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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  October 23, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, gusty wind and rain throughout our area. a live look at the flags atop the aramark building. they are flapping pretty well out there. there's flooding in atlantic city this morning due to all the rain we have been getting. it was a rainy morning to wait for the school bus. nbc 10 in montgomery county. that little girl had an umbrella to help her stay dry. we continue to track the system that's bringing rain and wind to our area for the second day in a row. first alert meteorologist
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brittney shipp here. >> we will see the showers clearing. you can see the system there. the center of the system is offshore off the new jersey coast. it's going to transition to the northeast moving away from us. we are seeing showers coming in around the system moving in from the north. that's producing spotty showers for philadelphia, even into the lehigh valley. the winds are moving the flags there on top of the aramark building. expect the wind speeds to continue gusting throughout your late morning hours, even heading into the afternoon. your umbrella will move around quite a bit today. winds out of the northwest at 23 miles per hour. temperatures, 52 degrees. another chilly day, well below our average of 65. light rain coming down right now at the airport. a closer look at our temperatures. in the 40s for the poconos. 51 in allentown.
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low 50s in northeast philly. closer to the shore here the low 50s. 52 in dover. as we head into the rest of today, we will stay in the mid 50s. showers expected. should clear around 1:00. by 4:00, windy conditions, in the mid 50s. same thing this evening. i will let you know when the rain is going s ining to stop. >> count on nbc to bring you the latest updates on all of this rain and wind on air and, of course, online. you can download our first alert weather app to get the forecast any time you wish. now to the latest on the deadly parliament shooting in ottawa. police now say that there was a single gunman in the terror attack that killed a soldier standing guard at the national war memorial. police lifted the lockdown there late last night. this morning a memorial stand
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for the corporal killed. flowers and cards liern the s s sidewalks. investigators say the man who shot and killed him then hijacked a car and eventually entered the parliament building where dozens of shots were fired. bibeau was shot dead. kevin vehicleickers is being ca hero. we are told this was taken just after the shooting had happened. this morning we are hearing from his family. >> he always put his nation and community first and foremost. as i say, we are tra pemendousl relieved he is okay. >> investigators are trying to
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determine a motive for the attack. a canadian citizen who converted to islam and linked to islamic groups had been designate aid high-risk traveller. they feared he would travel abroad to commit crimes. his mother says she's crying for the victims of the shooting, not her son. an emotional morning as parliament reconvened. there was applaud for kevin vickers as you walked in. they sang the national anthem and urged them to seek medical help if they are suffering from stress from yesterday's attack. they paused for a moment of silence in memory of the soldier killed, nathan sirillo. lebanon is reported its first suspected case of ebola.
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there are several positive developments to tell you about this morning in the ebola crisis. amber vinson could be out of the hospital soon. her family says blood tests show no ebola in her system. the other nurse who contracted ebola at a texas hospital, nina pham, is also improving. she has upgraded to good condition. the european union has contributed another $31 million to the fight against ebola. that gets them closer to the funding goal of $1.26 billion. people can't fly home because most airlines have canceled flights to liberia. some can't make the trip by bus. others are just afraid to go back. several stranded liberians are living in a camp outside of the capital. they may not be safe from the outbreak there. ghana is one of 14 other west african countries seen as being at risk.
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the nbc news photographer who covered from ebola is back home this morning. he is back in rhode island after doctors declared him ebola free. he says while he is eternally grateful to the doctors and nurses who treated him, he is saddened that people in west africa inflicted with the virus are not able to get the same level of intense treatment and care. >> every breath i take, every step i take is a reminder of how valuable ando precious life is. >> he believes he contracted it before he began working with an nbc news crew. dozens of first responders in camden county are being trained on how to deal with ebola. an ebola prevention training seminar set up for 100 emergency personnel instead attracted 400 first responders including, fire, police, emt and 911 dispatchers meeting and getting a look at protocols, including
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how to recognize an ebola patient and properly protect ones with proper protective gear. right now, we will take a breaking news story with district attorney seth williams. >> in the month since this matter arose, a great deal has happened that has served to distract public attention from the underlying case. whether by design or otherwise. those external events have taken on a life of their own. they continue to swirl through the news cycles. whatever the merits of those other matters may be, i believe it is important -- it is imperative to remember where we started with evidence of widespread yet supposedly not
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prosecutable political corruption. as it turns out, however, and as the grand jury has now found, the facts in at least one case so far are about as simple as they probably seemed to the average citizen back at the beginning. this is a bracelet. it's a $2,000 charm bracelet. the bracelet that judge tynes received for promising special access to a businessman who said he was seeking an exclusive and very lucrative government contract. as a presentment -- as it lays out, the businessman met with two elected officials and an
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executive of the philadelphia parking authority who directed him to judge tynes. in a series of conversations, the businessman spelled out what he wanted. and the judge promised to deliver. we know the exact words, because the businessman was wired for sound. at their first private meeting the businessman said, we're not going to the park, right? we're trying to go to the bank. the judge responded, dealing with the greens. at their next meeting the businessman handed the judge the bracelet. in its blue box and bag as "a little token of our appreciation for helping us negotiate this traffic court contract."
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the businessman assured the judge that she would be treated as a consultant on his business arrangements. he told her, we could set it up so that you never have to work another day in your life. after the judge promised to meet with the court's administrative judge later that day, the two toasted their deal to making some money together, said the businessman, to making money responded the judge. the businessman mentioned that from time to time he might have some clients with traffic court problems. just call me said the judge. i will deal with them. clear, convincing and compelling eviden evidence, all -- all on tape. months later, after she was called before a federal grand
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jury, the judge contacted the businessman and told him she wanted to pay him for the bracelet. but she never did. she never returned it. she never reported it. that's where things stood this past march when i first learned of this case along with everyone else in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. it took a while, but eventually my office received some of the materials from the investigative file. in june, i convened a grand jury. i stated then publically that the public deserved to know what happened. i stated then that the public and the accused deserved due process and that i would give it to them. and we have. that was four months ago. things might have moved even
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faster, but there have been some disappointing, frustrating delays that i'm not free to discuss at this point. what i can say, however, is that this investigation was not dead on arrival. it is definitely not over. and it is most certainly moving ahead with a full head of steam. we know there are others who have intimate knowledge of these events. we urge them to come forward to share with us what they know. before the investigation goes forward without them. i would like to acknowledge the grand jurors who are still working hard and in secret. they have a very difficult job. and i want to thank them personally on behalf of my entire team. i also want to thank the pennsylvania state police who have been working with us every day since i assumed the prosecution of this case. we also extend our thanks to the
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pennsylvania house ethics committee, which has agreed with our request that the grand jury investigation proceed before the committee takes further action, in order to avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts and preclude any potential conflicts. we greatly appreciate the committee's cooperation. when there is more to report, we will be back. until that time, the public and the accused -- and the accused should know that we are involved in a thorough and deliberate investigation with only one goal, one singular purpose, justice. thank you. are there any questions? >> you mentioned difficulties that have delayed the process. what materials would you like to get? >> we were listening to district attorney seth williams announcing the results of a
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grand jury in a corruption case that was highlighted by his holding up a bracelet with the little blue box. monique braxton is at the news conference. she will bring us a live report at 11:30. police in camden county are investigating a shooting that happened just over an hour ago. sky force 10 was over the scene on the west branch avenue. a man was shot in the back. this happened in this apartment complex. there's no word on his condition. so far, there are no arrests and we have no motive. we have learned the identity of a young man killed in a crash on the pennsylvania turnpike. 18-year-old michael graham died at the hospital. authorities say the car he was in lost control. it happened around 12:30 this morning. the car hit a guardrail and crashed into a tractor-trailer. four other people in the car suffered moderate injuries. new this morning,
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philadelphia police hope this video will help them identify a man who is wanted in a carjacking. they say the man jumped into the back seat of a car at a gas station on north broad street. this happened yesterday afternoon. and he pulled out a gun. the driver and passengerup jump out of the car. the carjacker took off in the vehicle. septa will hold a meeting where it may ratify a recently reached agreement between the transit agency and rail workers. last week, both sides agreed on a deal that would keep more than 200 engineer s on the job. the agreement includes a signing bonus for the workers and 8.5% raise when a contract is a proved and another raise that will come next april. today in chester county, penndot will host a public meeting to talk about an improvement project. the plan centers around improvement at the intersection of route 202 and 926. the meeting will be held at 7:00
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tonight at the township building. happening today, officials will break ground on the new upper marian community center. it will be along valley forge road. it will begin at 4:30 this afternoon. it will include a fitness center, running tracks and a cafe. it will also house the parks and rec department. it is expected to open next summer. to decision 2014. the first lady is back on the campaign trail. she will be at several events in colorado to support a senator running for re-election there. she will start campaigning in denver and head to an event at c colorado state university. she has made several speeches across the country in the last few weeks. we are less than two weeks away from election day. we are getting new information about the race for new jersey's
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1st congressional district. both candidates are vying to replace a former congressman. in 12 days until the election, federal, state and local ball balloting in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware will be held tuesday, november 4th. good morning. it's another dreary day. we will see light rainfall moving through most of our area. we will see clearing as we head into the afternoon and then our wind speeds are going to pick up. they already have. we are seeing wind gusts closer to 30 miles per hour. it's just a little too chilly for you, we do have warmer days ahead. a look outside right now. you can see the flags are moving there. we are seeing wind gusts up to 28 miles per hour at the airport. wind speeds sustained at 23 miles per hour.
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52 degrees right now. our humidity is at 83%. we are five degrees cooler right now than this time yesterday. low 40s in the poconos. 50s in west chester. 51 in atlantic city. low 50s in stone harbor. 54 in dover. same thing in wilmington. 50 in west chester. you need your er jackets and umbrellas. the wind speeds will continue throughout the afternoon, even heading into the early evening. take a look outside the studios. we see light rainfall and also gusty wind speeds. a closer look at center city, and this is the same throughout most of day. eventually closer to 1:00, that's when we will see the rainfall tapering off. there's the circulation of the larger system that's off the coast right now. it's going to continue to pull away from us heading to the northeast.
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as of right now, we are seeing the rain coming in from the north. spotty showers throughout philadelphia, moving into parts of atlantic city, norristown, trenton seeing light to moderate rainfall. as we push into the next few hours, we will see the light but steady rain continue to come down throughout our area. our futurecast shows us that the heaviest rainfall is way to the northeast of us moving into boston. we will continue with the spotty showers throughout today. by 2:00, we should be done with all the rainfall. the windy conditions are going to stick with us. so will the clouds. we will see the clouds thinning out as we head into the overnight hours tonight. closer to 11:00, we will see partly cloudy skies. our average for this time of the year is 64 degrees. today we will be well below that, almost ten degrees below the average. by tomorrow, we will see the temperatures recovering as we head into the weekend. our highs around the region today at 47 in the poconos, 55 in allentown. your seven-day forecast shows we
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warm up tomorrow. breezy conditions will stick around. 67 on saturday. windy on sunday. into next week, we stay above average, mid 70s by wednesday. up next, it's the testimony that could by a game changer. a judge's ruling that could force nfl commissioner roger goodell to reveal what he knew and when he knew about the ray rice scandal. it's happened again. another man jumps the fence at the white house. how far he got and the charges he faces.
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we are continuing to see light rainfall moving into parts of our area. it will continue to be a dreary day. our winds will pick up and stay close to 30 miles per hour as we head into the rest of the afternoon. i will let you know when our conditions will improve in my seven-day forecast. this morning, a man is in custody accused of jumping the white house fence. police say the man made it about 25 yards on to the lawn before he was tackled by agents and dogs. he was unarmed. charges are pending. no word as to why he jumped the fence. this comes a month after a man was caught sprinting across the white house lawn. he made it past several armed agents into the white house, all the way to the east room before
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being arrested. that man was carrying a knife and had hundreds of rounds of ammunition in his car. that led to the resignation of julia pierson. clancy was head of corporate security for comcast table before. ray race is appealing his suspension from the league. goodell had suspended the running back for two games following a case of domestic violence at the revel in atlantic city. once elevator video became public, the ravens cut rice. the players union appealed saying he should not be punished twice. anti-inflammatory drugs could help treat depression. the study was led by researchers
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in denmark. they found patients who took anti-inflammatories along with anti doe press san anto depress depressive episodes. make sure you clean your hands after you hang on to your receipts. the paper contains significant amounts bpa. it absorbed through the skin has been linked to diseases. washing your hands after handling receipts can curb the contamination. it's hard to keep a toddler away from anything, but especially a machine filled with toys. why one family won't take their eyes off this little boy soon. a facebook surprise. mark zuckerberg stuns a crowd by
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speaking in mandarin. what he says fuelled his desire to learn the language.
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just about 11:30. rain and plenty of it. we take a live look outside our nbc 10 studios. we are seeing flooding at the jersey shore because of all this
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rain. you can see all the cars there staying away from the area. of course, grab your umbrella and rain gear if you are about to head out the door. expect rain and wind throughout the day. a live look at boat house row in philadelphia. there are slick roads all throughout the area. reduce your speed. keep your headlights on. make sure the wipers are working and moving. a live look at conditions on i-95 in south philadelphia. we continue to track this system that's bringing rain and wind to our area for the second day in a row. brittney shipp here now with the forecast. good morning. >> good morning. a light-weight umbrella is not going to work today. our wind speeds are gusting up to 30 miles an hour. we continue to see light but steady rainfall moving into most of our area, especially along philadelphia, pushing into allentown and just along the shore near atlantic city. that will be the trend as we
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continue into the rest of today. closer to your afternoon earlies, early , it will slow down. look at the wind gusts, up to 28 miles per hour in philadelphia. 25 in northeast philly. 26 in wilmington, up to 23 in millville and up to 22 miles per hour in the poconos. a windy day on tap for us. also a chilly day. by 1:00, mid 50s. 55 by 4:00. by 7:00, 54 grodegrees. i will let you know when the rain will clear up. >> count on nbc 10 to bring you the updates on the rain and wind on air and online. download our weather app right
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to your phone. get the weather app and forecast at any time and check our interactive radar. breaking news in to nbc 10. in the last half hour, philadelphia's district attorney made an announcement about a grand jury investigation. monique braxton is live in the d.a.'s office. the d.a. is a passionate man. he held up the bracelet there. tell us what this is all about. >> reporter: that bracelet you are referring to is the key piece of evidence in this case. according to seth williams, he has announced the arefrest of former traffic judge tynes. look at a picture of judge tynes so you know who we are talking about. she has been charged with bribery, conflict of interest and criminal conspiracy as well as failure to disclose financial
11:32 am
statements. because of the work of the public corruption task force, she surrendered this morning. the d.a. showed us that key piece of evidence. >> this is the bracelet. it's a 2,000 tiffany charm bracelet. the bracelet that judge tynes received for promising special access to a businessman. >> reporter: williams says the grand jury that began meeting in june decided to prosecute tynes. he is urging others knowledgeable of public corruption to step forward. all of this follows allegations against four elected state officials and the fact that the attorney general decided not to prosecute them. we will monitor this investigation, keep you posted on any developments as soon as
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they become available. live inside the d.a.'s office, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. officials in canada say it was just a single gunman who carried out yesterday's attack. in a message to the canadian people, queen elizabeth says she is shocked and saddened and says her thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected. >> get down! on your stomach. >> during a vigil this morning at the war memorial, a man was arrested at the prime minister walked to place a wreath at the scene. it's not clear what the man's intent was. jay gray has more on the day after the attack. >> there was a man with a rifle shooting at a bunch of people. >> reporter: as the first shots hang out -- >> just pow, pow. >> reporter: bystanders rushed to the side of a fallen soldier but were unable to save him, who had been standing guard at
11:34 am
canada's national war memorial. >> no pain greater than losing a loved one. to have it happen in such circumstances as this morning is beyond expression and underlined by a sad anger within my heart. >> reporter: witnesses say the gunman hijacked a car and drove to the parliament build, walked inside and opened fire in the central hall of honor. three people were injured as lawmakers scrambled before the suspect was shot and killed by the sergeant at arms. this cell phone video shows the gunman pleaolice have identifie] last friday, officials in canada raised the terrorism threat level from low to medium, citing what they called an increase in chatter from radical islamist organizations. just three days ago, a man officers say has ties to radical islam drove his car into two soldiers, killing one.
11:35 am
>> this week's events are a grim reminder that canada is not immune to the types of terrorist attacks we have seen elsewhere around the world. >> reporter: as investigators continue to try and find out how and why it happened here. jay gray, nbc 10 news. ♪ before last night's game in pittsburgh, there was a tribute to the victims of those aaffected by the parliament shooting. in a break from tradition, o canada was sung along with the star spangled banner. last night's game was postponed because of the attack. an ice cream truck driver is attacked after he runs over and kills a boy on a bike. the child had been riding alongside the truck and the
11:36 am
collision was an accident. police say it appears the crowd used bricks and sticks to go after the driver. they say someone may have pulled a knife. >> riding an electric bike right next to the ice cream truck. apparently, he may have slipped, got caught under the truck. the truck -- the rear wheels rolled over him. >> no word on whether anyone will face charges in this incident. we will be right back.
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a slow moving system is producing light but steady rainfall throughout our area. our wind speeds are up to 30 miles per hour. it's going to be a wet and windy day. when this will change, i will let you know coming up in my forecast. a toddler in tennessee couldn't resist toys in a claw
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machine. he crawled in and got stuck. the 18-month-old's grandmother took the photos after she made sure he was okay. the grandmother says she looked down at her phone for a moment. when he hshe looked back, he wa inside. firefighters came to the rescue. the toddler's mom says he loves crawling into anything he can. >> my husband and i started laughing. we're not surprised. it was a matter of time before he did something like this. >> firefighters did let the little boy keep one of the toys from the machine. good for him. mark zuckerberg shows off a surprise skill during a visit to china. seems like he can speak mandarin. he used the language during a question and answer session at
11:41 am
the university in beijing. he told the students he learned mandarin partly because his wife's grandmother only speaks chinese and he wanted to be able to talk to her. it's what children want to see in their goodie bags this year. take a look. >> candy. >> the candy. >> but how much should you shell out for all of that candy? tips on saving money on the sweets you are handing out. another wet and wen windy dn top for us. that's coming up in my seven-day forecast. look at the top stories trending right now on the nbc 10 news app.
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a new survey shows more than a quarter of workers that have called in sick to the past year when they were feeling fine. according to the care builder poll, 30% said they didn't feel like going to work. 29% wanted a day to relax. if you are going to take a day, you will probably want to be careful what you post online. one in four employers busted an employee faking sick through social media. be careful. halloween has become expensive between the treats and
11:45 am
costumes and decorations. how do you save money? it starts with the candy that you hand out. >> reporter: bags of candy go through the checkout line. candy sales always heat up in october. >> we see about a 70% up tick in candy sales. >> reporter: when you buy candy, you buy what you like or the kids? >> we buy what we like. >> reporter: good advice if you can't hand out all of your candy. you don't want to over buy. think about how many trick or treaters knocked on your door last year and expect more this year, because halloween falls on a friday. >> i got two kids of my own. i have a handle on what they like. >> reporter: chocolate is more expensive than hand candy and doesn't last as long on the shelf. don't just look at the price. look at the number of pieces inside.
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it's usually printed on the front. is bigger always better? >> reporter: not all. we have a variety pack for 40 pieces. >> this is $2.99. we have 165 pieces, which is going to be $8.99. in comparison piece by piece, they are very similar. >> reporter: when it comes to shopping, look for coupons. the stores don't want to be stuck with candy more than you do. >> we will wait until the last day and load up. >> reporter: prices are lower then? >> always. >> reporter: check for manufacturer and store coupons and then wait for the last minute. waiting means some candy may sell out. trick or treaters and parents tend to adjust. >> just sugar junk.
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>> do the math and done assume bigger packages are cheaper. the nation's older theater is getting set for a big event. the walnut street theater is holding an auction to support its education and outreach programs. the director of the institutional advancement for the theater is here and joins us from our digital operations center. how are you doing? >> i'm fantastic. i'm up to my eyeballs at ribbons at the theater. >> tell us about what's going on. i'm sensing there's a mary poppins theme? >> there is. that's our holiday show. we have a huge fund-raiser tomorrow night. we will auction 250 items in support of our education programs. >> the walnut street theater is known for great performances. i'm familiar with the theater because i bring kids for wednesday's child who are interested in the arts. tell us about the programs being
11:48 am
done at the theater. >> so many people are familiar with the wonderful plays and musicals we do on the main stage. less people are familiar with our education programs which affect about 155,000 kids every year. we have a wonderful walnut street theater for kids series. then we go out into the schools. we have an outreach touring program and an adoptive school program that's currently residing in three philadelphia schools. >> a lot of people may not be aware, it's the oldest continuing theater in the country. is that right? >> that's right. we were founded in 1809. 206 years of amazing history. >> with all that history, what do are you proudest of what? what accomplishment are you proudest of? >> we love kids. we love artists. we love the fact that we're able to entertain more than 400,000 people from this region every year. that's an amazing
11:49 am
>> the 15th annual live and silent auction is tomorrow evening at the walnut street theater. the event gets under way at 6:00 p.m. tickets are still available. we thank you for being with us. take care and good luck at the event. >> thanks so much. good morning. we are dealing with light rainfall throughout most of the area and windy conditions as we head into the afternoon and into the evening. dreary day on tap for us. things will get better as we head into the workweek and into the weekend. we will see warmer temperatures as soon as tomorrow. today we will be well below the average. you can see the flags moving. we are seeing wind speeds up to 28 to 30 miles per hour through our area. temperatures are down five degrees from this time yesterday, down to 52 at the airport. wind speeds are sustained at 23 miles per hour. we are in the low 40s in the
11:50 am
poconos. 51 in allentown. 52 in pottstown. 51 in atlantic city. low 50s in stone harbor. don't expect us to warm up too much more than our temperatures right now. we are down seven degrees from this time yesterday. the poconos down five degrees. eight degrees in atlantic city. the wind gusts are at 18 miles per hour up to 25 in northeast philly. it's the strongest in philadelphia with wind gusts up to 28 miles per hour. it's all due to this slow-moving system. you can see the counterclockwise rotation there. the center of this area of low pressure is right at the new jersey coast. it's going to continue to track to the northeast as we head into the rest of today. pulling away from us. we will see our showers tapering down as we get into the early afternoon hours, closer to 1:00, 2:00, right now all the rain is around the circulation. closer to philadelphia,
11:51 am
norristown, parts of dover, all still seeing light and steady rainfall. the rest of the area is seeing gusty winds and cloudy skies. dover is seeing a steady rainfall. same thing for trenton, parts of norristown look spotty along the i-95 corridor. that's going to give our free ways and highways a chance to dry out. take a closer look at the futurecast. it shows we will see a chance of showers into the early afternoon hours. after 1:00, we start to see more clearing. the windy conditions stick around. it's going to take a while for the clouds to go away. closer to 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, we will see the clouds thinning out. we take a closer look at the highs around the region. 47 for the poconos today. mid 50s in allentown. 55 in doylestown. 56 in trenton. 57 in cape may. around the philadelphia area, mainly in the mid 50s today. 56 in chester. our range, between 53 and 56.
11:52 am
wet and windy, with the wind speeds gusting closer to 30 miles per hour. that will continue into the early evening hours. tomorrow, we get rid of the rainfall. most of the clouds. we will see breezy conditions. temperatures back to the 60s told and stay that way into the weekend. 67 on saturday. look at sunday, still windy, 63. but warmer heading into next week. stay with us. you are watching nbc 10 news.
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today on the steve harvey show, a philadelphia teen will talk about her treefsh to the dreamers academy. >> i'm focused on where i want to go to college. i like howard spellman in syracuse to go with a communications -- i'm trying to focus on what i want to do. >> keep an eye on her. she's a senior. she was one of 100 high school kids from across the country who were choken to a part of the workshop. their goal is to inspire kids to dream big and get a jump on making those dreams come true. she got an internship after participating in the academy. catch more of her story and if your child or grandchild is in high school, learn how he or she can attend the next academy. that is this afternoon at 2:00 on the steve harvey show on nbc
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10. at 3:00 this afternoon, "ellen" is all new. furgie is on the show. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. the prank that sent armed officers to one local home more than a dozen times. the nbc 10 investigators talk to one area family innocent, unsuspecting victims. efforts to track down those responsible. at nbc 10 news at 5:00, the election after sandy. voters are scheduled to go to the week one week after the 2012 storm struck. officials worked hard to assure the victims could cast ballots. why their efforts are now being called confusing, problematic and illegal. then as 6:00, police are worried about the safety of this missing woman. tonight, her father speaks with nbc 10 about the search and if she could be the victim of foul play. weather is going to be rainy and windy all day. >> that's right.
11:57 am
back to the 60s tomorrow. >> for brittney shipp, i'm vai sikahema. we will see you at 4:00. take care.
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>> jj: i love you so much. this is how i want it to be for us. >> paige: if you're so in love with me, why didn't you tell me your father raped your aunt kayla? that's because you're just like him? oh. clumsy idiot. >> marybeth: hey, don't talk to