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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  October 23, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> i'm chris cato, kind of a groundhog day effect. meteorologist bill henley has the "first alert" forecast. >> good morning. we see rain and wind, now the rain is quickly moving back towards philadelphia. it's been dry the last couple of hours in center city. you can see clouds over center city. look at the radar, it shows rain moving in from the northeast. scattered showers in the allentown area. we're tracking showers at the shore. cape may, dewey beach and rehoboth seeing rainfall. that rain falling farther to the north. lighter in lehigh county and berks county, but steadier rain moving through the trenton area. temperatures holding steady, veshgs in the city, 50 in trenton and wilmington 53 degrees. it won't be an all-day rainfall, but occasional showers and not much of a warmup. by 9:00, 51. 53 degrees at lunchtime. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood. when i come back, first, jillian
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mele is seeing some rainfall in the traffic cameras. >> good morning, bill. especially in southern delaware. this is a live look at route 1 just at rehoboth beach. you can expect to see slippery conditions this morning. so if you're wabing up iwaking southern delaware, be sure to take your time. the vine street expressway looking good near 8th street. no accident. but i do have an update on two accidents we've been following. this cleared off the p.a. turnpike eastbound off of willow grove. then in wynnewood, remington road has been reopened between lancaster avenue and haverford road. the pole is still out there so crews have one lane blocked in that area. if you want to avoid it, morris road is the best step. now to the deadly parliament shooting in ottawa. this morning, a memorial stands for the canadian soldier nathan cirillo who was killed outside of canada's parliament.
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flowers and cards are now on the sidewalk outside of an armory at his hometown of ontario. this morning, parliament is locked down but questions remain about the sheerer and his motives. nbc10's monique braxton is live in the control center. what have we learned? >> reporter: this morning, investigators trying to answer the tough question, why the gunman opened fire in the canadian capital. overnight, we've been working to bring you up to date on the investigation. here's what we do know. bibeau allegedly shot and killed cirillo outside the memorial. bibeau hijacked a car and into the parliament building. cameras were rolling when dozens of shots were fired. [ gunfire ] bibeau was also kill ted scene. this morning, sergeant at arms
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kevin vicars is being hailed as a hero after gunning down bebo. vickers' family spoke to us. >> we're relieved to know he's okay first and foremost. secondly, being very proud of him that he had to do what he had to do when his nation called upon him to do it. >> reporter: we've also learned that bibeau, the gunman is a canadian citizen who converted to its lal. again, police are search, for the motive. they also want to know if he acted alone. this is an investigation we're definitely monitoring. live in the d.o.c., monique braxton, "nbc10 news." 5:33 now. this morning, new reals in effect to deal with ebola concerns in the u.s. the government regulations apply to airline passengers including americans who arrive from west africa. monitoring will begin in six states including pennsylvania and new jersey. air travelers from west africa will be observed for 21 days for ebola symptoms. that means that local health
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county officials may call, e-mail or visit those travelers at home once on u.s. soil. here's the latest on two ebola patients. doctors say they no longer detect the virus in amber vinson. that word from her mother. vinson is the cleveland nurse who blew from cleveland and back. and also the nbc news cameraman ashoka mukpo will be heading home today. americans do want more checking for ebola. 9 of 10 people believe there should be more screening in place. and 70% think stricter screening is needs. and a quarter of americans really don't understand how ebola spreads. you can learn exactly more about that by logging on to and learning the facts about ebola. it's 5:34 happening today a man convicted of killing a 6-year-old bay in camden is set to be sentenced.
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over the summer, a jury wound osvaldo rivera guilty in the attacks. prosecutors say rivera tried to sexually assault a 12-year-old girl and when his brother tries to come to help, rib vera slit both their throats. domenic died. the d.a. dropped a rape case against this man, robert concerns, the former head of the gop because a lab report was misled. now the d.a. is saying she's following recommendations from an independent review. as a result of that, the office will be restructured. county detectives will have a new unit for violent crimes. and there will be two new positions designed to review cases and evidence. >> you can count on nbc10 to keep you updayton out news across the region. we'll be at monroe county monitoring the men hunt for alleged cop killer eric frein.
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this morning hunters and trappers can once again hit the woods of pike county. that's because the pennsylvania game commission has lifted most of the ban that went into effect for the search of frein. pennsylvania lawmakers will hear from health officials and leading vaccine makers at a meeting in king of prussia. and philadelphia's agriculture high school is getting a boost from a locally based a.g. supplier. it will announce its support for walter b. saul high school. it will help the high school and pay for development. this morning, the attorney for the family of michael brown is responding to leaked autopsy reports that some say back up the officer's story. and getting ready for more of this. we hope we don't see too much of it. but local cities and businesses are getting ready for snow before it seeps into the forecast. it's a rainy, windy start to this morning. a live view from center city.
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53 degrees at 5:36.
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>> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. it's a dreary morning. we're tracking rain that's getting ready to move into the city. right now, philadelphia is dry. you see the steadier rainfall has now blown into trenton. gusty winds this morning at 30 miles an hour. rain in berks county and a few scattered showers in upper montgomery county and parts of westchester county. and rain will keep temperatures chilly. 40s for the pocono mountains. 55 in allentown. middle 50s for quakertown. 55 for doylestown. northeast philadelphia and mt. holly will stay in the 50s today. 50s across the shore. dover and vineland, 57 with occasional showers. and the rain will not be an all-day one for westchester, chester and glassboro. the wind will be with us, keeping temperatures in the 50s.
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there's warmer weather ahead and timed perfectly for the weekend. the seven-day when i come back. >> look at that, bill trying to redeem himself had for keeping things good for the weekend. >> first, we got to get you to work on this thursday morning. jillian mele has a look at the roads. >> good morning, guys. this is 95 at girard. this is southbound, as drivers make their way into center city philadelphia, you can see the roads are a little damp right now but not saturated as we've seen in parts of delaware and new jersey. checking drive time, oaks and 202, a seven-minute trip. the blue route is looking good. no delays or accidents 18 minutes on the blue route between 76 and 95. and a few minutes along a look at the lehigh valley. tracy. businesses and cities in delaware are already stockpiling extra road salt as, you'll remember, some of those supplies ran dry during last year's snowy
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winter. up to 1 million tons toed me demands in delaware and the region. the port will add 150,000 tons of salt which is 100,000 more than last year. road crews in three counties are preparing for snow equipment inspections which begin this week. an unlikely look-alike, this man says he's been stopped more than a dozen times just waking walking to work. it's because of who police think he looks like. and the multimillion-dollar makeover that has nothing to do with casinos.
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it's 5:44, before you hit the road this morning, you definitely want to take the umbrella with you. we're not seeing rain right now in the philadelphia region or the jersey shore, agency you do see on the radar there's more looping back around so the rain electrical coming back today. meteorologist bill henley is up later with a look at when the rain might end. at first, missing, now lost. 108 students took the a.c.t. at upper darby last month. they waited and waited and then they learned that the results
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were lost. >> it's just really, really frustrating. it's just like why does this have to happen. >> well, here's why the testing company says it happened. it believes the exams were sent back the wrong way through the u.s. postal service instead of fedex. 5:45, you can count on nbc10 to let you know what's happening around the country and around the world. nbc10's vai sikahema is in the digital operations center. vai, we're learning more about the shooting death of michael brown this morning. >> indeed, tracy. the county medical examiner's autopsy report was obtain into a the st. louis newspaper. in it it indicates that the police officer shot the 18-year-old at close range in the hand after a struggle. but the medical examiner not involved in the investigation said there's no way to prove if brown was trying to grab the officer's gun. we're still waiting to find out
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if remains found over the weekend are those of missing university of virginia student hannah graham. last night students lit a candle vigil to show support for her parents. and first lady michelle obama will be in colorado to support mike udall running for election. senate democrats races in almost every state which gives republicans great hope heading into the 2016 presidential elections. live in the digital operations center, vai sikahema, nbc10. a big ticket project in the poconos is hoping that the manhunt for eric 14 will throw off business. yesterday the owners of camelbeach ski resort held a behind the scenes tour of the $150 million attraction called
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aquatopia. it's a water park being built in camelbeach there. it hopes next spring. they're hoping that the fugitive search for frein doesn't scare away tourists. >> they do ask, is it a concern? i believe to date, our state police has been doing such a good job at keeping him at bay, that i don't believe there is a concern. >> and camelback's owners say its fears hard core enthusiasts and won't be fazed by the manhunt. it's day 41 in the search for eric frein. >> authorities are reaching out to help a man who walks five miles every day. since the search has been started he's been stopped by law enforcement and questioned at least 20 times. at first, he said he didn't mind, he gets it. but until last week, he says it
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went too far. >> a silver unmarked suv pulls up. a man jumps out, ordering me to the ground. constantly demanding what my name is. had a knee buried in my back. >> kelly said he had to go to the hospital after that. he can't file a complaint because he doesn't know what agency he works for. some people who heard the story want to help. they set up a website that's collected several hundred dollars in donations and one person has offered to give him a car. an arbiter has ruled that nfl commissioner roger goodell should testify in ray rice's appeal case. the nfl player said that rice was punished twice. from the incident at the atlantic city elevator. the league suspended rice twice. and then the league suspended him definitely. well, the philadelphia police department is partnering with verizon to provide cell phones for victims of domestic
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violence in the area. here's how you can help, you can drop off your old cell phone at election boxes at each police station in philadelphia. verizon will collect the phones and erase the memories and give them to victims of abuse. women will use the phones to make free calls to 911. today in philadelphia, congreso de latinos will host a domestic violence awareness at west summer set in kensington. today, the clouds will be a problem if you're waiting to see the partial solar eclipse that is scheduled. that's a picture of a previous eclipse. around 6:00, the earth will pass between the moon to make it look like a bite is taken out of the moon. >> youtube is the place to go. >> you're not going to see it live? >> you're not going to see it.
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we've got clouds, rain, and winds tonight. that's a live view from center city where clouds are overhead. and rain is about to move right back into the city. we're seeing gusty winds for everyone. and those winds will help to keep temperatures chilly today. this is a view from cape may. you see rain has moved through beach avenue this morning. the rain has tapered off there. but another round of showers is it is now moving in from the north and west. it's about to start raining in philadelphia. 55 degrees right now. it's chillier than yesterday. look at the winds. 17-mile-per-hour winds and we're getting heavier gusts. rain is on the way. get your umbrella ready and make sure it's a sturdy one, too. the winds now 14 miles an hour in mt. pocono. 21-mile-per-hour winds in pocono mountains. seeing steady rainfall, you see the showers moving through trenton with the rain at the shore and southern delaware
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heads out of here. on and off showers during the day. and all day long, we'll get gusty winds. that will get temperatures in the 50s today. 54, 57 degrees. the rain goes on for tomorrow. breezy friday. partly to mostly sunny skies. look at a nice warmup. 65 degrees tomorrow afternoon. warmer for saturday. sunny skies saturday, 67 degrees. a gusty wind blowing on sunday. we may see a few clouds might having through. but we'll still get sunshine sunday. and plenty of sunshine from monday, tuesday and wednesday. monday afternoon, 66. and a warming trend continues, into the 70s tuesday and wednesday. at nine minutes to 6:00. it's been a busy morning on the roads. >> let's get an update from the "first alert" track reporter jillian mele. >> i see lehigh valley, 78 and lehigh street. definitely seeing slowdowns. no big accidents to report.
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22 is also quiet and so is the northeast extension. 76 looking great out near route 202 but we are seeing volume building in the normal spots near montgomery drive, city avenue and the conshohocken curve. and we have wynnewood and remington road between lancaster avenue and halver ffrd road. this is blocked off because of an accident earlier this morning. the road has been reopened but there's repair work that has to be done. one lane is blocked. take morris road as an alternate. all of the votes we received for the high school blitz game of the week. a new record, more than 81,000 people voted for the game of the week. that's the most ever by about 30,000 votes. here's what's driving the votes. look at these two games here. it came down to triton-paul vi winning 48% of the votes just a few more thousand votes than
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downingtown east-downingtown west. and central bucks east and central bucks west, almost shut out. the game of triton and paul vi that's the featured game of the week in haden township. it the high school blitz, here at 7:00 p.m. some people are a bit upset over a neighbor's halloween decorations. they call it very disturbing. we'll tell you about the debate of the dangling dolls and what the neighbors are saying. and closing concerns. one day after a composting plant was ordered to shut down, some people worry that the smell isn't the only thing that may go away.
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it is four minutes before 6:00. a live look at the "first alert" weather radar. we're not seeing rain right now and probably not, but you likely throughout the day. we'll get the extract details from meteorologist bill henley coming up. halloween decorations are
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causing a bit of controversy in a neighborhood. this is happening in belmont, camden county. here are the decorations at the krueger home in belmont. they include the baby dolls covered in blood happening from nooses. neighbors say that's too much. but the krueger family says this isn't a problem. >> i just think they could have done away with the baby dolls hanging, you know, because it's frightening to children. >> i just don't understand why baby dolls covered in sharmie is a bad thing. >> now, according to the kruegers, the dolls have been hanging there for three weeks and they haven't heard one complaint. they say until now, in spite of the attention on social media, they will not be taking down the baby dolls soon. and a major makeover, board walk hall, west hall, the train station and the convention
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center will get up to $1 million to update heating and cooling repairs. the projects will take about five years to complete. now, to new castle county. and an update on that composting facility we've been telling you about that's causing quite a stink there. we told you yesterday that the state has ordered the facility in wilmington to close. but some say that's a loss to the environment, the plant they say takes tons of food waste from all overt region and turned it into compost. the closing of that facility also means that 24 people will be out of a job. in delaware county, crozier keystone health company is looking at whether or not they should stay independent or a merger. no word on when a decision is expected. in montgomery county, officials are break ground on the upper merion community
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center. that will be held in king of prussia later this afternoon at 4:00. it about 14 million facility, including a fitness center, sports courts and a cafe. it will house the county's parks and rec center and host a senior center. and that wraps up our countiby county coverage. you're watching "nbc10 news." "nbc10 news" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. >> announcer: nbc "nbc10 news" starts now. while the rain is moving in, scattered showers is hitting the tristate area. you'll get the "first alert" forecast hour by hour. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. looks like we're going to get rain. let's get to "first alert" meteorologist bill henley. >> good morning, vai. showers are moving past the philadelphia area right now,
6:00 am
they're moving past trenton. and we've seen that at the shore, cape may, we've seen the rain taper off in the last hour. but rain is now moving into northeast philadelphia, parts of chester, montgomery, and bucks county as well as getting rainfall. and the rain is steady at times. as far as the shore is concerned that's where the steady rain to start with this morning. now, it's tapered off even for portions of southern delaware, it has ended. the next round of showers this is going to cause umbrellas to go up for much of the morning. you can see steady rainfall that's now in philadelphia. trenton and bucks county. and spreading into burlington county as well. the temperatures, they're holding right now in the low 50s for the area. we won't see much of a warmup. so it's going to be a chilly start at the bus stop and a rainy one. windy conditions, low 50s in the city. during the day, the temperatures will climb but only in the middle 50s this afternoon by occasional showers this m