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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  October 12, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now on nbc 0 news at 6:00, growing fears over the ebola outbreak. >> at some point there was a breach in protocol. and that breach in protocol resulted in this infection. >> tonight, the centers for disease control has confirmed that a female health care worker who treated thomas eric duncan in dallas has tested positive for the ebola virus. >> this is the first known case of ebola being contracted or transmitted in the u.s. >> that nurse was wearing full protective dwer while caring for duncan who later died from the virus.
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a short time agnew video was released of that apartment where the victim lived. meantime, president obama was briefed on the latest in the ebola crisis. he has asked the centers for disease control to move as quickly in possible in investigating the protocol in texas. he is asking that they are prepared to deal with ebola patients. here at home we spent the day at a local emergency room trying to determine if they would be ready for such an outbreak. what did you learn? >> reporter: good evening. we had exclusive access to the hospital in wilmington. they not only have medical supplies but protective
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clothing. >> it makes you think a little harder. >> reporter: that's how the chief nurse reacted upon hearing a health care worker here in texas presbyterian in dallas has ebola. they showed us how prepared they are should a patient exhibiting a fever offer symptoms of ebola show up here. >> our protocol is ha we'll do the screening. >> reporter: the doctor says that screening according to the cdc protocol involves finding out if the person has traveled to locations of the ebola outbreak in the last 21 days. if so -- >> we'll place the patient in isolation. >> reporter: they will also wear protective clothing. >> these go on your face. there's a great protection for any airborne. there are slippers you put on over your shoes. you put these on. and then you put the gown on.
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and then lastly, you would put on your protective mask. >> reporter: health officials in texas say the nurse wore that protective clothing but there may have been a breach in protocol. what could it mean? >> it could mean removing your ppe improperly. >> reporter: and that ppe being personal protective equipment or clothing. in the meantime, all u.s. hospitals are being called on to implement a full preparedness emergency plan in the event of ebola. live outside the convention center, monique braxton. >> visit nbc for any new developments on the spretd ad o the veeirus as well as answers your questions. the a man is behind bars on
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reports that he killed his mother inside the home. they found gwendolyn pratt dead. his bail was set at $1 million. 14 more parishes are on the chopping block. the parishes of st. francis of assisi and others are being considered. st. katherine, st. genevieve and holy martyrs in orland. and st. george, and our lady health of christians could close. it is almost time. the wait is over.
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it is football night. all eyes will be on the eagles. >> birds started the day tied in first place. they are hoping to hold onto the lead tonight. we have coverage of the big game. first we begin with brittany shipp tracking the weather. >> it's going to be a beautiful night for football. you can see that the parking lot is packed. this is great for tailgating . we're seeing plenty of sunshine. for philadelphia, 62 degrees. the air is calm, humidity is at 44%. the game starts at 8:30. the clouds will continue to increase. by the fourth quarter we'll drop into the mid-50s. coming up, i'll be talking about a warming trend and unsettled
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weather. let's go live to the eagles tailgate party outside the stadium. you've been talking to former eagles. how are they feeling? >> reporter: very confident and so are these people. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: a great running back and defensive tackle darwin walker, these guys have got that, and i've got the kelly green, old school. old school. that's how we do it. you guys feel good about tonight? >> oh, man, we can't wait. it's exciting being out here with all the fans. >> eagles win big tonight. i got all my faith in eagles. that's what i'm talking about. >> reporter: you brought all these folks out. >> we're all celebrating together. these guys are going to lead an eagles cheer. here we go.
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>> e-a-g-l-e-s! eagl eagles! >> reporter: oh, that was weak. that was weak. back over there. all right. listen, we're going to get ready for the game. be sure to tune in tonight. [cheers and applause] >> whoo! >> i think vi's ready. you see those nikes he's wearing? the fans will be ready. stay tuned for the game. coverage starts at 7:00. kickoff is at 8:20. after the matchup, you can catch post game right here on nbc 10 tonight. family and friends gathered
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today to pay their respects to the dean of philadelphia sportscasters. phil campbell died at the age of 91. a viewing was held at the funeral home. there will be a funeral mass tomorrow. campbell was behind the mic when wilt chamberlain scored 100 points in a game. a local limo company under fire tonight. >> one customer claims they took her on more than just a ride. >> i, i am just frustrated and annoyed and angry. >> we uncover a woman angry with charges for a trip she never booked. we'll tell you about the social media post that's prompted a scare. work the way it did mmune system dt when rock was young. so we made fluzone high-dose vaccine... for people 65+.
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we are counting down to kickoff. a live look where the eagles and giants will play in about an hour. in other news, penn state police are investigating an anonymous threat of a campus shooting. it was posted on yik yak. a poster said there would be a shooting at the student union center tomorrow. the building is known as the hub. penn state police were alerted to the threat by students and will be stationed at the hub thomas a precautionary measure. a vigil for a hazing victim is being held across from the war memorial school. players are accused of sex crimes. fraudulent charges.
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a customer claims a local limo company charged her for a trip she never took. and we saw a lot more sunshine tonight. plus i'm tracking a warming trend and unsettled weather. what to expect is coming up.
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an area limo company is accused of taking a customer for more than just a ride. >> everything was okay until some surprise charges began popping up on her credit card. >> carly miller tells me she's been fighting with the limo company for nearly a year. one of the issues -- she got charged for a trip she says she never booked. carly miller tells us she paid
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for a trip in the poconos. her first sign of trouble was a $179 cleaning fee charge to her credit card after the trip. miller says she never agreed to the fee. and the limo was clean when she left it. she disputed the charge with her credit card company. in response, rp limo sent the credit card company this document with what it says are her initials. miller says she never saw the document nor initialed it. then about a month later she got charged for a trip to new york city. she says she never took. >> i ended up looking at my credit card again, and there was another charge for $740. >> the limo company insists that she took the trip and sent miller's credit card company this document with what it says is her signature. she maintains she never saw this document either. >> those documents were fraudulent. i didn't, i had never signed those documents. they didn't even look anything like my signature.
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>> miller sent us this copy of her ohio driver's license to compare signatures. >> i can't go show up at their door and bang on their door and contact them and try and get information from them directly, because i'm about 700 miles away from them. >> but we can and did. after nearly two months of phone calls and promises that someone would get back to us, i went to the company's office in clifton, new jersey. no one there was authorized to speak on the company's behalf. but later, an attorney for rp limo sent us a letter saying the company is, quote, investigating the allegations and will respond directly to miller, adding it is company policy not to discuss customer accounts with a third party. miller tells us she hasn't heard from the company since march and wants justice. >> it's been very frustrating and very stressful. >> carly isn't the only one who
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wants rp limo held accountable. coming up after the eagles game you'll hear from more unhappy customers. plus we dig deeper. i'll show you what we learned after we dig through records and why police are now investigating. harry hairston, nbc 10 news. now your first alert weather. >> it's going to be a nice night for football, especially since we got a lot of the rain out of the way yesterday. increasing clouds and then a warming trend as we head back to work. and an unsettled week for us. we are going to see a chance of showers for us over most of next week. you can see how packed the parking lot is. we're pabarely seeing any cloud. the temperatures are nice and comfortable at 62 degrees. the air is calm right now. and we're about 8 degrees warmer
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right now than we were yesterday. in the poconos, 61 degrees. we're still well below our original. our average this time of year is 69 degrees. we've seen temperatures today and yesterday staying below that average. and as high pressure builds we are going to remain above average. a few spotty showers to the west of our area this evening, but we do expect to stay dry. by 8:00, cool conditions expected. 56 degrees, right around the time the game starts. by 11:00, we will see temperatures dropping down into the low 50s. so it's going to be a chilly night especially as you're leaving the game. by 8:00 tomorrow morning, cloudy skies once again. for tonight, increasing clouds. temperatures drop down to 52 degrees. 46 for suburbs to the north and west.
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a chance of showers tomorrow and warmer than what we saw today. heading into tuesday, mostly cloudy but warmer. a chance of showers, rain likely by thursday. and temperatures drop back down by the end of your workweek. beautiful night for football here on this october night, i'm john clark. sunday night football. the birds arriving a little bit earlier. we're going to hear from them and how they're going to get their offense going against the giants, coming up next.
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hey, everybody, i'm john
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clark, live at the link. take a look at the eagles behind me on the field. they're going to wear black, all black uniforms tonight for the first time ever in eagles history. the birds have won seven straight games here at the link. they have won nine of 12 versus the giants, but the jgiants hav won three in a row. and the eagles need to get their offense going. >> we'll continue to establish the running game and continue to work together as a team. all these games have been team wins. we've had big plays on special teams and defense. we have to continue to glrow. >> there's no excuse. we've got to get it done. i think we've thrown the ball well. when we're boxed in there. >> we'll continue to go out there and wein.
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i don't care how we win as long as we go out there and win. >> reporter: just to let you know, lesean mccoy, he's going for 100 or more yards. hopefully the eagles get their offense going and nick foles can get the defense going. how about the trash talk. one said eagles may be 4-1, but they really could be 0-4. but the eagles this week, they really didn't want to get mixed nun this trash talk. >> i didn't hear too much about what they been saying, but they've been talking a lot over the years. >> talk is cheap. play the game. that's high memy message. >> big game for us, prime time tv with us wearing all black. we'll go out there and get it. >> reporter: come things to look out for, the red zone. and the giants lead the nfl with
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eight interceptions. we caught up with the former steelers. and he's got a continue from jeremy maclin. >> he said during practice that he's got the best. so now they've got an opportunity to both be, i'm sure drc's going to follow him around. that should be a matchup that everybody needs to watch. >> i'm seeing a lot of former pro athletes and analysts say they're taking the giants, the giants are the overwhelming pick tonight in america. >> philadelphia is going to have a home crowd, blazing. i'm going with the home team, philadelphia. >> and you want to be safe here at the link. >> no question. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: all right. we're going to get ready for tonight. how about what happened this afternoon.
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joe flacco, the quickest ever to five touchdowns. it is unbelievable. nick foles seven touchdown record is in tact. don't worry about that. and we're going to have a full wrapup of the eagles/giants matchup tonight. vai sikahema and i will be live. we will be right back after this.
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that's nbc 10 news for now. i'm keith jones. >> and i'm jaclyn london. we'll see you after the post game. go birds. goodnight.
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on this sunday night, a new ebola case. this one contracted inside an american hospital. after what is described as a breach of protocol. tonight the unsettling questions about just how prepared we really are and who now is at risk. caught on camera, a slew of cell phone videos in recent days appear to show acts of police brutality but is it an accurate picture of what is really going on out there? and close encounters of the giant kind. dozens of whales put on a show like no other.