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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  October 9, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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fired was standing by as standby counsel. he had pointed words when he emerged from the courtroom after the guilty verdicts were read. he said his client went 180 degrees, put on a defense he did not agree with. we spoke with nandamuri's attorney who's representing him through the penalty phase. here's what he had to say about his client. >> i think it's fair to say that he was stunned. he -- he thought that he was going to have a different verdict. whether or not he -- that seems plausible to court observers is deba debateable. he thought he was going to get a better verdict and he was stunned. his defense all along was he didn't do it. >> reporter: do you think now in front of the jury he'll take responsibility in order to try to spare his life? >> i think we'll have to see. >> reporter: again, the penalty phase beginning just for one witness only. that is raghunandan yandamuri's mother who is sobbing on the witness stand. they took a break so she could
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compose herself after her son was convicted on two counts of first-degree murder. as for the reaction of yandamuri, he sat with his hands folded in his, almost in his lap there and didn't say a word. he didn't have any reaction. but, again, right now the beginning part of this penalty phase is ongoing. that is the latest, reporting live from montgomery county courthouse, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, deanna. our other big story tonight. two potential presidential contenders bringing their star power to pennsylvania. new jersey governor chris christie and hillary clinton are both in town in a show of party support. tonight, we have live team coverage, randy gyllenhaal is in wayne where christie just wrapped up a rally with baengs governor tom corbett. >> we begin with nbc 10's george spencer live at independence mall. hillary clinton will take the stage for tom wolf in just a matter of minutes, george? >> reporter: yeah, jim, it is a standing room only crowd spread around this atrium as expected and an energized crowd, giving
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the campaign of tom wolf a boost here in philadelphia. a campaign that is already favored by the polls. as we take a look at the podium, you can see that former candidate katie mcginnty has just taken the stage here. we are expecting tom wolf and then hillary clinton in just minutes. though this has been built as a women for wolf event, it is pretty evenly split among the crowd and includes many who are perhaps most interested and the headliners, potential presidential ambitions. >> what i want to hear from hillary is she's running. i'm looking forward to her running for president. >> the big question is what you want answered. >> right. >> reporter: think she's going to answer it tonight? >> probably not. >> reporter: at least you're realistic. >> i'd like to hear it, though. i know it's coming. i'm almost certain. i'm confident that she will run. >> reporter: we're not necessarily expecting to hear that tonight, but obviously we will be listening for it. the candidate, tom wolf, is expected to take the stage in just minutes followed thereafter by hillary clinton.
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we'll be watching it for you. that is the latest live right now at the national constitution center. george spencer, nbc 10 news. and meanwhile, new jersey governor chris christie crossed statelines today to help pennsylvania governor tom corbett keep his job. >> nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live in wayne. randy, corbett is behind in the polls. so what was the mood like there? >> reporter: well, the theme here at valley forge military academy was clearly that the clock is ticking, but it's more than enough time to catch up in these polls. the corbett campaign bringing in potential 2016 candidate and our neighbor to the east, new jersey governor chris christie joined the corbett family on stage. now, this duo who have worked together for the past four years took democrat tom wolf to task immediately on taxes. claiming that a vote for wolf is a vote for higher tax rates on local families. but corbett as you guys mentioned is quite behind in certain polls. double digits in some cases. he told the crowd that there is still enough time. it's early, asking them to
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evangelize for his campaign. >> we have to get the vote out. we can win this race. >> fact is that, you know, we would love the polls to be tighter, but day are what they are. but i feel like this has made a real difference. i think you're going to see a move in the polls over the course of the next ten days and will make it a close race at the end. >> reporter: chris christie very popular here at the rally. he's been stumping for gop governors across the country. many who are also vulnerable like governor corbett. many supporters told me they just wanted to see a potential 2016 front-runner up close. we're live in wayne, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, randy. now to today's developments in the ebola outbreak. in dallas, health officials say the sheriffs deputy who exhibited symptoms of ebola has tested negative for the disease. now, that deputy went inside the apartment where the late ebola victim, eric duncan was staying. in liberia, a fourth doctor has died at an ebola treatment
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center. more than 90 health workers have also died there. today, u.s. lawmakers approved an additional $700 million to help fight the outbreak in africa. well, here at home, leaders are not taking any chances when it comes to ebola. >> that outbreak has philadelphia taking action. live look at the skyline tonight as the city's agreed to begin holding hearings about how it's prepared for health emergencies like ebola. council members say it's important to be on guard. >> prevention is better than a pounded cure. so if we prepare and it never happens, great. if it comes our way, we need to be ready for it. >> city council has not yet set a date for when the preparedness hearings will begin. ebola is a big topic at the third annual infectious disease conference in philadelphia right now, along with enterovirus d-68. one child in our area died after contracting that virus. the children's hospital of philadelphia is testing other children for it.
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experts say this strain is a new one and can be dangerous, but parents sho s should not panic. >> our challenges are sometimes scientific, to be faced with many new diseases in a single year, spread in new areas. they're also economic and political. to get people to care about infectious diseases not just when there's a crisis in the headlines but to help us be prepared for the next big thing. the one thing we know in infectious diseases, there's going to be another big thing. we don't know what it's going to be. >> doctors say influenza is much more dangerous and deadly than enterovirus d-68. we know you have questions about ebola and enterovirus d-68. so visit for special sections devoted to both. you'll also find the latest news including details on how scientists are trying to find a vaccine. new at 6:00, police in delaware charged a man after a road rage incident involving a 6-year-old child. police arrested 28-year-old
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augustine flores perez in wilmington. they say he fired a shot out of his window and in the direction of a 26-year-old man he got into an argument with yesterday evening. a 6-year-old child was also in the car with that man. flores perez is charged with two counts of reckless endangering in the first degree among other charges. new charges are filed against four ocean county high school football players accused in a string of robberies. 18-year-old devon delaney and three teammates were charged today with an attempted robbery in lakewood after the alleged victim came forward. delaney and the others already accused of three holdups in lakewood and two armed robberies in toms river. the other suspects have not been identified because they're juveniles. all play for lakewood high school. new jersey lawmakers are considering a bill that would require employers to pay workers for sick leave. the assembly labor committee heard from labor and trade associations, but no decision was made. under the proposal, workers would be entitled to one hour of paid sick leave for every 30
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hours that they work. full-time employees would accrue up to 40 hours or 5 days. tonight, atlantic city casino workers came up with a counteroffer to save trump taj mahal from closing next month. proposed reducing pension contributions. the parent company wants the employees to give up their entire pension and health care coverage. both sides plan to meet tomorrow. just yesterday, 24 workers were arrested as hundreds protested in the streets near the casino. turning now to the weather. and a look at nbc 10's first alert radar. skies clear now, but as you can see there, rain is approaching. >> so let's go to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. what can we expect tonight? >> well, tonight the rain will not be here. not yet. but temperatures will drop down again, so it will be a cool night tonight. the clouds will continue to increase. yes, we are tracking rain. it's mainly going to be later tomorrow. see it all off to our west now. a big band of moisture is going to keep moving in this direction. so we'll continue to see the
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clouds and then ultimately the rain later tomorrow. so locally, we have mostly cloudy conditions. big changes from what we had earlier today. temperatures, though, are dropping into about the mid 60s for most of the area. 66 now in philadelphia. 66 wilmington. mid 6 os closer to the shore. but the clouds tonight will not be bringing the rain. just those cooler temperatures will start to set in. so as we go toward 8:00 p.m. tonight, temperatures right around 63 degrees. the clouds will stay around. even by 10:00, around 60 degrees. another cool night tonight. cool start tomorrow. cooler temperatures tomorrow afternoon. then we're tracking rain into the weekend. i'll show you the timing of that coming up. the tensions between people in north philadelphia and temple university students is about to go up for debate at philadelphia city council. today council president darryl clark introduced new legislation to designate the area an educational housing district. it would hold students responsible for certain conduct and landlords of unruly students could lose their rental licenses. the measure must now be debated
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in committee. the manhunt for fugitive eric frin continues into its 27th day. a journal frein left behind gis us a cold-blooded and chilling account of the night two pennsylvania state troopers were ambushed. frein wrote he saw his shot and took it, watching from a distance, as his victim, corporal bryon dickson, dropped to the ground. he killed bryon dickson and wounded alex douglass. two accused of sexually assaulting a woman at an atlantic city casino. andre torres entered a plea of not guilty, released on his own recolony zans. a second denied it. a new york woman says two assaulted her at the taj mahal last april. according to court documents he said she was drunk and unable to resist. new jersey's board of medical examiners has stripped
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abortion doctor steven brigham of his final medical license. the move means he'll loose eight abortion clinics in new jersey. he was cited for starting late-term abortions in new jersey and finishing them in maryland. it's a violation of law in both states. a philadelphia museum about to lose a big part of its popular collection. the rosenbak museum and lie briar has 10,000 pieces of maurice sendak's work. the author of "where the wild things are" died in may. it will operate a museum at his connecticut home. a spokesperson confirms the collection is leaving but says no timeline's been set yet. the current exhibit "sendak in the '60s" runs through november 2nd. is this outfit appropriate for school? a local teenager was sent home for wearing it. what the school said, and why the girl's mom is upset about it. and a bittersweet update on a local story that's gained
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national attention. today baby shane was born. how he and his family managed to make a lifetime's worth of memories during his very short time on this earth. coming up tonight, now a member of congress has joined many of our viewers raising voices after our report last night raising health concerns about athletic fields that our children play on. also tonight, the death with dignity case getting so much attention. it involves a 29-year-old. and in pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware, count on complete coverage of breaking news, major news, and weather. jim rosenfield and jacqueline london. tonight at 11:00. nbc 10 news. count on it. the usual?
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sad follow-up this evening on a story many of you have been following closely on our
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website, just hours after a delaware county couple welcomed shane michael haley into their lives the newborn passed away suffering from a rare birth defect. in the moments after this morning's delivery jenna gassew and shane haley posted this on their facebook page. they called it his bucket list. the page has nearly 800,000 followers and this morning, the couple's status update read, after meeting his entire family and being baptized into the catholic faith, baby shane died peacefully in his mother's arms. 17-year-old girl said she was unfairly sent home for breaking her school's dress code. now take a look here. here is the outfit she was wearing. the girl says she was sent home from brandywine high school in wilmington because she was wearing leggings. the girl tells wdel she was wearing a jakt acket and boots.
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only a few inches of the leggings were shoring. her mom told her the school told her it was trying to make sure the boys weren't distracted by girls' clothing. the mom said buys should be responsible for their own behavior. the school says the dress code promotes a proper learning environment. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, more clouds are moving into the area right now. but the good news :uis, there'so rain with any of these clouds. no rain moving in tonight. it's not going to be until late tomorrow. but for tonight, with the clouds, we do have some cool temperatures that will be setting in. clouds around tomorrow. cooler temperatures through tomorrow afternoon. and then the rain as we go into the weekend. it will come as late as tomorrow night. some showers could approach in the afternoon. but some of that will be lingering into saturday. here is a beautiful view now of center city. as the sun is setting. we have more clouds moving into the area. so pretty much overcast skies. starting to build through much of the area. again, there's to rain with it. temperature now at 66 degrees.
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so the temperatures are dropping down pretty quickly. winds are starting to diminish a little bit, too. right now around 10 miles an hour. earlier they were gusting closer to 25. through the lehigh valley, mid 60s for the most part. 62 westchester. mid 50s in the poconos. mid 50s there. through south jersey and delaware, temperatures about the mid 60s. we'll continue to see numbers drop through the overnight hours. locally on satellite and radar, overcast skies for some of us. to our west, there's a band of moisture streaming across the middle of the country. it's moving in this direction. by late tomorrow, the clouds will be bringing the rain. but until then, just cooler temperatures setting in. for the overnight hours into early tomorrow morning, we'll see those clouds around. through the afternoon, a few showers get closer. this is 5:00 p.m. friday. then by about 10:00, 11:00 friday night, that's when more showers start to move in. these will last overnight and even starting off your day saturday, the farther south you are of philadelphia, the better your rain chances are. through the afternoon, we start
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to see more clearing from north to south. sunday looks pretty good, too. some of the clouds will start to come back as we go late into the day sunday. there's a possibility of the shower late in the day. eagles forecast, starting off with the game, cool temperatures. 60 degrees by 8:30. 11:00 p.m., 57 degrees. don't be surprised if you see a shower in the area. right now, increasing clouds, too. for tonight, clouds continue to increase. 51 for the low in philadelphia. 42 areas north and west. tomorrow we'll see more clouds again. a cooler afternoon. 59 to 63 degrees. chance of late rain. mainly at night. and overnight into saturday morning. once again, like last weekend we have rain starting off the weekend. take a look at the high temperatures both saturday and sunday. low 60s. sunday does look better. by next week, we are back in the 70s. >> thanks, sheena. happening now, a school battle in wilmington. the schools could be getting new grant money. some parents and features aren't happy about the conditions that come along with it. >> nbc 10 delaware bureau
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reporter tim furlong live tonight in wilmington. how quickly things change. >> reporter: here tonight at the wilmington council meeting that just got started we're probably going to hear from upset teachers and parents. take a look. i was at this thing. remember this news conference a month ago on the steps of the troubled warner elementary school. governor markell was there. to talk about priority schools plan. everyone was excited that day. the state would send $6 million to six struggling schools to get them back on track. warner was one of the schools, as was highland's elementary here. then the districts got the fine print that basically says all the teachers would have to reaprea p ply for the jobs. it said the state would have time approval of the plan and if they couldn't come up with a plan the schools would be privatized or turned over to charter schools. the teachers, superintendent, school boards are unhappy. they want to work with the state on a new plan. as we come back live out here to the city county building, tonight the state education
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secretary is inside the meeting for the wilmington city council. lots of teachers signed the log sheet there. they want to get up and make their voices heard. they do not like the idea that they have to reapply for the jobs. a lot of the people feel like they're being blamed because of the school's poor performance. we're going to keep you posted on the story. certainly an interesting one in delaware. live in wilmington, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. i'm john clark live at the wells fargo center. coming up, the flyers' home o n opener. we're going to hear from them and go one on one with wane simmons. plus more trash talk coming from the new york giants. and the eagles respond. it's all next.
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diarrhea, and headache. woman: amitiza helped me find relief from my chronic constipation. ask your doctor if amitiza is right for you. over the past four years pennsylvania has gone from 9th to 47th in job creation. and now, news about our economy is getting even worse. "pennsylvania's jobless rate is up for the second straight month as employment fell and unemployment rose." "bond rating agency has cut pennsylvania's rating to double a minus because of recurring budget deficits." "the state government is out of cash and is scrambling to make sure school districts and state employees can even be paid."
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hey, i'm john clark live at the wells fargo center for the flyers home opener. season opener last night they lost in boston. tonight a back to back. they get the devils. we went one-on-one with wane simmons, the new alternate captain, as he arrived tonight. >> the building is always rocking especially on open night. it's going to be great to play. i know the fans are going to be amped up. >> after the team got off to a slow start last year, is this par mount this year, can't get into a hole like this? >> i think so. it took a lot of us last year to fight, you know, to fight to get into the playoffs going down the stretch. we're a resilient bunch. we did it. obviously it would be better if we didn't get off to a horrible start so we'd have more left in the tank. >> i saw withdryou come in with walk boot. is it still in pain, battling through this? >> it's okay. i'm able to play, able to practice. that's all i need. >> reporter: steve mason will be in goal tonight. eagles/giants getting ready
6:25 pm
for sunday night football on nbc 10. take a look. good news. for the first time this week ryans was actually out there practicing but he was limited. his teammates believe he's going to play sunday night, but he says he's going to have to decide. he still has some issues with the groin. michael l kendricks did not practice again. he looks doubtful. and the trash talk continues for the new york giants. jason pierre paul, the defensive end says, i don't like philly, i could care less about philly. and listen to this shot he takes at the eagles. his math doesn't add up here. >> at the end of the day, 4-1, but it could have been easily 0-4. >> probably a lot of hostility going into this game. lot of mixed emotions. so people are, you know, things are going to start to build up as the week starts to -- as it gets closer to game day. we have to make sure we stay level headed and don't do other instigating, don't want to give them more material to fire them up for an already emotional
6:26 pm
game. there's going to be a war of words. we want to make sure we're not the instigators. we are three nights away from sunday night football. eagles/giants across the street. it's going to be rocking, jim. john clark live at the wells fargo center. flyers highlights at 11:00. also coming up tonight at 11:00, young children videotaping a sexual encounter with an 11-year-old girl. tonight police and the cool are investigating after the video was posted on social media. that's tonight on 11:00 after an all new "parenthood."
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check on the weather. >> yes, tonight is going to be cool again. we have the clouds moving in tomorrow night. they're going to bring us the rain that's going to last into the weekend. saturday we're starting off with showers. look at the temperatures. 62 saturday. 62 sunday. big improvement saturday afternoon and saturday night. going into sunday, we'll see clouds kind of come back. could see a shower for the eagles game, but nothing major. and into next week, we are back into the 70s. but it's going to stay a little chilly across the weekend. >> all right. not bad.
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thanks, sheena for. all of us here at nbc 10, thanks for watching. i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> i'm jim rosenfield. the news continues now. on our broadcast tonight, global crisis. the cdc is warning the world hasn't seen a threat like ebola since the aids crisis. they've delivered a dire warning that more needs to be done to stop it now. our nbc news investigation on artificial turf. so many of you have contacted us about health concerns. now a member of congress is asking for answers about the potential risks. shot in the street, another police shooting near ferguson, missouri re-igniting protests. but this time police say there's a big difference. and final wish. the newlywed whose impossible choice has started a national conversation about what we choose to do with our lives. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york,