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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  October 16, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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maryland has one of four facilities in the country to handle this kind of patient. nbc 10 is there awaiting nurse nina pham's a i rooirrival. with infected nurse one one headed to maryland and infected us number two, that leaves no known ebola patients in texas. >> concerns remain in texas for county leaders imposing travel restrictions on any health care workers who had contact with eric duncan. locally, congressman patrick meehan, on the house transportation and homeland security committee said this, "a temporary ban on travel to and from countries suffering from the ebola epidemic is a common sense step to protect the american people." as this story develops, nbc 10 has crews bringing you live coverage from dallas, texas, bethesda, maryland, and locally preparations being made in philadelphia and in delaware. over the next 2 1/2 hours or team of reporters will share the facts about ebola as we know them and work to separate those myths from reality. >> that's right.
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we want to make it clear our crews are not in harm's way. you don't get this from casual contact, it's not airborne. our crews are in dallas right now working to get answers to the questions we have all about ebola. well, today lawmakers on capitol hill held hearings on ebola. also nbc 10 is there as local first responders express concern about whether they're even prepared should an ebola case happen here. and, as we mentioned earlier, children's hospital of philadelphia is readying itself for any potential child ebola patients. and now to dallas, where nbc 7 10's christine maddela is monitoring new developments there. >> christine, one nurse at that texas hospital not holding back in her criticism of how things have been handled there. >> reporter: that's exactly right, a nurse who works here at texas health pre presbyterian spoke to the "today" show's mad
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lauer. she can no longer defend her hospital. she says they were not prepared for the ebola crisis. people in the dallas community here, we've been talking to them since they arrived here in dallas, they say they don't think any city would be prepared for ebola because this was the first case in the united states. so she spoke out and she said she is fearful for her job because she is the breadwinner here at this hospital, but she is critical of how her hospital handled the situation here. she said there was not the proper procedures. she said those procedures were evolving and they didn't have the proper equipment in place. so it is really becoming critical of the hospital here, and the cdc for their guidelines. back to you. >> christine maddela live for us in dallas, texas. thank you. meanwhile, ebola takes center stage in washington. a tense congressional hearing criticized the government's response to the disease. lawmakers have tough questions on hospital protocols, travel restrictions. several republicans suggested a
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partial travel ban for people who have been in west africa. top health officials defended the actions when the american public continues to be uneasy about the spread of ebola. >> now we're able to track everyone who comes in. >> but you're not stopping them from being around other people. they're not limited from travel. they're not quarantined. 2 1 days. >> the head of the cdc says he's confident the u.s. health care system can combat ebola but repeated his warning must be stopped in africa or america or could be at risk. stepped up ebola screenings started at four more u.s. airports today. we showed you these photos from jfk. now customs and health officials will start taking temperatures at newark, washington, chicago, an atlanta's airports. they'll screen passengers arriving from three west african countries. anyone with a temperature will be pulled aside and then tested. philadelphia first responders telling nbc 10 they
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are not prepared for an ebola case in philadelphia. >> nbc 10's mitch blocker is live in center city, first, made a plea to those in charge of controlling a potential outbreak. what are they saying, mitch? >> reporter: the first responders srespon responders say this is a big concern for them and the public. they showed us some of the equipment they said will got protect them. are philly first responders ready for the worst-case scenario? >> no. >> reporter: joe, a first responder and president of the philadelphia firefighters union had a bold statement. >> we're being given paper nightgowns and told these are safe. >> reporter: listening were members of the city council including curtis jones also here with the newly appointed public health commissioner, dr. james buehler. >> this really needs to be a disease that is cared for in the hospital setting and in an emergency room setting. >> protective equipment is woefully inadequate. >> reporter: councilman jones said the first responders' concerns are top priority. he asked questions about
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standard protocols for public institutions, from mass transit to area hospitals. >> what we want to do today is replace fear with facts. >> reporter: joe shuly said the fact is this paper-thin gown will not protect those who protect the public. the nbc 10 investigators learned the city has ordered 400 sets of these gowns. >> our first responders and our health care workers are safe. that means the likelihood of this disease spreading will be significantly lowered. >> reporter: now, mayor nutter was not part of the hearing today. the nbc 10 investigators found he's in santa barbara at a conference. it raised the question, who would be in charge if the worst case happens? that is a question the investigators asked at 6:00. for now we're live in center city, i'm mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, mitch. rumors are spreading faster than the actual ebola virus, in fact. so nbc 10 news working behind the scenes 24/7 to track down information about this virus. we've been calling county health departments and local hospitals.
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so far, they do not confirm any local ebola cases. and today we separate faction from fiction, what we do know, what we don't know about ebola, we're sharing that information with you to keep you informed. the centers for disease control says, "you can only get ebola by touching the blood or bodily fluids of a person who is sick with or has died from the virus." also by touching contaminated objects such as needles or touching infected animals. their blood, their bodily fluids, or their meats. the cdc says you cannot get infected with ebola through the air, through water or through food. bethesda, maryland, where the infected nurse will be taken for treatment. >> chris with our sister station in bethesthda. what's being done for this incoming patient?
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>> reporter: keith, renee, they got the word here that nurse nina pham will be coming here, expected around midnight tonight, flying into a small airport 35 miles north of here. day are preparing a special unit. she will be offered one of two beds in a biocontainment unit. especially to handle such cases. now, nih is part of the federal government. the u.s. health and human services department. and it specializes in research. everything from the common cold to infectious diseases like ebola. just about two weeks ago, they had a false alarm here but had a physician working in sierra leone who they believe had ebola-like symptoms brought in here, tested, monitored, observed and he was found not to have ebola. anthony fouchi who is testifying today, on capitol hill, is from nih. he has said for weeks now that they are prepared, the people in
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this area feel that they are one of the best biocontainment facilities in the country. the right place for nina pham. she's said to be in stable condition. she issued a statement late this afternoon thanking her friends and co-workers in dallas and looking forward to coming here. that's the latest live in bethes bethesda, maryland. sending it back to you. new at 4:30, why hospitals in our area may be taking a different approach to handling ebola than other hospitals in the u.s. and also social media will be critical as we spread the word about ebola. that's why we encourage you to turn to, or using our news app. use the #ebola on twitter as we push out articles, alerts and new information about ebola. right now, skyforce 10 live over this protest. this rally here. this is on spring garden. if you recall, of course, the
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src canceling its contract with the teachers union, and this protest from members of the pst out here along with it looks like at least 100 others. again, south broad street blocked because of this demonstration. you see clearly hundreds of people out here. again, this has to do -- they're calling it an education rally, but it's all centered around the school reform commission canceling the contract it had with the pennsylvania philadelphia federation of teachers. particularly having to do with the benefits, the health benefits. some 21 months of negotiations and src last week announcing it was canceling that contract and this is the result. you see the people out here peacefully protesting this education rally in spring garden in philadelphia. and now skyforce 10 over a jackknifed tractor trailer. closed off part of pennsylvania turnpike in bucks county. this happened this morning. police still now trying to figure out what caused the crash
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here. the truck also spilled fuel. the westbound lanes between bristol and bensalem shut down while crews there cleaned up a mess. a deadly crash shutting down part of the skak schuylkill expressway. sean burton lost krocontrol of car. after hitting another car, his car blocked the right hand lane. investigators say he was not wearing a seat belt. now to the mountain manhunt for eric frein which now stretched into day 34. federal, state and local police still trying to track him down as we approach tomorrow's five-week anniversary of the deadly trooper ambush in the poconos. nbc 10's doug shimell is covering this story again today for us from price township. >> doug, you learned there are worries about eric frein still on the loose, as one attraction shells out millions to draw in visitors. >> reporter: yeah, and, you
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know, opening a ski resort during the best of times can be a dicey gamble at best, and try opening one during the middle of a manhunt. >> i had a vision of this of being a true family learn to ski resort. >> reporter: six months and $3.5 million later, the alpine ski resort in price township is almost there. it is also ground zero in the eric frein manhunt. >> the troopers killed, troopers wounded, five weeks of the search. >> right. incredible, i mean, you know, everybody's asked, what are you doing? we're opening december 12th. >> reporter: kevin fabiano owns the resort and building the first ever bar and grill. he knows what four weeks of sniper search can do. >> the perception is for most people who don't live up here, the poconos is a little tiny
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region. just the word poconos is out there in the news all the time. >> reporter: his property's been searched more times than kevin can count, but his crews come to work. >> we have state troopers, you can't see them, but they're on the mountain on different trails of the mountain, and i'm thinking, all right, you know, it's like having your own state trooper private force protecting you when you come to work every day. >> reporter: so the project goes on. >> that's what real terrorism is, you know, you let one person interrupt the way you do things, they win. we're not going to let this person do that. >> reporter: well, kevin fabiano, other residents, law enforcers have all had their theories about just where eric frein is and how he's surviving. five weeks later, what has happened to a lot of the theories? we examine that in a little bit. live in price township, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. new at 4:00, camden county, somerset county prosecutors released the 911 tape capturing
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what may have been the final moments before cooper hospital reo john sheridan and his wife, joyce, passed. >> breaking news right now into the nbc 10 newsroom. >> as we just mentioned, we've obtained the 911 calls from that death investigation in north jersey involving the deaths of cooper hospital krerceo and his wife. >> nbc 10 investigative reporter harry hairston into our digital operation center. >> what we want to play for you investigators say just might have been the final moments before the death of john and joyce sheridan. >> smoke or anything in the window, anything like that? >> no. i just heard something, though. >> what did you hear? >> somebody tapping the window. >> the 911 tape is from the october fire at the sheridan's home in the section of montgomery township in new jersey. investigators have said very little about the incident, but they do say the fire was intentionally set. what you are about to hear next is what a caller described just moments before police arrived.
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>> yeah, somebody's trying to get out. they're banging on the door. >> are you able to get the door open? >> no, not the door, they're upstairs. >> now, investigators still are not saying exactly how the fire got started. although we do have a statement. it comes from the prosecutor's office. it says "we are of the belief that the sounds that are being heard by both individuals were the fire from the dwelling as it was burning. we continue to wait for the laboratory analysis as well as determinations from the regional medical examiner." of course, prosecutors telling us that this investigation is continuing. still so far, no idea when they will be able to give us more information. reporting live from the digital operations center, harry hairston, nbc 10 news. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues now with this. vice president joe biden visits philadelphia, the topic, something deep at the bottom of the delaware river. nbc 10's deanna durante is live along penn's landing where she listened to the vice president's remarks earlier.
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de tell us more about biden's reasons for coming to philly. >> reporter: has to do with this barge that was moved from the philadelphia soide of the river to the camden side of the river. that's being used to dredge the river. he says many people come here to penn's landing for walking, biking, going to concerts but really the moneymaker is getting through the river. on aboard dredge 54, vice president joe biden met with the company. the contractors responsible for deepening the river five additional feet between the ben franklin and walt whitman bridge. >> every person rides over the bridge and look down and have understandably no idea how much of their economic wellbeing depends on what happens at this port. and it does. it matters. >> reporter: the vice president made his remarks to a small audience of elected and union officials praising the effort to deepen the channel from the
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delaware bay to south of trenton. the 100-mile stretch is expected to cost $300 million before being completed according to the army corps of engineers. too many have to come and go from other ports. he said the tri-state area is going to get a boost in jobs and the local economy. >> it's a big deal for wilmington, too, a big deal for the port of wilmington. there's 850 jobs down there now. this is going to bring in another $1 billion in construction. another $1 billion in port infrastructure projects along the delaware river. from everything from expanding warehouses, to terminals, and the like. >> reporter: now, the vice president's trip here lasted about an hour before he headed to new jersey for a fund-raiser. he shook hands with the 20 or 30 people that were in the audience, bullet didn't answer any questions. reporting live from penn's landing, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist
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glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, that was a nice looking sky behind deanna, and today turned out to be pretty nice. another mild day today. another one coming tomorrow. but things are going to be changing. the weekend, well, part of it's going to be mild, part of it is going to be a lot colder. there's a monster hurricane out in the atlantic about to do some big damage. now, we can see a mix of clouds and sun out there. pretty nice day. 70 degrees. winds out of the south-southwest. we're right around the same temperature we were at this time yesterday, catching up after a colder start. you can see it's 70 in philadelphia, mid to upper 60s across the rest of the area and 70 degrees in dover. temperatures average around 66  for this time of the year for the high. we're a little bit on the mild side, but it's a whole different story as we head up into canada. now, you know, it's supposed to be colder in canada.
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not this cold. not this early in the season. that is some mighty cold air in the middle of the afternoon. some of that is coming down into the u.s. over the next several days. we're going to get a piece of that coming in on sunday. the rain from yesterday, that's out near boston now. just an isolated shower or two west of our area. they should be falling apart. as we go through the night tonight. and so we're dry tonight. we are sunny tomorrow. just a beautiful day. wind picks up a bit on saturday as a front approaches. and that front is going to have the colder air behind it, but it may not have enough moisture to produce any kind of showers, so we're not really expecting any rain over the week. we are expecting wind and cold. how cold? i'll show you how cold. that's lake-effect snow from our future cast for sunday 7:00 a.m. up in new york state.
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first lake-effect snow on the weather map. now, we're still in hurricane season, and this is a giant -- this is headed right toward bermuda. unfortunately, it's a category 4. and it looks like it is going to be one of the strongest, if not the strongest hurricane in recorded history to hit bermuda. this is coming tomorrow. so i hope they're all boarded up and ready for this thing. and then it's going to end up, the rem manants of this, crossi the north atlantic and actually hitting great britain. that's what happens to them sometimes. tonight, pomostly cloudy and co. 55 for the low in the city. 48 north and west. tomorrow, beautiful day. lot of sunshine. temperatures above average. mid 70s in some places. a windy day on saturday.
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our shredder event. pretty good weather there. and a chilly wind for the walk on sunday. look how cold it gets. monday morning, 40 in philadelphia. near 30 in some of the suburbs. and chilly all week with a possible nor'easter tuesday into wednesday. well, the tough-talking governor of new jersey has some people who don't want him running for president. >> this one hits really close to home. also, field fears. days after an nbc 10 news investigation on possible health dangers associated with art official turf. one local school is changing its game plan. plus, the center for disease control has been the gold standard for how to prevent ebola in the u.s. until now. why the state of delaware is to longer just going to use their guidelines. letter perfect. the local landmark that's getting a makeover and what tourists can expect to see during and after the project. but first, we're back over the scene here.
4:21 pm
this is right in front of school district headquarters on spring garden. you just see a sea of people out there. hundreds of protesters not happy with the school reform commission's decision to cancel the teachers contract requiring teachers to pay premiums of health benefits. again, both sides of broad street headed in both directions shut down now because of this protest taking place in front of school district headquarters. we are literally on top of this story. we'll be bringing you the latest details as soon as they continue to come in to nbc 10.
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revealed through the work
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of its scholars and graduates. it has inspired strength and purpose. an enduring symbol of passion and excellence that is not static, but moves among us. a feeling...a shared experience, a reminder that we are connected for life. we are penn state, making our mark on the world.
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nbc 10 is your station for decision 2014 elect roral coverage. a south jersey congressman well ahead in his re-election bid. republican incumbent frank lobiondo with a 21-point lead over democratic challenger bill hughes jr. lobiondo served ten terms for new jersey's central district,
4:25 pm
including camden, cape may, cumberland, gloucester, and say dem counties. for the second time this week poll numbers show new jersey voters' trust in governor county county at an all-time low, as political experts continue to peg the governor as a possible presidential candidate in 2016. but last night, christie admitted on his monthly radio show that his children do not want him to run for president. according to the rutgers/eagleton poll, only 22% of voters view the republican governor as trustworthy, while 40% of voters say that trait no longer applies. fewer voters also rate christie as a strong leader, effective and fair. governor christie has been hitting the campaign trail showing support for fellow republican governors up for re-election. today, the governor spoke at events for georgia governor nathan deal and florida governor rick scott. christie is the chair for the republican governor's association. and florida's governor is disputing the reason for a delay in his televised debate last night with former governor
4:26 pm
charlie crist. the incident lit up on social media. some dubbing it fan-gate. crist was alone on stage for nearly ten minutes at the debate's start. moderators told the audience that governor scott was refusing to take part because crist had an electric fan under his lectern. >> chris scott, why the delay coming out over a fan? >> i waited until we figured out if he was going to show up. he said he wasn't going to come to the -- he said he was going to come to the debate. >> governor scott's campaign manager said in an e-mail to supporters that the governor never refused to take the stage. scott said he wasn't notified when crist went to the podium. our region braces for possible ebola patients. >> that is our top story on "nbc 10 news at 4." children's hospital of philadelphia is one of the handful of medical facilities in the u.s. that will handle any kids who may become infected with this virus. also a different approach, as criticism and concern grow
4:27 pm
about how health care workers should handle ebola patients. delaware hospitals are trying a different strategy. we'll tell you what that is new at 4:30. in the meantime let's talk about our weather. glenn? >> yeah, we're drying out after a super soaking. now i'm tracking chilly changes. the timing of that in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. then coming up tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5," he's accused of sending hundreds of explicit e-mails to colleagues and friends. now, judge shamus mccaffrey is speaking out about the state investigation involving him and others. first, let's go back live to skyforce 10. hundreds of peaceful protesters, some of them teachers, rally in spring garden angry that the school reform commission recently canceled their contract. as you can see in the shot, both sides of south broad street are shut down. we're going to continue to monitor this protest and bring you any new developments live from skyforce 10 as this rally grows.
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in cases of rape,pposes aborin cases of incest,ions. and in cases where the mother's health is in danger. no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy from a rape. mario scavello sponsored a bill to force women to have unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds. it's horrifying. women need to know that mario scavello wants to stand between them and their doctors in making decisions that
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aren't his to make. live to skyforce 10. the protest is growing. hundreds of people, some of them teachers, rallying in spring garden. they're angry that the school reform commission canceled their contract. we've been watching this over the past half hour. in that time, it's grown exponentially from what looked like 100 people to perhaps now hundreds blocking both sides of south broad street. count on nbc 10 to bring you any new developments live from skyforce 10. and skyforce 10 over more breaking news. this in northeast philadelphia. a child was injured in a road rage incident involving, you see the school bus there. police say a woman got out of her vehicle and threw an object at a window on the bus. this was on hellerman street. nbc 10 learned the student is being treated for some cuts.
4:32 pm
police now looking for the woman who drove off in a green or gray chevy tahoe. developing right now, president obama calling up the national guard to active duty to send forces to west africa. they will work to stop the spread of the ebola virus. also developing, the latest on ebola and two nurses at the center of the u.s. scare, nina pham and amber joy vinson, both cared for thomas duncan. he died from ebola last week in dallas. pham is being thrown to the national institutes of health outside washington, d.c., for treatment. the second nurse, amber vinson, was taken to emory university hospital in atlanta last night. well today a congressional hearing focused on criminal action since the duncan case was discovered and whether more needs to be done to prepare the country. nbc 10 has learned children's hospital of philadelphia is one of about four medical facilities in the country that's been designated to treat any children in the u.s. who may become infected with ebola.
4:33 pm
preparation of the hospital and the staff already under way. philadelphia's first resp d responders say they are not ready for an ebola outbreak. firefighters and paramedics told us their protective equipment wouldn't protect them. they spoke before the city council, the nbc 10 investigators learned the city has ordered 400 sets of paper-thin gowns. now to dallas where we have a live crew. nbc 10's christine maddela followed the latest developments and filed this report. >> we never were told what to look for, and i just don't think that any facility in this country is prepared for that at this time. >> reporter: briana aguirre didn't have direct contact with the first patient thomas duncan cut did treat her friend and nurse nina pham after she tested positive. aguirre says the protective gear wasn't adequate, the gowns and
4:34 pm
masks left a gap around her neck where her skin was exposed. >> to be honest, i threw a fit. i just couldn't believe it, you know, and the second week of an ebola crisis at my hospital, the only gear they're offering us at that time, an up until that time, is gear that is allowing our necks to be uncovered. >> reporter: today, hospital administrators fired back against statements like that one and similar complaints from the nurse's union. they say the first ebola patient was taken here to the emergency department and put in isolation. they said all the hospital employees wore the proper protective equipment. when the nurses complained about exposed skin on their neck, the hospital says they ordered hoods. >> i would try anything and everything to refuse to go there to be treated. i would feel at risk by going there. if i don't actually have ebola, i may contract it there. >> that is christine maddela reporting from dallas. now to delaware, though, where ebola concerns have people thinking about their public health strategy. >> they may take a different approach than other states.
4:35 pm
nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong live this afternoon in wilmington. >> tim, tell us how delaware's plan differs. >> reporter: well, after what happened in dallas delaware officials said thanks, but no thanks to the cdc guidelines. they've decided to go a different route. they believe the world health organization plan is actually a better fit for delaware hospitals like st. francis here. fear of ebola in the u.s. might outweighing the reality. >> i don't know if it's fact or fiction, but i know it's a lot of fear out here. >> reporter: abigail hoss is a new castle county paramedic. if somebody calls in and tells the 911 dispatcher they're sick and recently been to west africa, she has a ppe suit ready to go. she knows what to do and says delaware's entire first responder and health communities are ready. >> it's stuff that we're already doing. this is just on a grander scale nationally. >> reporter: but delaware health officials are now doing what some other states haven't. they're now instructing state health care workers to use the world health organization's ebola guidelines as standards, not the cdc's. they say the w.h.o. standards
4:36 pm
for using and discarding protective gear are much more streamlined and much more clear. the w.h.o. also requires health care workers dealing with ebola patients to use a buddy system to help keep medical personnel safe. delaware officials say the world health initials know this stuff better than the cdc because they're on the front lines of the crisis practicing what they preach. their expertise will hopefully keep people like abigail safe. >> i think we're as ready as we can be right now, again, we haven't had a case yet in delaware, so everything has all been in preparation. and as far as i'm concerned, if we have the right preparation in place, we're ready for it when it comes and if it comes. hopefully it won't. >> reporter: hopefully it won't is right. here at st. francis and every other hospital in delaware. the world health organization also advocates a double glove system for workers dealing with e ebola. they put out a step-by-step guide. i know from contacts all up and down the state, there have been lots of conference calls and all the hospitals do seem to be going along with this.
4:37 pm
again, they don't have to follow the suggestion from the state, but they do have to file a formal plan as to how they will respond. an ebola patient shows up and, again, we hope one doesn't. live in wilmington, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. social media will be critical as we spread the word about ebola. that's why we encourage you to turn to or use our news app. and use #ebola on twitter as we push out articles, alerts and new information about the ebola outbreak. it will be devastating. >> a philadelphia school forced to cut their student body in half. new at 5:00, we're looking into why it needs to happen. and tonight's lottery that will decide which students stay or go. count on nbc 10 news coming up at 5:00.
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from our jersey shore bureau, iconic 17 foot tall sign that welcomes ge s guests to wildwood, now getting a makeover. the letters spelling out wildwoods at the end of rio grande avenue will be taken down into stages to be refinished. the logo will remain throughout the project. crews will take down the ill lo aluminum letters first then the blue letters. here's a reality.
4:41 pm
applying to colleges is expensive, but delaware's high school seniors can now send some applications for free. the next month, six of delaware's colleges and universities will waive their application fees. this is all part of governor jack markell's plan to give more students access to higher education. students have until november 2 1st to apply for free, applies to all seniors at all delaware schools. well, today fear about fields that many kids play on. >> and it's got adults taking action. turbulence over the turf, and why a health scare has made this material a real game changer. glenn "hurricane" schwartz? >> now i'm tracking cool changes and i'll let you know if it's going to affect your weekend in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. all new tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5," new information about the death of comic legend joan rivers. what the new york medical examiner is now saying about how she died.
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taking you back to this breaking news out of center city today. this education rally at spring garden. now, the philadelphia federation of teachers, they organized this rally. this is outside school district headquarters. no coincidence here that the school reform commission is set to hold a meeting here in just a short time from now. this being the first meeting since the meeting they held in which they canceled the contract with the teachers union which, of course, is what sparked this peaceful protest outside of school district headquarters here today. both sides of broad street blocked because of the protests. we saw scores of people gathered. now it looks like the numbers are in the hundreds. we will stay on top of this protest and bring you more information as soon as it comes into nbc 10. and thousands of people showed up to center city to celebrate women today.
4:46 pm
the 11th annual pennsylvania conference for women sold out at the convention center. more than 100 influential speakers including actress diane keaton and former "today" show host jane pauley discussed career advancement, money management, and health and wellness. and a big honor for an outstanding local high school student. >> her volunteer work outside of the classroom helped her become the recipient of a new leadership award that nbc 10 is proud to sponsor. take a look. nbc 10 at owen j. roberts high school in pottstown mont fwgome county, junior stochool kennedy hawk received the award. kennedy was named a sip yerecip because of her fund-raising efforts to help support a horse farm that provides programs for adults with developmental disabilities. >> she has performed many different types of service, both in school and outside of school, and those efforts have not gone unnoticed. she was nominated and chosen to
4:47 pm
be a recipient. with that award comes a $20,000 scholarship to be part of the leadership institute. >> congratulations. and well deserved. nominations open for next year's award. school principals and administrators can nominate an outstanding junior student by visiting widner university's website. now your first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> there was a whole lot of rain yesterday and much of the night last night. we're still on the mild side. got another mild day coming tomorrow. the weekend changes, yeah, much colder air is coming in before the weekend is over, and that monster hurricane, yeah, is out in the atlantic, and about to hit bermuda. we have a lot of sunshine in the area now. a lot more than we saw this morning. 70 degrees in philadelphia international. winds south-southwest at 8. humidity down a bit, and only 1 degree cooler than it was at
4:48 pm
this time yesterday. temperatures have been above average. will continue to be that way for the next couple of days, but next week, that's a different story. your current temperatures are in the 60s to near 70 degrees. little bit above average for this time of the year. and with more sunshine tomorrow, should go up a little bit. and one of the reasons, the wind is still out of the southwest. we had the rainstorm yesterday. generally we get a northwest wind, colder air, but not yet. that's coming. and it is really cold up here. in central canada, temperatures in the 20s and 30s in the middle of the afternoon in october. that's real cold. even for them. yesterday's rain, that's up near boston. we're kind of in the middle and that's why we've had that sun coming out. we've got another day, even more sunshine. milder temperatures tomorrow. saturday a cold front comes through, but it doesn't look like it's going to have much
4:49 pm
moisture. just a slight chance of a shower saturday night. sunday morning, it's cold enough for lake-effect snow in new york state. that's pretty wild. and this is wild, too. hurricane gonzalo. category 4. 145 mile an hour sustained winds and this thing is headed straight for bermuda, and not expected to weaken much. perhaps hitting as a category 3 or 4, one of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit that island. and then it goes up into the north atlantic and eventually reaches england. mostly cloudy and cool tonight. 55 for the low in the city. 48 north and west. tomorrow, beautiful day. lot of sunshine. high temperatures in the low mid 70s. windy day on saturday. mix of clouds and sun. much colder on sunday for the aids walk in the morning. take a look how cold. monday morning, 40 in philadelphia. freezing in some of the suburbs. a cold week next week with a couple of rainy days possible. health concerns prompt a big
4:50 pm
change in a local athletic field. >> reporter: plans to replace this grassed field with artificial turf come to a halt because of concerns about cancer. >> kids are talking about why take the chance with their lives? >> reporter: i'm ted greenberg. how a series of reports you saw here prompted a jersey shore city to take action.
4:51 pm
4:53 pm
where she says she played almost exclusively on fields with crumb rubber. those little black dots made from shredded car and truck tires. >> days after this nbc news investigation about cancer concerns involving artificial turf, one local community is scrapping plans to have it installed. although there's no definitive proof, there are cancer concerns
4:54 pm
involving some of the components used to make that turf. >> some area parents and city leaders are worried about their kids playing sports on it. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg is live this afternoon in ocean city. >> ted, fill us in on the concerns there. >> reporter: well, renee and keith, the grass here at kerry stadium is 100% natural, but plans were in the works to put in artificial turf starting next month. now, though, the whole project has been sidelined. playing football on their home turf has always meant playing on grass for zach and the ocean city red raiders. his mom is relieved for now that's not changing. >> i think it's the right decision. you're talking about kids here. >> pro athletes and school kids alike are playing on more than 5,000 crumb rubber fields around the country. >> reporter: after seeing a series of nbc news reports last week on concerns about a potential link between a popular form of synthetic turf and cancer, ocean city leaders put a
4:55 pm
plan on hold to convert kerry stadium to artificial grass using crumb rubber fill made from shredded tires. >> although there was not scientific evidence that linked any of the products to any diseases, we certainly wanted to take caution. >> reporter: the reports also prompted new jersey congressman frank pillone to call for a federal study on how the health of athletes might be affected by exposure to chemicals in crumb rubber. >> if there was any risk of a slight chance of someone catching a disease somewhere down the line, we really need to do our homework before we move forward. >> reporter: in the bergen county community of glenn rock, new jersey, voters are set to decide next month on whether a controversial plan to replace a grass field with artificial turf should be funded. it's an issue that, for the moment, tas ruch doesn't have to worry about. >> 100% it's not causing illnesses, there's no need to put it in at the moment. they have a football field. >> reporter: i reached out to
4:56 pm
the industry group, the synthetic turf council. a spokeswoman referred me to a previous statement that says our preponderance of evidence shows no negative health effects associated with crumb rubber in artificial turf, but adds the stc also supports opportunities for future science-based research. live in ocean city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. all new tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5," ebola concerns. we have live team coverage to bring you the facts, not the fear. >> from dallas, to the nation's capital, to here at home. also, happening right now -- >> reporter: the student body cut in half. a lottery will decide which students will stay or go here at palmer charter school in north philadelphia. we talk to the founder of the district and parents, next. breaking his silence. pennsylvania supreme court justice seamus mccaffrey talks about sending explicit e-mails, and the state investigation he's now a part of. next on "nbc 10 news at 5."
4:57 pm
4:59 pm
we continue to follow breaking news. >> broad street is shut down right now because of hundreds of protesters. nbc 10's lu ann cahn is live with more on this. it's just growing, lu ann. >> reporter: i think we are looking at about 1,000 teachers. i believe i'm standing in the midst of about 1,000 teachers on broad street in front of the school district of philadelphia.
5:00 pm
often shouting "shame on you." they are directing that to the school reform commission. there's a school reform commission meeting in just a half hour. this is the first scheduled meeting since october 6th when they had a surprise meeting with very little notice and the src canceled its contract with the teachers union saying it was going to force teachers to start contributing to their health benefits which would mean $21 to $71 out of the paycheck every pay period. they said teachers were not making a meaningful contribution offering up meaningful concessions after 21 months of negotiations. jerry jordan, the president of the pft, was just speaking. he said we are showing them that you can't walk all over us, and that we sacrifice every single day in the classroom. that we spend our own money on supplies for our students.