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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  October 19, 2014 11:30pm-12:36am EDT

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they're asking everybody to resurrect every story. we were evaluating it. >> we passed the evaluation. it was interesting. talking to peyton this week. he said, you know the record and all that coming up. everybody is getting interviewed. he said guys that caught one touchdown pass are getting interviewed. they made the statement if the house were burning down, the first thing he would grab is the ball. he has the ball from his one touchdown pass. he was going to run in the house and save the ball. >> aligning the stars tonight. here's manning with four touchdowns. hillman, 74 yards, 5.3 average. 33 question tonight for those of
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you still tuning in. down in the truck. going to tee up. there is only one guy who caught a touchdown pass from brett favre and peyton manning. one guy. that's actually a regular pass. just a pass. any pass. everything. or you're the guy. hank baskett. reality tv star. caught one from favre in minnesota. caught one from peyton manning. oh omar boldin is the injured denver bronco with 1:09 to play in the game. the backup safety. rolling over the top of him.
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stabilized here. good news here. steve antanopil, is greek over his left shoulder. long time denver broncos trainer. boldin gets up. the broncos schedule. two nights from now. thursday night they will take on san diego. three nights rest. at new england. manning and brady. at oakland. at st. louis. miami comes in here. shocking chicago today. they go to k.c. on a sunday night, thanksgiving weekend. buffalo in here. at san diego. at cincinnati on a monday night. week 16. and then wrap it up here against
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oakland. over throwing the intended receiver there. second down. >> i'll tell you. some of the run players inside. you think of guys like sylvester williams as being more of a run guy. but they are pretty quick in there, too. even trerns snyde n can do that. here he is. not a lot of ways to beat you anymore. if i were building a team i would build it around pass rushers and corners. they are very strong in that area. >> that will be caught for a touchdown by bruce ellington. so blaine gabbert's statistics will look fairly decent. gets it into the end zone.
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that scoring drive. >> bruce ellington. we talked about his quickness. maybe a little basketball. south carolina. a good one. he looked sharp tonight. happy for blaine. he was blamed for everything for a long time in jacksonville. didn't work out well. he comes here. gets a chance to be like alex smith did. good things happened. >> we had a time-out. >> time-out san francisco. 15 seconds. >> the crowd loves that. [ booing ] time-out before the extra point. how about demaryius thomas's
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last three games? 226, 124, 171. 521 receiving yards over a three-game span. that's a team record. there he is. you can always tell kids, grand kids, great grandkids about the record setting past. we think about it. who will break the record? >> if you have a couple of guys now. brady is probably too old. brees maybe. too far back. remember rodgers lost the first couple years of his career sitting on the bench. >> peyton played right away. >> there it is. who's next? peyton is still going. these guys are too far behind which means it would be a record
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for 20 years. andrew luck would be a guy you would say, okay. it's early in the career. >> a lot of good things have to happen over the next 18 years or so for him to get after it. if you had to hand pick a guy to hold a major record, probably would be that guy. you could probably plug and play with him as the ceo of any major corporation. he gets the media. he gets the leadership part. i have never seen anybody pay more attention to every little detail than that guy does. he can call everybody by name. around the facility. there is a reason why he's had this level of success. >> he's a curious guy interested in a lot of things. been with him enough when talking about football. very interested in the process
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of things. if you want to beat peyton manning, of course, the average team scores 21 points a game. if you score fewer than that, you're 70-60 over. how about this scenario? in 2030, andrew luck gets traded from indianapolis to denver. breaks manning's record as a bronco. >> i hope we get a chance to watch it in our home. >> we'll be in the home all right. or we'll be in that hearse. we will be in the back. >> we will be in the front. a kneel-down will end it. we are just amusing our friend bob costas getting ready for the post game show. bob is half of our audience
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right now. that will do it. from denver on a night when everybody came with great anticipation. peyton manning does it early. does it in the first half. the spectacular year continues. spectacular three years. they go into first place. in the afc west. all of the sudden it looks like the arizona cardinals. with some ground to make up as we head toward the final stages of the month of october. all right. that will wrap it up. peyton on the post game report after these messages.
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welcome to the volkswagen post game report. here now, bob costas. >> momentous night in denver. the broncos dump the 49ers to 4-3. winning it easily 42-17. in the process, peyton manning throws four touchdown passes. the third broke brett favre's
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all-time career touchdown pass mark. demaryius thomas gets a game ball tonight also. obviously peyton manning gets one. thomas caught eight passes, two good for touchdowns including the record breaker. you will understand on this particular night we tip our cap or our helmet to demaryius thomas. but the interview is peyton manning. and peyton manning alone. of course he 's not totally alone. he's with michele. >> peyton, i know you want to talk about the win first. you moved to 5-1 beating a good stroe team. what was behind such a dominant performance? >> both sides of the ball. a good opponent. primetime. both sides of the ball came out, executed the game plan. guys up front did a good job. receivers did a good job getting open. hillman this the back ran hard. opened up things in the pass ping game. >> the passing game is where the record took place. you know about the history. you appreciate the quarterback who did it before you.
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what does it mean to you to join the group? >> it's quite an honor. i have great appreciation for the quarterbacks that played the game throughout the years. so playing the position. it's very humbling. it's taken a lot of hard work. a lot of people helped to get to this point. football is the ultimate team game. i'm humbled and very honored. >> you told us you will call brett favre. what do you want him to know? >> i think brett has always known he's one of my favorite players. he played a position with so much passion. just great toughness. great productivity. i want to tell him thanks and i'm honored to join the club with him. >> it was such a big moment. then your teammates started playing keep away with the football. you're usually the prankster. what was going on? >> i heard a whisper. i didn't know they would do it.
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those guys are all great athletes. i couldn't get the ball from them. my vertical leap isn't there anymore. i haven't played keep away since i was 8 years old. that's definitely something i will remember. >> that ball will be kept away at the hall of fame. you talked about every one of the 510 touchdowns being a collaborative effort. why is that so meaningful to you? >> that's what i love about football. you play with great receivers. coaches, adam gates, collide chrisson, jim caldwell. all the coaches that helped me and the great head coaches. i'm so thankful for all the people in my career. the touchdown is a great effort. it's something that i think about with all the teammates and coaches. >> 510 and counting. congratulations, peyton. >> thank you very much, michele. i appreciate it.
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>> bob? >> great stuff. not only is peyton manning all pro. he's all post game. who gives a better post game interview peyton manning. now he has 510 career touchdown passes. he threw 222 of them with tony dungy as his coach. what impressed you most about tonight? >> you heard peyton talk about the work that goes into it. he's a worker. bob, that's the big thing. i remember talking to him after surgery in 2011. he wasn't sure he wasn't going to play. he got assurances from the doctors. he worked his way into it with a new team. new receiver. the new system. doing what he's done since then. 111 touchdown passes since the surgery. that's unbelievable. unless he decides to take a break and go with the kids he'll throw 600.
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i think he has 80, 90 more in him. >> that seems realistic. now to mike florio to ask about the big stories for tomorrow. mike? >> well, bob. we'll continue to hon tor the fallout of the surprise percy harvin trade from friday. he's scheduled for his first taste of the new york media. they may have a question or two about what happened with harvin and the seahawks. they lost two in a row. there may be guys in the locker room wondering whether they gave up on one of the most explosive players in the nfl. but that locker room in seattle, not as dysfunctional as the one in chicago after today's loss at home to the dolphins. the bears are 0-3. 3-4 overall. brandon marshall went off on his teammates. there will be discussion and analysis of what's going on with the bears tomorrow and throughout the week. >> something to keep an eye on. we know you will. final score here, the broncos 42.
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>> announcer: welcome back to the volkswagen post game report. >> manning guns it. and it is -- touchdown. >> all that work. all that time pays off with the record-breaker. >> he understands now his place in history and taking that top shelf. >> you know where that ball will wind up. you will see it in ohio. more on that coming up after the game on nbcsn, the sunday sports report. chris and rodney harrison join me. taking a look at all of today's nfl action. sunday sports report coming your
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way next on nbcsn. well, we saw a great quarterback tonight. one of the greatest of all time. two good ones coming your way on sunday night football next week. aaron rodgers playing as well as he can now. the green bay packers are red hot. led 28-0 on their way to the big win over carolina today at lambeau field. arj rodgers led them to 5-2, tied with detroit for the top spot this in the nfc central. then the saints with drew brees in trouble now. 2-4, but four of the losses on the road. four more road games and they are a different team at home. the other good news for the saints would be that nobody appears ready to run away with the nfc south. it's a good match-up. green bay, new orleans, rodgers and brees from the superdome next sunday night. that will do it from here. thanks to the gang up here. george hill and amy freeman and the whole gang. we'll talk to you in a week when
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we head down to the big easy. until then al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya saying good night from a very happy denver, colorado. >> announcer: nbc sports, home of super bowl xlix, thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league.
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a frosty night and cold start to the workweek. we are dipping down to the lowest temperatures of the season. good evening. i'm denise nakano. a big change in temperatures is coming overnight. when you wake up it will be a dramatic difference. there's a cold breeze causing flags to flutter in philadelphia. michelle is here with what we can expect when we wake up in the morning. >> reporter: good evening. we are looking at cold temperatures tomorrow morning. if you are getting the kids to the bus stop, you want to bundle them up. in the 30s in a lot of spots. cold air alert. a chance of a freeze warning north an west. that's why you see the light blue. lehigh valley to the poconos a freeze warning. then frost advisory for everywhere else in pennsylvania, new jersey. what you want to do with this is bring in sensitive plants. cover them if you can. we could see a killing freeze in the poconos and lehigh valley. cool temperatures today.
11:55 pm
now cold temperature s right now. 34 mount pocono, two above freezing. 37 allentown. 38 pottstown. 48 in philadelphia. we slide down to the south and east, looking at temperatures in the 30s in southern new jersey, 36 millville, 41 in georgetown and 37 in atlantic city. a cold night and morning. we will watch the temperatures dip to the north and west. a lot of 0s on the map by the morning. this is monday at 5:00 a.m. we are getting ready for work. bring the coat along. some cold temperatures in southern new jersey. we will talk about the cold snap and lian rain in the seven day ahead. now to a developing story we are following out of north philadelphia. the search is on for two men who are armed wanted in a home invasion. authorities say they tied up some temple students and wiped out the home stealing laptop s and electronics.
11:56 pm
it's not clear how they got inside. police are looking for the armed men tonight. new video tonight of two men wanted for an armed robbery at a delaware county restaurant. in this surveillance video, you can see the masked men as they enter the restaurant this morning. one is wearing a sweatshirt from the restaurant. once again, the video shows the suspects forcing two employees in to the walk-in freezer. at one point you see the men take what appears to be cell phones from the workers. the store's general manager is hoping someone will recognize the men in this video. >> infuriates me. infuriates me that someone would want to impose that on someone else. the important thing is they are going to get caught and the full force of the law will come down on them. actions like this, they don't get by. >> reporter: investigators say the suspects got away with $16,000. they are looking in to the
11:57 pm
possibility this may have been an inside job. fortunately no one was hurt. ebola concerns create controversy at one south jersey school. two children from rwanda, who were supposed to start at the school tomorrow will instead stay home. rwanda is 3,000 miles near the area of africa where the ebola outbreak is centered. it is hundreds of miles from liberia, guinea and sierra leone but parents and the school district in maple shade were still concerned. doug shimell spoke to workers and parents at howard yocum elementary school. >> reporter: given the high anxiety over ebola, the message from the maple shade school district was ub boubound to upse people. the school nurse sent home the letter last friday. >> a lot of people were going to pull their kids out of school or go to work. >> reporter: it said two students were coming from rwanda africa and while it is not an
11:58 pm
area affected by ebola, the school nurse would take their temperature three times a day to check for fever. >> unsettling to think your child would be getting their child temperature taken three times a day but better safe than sorry. >> there was talk about students and staff staying away. >> it's in the to forefront of your mind. so, yeah, probably isn't a problem but scared to death. >> we are concerned, deeply concerned. scared as well for our children. >> maple shade superintendent posted on the district website while the two students are symptom free, their parents would keep them home, past the 21-day waiting period and they would come to school next week. >> take aing an extra week before going to school. it is more than appreciated. >> to what extent is that a relief for you and staffers? >> for everybody it was a relief. now we don't have to worry about
11:59 pm
anything. we know they will be fine when they come to school. no worries on our shoulders. >> reporter: we tried to reach the yocum elementary school nurse and the maple shade superintendent and we are waiting to hear from them. doug shimell, nbc 10 news. the first person to contract ebola outside of africa has been cleared of all traces of the virus. today spanish officials announced a blood test revealed that nursing assistant teresa romero no longer has ebola. she contracted the virus after treating two patients in a hospital in madrid. however, a second test is needed to absolutely confirm her recovery. the quarantine is ending for the family and friends of thomas eric duncan, the man who died of ebola in texas. they have spent the past 21 days in isolation and the incubation period is almost over and they are in the clear. meantime, a cruise ship passenger out of quarantine. jay gray has the latest tonight from dallas.
12:00 am
>> reporter: early this morning, a hospital lab supervisor who handled ebola specimens from thomas eric duncan walked off the cruise ship where she voluntarily isolated herself in a cabin. a blood test revealed she does not have the virus. doctors say her two colleagues that did contract ebola are responding well tom!é treatmen. they continue to pray for her recovery. >> i know she is doing well. her health is improving. >> reporter: this evening amber vinson's family says they are optimistic about her recovery, as well. part of a statement in which they outline her communications with texas health presbyterian hospital and the centers for disease control before she traveled to cleveland and then back to dallas. her family says, quote, suggestions that she ignored any of the physician and government provided protocols recommended
12:01 am
to her are patently untrue and hurtful. if duncan's fiance is symptom free for the next few hours she will complete her 21-day isolation period. in a statement released today she said even though the quarantine is over our time of mourning is not over. >> she lost her fiance, who is also the father of her son who's 19 years old 0. so she lost that. she lost her plans, she lost her dreams. >> reporter: to a virus that's taken so much from so many. jay gray, nbc 10 news. here at home, a special service for the victims of ebola. nbc 10 at saint matthews lutheran church. the ebola response coalition of the delaware valley sponsored this sit in. it is made up of organizations with ties to three countries severely affected by the deadly outbreak. on you can find
12:02 am
facts about the virus including how it can be pred spread and ways you can not get it. the changes to the guidelines when it comes to health care workers and ebola. a screw driver stabbing death. two men are in custody after a man's body was found on the side of a bucks county road. it appears the weapon used to kill him was a screw driver. the man's body was found just before 8:30 this morning in a wooded area in mooresville. nbc 10 randy gyllenhaal has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: from what police are telling us, this was a very violent attack, in addition to being stabbed this victim had brutal head trauma. thanks to an eagle-eyed neighbor, cops now have two people in custody. to note, we have blurred their faces since they are yet to be formally charged. parked outside of a church, this van seemed out of place. a neighbor got suspicious after
12:03 am
hearing loud noidss early sunday morning. >> this is a crime in progress. >> reporter: and dialed 911. >> my officers are here within seconds of the call and we're lucky we got these two guys. >> reporter: morrisville cops took two people in to custody near the cargo van and found a dead body. the male victim brutally beaten was left on the side of the road. police say heavy blood spatter indicates a violent assault but the man was stabbed multiple times. >> recovered a screw driver from the industrial complex. >> my daughter said somebody got beat to death down the street. >> neighbors confused why this location was chosen for a violent beating. >> pretty quiet neighborhood. nothing like this has ever happened since i have been here. >> reporter: police have not identified the persons of interest but it appeared the victim knew his attackers and it was not a random killing. detectives are pouring over surveillance video from the church across the street. it appears a portion of the attack may have been caught on
12:04 am
camera. in morrisville, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> the city of philadelphia is mourning the death of the first directer . she died at 42. she joined the nutter administration in 2008 and had been recognized by a number of groups including the naacp for her work. this photo was taken at a lgbt flag raising ceremony a few weeks ago. the mayor released this statement saying she was a clear, strong voice to the lgbtq community in philadelphia and across america. we all loved gloria's commitment and spirit. she was a fighter and champion, personally and professionally. next on nbc 10 news, fire rescue. a man passing by a burning home jumped in to save the day. and over it goes. a crane used to cut down trees
12:05 am
topples over. what happened to the workers on it ahead. cool, windy day and now dealing with very cold temperatures tonight. we will talk about how cold it will get and the rain in the seven day. that's straight ahead.
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new information about a deadly bar stabbing in te de county. the suspect police have spent more than a week looking for is under arrest. 23-year-old miguel escalon was
12:08 am
taken in to custody saturday morning. the illegal immigrant from honduras was wanted for killing a man earlier this month. police say he slashed wilson's throat during a fight at a bar. he later died of his injuries. three men are under arrest in connection with more than a dozen robberies in northeast philadelphia. police say the trio hit 14 businesses, including convenient stores and bars. they all happened between august 16th and october 10th. this is surveillance video from one of those robberies. this of the men will be charged with robbery in connection with 13 of those crimes a third faces weapons charges. police got a break in the case friday morning when an officer on patrol near the 5700 block of harbison avenue saw a car matching the description of vehicle in several of those robberies. how low will they go? gas prices dropped a dime in the past week and the national average is $3.14, a new low for
12:09 am
2014. experts say the number could drop as low as 3.10 a gallon before the end of the year. we found prices below that in our area already. it is 22.85 at this hess gas station in camden. right now the average price in south jersey is $2.89 a gallon, slightly higher in delaware at 2.96. in philadelphia area, i drivers can expect to pay 3.21 on average. [ horn sounding ] >> runners hit the streets of philadelphia today to raise money for hiv prevention, education and care services. nbc 10 was there at the annual aids run philly. it started at the art museum. after that the 5-k walk got underway. today's event raised $325,000. and what a turnout in
12:10 am
chester county for this run benefitting cancer patients. about 1,000 people ran in the paint the town color run. they were doused with colored cornstarch as they ran the 5-k or one-mile walk. it raises money for a foundation that gives adult cancer patients and loved ones a break from cancer by taking one week's expenses paid vacation to florida and the caribbean. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> it was cool and windy for the runs. winds near 40 miles an hour. temperatures in the 50s. now we are seeing temperatures in the 30s. a cold overnight. we will see temperatures in the low 30s in many spots before we warm it up tomorrow. our first weather headline, cold overnight. temperatures dipping near the freezing mark, if not under the freezing mark to the north and west. we will show you that in just a minute. on monday, we will wake up to sunshine and build in more clouds ahead of rain that will
12:11 am
come on tuesday and will stick around on wednesday and thursday before we dry it back out. looking outdoors, clear skies, light winds will drop the temperatures overnight. 46 degrees in philadelphia. that's relatively warm compared to other spots across the area. winds are calm. we had a windy day, they are finally dying down. that's part of the puzzle that will help to bottom out the temperatures. 35 mount pocono, close to freezing. 37 allentown, 39 west chester, 46 in philadelphia. to the south and east, we are looking at a lot of 30s as well. 38 atlantic city, 41 wilmington and 45 dover. bundle up. if you head out tonight. tomorrow morning as you get the kids to the bus and get yourself ready for work, we are looking at temperatures from five to 20 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. cold tonight, warmer through the later part of monday. we just have to get through tonight. cold air alert. freeze warning in the poconos and lehigh valley. everywhere else a frost
12:12 am
advisory. that's this in the purple. our entire area with the exception of delaware and philadelphia. cover your plants that may be sensitive to the cold. dry for now. radar, nothing showing up. the same story on monday. notice the clouds filter in on monday, later on monday. this is ahead of the system that will bring us umbrella weather for tuesday, wednesday, for thursday. so we will have rain, or at least a chance of showers all three days before we dry it out on friday. actually setting us up for a nice weekend next weekend. mostly clear and cold tonight. 38 in philadelphia. at the freezing mark north and west. maybe under that in portions of the poconos. sun to clouds tomorrow. overall nice day. 59 to 62. winds not too bad from the southwest at five to ten miles an hour. the seven-day forecast we are looking at a nice day on monday. by tuesday, that's when you need the umbrella. rain 61 degrees. 63 on wednesday. chance of rain again. thursday a little sunshine and
12:13 am
cloudy skies, chance of showers and friday setting up for a nice weekend. sun and clouds and 63. saturday a lot of sunshine, 65, nice and sunday looking great, too. nice where the eagles are going next sunday. they are going to arizona. we will show you how the cardinals did tonight and the cowboys and giants from nfc east battle who's the best team in the division, cowboys or eagles. barrett brooks tells us next.
12:14 am
12:16 am
12:17 am
i'm john clark. the eagles are on a bye and the cowboys take advantage. they now have the best record in the division and the nfl. the cowboys won sixth straight, the longest winning streak in football. the cowboys are running over everybody, including a-rod. look out alex rodriguez. giants trying to respond from their blackout last sunday. not happening. third quarter, game tied at 14. romo to escobar. tony had three touchdowns in the game. gavin with two touchdowns. cowboys lead 21-14. the fourth quarter, sun invades. players can't see. the giants with the ball. eli manning to larry but he fumbles and the cowboys recover and demarco murray does it again, scores from a yard out. cowboys up 28-14. giants trying to come back. manning to o'dell.
12:18 am
cowboys lead seven. murray ices it. the first player in nfl history to start the season be with seven straight 100-yard games. he has 913 yards. cowboys win 31-21. here's the division. cowboys and eagles, the best teams in the nfc east. take a look. a lovely woman in oakland today. carson palmer going up to floyd. 14-0 cardinals. then third quarter. cardinals up 14-13. taylor scores two touchdowns. cardinals win and they are 5-1. the best start in 38 years and check out darnell taunting raiders fans after the victory. he said he made the sign because they were throwing coins and ice at them. they were under dogs heading in to next sunday. joining us now former eagles
12:19 am
offensive line barrett brooks. the eagles go to the desert. good test. >> great test for them. this is a team at 5-1. the same as the eagles. it is a good team, proven defense. offense is starting to get the hang of it now. a true test for the eagles team. >> the cardinals haven't allowed 100 yard rusher or a team to rush for 100 yards but you can throw on them. how do you think chip kelly will go for his game plan here. >> you have to rejuvenate and play him for the cardinals. their front seven is just about as good as any in the league. they are fast and physical. chip may have to throw a ball. i'll tell you what, foales may have to win the game for them. >> we watched the cowboys beat the giants they are 6-1. best record in the nfl. demarco murray on pace for nfl record 428 carries. i know he's setting records here but how much can you lean on him
12:20 am
going forward. >> he had 128 yards today. even though there are young guys up front, three first rounders they are physical and playing well, blocking the point of attack. i have to admit, i like what they are doing as far as their run offense. he can do it as long as the offensive line keeps him clear and free from getting a second level hit he was getting last year. >> you have seen the eagles play all year and dallas with an impressive win over the giants today. who do you think is the best team in the nfl? >> it pains me to say this but it has to be the cowboys, the number one team. i have to say the eagles are second, followed by the cardinals. i'm going to tell you what, the seahawks are way down the list, 3-3 record. >> this schedule gets a little tougher for the eagles. you have the cardinals and then the packers. carolina doesn't look that tough of a game but brutal stretch with two bo cowboys games and in the middle seattle. do you think the eagles get
12:21 am
better, as well, especially offensively. >> another week they can get better at what they are doing, especially on the defensive side of the ball. they have surprised everybody what they are doing up front as far as the blitz packages the coach has them doing. williams played better, the other corner played better. at the end of the day i see them getting better and better, the team will get better. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> all right. and coming up in 25 minutes, a former philly brings some joy to the family of the bucket list babies. stay tuned for that. we'll be right back. >> this portion of nbc 10 news is sponsored by your local chevy deerls. visit
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a big change right now for philadelphia when it comes to the city's marijuana laws. carrying a small amount of the drug will no longer mean a big criminal charge. philadelphia's new marijuana decriminalization bill went in to effect at midnight. as nbc 10's monique braxton tells us, not everyone is happy. >> i believe it leads to other things.
12:25 am
that's it. >> reporter: like what? >> other drugs. once they don't get the high they wanted, they are going to go to something else. >> reporter: not everyone we spoke with is celebrating philadelphia's new ordinance that will decriminalize marijuana possession. just after midnight monday, anyone found with less than 30 grams won't face jail time. >> you go in to that recreational and then you go in to something different and then you go to crack and cocaine. so -- then you have the police calling you at night telling you to close your windows during the day. somebody's breaking in to them for tvs. it's just -- it's a downward spiral. >> reporter: we asked police brass to explain the penalties. >> violators will be issued a notice of violation which will be a $25 fee in terms of fine for those in possession of small amounts of marijuana. those that are using marijuana, those violators will be issued a notice of violation in the amount of $100. >> reporter: police also say if
12:26 am
someone with a small amount of pot doesn't have proper identification, they could be taken to headquarters. once they have been correctly identified the person will be released. >> i think it will save a lot of money and a lot of police efforts. they'll focus their time hopefully on something more severe and important than a couple of grams of marijuana here or there. >> reporter: we did digging and found that philadelphia is the largest city in the united states to' the punishment. in washington, d.c., unless someone is carrying more than an ounce, officers can only confiscate the drug and issue a $25 ticket and police cannot take action if they smell marijuana. colorado and washington states allow recreational use. >> i work in bars. the stuff we legally sell people is a lot worse than marijuana. >> reporter: marijuana possession is still a misdemeanor under state law. mayor nutter promised an education campaign to explain how philadelphia's new law will work. outside city hall, monique
12:27 am
braxton, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a chilly night to wrap up our weekend. taking a look at the beautiful sunset captured in time lapse from our camera at cape may. it's going to be a cold start to the workweek. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist is here with how cold it will get overnight. >> it will be cold. a shock to the system tomorrow morning. around freezing in many spots. we have a cold air alert. meaning freeze warnings and frost adviser ry. in the light blue is where you see the freeze warning. frost advisory for everywhere else yo where you see the purple. cover the sensitive, delicate plants that maybe susceptible to the freeze or frost. right now cold temperatures, 35 mount pocono. 37 allentown, 37 pottstown, 37 in mount holly. cold temperatures along the coast here. 38 atlantic city.
12:28 am
34 millville. two above freezing. so, yeah, you will feel it as you step out tomorrow morning. future temperatures as we go throughout time. a lot of people north and west of the city will be waking up to 30s. walking out to your car you may want to start it early. we will dip down tonight. we'll warm up tomorrow afternoon. tracking the chance of rain tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we will talk about that more coming up. federal health officials have revised guidelines for health care workers treating ebola patients so no skin is exposed while wearing protective gear. as jennifer johnson explains that is apparently the mistake made in dallas where two nurses were infected. >> health officials announced new changes in the way health care workers suit up to treat ebola patients. >> it became clear we needed to modify the protocol to be much more strict in which no part of
12:29 am
the body is exposed. >> reporter: the pentagon announced a 30-person support team will be trained to provide assistance to any medical center in the event of an outbreak. with americans more anxious about ebola, the president held another high-level meeting at the white house, his third this week. >> we can't give in to hysteria or fear. >> the president urged americans not to panic. we need to be realistic. the problem is this epidemic is completely out of control in africa. >> reporter: some lawmakers critical of the president's handling of the crisis continued their call for a travel ban to west africa. >> the question is do you let people come from this area that is clearly stressed and one way to prevent that is not to issue them a visa. >> reporter: officials say it will make the situation worse, shutting off health care workers from the region where they are most needed and causing other
12:30 am
travelers to possibly lie about where they have been. the medical support team, created by the pentagon, will begin to train within the week at fort sam houston in texas and be ready to respond by early november. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. day 37 of the police manhunt for suspected trooper killer. police and the fbi today shifted their search to the woods of southern monroe county. teams in the air and on the ground converge along route 314 east. several miles from where they have been searching. it is believed he was spotted friday night near the pocono mountain east high school. all schools will be open tomorrow with increased security. the american red cross is helping a family of six after this fire in olney. nbc 10 on the scene at 7th street and olney shortly after the fire broke out around 2:15. they got it under control in 30
12:31 am
minutes. everyone got out but three adults and two children were sent to the hospital for observation. a dramatic rescue in california. a man is called a hero after he walked in to a house fire and pulled another man to safety. a bystander saw the fire as she was driving by the fresno home and captured it on video. then a woman revealed her father was still inside the burning building. >> there's a man in there, she said. we have to get the dad out of there. >> oh, my god! >> is everybody out? >> no, there's a man inside. >> moments later, you can see a man running out of the house with the woman's father over his shoulder. everyone else made it out safely and the man in the blue is hail adhere row. his identity is not known. now to california where firefighters were called to rescue a woman who got stuck in
12:32 am
the chimney of a house in thousand oaks. the ohm homeowner was not home. he got a text in a neighbor saying he heard noises coming from her yard and he called police. the man said he met the woman on-line and told her he was not interested after seeing her a couple of times. >> never know how crazy somebody is until they do crazy things. you know, this is a pretty crazy thing. >> fernandez said the woman trespassed on his property one time before. to the vatican today. a meeting of bishops ends without consensus on the two most divisive issues, welcoming gays, divorced and remarried couples. it is not the end of the discussion. kelly cobiella reports. >> reporter: an important day at the vatican but not a ground-breaking one. the pope francis bee yacht fied
12:33 am
pope francis, language declaring homosexuals as individuals who had gifts to offer the church did not make it in to the bishop's final report on marriage and families. even the tougher wording was voted down, calling homosexuality a problem but saying people with homosexual tendencies should be welcomed. >> this is exactly what the pope wanted to have this open conversation on these issues. if he wanted to be a dictator, he'd just say this is the way we are going to do it but that is not his style. >> reporter: they rejected style that said living out of wedlock can be positive and divorce and remarriage. catholic gay rights groups called it disappointing and some see it as a setback for the reform-minded pope francis that said if a person is gay in search of the lord who am i to judge. the pope said the church should not be afraid of change and new
12:34 am
challenges. kelly cobiella, nbc news, london. survivors and supporters came together to help in the fight against breast cancer. there was a lot of pink on the boardwalk in ocean city this morning. that's where thousands took part in the american cancer society making strides against breast cancer walk. the 5-k walk raises awareness and funds to fight breast cancer and provides hope to people facing the disease. a third oldest marathon in the united states down the shore today. the 56th annual atlantic city marathon and half marathon began and ended on the city's famous boardwalk. the 26.2 mile course took runners through the streets of atlantic city, ventnor, margate and they listened to live bands and deejays. ♪ and they were dancing the night away in delaware county. all for a good cause.
12:35 am
nbc 10 at the first annual harvest moon dance at the roman catholic church in lans down. dozens of couples enjoyed their favorite dance moves and music from the '30s and '40s. it benefits homeless shelters in delaware county. new clues in the disappearance of hannah graham. coming up, the search for answers after human remains are found. college town riot. one thing police say changed the pumpkin fest from fall fun in to a nightmare.