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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  October 21, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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efforts to find the suspect in a deadly police ambush. tracking showers to start your day. rain moving through right now on the nbc 10 first alert weather radar. this round won't last long but more wet weather ahead for us. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. bill henley is tracking those showers. >> some light stuff that is falling apart at this hour and won't last much longer and see some breaks of sunshine once the sun is up after 7:00 this morning. live view of center city. a few sprinkles move through to start with. now, those showers are fizzling in south jersey. see esome light showers to the north and just a few sprinkles moving through central chester county right now. as far as philadelphia is concerned, the raindrops are quickly coming to an end and really very little rainfall in south jersey. so, mostly dry to start with and warmer. 54 degrees. right now in philadelphia. 50s for millville and potstown
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and trenton both at 50 degrees. we will see some breaks of sunshine, an isolated shower in some spot at 7:00, but most of the area will be dry at that hour and 57 by 9:00 and then into the 60s as we head into lunchtime. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back. first, jillian mele is watching a traffic mess this morning. hey, jillian? >> interstate 78 eastbound is still blocked off out near 145 and 309 all because of a fatal accident. we've been monitoring this accident for about 120 minutes at this point and all the traffic eastbound has not moved. as you can see, a really significant delay. in fact, that delay about five miles right now. so, on interstate 78 eastbound, the delay starts are right near lehigh streets and continues all the way to that accident scene. go ahead and take route 22. you definitely want to avoid interstate 78. again, eastbound a delay of about five miles right now. in east norriton this is a live
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look at 76. right near montgomery drive. you can see it's looking pretty good out there in both directions and no accidents on 76 and no delays to report just yet. still monitoring an accident out of delaware northbound side of route 13 right at 295. tracy? also monitoring breaking news out of south africa where a judge sentenced oscar pistorius to five years in prison for the shooting of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. if pistorius legal team believes he could serve five months and then considered for house arrest and the national prosecuting authority thinks he will serve 20 months. steen camp's fami her family will hold a news conference, we'll monitor that for you. accused pennsylvania state trooper killer eric frein and police say he may have been spotted, again. frein was reportedly spotted last night near the post office in swiftwater and on friday by the pocono mountain east high school.
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nbc 10 jesse gary is live in swiftwater. jesse, you just spoke to the state police, what are they telling you? >> vai, according to officials at the command post, they do not have an estimated time when the search will resume this morning. the army of law officers searching monroe and pike counties is costing taxpayers more than a million dollars a week. so far, that has produced a handful of sightings, including late last night a police officer saw eric frein at the swiftwater post office that you see right here. this comes days after a sighting near the high school which is a quarter mile down the street. eric frein is wanted for an ambush attack 39 days ago that killed a pennsylvania state troopers and injured a second. the sharp shooter has been able to elude law enforcement since then. how long can this exhaustive search keep going? we'll have that in the next hour. live in monroe county,
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pennsylvania, i'm jesse gary, nbc 10 news. new from overnight police are searching for the suspect who shot a man in the kensington section. the shooting happened on east indiana avenue just before 3:00 this morning. the victim was taken to the hospital and nbc 10 is making calling s to find out his medic condition. a fire forces several people out of their homes. this started around 12:45 on granite street and no one there was hurt and investigators are trying to figure out how this fire started. a woman runs into philadelphia into a philadelphia supermarket for help after being attacked. it's a second incident to happen there in just a few weeks. a source tells nbc 10 a woman was assaulted outside the path mark in lawndale. she ran inside for help and the suspect followed her, but the customers intervened. the woman was taken to the hospital. the suspect is in custody. and just two weeks ago, a man was stabbed inside the same pathmark. police say two men got into an
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argument in the dairy aisle. one pulled out a knife and stabbed the other in the neck and the face. the victim is still in critical condition. the suspect was arrested. 5:35. now to concerns over the ebola outbreak. federal officials have put new guidelines in place now after two dallas health care workers contracted eebola while treating an infected man who later died. the new guidelines call for face shields, hoods, boot covers and other garb that leaves no epart of the body exposed. meantime, officials in texas say 120 people are still being monitored for ebola because they may have had contact with those two nurses or thomas duncan who, as you know, died from the disease. for the average american, health care officials say a bigger concern than ebola should be the flu this season and there are several flu shot clinics happening in our area today. pennsylvania state senator shirley kitchen is offering free flu shots at her office today at her north philadelphia office this morning. and in camden county, flu shots
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will be available at the jewish community center in cherry hill from 9:30 until 11:30. new connection for commuters. tell you about the new three stops here in the works here in our area. just a gentle breeze blowing. a few scattered showers in the area and temperatures running much warmer this morning than yesterday. right now it's 53 degrees at 5:36. and keep in mind, you can take the nbc 10 with you on the go. just download the nbc 10 morning app to your smartphone before you head out the door. there you'll find headlines, a live stream of our morning newscast and set an alarm with the voice of an nbc 10 pur purseinali purseinality. everything you need to start your day off right.
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clouds are overhead and we're seeing a few raindrops fall from those clouds, but not
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much, just some light, scattered showers to start with some areas are only seeing sprinkles right now. mild afternoon, breaks of sunshine and later in the afternoon, showers will redevelop in our area and steadier rain, that's in store for us tomorrow. right now the temperature 49 degrees in doylestown and middle 50s for philadelphia and cape may and cape may, well, we're watching it for a few raindrops and completely dry on beach avenue, but the radar shows that showers are very close to that shot. there are just some light showers moving to the north of cape may. moving through central cape may county, atlantic city may see a few sprinkles and a few raindrops and light showers now moving through central chester county. these are reaching the ground. you can see them moving towards malvern right now. raindrops to start with and then a waiting game. for more showers to return this afternoon. before they get here, middle 60s for allentown, quakertown and reading. upper 60s this afternoon for
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trenton, northeast philadelphia and mt. holly. scattered late-day showers, but most of the day, these locations are going to be dry. and at the shore, you'll see partly sunny skies, the temperatures take off near 70 degrees this afternoon. vineland and dover in the upper 60s with clouds and a few breaks of sunshine. 70 in wilmington, 67 degrees in chester and 68 degrees in philadelphia. the future weather with the return of the showers and steadier rainfall when i come back. i think we're going to stay on this situation on i-78 until we get some movement or something happening there. >> fatal accident all traffic is backed up. jillian mele has been following it for you all morning. jillian? >> first started looking at these cameras at 4:10 and this traffic has not moved since that point. 78 eastbound is closed right now between exits 59 and 60, which is 145 and 309 because of the fatal accident on the eastbound side of 78. this is where the accident is located right near 309 as i mentioned. you can see this portion of 78.
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that's the portion where we're seeing about a six-mile delay right now. that delay is approaching lehigh street all the way to that accident scene. so, you want to avoid that area. you can take route 22, if you want to. that is your best bet and that is looking okay right now. keep monitoring those cameras and let you know as far as the delays go when they start building even more so in that area. right now that delay is about six miles. looking pretty good out there in both directions and no accidents to report on 95. also following this police activity out of east norr irxit right now. so, i have two different alternate routes for you. take new hope street if you need to get around that. either of those will work out just fine. i just got word that this accident in delaware has cleared. it was northbound route 13 at 295, but that is gone is out of there. amtrak riders could soon have three new stations in chester county. designers are working on a new station that could open in 2018 and also plans for new stations
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in downingtown and coatsville. these stations also serve septa riders. these project are part of pennsylvania's efforts to improve the corridor from philly to harrisburg. famed fashion designer oscar de la renta hasfe>hdied. what we know about his death and a look back at his decades of design. and he is the youngest nobel peace prize winner ever. details on malala yousufzai's trip to our area today.
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at 5:45. nbc 10 following breaking news. a judge has sentenced olympic runner oscar pistorius to five years in prison for the 2013 shooting death of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. the pistorius legal team believes he will serve ten months in jail and then could be considered for house arrest. but the national prosecuting authority thinks he will serve more like 20 months. her family says they are pleased that it is over. and taking a look at some of the big stories happening around the country this morning. >> famed fashion designer oscar de la renta has died. the 82-year-old has passed away at his connecticut home last night. at the forefront of couture for celebrities, first ladies and most recently the wedding dress
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for george clooney's wife. an accused white house fence jumper is due back in court today. u.s. army veteran gonzalez was carrying a knife when he scaled the fence and got as far as the white house east room last month. the highly publicized security breach helped lead to a change at the head of security service. gonzalez has already pleaded not guilty. and more than 4 million vehicles are being recalled for airbag problems dating back to 2002. the recall includes cars made by honda, toyota, nissan and mazda, gm, ford, chrysler, bmw and mitsubishi and those with recalled vehicles should contact their dealer immediately. safety advocates say four people have already died and dozens have been hurt. calls of concern in our area, police in chester county are warning residents about several phone scams. the police say a 92-year-old woman was the victim of a publisher clearing house scam.
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she was instructed to cash a check sent to her and send some back money to her. in the end she lost about $8,000. authorities say right now also phone scams circulating from the 619 area code where the unknown caller claims to be from the treasury department. to date, none of the residents reporting the incidents lost money in that scam. police urge residents to disconnect the call physical you get one, just hang up. happening today, the board of education will decide whether to uphold the suspensions of football coaches whose players allegedly sexually abused their teammates in a hazing ritual. several players both victims and witnesses spoke to the "new york times" in a report released yesterday. they describe how younger players were physically held down and beaten and assaulted in some cases, but referred to it as a bonding process. >> it is this split between people who think they saw a crime versus people who don't think they were a victim of a crime. >> seven varsity football
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players were arrested earlier this month as part of an investigation by the middle. as of last week three players remained in custody. all the accused players and the alleged victims are juveniles. the youngest ever nobel peace prize winner will be honored tonight in philadelphia. forbes 30 under 30 honoree malala yousufzai will be at the national constitution center tonight. she survived being shot in the head by the taliban back in 2012 and has become a global advocate for girls' right to education. tonight's ceremony is at 7:00. yesterday the summit received a rare appearance from monica lewins lewinsky, at the center of bill clinton's impeachment scandal is the key speaker. discussed the struggle to protect one's image in the digital world sharing she contemplated suicide long before the age of social media. she is vowing to put purpose to
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her past to stop people from being bullied. to mock is a dreadful thing. >> the forbes 30 under 30 summit brings together entrepreneurs with the goal of changing the world. this morning, we're putting the spotlight on some amazing students in our area. >> for the second time this year, nbc 10 have teamed up to present the high school leadership awards. >> on behalf of nbc 10, it's my pleasure to present you with a high school leadership award. congratulations with all your hard work and achievement in your community. >> thank you. >> and we are certainly proud of sydney sherman from archbishopwood high school who received her award plaque this morning. she was singled out for her work raising and training guide dogs to service the blind. sydney also helped the foster care with more than a dozen puppies in this program. >> it's a lot of work to raise the puppies, but, you know, it's
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all going for a good cause and i loved every minute of it. i wouldn't give it up. spend mornings waking up to them crying when they're 7 weeks old. it's all been worth it seeing what they can do and how they can help people. >> good for you, sydney. the high school leadership awards program was founded in 2011 to identify area high school students who embody the commitment to develop and inspire leaders who affect positive change. but no positive change for the weather, apparently. >> well, now, no, wait a minute, some positive to this morning's weather. it's not freezing for one. how about that? and we can thank the clouds for coming in and saving us from the cold, once again. the clouds have produced a few showers and, you know, needed a shower or two. we'll get steadier rain for tomorrow. this is a live view from center city. that is going to see some sunshine during the day today. but, not going to last all day. right now we are tracking a few light showers in the area.
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they already flew past boathouse row. 13 degrees warmer at this time and few sprinkles that moved across the shore missed beach avenue to the shore and now fizzling moving out of here. temperature now 49 degrees in doylestown and that's one of the schooler spots this morning and in gloucester county, 49 and 50 in swedesboro and low 50s for turnersville and don't expect the temperatures to come down much lower. look how much warmer it is this morning. 16 degrees warmer northeast philadelphia and wilmington. 17 degrees for millville and trenton. there are the clouds. keeping things a bit warmer. the good news is we are seeing some breaks in the clouds. we will see some sunshine. not going to clear out completely. this storm system will stay with us into tomorrow and that's when we'll start to get more of the steadier rain moving in. and you'll see some scattered showers later this afternoon.
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here's 5:00 this afternoon, this is just updated information. see some scattered showers moving in from the west and north and west, as well. and then overnight tonight, clouds will be thickening at 9:00, not too stormy there, but here comes the steadier rainfall early in the morning and some heavier showers are possible to start with during the morning hours on wednesday and it gets a bit heavier at times as we head into the afternoon hours. for today, not bad. 60s this afternoon. middle to upper 60s with mostly cloudy skies and some scattered late-day showers. tomorrow, windy and wet and cooler and high of just 58 degrees and the wind will still be blowing showers into the area on thursday with a high of 59. and then we dry out. friday, 63 degrees and look at the warm up this weekend. upper 60s saturday and sunday and 70 monday. eight minutes before 6:00. so, depending on where you are, you might have wet roads and then we continue to watch that fatal accident in the lehigh
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valley. >> traffic still has not moved at all on 78 eastbound. shut down between exits 59 and 60. eastbound a 6 to 6 1/2 mile backup right now on 78. it's really nasty out there. that backup that we're dealing with this morning. 78 eastbound near lehigh street. goes from approaching lehigh street to approaching the accident. stick to route 22, that's going to be your best bet and we'll keep you updated there. sky force 10 is now live over an incident that we're following for you. not too many details just yet. and take a look, police out here at this apartment complex. this is happening on dekalb pike. stick with nbc 10 news and we'll get you more details coming up in just a few minutes. but, again, this portion of dekalb pike is shut down. you can take swede road or new hope street to get around that. more information coming up at 6:00. so, keep that in mind and then if we can head back to our maps one more time.
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a vehicle fire that we just got word of happening on the new jersey turnpike. on the northbound side of the turnpike just past interstate 75. so, the right lane is blocked in that area. you can expect to see a delay there. vai? and you've heard of towns collecting prescription drugs, but how well do those collections work to get dangerous drugs off the streets? we have the numbers from one local city and it's a success story. plus, hogs and applause for a service woman returning from overseas. a look at the surprise celebration when we take you county by county, next.
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at three minutes before 6:00. we take you county by county now. >> people in the bucks county community are being told to boil their water this morning after a water main break. near anthony drive. the ruptured main is being repaired and bacteria samples are being analyzed right now. most people do have water, but the township says not to drink it right from the tab. for a full list of the streets that are affected, go to our website. all the information is there at
5:58 am prescription drug collections are proving to be a success in coatsville. according to the daily local, more than 300 pounds of unwanted and expired prescription drugs were collected and disposed from march to september. collection boxes will remain at several coatsville area police departments year round. moving into delaware, in new castle county, demanding regulators shut down a composting plant near the port of washington. clouding the air in nearby communities. the demands from developers to shut it down surfaced as the state debates whether or not to renew the recycling center's permit. marine corps officer from camden county. friends, family and military support groups rallied last night for first lieutenant pendalshock. she spent seven months as a
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logistics officer in bahrain. she says the support, the show of support has been overwhelming. she will have two weeks with family and friends before heading back to a military base near miramar, california. we salute you for your service. >> yes. you're watching nbc 10 news today. nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. our breaking news sentenced, the south african olympian known as the blade runner is sentenced. tracking rain showers that moved out of the delaware valley this morning and more wet weather is on the way. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today, i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. a forecast with a look at what is ahead for the day. bill? >> we're seeing some clouds and seeing a few showers but it's nothing serious and most of the showers have already ended. a few sprinkles are around to
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start with. clouds are actually helping keep temperatures much warmer this morning. 53 degrees here at nbc 10. a few scattered isolated showers. you can see them moving through chester county right now into montgomery county. but other than that, it's just some very sprinkly activity scattered around. some showers to the south are starting to fizzle in cape may county and we'll be moving off shore first thing this morning. so, most of the rest of the morning is going to be dry. we are watching the temperatures, they're still falling at this point, but i don't expect them to drop much more. 50 degrees right now in northeast philadelphia at the airport. it's 49 in trenton and wilmington is 52 degrees. a cloudy start at the bus stop and temperatures in the 30s yesterday and 40s and low 50s. much milder start and during the day, we'll get some breaks of sunshine. so the temperatures into the low 60s at noontime and 68 degrees with sunshine peeking through the clouds at times at 4:00. watching for more showers today and neighoo