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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  October 24, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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county in gloucester county, allowing high schoolers to earn college credit as they take high school classes as well. you're watching nbc news 10. "nbc news 10 at today" starts now. >> first, a new york city doctor just back from west africa has ebola. jesse gary is the only local reporter live at the hospital in new york finding out what's being done to ease people's fear. sky force 10 bringing us a live picture here of a situation that will impact the morning drive for many of you. jillian mele will have the latest on the situation on i-95. we're live on the scene in northampton county. after two days of west and dreary and depressing weather, we're off to a good start on this friday morning. a live look at the art museum where we're a little warmer at
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55 degrees. more importantly, getting started on a sunny weekend ahead. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. let's get to that excellent forecast with his excellency, bill henley, standing by. >> finally, someone got my title right. thank you. lots of sunshine today. a few clouds blowing through the area. but a completely dry for a change, as you can see on beach avenue. a view from marquee to lafayette. wilmington is reporting winds of 21 miles an hour. strongest gusts in pocono mountains at 45 miles an hour. new jersey millville dropped to 45. 56 degrees and falling in philadelphia. clouds, sunshine, the rain taking a break and a breezy start at the bus stop. 40s to start in the suburbs. 52 degrees in center city.
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during the day, temperatures will be climbing. a little on the slow side, 55 degrees at 9:00 by lunchtime into the low 60s. i'm back in less than ten minutes with your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast. let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. >> good friday morning. as you were sending that to me, i was looking over my shoulder. way up in the corner, there goes all of that activity from our accident on 95 northbound past street road. that cleared in the last 40 seconds. traffic is now starting to move by. the scene for about an hour, we had the right lane of traffic was the only lane getting by as a result of that traffic. as you can see, that has cleared. this delay that formed out there is starting to break apart in the next few minutes. we have a pretty lengthy delay but this is an area we don't see a lot of congestion. it's not the type of volume on 95 near cottman. 95 northbound at street road.
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i anticipate that volume starting to clear in the next few minute. another overturned in upper marion on south golf road, route 320 between upper golf. you can take old golf road or county line roet road to get around that accident. a6:02. we continue to follow this breaking news in ebola outbreak. another case diagnosed in u.s., new york city. the patient is a doctor, dr. craig spencer being treated at a new york city hospital. he recently returned to new york from west africa last friday. he was treating ebola patients in west africa. he flew into jfk from guinea, after working with the group doctors without borders. yesterday he came down with a high fever and diarrhea. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in new york. in the last half hour you talked about how people in new york, the leaders there, are trying toe calm fears this morning and
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have been planning for this type of ebola case, right? >> reporter: that's exactly right. when dr. spencer saying fatigue turned into a full-blown fever of 103, they jumped into action, called 911 and the city's emergency ebola system went into action, having dr. spencer rushed to bellevue hospital. city officials sealed his apartment and will start deacon tam nation. the new white house ebola czar was notified a doctor working with patients in guinea earlier this month, returned home to new york and has tested positive for that virus. >> we really are confident that all of the protocols we've worked hard to put in place with communications of all levels of our public health system, with our emergency medical system,
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with our public health system, have worked as as well as well as we expected them to work. >> reporter: coming up in the next 30 minutes, standing in new york where just less than two hours from philadelphia, as a matter of fact, we drove up from philadelphia this morning, how much of a riveng is it that this virus could spread. now in new york, could it head south down to philadelphia? we'll talk about that in 30 minute. live outside bellevue hospital, new york, jesse gary. health workers in gloucester county will be offering ebola training to all of its county's first responders. first session will be held today. next sessions next week. children's hospital of philadelphia is standing by for any children who might get ebola. the cdc designated c.h.o.p. as one of a dozen pediatric hospitals to handle such cases. today the house of representatives will hold a hearing on the federal response to ebola. like the senate has done. you can count on nbc 10 for the
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most complete and comprehensive coverage of the ebola outbreak. nbc 10's jesse gary will be in new york all morning, and we'll be having live reports starting at 4:00. another major breaking story in northampton county. a person is dead after a police chase and shooting that ended in easton. officers say they shot the driver of the car. nbc 10's katy zachry is live at the scene. actually, a pickup truck police were chasing. still a lot of questions about exactly how this started, right? we don't have the signal but ka katy says this was a traffic stop, the driver fled -- now we have our connection with katy. again, not really clear at this point exactly what led to all of this or have you learned more? >> reporter: there are a number
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of questions. probably the biggest question is police say they won't know if officer's gunfire killed the driver of this red pickup truck or if he died from injuries he sustained when he hit the telephone pole. around 1:00 this morning, police in palmer township stopped the driver of this red pickup truck. a chase ensued after that traffic stop, came here into easton. the truck crashed in spring garden into a telephone pole. police fired shots around when the truck crashed. the driver was killed. investigators tell me it's too preliminary to say if bullets killed the driver or if he died from crashing into that telephone pole. state police are the ones taking over the investigation. they're looking at dash cam video. they're also going door to door at this early hour, trying to talk to some witnesses.
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s ayou can see, this happened outside a series of row homes. they have identified the driver, but they are not releasing his name. they say he's from easton or wilson borough, a neighboring borough from here. we are trying to get more information about his identity. when we do have more, we'll bring it to you. kat kat katy zachry. timothy seidel will be sentenced for killing a millville police in a dui crash. in 2012 seidel was fleeing from police when he crashed into a police car. he was driving more than 70 miles an hour with a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit. he could get 20 years in prison. he pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of officer christopher reeves. people at montgomery county community will make the case to keep their current police force in attack. residents are expected to meet
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with lawmakers this morning, after leaders decided to lay off six police officers. that's about half the force there. officials say they have to do this because they're facing a $900,000 shortfall. budget cuts are expected to take place on november 1st. it's friday and dry. this is a view from the comcast center. winds have picked up, 1 miles an hour at philadelphia international. temperatures warmer than yesterday. we're in the 50s right now. you can see the flag blowing at nbc 10 studios. wind will take us through the day today. it lnlt be as strong as yesterday. everybody's running a little warmer in pennsylvania and delaware, but south jersey with clearing skies. seeing a colder start in millville where it's now 45 degrees. 50 in wrooitsville. toms river dropped into the 40s. bucks county warmed up a bit in
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langhorne in the last half hour. doylestown is 52 degrees. no sign of the 40s north and west. still some clouds overhead keeping the temperatures from coming down much more. you can see the clearing allowing temperatures in interior new jersey. the clouds will break for some sunshine. and the real warm-up will take place this afternoon. the future clouds shows we won't completely clear out later this afternoon. but this evening, we will see fewer and fewer clouds. it will clear out completely overnight toekt. stand by for a nice friday and dry one. partly sunny sky, breezy. 60s, some spots 10 degrees waerm than yesterday. a nice rebound in the morning, a high of 67 with lots of sunshine for saturday, sunday and monday where temperatures start in the 40s and warm into the middle 60s. stand by for even warmer weather for tuesday and wednesday. wednesday afternoon, potentially up to 77 before showers move in
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that will continue into thursday. >> ten minutes after 6:00, if you're getting ready to leave the house, you want to be be aware of this major accident on i-95, or at least the follow-up. >> jillian mele has been following it. it's been cleared. is there backup or no? >> this accident cleared about seven minutes ago and we had a huge backup out there. once all lanes were opened on 95 northbound near street road, this delay quickly cleared. we're not reporting any delays in that area, which is gray news. we have another accident involving an overoverturned vehicle, in marion. south golf road, between upper golf road and matsonford road. taking things outside to 76 where we see the normal volume. you can see it's con guested in both directions. the eastbound side.
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you can see, we are definitely seeing a little bit of that right now. aside from that, we're not reporting any accidents on the majors. the blue route is looking clear. we're not reporting any big delays on mass transit. we continue to follow breaking news. ebola in new york city. a doctor who treated patients in west africa becomes the fourth confirmed case here in the u.s. we'll have a live report from nbc 10's jesse gary in new york. this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
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. we're following breaking news out of new york city. a doctor there is in isolation and being treated for now a confirmed case of ebola. the patient is dr. cray craig spencer. he left guinea ten days ago after working with ebola patients there. yesterday he developed a high fever and diarrhea and taking to bellevue hospital. jesse gary is outside that hospitalized. he'll have a live report coming up at mali is the sixth countr to report a case of ebola. a 2 girl tested positive, saying she came from neighboring guinea. health minister says those who came into contact with her are receiving care. at 6:15, what else we're following, a former mill defl mob boss is going back to court for a parole hearing. joey merlino should have his
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parole reveeoked because they s he's still in organized crime. his lawyers say he's working an honest job since being released from job. nbc 10 cameras captured this woman after surrendering to bribery charges. she was charged with allegedly accepting a tiffany bracelet from a lobbyist, who turned out to be an informant. attorney general decided not to prosecute that case four years ago bit now the case has been given new life by the philadelphia's d.a. office. transportation officials continue getting ready for winter by inspecting their fleet of snowplows. they got a workout last winter. first check set for this morning. other tpgs inspections will be taking place around the state. a lot of people are talking
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about this story this morning. one of the most respected high school football programs in the area has had the rest of the season canceled. they won't play their homecoming game tonight after allegations of hazing surfaced. at central bucks high school west, doylestown. monique braxton live at the school there. this has caught a lot of people off guard. >> reporter: a lot of players and a lot of parents who mp lwe looking forward to that homecoming game tomorrow night. they canceled the last game of the year. so two games canceled. we also learned from the police as well as the school superintendent through a written statement that all of the football coaches, jv, varsity, have been suspended pending further notice. we did come out yesterday. let me show you this video. we found out the band was practicing but the football field was silent. no parents were around. we went to a neighborhood close
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by, talked to some parents. they tell us they're baffled. they say about 3:20 yesterday they received an e-mail stating the rest of the football season had been canceled. they say it isn't fair because they feel the superintendent should have met with them face to face. >> he's not planning on going to college to play football. this was it for him. and to finish out with that on his back? i mean, come on. it's not right. to cancel the banquet on top of it. as parents we walked our kids out on the field football. now us as parents are being fished for it, too. >> reporter: we had to reach out to the police chief here in doylestown because the superintendent is not speaking face to face. the chief tells us you, he has heard about allegations as of this past wednesday of waterboarding, where you put a towel over a player's face and you send them into a wet shower. he also said there were allegations that players' --
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younger players were being sexual assaulted, not of criminal activity, by older players. some children were held down by older football players cut hair of younger football players. in the next half hour we'll hear from some students at the school. we'll also have more on what the superintendent will be saying next week. live for now in doylestown, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. it's been one of those mornings where every time we get an accident clear, another pops up. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jillian mele with an update. >> sky force 10 just got to the scene. it involves this vehicle. unclear if it was overtirned or that vehicle it already upright. but this road is completely blocked off. route 320 closed between upper golf road and madsen road.
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you can see police and fire crews blocking that also. avoid that area this morning. that's something we'll keep you updated. southbound side of 95 crawling along. pretty typical for 6:0. it's a breezy one this morning. the clouds are blowing through the area. a view from the comcast area in center city. no rain today. it's already ended and looking at temps in the 50s from redding, philadelphia and cape may. though there are colder spots, that cloudiness is going to blow through and break up as the day goes on. we've got enough sunshine to see temperatures warm into the 60s. 50s, i-95 corridor, north and west. quakerstown, doylestown, coatstown, all in the 50s. here is the chilly weather.
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clearing skies, woodbine, all in the 40s this morning while clouds are keeping delaware in the 50s right now. we will see the clouds break for sunshine. you can see those breaks in south jersey. the clouds not producing any showers in our area. i don't expect that today, tonight or the weekend. the clouds coming in from the west, western pennsylvania, those will fizzle before they get to us. it looks like lots of sunshine. 57 degrees on on saturday. beautiful sunny skies. a little breezy on sunday. that will keep temperatures in the middle 60s. nothing but sunshine for monday and tuesday into the middle 70s and possibly even warmer on wednesday. wednesday afternoon, 77 degrees before showers move in later wednesday and thursday. lost a.c.t. scores. this could be a blessing in disguise or bad luck. we'll tell you the option some
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delaware county students have. we continue to follow breaking news out of new york city. a doctor in america's largest city tests positive for the ebola. reigniting fears about the spread of the disease. latte or au lait? cozy or cool? exactly the way you want it... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. designed to let couples sleep together in individualized comfort. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. and snoring? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. right now, you can save $500 on the #1 rated i8 bed. know better sleep with sleep number.
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lost test scores will mean retaking a.c. tmplgtt.s for som delaware high schoolers. the a.c.t. says the testing coordinator mailed the test scores incorrectly through the postal service instead of fedex and because of that all the tests were lost. patrick meehan wrote to postmaster general asking his office to investigate. students are key take the test. all of them will get a refund. good morning. i'm jillian mele. sky force 10 is still over the
6:26 am
accident involving a vehicle you can see getting put onto the tow truck, upper marion. route 320 is blocked off. i'll get you around this accident coming up in a few minute. for now, let's take you out to a live look at comcast center. you can see a few clouds out there, but will we see the sun today? >> i think we will. we'll also have to deal with the gusty winds that are blowing those clouds through the area. no sign of any rain this morning. not going to see it. look at the winds. gusting to more than 20 miles an hour in wilmington and redding. and 36-mile-an-hour winds gusting in the pocono mountains. i'm jesse gary live in new york city. outside bellevue hospital where one ebola patient is in isolation. one case here. could that mean a case headed down to philadelphia? we'll talk about the possibility of a spread coming up after the break. the other breaking news story we're following out of
6:27 am
northampton county where a police chase led to this crash and the suspect dead. we're getting new information on why police chased the driver.
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we're on top of this break news. a new ebola case in the u.s. it's a doctor in new york city. we'll have live updates from the hospital where he's being treated in isolation. another breaking news out of northampton county. a police chase and shooting leaves a driver dead. we're gathering new information about that as well. >> we're waking up to a much nicer start this morning. the rain is gone that's been over our head for the last few days. bill henley will get us started with his first alert forecast. we have a few clouds, right? >> blowing through, winds gusting 36 miles an hour in
6:31 am
poconos and 18-mile-an-hour winds in pottstown. temperatures are warm in most area. with with the exception, where cloutsdzy already broken. millville, 46 degrees. that matches 46 degrees in pocono mountains. we'll see lots of sunshine in between the clouds. 55 degrees at 9:00. 61 degrees at lunchtime. then more sunshine later in the afternoon. that's when we'll warm up to 66 degrees. i'm back in less than ten minutes with a look at your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast. but right now, let's check in with jillian mele, first alert traffic reporter to see what's going on. >> good friday morning to you, bill. i continue to monitor an accident in upper marion. sky force 10 is live over the scene. looks like the tow truck with the vehicle involved is already gone. this is on route 30, still shut down between upper golf road and madsen ferg road. if you're needing to get around it take county line or old
6:32 am
impofl road. this is center city, the vine at 76. looking good in both directions. 76 is slowing down president westbound at city avenue. that is at a kroul. your drive time on 76 to blue ridge, 22 minutes. if you're traveling the blue routed this morning, northbound from 35 to 76, will take you about 18 minutes. 6:22, we're following breaking news from november night. ebola is official in new york city. dr. craig spencer, a doctor recently returned from west africa. he does test positive for ebola. those tests are being confirmed by the cdc. spencer left guinea ten days ago where he was working with guinea patients. he flew into new york city jfk a week ago. on wednesday, that was the first day he reported feeling tired. he still ran errands, even went
6:33 am
bowling. then yesterday he developed a high fever and diarrhea and taken to hospital in manhattan where jesse gary is live this morning, outside of that hospital. >> you nengsed in the last half hour how close philadelphia is no new york. we're trying to calm fears, separate fact from panic. should people be worried now that we have this case in the northeast? >> reporter: there is no concern of ebola moving south to gill defl based just off this case. dr. expenser is in isolation, along with his fiancee and two friends who he came in close contact. . official i say the virus is not airborne. it can only be passed person to person. dr. spencer returned from guinea last friday, traveled around the city but didn't develop symptoms until yesterday and then was rushed here and placed in an air-tight room. >> reporter:
6:34 am
>> from the public health point of view, i feel confident we're doing everything we should be doing and we have the situation under control. >> reporter: the taxi cab driver that drove dr. spencer over to brooklyn so he could bowl did not come in direct contact with him. therefore, that driver is not in isolation. live in new york, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. we've been monitoring social media to see what's happening in this new ebola case in new york city. in the last few hours the nbc reporter sent a tweet about the new case. avoesh ka mukpo writes, i hope as information comes out about the ncc case, we must remember he risked his life. health care workers in gloucester county will be offering training to all first responders. first session today, more next week. children's hospital of
6:35 am
philadelphia standing ready to provide any care for children who might get ebola. the cdc designated is one of the hospitals designated to handle such cases. >> many of you are worried about ebola. we can here to separate fact from fiction. this is information from the cdc. first, it's not spread through the air like a cold. not through general or. can you only get it by touching the bodily fluids of someone who has the disease. people are want contagious until they show symptoms. you can also get ebola by touching con dam natured items like needles and fruit bats and primates. is your information. we also have up to the minute latest out of the case in new york city.
6:36 am
nbc 10's ted greenberg is heading to new york later to provide live coverage throughout the day. you can watch for his live reports beginning this afternoon at 4 p.m. we're following breaking news out of northampton county where one is dead after a police chase and shooting. officers say he open fire. katy, you have new information. >> reporter: i have new information about the driver. if you focus in and focus on the red pickup i'm told he's from easton, mid to late 30s. police don't know how he died. he had been pulled over around 1:00 this neighboring palmer townships. officers from palmer followed him. investigators say he led them on
6:37 am
a case through easton borough. it came to a crash when he hit the pole. >> it did end here at the corner. caused significant damage to the truck and telephone poll. as to what transpired after that, a lot of information to gather, a lot of mobile video recorders we want it look like. >> i talked with a state police lunt. he tells me they collected have i yoe from at least six dash cam that state troopers had in their vehicles. police say they won't know until the coroner's report comes back how the driver of the pickup truck died. if he died from injuries he sustained when he hit the pole or if he died from officer's gunfire. when we have information, we'll bring it to you. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. here's what else is happening today we're following for you. a judge in delaware will decide whether to dismiss child
6:38 am
pornography charges against chris wheeler, former head master at a prestigious school. last year he stepped down from his post at tower hill prep school. he was tried bit judge on 25 counts of dealing child important through digit kalg videos. again shg t again, the judge will decide today. a retired ocean county teacher and noefr man are facing sex abuse charges. raymond waters is the suspect. he and his suspect were charged. they say he abued a freshman starting in 2002. they say he later intoed the victim to the other suspect who later assaulted the victim. leave your em brel la at home. the showers have ended. we're drying out this morning with gusty winds helping and blowing a few clouds through the
6:39 am
area. we're on track with a beautiful weekend with lots of sun behind. we'll see enough sin shine to warm into the 60s. right now we're seeing the numbers faum. 52 in doylestown. cape may is 55. there you can see the clout blowing past the camera at nbc 10 studios. we're seeing wind gusts of more than 20 miles an hour. it won't be as strong as yesterday. these are the steadier winds, 23 miles an hour. allen town, 15 and 13-mile-an-hour in mill ming ton. you can see by the radar, without those clouds we have no rainfall. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast looking pretty good on this friday. 59 in pocono mountains. 65 for redding. into tonight, milgdz siction for doylestown. mt. homily to 67, completely drive for atlantic shore. 66 in dover.
6:40 am
partly to mostly sunny skies. we'll see more luncheon at westchester, and glass borough. weekend forecast coming your way. >> 20 minutes to seven:00. let's see if there are any slowdowns. >> weaver got a couple of accidents. jillian mele brings us up to speed. >> there's a mixed bag of things. we still have this accident to be gone in the next five minutes or so. 320 is blocked off between golf road. heading to douglass township, accident at greenville road and hoffman delay road. we have a lot of days. this is 895 south bound. moving right at girard. drive time is 28 minutes from west haven to t.
6:41 am
if you're taking mass transit this morning, we're not reporting any significant delays and no big problems. including all of the regional rail lines. everything is on or close to schedule. once again, we're following wraeking news out of new york city where we have another confirmed case of ebola. in time a doctor in new york. has been confirmed to have that virus. a picture there. we're live at the hospital this morning talking to other krs to get the facts and ease worries about this latest situation in new york. also out of noechlt, a man with a hatchet, attacking pliers. we'll tell you how they finally stop his rampage and what happened to the officers who were attacked.
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6:44 am
break news on ebola.
6:45 am
this new york city doctor, dr. craig spencer, has tested positive for the deadly virus. the cdc still has to confirm those results. dr. spencer left guinea ten days ago after working with ebola patients there. yesterday he developed a high fever and diarrhea, then was taken to bellevue hospital. nbc 10's jesse gary is outside that hospital. he'll have a live report in just minutes. to atlantic city casino crisis for you. workers are holding a rally on the boardwalk, set for 5:00 this afternoon outside the taj mahal. you see video of the last protest they had last week. the owners of the taj terminated the workers' health and pension benefits this week. they say they had to do that to remain open. will remain open until at least the end of november. don't be alarmed if you see dozens scaling the size of a building this week. mike nurter got it started for a fund-raiser for outward bound.
6:46 am
outward bound ofrdz bereavement program and teen-building events for kids and teenagers throughout the year. >> outward bound changes lives. it chained mine. it brought me out of a dark time of in my life and gave me confidence and kind of strength to believe that i could carry on. and that i could continue to make a difference in the world. >> the charity came up with this creative way to fund raise after the philadelphia school district cut funding because of its budget shortfall. 6:46. if you use psge, the utility announced it is giving customers a credit that will slash gas bills by 31%. the typical customer will see a credit of $118. they say that credit will apply to your usage in january, february and march. they are passing along the
6:47 am
savings to customers. to decision 2014, details just into nbc 10. about joe biden's visit to difficult fefl, attending a fund-raiser at four seasons hotel for democratic candidate. you can counted on nbc 10 to have information on the vice president's visit. the man seen jumping a fence at the white house this week is scheduled for a monday court hearing and a mental evaluation. yesterday a judge ordered domicic adesanya to stand trial. he faces charges of allegedly kicking two police dogs and making threats. we also learned this is his second try at dreeching white house security. authorities say in july d.c. police arrested him for jumping a security barrier. the obama administration says it's looking at new options to beef up security in washington. among them, even an higher fence at white house and fence around
6:48 am
u.s. capitol. we're seeing new video of the parliament shooting in canada. the shooter is identified as michael zehaf-bibeau. the 32-year-old is said to have recently converted to islam. authorities designated him as a high-risk traveler, taking away his passport. u.s. officials say he has known links to jihadist. it shows bibeau after killing nathan cirillo. he hijacks a car, pulls up to the front of the building. once inside, open fire in the main hallway. he was eventually shot and killed by parliament police. we have new video of a hatchet attack on police officers in queens. take a look and you can see the guy running with the hatchet. two officers were struck and one is right now in critical condition. fellow officers shot and killed the attacker, a man from california with a criminal record.
6:49 am
about a half an hour before sun viz. we're getting a better look at clouds blowing from the area. no rain coming from these clouds. 56 degrees. the wind at 12 miles an hour. there are stronger gusts off to the north and west. cape may clouds are blowing past beach avenue but it's completely dry. we'll get breaks of sunshine. in fact, more sunshine as the day goes on. 52 degrees in doylestown. 48 in thoms river. wright town is 56 degrees. farther inland into montgomery county, gilbertsville, pottstown, 5 degrees to start with. we'll see fifrts as clouds blow through the area will be breaking for more. more sunshine. the future clouds shows the clouds will be with us for much of the morning but then later this afternoon, look at the sunshine breaking through. this evening, the clouds will clear out late this evening and
6:50 am
overnight tonight, which clears the way for a sunny weekend. partly sunny, breezy, 60s this afternoon. winds won't be as strong as yesterday, still gusting to 2 miles an hour however. tomorrow, bright yun is skies with clear skies overnight. it will be chillier tomorrow, 48 degrees. nice rebound in the afternoon, up to 67. breezy on sunday. lots of sun shine and 55 degrees. brilliant sunshine for monday and tuesday. 74 degrees tuesday afternoon. even warmer on wednesday. late wednesday we'll get showers that will continue into thursday. >> bill, thanks. we ask look straight. but we have to get to you work first. >> the weekend is looking good. how about the traffic? jil yan mealy has a look at that. >> it depends where you're waking up and traveling heading out on 422 it's not that bad. we're not reporting any big
6:51 am
slowdowns on 422. 95 southbound, normal delays out there. same situation on 76. we have a down the tree in limb rick long view road at main street. following an accident out of douglas championship. use caution at both those intersectio intersectio intersections. this is the 42 freeway. northbound as driver pass creek road and head out to bridges. normal volume on 42. bridges look good. so far no accidents on the majorings in delaware. a new york city doctor has ebola. nbc's jesse gary is outside the hospital where that patient is being treated. >> reporter: that doctor is inside this hospital behind me. later today the cdc will work to confirm those tesses. a police-involved shooting shut down this busy road in
6:52 am
easton. a driver is dead. i'll explain why police are not saying what killed him. this is ceo tom macarthur's world. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
6:55 am
we're following this broadcasting news from overnight. a new case of ebola in the u.s. this time a doctor in new york city. jesse gary is there outside the hospital where he is being treated. >> reporter: dr. craig spencer is in isolation inside bellevue hospital here along with three people he came in close contact with. later today, officials with the cdc will work to perform tests on spencer that was taken yesterday. he had been treating ebola patients earlier this month in gunmy any. returned home last friday and after spiking a high fever, he
6:56 am
rushed here to new york city. new york city oe finns say he tests positive for the ebola virus. when oe first showed symptoms, he was rushed to safety. we're also following breaking new in northampton dth where a man is lady after leaving police on a chase, which ended go gunfire. katy zachry has been in easton almost morning long. what you tell us? >> if you take a look behind me, you'll see north 13th street in easten as state investigate an officer-involved shooting and the driver, who is dead. the driver led police through pursuit and eventually crashed into a can you feel poll. at this time police say it's unclear what killed him. the impact from the crash on the
6:57 am
officer's gunfire. we do know the victim is in his mid to late 30s. that's the latest live in easton, katy zachry, nns 10. the rest the football season is canceled for a bucks county football pourerhouse after hazing happened. monique, this news caught a lot of people off guard. >> reporter: that's right, cries. when students arrive here, the normal spirited day that comes with homecoming will, be drastically different. short after after we learned the student canceled the rest of the season, we came here to west. the football field was silent. parents received e-mails but
6:58 am
were upset he didn't talk to politic as well. they say the senior, they involve water boarding, while others grabbed their hair before scratching. no criminal investigation. police have been told the sissing of an dent will be -- monique braxton, nbc 10 news. good morning at of:58. a little problem on 76 westbound as you approach the curve. penndot is moving this camera. belonging the label vehicle a lot of this traffic you can see quickly coming into a stop, merging into the right-hand side lane. bottom of your screen, we asked say delay out here on 76 westbound. right as you approach earn.
6:59 am
you can except west seventh best to be. it's a breezy morning with clouds blowing through the area. leave the umbrella at home. no sign of any showers. none expected today. you can see the wind blowing the flag at nbc 10 studios. clouds looking serious right now but they will be clearing as the day goes on and we will see the wind settle down. they just got a bit stronger in pocono miles an hour. top. the 22 hive mill other walk. 57 just warmed up a bit. this had dropped down to 45, now 450 degrees. some 40s in interesting jersey. you'll need a jacket at the bus
7:00 am
stop but not an em brel la. >> that's true. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in a few minutes. breaking overnight. ebola in new york city. a doctor who treated patients in africa diagnosed with the virus here. before being admitted to the hospital he used subways, took an uber car ride and even went bowling. did his alcohols put the public at risk? not enough parts. the new concern this morning tied to that massive air bag recall involving at least 8 million cars. "today" exclusive. you remember the shocking video. >> why did you shoot me? >> this morning, the man shot by a state trooper during a routine traffic stop is speaking out for the first time. and, awkward. >> my guest today, bradley pitt. >> zach galifianakis welcomes