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tv   NBC 10 News at 530a  NBC  October 19, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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right now on nbc 10 news today, deadly shots fired. police are looking for a suspect after violence erupts in a philadelphia neighborhood. and right now it's a crucial time for people on an ebola monitoring list in dallas. they could soon be free and clear. taking a live look outside at a pretty and pink boathouse row presumably in support of breast cancer awareness month. we are off to a chilly start on your sunday, and it is expected to get colder. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:30 on this sunday morning. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the chilly conditions. and michelle, the winds kicking up a bit, too, right?
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>> hi. yeah, it was windy yesterday. we'll see the winds once again today. the story being the cool winds. let's see some clouds this morning. waking up to clouds keeping temperatures up overnight. seeing temperatures in the 50s, the 40s, but we'll see sunshine by this afternoon. here's a look. 41 right now in pocono. that's going to be a big difference as we drop into the 30s. 48 in lancaster. 54 in wildwood and 48 in atlantic city. the wind, that will be the other part of the story today. we're already seeing breezy conditions. 16 miles per hour in wilmington. up to ten. we'll see these kicking up near 30 at times. taking a look at your sunday planner, enjoy today. it's going to be sunny, cool and windy but feeling a lot like fall. that's good. by 10:00, 52. by noon, 53. we are tracking rain in your seven day. i'll have your forecast straight ahead. new from overnight, a man is dead this morning after a
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shooting in philadelphia's parkside neighborhood. nbc 10 was on the scene of the intersection of west gerard and north 38th streets. we're told the man was shot here around 1:00 in the morning. at this time there are no arrests and no motives. also new from overnight, investigators are looking for the cause of a row home fire that sent five people to the hospital. nbc 10 at 7th street. the fire broke out around 2:15 this morning. crews had it under control in just about 30 minutes. three adults and two children are now being checked for smoke inhalation. the weak ahead will be an important one in america's fight against ebola. by tomorrow morning, everyone on the dallas cdc monitoring list who has not shown symptoms of the virus will be declared ebola free. here is a gnaw development we want to let you know about. in ohio, more than 100 people who were visited by dallas nurse amber vinson are being monitored. canada says it will begin shipping an experimental vaccine
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to the world health organization tomorrow. and president obama who met last night with the head of the cdc about the government's response to the virus used his weekly radio address to try to reassure the nation. >> this is a serious disease, but we can't give in to hysteria or fear because that only makes it harder to get people the accurate information they need. we have to be guided by the science. >> yesterday friends and family of thomas eric duncan remembered him at a memorial service in north carolina. dunk. en the cdc and texas health officials are looking into mistakes that may have led to an initial misdiagnosis of duncan and the infection of two nurses who treated him. >> we don't see new patients this weekend, then we're going to see the remainder of those 48 that we were tasked with following come off the list.
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>> health authorities are also testing a blood sample from a dallas lab worker who handled duncan's blood. that worker is on quarantine on board a carnival cruise ship. the vessel is expected to dock in galveston, texas, a little bit later this morning. here at home, an ebola prayer service is scheduled for later today in delaware county. it's being organized by a coalition of community and religious groups with ties to west africa. the service will be held this afternoon at 4:00 at st. matthew lutheran church in springfield again in delaware county. some of the biggest concerns over ebola are coming from philadelphia's liberian community. members gathered last night in southwest philadelphia for a public forum and musical performance. the women's chorus for change includes some of the 10,000 liberian refugees who settled here after years of civil war. now their country is fighting ebola. one of the musicians on hand last night told us they're ready for that fight.
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>> any other person in the world, we've got each other. >> by the way, major funding for the liberian women's chorus for change is provided by the pew center for arts and heritage. remember, is your complete resource to facts about the ebola virus. count on us to bring you realtime information right to your computer or mobile device. this morning, pennsylvania state police have a new lead in their manhunt for eric frein. the alleged cop killer has been on the run for 37 days now. state police say that on friday night, a woman spotted a man with mud on his face carrying a rifle near pocono mountain east high school in swiftwater. so now they've refocused their search in that area of paradise and pocono township. investigators also found what's believe to be blood on the back
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porches near two homes about five miles from the school. >> they're still doing some testing. there have been samples collected, lab analysis is under way to determine whether it is related to this investigation or not. >> authorities believe that frein was the man spotted by a woman who was out for a walk on friday night. frein is wanted for the ambush of two state police troopers last month. one of them was killed. right now we're monitoring a developing story out of virginia. police say that they have found human remains that could be those of missing college student hannah graham. the chief medical examiner has yet to confirm if it is graham, but her parents were notified about the discovery. the 18-year-old university of virginia student has not been seen in over a month. suspect jesse matthew has been charged in connection with graham's abduction. beginning tomorrow in philadelphia, the use or possession of small amounts of marijuana will carry a lesser penalty. nbc 10's monique braxton is live
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at police headquarters with how officers will be enforcing the new rule. fill us in, monique. >> reporter: rosemary, this law does not legalize marijuana. we should tell you that right up front. nor does it allow police here at headquarters or other districts across the city to ignore someone caught with marijuana. the law does state, though, anyone found with 30 grams of the drug will face a civil penalty. not an arrest, and subsequent criminal record. we spoke with police about how their enforcement measures are going to begin tomorrow. >> if they, you know, interact with an individual instead of arresting, it should be a violation. so again, it's not like we're looking forward to anything different or anything big. it's not anything in terms of a different approach by our police officers. it's just going to be a matter of what they do as opposed to processing an arrest. we'll just be issuing these violations, and they'll be confiscating the marijuana and then processing that. >> reporter: philadelphia is the largest city to take this step
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in the united states. throughout the morning, we're going to look at the penalties that are involved and what other cities and states are doing along the lines of decriminalizing marijuana. live outside police headquarters, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. the losing bidder in the auction of the now-defunct revel casino in atlantic city is appealing the sale. the lawyer for florida developer glen straub filed papers yesterday in u.s. bankruptcy court. straub is trying to stop the $110 million sale of revel to brookfield property partners. he believes that last month's bankruptcy auction was unfair. today in philadelphia, thousands of walkers and runners will be raising money for hiv prevention, education and care services here in our region. the 28th annual aids run philly steps off from akin's oval at 7:30 this morning. walkers will begin their 5k at
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9:00. weather should be cool but not raining. this morning a man is left badly burned after his father, his wife and her four kids died in a house fire in western pennsylvania. as investigators try to determine how the blaze began, we're learning how the man and woman tried to save their family. plus, the pope's push for a more gay-friendly church falls short. we'll explain what happened at the vatican this week. i'm stanley tucci
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my guess is it's probably going to be quiet as the day continues because it's not going to be the best day to be down the shore. it is going to be cool and breezy. i was just talking to meteorologist michelle grossman who says you'll be the ones to
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see the clouds push out last. keep that in mind today. today investigators in a suburb of pittsburgh will be looking for the cause of a fire that killed six people including four children. he and his new wife escaped her burning home in mckeesport yesterday morning, but they went back inside to try to save jordan's four young children and his paralyzed father. only he came out alive. he suffered burns to over 55% of his body and is in critical condition right now. investigators say it may take days to trace the source of this fire. in bucks county this weekend, a murdered musician is being remembered by his friends, family and fans. a statue of the late danny dejannero was unveiled before a benefit concert last night. nbc 10 was at the bucks county playhouse for the event.
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he was murdered during a botched robbery in 2011. musicians had played with him over four decades performed his music in his honor. >> he's actually become our local town hero. he went outside the town here into national acts in california and florida and always came back to where his roots were. >> proceeds from the show will go toward a scholarship from bucks county community college in his name. now to news from the vatican, an unprecedented effort to welcome gays and divorced parishioners to the catholic church has taken a step backward. the pontiff wants the church to be more merciful toward nontraditional families, but an assembly of catholic bishops meeting in rome failed to approve a document calling for the inclusion for those who are gay, divorced or living out of wedlock. it came at the end of a two-week meeting called by pope francis.
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next, bermuda is cleaning up after a direct hit from hurricane gonzalo. this morning, thousands are still without power. we'll have an update. and locally we are looking at cool temperatures. some temperatures in the 40s. but tonight we'll see the 30s. a live look outside. you're looking at mostly cloudy skies. lots of sunshine today. cool and windy. we'll have your forecast coming up.
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- ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready
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♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. winds and rain from hurricane ana this morning. the storm is losing speed as it passes about 115 miles from kauai. flash flood warnings were issued yesterday but so far the storm has caused only minor damage and flooding in hawaii. a different story in bermuda. crews there are cleaning up after hurricane gonzalo. they're clearing away trees and downed power lines. more than 15,000 homes are still without electricity. the hurricane center crossed right over the island late
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friday, but there were no reported deaths and no serious injuries. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and locally, we are looking at much cooler temperatures today, in the 40s, the 50s in spots. that's the big weather story for today. we had winds gusting up to 30 yesterday. we'll see that once again today. plan on that if you have your halloween decorations out. we're tracking heavy rain tuesday and wednesday with a coastal low. we'll talk more about that. but taking a look outside, we are looking at mostly cloudy skies. that's keeping temperatures relatively up this morning. but we're not going to see the temperatures move far from there. as we go throughout the day, we'll top out around 57. right now 54 in philadelphia. we're looking at winds out of the northwest at 13. temperatures across the region, 41 degrees in mt. pocono. a lot colder tonight, into the 30s. 50 in reading. 49 in westchester. 51 in glassboro.
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50 in millville. 52 in dover. that will be the story today. cooler temperatures. the wind is going to make it feel colder than that. future temperatures, watch these numbers. they're not going to go far from that 50 we're seeing now. by 5:00, this afternoon, 56 degrees. we'll probably top out around 56, 57. and then as we go throughout the night, some may see their first frost of the season, their first freeze of the season. especially north and west. keep that in mind for all your plants that may be otherwise. 36 by 5:00 a.m. on monday. may drop below freezing in many spots in the poconos. some spots in the lehigh valley. we'll see winds gusting near 30 miles per hour at times. 13 miles per hour right now in philadelphia. you felt the wind yesterday. you'll feel it once again today. 16 miles per hour along with an 18 in reading. 10-mile-per-hour winds in millville. we're seeing clouds everywhere. that's keeping temperatures in the 50s. we'll see clouds move out
5:49 am
quickly. throughout time, watch those clouds move off. then monday we're going to start out with sunshine. we're going to see clouds building throughout the afternoon. then we're going to get ready for some rain on tuesday, wednesday, part of thursday before we finally dry out on friday. so for today, mostly sunny and cool. it will be windy. 55 to 58. feeling like fall. winds out of the northwest. that's a cooling wind. 15 to 25. gusting near 25 miles per hour. as we go throughout the seven-day forecast, feeling good. 56. lots of sunshine. chilly wind for the aids walk. by monday, a cold start. 58 degrees. we'll start out with sunshine. we'll see clouds building in. by tuesday. that's when the rain comes in. in the afternoon, coastal low. 62 degrees. the wet weather stays with us on wednesday. 58 degrees. thursday, we could see a chance for showers in the afternoon. 58. then we'll clear it out nicely for next weekend. friday, sun and clouds. saturday looking perfect. 64 degrees. checking in now on sports,
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john clark has your highlights starting with the struggling flyers. >> hey, the flyers are one of three winless teams in hockey looking for their first win last night in dallas. no defenseman braden coburn, still not ready to come back. what a game, flyers/stars. flyers are down 4-2 on the power play. that's andrew mcdonald. then things get crazy. under six minutes left. jake ties it right there. 40 seconds later, jason spezza adds a goal. ray emery who came in for steve mason looks like he has it covered right here, but they give the goal to dallas. 1:13 after that. micha michael roffle ties it up, 5-5. to overtime. they do not want a shootout to claude giroux sheoots the game
5:51 am
winner right here. 6-5. here is the captain. >> obviously we're happy to win the game and kind of battle like that at the end, to come back from 4-2 and then to score another goal and to come back, it's an ugly win, but you mow what? we'll take it. >> yeah, they will. sixers' coach brown back with the sixers last night. of course, he missed the thursday night game. sixers facing the magic in allentown. k.j. mcdaniels, 11 points for him. sixers leading almost the entire game. sampson, off-balance shot right here. then there's sixer drew gordon playing his brother aaron for the first time ever. drew with a team high 16 points. he wins. and the sixers win 95-84. the eagles are off this week. chip kelly still watching his eagles this weekend. the boston college eagles. here's chip with the b.c./clemson game in boston. chip has friends on the b.c. staff and he went to their
5:52 am
practice this summer. as you know, football is a footballaholic, always watching football. villanova trailing by three. under a minute to go. wildcats looking for the go-ahead score. john robertson. the game-winning touchdown throw. noble wins 35-31. so the wildcats have won six in a row. after the game, take a look at william and mary's coach, not happy with one of andy talley's players. >> i tell you what, they do something like that, number 15. >> linebacker? >> hey, jim? >> delaware hosting townsend. blue hens up seven in the fourth quarter. spencer wilkins takes the pass. look at all the blue hens mistackling there. 39-yard touchdown. so the game is tied at 17-17. then under a minute to go.
5:53 am
darrius victor gives talson the victory. delaware loses, 24-17. penn has the longest active win over an opponent. that's an ivy league record. eric siori with the touchdown. then alex torgensen, play action finding ryan kelly. quakers win 31-7. their first win this season. take a look at midnight madness for the texas tech basketball team. that's texas coach tubby smith riding the motorcycle onto the court, but tubby takes a tumble. don't worry, he's okay. the only thing he worried about is if he scratched up the court. he did not. i'm john clark. have a great weekend. still ahead, if your child tosses and turns at night, the next day is usually a long one. they're cranky and tired, but for some kids, it could be a bit more serious. next, experts weigh in on how to spot a sleep disorder in your kid.
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a good night's sleep is important for everybody. especially kids. not only does it help children in the classroom, it can also prevent medical issues. rachel mcneil shows us the signs of a childhood sleep disorder and how to get a proper diagnosis. >> reporter: sleep. it's the time when the body can rest and rejuvenate. and when kids don't get enough sleep, it sets the stage for a variety of problems. depression, weight gain and declining school performance. >> they are distractible. they sometimes don't pay attention very well. they may be struggling in class and their grades may be slumping a little bit. the teachers may be identifying them as the kids who are always sort of loud in the classroom and not paying attention. ♪ >> reporter: 17-year-old jonathan theodore almost got kicked out of his performing
5:57 am
arts school because he kept falling asleep in class. a sleep study reveals he has narcolepsy, a sleep disorder that causes someone to suddenly pass out. >> when it does happen, i feel a little bit dizzy before it. i know i have to sit down or hold on to something real quick. >> reporter: younger children, even babies, may also suffer from sleep apnea. the key warning signs, snoring. >> we tend to focus a little bit on asking specific questions about how bad they're snoring. how often they're snoring. are they chronic snorers. >> reporter: and large tonsils are typically the cause of pediatric sleep apnea, a problem that can be resolved with surgery. for jonathan, daily medication is helping ease his bouts of narcolepsy. ♪ sing along with me >> reporter: along with snoring and daytime sleepiness, warning signs of a pediatric sleep disorder include bed wetting, night sweats and morning headaches. if your child exhibits any of these symptoms, a comprehensive sleep study may help get to the root of the problem.
5:58 am
>> that was nbc's rachel mcneil reporting. starting tomorrow, marijuana laws are changing in philadelphia, and nbc 10's monique braxton is following the story for us from police headquarters. monique? all right. we're off to a cool start this morning continue pempt temperatn the 40s. dropping down to the 30s tonight. we'll talk about that. also rain in your forecast. a live look outside. mostly cloudy skies. your forecast is straight ahead.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, the ebola concerns in dallas could ease up a bit over the next 4 hours as the cdc will make a decision about dozens of people being checked for the virus. the marijuana laws in philadelphia are about to relax a bit. what it means for people who get caught smoking and stealing pot. here's a live look outside over philadelphia. still dark out. the sun not up yet. there is a chill in the air. it is much cooler, and it's going to continue to get colder today. meteorologist michelle grossman is in to talk about it in the