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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  October 13, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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health care workers. but they still don't know exactly how the nurse was exposed to the virus despite wearing the recommended protective gear. nbc 10 national correspondent chris pallone has the latest on the outbreak from dallas. >> reporter: monday a cleanup crew that specializes in hazardous materials worked to decontaminate a dallas apartment. the woman who lives there is a nurse at texas presbyterian hospital. she was diagnosed with the ebola virus over the weekend. >> i feel awful that a health care worker became infected in the care of an ebola parent. she was there trying to help the first patient survive and now she has become infected. >> reporter: the centers for disease control says a breach of protocol led to the first person-to-person ebola transmission in the united states. and is leading top health officials to examine every aspect of working with ebola patients. >> we have to rethink the way we address ebola infection control because even a single infection is unacceptable. >> our prayers and thoughts go
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towards the nurse and her family. >> reporter: missionary nancy writebol recently survived an ebola infection she got while working in liberia. >> it's possible that when you come out of a unit that as you take off your gloves, you might even touch your face. >> reporter: writebol urges americans to have compassion for ebola victims. >>ç all of us need to have a respectful fear of ebola. it's serious. it is serious. but a panic, because we have these cases, i don't think is right or good. >> reporter: despite several airport ebola scares over the past week, no other cases of the deadly disease have been confirmed. and there is good news when it
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comes to the condition of ashoka mukpo. over the weekend, his health turned a corner and he's regained his appetite. in dallas, chris pallone, nbc news. as concerns about ebola grow, officials at philadelphia international airport say they are following guidelines from the cdc to deal with the ebola outbreak. in a statement, airport officials said, in part, phl does not have any direct flights from west africa. additionally, phl is not one of the five u.s. airports designated by the department of homeland security for additional ebola screenings. still, airport personnel will monitor all international travele travelers entering the united states for symptoms of ebola, that includes asking them questions if they suspect a traveler has ebola or ebola-like symptoms. they will coordinate with the cdc and local health departments. main line health systems hospitals have been training for months if ebola makes its way into the emergency room. today they showed us that training. if you walk into lankenau
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emergency, you'll be asked if you have a temperature and if you traveled recently through west africa. face masks are being provided. montgomery county emergency service crews are trying to identify potential ebola cases before they come into a patient's home and bring them to a hospital. they're supplied with personal protection gear and they've practiced moving the potential patient to a negative pressure room. >> the patient would arrive with the medics in protective gear and further, the patient would have a mask on and, in most cases, have an impermeable sheet over them to allow all fluids to stay contained within the patient. >> nurses and docto@s and other appropriate personnel continue to train and review to be prepared. they already had a couple false alarms. health care professionals in our area worry the current crisis could spark an influx of patients but ebola symptoms can mimic a cold or flu.
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how do you know? we'll tell you the symptoms they want you to look out for, ahead at 5:30. count on nbc 10 and for your continuing coverage of the ebola outbreak. right now on our website, you'll find the latest developments on the spread of the virus as well as answers to your health-related questions. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> today's gloomy skies didn't keep these kids from the play ground in montgomery county. nbc 10 at the greater plymouth community center in plymouth township. they love playing outside, no matter what. you can see here behind us, it is a foggy evening. how long will these conditions last. >> barely see the building as a matter of fact. meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking that rain and other big changes. sheena? >> we start with the fog across the area. we have a few showers. here is that live look at center city right now. you can see not only just the bottom of the buildings but you can see the clouds really starting to lower to cover the tops of the buildings. this is fog setting in for part of the area.
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some of us, aside from the fog forming are dealing with light showers. this is mostly through parts of south jersey, atlantic, cape may counties. millville dealing with light rain. this continues to move towards the shore and eventually out. we'll continue to see the fog spread across the area. farther back off to our west, we're watching a big area of showers and thunderstorms. this will get here by the middle of the week. in the forecast, we also have thunderstorms by about wednesday night. visibility, though, west of philadelphia has been the lowest, two miles in reading. 1 1/2 in lancaster. atlantic city is already seeing 2 1/2-mile visibility. this will continue to drop as we go overnight tonight. for the morning commute, keep that in mind, that there will be fog around. 6:00 this evening, staying ç cloudy. a few showers around, too. by 8:00, clouds and drizzle. the fog tens to move in. 61 degrees. we stay in the low 60s by 10:00 p.m. it will stay cloudy. more fog developing across the area. like i mentioned, we have it
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around for the morning commute. i show you the timing of those thunderstorms as we go through the week. that's straight ahead. developing now union representatives say a tentative agreement has been reached between septa and the engineers who run trains on its regional rail lines. after five years of negotiations, the two sides reached a deal that includes a five-year contract covering workers retroactively and moving forward through july of 2015. union reps say the terms include a 13% pay raise. a presidential emergency board has been appointed to help with negotiations. members still have to vote on the deal. septa has not confirmed the deal. moving target. that's what people in the poconos are saying about suspected cop killer eric frein. this is the manhunt for the fugitive passes the one-month mark. nbc 10's doug shimell has the latest on where authorities are searching now. >> reporter: not many law enforcers thought this search
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would be going on more than a month after the ambush, neither did a lot of residents and merchants. the tourist destinations well outside the search zone still sit nearly empty. the tourists still scared away by the rolling search convoys that move in military-like fashion along the monroe/pike county border. in the last few days, state police took evidence from two rooms at the abandoned penn hills resort in straud township. it's where nbc 10 first reported about recently inhabited rooms with windows covered in plastic, ceilings and walls plastered in newspaper articles and bizarre messages. search teams go back over other abandoned properties, no doubt worried that fugitive sniper eric frein might think it's safe to hide there. soç in between those live sightings of eric frein, search teams have to pick an area in a
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grid, search it, clear it and repeat. until they find him. in barrett township, monroe county, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. moving to e ing ting to thi 'three-truck crash has taken the life of one driver. a utility truck slammed into a truck that had overturned after he was rear-ended by another truth. a dump truck loaded with paper overturned in mt. laurel. police said the accident led to six-mile long delays while heavy-duty wreckers cleaned up that load. the driver was taken to the hospital with what police say is a minor injury. no other cars were involved. a prank, that's what a 20-year-old student is calling an online threat he made to
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shoot several people at penn state university. police say sophomore jong seong shim admitted to posting a threatening message about a shooting. the threat appeared saturday on the social media site yikyak. it said there would be a shooting at noon today at the hub on the main campus. police found no weapons when they arrested him. he's behind bars until his next hearing later this month. a widener university freshman is facing similar charges making a similar threat using the same website. he used yikyak to threaten to shoot up the campus in chester, delaware county. he's charged with making terroristic threats, simple assault and harassment. now to decision 2014. one candidate in the race for governor of pennsylvania is getting the support now of the first lady. michelle obama will campaign in philadelphia for democratic candidate tom wolf. she'll appear at an event on wednesday at the recreation center in northeast philadelphia.
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wolf is looking to unseat current governor tomç corbett. election day is now just 22 days away. head to the polls on november 4th to cast your vote. time is running out for voters in new jersey, hoping to exercise their rights as part of decision 2014. tomorrow is the deadline to register for the november general election. people can register at county clerk's offices until tomorrow night. voters in new jersey have big decisions to make, including the u.s. senate race between democrat corey booker and challenger jeff bell. all 12 of the state's congressional seats are also up for grabs. there are also two ballot questions, including one to overhaul the state's bail system. another one would dedicate business tax revenues to open space. from the nbc 10 jersey shore bureau, another economic shake-up in atlantic city. a philadelphia developer told the press of atlantic city he has an agreement with buy the
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four-level shopping center but would not disclose the price. the 300,000 square-foot mall costs $200 million to develop but landed in financial trouble just after its opening back in sou 2006. it was sold at a foreclosure auction in 2011. the dean of philadelphia sportscaster was remembered today at a funeral mass. bill campbell died at the age of 91. his funeral was held today. yesterday, family and friends attended a viewing at blink doyle funeral home in collingswo collingswood. he broadcast the eagles' 1960 championship and was behind the mike when wilt chamberlain scored 100 points in a game. customers of a local limo company turned to the nbc 10 investigators for help. >> i -- i am just frustrated and annoyed and angry. >> we'll tell you what they uncovered and why police are now investigating.
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and high school hazing, shocking allegations ended a football team's season but is that just the beginning in the latest on a fallout from a scandal rocking a new jersey community.ç and napping no-no. there was a place that could be dangerous for babies to sleep. we'll tell you where you should never put little ones down for some zs.
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in cases of rape,pposes aborin cases of incest,ions. and in cases where the mother's health is in danger. no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy from a rape. mario scavello sponsored a bill to force women to have unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds.
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it's horrifying. women need to know that mario scavello wants to stand between them and their doctors in making decisions that aren't his to make.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> oscar pistorius was back in a south african courtroom for the sentencing phase of his trial. he was convicted of culpable homicide in the death of girlfriend reeva steenkamp. the judge is expect dodd hear several days of testimony in this phase of the case. the latest in the fight against isis, islamic state militants are making a new push on baghdad. today, the top u.s. army general says he's only somewhat confident that iraqi army forces can defend their capital. u.s. officials admit they have to start over again to train the iraqis even though isis may be back on a roll. suicide bombers killed more than 100 people in and around baghdad tonight. iraqi forces gave up a base west of baghdad today, too. the question remains could isis take over baghdad.
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the u.s. army chief of staff today did not rule that out. >> i believe the capability is there to defend baghdad. so i think we're somewhat confident. we'll have to wait and see what plays out over the coming days. >> isis fighters attacked kobani, syria, too, despite seven more coalition air strikes. new information tonight about a chester countyç communy fighting what the neighbors call an invasion by sunoco. sunoco logistics wants to build a pumping station in west goshen for a pipeline that's planned for the area. they voted unanimously to change the zoning laws. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> a cool day with clouds around
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and even drizzle and we're also seeing fog forming, even this early in the evening. here's a live look out at the comcast center. the low clouds are cutting off the top of the building here. as we go into tomorrow morning, the fog will continue to settle and move in. it will be tonight through the morning hours. when you leave tomorrow, keep that in mind. also, warmer temperatures in the forecast, too. near 80 degrees coming. mainly tomorrow and wednesday but after the warm air gets here, so do the thunderstorms. by the middle of the week, it's looking mainly like wednesday night. the fog is manly west of philadelphia. philadelphia visibility has increased to seven miles but west of that through the lehigh valley, visibility is around two miles and even along the shore in atlantic city, we're still seeing low clouds, about three-mile visibility in atlantic city. tomorrow morning we'll be dealing with more widespread fog around for the morning commute. temperatures still around 60 degrees through the lehigh valley. 63 now in philadelphia.
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much of south jersey and delaware temperatures in the mid-to-low 60s. it's cool now. tomorrow, temperatures will be closer to 80 degrees. radar is not showing rain for most of us. we're mainly seeing the fog developing and the cool temperatures. but closer to the shore, cape may county, atlantic county seeing light showers. this will eventually move offshore soon and we'll just be dealing with that fog rolling in. that will be the main thing early tomorrow. as we go into the middle of the week, all the weather you see in the middle of the country will be moving in. right now it's back off to our west. it's pretty far away. this is very severe weather as it moves into our area. there will be thunderstorms. before it gets here, though, you see the winds coming in from the south. temperatures in the 80s. we will be warming up ahead of the rain, then once it moves through we'll cool back down. here's future weather. tonight we're dealing with the clouds, low fog developing overnight tonight, into early tomorrow. you'll be waking up to the fog for the morning rush. as we go into wednesday, more
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clouds building in, wednesday morning, late in the day wednesday, we have a line of storms moving in late wednesday night. that will be in the forecast as we go into the middle of the week. again, warmer ahead of it. cloudy with drizzle around. for tonight, more fog developing overnight. upper 50s for the low in philadelphia, mid-50s areas north and west. morning fog with drizzle around, cloudy and a warmer day than today. then on wednesday, we're still near 80 degrees but now we have late thunderstorms rolling in, thursday we could certainly still see those scattered showers around but temperatures drop into the low 70s. we're cooler going into the weekend and it looks drier, too. temperatures about the mid-60s. it is the columbus day tradition in delaware, nbc 10 at the annual columbus day communion breakfast in wilmington. governor jack markell along with congressman john carney and many others. this is the 18th year this event
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has been held. it's a chance to honor italian-americans who made outstanding contributions to their neighborhoods and communities in delaware. we've heard these names a lot, ebola, enterovirus. >> they're making the headlines but they're not the only illnesses local health officials are looking out for. >> they want you to be alert, too. the warning signs you should be aware of if you start to feel under the weather this fall. believe it or not, there are just ten weekends left to shop for the holidays. what? if you're working on your budget, experts say be prepared to pay more. we'll tell you the best time to get a deal on those electronicsç
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♪ with the card accepted by 90% of doctors in the philadelphia region you have the freedom to relish right now. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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this is nbc 10 news. a possible breakthrough in the fight against alzheimer's, researchers have replicated brain cells with the disease in a petri dish. previously scientists had to watch how alzheimer's progressed in mice which developed a different form of the disease. now they can watch the human cells and quickly and inexpensively test new drugs on them. a new study shows sleeping on sofas may be especially dangerous to infants. researchers found nearly 13% of infant sleep deaths happened on sofas, especially between birth and 3 months old. in most cases, the babies were
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sharing the sofa with someone else and were placed on their stomach or side. the american academy of pediatrics recommend infants be placed to sleep only on their backs. >> some people are starting to think about the holidays. analysts are saying people will be opening their wallets more this year. the national retail federation predicts consumers will spend $617 billion, up 4% from last year. experts say that's because the job market has improved. gas prices continue to fall and many consumers feel better about their personal finances. >> regardless of income, i think people will be spending a little bit more but they're also very promotional. consumers will be looking for great deals. >> experts say you'll see the best deals on things likeç tablets and tvs during a five-day period before -- starting the night before black friday through sicybermonday.
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pack up the old documents you have around the house. nbc 10 want tos help protect you from identity theft. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 are preparing for the return ever the great shredder event happening in south philadelphia. we are teaming up with allstate to shred your documents free of charge. bring up to five boxes. that's this saturday from 9:00 a.m. till noon at the wells fargo center in south philadelphia. it's a rain or shine event. best of all it's free. hope to see you there. >> great event. next, calls for his head. >> an adult in the middle of the high school hazing scandal rocking a new jersey school is now being called out. what school officials are saying about the future of a once promising program. and there was plenty to cheer about in last night's eagles win over the giants but a photo of one celebration is stirring up controversy and reigniting the stereotype about philly sports fans.
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john clark will explain it all. that's coming up. all new, protecting animals. the two new measures designed to help keep pets safe from crime.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> first, a season canceled, now a program in jeopardy. the future remains unclear for a new jersey high school football team in the wake of allegations
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involving sexual hazing involving several players. seven students face juvenile court for their alleged behavior against freshman players in the locker room. >> they are facing criminal charges that include aggravated sexual assault. as nbc's brian thompson reports, the coach of the team is coming under fire. >> there's been a lot of shame. >> one graduate from sayreville high school in a town still reeling from the indescribable sexual assaults alleged to have taken place in this championship football team's locker room. now the head coach is under fire with politicians, calling for his head. like sayreville assemblyman john wisniewski. >> i don't think you can make a change by continuing to keep the people that ran the program in place. >> reporter: he's coached this team for nearly two decades, winning several championships in a town where friday night football is king. but on the "today" show this morning, superintendent richard lavy was asked how the staff
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could not know. >> that's a question that we're certainly going to be asking. we've already launched a holistic harass million, intimidation and harassment, bullying investigation on our entire athletic program. >> reporter: he says questioning of the staff for this team won't begin until administrators get a green light from the prosecutor. a vigil was held last night in a park across from the school attended by hundreds of students and parents, a testament about how they feel about this team and this ordeal. as for the future of the football program, the superintendent hinted at cancelling next year's schedule, something 2006 grad angela palma understands. >> they took two, three years off from football, they come out a whole lot better and they'll have a team that can go forward and win where there is no dark stains. >> reporter: those are decisions yet to be made by school administrators here. everything right now we are
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being told is awaiting the prosecutor's investigation. in sayreville, brian thompson, nbc 10 news. here's some of the stories makr at 5:30. day 31 in the hunt for the accused killer of a pennsylvania state trooper. federal, state and local agents are still searching for eric frein. he's accused of ambushing and killing state police corporal bryon dickson and wounding trooper alex douglass. he's been on the run since the september 12th shooting. a montgomery county hospital is taking every opportunity to prepare in case someone with ebola should come into the community. health care workers at lankenau medical center in wynnewood are being trained on how to put on protective gear. the ebola and enterovirus d68 can mimic that of a cold or flu but with flu season just beginning, health experts are concerned there will be an influx of patients.
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in both instances, the early symptoms of the virus are a fever, fatigue and abdominal discomfort. registered nurse helen dome says the warning sign is when the fatigue and body aches don't break and become much worse. >> it is causing chest pain, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing. if you're not able to eat, drink or get up and dress yourself and be up and around, that may be a reason to seek a medical evaluation. >> she suggests simple things to prevent the virus from spreading, including coughing into your elbow, washing your hands, using hand sanitizer after touching common surfaces. she also recommends getting an annual flu shot. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> i'll tell you what, just by taking a picture of the shot behind us, center city, you can barely see the buildings. it's a foggy night out there, at least in philly.
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>> nbc 10 meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking the rain. >> we have fog tonight, some areas are seeing light rain. warmer temperatures and thunderstorms are all happening this week. here's a live look at the radar, most of the shower activity still in south jersey, atlanta, cape may counties.ç none of this is heavy, it's light but it's continuing to move towards the shore and will eventually move out of the area. then we'll watch the fog settling. another feature we notice here as we zoom wider out, up to near chicago, big cold front. this is a lot of severe weather. eventually by the middle of the week it will move into your area. we have thunderstorms in the forecast with that. in the meantime, for tonight, we're also talking about the fog. two-mile visibility through much of the lehigh valley. philadelphia is seeing ten-mile visibility. things have improved from earlier this afternoon. 2 1/2-mile visibility in atlantic city. through the rest of your evening tonight, it will stay cloudy. areas of drizzle, temperatures in the low 60s and more fog late
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tonight into tomorrow morning. we'll talk more about that and the timing of the storms, coming up. same-sex couples in north carolina started lining up early this morning to get their marriage licenses. a surprise ruling late friday overturned the state's ban on gay marriage. today for the very first time, the state began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. in durham, many couples rushed to the old courthouse to say their vows after having to wait over the weekend. hogging seats and loud cell phone conversations. those are just a few of the annoying issues new jersey transit riders have to put up with. now, the garden state's public transportation corporation says it's reviewing options for a courtesy campaign. no date is set. it's expected to advocate for passenger etiquette. last month, septa started a campaign called, dude, it's rude. septa is trying to tackle annoying habits like leaving
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trash behind, using foul language and blocking the front aisle. they're using brightly colored posters to enforce courtesy. last-minute donations have been pouring into the jesus focus food pantry in southampton since the beginning of the weekend when its director put o out a plea for help on social media. those groceries won't last long. recently above average demand has dwindled supplies and left many shelves bare. nbc 10 talked to one resident who says the pantry helps put food on his table. >> if you come to my house you'll see an empty refrigerator and closet. that's the way it is. >> this food pantry -- >> makes a big, big difference, yes. >> director of the food pantry says a restock from the county opportunity council will arrive in two weeks. if you'd like to help out between now and then, go to for more information.
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still ahead at 5:00 -- >> digging for answers. >> find out what the nbc 10 investigators uncovered after customers came to them claiming that a limo company was taking them for more than a ride. we're doing investigating, too. i'm john clark. philly fans being called out again this time by the new york media. we'll show you video evidence why this is a giant mistake. that's next.
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this is nbc 10 news. could call it a case of black magic. the eagles shut out the new york giants 27-0. it's something that happened off the field that's taking the spotlight today. once again it's showing philly fans in a bad light. >> john clark is here to explain. all right, john, what now? >> this is unfair. the new york media is basically stirring it up, specifically the "new york daily news." they are unfairly categorizing
5:39 pm
the way fans reacted to this injury. charlie the employee tells 94 wip he was cheering the drop. charlie says as soon as he saw that cruz was laying on the turf hurt he stopped cheering and got on a knee and prayed for cruz. we have video evidence of that right here. left of your screen. there's charlie. what does he do? he'll get down on one knee and prays. that is exhibit "a" for the "daily news." take notice. then there's 97.5, he tweeted giants fans, victor cruz is over. dance to that. mike got should thousands of angry tweets. he saw the drop from the big screen outside the link and didn't see cruz hurting after. that is his defense. the link cheered when cruz dropped the ball. and then when fans saw cruz was
5:40 pm
down in serious pain, the linc went quiet and they cheered him as he was carted off. very classy. the defense rests. coming up at 6:00, an update on how long darren sproles will be out. it's not as bad as you thought. >> thank you. this isn't the first time philadelphia sports fans have been portrayed in a bad light. >> the bad wrap goes back decades. we're still trying to live down some of the more infamous moments. take a look. yes, lots of fans remember that incident from 1999. eagles fans cheering as michael irvin lay motionless on the ground. he picked up his head a few times. he suffered a career-ending neck injury when he landed awkwardly on his head after catching a pass. and this incident in 1989. fans including future governor ed rendell threw snow balls at
5:41 pm
players and jimmy johnson. paul tagliabue was at the game that day. eagle fans aren't the only offenders. back in 1999, phillies fan threw trash and batteries at j.d. drew. fans were upset because the phillies selected drew as the second overall pick but he elected not to sign with the team. >> the philadelphia eagles select donovan mcnabb, quarterback, syracuse university. >> you hear the boos. it's not just the opposition. philadelphia fans have also booed their own players like in 1999 when eagles fans at the nfl draft booed the çteam's selectn of quarterback donovan mcnabb with the second overall pick. the fans wanted the eagles to pick ricky williams. back to the deuce now. fraudulent charges, customers claim a local limo company took them for a ride. >> now the nbc 10 investigators are on the case. a look at what they uncovered, next. plus, an all-too familiar
5:42 pm
last winter sight. look at this, snowstorm after snowstorm. the concern some communities are dealing with, now just moments and months before we could start -- moments? let me correct myself there. months before we start to see that snow. right, sheena, right? >> i pray it's not moments. >> no, it's definitely not moments. we'll correct that for you. several months hopefully. we're in for a foggy night, though. i'm tracking a warmup later on this week. then more chances for rain. i break down the timing of it all in my nbc 10 first alert forecast. all new, a big recognition for the taney dragons mo'ne davis. the new honor she's sharing with the nobel prize winner and the first family.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> whether you're talking about a wedding, a graduation, a holiday, for many people, nothing compares to the luxury limo ride on these special occasions. >> one customer contacted the nbc 10 investigators claiming they took them for more than just a ride. nbc 10's harry hairston shows us what they uncovered. harry? >> reporter: that's right. we got an e-mail from a viewer and started digging into complaints about this new jersey limo company. we found out the city they're headquartered in said they shouldn't even be on the road. >> we contracted them for the whole family to surprise my in-laws with a really nice night out. >> reporter: kimberly tells the nbc 10 investigators rp limos and transport surprised her with bad service and overbilling for a ride from south jersey toç r bank. hilig says her limo was hours late and she didn't get the service they promised.
5:46 pm
>> i think it was poor service, undelivered. they don't have customer service. i do believe that they intentionally overcharge. >> reporter: kelly doherty tells me the company nearly wrecked her wedding day by sending a limo too small for her wedding party and later charged her credit card for hundreds of dollars more than she agreed to pay. >> i immediately started crying. when i saw that charge i was just so upset. >> reporter: carly miller setel us she paid $750. she says about a month later she got charged for a trip to new york she never took. >> i ended up looking at my credit card again. there was another charge for $740. >> reporter: after nearly two months of phone calls and promises that someone would get back to us, i went to the company's office in clifton, new jersey. no one there was authorized to speak on the company's behalf. iy the to clifton city hall to
5:47 pm
find out more about the company. there, the city attorney told me rp limos does not have the necessary license to run a limo company. and shouldn't even be operating. >> i want to ask you about rp limo. we're told by the city clerk's office they do not have a license to operate here in the city. >> that's correct. >> reporter: these city records identify eddie cobania. the first letter says the company is, quote, investigating the allegations and will spend directly to customers." adding it is company policy not to discuss customer accounts with a third party. the second letter, rp limos declines an interview by saying, quote, my client respects declines your invitation at this time but also states the company is licensed with the u.s.ç department of transportation and has past a safety audit, adding
5:48 pm
that the federal license supersedes any need to be licensed by the city. but when i checked with the u.s. department of transportation, federal regulations clearly state that approval does not exempt the company from following state and local laws and regulations. customers tell us they just wanted to celebrate special moments but now they want rp limos to be held accountable. >> every day that goes by is another day we are out $900. >> since the nbc 10 investigators got involved, clifton police started an investigation and have issued rp limo this summons to appear in municipal court for operating a limo company without a license. if the court finds the company is in violation, it could levee fines, community service and/or up to 90 days in jail. we'll stay on top of this story and let you know how it turns out. for the investigators, harry hairston, nbc 10 news. if you have a tip for the
5:49 pm
nbc investigators with call them or e-mail the team. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, the fog is still settling across parts of the area. here's a live look out at the link. not too much in the way of fog in this picture. certainly rain drops on the camera lens here. you'll continue with drizzle or sprinkles as we go through tonight. the fog will be here again tonight. there you see the wind shield wiper clearing it away. more fog moving into the forecast tonight and tomorrow morning. warmer temperatures tomorrow afternoon and even as we go into wednesday, we coulden close to 80 degrees. we see the thunderstorms move in after the warm temperatures get here. by the middle of the week, thunderstorms could approach the area. the tops of the building cut off by low clouds here. that's the beginning of the fog forming for philadelphia. some areas north and west seeing
5:50 pm
it. visibility is not too bad. ten miles now in philadelphia. 63 degrees and again high humidity, just because of all the fog and the drizzle around the area. through the lehigh valley, temperatures around 60 degrees now, 62 in mt. holly. 36 millville and atlantic city, mid-60s in dover and some of us are also dealing with a little bit of light rain at this hour. here's a look at the raid were nobody the everybody. most of us are dry. just with sprinkles around. cape may and atlantic county, we're dealing with light showers moving through, especially near the shore near parts of cape may up to atlantic city. we'll continue with the rain. it will move offshore and we'll be watching all this rain back it our west as we go into wednesday. right now, it's still pretty far away. it has a while until it gets here. this is a big cold front with the nasty weather, strong storms with it. we could see storms as it moves in by the middle of the week. for tonight, future weather keeps the clouds around. we wake up with fog for the morning commute. give yourself extra time for the
5:51 pm
morning. through the afternoon we stay mostly dry. the clouds hang around, even into wednesday morning. it's late wednesday when we start seeing the storms approach the area. this is 10:00 p.m. wednesday. really not until wednesday night do we see the storms move in and they could be lingering as we go through part of your thursday. we look way down into the tropics, moving towards puerto rico, we have hurricane gonzalo. this is a category 1 hurricane. it's expected to strengthen. the track pushes it away from the east coast. it's expected to possibly be a category 3 heading towards bermuda as a 2. a cold front will leave the eastern seaboard at the same time which essentially should continue to push it out to sea. so just a quick update for you. we'll keep watching it over the next several days. for tonight, cloudy, drizzle, more fog developing. 58 for the low in philadelphia. mid-50s areas north and west. fog around for tomorrow morning. take your time on the roadways. cloudy but a warmer day, too. mid to upper 70s through the afternoon. wednesday, we are still warmer,
5:52 pm
near 80 degrees. late thunderstorm. thursday we could be seeing scattered showers with clouds lingering. we clear up into the weekend with cooler temperatures in the 60s. >> i'm grateful to see an 80 there. >> nice to cling to, right? >> yes. it's hard to believe, winter -- i don't want to say it. >> don't say it. >> i'll whisper, it's just around the corner. >> if this winter is anything like last winter, oh, boy, take a look. we'll see many more scenes like this. some communities are already concerned about road salt supplies. we'll have a look. >> all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, a nationally known professor arrested. princeton's cornell west. why police took him into custody.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
whatever you do, don't shield your eyes. remember this aimage here. this is what we had to deal with just about every week last winter. >> we remember it all too clearly. as we head into this winter, we have learned the price of rock salt nationwide has gone up. katy zachry has more on how that is affecting our area. >> reporter: to give you an idea how bad it was, penndot used the most salt in its history. it's the winter most of us want
5:56 pm
to forget. storm after storm dumped snow and ice on our roads but for people at penndot, they remember it all too well. >> what's the tone in there as we head into winter? >> i think the tone is no one wants to see a repeat of last winter. everyone is hoping for a milder winter that we had two orç thr years ago. >> one thing that will be different is the price of salt. >> across the country, salt is more expensive. >> yes. >> reporter: they say they'll be paying nearly $6 more per ton. the good news is they can afford the increase where other smaller agencies may not. salt is vital to penndot's operation. it prevents the snow and ice from bonding to the roads. by the end of this month they'll have another snow stockpiled to get through a pretty good winter. they've serviced and repaired each of the vehicles that will spread the salt. >> we do not want to get low on salt. we don't want to get close to being low.
5:57 pm
as we use it, orders are put in to replenish the stockpile. >> reporter: not all repair projects will be complete before the next round of the storms. ridge avenue in philadelphia will not be finished until next year. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, a nation looking for any sign of sickness, five people removed from a plane in boston amid fears of the ebola virus. straight ahead, the mercer county man who was involved in a scare of his own. and we have fog for tonight, even tomorrow morning. then warmer temperatures and thunderstorms moving in. i'll show you the timing of it, coming up. plus, who set fire to a local dance studio? the arson investigation under way. it's all next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:58 pm
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ask your doctor if amitiza is right for you. nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 6:00, a nation on alert. ebola scares are happening around the country as we learn new details about the dallas nurse who caught the virus. good evening, i'm renee chenault-fattah. tensions are high, every cough, every sneeze being scrutinized amid concerns that the virus could spread. just hours ago, five passengers were removed from a plane at boston's logan airport.
6:00 pm
medical workers in containment suits brought them to the hospital. the group was returning from a trip to dubai and had no connection to west africa. this all comes days after mercer county man became the center of an ebola scare at new york's jfk airport. the "new york daily news" said the man returned from kenya saturday when screeners discovered there was a warrant for his arrest. he start complaining of fever. he and the officers around him were putç into hazmat suits. kenya is in east africa, not west africa. that's where the ebola outbreak is concentrated. earlier today, president obama met with top advisers in the oval office. they discussed the nation's response to the ebola outbreak, including a nurse who was just diagnosed in dallas. meanwhile, a family friend tells nbc 10 the nurse is nina pham, a