's agenda, monique. >> reporter: rosemary, in less than three hours, doctors from
6:34 am
across the country will be coming here to the convention center to talk about what they have learned about ebola patients. experts here for the conference drawing doctors from everywhere. as they assemble, the nation learned thomas duncan, the first person diagnosed with ebola had died. today, we can expect to hear from physicians from atlanta where two aide workers were successfully treated. >> we are going to have fatalities. and so the next step is to look at the many promising experimental agents that are out there, the vaccines, the blood products. the pharmaceuticals and try and implement testing which would tell us which of these are beneficial. and which of these may actually be harmful to the patient. >> reporter: now, at this morning's session, an epidemiologist from johns hopkins, and a pediatrician from kansas city will talk about what they have learned about treating
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children who have had enterovirus d-68. monique braxton, "nbc10 news." a memorial service held at a church for the ebola victim eric thomas duncan. duncan died in the hospital. duncan was the first person diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. his neighbors believe he became infected when he helped a sick pregnant woman who later died from the virus. right now on, we have an entire section devoted to ebola. you can read how dr. kent brantly is working for those being treated with ebola. a man accused of abducting and killing a baby and her grandmother. jurors in the raghunandan yanda
6:36 am
murree, he could face the death penalty. a trial will commence for a philadelphia woman accused of leaving five children left in an suv running. a woman heard the children crying from inside the suv at a port richmond shopping center. minutes later police called to the scene had found thompson had gone shopping inside the supermarket. the children raging from 6 months to 9 years old were okay with the suv running with the air conditioner on. in 2014, the two people who may be duking it out for the white house in 2016 are in town today. hillary clinton and chris christie will be just a few miles apart. christie will support governor tom corbett at a campaign rally
6:37 am
in wayne, delaware county, and clinton will speak in philadelphia. >> announcer: now your "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. inches closer to sunrise this morning and some of the coolest temperatures in the morning. definitely cooler than yesterday in the 40s and 50s. but with clear skies, we'll see lots of sunshine. up near 70 for the afternoon. sunshine today, we're tracking rain that could be affecting your weekend and may start falling tomorrow. right now, the temperatures that are falling, 44 degrees in allentown, 52 in northeast philadelphia. millville is in the 40s at 47 degrees. not much wind, but the skies are nice and clear. a quick warmup today. into the middle 60s by lunchtime. it's 16 degrees cooler for millville and pottstown. off by 8 degrees in philadelphia. definitely a lehrer up sort of morning. but with bright sunshine, we'll see the temperatures climb this afternoon. tomorrow, it's a different
6:38 am
story. it will be cooler as these clouds move in. with the clouds it will bring a chance of rain later, too. 60s for allentown, quaker and reading. and bright sunny skies for doylestown and norristown. you'll see plenty of sunshine and temperatures near 70 for dover and atlantic city. sunny skies and a bit breezy for westchester and glassboro. a look at the seven-day forecast with the timing of the rain when i come back. 6:38, we got a check on mass transit and also an accident in montgomery county, i believe. >> yeah. let's check in with jillian mele for updates. >> i'm going to start on 422 and tell you what's going on there. this is a live look at 422, eastbound side, you see it's crawling along to oaks. right near trooper, we're dealing with an accident on the shoulder but definitely causing a bigger delay than we're used
6:39 am
to on 422, drive time from oaks to 202, 10 or 11 minutes right now. this is another accident in new hanover, big road at 273. use caution there. dealing with an accident at horsham, county line road at heath valley road. keep in mind if you're taking the rail lines, most of them looking good with the exception of the paoli thorndale line. improving relations between the police and their communities, what philadelphia's mayor is doing today to capitalize on lessons learned from the unrest in ferguson, missouri. and there's new evidence on how voter i.d. laws can put a lid on the turnout at the polls.
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all right quarter to 7:00, let's take a live look outside to ben franklin bridge.
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the sun's starting to clear up. clear skies out there. it is going to be cooler than yesterday. right now, we're in the mid-50s. also we do have rain in the forecast so stay tuned. new from overnight, one man is dead after he was shot by a police officer in st. louis, missouri. investigators say the officer was in uniform working the detail for a security agency when he approached four men who began to run away from him. it's unclear why. the officer chased them when one suspect jumped out from the bushes. there was a fight and the police say the suspect started shooting. the officer fired back killing the man. this incident happened just miles away from ferguson, missouri. a town that's still reeling from the police-involved shooting the michael brown. brown's death has touched people from all over the country. today's philadelphia's mayor is attending a meeting from a lesson learned from the unrest in ferguson. a police officer shot and killed brown, an unarmed
6:44 am
african-american teenager. eric holder has called for a review of police tactics. >> strong relationships founded on mutual respect can depend on enhanced operation between local residents and local officials. >> again, michael nutter is expected to meet with the police department on how to improve conditions within the community. delaware county couple are new parents this morning. it's a bittersweet story. their 0 baby boy is not expected to survive mon a few hours. shane michael haley was born at 2:35 this morning. on the facebook page prayers for shane shows mom and baby are doing well. after finding out they were pregnant doctors told jenna
6:45 am
gassew and dan haley that baby shane has a rare condition. they posted the pictures under the hash tag shane's bucket list. >> it's a step forward for a plan to create new jobs for philadelphia. it changes the tax credit for new job creation by changing the minimum wage requirement. it gives additional tax credits for certain new jobs created in 2015. the bill defines a new job as a full-time job with an average hourly wage that is at least 150% of the federal minimum wage and it must be created by a company within the city. a new report says coastal communities in new jersey and delaware are at risk because of rising sea levels. the report came from the union of concerned scientists. now, it says in the next 30 years, floods from high tides are going to happen much often
6:46 am
and get much worse. communities could see areas that damage property or cut off areas completely. today, time warner cable shareholders will vote on the proposed merger between time warner and comcast. comcast shareholders approved the bill yesterday. state and regulatory officials are deciding on whether to approve the measure by next year. comcast is the parent company of nbc10. this morning, philadelphia police want to know who's responsible for the racist graffiti that was found on a spring garden grove catholic school. police say somebody called them to tell them about the slur on the high school. the school called the maintenance supervisor a short time later. he's already removed the graffiti. we asked him if he's ever seen anything like it. >> we've seen some, but that's normal. but nothing like that. no, never. we never had -- we never had any problem around here. >> officers tell us there are
6:47 am
security cameras in the area. police say they will review them to determine if they can find any clues. well with less than a month until election day, a new study shows tougher voter i.d. laws put a damper on turnover. a survey found states with stiffer voter i.d. laws voters in those two groups send to support democrats. republicans say the tougher i.d. laws help reduce voter fraud. earlier this year, a pennsylvania judge ruled that such laws violate the state constitution. time to go to new york for a look ahead on the "today" show. >> check in with tamron hall and willie geist. >> rosemary, vai, good to see you. straight ahead, a sheriff's deputy who visited the dallas apartment where the ebola victim had stayed hospitalized this morning. that's as five major u.s. airports agree to step up screening of passengers from west africa.
6:48 am
and also how safe is the artificial turf that your kids play on? new health concerns raised. >> those stories and this is big, guys. a live concert in the plaza from one of the biggest bands of all time. that's fleetwood mac, putting on a full show outside. we're dancing already. all that and more you'll see here on "today." rosemary, vai, you guys fans? >> absolutely. >> i still have my "rumors" somewhere around the house. >> and they're playing around my birthday, tickets are 500 bucks. she wants a good seat. >> we'll take a collection at work for one ticket. >> all right, guys. we'll see you in about ten. >> all right, we'll see you. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley.
6:49 am
well, lots of jackets on people waiting to see fleetwood mac. it is cooler this morning. clear skies, dry and very calm conditions. the temperatures have really dropped this morning compared to yesterday. we're 55 degrees in philadelphia. that's one of the warmer spots. 8 degrees cooler than yesterday. it's in the 60s for cape may. but we've got some 40s in between philadelphia and the city. and areas north and west we're seeing 40s. pottstown, 42. 48 in doylestown. wrightstown is 51 degrees. look at westchester. down to 40 degrees right now. phoenix, 47, chester springs, 42 degrees. a chilly start but it's dry. no sign of any rain today. if that changes tomorrow, the rain that's moving into the midwest could be here as early as tomorrow afternoon. future weather shows by tomorrow morning, the clouds are moving in. by tomorrow afternoon, the first rain drops will be falling. so enjoy the sunshine while it's here today.
6:50 am
upper 60s and low 70s. the wind will be kicking in. but not quite as strong as yesterday. gusting to 20 miles per hour. cloudy and cooler tomorrow with a chance of afternoon showers that will intensify and continue into the morning. once we get sunshine in the afternoon, 63 degrees, the high temperature on saturday. stays cool on sunday. it will be dry to start with on the 40s. 63 in the afternoon. do see some showers develop late on sunday. and a possibility of some scattered showers again on monday. but it will be warmer for the work week. 78 degrees on tuesday. and a wednesday afternoon, back into the low 70s. at 6:50 this morning, traffic is starting to build out there on the roads. >> yeah, jillian mele is manning the traffic center, jillian. >> good morning, this came from one of the viewers, mike tweeted me there's a two-car accident on
6:51 am
the left lane, getting by slowly. we were able to confirm this information. you have that multivehicle accident and speeds on the 30 bypass about 15 miles an hour. we saw that accident 422 eastbound on trooper. 30 miles per hour is the average speed on 76. 12 is what we're seeing on 95. we had an accident, 76 westbound, the on ramp. that has been cleared. 76 is heavy. 95 is closed. and that accident on 422 as you can see is really doing damage. this is route 29, crawling along to trooper drive, 16 minutes on the eastbound side from oaks to route 202. vai. >> new from overnight, one person has died in the fire that raced through an assisted living facility. nbc10's katy zachry is live. hi, katy. >> reporter: hi, vai. through the morning, we've been talking to investigators, they tell me a man died in this fire that broke out at the assisted
6:52 am
living facility. i'll tell you how firefighters worked to get an employee to safety. coming up after the break.
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new from overnight, we're learning more about a fire an an is sifted living facility in delaware county that left one person dead and another injured. nbc10's katy zachry is live near the scene in middletown township, katy. >> reporter: rosemary, the fire chief tells me on the way here they were worried because they learned that it was in a building where people lived at the elwyn institute, a facility that caters to physical and mental disabilities. firefighters were side by side with state police who responded to help staff to safety, many of them older and not able to get
6:56 am
out of the building themselves. one man in his 60s or 70s, i'm told, died from injuries he received in the fire. a security guard and another employee suffered minor injuries. the fire broke out inside one of the rooms inside smith hall. smith hall is a total loss for people who live there have been put up in another building here on the campus. are investigating. the state troopers out of the media barracks. island told they do not know the cause of the fire at this time. reporting live, katy zachry, "nbc10 news." and the conference on infectious disease continues with all eyes on ebola. monique braxton joins us live from the philadelphia convention center with more. >> reporter: vai, this morning, we're going to hear from two doctors who have successfully treated ebola patients. they also learned thomas duncan the first person diagnosed with ebola diagnosed in america had
6:57 am
dietoday we can expect to hear from physicians in atlanta where two aide workers were successfully treated. one of them says the next step is to look at promising agents like vaccine, blood products, pharmaceuticals, and then try to implement struggle testing. also at this morning's session an epidemiologist from johns hopkins and a pediatrician will discuss treating children with ender row virus d-68. we'll have more coming up live outside the convention center, monique braxton, "nbc10 news." thank you, monique. two potential presidential candidates are both in the philadelphia area trying to influence the pennsylvania governor's race. nbc10's jesse gary is live in the area with more on where chris christie and hillary clinton will be. >> reporter: secretary clinton will be at the women's center for a rally for wolf at 5:00
6:58 am
this afternoon. at the same time, governor christie is on the main line with governor corbett trying to build political inroads there. analysts say both of these heavyweight contenders are positioning themselves for a presidential run in 2016. jesse gary, "nbc10 news." good morning, as we approach 7:00, we're dealing with heavy delays out of chester county right now. the route 30 bypass. this is a live look you that can see crawling along at 3:22. eastbound, we're dealing with a two vehicle accident taking off the left lane. we have the left lane open to traffic and that's backing things up and causing the delays. an extended delay on the route 30 bypass. keep that in mind. ben franklin bridge crawlingology on camden. and we're still dealing with delays on the paoli thorndale
6:59 am
line. inbound delays because of amtrak problems. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather. a chillier start this morning, and if you look right along the delaware this morning, this is a view from the shawnee inn in the pocono mountains. you see a little cloud hugging the water. bright sunshine, warm temperatures that are much cooler this morning. 17 degrees chillier this morning cared to yesterday in millville. pottstown is 16 degrees chillier and nine degrees chillier in philadelphia. we're seeing 40s and low 50s to start with. bright sunshine, and 55 degrees in the city but by noon time, we'll be at 55 degrees and climbing to 70 this afternoon. got to enjoy today because it may out be so nice or the weekend. >> the "today" show is up next. we'll see you nor local updates in about 25 minutes. >> for more news and weather go
7:00 am
to our website nbc10 have a good one. growing fear. a deputy who visited the family is being tested for the disease while five u.s. airports prepare to step up screenings of all passengers coming in from west africa. inspired by isills. abc news has learned intelligence official picked upt chatter of possible terror attacks in canada. one included mowing down shoppers at a crowded mall. new fallout, he loses another role aftershocking allegations of child molestation. he and hills wife trade allegations that collins