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tv   Today  NBC  October 17, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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in 25 minutes for a local update. >> always get the latest news and weather on our website. thanks for watching, have a great day. good morning. breaking overnight. the first dallas nurse with ebola arrives in maryland for treatment. >> i love you guy. >> we love you, nina. >> but a new concern, this morning a woman who handled an ebola specimen at that hospital now in self quarantine on a cruise ship. a hurricane could hit bermuda for more than a decade. discharge. vice president's youngest son, hunter biden, kicked out of the navy months ago after testing
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positive for cocaine. he is apologizing but why is it now just coming to light? decades after earthquake struck san francisco during the world series, more drama. >> ishikawa hits one into right! the giants win the pennant. >> as the giants head back to the fall classic "today," friday, october 17th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and the giants win the pennant! the giants win the pennant. welcome back to a friday morning. i'm matt lauer, along with natalie morales, al roker and tamron hall. savannah is on maternity leave. now the world series is set. >> kansas city royals, they haven't been there in 29 years, now the giants.
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all starts tuesday in kansas city. it will be an exciting one. >> home field advantage to the kansas city royals. we'll have more on that later. let's get right to the top story on a friday morning, the latest on this ebola crisis. nina pham, first dallas nurse diagnosed with that virus arrived in maryland overnight. >> her infected co-worker, amber vinson, may have shown symptoms earlier than believed. the cdc is adding hundreds of names to the list that may have been in contact with her. >> a nurse who handled an ebola specimen is on a cruise ship right now. officials are working on picking her up at sea and bringing her home. kate snow is in dallas. good morning to you. >> reporter: the ripple effect of that one person coming from liberia to the u.s. to dallas has just gotten bigger and bigger. as you say, one airline flight is affected now and a whole
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cruise ship full of passengers is on edge this morning. that, as both of the nurses have been transferred to other facilities. nurse nina pham, seen arriving in maryland overnight, getting helped off a medical transport plane and into a waiting ambulance. the final leg of her journey to the national institutes of health facility for treatment. >> we're really proud of you. >> reporter: just before she left, first look inside an isolation unit at first health presbyterian dallas, releasing this video of pham talking to her medical team. pham, wiping away tears. >> we love you, nina. >> reporter: her colleagues chanted and held signs as her ambulance left the dallas hospital. #presbyproud and #supportthe scrub. amber vinson's travels has the cdc scram bebbling to identify
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may have come in contact with her. they are not sure when she first showed signs of ebola and it may have been earlier than they thought. >> we can't rule out the fact that she might have had the start of her illness on friday. >> reporter: that's one week ago, the day she flew from dallas to cleveland on frontier airlines to plan her wedding with family over the long weekend. authorities are now trying to find everyone who was on that flight in addition to tracking down passengers on her flight from cleveland back to dallas on monday, when vinson told the cdc she was running a fever. anyone who shopped at this bridal store on saturday is also being asked to call a hotline. it's unclear to get a clear timeline from vinson herself because she's sick. anyone from the state department who may have had contact with specimens from thomas eric duncan is now on a carnival magic cruise ship near belize.
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the government saying she is very low risk for ebola but just to be safe she is isolating herself in a cabin. apologizing for mistakes and vowing to find out how the two nurses became infected. >> we know that they are both extremely skilled nurses and were using full protective measures under the cdc protocols so we don't yet know precisely how or when they were infected. but it's clear there was an exposure somewhere, some time. >> reporter: at the same hearing, the director of the cdc telling lawmakers that, despite missteps, he's confident that the american public is safe. >> there's zero doubt in my mind that, barring a mutation, which changes it, which we don't think is likely, there will not be a large outbreak in the u.s. >> reporter: now, there is some promising news in this story. remember, it's 21 days that it usually takes to come down with ebola. the person on that cruise ship,
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she has been 19 days away from thomas eric duncan. it's very unlikely she would get sick. also, all his family and friends who have been monitored their window of 21 days will expire on sunday. matt and natalie, it's looking like none of them have gotten sick so far and it is looking good for them to be out of that window very soon. >> kate snow, thank you very much. all of the talk of ebola has a lot of people on edge, fears that are, in most cases, unfounded. peter alexander has that part of the story. peter, good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning to you. the clinical center at nih, where nina pham is being treated this morning. medical experts here and across the country say that it is extremely difficult for ebola to be passed from one person to another, but that hasn't stopped our fear of ebola from spreading. it's a nationwide outbreak, ebola fear infecting much of america. when does caution become hysteria? the ohio bridal shop that dallas
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nurse amber vinson visited saturday now closed, nearby elementary school shut down because a mom spent time with vinson, even though she had no time spent with her daughter. and flu-like symptoms was enough for officials to briefly evacuate and cordon off. >> reporter: until now, reserved for the movies, not real life. twitter users had their own diagnosis for that man with clipboard. >> humans are stupid. >> unless clipboard man is chuck norris he may want to strap on a biohazard suit. one specially trained person not in a suit, keeping his distance. still, not take negative chances, homemade hazmat suit
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being donned at an airport. >> children and teens are walking in here, talking ebola and saying, i'm wondering, why is ebola on your mind? after speaking to these kids, they're telling me, i just saw it on the tv. >> reporter: comedians have mocked the media coverage. >> and the inevtabiliitability of us getting it. run! >> it's caused a lot of people to be confused with nowhere, really, to turn. >> reporter: experts say there is some good that come out of these fears right now, if it leads americans to focus on the things that we can control, like washing our hands frequently and covering when we cough. all of it could make a big difference as we head into flu season. >> definitely. peter alexander, thank you so much. meantime, texas health presbyterian hospital is now responding to our exclusive interview with a nurse there who claims the hospital wasn't ready
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to handle ebola patients. while they admit mistakes, they say the hospital remains safe. nurse briana aguirre describes a hospital that was woefully unprepared to deal with ebola. >> they should have known that it was getting out of hand. they should have called in more help, even to make a public plea and say, help us, you know. help us get the supplies we need. help us get the nurses the education and training. anyone. we're not handling it well. and i watched them violate basic principles of nursing care. >> late thursday night, texas health presbyterian responded, issuing a statement, addressing aguirre's concerns and how she expressed them saying it is incorrect and disturbing to many of our staff to hear media exaggerations about their commitment to the organization they love. the hospital also addressed specific claims made by aguirre
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concerning the lack of proper protective gear the hospital provided during thomas eric duncan's care. >> is it true that some of the nurses were wrapping tape around their throats, trying to cover that space that was left exposed ? >> when i started expressing that concern, the infectious disease nurse at that time said, we know. we know that that's an issue and our stance on that is that we are taking tape and we are taking -- at that time it was four or five pieces of tape, one-inch tape, and we are closing that gap in the suit. >> the hospital acknowledged staff members concerns over the suits but said they followed cdc guidelines and standards. "we have conducted interviews with well over 100 caregivers involved in mr. duncan's care, some multiple times. the consistent and universal theme we have heard is that all caregivers reported being consistently compliant with utilizing the appropriate ppe in
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accordance with the guidelines from the cdc. the cdc guidelines changed frequently, and those changes were frustrating to them and to management." they added it was the cdc who recommended how to close the exposed gap in the suits. two on-site cdc members approved and recommended that they pinch and tape the necks of the gown. because our nurses continued to be concerned, particularly about removing the tape, we ordered medical shrouds. the statement also points out that the hospital has two different ways employees can anonymously raise issues about safety concerns, but says no one did that, adding third parties who don't know our hospital, our employees and who were not present when the events occurred are seeking to exploit a national crisis by inserting themselves into an already challenging situation. so, clearly, a lot of back and forth there now. but, bottom line is hopefully they're getting the oversight they need now if they were to have to deal with another ebola
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patient. >> you would hope so, definitely. this sunday on "meet the press," moderator chuck todd conducts an ebola summit on the crisis. check your local listings for that. monster storms churning off the east and west coast. coverage with you beginning in bermuda with dylan dreyer where hurricane gonzalo is bearing down. good morning to you, dylan. >> good morning, natalie. i'm on the western side of bermuda, which means hurricane gonzalo will pass 20 to 50 miles from where i'm standing as a category 3 hurricane. we are just a speck here in the atlantic ocean. there are some natural defenses this island has. there's a reef that surrounds the island that protects from that dangerous storm surge you so often see with these hurricanes. also, most of the island is fairly high in elevation. so, while we will see some flooding along the immediate coastline, inland areas shouldn't get flooded out. that being said, residents are
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cautiously optimistic, putting a lot of faith in the way things are built here. they are built with solid cement. they are up to hurricane code. and while they are boarding up, they're just really going to hunker down as we go into the afternoon. one area of concern is the causeway that connects to the airport. the last time a category 3 hurricane hit this island was hurricane fabian in 2003, it washed out that causeway. there's a replacement one there now. we'll see how it holds up against this storm. conditions are expected to deteriorate from here on out. the height of the storm expected this afternoon and this evening. natalie? >> dylan dreyer, thanks. the big island of hawaii today, residents there brace for tropical storm ana. hallie jackson is in kona. hallie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. right now, this is the calm before the storm. the state's emergency operation center is set to open in a few hours, because even though tropical storm ana is tracking further south than expected,
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hawaii will still feel an impact. prolonged rain, potential for flash flooding, mud slides and definitely very high and dangerous surf. schools on the big island are closed for the day. and folks are getting ready. one local store ran out of bottled water. people are filling up their propane tanks in case of extended power outages. that's what they saw on this island just a couple of months ago. very unusual to have two named storms threaten this island in such a short period of time. people here are hoping for the best but getting ready for the worst. matt? >> hallie jackson in kona this morning. tracking gonzalo and ana. >> we are tracking gonzal o first. 250 miles south-southwest of bermuda. 140-mile-per-hour winds moving north-northeast at 50 miles per hour. look at these water temperatures, 80 and 90 degree
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water temperatures. some drier air off to the west. we're hoping that gets in. we're expecting tonight, maybe tomorrow, it will go by the island as a category 3 storm. there is some concern it's going to go right over bermuda and continue on out as a category 2 storm. this is going to be a major, major catastrophe for bermuda. we go out into the pacific, tropical storm ana. 340 miles south of hilo. water temperatures very warm. 80s and 90s. it looks like it's going to stay to the south. yesterday we thought it might make a hook toward honolulu. it looks like it will stay south and west of the islands. that's better news for those folks, much better news. and what we're watching for gonzalo, this will be a very, very catastrophic storm. we're really worried about loss of life in this one. >> al roker, thank you very much. hunter biden, the youngest son of the vice president, is apologizing this morning, after it was revealed he has been
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kicked out of the navy for testing positive for cocaine. kelly o'donnell has more on that. good morning. >> good morning, matt. the office of the vice president is not talking about this this morning. the sudden dismissal from the navy of hunter biden. less than two years after his military career was just getting started. the vice president's youngest son, a yale-educated lawyer and married father of three. >> i learned a lot about leadership by listening to my dad. >> reporter: he had barely begun as a naval reserve officer when his service was abruptly, yet quietly cut short. senior u.s. officials tell nbc news hunter biden had tested positive for cocaine in 2013 and was discharged in february of this year. hunter biden said in a statement, it was the honor of my life to serve in the u.s. navy and i deeply regret and am embarrassed that my actions led to my administrative discharge. i respect the navy's decision.
7:17 am
with the love and support of my family, i'm moving forward. biden works for an investment firm and is chairman of the world food program. >> you have about 870 million people that go to bed hungry every single night. >> reporter: here, with brother beau biden, who had been deployed to iraq with the army national guard. last year the vice president proudly teased that hunter had actually needed an age waiver to serve. >> my son over 40, joined the u.s. navy, about to be sworn in as an officer, hunter biden. >> senior officials tell us this is pretty typical, that hunter biden was treated just like any sailor, junior officer or enlisted, who is discharged for this kind of test. they simply don't talk about it. hunter biden had been commissioned as an enson and his job was working in public affairs. matt? >> kelly o'donnell, thank you very much. tamron is here with more drama in the sentencing of oscar
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pistorius. >> yes. good morning, everyone. prosecutors are calling for stiff prison time for track star oscar pistorius. state prosecutor jerry nail said in his terms the minimum term that society will be happy with is ten years. last month, pistorius was convicted of killing girlfriend reeva steenkamp. the sentencing hearing resumes next tuesday. more photos from north korea of kim jong un, who had been out of sight until this week. broadcasting dozens of photos of kim, using a cane, inspecting a newly built housing development. it's not clear when his visit took place. earlier this week, he was seen for the first time since early september. federal investigators are trying to find out what caused a frightening crash in northwest arkansas. a freight train collided thursday with another train full of tourists on a fall foliage tour in the ozarks. at least five people were critically hurt there.
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and as you heard, the world series is set. it will be kansas city and san francisco. last night with one giant swing of the bat, travis ishikawa, san francisco giants beat the st. louis cardinals to win the pennant with a walk-off home run. the world series starts tuesday night in kc. guys, it is 7:19. one of our amazing colleagues, with my hand warmer, wrote go giants. speaking about the new york giants who will be defeated by the dallas cowboys this weekend. so, yes, take that back. >> what's more exciting? a walk-off home run or hail mary touchdown pass? >> hail mary. >> i don't know. >> how about a hail mary home run? >> there you go. mr. roker, tracking these two storms and a cool down here in the northeast. >> that's right. we've already got it going on in the plains states. behind this cold front looking at chilly conditions, windy
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conditions. more rain moving in the pacific northwest. we'll look at that in detail coming up in the next half hour. good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley and beautiful friday, lots of sunshine and mild temperatures into the 70s this afternoon. little bit breezy at times. the wind will pick up over the weekend, a breezy saturday, 55 in the morning for the shredder event and 70 in the afternoon. for the aids walk sunday morning
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a chilly wind blowing. 40s to start with and then 55 in the afternoon. still cool monday and then here come rain clouds for tuesday, wednesday and into thursday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> the 25th anniversary of that earthquake that struck san francisco during the world series and carson is here with more on that. >> 25 years ago today. another battle of the bay series. and the earthquake hit. it was a big one, too. huge. lot of damage. 60 people killed. bridges buckled. minutes before game three in that world series. lot of issues happening up there. that upper part of candlestick buckled. there was a big evacuation. they would go on to play the world series. they would suspend game three, ten days later resume it. sitting in the family room while the house moved in a circle for 15 seconds over 100 miles from
7:22 am
the epicenter. amy writing in, i was driving on the 101. thought i blew a tire. pulled over. everyone on the freeway pulled over and watched the freeway buckle. i was 11 years old, standing in our doorway with mom, brother and dog. we could see houses rolling like waves. do you guys remember where you were? >> getting ready to watch the game. >> exactly. >> i think i was living overseas at the time, but yeah. >> carson, thank you very much. how far have we come in the last 25 years? we'll take you inside a simulator that supposedly is making buildings and bridges safer. was it preventible? the cause of joan rivers' death now revealed. we'll have reaction from her family. but first this is "today" on nbc. .
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coming up, joan
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the new lunch double burger from chili's lunch combo menu, starting at 6 bucks. fresh is happening now. it is 7:26. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. your first alert forecast for this friday. bill? >> temperatures at the coolest this morning. as a result, seeing some fog in the pocono mountains. look at the low clouds and fog there that has thickened up in allentown. light fog in the reading area and lancaster has some fog, as well. not an issue in philadelphia. light fog in parts of new jersey where it's 55 degrees. the tos will warm into the 70s with bright sunshine and a fog this morning disappears. for your ride to work, jillian mele is watching the roads, including the vine. jillian? >> heavy westbound approaching
7:27 am
76 and right near broad street not looking too bad and minor accident on the shoulder westbound and also have an accident at wedge way and the ben franklin bridge heavy volume on the westbound side as drivers make their way into center city. tracy? an update on how the city is planning to deal with ebola. so far we know pediatric cases will head to children's hospital of philadelphia. no cases this morning. the mayor will tell us more during a briefing at city hall at noon. now, social media will be critical as we get the word out about ebola. that's why we encourage you to go to our website or use our news app. use #ebola on twitter as we post articles, alerts and new information. i'm tracy davidson. another update in 25 minutes and always get the latest news and weather at now back to "today" show.
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♪ reaching out we got it ♪ touching me touching you ♪ here we go now, everybody! ♪ sweet caroline >> ah, the memories. welcome back, 7:30 on a friday morning. that was the scene 13 years ago, al helped neil diamond sing classic "sweet caroline." we're telling you it is now safe for cats and dogs to come out from under the bed. >> he sounded good. >> will we get a repeat of that duet? we'll find out monday when the legendary neil diamond -- i should say the legendary al
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roker. >> the infamous. >> for the summer concert. check out neil diamond here on monday. >> i better warm up my vocals. >> what a classic. >> i can't wait. let's look at what's maybing the headlines on this friday morning. bermuda bracing for a direct hit from hurricane gonzalo, massive storm surge. low-lying areas, people are being told to move to higher ground before it's too late. nina pham, first dallas nurse arrived in maryland overnight to be treated at the national institute of health center. presbyterian hospital released the video of pham being cared for there. the sentencing hearing of oscar pistorius is winding down, telling the court today that reeva steenkamp's death was horrific and he wants the sentence to be a minimum of ten
7:32 am
years for the shooting death of his girlfriend. this morning, our jeff rossen takes a look back, then goes inside an earthquake simulator that's now being used to help make buildings safer. >> very important stuff there. let's begin this half hour with the investigation into joan rivers' tragic death. a new report is now out on what led to the comedians death. stephanie gosk is here with more. good morning. >> good morning, natalie. even at the age of 81, joan rivers seemed larger than life, leaving many surprised by her death. the new york city coroner answers at least some of the lingering questions. getting older only seemed to give joan rivers more energy. the best-selling book, tv show, a successful retail line that she often promoted herself on qvc. >> look at this. i don't have any jewelry on. >> reporter: she went to an
7:33 am
outpatient clinic in manhattan followed by a raspy throat and stomach reflux. during the exam the oxygen supply to rivers' brain dropped, eventually leading to the comedi comedian's death. there is no conclusion of wrong doing in the rivers' autopsy. the death resulted from a predictable complication of medical therapy. >> whenever we do a procedure on a patient that's older, they're more susceptible to having complications. however, we do ensure across the country, you know, millions of procedures a year to patients that are in their 80s and they do well. >> reporter: in a tweet, melissa rivers wrote, in response to new york city's medical examiner's report, we continue to be saddened by our tragic loss. no further comment at this time. the outpatient clinic did not return calls for comment.
7:34 am
yorkville endoscopy said no longer medical director and no longer performing procedures. circumstances into the comedian's death, the report has yet to be released. what the medical examiner does not answer is what caused the drop of oxygen to rivers' brain. death in a procedure like this is rare. one in 10,000 people die each year from the procedure. matt? >> thank you very much. dr. natalie azar is a clinical professor at languaone medical center. in layman's terms there's a lack of oxygen to the brain. they called it a predictable complication. what does that mean? >> you know when you go in for a procedure and sign consent? >> right. >> you have to read the fine lines but you're actually signing that the anesthesia you're getting, the medicine
7:35 am
that's causing you to go to sleep, the sedative hypnotic that you get, in this case, propofol, can cause death. we know this. it's not actually shocking that a medicine like this can have this complication. >> are we talking about perhaps there was a too high of dosage? >> potentially. >> or it is more complicated to use propofol in an older patient? >> all very good questions. it happens to be the most commonly used anesthetic right now. it leaves people not feeling so hungover, it's quick on, quick off. the issue with propofol is either if the rate of infusion is too high, if the dose is too high, perhaps, it can cause -- it's known to cause apnea, which means you can stop breathing. it's known to cause a drop in blood pressure. >> i want to make sure i understand. is the possibility that this was a medical error still open? >> do they take blood samples, do they see the level of
7:36 am
propofol in her blood? was it dosed appropriately for someone of her age? it seems to me that what they've determine sd simply she stopped breathing -- again, a known complication of propofol and by the time she was resuscitated her brain had not received oxygenated blood for a period of time. and at that point it was irreversible damage to her brain. >> such a tragedy. >> it's a lesson to the viewers. again, we have to take something home from this. this was maybe not necessarily an elective procedure. she was doing an endoscopy to look for acid reflux, because of her hoarseness. any time you undergo a surgical procedure, as minor as this may have seemed, complications like this can happen. >> that's why, as you said earlier, read the fine print. >> very much and be very thoughtful of undergoing elective procedures. >> dr. natalie azar, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. let's get a check of the
7:37 am
weather from al. >> announcer: "today's" sunday night football weather is brought to you by nfl mobile exclusively from verizon. >> take a look in the pacific northwest. wet weather is making its way, seattle all the way down into parts of the northern california. some of this vein going to be heavier at times as we get into the afternoon hours. it's going to last right on into saturday morning. heavier showers and thunderstorms around the puget sound starts to stretch down into southern california, ends by noon. wet weather around the great lakes. cooler, windy conditions around this low pressure system. leftover showers northern new england. around the eastern seaboard, i-95, gorgeous weather. temperatures in the low to mid good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. beautiful friday and lot of sunshine and mild temperatures into the 70s this afternoon. little bit breezy at times. the wind will pick up over the weekend. 55 in the morning for the shredder event and 70 in the
7:38 am
afternoon. for the aids walk saturday morning, a chilly wind blowing. 40s to start with and 45 in the afternoon. still cool monday and then here come rain clouds for tuesday, wednesday and into thursday. have a dprat day. >> and, of course, we all wait for the best night of the week, little helmets moving around. we love them! oh, my gosh. it would be so much better if we've got players but we've got helmets. mile high stadium in denver, colorado, sunny skies, temperatures 70 degrees. it's going to be a fabulous sunday night, football night in america night. yes, baby! >> sheer joy as you deliver
7:39 am
that. >> makes you so excited about football. up next, a special rossen report. >> i'm jeff rossen. 25 years ago today, the big one hit san francisco. this morning, we are here, taking you inside of an earthquake, inside this high-tech earthquake simulator. what does it feel like? and how do you protect yourself? we have the video you need to see and the tips you need to practice, just ahead. also ahead, ever tried moving yourself and found it impossible to get a piece of furniture out of your house or apartment? meet the man who found a clever way around a difficult move. meet the man who found a clever way around a difficult move. mm. feel it. j.j. watt? you know there's a game on tonight right, amy? oh, i know, but it's my turn to chaperone. right, but you could do both. how? nfl mobile is now free with the more everything plan from verizon. i have verizon! download it, you can watch the game right here. come on, let's boogie! oh, helen.
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7:44 am
technology to keep you safe in a quake. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: hey, natalie, good morning to you. you think about this area, the entire bay area went through 25 years ago today. boy, have engineers come a long way since, learning more about earthquakes, and building safer homes, safer buildings that are more earthquake proof. by the way, education is a huge part of it, too. climbing into an earthquake simulator. there are few of these across the country. to give the public an idea of what it's like to be in an earthquake. and you see how fast things can go sideways, especially if you're caught off guard. this morning, we are taking a look back at all the prior devastation 25 years ago and also showing you the new technology engineers are using right now to protect you if the big one strikes again. october 17th, 1989, as californians were sitting down to dinner, it struck. magnitude 6.9 earthquake.
7:45 am
buckling san francisco's bay bridge, leveling homes, destroying stretches of the double decker 880 freeway. >> that is completely collapsed. >> the freeway dropping like dominos, you know. >> reporter: the massive quake even rocked candlestick park during game three of the '89 world series. >> we're having an earth -- >> reporter: emergency workers fanned out, pulling survivors from trapped cars, battling flames from destroying neighborhoods. by the time the loma-prieta earthquake was over, 60 people were dead, thousands more injured and millions shaken. >> people were dead all around you. it was a traumatic experience. >> reporter: today, 25 years later, engineers are re-enacting the quake. even simulating a bridge with trucks, learning how to build one that won't buckle. it's all happening here inside this massive earthquake lab at
7:46 am
the university of nevada, reno. we're getting exclusive access this morning. they have these high shake tables. it's actually going right now. they shake the room up there to simulate real earthquakes at different magnitudes to see what happens. the entire goal? to help build earthquake-proof buildings, offices. to show us, they built a room on one of their shakers, with furniture and all. then they hit the button. this is what a 6.9 magnitude feels like right at the epicenter if you're on the first floor of the building. you can see the walls are rattling, glass is breaking. >> can you imagine this happening out of nowhere if you were in your house? look what happens here. >> what do you do if the big one strikes in your neighborhood? >> the rule of thumb is duck, cover and hold. which is great if you have
7:47 am
something to duck and cover under like a table or desk. >> should you run out of your house? >> absolutely not. you don't know what will come off the roof. >> i also heard about standing in a door frame. >> that depends if the door frame is on a load-bearing wall sbchlt it may work or may not. stay way from doors. >> reporter: what it feels like ten stories up in a high rise. a big difference. this time, the furniture and everything else crashes down in seconds. >> the building ingi amplifies >> should you try to get out of there? >> no. >> should you try to run downstairs? >> no. stay on that floor and wait for the all clear. >> reporter: we showed you what to do, duck and cover, if you're caught in it. there's other ways to help yourself as well. can we start the simulator one more time? take a look. we're starting the earthquake.
7:48 am
watch how everything flies off on there. stop the earthquake simulator for a moment. everything is on the floor. wow, the earth is still shaking here, except for a couple of things. this fan is still here and this printer is still here. you should get one of these, earthquake fastener. go online. they cost a couple of bucks. secure everything down you can to minimize the risk of things flying at you, guys. >> jeff, thank you very much. have you ever been in an earthquake? >> no. >> that little one here, i guess it was like four years ago, but when i was younger in chile, i woke up in the middle of the night anyway huge earthquake. >> never. >> west of marquis in los angeles, watching water sloshing out of the pool. >> this is not normal. >> this is not a good thing. >> carson, you lived in l.a. for a long time. >> i grew up in southern california. you grow up in a culture of it, like you saw in that report, that's exactly what it feels like. but they're terrible. you've never been through an earthquake, matt? >> no. >> not at all?
7:49 am
>> i've been through some tumultuous times but never -- >> it felt like the earth -- >> thanks for asking, though. >> sorry. >> wow! didn't see that coming. >> the earth is still moving under our feet. coming up on trending, a new warning tied to halloween candy. in one town, it could have older warning tied to halloween candy. in one town, it could have older trick -or-treaters showing up at wpreferred networks, including manyunited healthcare,lan humana, aetna and coventry. at our new health insurance information centers, you'll find independent agents that tell you about plans that could be right for you. take care of your medicare part d enrollment, so you can spend your time doing the things you enjoy the most. visit walmart. or call 1-888-966-1848 to speak to a licensed agent. save money. live better. walmart.
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good morning, i'm tracy davidson. let's get you updated for your first alert forecast with bill henley. >> lots of sunshine outside. get used to it. the sun will stay for the rest of the day and the temperatures, which are cool right now, will be warming. that's the view from the comcast center in center city. 59 degrees right now in the city and 53 in millville and lower 50s for potstown and allentown. look at that sunshine. 67 degrees by lunchtime. low 70 os and little bit breezy later today. if you're ready to head out the door, accident on 76. jillian mele is watching that. >> just past university avenue and live look at 76 and you can see eastbound is crawling along. eastbound drive time from the vine to 95, 20 minutes. that's a delay of about eight minutes right now. an accident city avenue southbound at 47th street and zooming this map out, you can
7:57 am
see very close speeds, 76 west at city avenue, 95 slow moving in the normal spot and same thing on the blue route. tracy? police are talking to the driver of a tractor trailer who was involved in a chase with officers in montgomery county. the truck spread through traffic lights and stop signs in norristown. it ended at markley and west main. several bullet holes in the truck's windshield. the driver started driving towards a police officer in his cruiser and that's when shots were fired at the truck. the driver was taken to the hospital but no word on the injuries. day two of a training exercise. once again, if you live near the base, you can expect to see increased activity there. i'm tracy davidson, another local update in 25 minutes. get the latest news and weather on our website at now back to "today" show. have a great day.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 now. surviving a plane crash. slammed into a california mountainside as they thank god they're arrive. plus, joan's journey. >> it's a shame that you have to go through something that almost takes life away to appreciate it more, but it certainly does it to you. >> joan lunden updates us on her battle with breast cancer and the messages of love she's received since sharing her story. and look out below. >> oh, my gosh! i cannot believe it. >> where there's a will, there's a way. how one couple's sofa surprise has people talking "today,"
8:01 am
friday, october 17th, 2014. >> celebrating 40 on the "today" show. >> happy birthday, grandma. >> we canadians love "today." >> houston hotties take a bite out of the big apple. >> from rocky top to top of the rock. >> tennessee loves al roker! >> we are back now, october 17th, 2014. and i hope we can get a view -- can you get a shot? big crowd here on a friday morning. >> you always wanted to direct.
8:02 am
>> give me the wide shot there. >> happy anniversary to all the anniversaries. >> here is the best one. i was supposed to get married tomorrow. >> you really want to go there? >> sure. what happened? >> it wasn't meant to be, but -- >> you're here? >> i'm here. >> and you're having a great time. yeah! that's right, baby! >> all right. have fun. meanwhile, we want to go inside to tamron hall with a check of the morning's headlines. >> good morning, everyone. the ripple effect from that one ebola patient who died in dallas last week now has the cdc looking for passengers on two different airline flights. now there's also a cruise ship in the spotlight. nbc national correspondent kate snow is in dallas for us. kate, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tamron. cdc doctor says the second nurse infected with ebola may have gotten sick and showed symptoms earlier than they thought. that's why they're looking at a flight she took a week ago today from dallas up to cleveland.
8:03 am
they'll look at all the passengers on that flight as well as a flight she took back to dallas on monday. we're getting the first look inside the texas hospital where these women have been treated. nina pham, from her isolation room with her doctors, just before she left last night to be transferred to bethesda, maryland, a facility at the nih. another one of their colleagues, a lab supervisor, is on a cruise ship in belize, holed up in her cabin, because she may have had some exposure to lab specimens of thomas eric duncan. they've asked her out of an abundance of caution -- she's not sick -- but to remain in her cabin. tamron? there's been no comment from vice president biden about his son's dismissal from the u.s. navy. hunter biden tested positive for cocaine in 2013 and was
8:04 am
discharged in february this year. hunter biden issued a statement saying he is deeply embarrassed by his actions. lost in the mountains east of los angeles. >> wow, these people are so l k lucky. >> the dense forest made the search difficult for firefighters. >> we've been through big fires together in the past. when we come together for a rescue like this, that's -- a lot of that old experience and training comes into play and we get the job done. >> reporter: this mountain road became a landing pad, bringing the crash victims to safety. a harness was used to help carry this man with a leg injury, one of the three on board, to a waiting ambulance. firefighters tended to this woman with facial injuries. the third victim, also a woman, and visibly shaken, had injuries to her face and hands. knbc reporter was at the scene as she was being rushed to an ambulance. >> how lucky do you feel, ma'am,
8:05 am
to be alive? >> her answer mufled by the nearby helicopter. yes, thank god. >> for them to crash land in the area they did, i believe it to be a miracle they survived. >> reporter: all three passengers were taken to nearby hospitals where they were treated for injuries described as nonlife threatening. it is now 8:05. let's get another check of the weather from al. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by new pact cranberry extract water from ocean spray, a better water for a better you. good morning, everybody. we've got some nice folks here from ohio state. go, buckeyes! there you go. let's show you what we have. the latest on gonzalo, 8:00 update from the national hurricane center. 195 miles south-southwest of bermuda. still a strong category 4, 130-mile-per-hour winds north-northeast at 15 miles per
8:06 am
hour. and it looks like it will make land fall. look at these temperatures, water temperatures are in the 80s. we don't see much weakening until this thing makes land fall, 120-mile-per-hour winds by the time it makes land fall late tonight. for today, wet weather in the great lakes, north good morning i'm bill henley. lots of sunshine. a little breezy at times with winds at 15 miles per hour. the wind will pick up over the weekend. 55 in the morning and 70 in the afternoon. sunday morning, a chilly wind blowing, 40s to start with and 55 in the afternoon. here comes rain clouds for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. have a great day. that's your latest weather.
8:07 am
>> al, thank you so much. >> from jenny. >> thank you very much. >> nobody loves a big ball of cheese like al. >> we've got ham and cheese. >> there we go! thank you. up next, a couple that found a clever way to move their sofa. >> really cool. then joan lunden shares the huge response she's received to our pink power campaign and what's next in her fight against breast cancer. and how you can pull off the breast cancer. and how you can pull off the [thinking] started my camry. went to the auction. breast cancer. and how you can pull off the won a storage locker. found an old guitar. tracked down the previous owner. reunited them. hit the jackpot. the bold new camry. one bold choice leads to another.
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8:15 am
the other is actually laced with marijuana. >> oh, boy! that's not just candy. now that colorado has legalized pot use, police in denver are putting out this video and putting parents on notice, warning them to be on the lookout. officials say you should check all of the candy that your kids collect yourself and throw out anything you don't recognize. >> you don't know. >> i'm not exactly sure. they're just trying to tell you, they look that -- the house giving those out, the next house is giving out doritos. >> college humor. if you could get trapped anywhere in the world, where would it be? >> at augusta national, the golf course. >> you can't possibly walk off the course. >> i would say a beach. matt? >> with carson at augusta national. >> mr. roker? the beach. american tourist spent his night
8:16 am
stuck in a london book shop. davis willis says he popped in the store before 9:00 pm looking for wifi, went up to the second floor. next thing you knew, lights went out. hi @waterstones i've been locked inside of your trafalgar square brookstone for two hours. please let me out. >> words did get out. hours later, staffers came back to free him. they're still not sure ohio he didn't realize he was still inside but did get to finish "war & peace." >> worked out all right. we all know what a pain it can be, moving in college, trying to move a big piece of furniture. things can go terribly wrong when you try. >> pivot. pivot.
8:17 am
pivot. >> shut up! shut up! shut up! >> i love that. >> one guy, though, shocks his wife with an amazingly clever idea to move their bulky sofa. >> oh, my god! i cannot believe it. >> it's like it's levitating. >> he created a slide with two wires and a third wire in the middle allows him to control the speed with which the couch comes down. it's really amazing. of course, it could have gone horribly wrong if either of those wires gave way. >> how impressed his wife is, too. >> he explained it to her and he's like, yeah, good luck with that. >> then it's like i have the best husband ever. >> now getting it into the car. >> he didn't think that far ahead. you see these ads and think it's so much fun to do laundry. >> oh, yeah. >> a busy working mom started noticing photos like this and
8:18 am
this in other places and was struck by the fairy tale way that everyday family life is being portrayed. so sarah launched, it's like they know us, poking fun at the trend. sarah, good morning. >> good morning. >> ohio university grad, first of all, very sarcastic sense of humor. >> right. >> wendy, why did you decide -- when did you first do this? >> it came out of the facebook group called the longest shortest time. one of the members posted one of these pictures and said isn't this ridiculous? other people started posting things. i captioned them. and someone else said this would be a great tumblr. >> on it. >> it just blew up. >> let's look at the pictures you since captioned. as we know putting together crib sincere terribly hard to do. thank you for your suggestions on how to put the crib together. i value your opinion. this is going smoothly. >> never. >> never. >> what's the next one? >> next one is the toddler
8:19 am
helping you with your e-mail. i am getting so much work done, you say on this one. >> yes. our daughter is just heading into toddler territory. i say i'm very productive. she's a big helper. i dictate, she types. >> there's a little anger and hostility in this next one. it's so nice we can all enjoy tv time together. no one is ever left to resentfully clean up after everyone in the kitchen. you've had that happen to you a couple of times? >> i think we've figured out that if someone is cleaning up the kitchen, the other needs to be doing something as equally unpleasant, not watching tv. changing a diaper, taking out the garbage. >> we put this out to everybody. you're right, sarah. that is not a fair depiction of what life is like at home. our viewers were quick to show you what it does look like. tiffany writes in there's a little art project there on the floor with crayons. that looks familiar. how about the diaper cream here? that's pretty good.
8:20 am
thank you. stephanie, the kids went a little nuts there. my favorite one right here, rolling out christmas cookie dough, with mommy's vodka bottle. notice the bottle there. mommy fail or mommy genius? i say genius. we agree. oh, potty training. >> hey now! >> this is what it looks like. right, sarah? >> yes, absolutely. that's about right. >> keep your pictures coming. a bunch of great ones, #orange room. >> thank you, sarah. >> good luck with that. we're >> back now with more of our ongoing pink power series.
8:21 am
our special correspondent, john lunden, is battling breast cancer. she shared part of her battle with us at the beginning of this month and is back with an update. first, hoda has more of joan's stor story. >> i guess i thought because it wasn't in my family history that somehow i was exempt. i heard those words that every woman fears and never wants to hear. you have breast cancer. >> were you religious about getting mammograms? >> yes. >> and being checked ? her mammogram was clean but an ultrasound picked up the tumor. she had no symptoms before the diagnosis or a family history of cancer. >> it's like at a meteoric speed you're propelled into the world of breast cancer. >> she had stage two triple negative breast cancer.
8:22 am
experimental treatment, 12 rounds of toxic chemotherapy, then a lumpectomy. >> it's a shame you have to do something that almost takes life away to appreciate it more, but it certainly does do it to you. >> reporter: in a brave move, our friend, joan lunden, appeared bold and bald on the cover of "people" magazine. >> we're doing this. we're losing our hair in order to live and survive and be there for our families. >> pink power! >> reporter: joan, tamron and i joined 100 women for our pink power on the plaza. >> definitely team lunden. >> reporter: joan says she's lucky to have a loving, supportive family by her side. >> i think there's a healing component to sharing your story and feeling the strength of other people. >> welcome back, joan. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great, thanks. >> feeling well? >> i am. i had my lumpectomy, as you
8:23 am
know. that went well. we found that we had shrunk the tumor about 60%. there was a larger one. the smaller one we had shrunk completely. now starting monday morning i'm starting my second round of chemo. >> you share d with me a couple of weeks ago that you had decision to make and you were waiting for more results. that is the decision you've made? >> as i learned, there was no other decision, really, to be made. there are no short cuts in treating cancer. i mean, you can say, okay, they took everything out of me. i'm fine. but, you know, a little cell here and a little cell there may still be in your body. it can go into your blood vessels. it can go anywhere in your body. so you absolutely have to go to the end of the road and make sure that you've done everything you can. >> because you have been so open in sharing your story, you've create this had kind of open dialogue with people. >> yeah. >> all around the world. >> that's for sure. >> chemotherapy come with his some side effects. have you heard from people about ways to alleviate those? >> you know, the side effects of
8:24 am
nausea and headache, you can get neuropathy, tingling in your hands and feet, and all kinds of digestive issues. i was able to, i think, stave off a lot of them by eating clean. i pretty much took away all sugar, even dairy and wheat in my diet, so that i wasn't doing -- i wasn't putting a lot of pressure on my digestive system. i stayed active every day. that's one of the most important things, for like half an hour, i just made sure. you have to get enough sleep. >> even if you didn't feel like being active? >> even if you don't feel like it. interesting, after you do it, you feel better. >> right. >> and for those of us with triple negative breast cancer, chemotherapy is the only therapy. you know, there is no targeted hormone therapy. so, that's it. and you have to go through the course. >> we talk so much about the photo of you on the cover of "people" magazine without the wig. you're wearing the wig now. >> yes. >> now i understand you're get ing questions about the wig. >> from so many people.
8:25 am
so, this is a real hair wig. you can also get a synthetic one. there's some cute styles. and, by the way, i had a prescription written for this wig. and the insurance paid for it. so if you haven't tried that avenue, definitely ask, because it's not considered cosmetic. it's considered being able to go back to work. >> real quickly before i let you go, there's an event today, be bold, be bald. >> be bald. >> what's that about? >> where people all over the united states are getting these caps and putting them on and taking a picture and tweeting it in support of somebody that they know who is going through chemo, who has lost their hair. and on the be bold, be bald site, you can sponsor people. i signed one of them. and i think the auction price is up to like 700 bucks now. >> that's great! >> it's nice for someone to be able to do something where they just feel like they're supporting you. >> no question. we saw you handing out some of the pink power shirts earlier.
8:26 am
reminder, they are for sale, net proceeds going to head to our website 8:26, good friday morning. let's get your forecast from bill henley. >> lots of sunshine but still a few spots of fog this morning. the wind is picking up, that helps to clear fog. right now it is thick, dense fog. burlington county in new jersey. most of the rest of the area is fog free. there may be a few other spots as well. the temperature is climbing to 60 degrees. it is 57. sunny skies will warm us up.
8:27 am
>> there has been a problem on 76, let's get a update. >> we had an accident just past university avenue. we saw heavy volume in the area because of the accident and the delays here are also starting to thin. it's still the busy part of the morning. we also have volume on the boulevard southbound. >> investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire. we're told it was in a dumpster and some of the smoke got into the building. city tavern did not receive any damage from it and it was able to reopen. you can get your latest news on our website have a great day.
8:28 am
8:30 am
all right. 8:30 now on a friday morning, 17th day of october, 2014. we actually have a bowling lane set up on the plaza. >> so cool. >> a real one. >> natalie and tamron will be trying their hands at this in the 9:00 hour. >> i'm going to try it now. >> give it a shot. >> go, nat. >> got the shoes on and everything. >> hit the bumper. whoa! >> that's amazing.
8:31 am
>> now they have to reset the pins for tamron. >> what's the reason for this? >> coming up in our next hour, there's a 16-year-old, get this, he has bowled 58 perfect 300 games. you want to aim for the arrows right on the line and keep it straight up. keep your thumbs up. >> while we're young. >> we do have the guardrails on for the kids. >> okay. >> whoa! >> that's not bad. >> manual setup back there. >> high-quality bowling coming up in the 9:00 hour. meantime, carson has a great update. >> that's nice. look at this one. >> tamron, that's great. >> not bad. >> don't you want to go down there and reset the pins? >> no, i'm okay. thank you. >> on the cover of "usa today weekend" for your shine a light. >> highlights community service. part of their make a difference
8:32 am
day, devoted to community service. that day is coming up saturday, october 25th. you can go to make a difference to find out more. >> they've been growing and probably harvesting everything now. >> for my project we built a garden in brooklyn. a bunch of stuff has come out, all sorts of great food and 12 pounds of purple beats and kale. >> they all want selfies, you should sign these and give them out. >> i would be happy too, yeah. by the way, still to come, josh elliott is sharing the inspiring storiative doctor who is really changing the lives of some great kids. and the doctor, interestingly, credits his years of playing football for helping him. and al is across the way with a check of the weather. >> that's right. we have our annual visit to the ocean spray cranberry bog, tenth year in a row. they brought a ton, literally, a
8:33 am
ton of cranberries ready for picking by farmers like adrienne mulner. how do you get the cranberries? what's with the bog? >> sure. this is our tenth year in our new york style cranberry bog, cranberry harvest, the beauty of the harvest, how it happens, as well as launch our new pact cranberry water. >> we use a little machinery to knock them off, float to the top. they have four hollow air pockets as well as all the great nutrients. and straight to ocean spray and into all the products you know and love so much. starting with saturday, wet weather in the pacific northwest, rain through upstate new york, through western p.a. plenty of sunshine through the gulf. sunday, sunday, we're looking at a beautiful day up and down the i-95 corridor. rain hanging around the western
8:34 am
great lakes. hit or miss showers through the good morning i'm bill henley. a beautiful friday with lots of sunshine, middle temperatures into the 70s this afternoon. the wind will pick up into the weekend, a breezy saturday, 55 in the morning, 70 in the afternoon. for the aids walk sunday afternoon, a chilly morning. 55 in the afternoon. still cool on monday and here come rain clouds for tuesday, wednesday, and into thursday. have a great day. and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. now our special series with the nfl "together we make football." josh elliott is taking a look at how this game has touched the lives of people on and off the field. josh, welcome back. good morning. >> thank you, matt. great to be here.
8:35 am
we're returning to denver this week. we're meeting a surgeon who credits his remarkable success in the operating room to lessons that he learned on the field. >> don't snap it until i say omaha. next word after omaha, snap the ball. i love football because it teaches you lessons. as a boy, i spent ten years playing organized football. you talk about figuratively having to pick yourself up off the ground and in football that happens a lot. you find yourself using those lessons later in life. >> reporter: dr. ron hugate drew on those lessons of perseverance as an army reservist, saving lives in iraq and afghanistan and now serves as the defacto quarterback for one of the top cancer treatment teams in denver. >> bone cancers as early as 20 years ago were almost a death sentence for young people.
8:36 am
survival rate maybe 20%. for children that present to our clinic, survival is almost 90%. it's one of the highest survival rates ever been reported in the literature. >> reporter: the statistics are remarkable, but it's the human side that sets dr. hugate apart, like in 2011 when he arranged a presurgery surprise for a boy who dreamed of flying army helicopters. >> just put my mind at ease. >> this is awesome. >> meant a lot. it meant that he cared about me and i'm not just another patient to him. >> i think dr. hugate was heaven sent. we owe a lot to him. he saved our son's life. >> when we go into the o.r., it's my team against a cancer. we have to have people who are good at what they do and have to be able to mesh together. that's a lesson you learn on the football field. >> are you coming to the football game tomorrow? >> where are you playing? >> city park. it's an annual tradition.
8:37 am
even though i didn't play college or nfl, all those lessons we learned back then really translate into everything that i do today. >> you line up right and go deep. >> football teaches you how to prepare. >> we'll go down into the muscle a centimeter or so and take the whole thing out. >> it teaches you about team work. it's on-the-job training, on the field with your buddies or teammates. there's no way i would have any degree of success without the lessons i learned from football. >> and dr. ron hugate is with us now. doctor, good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> i was reading this script from josh last night. the thank jumped out at me is you're not just operating on anyone. you're operating on young people. >> right. >> they've got their whole lives ahead of them. they want to accomplish so many things. because of that, you seem to have taken this beyond the doctor/patient relationship. >> we really do. it's one thing for a 90-year-old to get cancer. it's tragic. but it's another thing all together when a 12-year-old gets cancer or 8-year-old.
8:38 am
lots of life ahead of them. lots of hopes and dreams and so we take it very seriously. we are very aggressive about the way we treat cancer, especially in young people, who have so much to live for. >> we saw hunter. you were mentioning hunter baker, all these kids with whom you form these bonds, it's very clear. you talked about your team against the cancer. we actually are going to pull a bit of a misdirection play here. >> since you're a football player. >> and wanted to give a couple people a special opportunity to say thank you. >> okay. >> so with no further ado, if they could please join us. hunter baker. >> how are you? >> nice to meet you. >> how are you? >> come on over. sit with us. >> jason, good to see you. glad you guys could make it. wow! >> welcome. to see that look on his face and on your face, i guess, says it all. hunter, i want to start with you. we saw what he arranged for you.
8:39 am
but what does he mean for you in your life? >> well, it was just amazing what he did for me, you know. he means so much to me. he's not just a doctor. he's a friend. and every time we -- i go in for a doctor visit, we talk, you know. >> talk about race cars. >> yeah. talk about cars. >> jason, he operated on your leg. >> yes. >> you had a tumor on your leg. what did the kind of care you got from dr. hugate mean to you? >> i can't say how much it did for me. i mean, i thought i was never really going to walk again possibly and now i keep getting complaints that i'm doing too much, he did too good of a job. >> you saved their limbs. you saved their lives and, obviously, gave them lives as well. in fact, he motivated you, yeah, later in life? >> yes. >> your life's work now will be
8:40 am
because of him? >> certainly. i mean, i was a little lost in high school, what i wanted to do. and dr. hugate was a mechanical engineer as an undergraduate and i was always fascinated with the implant that he put in me. and i started studying biomedical engineering. >> that's great. >> i'm glad you're both here to tell your stories. i'm glad you're here to have them here. thank you so much. >> congratulations. >> we also want to mention, sunday the deadline to share the stories we've been hearing every friday for your chance to win a trip to super bowl xlix. head to to enter. >> by the way, little bit of a promo here. we might as well take the opportunity. broncos take on the san francisco 49ers sunday night. nbc sports coverage begins 7:00 eastern time with football night in america. josh, always good to have you here. thank you very much. guys, great to see you.
8:41 am
how do you pull off wearing denim on denim? what about a blanket coat? the right way for you to wear the hottest fall fashion trends. fir this is "today" on nbc. in cases of rape,pposes aborin cases of incest,ions. and in cases where the mother's health is in danger. no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy from a rape. mario scavello sponsored a bill to force women to have unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds. it's horrifying. women need to know that mario scavello wants to stand between them and their doctors in making decisions that aren't his to make.
8:43 am
back now at 8:43. with the change of season comes a change of wardrobe. how do you make your workout gear part of your regular outfit? editor of "style," josie, good morning. men's look is a big trend. it's all about how you transfer. >> you can go from the other side of the closet and steal from your husband or boyfriend. we love an oversized shirt, leave it untucked. wear it with the contrast of
8:44 am
something feminine. i love it with the sweater. it's done in all price points and flattering for so many people. men's wear fabrics and men's wear shoe. >> the key is to keep everything else lean when you're going oversized on top, right? >> yes, with maybe leggings or skinny jeans on the bottom. >> perfect. she looks great. thank you, tori. denim on denim back in the day was a big no. now it seems to be everywhere. >> i'm canadian. i get the saying, canadian tuxedo. i don't know where that even comes from. the idea to do this is to really contrast the washes, faded with the chambre with the dark denim. if you wear one color and it's monochromatic. >> not too matchy matchy? >> exactly. >> you look great, ashley. workout wear is everywhere.
8:45 am
there was an article about how denim is now -- people are buying more workout clothes. >> they are. you look at this. it was on the runway. sporty chic was on the runway. how do you wear that out of the gym and not look sloppy? here she is, leaving the gym. it's as simple as switching out your accessories, very simple flats, inexpensive. change up your shoe, add an accesso accessory, change up the bag, and throw a motorcycle jacket over this, make it a little tough and edgy. >> every lady is going to love this trend. flats are back in. >> they are. this was a big thing for fall. it's moving all the way into next spring. it's a transitional trend as well. i love this idea because flats are everywhere. you can wear it all day and into the night. i've seen evening dresses paired with flats. women can actually be comfortable when they're running around. >> see, how do you know what to pick, though, when it comes to
8:46 am
dressing them up for the evening? >> you want something a little more simple. you don't want a flat shoe that looks too casual. i love the idea of the loafers. you want something more delicate when it comes to the evening, thinner sole, ballet flat. >> something with more embellishments perhaps? >> yeah. you can wear it and be comfortable. >> blanket coats, these are everywhere as well. it's a bigger look. >> it is a bigger look. >> you have to be careful how you wear it. >> we saw many celebrities, sarah jessica parker wearing a blanket coat on the street. for a more practical, everyday life you can throw on something i call the robe coat, it's like a bathrobe. >> the picture of sarah jessica parker as you mentioned. you can do it more inexpensively with sweater coats as well, right? >> sweaters and sweater coats. we have an oversized sweater you can wear. great alternative. knits is a big thing if you don't want a pricey coat.
8:47 am
though i do love a nice piece of outer wear. >> you can wear it to bed and then to work. >> why not? a remarkable group of women who practice what they preach. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
8:49 am
a group of women changing what style is all about. jenna wolfe found out firsthand. good to see you. >> hey, matt, good to see you. wait till you meet a group of women who are putting a whole new spin on what style means. they're in the 70s, 80s and some in the their 90s. and their perspective on life
8:50 am
may make you change the way you approach every single day. on the catwalks and the covers, the young thrive. when it comes to style, real style, meet a true vintage crew. >> glamour. elegant glamour. >> how would you describe your style? >> first of all, i've got to be comfortable, but i also need color. >> i must have the bracelets. i must have the right hat. >> i like simple elegance. >> what's age got to do with it? nothing, and everything. >> are you, for the most part, the happiest you've been in a while? >> absolutely so, yes, i am. >> going strong at 81 years young. joyce capotti is 82 and a mere 94. why do you like to stand out? >> it's like teasing myself. >> reporter: with eye-catching
8:51 am
ensembles, the sidewalks are their runways. that's exactly where these firecrackers caught the attention of photographer ari seth cohen. >> i think fashion is the initial attraction. for me, i knew style was a way for younger people to be influenced and inspired by these women. >> i am dressed up for the theater of my life every day. >> reporter: his new documentary, "advanced style" showcases a group of remarkable older women whose eclectic style ups the attitude. is there part of you that enjoys people looking at you as you walk down the street? >> it's part of life. it's connection. it's a little gift. it's a little adventure. >> i'll tell you the truth -- >> lindel sells everything from couture to coats at her new york boutique. but the advice? that's free. >> style says only me. >> reporter: and you're all about style? >> absolutely. if you don't have a great smile on and you don't walk with your
8:52 am
shoulders back and you don't greet the day, you're lost no matter what you wear. >> that's lovely. >> reporter: their collective wisdom goes far beyond the racks and the closet. what do you say to people when they complain about getting older? i'm going to be 40. i'm going to be 50. does that bother you? >> yes. be who you are what you are today. i'm not what i was, i'm never going to be who i was. god knows what i'm going to be. just enjoy what you are today. today is the most important day. >> embrace the age. embrace it. it's coming. don't try to be young. be who you are and be well. you have a dream, go for it. >> beautiful women. look, the topic was fashion but, obviously, the story was embrace every part of who you are and what you've got to offer. they were so great. by the way "advanced style" opens in select theaters nationwide and also available on netflix. >> i love these ladies.
8:53 am
thank you. appreciate it. >> yep. we're back
8:54 am
celebrating special birthdays today. let's ask the man who knows, mr. willard scott. h hey, willard. >> how sweet it is, to see new york in my monitor. you guys never looked better up there. here we go with a few birthdays.
8:55 am
viola brown, berriville, virginia. she loves to cook and everybody loves to eat what she cooks. you can't beat that. nothing but a combination of joy. earl and larie ratcliff, idaho. we want to wish them a happy anniversary and the happiest thing in the world for them is staying social. take a look, lillian sides vaughan, 100 years old today. she say wonderful great-great-grandmother. how about that? this is arthur bud whitney from garretsville, ohio. 100 years old today. his big thing in life? he is an avid fisherman. he fishes all the time and does a great job. how about that? that's it, new york. you've seen it all. that's the big show here. back to you. you guys are sensational. >> thank you, willard. can we do a quick tip of the cap? carson has big news.
8:56 am
>> we are now officially the number one morning news show across all social media, facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest. we want to thank everybody who has joined our online discussions and look forward to many more. >> all credit to you, carson. >> orange room. >> are you bowling a little more? >> bowl-a-thon continues and it is friday morning, i'm tracy davidson, let's get your first alert forecast from bill henley. >> sunshine is bright across the board. look at the view from cape may. not a cloud in the sky. no surprise that the temperatures are warming up nicely. already 63 in wildwood.
8:57 am
61 philadelphia international. bright and sunny skys, 70s this afternoon. >> today we'll get a update on how the city is prepared to deal with ebola. so far we know that any pediatric cases will go to the children's hospital of philadelphia. he will tell us more today at noon. social media will be critical as we get the word out about ebola and any updates. e encourage you to today in bucks county gabrielle giffords will speak about protecting women from gun violence. giffords was shot in the head in 2011 as she met with constituents outside of a grocery store.
8:58 am
today, they will announce a police training program to help identify and serve high risk victims of domestic violence. october is domestic violence awareness month. another local update in 25 minutes. get the latest news and weather on our website. this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
8:59 am
in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on friday, october 17th, 2014. two weeks away from halloween. >> speaking of halloween, willie had his bandage removed. >> and tamron got a little scared. >> this is what his scar looks like. >> perfect. >> it looks like a happy face. >> and your son --
9:01 am
>> put little eyes on it. >> your son, george, said what? >> that i look like frankenstein, that somebody transplanted another finger on mine. >> i happened to have the same rack as george. >> why don't it would have been fun if you had put. >> natalie goes, that looks good. it healed nicely. >> i'm a mom. >> she's a mom of two boys. and i said, willie, that's what you want to hear, versus the truth. that's the difference. that's what you want to hear. >> it's great. it will heal nicely on the folds of the skin with the knuckle. >> see? that's what i'm talking about. >> and you have a good story. you can tell the shark story. >> did you get bitten by a shark? >> that's how bad it looks, someone thought you got bit by a shark. >> yes, i did.
9:02 am
have you seen the couch video? before we get started. this is incredible. i'm sure you've had this dilemma. you have to move a large couch. it won't go down the stairs, out of your house, how about if you're living in a third-floor apartment? this is what you do. >> this cannot end good. >> i love the wife. >> so confident. >> it looks like it's lev at a timing. >> oh, my god! i cannot believe it. >> that's impressive. >> i cannot believe it. >> one of those wires go, though -- but it didn't and that's what count. >> you might have started a new business. >> i thought it was slow mo falling off the balcony. you can't see the wires. >> they may actually have a business. >> if you get george walenda, nik walenda carrying a couch.
9:03 am
>> why not? >> see? >> great idea. >> see? moving people out of their apartments from one high rise to anothe another. >> whoever buys that house one day gets that couch. they basically built around the couch. >> have you heard of the couch doctor in new york? >> no. >> yes. >> what is that? >> a genius. he comes in if you can't move it. it's hard in new york, the stairwells are small. he tells you not to look but trusts him. he saws -- it could be a $30,000 couch. saws it in half. puts it up in your apartment. when you get to your apartment, it looks exactly the way it looked when you -- >> really? >> yeah. >> i don't believe it. >> he tells you not to look. don't look? and then you just hear -- >> $10,000 couch. >> trust me. i'm a doctor. >> we should have him come on the show, build a little room. >> and he could use this couch.
9:04 am
>> ooh, that's a challenge. >> they could saw that one in half and we don't care. >> oh. >> no one is a fan of the orange couch. i like the -- >> you like it? >> it's not even bright orange anymore. >> why? >> because it hasn't been cleaned. >> has not been cleaned. >> yeah. sad state of affairs. >> so here is a really interesting story. want to know how you feel about this. there was an attorney who, during the window of her six-week maternity leave, was called for a hearing. she had her 4-week-old daughter. didn't know what to do, who could take care of it. she has no family in town. her husband happened to be traveling. the judge would not let her postpone the hearing. she had postponed a couple of other hearings. this time she had to show up in court. here is how she came to court, with the baby strapped in a baby carrier. so she says the judge then scolded her for inappropriate
9:05 am
behavior because the child started to cry and said the pediatrician -- her pediatrician must be appalled that she was exposing the baby to so many germs in court. for the record, she did ask the pediatrician and the pediatrician said the baby is 4 weeks old. don't let anybody touch the baby but you should be fine. the baby is going to be okay. she had nowhere to go, nobody she could turn to. she runs her own practice. and no other attorneys could take over the hearing for her. what do you do in that situation? that's a tough call. >> she said, can i postpone. the judge refused. >> right. >> so what else is she to do? i mean, that's crazy. >> yeah. and it's not like you can drop a 4-week-old off at daycare. >> most don't take -- >> they don't take 4-week-olds. she said if she could have done that -- >> it's not like just showed up with the baby saying oh, well. she tried to get the case postponed. i realize it probably made it
9:06 am
difficult for other parties but this is the ongoing battle that moms have -- parents. >> sure. >> parents have, trying to get child care. and i think that people are not understanding on the other side of the fence, as in the case of this judge. >> the judge sees an attorney mom showing up with a baby in a baby bjorn, you say, listen. >> postpone. >> she's not making an excuse here. it's very clear, she has -- >> put yourself in my shoes, judge. what would you want someone to do for you? >> i admire the woman's commitment to her job. >> right. >> these guys needed her to be there. >> getting it done. judge! >> we're all in agreement. >> the woman attorney has filed a complaint against the sxwrunlg can't comment on the case because there's a complaint filed. >> way to go, judge. nice. yeah. right? >> that's the i told you look? listen, i told you. >> come see me in my court. >> oh! >> the al roker court. >> uh-huh.
9:07 am
i'm going to hold judge judy on you. >> judge roker. >> that's right. >> started the week off as dr. google and end it as judge judy. >> you didn't like dr. google. >> we like dr. google. >> no. >> can i hear more? >> no. you don't want to. if the idea was that people were googling -- there's going to be this google service. >> called web md. >> but this is different. you get a live -- hey, dr. google. i went to dr. google in brooklyn. good guy. >> it went on and on and on. >> i like it. >> al roker guy. >> when it's good, it goes viral. dr. google was not on the greatest hits. >> i love when he paged nurse yahoo, though. >> come on, that's good. >> tamron's tough. >> no, tonight we have to spend the evening the a haunted house.
9:08 am
i'm being haunted right now. you're scaring me with these -- >> good. all right then. >> please stop. >> new survey. i love this. baby boomers asked what they would offer millenials for advice. >> what is the baby boomer age again? >> me. >> between 46 and 64. >> there you go. one, don't count on winning the lottery. you're not going to win. two, don't make a fool of yourself at the office holiday party. don't do imitations of dr. google. count on others -- do not count on others to pay your way. you have to learn to support yourself. >> good advice. >> but a lot of millenials, back home, living with mom, sponging off the parents. >> a bit of a necessity, but -- >> do not make fun of your parents. >> because your children make fun of you? >> they do, but -- i used to think i'm not going to be like my dad.
9:09 am
i'm going to be a cool dad. no, i'm just like my dad and i'm damn proud of it, you know? >> yep. >> cool. >> at the end of the day you're going to become your parents. >> he seemed so cool and everything you told us about him, he you had a cool dad. >> but your parent isn't cool to you. they're cool to everybody else. >> good point. >> my oldest daughter has not listened to me on this but hoping my younger children will. skip the body piercings and the tattoos! >> i disagree. >> no? >> yes. >> i have tattoos and piercings. >> but you're still cute. i've seen some 60 and 65-year-olds and you see the tattoos, it used to be a battleship and now it's a sunken dinghy. don't do that. >> that's the only thing. you wonder where you put it -- >> it starts here and it ends up -- >> when i got my tattoo, this guy did say, are you sure you want a tattoo there? i said, yes, i'm positive.
9:10 am
he said listen i did this woma n this woman once that was a bumble bee once and now it's a butterfly. i have a couple. they all look like they're supposed to. >> for now. >> for now. >> i have say this, having no children -- you didn't get a tattoo, never tempted ? >> i got my ear pierced. >> that's a piercing. >> except for the one on my stomach. just one. just one. >> except he misspelled it. it says bug life which works in the joke i said bud light. >> as we marinade on willie's
9:11 am
thug life tattoo -- i'm so sorry. member of the audience was pulled on to the stage with his phone. take a look at what happened. >> sting is going to sing your outgoing message on to your cell phone. one, two, three. ♪ sorry i'm away looks like you missed me oh you just leave your name when you hear the beepo ♪ ♪ i hope that you will leave a i hope that you will leave a i hope that you will leave a message on my voicemail yeah a message on my voice mail yeah yeah ♪ >> wow! >> amazing. that is amazing. >> that's when you don't ever upgrade to the new system of the
9:12 am
phone. >> have it forever. >> you need to have that forever. so, tell us about ones you've heard on facebook. go to our facebook page. today's take. what voice mail messages you've heard that really caught your ear. >> what does yours say? >> leave a message. it's nothing. i did do once as mr. t with the a-team. everybody hated it. >> really? >> so i kept it on there. >> dr. google not here right now. >> what? >> do your dr. google one. >> that was a different -- that was -- >> i don't know what that was. >> it was your -- >> breakfast at tiffany's. >> no idea what that was. >> me either. we do know about hurricane gonzalo. unfortunately, this is a strong storm. it is not weakening at this
9:13 am
moment. currently a category 4 storm south-southwest of bermuda. 140-mile-per-hour winds moving north-northeast at 15 miles per hour. here is the problem. there is no cool water to knock down the energy of this thing. maybe dry air to the west. that's the worst of it. basically, we're looking at this thing some time late this evening into tomorrow morning making landfall. and i think it will. we're thinking it's going to go right over bermuda. that's going to be really, really problematic for these folks and then tropical storm ana, south-southeast of hilo. it's moving west-northwest. more warm water. the good news it looks like it should stay south of the hawaiian island chain as a minimal category 1 good morning i'm bill henley. a beautiful friday with lots of sunshine, middle temperatures into the 70s this afternoon. a little breezy at times.
9:14 am
the wind will pick up over the weekend, a breezy saturday, 55 in the morning and 70 in the afternoon. for the aids walk a chilly win blowing. 40s to start with and 55 in the afternoon. still cool on monday and here come rain clouds for tuesday, wednesday, and into thursday. have a great day. by the way, jerry lewis was not in breakfast at tiffany's. it was mickey rooney who did the offensive japanese imitation. >> thank you, movie buff. >> that's right. that's me, mr. fandango. >> we're going to retire dr. o google now. up next, bill murray in "st. vincent." up next, bill murray in "st. vincent." what♪ i found a happy place ♪ it's written on my face ♪ we're singin', we're singin' ♪ i found a happy place
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fousugar. only six?ns. six grams of sugar? that's really good. excellent, delicious... and yummy! honey bunches of oats. tasty! yummy! from caddy shack to "ghost busters" and we could list about a thousand other ones, bill murray is one of the most versatile actors in hollywood. >> and getting rave reviews for "st. vincent," giving bill a run for his money in this movie. >> standard operating procedure. you go where i go. you do what i say. get your homework done somewhere along the way. but, most importantly, you do not annoy me. i'm not happy when i'm annoyed. >> are you annoyed right now? >> not particularly.
9:18 am
>> bill and jaden, good morning. good to see both of you guys. when you heard you were going to be working with bill murray, what did you think about that? >> well, you know, like he said, i was thinking about all the movies "ghost busters" and "groundhog day" and was really excited but i was a little nervous. >> did he put you at ease? >> yeah. i got comfortable with him. >> you guys have such a terrific rapport in this movie. when you first met jaden, you had to see that this kid's got what it takes to make it in this industry. >> well, not at first. i'm predisposed to not like kid actors. and he really had to prove himself, but after three days, i kind of went, okay. this is going to be good. we're going to be fine. >> it sure shows. you know, i watch this thing and
9:19 am
one of the great things that had to be for you in this movie, you didn't really have to get into costume much. you basically walked around in shorts and t-shirt. >> i love the sloppy role. you have to try it some time. if you could do grunge weather, that would be awesome for you. you wouldn't have to pull yourself together the night before. >> what's this been like for you, hanging out with bill murray, doing interviews? do you like this sort of thing? >> yeah. but i can say it's hard. it's hard but it's more fun. >> yeah. so, you are enjoying it? >> i enjoy it. >> at the end of the movie, you're singing "shelter from the storm." was that kind of an improv thing or something they wanted you to do? >> the director had a thought that i could sing a song and i said i would like to sing "sheltered from the storm." it's a song that always woke me up, always made me think about where i was, where i was going,
9:20 am
what i was doing and what i might want to be or become. and for this fellow to sing this at the end of the film means that he's alive again. he has found himself and he's optimistic and curious about the future. >> at the end of the day, this is an optimistic movie. it really is. >> yeah. and i want to say what jaden said about it being fun. i think the reason he's a good actor is that we both believe the same thing. not that i'm a good actor, but we both believe the same thing. the more fun you have at whatever it is you do, the better you do it. he has found that acting can be fun and then you can really throw yourself into it, a lot of energy. a lot to do on the job and he showed up every day and performed. >> looks like you guys had a great time and great rapport together. before i let you go, "ghostbusters" 3? >> i don't know, al. i fall asleep in uniform every night. i'm doing the best i can, you
9:21 am
know. you know? i'm lighting candles. you know, i'm doing stuff, keeping my eyes -- has this room been swept? >> it has not been swept. we'll get to that. >> yeah, i feel some presences in this place. >> there you go. "st. vincent" opened now nationwide. >> so great. so talented. up next, all the news you can use, i did it.... i did it too... they took nature's bounty hair, skin and nails, it's a vitamin supplement that nourishes from the inside... with biotin for beautiful hair and strong nails. and vitamin c and e for vibrant skin. give it a month, if your hair, skin and nails don't look and feel more beautiful, we'll give you your money back. i did it...and i feel beautiful. take the nature's bounty hair, skin and nails challenge, visit for details. in delicious gummies too!
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9:26 am
(whoooosh! smack!) thanks carol! (electric hedge trimmer) everybody loves the sweet, fluffy deliciouslness of king's hawaiian bread. good morning i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast from bill henley. >> there is a beautiful day brewing. plenty of sunshine. after a school start this morning we're warming up nicely. look at the sunshine falling on the fairway there. sunny skies and temperatures that have climbed. a little in the pocono mountains. 63 in northeast philadelphia. that was some fast moving birds. the wind will be increasing over the weekend today. up to 15 miles per hour. >> this morning police are talking to the driver of a
9:27 am
tractor trailer. witnesses say the truck sped through stop signs and stoplights. it ended at west main. self-bullet holes were in the windshield. the driver started driving at a cruiser and that's when shots were fired. today inspectors will conduct a railroad safety drill today. it is after an accident that happened where crude oil was spilled. they will warn first responders about best practices. day two of a training intersize near lake hurst. we'll have another update in 25 minutes and you can always get the latest news, including updates on the ebola outbreak. also weather on our website
9:28 am thanks for watching and have a great day.
9:29 am
with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
9:30 am
welcome back to "today." it's friday morning, october 17th, 2014. i'm willie, along with al, natalie and tamron. we're out here, holding bowling balls for a very special reason, a very special man. >> a member of the florida high school bowling team. he has bowled 58 perfect games in practice and tournaments and is here to teach us a thing or two about bowling. nice to meet you. >> congratulations. >> perfect games of 300. what do you attribute this amazing skill to? >> the fact that i never leave the bowling alley. >> yeah. >> constant work, you know. just going through my routine each and every day. just, you know, never quitting. >> wow! >> same process. >> you only started playing six
9:31 am
years ago, right? >> yes, ma'am. >> you picked it up and -- >> i picked it up. i was diagnosed hydrocephalous when i was a kid, which is a hole in my head with the fluids draining in my head. i had to have a plate put in my head to drain the fluids and right then and there, i couldn't play any contact sports. >> right. >> so you found a passion. >> you want to show us? >> let's see if we can do it here. look at that ball. look at that. >> what are you aiming for? >> i go for the arrows. >> center pin, right? >> go, petie. >> look at that! >> whoa! >> that's how it's done. >> pretty amazing. >> do you ever celebrate like a pete weber celebration? >> sometimes i'll give it a good slap back, you know.
9:32 am
>> hey, look at that. >> a little pointer here from you? >> for beginners, what you want to do, i mean -- >> aim straight. >> yeah, try to aim straight for that middle arrow right there and follow through your shot. >> watch out. >> come on, nat! >> get there. >> come on, baby. >> turn, turn, turn! >> okay. >> okay. here comes tamron. >> oh! very nice. let's check your weather while they set the pins and willie gets up. big willie. i know there's a strike coming. let me get the weather in here. here it goes. wham! >> oh! >> you didn't quite wait for our guys to finish putting up the pins. >> i know. >> who's back there? w
9:33 am
who's back there? >> everybody okay back there? >> everybody okay? >> starting to call him lefty. >> wow! that was brutal. >> thumb's up. >> everybody okay? all right. >> go, al. >> al, al, al! >> get there. can you pick that up? >> i picked it up twice. >> what an accomplishment. >> keep the bowling alley here. >> time for them to bring back bowling for dollars. let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. for the weekend, saturday, wet weather through the gulf coast. i should say the great lakes on into northern new england. sunshine around the gulf coast. showers in the pacific northwest. on sunday, sunday, looking at more wet weather making its way through the great lakes. plenty of sunshine along the gulf coast. sunny skies as they make their way into the midatlantic states and expect to see plenty of sunshine as you make your way
9:34 am
good morning i'm bill henley, a beautiful friday with lots of sunshine. mild temperatures into the 70s this afternoon. breezy at times with winds to 15 miles per hour. the wind will pick up over the weekend. a breezy saturday. 55 in the morning and 70 in want afternoon. sunday morning chilly wind blowing. 40s to start with and 55 in the afternoon. still cool monday and here comes rain clouds for tuesday, wednesday, and into thursday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you so much. christian bale, kelly clarkson, lots of other celebrities making headline this is morning. >> i'm winded because we were bowling. here to punch your ticket to hollywood and let us breathe, reporter arianne thompson. >> good morning, guys. >> let's launch in to star power this morning. >> christian bale.
9:35 am
>> this is being buzzed about. nothing is official yet but people are saying he is going to play steve jobs in a new steve jobs bio pic. >> do we need another one? >> we need a better one. thank you, willie. we need a better one. yes, we did. >> a lot of big names behind this one, too. >> danny boyle is directing and aaron sorkin is writing the screen play. fast, witty, incredible dialogue there. >> steve jobs and aaron sorkin. >> it will be three long scenes, him backstage before he launches three important projects. >> very cool. >> all right. we've got a tweet of the week. new mom kelly clarkson. >> cute. >> tweeting a very special picture of her daughter with a very special gift. >> so cute. her little one, river rose, is about 4 months old. her uncle black shelton and her aunt miranda lambert gave her a
9:36 am
guitar. she can't walk, talk, do anything but she has this custom guitar. >> never too early. >> our photo of the week, we're going to guess the celebrities in this instagram shot? >> okay. here we go. >> pop quiz. let's see. >> that's us. >> yes. >> there it is. >> no idea. >> looks romantic. >> you didn't even try. take a closer look. >> megan fox and brian austin green. >> good guess. it is justin timberlake and jessica biel. the reason it's being buzzed about, we never really see them together or showing any kind of pda. they're in new zealand. he's on tour with his 20/20 experience show and instagrammed that picture out. everyone is excited about that. >> sneak peek, ron howard's new film "in the heart of the sea." let's check it out.
9:37 am
>> phantoms, gave way to doubt. tragic story of man. demon. >> great story, right? based on "the old man in the sea" right? >> moby dick. it is a true story, ship attacked by a sperm whale and adrift for months. teaming together again did "rush" together. >> and ron howard can do no wrong. >> and chris hensworth can do no wrong either. >> all right. >> thank you so much. up next -- >> ooh! stars as one of the hit players "house of cards" and now gerald mcraney has a new movie to tell us about and we're going to surprise him with something. to tell us about and we're going to surprise him with something. coming up
9:38 am
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9:42 am
if you've turned on a tv the last 40 years, you know gerald mcraney, "major dad," most recently "house of cards." >> new romantic film "best of me" based on the book by nicholas sparks. good to have you here. >> great to be here. thank you. >> it's funny. we were just talking and you're a mississippi guy and you could sympathize with willie's injury, saying he got that in combat. >> indeed. that's an honorable wound. >> opening a bottle of bourbon. >> thank you. somebody understands me. >> your character is a real catalyst for what happens in
9:43 am
this movie. >> he's sort of the glue of this relationship with these kids, by taking in a young man and sheltering him from an abusive family, putting them together and then 20 years later bringing them back together to resolve issues from their youth and to see how things will work out for them. >> giving them that second chance. >> yes, yes. >> and nicholas sparks, his work so resonates with people. and he's always so active on the set. what was it like working with him and getting that -- >> actually, i didn't get to work with him directly on this. but the tone of his movies is something that i miss in movies. my wife and i are big fans of tcm. we watch the old movies. and this reminds me -- i mean it's an up-to-date movie. don't get me wrong. but it has the style and essence of one of the great romantic movies of the 1940s. and i think, you know, the
9:44 am
hollywood establishment is finally beginning to figure out that those things actually pay off. >> that people are still actually romantic out there. >> we love it. >> and something that has good values to it and things like that. i've made a lot of things, playing a lot of very evil people. >> and you mentioned your wife, delta burke. >> yes. >> we love delta. >> we have something in common. >> tell me this. a romantic evening with delta, since you mentioned that you love these stories and watching the classics, what's a romantic evening? >> you know what? a romantic evening -- i was just on the phone with her last night. i call every day when i'm on the road. what we miss when we're apart is just sitting in the same room together. >> ah. >> not even necessarily talking very much. we can sit in the same room and read different books. it's the idea that we're together. that's a romantic evening for us. >> that's a hallmark card.
9:45 am
>> oh, that's beautiful. >> we talked about your career, longevity, "simon & simon," "major dad," "house of cards." since it's halloween time, we thought we would go back near the beginning. >> it scares you. >> "night of bloody horror." this has been filmed in violent vision. >> absolutely, it was. >> this is his story, the terror of a blood psycho gone berserk. >> you're no scientist. >> i told you not to call me that you son of a -- >> just because the boy spent -- 13 years in an asylum -- >> no. >> does not make him -- >> what year are we talking here? >> '67. >> premustache. >> good hair. >> premustache and prebaldness. >> you look good, mac.
9:46 am
you always look great. >> thank you, ma'am. >> "the best of me" in theaters today. >> great to see you. >> good to see you. >> great to see you. >> good to see you. what to do with whi, how's it going?. whatever you're looking for, start by test-driving nearly every make and model all in one place. carmax. start here. sir, we're going to need you on the runway. (vo) theraflu starts to get to work in your body in just 5 minutes. (vo) theraflu breaks you free from your worst cold and flu symptoms. (vo) theraflu. serious power.
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oh, helen. get coverage of every nfl game on nfl mobile. included with the more everything plan exclusively from verizon. pumpkin donuts, pumpkin spiced lattes, if it's driving you out of your gourd, sorry, we're going to jump on the band wagon. >> the pumpkin forrest gump. >> thanks for having me. why not in our chili, right? >> it's important to use pumpkin puree. >> not your pumpkin filling. we want to season it ourselves. we have over 2 million searches in october and november alone for pumpkin recipes. >> what does pumpkin puree add to chili? >> it makes it richer. let's add the turkey first, al. >> ground turkey. could you use chicken if you
9:51 am
wanted to? >> whatever you want. you're going to break this up. make sure there's no more pink going on in there. obviously that's not going to happen right this second. when that's fully cooked, you'll add your diced tomatoes, mix that up, pumpkin puree. can you add that, too? >> sure. >> wonderful. pumpkin puree, not pumpkin pie filling. to this you start to add -- it would be fully cooked, obviously. chili powder. nice tablespoon and a half. and some salt. >> i'll taste it while you're still cooking. >> you want to get to dessert. i heard that about you. >> this is good. >> make the chili your own by adding those warm spices like nutmeg, clove, cinnamon. >> this is tasty. >> do it ahead. after 20 minutes of simmering, you get this lovely thing. al, we've made you yours. >> thank you. >> and then, of course, i'm going to ladle one up for me. i won't get a chance to taste it. >> you can taste the pumpkins but it is so delicious.
9:52 am
>> don't forget about the garnish. sour cream. yep, yep, yep. dessert, double layer pumpkin cheesecake. you start with one batch and you cut it. >> how do we do it? >> one layer is regular chemo cheese, add the pumpkin puree. bake and refrigerator overnight. >> how do we keep the layers from blending? >> don't worry about it. >> one on top of the other. >> whoopie pies. >> i love these guys. miniature and mini. brown sugar, pumpkin, flour. scoop them out, put them on the pan, bake them and fill them with this marshmallow creme. >> these are
9:54 am
here comes erica hill.
9:55 am
>> hi. what's coming up this weekend? any idea? >> here is what we're doing this weekend, putting on mikes properly. it will be amazing. watch, all four of us will have our mikes on. i know you talked about this a little bit. social media and weddings. it feels like everybody has their phone up. photographers, probably not big fans. there are also an insane amount, it turns out, of hash tags now associated with weddings. >> what are you doing with that microphone? >> also an audio engineer. now come with hashtags. so can you weigh in. we'll talk to an etiquette expert. sorry, joe. this is a terrible looking mike. >> oh, where did it go? >> #hot mess. >> you're never a hot mess. you're just hot. >> k
9:56 am
good morning i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast for this friday with bill henley. >> no short an of sunshine today. just a few scattered clouds in the distance. this is the view from jim thorp in the pocono mountains. the temperatures with sunshine, first did away with the fog and are now warming us into the 60s. 66 in northeast philly.
9:57 am
stand by for a nice afternoon with plenty of sunshine. >> looks great. this morning investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire outside of the historic city tavern. we're told it was in a dumpster and some of the smoke made it into the building. there is no damage to the restaurant on second street. second street was closed for a little while this morning. now to the casino crisis. both sides making arguments in a court in delaware on tuesday. they say they need releases from pension and retirement costs. i'm tracy davidson, we'll have another local update in 25 minutes and you can always get the latest news and weather on our website at
9:58 am
have a great day.
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. yes, indeedy. that is justin waysteen, you may ask what is he doing? it is national pizza month, so he is here to help us celebrate -- >> isn't he the world champion? >> pizza tosser in the whole world. >> i can't even believe what he's doing. is that really pizza dough? >> it is pizza dough. and it is try day friday, october 17th. i'm going to try some, sadly, hoda can't. >> i can't.
10:01 am
gastro problems. >> that was unnecessary. >> you're lactose intolerance. >> stop saying it. it is a turnoff. >> no it isn't. >> it is. >> you know what today is? >> october 17th, a big day, a big day because it is my sister hala's birthday. happy birthday to hala. >> in dubai. >> holler for hala. happy birthday. miss her. >> you know who is here today? suze orman, she'll help you spot the signs of marital financial infidelity. >> think about when you buy a pair of shoes and don't want your husband to know you spent the money. so you shove them under the bed. and, who hasn't done them or laid them in the trunk of the car. you let them sit and wait and eventually you feel guilty. we'll talk about all those kinds of things. not that it ever happened. >> we have our hunkie actor of the day. it is matt ryan. he talks about his leading role
10:02 am
in "constantine." did you look at that? he's an exorcist. >> anyway. >> but he's got a sense of humor. >> all right, so, here is one of our surveys. >> hide the children. i don't think this is the right subject for them, but what the heck. >> so what are the best and worst places to have sex? okay. this is if you were thinking about outside the bedroom, okay. outside the bedroom, what are the best places. came up with the best places. here are the best places. in the car. first of all, that's not true. okay. they're not spacious enough. another one, under a waterfall. seems good in a movie, but doesn't seem like it would be easy in practice at all. what do you think? >> you should know. >> in an airplane bathroom.
10:03 am
that's disgusting. >> that's the most filthiest place in the world, right? can you imagine the germs. the best -- >> supposedly. the worst, ready? the worst places to have sex. on the beach, definitely. think about sand for a minute. >> in places you didn't know you had a place. on a ferris wheel, good luck trying to get the romantic stuff going while screaming teens above and below you. >> who are doing it with people in the other cars? >> sick people. >> in the elevator. >> there are cameras in there, people. >> what was the movie -- >> fatal attraction. >> and "unfaithful". >> that was before cameras. >> best scenes ever -- you're right -- in the elevator. >> the last one is a hospital. >> yeah. i don't know why. that's why all the germs are. why are we thinking about germs? the worst of all -- say it.
10:04 am
horseback. on horseback. anyway -- >> who did they talk to? >> freaks. a bunch of weird freaks. okay, so there is something that people are talking about more and more in the world, it is called a thigh gap. only if you're skinny have you ever even discussed the thigh gap. i never heard of the thing. >> the concept is -- >> it is the thin gap between your thighs. >> yes. >> you can see through. >> who has that? i mean, honestly, who has it? anyway -- >> most supermodels do. >> i'm talking about normal people, you know. no. that does not -- >> just another thing to make you feel awful about yourself, so stop it. now, comedy group named just boobs decided to do -- i hope children are in school today. >> we're sorry. >> yes, something to do about it. take a look at their take on the thigh gap craze. >> liz, you look great. what's different? >> thanks, tess. well, i did just get these new
10:05 am
thigh gap jeans. ow. >> wow, you look amazing. >> thanks! >> don't let an unrealistic beauty standard get you down. thigh gap jeans are on sale. >> i'm going out on the town. >> check out the new thigh gap jeans on sale now for only $69.99. >> these are so [ bleep ] comfortable. >> that was weird. >> i know. >> unusual. >> yeah. what happened to the boobs? >> that's the name of the group. >> i kept waiting to see some boobs. there were no boobs in that. >> all about thigh gap. they're trying to let women know, don't get caught up in the ridiculous standards that people are setting that we can't even achieve if we wanted to. >> without photo shop. we get that. have you ever been woken up from a deep sleep and just startled?
10:06 am
that's what happened to -- we have to have our pandas. at the toronto zoo when a curious squirrel decided to pay him a little visit. take a look. >> he could have fallen off. that's a big -- that's big. >> did he bite him or just jumping on him. >> just jumped on him. >> oh, so what. >> don't you hate being woken up out of a deep sleep. >> i so rarely get a deep sleep. to be woken up is -- >> it is hard. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. time for, because god knows we need it today -- >> what? >> a friday funny. >> what is it going to be? >> three co-workers, bill, jim and scott were at a convention together and sharing a suite on the 75th floor of a hotel. after a long day of meetings they were shocked to hear the elevators in this their hotel were broken, they were going to have to climb the 75 flights to get to their room, right? so bill came up with an idea to
10:07 am
break up the monotony of the task. he said, he would tell jokes for the first 25 flights. then jim could sing songs for 25 flights. and then finally scott could tell sad stories the rest of the way. great said the guys and off they went. bill started telling jokes. after 26 floors, they switched and jim began to sing. at the 51st floor, jim cued scott to begin telling sad stories. i will tell my saddest stories first, he said. i left our room key in the car. >> that was good. >> didn't know where that was going, right? >> good. it is time for our johnson's baby announcements. we celebrate moms and their adorable new additions to the families. first baby is lydia reese j oson. she was born in kettering, ohio, on september 2nd. her parents say their daughter is already a very strong and athletic little girl. >> she has little mittens on, like savannah's baby. next to a baby born in winchester, virginia, labor day,
10:08 am
september 1st, logan joseph amorault. he came in with a full head of hair and side burns. >> good for him. >> his parents offer this advice to new parents, be prepared because feeding your new borne can literally take up to eight to ten hours of your day. >> so true. next baby of the week is amara diana rogers born on september 29th in americas, georgia, this is the first girl for parents jessica and reginald who have two sons. they named -- they picked her name out for more than seven years waiting for her. >> waiting patiently. our final johnson's baby of the week is lenggend scott price. his parents valerie and logan offer this advice to new parents, always have a camera ready and take tons of pictures. >> we want to congratulate all of our babies. if you want to submit your baby, go to and press the connect button. >> we're not done talking. >> no. >> we have a couple of really great topics coming up, including we're going to talk more about the pizza guy over here. >> not all greek to her.
10:09 am
bobbie is all abuzz about a new yogurt after this. [ man ] i think this is a good time to tell you: you're doing okay, mom. i can call you "mom," right? i know we haven't known each other very long, but you seem like a real keeper. you're not perfect. but you're trying. anyway, i want you to know how much i appreciate you. you know, right? how much i love you. you're doing okay, mom. how much i love you. choosing is half the fun.. because there's a little something delicious... for everyone. hershey's miniatures, choose your own delicious. sometimes come out with spots? well, those spots are actually leftover food or detergent residue. can we help prevent this? yes, use finish jet dry.
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10:12 am
cleans easily. it's meal time in no time. from start to clean. (mom) team bus is leaving! (announcer) frigidaire gallery. our time-saving legend continues. we are back with more of "today." >> more? >> yes, we do. >> i like this new way of doing things. >> i do. >> lots of talking. >> here is our subject now. why are people such jerks on airplanes? >> think about it. think about how people think anxiety goes up and everything. this website wanted to find out
10:13 am
if there was scientific proof and asked a couple of shrinks and a veteran pilot. here is what they found out. okay. number one, the reason that you're so anxious and freaked out on a plane is because we don't like being out of control. >> yeah. >> you can't control the flight. >> the fear, the anxiety. >> weather. >> you're not the pilot. >> you can't -- >> you're smooshed in. >> primal instincts kick in. protecting the arm rest or space in front of you is the airline equivalent of protecting the nest. >> because here you are, you're sitting in your seat and someone leans on the arm rest, they're invading your personal space. >> you're supposed to share. >> you can't share it. it is not -- and then they recline and so there you sit in your trapped little space and you're freaking out. i understand why that's another one. >> the third one is being horrible is contagious. seeing people act out encourages similar behavior. similar to a riot mentality. >> i get that. i get that on -- i get that on other things, not just when someone is irritated.
10:14 am
i don't usually get irritated. when someone says to me, do you smell that and i go, what is it? i think there is something on the plane, it smells funny and i'll go, oh, my god, i think i smell it or is it cold here and i wasn't cold. so then someone says it and i start to feel cold. >> so it is the power of suggestion. >> or they say the seats are really uncomfortable. and i'm, like, yeah, actually, you're right. it is like -- >> it is contagious. somebody just being rude to a flight attendant, i can't stand that. >> i turn the other way. >> i don't like it when they're rude to a passenger, but more often than not, the passengers are rude to the flight attendant. >> i think you're right. how about that? >> okay. all righty. now there is a survey again, some married people -- >> a lot of married people. >> have secret money funds. >> you know what, i guess it is the fund that if you want to ma make a run for are it, you have the money. otherwise, you know what i'm
10:15 am
talking about, jimmy, sometimes you need to have a little secret money. >> i don't know. i guess if money were tight in your family and it is for many, many people right now and you've been told by one or the other, listen, we don't have it right now and then you go again and you agree together you're not going to spend, but, you know, i had my own career, so i always felt like i had the right to buy whatever i -- that's not an issue. if frank made it an issue, it would be an issue, you know what i mean? >> i think there are couples where you go shopping, you buy a bunch of stuff and don't want to tell your husband because you feel guilty you bought all that stuff, so you stash some of it until later and bring it out look a slow drip. oh, here's a pair of shoes, i just got them and, you have a place that those go. >> but there is a big, big, big issue in relationships, money. we're going to be talking to suze orman about marital infidelity in the financial realm.
10:16 am
>> it is really interesting. it is try day friday. in honor of breast cancer awareness month, with we have clutches here. these are from elaine -- they come in black and pink. 50% of the money, you guys, goes to support the cancer community and 10% after that for the rest of the year. $250 purses. >> all right. we're going to go over here -- >> we told you about this guy. >> justin waysteen, the world champion pizza tosser. >> it looks so easy. >> it is not. >> how could it not be easy. >> hi, honey, how are you? how did you learn -- his hands are strong. >> yes. crusty. >> rough paws. >> would you like to learn how to do this? >> yes. show us the gist of it, first. >> we'll do a couple of tricks. rolling it over the shoulder a little bit. you guys want to try doing that. >> yeah. >> first, you have to know how to actually throw it up in the air. >> ready. >> let's start with that. >> put your fingertips at the edge of the dough --
10:17 am
>> in or -- >> inside, yes. like a rubber band, you know, you stretch it. you toss with one hand and catch with the other. just like that. >> that's simple. >> you guys got it. >> it is easy. >> toss with one and -- so now you have the tossing down, we'll do the trick, okay? >> what is the trick? >> stand arms' length, what you're going to do is put your head forward, arms out, and you're going to just toss it behind your head and catch it with the other hand. just like that. >> do it again. let's see. >> one more time. ready. head down. roll it, catch it. >> there you go. >> that's fun! >> oh this is fun. >> i'm glad it is national pizza month. we can do it all day long. >> thank you. >> all righty, coming up, we have suze orman talking about financial infidelity and our girl bobbie thomas.
10:18 am
>> we'll be right back. what number are you? i'm number 2.
10:19 am
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10:21 am
it is time for "bobbie's buzz." from deodorant that is powerful and all natural to a pregnancy pillow that could become moms to be's best friend. >> bobbie thomas is here to highlight some buzz worthy items. >> how are we doing? >> i'm doing good. i want to thank everybody at home. i've had support on facebook and
10:22 am
more for the whole ivf process, for those that are watching who may not have heard, but it is okay. it is tough at times, but i think that i'm just grateful to have the opportunity to try it. and so i wanted to share some of my latest obsessions because you don't have to be undergoing fertility treatments. they're just amazing in general. so my first obsession is noosa yogurt. it is an australian style yogurt. so we heard the greek yogurt trend. this one is not as thick as the greek yogurt. it is creamier. at first i was obsessed with the tub, the size. >> oh, my gosh. >> it is amazing. it is better than sex, i'm telling you. >> i wouldn't remember. >> taste the coconut. >> oh, my gosh. >> you're right. it is delicious. >> amazing. >> how high is the caloric -- >> it is about 240 to 300
10:23 am
calories but packed with protein. i needed full fat dairy and i have to say this is better than dessert. it is so delicious. >> the flavors, okay. >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm not eating because i have to talk. another thing i've been wanting to do long before underare go ivf is find an all natural deodorant. i have to say a lot of them failed. i was not willing to risk sweating and stinking and stuff. i tried a ton recently because i've been hyperaware of what i'm using. this looks funny, comes in a jar. you scoop it up with a little spatula and rub it on your underarm like a lotion. it is like -- it has powder. it completely works. i had no problem and it works a little better. smells delicious. there is five different flavors. it really does work. >> nice. >> neat. >> last but not least, this is a pregnancy pillow boppy, but you don't have to be pregnant to use it. >> where do you use it?
10:24 am
>> this has a secret lining you can put hot or cold and what is great is that for headaches, cramps, lower back pain, you can just sleep against this, especially hot flashes. feel this. that's amazing. >> cool. >> feels good on my neck. >> you do not have to be pregnant. go to >> thank you, bobbie. god bless. all right. is your spouse cheating on you financially? >> suze orman will help you spot the signs. how much do you know about dogs? >> hoda and i put our knowledge to the test after your local news. this is a pip.
10:25 am
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10:26 am
save money. live better. walmart. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get your forecast from bill henley. >> lots of sunshine on this friday. in the 50s we are on our way to
10:27 am
the 70s this afternoon. a sunny view looking up the schuylkill from the comcast center in center city. the temperature 64 and climbing. it's 66 in northeast philadelphia, wilmington and trenton in the lower 60s. lower 70s this afternoon. the world health organization admits it botched attempts to stop the ebola outbreak in africa. the agency blames factors including incompetent staff and a lack of information. michael nutter will give an update on how this city is preparing to deal with the deadly virus. so far we know that pediatric cases would go to children's hospital of philadelphia. there are no cases right now. the mayor will tell us more during a briefing at city hall at noon. social media will be critical as we get the word out by ebola updates. uses our website.
10:28 am
the philly high school fair begins today. it helps family decide which high school is best for hir child. public, private, charter and catholic high schools will be there. it's today and tomorrow. i'm tracy davidson. a full hour of news in 30 minutes. get the latest at thanks for watching. have a great day.
10:30 am
this is an nbc news special report. here's chuck todd. >> and good morning, we've got some breaking news on how the obama administration plans to handle what has become a political crisis here, and that is the handling of the ebola outbreak in africa and therefore, the ebola patients and how ebola has spread some panic here in the united states. after hinting that he would contemplate appointing what was being dubbed as an ebola czar, he is doing that, he is named ron clan. a former chief of staff to both vice president biden and gore that he will lead the government's effort to be the lead's spokesperson, the point
10:31 am
person on information regarding all things ebola for a little bit more on this decision, the timing of the decision, let's go to our senior white house corresponden correspondent. chris, obviously the president hinted at this last night, they quickly made a decision, ron clehane, a household name in washington, but not somebody with a deep knowledge, say in the medical world. >> reporter: no, but somebody who has olgs skills the white house would say. somebody who has been chief of white house staff who might succeed, rahm e manual. he went to the private sector, his claim to hollywood fame was that he played by kevin spacey in recount which was the story of the 2000 election. the president said look, this is an all government effort, we have all the different agencies, but maybe it makes since for one person to coordinate it all. there was a push by a number of
10:32 am
people most recently, democrats bill nelson from florida, but there softball a political component -- obviously is a political component to this as well. congressional democrats who found this is weighing down on their campaigns and they wanted the president to take some action. so it came very quickly after he gave that hint late last night, chuck. >> thanks very much. again, president obama's appointing long time government and political veteran ron clehane to be the point person, the ebola czar. a point person for an information and organization necessarily though, not necessarily the government spokesperson on this, we will have more coverage, of course, of all this and more of the ebola announcement later tonight on the nbc nightly news with brian williams. i'm chuck todd, we'll see you later. you have to want to look at the money, so you go on to check and the password has changed. you can't get on anymore. or believe it or not, your spouse or your significant other
10:33 am
is gaining weight. >> this i found fascinating. tell why. every thousand dollars in debt, a couple of pounds. >> when you're hiding debt from somebody who is -- it is their money as well, when you hide debt, you gain weight. don't ask me why, for all the years on the suze orman show now, we have been able to guess how much weight gain that person has had based on their amount of debt. >> what is the psychological reason for that? >> they're holding on to everything, they're hiding things and they -- you're filling up with something. >> i lost ten pounds. i wonder what that means. >> you're rich! >> or he wants to look good. never mind. >> so if you -- let's pretend you suspect it and you peeked around and found some things, is the best idea to go right to your spouse and say, look, what is going on? i looked at our accounts? >> you have to present the facts. with everything else, you can -- you know, you know when you're heavy, it shows. when you're in debt, you can't
10:34 am
tell. so what can you do, however? you can't lie about it. go and get your fico scores, your credit reports and you'll see right there the truth, take that and the statements to your person and say, what happened here? you're cheating. >> and get some counseling. >> people who hide a little purchase like they buy four pairs of shoes and tell their husband they bought two because they feel guilty about -- what about those little things? that's not really that big of a deal, is it? >> it is a big deal because when you're in a relationship, hoda, don't tell me you hide things from people. >> well -- >> you did. >> people i know do, okay. >> you have an intimate relationship with this person. it is bad. you feel free -- when you do things like that, you're powerless. when you're powerless, you actually repel money, you repel people. it always back fires. >> i love you. >> i can't wait for the suze orman show on saturday, find out what happens. >> tune in tomorrow night, we'll find out.
10:35 am
>> at 9:00 and repeated at midnight on our sister network cnbc, baby. >> it should be three runs. everybody fights their demons. >> matt ryan, the star of nbc's new supernatural thriller "constantine" right after this. helps you find a whole range of coverages. no one else gives you options like that. [voice echoing] no one at all! no one at all! no one. wake up! [gasp] oh! you okay, buddy? i just had a dream that progressive had this thing called... the "name your price" tool... it isn't a dream, is it? nope. sorry! you know that thing freaks me out. he can hear you. he didn't mean that, kevin. kevin: yes, he did! keeping our competitors up at night. now, that's progressive. whose bad breath could make a kitten cry? don't let it be you. one swish of scope kills millions of bad breath germs freshening your breath. so you can be the guy whose breath doesn't make kittens cry. [ meows ] scope. the freshest fresh, guaranteed.
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10:38 am
ok who woh, i do!t rolls? (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) (whoooosh! smack!) thanks carol! (electric hedge trimmer) everybody loves the sweet, fluffy deliciouslness of king's hawaiian bread. he is charming, he's welsh, he's here with us today. >> we're talking about matt ryan who plays the title character on the new nbc show "constantine". >> at the center of the show,
10:39 am
john constantine, an exorcist, who sends demons back to you know where. >> it is a strange story to swallow when people meet him for the first time. you'll see. >> my name is john constantine. you're pointing that the wrong way. i promise you, i'm not the one haunting you. >> what are you talking about? who is hunting me? >> probably a -- >> stay away. back away. stay away. >> easier to deny danger than to face it. make no mistake, if you don't listen to me, you'll be dead by morning. >> i'm calling the police. >> if you're committed to contacting the authorities, here's where they can reach me. or you can, if you enjoy breathing. >> cute little cards and stuff that say, what is it -- >> demonologist and master of the dark arts. >> i love it. >> look that up in the yellow
10:40 am
pages. >> were you familiar with the comic book world? >> to be honest with you, i loved batman and superman and all the things that have been on tv before, but i wasn't familiar with this, with this comic book. a friend of mine had been telling me about it for years in the background. when i got the audition, he is a real avid fan of the comics and constantine, i called him. i was, like, hey, look, i just got an audition for this and he sat me down, like, matt, this is how you've got to do it. i was like, okay, all right. >> back story and everything. >> yeah, everything. give me a comic to read and since i've been doing that, he keeps on calling me and saying, are you doing this story line? it is great to have a fan in my corner and guiding me as well as david guyer and the executive producers. >> good news is when your name is in the title, they won't kill you off. you have a little job security. >> yeah. >> how about that? >> you never know, do you?
10:41 am
everybody is replaceable these days. maybe morph into somebody else's body. i didn't say that. >> we saw the pilot episode and they spent a lot of money on this thing. the effects are pretty amazing. >> yeah. it is amazing these days with technology that we have that we can do such amazing effects on tv as well as in movies. it is something. >> is this the thing you see for women watching too or more of a guy -- >> definitely for women as well. the great thing about john's character is he's charming, he's irreverent and a working class ante hero and he's tormented and has a guilt ridden past, he takes things with a pinch of salt. he's the kind of guy that will stick the middle finger up at the devil as he's climbing back from hell. >> i like that. that was good. can we say that? you know who is hot for are this one? >> suze orman was salivating. >> really? >> oh, wow. >> she could get your financial house in order. >> yes, she could. >> i probably need it, to be honest with you.
10:42 am
>> you recently joined twitter. >> yes, recently. >> you lost a bet. >> yes, i did. i haven't paid him. i'll get him a bottle of wine and he'll forget all about it. i thought it was called twitted. i would say, i twitted this. what did you do? >> what is your handle? @mattryanreal. >> isn't phony. >> we like it. >> we wish you all the best. >> thank you. you like to drink wine in the morning. >> you're the one that's drinking. >> "constantine"constantine" pr friday night. >> get ready for a dogfight. hoda and i are going to find out who knows more about our four legged friends right after this. my budget used to be a real downer, even when we needed stuff for the home. i was a negative nancy. but, thanks to,
10:43 am
now we can shop with low monthly payments, and they've got over 70,000 items from brands like samsung, kitchenaid, xbox. two words: mini donut maker. uh, that's three words. just click on over to for the credit you deserve to get all kinds of great stuff. [ doorbell rings ] oh, i hope that's our new espresso machine. and that hot delivery guy. ♪ and that hot delivery guy. emma, it's simple, when you are in a place like this, the best way to capture the moment is to feel it, even if you can't see it. with new jolly rancher filled gummy bites?
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10:47 am
what is the average cost of owning a dog and what does it mean when your pup wags its tail. >> here to put our pet knowledge to the test is dr. liz hanson and she brought along two cute furry friends up for adoption. who are these guys? >> hi. tell us about these pups. >> they are both lab mixes. both boys. and they both need homes. >> they're so cute. >> they're adorable. >> they are darling. >> mine's asleep. >> all righty. so what are we going to do? >> we're ready. >> we're going to go or something. >> question number one, is it safe for dogs to kiss you on the mouth? >> no. >> go ahead. >> i say no, it is not safe. >> what do you say, kathie lee? >> i think it is probably not a good idea. you see where they put their mouths sometimes, it is not a good idea. >> have a healthy awareness of what your dog has been with and what might be in their mouth.
10:48 am
>> don't be judgmental about it. >> what they're eating. >> what region. >> what could happen, though? >> they can transfer diseases like salmonella, round worm, giardia. >> okay. >> all right. all right. next one. >> question number two, can dogs be trained to use a litter box? >> yes. >> no. >> i say no. >> the answer is yes. >> what? >> i know, but a litter box? >> yeah. you can use the litter box, a little bigger depending on the size of the dog, use regular litter like you would with a cat. it absorbs the urine the same as cat litter. there is some dogs that are too big for it, so, you know, mainly for smaller breed dogs. >> mine eats everything off the floor. >> he's got other issues. >> okay. what else? you have two, i have one. okay. >> question number three, when a dog wags its tail it means, a, they're happy, b, they're
10:49 am
anxious, c, they're afraid, d, all know this answer. you go first. all of the above. >> says that correct. it is important that just because they're wagging their tail you don't go right up to the dog. you don't know if they're telling you back off -- >> isn't there something about a tail wagging low that means back away. >> for the most part it means they're happy, but it can mean they're -- >> baring their teeth and -- don't go near them. >> got it. >> all right, we're ready. >> question number four. what is the average cost per year for owning a dog in the u.s.? >> average, what you got? >> $1500. >> $1500. what do you say, hoda? >> i'm going to say average, $4,000. >> for the whole year, $1500 is correct. you have to -- >> in new york, it is $4,000. at least. >> $1500. not just food and water, it is
10:50 am
veterinary bills, all their vaccinations and everything. >> okay. >> so a real investment. you better really want a dog and take very good care of them. >> correct. before you get a dog, know the financial commitment. okay. >> all right. >> the next one. question number five, true or false is it safe to give your dog large animal bones to chew on, real bones? >> not good. no, it is not. >> not good. >> not good. some bones are too shooft, they can choke on them. >> you're both right. answer is no, it is not safe ever to have your dog chew on real bones. it is too hard actually instead of soft. they can fracture their teeth and can flaw the bones and -- >> thank you very much. thank you. i don't want to let go of mine. >> look. >> hoda -- >> madelyn fernstrom -- >> thank you, girouard. >> madeleine is going to help you make a healthy choice at the
10:51 am
supermarket. but first this is "today" on nbc. >> look at him!
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
when the weather turns cold, there is nothing like a nice bowl of soup to warm you up. >> how to make smart choices when shopping in the veggie aisle. >> here with the skinny on soup is nbc news health and diet editor madelyn fernstrom. >> hello. we haven't seen you in a while. good to see you. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> tell us about this. >> we have so much variety in soup. you want to make a good choice. one thing people worry about, is it too much salt, too much fat. you have to read the labels. and making a good choice means what are you looking for? everything in moderation. we'll talk about how to moderate. first, if you get soups, don't have time at home, you can dilute a lot of the high sodium, especially chicken soup, just by adding a little extra water.
10:55 am
you add a bunch of water, it is not going to have any flavor. but then you can add some pinches of anything else you would like to. >> other spices. >> what i don't understand about that is the sodium is still in it, even though you watered it down. >> but you won't eat the whole thing. >> you watered it down so for the same volume, you'll have a lot less -- >> that makes sense. thank you. >> then you can also start with a tomato based soup, i like to add some things and maybe make it a meal or make it a little more dense. so you can -- >> add chicken and veggies. >> chicken and beans to just regular tomato soup and add frozen vegetables. chopped up hanging around the house, or make it like a stew, you can turn it into a meal, if you want to. >> some soups are so thin, you feel like you're not getting anything. >> you don't like the favor. if you want the creamy taste but not the cream, you can -- >> hoda can't.
10:56 am
>> for hoda, you can add purees. carrots, squash, bean or pea and mix it into any soup. just put that -- you can eat it plain also, but take a spoonful, and we already have thickened up some of the minestrone. you can just use baby food if you don't know how to mix up stuff or mash it. >> who doesn't know how to mash it. >> lazy. >> all right, regular soups. there are a whole variety of things, especially you look at sodium. look for something like healthy or when it comes to salt, low sodium, reduced sodium. these kinds of things. organic is often a little hint. some will be lower in sodium or moderate. you want to avoid things that are 800 or 900 milligrams. that's half the sodium you need. if you're salt sensitive, have high blood pressure, you really got to keep it down. under 200 or 300 milligrams.
10:57 am
>> okay. >> soup companies are getting really smart and going, let's try to cut the sodium a little bit so you don't have to water it down yourself. they take some popular brands like wedding soup and just cutting down the sodium, 25% less. that's good. >> we have a couple of seconds. you'll show us back here. >> all the boxes, you have a lot of choice. a box is good because it will give you the leftovers go right back in the fridge. no messy containers or anything else. if you have no room, you can get some frozen soups. you cut this in half and you cut the whole -- >> microwave them? >> you're so smart. >> who is better than madelyn? >> nobody. >> for more souper tips, go to >> next week, key new reeanu re. sofia vergara and william shatner. >> have an awesome weekend, everybody. >> bye.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00 a.m., growing concern over the spread of the ebola virus in the u.s. just within the last half hour, president obama announced the appointment of a czar to handle the ebola crisis. ron klain will help row cord nature the u.s. response to the crisis. there is new concern on a cruise ship as lawmakers continue to debate. a dallas healthcare worker who handled a lab specimen from thomas duncan who eventually died from this disease, well that healthcare worker is