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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  October 17, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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new details on how leaders and hospitals in philadelphia plan to respond if an ebola case shows up here. the clouds are clearing and sunshine is returning today. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today, i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm tracy connors. let's get right to the first alert forecast with bill henley. little cooler today than yesterday, bill. >> skies cleared out first thing this morning and not much left of the clouds right now. that's a live view from center city. we saw some little bit of light fog on the horizon and maybe you can see it there and not going to be an issue during the day today. what we will see are temperatures that are cooling right now climb into the 70s this afternoon. but right now, it's 58 in philadelphia. trenton 57 degrees and 55 in millville. sunshine, plenty bright during the day today. little bit breezy come noontime. 67 degrees. that's at lunchtime. start at the bus stop, a little bit cool.
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60s will be later on and right now 51 degrees to 56. it will be dry and those clouds will be leaving us for the weekend. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back. but first jillian has traffic. >> to you at home, let's start things off at the lehigh valley. right at cedar crest boulevard. 309 and the northeast extension is free of any accidents right now. 76, this is the westbound side right at city avenue. no delays to report just yet, but this is where we start to see those delays give it a little bit of time and 76 will start to sledoow down. 18 minutes on the blue route northbound and if you're traveling 95 this morning, so far so good. southbound from wood haven to the vine right now is a 14-minute trip. tracy? a texas nurse diagnosed with ebola is being treated near washington, d.c. nina pham arrived at the
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national institutes of health clinical center overnight. treated in an isolation unit by staff specializing in infectious disease. >> one of two nurses diagnosed at a texas hospital. both her and amber joy vinson are in stable condition this morning. >> this morning we have live team coverage from dallas and here in philadelphia. we begin in dallas with chris cato. from what we have heard, the hospital is living a pr nightmare. >> from a health crisis to a pr crisis, tracy, literally. this hospital is now fighting back against the criticism that it mismanaged the ebola outbreak from the beginning. the hospital recently hired a pr firm from new york that specializes in crisis managem t management. >> we have a great team to make sure that we know the protocols. >> see, they released these videos, these promotional videos
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on youtube. when nina pham left for maryland last night, dozens of hospital workers were outside holding up signs of support, not just for her, but for the hospital. none of them wanted to talk to us publicly, which is a shame because we heard plenty yesterday from the other nurse, brianna on the "today" show who blasted the hospital about not having the proper protective gear for nurses who treated the ebola patient. >> from here to here was uncovered. in fact, i'll just be honest, i threw a fit. i just, i just couldn't believe it. you know and the second week of the ebola acrisis at my hospital, the only gear they're offering us at that time and up until that time is gearing lowing our necks to be uncovered. >> now, the hospital isn't saying she's not telling the truth, but it did say in a statement released last night that it has interviewed the
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hospital has interviewed more than 100 of their workers who, according to the hospital, say that they all had proper protective gear. that's the hospital's take on it. caregivers were frustrated by changing cdc guidelines. so, a little pushback this morning from the hospital on the cdc. here's what else we're watching for you this morning. growing concern this morning that more passengers on airline flights on the flight that amber vinson was on may have been exposed. she may have been symptomatic earlier in the process. we'll look at that and exactly what the federal health officials are doing to reach out to those passengers in about half an hour at 6:30. live in dallas, chris cato, nbc 10 news. our coverage continues with monique braxton at city hall where the mayor will talk about how philadelphia is preparing for ebola. tell us more. >> mayor nutter and his cabinet are preparing to tackle ebola and at noon the mayor will be joined here by both cabinet
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members in laying out the city's readiness if someone develops ebola within city limits. pediatric cases will immediately head here to children's hospital of philadelphia or c.h.o.p. one of three or four designated hospitals across the country. c.h.o.p. is also top for the treatment of children. there are no cases, though, of ebola at c.h.o.p. this morning. we want to make sure that you know that. in the meantime, council's public safety committee wanted to make sure the health department is also prepared should the virus that has killed more than 4,000 in west africa surface here in philadelphia. our camera was rolling when council member summoned two council chambers to answer questions. >> if you had to give the public a letter grade, where would you be confident we are? >> i'd say somewhere between an a and an a plus. >> the city's health czar also
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says hospitals and health centers across the city couldn't be in better shape. 1,800 medical professionals are now on standby should ebola surface. curtis jones tells us he had hoped to replace what he called fear with facts. now, in the next hour, we're working to bring you the protocol, if someone shows up at a health center or hospital with symptoms of ebola. we'll have that for you in the next half hour. live for now outside city hall, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. coming up in ten minutes a live report from the national institutes of health where nina pham is being treated this morning. stay on top about the latest news and information about ebola and also follow us on twitter and find stories using the #ebola. 6:06 right now. nbc 10 live on the scene of breaking news we have been following for you. this is philadelphia. a fire outside the historic city tavern is out. second street is reopened now. the fire has started in a
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dumpster. some of the smoke got inside the building, but fire officials say no damage to the restaurant and no reports of any injuries. the latest rally in philadelphia's school budget crisis shuts down broad street right in front of school district headquarters. all lanes in front of the headquarters, sky force ten was over spring garden late yesterday as hundreds of teachers protested outside of a meeting of the school reform commission. it wads the first public meeting since the commission canceled its contract with the teachers union. >> shame on you. >> shame on you! >> nbc 10 was also inside the meeting where a raucous crowd expressed anger at the src. the teachers say that the panel's vote to end their contract and have them chip into their health benefits amounts to a 13% wage cut. the union is disputing the claim that it had no choice since
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teachers did not make significant concessions. >> this is an absolute lie to say that we are unwilling to negotiate around health care. >> children are going longer and longer with the things they need in schools and i could not take them through another year like that. >> the school reform commission has asked a state judge to approve its action and the teachers union will take the fight to court. skies are clearing. this is a live view of cape may which will see lots of sunshine. some areas of very light fog in allentown as temperatures cool down this morning. we are running cooler than yesterday. in the 50s for most of the area. there go the clouds that will allow plenty of sunshine to warm us into the 70s this afternoon. a nice, mild weather ahead for tomorrow. see scattered clouds to our west and some blowing through at times and mainly sunny for
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allentown and quakertown and right into the low 70s for doylestown, trenton and northeast philadelphia and along the coast and inland for vineland and dover and temperatures in the low 70s. atlantic city, we'll see a high of 71 degrees. westchester, chester and glassboro, sunny skies and low 70s today. some chilly temperatures ahead for the weekend. the seven-day, when i come back. 6:09 right now. if you're heading out, let's get you updated on the roads. >> jillian mele is watching the cameras for us. what is happening out there? >> no accidents to report. no big delays just yet. a live look at route 1 at pennsylvania avenue. traffic moving along just fine out there in both directions. same situation on route 202. a live look at route 252. the 42 freeway northbound side as drivers approach the bridge. average speeds in the mid-50s right now and area bridges are also quiet.
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tracy? new video of the nurse being treated for ebola. hear her emotional moments just before leaving dallas. plus, a live report from bethes duwhere she is being treated. an officer attacked in salem county, now we know what may have sparked that brawl.
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to concerns over ebola. this morning a nurse from texsis being treated for the virus at the national institutes of health and we're hearing from her for the first time. >> okay. >> there's no crying.
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>> she seems in good spirits. this is video of nina pham taken by her doctor just before she left dallas. she arrived in bethesda, maryland. megan, what is the latest on her condition? >> well, she is said to be in stable condition, as you just saw. she is talking to her caregivers and is said to be good in spirits. nina pham arrived at the national institutes of health shortly before midnight. brought from texas to maryland in a charter plane. not taken through any of the commercial airports and brought through the frederick municipal airport and video here to show you of her actually getting off that charter plane last night. now, she was walking herself under her own and she was wearing a protective suit, as were all the people with her. she held the hand of an escort as she walked down the steps of that plane and got into a
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waiting ambulance. and then driven by an ambulance motorcade to nih. the highly specialized isolation unit is equipped with state of the art equipment to deal with infectious diseases like ebola. two beds here. she is in one of those beds. a team of doctors highly specialized in infectious disease and world renowned dr. anthony fouchy admitted her and will oversee her care while she is here. in terms of the course of treatment, we still don't have a lot of detail. he says they have to take a closer look at her, evaluate her, talk to her before they can figure out exactly what they're going to do here or whether or not they will use any experimental drugs. just a little too early to tell. back to you guys in the studio. >> megan, thanks. we want to bring you facts about ebola, not fear. we have it all laid out for you at nbc 10.
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look for the special area there. today in bucks county, former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords will be speaking about protecting women from gun violence. this is part of a roundtable discussion with state and local leaders in ben salem. focus on the need for laws to protect women and families from gun-related crimes. back in 2011 that giffords was shot in the head as she met with constituents outside of a grocery store. since then, she has been campaigning for responsible gun ownership. also today, delaware county district attorney will announce a police training program to help identify and serve high-risk victims of domestic violence. this follows several domestic related deaths in the count. october, by the way, domestic violence awareness month. 66 degrees outside. if you're getting ready to head out, let's get you updated on the roads. jillian mele is watching the traffic for us. >> a familiar sight for people who take 95.
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slowing down on the southbound side. all that volume right near girard avenue as drivers make their way into center city philadelphia. the delay travel time isn't too bad. 18 minutes right now is what it will take you to make your way southbound from wood haven to the vine. delay of four minutes. increase in the next few minutes and give it a little time and then that delay stretch back to cottman. checking some of your other drive times. blue route between 95 and 76. 76 no significant delays just yet. both way business between the blue route and the vine. so, things are looking pretty good on 76 this morning and still no accidents to report in new jersey or delaware and for drivers in delaware, this is a live look at route 1 at route 40 where you can see a little tap of the brakes out there, but for the most part, the majors are looking pretty good there. less than an hour to go before sunrise, but without sunshine, the temperatures are still coming down right now.
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it is dry in center city, you don't expect to see any rainfall today. in fact, we're seeing fewer and fewer clouds now. six degrees cooler than it was yesterday at this time and 58 degrees in philadelphia and the temperatures are cooling right now at the shore, too, but cape may will reach into the low 70s this afternoon. along with most of the rest of the yare wru. it's a 55 in doylestown and wilmington is 56 degrees and currently blue bell is down to 57 and dropped to 55 in eagleville and farther to the north and west. just 56 degrees and potstown is reporting 55 degrees. there goes the clouds and didn't see any showers with them. clouds came through just enough to hold our temperatures up. normally in the 40s at this time of year and we're not seeing that this morning. we won't see temperatures top out in the 60s. above normal in the low 70s today. a much colder weather is on target for sunday morning. which coincides with the aids walk sunday morning. gusty winds and the temperatures
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in the 40s to start with and then 54 by noontime. so, it will be warming up with mainly sunny skies and you won't be alone. you'll be walking with thousands of people in support of aids research. now, we are going to see a milder day saturday for the shredder event in the morning, starting out in the 50s and then there's that colder weather that arrives sunday and stays for monday, tuesday and wednesday could see some steady rainfall. that will help keep our temperatures in the 50s during the afternoon and we may still see some showers come thursday. >> all right, bill, thanks. 6:19 right now. road rage against a school bus. what led up to this window being shattered by a baseball bat. a new option for gamblers in philadelphia. the game is soon coming to sugar house.
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in cases of rape,pposes aborin cases of incest,ions. and in cases where the mother's health is in danger.
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no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy from a rape. mario scavello sponsored a bill to force women to have unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds. it's horrifying. women need to know that mario scavello wants to stand between them and their doctors in making decisions that aren't his to make. at 6:22 here is a live look
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at center city. a light breeze out there. temperatures will warm up into the low 70s. should be a fantastic day. take advantage of it because we do have changes in the forecast coming up in the weekend. this morning, philadelphia police are searching for two women who used a baseball bat and mace to attack a bus crowded with high schoolers. you can see shattered glass hanging from the school bus window when n they tracked the bus down. the road rage incident began around 3:00 yesterday afternoon on roosevelt boulevard. the students allegedly started shouting at another car. when they got to a red light, police say two women hopped out of that car. one used a baseball bat to smash the window and a second pulled out mace and sprayed it all over the hood. >> for someone to get out of a vehicle and to use a baseball bat and break a window of a yellow school bus knowing it is filled with students, that is pretty bizarre behavior. >> one student from ben salem high school suffered minor cuts.
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witnesses did get the license plate number of the attacker's car. we have new information in on an attack at a police officer. at a salem county middle school that happened over the summer. indicted walter hudson and councilwoman genet jackson. this is surveillance video showing the alleged attack. the officer was called to pen's grove middle school to investigate possible underage drinking. hudson and jackson obstructed the investigation and assaulted the officer. good morning, it is 6:24. if you're taking mass transit this morning, not reporting any big issues everything is close or on to schedule. area bridges are looking good. volume on the westbound side of the ben franklin bridge. you notice we have the right lane blocked because of that track rehab project out there. three lanes are getting by into philly this morning and we're
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just starting to see the first slow down and the rest of the bridges are free of any incidents or big delays. let's take you outside to the live look at the comcast center and, bill, it looks like the skies are clearing out. >> just in time to see the sun come up and 45 minutes from coming up across the horizon. a lot of sunshine today with clouds out of the picture and also see a mild afternoon. usually we warm into the 60s this time of year and in the 70s later today. right now it's 58 degrees at philadelphia international and northeast philly is at 59 degrees and, in fact, everybody is seeing 50s this morning. rocksboro currently 57 and northeast at the airport is 59. two patients with ebola have left texas, but concerns over the virus remain. chris cato is live in dallas. coming up, how a tractor trailer with bullet holes in it windshield ended up at this busy
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new developments overnight. a nurse diagnosed with ebola is brought to the d.c. area to receive treatment. this is video of her walking and being helped off the plane. a tractor trailer driver is hurt after leading officers on a chase that ended with shots fired. we're live on that scene, with what police are saying about the pursuit. and clearing out, better weather is ahead for your friday, but the first alert weather team is tracking a weekend cool down. good morning, i'm rosemary connors. this is nbc 10 news today. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's get to bill menially with his first alert forecast. >> finally seeing the temperatures cool down a little bit after the clouds overnight kept the city in the 60s.
6:30 am
now it is in the 50s and look at this view as we get closer to cape may. cape may will see plenty of sunshine today. and the temperatures will be climbing into the 70s this afternoon. but right now, you have to contend with a cooler morning. 56 in potstown and 57 degrees in trenton and northeast philadelphia warm into the 70s, but right now it's 59 degrees. so, cool start. clouds thinning out and nice and dry at 9:00. nice and sunny and breezy at lunchtime today. 67 degrees at that hour. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast. good morning, jillian. >> good morning to you, bill. starting out on the blue route. right at baltimore pike. looks like we have a disabled vehicle there on the shoulder but it is helping to create a little slow down in that area and not impacting the drive time as much. as you can see, still about 18 minutes both way business between 95 and 76. speaking of 76. this is what it is looking like at spring garden street.
6:31 am
little bit of volume eastbound and then right near the conshohocken curve. average speed 37 miles per hour approaching the curve and once you get past the curve, it breaks free for a little bit and right near belmont avenue. that's when we get the yellow, again. things start to slow down and average speeds there in the 40s. a texas nurse diagnosed with ebola is now being treated near washington, d.c. nina pham arrived at the national institutes of health clinical center overnight. this is new video of pham walking off the private plane that brought her to maryland. a few health care workers, as you can see, were there to escort her. treated in an isolation unit by staff specializing in infectious diseases. >> one of two nurses to be diagnosed with ebola at a texas hospital. both she and amber vinson are in stable condition this morning, but still a lot of questions and concerns about the response to the deadly virus. >> chris cato is live this
6:32 am
morning and a new report out that the nurse, amber vinson, may have been sick earlier than first thought. tell us about thatpet. >> because of that report, federal officials are trying to track down passengers that were onflight from dallas to cleveland because now there is real concern that she may actually have been sick earlier than anyone previously thought. now, the cdc says that that new information is based on interviews that they conduct would people close to amber vinson and those people told the cdc that she wasn't exactly feeling well before getting on that flight out of dallas. this doesn't mean that vinson was intentionally trying to hide anything. she wasn't exhibiting classic ca symptoms of ebola. remember up until now the cdc was only concerned about the passengers on the return flight from cleveland to dallas because that's when amber had reported having that low-grade fever before getting onboard. nbc news spoke with one of those passengers who is now in
6:33 am
self-qu self-quself self-quarantine at home. >> take my temperature twice a day and monitor it six hours apart. i would had never risk my life. if i knew she was in contact with patient zero, i would have never gottenen on that flight. >> the cdc says the possibility of anyone on that flight could have contracted ebola is extremely low an extremely low risk and the calling the risk for anyone on the flight to cleveland is even lower. they want to make sure every precaution is being taken to notify people who had any contact with amber vinson during those days. coming up in 25 minutes, we'll take a look at what's happening with the 75 employees here that are still being monitored. they are having to stay at home now and tell you why that list of people who are being monitored is growing outside this dallas hospital.
6:34 am
we're live in dallas, chris cato, nbc 10 news. new this morning, nbc news has learned a health care worker who may have handled is on a cruise ship and has been quarantined. it has been 19 days. set sail from galveston, texas, on sunday night and not letting the ship or the thousand of passengers onboard into port. just in the last 15 minutes carnival cruise lines released a statement "she is deemed by cdc to be very low risk. at this time, the guest remains in isolation onboard the ship and not a risk to any passenger or crew." remember, we're all about bringing you the facts about ebola. look for our special section there for answers to many questions you may have about the disease. in other news, a police-involved shooting in norris town kept a major intersection closed for hours
6:35 am
overnight. the scene involved several police cars and a tractor trailer. katy zachary is live on west main street and what happened, katy? >> as you look behind me, this busy intersection has reopened to traffic. as we go to our video, i'll show you why. focus in on the tractor trailer that is in the middle of the shot. several bullet holes in the windshield near the driver's side. the driver was airlifted to a philadelphia hospital this morning where police have been interviewing him. witnesses at the scene say the truck was drivering erratically and dangerously going through intersections in norristown and eventually driving through a guard rail that blocked a small side street from busy route 202. apparently, police had been chasing the truck for some time. trying to stop it. one person tells me the tractor trailer driver started driving towards a norris town police officer who was in his cruiser and that's when shots were fired at the truck. now, when we arrived here out at the scene, we could see bullet
6:36 am
casings underneath one of the police cars that responded. the norris town police chief was here at the scene throughout the morning and back at the police department interviewing several witnesses who were taken here from the scene. we have calls into him as soon as we get more information about what transpired here, we'll bring it to you. reporting live in norris town, katy zachary. this morning, we have new information on the punishment for a convicted killer. mew leak anderson will spend the rest of his life in prison. anderson was convicted of murdering a childhood friend. the jury decided to give him a life sentence yesterday. the victim, crump, was found shot to death in august of last year. his body was discovered at a construction site in northeast philadelphia. authorities say that anderson killed crump over his share of cash from the sale of a stolen video game. crump was 19 years old. now, to the casino crisis in atlantic city. a judge will decide today whether the trump taj mahal can terminate its union contract.
6:37 am
both sides made their argument in federal bankruptcy court on tuesday. trump entertainment said it needs relief from pension and health insurance costs in order to keep the casino open past mid-november. if the ruling goes against the company, they are expected to close the taj mahal by october 19th. sugar house casino will get its first poker table today. trucks will deliver the tables around 10:00 this morning. the tables will be set up in the city's first legal poker room. gambling in that room is expected to begin early next month. a bill that will allow sports betting in new jersey is heading to governor chris christie's desk. after getting support from the state senate earlier this week, the assembly passed the legislation last night. the bill is aimed at helping new jersey's casino and race track industries and prohibitions against sports betting. faces legal challenges from professional sports league and the ncaa. the son of vice president joe biden has been kicked out of
6:38 am
the navy. nbc news learned that hunter biden was discharged in february after testing positive for cocaine. hunter servi er served as the p affairs officer for almost a year. in a statement biden did not acknowledge the reason for his discharge but that he was embarrassed and he respects the navy's decision. clouds overnight are quickly clearing. we'll see a lot of sunshine today. we're now less than a half hour away from seeing that sun come up. a nice, sunny streak but sunshine through the weekend. temperatures, different story. they will tumble come sunday. right now 53 degrees and fog just thickened up in the reading area with clearing skies the temperatures have come down and ready for sunshine in philadelphia. 58 degrees and nice and clear in cape may. see the clouds on the horizon and not much wind. the flags on top of the aramamrk
6:39 am
building and overall the winds will be light this morning. so, it is a prime fog forming weather in the reading area. quarter mile visibility there with clearing skies and dry air and light wind. that's when you get some of the thicker fog. just light fog for allentown and the rest of the area is fog free. there is the rest of the clouds, they're moving out. sunshine will move things out and seeing the storm system to the north and that will spin some clouds into our area later today and over the weekend. but, we will be dry. 70 degrees this afternoon for allentown, reading 71 degrees and plus upper 60s in quakertown and mt. pocono. northeast philadelphia and mt. holly. 72 degrees this afternoon for dover, vineland and atlantic city and warm under sunny skies to 71 degrees and low 70s from westchester and philadelphia to glasboro. planning to go to the shredder event first thing tomorrow morning? it will be a cool start to the day. we'll start with mostly sunny
6:40 am
skies and the winds will start to pick up a bit. the temperatures might be a little chillier than the 60s i'm forecasting. 60 degrees at 9:00 by noon and 66 degrees and, yes, a gusty wind at time blowing in the morning and that will continue into sunday. that will make a big temperature difference come sunday. seven-day forecast with the timing, when i come back. at 6:40 this morning. we know that morning rush is starting to pick up. let's get an update with jillian mele. what do you see on the roads, jillian? >> a disabled vehicle right at baltimore pike. you can see it, crews at the scene and on the shoulder and not blocking anything, but we do get pockets of volume as drivers slow down. drive time northbound from 95 to 76 is 18 minutes. right now, northeast extension looking pretty good. 52 miles per hour is the average speed between mid-county and lancedale and 36 is what we're seeing on 76 in both directions right near belmont avenue. as you can see, 95 southbound 14
6:41 am
miles per hour. things are definitely slowing down in the normal spots as we expect every morning in that 6:00 a.m. hour. for drivers in delaware, live look at 95 right at route 273. pockets of volume here and no accidents to report. same situation for drivers in new jersey and if you're taking mass transit, everything is on or close to schedule. a new effort to stop bullying. how kids will soon be able to turn to their phones for help. concerns over artificial turf. why a local school is now stopping its renovation plan.
6:42 am
6:44 am
in south jersey just days after an nbc news investigation revealed cancer concerns about artificial turf ocean city is crapping its plan
6:45 am
scrapping its plans and this after some parents and city leaders expressed concern about kids playing sports on the synthetic surface. >> there was not scientific evidence that linked any of the products to any diseases, we certainly wanted to take caution. >> see you're 100% positive it's not causing any illnesses. >> new jersey congressman frank palone has called for a federal study on how the health of athletes might be affected by the chemicals in rubber. debut the mobile app in the winning app. it was created by students in pennwood high school. it gives children and kids a way to avoid bullying and a way to report bullying incidents. each member received a new ipad 2 for their work.
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looks like it's going to be a great friday. the clouds overnight, quickly moving out. look at this beautiful view from the melon building in center city. looking past the comcast building. you can see just a few thin clouds on the horizon. with clearing skies the temperatures have dropped into the 50s and still falling at this hour and the sun is not up until after 7:00 and that's when we'll see our coolest temperatures today. this is the view from blue mountain and scattered clouds there and those will be thinning out and bright sunshine and just a few scattered clouds at times in the mountains today. 50s across the board. 56 in potstown and wilmington is 56 degrees. camden has dropped to 58 and vorhees at 56 degrees. 70s with plenty of sunshine. some clouds to the west, but those clouds will blow in only at times during the day and not bring any rainfall and the
6:47 am
clouds we had overnight did not produce any showers either. looking good this friday. 70s this afternoon with southerly winds out of the southwest at 15 miles per hour today. for the aids walk on sunday, it's going to turn a lot windier and colder,est to. gusty winds. the temperatures will start in the 40s and then warm to 54 degrees at lunchtime and sunshine will be bright. that's the good news and lots of people on hand. huddled together as you walk along. and we will see the temperatures climb into the low 70s for the shredder event in the morning and a little bit breezy. that wind will persist and get a bit stronger on sunday and after that chilly start, 55 degrees in the afternoon. sunshine to start with on monday and 57 and then here comes a chance of rain for tuesday, wednesday and into thursday. >> weekend looks great. but we have to get to work and through today at 6:47. let's check the roads for you. jillian, any trouble spots out there? >> still not reporting any major
6:48 am
accidents but slow spots starting off in chester county. route 30 bypass eastbound right at route 322. getting an update on the blue route. disabled vehicle over here. in fact, still looks like it is still there. northbound at baltimore pike. that is helping things slow down a little bit in the normal volume that we're used to seeing. northbound side, some pockets of volume as drivers approach the bridges. area bridges are clear of any accidents, although the westbound side is pretty heavy as drivers head into philadelphia. rosemary? >> let's head to new york and check in on the folks at "today" show. we say hello to matt lauer and natalie morales. >> rosemary, tracy, nice to see you both, as well. coming up on a friday here on the show, much more on the ebola crisis as one of the infected dallas nurses arrives in maryland overnight. plus, the hospital where she contracted the virus responds to our exclusive interview with another nurse who says they will
6:49 am
unprepared to deal with that situation. a massive hurricane in the atlantic and bracing for a po r powerful, tropical storm. 25 years after a massive earthquake rocked san francisco, are we ready for the next big one? jeff rosen will take us inside a simulator being used to make bridges, roads safer. johow you can pull off all e fall's fashion trends. >> ladies, back to you. >> plus you are welcoming somebody from philadelphia, as well. tell us about that. >> yeah. >> yeah, we have chanel jones here, already on the air a couple times and was with us earlier in the week and did a great spot about picking the right tires for your car. >> coffee research. >> and then we're going to see lots of her on weekends around here. >> we're excited to have her. great addition and brings such personality to the weekends, as
6:50 am
well well. >> we could take a few of those, too. >> great, we'll see you at 7:00 today. thanks. >> all right, ladies. have a good weekend. >> you, too. of course, i'm going to be working tomorrow and so is channelle and then i'll see you in south philly. >> the great shredder event. >> all you have to do is bring your old, personal documents. at the wells fargo center and providing this free community service to keep you safe from identity theft for ten years. tomorrow is your first time, i want to tell you how it works. pack up all your old documents and join us tomorrow at 9:00. when you get to the front of the line, we have volunteers that will go with your car and load all the documents in huge bin. >> watch them get safely shredded. after that's done, we have all kind of activities for you and meet some of us from nbc 10. i'll be there and tracy will be there and plenty of others. >> you can get your picture in
6:51 am
the voice chair. they have teamed up with allstate for this great shredder event. it is free. still aahead on nbc 10, new details on how leaders and hospitals in philadelphia plan to respond if an ebola case surfaces here. a truck driver leads police on a chase and it ends in a shooting. a live update next.
6:52 am
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ebola concerns. this morning the first person to be infected with the virus in the united states has arrived in maryland for treatment. nina pham, a texas nurse, now at the national institutes of health located in bethesda. nih has a high-level isolation unit there. the other nurse who tested
6:55 am
positive for ebola is in stable condition. amber vinson is being treated at emory university hospital in atlanta. chris cato is live in dallas where both of those nurses worked. chris, you have new information just in. >> yeah, before we leave you, a couple new pieces of information about the 75 workers here who we told you are being monitored of signs of ebola because they were involved in the care of thomas duncan and those two nurses. those nurses we learned at a county council meeting yesterday those 75 had to sign legal binding agreements that would allow them to stay home during a 21-day period where they will be monitored continuously for any sign of ebola. they're not at the hospital now and that legal binding agreement will keep them home for 21 days and expanded the number from 75 to 87, the workers may be exposed to ebola because more workers needed to come in and care for the growing number of
6:56 am
ebola patients while the others were at home being monitored. the number is now 87 people here at work for this hospital who are now being continuously monitored for signs of ebola. we're live in dallas outside texas health presbyterian hospital. chris cato, nbc 10 news. back here in philadelphia, we'll get an update later today on mayor michael nutter on how the city is planning to deal with ebola. monique braxton is live. >> if someone is diagnosed with ebola is the subject of a press conference here at city hall about noon. here is what we have learned overnight. children's hospital of philadelphia or c.h.o.p. is on standby ready to help and treat pediatric patients. one of three or four pediatric hospitals across the country to accept children with ebola. c.h.o.p. is also top for pediatric care. no cases of ebola at the hospital, though, this morning. during a hearing by council's
6:57 am
public safety committee we watched as the health czar told council members the city is between an a and a plus in its ability to treat ebola patients. 1,800 medical professionals are now on standby at hospitals and public health centers across the city. when asked about the protocol if someone is diagnosed with ebola in the city, the health commissioner told us the buck stops with him and then c ddc wl be in town to take over. moneique braxton. a tractor trailer driver involved in a chase overnight. katy zachary is live in norristown and this chase ended with an officer firing shots at the driver. tell us more. >> tracy, minutes ago the north town police chief issued new information about this police-involved shooting that happened at this intersection. let's go to our video as i give you the details. police say a 46-year-old man
6:58 am
from new jersey was driving this tractor trailer going erratically throughout norristown hitting several cars. when police caught up to him, he refused to pull his semi-truck over. when police tried to stop him, he drove towards officers with his truck. they fired several shots into the truck's cab. the driver was hit in the arm. he was airlifted to the hospital from the scene, but we're told he is going to be okay throughout the morning. police were there talking with him. in the last few hours, around 5:00 a.m., they reopened this busy intersection. fortunately, just before the morning rush. reporting live, katy zachary. good morning, at 6:58. this is a live look at 422. slow moving right at trooper. as you can see, an accident and checking some of your drive times, some of the slow spots across the area. 76 westbound and eastbound is heavy from blue route to the vine and 95 is pretty heavy
6:59 am
southbound from wood haven to the vine and 32-minute trip and 13 minutes on 202 southbound from 76 to route 30. clouds are out of here. they came through overnight. you can see just a few on the, yeah, look really close. that's the view from cape may and looks like perfect flying weather. in the pocono mountains, little different story. look at the fog hugging the ground level there. that's the view from blue mountain. skies are clear overhead. so, the fog will clear. we did briefly see some dense fog in reading in just the last few minutes, though, that has changed. now, improving visibility. the temperatures are about to reach their coolest point. right now millville. 53 degrees and 57 in northeast philadelphia. so, at the bus stop, yes, a cool start this morning. light winds and lots of sunshine and then the temperatures will climb into the 70s this afternoon. a beautiful view from center city. the "today" show is coming up next and then we'll see you
7:00 am
in 25 minutes for a local update. >> always get the latest news and weather on our website. thanks for watching, have a great day. good morning. breaking overnight. the first dallas nurse with ebola arrives in maryland for treatment. >> i love you guy. >> we love you, nina. >> but a new concern, this morning a woman who handled an ebola specimen at that hospital now in self quarantine on a cruise ship. a hurricane could hit bermuda for more than a decade. discharge. vice president's youngest son, hunter biden, kicked out of the navy months ago aft