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tv   Today  NBC  October 21, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EDT

7:00 am good morning. breaking news. oscar pistorius, sentenced to five years in prison for killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. the olympic sprinter immediately taken to a holding cell. but how long will he actually spend behind bars? shifting gears, the cdc out with brand new ebola guidelines this morning. in the wake of those two cases, involving dallas nurses. now health care workers must be covered head to toe, as federal officials hit the road to demonstrate the new protocol. honoring an icon. famed designer oscar de la renta has died, a man who put u.s. fashion on the map with styles worn and adored by stars, first ladies and royalty. we look back at his legacy. and hollywood heavyweight bradley cooper goes from the big screen to the bright lights of
7:01 am
broadway. he joins us live to talk about his passion project "today," tuesday, october 21st, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. i'm matt lauer, along with hoda kotb, al roker and natalie morales. savannah continues on maternity leave. and sad news about oscar de la renta. >> yeah. i was at an event last night and there were a lot of people from the fashion world. when they heard the news, it was one of those dead stop moments there. he was an older man, but still surprising. >> he was a legend with incredible longevity in the fashion world. we'll talk much more about him in a little while. let's start on a tuesday morning with this breaking news, the sentence of olympic sprinter oscar pistorius, the judge handing down her decision
7:02 am
overnight. national investigative correspondent jeff rossen has cover this had case from the very beginning. jeff, good morning to you. >> hey, matt, good morning to you. after everything, all the witnesses, all the talk, all the arguments, oscar pistorius is going to jail, sentenced to five years. the judge, as you mentioned, handing down her decision a short time ago saying, yes, pistorius is a first-time offender. yes, he's involved with children's charities. but when he shot and killed his girlfriend, he was negligent, firing that gun four times into a bathroom, knowing someone was there, aggravating circumstances, the judge said, forcing jail time. oscar pistorius, stoic, walking into court this morning. his freedom, his future on the line. and from the very start, it didn't look good for him. >> this would be a sad day for this country if an impression were to be created that there was one law for the poor and disadvantaged and another for the rich and famous. >> reporter: then the moment of
7:03 am
truth. >> mr. pistorius, please rise. the following is what i consider to be a sentence that is fair. the sentence improsed is the maxim imprisonment of five years. >> five years for killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, guards immediately escorting him downstairs to a holding cell to be fingerprinted. minutes later we watched as he's loaded into this police van, in custody. >> given the fact that oscar was convicted of culpable homicide, i think this is a just and fair sentence. sentenced to five years imprisonment. he only needs to serve a minimum of ten months, after which he could be plasd on house arrest. >> reporter: after the sentencing, oscar's uncle, arnold pistorius, speaking with reporters. >> the court has now handed down judgment and sentence. and we accept the judgment.
7:04 am
oscar will embrace this opportunity to pay -- to pay back to society. >> reporter: and, of course, there are reeva's parents. in court this morning, watching it all. the judge calling their daughter vivacious and full of life, hoping the sentence provides closure. >> he could be out in a year or more. >> it doesn't matter. he's going to pay something. >> do you think justice has been served ? >> yes. >> mr. steenkamp it's been a long journey for you. are you happy? are you satisfied ? >> we are satisfied. >> you heard oscar's uncle saying they accept the judgment. prosecutors could still appeal the verdict itself. remember, they're angry he wasn't convicted of murder, just culpable homicide, manslaughter. here in america prosecutors can't appeal verdicts but in south africa, they can, if they feel the judge misinterpreted the law. they say they're still deciding what to do. by the way, i should mention either wau, because of a
7:05 am
firearms charge they've deemed him unfit to have weapons. he has to hand them over, and his license. >> wow! jeff, thanks. >> thanks, jeff. appreciate it. when it comes to the treatment of ebola in the wake of those two dallas nurses who contracted the disease in texas, new guidelines from the cdc as we learn of good news of another patient. kate snow has more. >> reporter: ashoka mukpo say he's very lucky and happy to be alive. doctors say they are awaiting tests that could lead to his release very soon. and doctors across the country waking up to those new cdc guidelines, as you mentioned, to fight this deadly disease. responding to an outcry from health care workers after two nurses became infected after caring for an ebola patient, the
7:06 am
cdc issued new guidelines for protective gear to keep them safe. >> from here to here was uncovered. >> reporter: caring for thomas eric duncan did not provide workers proper protection even though the hospital said it followed cdc guidelines at the time. because of the lessons learned, they're implementing three new recommendations, health care workers are repeatedly trained especially when it comes to how to use protective equipment, that the equipment used should leave no skin exposed and having a trained observer or site monitor observing care workers using that gear. ashoka mukpo tweeted from his hospital bed. recovering from ebola is a truly humble. his best guess is that maybe he touched a surface and didn't wash up with breech quickly enough but i don't regret going to liberia to cover the crisis,
7:07 am
he tweeted. that country was a second home to me and i had to help raise the alarm. >> we're thinking about rededicating his efforts to what comes next. >> for sure. i think there's no question about that. this experience is going to make him feel even more deeply the suffering of the people in liberia and the families. >> reporter: in dallas this morning, eight children who had contact with duncan are expected back at school after 21 days with no symptoms. >> they've been through quite an ordeal. we want to respect that, treat them with dignity but also be very welcoming. >> reporter: city officials asked parents to make it very clear to their children that their classmates do not have ebola. >> treat them the way you would want your own family treated if they were in your place and you were in theirs. >> reporter: nurses came forward, praising their colleagues still fighting ebola, nurses amber vinson and nina pham. >> i hope they're watching now because i want everyone to know
7:08 am
they are our heroes. >> reporter: now pham's dog bentley is now in a special kennel so they can test his waste to see if he has any signs of ebola. he will be in the clear november 1st. the humans in dallas should all be clear by november 7th. that's what the mayor called the magic date. >> kate snow, thank you so much. tributes are pouring in for an icon of the fashion world, oscar de la renta, whose designs were worn by everyone, to first ladies and oscar winners. he died at his home monday night. hallie jackson has that story. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. an e-mail was sent to employees of oscar de la renta, saying the 82-year-old died exactly as he lived, with tremendous grace, great dignity and very much on his own terms. it was one of his final creations, amal clooney's stunning wedding dress, yet another gorgeous gown from the
7:09 am
man who has made so many. >> who is your dress made by? >> oscar de la renta. >> oscar de la renta. >> reporter: he has been making fashion headlines for a half century. >> it's not that now he is a legend. he has been a legend for decades. >> reporter: jacqueline kennedy, laura bush, hillary clinton and most recently michelle obama. he told the "today" show in 2005. >> i consider it a great, great honor, you know. >> reporter: from high-profile first ladies to high society shall ladies who lunch, starlets to boy scouts. >> the latest design by oscar de la renta. >> reporter: the designer's reach extended to nearly every corner of the fashion world. >> oscar de la renta was a master at making women feel like women, feminine and strong at the same time. >> reporter: that's what attracted celebrities like oprah winfrey, jennifer garner and sarah jessica parker. >> oscar de la renta, sleeveless
7:10 am
silk, full-skirted dress. now that is pure poetry. >> reporter: on instagram, taylor swift said it was an honor to wear your creations and to know you. the clintons, close friends of the family, said de la renta will be remembered for his generous heart and legacy of philanthropy, beloved for more than just his work on the runway. he showed his spirit while battling cancer later in life, a vivid reminder to enjoy each moment. >> how am i going to live? i don't know. but i'm having a fantastic time and i love every single day. >> every single day. de la renta is survived by his adult children and his wife, annette. they are in the thoughts and prayers of so many people this morning, many of whom are sharing memories on twitter and facebook. matt? >> hallie jackson, thank you very much. cindy levie is the editor in chief of "glamour" magazine. good morning. >> good morning.
7:11 am
>> we throw around the term legend too often but you're not going to get any arguments using the term "legend" with oscar de la renta. >> absolutely not. american fashion world, in fact, the global fashion world for five decades now. that does not come easily. >> fashion is so personal and so subjective. try, if you can, to describe his style. how did he like women to look? >> feminine, like women. and he also believed that style should be to a certain extent timeless. you can wear an oscar de la renta gown for years after you purchased it. he also had an incredible sense of color. he was trained first in spain, and that really shows. >> we talk about him designing gowns and dresses for the rich and famous. did he have an impact on women who weren't rich and famous? >> oh, absolutely. he very much aspired to -- he said in his biography that fashion is not what editors and celebrities love. it's when you see an anonymous woman on the street wearing it. yes, he dressed first ladies, four first ladies and most recently michelle obama and dressed celebrities, sort of the
7:12 am
king of evening. you can also find a terrific tailored oscar suit or dress to wear to work. >> as i was reading about him this morning, the thing that jumped out at me was longevity. you start -- he bursts on the scene, designing clothing for jackie kennedy in the 1960s. as you mentioned, he was relevant just a couple of weeks ago at george clooney's wedding. >> absolutely. he designed that beautiful ivory tooled dress that amal alamuddin wore. the beautiful ruffles. he loved the flamingo reference and used it repeatedly. but his attitude toward dressing changed. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we'll have much more reaction from the orange room coming up. natalie has the latest developments on ma massive manhunt in pennsylvania. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, matt. that's right. breaking news in the northeast of pennsylvania.
7:13 am
a school district has closed all of its schools after yet another eric frein sighting, the man accused of killing a state trooper. jesse geary is in swiftwater with the very latest. jesse, good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning to you. that most recent sighting was late last night at a post office. the post office, a quarter of a mile away from a high school where frein was sighted on friday. is he wanted for the murder of one pennsylvania state trooper, the severe wounding of a second 39 days ago. due to the thick wrubrush in th area, the woods and the fact that the foliage is still on the trees, some think it could stretch into the winter with a cost of more than $1 million a week. they're being very tight lipped about the resumption of the search this morning. natalie? >> jesse geary in swiftwater, pennsylvania, for us this morning. thank you very much. air bags in their cars repaired and soon. they pose a potentially deadly
7:14 am
risk in the event of an accident. tom costello is in washington with more on this. tom, good morning. >> good morning. we're talking about big names like toyota and honda. there's a specific concern for people who drive their cars in hot, humid climates. from puerto rico to florida to hawaii, an urgent vehicle recall. investigators are concerned that hot, humid air can cause the inflating device in some air bags to explode, sending metal shrapnel flying. safety advocates say so far four people have been killed and dozens injured, including jennifer griffin, whose neck was slashed by shrapnel during a minor accident involving her honda civic. >> this is such an urgent one because the safety device actually could kill you and there's nothing worse. >> reporter: it's all part of a bigger recall involving 16 million vehicles worldwide, including hondas, toyotas, nissans, mazdas, bmws, fords and gm cars dating all the way back
7:15 am
to 2002. >> we're urging anyone who owns these vehicles to immediately bring them in and get them fixed so you can protect your family and everyone else who drives around in the vehicle with you. >> reporter: air bags have been required on new cars since 1999, credited with saving more than 37,000 lives. these potentially defective air bag devices are made by tokyo based takata corporation. in a statement, takata tells nbc news "we will continue to fully support the nhtsa investigation and our cusses' recalls as much as possible." nhtsa is the national highway safety administration. they are under fire, not finding this sooner. >> tom costello, thank you. new york city carriage horse is back on the job after a brief, but spirited police chase right through the city. cell phone video shows the horse after it escaped from its stable on sunday and then it just
7:16 am
trotted through manhattan's west side. notice the horse there moving faster than the city traffic. got a good clip going there. police cruisers eventually caught up with the runaway and blocked its path until the horse's handler could be called in to come fetch it. >> that's my neighborhood. >> right? >> flagging a horse instead of a cab? >> all kidding aside, that could have ended badly. >> the horse or for the people in the cars. >> natalie, thanks. you're tracking a pretty big storm going up the east coast? >> that's right. we're watching this nor'easter. it will be rather interesting over the next 72 hours. right now it's in the midwest, bringing showers through the area. but we are going to be looking at some changes, boston and new york city both going to get on the action. by tomorrow, boston, we'll see some strong winds and heavy rain. system develops off the coast. secondary system develops early tomorrow morning and continues up the coast. as it does, the difference between high pressure up over the canadian maritimes bring
7:17 am
winds anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour, boston, new york city, airport delays and heavy rain over the next 72 hours. look at this. as you get up into new england, we could be talking at 7" or more from portland up to bangor and east port. wind gusts of 45 miles an hour. beach erosion and splashover on some of the coastal roads. this is going to be a major weather event over the next 24 hours to 48 hours. that's what's going on. we're going to get to while camo loves to hide, his extra pounds were hard to conceal. so anna switched him to iams indoor weight and hairball care. now that he's lost the weight, he's a bit of a show-off. iams indoor weight and hairball care: manages weight and reduces hairballs. of course, he still loves a good hiding spot. just one of many iams formulas to keep love strong.
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good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley clouds and some breaks of sunshine before showers return later today. temperatures will climb into the middle to upper 60s and wind will be light today. today, gustier rainfall and a chillier one. 68 degrees. wind will blow more showers into the area with a high of 59 and then the showers take in break just in time for the weekend. partly sunny, 63 and sunny skies and 70 monday. youra great day. latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you very much. monica liewinsky back in th news this morning. best known for her affair with president bill clinton is on twitter and speaking publicly about the aftermath of that scandal. andrea mitchell has that story. >> reporter: launching what she says is a campaign to fight cyber bullying, monica lewinsky spoke to a gathering of millenials, tried to explain how her name became a household
7:19 am
word. >> 22-year-old intern in the white house and, more than averagely, romantic. i fell in love with my boss in a 22-year-old sort of way. it happens. >> reporter: now 41, she talked to an audience that knows her more as a rap lyric. >> thank you, beyonce and eminem. >> reporter: first exposed on the then drudge report, she explains what felt like a punch in the gut. >> overnight i went from being a completely private figure to a publicly humiliated one. i was patient zero. >> reporter: becoming more visible, even joining twitter monday. her first tweet, #here we go. she says inspired by the 2010 suicide of rutgers freshman tyler clemente, spied on by web cam. >> we are all vulnerable to
7:20 am
humiliation, private and public figures alike. i'm sure jennifer lawrence would agree with that. >> reporter: identifying with a-list celebrities victimized by hacking into personal photos. but lewinsky is launching her public campaign just as hillary clinton is deciding whether to run for president. >> it's a reminder of a president's misbehavior. this is a complication for hillary clinton just as she's moving toward a presidential campaign. >> we'll have much more on that, i'm sure, over the coming weeks. >> uh-huh. i'm sure we will. coming you, could embattled star ray rice return to the nfl this season? the key decision tied to his domestic abuse scandal that could have him on the field in a matter of weeks. bradley cooper ready to tackle the bright lights of broadway. he will stop by and visit with us. hey, carson. >> hey, guys. the world reacting to the loss of the fashion icon oscar de la renta, trending this morning. but first this is "today" on nbc.
7:22 am
with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
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good morning, i'm vai sikahema. rain is on the way, let's get our first alert foracast from meteorologist bill? >> clouds starting to break and we'll see sunshine before showers arrive later today. a live view from the adventure aquarium. there are the showers off to the north, most of the rest of the day will be dry and already warmer than yesterday. in the 40s and 50s and climb into the 60s with clouds and breaks of sunshine and late-day showers. >> thank you, bill. i know some folks on i-78 that wish they could be out of here. let's get our traffic from jillian mele. jill? right near the summit lawn exit and route 309. a fatal accident happened around
7:27 am
3:45 this morning. you can see that backup out there and a lot of these drivers are exiting off the entrance to the highway. so, avoid 78 and stick to route 22. serious, very serious overturned dump truck in chester county. route 10 and route 340 is also blocked off. vai? >> jill, thank you. following break nugs all pocono mountain schools are closed today as the search for eric frein. just last night a law enforcement official reported seeing frein near a post office not far away from friday's spotting at his former high school. frein is charged with killing one trooper and wounding another when he ambushed their barracks back in september. schools were supposed to be open today with students kept inside, but officials decided to close the schools instead. i'm vai sikahema. another update in 25 minutes and you can always get the latest news and weather on
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we're back now, 7:30 on a tuesday morning. it is the 21st day of october, 2014. the world is used to seeing bradley cooper on the big screen and the red carpet and the cover of magazines as the sexiest man alive. >> uh-huh. >> now he's headed to broadway in the iconic role of "the elephant man." bradley will be here, along with his co-stars, to talk to us about that. >> it's hard to picture him in that kind of a role. >> kind of an amazing thing he does to accomplish that role that i think will surprise a lot of people. >> i love how he challenges himself. >> you had you. he sure does. meantime, here is what's making headlines today. oscar pistorius, sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison for the shooting death of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. he must also hand overall his
7:31 am
weapons. t they expect him to spend just ten months behind bars and the rest under house arrest. cdc changes their guidelines after two dallas nurses contract the ebola virus. officials say at no time should any skin be exposed on those health care workers. and schools are closed in pocono mountain, pennsylvania this morning, after a new sighting of the suspect in the deadly police ambush. a law enforcement official believes he saw eric frein near a post office on monday. frein has been on the run since september 12th. just ahead, will nfl commissioner, roger goodell, be forced to testify abowhat he kn about the ray rice domestic abuse incident and when he saw the video?
7:32 am
charged with a brutal attack on another young woman. gabe gutierrez has the latest. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. police say that suspect and the disappearance of hannah graham is now connected to brutal crimes against three young women. waiting word from the medical examiner about whether those human remains found over the weekend are, indeed, those of hannah graham. this morning, the man accused of abducting uva student hannah graham is facing new charges in a separate case. the charges include attempted capital murder. >> this case has been going on for nine years. >> reporter: police say jesse matthew abducted and sexually assaulted a 26-year-old woman, walking home from a grocery store in suburban d.c. back in september of 2005. she survived and helped detectives come up with this sketch. the fbi used dna evidence to link that case with the 2009 disappearance of virginia tech student morgan harrington.
7:33 am
matthew has not been charged in harrington's murder but state police say that case is forensically linked to graham's abduction. >> any other cases of missing women in this area, the pieces of this puzzle that no one had the answer to appear to be coming together. >> reporter: graham vanished more than five weeks ago, after police say she was seen with matthew on surveillance video. investigators are still searching for evidence where human remains were found saturday. just a few miles away in this heavily wooded area is the home where matthew once lived with his mother, according to public records. neighbors say they moved out about five years ago. >> i wouldn't have ever suspected him to do anything like that. i mean, he was well spoken and nice and helpful and sweet. >> reporter: after he warmed up to people, he would always -- you would always see him smiling and things. >> reporter: now matthew is in a virginia jail, as police try to piece together what happened to hannah graham. matthew has not yet entered a
7:34 am
plea in the graham case. no comment from his attorney on these latest charges. matt and hoda, back to you. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you very much. a judge is set to decide as early as today whether nfl commissioner roger goodell must testify at an appeal to ray rice's indefinite suspension, a move that could put the running back back on the field in the near future. peter alexander is here at nfl headquarters in new york city. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. beginning today, nfl domestic violence experts will start training team personnel and former nfl players to lead newly created program, education programs, anti-domestic violence and anti-sexual assault with individual teams in the coming weeks. this, as the league is still dealing with the scar that got them here. after the outrage -- >> also want to apologize to my fans. >> reporter: the scandal that tmz sports elevator video, could
7:35 am
ray rice possibly return to the nfl this season? before that video came out, rice was suspended for two games, but after the video's release, former baltimore ravens running back was suspended indefinitely. rice's camp claims that's unfair and has filed an appeal. the arbitrator, judge barbara jones, has set the appeal hearing dates for november 5th and 6th, barely two weeks from now. a final decision could follow days later. at issue, did rice tell the nfl and the ravens exactly what happened with his then fiance before the video surfaced? >> the arbiter determine that is he is telling the truth, ray rice could be released within days if not weeks of that hearing. >> reporter: whether embattled nfl commissioner roger goodell would be compelled to testify about what he knew and when he knew it. the league's new domestic violence policy requires a
7:36 am
player to miss the first six games. rice has already missed the first seven weeks of this season. he could be reinstated to the nfl next month with a handful of games still left in the season. if he is cleared by the arbitrat arbitrator, it's still not clear whether any team would sign rice. >> i don't know if there's going to be any team that's going to want to be the one that has ray rice on their roster. do you really want to put yourself at risk for having protesters outside your stadium on game days? >> reporter: rice's camp maintains he is a first-time offender with a strong record of public service, they say he remains a symbol for the nfl's domestic abuse problem. >> he is still toxic because we're still talking about this issue and he is the flashpoint for it. >> reporter: they say he is effectively being punished twice for the same crime. they have no interest on waiting for either the nfl or players union investigation is complete. ray rice has not yet been interviewed by either
7:37 am
independent investigator. >> we'll see what happens. peter, thanks. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> believe it or not, we still have things to talk about in the tropics. that's right. we are watching the gulf -- the national hurricane center is investigating this area, we call it an invest, 93-l, southwest bay of campeche. they give it a 50% chance of development. either way, the moisture from this is going to get into central and southern florida, up to five inches in the keys, three to five inches in central and southern florida and anywhere from one to two inches as you move further north. pacific northwest, big storm system going to be coming onshore and bringing a ton of rain. you can already see rain on the camera lens there at our tower cam in seattle. and as you get into the pugett sound area, some areas five to seven inches of rain in the western washington olympics. flood watches will be in effect, high wind advisories and wind
7:38 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. clouds and some breaks of sunshine before showers return later today. temperatures will climb into the middle to upper 60s and winds will be light today. tomorrow, though, steadier rainfall. gusty winds and a chilly one. 58 degrees and the wind will blow more showers into the area on thursday with a high of 59. and then the showers take a break. just in time for the weekend. partly sunny, 63 and upper 60s saturday and sunday and 70 monday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thank you very much. coming up in trending, he is one of the biggest names so why hasn't billy joel released a new album in decades? we'll hear his explanation. album in decades? we'll hear hcheck outation. all these airline seats. lots of them, right? but when you try to get one
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back now at 7:42 with encouraging news from the duchess of cambridge. this morning, she took part in her first royal engagement in more than two months. nbc's katy tur is here with more on that. hey, katy. >> hey, hoda. the pictures everyone is waiting to see, kate feeling better and finally back to work. glowing by her husband's side, the duchess of cambridge made her first public appearance since news of baby number two. until now, duchess kate had been on bed rest at home in kensington palace, suffering from the same severe morning sickness she had while carrying prince george two years ago. though this time, she wasn't hospitali hospitalized. the royal couple hoping, perhaps, to avoid the media hysteria of last time. >> may i please speak to kate, please, my granddaughter. >> reporter: lowlighted by a
7:44 am
prank call to the hospital after she was admitted in that first bout of sickness that resulted in a nurse committing sow side. mel greg is the australian de. jay who made that call and duped the unsuspecting nurse. two years later, she's still guilt ridden. >> i thought, please, don't let anyone try and be as stupid as what we were. people need to definitely leave her alone. >> reporter: but for william and kate, the pressures of public duty and the ever-present paparazzi are inescapable. and now in an attempt to better ensure their privacy, the royal couple are moving out of the city and into their second home, amner hall, a ten-bedroom house in the british countryside with a royal history of its own. victoria aikens' great grandparents once lived there and entertained royalty, both of british blood and the hollywood variety alike. screen goddess vivian leigh was
7:45 am
a regular guest. >> it's not a palace, it's not buckingham palace. it feels like it's a real home. it feels like a place they can relax, walk around barefoot, have a great time and not always be on royal parade. >> and maybe most importantly, to be close to family. close to family because prince philip's home is just down the road. the prince or princess is due in april. >> natalie is already packing her bags. >> springtime in london, i keep saying. >> it will be lovely. >> would love to go. >> not my definition of a normal home but still, among the royals. >> it's very quaint. >> nice, katy. >> what do you mean you need an atv to get around the property? it's quaint. >> you need a land rover, you need an atv. >> living above the stables. it's quaint. coming up on trending,
7:46 am
remember the nun who won italy's version of "the voice"? she's making waves again with her single. it's a cover that i don't think you'll believe. up next, carson is in the orange room with the latest reaction to the death of fashion icon oscar de la renta, right after after seeing everything, but let me take one last look. sure. take your time. built-in nav, heated seats for mom, dvd with wireless headphones for the kids! and tons of room for the golf clubs! golf clubs, and strollers.
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7:50 am
let's head over to carson in the reaction room. he has coverage on a sad story this morning. we're laughing about something else. >> that's right, guys. >> oscar de la renta. >> 3,000 tweets mentioning his name. r.i.p. oscar de la renta still trending. such a big part of so many people's memorable moments, jenna bush hager sending in a
7:51 am
sketch of her wedding dress, i'm thinking of this man today. so honored i knew and loved him. gloria estefan, a big part of three of my life's biggest moments. oscar's words, famous quotes being remembered today online, luxury to me is not about buying expensive things. it's about living in a way where you appreciate things. there's another one, fashion is a trend. style is within a person. vogue tweeting out this morning, the king of evening will be forever remembered, r.i.p. oscar de la renta. his gown, guys, made an astounding 54 red carpet appearances in the last 12 months. truly a fashion icon is being remembered today. back to you. >> carson, thank you very much. >> coming up, guess who is here. bradley cooper. we're going to talk to him about his transition from hollywood to broadway. plus, why madonna is parting ways with the iconic material girl dress. your chance to own it and more of her majesty's personal treasures, coming up after your of her majesty's personal treasures, coming up after your local news and weather.
7:52 am
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some rain earlier but it's mostly gone. a first alert look from meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> some breaks of sunshine right now. the clouds were perfectly timed to keep temperatures warmer this morning and we climb into the 60s this afternoon and look at the breaks of blue sky. this is the view from center city and right now 54 degrees in philadelphia and still some cool spots but no where near as and trenton and wilmington at 49 degrees. 63 at lunchtime and late-day showers with a high of 68. >> thank you, bill. let's get a check of traffic with jillian mele. 78 still tied up, jill? >> right at route 45 at summit lawn because of a fatal overnight accident. also a serious accident near the woodborn station and the west trenton line all because of that accident. so, keep that in mind.
7:57 am
and for drivers in chester county, very serious accident in west caln township. you can take sandy wood road to get around it. vai? all pocono mountain school districts are closed today as the search continues for suspected state trooper killer eric frein. last night a law enforcement official reported seeing frein not far from a post office from his former high school. he ambushed the barracks in september and cools were supposed to be open today with students kept inside, but officials decided to close the schools instead. i'm vai sikahema. another update in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather on we'll send you back to "today" show. we'll see you in about half an hour. have a great day.
8:00 am
coming up, billy joel explains why he hasn't released new rock music in decades and why today's celebrity culture is partly to blame. >> plus, from hollywood to broadway, bradley cooper on his newest role. ♪ we are living in a material world and i am a material girl ♪ >> and fit for the material girl. you can now own a piece of madonna history. check out some of her most famous costumes set to hit the auction block "today," tuesday, october 21st, 2014.
8:01 am
it's our first time in new york and we're loving it! >> we finally made it to the "today" show. >> from washington, d.c. >> we're from canada, eh. >> we are 60 and spectacular from iowa. >> we're turning 13 on "today." >> we're back now, 8:00 on a tuesday morning. it's the 21st day of october, 2014. another big crowd on the plaza under beautiful sunny skies. but that's going to change. >> that's right. nor'easter coming up the coast will bring a lot of wet weather to the northeast. >> i'm matt lauer along with hoda kotb, al roker, carson daly. savannah continues on maternity leave. she comes back november 3 rd. >> bradley cooper is coming up. >> i know. >> we're all very excited. first, let's check the headline with his natalie.
8:02 am
>> oscar pistorius started serving a prison sentence handed down today for the killing of his girlfriend. >> the judge making it very clear this morning, she would not give oscar pistorius any special treatment because he's rich and famous. the sentence, five years in prison for shooting and killing this woman, his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. guards immediately escorted pistorius down to a holding cell where he was fingerprinted. as you can see here, they loaded him into a police van with more guards to begin his sentence right now. under the law, he has to serve at least ten months behind bars. only then is he eligible for house arrest. the pistorius family saying this morning they accept the judgment and oscar will begin repaying society. reeva's parents, seen right here, also saying this morning that they are satisfied with the sentence as well, natalie. >> jeff rossen, thanks so much for that. the cdc has issued new guidelines for health care workers dealing with patients
8:03 am
who have ebola. cdc director tom frieden conceded that the old guidelines didn't work, when two nurses in texas treating thomas eric duncan were infected with the disease. the equipment should leave no skin exposed and the procedures should be monitored by a trained observer. authorities in gary, indiana, say a man charged with strangling a woman may be a serial killer. the woman's body was found in a hotel friday. he also confessed to killing six other women, whose bodies were found in northwest indiana over the weekend and they say van has indicated there could be more victims going back 20 years. an update now to a story we told you about on monday. we're hearing now for the first time from the humble hero, whose brave actions were captured on camera and seen worldwide.
8:04 am
thomas artiaga was reunited with an elderly man that he pull friday a burning house in california. he ran toward the fire because, in his words, it was the right thing to do. >> his daughter was trying to help him out and he couldn't really walk that far. i picked him up and carried him out. >> and he said he is overwhelmed by all of the attention and suggested that we all should help sometimes. humble hero. 8:04 right now. let's get another check of the weather with mr. roker. al? >> thank you so much. we've got all these nice folks out here. and these folks over here, help a hero. >> scholarships for veterans. >> thank you so much for doing that. we appreciate it. let's check your weather. see what's going on. a lot of wet weather is making its way up the coast as we watch this nor'easter develop. boston is going to be getting really on the wet side later on this afternoon. that's going to last for about 24 hours.
8:05 am
afternoon temperatures, a little on the chilly side around the great lakes. temperatures about 10 to 20 degrees below normal there. also back through the western plains, 80s and 90s through southern california. wet weather moves into the northeast. we've got windy and wet conditions in the pacific northwest. high surf advisories along the southern california coast. look who is turning double digits. what's your name? >> paige. >> happy good morning, i am meteorologist bill henley. clouds and some breaks of sunshine before showers return later today. temperatures climb into the middle to upper 60s, winds will be light today. tomorrow, steady rainfall. gusty wind and a chilly one, 58 degrees. the wind blows more showers into the area thursday with a high of 59. then the showers take a break, just in time for the weekend. friday, partly sunny, 63. upper 60s saturday and sunday, with sunny skies. 70 monday. have a great day.
8:06 am
young lady needs to raise her -- you want to meet al roker. however, for your 13th, you want to meet bradley cooper. there we go. but thank you very much. really appreciate that. >> all right, al. thank you very much. coming up on trending, the nun who soared to fame on italy's version of "the voice" releases her debut album. you'll not guess what she picked for her first single. a hint, it's a madonna song. >> a tease. bradley cooper is here along with his castmates from "the elephant man." and go ahead and put your bag right here. have a nice flight! traveling can feel like one big mystery. you're never quite sure what is coming your way. but when you've got an entire company who knows that the most on-time flights are nothing
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8:10 am
terrific. sell your car the fast and easy way, with no strings attached, at carmax. start here. we're back with what's trending today on a tuesday morning. first up, a frank and frustrated billy joel and why he hasn't released a single in the longest time, the new yorker calling him the 33-hit wonder. and billy blames what he calls the horror of celebrity, something he experienced firsthand after his divorce from christie blirinkley. quote, everybody interrogating, analyzing, everything i wrote was fraught with meaning and i said, wait a minute. i don't want to rip myself open and let everyone see everything. it was no longer comfortable. enough. i gave you enough. after selling more than 150 million records, billy says he didn't feel as if he has anything left to prove. he talked about social media in
8:11 am
that article, how it's changed the celebrity game and it's not something he finds tasteful. >> as fans, we are bummed because we don't get his music. we certainly can understand it. >> sure. >> you go to one of his concerts and you still keep wanting more, because he can't do every song that you want to hear. >> you go to one of those concerts at the garden, you realize there are the hits but there are so many other songs you forget about that are fabulous. >> that's right. on monday, we told you about the backlash over a new action figure sold by toys r us, based on brian cranston's character on "breaking bad," even comes with a bag of plastic meth. bryan cranston tweeted, "i'm so mad, i'm burning my florida mom
8:12 am
action figure in protest." remember sister christina? she stunned the coaches on italy's version of "the voice" and ended up winning. set to release her debut album. you won't believe what she's chosen for her first single. keep in mind, she is a nun. ♪ yeah you make me feel shiny and new like a virgin ♪ >> oh, boy. >> is this for real? >> yes. >> oh, yeah. ♪ touched for the very first time ♪ >> oh, no she didn't. sister christina taking on madonna's "like a virgin." why this particular song? she calls it a testimony of god's capacity to turn all things into something new. so, it's your interpretation. >> i agree. it's your interpretation. >> her debut album drops next month. >> i love her voice.
8:13 am
>> i think she'll be a hit. all morning we've been talking about the passing of fashion icon oscar de la renta. let's bring in someone who knows what it was like to be styled by the man himself, jenna bush hager. >> and your mom. he was an influence at the white house. your mom wore many of his dresses. >> my mom did and she said, what i think is very true, more than anything he made women feel beautiful. i had the honor of becoming good friends with him while he made my wedding dress. i'll try to get through this. henry -- i woke up to the news from my mom and henry was like, what is wrong? he was the most lovely man. when he made my wedding dress, he said this is your dress. and he showed it to me and said i'm going to do it wider, but this is your dress and the bridezilla in me thought i want to pick out my own dress but he was right. i put it on. and he said now to the most important alcohol'sry, and he handed me his arm and he said,
8:14 am
the man. so i put my arm in his arm and i got to walk through his showroom with oscar de la renta. and then we went to -- >> how cool is that? >> did it start with that sketch you tweeted out? >> it started with that sketch. he gave that to me for my wedding, which hangs in my house with so much love and, you know, he was such a lovely man. he did so much for this country, for the arts and for his country, the dominican republic as well. i just adored him and i will think of him often. >> well, that tops my story. >> okay. >> what was your story? >> i don't have a story. >> and you know what i thought, too? >> what? >> i was like, oh, my gosh, he's playing my dad or my husband. i said to henry, when i got home, he was a gentleman. he was the most kind man and i said to henry, have you some big shoes to fill. i was on the arms of oscar de la
8:15 am
renta this morning. >> of all the people you've met, that he touched you so deeply tells us about your relationship with him. >> by the way, i was already planning to wear this. i brought this. this is oscar de la renta. >> oh, wow! >> that was great to remember him by. >> and you're going to talk more about this later with me at 10:00. >> yeah. >> i look forward to that, jenna. thank you. >> thank you so much, guys. a new survey of women when it comes to body image. plus the stars of "the elephant man" on broadway. we've got them coming up live in our studio. we're back in 30 seconds.
8:16 am
all right. back now with our ongoing series, "love your selfie." glamour surveyed 1,000 women ages 18 to 40, to find out how they really felt about their bodies. this year, they did it again to see how things had changed with some surprising results. cindy levie is "glamour's" editor in chief. good morning. >> good morning. >> surprising results. >> yeah. >> you would think we would feel better because there's so much talk of body image. >> i won't sugar coat it. these were difficult results. we did the survey for the first time back in 1984, 41% of women said they didn't feel good about their bodies. now the number has risen to 54%. that's starting and not great news. we looked at men, too. they're not immune here. 33% of them said they don't feel great about their bodies but they don't seem to be as
8:17 am
troubled by it as women are. >> it's interesting. when you see lena dunnham who talk about fat shaming, there's women and images out there that make you think we feel comfortable with who we are. >> i think there's a real movement toward body acceptance. it's a difficult thing for a lot of women to really internalize. >> all right. so, what's different? what makes the difference, do you think? >> primarily social media. that's the one factor that we found made a difference. the more time a woman spends on social media, the worse she feels about her body. >> this is interesting. you think when we look at celebrities, we look at their bodies and it makes you go, oh, god, i hate myself. >> no. it's actually the opposite. celebrities have a lot of help and they have a whole pack of trainers and dieticians who help them. >> sure. >> when you're looking at women on social media, you're thinking that's the girl next door f she can do it, i ought to be able to do it. >> let's talk about an experiment you did.
8:18 am
you took these three women, which make me hate myself a little, too. >> we showed these bodies without the heads. you can't tell if this is a famous person or somebody you might see on social media, girl on facebook. then we showed them the same pictures with the heads that revealed they were a model, celebrity and serena williams, tennis player. in fact, they felt worse after looking at the pictures without the heads. >> why is that? >> they felt this is an anonymous woman posting a picture of herself and she really looks great. when they see a celebrity, they think i don't have to rise to that standard. >> we're comparing ourselves to our neighbors, our friends, people in the junior league or whatever and that makes us feel worse? >> exactly. the number of hours that a woman spends looking at pictures on social media is the factor that determines how she's going to feel about her body. >> sometimes you post a pick, you think you look good. you don't even want to look for likes but you kind of do and you're like three people liked my picture? that's it?
8:19 am
>> the average woman has become a like-aholic. they go back to refresh to see how many people liked their pictures. it's not the number of hours, it's the fact of life, going down the rabbit hole of facebook and instagram. >> give us a couple of tips. >> women who had better body image, a few women in our survey said i feel great about myself and they had a few things in common. first of all, they all told us that they exercise. when you exercise, you're really appreciating what your body can do, not just how it looks. >> okay. >> additionally, they told us that they limited the amount of time they spent on social media. and we all love social media. >> i know, but get off of it sometimes. >> it's a fact of life. but enough is enough. do that self check. do i feel better or worse about myself when i log on? >> all good advice. thank you. we appreciate it. from ways to improve your body satisfaction head to
8:20 am
let's head over to matt. >> thank you very much. stars of the screen and the stage right here. bradley cooper, patricia clarkson, alessandro nivola are getting ready for the broadway revival of "the elephant man." reunion for you guys as well. you did this in massachusetts. which one of you picked up the phone and said ringo, we're getting the band back together? >> after we did williamstown, we thought wouldn't it be amazing if we were able to do this again? james needleander said let's do this on broadway. >> the movie in, 1980 or something like that. >> 1980. >> it's a very challenging story. is it more challenging on stage? >> yes. >> yeah. it's a completely different play than the film. the film wasn't actually based on the play. the big difference, the obvious difference is that bradley doesn't have any prosthetic makeup on. everything is done -- >> it's just beautiful bradley becoming -- that's the conceit
8:21 am
of the play, that a beautiful man plays him. >> there's a scene early on in the play where there's a big projection of the photograph of the real elephant man. >> joseph merrick. >> joseph merick. i stand on one side of it and i stand on the other and i explain to the evidence every detail of his physical deformity and he takes it on as i describe it. >> can you give me a sense of what you're talking about? i want the whole thing, if you don't mind. this guy was born terribly disfigured. he was part of this traveling freak show. >> well, he actually -- didn't happen until he was 5. it started to get worse and worse. he actually solicited the help of a guy named tom norman and wanted to join, because he couldn't make a living doing anything else. >> i know you're not going to do it for me, although it is wishful thinking. how do you perform -- >> maybe you don't want me to.
8:22 am
>> can you give me a hint of how you contort yourself? >> if you watch all the different products, david bowie did it, you interpret it any way you want to. for me, i don't know. it sort of is something that -- i guess it starts with the breath and then it sort of just happens. the truth is, the best part is they look at me as if i am merrick. >> it's a remarkable transformation before your eyes. it's quite breathtaking when you see it happen. >> maybe it happens so beautifully because this is something you have been thinking about and doing for a long time. >> yeah. >> a bit from this show or this play was part of your masters thesis at the actor's studio. >> yeah and the film was my original introduction to the whole story when i was a kid and my father said to me -- that's the reason i wanted to become an actor, david lynch's movie. i discovered there was a play and did it for my thesis in grad school and we did it two years ago. >> what's the takeaway?
8:23 am
for those not familiar with the story, what do you want people to leave the theater feeling? >> it's an extraordinary night in the theater. it's incredibly profound experience to watch this man that we have all fallen in love with, joseph merrick, that we love deeply. but you watch this journey. and it's very funny and incredibly heartbreaking at the same time. >> a lot of it is what it is to be human, because this man is so disfigured that he almost looks like an animal and has been treated like an animal all of his life. >> isn't that the famous line from the movie? i'm not an animal? >> the most civilized of us all. >> the doctor i play rescues him from this sort of circus freak show and sets him up to live in kind of civilized quarters, but wants to make him a human being and doesn't acknowledge that, in fact, he is a human being.
8:24 am
and that's his great falling. >> clearly, there are some very serious themes and issues here. it would be horrible if, in the middle of a show like this, you got like a giggle attack, like, you know, i actually saw when you did "the tonight show.." >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> this is epic. you and fallon got into something that could not stop. i don't want to jinx you. that would be horrible. >> that would be -- >> to do in the middle of an emotional scene. >> especially contorted. >> you should just eliminate that from even your mind of that happening. >> thank you forle putting that in there. >> i can see the audience reacting horribly to that. >> that would not be good. >> don't even wear that hat. >> exactly. i've had those moments. when you're in them, you can't get out of them. >> it's over. >> it really is. you're in rehearsals now. this opens november 7th? >> turn off your cell phones in the theater, okay? we don't want that distraction
8:25 am
either. >> a man answered a phone once. >> you did not. >> it stopped ringing and five minutes later it started ringing again. finally, he picked it up and he said, i can't talk right now. i'm in the theater. >> did you just stop? >> what do you do, you know? we kind of waited for him to finish. >> and no giggle. >> no giggles. >> don't even think about it. >> okay. >> bradley, patricia, alessandro, great to see you. you can catch "elephant man" on broadway november 7th. >> hello? i can't talk right now. keanu reeves at 50, that's coming up. plus clothes from the material girl on the auction block all after your local news.
8:26 am
good morning, i am tracy davidson. let's get the first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. a few showers to start. we are getting breaks of sunshine, including the pocono mountains. this is the view from blue mountain which is still a little chilly this morning, but will be warming up into the 50s this afternoon. already in philadelphia sunshine and 54 degrees. that's 13 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. the rest of the area still looking warmer than yesterday, even though trenton and wilmington are in the upper 40s. on the roads, let's check the traffic. jillian mele is watching the traffic.
8:27 am
>> a chopper was over the scene, you can see the activity here, this is route 10 blocked near route 340. take sandy hill as an alternate. it involves a van and overturned dump truck. a lot of activity there. that's still out there. elsewhere, we have a closure on interstate 78 eastbound near 145, that's shut down on the eastbound side. this is the delay at cedar crest boulevard, that goes down to the closure point. that's also congested. a nearly eight hour long standoff ended this morning with police taking the suspect into custody. started at 11:00 last night. the suspect accused of firing up to a dozen rounds from a third floor apartment. a number of apartments were evacuated to be safe. shortly after 6:00 they stormed the apartment, the suspect was taken out on a stretcher. no one was hurt. another local update in 25 minutes. i am tracy davidson, you can always get updates at
8:28 am
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8:30 am
morning, 21st of october, 2014, as we have one more chance to say hi to the folks here in the plaza. >> great crowd. natalie morales, i'm going to call you out. >> uh-oh. >> bradley cooper, his segment was over. he was out in the hallway. do you know how long it took natalie morales to put her coat on in front of him? you were lingering. >> what? >> fess up to the lingering. >> the rest of us were already outside. >> putting lipstick on me.
8:31 am
>> that was happening, too. >> you missed the lipstick. >> that's right, you were puckering up. >> coming up, the material girl, some of her possessions are being auctioned off, famous dresses, the gown she wore when she married sean penn and how much they'll fetch for those goodies. keanu reeves is here to talk about his action-packed movie and also talking about doing stunts. it's hard to believe, he's 50. >> that's a typo. >> i'm sure he likes that. and we'll talk about some of his classic roles. also, michelle phan's youtube tutorials just hit 50 billion views. >> wow! >> she'll show us how easy it is to transform yourself in time for halloween. >> mr. roker, check of the weather? >> all right. let's see. we are looking at wet weather in the northeast, windy conditions into new england. pacific northwest as well.
8:32 am
looking pretty good. tomorrow, a lot of wet weather moving down into central and southern florida. wet weather from northern texas into the plains. more windy, gale-force winds continue in the pacific northwest with wet weather as well, warming up down through southern california. high tomorrow in los angeles about 83 degrees. wet weather continues into the northeast. and into new england, with a real nor'easter. and these folks just married. >> that's right! >> 40 years ago. what's your name? >> pat. >> jim. >> good morning, i am meteorologist bill henley. clouds and some breaks of sunshine before showers return later today. temperatures climb into the middle to upper 60s, winds light today. tomorrow, steady rainfall, gusty wind and chilly, 58 degrees. the wind blows more showers into the area thursday with a high of 59, then showers take a break just in time for the weekend.
8:33 am
friday partly sunny, upper 60s saturday and sunday, sunny skies sunday and monday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. hoda? >> al, thank you so much. have you ever wanted to be a material girl or did you ever just want to express yourself? madonna's memorabilia is part of icons and idols rock 'n' roll auction. martin nolan is the executive director, both men are here with me today. how are you guys? >> very good, thanks. >> when i think of these auctions, i often think of someone who has passed away. >> yes. >> michael jackson, that kind of thing. madonna is very relevant. are these things she's auctioning off herself? >> no. madonna was very generous, she either gave these items to friends or the pink dress, it comes to the costume house that originally supplied it to madonna for the video. these are items -- people invest in these items over the years and madonna didn't realize in
8:34 am
the '80s that these items would be worth so much money. >> they are going to be biggies. famous video "material girl." >> yes. >> right in front of you is the dress from that as well as this mink stole. tell us about those items. >> these are items that madonna wore in material girl, a takeoff from what marilyn monroe wore in "diamonds are a girl's best friend." because madonna is so collectible, we anticipate they'll sell for a lot more. >> gloves and bracelets as well? >> that's exactly right. some of these are sold in separate lots but as a collection, we anticipate someone will try to keep it together. >> let's tiptoe down here. can i touch this stuff, by the way? >> yes. >> you're allowed, okay. the video music -- i love this had video. this is madonna's getup from that. >> what's great about this collection of items, we estimate around $20,000 to $30,000. in this case, madonna didn't --
8:35 am
original jimmy choo shoes. they have intrinsic value on their own. >> who are the types of people who are bidding on this stuff? >> uber madonna fan, museums, also investors, buying items now and some day down the road sell them for a profit. >> all right. let's move down here. hi, martin. how are you? >> ava perrone in "evita." she won a golden globe. >> nominated for five academy awards. she pursued this role. she wanted to play ava perrone. madonna wanted to play ava perrone. $55 million budget. she sang "don't cry for me argentina." $1 million for her role in this.
8:36 am
th this, because of unrest, people in argentina were resentful of the movie, felt they would not portray it correctly so, moved to budapest and madonna had 85 costume changes. >> wow! >> baseball is your thing, come on down to "league of their own." i love this movie. this is her outfit, huh? >> absolutely. she played alongside rosie edodge as well ao'donnell as wed tom hanks. set in 1943 during world war ii. again, we have made this $35,000, comes with a signed baseball glove and baseball signed glove, madonna, tom hanks, penny marshall, geena davis. >> terrific. >> final item, her wedding dress when she married sean penn. you always wonder what people do
8:37 am
with their old wedding dresses. >> she started dating sean penn when she was filming "material girl". it's quite a coincidence that both items are here on the set today. but, yeah, she married sean penn in 1985. they got annulled in '87, divorced in '89. short marriage. famous wedding on the beach in malibu. it was her birthday, august 16th, 1985. happy birthday, a message to the paparazzi flying overhead. designed a lot of outfits for madonna in the '80s. this is estimated at $60,000. fantastic line. >> gentlemen, thank you both. thank you guys so much. the auction, november 7th and 8th. you can find more items on
tv-commercial tv-commercial
8:38 am coming up next, keanu reeves pays a visit to studio 1a. plus our live halloween makeup transformation with youtube sensation fishle phan. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:40 am
back now at 8:40 with keanu reeves, best known for blockbuster action hits like "the matrix" and "speed." john wick, character of a retired hit man who goes on a rampage after a thug steals his car and kills his dog. >> it was just a dog. >> just a dog? >> i lost everything until that dog arrived on my doorstep. a final gift from my wife. an opportunity to grieve unalone and your son took that from me.
8:41 am
>> keanu, welcome back. good to see you. >> good morning. >> this isn't a disney film. >> no. there's a dog in it, but it's not -- >> no. this is -- you're very choosey about your roles. this one is a little dark. it involves dark characters, doing dark things, often times in dark places. why did you want to do this one? >> it's not just dark. it's fun as well. >> the action parts are wild. no question. >> yeah. action and, you know, i think that the -- as you saw, the character is grieving. his wife has given him this gift and these guys come into his home, beat him up and kill this dog. for john, it's about grief and about reclaiming and a renowned assassin, changed his life for love and now he's going back into the darkness. you go into this underground world of thieves and criminals, but it's got a sense of code and honor and it's a heightened
8:42 am
world. and it's fun. >> it is fun. but what i meant by the darkness is what you just said. it's underground, seedy, grimy world. >> everyone is really well dressed. >> and then killing each other. you look great when you kill people, things like that. you are doing so much in terms of the action side of this movie. >> absolutely. >> as al busted you on, as we were out on the plaza, you just turned 50. >> the old half century. >> yes. do you find it harder to do these kinds of things or do you call in the stunt men more after you turn 50? >> no. >> you did all of this? >> i want to do everything as much as i can. action should be tied to character and emotion and the story. the more that i can do -- directors wanted to do long takes and not make it cutie. the more that you can see me and go on the journey with the character, the more emotional it is, the more connection you have. and in terms of like, you know, running up and down stairs and being 50, you just become more
8:43 am
efficient. >> more efficient? >> more efficient in terms of how you learn, what you can't do, what you can do. >> and you consume more aleve and advill. >> no, you take really cold ice bath. >> is that what you did? >> every night. >> how does 50 feel? >> it's only been a couple of months. but i'm glad i'm here. >> it beats the alternative? >> it does. >> you're choosey with your roles and always have been. what is in the pipeline for you? what is the next big thing that you would like to take on? >> thank you for asking. the past year, i did two films after "john wick." i worked with eli roth on a home invasion movie called "knock knock" and i worked with courtney hunt who did a wonderful film called "frozen river" in 2008 and that's called "the whole truth," courtroom drama where everyone is lying. >> you mentioned the home invasion movie. i'm not going to make light of
8:44 am
this at all but you had two weird experiences at your house where two women broke into your -- separate incidents. >> yeah. >> one in your library and one ended up in your swimming pool. >> the pool and the guest room shower. >> what was the deal there? >> i don't know, matt. they just wanted to come and visit. they wanted to come and hang out. one at 4:00 in the morning on a saturday. heard this noise, looked up and there was a dark figure in the doorway. anyway, i hope everybody is okay. everybody's all right. >> but it does shake your world a little bit. i've been in a home where it's been invaded. it's no fun. >> no, it's not fun. >> "speed," is this something like the 25th anniversary of "speed"? >> something like that. >> you were 25 or 24 when you shot that movie? >> yeah. >> i'm getting back to the 50 thing. i'm going to work that back in every other question. this one is called "john wick." it is a thrill ride, no question about it. good to see you. it opens friday. coming up next, youtube
8:45 am
makeup star michelle phan shows off the results of halloween transformations. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
>> michelle phan launched her first youtube video in 2007, determined to make the world more beautiful one make-up tutorial at a time. more than 7 million subscribers and her 300 plus videos have been viewed 1 billion times. now she's putting all of that knowledge into print with her first book called "makeup: your life guide to beauty, style and success, online and off." hey, michelle. >> good morning. >> i'm really shocked to think that -- i guess it was about seven years ago, in your opinion college. >> i was. >> just like a million other kids. >> yes. >> and somehow you got this idea. and it has exploded into a real
8:48 am
business for you. hasn't it? >> absolutely, it has. it has opened so many doors in my life. and i wanted to share this knowledge to the next generation or anyone who is interested in building a business and learning how to navigate the online and offline world. >> you are clearly a business woman. you not only have this youtube channel but your own makeup line. is that right? >> i do. >> you have a smart phone app? >> i do. >> how were you able to do all of that as a young girl? >> i am just very passionate. if it's something you're passionate about, it doesn't feel like work. it feels like play. every day i wake up and look forward to playing and interacting with my followers and the people on my team i work very closely with. >> did you study this stuff in school or did you go something completely -- >> i studied art. when you're an entrepreneur, you're paving the way. there are people who are born entrepreneurs and that's something you can also learn. that's what i wrote in my book. >> we went out into the plaza
8:49 am
and found three women. we know it's around halloween. we wanted to give them kind of a cool halloween look. the very first person, let's look at her before picture. this is what she looked like. you wanted to make her over into barbie. >> she wanted to be barbie. >> she did? >> she wanted to be the barbie girl. >> tell us about the process. >> it's raul all about the eyes. you want to have perfect, flawless skin, but make the eyes pop. what i recommend is adding and layering lots of lashes. on top of that, adding white eyeliner under the water line. what this does is pop the eyes and makes her eyes appear very big, almost doll like. >> let's look at the before and after split. this is barbie now with the wig on, obviously. what else did you do? >> what i'm about to do is add the finishing touch. i recommend taking a little bit of glitter and adding it right under the eyes right here. >> what do you mean glitter? >> glitter gel. >> glitter liner? >> glitter liner that you can add a little bit of and it pops
8:50 am
the eyes and gives the sparkle. >> let's move on. betsy wanted to be or you wanted betsy to be a vampire. tell us what you wanted to do to her. >> betsy, she wanted -- obviously, she's blond. i wanted to turn her into something darker, more sultry. we added the smoky eyes and we darkened the lips and very easy to work with. she has stunning eyes. >> let's look at her before and after and see how she turned out. wow! oh, my -- almost unrecognizable. >> she has completely transformed. be careful, she might bite your neck. >> the eyes are what are kind of freaking me out. what kind of final touches do you have for her? >> a fun final touch, take a little bit of a red lipstick and with a brush, you just want to paint -- open your mouth a little and the blood right there. >> you need the fangs. >> you absolutely do.
8:51 am
>> thanks. >> our final lady is heather. you took a page from the '20s. >> i did. >> heather is gorgeous. >> i love going back in time. that's the fun thing about makeup. you can really revisit and go back in time and relive a moment. >> all right. what did you do differently? >> for heather, we created the flapper girl look. the '20s, it was all about the skinny brows and very playful cheek. >> look at her, reading your book. little self promotion, okay. >> reading about digital dos and don'ts. >> let's see her split, her before and after. there's the before. >> voila. >> you don't really recognize the women after. >> no. >> that's amazing. >> they transform. >> final touches? >> i love taking a lip brush, again, and sculpting the cupid bow, creating the theatrical look that was very popular during the roaring '20s. >> terrific. michelle, thank you so much.
8:52 am
>> of course. >> big thank you to our models who came in from off the plaza. >> beautiful models. >> you'll learn about michelle's five-minute morning makeup routine. remember, five minutes. >> five minutes. >> first this is "today" on nbc. nice. very nice.
8:54 am
it's pretty out there in new york city. we're back now at 8:53. good time to check in with willard scott and see who is celebrating a birthday. willard? >> wish you could be with me. we have sharks and ta s in tank like our sales department. our birthday buddy of the day, take a look, if you will, beautiful and exciting gerri harris from raleigh, north carolina. 100 years old today. beautiful lady. and grace brown is in town. happy birthday to grace. she's from temple hills, maryland. she is 100 years old today, too. she's just as sweet as she can be. james king, that's a great name. he could be a radio announcer. james king from silver spring, florida. and he is 100 years old today. take a look, if you will, at the lovely carl gleysteen. good old carl is from fox point, wisconsin. lot of nice places in wisconsin this time of the year, so
8:55 am
pretty. 101 years old. we wish him a happy birthday. all my nice friends in new york, one and all, come on down and see us here almost the end of connecticut. rhode island, you can see us. now back to new york. >> all right, willard. thank you very much. the gang is all here again. >> uh-huh. >> what's coming up in the next hour? >> gene simmons coming up. >> ooh. >> army of one. >> giving life advice. gene is our life coach today. >> oh, my god. >> that's right. we've all been practicing the tongue thing. >> you can do that? >> no. >> you want to show? >> no. >> we also have some music, "the voice" star jacquie lee joining us. >> that's great. thank you for supporting the cause. >> and not to embarrass your significant others after this moment with president obama where a man embarrassed his
8:56 am
good morning, i am tracy davidson. let's get the forecast from meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> it is looking good outside. seeing more and more sunshine. temperatures are warming up. didn't get cold this morning. we will see sunshine to start with. clouds will not completely leave the scene. that's the view from center city. blue sky over the comcast
8:57 am
center. it is 56 degrees and climbing in philadelphia. wildwood 59, 52 in allentown. sunshine, clouds, a late day shower. temperatures in the upper 60s. all pocono mountain school district schools are closed as the search intensifies for suspected killer eric frein. a law enforcement official reported seeing him near a post office, not far from friday's sighting near his former high school. he is charged with killing one trooper and wounding another when he ambushed their barracks in september. schools were supposed to be open, but officials decided early this morning to close schools instead. a fire in philadelphia forced several out of their home. it started before 1:00 a.m. in the second floor apartment on granite street. no one was hurt. investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started. happening today, one of the speakers at the 30 under 30 is ma lol ee. later, she will be awarded the
8:58 am
2014 liberty medal at the national constitution center. it is given to a person of courage and conviction that strives to secure the blessings of liberty to people around the globe. she was attacked by the taliban in 2012. she's an advocate for girls' education. she's the youngest nobel peace prize winner. get the latest news and weather on
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome back to "today." it's tuesday morning, october 21st, 2014. a beautiful day here in new york city. i'm willie along with al, natalie and tamron. i have a question for you guys. >> oh, boy. >> all of us have had the opportunity, no matter how brief or how long it's been, to have some interaction with the president of the united states. we've been lucky to go to a holiday party or something like that. >> yeah. >> have you thought about what you would say if you ever encountered the president, before you met him? here's what i'm going to say. you've got your moment. what are you going to do with it? >> hi, mr. president, nice to meet you. >> but do you have a little line prepared?
9:01 am
>> like a comedy routine? >> i don't know. >> a couple of minutes. >> you think of what you're going to say when you meet somebody like that. you only have a certain amount of time. how do you get in and get out? here is one guy's answer to that question. president obama was voting early when he was back in illinois and chicago yesterday. as the president stood next to a fellow voter at the box, her name is aya cooper, her boyfriend decided to chime in. here is what he said. >> you know, i wasn't really planning on it. >> did he really just say that? >> there is an example of a brother, for no reason whatsoever -- >> i knew he was going to say something smart. >> and now you'll be going back home and talking to your friends about -- what's his name? >> mike. >> i can't believe mike, he is
9:02 am
such a -- i was just mortified. fortunately the president was nice about it. >> i am freaking out right now. >> and so was i. >> thank you very much. >> mike seems like he's a decent guy. >> this is not happening. >> oh, it happened. >> wow! >> mike, that's your line? >> way to go, mike. and, by the way, he's only got the secret service guys -- >> i wonder if they're still together. >> when you go home to your friends, you're going to say i was mortified. like this is how you'll explain. >> he doesn't even break stride, though. >> never looked up from the voting booth. >> the coolest person reaction to that. i would have said, what did you -- i don't know what i would have thought. >> mike -- here is what happened. mike got nervous. >> yeah. >> he said i'm going to go with humor. >> okay.
9:03 am
>> i'm going to do something other people don't do, don't touch my girlfriend. probably when it left his mouth -- >> the president will never forget you. >> forget about his girlfriend. mike's mom -- mike's mom -- oh! >> it's a good thing mike wasn't seen on camera, though, right? >> his finger is famous. >> which was the other part. he pointed. >> his girlfriend, meanwhile, is everywhere. she's like, thanks a lot, honey. >> isn't it kind of odd? what are the chances that they would be voting and her name is voter. >> what? >> oh, al. >> it's the captions. the caption said "voter" and it spelled out what everybody said because the audio was a little low. >> it was an interesting thing you did there. we were talking about when significant others or friends embarrass you, like what's up with the voter thing that we missed? has there been a moment where you embarrassed deborah. >> every day. >> or deborah embarrassed you? >> i was going to say, let's reask the question.
9:04 am
what day haven't -- >> what was the last moment? >> -- embarrassed my wife or children? which which kind of becomes a national holiday when that happens. you're married and you're a parent, you do something dumb every day. >> natalie, anything come to mind? >> no. like al said, i think you do things and then it becomes oh, i shouldn't have said that. >> and generally the wife doesn't do embarrassing -- >> it's the husband. >> it's us. we're idiots. >> i don't think so. that's not true. you guys are good. >> no, no, we're not good. my kids are old enough to be embarrassed. before they think you're a god. lucy is 7 and she's like, oh, boy. singing and dancing to that song again. >> does feet of clay mean anything? >> embarrassing your kids, that happens a lot more often. my kids can be mortified over any little thing. god forbid, josh, i think that girl likes you and he just collapse. >> oh, don't do that. >> he can't do that. >> that's a low blow. that's when he won't clean his
9:05 am
room. >> 10 going on 11. he's not there yet. >> it's coming. >> it's coming very soon. >> it's coming. monica lewinsky, you may have heard her chat by now. she is out. she is coming out, speaking out now for the very first time, though, you're really kind of getting a sense of how she is trying to make this comeback. she's launching a campaign to help end cyber bullying and the culture of what she calls -- what is internet shaming and she explained how she became a household name instantly. take a listen. >> 16 years ago, fresh out of college, a 22-year-old intern in the whitehouse and, more than average averagely romantic, i fell in love with my boss in a 22-year-old sort of way. it happens. but my boss was the president of the united states.
9:06 am
that probably happens less often. now, i deeply regret it for many reasons. not the least of which is because people were hurt and that's never okay. >> so to give you a little context, she was speak at an auditorium of millenials, 30 under 30 summit in philadelphia, and she basically was talking to people who she said you probably don't really know who i am, except for a lyric in eminem or beyonce song. my name was used widely. she had to give everybody a lesson in who she was. how could we forget, those of us who went through this sad time in our country's history. but it's interesting, because the question then comes about with the cyber bullying, she claims that she was publicly shamed, humiliated.
9:07 am
>> she was. >> she was. >> but she was responsible for her actions. and she did say she does take blame for that. it's interesting. the first time you're saying she loved the president. i think it's interesting words but she said at the same time, she's like, i was -- let me find her words exactly. when i asked myself how best to describe how those last 16 years have felt, i always come back to that word shame. my own personal shame, shame that befell my family and shame that befell my country, our country. she's owning up to what happened in that time. >> can you imagine what this would have been like during -- at this point with social media? >> exactly. >> twitter wasn't around. >> google and her name -- the internet was around and that's when she became the first person that really became cyber bullied, in her words. >> i don't excuse what she did, but she has paid her penance. it's been 16 years. to her credit, she has laid low. she has been under the radar for the last decade or so. i'm sure she had opportunity after opportunity to make money, be out in public, do a reality
9:08 am
show, whatever she wanted to do. i'm not excusing what she did but, let's remember, there were two parties to that event. >> exactly. >> one of them has gone on and been applauded and paid lots of money to speak to people and the other has been shamed. >> it's her story, too. she owns this journey, as well. she has a right to speak on it as well whether someone else has political aspirations or not. and a lot of critics have pointed out to the timing. what time is the right time to tell your story? >> perhaps there is a teachable moment to young people out there, that you have to pay the -- you have to be aware of the consequences of your actions, things that you do now can forever live with you. and in your lifetime. >> especially with the internet now. >> the internet now. you put those pictures of yourself out there, that lives with you. that stays with you. that history stays with you. perhaps she is somebody who can look at this and say this is a teachable moment for young people. >> that's what she's doing. >> from something kind of serious with pictures, here is
9:09 am
something a little not so serious. pictures on the internet. a cook at a chili's near tampa, florida. he took some pictures. >> okay. >> at work while he's cooking. >> like this. >> like this, posing on the job. >> okay. >> on his facebook page. he has now since taken it down. he had the caption "sexy cooks of chili's." no offense but isn't that an oxymor oxymoron? >> are you saying he's not sexy? >> he thinks he is. there was no food harmed during that photo shoot. however, he was fired. chili's statement to nbc news, chili's clearly does not encourage this type of behavior in our restaurant. that's good to know. >> thank you, chili's. >> we maintain very high standards of food quality and safeness and the restaurant continues to follow these requirements. additionally, we ended this tea member's employment after learning of his conduct. >> was he fired because of the
9:10 am
cleanliness issue? >> you're not supposed to be shirtless fly freying my chicken tenders. >> backyard barbecue. >> more embarrassed, too. >> are you in the backyard shirtless? >> no, no. i wear a burlap sack, as completely covered as possible. and the restaurant also passed a health inspection. >> i want to go on the record and say this in no way asks my love affair with chili's and southwestern egg rolls. >> the baby back rib. >> really? >> oh! >> baby back, baby back, baby back -- get in my belly. >> can we get chili's? their queso is amazing. hey, chili's. >> chili's not a person. just so you know. >> they gave a statement. >> but they're not a person. >> hey, chili's. >> tamron hall is hitting on a restaurant.
9:11 am
wow! >> hi, chili's. how you doing? >> i guess your stomach is better after yesterday. >> i'm hungry. >> let's show you what's going on. this low pressure is bringing showers and thunderstorms along the coast. new york, cloudy skies already. rain will be moving in, in the next hour or two. boston, you could look for heavier rain late this evening on into tomorrow. as this system gets itself together over the next 24 hours, nor'easter bringing with it a lot of wet weather. because of this high pressure gradient up in canada squeezed between these two systems, those winds are really barreling in here. not only are we talking about anywhere from four to six inches of rain up along the coast of maine, beach erosion, wind gusts of over 45 miles an hour, airport delays from new york up into boston, probably down to washington as well. good morning, i am meteorologist bill henley. clouds and some breaks of sunshine before showers return later today. temperatures climb into the middle to upper 60s and winds
9:12 am
will be light today. tomorrow though steadier rainfall, gusty winds and chilly, 58 degrees. the wind will blow more showers into the area thursday with a high of 59. then the showers take a break, just in time for the weekend. friday, partly sunny, 63. upper 60s saturday and sunday, with sunny skies. 70 monday. have a great day. >> by the way, sad moment. mcdonald's announcing they will not have a national rollout of mcrib this year. >> what? is that true? >> that's true. individual stores can carry it if they want. no mcrib nationally. hello, ronald! >> not the country i grew up in. >> what happened to america? they should do a poll. >> yeah. hey, brittany -- >> thank you. >> brittany in our orange room mcrib, yes? #mcrib yes, #mcrib no. can you get on that? >> oh, no. >> done. >> done. speaking of the orange room,
9:13 am
have you ever had a rough time trying to teach your mom or dad something new? texting, tweeting, maybe giving their wardrobe a new look. >> yeah. >> what would you like to teach your mom or dad by logging on to you might be in an upcoming "today" segment. we'll pick a few of them. >> the opportunity to embarrass our moms and dads now? >> leyla was not very happy i'm wearing skinny jeans at this point. >> really? >> she thinks it's uncool. >> you've earned those jeans. you wear them. >> you're a rock star, al. speaking of rock star -- >> hey. >> behind all the makeup and costumes is one of the hardest working and most successful men in music. he arrived an immigrant and created a business empire. you know who it is. created a business empire. you know who it is. gene simmons, i did it.... created a business empire. you know who it is. gene simmons, i did it too... they took nature's bounty hair, skin and nails, it's a vitamin supplement that nourishes from the inside... with biotin for beautiful hair and strong nails. and vitamin c and e for vibrant skin. give it a month, if your hair, skin and nails
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9:17 am
several decades, it's mainly because this guy, gene simmons, made wild rock 'n' roll with these guy. >> not only is kiss one of the most famous rock 'n' roll bands but the 3,000 items they license around the world. gene simmons has been in charge of the marketing and branding and shares that in his new book "me, inc." >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i love this book. so much to learn and so much wisdom you impart in this book. everyone knows you for your hundred million cds, dvds sold, "new york times" best seller. the list goes on and on. people don't maybe know about your humble beginnings. >> very short because you've got a limited amount of time. i was born in israel. i don't look swiss. my mother was a survival of the concentration camps of nazi, germany. she taught me everything i knew. not a very well educated or sophisticated woman but
9:18 am
understands intrinsically what life is all about. we're here for a very short time and it is incumbent on you, you have a fiduciary duty and i would be remiss in mind if i don't hold this up. you're going to go to the potty. take this book with you. on a long train ride, take this with you. also, women out there, with your new cosmo and stuff, pick up this issue of "fortune" magazine. natalie, what does it say? >> the 50 most powerful women. >> so as you learn -- i mean this with respect. there's nobody more important to us than women. >> yep. >> you are the life givers, the backbone of families, without whom we would have chaos. for god sakes, read this thing. there are other things besides cosm o, spinach souffles, makeup. learn how to become the alpha female within you. >> it's important to do that. i've got a limited amount of time. it's an important book.
9:19 am
>> you say the art of as assimilation is -- >> i didn't invent this. i don't even have a horse in this race. english is my third language. i had to learn the language. life is this kind of -- what is the combination of finding out how to get money? look at you guys. you come from different, varied backgrounds. but we all agree, a jew from israel, natalie is hispanic, latino and you guys are a combination. rainbow of life as we know it. we all agree, it's not the tower of babble. it's not chaos. we all agree that in this place at this time, english is the language. great. we can also speak serbian, but if you spoke serbian and i spoke zimbabwe, we couldn't get anywhere fast. agree on the predominant culture so we can communicate. structure is wonderful. in our own free time, do whatever the heck you want to do.
9:20 am
>> if i'm an entrepreneur, i'm watching this, i'm saying of course you're rich. you're a rock star. you had a specific skill. how does that apply to someone watching? >> i came here with nothing, with my mother. i was an 8 1/2-year-old kid and became a legal immigrant because there is a difference. we went through the system and i learned what everybody should learn, which is english-speaking skills and then climb up the ladder of success. the doors -- by the way, america is the most wonderful country that has ever been here because it's given me, an immigrant who wasn't even born here, the same opportunities as a native-born child. what more could you want? all america is asking you to do is to tip the hat to the flag. just shut up for the minute that it's up there, "god bless america." you don't even have to say i pledge allegiance. just shut up. give it the respect. it's giving you all the opportunities in the world and this is not fancy business language. you can go on the train, on a plane ride and pick chapters up. women should read, lady
9:21 am
entrepreneurs. get your kids to read kid entrepreneur section in here. that lemonade stand where they charge money, learn about the price of goods, will teach them more about capitalism than all the school learning that they're going to get. >> gene simmons, thank you, sir. >> so good to have youç7here. >> "me, inc." read an excerpt on a big consumer alert patented sonic technology with up to 27% more brush movements.
9:22 am
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9:26 am
crest whitestrips work below the enamel surface, to whiten 25x better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest whitestrips. the way to whiten. good morning. i am tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> tracy, we started with a few showers this morning. now we're seeing lots of sunshine and scattered clouds. that's a live view from the comcast center in center city. we're watching the radar screen. there's still clouds hugging the coastline. a few scattered showers in cape may area. the rest of the area likely stays dry much of the rest of the day. 56 degrees, partly sunny skies in philadelphia. easterly wind at 3 miles per hour. sky 4 was over route 10 and cave road. one person was rescued and being
9:27 am
treated at the hospital. meantime, the person hit by the car in bucks county, they were over this scene. this is near wood born station in langhorne. near where the accident happened, there were delays as a result. that person injured is treated at saint mary medical center. a nearly eight our standoff ended with police taking the suspect into custody. it started at around 11:00 last night. the suspect accused of firing up to a dozen rounds from a third floor apartment. a number of apartments had to be evacuated to be safe. shortly after 6:00, police stormed the apartment and the suspect was brought out on a stretcher, no one was hurt. in atlantic county, police looking for the gunman that shot two people in a drive-by shooting in pleasantville around 1:30 this morning. police say the gunman opened fire and shot at least 30 rounds into that car. i am tracy davidson. we have another local update in 25 minutes. you can get the latest news and weather at
9:28 am
now back to the "today" show. have a great day.
9:29 am
9:30 am
welcome back to "today," tuesday, october 121st, 2014. >> flabbergasted. mcdonald's is not rolling out nationally the mcrib this year. just the local mcdonald's. so we asked, #mcrib yes, #mcrib no. and the word, brittany, so far is no? >> right. >> what? >> al, i don't want to ruin your world here, but -- >> america, what's wrong with you? >> voter fraud. >> you have some support but some people are tweeting in some good things. >> here is the other thing. you've had a few votes. normally we have a floodgate of voters on anything al throws out there. maybe mcrib is early 2000.
9:31 am
the kids are all in those dorito taco things now. >> cheeseburger 1934, but, boom, still there. >> mcrib lives on forever. >> kids are eating burritos wrapped in tacos with nachos and -- >> waffle. >> i don't know how you can even do the weather right now. >> i don't know if i can live in a country without the mcrib. oh, man. all right. today, we've got wet weather in the northeast, moving on into new england. windy conditions. pacific northwest looking at a lot of wet weather and windy conditions as well. high surf in southern california, 77. gulf coast looking good. a system we're watching on the gulf may bring a lot of heavy rain to central and southern florida. plains states on into northern texas, wet weather where they could use the rain and more windy and rainy conditions. cool as well, in the pacific northwest. that's what's going on around good morning, i am
9:32 am
meteorologist bill henley. clouds and some breaks of sunshine before showers return later today. temperatures climb into the middle to upper 60s and winds will be light today. tomorrow steady rainfall, gusty winds and a chilly one, 58 degrees. the wind will blow more showers into the area thursday with a high of 59. and then the showers take a break just in time for the weekend. friday, partly sunny, 63. upper 60s saturday and sunday, with sunny skies. 70 monday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> to our series "hope to it," create a place where special needs kids can let loose and have fun. >> started a dance studio in north carolina where kids can take classes for free and learn at their own pace. >> these are my shoes that i love to dance with. >> 5-year-old mia walters practices her dance moves with her best buddy, maddie. >> plie, makes me so happy when
9:33 am
i dance and makes me get some energy out. >> they're in a dance class made especially for them, dance-abilities, for kids with disability. >> these children are being included, not judged or stared at. they're just being loved and having a great time doing it. >> meet micha's mom, 32-year-ol tess walters. >> i have a daughter who has high-functioning aspberger's and a 2-year-old son who -- it's hard for her to focus for 45 minutes or an hour straight. >> trying to create a place for mia where she could dance at her own pace and not feel pressure to fit in. >> i have been a dancer my whole life. it was always a dream to open my own studio. it didn't evolve into a special
9:34 am
needs studio until i had my special needs kids. >> working an additional 60-plus hours a week, tess turning her dream into reality. >> we could not care less if your first position is perfect. we do not measure success of the child based on the mainstream levels. >> thanks to generous donations, dance-abilities opened its doors in june, offering free classes to those with special needs. >> i, for one, couldn't afford to put my daughter in a traditional, because it's too expensive. >> two months ago, dance abilities joined force with his capabilities. they have over 100 kids taking classes together. from hip hop -- >> dance makes me feel great. >> to karate. >> it made me so happy to see you. >> really? it makes me happy to see you, too. >> they are making these lifelong connections with these other kids. it's amazing to see. >> it's a judgment-free zone where kids are free to be
9:35 am
themselves. >> they don't treat them like they're different. they treat them just like you or me. >> and dance like everyone is watching. >> let's dance! >> that's so important for these kids to feel welcomed and loved and that they can do anything they want to do. >> bravo, tess. well done. >> up next, hillary clinton is not the only woman who can rock a pant suit. some of the biggest celebrities, like the new mrs. clooney, are wearing them. but there's a controversy brewing around the pant suit. >> no. >> yes. >> really? >> forget the mcrib. fashionistas have let me down for my tuesday trend, taking you fashionistas have let me down for my tuesday trend, taking you to task after right when you feel a cold sore, fashionistas have let me down for my tuesday trend, taking you to taabreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast,
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♪ ♪ name droppin' on them boys with the tags, don't stop ♪ ♪ me and my crew just droppin' and dancin' ♪ ♪ stop, stop and drop it ♪ you got me droppin' it up ♪ ♪ you got me droppin' it down well, hey, now to my tuesday trend, all about the pant suit. i dared to rock one a few weeks ago. i was hoping that, you know, i didn't get a million e-mails
9:40 am
from people saying it was terrible. i wore it with billy idol there in honor of his rock stardom. surprisingly, the overwhelming majority of you seemed to like the pant suit. we all know that pant suits are famous, most famous -- famously worn by miss hillary clinton, former secretary of state. in fact, if you check out her twitter bio, it says among other things, author, dog owner, pair suit efficianado. i asked you to send me your pant suit look, jump suit look and guess what, crickets, nada, zilch, nothing. apparently you like my red pant suit but you're on the fence about them. if they're not the look you think you can rock i have, of course, brought in some help. heavy backup, style expert olivia vasquez. i've asked for people to send your favorite kitchen appliance, send me your white blazer, western wear, not one person proud of their pant suit.
9:41 am
>> pant suits are one of those things that women love on other people but for some reason it's very hard to picture ourselves in them. it's a power statement. and i think it takes a lot of confidence. people need to think outside of traditional separates. >> okay. there's a tag sticking out of my shirt for those of you who were disturbed at home. it's a mike. pant suit i wore the other day. >> so cute. >> fall colors, red. it sat in my closet for three months because of fear of wearing it. >> this is great. >> hunger games collection. for girl on fire. this is something for the holiday that you can wear. i happen to like it but you pulled some. >> a bold statement. you can totally break it up and wear with other things in your closet. i love mixing prints as well. we did a floral top. this is the kind of pant suit where you want a cropped jacket, tailored pant because the print can feel overwhelming if it's a little bit bigger. >> you saw this on the rack, would you have pulled this for yourself, up or down? >> probably not until i tried it on.
9:42 am
>> see? it's one of those things. you have to try it on. you look gorgeous. >> angelina jolie, but also the new mrs. clooney, white jump suit she wore. >> her style is immaculate. women love that look. we actually did it with a knit top this sweater is from t.j. m maxx. this one is only $30. a little different than a blouse but it still looks fantastic. you get the runway look without the runway price tag. the pants. >> the pants are lovely. they have a flow. >> exactly. >> does that work with any body type? >> that works for all wep. slight boot cut. whether you're petite, curvy, plus size or petite. it's the perfect white pant to add to your collection going into the holiday season. you can even dress it up with gold accessories. bling on her shoes. these are from chinese laundry. they make the look festive, fun and very sophisticated. >> moving on to the jump suit,
9:43 am
it is on fire right now. "the wall street journal" recently wrote about it, saying the former territory of toddlers, auto mechanics and clowns are becoming what once was unthinkable to a woman. i always channel diana ross, central park. this is beautiful. >> jump suits right now, i cannot get north of of them. every woman i talk to is saying to me how do i incorporate this into my wardrobe? look for one in a bold color. >> got it. >> if you're on the fence, do one that's a little bit softer. this one is in a jersey. it drapes beautifully on the body. this one happens to be sleeveless. if you want to wear it during the day to work or to the office, you can add a coat like we did. this one here is from century 21 or you can add a blazer. that's an easy way to transition jump suits so they work for day and night. >> you can wear it plain, add a belt, add a coat. with a blazer. >> you love belts. >> i do. >> thaet's the best way to brea
9:44 am
up a jump suit. >> because i have a very high waist. come on, girls! young singing sensation who became a breakout star as part of team christina on "the voice," jacquie lee has some new music and will perform it for us right after this. [ high-pitched ] nailed it! [ normal voice ] you're right, that was really easy. i know, i told you so. on, you can compare our progressive direct rates with our competitors' rates, so shopping is easy. you don't sound like flo. [high-pitched] yeah, i do. [ clears throat ] who you talking to? [ normal voice ] what? what's on your hand? noth-- my wedding ring. [chuckles] symbol of our love and understanding. comparing rates for you. now that's progressive. [ high-pitched ] nailed it!
9:45 am
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9:49 am
breakout year for you. hasn't it? >> it has. it's been awesome since the show -- being able to do my own music and release of "e.p.." it's just been amazing. >> what's the song you're going to do for us? >> "broken ones." >> take it away, jacquie. ♪ cross your heart and say you've never given up that you carried on when every door was shut that you live you live with no regret we wear a smile to hide that we've been hurt before keep our disasters in a suitcase by the door cause you know you know we're only human ♪
9:50 am
♪ so lay your hands on the left behind we all know how it feels to be forgotten for a while in a crowded place trying not to feel alone just remember that we've all been broken once let's love the broken ones ♪ ♪ raise a glass to all the words we never say we do our best but still we look the other way cause sometimes it's easier to run cause after all we're only human ♪ ♪ so lay your hands on the left
9:51 am
behind we all know how it feels to be forgotten for a while in a crowded place trying not to feel alone just remember that we've all been broken once let's love the broken ones ♪ ♪ yeah love the broken ones oh ♪ ♪ sometimes we're left behind feel like the only one but we were born to try yeah we're only human ♪ ♪ so lay your hands on the left behind yeah we all know how it feels to be forgotten for a while
9:52 am
in a crowded place trying not to feel so alone just remember that we've all been broken once so let's love the broken ones ♪ ♪ yeah yeah love the broken ones oh whoa love the broken ones whoa oh love the broken ones yeah yeah let's love the broken ones ♪ >> fantastic! >> sounded wiser than your years. that was amazing. >> thank you.
9:53 am
>> ja krchcquie will be stickin around to do a q & a so be su
9:55 am
jenna bush hager back in today. >> all-stars today, don't we? sofia vergara, keanu reeves, william shatner. >> are you jealous? >> my god, i love shatner. >> be sure to say hi. >> mcrib is leading 51%.
9:56 am
good morning, i'm vai sikahema. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with the forecast. a little warmer than yesterday? >> yeah. temperatures never got cold this morning. with sunshine, things are warming up quickly. got a nice day ahead. later today we will see clouds return with a chance of showers. blue skies over the comcast centers. 58 in philadelphia. wildwood already in the 60s this morning. this is a view from the studio,
9:57 am
a few scattered clouds. lots of sunshine. later today clouds return with a chance of some evening showers. thank you. all pocono mountain school district schools are closed today as the search continues for suspected state trooper killer eric frein. last night, law enforcement official reported seeing frein near a post office not far from friday's sighting at his former high school. frein is charged with killing one trooper, wounding another when he ambushed their barracks in september. schools were supposed to be open today, students kept inside. however, officials decided to close schools instead. fire in philadelphia frankfurt section forces several from their homes. started in a second floor apartment on granite street. no one was hurt. investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started. i am vai sikahema. another update in about 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather on we will send you back to the "today" show. have a great day. see you in about a half hour.
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. it is booze day tuesday, october 21st. kathie lee is taking another day off. with me, i have jenna bush hager. welcome to the party. we're excited because we have a whole big group of celebs with us today. sophia vergara is here. keanu reeves has a new movie out. he's here. william shatner is here. >> love it. >> he's so funny. i don't know if you've ever seen this show, a new show on nbc called "marry me". the star of "marry me" will be
10:01 am
with us. i was watching the show drinking a snapple in my apartment. i was drinking it and i spit it out all over -- it was gross. i didn't know i had it in me. it is great. it is. >> i did laugh out loud. i think any couple can relate with it. it is hilarious. >> it is a big day today. we have news in the movie world. >> big news. >> "sharknado 3" is coming. >> where is it coming to, hoda? >> d.c. washington, d.c. these things are huge juggernauts. and, jenna, i think we should all make a petition to get on the show. you saw matt and al. >> yes. >> okay. kathie lee and i begged to get on "sharknado 2". >> i can't believe they didn't let you on it. you know what sharks like? >> what? >> red wine. >> they do? >> sharks love red wine. >> how do you know that? is that true? >> i don't think so, but the thing is -- we could write that
10:02 am
into the script. >> exactly. they're calling it -- it is the east coast, they're calling it the feast coast, all the way up florida, d.c. area, virginia and all that. we're going to petition to get on. kathie lee claims that we actually turned it down and al and matt got it. but, no, we begged for it, didn't get it, they gave it to al and matt, but we're getting -- >> i think because sharks like red wine -- >> you have a chance. >> you have a place. i don't know about kathie lee. she likes white. but you could have a starring role. >> i had a late night last night. i went to this thing called the angel ball. a great fund-raising event. a woman named denise rich's young daughter passed away from cancer. she has this event every year. it brings out all kinds of interesting people. >> looking hot. >> alicia keys, sofia vergara, she looked great on the red carpet. alicia keys was the surprise guest. she sang -- she was so
10:03 am
beautiful. she sang that great song, her new song she has out. >> i love that. what is that? i love that song. >> it is called "i am here." it is a beautiful song. download it if you haven't. it is a great event. i just want to say thanks to denise rich. okay. we were talking about mila's halloween costume. >> the most important thing. >> we were deciding between belvis, baby elvis, and a pinata. >> what did you want? >> i think she'll probably wear both at some point, because she has a lot of baby parties to go to. but look at that elvis, look at her little -- >> i know. the lip. here it is. the winner according to all of our fans of the show is -- >> the pinata? >> the pinata, 76%. and the confetti. >> oh, my gosh. she's going to be so cute. >> she is sweet as sugar. get it. you know what a pinata is stuffed with?
10:04 am
candy. maybe she'll be a pinata. thank you, guys. i'm sure mila is thrilled. >> she has no idea. this say weird morning for you, wasn't it? >> yeah. >> go to sleep, everything is fine, you and you wake up and you hear the news of oscar de la renta. >> every night i plug in my phone and put it away around 10:00, i want to talk to my husband and not worry about the next day. i wake up from a text from my sister and mom and seniors here on the show. and i found out that oscar de la renta passed. my husband was still asleep and he heard me say oh, no. he was so beloved by me and my family. he -- i had the honor of knowing him. he made my wedding dress. and i said earlier, it was this magical day. every girl, this is the sketch he drew for me, but every girl dreams of this day. he was such a gentleman. i walked in and he said this is the dress. but yours will be white white because of your skin color. he was such a genius. i tried on one dress.
10:05 am
that was it. he said now we need the most important accessory. and he put his arm out for me and he grabbed the flowers that were on the table and he walked me through his studio. and we went and had this lovely italian lunch. i just -- he was a gentleman, a true gentleman. >> i think a lot of us know him just from who -- just his name and the dress and on the red carpet to have a real personal relationship, he was close with your mom too. >> very close, very, very close. i think hopefully she'll be coming up this week and we can be together at the funeral. but she adored him. and i think my -- in many ways he reminds me of my grandpa, a true gentleman and that era where treating ladies like ladies and opening the doors and my mom had a special connection with him for sure. >> he's sort of every man. he didn't seem like the elite, did he? >> no, he obviously made expensive beautiful clothes, but i don't think it was about that. i think it was about making a woman feel beautiful, and being
10:06 am
kind. he's done such great work in this country and dominican republic where he was from. and he came from very humble beginnings. so, anyway, i -- >> i was struck by this before, but you know so many people, and you meet so many new people every day and there is something about your connection with him that was unique. >> yeah. >> he was part -- he said when mila was born, he sent her three dresses and said we have to start her off early. henry was like, oh, no. i better go back to work. he's been a big part of all of these very special occasions in my life and in my family's life. so we adored him. and we'll miss him dearly. >> you know he got a start dressing jackie o. and he dressed your mother, he dressed hillary clinton, michelle obama, it was beautiful. >> okay. >> something a little happier. >> battle rounds last night of the voice. okay. i didn't get to see them last night, we were both out, okay. so here is the first one. it is team gwen, ryan versus
10:07 am
jesse, jesse is a girl. take a look. >> thank you for that clarification. >> you're welcome. ♪ i need your love i need your time ♪ ♪ when everything is wrong you make it right ♪ ♪ feel so right i need to be free with you tonight ♪ ♪ now i'm dreaming will i ever find you now ♪ ♪ i walk in circles but i never figure out ♪ ♪ what i mean to you do i belong ♪ ♪ i try to fight this but i know i'm not that strong ♪ >> okay. who is the winner? >> i say one, two, three -- jesse. >> ryan. she says jesse, i say ryan. let's see. >> the winner of this battle is going to be ryan. >> ryan's moving on to the knockouts, representing gwen
10:08 am
stefani. thank you so much. we got a steal! blake shelton! a steal from blake! >> i knew it. >> i love you, blake. >> right? >> by the way, you know what i love, ryan is jumping up and down when she gets saved. gwen is jumping up and down when she gets saved. >> we both win. >> team pharrell this is danica versus toyia. danica is wearing the red belt. take a look. ♪ i'm never gonna shut you out ♪ ♪ every i go until now ♪ ♪ i'm surrounded by your face ♪ ♪ baby i can see your halo ♪ ♪ you know you're my saving grace ♪ ♪ you're everything i need and more ♪ ♪ printed all over your face ♪ ♪ baby i can feel
10:09 am
your halo ♪ ♪ i know you're my saving grace ♪ ♪ halo, halo halo, halo ♪ ♪ i can see your halo ♪ >> wow. oh, my gosh. okay, that one was impossible. >> that's hard. i still know. >> okay. >> even though i got the last one wrong. one, two, three -- >> toyia. >> danica. >> danica has the red belt. toyia is -- let's see. >> pharrell, who is the winner of this battle? >> i'm going to choose danica. >> the danica moving on to the knockout round. what -- toyia is available for a steal. we've got a steal.
10:10 am
>> okay, toyia. >> i think i'm going to adam. >> adam levine. >> congrats to both of them. i wish we had seen the entire show. >> it is so good. "the voice," the battle rounds continue tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central. so, please, tune in. that's all the chat time we have. >> i want to keep talking. >> we want to keep talking. >> we like talking to each other. >> from crafts to cookies and costumes, we're digging into the shopping bag for halloween fun. >> and you know what else we're digging? ♪ when he first joined the army, i was very nervous. ♪
10:11 am
we didn't know what they would have him doing. ♪ but, bobby always had a plan. ♪ [ male announcer ] with unmatched training in over 150 careers beyond the battlefield, there are over 150 surprising ways to become army strong. talk to your son or daughter about opportunities in the army. talk to your son or daughter walmart pharmacy is now a pin even more medicare part d plans. if you're a member in a plan where walmart is a preferred pharmacy, you could save up to 80% on your copays over other pharmacies. and this could lower your prescription co-pays to as low as a dollar. there's an easy way to save, so you can spend your time doing the things you enjoy the most. learn about plans available in your area by calling 1-888-966-2790 or visit save money. live better. walmart. she can cook stuff super fast. super powers. watch this. hey mom when's.... dinner!
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10:14 am
made hearts race in "speed". >> who can forget his leading role in this blockbuster sci-fi trilogy "the matrix." now he's getting hearts pounding in the new film "john wick". >> he plays an ex-assassin who leaves the crime world behind, but when a thug invades his home and kills his dog, he finds himself thrown back into his old ways. take a look. >> just a dog. >> just a dog? when he died, i lost everything, until that dog arrived on that doorstep, the final gift from my wife, an opportunity to grieve unalone. and your son took that from me. took that from me! people keep asking if i'm back. yeah, i'm thinking i'm back.
10:15 am
>> scared of you. >> scared. >> wow. >> john wick is pretty intense. >> so, wait, you killed in this movie -- your character killed 84 people over a dog, right? >> yeah. >> is that about right? >> yeah. >> that's wait it goes. >> yeah. he's on a mission to reclaim something that was taken from him. and so it is not -- it is more like they're in the way. and i'm trying to get the person who did that to me. >> they're all kind of collateral damage. >> yeah, they're kind of in the way. it is a bit of a -- you go on this journey with john, but it is a bit of a fantasy in a way, you know what i mean? you have this feeling where something is taken away, you want it back, in the movie there is this -- you want him to get his life back and to, you know, because we all want -- it is not revenge. but it is like reclaiming. >> okay. >> and then along the way he meets some interesting charac r
10:16 am
characters in the underworld. there is some humor. it is intense, funny. >> you know, you're known for your stunts. you just had a big birthday, you and hoda have that in common. >> happy birthday. >> i think i'm older than you. mine was august. when is yours? >> september. >> oh. barely, by a month. >> i'm older than you. >> you do amazing stunts. you still got it in you? >> i don't do stunts. >> you don't do stunts? >> no, stunt people do stunts. i try to do as much as i can. and for the picture, i trained for three months and there is judo and jujitsu and gun play and car fu. >> car fu? >> you drift and while you are drifting around, you shoot someone out the window. >> i'm into that. i got to watch the master. >> can we teach hoda how to do car fu. >> we have to get all the props. >> that's what makes the film
10:17 am
fun. >> it sounds like a great film. can we play a game? do we have a little time? >> what are we playing? >> spin the bottle. >> we're not kissing, though. i do this every time. one, two three. >> go to the back and pull out the thing. >> what is the thing? >> i'll do it again for keanu. >> there you go. just take the one closest to you. >> there we go. >> what is the question? would you rather ride two wheels or four? >> i'm going to pick two wheels. >> two wheels. >> you ride a motorcycle? >> yeah, i have a motorcycle company, i ride motorcycles every day. >> do you have the costume and everything? >> costume? >> the sexy man motorcycle outfit? >> absolutely. >> yeah. >> okay. >> we wish you good luck with this film. it is called "john wick", hits theaters this friday. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> she jokes for a living on modern family. but sofia vergara has a message she wants all women to take
10:18 am
seriously. and jill opens ugh. does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it. resolve it. our new formula not only cleans and freshens but also softens your carpet so it's always inviting. resolve. a carpet that welcomes you.
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i like to mix things up a bit with grands mini pot pies only four ingredients. and a few easy steps. week night dinner in a flash. and my family devours them. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop. when he first joined the army, i was very nervous. ♪ we didn't know what they would have him doing. ♪ but, bobby always had a plan. ♪ [ male announcer ] with unmatched training in over 150 careers beyond the battlefield, there are over 150 surprising ways to become army strong. talk to your son or daughter
10:21 am
about opportunities in the army. all right, this is going to be fun. time to open up jill's shopping bag and find all kinds of halloween fun for the kids. >> jill martin is here with spooktacular ideas. >> i can't even look at you. >> she's a shower. she brought along some of her favorite friends. >> please talk about your outfit. >> here's the thing. i wanted to make it from a hula hoop and my old shower curtain. then i put it in spirit halloween and it came up. it comes like this. >> you bought the whole package. >> it came like this. it took a couple of lawyers, but i'm here. >> for actual halloween, you just need a nude body suit. >> you're right. let's start with -- >> little baby nolan. >> hi. >> a baby's first halloween. we have this little outfit, this boo and cat outfit. >> i can't even -- >> from space cadets.
10:22 am
they have all these themed outfits for a baby's first halloween and the socks. and then -- oh, i forgot to tell you, this doesn't fit my big head, but i brought you hats. anyway, look at what i look like. i think everyone wins. these are great from amazon, these little pumpkin and boo pacifiers. this is sort of involving your child for under $10. and the baskets are pottery barn kids. i made one for each of the kids here today. >> let's go down to ashlyn and alana. >> we saw them when they were little and now they're big girls. hi. >> what are you making? >> hi, guys. >> do you love halloween? >> they're princesses, right? >> okay. >> so, do you like what you're making? >> yeah. >> we picked this out together. okay. let's start with kiwi. you see all this stuff here, it comes all in there.
10:23 am
this is hours of fun. they can make the candle. >> did you make this? >> no, but did you make that one? >> yours is pretty. >> alana, yours looks awesome too. >> to keep everyone occupied with the pumpkin, from amazon, you have the stickers, you have the tent which is great to play in, you don't have to ruin the floor, and the bubbles. can you wave. say good-bye to the princesses. okay. now can everyone turn around that way so we can check out captain america and the teenage mutant ninja turtle. this is ansel owen and parker. there is some of the costumes from spirit halloween. you're the cutest. and this is a way to get your children happy. this is from williams sonoma, cookies to decorate and then you can decorate your own gingerbread house. >> he's like don't take me away from the sugar. >> and show boom. boom. no. >> okay.
10:24 am
>> that is a saw. >> now this is steel and canon. this you're-- you're a fan. you broke the record on sunday. and from space cadets we have bracelets you can make and give as a gift. theo, you have a gift. >> what do you have? >> for jenna's daughter mila. >> oh, my gosh. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, thank you. >> these are awesome. >> bye, you guys. that was awesome. >> all right. the gorgeous star of "modern family" sofia vergara is with us. what she wants women to know. william shatner only goes where he's never gone before. a home makeover odyssey. first, your local news. "life is better on the farm." we always say, and that's because we love what we do...
10:25 am
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that's really good. excellent, delicious... and yummy! honey bunches of oats. tasty! yummy! because i make the best chicken noodle soup >>because i make the best chicken noodle soup because i make the best chicken noodle soup for every way you make chicken noodle soup, make it delicious with swanson® look who's here! good morning. i'm vai sikahema. let's get our first alert forecast from bill henley. >> so far, so good. we're seeing lots of sunshine. the clouds broke after a few scattered showers this morning.
10:27 am
still a possibility of showers later today. until then, we are just watching the temperatures climb. sunshine over the city, 58 degrees. wilmington up to 59. in the 60s for dover and wildwood. sunshine and clouds and temperatures into the 60s. chance of showers this evening. nearly eight hour long standoff ended this morning with police taking the suspect into custody. this started around 11:00 last night. the suspect is accused of firing up to a dozen rounds from his third-floor apartment. a number of apartments were evacuated to be safe. shortly after 6:00 a.m., police stormed the apartment and the suspect was brought out on a stretcher, as you see here. no one was hurt. police are looking for gunman who shot two people in a drive-by shooting in pleasantville. it happened around 1:30 this morning on broad street. the gunman opened fire and shot
10:28 am
at least 30 rounds into the car. one of the speakers at the 30 under 30 summit is no bell peace price winner. then later tonight, the 17-year-old will be awarded the 2014 liberty medal. it's given to a person of courage and conviction who strives to secure the blessings of lib erty to people around th globe. now she's a worldwide advocate for girls' rights to education. she's the youngest ever nobel peace prize winner. i'm vai sikahema. a full hour of news in 30 minutes. we will see you then.
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back with more of "today" on this booze day tuesday. a woman who is funny, smart, gorgeous. >> enough about you, hoda. we're talking about actress, businesswoman and cover girl sofia vergara. >> thank you, girls. >> she makes us laugh every week. it is a feisty colombian trophy wife on the emmy winning sitcom "m "modern family". >> i love that show. she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer four years ago. she decided to team up with abde to help raise awareness about hypothyroidism. >> you look very good. >> before we get to it i want to hear all about this, can we
10:31 am
look, this is -- you made us all feel terrible, okay? >> thank you. >> 42 years old and you look -- >> i know. it is awful. >> no, it is not. >> i try to, like, accept it, but when you say it, when somebody says it, 42, sounds awful. >> when did it happen? >> i can't complain. i feel great. >> let's talk about this real quick. i didn't know you were sick all those years ago. the first i heard of it. >> yeah, i mean, i really never was, like, in a really bad situation because i didn't have symptoms when i had my cancer. i went for a checkup and that's how they found it and immediately they knew what to do, i had a thyroid -- my thyroid removed. so that's why now i suffer from hypothyroidism and that's why i -- it was great for me to team up and with this campaign, with follow the script campaign because it is something that i can relate to, something i went
10:32 am
through, i suffer hypothyroidism, i have to take the pill every morning and one of the most important things i realized, that helped me, is that i am very into it and very, how do you say, educated about it. i'm not ignorant about my situation, and i think that's a big thing. >> educated. >> yes. >> and that's a big thing with this disease, hypothyroidism, people go through a lot of things not knowing what they have. and if you go in and get yourself -- i do care about it, you can help. >> empower. >> exactly. okay. well, it is interesting, we're talking about how good you look. sometimes people with weight issues s s say it is about the thyroid. >> there is many different symptoms. that's why it is great to have -- that's why i want women to go inside and they can go and follow this campaign. i have this, i don't have this. not everybody has the same. i didn't have any of the symptoms because my cancer was,
10:33 am
like, very growing very slowly. but they do have to take it out. and now i do have hypothyroidism. >> all right. >> now i feel great. i work out more now than ever in my life. >> what is your motto? you eat sweets, right? >> i'm obsessed with sweets and cake. that's my passion. i have a sweet tooth. and at this age i have to give something out, so i said, okay, i'll work out, but i'm not going to give into my -- >> no pain, no cake. >> i like that. >> you have two passions. you don't just have cake. you have a passion and his name is joe manganiello. by the way, stop it with him. can you please tell us what it is like, because we saw him sitting in this chair and -- >> we couldn't believe it. >> i feel like i'm -- to me, he's, like, another species. i look at him, like, i feel like i am, like, in the movie where an alien lands and i am the one that gets to play with it.
10:34 am
>> you are one lucky human being. you are one lucky human being. >> wow. >> i can't complain. i'm 42, girls. hello. >> you turn -- when i turn 42 i too could have him? >> yes. >> you can have him. >> not him. >> but one like him. >> but one like him. >> it is a paparazzi all over the place with you two? >> yes. a little too crazy, but i guess you just have to accept it, but sometimes it gets a little too, you know, when you're going out with somebody, you want to go places, you don't want to be, like, you want to live -- you want to go to restaurants and things, so it is, like, you know. >> we want to be your best friend. >> can we? >> you can be my best friend. you have to have cake for me. in your house when you invite me. >> "modern family," just pure laughs all the time? >> it is amazing, yes. i think it is -- you know what, why the show works so well is
10:35 am
because we love each other. we have such a great time together. it is, like, on the set, it is, like, it is a pleasure. of all my work that i do, filming "modern family" is the most, like, fun. >> we love you. thank you for coming. >> thank you for having me, girls. >> for more information about the benefits and side effects, visit william shatner shows off his entrepreneurizing favorite exploring the strange new
10:36 am
♪ when he first joined the army, i was very nervous. ♪ we didn't know what they would have him doing. ♪ but, bobby always had a plan. ♪ [ male announcer ] with unmatched training in over 150 careers beyond the battlefield, there are over 150 surprising ways to become army strong. talk to your son or daughter about opportunities in the army.
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10:39 am
after conquering the final frontier and boldly going where no man has gone before, william shatner is about to do something adventurous close to home. >> he's remodeling a kitchen with his wife on his new diy series "the shatner project." he trades his phaser for a sledgehammer and prepare to be stunned. >> i'm ready. >> space, i know all about it. i have this big old house and it has lots of space, but it needs work. broken this, outdated that. i'm william shatner and i deserve better than this. the adventure begins. watch as my beautiful wife liz
10:40 am
takes me far out of my comfort zone and we renovate our old house. >> okay. loving it already. where did the idea come from? was it yours or your wife's? >> i think it was diy network, if i remember, yeah. they said, this house looks like it needs work. and we hastily agreed. in shooting the promo, i lifted up a faucet and the handle came off. >> in william shatner's house. >> i said the handle came off. i said maybe you have a point. the 20-year-old appliances need to be replaced and me, i needed to be replaced. >> we don't want to replace you. >> well, i needed a resurrection or something, a refurbishing. so that's what happened. it was an adventure. >> are you a diy fan? are you a secret design person? >> you know, it is an exciting event. it is like cosmetic surgery. i don't know.
10:41 am
i'm merely surmising. i'm looking up in the air. it is like cosmetic surgery. you look at your face in the mirror and think i should do something about this and then you do something and you're all swollen and lumpy when you come out and you think, what have i done? that's like when the construction people are there and they have destroyed everything and then start to rebuild. i guess the swelling is going down. finally one day you look in the mirror, wow. >> fantastic. >> let's see the before and afters. >> yes, exactly. >> we have a couple of before and afters. this is -- i think your kitchen. that's the before. >> that's the dog -- that was the kennel kitchen. we wanted to make it into a kitchen kennel. we had four dobermans. >> that is beautiful. >> my wife had the idea of hiding the dog crates, which you need to do, and there they are hidden. you can't see them there. >> let's look at the flooring. here is the before. >> where is this? >> this is the living room. now there are french pavers
10:42 am
there. i put them in, like from a french castle, 20 years ago, okay. so they say you need to change the flooring. >> here is the after. >> what do we -- what is the chance, what do you do? do you put in wooden flooring, lift up the pavers? there was oak flooring down there. do you lift that up? what are you going to get? open the walls. walls, breaking down walls. >> that's a ten. >> that looks beautiful. now we have the walls before, speaking of. >> here is a small -- what we call a small media room. so my wife is a great photographer. >> okay. >> so around a great photograph that she took of light refracting on orchid leaves, we decided to make that the center point and paint the rest of the room dark so you would -- that would be the -- >> that is very romantic. >> it is romantic. it is useful. it gets elizabeth shatner's
10:43 am
talent out there. >> beautiful photograph, by the way. does she sell her pictures? >> yes. >> of course she does. >> >> we hear there is another movie, a star trek movie. >> that's what i heard. >> what are you doing in that? >> i don't know. i thought i was directing it, but, no. >> are you in it? >> i don't know. would you inquire for me? >> we'll do it right now. >> there has to be. >> cameo. >> he wants the main part. >> dreadful word. what is a cameo? you should be wearing a cameo, not -- >> what about george? >> i don't know if he can. >> are you guys like this? >> i don't know who he is. i haven't seen him in 50 years. >> i saw him recently. he was on the -- >> he's disturbed. by me, i guess. >> i guess there is still a little bit of a -- >> no, i don't know him. i don't even speak of him. >> yeah. >> his name doesn't come up --
10:44 am
but now that you mentioned it. >> let's talk about him. >> this is such a fun show. you're very brave to do this with your wife. >> the do it yourself network, thursday at 10:00, is when it is on. >> diy network. >> diy network. >> thank you so much. >> pleasure to see you. >> william may know something about this, getting engaged after six years of dating -- >> don't do it. >> don't get engaged, he says. what happens when you move in together. >> ken marino knows all about it. >> ken marino knows all about it. he's going to spill right after when we invented clarisonic is 'how do you unplug a pore?' and from that it involved into 'how do you transform the look and feel of your skin?' and the answer was simple, sonic technology. our patented sonic frequency works with your skin's elasticity to remove dirt, makeup, and impurities. everyday people come up to me and say, "dr. robb clarisonic has not only transformed my skin, but my life!" soft, smooth, and radiant skin, in just 60 seconds. we invented clarisonic so you could reinvent your skin.
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want to start out by saying i love this show. comedy fans probably know actor and screenwriter ken marino from cult favorites like "veronica mars," "party down" and "children's hospital" and keeping up laughing with this brand-new nbc sitcom, remember the name of this, it is called "marry me". >> ken starts as jake who moves in with his long time love and fiancee annie.
10:49 am
they have to figure out who really wears the pants in the relationship. take a look. >> i guess it is just us. >> yep. >> wow. you brought all this stuff. wow. >> i tell you where i'm going to start. i'm going to take off my pants and i'm going to mount that tv to the wall right there. >> wow, that was a real roaster coaster ride. why are you taking your pants off? >> because i'm hot and i want to put on some shorts. >> that's great. but i already have a great tv in here. >> it is great. absolutely. for the bathroom. >> okay. i watched this show for the first time the other day. and i was enjoying a snapple and i literally -- i haven't had any liquid come out of my nose in years. this thing was such fun to watch. >> you had a snapple spit take. >> i did. >> that's what we're going for. if we can have one snapple spit take, that's what we say every morning. >> at night? >> when we shoot, that's our mantra in the morning. >> you have a great chemistry. did you know one another before -- >> we did.
10:50 am
casey is married to david cast, the creator of the show who wrote "happy endings" and this show. we knew each other a little bit. what is interesting is david is very jealous guy and he won't let me work with casey. so i actually do most of my stuff with somebody in a motion capture suit with the tennis balls. and andy is the guy who did "planet of the apes," i do my stuff with him and they put in casey afterwards. but apparently the chemistry is great. >> it is amazing they can do that on green screen. i've been married for a couple of years, anyone can relate with this. i wanted to get rid of henry's stuff immediately. >> you've been married six years. >> six years. doesn't feel like a day over seven. just got married. can you relate to this? >> the proposal, in the first episode, the proposal is super awkward. my proposal is very nice, actually. we proposed in central park. and it was -- it was a little -- it rained a little bit, a little
10:51 am
moist. but it was -- >> gross. >> we try not to use that -- >> i tried to do it right, i tried to ask her dad to, you know, for his permission. and i had the daunting task of asking her dad who is a karate master, like a -- a multiñ -- multiple degree -- >> is that him? i'm scared. >> i had to ask him for his daughter's hand in marriage. it was fine. it went great. he's a sweet guy. tough guy but sweet guy. we went down and visited his dojo, his school. and i was, like, okay, he's my father-in-law to be, i'll ask him some questions and it was -- there was this piece of wood on a column, that looked like it was punched a lot. i was, like, i said, what knuckles do you use to -- how do you hit that thing? before i could finish, he did this thing where he came real close to my face, just kind of snapped it. lightning quick and it wasn't -- he didn't touch my nose, but if knuckles can blow on your nose, that's what basically happened. and i was, like, oh, god.
10:52 am
he leaned back and he smiled at me and i smiled at him and i don't know if he said it, but i heard it loud and clear, which was him saying, you better take care of my daughter. and i smiled back and i don't know if i said it, but i think he heard it loud and clear, yes, sir, of course, anything you want. >> whatever you want. >> it is a great show. we're so happy you came to see us. please watch this episode. new episode of "marry me" tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central right after "the voice." worth your time. >> we'll be watching it for sure. we're back in a moment, but first this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
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we had a great time, i want to thank jenna for helping me out the past couple of days. tomorrow, gavin degraw. >> how much fun. wait. >> what's that? >> it's a bird. it's a plane. it's a cameraman.
10:56 am
>> no it is steve rutherford. >> it is awesome with the backdrop. it works. >> i like it. tell us what you're doing in your get up. >> today, i'm actually visiting kids at the hospital for surgery, the pediatric unit. i was go to wear my football jersey because i play for the new york giants, but i don't think they would be as excited as this uniform. >> what does that feel like? >> i never thought i would make it into the nfl. and the fact that it is ten years later, i'm a super bowl champion and they actually care that i come there, an amazing opportunity for me and -- >> they call you superman. >> can you do a jump for us? jump. do a jump. one, two, and go! >> that wasn't really -- >> thank you so much. thank you so much. >> thanks, steve. for creative ways to make costumes -- >> have an awesome booze day
10:57 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00, schools are closed once again in the poe co-now mountain school district one day after another possible sighting of alleged killer eric frein, the man wanted for a deadly shooting at a state police barracks. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. state police tell nbc 10 the school leaders made that decision this morning as a precaution. frein has been on the run for 39 days. jessie gary was there when class was canceled. >> reporter: the mount pocono school district made a decision to close all the schools after the most recent sighting of