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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  October 20, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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some areas. this is a picture from coatesville, chester county. a layer of frost. how about that? good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. yeah, frost in some spots, freezing in other places. let's get bill henley in here to sort it out for us. bill? >> good morning, vai. it was a chilly start yesterday. it is colder this morning with dry air in place and much less wind. the temperatures right now are still falling. here at nbc 10, it is 40 degrees. that's a live view. hello! from narberth this morning. they are not seeing any wind either. you can see the flag is at rest, the wind is not blowing. it's the runners that are going by. i bet they're going faster than normal. that's nearby the cheese shop. no doubt it's warm inside where they're making coffee this morning, but outside, temperatures are colder. 21 degrees colder in mt. holly. philadelphia is 13 degrees colder compared to yesterday morning, which puts most of the
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area in the 30s, lower 30s right now for mt. holly, right at the freezing mark, and 33 in trenton, pottstown and atlantic city. the skies will see sunshine today, so the temperatures will warm up. 7:00 in the city, it will be 39 degrees. 46 degrees at 9:00 and climbing by lunchtime, 55 degrees. expecting 60s this afternoon. some areas warmer than others. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back. but first, katy is watching traffic. good morning, katy. >> good morning, bill. we have a new accident into our system. this is for bucks county drivers on route 1 northbound, right near the exit for oxford valley road. the right lane is blocked. traffic is getting by, but you can see they are slowing around it. keep in mind, if that's part of your morning commute. also in montgomery county, a new accident in ardmore, haverford road near wynnewood road, that came in about 20 minutes ago. a live look at your speeds.
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your average speeds on many of the pennsylvania majors are in the 50s. we love to see this, because as the morning commute creeps on, things are going to get a lot slower. >> all right, katy, thank. 5:32 right now. new overnight, a police chase that started in philadelphia comes to a crashing end in delaware county. police say it started as a robbery at the wah-wah on 84th and bartrum, went through southwest and west philadelphia before ending in lansdowne. the suspect wasn't hurt in the accident but now facing a number of charges. a retired philadelphia police officer has been found dead in virginia, and investigators have ruled it a homicide. police found the body of 69-year-old virginia hill in her suffolk home early saturday morning. authorities say she was badly injured and died at the hospital a short time later. this morning we're working to learn more about the investigation. hill served on the philadelphia police force from 1977 through 2002. this morning a law decriminalizing marijuana in philadelphia is in effect. that means anyone carrying 30
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grams or less will face a fine, not jail time. but that's not the only thing you need to know. nbc 10's jesse gary joins us live to break down the rules. and jesse, you've also been looking into other states and how they handle marijuana. what did you learn? >> reporter: vai, that's right, two states have legalized the sale of marijuana for recreational use, and they're seeing a boom in business activity. a handful of others have it on the november ballot, and about a dozen have decriminalized the use. today the city of philadelphia joins a list of places that is decriminalizing possession. people caught with less than 30 grams of marijuana will face a fine, not automatic jail time, and those caught smoking marijuana will still see a more costly fine but still no jail time. just confiscation of the drugs. >> we always have confiscated marijuana, even with an arrest in process at the scene. so, the only thing that's really different is the fact that instead of taking the individuals into custody, we'll
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be issuing a violation. >> reporter: coming up in 30 minutes, legalizing possession in this city, but what does the state law say and is there a conflict? if so, what will police do? we'll address that in 30 minutes. live in university city, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. now to ebola concerns. we have just learned in the last few minutes that school officials in moore, oklahoma, are forcing students and staff who were on the carnival cruise ship carrying a dallas health care worker to stay home. this comes even though her test results came back negative for ebola. meantime, the quarantine ended at midnight for friends and relatives of now-deceased ebola patient thomas duncan, including his fiancee, louise troh. also this morning, a military team has been formed to help in the fight against ebola right here in the united states. the 30-member team will go through a week of training in san antonio, texas. the critical care nurses, doctors and trainers will learn about infection control and using personal protective equipment. a higher standard of treating ebola patients is expected with
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new guidelines set to be released by federal health officials. some measures will be wearing full body suits with no skin showing and a buddy system where workers will check on each other. national health experts say the dallas health nurses were vulnerable because some of their skin was exposed. of course, you can count on nbc 10 for all the developments in the ebola outbreak on right now you'll find facts about the virus, including how it can be spread. 5:35. now to three things you can count on nbc 10 to stay on top of for you today. there was another sighting of accused pennsylvania state trooper killer eric frein in the poconos. police and the fbi shifted their search after a woman says that she saw him near pocono mountain high school east. he was said to be carrying a rifle and had a mud-covered face. today is the first day on the job for a newly formed homicide unit at the wilmington police department. last week, mayor dennis williams announced the creation of the unit to specifically investigate homicides. community leaders and other groups have been pushing for
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that for some time now because there have been some two dozen murders in wilmington this year, nearing the record of 27 set back in 2010. meantime, a new philadelphia police headquarters building will be one step closer to becoming a reality today. city officials would break ground this afternoon on the new building at 46th and market in west philadelphia, where the prudential life building now sits. the new building will also house the medical examiner's office. robbers hit up a popular local restaurant, and it's all caught on camera, and the video police want you to see this morning and why investigators think this may have been an inside job. cold one this morning. it's a live view from the comcast center, which will see sunshine. and we need it, too. most of the area is in the 30s.
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at 5:38, we're following breaking news from the jersey shore. investigators are on the scene of a fire at the somers point apartment complex in somers
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point, atlantic county. investigators say the roof has collapsed, the building is a total loss. no one was hurt. skyforce10 news on the way to the scene. it's about ten minutes out. we'll bring you a live picture from the scene. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a few scattered clouds overhead, but that is not helping much. it is cold this morning, a frosty start in some areas. other spots are at or below the freezing mark this morning. it will be dry today. we'll get some sunshine. the temperatures warm into the 60s, but rain is ahead heading into tomorrow, and a chillier rainfall after we reach into the 60s. temperatures will be dropping later in the week. 36 degrees right now. this is the coldest we've seen this morning. northeast philadelphia is 36 degrees. millville with clear skies is 34. waiting for sunshine. sunshine isn't going to be up for another hour and a half, but we will see bright sunshine to start with as the clouds are already thinning out. now, at this hour with clouds
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clearing, that means the temperatures go even lower than they are right now. very little wind and very dry air is in the area, but the temperatures turn around during the day. we'll also get some sunshine. partly sunny skies. the pocono mountains 54 degrees. 60 for reading. upper 50s in allentown and quakertown. doylestown will top out at 59, then low 60s for norristown, northeast philadelphia and mt. holly. mostly sunny skies for atlantic city, vineland and dover with partly sunny skies wilmington, chester and philadelphia into the 60s this afternoon. but there is wet weather ahead and some colder temperatures, too. the seven-day forecast when i come back. it's 5:40 this monday morning and i see flashing red lights. that's never a good sign. >> and i just saw that katy tweeted about an accident. katy, where is that? >> yes, we are dealing with a few accidents, but the one on the screen behind me, this is for route 1 drivers northbound, right near the oxford valley road exit. you can see that emergency responders are here. there is a lane restriction.
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the right lane is blocked as they get a hold of this scene. and look at this. cars are really creeping by it, as you can tell from the brake lights. so, slow going there, if that's part of your morning commute. another accident. this is an update on an earlier accident i told you about in haverford. new information in our system is it's in haverford. earlier we were told ardmore. it's haverford road near eagle road. there's a crash out there. and also, we're following in montgomery county, whitpain township, mt. pleasant avenue between morris road and batleson road is a crash. gas prices dropped another 10 cents in the past week, so the national average right now is $3.14, a new low for this year, and experts say that number could drop as low as $3.10 a gallon before the end of the year. we found prices in our area well below that already. a gallon of regular $2.85 at this hess gas station on the admiral wilson boulevard in camden. so it's new jersey. of course it's low. right now the average price in south jersey, $2.89.
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in -- eye, the average is $2.96. and in the philly five-county area, drivers are paying about $3.21. fighting back against bullying. there's an app for that, and it's designed by students here in our area. how it could make a difference for young people. and the chance to save lives. the new recommendation for schools across the country. experts say it could be the difference between life and death for dozens of students.
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and this morning we're following the crisis in syria. the u.s. military is making drops to help kurdish forces fighting isis. the air drops include weapons, ammunition and medical supplies, and it's all in an effort to help kurdish forces defend the syrian city of kobani. yesterday the u.s. launched a series of air strikes in that area. and taking a quick look at the top stories across the country this morning, the suspected ringleader in the benghazi terror attack will be arraigned today in washington, d.c. ahmed abu khattala has pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to provide material support and resources to terrorists resulting in death. four americans, including ambassador chris stevens, were killed in that attack. and in virginia this morning, investigators are waiting for the results of lab tests to see if human remains found over the weekend are those of missing uva student hannah
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graham. a search team made the discovery on saturday. investigators are not sure how long the forensic tests will take. police have a suspect in custody in connection with graham's disappearance. and in new hampshire, officials are reviewing surveillance pictures and social media sites to help them identify the people responsible for a chaotic weekend near keene college. it happened during the annual pumpkin festival. police fired tear gas and arrested dozens of students after a large group threw bottles and overturned dumpsters and a car. several people were also hurt. locally at 5:46 this morning, police release video of two men wanted for an armed robbery at a delaware county restaurant. in this surveillance video, you can see the masked men as they go into chickie's & pete's on township line road in drexel hill yesterday. one of them is wearing a sweatshirt from the restaurant. once inside, the video shows the suspects force two employees into the walk-in freezer, and at one point, you see the men take
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what appears to be cell phones from the workers. the store's general manager is hoping someone will recognize the video. >> infuriates me. infuriates me that there's people in the world that would do something like that, that would want to impose that on to somebody else. but i think the important thing is that they're going to get caught. and the full force of the law is going to come down on them, because actions like this, they don't get by. >> investigators say the suspects got away with about $16,000. they are looking into the possibility this may have been an inside job. and we have an update on a deadly bar stabbing in delaware county this morning. the suspect that police have spent more than a week looking for is now under arrest. miguel escalon was taken into custody over the weekend. he's from honduras and is wanted for killing a man in an upper darby bar earlier this month. police say he slashed wilson acquire's throat during a fight at a bar and wilson later died of his injuries. another high school football team is at the center of a scandal, and their season has
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been canceled. this time it's in new york at the monroe woodbury high school. school officials ended the junior varsity season early after some players came forward complaining about verbal abuse between teammates. the school district is investigating these allegations. meanwhile, the football coaches at the north jersey high school involved in the hazing scandal have been suspended from their jobs with pay. according to, the five coaches are also teachers or substitutes at sayreville war memorial high school in middlesex county. seven football players charged in the scandal have also been suspended. and happening today, a new antibullying app is now available. >> we've been talking about this for a while now. it was created by students from one delaware county high school. the winners of the first antibullying mobile app challenge are from penn wood high school in lansdowne. their app gives teens tips to avoid bullying as well as a way to report bullying incidents. >> if a student's getting
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bullied and don't personally feel they can go to someone and talk to someone face on face, on top of that can be an embarrassing thing, creating this app kind of takes out that embarrassment of going to someone. >> the app is available starting today on android and will be available for the iphone next month. and happening today, the obama administration is recognizing a montgomery county woman as a champion of change for her efforts in raising awareness about the affordable care act. pat halpin murphy is the president and founder of the pennsylvania breast cancer coalition. her work to improve the lives of women has led to legislative changes in the state. she will be honored in a ceremony this morning at the white house. are you giving your child the correct dose of medication? a new study shows just how often parents are making mistakes. researchers at nationwide children's hospital in columbus, ohio, analyzed calls to poison control centers between 2002 and 2012. nearly 700,000 children under the age of 7 were victims of a
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medication error. many of the cases involved giving the wrong amount of medicine. there were also reports of parents or caregivers doubling up doses in hopes that it would cure the child more quickly. with an increased in childhood allergies, health experts say emergency doses of epinephrine should be available in all u.s. schools. researchers say because students spend a large part of their day in school and may have allergic reactions while there, epinephrine needs to be readily accessible. right now, delaware and new jersey are among several states that require or encourage schools to stock the medicine. this might be a good day to sort of exercise, because you've got to move around a little bit just to stay warm. >> it's chilly, bill. >> you do jumping jacks, i'll show them the temperatures. yeah, the temperatures are colder this morning than they have been. this is the coldest of the season. most of the area has dropped into the 30s. that's a nice view from the comcast center. center city is seeing just a few scattered clouds overhead. those clouds will be clearing for sunshine.
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but with clearing skies this morning, the temperatures are actually going lower right now. currently we are in the 30s and low 40s. this is another camera on the comcast center looking the other direction. we're waiting for sunrise, about an hour and a half from that happening. 41 degrees. just a little bit of a breeze. it's out of the south at 3 miles an hour. so, windchill really not an issue this morning. and cape may is nice and dry. in fact, the entire area will be dry today. that changes tomorrow. frost and freeze warnings are up. freeze warnings to the north and in parts of new jersey, while the rest of the area's under a frost advisory with the exception of philadelphia and delaware counties. and -- edelaware under no adviss this morning as temperatures are in the 40s for wilmington. pottstown, doylestown and wrightstown are right at the freezing mark. and in camden county, 35 degrees right now. that's cold enough for some frost. frost advisory in effect for audubon at 36 degrees and voorhees has just dropped to 33
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degrees. and the numbers are still coming down. so, it's a good chance it will hit the freezing mark this morning. there go the clouds. a few scattered clouds overnight, no rain with those clouds. clouds are thinning out this morning, but they'll be back this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow, when we will likely see some of this rain moving in. a system that is going to give us a chance of rain for tomorrow, wednesday and into thursday. some rainy skies ahead. partly sunny and cool today, high temperatures into the 60s this afternoon. it will be a little bit warmer tomorrow, ahead of the showers. once the showers move in, the temperatures will be falling and you will feel it wednesday and thursday. umbrellas going up wednesday afternoon. still some scattered showers on thursday. and with the wind picking up, thursday is going to be chillier in the morning and into the afternoon. a high of 58 degrees. then we finally get some sunshine. in fact, nice, sunny skies for -- ooh, hello! friday, saturday and sunday. the weekend is looking good. what are you doing to tracy over there, vai? [ laughter ] 68 degrees on saturday, up to 64
5:53 am
sunday. >> i just saw the weekend, i got excited. it too early to look forward to the weekend? it's only monday morning. >> other than the cold out there and tracy here whooping it up, it's been a quiet morning until just a half hour ago. then all of a sudden, we had a couple of accidents. >> let's find out where with nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter katy zachry. >> thank you for that comic relief, tracy. for bucks county drivers, a heads up. things are slow-going right now on route 1 northbound right at the oxford valley road exit. you can see emergency crews are out here. i just saw a tow truck get to the scene. there's been an accident in the right-hand lane, which has shut things off in the right-hand lane. so, all of this traffic has had to go around this crash. it's been very slow going. but in the next few minutes, it looks like it's going to be clear out of there. so, that's good news for drivers in bucks county who are taking route 1 this morning. average speeds on 95 as you head into center city looking pretty good, in the 50s as you get to allegheny and girard avenue, but it's 6:00 a.m. on a monday, and that could change on a dime.
5:54 am
so, it's in the 50s right now, see keep that in mind. for new jersey drivers, route 38 right at route 70, free and clear of any issues there and delaware roads look good as well. >> katy, thank you. we have new information about that breaking news we told you about a few minutes ago of that apartment fire. this is new picture from the scene of the fire. investigators say the roof of the somers point apartments in somers point collapsed. no one is hurt. skyforce10 is about seven minutes away from this scene, and as soon as they arrive and establish a picture, we will get it to you. gearing up for the holidays. how you can help spread cheer to our troops starting today. plus, financial aid for the victims of flooding. we'll tell you where to get help if your home suffered damage during the summer storms. that's coming up in our county-by-county coverage, all next.
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at the bottom in job creation. massive cuts to education. and higher property taxes. under governor corbett, pennsylvania's been heading in the wrong direction. there's been no leadership and no vision. that's gotta change. as your governor, i will lead. and we'll move pennsylvania forward. we'll restore manufacturing jobs. close corporate tax loopholes. and make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools. after all, it's time to get pennsylvania moving again.
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from our south jersey bureau, homeowners affected by the august rainstorm may be available for small business loans. according to, representatives will be at the
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millvale fire department starting tomorrow to take applications for a week. you can also apply online. low-interest loans are available for homeowners in atlantic, cape may, cumberland, gloucester and salem counties. and some south jersey residents now have an easier way to track and post tips on crimes in their neighborhood. >> yeah, that starts our county-by-county coverage. according to, the police department in monroe township, gloucester county, is now using raids online. it's an online app that tracks crimes in the area. when the gloucester county office of emergency response receives a call, they will create little pins on the map that will show what the incident was, the area that it happened and when it happened. and that allows residents to see what happened in their neighborhood. and in north wilmington, north castle county, the stocking for soldiers community project is under way to benefit local deployed troops. and you can help the project this evening at the storefront location. volunteers will work on cutting out stockings, sewing and decorating them, collecting and
5:59 am
sorting items and writing greeting cards and letters for the troops. and residents in middletown township, delaware county, start bagging your leaves. the township's curbside collection of bagged leaves begins today and runs weekly through december 5th. leaves will be picked up only in special biodegradable paper bags purchased at the township building or at lynn villa orchards and wolf's apple house. hard to believe we're collecting leaves already. >> it is that time. they're really coming down. you're watching nbc 10 news. "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. and breaking news. an apartment goes up in flames in atlantic county, and this is the second time in ten hours. old man winter may be showing up early this year. we are waking up to frosty temperatures in parts of the delaware valley. we'll get your forecast hour by hour. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. it is october 20th, although it
6:00 am
feels like december 20th. let's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. hey, bill. >> it is a colder start this morning. temperatures are still falling at this hour. the sun's not going to come up until after 7:00, so we're seeing readings now in some areas below freezing this morning. that's a live view of center city, which is seeing nice, clear skies and temperatures that are in the 30s for the outlying areas. at 7:00, 39 degrees. 46 at 9:00. and then noontime, 55. when i come back, your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast. some spots will make it into the 60s this afternoon. but first, katy zachry has traffic. good morning, katy. >> good morning, bill. i'm still watching this accident for bucks county drivers. this is on route 1 northbound right at the oxford valley road exit. our camera in last few minutes seems to have pulled out a little bit. you can see there is a police officer alerting traffic that they're going to have to go around this. the right lane is blocked. but in the last ten minutes, a tow truck got here, so i would imagine it will be wrapp