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tv   Today  NBC  October 24, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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stop but not an em brel la. >> that's true. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in a few minutes. breaking overnight. ebola in new york city. a doctor who treated patients in africa diagnosed with the virus here. before being admitted to the hospital he used subways, took an uber car ride and even went bowling. did his alcohols put the public at risk? not enough parts. the new concern this morning tied to that massive air bag recall involving at least 8 million cars. "today" exclusive. you remember the shocking video. >> why did you shoot me? >> this morning, the man shot by a state trooper during a routine traffic stop is speaking out for the first time. and, awkward. >> my guest today, bradley pitt. >> zach galifianakis welcomes brad pitt to "between two
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ferns." >> is it hard for you to maintain -- >> why? >> because you live in your wife's shadow. >> in a bit for the ages, presses all the superstar's buttons "today," friday, october 24th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer along with hoda kotb, al roker, tamron hall. natalie is off and savannah is on maternity leave. i don't know if i would rather host on "between two ferns" or be a guest on "between two ferns." >> the best video you'll see, perfect for friday. >> we'll get to that a little later on. obviously, there's a lot to talk about this morning. our top story, new concerns over ebola after a new york city doctor tested positive.
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the 33-year-old is in isolation at bellevue hospital this morning, but his neighbors in upper manhattan have a lot of questions about where that doctor went and what he did in the days leading up to his diagnosis. we're going to talk to new york's governor, andrew cuomo and dr. natalie azar in just a moment. first we want to head a few blocks to our south where katy tur is at bellevue. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. new york city officials say they are prepared for this they do want to stress, they do not believe this patient was a risk to the general public. again, the first case of ebola here in new york city, and the patient is a 33-year-old e.r. doctor, just back from treating ebola patients in west africa and now he, his fiancee and two friends are in isolation. overnight, the new york health department confirmed the first case of ebola in america's largest city. >> there is no reason for new yorkers to be alarmed.
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>> reporter: new york city bill di blasio urged public calm. >> it's very difficult to contract. being on the same subway car or living near a person with ebola does not, in itself, put someone at risk. >> reporter: governor andrew cuomo drew a sharp distinction between new york's preparedness and dallas where one patient died and two nurses contracted the disease. >> we are as ready as one could be for the circumstance. what happened in dallas was actually the exact opposite. >> reporter: dr. craig spencer is currently in isolation at bellevue hospital in manhattan. after being admitted around 1:00 pm thursday with a 103-degree fever and gastrointestinal problems consistent with ebola. he had been back in the u.s. about a week after working with patients in new guinea as part of the doctors without borders
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program. he self isolated when returning but also said he rode three separate subway trains, went bowling. he did not feel well for, quote, a couple of days but did not fully self quarantine until thursday morning. however, they stress during that time he was an extremely low risk for being contagious to others. his fiancee is being quarantined as a high risk, as are two others close to him. in harlem, dr. spencer's apartment is sealed off and his neighbors put on alert. >> they said to me if you have been in west africa, treating -- you know, treating patients with ebola if you come back into the country, let's take the appropriate precautions and say we should isolate you for 21 days. >> reporter: officials say his fiancee and two friends are okay, that they are not symptomatic as of now. they also want to stress this is
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a doctor who knows the disease and that he self quarantined and called the health department as soon as he had a sign of a fever. again, they do not believe that he was a risk to the general public. matt? >> katy tur on the story, thank you very much. andrew kruchltcuomo is the gove new york. thank you for joining us. >> good to see you, matt. >> i don't think anybody should be shocked that a case of ebola has now been diagnosed in new york city. it's a major port of entry in this country. once dr. spencer identified himself, did officials here do what they needed to do in a timely fashion and exercising the proper protocols? are you confident in that? >> as confident as one can be, matt. you know, with -- you're right, this is a situation that we hoped wouldn't happen, but we expected that it would. it is new york. people come through here. we also have the advantage here of notice. dallas really had no notice.
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we all watched happened in dallas. we have been preparing literally for weeks on a coordinated effort plan, between new york city, new york state, federal government, cdc. we had just done a training with 5,000 health care workers, health care union has been fantastic. and this was a doctor, as you heard in the setup piece. so, the doctor was familiar with the disease. and, again, this is not like the flu. it's not airborne. it's not from people sneezing. the person has to be symptomatic. and it's basically transferred through bodily fluids. >> you say it was a doctor familiar with the disease -- i apologize for interrupting. you say it was a doctor familiar with the disease yet you heard that gentleman at the end of katy tur's piece saying if you're so familiar with the disease, you've been treating patients in nuinea, do you take the subway, do you go to a
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bowling alley? do you think dr. spencer acted responsibly? >> i'm not a doctor, matt. the flip side of what you said is if you're a doctor, you know you're not contagious until you're symptomatic. this is a doctor who is taking his temperature twice a day and, obviously, concluded he was not symptomatic and that's why he went out. still, in a limited way. he went bowling with two friends. he was with his fiancee. and he took the subway. he obviously felt he wasn't symptomatic. he knew that was the only time he w it was contagious. as soon as he had a fever, he presented himself to the hospital. all the procedures there on were exactly according to the book. the first responders did a magnificent job. the health care workers did a magnificent job. so, everything has happened the way it should happen since then. we've been in contact with the federal officials, president
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obama called last night, ron klain, the new ebola czar, sylvia burdwell, secretary of human and health services. everything worked as it should. the doctor wasn't symptomatic. that's why he left the house, he wasn't symptomatic. >> new york's governor, andrew cuomo, thank you for being here. appreciate your time. thank you. >> wish it was under different circumstances but always good to talk to you, matt. >> thanks. glets over to hoda. dr. natalie azar is a medical professor at langone medical center. good morning. governor cuomo said he's not a doctor so he couldn't say if he acted responsibly. did he act responsibly? >> we have to deal with the facts and the fact weiss know about the virus.
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you're not contagious when you're asymptomatic. as you get sicker and sicker, you become more and more contagious as the viral load increases. so the likelihood of this particular patient being able to transmit this virus, via casual contact in use of public transportation, we never want to say zero, but as close to zero as possible. >> let's talk about casual contact. people do worry about these kinds of things. there were people on the subway, people who rode in that uber car afterwards. governor kruchlt omo said a sneeze, you can't catch it this way but i f i was this close to you and i sneezed on you, could you get it? >> the amount of the virus in your system depends on how sick you are. a patient infected with ebola is so sick that they're actually vomiting, bleeding, and having
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diarrhea, you're standing next to the person and touch the bodily fluid and you then have a portal of entry into your own body. >> do you think that doctors coming from west africa be quarantined not voluntarily, but mandatory? >> there should, perhaps, be a discussion about those health care workers who were clearly at the greatest risk of acquiring ebola. should there be a mandatory quarantine for them? the cdc has been incredibly responsive and communicative with health care systems and fluid as well and their recommendations have been evolving. they can look at this scenario and see whether something like that should be implemented. for the time being this doctor followed orders directly from doctors without borders. >> dr. azar is going to stick
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around to answer your questions. send them to #orange room. dr. kent bradley is speaking out about this case in new york city. in this exclusive statement to nbc news, dr. brantly tells us, quote, from everything i've read and heard about his circumstances, it sounds like new york has done everything right to contain this case. i hope the people of new york can likewise set an example for the rest of the country by handling this event with reason and calm instead of panic. now to that deadly terror attack in canada, this morning we're learning a little bit more about the gunman behind it as chilling new surveillance video surfaces of the shooting spree. kevin tibbles is in ottawa once again. good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, this morning canadian officials say the killer had come to ottawa in hopes of getting a positiveport and traveling to syria, presumably in hopes of joining up with isis. >> we have learned through the current investigation that this
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individual has been in ottawa. that he was in town to deal with a passport issue and hoping to leave for syria. >> reporter: that man, officials say, is michael zehaf-bibeau, with plans to travel to syria. officials believe the day in his passport, due to a background check, may have prompted the tragic shooting wednesday. he is seen here, minutes after killing a canadian soldier with a rifle. and then is seen heading for the canadian parliament. he commandeers a second car heading for the front door. once inside, he continues firing until being killed in a shootout with security. credited with stopping the shooter, the sergeant in arms,
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kevin vickers, a former police officer, seen here, gun in hand just as the incident ended. the canadian government saying it refused to allow a terrorist to interrupt its work reconvened, celebrating vickers as a hero. >> when the nation needed him yesterday, he was there. and he did what he had to do. we're just tremendously relieved that he's fine. >> zehaf-bibeau had a criminal record and some say he once asked to be sent to jail to overcome an addiction to crack cocaine. he had been living in a homeless shelt shelter. his conversion to islam took place at this british columbia mosque. his mother, who hasn't seen him in years denounced his actions saying, i am mad at my son. i don't understand and part of me wants to hate him at this time. at canada's war memorial where army corporal nathan cirillo was killed in cold blood, they came
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to lay flowers and pay tribute. in a makeshift memorial outside cirillo's home, two friends waited for their master to come home. it has been learned that zehaf-bibeau held canadian and american citizenship. that young corporal will be buried next week. >> another disturbing attack, this one here in new york city. a frightening scene played out on a new york city street thursday when a man with a hatchet attacked a group of uniformed police officers, wounding two of them. stephanie gosk has the story. >> reporter: security video records the moment a man races across a sidewalk with hatchet in hand. >> the male then swung at one of the officers with the hatchet, striking his arm. he continues swinging the
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hatchet, striking a second officer in the head, causing him to fall to the sidewalk. >> reporter: the uninjured officers opened fire on the suspect, killing him, and accidentally shooting a 29-year-old female bystander half a block away from the crime scene. police sources have identified the suspect as 32-year-old zale thompson and saying this facebook page showing muslim prayers and armed fighter belongs to him. looking for clues as to what may have triggered the attack, they've not found any literature from hate groups at this time. issuing a patrol bulletin, warning officers about potential attacks. >> i think certainly the heightened concern is relative to that type of assault, based on what's just happened in canada. but that's what the investigation will attempt to determine. >> reporter: stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. now to that massive air bag
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recall affecting dozens of makes and models, auto dealers say there are not enough replacement parts to fix the problem. air bag inflaters are made by the takata corporation. calling tem a potential ticking time bomb that could explode, sending metal shrapnel. you should get the air bag replaced as soon as possible. go to the website to see if your car is affected. ready, apparently, to get back to work. thursday the secret service tweeted pictures of jordan and hurricane, while the dogs took a well-deserved day off. jordan was kicked in the snout and hurricane was punched repeatedly. the man who jumped the white house fence wednesday night. both are doing well. that man is facing several charges. and a great escape?
7:17 am
it was not. in newly released surveillance video from iceland, a man ramming his car through a parking garage gate. he was not satisfied he got through it. backed his car up, knocking over his companion at one point, who had gotten out of the car. he saved the best for last, hitting the gate so hard, it flipped over his car. no one was hurt. the damage to the gate was costly. i have to go back to the dogs, jordan and hurricane. check out their profiles. apparently hurricane loves playing with his little squeaky toy, tough dog, and jordan likes long walks on the white house lawn. >> sweet. >> people are really giving them love today for their hard work. >> normally this time you're talking about the northeast. you're talking about the northwest this morning. >> that's right. we'll show you a rare tornado in just a moment. did you miss the partial eclipse? if you're here in the east you didn't really get a chance to
7:18 am
see it. take a look at this, partial eclipse of the sun. next time we're going to see one, 2017. it will be a total eclipse. ♪ total eclipse of the heart >> oh. >> oh, yeah, like you could do better. >> good thing we don't have to hear that again until 2017. >> wow! let's show you what's going on out there. tornado in long view, washington. ef-1 tornado blowing through that town kind of blew up out of nowhere, really. you can see debris being pushed. this dumpster pushed like a toy. buildings had their roofs ripped off. nobody injured, nobody hurt, no deaths. more moisture in the pacific northwest today. seattle, washington, will see more rain, clouds moving in. over the next 48 hours, we'll be talking about two to three inches of rain. good news, the nor'easter is
7:19 am
moving away. boston, cloudy skies. by the weekend it will be gorgeous. plenty of sunshine and more rain through southern florida. but the good news is it will move out by the weekend. more showers and thunderstorms throughout miami, right into the evening hours. we're going to get
7:20 am
and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. >> some breaking news from the orange room, which doesn't happen every day. >> we buried the lead this morning. it's 7:20 and we're just now getting to this? >> what? >> queen elizabeth is on twitter. 730,000 followers. that all changed a few minutes ago. this came out from the official account showing her at the london science museum, #the queen tweets. that was from palace officials. now here she comes. this is from queen elizabeth.
7:21 am
it is a pleasure to open the information age exhibition today at the science museum. i hope people will enjoy visiting. elizabeth r. keeping it on the casual. >> does that stand for royal? >> the last tweet was sent personally by the queen. #the queen tweets. remember the old photo bomb she pulled off during that selfie? welcome to twitter and welcome to the thunderdome. it gets ugly in here. >> hoda already following her. >> i'm trying to follow her right now. it says queen. >> not sure that's the real one. >> different queen. >> careful. willie geist. coming up, why was he the one apologizing? man shot by a south carolina trooper after being pulled over for a seat belt violation speaks out for the first time. he is here for an exclusive interview. then, rival survival. two senators from opposite sides
7:22 am
of the aisle trade life on capitol hill for a week on a deserted island. what they learned from this unlikely adventure. first this is "today" on nbc.
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we're back now, 7:30 on a friday morning, october 24th, 2014. that means we're a week away from halloween, and that's why we are taking a stroll down memory lane with some of the costumes from past years. favorites here? >> oh, yeah. "star wars" was a good one. why did i have to be the ugliest person, yoda? >> because your name rhymes. >> anyway, it's our way of telling you we will be having our halloween extravaganza one week from today. getting everything ready. >> people keep asking, who are you going to be? >> can't say. it's a big secret. >> going as hoda. >> meantime, let's see what's making headlines.
7:31 am
a doctor who returned from west africa is being treated at a hospital in new york for ebola. he develop aid fever thursday and was taken to the hospital. his fiancee and two close friends are being monitored. the man who jumped the white house fence is being held. tornado tore through the city of long view and was on the ground for more than a mile. no injuries reported. a classroom without desks. we'll take you to a school where kids read while working out on stationary bicycles. action-based learning could be the next big thing. interesting. >> smart idea. >> it is smart. let's begin this half hour with a "today" exclusive. this is tied to a story we've been following for some time now. a south carolina state trooper fired after shooting and
7:32 am
wounding an unarmed driver who was stopped because he wasn't wearing a seat belt. in a moment, we'll talk to the victim in the case exclusively. but first, more of his story. moments before the confrontation, the dash cam individual wroe shows former state trooper shawn grubert's car getting ready to leave the gas station when, instead, he backs up suddenly and stops behind lev rachlt. jones,'s gets out of his truck not far from the gas pumps. >> may i have your license please? >> reporter: when he reaches for his license, groubert yells to get out of the car. >> get out of the car! get out of the car! get on the ground! >> jones was shot in the hip. >> what did i do, sir? >> are you hit? >> i think so.
7:33 am
i can't feel my leg. i don't know what happened. i just grabbed my license. >> i need a 1052. >> why did you -- why did you shoot me? >> well, you dove head first back into your car. >> i'm sorry. >> then you jumped back out. >> i'm sorry. i didn't hear two words. why were you pulling me over? i just pulled in -- >> seat belt violation. >> i just pulled it off right there at the corner to pull in the gas station! ahh. >> well, i've got help coming to you, okay? i got help coming to you. >> groubert has been charged with aggravated assault and battery. his attorney says there's more than one way to interpret the video. calling the shooting unwarranted and, quote, he reacted to a perceived threat where there was none. levar jones is with us exclusively along with his attorney, annette dorsey. good morning. good to have you here. how are you feeling? >> feeling good, brother.
7:34 am
>> got the cane, still recuperating? >> trying to get my legs back under me, head back together. it's been a slow, but sure recovery. >> you didn't want to watch that videota videotape. >> no, i did not. >> still have not seen it? >> no, sir. >> why not? >> it brings back a lot of memories, for one. second off, it's something that i just really have no interest in watching. >> for two weeks, nobody even knew that video existed. >> yes, yes. >> during that two-week period you were getting all kinds of questions, whether saying them to your face or behind your back, saying his side of the story can't be right because nobody gets shot for no reason. >> that's why it makes that tape so difficult for me to watch. the weeks that i had to go through, look at people and telling them basically i pulled over at a gas station. officer asked me for my identification. when i reached for my identification, i was shot at. to tell that story to anybody is
7:35 am
just something that no one can believe the first time, until the tape was released and they actually seen it. >> have you gone over in your mind, levar, is there anything you would have done differently from the moment that trooper stopped you? >> no. >> nothing? >> nothing. i didn't have enough time to do anything differently. >> you were heard on that videotape apologizing. >> yes. >> that is part of the tape that started me. why were you apologizing? >> i actually was watching the morning that it got released, no one can believe how fast everything happen ed on that tape. it's shocking. and it's very disturbing. i know me, personally, i wasn't the only person that was affected by this. i know total strangers that have met me after the fact and told me they started crying. so much love and compassion has came out from across the country. so this is the situation where right now, we need to take all
7:36 am
those feelings and put them into a bigger cause than even myself or even that tape. >> you want more police departments across the country to use those dash cam videos. you want more police officers to wear cameras on their bodies so that instance like this are caught on tape and it won't be a he said, he said or he said, she said type situation. this trooper is facing criminal charges, could be sent to prison up to 20 years. what do you think is a fair punishment? >> i really feel he needs to be charged with something that holds felony status. that way, he will have to sign a gun act, will no longer be able to carry a gun, will no longer be able to be a police officer. >> what about recourse for you? do you have legal recourse you can seek in this case? >> i think besides recourse, our main purpose for being here is to let the nation know that there's no amount of money that could justify what happened to
7:37 am
levar. and so we're seeking justice. we're seeking to join those mothers against police brutality. we're seeking to push the issues across the nation where cities are -- question for the need of whether dash cams and body cams are need. >> levar, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> good luck. continued good health. we'll get a check of the weather now from al. >> announcer: "today's" sunday night football weather is brought to you by nfl mobile, exclusively from verizon. >> and we'll get to that in just a bit. first, we've got springtime in okay. big dome of high pressure dominating. the jet stream is way up to the north. and so here we go. look at these temperatures. denver, 83, 20 degrees above average. kansas city, 81. little rock, 77. as we make our way east by saturday, oh, man, washington, d.c. is going to be 70. atlanta, 76.
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st. louis, 79. dallas, 91 degrees. we're going to >> it's the night you wait for. you go through five days of heck to get to this.
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oh, baby, the packers, they get rid of the frozen tundra of lambeau field to go to mercedes-benz superdome. clear, mild, 75 degrees at the dome. but what the heck? it's sunday night football night in america. >> yes! >> we've got to get that -- >> yeah, we do. >> the saints have got to win this week. it is their turn. >> they have been warned. al, thank you very much. a story you've got to see. this is the touching reason why one town is celebrating a year's worth of holidays all in one week. stick around for that. >> great. next, should more lawmakers follow their lead? two rival senators forced to work together to survive life on a deserted island. they'll open up about that a deserted island. they'll open up about that experience, after this. mm. feel it. j.j. watt? you know there's a game on tonight right, amy? oh, i know, but it's my turn to chaperone. right, but you could do both.
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and we're back now at 7:44 with a pretty interesting experiment. you take two u.s. senators from opposite sides of the aisle. you throw them on a remote island and see if they can make it. does that sound too far fetched? you know what? that actually happened. capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell has more on this interesting story. hey, kel. >> good to see you, hoda. good morning, everyone. secrets can be hard to keep in washington, we know that. this is quite a tale. for 18 months, two senators planned a difficult and exotic trip and told none of their
7:45 am
fellow senators, making their own experiment in cooperation. a plunge into what looks like paradise. crystal blue waters. 7,000 miles from their day jobs in washington. >> i was just looking for another senator who could spear fish, you know. >> reporter: but this was no vacation. >> we had to shelter quickly. >> made for tv survival test. >> first clam down the hatch. i just hope it stays down the hatch. >> reporter: take one democrat. >> in a survival situation -- >> sleeping with a democrat. >> thankfully, not too close. >> marooned in the north pacific on an island. >> i think there will be a few people on my side, at least, who will be upset, consorting with the enemy. >> yeah. >> reporter: and you have discovery channel's new show,
7:46 am
rival survival. >> after about 20 coconuts, i can say we're both over the coconut water fad. >> reporter: leaving d.c. dysfunction far behind for seven days, forced to, dare i say it, work together with only three tools. >> the first item we both agreed on was the machete. >> reporter: and search for freshwater brought these senators to their knees. >> slurping up water from leaves, very unsan torial, i can tell you that. >> reporter: there had to have been moments when you were saying, what am i doing here? >> that was one of them. >> that was one of them. >> yeah. >> reporter: their goal, to come back with more than a sun tan. >> if we could exist on a deserted isle, maybe we could reach across the aisle here. >> we know each other better, we trust each other more. >> reporter: that trust is the tool they built together, an adventure in team work. and while they still disagree on most political issues, they do hope their new friendship will improve their ability to
7:47 am
cooperate back on the job here in this town. if you want to see more, the show rival survival airs next week on the discovery channel on the 29th and a little fine print for you. the senators were not sxented and paid their own travel to get to the island. hoda? >> all right. bonding. thank you so much. coming up on trend, the return of "between two ferns." we dare you not to laugh. anyway, this was the zach we dare you not to laugh. anyway, thischeck outzach all these airline seats. lots of them, right? but when you try to get one by using your travel rewards card miles... those seats mysteriously vanish. why? all the flights you want are blacked out. or they hit you up for some outrageous number of miles. switch to the venture card from capital one. with venture, use your miles on any airline, any flight, any time. no blackout dates. and with every purchase you'll earn unlimited double miles. now we're getting somewhere. what's in your wallet? now we're getting somewhere. hi. i'm new ensure active clear protein drink.
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coming up, the woman making a controversial point about we
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up -- >> trick or treat. >> the most touching story you'll see all day. >> it's so much fun to watch his face light up. >> why one community is coming together to celebrate a year's worth of holidays all in a week. plus, packing on the pounds to prove a point. why one woman decided to gain 50 pounds to send a message about losing weight. and a grilling fit for galifianakis. >> do you think people focus maybe too much on your looks and don't realize that you're just a [ bleep ] actor? >> hilariously awkward exchange between the comedian and superstar brad pitt "today," friday, october 24th, 2014.
8:01 am
celebrating a decade of love and marriage from california. >> we're celebrating our 15-year anniversary with our family. >> i'm 35 years old and celebrating ten years of marriage with this guy. >> whoo! >> from washington, missouri. >> we love "today." >> good morning from trinidad and tobago. >> all right. it's 8:00 on a friday morning, 24th day of october, 2014. and i do believe we have one of the craziest crowds we've had in a long time here on the plaza this morning. >> amazing. >> good morning, everybody. >> with hat a blast. >> terrific to see you.
8:02 am
>> what have we been handing out here? >> something good. can you wait for that zach gallifianakis bit? >> no. >> that is going to be so, so great. welcome back to "today." i'm matt lauer along with hoda kotb. we've got al roker and willie geist here as well. savannah is on maternity leave and natalie is off today. tamron is inside with a look at the news. urging calm after confirming the city's first ebola case. katy tur is at bellevue where the patient is being treated this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tamron. an e.r. doctor named dr. craig spencer, who was in west africa, treating ebola patient with his doctors without borders. he called the health department with a high fever. the health department called 911, determined they needed to send a hazmat team to his harlem apartment to get him here to bellevue hospital. he has since been confirmed as
8:03 am
the first patient in new york city with ebola. they're trying to retrace his steps, to find everybody he may have come in contact with, including his fiancee and two others. they are now in isolation but not symptomatic. >> earlier matt asked governor cuomo about the doctor's decision to go out in public after returning from west africa. >> if you're a doctor you know you're not contagious until you're symptomatic. this is a doctor who is taking his temperature twice a day and obviously concluded that he was not symptomatic and that's why he went out. >> we are just 11 days away from the mid term elections and moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd has hit the road in an rv. he is talking to voters and candidates in the battleground states of hotly contested races. chuck is in milwaukee this morning. republican takeover of the senate looking like a done deal at this point? good morning. >> it is. good morning, tamron. not yet a done deal.
8:04 am
although, every day that ebola or isis is in the news in these last ten days, i can tell you, talking to campaigns on both sides, they really do think that actually hurts the democrats. drts are trying to have a closing argument in these senate races, making the case that the republicans too extreme on issues important to women or too extreme on domestic issues but they can't. if they can't break through with that and ebola and isis are dominating the headlines, it may put republicans in a better position. but not yet a done deal. >> if you had to pick, chuck, what two states would determine control of the senate would you say are on that list and state that is voters should really pay attention to? >> believe it or not, we're up to 13 states that have an impact on this battle for control of the senate. republicans need a gain of six seats. but if i were to pick two states, i would say iowa and colorado. i was just in iowa yesterday. it is hard to imagine either party able to have control of
8:05 am
the senate without winning both the iowa and colorado senate races. let me tell you something, both of them, one-point races, tamron. >> chuck todd on the road. thank you so much. and this morning on "meet the press," chuck will have six new senate groupolls for you and ho republicans would govern if they get the majority. italy's singing priests staged a tap dancing duel while studying in rome. they heard from critics who found it undiagrgnified to whic they answered the bible tells us to live with joy. from the reaction of that crowd, they enjoyed it. it is 8:05. let's get another check of the weather with al. >> that's great. thanks, tamron. this is a cutie. who is this? >> william. >> how old? >> 13 months.
8:06 am
>> how nice. and he likes the mike. i'm sorry, i need this. and these ladies over here, i love this. multitasking. they're here, enjoying the "today" show and what are you knitting? >> scarves. >> very nice. >> we'll bring you a hat when it's cold enough. >> all right. we appreciate that. let's check your weather and show you what we've got going on. a nor'easter, pulling away. showers still hanging around albany. as you see, roads still wet. they should end later today. still going to be a little on the cool side coming up. had now the rest of the country, afternoon temperatures staying cool in the northeast and new england. also in the pacific northwest, lot of rain there. midsection of the country from texas on up into the central plains, going to be in the 80s. plenty of sunshine. gorgeous day. more rain in the northeast. strong rip currents southern florida with showers there and the pacific northwest looking at more rain as well. and today is your 11th birthday. what's your name? >> sierra. >> what a pretty name. where are you from? >> maine. >> where it's raining a
8:07 am
. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. clouds are blowing through the area. temperatures will warm into the middle to upper 60s this afternoon. clear skies tonight so a bit chillier tomorrow morning. 48 degrees to start the weekend but a nice rebound saturday afternoon, up to 67. a bit breezy on sunday. 65. tuesday, up to 74 and even warmer with late-day showers on wednesday. have a great day. >> hey, look at this. all these folks belong to this guy, this camera guy, jim corrigan right here. go stand with your family. there you go. that's a good looking -- give him a kiss, yeah. i love it. back to you -- oh, i'm sorry i did that. sorry you had to see that, folks. >> nice job, al. >> that was good. that's the first time i've seen that camera in focus. >> whoa!
8:08 am
>> yes, yes! we have a new member that we want you to meet. >> who is this? >> al, matt, willie, this is abigail, she is bearing hokie sweatshirts. right? >> thank you, abigail. >> how old are you? >> i'm turning 8. >> that's so great. >> so sweet. thank you for hanging out with us a little -- oh! >> you might have to keep her. >> suddenly attached to you, literally. coming up on trending, why is one of the most popular super models in the world quitting twitter? plus a year's worth of holidays in just seven days. the incredible reason behind one town's unusual celebration. then, we're helping you take charge of your laundry, abigail, including a quick trick to remove wrinkles and a kitchen item that can help brighten your whites. first this message. ♪ decay.
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i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! a "selling machine!" ready for you alert, only at what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... oh yeah, and frosted! what's your most favorite of all? hmm...the kind i have with you. me too. he found it cleans everything... whefrom stove tops...d writing a book about his magic eraser
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8:13 am
that has everybody laughing. you know the funny or die show "between two ferns" hosted by zach galifianakis. he won an emmy for the segment he did right there, with president obama. he is back with brad pitt. zach has trouble even getting the basic details right. take a look. >> my guest today, bradley pitt. thank you for joining me. >> my pleasure. >> showers. why don't you take them? you and clooney get dressed up in your tuxes together, do you ever kind of look at each other and go, aren't we a couple of dapper dans? >> never happened to my recollection. >> is it hard for you to maintain a sun tan? >> why? >> because you live in your wife's shadow. like one of those classical love stories, like when -- i don't know, when ross first saw rachel. you know that show "friends". have you seen that?
8:14 am
♪ i'll be there for you when the rain starts to ♪ >> of course, you guys know brad pitt is very familiar with "friends," guest starred on the show with jennifer aniston, his then wife. we posted the complete video on please go look at it. it will make your friday. so good. so good. >> i can't get it together after that. one of the most popular stars on twitter has had enough. known for her bold tweets. she's also married to john legend, friend of the show and was beloved by so many on social media until wednesday when she tweeted, quote "active shooting in canada or, as we call it in america, wednesday." >> that tweet set off a social
8:15 am
media firestorm, critics blasting her for speaking out about gun control. that's when chrissy wrote "i feel sick. bye, twitter. taking my comments to instagram." >> she was sick about what she was reading? >> she explained what she meant by it. next, the death threats. >> not the first person to say good-bye to twitter. >> won't be the last. now something on the fun side. could you draw your partner from memory? folks at buzz feed got couples together asking them to do just that. not everybody so happy with the results. before we show you that, we wanted to try something. we have dry erase boards and a marker. each of us will draw somebody to the right. willie, you draw me. >> yep. >> while we do that, check out what happened to the couple. >> this is the best you could do in six minutes? >> how is it any worse than
8:16 am
yours? >> look how much detail i put in. >> patrick, those eyebrows look like a good three -- >> i think this is a really good portrayal of e.t. >> i look like such a mean, trashy woman. >> yeah. >> there we go. >> so we're drawing the person to our right. >> that's not nice. >> i'm going first. here we go. i have drawn tamron. >> who is that? >> tamron. >> that's me? >> signature hair. >> that does not look like my chin. it looks like a witch. >> it's close. >> who do you have? >>e, signature hair, long legs, what i affectionately call lass lasagna hair. >> i'll take that. >> mr. roker. >> that's a good one. >> mr. lauer. >> that's a good one. >> he could have used a little
8:17 am
less marker on the nose. >> i misunderstood the rules so i also drew willie. >> who is that? is that me? >> that's willie. no, i'm kidding. that's you. you know, i slipped. that is a combination of people. >> i would like to see mine. >> wow! here we go, speaking of the battle of the bulge -- >> looks like kim kardashian. >> i'll take it. one woman has decided to gain 50 pounds to prove a point about losing weight. nbc's kelly cobiella is in london with more. hey, kelly. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. if you google the word "diet" you come up with 46 million results but this woman, katie hopkins, says you can cut it down to four words. move more, eat less.
8:18 am
christian bale did it for "american hustle," renee zellweger did it twice. piling on the pounds for a movie role is one thing. katie, how much are you eating? >> british reality star katie hopkins put on 50 pounds to prove a point. >> all of my life, you're lucky to be skinny. what i wanted to prove was that there are no excuses for being overweight. >> kim kardashian. >> reporter: she has made a career out of speaking her mind. >> she is one large bottom. >> reporter: but the woman known as britain's biggest loud mouth put her foot in it when she declared -- >> i don't believe you can be fat and happy. i think that's just a cop out. >> reporter: twitter lit up, people calling her ignorant, insulting and flat out wrong. so she started eating, everything how many calories did you eat a day? >> 6,500 calories a day, every day. >> stuffed herself with burgers,
8:19 am
fries, pasta, cupcakes, at times eating herself to tears. >> i didn't cry at my wedding but i cried over this. it was so disgusting. >> reporter: the next step in her experiment, katie will try to lose 50 pounds. she says she has already gained a different perspective. >> i've learned a lot about how it feels to be big, how difficult it is to be big, how horrible it is to have fat sitting on the top of your thighs and how much more challenging it is just to do every day life when you're bigger. >> reporter: she has given herself three months and a drastic change in diet to prove being thin is as simple as eating less and moving more. hopkins says she really is doing it to encourage people, to show them that it's doable but she's already having a tough time of it. she has no dietician, no personal trainer and she still has 35 pounds to lose in two months, going into the holiday season, no less. >> wow, that's going to be tough. she's doing it the way most
8:20 am
people do, no dietician and no trainer. thank you very much. over to hat. >> hoda, thank you very much. when you were in school, did you have a hard time sitting still at your desk all day long? a school in north carolina has come up with a clever way to deal with kids who get a little fidgety. jenna wolfe has that story. hi, jenna. >> hey, matt. we all have energy. kids have a lot of energy. to make them bottle it up and save it for recess or after school is not fair to them. at the same time you don't really want to distract from the teacher's lesson plans. what do you do? how about swap out desks for stationary bikes for a class period. what do you get? read and ride. >> first thing you need to do -- >> for most kids sitting still in class all day isn't exactly an easy assignment. wandering minds lead to fidgety little bodies and all that fidgeting spells detention. >> it's important for kids to have fun while they read and have the movement that they need
8:21 am
instead of being trapped at their desk four, five, six hours every day. >> reporter: scott eddle, guidance counselor, had an idea. instead of fighting the restlessness, why not feed it? >> middle row, get your read and ride books. >> reporter: replace desks with stationary bikes. the program is read and ride. students spend around 30 minutes of the school day in a classroom that looks just like this. it's called action based learning, marrying the body and the mind. at a time when one in four elementary schools no longer provide recess to all their grades, curriculum like this is proving that movement matters. >> i see a lot of success. reading is sometimes one of their most challenging subjects, but i think that their energy towards reading is really good. >> reporter: but it's not just bikes. schools around the country are offering balls, bands, anything
8:22 am
that inspires education and expels energy. what does read and ride do for you? >> it helps me with my fluency. >> reporter: it helps to make you a better reader? >> yes. >> reporter: participants who participate at least three times a week at the school achieved an 83% proficiency in reading. those who surveyed, the response was overwhelming. >> in the classroom, you have to sit and don't have any energy to let out because you need it quiet so the teacher can teach. >> reporter: right. and here? >> and in here, you can pedal as fast as you can. >> reporter: do you like coming to this class? >> yeah. >> reporter: what about your friends? >> they say that this class is awesome. >> reporter: a group of kids with a thirst for athletic nourishment and a hunger for great riding. remember, these are donated bikes. no cost to the school. the curriculum to read and ride
8:23 am
is online and can be downloaded and used in schools across the country. it's already happening. >> i was one of those kids who fidgeted all day long. >> why do i feel like everyone in tv was one of those kids, right? >> short attention span. one of my favorite stories of the day, a town who defines community and it's all for one very brave little boy. here is nbc's joe friar. >> reporter: across a tight-knit neighborhood in utah, there is total disregard for the calendar. >> that's good. that will be great. >> reporter: christmas lights in october and trick-or-treaters hitting the streets a week too early. for ethan van luven, the holidays couldn't wait. that superhero costume is disguising a villain battling him from within, leukemia that
8:24 am
he has been battling all his life. >> the doctors said he has two days to a couple of weeks left to live. that's when we decided to make the most of the days he had left. >> reporter: why this community celebrated halloween ten days ahead of schedule and why they're now throwing a parade honoring ethan's 5th birthday one month before the actual day. >> ethan. >> they're saying your name. >> my hero. >> ethan is having a blast. it's so much fun to watch his face light up. >> whoa! >> reporter: it's a week of holidays, which continues tonight with christmas eve, so everyone on the block is decorating their homes, sending ethan's family a message. >> just that we love them. that we have time for them. we want to be there for them. >> reporter: they realize for the van luven's time is the most precious resource on earth. >> it makes it a little bit easier, to see how many people
8:25 am
love and support. ♪ happy birthday dear ethan >> reporter: this week, life here won't be defined by a calendar but by the people who are making every moment special. >> cool. >> happy birthday. >> way up in the sky. >> reporter: for "today," joe friar, nbc news, west jordan, utah. >> at its core that is such a sad story and yet there's something really -- >> beautiful. >> joyful. >> joyful about it, the fact that this community did this for this family. >> by the way, that is the best story you're going to see today on this show. that was terrific. >> we're back right after your local news.
8:26 am
good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast. meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> we're seeing winds gusting to 35 miles an hour. that's a view from blue mountain. they are seeing blue sky overhead. you'll see more and more of that as the days go on. winds are gusting for wildwood and pottstown. 57 degrees and holding for now in philadelphia. temperatures will be climbing. we'll wind up in the 60s later on. >> first alert forecast julian nee
8:27 am
mele has the forecast. what is going on? >> we have huge delays at 76 westbound, barely moving at city avenue and the delays start back all the way to girard avenue. the drive time is still pretty rough. from the vine to the blue alert. >> a mob boss will head back to court for a parole hearing. prosecutors say he's still involved in organized crime. and the first inspections will be held at the del-d.o.t. sheds this morning to get ready for the winter. you can get the latest news and weather at
8:30 am
yo, yo, yo, dropping mad rhymes and jokes up in this -- >> how do you do this? how do you do it? yo, yo, yo, j. care and iggy azaela. >> having a little bit of difficulty with their promo. lots of laughs.
8:31 am
>> that is going to be a great, great, great one. how one family found a way to make their son's football dreams come true. josh elliott has more on that. does anyone enjoy doing their laundry? quite a guy. if you don't, this morning we've got quick and easy tricks to help you take charge of those piles of dirty clothing. elizabeth mayhew will show you what you should really be using to brighten those whites. everybody likes a bright white. >> absolutely. >> john lithgow stops by to talk about broadway and whatever else he wants to talk about. >> mr. roker? >> wet weather in the pacific northwest tomorrow, beautiful weather in the northeast. cooler conditions. breezy conditions around the great lakes. sunshine through the gulf coast. then sunday, sunday, more rain
8:32 am
in the pacific northwest, sunshine through the gulf. look for showers moving their way into the central plains. we've got gorgeous weather through the mississippi river valley. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. clouds are blowing through the area but during the day we'll see decreasing cloudiness. temperatures will warm into the middle to upper 60s this afternoon. a bit chillier tomorrow morning. 48 degrees to start the weekend but a nice rebound saturday afternoon, up to 67. lots of sunshine and a bit breezy on sunday. 65. sunny skies for monday. look at tuesday, up to 74. even warmer with late-day showers on wednesday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. guess what, tomorrow, besides being saturday it's also usa weekend's make a difference day.
8:33 am
merriam is here to tell us more about it. >> in 1992, there was a leap year. we had an extra day. usa weekend asked its readers to take that extra day and do something good for somebody else. that's how make a difference day was born. now millions of americans come out to do something good for somebody else on the fourth saturday of october every year. >> how do they do it? >> go to make a and find a project near you or clean up the park, do a lemonade stand. go on make a difference and register. more of our special series with the nfl "together we make football." nbc's josh elliott continues his magical, mistical tour of nfl stories. back in new orleans.
8:34 am
>> reporter: what a tour it's been as we crisscrossed the country, bringing viewer stories of how the sport has really shaped their lives and we have a great one this week. this week we head a couple of hours west of new orleans, a little town called new iberia, a town known for its to basco and sugar cane but now for its football. >> the doctor hands you the baby and you could tell something was different. they said he has downs. you're not thinking about this level of competition. you're thinking i want my kid to be healthy. i want my kid to be happy. >> reporter: he found a place for his son, cameron, where he could compete like everybody else. >> that's what i need, baby. >> reporter: special olympics u.s.a. summer games are held once every four years. for the first time, they included a unified flag football
8:35 am
division, where athletes with and without intellectual disabilities could compete as a team. >> it's about being on a field where everybody is equal. everybody is even and you can't say, that kid's special and this kid's not. >> reporter: team louisiana emerged from a field of over 50 teams to earn a spot in the gold medal games. >> this is probably the last time we're going to play football together, okay? let's have fun together our last game, okay? fourth down, fourth down. let's go, guys. let's go. >> defense! >> nice, baby! >> reporter: a father's dream for his son became reality. and the team from cajun country became national champions. >> whoo! >> yeah! >> the world doesn't know these kids like we do. and they got to say, i was the
8:36 am
best. that's where the emotions came fro from. >> we were ecstatic to do that. we finally got our first gold medal for the team. >> reporter: and with that gleam of gold still falling on their faces, team louisiana had one more shining moment. >> wow! >> drew brees! >> i want to introduce the national special olympic champions this year. let's break it down. count of three, saints of the one, two, three -- >> saints! >> mr. drew brees -- >> as a parent, that touched me a lot. and you could see the excitement. that was one of the highlights of maybe their life.
8:37 am
>> and it is our distinct pleasure to welcome the gold medalists here today, team louisiana led, of course, by coach and also owner and advice chairman of the board of the new orleans saints. coach, i want to start with you. we just saw the story. but you were there with these kids for the great opportunity. what's it been like for you, especially to see the gold around their necks? >> josh, hanging a gold medal on these guys was one thing. getting into that medal round was awesome. but, you know, because of programs like special olympics unified sports, these guys have opportunities beyond as a parent that we can imagine. we have our athletes on the field competing at these high levels. here we are in the superdome friday morning before game day. these guys just put their heart on the line. unified sport sincere not just here in the united states. this is a world event.
8:38 am
a lot of people don't realize how great this program is. we have great sponsors like espn that just give these guys opportunities like crazy. they build friendships. they build bonds. >> you could see it today. >> you could see it, absolutely. >> watching these guys today enjoy the moment. >> absolutely. >> that's been wonderful. i will say the impact, though, you make on people is profound as well. in fact, coach sean payton had another message for all of you. >> great meeting with you a few days ago. we want you back here sunday night to watch us face the green bay packers. >> congratulations from the entire state of louisiana on taking home the gold. on behalf of coach payton and the new orleans saints, pregame sideline passes. congratulations. we can't wait to see you on sunda sunday. >> high five. >> and, for more stories like
8:39 am
team louisiana's logon to thank you, team louisiana. and thank you, rita. we really appreciate it. >> all right, josh. thank you very much. congratulations to team louisiana as well. reminder, you can catch the saints taking on the green bay packers sunday night. coverage begins at 7:00 eastern with football night in america. coming up, why does john lithgow call himself the male glenn close? he will try to explain that. next, you want whiter whites and brighter brights? the secrets to taking charge of your laundry. hoda is covering that one. first this is "today" on nbc. in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. ryan costello went into politics. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding
8:40 am
for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message.
8:41 am
back now, 8:41. we're wrapping up our special series "take charge." this morning, the dreaded laundry. tired of sorting and staring at that pile of dirty clothes and how to keep your whites white
8:42 am
and your brights bright? elizabeth mayhew is here. i didn't know there was a wrong way to load a washing machine. apparently there is and a lot of us fall into that trap. >> number one thing people do, they want to get the laundry done. they stuff it all in. >> yes. >> you can't do that. machines have a certain capacity. >> okay. >> for large, front loading machines, it's about 18 pounds. if you have a top loader, it's about 12 to 15 pounds. >> eyeball it for me. most people don't weigh their clothe. how much should it be? >> it's about that -- a little bit less than that. you don't want to stuff it. you need water, the agitation so the water can take the dirt away and clean the clothes. you just need to leave room. number one, you sort. whites go with whites. you're going to do your whites -- wash them separately. one note about washing machines. they're much smarter than they ever used to be. they know the temperature. when you put it in when it says
8:43 am
wash on cold, for example, it's about 70 degrees just so you know that. older machines don't really heat up enough. if you have an older machine you probably want to wash your whites on a warm cycle. so after you sort, you're going to do your wash. washing machine detergent, be careful of the one you buy. don't use too much. >> i use a lot because i feel like it make it is cleaner. >> it actually leaves residue and is not good for your clothing. >> let's talk stains. you should treat it right when it happens. who does that? if you don't do that -- >> number one thing is -- wet it. if anything, just wet it with cold water. take some spray. you can keep these in different parts of your house. put one even in your bathroom near your laundry hamper so you can spray quickly. then you actually want to treat it. do not put it in the drier before -- take it out of the washing machine. see if there's a stain still. street it again. once you put it in the dryer, you cook it in.
8:44 am
>> the dreaded yellow armpit stain is nasty. >> one stain in particular -- >> what do you do for it? >> do not use bleach. it breaks down the foobers of your clothing. you just take -- crush up as principle, warm water. i say soak it overnight and salicylic acid will help. >> lemon works, too? >> for whites. soak them in lemon water and put them in the sun. sun works the best. >> if you have jeans or anything, turn them inside out. reason you don't wash them in hot water, it's like washing your face. that opens the pores. if you open the pores of colors it lets the dye bleed out. that's why you wash them in cold and turn things inside out. >> quickly, wrinkles -- you're supposed to take things right out of the dryer so they don't wrinkle. >> when you are ironing things like pants, turn them inside out.
8:45 am
that way you don't get that shiny -- >> oh, yeah. >> finish. the other thing you can do is line underneath your pad, line it in foil. it actually acts as an insulation and is ironing both sides. >> thank you, elizabeth. the best. all right. coming up next, star of stage and screen, john lithgow is here. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
back now at 8:47. when it comes to john lithgow, what can't he do? emmy winner, golden globes, oscar nominee. where it all began on broadway, starring alongside flen close, good friend, in a play called "the delicate balance." how many shows, do you know? i do. >> it's in the 20s. >> 26. i was reading last night that
8:48 am
the first time you appeared on broadway in "the changing," i hope i'm not wrong here, you won a tony. >> that's right. >> first time? >> three weeks after my broadway debut. >> i would have quit. that would have been it. how do you ever top it? >> i should have. >> at this stage of the game, having done so many shows -- i know every show is different. but is the process the same as you're in rehearsals and previews and things like that? >> well, no. it's always different, which is one of the exciting things about it. i mean, "a delicate balance" follows on the heels of king lear, which i did this past summer in the park. what could be more different than that? >> in terms of your body snapping back into the routine of eight shows a week and -- is that something that you just never forget? >> well, it becomes familiar. it's like moving back into a broadway theater and start the routines again. i feel like a kid again. i sort of come back to new york to do theater just for the
8:49 am
feeling of deja vu. >> there's great camaraderie when you're on stage with a certain group of people. you and glenn close starred in "garp" in the '80s. >> yes. >> you've become good friends. >> yes. >> did you try to work together between then and now? >> she gets to call the shots. >> you said i'm the male glenn close and she's the female john lithgow. what did you mean by that? >> i'm not sure she's complimented by that. >> she liked it. >> ready, willing, able to do practically anything. and i just -- i sort of identify with glenn's career in many ways. >> she talked about learning the dialogue for this show. she was here a couple of weeks ago and she said it's very difficult. >> yeah. >> that it's complicated.
8:50 am
it's dense dialogue. there were times she wanted to fall on her knees and roll on the ground. you can identify with that? >> i think everybody doing dialogue has that experience. it's very staccato, unpredictable and this came off shakespeare, very orderly language. it's been an enormous challenge. once you get it, it's electric, because it's just as unpredictable for the audience. >> there's a rhythm to it. have you had horror stories -- i'm not jinxing you. have you had horror stories on stage where a line just goes blank? >> yes. >> what do you do? >> you just wait for the ground to open up under you and fall, disappear forever. >> it doesn't happen. you're stuck there. >> actually, last night i forgot an entrance for the first time in my career. i left three actresses on stage, impr ovising. >> what do they do at that
8:51 am
point? >> i heard glenn say, as i was dashing down from upstairs, they can't have that much luggage. >> a couple of movie roles coming up, interstellar, getting a lot of attention. are you looking forward to that? >> it's an incredible film. i think it is a great film. i have a small part in it. it's nice to have a small part in a great film. >> getting your hands full on broadway in "a delicate balance." good to have you back. >> wonderful to be here, matt. it's a pleasure. we're back on a friday morning. this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
at the bottom in job creation. massive cuts to education. and higher property taxes. under governor corbett, pennsylvania's been heading in the wrong direction. there's been no leadership and no vision. that's gotta change. as your governor, i will lead. and we'll move pennsylvania forward.
8:53 am
we'll restore manufacturing jobs. close corporate tax loopholes. and make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools. after all, it's time to get pennsylvania moving again. some of us might have some pumpkin carving in our near future over the weekend. willie is in the orange room with some ideas. >> we wanted to see your best pumpkin carving. boy, did you deliver. make a cheeseburger inside the jack-o-lantern. very nicely done there. on instagram, that's cool, the glow of the candle, silhouette the foyerman making a save. >> wow! >> from mash about it on instagram. prison theme. >> been there a long time. >> this is true artistry on facebook. a baby face with a binky in there. how about this one?
8:54 am
this is how this family delivered the news that mommy is pregnant with baby number two. that's becky on facebook. also we've been having this big countdown, scariest halloween movie of all time. we got to the finals yesterday, exorcist versus the shining. who do you think won? >> i'm going to be a contrarian and go with the shining. >> the scariest halloween movie of all time is "the exorcist." >> of course. >> uh-huh. >> congratulations to "the exorci exorcist." >> congratulations. >> we won, we won! time now for "today's" birthday wishes from our good friend, mr. willard scott. >> the aquarium at mystic connecticut, you meet the nicest people. we want to wish happy birthday to our beloved birthdays today. millie, you are so sweet. millie kuperman is from staten island, new york, and is 101
8:55 am
years old today. raphael plana rios from honolulu, hawaii. 100 years old today. and he loves to do exercise. this is knut einarsen from ken more, washington state, 100 years old today. you know something? you can drink two pots of coffee every single day. ruth beeman lives in henrietta, new york, 100 today. she is one happy woman, volunteers all the time and does good things for people. she loves to travel. how about that? that's it, gang. back to new york. >> i love when he blows a kiss. thank you, willard. so, kiddo ises, have you something good coming up at 9:00? >> we have a lot of good things. >> best do it yourself halloween
8:56 am
pet costume. >> did you bring pepper? >> no, her agent says she's not working for free. >> are you a dog costume person? >> no and more importantly, we are live on the scene of breaking news in philadelphia. sky force 10 is over a fire. you can see firefighters on the roof and heavy smoke. this is a home along folk rod street, a residential neighborhood. no reports of any injury. firefighters are on the scene. we're making calls to get more information and we'll continue to follow this breaking news on air and on our website, let's get you updated on the
8:57 am
friday forecast. meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> tracy, we're watching the clouds blow by the cameras. this is the view from the lowe's hotel where the temperatures have been holding in the upper 50s. and the winds have picked up a bit but the stronger winds are farther north and west. right now, 14-mile-an-hour winds in philadelphia. it just warmed up a degree in philadelphia. 58. we'll see 60s as clouds decrease this afternoon. this morning, authorities are trying to figure out if a crash or gunfire from police killed a driver after the chase. the pursuit came to an end at about 1:00 this morning. it started with a traffic stop about ten minutes away in palmer township. the driver of the car ran into a pole. they are waiting on the exact
8:58 am
cause of death. the football season has been canceled because of hazing allegations. in a statement, the superintendent says he has canceled all remaining varsity and junior varsity football games and all members of the coaching staff have been suspended pending further investigation. authorities say new team members were forced to grab the private parts of other players and subjected to some sort of waterboarding in the locker room. another local update in 25 minutes.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" friday morning, october 24th, 2014. big crowd on the plaza. >> they're raising the roof out there. >> loud! >> that is like a holiday kind of -- wow! >> good energy. everybody screaming. this crowd has become a mob. >> turn on us in a second. >> that's right. it's like a remake of "the walking dead." they just come right through. >> i'm willie, along with al and tamron.
9:01 am
natalie has the day off today. tamron's in this magazine and she won something. she's a champion. >> that's our lady. >> that's it. >> this is why there's a balance of two guys, two women. because of this. >> we're trying to celebrate you right now. >> we're thot knocking you. we're proud of you. >> it comes off like two brothers, you're at home -- >> can't we just be proud of you? >> we're proud of you. we'll get to it in a moment. >> that's called the side eye i'm giving you right now. >> tyou get ethnic when you say that, the side eye. >> can you get more specific? >> don't get more specific than that. >> halloween is in a week. are you all ready? don't say anything specific. >> it's rocking. >> is it ethnic? >> it's ethnic. >> i cannot wait till halloween. >> i tried mine on about an hour ago. it's good. you have to tune in next friday.
9:02 am
just telling you. >> official countdown this weekend. everyone goes out and carves pumpkins. >> seven days away, baby. >> and they're celebrating in outside boise, idaho, actually. this corn maze we want to show you. >> let's see it. >> it's fantastic. >> i haven't seen it yet. >> it's outside boise. farmstead corn maze celebrating the wizard of oz. >> that is crazy. >> 75 years since the release of that film. it's carved into 18 acres of corner. takes you a long to get through. they have dorothy skipping through. >> the yellow brick road. >> tin man, everything. >> can you put that up again? >> i would love to see a time lapse of that. that's incredible. >> artistry. >> amazing. >> if you live outside boise, check that out. >> that's worth going to boise. >> wizard of oz, there is a new
9:03 am
app called dorothy. >> i don't know about this one. >> i am with you on this. it's a device you put -- little thing you put in your shoe. you click three times. >> is this real? >> and your phone rings. >> what happens? >> it calls you. it gets you out of an uncomfortable situation, like a bad date. >> what? go on. >> it sends a call or texts you. it's a fake text or phone call. >> really? >> then you -- oh, wait, unfortunately, something has come up. i've got to go. >> we is this on sale? >> they haven't decided. i think this is a hoax myself. >> i don't think this is real. >> is it actually on the app store? >> not yet. >> right. >> you don't think it's real? >> no. >> where there's a market, and there's a market for people who want to get out of bad dates. >> but it's not so subtle, though. you're sitting, having a drink -- >> suddenly, you're at a
9:04 am
hoedown. >> where would it go? >> on the side there. >> that would ruin the look. >> see now it's dead. >> and i showed my feet on tv. turn the camera off. >> turn the camera off, she says. >> just go to black for five seconds while tamron puts her shoe back on. >> 50 years of history, turn it off. >> had this been an actual emergency, we would have told you to go get another shoe. >> you guys don't understand -- ladies at home totally understand, getting a shoe back on is not easily. i need a little vaseline. i'm going to move on from that. anyway, speaking of difficult situations -- >> lot of stories here. >> don't like talking to you. a musician, like many people you want to take a break, relax on the beach, get a tan and there was a dog nearby and he had a
9:05 am
different plan. take a look at this. >> it's going to come off. >> oh, dear. >> uh-oh. >> i think we're being bamboozled here. >> yeah. and the boyfriend is just -- >> oh, no. >> right. >> she should have suspected something when he put bacon strips on her bikini. >> i was told there was a really cute puppy and you're going to be laughing. who could see the puppy? >> was it -- i saw a puppy. >> small dog. >> was there something else? >> really? who is looking at -- >> now i see it. >> who is looking at that puppy? >> i am watching the dog. how is -- why don't you just yank it away? i don't understand. >> the dog's not trying hard enough is what you're saying? >> this is like a weird -- >> yeah.
9:06 am
oh, look at the dog. >> what's your point? >> al makes the important point, which is that the boyfriend is not helping at all. >> not helping at all. >> he doesn't want to help. >> obviously. >> because she's hot and that's probably why that was picked. did you pick it? >> no. >> first time i saw it. >> you're on the conference call. >> i missed the call today. adam? >> no. >> in and out finger pointing. >> oh, wow! >> christine picked it? >> not a lot of room under that bus. >> jeez. >> wow! shall we move on? >> yes. >> adam normally when we call him out, he's on camera. adam is in the witness protection program. back to the camera. wow! >> oh, my goodness. >> did we take the shoes off on the "today" show? >> yeah. >> put my other shoe on. if you have bad news to tell somebody -- i'm trying to move us along here.
9:07 am
a little help? if you have bad news to tell somebody do you sometimes text or e-mail that news when you ought to pick up the phone? >> yes. do you, al? >> no. i am a person who does it face to face. >> always? >> yeah. my daughter's boyfriend texted me something and i said, dude, this is a call, at least a call, not a text. >> girlfriend's -- >> your daughter's boyfriend texted you something that should have been a phone call? >> at least a phone call. more probably actually in person. >> might you understand, though, why he did that? he was probably intimidated and this is the way you get what you're saying out there. let mr. roker simmer on it -- >> no, because then mr. roker has more time to clean the shotgun. i'm just joking. i joke because i love. >> that's the truth. >> we bring this up because there's a new survey -- and i
9:08 am
love keurig coffee, those machines but i don't see the relationship. 26% say they're guilty of using social media text or e-mail to convey important news to family or friends. >> do you? >> i try not to. it's very tempting. you avoid the confrontation and put it out there. >> it's like this. you get your say in, uninterrupted and they can get their say in, uninterrupted. >> it's almost like you introduced the topic, right? so you put it down there and you can go in and talk about it afterwards. >> after the bomb is gone. >> exactly. that's exactly what it is. >> is everybody okay? then you walk in. that's probably the modern way. >> what about this? >> i don't know. spooky facebook friday. we're talking about. we sent out a call on our facebook page and asked for you guys to send us some of your spectacular halloween
9:09 am
decorations. this is unbelievable. people spend billions of dollars on decorating. from garnett valley, p.a. many of you followed her call to action. scrolling through some of them. >> is that jeannine again? >> no. i'm sorry. let me get to my list of names here. wait, wait. >> amanda cutler. >> there you go. i should have remembered amanda, from garland, texas, my backyard. that's her. then we have lea. you can see how she transformed her house to look like a scary face. >> cool. >> isn't that cool? >> yeah. >> next up on my list, mark campbell from sacramento, california, nightmare before christmas decorations. i should have had the names. >> is this a contest? i vote for amanda cutler. >> in texas, that dining room? >> it's cool. >> how far out do you go?
9:10 am
you have kids. >> they're happy ghosts and fun witches. there's nothing spooky at all. >> i put a pumpkin in front of the door of the apartment. >> i just put out a can of pumpkin. >> send us your halloween decorations. al? >> halloween is going to be spectacular. >> let's show you what's going on, rare occurrence in seattle and long view, washington, an hour north of portland. they had a tornado, ef-1 tornado yesterday. you can see debris flying all the way around, roofs got torn off buildings. look at that dumpster being pushed like toys. they're cleaning up now. no problem. more heavy rain coming in. we're talking about over the next few days. the rain continues in the pacific northwest with anywhere from one to three inches of rain falling in that area.
9:11 am
in fact, in the mountains, we could see up to four inches. then here in the northeast, good news. it's finally starting to end. that nor'easter pulls away. we've got fog, showers. those will end in boston later on this morning. and it's been heavy rain down in southern florida. some areas picking up nine inches of rain. good news there, we're starting to see the showers come to an end. skies will brighten by the time they get to the weekend. showers continue in miami for the next, let's good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. clouds are employing through the area but during the day we'll see decreasing cloudiness. that will allow temperatures to warm into the middle to upper 60s. clear skies tonight. a bit chillier tomorrow morning. 48 degrees to start the weekend. a nice rebound saturday afternoon. up to 67. lots of sunshine. a bit breezy on sunday. 65. sunny skies for monday. look at tuesday, up to 74, even warmer with late-day showers
9:12 am
wednesday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. all hail the champion. >> the champion. so al and i are getting our biweekly mani/pedis and we look at each other and say, ooh, tamron is who wore it better up against iggy azalea. she got the song. but you got wore it best, whoever has the bigger picture, that means they won. >> yeah. >> tamron wore it better. >> here is what it says. it fit s "today's" tamron like it's love. we know you love to flaunt that booty, iggy, but this dress is too tight. go up a size. >> i thought she looked great in the dress. she does have a banging body for sure. but here is the deal with this. this is so funny -- >> don't complain. you won.
9:13 am
>> i wasn't going to complain. scold me in the pink dress and i got this and won. one of the blogger sincere fashion bomb daily and said you're on fashion bomb daily. the girl says both of them have busted shoes on. >> oh! >> i know. >> that's like hurting a girl where it -- both of them. >> just took away from the victor. >> both of them have busted shoes. >> you should -- >> i didn't read it. sent it to me with haha by it. >> haha? >> haha, fashion bomb daily blog says you have busted shoes. >> i think you start blocking your cousin. >> you've heard of people frieg on the beach. this has taken it to a new level. find out what this photo it interesting, after all these years? she mixes it up. with nice'n easy, you can shift a shade with confidence,
9:14 am
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9:17 am
now to the story behind the most memorable pictures of the week. >> partial solar eclipse, a dramatic rescue and what might be the largest under water ever. >> beautiful images. let's start with a breathtaking one from the partial eclipse. al was talking about that earlier. >> yesterday, most visible in the central time zone but almost everyone could see it, as long as there were no clouds. look at those images. >> gorgeous. >> i'm looking for the time we have a full solar eclipse. >> august 2017. >> that's the one i'll be counting down for. >> very cool. >> let's move on to a dramatic sea rescue captured earlier this week. >> off the north coast of the netherlands, because hurricane gonzalo, the uk got between 50 and 70-mile-an-hour winds,
9:18 am
intense in the uk. he is obviously dealing with those winds. >> amazing stuff. let's go under the water. a real marvel. this is off the bahamas coast. >> this is the sculptor. i think he sculpted you. >> he did a bunch of us and sunk some sculptures down in the water off the bahamas. >> it is a special ph concrete that doesn't deteriorate. >> matt, savannah, natalie, me. >> hans solo. >> that's right. i'm actually still frozen in carbonite. that's pretty cool. tell us about this one. >> it turns into a manmade reef. it's 18-feet tall underneath the water called ocean atlas, like the greek atlas who has the world on his shoulders. the frying pan. what is this? >> this is amazing. this is in sydney, known as the glamorama beach. they're just going into the
9:19 am
summer 93 degrees monday. this is called we're frying out here. >> very nice. >> cool. >> you have to have a funny photo. do you have one? >> funny you should ask. we have one coming right up. >> here we go. let's take a look. >> again -- >> uh-oh. >> oh! >> we got the better of it. >> this is another -- this is wednesday again, fighting hurricane gonzalo. he's not having much luck with the weather. >> that's pretty good. >> i like it. and last? >> another picture from rome. another picture of the pope, adjusting himself. he is never flustered. >> oh! that is so cute. >> i think she smelled his breath. in rome, they have -- i think she got a little too close. >> look at her expression. mark, thank you so much. important consumer alert to tell you about.
9:20 am
and she became an instant internet sensation with marcel the shell videos. the woman behind the phenomenon, jenny slate, has something new for [ male announcer ] there's chicken,
9:21 am
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9:23 am
taking a look at the headlines, american doctor just back from working in west africa has tested positive for ebola at new york's bellevue hospital. dr. craig spencer returned to the united states october 17th and started feeling ill thursday morning. spencer is known to have taken trips on three subway lines and to a bowling alley, but did not have symptoms at that time. officials are reassuring residents that they are following strict protocols to ensure public safety. an important recall to tell but. evenflow is recalling rear facing infant seats. go to evenflow's website for a list of the models affected. nonbeating hearts into patients, until now transplants have relied on hearts still beating taken from brain dead
9:24 am
donors. this could result in a major increase in the number of donor hearts available for transplant. the irs has raised the amount of money you can put in your 401(k) and still enjoy tax savings. the maximum will be $18,000, increase of $500. for taxpayers over 50 years old, catch up contribution limit has been increased to $6,000. home buyers looking to buy a home, refinance as mortgage rates continue to slide, nationwide average, 30-year loan dropped to 3.92%, average for 15-year mortgage is also down. what got into these two american priests who had a dance-off in rome, and it has gone viral, showing off their tap-dancing skills during a fund-raising events. as one of the fearless fathers explains, the bible tells us to
9:25 am
live our lives with joy. explains, the bible tells us to live our lives with joy. coming up, never lose your ever since we launched snapshot, my life has been positively cray-cray. what's snapshot, you ask? only a revolutionary tool that can save you big-time. just plug it in, and the better you drive, the more cash you'll stash. switching to progressive can already save ye $500. snapshot could save ye even more. meat maiden! bringeth to me thine spiciest wings of buffalo. ♪hey! i found a happy space... after-school snacking should be fun and nutritious that's why whole grain is first in every general mills big g cereal. what matters most should always come first. general mills. goodness first.
9:26 am
>> the at 9:26, we are following this breaking news in the frankford section of philadelphia. there is a house fire. moments ago you could see the smoke coming from the roof there. several firefighters are working on the roof of the home. emergency crews are still there. in fact, no word on what caused the fire but no reports of injuries at this point. let's check your first alert forecast now with meteorologist bill henley on what should be a sunny friday. bill? >> we're seeing a good deal of sunshine. there are still clouds in the area but no sign of the rain that we've seen the last couple of days. look at this nice view from cape may. the temperatures have been holding pretty steady. they are starting to inch up a bit. it's 58 in philadelphia and
9:27 am
wilmington. 58 in reading as well. in the 50s in delaware. sunshine, passing clouds. in fact, the clouds will be on the decreased. temperatures increasing into the 60s. happening today, a former philadelphia mob boss is heading back to court for a parole hearing. the prosecutors want his probation revoked because they say he's still involved in organized crime but his attorneys say he's been working an honest job in florida. a demonstration is set for 5:00 this evening outside of the hotel taj mahal. in decision 2014, joe biden will be in philadelphia at the four seasons hotel for senate
9:28 am
candidates. i'm chris cato. you can always find us at
9:30 am
♪ >> this is the one willie -- >> is that your move? >> that's the move. >> it's kind of like his hitch. this is where you live. right in here. >> welcome back to "today." it's friday, october 24th. one week to halloween. i'm willie along with al and tamron. natalie is off today. dogs and children off camera. >> a lot going on here. >> for halloween. >> what could possibly go wrong here? >> children and animals. >> look how cute he is. look. and matching -- his vest matches the dog. >> little halloween segment coming up. how about this one? new york city artist named mike chow. he decided to combine his love of food with his 1-year-old son
9:31 am
on the instagram account. framing up the little dude. fries. >> look at the baby. >> how about mac n cheese? >> oh, yeah. >> oh, my gosh. and a cookie. >> that is fantastic. >> an afro cookie. >> very cool. >> that's so cute. you were on the fence about people sending out pictures of food. remember, you were like, i don't really -- >> we had a thing about that. i've come around a little bit on that. it's america. do what you want to do. who am i to judge in you want to take a picture of your food, take a picture of your food. when i'm at a restaurant i just enjoy the meal. how about appetizers for thanksgiving that are healthy? kind of against us, generally speaking. >> you're on a tear. >> we're looking for three of the healthiest, most delicious thanksgiving side dishes. enter at >> they better be good. >> explain why we're kind of
9:32 am
against it. >> because it's one day. >> right. >> if you do moderation -- >> right. >> -- you're okay. don't put half sweet potato souffle on your plate. but if you were looking to save some calories and fat, then we need you to make these so good -- >> that our sock also fall off. >> that's right. >> the deadline is next wednesday, october 29th. get on it. send in the recipe. we want to see it. >> we want to taste it. bring it! >> we want to have tamron's shoes blown right off so we have to turn all the cameras off. >> turn off the cameras, she said. >> because tamron cannot have her feet bared. >> barefeet on tv. not good for my twitter account. what's going on in the weather? is it flip flop weather? >> almost. saturday, flip flop weather certainly for texas and the central plains looking pretty good. nor'easter pulls away. caribou maine, 57. rain continues in northern
9:33 am
california into the pacific northwest. sunday, sunday, few showers hanging around and snowflakes in the interior sections of new england. little snow back through the northern plains, pacific northwest looking at rain. again, gorgeous weather from the southwest all the way into texas and up into the mississippi river valley. that's what's going on around the country. here's what -- uh-oh. >> uh-oh. somebody said uh-oh. did you say good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. clouds are blowing through the area. during the day, we'll see decreasing cloudiness. that's going to allow the temperatures to warm into the middle to upper 60s. clear skies tonight. a bit chillier tomorrow morning. 48 degrees to start the weekend but a nice rebound saturday afternoon, up to 67. lots of sunshine and a bit breezy on sunday. sunny skies for monday. look at tuesday, up to 74. even warmer with late-day showers wednesday. have a great day. >> that is your latest weather.
9:34 am
jenny slate is on four different tv shows, rave reviews for her performance, and already a "new york times" best-selling author. >> out with her second book tied to her hugely popular marcel the shell. it's aptly titled "marcel the shell the most surprised i've ever been. >> what a terrific book. >> thank you very much. >> if there is somebody living under a shell, whos to not know who marcel is or seen the videos, tell us. >> sure. marcel is a stop motion animation little creature i made with my husband, dean fletcher camp. he has one eye, two shoes and he's an individual. oh, there's my husband. >> oh! >> he looks nice. i look bad. >> you look contemplative. >> yeah. >> the video has 2 million hits.
9:35 am
what is it about this guy? >> i think his personality is really -- he's casual and confident. but very small and he's kind of just like, i'm the way i am. are you the way you are? and everyone is kind of like, yeah, i am the way i am. >> good lesson. >> it is a good lesson. his voice, i'm told -- of course, you're not able, as we showed your husband's picture, you can only use marcel for work purposes, not for pleasure purposes. >> that's true. >> it's a true story. >> i know. >> it's true. i'm not allowed to use the marcel voice in romantic encounter. >> what would that -- if you were, what would that sound like? >> i think one time i might have been like, you're a great kisser or whatever and my husband is like, get out of here! get out of here! >> that's going to spoil the mood. >> yeah. it's just for art and performance. >> which sometimes they can meld. >> that's true. that's true. >> is that voice that we all know so well now, is that inspired by anything? based on someone or something? >> it started a weekend when my
9:36 am
husband and i, my best friend, gabe, and my other friend and husband were squished into one hotel room for a wedding. i felt very small and started being like, i'm just squished. but that's how it started and my friends were like, jenny's really freaking out. my husband was like, i think there's actually something there. >> good for your husband. >> yeah. he's a smart guy. >> you've gotten rave reviews for the movie "the obvious child" and this was very important to you. >> it was, yeah. really sweet story. comedian in brooklyn who gets dumped, fired, pregnant, and learns how to deal with what's going on in her life. it's a modern story, very positive and very funny. >> very cool. >> yeah. >> jenny, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. >> in fact, jenny, can you use marcel's voice and read?
9:37 am
>> oh, okay. >> after where it says live. >> halloween has gone to the dogs in a very adorable way. great costumes for your pups after this. >> thank you, marcel! >> marcel the shell! i did it.... i did it too... they took nature's bounty hair, skin and nails, it's a vitamin supplement that nourishes from the inside... with biotin for beautiful hair and strong nails. and vitamin c and e for vibrant skin. give it a month, if your hair, skin and nails don't look and feel more beautiful, we'll give you your money back. i did it...and i feel beautiful. take the nature's bounty hair, skin and nails challenge, visit for details. in delicious gummies too!
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9:41 am
test. test. test. test. test. test. test. test. this halloween, believe it or not, 23 million pets will get dressed up. in reverse order, the bumblebee. >> like that. >> the devil. always a good one. >> classic. >> and coming in at the top -- there's a hot dog. that's good. number one dog costume is the pumpkin. >> look at the come hither look he has going on. if you're looking for ideas for your four-legged friend, we have them, with the help of our frie friend. >> the thing to take away here, you can craft, definitely.
9:42 am
but you can also buy and embellish a little. we have options for everyone sbl i love this first one, james bond and his martini. >> that's right. james bond likes his martinis with a twist. even 007 would not be able to resist this adorable martini dog. we got an collar from the vet. >> which gibson loves. >> really into. and a dowel, floral forms, we glue gunned them on and there you have your olives. >> so cute. >> and ryan looks pretty good, too. swra james bond. >> up next, a derby family. >> halloween really is for the whole family. miles, the winning kentucky derby jockey and mom, lindsay, and their dog, gabe. we utilized a fabric store, outfit that miles had, we bought him riding boots and fabric to
9:43 am
match abe and miles' costumes. it's no sew. i don't know how to sew. mile sincere on the run. >> exploring the stage. >> a dress she already had, a lady hat, big derby hat from etsy. miles is out to get a mint julep. >> that's a good touch. yeah. >> that's the derby. really fun for everyone. >> bye, miles. >> this is duke as a puppet. >> he is actually a little boy puppy but we wanted to play up the fact that you can be very clever and do minimal effort, maximum effect with these costumes. we took the idea of the marionette. we have pompom trim at the fabric store, added a little tutu. that birthday hat is left over
9:44 am
from my daughter's birthday and went to town with it. have a little bit of fun. the clincher is really in the marionette strings that olivia is holding. she can also harness him in that way. >> it's the leash. >> use things you already have and get clever with them. >> say ole for the bull and the matador. >> this was getting a lot of oohs and ahhs in the green room. the matador is gemma and the bull is her uncle, remy. some people like to buy a costume. some people like to craft. uncle remy's is from dogo design. we embellished a little, makeup bag free gift with purchase because it's lined, stick it right over the horns. we did that. for miss gemma, this was completely hand crafted. we got fabric and we just stitch glued it together, double stick
9:45 am
tape, and she is good to go. >> will they go at it? >> no. >> no. >> i'm her uncle. >> really adorable. all of them. >> these are fantastic. the cape is pretty hot. i love that. >> right? >> thank you, lori. >> good ideas. get to crafting this weekend. up next, the best roasted chicken you'll ever have. you can make it for dinner this weekend one of the ultimate home products. >> with a drill? >> apparently with a drill. >> i haven't seen anything like that before. we'll see after the break.
9:46 am
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with more than 35,000 cars nationwide, carmax has the perfect car for...everybody. carmax. start here. >> announcer: "today's" home is brought to you by lumber liquidators, hardwood floors for less. the best new products for 2014, our friends "at this old house" have combed through their unique products.
9:50 am
>> from 1,000 down to the best 100, the short list, "this old house" magazine. kevin, nice to see you. let's start in the kitchen. you love this free-hanging chicken thing. >> i like to start on grill actually. this is to get the perfect roasted chicken, put this right outside on your grill, elevate it up so the air gets around it. it's hung upside down. juices flow to the white meat. get a crispy skin on the outside. torture contraption right there. this is a grilling sheet. vegetables through the grates, the fish falls apart. this is a reusable nonstick surface. grill anything on the grill and you've actually transferred the grill marks. >> power tools. >> my favorite. if you're driving a screw, it can actually overdrive. this has auto sense technology
9:51 am
so it will automatically stop when the screw head hits the wood. >> genius. >> make it is perfectly simple. 80 bucks for this one. >> everybody is always losing stuff. >> you lost your keys, can't find your tape measure. you can actually attach this to anything. it's connected to your cell phone, blue tooth technology. >> how does it work? >> it will make a tone when you push the button. we've given this to one of your colleagues. >> what are we missing? >> a very important tool. >> what? what? >> did they find it? >> i've got 64 feet, al. >> did you get it? did you find it? >> i don't let people in my dressing room normally. >> coffee cup? wow! >> coffee. this tells you the distance, how far away it is? >> the distance. also if you lose your phone, she could shake her coffee cup and this would vibrate as well. >> i love this. cleanup
9:52 am
cleanup, self-standing garbage bag, so thick. stands up. >> dim the lights, please. >> it usually stands up. >> dim the lights! >> and now -- >> look at this. >> the house lights at the "today" show were dimmed for a toilet seat. it lights up to find it and second light for what they call task lighting. >> what? >> never miss. >> never miss. >> lights over here. >> if you have a night light and you want to plug it in, you lose an outlit. this is a cover plate that goes on automatically when the lights go down. >> quickly for your floors? >> wooden floors. easy to assemble, put down. these are actually painted. any custom look that you want. >> spectacular. kevin, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. >> jinx. buy you a coke. you used to sleep like a champ.
9:53 am
then boom... what happened? stress, fun, bad habits, kids, now what? let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiq™ technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust for a good, better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or down you'll know cuz sleep iq™ tells you. only at a sleep number store
9:54 am
where you'll find the best buy rated mattress with sleepiq™ technology. know better sleep with sleep number. good news, erica hill is here with a preview of what's coming up this weekend.
9:55 am
>> nicest introduction ever, mr. geist. nice to see you guys. you guys had a little adventure to a haunted house recently. >> sure did. >> dylan went to learn how to be one of the people in the haunted house who scares you. >> that's a fun job. >> she said it was actually terrifying but really fun. she's going to show us what goes into becoming one of these people. you actually have to audition. one woman is back for her 17th year auditioning. so you have to get picked and then once they pick you, you're sort of in for the season. >> my gosh. >> that's a better place to be, the person who is frightening, scaring the people. >> i would probably handle that better. i can't do haunted house, watch the scary movie, nothing. >> you should take tamron. >> she tore a muscle. >> i heard. >> how is the healing process? >> it's coming along. thanks for asking, a week later. >> oh, wh
9:56 am
good morning, everyone. i'm chris cato. it's 9:56. let's get your first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> you can see in the poconos mountains, look at the slopes. still chilly especially with the wind blowing. the mountains right now at 48 degrees. it's up to 60 degrees in northeast philadelphia and wilmington and the winds are gusting to 29 miles an hour.
9:57 am
in philadelphia. they will settle down some as the clouds decrease, the temperatures increase into the 60s. here's what we're following this morning. one person is dead after a police chase ended with a shooting in north hampton county. it started around 1:00 a.m. police tried to pull over a pickup truck that was driving recklessly. the driver took off and crashed into a utility pole. officers also fired shots at the driver. it's not clear yet if the person died from the crash or from the gunfire. police are investigating. also happening today in philadelphia at city hall, officials will be dedicating the lawn at the park. it will be opened to the public. the nearly 7,000 square foot attraction includes train station entrances. the dedication is at 11:00 this morning. another local update in about 25 minutes. remember, you can get realtime news and weather at i'm chris cato. now we go back to the "today" show. have a great friday.
9:58 am
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10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. you made it. yes, you did. good for you. it is try day friday, october 24th. they did it, hoda, and so did you. you had a big week this week. hardest working woman at nbc news. >> you know what's going to make our show hot today, jenny mccarthy. >> she is fun. she has a new gig. >> she is newly married. she has a lot to talk about. >> always a lot of fun. there she is. >> is she drinking? >> oh, no. talking. we'll get her drinking, yeah. >> we'll see you in a little bit. you sent in photos of rooms
10:01 am
around your house you wanted to step up, we got you the help, we'll check out the photos later. >> glamour magazine gives us the best beauty buys, which will be great, and how to throw an even happier happy hour from the experts. >> exactly. okay. so apparently there is a makeup artist who can transform herself into stars. >> you don't have a halloween costume, there is this woman, a makeup artist, so her name is luisa batala. she transforms herself into movie iconic -- "ciconic movie people. >> and music. >> here she is as betty davis. my gosh. >> wow. that looks like a painting. >> marlon brando. >> unbelievable. >> wait a minute. is that her? or that a painting? >> these are paintings? no? >> here she is as keith richards. >> oh, my gosh. >> okay.
10:02 am
here she says the hardest one was rocky because it took her so much time to become rocky. took her five hours. >> what? >> it is hard to believe those are photographs instead of paintings. >> yeah. well, apparently they are. so stop challenging everything. >> i'm sorry. i'm cynical, it is so good. she's really talented. she's an artist, she's talented. if she's a makeup artist, she's talented, either way. >> all the transformations are on her facebook page and instagram, you can go there and look at them, if you would like. >> apparently there is a spider so big, they're saying it is puppy size. >> i don't like the comparison. you don't compare puppies with spiders. >> you might want to close your eyes. >> so this guy -- this spider was in guyana, okay? >> and they found the spider in
10:03 am
a rain forest in guyana. we wanted to be clear it is not guiana or new guinea. it is called a bird eater. >> it is the world's largest spider, about the size of -- probably bigger than bambino, its legs reach one foot. >> here what's weird. so when it feels threatened, what it does is it rubs its legs against its tummy, so when you're looking at it, you're, like, look, but don't lean in -- >> hind legs. >> whatever, i said legs. rubs here -- his tummy with his legs. >> his hind legs makes a difference to me. >> oh, my gosh. all right. >> it releases a cloud of hairs. >> that's what i'm trying to say. barbs come out, barbs come out that stick you in the eyes if you lean in too close. >> it is painful and itchy. >> anyway, whatever, we're never going it see that thing. it has two inch long fangs and
10:04 am
here is the good news, if you care, its bite is not deadly, okay. >> after all that, you tell us if it bites you -- >> it stings you because the barbs from the rubbing of the tummy -- >> from the hind legs. how to draw a perfect circle. this is earth shattering! let me s >> let me see you draw one without the lesson. we have three seconds. >> that's not bad. >> this is just us practicing before. okay. you know what? this is, like, everything about our show, okay. this is annoying and -- this is hoda's. >> okay. >> you hold up yours and i'll hold up mine. >> you know what, i'm over it. i am over it. there is a guy on youtube who teaches you how to draw a perfect circle. so we're going to watch how he does and we'll try it, although
10:05 am
someone has already done it. let's see. >> to draw a circle, we pivot the paper here on the bony part of our wrist. put your hand on the paper like this and spin it underneath. make sure you're holding your pen or pencil firmly, try not to move or shake it, then gently lower it down on to the paper and carefully spin it all the way around just like this. pretty cool, huh? >> oh, it is like a protractor. >> it is. but it is interesting. if you're putting pressure on it, it won't -- >> okay, just, now on three we're going to try it. spin it. okay, ready? one, two, three. >> i do it better -- >> no, you can't. no, that's the way he said it. >> look at you. >> if i had a bigger piece of paper -- >> there you go, use mine because i can't do it. >> why can't you? >> i just can't. >> why won't you try it? >> i tried. >> no, you didn't. >> go, hoda. go, hoda.
10:06 am
almost. >> it is close. >> it is much closer. >> by the way, that's good. >> yes, show mine again. okay. you guys have met grumpy cat. let me -- >> i like grumpy cat. >> angry cat, this is competition. here is garfy, the angriest cat in the world. >> oh, my gosh. wow. that photo, a million views. is that angry or grumpy? >> that's angry. garfy, lives with his owner in turkey. >> i like that. to see more pictures, you can meet garfy on, or he has an instagram. >> you know what else it is time for, just in time, kathie lee's friday funny. okay. a couple walks into a art gallery, they pass a beautiful painting of a beautiful woman who is totally naked, except for some strategically placed
10:07 am
leaves. the wife glances at the painting and continues on. she realizes her shhusband is n longer walking next to her. she looks back and notices her husband is still there staring at the painting of the woman. she gets a little testy, says, honey, what are you waiting for? continuing to stare at painting, the husband says, autumn. >> that was good. the leaves fall off. >> hello. >> i got it. time for our johnson's baby announcements, we celebrate new moms and the adorable new additions to their families. >> first baby is claire violet louderman, born on october 10th, in barington, illinois, and her parents offer this advice to parents, be calm and establish routines early on. that is really, really good advice. routines mean everything to a baby. >> next, baby born in crest vue, florida, weighing six pounds, eight ounces, eli cash rollins, first child for parents jennifer and patrick. they say eli is sweet and he's
10:08 am
very easy going. he looks it. >> yes. now to a little girl named ariana janee villobos-flores. she was born in norfolk, virginia, on september 26th. this is the fourth child in the family for parents tamara and uslir. first girl. her mom says this new baby is very demanding which makes her definitely a girl. >> the final johnson's baby of the week is harlyn dawn fugueleburg born in north carolina on october 29th. her dad is a medic in the army and shipped out in the first deployment in a few weeks. her mom megan says listen to advice from others but in the end do what is best for your baby, they are all unique. >> congratulations to all of our babies. >> for next round of baby pictures you send them to, please do them in halloween costumes. this is a very special hole waln
10:09 am
themed johnson's baby of the week. >> thank you. for this segment, we're going to be accepting babies up to 1 year old. >> exactly. >> okay or not okay. is it okay or not okay to publicly pine for your ex? >> this is what we had to say about it. you know, hoda, i think it is best to keep your pity parties to yourself and work on the relationship privately. >> i think we have something in common here. i say i think pining is fine, but probably best to do it in private. >> we agree? >> did you copy me? >> i went first. >> oh, then i copied you. >> yes. >> all right. >> okay. in honor of breast cancer awareness month, we have a new product. >> these are cool, these are pink travel pillows. you put them around your neck when you get on a plane. these are special because they happen to have a little side car to put your ipod in. so that -- you know when you're on the -- when you're on the
10:10 am
plane and you put your headphones on and your ipod is on your -- on your lap, and you get up and forget it is there and knock it off, you put it in the side car. $34.99. donations to breast cancer research. jenny mccarthy gets serious. >> really? she'll explain what she means by that right after this. she's always got a lot to say. [ man ] i think this is a good time to tell you: you're doing okay, mom. i can call you "mom," right? i know we haven't known each other very long, but you seem like a real keeper. you're not perfect. but you're trying. anyway, i want you to know how much i appreciate you. you know, right? how much i love you. you're doing okay, mom.
10:11 am
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she's a best-selling author, model, talk show host and comedienne. >> jenny mccarthy is now adding morning radio host to her list. her show "dirty sexy funny" is on sirius xm. >> star channel. >> is that what it is called? >> star channel. channel 109. >> thanks for taking over. i love it. >> little exchange with her and her husband, donnie. >> what song is my favorite song? it is our song? come on. >> our song? okay, we have three songs, but i'm going to go -- i'll pick the one i think you would say our song is, just give me a reason by pink. >> that's right. >> was he right? >> he was right. and then we sang it to each other. i did a four week trial to see if we liked it and fell in love with it, two hours to actually talk -- >> no hair, no makeup, no -- >> no spanx.
10:15 am
it is a blessing. they give you the freedom to be myself. >> is there a format? >> you know how it started? i started a comedy tour for women years ago, we have been on the road, taking really funny girls that needed a platform and went to radio and decided, okay, this is a great platform for me. so now it is my show, monday through friday, i follow howard at 10:00, and i bring on female comediennes that are in town or comics -- >> so many of them now. >> so many. >> is it a different medium? you're used to being physical and -- >> yeah, so you know it is more relaxing i think because i get to wear my sweat pants. i feel like i'm more myself, which is what people want out of me. >> that's part of the problem at "the view" for you, they hired you to be who you are, but then they didn't really -- they wanted to sort of put -- i don't know, put -- >> in a box. i'm more of a circle that couldn't fit into that, so to speak. i felt that, you know, everything happens for the best
10:16 am
reason, that's my philosophy. i'm, like, god will look out for ma me and i'll land in a perfect place. i look back where it is at now, i couldn't be happier. i have this wonderful husband. >> can we talk about the wonderful husband? >> by the way, you guys seem so gaga in love. >> it is not even a joke. we are mad about each other. we just can't get enough of each other. >> you've been friends before. did you -- >> i had no idea. isn't that weird? i met him on my vh1 show. >> where you were in bed naked and stuff? >> no. >> the one you came and talked to us about? >> i gave him my phone number and from there it just took off. and i'm just -- he's so wonderful to my son evan, single mom, package deal, and i can't even believe, he's a leo, he's a romantic lover. >> has it changed your life a
10:17 am
lot? you were dating and very serious, has marriage changed? >> you know what has happened? i know because i was married before, no one turns into something better or worse, sometimes worse, but, you know, what happened with us is i looked at evan and he said, i feel so much more safe now. as a single mom, i'm, like -- every night, he was so scared at night and now he fell in love with donnie, calls him donnie daddy, daddy donnie. their bond, it was heaven sent. i feel really blessed in my love life, in my work, and this manicure, i mean, i'm like -- >> for halloween or for donnie? >> i had to get away from the square ones, you can't do the square. i like the square. >> i am square. i'll wear square. >> you went long too. >> they said i have man hands, so the longer -- >> you don't have man hands. >> who is they? >> everyone.
10:18 am
>> i thought our new mantra is we don't give a rip. >> we don't give a rip. >> they make great nose pickers so -- or back scratchers. >> jenny, we're happy for you. we really are. congratulations. >> monday. >> all right. catch the premiere dirty sexy funny all those things monday on sirius xm star channel 109. >> sounds awesome. you sent us pictures of the rooms in your house you thought needed a redo. >> like that one. we'll show you what one designer did to give them a fresh new look without having to spend a fortune. and you'll flip over fashion that gives you more than one look. >> bobbie is all abuzz. >> you know what it is? >> it is her 40th birthday. but it wasn't always that way. ahh!! ahhhh!! let go! let go! no. no, budget. no. but thanks to we got approved to shop with low monthly payments.
10:19 am
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ugh. does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it. resolve it. our new formula with a special conditioning ingredient softens your carpet with every use. because it's resolve, you know it cleans and freshens, but now it also softens. so your carpet is always inviting. resolve. a carpet that welcomes you. it is time for bobbie's buzz. and from denim that serves double duty to spin around slips -- >> our "today" style editor and's bobbie thomas is
10:22 am
here with reversible attire that gives you more bang for your fashion bucks. >> i'm so excited because tracy and sarah both work with me at and they're troopers because they have essentially the same items on, but they look like they're in two different outfits if you look head to toe. we'll have the camera pull back. the jeans are reversible. $39, the same pair of jeans and you're seeing both sides. this pair is that pair. >> they're just pull up. >> you slip them inside out. >> but no zipper or anything. >> no zipper. and they have another pattern, black and plaid that we have on a pedestal. >> that's genius. >> the top is also a reversible top. this -- these are by venus. they're $40, the jeans. 20 bucks a pair. these are the best tops. i found them on hsn. they're black on one side. four colors, but it flips to
10:23 am
this great taupe color and it is double lined, so it is flattering and you can scrunch the sleeves and play with them. you could even tie it in a knot, but great, four colors. thank you, ladies. >> that looks great. excellent. >> that was fun. >> another thing you can do to maximize, the holidays we're all running around, you need a slip, you're, like, the neck lines, this is a great straight neckline or v neck line if you need something straight, flip it around and wear the slip backwards. these are flip around slips by vanity fair, around $20, you get two necklines out of one, they come in black and nude. and then, of course, one of my favorites come fall, spanx has tight and tights which reverse. black to brown or black to gray. two colored tights out of one. >> so smart. >> turn them inside out. >> yes. and at see wonder you can get belts that flip, this one goes orange to brown and tons of
10:24 am
colors. plenty to-like at. >> we have to point out something today. >> yes, we do. a very special birthday. >> a big birthday, cake made by karen cash. >> we all adore you. >> take a look at it. high heels. >> i am -- >> embrace it. >> i am 40. >> love 40. >> i love you so much. >> we love you, bobbie. >> they're the cutest. >> look at pumps. >> all edible. >> edible shoes, what more could a girl want? >> we love you so much. >> thank you. >> wait until you see how we spruce up your living room and kitchens that you sent to us. >> and the glammies. >> all after your local news. what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next, after the next?
10:25 am
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10:27 am
it's a live view from the adventure aquarium. the flags are blowing in the wind. the wind is gusting to 29 miles an hour in philadelphia. 30 mile an hour wind gusts in the pocono mountains. it's 60 in reading and northeast philadelphia. 61 in wilmington. it's going to be a slow climb thanks to the wind. into the middle and upper 60s today. we are talking about central bucks west in doylestown, in a statement the superintendent has canceled all remaining football games and all members of the coaching staff have been suspended as the investigation into the alleged hazing continues. today in atlantic city, casino workers will hold a rally on the boardwalk set for 5:00. this week the owners of the taj mahal terminated the workers' health and pension benefits.
10:28 am
they said they had to do that to stay open through november. joe biden will be in philadelphia today. he will be attending a fund-raising event at the four seasons hotel raising money for democratic senate candidates. delaware transportation officials are getting ready for winter by inspecting their fleet of snowplows. the inspections are happening at the facility near lewis today. officials say after year's rough winter, this year's inspections are more important than ever. we don't want to see those any time soon. i'm chris cato. a full hour of news in 30 minutes. have a great friday.
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back with more of "today" on this try day friday. if your kitchen feels outdated or your living room could use some sprucing up, all it takes it simple changes to transform your home. >> we asked you to send photos of rooms in your house that could use a little help. libby langdon has worked her magic. >> welcome. we love these kinds of things. >> thank you. >> it gives people hope. >> there is a lot you can do with a little bit of money. >> shirley sent us a picture of her kitchen. she said basically her kitchen needs an update. taking a peek at that, what did you think? >> i love the fact that shirley sent a picture of her kitchen at night. that's when we're in our kitchens the most. and the biggest thing is it is lacking light. and there was a lot of storage
10:31 am
that we knew we could add. so when you see the area that is sort of between the top of the cabinetry and the ceiling, there are actually regular standard cabinets that you can buy, called a bridge cabinet, and it literally bridges the gap between the ceiling and the top of your cabinet. >> you can use that for tchotchkes. >> absolutely. there is a bridge cabinet with glass and light in there. but also look at the lighting under the cabinets. and those are actually just simple little l.e.d. things you can buy and stick on there. >> made a big difference. >> makes a huge difference. >> different colored little stools, right? >> yes, different colored stools. and if you look at the cabinetry, there is a simple self-adhesive sea grass, like a wall pap, ypaper you can cut, l, and you can tack it on there and when you want to take it down, you can.
10:32 am
>> it doesn't hurt the wood? >> no, it is absolutely fine. >> let's move on to marion from woodstock, georgia, a photo of her living room. she wanted it zhuszhed up here. >> she thought it was a little boring. it was easy to kind of spice up this space. she's got that great sofa, but it sort of blind together with the wall color, the rug, all of that. it was important to create some separation. she also has a lot of little goodies on the top of her -- top of the cocktail table, smooth that out a little bit. >> what did you do? >> what we would do is do an accent wall that is just behind the sofa to lighten and brighten. and then an area rug on top of the existing rug to create a little contrast. also, just different pillow covers to go behind her existing covers so you're lightening it up. sometimes people keep the exact pillow that comes with it. >> a lot of work. >> the drape makes a big deal and a little ottoman down in front.
10:33 am
>> and the lighting. >> yes, yes. and adding the lamp in the corner helps bring a little more of a focus point. >> i would have put plants in there too to warm it up. >> plants are good. a living thing in a room is good. >> renee from illinois sent this photo of her bathroom. she wanted her bathroom fixed up. >> that looks like a lot of people's bathrooms. >> it does. the key is to take sometimes what you already have and rework it. so what i would do is i would paint the bottom of that vanity. i like her floor, i think the floor is great. but i would paint the vanity. and also that window is sort of feeling peculiar and see that mirror. so many people have those mirrors that are attached to the wall with the little clear plastic pins. >> yeah. >> exactly. and so there you can literally frame the mirror, you already have, and put it in black. >> and the floor. >> that's the same floor. but look how different it looks. >> what did you do? >> no, by having it next to the
10:34 am
darker -- by having it next to the darker vanity, it looks -- >> it doesn't look green anymore. >> green and white and then a brighter color on the wall, a pale yellow and black is good together. >> that's good. i don't believe you about the floor. >> thank you. so winner of the glammy is -- >> well, we'll have glamour magazine's best beauty buys of the year. >> and we're going to show you how to take the stuff you've got and make it work. >> make it extraordinary. >> why didn't you say that? >> after this.
10:35 am
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10:38 am
and see how one small change can lead to good things. ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to the 10th annual glammy awards. >> from foundations, to moist e moisturizing lotions, it is difficult to know which products are best for all your beautifulness. >> we reveal the list of great beauty products awarded by glamour magazine readers. >> joining us is glamour magazine's beauty director. you came up with the winners, huh? >> yes, the glammy is in its tenth year, we have readers vote. so 413,000 readers over the ten years have written in and voted for their favorite products. >> this is danielle. you can't see her yet. but danielle is holding in her hand a special envelope which reveals what the best makeup is. may we have the envelope, please? and we're going to spin her
10:39 am
around. yes, danielle, the makeup is -- >> do it. >> the glammy goes to l'oreal paris true match, mac lipstick. >> congratulations. >> so tell us about why these products. >> so what readers loved about these products is they all -- the blush and the lipstick have really versatile shades, punchy colors, super wearable. the mablean mascara, ten time winner. >> everybody loves that. >> brushable, can put it on and layer it on and there does not -- it does not flake. readers love that. and then the foundation, what is so lovely about it is that it goes on really light, but it gives you great coverage, 33 shades and oil free, so it lasts really long. >> you look beautiful. >> danielle, thank you for your big reveal. >> okay, next up is alesha. >> stop it. >> alesha is going to help us
10:40 am
with moisturizing products. may we please have the envelope? >> spin her. >> and the glammy goes to -- >> skin category, olay regenerating serum, olay complete all day moisturizer spf 15. we can't read it with the -- >> we're fine. >> what our readers loved about olay, 1-2 punch of anti-aging and moisturizing. the serum you put on first. and dermatologists love it as well. it will strengthen your skin, so it will look great right away and also will help with wrinkles in the long run. and we want to protect and moisturize and that's where moisturizer comes in, has a great spf barrier to protect all the investment that you've made to your skin and you can't start too early. >> thank you, alesha, for all you do. >> for everything you do. >> we're moving down to judy.
10:41 am
and judy has the big reveal in the category of hair and nails. >> hair and nails. >> can we have the envelope, please. >> and glammy goes to in the category of hair and nails, l'oreal paris hairspray, sally hanson complete salon manicure nail polish. what we use here at the "today" show all the time, elnett. >> we want to start with her nails -- >> letting kathie lee down, that's fine. >> we love both, but we love the nails, because they have something like 70 shades, and the colors wear really well and you don't need a base or top coat and they dry really quickly. readers love it. >> what about the spray we love? >> the spray you love is fantastic because you can put it on, you can brush it out, it won't flake and you can keep building on it. hairstylists love it. >> all terrific.
10:42 am
thank you so much. >> the fullness of the glammy winning products at >> from reducing runs in your panty hose to tenderizing tough meats. >> we'll show you the extraordinary use for ordinary things in your home. >> and want to be the hostess with the mostest? >> we'll show you how right after this. t glasses for $38, backed by a replacement guarantee? because you all really need glasses... ...and boys really need to be boys. the glasses you want are at the walmart vision center - a complete pair starting at $38. backed by a 12-month replacement guarantee. save money. live better. walmart. here's something fun to do with hot dogs. make easy crescent dogs. pillsbury crescent rolls.
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10:46 am
if you're trying to save some money and time, you can do it by tapping into what you already have right at home. >> ordinary household items like ice cube trays and hairspray can help you with almost anything in your house. >> here to show us extraordinary uses for ordinary things is liz vaccariello. >> like a barbie doll. >> thank you. >> aadorable. >> we're starting off with ice krub tr cube trays. >> we have herbs and vegetables in season, don't want to put them to waste. take a spoon, take the leftover
10:47 am
herbs, pour a little bit of water. >> is it herbs or herbs? >> it is herbs. you put it in there and this way you freeze it and a month later, you put it in the soup, in your -- >> that's great. >> very well done, liz vaccariello. with boots, my tend to flop in the closet. what can we do? >> one liter bottles, and take your boots taut by sticking an old soda bottle in there. >> it does take up more room in your closet, that's the only thing. but look how nice. >> i dare you to do that in your closet, hoda. >> you're so funny. >> now we'll stick our fingers to the very tip. >> are these clean? >> brand-new. >> we're going to take an ordinary -- we're going to take hairspray and put it at the tips of the nylons and that is going to keep the fibers from ripping. this is going to prevent your
10:48 am
run. >> how long do you keep your hand in there, until it drys? >> i think so. >> smart idea, by the way. always rip. >> always rip. it is also the time to, if you buy inexpensive meat that needs to bee izetenderized, take any of beer, pour a can of beer over that piece of meat. >> or three cans of beer. >> three cans of beer. soak it for an hour and the enzymes in the beer tenderize the meat. about an hour, leave it in overnight. if you cook something in your slow cooker, you can use the herb ice cubes too. >> could you cook it in the beer? >> you could. i cook my ribs in the beer. or my husband cooks the ribs in the beer. you can take lemon juice, make it from lemons, strain it so you
10:49 am
don't have any pulp or pits in there and put it in the humidifier and it gives it a wonderful citrus scent and the citric acid will prevent mold and mildew. >> genius. >> brilliant. >> yes. >> your daughters have done this art work, right? >> yes. we have the chameleon from sofia, olivia did a snake. you don't want to throw it away, don't want to destroy it and don't want to take up a zillion square meters of space. roll your children's art work up into a ball and you're going to use spare paper towel rolls. and stick the art work in the paper towel roll -- i'll write -- >> write what it is. >> sofia on here. >> yours is olivia. >> fourth grade, yours is olivia, she did a snake. >> olivia, fourth grade. >> sofia, chameleon. and you can stick it, keep it in -- you have cubicles, cubbies like this. >> great idea. thank you very, very much.
10:50 am
>> what we like to call our show. >> the happy hour. >> how to be the perfect host. >> all fun and games. first, this is "today" on nbc. - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails )
10:51 am
( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it.
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10:53 am
there is no better time than happy hour. that's the best time of the day. instead of going out, why not host a party in your own home. >> here is leslie bracco, author of "wine for women," one of our personal heroes. >> i tasted several thousand bottles of wine every year, so i'll give you pro tips and tricks to have a fun party. the first is, pick a theme. if you have your friends over for happy hour, pick a theme. all the wines are under $20. you can say whites from all over the world, reds, whatever. get some music going. make sure you have food.
10:54 am
>> some music. >> cheese platter everybody loves. i've done three different cheeses. goes with whatever you want on the table. >> this is your pits. >> olive pits. >> if you want to spit the wine. >> weird. >> here is a couple of pro tricks we used. want you to taste each of these. that's yours and that's yours, okay. >> i'm sorry. >> this is your set this , this your set. taste boath of the wines and tel me if you like one better than the other. you like the one on your left? that is decanted for over two hours. >> pour it in a pitcher to air it out. >> anything. >> just the red. >> they all taste better with a little bit of air. >> right, okay. >> $20 for that. and four bottles of wine.
10:55 am
then the other pro tip, we cleanse our pallet. you can use crackers or cheese but the pros use olives, mild olives, roast beef when we taste a lot of red wine. you're looking at me like -- >> i'm learning all this, this is good. >> and if you're judging -- i judge 100 wines a day, if you judge them, they say, darling, you need a cleansing ale. >> that cleanses your pallet. >> sure does. >> all right. now we'll play some games. let the games begin, all right? so i always think it is more fun to learn about wine when you have some games going on. i have the wine words game. this is about describing wine. i want you to taste these wines. those are kathie's, those are hoda's, you have tags. earthy, elegant, the other is smooth, spicy. i want you to taste and, again, it is not that one is the right answer or the wrong, just that it is -- we have to use words to
10:56 am
describe wine. >> we just have a minute left. >> we got this beautiful -- you got it right, kathie, hoda got it right too. >> now i have two beautiful chardonnays. this you have to guess the country. i have the gorgeous laroche chardonnay from france, which has no oats and crisp and fruity. and the -- guess which one. >> stick a cork in the map. wine number one from california or france? >> i say california. >> get it in there. >> okay. kath, what do you say? >> no idea. i need some more ale. i have no idea. i like the second one better. >> you like the second one. this is the french chardonnay. this is the laroche. >> i'm gagging on -- >> here is your cork. >> all right. >> the beautiful laroche chardonnay and now what do you
10:57 am
do with the empty bottles? ready, ladies? and go. >> nobody wins that game. >> you got it. >> we got to run. funny lady amy poehler and fran drescher are here. >> this is good. this is nice. performances by southern gravity and zoe deschanel. >> and have a great weekend, everybody. >> great weekend, everybody. we'll see you for fun day monday. you know when, fun day monday. couple of days. >> nice talking to you. >> leslie, we love you. i'm taking this home. >> bye.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00 a.m., ebola in new york city. we are learning new information this morning about dr. craig spencer, who has tested positive for the ebola virus after returning from west africa. new york's mayor is about to give us an update on his condition and the fears surrounding ebola up in the big apple. more breaking ebola news to tell you about. one of the nurses who contracted the virus after treating an ebola patient in texas has been declared virus free. nina pham, she has been