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tv   NBC 10 News at 9am  NBC  October 19, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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right now on nbc 10 news today, philadelphia is on the brink of a big change in the city's marijuana laws. a live preview of the new relaxed penalties coming up. philadelphia's annual aids walk is getting started just about right now. here is a live look at aiken's oval where thousands of walkers are stepping off. the runners got going earlier this morning. and if you are out there today, it's cool and windy as we take a live look at the center city skyline, but the sun will be shining. the rain will return for the week ahead. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 9:00 on this sunday morning. meteorologist michelle grossman
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is with us today tracking the chilly conditions right now and the dip in temperatures that is expected later on, right, michelle? >> that's right. good morning. into the 30s tonight. starting out cool this morning. some spots in the 40s. philadelphia right around 51. we have some cloud cover but well see lots of sunshine later on this afternoon. the winds are whipping. you can see that flag right there. and you're seeing clouds in the background as well. we'll see those slide off the coast. we'll see sunshine later on this afternoon. temperatures right now, look at 37 on the map for mt. pocono. that's cold there. 49 in reading. 48 degrees in pottstown. waking up to 51 in millvale. 52 in wildwood and 51 in atlantic city. that is one piece of the weather puzzle today. the other piece are the wind gusts. we're seeing winds gusting up to 31 miles per hour in wilmington, 25 in mt. pocono and 25 in wildwood. so by noon, 53 degrees. a cool wind. lots of sunshine. by 6:00, that sun sets right around 6:15. we'll see 55 degrees. cool and then cold tonight. we'll talk about freezing temperatures and also your
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seven-day straight ahead. new from overnight, philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting in the city's parkside neighborhood. nbc 10 was at the intersection of west gerard avenue and north 38th street where police tell us that a man was shot here around 1:00 in the morning. he later died at the hospital. right now there are no arrests yet in this case. also new from overnight, investigators are looking for the cause of a row home fire that sent five people to the hospital. nbc 10 was at the scene at 7th street shortly after the blaze broke out around 2:15 this morning. crews had it under control within a half an hour. the three adults and two children, they are being checked for smoke inhalation, and the american red cross will be providing them with housing while they recover. this morning, we have learned that a carnival cruise ship carrying a dallas health worker being monitored for ebola has returned to port in galveston, texas. this is new video of the ship
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from just a short time ago. carnival confirmed that the worker disembarked and is on her way home. she has no symptoms of the virus. by tomorrow morning, everybody on a federal monitoring list who does not show symptoms will be declared disease free. here are more developments we want you to know about. in ohio, more than 100 people who were visited by dallas nurse amber vinson, they are now being monitored. canada will begin shipping experimental ebola vaccine to the world health organization tomorrow. and president obama who met last night with the head of the cdc about the government's response to ebola, he used his weekly radio address to try to reassure the nation. >> this is a serious disease but we can't give in to hysteria or fear because that only makes it difficult to get people the information they need. we have to be guided by the science. yesterday friends and family of thomas eric duncan remembered him at a memorial service in north carolina. duncan is the first and only
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person to die of ebola in the u.s. the cdc and texas health officials are now looking into any mistakes that may have led to an initial misdiagnosis of duncan and how the two nurses who treated him became infected. here at home, an ebola prayer service is scheduled for later today in delaware county. it's being organized by community and religious groups with ties to west after ra. that will be this afternoon at 4:00 at st. matthew lutheran church in springfield, delaware county. here at home, members of philadelphia's liberian community are raising awareness about ebola through their musical heritage. members gathered last night for a public forum and a musical performance. the women's chorus for change is comprised of liberian refugees who settled here after years of civil war. now their country is fighting ebola. one of the musicians on hand last night told us that they are resilient people.
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>> any country in the world going through trauma like us, we will be able to make it, too, because we've got each other. >> major funding for the liberian women's chorus for change is provided by the pew center for arts and heritage. remember when we're not on the air, is your complete resource to facts about the ebola virus. you can count on us to bring you realtime information right to your computer or your mobile device. this morning pennsylvania state police have a new lead in their manhunt for eric frein. the alleged cop killer has been on the run for 37 days. state police say on friday night a woman spotted a man with mud on his face carrying a rifle near pocono mountain high school in swiftwater. now they've refocused their search in that area of paradise and pocono township. investigators tell us that they've also found what's believed to be blood on the back porches of two homes near cresco
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about five miles from the school. >> we're still doing testing. there have been samples collected. lab analysis is under way to determine whether or not it is related to this investigation or not. >> authorities believe that it was frein spotted by the woman out for a walk on friday night by the high school. frein is wanted for the ambush of two state troopers last month. one of those troopers was killed. this morning we continue to follow a developing story out of virginia. police there are trying to determine if remains that they found yesterday are those of missing college student hannah graham. the remains were discovered on an abandoned property. the chief medical examiner still has to confirm if it is graham, but her parents have been notified about the discovery. the 18-year-old university of virginia student has not been seen in over a month. suspect matthew has been charged in connection with graham's abduction. decriminalizing marijuana. the effort will come to fruition tomorrow in philadelphia when a
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new city ordinance goes into effect. nbc 10's monique braxton is live at police headquarters with how the new rules will be enforced. fill us in, monique. >> reporter: all morning we've been looking at the logistics. top police brass here at headquarters want to make sure that everyone knows that marijuana will not be legalized tomorrow. it is still a misdemeanor under state law. the law states anyone found with 30 grams of marijuana will face a civil penalty. the law's sponsor, councilperson jim kenny, pushed for this legislation as far back as may because he says it's a way to address the disproportionate marijuana arrests in the african-american community. subsequent criminal records and what he sees as a reduction in job opportunities. so we talked to police about what happened initially with police. >> if officers cannot identify the individuals or there isn't proper identification given to, provided to officers, then officers will take the individual inside. once their identity is
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confirmed, then will be issued the violation notice from the headquarters and then released at that point. >> reporter: philadelphia is the largest city in the united states to do this. washington, d.c., unless someone is carrying more than an ounce of marijuana, officers can only confiscate the drug and then issue a $25 ticket. also, police cannot take action if they simply smell marijuana in someone's car or in someone's presence. also, we should tell you that colorado and washington have laws that have legalized recreational use. we're going to continue throughout the morning to bring you what the penalties and punishment are in our next half hour. live for now outside police headquarters, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. happening right now in philadelphia, the 28th annual aids walk philly. this is a live look from just outside the art museum where walkers began their 5k just a moment ago at 9:00. this event raises money for hiv
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prevention, education and care services here in our region. the runners got an earlier start. they took off from the starting line at 7:30 this morning. last year participants raised more than $300,000. good work out there, guys. still ahead, one mans surv e survives a deadly fire in western pennsylvania that claimed the lives of his wife and her four children. as investigators look for the cause, we're learning how that man and his wife went back into the house to try to save their loved ones. plus, a pumpkin festival gets out of control in a college town as police square off with partygoers in the streets. this is ceo tom macarthur's world. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure
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women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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investigators in a pittsburgh suburb are trying to find out what caused a fire that killed six people including four children. keith and his new wife, hope jordan, escaped their burning home in mckeesport yesterday morning, but they went back inside to try to save jordan's four young children and keith's paralyzed father. only his father came out alive. he suffered burns to over half of his body, and he is in critical condition right now. investigators say that it may take days to treat the source of this fire. this morning we're following a developing story overseas. egypt reports that a roadside bomb exploded today in the northern sinai peninsula. officials say seven egyptian troops were killed, four others seriously wounded. the explosion ripped through a military armored vehicle, and we're being told that the troops were checking out activity by suspected militants. now to the effort to stop isis. a u.s.-led airstrike has killed at least eight people in eastern syria. according to syrian activists, the attack targeted a gas
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facility being held by isis militants. other airstrikes targeted oil wells in the area. oil, by the way, is a key source of income for isis. coalition airstrikes on the syrian border town of kobani are also continuing. isis militants have been trying to seize the town since last month. kobani is close to the border with turkey. a town officials that the airstrikes have helped halt the advance of isis. but according to kurdish fighters defending kobani, they still need more weapons and ammunition to save the town. in nepal, officials there say that rescue operations have been scaled down at the trekking trail where hundreds of hikers were caught in a blizzard last week. some helicopter flights were cut this morning because most of the trekkers who were stranded left the area. at least 38 people were killed in a series of snowstorms and avalanches during what's being called nepal's worst-ever hiking disaster. let's head to new hampshire where it's the aftermath of an
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incredible night. take a look at this. police had to fire tear gas at a large group of people who were throwing bottles and overturning dumpsters and cars. there are reports that as many as 12 people have been arrested. witnesses say this was all caused by parties at keen state college that just spun out of control. those parties were supposed to celebrate the annual keene pumpkin festival. dozens of people suffered marijuana injuries. suffered minor injuries. three battled erupted between pro-democracy protesters and riot police in hong kong early this morning. the demonstrators tried to break through metal barricades at an intersection. police used batons and pepper spray to disperse the crowd. this comes hours after hong kong's leader offered to talk with the students at this protest on tuesday. a dream job for a day. that's what this week's "wednesday's child" got to do. and we'll meet the ambitious 8-year-old coming up next. michelle? a cool start to your morning. we're looking at temperatures in
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the 40s. even the 30s in spots. cold this morning. even colder overnight. here's a live look outside. mostly cloudy skies right thousand. lots of this sunshine this afternoon. your full forecast and your seven-day is straight ahead.
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this week's wednesday's child is intelligent and dreams of helping others. he's sure to brighten the lives of his forever family and make them proud. nbc 10's vai sikahema introduces us. >> come on in. >> how are you? this is vaquan. >> reporter: he's an energetic and inquisitive 8-year-old who wants to help people.
9:18 am
he has dreams of becoming a police officer when he grows up. so we took him to find out all about police work at the camden county police headquarters. >> he would like to be a police officer. when i asked him why he would like to be a police officer, he said, first, he likes to help people. he likes to catch the bad guys and save the good people. >> reporter: he jumped right in and got to work. he helped the police track down a wanted bad guy. >> find the bad guy. >> reporter: he's a bright second grader who loves school and especially math. he loves to sing and dance. with a little time, you'll be able to see his outgoing personality shine through. >> at first he's shy, but you have to pull at him. and then once you open up the box, it's a little hard to close it. >> reporter: he has a big heart with lots of love to give. he knows what he wants from a forever family. how would you like your family to treat you? can you tell me that?
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>> nice. >> reporter: nice? yeah. he would make any family feel complete. >> he can offer a family a lot of joy, definitely a lot of joy. >> reporter: one, two, three, cheese! jaquan is this week's "wednesday's child." >> you can make the dream of a forever family come true for him or any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation. just go to our website,, search wednesday's child or call the national adoption center at 1-866-to-adopt. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. a good sunday morning. we are waking up to cool temperatures. temperatures in the 30s in some spots. even colder tonight. we'll look at that in just a minute. first we're looking at a chilly wind. winds gusting near 28 miles per hour at times. that is our first weather headline. we'll deal with that all day long. it's not really until the overnight hours where those winds die down.
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a cold overnight. freeze warnings in some spots. frost advisories and others have temperatures below freezing in spots. then the rain returns. we're looking at tuesday, wednesday and thursday, possibility for an umbrella. taking a look outdoors, clouds, mostly cloudy skies. we started out with cloudy skies. starting to see the clouds break up. we'll see sunshine in just a few hours. 51 now in philadelphia. winds out of the northwest at 15. temperatures, they're cool. 48 in allentown. 47 in westchester. in the 30s in mt. pocono. 49 in glassboro. 51 in atlantic city. then we're looking at temperatures right around 51 in philadelphia. not really going very far from there either. here is a look at the flag outside. winds are blowing. and they're blowing hard. just when you go outside, wear the windbreaker. it's cold, it's windy. we'll be like that all day long. if you're doing fun fall festivities. winds outside, we're looking at winds gusting near 28. 15 miles per hour in philadelphia. 14 in lancaster. 14 in wildwood. and this will be the story all day long.
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it is not until the overnight hours when we see winds calm down. here's a look at satellite. we're seeing mostly cloudy skies. we'll see sunshine as we head throughout the afternoon. so here's that break in the clouds. to the, we're seeing more cloud cover. by this afternoon, we're looking at a pretty nice afternoon despite the chilly temperatures. future weather as we go throughout time, lots of sunshine this afternoon. then we flip-flop it on monday. we start out with sunshine, then clouds filter in for your afternoon bus stops. by 4:00, you see those clouds. then by tuesday, that's when the rain comes in. an umbrella chance tuesday, wednesday, also friday. it's not until friday when we clear it out. for today, mostly sunny and cool. 55 to 58. tonight it's a cold one, a two-blanket kind of night. 39 in philadelphia. 32 north and west. seven-day forecast, we're going to keep it cool all day long. by monday, cold start. 58. tuesday, 62. lots of rain. need the umbrella that day. wednesday, 58. thursday, chance of a shower. we'll see a little more sunshine also, 58. looking good on friday, 62, and
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a beautiful start to next weekend, 64. lots of sunshine. the pope's push for the church to be more welcoming as gay and divorced catholics fall short. how a vote at the vatican set his plans back.
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at the vatican, an
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unprecedented effort to welcome gays and divorced parishioners to the catholic church. the pontiff wants the church to be more merciful toward nontraditional families. but an assembly of catholic bishops in rome failed to approve the document calling for the inclusion of gay, divorced, remarried in a civil ceremony or living out of wedlock. the decision came at the end of a two-week meeting called by pope francis. today the late pope paul vi is one step closer to sainthood. pope francis beatified him during a ceremony in st. peter's square this morning. paul vi led the vatican through two reforms. back in our area this weekend, a murdered musician is being remembered by friends, family and fans. a statue was unveiled before a benefit tribute concert last night. nbc 10 was at the bucks county playhouse in new hope for the event. dejannero was murdered during a
9:26 am
botched robbery in 2011. musicians who played with him over four decades performed his music in his honor. >> it's actually become our local town hero. he went outside the town here into national acts in california and florida. and always came back to where his roots were. >> proceeds from the show will go toward a scholarship at bucks county community college in dejannero's name. when we come back on nbc 10 news today, a big change in philadelphia's marijuana laws takes effect when the workweek begins tomorrow. nbc 10's monique braxton has a preview. >> reporter: rosemary, the dawn of a new day if you're caught possessing marijuana here in philadelphia. after the break, we'll talk about the penalty. and a jacket is required this morning. chilly. some spots seeing 38. others seeing 40s. a live look outside. we're starting to see brightening skies. sunshine this afternoon. right now 51 in philadelphia. a cool day and even colder
9:27 am
night. we'll talk more about that coming up.
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but it depends on how much marijuana you have. we'll explain in a live report. right now thousands of walkers are pounding the pavement for a good cause. the 28th annual aids walk is under way. we were there as the walkers took off about a half hour ago. they were all bundled up. grab a jacket if you're heading out. here is a live look over center city at the aramark building. it is going to be breezy out there today as the temperatures are dropping. good morning, i'm rosemary connors. this is nbc 10 news today. it's 9:30 on this sunday. let's get right to the forecast with meteorologist michelle grossman. we're still seeing clouds linger out there. >> we are. we're seeing mostly cloudy skies. now mostly cloudy. over the next couple of hours, we're going to see sunshine as we head throughout the afternoon. taking a while to get the clouds out of here. right now it is cool and windy. just 38 in mt. pocono. 51 in philadelphia. look at all that blue on the map. lots of 40s to the north and
9:31 am
west. 52 in wildwood. on top of that, we have the winds whipping. we're seeing winds gusting near 31 in wilmington, up to 26 in northeast philadelphia. so it's a cool, winny day, but we will see sunshine as we head throughout the afternoon. today plan on temperatures not getting out of the 50s. by noon, 53. 3:00, mostly sunny skies, 56. and by 6:00, just by the time the sun is setting, we're looking at temperatures around 55. cool today, very cold tonight. we'll talk about that, also rain returns to your seven-day. that's all straight ahead. new this morning, a person was hit by a car and hurt in burlington county near route 130 and chester avenue. this happened just after 6:30 this morning. the victim was rushed to the hospital, but there's no word on a condition right now. the driver of the car involved did stay at the scene of the accident. new from overnight, a man has died following a shooting in philadelphia's parkside neighborhood. nbc 10 was at the intersection of west gerard and north 38th
9:32 am
street where the man was shot around 1:00 this morning. at this point there are no arrests and no known motive in the case. also new from overnight, investigators are looking for the cause of this fire that sent five people to the hospital. police were on the scene shortly after the fire broke out around 2:15 this morning. crews brought it under control in just about 30 minutes. three adults and two children are now being checked for smoke inhalation. the week ahead will be critical in america's fight against ebola. by tomorrow morning, everyone on the dallas cdc monitoring list who do not show symptoms of the virus will be declared ebola free. now, here are some of the new developments we want to make you aware of. the carnival cruise ship that was carrying that lab worker has been docked and is back in
9:33 am
galveston, texas. this is new video from earlier this morning. carnival confirms that the worker disem, baed and is headed home. the coast guard did draw a blood sample from the woman yesterday. she handled a lab specimen from thomas duncan. officials say that she poses no risk and has not shown any symptoms of ebola. here are more developments. in ohio more than 100 people who were visited by dallas nurse amber vinson are being monitored. canada will begin shipping experimental ebola vaccine to the world health organization tomorrow. and president obama who met last night with the head of the cdc on the government's response to ebola. health officials are now tracing procedures that may reveal how the two nurses at the dallas hospital contracted the virus. nina pham and amber vinson worked in close proximity with duncan. again, he died of the virus. it was not until duncan's diagnosis was confirmed that there was any mention of hospital workers wearing hazmat
9:34 am
suits. and that includes pham but not vinson. dr. roberson trains nurses on how to wear the protective gear. >> we need better guidelines. the only way the nurse can be properly educated and trained is if the administrators and the trainers do have the proper guidelines of what to say, what to do. >> both infected nurses are now being treated at medical centers outside of dallas in bethesda, maryland, and in atlanta. the cdc is expected to issue new guidelines to protect health care workers nationwide in the coming weeks. ♪ here at home this weekend, members of philadelphia's liberian community are raising awareness about ebola through their musical heritage. the liberian women's chorus for change performed at a public forum in southwest philadelphia last night. the four women in the group are among the thousands of liberian refugees who have settled here after years of civil war in their native country. now, of course, their country is fighting ebola.
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the group tells us that they are a resilient people., by the way, is your complete resource to facts about the ebola virus. when we're not on the air, you can always get up-to-the-date information on our website. we'll bring you the latest headlines to your smartphone or your computer. today marks day 37 in the manhunt for eric frein. and this morning pennsylvania state police are following up on a possible lead in the search. state police tell us that an armed man with mud on his face was spotted friday night near pocono mountain east high school in swiftwater. a woman was walking around the high school that night. so state police have refocused their search to paradise and pocono township. investigators have also found what's believed to be blood on the back porches of two homes near cresco about five miles away from the high school. frein is wanted in the ambush shootings of two state troopers,
9:36 am
corporal brian dixon, he is on  the left. he was killed. trooper alex douglas who was wounded in the attack, he was released from the hospital on thursday. he is now in a rehabilitation facility. people in the poconos are noticing an expanded police search for frein, and we did speak to one of the men in that area who tells us that he has a family connection. >> he's from this area because he and my granddaughter were on the rifle team before the school abolish it had, you know. i never gave it any thought that he would turn out this way. >> neighbors in that area say that they just want the manhunt to end one way or another. police in virginia say that they have found human remains that could be those of missing college student hannah graham. that's the word this morning. the chief medical examiner will have to confirm if it is, in fact, graham, but her parents have been notified about the discovery. the 18-year-old university of
9:37 am
virginia student has not been seen in over a month. suspect jesse matthew has been charged in connection with graham abduction. the remains were found in the same region where the body of a 20-year-old virginia tech student was found in 2009. beginning tomorrow in philadelphia, the use or possession of small amounts of marijuana will carry a lesser penalty. nbc 10's monique braxton is live at police headquarters with how officers will be enforcing the new rules. monique? >> reporter: rosemary, this law is designed to ease punishment. police here at headquarters, we found that it does not mean that narcotics officers can ignore someone caught with marijuana. this new law also doesn't legalize marijuana. top police brass tell us the law does ease punishment. anyone found with 30 grams of marijuana will face a civil penalty. the law's sponsor, councilperson jim kenny, told us he had three reasons for making sure this measure became law. it's a way of addressing the
9:38 am
disproportionate marijuana arrests in the african-american community. decreasing the buildup in criminal records, and eradicating a reduction in job opportunities. we spoke with police about the penalties. >> violators will be issued a notice of violation which will be a $25 fee. fined for being in possession of small amounts of marijuana. those that are using marijuana, those violators will be issued a note of violation in the amount of $100. >> reporter: now, philadelphia is the largest city in the united states to enact such a law. mayor nutter has promised a campaign to teach the public about how this law will operate. we also spent some time this morning looking at what other cities are doing to ease punishment. i'll have that for you at 10:00. live for now outside police headquarters, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. now to decision 2014. democrat todd wolf will be speaking in montgomery county
9:39 am
this evening. the candidate for pennsylvania governor will be at the annual fall dinner for the montgomery county democratic committee. that's being held at the sheraton valley forge hotel in king of prussia. meanwhile, governor tom corbett will address northeastern pennsylvania. the republican incumbent is speaking before the wayne county republican women's annual harvest dinner. that happens in beach lake, and it's a little bit later on today. governor corbett will also be on nbc 10 at issue this morning at 11:30. election day is now just 16 days away. you can head to the polls on november 4th to cast your vote for pennsylvania's next governor. right now in philadelphia, walkers are raising money for hiv prevention, education and care services here in our region. nbc 10 was there as the 28th annual aids walk philly started just about 30 minutes ago at the art museum. runners got an earlier start, a little less bundled up
9:40 am
than the walkers. they took off from the starting line at 7:30 this morning. last year participants raised more than $300,000. keep it up, guys. falling gas prices are helping us keep more cash in our wallets. why there's less pain at the pump right now and who's saving the most?
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the losing bidder in the auction of the now-defunct revel casino in atlantic city is appealing the sale. the lawyer for florida developer glen straub filed papers yesterday in u.s. bankruptcy court. straub is trying to stop the $110 million sale to brookfield property partners because he believes that last month's bankruptcy auction was unfair. good news to report. there is a little less pain at the pump this weekend. the cost of filling up your gas tank continues to come down across the country. aaa says the current national average for a gallon of regular
9:43 am
is around $3.13. obviously a little bit lower in some areas. that is about a dime less than a week ago. a week ago we were about $3.23. analysts say it could drop more due to falling crude oil prices. now, here in our region, drivers are paying an average of $3.22 for a gallon of regular. a little bit higher than the national average. in delaware, it's $2.96. so they've gone down below 3 bucks. and the cheapest gas, of course, can be found, as always, in south jersey. it's $2.90 for a gallon of regular. happening right now, a big pet adoption event is continuing today at the pennsylvania spcsa. it is the 2014 mega match-a-thon. if you are looking to adopt a dog or a cat, you should head down to the spca. it's happening now until 6:00 this evening. along with all of the kind -- all kinds of adoptable pets, though, dogs, cats, there will be food there, music and other entertainment.
9:44 am
flyers try for their first win of the season. did they have what it takes against the dallas stars in overtime? there we go. the answer coming up in sports. a cool start to our sunday. we're seeing winds gusting near 30 miles per hour. be prepared for that type of weather when you walk out the door. we're starting to see a little more sunshine, and we will see mostly sunny skies later on this afternoon. we'll talk about the cool weather today, the cold weather tonight and rain on the way for your workweek. that's all straight ahead.
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in cases of rape,pposes aborin cases of incest,ions. and in cases where the mother's health is in danger. no woman should be forced to carry a pregnancy from a rape. mario scavello sponsored a bill to force women to have unnecessary and invasive ultrasounds. it's horrifying. women need to know that mario scavello wants to stand between them and their doctors in making decisions that aren't his to make.
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we want to show you this new video from hawaii where they are seeing some effects from hurricane ana. this is kauai where a tropical storm warning remains in effect. obviously, that's not keeping surfers out of the water. heavy rains seem to be holding off, but the area is seeing higher than normal waves. again, that's why you see those surfers. the hurricane is losing speed as it passes about 120 miles from the island.
9:47 am
bermuda didn't really experience any major damage from hurricane gonzalo, but obviously crews will be busy cleaning up trees and downed power lines. the hurricane center crossed over the island on late friday bringing strong winds, rain and rough surf. fortunately no reports of any serious injuries. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and luckily locally, we have nothing like that. we did have cool temperatures this morning. we have gusty winds. and that will be the story all throughout the day. we're going to lose the winds overnight, dropping the temperatures drastically. and then we'll bring some sunshine back into the forecast early monday before clouds roll back in. taking a look outdoors, kind of feeling some clouds. cloudy skies to start. now mostly cloudy. those clouds starting to break up. we will see mostly cloudy skies. we just need to get through some of this cloud cover right now. 51 in philadelphia. it's hard to believe those temperatures this morning. they're not going to go very far from here. mostly cloudy. winds out of the northwest.
9:48 am
that's a cold wind from canada at 15 keeping us cool this morning. right now 49 in reading. 51 in atlantic city. mostly cloudy all across the board. to the north and west, 30s on the map. 38 in pocono. colder there tonight. 38 in doylestown. 49 in glassboro. 51 in atlantic city and 51 in millvale. so temperatures mainly in the 40s, the 50s but some 30s on the map. winds are whipping as well. we'll keep the temperatures down as we head throughout the day. not moving very far as we head throughout the afternoon. if you want to be outside, you want to see scarecrows, you want to dress for the 50s. 56 in philadelphia. by 5:00. then we'll drop even further as we head throughout the overnight hours. watch ha happens. 30s on the map. we have close to freezing temperatures in mt. pocono. as we head throughout the overnight hours, may even dip below freezing in spots. because of that, our first freeze warning of the year. parts of the lehigh valley. a frost advisory except for
9:49 am
philadelphia. cover your plants. bring them indoors if you can. clouds to start. starting to see breaking clouds. we will see sunshine throughout the afternoon. future weather. the story today, sunshine throughout the afternoon. clear overnight. dropping the temperatures. tomorrow morning we're going to flip-flop it. we're going to bring sunshine for the bus stop in the morning. then by the afternoon, those clouds roll in for the kids by 5:00. then by tuesday, you need your umbrella. the rain comes back into the forecast. tuesday, wednesday, also thursday. today mostly sunny. enjoy it. it's going to be pretty cool. 55 to 58. also winds gusting near 25 miles per hour. monday, a cold start. temperatures in the 30s if a lot of spots. 58 degrees by tuesday. yeah, your umbrella is needed by the afternoon. 62 degrees. wednesday showers likely. 58. same story thursday. a little more sunshine squeaking through. by friday, sun and clouds. saturday looking great next weekend. 64, lots of sunshine. checking in now on morning sports, john clark has your highlights.
9:50 am
he starts with the struggling flyers. >> the flyers are one of three winless teams in hockey. looking for their first win last night in dallas. no defenseman braydon coburn. he's still not ready to come back. what a game. flyers/stars. flyers are down 4-2 on the power play. that's andrew mcdonald. then things get crazy. under six minutes left. jake ties it right there. 40 seconds later, jason spezza adds a goal. to go with his three assists. the stars are up 5-4. ray emery who came in for steve mason looks like he has it covered right here, but they give the goal to dallas. 1:13 after that. michael roffle ties it up, 5-5. so we go to overtime. of course, the flyers do not want a shootout, so claude giroux shoots the game winner right here. >> score! >> flyers get their first win of the season, 6-5 in overtime.
9:51 am
here is the captain. >> obviously we're happy to win the game and kind of battle like that at the end, to come back from 4-2 and then to score another goal and to come back, it's an ugly win, but you know what? we'll take it. >> yeah, they will. sixers' coach brown back with the sixers last night. of course, he missed the thursday night game to be with joel embiid after joel's younger brother died. sixers facing the magic in allentown at the new ppl center. k.j. mcdaniels, 11 points for him. sixers leading almost the entire game. sampson, off-balance shot right here. then there's sixer drew gordon playing his brother aaron for the first time ever. drew with a team high 16 points. he wins. and the sixers win 95-84. the eagles are off this week. chip kelly still watching his eagles this weekend. the boston college eagles. here's chip with the b.c./clemson game in boston. chip has friends on the b.c. staff and he went to their practice this summer.
9:52 am
as you know, chip is a footballaholic, always watching football. he's eagles lost to clemson. villanova trailing by three. under a minute to go. wildcats looking for the go-ahead score. john robertson. the game-winning touchdown throw. noble wins 35-31. so the wildcats have won six in a row. after the game, take a look at william and mary's coach, not happy with one of andy talley's players. >> i tell you what, they do something like that, number 15. >> linebacker? >> hey, jim? >> they win, that's all that matters. delaware hosting townsend. blue hens up seven in the fourth quarter. spencer wilkins takes the pass. look at all the blue hens mistackling there. 39-yard touchdown. so the game is tied at 17-17. then under a minute to go.
9:53 am
darrius victor gives talson the victory. delaware loses, 24-17. penn has the longest active win over an opponent. that's an ivy league record. eric siori with the touchdown. then alex torgensen, play action finding ryan kelly. quakers win 31-7. their first win this season. take a look at midnight madness for the texas tech basketball team. that's texas coach tubby smith riding the motorcycle onto the court, but tubby takes a tumble. don't worry, he's okay. the only thing he worried about is if he scratched up the court. he did not. i'm john clark. have a great weekend. closed captioning on nbc 10 is brought to you by ford fiesta.
9:54 am
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here is a live look from the pocono mountains. they've still got some clouds out there. you can see those blue skies there trying to come through. the sun's trying to come through. also, you can see the tops of the trees out there. we've got the fall foliage looking good. it is going to be chilly today. right now we are in the low 50s. it's going to get much cooler overnight. keep that in mind. if you are going to be up in the allentown area today or if you're looking for something to do today, you may want to head there because allentown is holding its annual halloween parade. it steps off from the allentown fairgrounds at 2:00 this afternoon. it will head along 17th street to hamilton and then wind up at 9th street. this year's theme is phantom frenzy, and more than a dozen bands will be performing in this parade. it was a big night for a distinguished group. the philadelphia association of black journalists held its annual awards gala on
9:57 am
independence mall. each year the organization honors area journalists and leaders who are making a difference in the community. nbc 10's vice president of news, andrea williams, was the keynote speaker at last night's event. 9:57. nbc 10 news today continues in just a moment with another half hour of news. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in center city with a preview of a big change in philadelphia's marijuana laws. monique? >> reporter: that change being decriminalization of marijuana. we'll tell you what that means after the break. the cool and windy start to your sunday. that's a preview to a cold overnight. temperatures dropping into the 30s tonight. for many, many spots. a live look outside. you can see those flags blowing around. winds gusting near 40 in spots. also rain returns in your seven-day. that is all straight ahead.
9:58 am
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the results are in for the dallas worker who was being monitored for ebola on that cruise ship that finally docked just a few hours ago. we'll update you in just a few moments. a new law is changing how philadelphia police handle people caught with marijuana. why some cases mean no arrest or criminal record. if you have plans to be outside today, bundle up. here is a live look at the center city skyline. the sun is trying to peek through. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's 10:00 on this sunday. meteorologist michelle grossman is with us this morning. michelle, good to have you. and those clouds will eventually clear, right? >> yeah, we're slowly getting them out of here. we have mostly cloudy skies. we'll have mostly sunny skies as we head throughout the afternoon. it will take a couple hours,