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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  October 17, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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overhead and some areas of very light fog. fog will clear and the clouds will be out of here and a really nice friday shaping up. it's friday and temperatures will warm into the 70s this afternoon. right now skies are clearing in the city. that's a live view from the adventure aquarium. the temperatures with the clearing skies are starting to fall. now, 55 in potstown and allentown and millville is down to a 54 degrees. it's 60 in northeast philadelphia and philadelphia international and 58 for trenton and wilmington. clouds are out of here. the temperatures will cool a bit more. 56 degrees at 7:00 and then start to warm at 9:00. by lunchtime, the wind starts picking up and 67 degrees, but we'll still see the temperatures climb this afternoon. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back. but, first, jillian mele has your traffic. good morning, jillian. >> good news for drivers who are traveling through norris town this morning. some traffic is just starting to get by the intersection of markley street and main street. we have some areas still blocked
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off, but for the most part, traffic is just starting to get by at this intersection. as you can see, a few drivers out there right now. crews are out there trying to pick up the rest of the road block. we'll have more on this and the reason it was shut down in just a few minutes. we are seeing improvements at that intersection. an accident in the inner drive, the boulevard southbound at ninth street and a lane restriction there. franconia township, still dealing with an accident at that location and for drivers in delaware, 95 is clear and route 1 is also in the clear and we're not reporting any accidents on the majors in new jersey. tracy? >> thanks, jillian. ebola concerns. this morning the first person to be infect would the virus in the u.s. has arrived in maryland for treatment. nbc news crew has arrived as nina pham arrived at the institute of health. nih has a high level isolation unit. 94, pham is a nurse who
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contracted ebola after treating the liberia man with the virus. that patient later died. this is what pham had to say just before leaving maryland. >> pham's doctor in texas recorded that video. amber vinson being treated at emory university hospital in atlanta. president obama under increasing pressure to select an ebola czar. it may be appropriate to make that move. president obama said he's not philosophically opposed to a travel been, but that action could be counterproductive. live nbc 10 team coverage on the response here at home at the source of the growing concerns
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in dallas. we begin with crasehris cato in dallas. she may have been sick earlier than we thought. >> federal health officials are trying to find the people onboard the flight that amber vinson took from dallas to cleveland one week ago because there is information that leads them to believe she was sick earlier than they thought and that is based on interviews with people who are close to vinson who said she wasn't feeling well before her flight out of dallas. this doesn't mean that vinson was trying to hide anything. she wasn't exhibiting the classic symptoms of ebola even when she was diagnosed with the virus in dallas. they were only concerned about the passengers on the return flight from cleveland to dallas because that's when she began reporting the low-grade fever. nbc news spoke with one of those passengers who is now under
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self-quarantine at home. >> told me to take my temperature twice a day and monitor it at least six hours apart and i never would have risked my life. if i would have never known that she had been contact with patient zero, i would have never gotten on that flight in the first place. >> for the people who were onboard the flight from cleveland to dallas, like that man there, there is an extremely low risk ofe exposure to ebola. reaching out to try to find the people on the flight where the risk would be even lower. coming up in half an hour, i was looking at information we are just getting on recent moves by this hospital. texas health presbyterian to remake their image in the wake of all this and that video we saw from nina pham, as the that's all part of this campaign. we'll look at that in half an hour. chris cato, nbc 10 news. live coverage continues in
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city hall and the mayor will give an update on later today on how the city is preparing to deal with ebola. >> that's right. mayor nutter's team says expect a press conference at noon on how philadelphia should respond if someone should be diagnosed with ebola. pediatric cases will be sent here to c.h.o.p. children will be treat would the deadly virus. no cases, though, at c.h.o.p. this morning. we want to make sure you know that. ranked the number one pediatric hospital in the country by "u.s. news and health report." members wanted to know what would happen if the virus that's killed more than 4,000 in west africa surfaces here in philadelphia. our camera was rolling when the committee summoned a new health commissioner to council chambers
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to answer questions. >> needs to be a disease that is cared for in the hospital setting and emergency room setting. >> the city's health czar also says 1,800 medical professionals right now on standby should ebola surface. when we ask about the protocol, we were told the health commissioner will be the first person in charge until the cdc arrives in the city to take over. now, in the next hour, we're going to talk about what grade he gives the city, should ebola happen here. live for now outside city hall, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. social media will be critical as we spread the facts about ebola. that's why we encourage you to turn to or use our news app and use the #ebola on twitter as we post articles and alerts about the deadly disease. new from overnight, police in montgomery county are investigating after officers were involved with a tractor
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trailer driver. witnesses say the truck sped through stop signs and signals late last night and the chase ended at the intersection of markley and west main street. several bulletholes in the windshield. no word on the driver's injuries right now. the latest rally in philadelphia's school budget crisis shut down broad street right in front of district headquarters. all lanes of broad street. sky force ten was over spring garden yesterday as hundreds of teachers protested just outside of the school reform commission meeting. it was the first public meeting since the commission canceled its contract with the teachers' union. >> shame on you. >> shame on you! >> nbc 10 was also inside the meeting where a raucous crowd expressed anger. the teachers say that the panels vote to end their contracts and have them chip into their health
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benefits amounts to a 13% wage cut. the union is disputing the claim that it had no choice since teachers did not make significant concessions. >> this is an absolute lie to say that we are unwilling to negotiate around health care. >> children are going longer and longer without the things that they need in schools and could not take them through another year like that. >> the school reform commission has asked a state judge to approve its action. new information this morning on a lottery that cut enrollment at philadelphia's walter palmer charter school. 535 students now have to find new schools. more than 1,200 students attended the north philadelphia school. more than half were allowed to stay but in the process of revoking the school's charter. it claims the school overspent and overenrolled violating its charter. we talked to one mom whose child was cut from the school.
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>> they should have cut enrollment sooner because there wasn't enough room. now we have to find new schools at the last minute. >> the process to revoke the school's charter could take months and ultimately shut the school down. new this morning, a gloucester county man is facing charges in an alleged fake school book scam. robert armstrong was arrested yesterday and charged with mail fraud. he sent fake invoices for textbooks to more than 70,000 schools and several schools sent him money. according to investigators, they seized more than $280,000 from the bank accounts. armstrong denies any fraud. it's nine minutes after 5:00 and two hours away from sunrise. we'll see plenty of sunshine and clouds are in the process of moving they're clearing out and sunshine will start a sunny
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streak that will take us right on through the weekend. it will be turning colder and feel the difference first thing on sunday. still clouds over allentown and millville 55 degrees right now in allentown and that's running chillier than yesterday. middle 50s in northeast philly and for now at 60 degrees. no sign of any rain this morning. cape may, beach avenue, the view from the marquette lafayette hotel will see plenty of sunshine. light fog and not getting going. potstown and allentown and quakertown. down to 2 1/2 miles in lancaster. light fog will disappear and clouds are moving out and a nice, sunny friday as the cloudiness to the west will stay clear of our area today. scattered clouds tomorrow, but a nice, mild day tomorrow afternoon. for today, 60s for the pocono mountains and plenty of sunshine for allentown, reading and quakertown and up to 72 for trenton, northeast philadelphia and mt. holly and at the shore,
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you'll find low 70s vineland and dover and low 70s along with plenty of sunshine from cape may to the city. 71 degrees for chester. wilmington 71 degrees and up to 72 this afternoon for philadelphia. but the numbers will be looking a whole lot different come sunday. got the seven-day forecast when i come back. it may be early, 5:11 right now. but we know that there are a few trouble spots on the road. >> nbc 10 jillian mele monitoralimonitors all of our cameras. what are you seeing? >> 95 at broad street and you can see it's clear in both directions which is great news for drivers, especially if you have to head to the philadelphia international airport and no delays to report on that portion of 95. heading to the boulevard, accident southbound at ninth street in the outer drive and for drivers in new jersey, we are dealing with a fire location that is under control, but in berlin, we have the eastbound side of the white horse pike and
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the right lane is blocked there and traffic can get by but police are out there at the scene and just use caution there. we are learning more about a brawl at a middle school that involves a police officer, and a council woman and we now know what may have started the attack on the officer that led to this indictment. plus, police are looking for two women accused of attacking a school bus. investigators say they know what led to the violence.
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5:15. we're following breaking news and nbc 10 is live on the scene. this is from philadelphia where fire crews are working to put out a fire in old city at second and walnut. we're told the fire was in a dumpster. some of the smoke managed to make its way inside the building, but fire officials say there's no damage to the restaurant, no reports of any injuries. we have some new information this morning about an attack on a police officer at a salem county middle school that happened over the summer. the county grand jury indicted walter hudson and council woman genet jackson for aggravated assault on a police officer and related offenses. take a look, this surveillance video shows the alleged attack from july 10th. authorities say that the officer was called to penn's grove middle school to investigate possible underage drinking after a youth basketball game. they say hudson and jackson obstructed the investigation and then assaulted the officer. this morning, philadelphia
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police are searching for two women who used a baseball bat and mace to attack a bus crowded with high schoolers. you can see the shattered glass hanging from this school bus window when nbc tracked down the bus. police say the road rage incident began around 3:00 yesterday afternoon around roosevelt boulevard. the student started shouting at a car when they got to a red light, two women hopped out of that car and a second pulled out mace and sprayed it all over the hood. >> for someone to get out of a vehicle and use a baseball bat and break a window of a yellow school bus knowing that it's filled with students, that's pretty bizarre behavior. >> one student from ben salem hospital suffered minor cuts. witnesses did get the license plate number which is giving the investigation a strong start. for the first time, we're hearing the 911 calls after the fire that killed the ceo of cooper health system and his
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wife. john and joyce sheridan died when flames erupted in their north jersey home. >> someone is trying to get out. they're banging on the door. >> are you able to get the door open? >> not the door, they're upstairs. >> you can hear a neighbor describing to the 911 dispatchers what he saw at the home last month. prosecutors have investigating the fire as arson, but still have not released the exact cause of death in this case. a pennsylvania supreme court justice is apologizing for a lapse in judgment. a review of e-mail traffic from the attorney general's office showed mccaffrey sent or received 234 e-mails with sexually explicit material or importa. i serve my city proudly as an officer of the philadelphia police department. course language and crude jokes
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permeated both ranks, that's not an excuse, just a fact. i sincerely apologize for my lapse in judgment. after explicit e-mails were discovered during an investigation into the handling of the jerry sandusky case. this morning, there's a new family court building in philadelphia where people who suffer abuse can go for help. the ribbon was cut on the new building at 15th and arch in city center yesterday. it helped abuse women, orphaned teenagers and they used to go to a makeshift courthouse. this $200 million project has been in the works since 2008. philadelphia has the most family law and juvenile cases in the state. a philadelphia business leadser being honored for his service to the community. paul was given the 23rd annual greater philadelphia area leadership award last night. roman catholic high school chose him because they said he's transforming lives in the philadelphia area. at 5:18 this morning,
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jillian mele checking out what is happening on the roads. >> let's head to the blue route. you can see the blue route is quiet out there in both directions right near mid-county and drive times 18 minutes both ways between 76 and still have an accident there and also still following an accident on the boulevard southbound at ninth street. if you're waking up in new jersey, no problems to reports on routes like 295 and we're not reporting any delays, but we do have this fire location in berlin. eastbound side of the white horse pike and route 30 approaching 73. the right lane is blocked, but this fire is under control, unfortunately, though, taking out one lane of traffic there for drivers. we've got some clouds overhead, those clouds, though, will be moving out and we'll see lots of sunshine today a dry view of center city looking across to delaware and holding
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at 60 degrees now at philadelphia. those clouds are preventing the temperatures from getting a lot cooler right now, but in the process of cooling. this number could come down a bit more before it starts to climb. nice. clear of any rainfall in cape may it will be a nice, sunny day with temperatures in the low 70s. right now you can see the clouds that are still with us for new jersey and into delaware. starting to clear, though, in western new castle county and the clearing has happened to our southwest. that will clear the way for lots of sunshine today. we are watching a very powerful hurricane. this is gonzalo. in the direct path of this category 4 storm. tropical storm force winds this morning and hurricane force winds this afternoon. for us, though, sunshine. 70s today. really nice and comfortable this afternoon. we'll be chilly tonight, similar to what we're experiencing this morning. a cool start for the shredder event that starts at 9:00
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tomorrow morning at the wells fargo center. 70 degrees tomorrow afternoon and even colder, though, for the aids walk sunday morning. the temperature as folks are gathering downtown, in the 40s and then just 55 degrees sunday afternoon. the chill stays with us on monday with partly sunny skies and then here comes a threat of rain for tuesday and wednesday. that will help to keep temperatures cooler. 40s in the morning and 50s in the afternoon and finally see some breaks in the clouds on thursday, but still a chance of some scattered showers. first responders in philadelphia are preparing for tragedy. coming up, how emergency crews are making sure that they're prepared if things go wrong on the rails.
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at 5:24 this morning. here's a live look at beautiful boat house row. a great day to get out there on kelly drive and do some hiking or biking. big change in the forecast by sunday and temperatures will take a dip and we'll talk more about it in the seven-day forecast. today in ocean county, it is day two of a training exercise at joint base and it means people who live near the facility should, once again, expect increased activity there. also today first responders will conduct a railroad safety drill in philadelphia. respond to something like this oil train derailment in quebec, canada. 42 people died in the accident
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and there was a fire. dozens of buildings were destroyed. about 5:25. coming up, another wild day on wall street, but one that ended on a calm note. jackie deangeles is here with this morning's cnbc business news. jackie, good morning. >> good morning to you. that's right, the futures this morning pointing to a higher open on wall street after, as you said, it was by all accounts another wild day. stocks dropping sharply at the open on thursday, and then stating a comeback. now, traders pointing to comments from a federal reserve official who said that the feds could keep buying treasury bonds and keep interest rates low due to the market turmoil. now, the feds had been set to end that program this month and a little bit of a change in tone there. meantime, we get some data today on housing and the consumer and earnings, as well, from ge and morgan stanley. janet yellen speaking before the opening bell, as well. the dow which had been down more than 200 points finishing at
5:26 am
16,117. the nasdaq rising two points to 4217. back over to you. >> jackie deangeles with cnbc, thanks. a nice day ahead. we'll see lots of sunshine and on this friday, we'll reach into the 70s just a little bit of a breeze in center city. that's a live view. the wind will be a big player in this weekend's weather. right now, it's 60 degrees at 5:26. morning, jillian. >> good morning, bill. checking drive times. from woodahaven to the vine and vine to the blue route and looking pretty good, 18 minutes northbound from 95 to 76. new information this morning in the ebola concerns across the country. >> chris cato is live in dallas this morning. chris? >> those developments include a day off of school for some kids in the dallas area, we'll tell you why superintendents are taking some extreme measures to
5:27 am
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ebola concerns. new developments this morning as authorities believe hundreds more people could now be at risk. it has to do with an infected nurse and just when she became sick. a chase involving a big rig ends in a shooting. we're live at the scene to tell you what happened. and a live look outside. this is cape may. clear and sunny skies today. across the area, but changes coming for the weekend. 60 degrees right now. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm rosemary connors. let's get to bill henley with the first alert forecast. good morning, bill. >> good morning, we're going to see a lot of sunshine, but right now still a few clouds around overnight and keeping our temperatures at 60 in the city right now. a live view from center city and the temperatures climbing into the low 70s where right now they're falling. down to 54 in millville and 50s