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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  October 23, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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they're moving past trenton. and we've seen that at the shore, cape may, we've seen the rain taper off in the last hour. but rain is now moving into northeast philadelphia, parts of chester, montgomery, and bucks county as well as getting rainfall. and the rain is steady at times. as far as the shore is concerned that's where the steady rain to start with this morning. now, it's tapered off even for portions of southern delaware, it has ended. the next round of showers this is going to cause umbrellas to go up for much of the morning. you can see steady rainfall that's now in philadelphia. trenton and bucks county. and spreading into burlington county as well. the temperatures, they're holding right now in the low 50s for the area. we won't see much of a warmup. so it's going to be a chilly start at the bus stop and a rainy one. windy conditions, low 50s in the city. during the day, the temperatures will climb but only in the middle 50s this afternoon by occasional showers this morning
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and gusty winds through the day. jillian mele is watching traffic. it's going to rain. >> it's a rainy morning. a busy morning just in the last few minutes. i had about four accidents new in the system following in pemberton browns mills road, that is blocked off. you can take trenton road as your alternate. heading into pennsylvania we have an accident at lower gwyneth and this is the fourth accident in upper moreland, terwood road at greenwood drive. make sure you take your time. as you can see, the blue route is actually dry. this is a live look at mac dade boulevard. drive times look good between 95 and 76. tracy. new from overnight, state police tell us one person was killed and four others hurt when their car collided with a tractor trailer in montgomery
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county. it happened around 2:00 this morning. police tell us all the victims were young adults. we're working right now to find out their conditions. and now to the deadly parliament shooting in ottawa. police in canada lifted the lockdown there late last night after yesterday's shooting. this morning, a memorial stands for canadian soldier corporal nathan cirillo who was killed. flowers and cards now line the sidewalk outside an amorry in his hometown of hamilton, ontario. investigators say michael zeha zehaf-bibeau shot and killed cirillo. he then stole a car and entered a partialment of building where dozens of shots were fired. bibeau was then shot dead. sergeant at arms kevin vickers is being called a hero.
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we're hearing from vickers' family. >> he always put his nation and his community first and foremost. we're tremendously relieved he's okay and very, very proud of him. >> right now, investigators are trying to determine a motive for the attack. bibeau, a canadian who converted to islam has been designateded a high-risk traveler. officials had taken his passport fearing he would travel abroad to commit crimes. new rules on ebola. airline passengers traveling from west africa will be observed. monitoring will start monday in six states including pennsylvania and new jersey. also there's encouraging news for the three american ebola patients. nbc's cameraman is ebola free. dallas nurse amber vinson has tested negative. and nina pham's condition has been upgraded from fair to good.
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and investigators in camden county will get training on the ebola virus. nbc10's katy zachry is live outside of cooper hospital that is helping with the training. >> reporter: doctors here at cooper hospital behind me they will tell first responders the best practices for staying safe if they come in contact with someone who has the ebola. and here in new jersey there are no known cases of ebola. and county leaders who put the training together tell me it is not meant to raise a level of concern. >> it's purely preparation. we need to be mindful of the fact that our residents and our constituents are first and foremost. and we have good partnerships with the hospitals and what we do in public safety to make sure we are prepared and ready for anything. >> reporter: now, of course, beginning this week at northern
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new jersey at newark liberty airplane, it's one of five in the country that's accepting travelers from the ebola-stricken nations. so, of course, the potential for the virus spreading, i'm told, is very much on the minds of health care workers in this part of new jersey. reporting live in camden this morning. katy zachry, "nbc10 news." meantime, dozens of troops from virginia are joining in the fight against ebola in west africa. they deployed yesterday. they will help build ebola treatment facilities. the army said that the soldiers will not come in contact with any ebola-stricken patients. this morning a man accused of jumping the white house fence. cell phone video captured the situation as it happened last night. police say domenic adesanya of maryland made it 25 yards before tackled by agents and dogs. the two dogs are being treated at the vets. happening today, a man
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convicted of killing a 6-year-old boy in camden is scheduled to be sentenceover the summer a jury found osvaldo rivera of nearly a dozen charges. prosecutors say he tried to sexually assault a 12-year-old girl and when her little brother tried to come to the rescue, osvaldo slit both throats. domenic died. hunters and trappers in pike county can once again hit the woods. the pennsylvania game commission lifted a ban that was put in effect at the beginning of the search for frein. camping, fishing and hiking privileges are also being restored in most of pike county as well. a hunting ban is in place for parts of monroe county. meantime, people are reaching out to help a monroe county man who says he's constantly being mistaken for frein. james kelly walks about five
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miles to work every day. since the search has started he said he's been stopped by law enforcement and questioned at least 20 times. at first, he doesn't mind, but last week, he said it went too far. >> silver unmarked suv pulls up. a driver jumps out pulling a knife at my head, with his knee buried in my back. >> kelly says he had to go to the hospital after that attack but can't file a complaint because he doesn't know which agency that person belongs to. at least one person has offered to give him a car. it's 6:0 7. we're waiting on a ruling from a judge on a legal battle. the judge will decide if the says can stay in state comphelt court or be moved to philadelphia common pleas court.
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an injunction issued earlier this week stopped the school district from forcing teachers to contribute to the health care benefits. there was a rally that happened last week by the teachers that shut down part of broad street. making their position known. they protested the decision to cancel their contract which would require teachers to pay $140 per month into their benefits. today in chester county, penndot will host an open house public meeting to talk about an improvement project. that project is in westtown and thornbury township. it centers around plans at route 202 and 926, that intersection there. the public meeting will be at the westtown township building along wilmington pike. >> announcer: now your "nbc10 news" "first alert" with meteorologist bill henley. it's a dreary one this morning. we're tracking showers that is coming back into the city after
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a cloudy night. winds topping 30 miles an hour in the area. but sunshine, a nicer and warmer weekend. right now, 51 in allentown. rain is falling in northeast philadelphia at the airport. 54 degrees there. 52 in millville. you can see the rain now falling on boathouse row. that's a live view from the mellon bank bidding. that rain, the wind, the clouds keeping thing chilly. and here comes the rainfall in northeast philadelphia. it's a steadier rain pushing through trenton. you see it's moving through pemberton and burlington county. jackson and ocean county getting rainfall as well. ris ricks borough getting steady rainfall. and chester county also seeing rain. a spew sprinkle, in the exton area. a little steadier as it moves through berks county. it's go to be a dreary one.
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clouds will stay with us. 47 in mt. pocono. 55 in allentown. 56 with occasional showers for reading. showers on and off for northeast philadelphia and mt. holly. a cool one for dover, vineland and atlantic city. wilmington, chester and philadelphia in the 50s today. winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. the rain will be coming to an end. we'll see it on the seven-day forecast when i come back. 6:10 this thursday morning. already it's been a busy day on the roads and certainly busy for jillian who has noted a couple accidents before the 6:00 hour. this is a live look at 95 near philadelphia international airport. traffic is moving, no accidents to record here, fortunately, unfortunately, we do have accidents, lower gwenned, we have a crash there. and route 73, upper moreland.
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there's an accident at terwood road. and pemberton browns mills road that's blocked off. you can see trenton road that's a good option for you. that moves parallel to juliustown road. route 9 and 50, you see the roads are wet out here. same situation in delaware. as bill mentioned parts of montgomery county and delaware county getting wet now. i'm going to check the chester county cameras in a few minutes. protests heat up after a major leak from a grand jury investigating the deadly shooting of unarmed teen michael brown. and michael nutter is taking to the ropes again. and it's all for the benefit of philadelphia students. we'll explain.
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just about 6:15. a live look outside. it will be another sort of a gloomy day. so don't forget the umbrella. wet and windy ahead. we'll get an update from meteorologist bill henley. mayor michael nutter and westchester mayor carolyn comitta are scheduled to rappel down the brandywine realty trust building in logan square. it's to raise money for scholarships for the philadelphia outward bound school programs. >> police are investigating a case of animal cruelty outside an elementary school in atlantic county. a cat and three kittens were found dead in a parking lot and we're told they were set on fire. police believe the animals were found dead outside of the
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elementary school. authorities launched the investigation this week after a teach are maze the grisly discovery on monday. >> it's very troubling that somebody would do that to a creature. >> nbc10 has learned that a burned dead dog was found in the same area last year. that case remains unsolved and police are trying to find out if there's a connection. three students face charges at a nice at a newark high school. newark police expect to file charges against 14 students by the end of the week. charges range from disorderly conduct to resisting arrest. the fight broke out monday morning in the cafeteria and then spread to the hallways. police say it was sparked by a weekend neighborhood dispute. in ferguson, missouri, leak, in the grand jury investigation in the michael brown shooting death are not sitting well with the family's lawyer. 18-year-old michael brown was unarmed when he was shot by a
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ferguson police officer back in august. now, the official autopsy report was leaked to a st. louis newspaper that shows brown was shot at close range in the hand due to a struggle and that he had marijuana in his system. a medical officer not involved in the investigation said there's no way to conclude that ground was trying to grab the hand of the officer who killed him. the family's lawyer called the report insult on top of injury. >> what's the use to having a grand jury if it's going to be leaked anyway. the family is obviously frustrated. they believe the leaks are intentional. several witnesses have now said he had his hands up and the police kept shooting. >> now they said it may be an attempt to kaument community or to prepare them for a decision that favors the officer's account that they feared for his life. and opening statements are expected to begin in the trial of university of pittsburgh medical researcher charged with
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killing his wife with cyanide. prosecutors say dr. robert ferrante laced his wife's energy drink and told her it would help them conceive another child. dr. autumn kline died last year. the trial is expected to last a few weeks. now to decision 2014. today, the first lady is back on the campaign trail. michelle obama will be back to support senator udall running for re-election. they will start in denver and go to an event at colorado university. the first lady has made several stump speeches for democratic candidates just the last few weeks. >> we are just a few days away from election day. we're getting information about the race for the congressional district. democrat daniel mill croft has hit the $1 million mark. his opponent democrat daniel cobb has hit initiation,000.
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$96,000. just about 6:20. time to get a check on the roads. >> nbc10's "first alert" traffic reporter jillian mele has a report. >> the roads are wet and slippery. you need to slow down. this is a live look near the mid-county toll plaza. the good news, we're not reporting any accidents on the blue route. drive times 17 to 18 minutes in both directions between 76 and 95. take a look at route 100 at the pennsylvania turnpike, you can see the rain crop rain drops on there. and updating you on the accidents, lower gwynedd that has been closed. and also following one in upper moreland, terwood road at greenwood drive. i'm also following one in new jersey i'll get you an update in just a few minutes. >> announcer: now your nbc10
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"first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. it started off with clouds and wind and now the rain has moved back in. this is 76 near conshohocken. the rain is falling on that road. temperature, 53 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 7 miles an hour. look at the wind blowing at the nbc10 studios, that wind will be all day long. showers, those are going to be off and on. you're more likely to seat rain th see the rain this morning. the wind will settle down tonight but not during date. here's the rain moving back into philadelphia, and trenton, you're seeing steadier rainfall. for the suburbs and much of new jersey the rain is returning. grab an umbrella and hold on tight because the winds are going to be strong. afternoon temperatures only in the middle 50s. tomorrow, put the umbrella away. we will see sunshine, right through the clouds and
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temperatures after a chillier start in the middle 60s then plenty of sunshine. 67 degrees after a morning low of 48. wind will be blowing through on sunday. we'll get enough sunshine to warm into the 60s. a warmup next week. new guidelines, new checks and more oversights. there are fears about ebola and doubt be about doctors that can safely handle infected patients. safe classes the university of north carolina has a push on to keep athletes playing.
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and it's 6:24. 53 degrees out there. we're looking live at center city from our lens there. at the comcast building. it's a bit tough to see because
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there's rain drops on it. and there is rain and a little cooler today. you'll need an umbrella obviously, if you can just hold on another 24 hour, bill henley says you'll be okay. speaking of roads, a portion of the new jersey turnpike is almost done. the work is ahead of schedule and $200 million under budget. 35 miles of the interstate from burlington to middlesix counties will go from six lanes to 12 lanes. the northbound lanes will open this week. the southbound lanes due to open next weekend. good morning, i'm jillian mele. take a look at i-95 near allegheny avenue. on the southbound side you're used to that normal volume. and on the lens, you have the rain drops. let's take you outside, center city philadelphia, bill, it seems like pretty much around the city. has it reached center city yet? >> oh, yeah. look at this view, this murky
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view from the adventure ayequ m aquarium. it's a steady rain with us for the next couple of hours. it's not an all-day rainfall. the winds blowing through the area. the steadier rainfall in south jersey and western suburbs as well. i'm nbc10's monique braxton in the d.o.c. center. this morning, we're learning more about the canadian who opened fire in the city of ottawa. details after the break. and the casino staying home. the taj mahal gets a lifeline but it may not be a lasting one.
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>> announcer: this is "nbc10 news." it's thursday morning. we're waking up to a cool,
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cloudy windy weather. in some parts of region, getting rain right now. we'll have details what you can expect. good morning, and welcome to "today't "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. and. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's get the "first alert" forecast with bill henley. >> gusty winds through the the day today. you can see the flags at the top of the aramark building. and raindrops on the lens. the rain fall is not just on the city, steady rainfall in parts of burlington county. and extend into the the western suburbs as well. norristown is seeing steadier rainfall, as well as pemberton. and the rain is spreading through the south. stand by for the rest of the area as well. gusty winds and temperatures. they're chilly this morning. 53 degrees and holding in
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philadelphia. but the rain may drop the numbers a little bit more. into the low 50s at 9:00. noon time, 53. and the wind will still be blowing, 4:00 this afternoon. winds could be gusting to 35 miles an hour. general jilli jillian mele is watching the rainy weather and the traffic. >> good morning. this is 76 and spring garden street. volume building but you'll notice the roads are dry. then you head tout conshohocken and 76 is completely soaked. it's definitely different where you're waking up and where you're traveling. you'll notice a lot of volume. especially eastbound 76. make sure you leave yourself extra time wherever you're going this morning. we're following a serious accident in new jersey this is happening in pemberton, juliustown road. we're told an overturned vehicle. that intersection is completely blocked off. you can fire and police blocking off that area at that scene. no accidents to report in
6:32 am
delaware, and mass transit sis n or close to schedule. it's 6:32. and the lockdown in ottawa has been lifted as investigators try to determine what led to the attacks that left two people dead including the gunman. nbc10's monique braxton is live in the digital operations center. canadian officials say the suspect has been on their radar. what's that about? >> he's believed to be a canadian citizen converted to islam. he's also believed to have ties to radical islamic groups. overnight, we've been looking at what's been going on with the investigation in canada. here's what we found out, we've learned the gunman identified as michael bibeau has been a designated travelered and his passport taken because they were concerned they would attempt to travel abroad. you can see the flowers and cards lining the sidewalk
6:33 am
outside the armory here in cirillo's hometown of hamilton, ontario. the rampage began outside of memorial. this is where bibeau allegedly killed cirillo. then he hijacked a car and cameras were rolling when dozens of shots were fired. [ gunfire ] bibeau was also killed at the scene. this morning, sergeant at arms kevin vickers is being hailed as a hero after gunning down bibeau, after officials are reacting to a rare act of terrorism in their country. >> this week's events is a grim reminder that canada is not immune to the types of terrorist attacks we have seen elsewhere around the world. >> this is the second attack against soldiers in canada in three days. on monday, a confirmed he
6:34 am
jaddist intentionally struck two soldiers with his car. sources tell us bibeau is a canadian citizen who did convert to islam. he's believed to have ties to radical islamic groups. again, this morning, police continue their search for a motive. they're also looking to see whether he acted alone. we're going to stay on top of this investigation. any developments will have them to you as soon as they become available. live in the digital operations center, monique braxton, "nbc10 news." this morning, there are new rules that deal with ebola concerns in the u.s. government regulations apply to airline passengers including americans who arrive from west africa. monitoring will begin in six states including pennsylvania and new jersey. air traveler, will be observed for 21 days. local health officials may call and after visit those at home once they arrive on american soil. here's the latest, doctors no longer detect ebola in amber
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vinton. that word from her mother. nbc news freelance cameraman ashoka mukpo who recovered from ebola at a hospital will be heading home to rhode island. meantime, a poll shows americans want more checking for ebola. 9 out of 10 think there should be more screening of procedure it's. 7 of 10 say stricter screening is needed. also a quarter of americans admit they really don't understand how ebola spreads. to find out more, logon to and learn the facts. and we have new information in the last 30 minutes about the man accused of jumping the white house fence. law enforcement tells nbc that the jumper suffered dog bites to his arms, chest, back and knee. police say domenic adesanya of maryland made it about 25 yards
6:36 am
before he was tackled by secret service agents and their dogs. the suspect is in the hospital. the dogs had to see a vet. and prosecutors were forced to drop rape charges against a prominent political official. the d.a. dropped a rape case against robert kearns, the former head of the gop because a lab report was misread. not d.a. says she's following recommendations from an independent review of the office restructured. county detectives will have new rules on the crime. and there will be two new positions designed to review the case and evidence. the owners of the taj mahal say it will stay open at least until the end of next month. the owners threatened to close the taj on november 13th. but they said yesterday they will keep the taj open until at least november. septa will hold a board
6:37 am
meeting today where it may ratify that recently reached agreement between the trends of agency and rail workers. last week, both sides agreed on the deal that would keep more than 200 engineers on the job averting a possible strike. agreement includes a signing bonus for the workers. and 8.5% raise when the contract is approved and another raise in april. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. it's a rainy thursday morning and a windy one, too. we're tracking showers that are back in the area. a chilly rain, especially when you factor in the winds that have topped 30 mile it's an hour this morning. a rainy day this morning but we're still on track for a sunny weekend. a little turnaround as we go into saturday and sunday. right now, allentown is cloudy. 51 degrees. the rain is coming down in northeast philadelphia where it's 54 degrees. and millville is awaiting the showers. they're about to return. look at the accumulating on
6:38 am
the lens. right now it's into philadelphia and burlington county. camden county getting steadier rainfall as trenton. farther north and west, bucks county has steady rain pushing into glenside area and into chester county and into new k t castle county and delaware, gusty winds and occasional showers. 54 for quakertown. up to 57 in mt. pocono. a gusty day for doylestown, mt. holly. 50s for the shore, vineland and dover. occasional showers in cape may. steady showers to start with but then it's going to turn on and off during date for wilmington, chester and philadelphia with a steady wind that will keep temperatures cool. but it starts to get warmer tomorrow. the seven-day forecast with the timing of the warmup and we'll
6:39 am
look past the weekend when we come back. in a last report, jillian said that delaware is accident-free. i don't know if it still is. >> let's get an update, jillian. what are you seeing? >> no accidents in delaware. let's talk about the volume on the roads. we are seeing a lot of it as we approach 7:00, and as we have that rain falling across area, it's a slow commute. this is the vine street expressway as drivers make their way out to 76. it's slow moving and the boulevard is congested. and broad street. that's moving in both direction. you have an accident at whitehall road and 73. following an accident at upper moreland, terwood road at greenwood drive. the most serious accident we have is out of new jersey. pemberton, juliustown road. and pemberton browns mills road that's blocked off take trenton
6:40 am
road. and lost scores. many depend on their college readiness exam to get them into college. but maybe 200 students will have to find another test to get them in because a.c.t. scores are missing. social media hype. the dolls causing a bit of a ruckus in belmont and online.
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is it is 6:43. and here say live picture from storm force. this is abington. bill henley says steady rain. happening today -- a man charged with attempted murder, rape and robbery scheduled for a preliminary hearing in
6:44 am
philadelphia. brandon memory is accused of attacking a woman in chinatown earlier this month. police says this surveillance video shows him going into a building at 9th and forcing her into a back hallway. police arrested him later. a camden county's family halloween display is causing controversy in the neighborhood. decoration, at the home in delmar have some people upset. they include three baby dolls covered in fake blood and hanging from nooses. some neighbors say it's too disturbing. the krueger family says, well, this shouldn't be a problem. >> i just think they could have done without the baby dolls hanging, you know, it's frightening to children. >> i just don't understand why baby dolls covered in sharpie is a bad thing. >> according to the kruegers, the dolls have been up for three weeks and they haven't heard a complaint now. they say despite the negative attention on social media they will not be taking down the
6:45 am
dolls. upgrades to drinking water in parts of pennsylvania. governor tom corbett announced the investment of $65 million for drinking water and waste water projects across 16 counties. philadelphia will use its money for stormwater basins. and lehigh county received a loan for pump station, and collection lines. >> at first they were missing, now they're just lost. that's the fate of nearly 200 college readiness exams taken by students in delaware county. 182 students took the a.c.t.s last month. they learned tuesday, the test results were officially lost. the entire episode is putting a crimp in some college plans. >> it's just really, really frustrating and just like why does this have to happen? >> the testing company said it believes the exams were sent back the wrong way, through the u.s. postal service, instead of fedex. now, we're learning more about an investigation into
6:46 am
academy fraud at the university of north carolina. an independent investigator says basketball and football players were funneled into classes that required no class time. no professor was there. and only a single term paper. most received "a"s and "b"s, regardless of the quality of their work. this allegedly happened at the school for nearly two decades. and involved more than 3100 students. current unc students are stunned. >> right now, the images painted. >> i had to bust my butt the entire time here and just to hear that is really discouraging. >> now, the school insists the fraud ended in 2011. nine staffers had been hired or disciplined. and unc said one of its current coaches were involve -- none of its current coaches were involved. nfl commissioner roger goodell could testify in ray rice's appeal. an arbiter made that ruling
6:47 am
yesterday. an investigator said rice was punished twice for the same incident. we all saw that video. the league suspended rice for two games before the new video came to light. and then suspended him indefinitely. and the philadelphia police department is partnering with verizon to provide cell phones for victims of domestic violence in the area. you can drop them at the police station. verizon will collect the phones, erase the memory and give them to conversations with women victims of abuse. four blackwater security guards are now awaiting a sentencing in connection with a deadly shooting in iraq seven years ago. a federal jury found him guilty yesterday. three others were found guilty of involuntarily manslaughter. they opened fire on a car in
6:48 am
baghdad. 17 decide. a sentencing date has not yet been set. the first court appearance for an accused serial killer is on hold until next week because darren vann refused to speak before a judge. he wouldn't even say his name. sources say vann was upset. vann is accused of killing several women in hammond. and we're still waiting to see if the the remains found over the weekend were those of hannah graham. yesterday, students held a vigil for support for her parents. jesse matthew jr. is held in in connection with that case. and there could be an eclipse today. >> but with the clouds, it's hard to see it. the eclipse will occur between
6:49 am
the earth and the sun just enough to see a bite out of the sun. now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. right now, we're looking at dreary conditions in the area. look at the winds blowing. this is a view from the loews hotel. rain drops on the lens. the rain has moved back into philadelphia in the last few minutes. 52 degrees right now. this is our rainy, cloudy view from the nbc10 studios. the wind blowing the flag. the flag won't get any rest until tomorrow. these are steady north. northerly winds at 25 miles an hour to poconos and northeast philadelphia and wilmington. blowing rain into the area. steady rain in center city, chester county, montgomery, bucks county also getting rainfall. and it is going back into south
6:50 am
jersey and delaware this morning. so grab an umbrella, future weather shows at 9:00 this morning, another round of rain pushing in. then it's going to taper in. we'll still see showers around 3:00 this afternoon. not everybody will see it. the wind will still be blowing. as the mayer is set to rappel down the building at 2:00, winds gusting at 35 miles an hour. maybe not the best day for that. this evening, we'll see improving conditions. tomorrow, the clouds will be out of here, the rain will be done. but until then, showers and gusty winds. 50s this afternoon. tomorrow, what a difference. breezy, yes. not as windy, and we will be dry with sunshine and a few clouds. look at the weekend. 67 degrees on saturday. a windy one on sunday. but then the winds settle down and temperatures go up for monday. tuesday and wednesday, we're in the 70s. 10 minutes before 7:00, as you get ready to head out, take your umbrella. the roads are wet.
6:51 am
>> let's get to jillian mele on this. jill? >> it's a slow commute this morning. 76 is pretty much a parking lot. this is westbound at city avenue. you can see traffic is barely moving along. your drive time from the vine to the blue route will take you 30 minutes. 95 southbound is no better. this is a live look at cottman avenue. crawling along there. 36 minutes southbound, from woodhaven to the vine. the vine is heavy. we have a new accident at horsham and norristown road. this is route 73 at the entrance of the new jersey turnpike. we're seeing a lot of volume on 73. this morning, same situation we have volume on the new jersey turnpike and 295. let's get you updated on this accident i was following on pemberton. an overturned vehicle on juliustown road. i just got word in the last five minutes that that accident is cleared. so you're good to go if you're heading out in that direction, vai. >> a nation in a state of shock,
6:52 am
a gunman opened fire in canada's parliament building killing one person. today, new details emerge about the gunman and the soldier he killed. >> reporter: and emergency responders here in camden county are getting educated on the ebola virus. why the recent focus on training? i'll tell you after the break.
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6:55 am
about five minutes before 7:00. taking a live look at the comcast building. it's kind of hard to see because of rain drops there. that rain may cause problems for morning commuters. be careful out there. bill henley will be along with the refuse of the day's forecast in just a moment. in the parliament shooting in canada, investigators trying to determine the motive for the attack that leaves two people
6:56 am
dead including the gunman. nbc10's monique braxton is following developments. monique? >> still unanswered questions this morning but we do have the identities confirmed as the victim and the shooter. they been identifies as michael zehaf-bibeau after he shot and killed michael cirillo. a memorial stands there for cirillo. sill litt cirillo was a single father, we're hearing. we also learned that his son had just started kindergarten. officials took his passport fearing he would travel abroad to commit crimes. we're being told that he was feared he would travel converting to islam and trying to figure out if he acted alone. three minutes before 7:00.
6:57 am
happening today, dozens of first responders in camden county will get medical training on the ebola virusô nbc10's katy zachry is live outside of cooper hospital with more. >> reporter: this training is not open to the public. it is for first responders only. county leaders who set this up tell me they did not want to raise the level of fear around the ebola virus, but, rather, they want to prepare those on the front lines. later here, doctors at cooper university hospital will spend several hours with first responders. the doctors will dispel myths about the virus. as well as keeping emergency responders the best practices for staying safe if and when they come in contact with the ebola virus. here in new jersey, there are no known cases of the ebola virus. there were so many that wanted to take place, just this week, they tell us they had to change the venue for the first
6:58 am
responders. we have had volume pretty much everywhere. chester county, route 30 bypass crawlingology at route 322. same situation on roads like 76 and 95. the ben franklin bridge is not too bad. we're starting to see volume westbound heading into philadelphia, but it helps, and that construction with links all over in philadelphia this morning but as you can see, it's a slow go. pennsylvania turnpike is heavy on the westbound side. 20 miles an hour. and blue route near 1. six miles per hour on i-95. the good news, we don't have too many accidents. still one we're following on horsham. horsham road at norristown. and a gusty wind blowing this morning. and the rain is coming down. that's a live dreary view from center city from the loews
6:59 am
hotel. winds have topped 30 miles an hour and the winds staying with us all day long. and now steady rainfall is moving into parts of atlantic city in new jersey. and you see some of that steadier rain that extends through burlington county. gloucester, camden, indiana and western suburbs as well. scattered showers in allentown. the winds now gusting to 23 miles an hour in philadelphia. a little stronger in the pocono mountains. a dreary, windy start. otherwise, quite nice. 55 degrees in philadelphia. we're getting the rain this morning. but it's going to be a much nicer start at the bus stop with temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. and not a lot warmer for the afternoon. >> but it gets better for the weekend. >> yes, the weekend looks good. the "today" show is up next. we'll see you for local updates in 35 minutes. you can always get the
7:00 am
latest news and weather on the website at thanks for watching. have a good day. [ music playing ] >> good morning. focusing on the shooter, few video showing the man who gunned down the soldier at canada's national war memorial just moments before storming parliament t. gunman shot and killed by police, now being called a terrorist by the country's prime minister. >> let there be no misunderstanding, we will not be intimidated. >> was he inspired by isis? it's happened again a. man being held this morning for jumping the white house fence and breaching security while the secret service deals with fallout from a separate scandal, pulling agents from their post for a dispute with a neighbor. will more heads roll? safe at home, ebola patient