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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  October 24, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00 a.m., ebola in new york city. we are learning new information this morning about dr. craig spencer, who has tested positive for the ebola virus after returning from west africa. new york's mayor is about to give us an update on his condition and the fears surrounding ebola up in the big apple. more breaking ebola news to tell you about. one of the nurses who contracted the virus after treating an ebola patient in texas has been declared virus free. nina pham, she has been declared
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ebola free. that's nina pham. good morning. dr. craig spencer is in isolation and being treated in new york city right now. the doctor was working with ebola patients in guinea. he left there ten days ago and returned to the u.s. jesse gary live. is there an update on spencer's condition? >> reporter: the city health commissioner says craig spencer is in stable condition in isolation. he is able to watch tv or use a phone, but he has no contact with any people. he is in an air-tight room. she cautions, typically an ebola patient's condition will worsen before it gets better. they caution, typically an ebola patient's condition worsens before it gets better. an advanced team from the cdc is expected at the doctor's apartment today to remove any items that could be infectious.
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after returning home last friday from guinea where he treated ebola patients, spencer rode several subway lines, jogged and took a car to brooklyn. he developed a 103 fever yesterday prompting officials to put him in isolation. >> we really are confident that all of the protocols that we have worked so hard to put in place for communications with all levels of our public health system, with our emergency medical system, with our public health system have worked as well as we expected them to work. >> reporter: the commissioner does say there are ongoing discussions about tweaking the ebola protocols here, adding that preparations for this scenario paid off. the three people he had contact with remain in isolation also with no signs of sickness. the annual marathon in the city is two weeks away. officials say there are no plans
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to alter or cancel the race. the news conference it set to begin in 30 minutes. we will bring it to you live when it does start. live in new york this more than, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. we will come back to you in about a half hour. a bowling alley issued a statement this morning that the doctor was at. they hope to after the place is sanitized. the health department says staff and customers were at no risk for contracting ebola. another patients who contracted ebola are responding to the newest case of dr. spencer. dr. brantly says my prayers are with dr. spencer, his family and the crew taking care of him. he goes on to say --
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overnight the nbc photographer who contracted ebola sent a tweet about the new case. he writes, i hope as information comes out about the new york city case, we remember he is a doctor who risked his life to help others. happening right now here at home, health workers are offering ebola awareness training to all the county's first responders. the first session is right now at the government services building in clayton. more sessions will be held next week. the children's hospital of philadelphia is standing ready to provide care for any kids who may get ebola. the cdc designated c.h.o.p. as one of several pediatric hospitals in the u.s. to handle potential cases. this morning, members of the u.s. house of representatives are holding a hearing on the federal response to the ebola crisis. the oversight and government reform committee is looking at whether interagency communication is effective. they are talking about whether
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front-line healthcare workers have been adequately trained and equipped to deal with this virus. count on nbc 10 for the most complete and comprehensive coverage of the ebola outbreak. ted greenberg will have live coverage from new york city this afternoon. watch for his report today at 4:00. one person is dead after a police chase ended with a shooting in northampton county. this started in palmer township. it came to an end in easton around 1:00 this morning. police say they tried to pull over a pickup truck. the driver took off, leading them on a 25-minute chase. the truck crashed into a utility pole. officers say they opened fire on the driver. we talked with state police at the scene. >> it did end here at the corner. did he crash into a telephone pole. as to what transpired after that, i can only speculate. there's a lot of information we need to gather. there's a lot of mobile video
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recorders that we want to look at. >> it's not clear if the driver died from the crash or from the gunshots. police are investigating. one of the most respected high school football programs in our area has had the rest of its season canceled and won't play its homecoming game tonight after allegations of haze ing happened. it's happening at central bucks high school. you talked to students as they arrived for class this morning? >> reporter: yes, i did. they tell us they have mixed reviews on the fact that the rest of the football season has been canceled. we have talked to parents. parents here at central bucks west are upset, personally those who have sons that are seniors on the football team because they tell us tonight would have only been homecoming but also senior night. >> i am shocked. you just move on. you know? i'm surprised, too. and i'm a little upset.
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i wanted to go to the game tonight. it's an awesome game. oh, well. you know? >> reporter: students arriving tell us the homecoming game against their rival central bucks east isn't something they normally miss. but now preseason hazing allegations have not only canceled tonight's game, the season is over. the school superintendent suspended all football coaches. >> i think it's unfortunate what happened to the football team. both teams put in a lot of work for this. hazing had to ruin it. >> reporter: investigators say they were called to the school wednesday to investigate allegations senior players placed towels over the heads of rookie teammates and sent them into the shower. youngers players were held down while their hair was cut. others said they were told to grab anotherplayer's crotch. >> i think the football team
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made a mistake. we have to move forward from this point. i think it's getting blown out of proportion a little bit. it was a big mistake. i think they took it too far. hazing occurs everywhere whether we believe it or not. >> reporter: we also went to the police station to get an update on the investigation from the chief. we were told both the chief and his lieutenant are on vacation. the superintendent says not publically but he will address the school board at its meeting next week. live in central bucks east, monique -- excuse me, live outside central bucks west, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. it's friday. the rain is gone. turns out we are in for a pretty great looking weekend. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the forecast. >> as we head into the rest of today, we are going to see our temperatures increasing, which will be nice.
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warmer today than it was yesterday. it's already warmer at 62 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds. we barely saw the sun. our humidity is down to 52%. wind at 12 miles per hour. we are dealing with gusty winds. that's going to continue today. wind speeds up to 30 miles an hour in atlantic city. 30 in reading. 29 in the poconos. it won't be until we head into this evening that we see the winds diminishing. the rest of the region, we are mainly in the 60s. 51 in the poconos and 60 in allentown. we are up from this time yesterday, tup ten degrees in philadelphia. so for the rest of today, it will feel more comfortable out in terms of our temperatures. you still have to contend with our wind speeds. 62 by 1:00. by 4:00, 64. 70 this evening. that's an early taste of what we can expect as we head into the
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weekend. i will have your weekend forecast coming up. >> it looks great. sky force 10 over this house fire in the frankford section of philadelphia. emergency crews are still at the scene. no reports of injuries. a former philadelphia traffic court judge is at the center of a corruption scandal. we brought this as breaking news to you yesterday on nbc 10 news at 11:00 a.m. nbc 10 cameras capturing judge tynes after her arrangement yesterday. tynes surrendered on bribery charges. the d.a. charged her with taking a $2,000 bracelet from a lobbyist who turned out to be an under cover informant. we brought you the news conference yesterday. williams put the bracelet on display. he announced the charges against tie tynes. the attorney general decided not to prosecute the case but now the case has been given new life
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by the philadelphia d.a.'s office. now to decision 2014. vice president joe biden is here in philadelphia this morning. biden is attending a fund-raiser at the four seasons for democratic candidates. septa will vote on whether to strike. if the workers vote to authorize a strike, they could walk off the job any time after that. that would affect subways and buses in the city. but it would not affect the regional rail. the big sticking point now is pensions and healthcare benefits. in the atlantic city casino crisis, casino workers will hold a rally today on the boardwalk. it's set for 5:00 today. the workers had their health and benefits cut. it the taj mahal says it will stay open at least until the end of next month. ebola concerns. we continue to follow the latest
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developments from new york city regarding the doctor who tested positive for the virus. we are awaiting an update from the mayor on the health of dr. craig spencer. we will bring you that live as it happens. new details about a frightening attack on the nypd after a man goes after cops with a hatchet. we are done with the rain. temperatures are starting to recover. it's still windy out. i will let you know what to expect as we head into the weekend. that's coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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this video you are about to see from canada shows a gunman in wednesday's parliament shooting. police say that is michael bibeau running toward parliament hill moments after killing nathan cirillo. he attacks a car and pulls up to the front of the building. he was eventually shot and killed. bibeau is said to have converted to islam. authorities recent le decembly him a high-risk traveller. the man seen jumping a fence at the white house this week is scheduled for a monday court hearing and mental evaluation. yesterday a judge ordered dominic adesanya to stand trial. he will remain in jail over the weekend. he faces charges for kicking two
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police dogs and making threats. we learned this was his second try at breaching white house security. authorities say back in july, d.c. police arrested him for jumping a security barrier. the obama administration is looking at new options to beef up security in washington. among them, an even higher fence. at the white house, they want a fence around the u.s. capitol. new video of a hatchet attack on police officers in queens. see the man running with a hatchet. two officers were struck, one of the officers now in critical condition suffering from a serious head wound. serious officers shot and killed the attacker. the attackers has been identified as a man from california with a criminal record. ntsb is investigating a deadly crash between a small plane and a helicopter in maryland. three people were killed and two others injured in this collision.
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there were no injuries on the ground. people in washington will continue to clean up today after a tornado. the tornado touched down in the southwest part of washington state yesterday afternoon. it packed winds of up to 110 miles an hour. the tornado ripped roofs off buildings, uprooted treats and shattered windows. no reports of any injuries. good morning. a big improvement today versus yesterday with our conditions. a little bit of sunshine. our wind speeds will stick around. we will see sun and clouds. our temperatures will continue to climb today. that will lead to a nice weekend. temperatures closer to our average, even above average for saturday heading into sunday. even warmer days ahead as we head into next week. a live look outside. you can see a few clouds. 62 for philadelphia. wind speeds breezy out of the northwest at 12 miles per hour.
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we will see wind gusts closer to 20, 25 miles per hour. 51 in mount pocono. 60 in allentown. 58 in west chester. temperatures closer to the shore, in stone harbor, 59. we are in the 60s in dover. our wind speeds continue to gust, closer to 30 miles per hour in atlantic city. up to 29 in mount pocono. 30 in reading. 28 in wilmington. we can see that closer to our studios here, we are seeing a few more clouds. you can see the flags waving because we are seeing breezy conditions. a close are look at the city skyline shows fewer clouds, a little more sunshine if you plan to walk down in center city today. satellite radidar shows we are done with the system up the coast. as we push into the weekend, i will widen out the shot, you can see there's no system that we're tracking.
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we will stay nice and dry for your saturday and sunday. high pressure rebuilds, temperatures will climb today and heading into tomorrow. for today, 59 will be the high in the poconos, 64 in allentown, 64 in quakertown, mid 60s in doylestown, 66 in trenton, closer to the shore we are at 66 in atlantic city. similar conditions in ty. it will be comfortable except for the wind speeds. your temperature range, between 64 and 67. your seven-day forecast show more of the same as we head into the weekend. saturday, nice and dry, 67. 65 and breezy once again you pushing into sunday, as we head into next week. take a look at what happens as we head into wednesday. we climb back into the 70s and the chance of showers starts wednesday heading into thursday. more reasons for young men to lay off of binge drinking.
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keep talking. the new study between your v vocabulary and preventing memory loss.
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a new study shows men who binge drink during early adulthood may have an increased
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risk for high blood pressure later in life. there was no such link between young women and binge drinking. in fact, women who drank light to moderate amounts of alcohol had a reduced risk of developing hypertension. more research may help doctors identify blood pressure problems in patients at a younger age. scientists saying having an extensive vocabulary could help protect against memory loss and dementia. they found a high percentage of adults with a higher vocabulary was better. the duchess attended a dinner in london last night. she has just begun resuming her royal duties after spending more than two months out of the public eye. she has been suffering from acute morning sickness. doesn't she look amazing?
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they are expecting their second baby in april. she suffered the same morning sickness during her first pregnancy. don't be alarmed if you see people scaling the side of a building today, because it's all for a good cause. the mayor got things started yesterday for the annual fund-rais fund-raiser. supporters who raise enough money repel down the 31-floor building at one logan square like the mayor. they offer programs for kids and teenagers throughout the year. >> outward bound changed my life. it brought me out of a really dark time in my life and gave me confidence and kind of strength to believe that i could carry on and that i could continue to make a difference in the world. >> powerful. charity came up with this creative way to fund-raise after the philadelphia school district cut funding because of a budget short fall. ebola in new york city. we are learning new information
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about the doctor infected with ebola. new york city's response to the growing concern as we await the start of a news conference by the new york city mayor. a live look from where it will happen in brooklyn, new york. a car crushed by a tractor-trailer. a miraculous escape. the unlikely feature inside the car that saved the driver's life.
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right now we are following breaking ebola news. one of the nurses who contracted the virus after treating an ebola patient in texas, well she has been declared virus free. you will remember nina pham was flown to maryland for more
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treatment. the other texas nurse who contracted the virus also showing no symptoms earlier this week. nina pham has been declared ebola free. she is being released from the hospital today. we are awaiting a news conference at any moment to talk about today's development. busy news day where ebola is concerned. we are following the latest case of ebola in the u.s. out of new york city. a new york city doctor has tested positive for the deadly virus. the cdc still has to confirm those results. this doctor was working with ebola patients in guinea. he left there ten days ago and returned to the u.s. here is an update in new york city. >> reporter: the new york city mayor confirms the ebola virus has arrived in the nation's most populous city. >> testing confirmed that a patient here in new york city has tested positive for ebola.
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the patient is now here in the hospital. there is no reason to be ala alarmed. >> reporter: that patient is dr. craig spencer. around noon thursday he notified the relief group he works for doctors without borders that he was suffering from fever, nausea and fatigue. within minutes, a hazmat team took him from his home to a hospital. >> he had a very ordinarily removal from his home. with emergency workers who were in full protective gear, he came here and had a very smooth transfer up to the isolation ward. >> reporter: dr. spencer returned to the u.s. last friday but had not returned to his position at a hospital. they reported he had a 100.3 degree fever and notified officials as soon as he started feeling sick. >> we are aware that he has been in close contact with his
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fiancee and with two friends. >> reporter: he went to a brooklyn bowling alley the night before he got sick. spencer's fiancee is now in quarantine. two other friends are being monitored. they insist no one outside of that group is in danger of contracting the disease. >> the more facts you know, the less frightening this situation is. >> reporter: it's unclear whether he will be moved to one of the hospitals that has successfully treated other u.s. ebola patients. but new york's mayor and governor say bellevue is prepare and equipped to handle the treatment. >> right now we are taking a live picture from brooklyn, new york, as we await the start of a news conference by the new york city mayor. he will be talking about this patient. we will bring you the news conference as soon as it happens. this morning, the u.s. house of representatives is looking at how the country is dealing with ebola.
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the oversight and government reform committee is examining whether interagency communication is effective. we are talking about whether front-line healthcare workers have been adequately trained and equipped to deal with this virus. first responders and nurses in washington, d.c. are call for officials to make sure they are protected. they held a news conference a few hours ago. >> need to be provided with the highest level of equipment. we come in contact with anyone and everyone. >> we are trying to make sure that every hospital is informed and given standardized mandates. >> two people have contracted ebola in the u.s. both are nurses who treated an ebola patient that was at that dallas hospital. as we told you a short time ago, one nurse, nina pham is now virus free and actually being released from the hospital. the world health organization says millions of doses of experimental ebola
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vaccines could be ready next year. if they prove afak ieffective, trials could begin in december. five other povaccines should te later. the lab can issue a diagnosis in six hours. public health officials say they are well prepared to treat patients. ebola risks are low in europe and hungary is in the very low risk category. we know a lot of people are nervous about ebola. we are breaking down the facts versus fiction to help you understand how this virus is spread and who is most at risk. you need to know it's not spread through the air like a cold or by water or in general by food. you can only get ebola through touching the bodily fluids of a person who has this virus.
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blood, saliva, vomit, feces. people are not contagious until they are showing symptoms. you can get it by touching c ii contaminated objects and get it through infected animals., your complete resource to facts about the ebola virus and how it can be spread and also ways you cannot get it. our website has up to the minute news on the latest case out of new york city today. nbc 10 is monitoring the developing new s around the clock. a bucks county football team will not play the rest of its season or the homecoming game tonight because of hazing allegations. this is all happening at central bucks high school west in doylestown. monique braxton is live at the school. what are students saying this
11:35 am
morning? >> reporter: the students told us although they understand the actions by the superintendent, they will still miss their homecoming game as well as senior night on the football field. we spent the morning talking to students arriving here at central bucks west. they say they look forward to the football game against their arch rival bucks east every year. but preseason hazing allegations have not only led to the cancellation of tonight's game, the season is over. the school superintendent also suspended all football coaches. >> given the fact they suspended the football season, i guess something bad must have happened. for hthem to feel that need to suspend the season. >> i think it's unfortunate what happened to the football team. both teams put in a lot of work for this. haze ing had to ruin it. >> reporter: investigators tell us they were called to the school wednesday to check on allegations senior players placed towels over the heads of teammates and sent them into the
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shower. younger players were held down while their hair was cut. other players told investigators they were told to grab another player's crotch. the superintendent called the allegations humiliation initiation rites. he plans to address the school board next week. we did go over to the police station to get an update on the investigation from the police chief. we were told the chief and his lieutenant are on vacation until next week. it's a story we will be monitoring. live for now outside central bucks west, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. rain is gone. we are in for some sunshine, just in time for the weekend. a live look at center city philadelphia. it's a pleasant day at the shore as well. a live look in cape may. brittney shipp is here with the forecast. good looking weekend. >> it's a great looking weekend,
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especially compared to what we saw yesterday. you can see the sun is shining as we head into this friday. our temperatures are going to increase. but it will be windy today. warmer days ahead, even the mid to high 70s next week and a nice weekend on tap. still gusting winds up to 22 miles an hour in mount holly, 30 in atlantic city. 28 in wilmington, 29 in the poconos, 20 in pottstown. the wind is going to stick around. the system will shift away from us. now we will see clouds thinning out a bit. we are under the influence of a northwesterly wind. they wrap around the back end of the system. the rainfall is out of here. we will see dry conditions. just windy conditions for the rest of the friday. temperatures are up from what we saw yesterday. 62 right now in philadelphia. 60 in allentown. as we head into the rest of today, we will stay in the mid to high 60s. by 4:00, 64 and windy. by 7:00, a nice and comfortable friday evening on tap for you. i will let you know exactly what to expect heading into saturday
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and sunday coming up. isis militants and kurdish fighters are continuing to fight in kobani this morning. isis has been trying to seize the town since mid september. capturing kobani would give the group full control of a large stretch of the border. isis has taken dozens of surrounding villages forcing more than 200,000 people to flee. there are concerns about isis attacking police after the attack in canada and another in new york. officials in washington are talking about fencing off major landmarks. >> reporter: a man is dead this morning after attacking four new york police officers with a hatchet. while there is no direct link to isis, investigators are looking at the muslim warrior and writings on what they believe to be the attacker's facebook page.
11:39 am
the gunman that stormed canada's parliament was a recent convert to islam. canada stepped up military security. >> the safety and security of our members, our families and our civilian partners is our priority. >> reporter: washington is rethinking security after another man jumped the white house fence. >> they are considering the deployment of personnel, the deployment of technology and even physical obstacles. >> reporter: a former police chief suggests a fence around the capitol. >> any impediment you can give to make it more difficult is positive. >> we have to strike a balance here. we want an open society where people can walk in front of the white house. at the same time, we want to make sure that the president and the first lady and family are protected. >> reporter: some security experts think these were lone wolf incidents, people who may
11:40 am
have been influenced by isis but were not working for them. in washington, i'm tracy potts, nbc news. a federal judge dismisses two lawsuits. 42 organizations sued the irs and individual irs agents for constitutional violations. the irs is accused of pulling applications from conservative groups and delaying processing. the groups claim the irs' action was a constitutional violation. in a decision the judge said federal courts in washington do not permit financial claims against individual irs departments for alleged constitutional violations. several investigations into the irs' handling of applications now under way. seven people were treated for injuries after a car crashed through the front of a california restaurant. authorities say the 56-year-old driver was trying to park at the shopping center in the san francisco bay area when she accidentally hit the accelerator
11:41 am
instead. the car then took off and smashed through the glass windows. six customers and the driver were taken to the hospital. several custom her serious injuries. all are expected to survive. another driver may have accidentally hit the excacceleor in this crash in honolulu. police say an elderly woman was trying to park her car in an upper floor of a garage. instead, she drove the car right over the edge. the vehicle then flipped and landed as you see here upside down. the woman was taken to the hospital to be checked out. the driver of this car that was crushed by a tractor-trailer says the headrest saved his life. his vehicle was hit wednesday morning in oklahoma city. the truck's trailer tipped over on to the car. you can see that pushed the roof until it stopped at the headrest. both the car's driver and the driver of the tractor-trailer only suffered minor injuries. wow. parents, a popular infant
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car seat is being recalled. we have the details just ahead. i'm tracking what you can expect for your weekend weather. that's coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast. this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. evenflo is recalling car seats. the reason the buckle can be difficult to unlatch. if the buckles don't release easily it can be difficult to get a child out of the seat in
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an emergency. the effected seats were made between december 2011 and may of 2013. some of the seats will be replaced. others will get replacement buckles. get more details by going to our website, here is a great story. the 30 under 30 summit in philadelphia happened this past week. it's proof that young people are really doing extraordinary things in our world. we are about to introduce you to a young man who founded an organization to affect meaningful change in the community. he is still in high school. he is a junior. he is the founder of high school heros x which has a big event coming up sunday. great to have you here. i'd like to talk to you for a half hour but we only have a few minutes. tell me how you got the idea for this. >> i read this book and it takes almost every problem out there in the world and talks about existing technology to fix it.
11:46 am
i found stories of 18-year-olds finding pancreatic cancer tests. 20-year-olds making soccer bow s s that could generate energy. >> how does that flow into the event this sunday? >> we have eight local high schools. they have been working to produce challenge ideas about philadelphia area. everything from decreasing plastic water bottle usage to mentorship program between schools to really help people who are economically disadvantaged, trying to help that being where you are born isn't going to define your education. they are going to engineer a challenge to try to solve problems over the next year. >> given what you said, it's clear you are optimistic about the future. where do you see yourself ten years from now? >> i would love to go into college and study entrepreneurship and innovation. i want to solve challenges.
11:47 am
which problems? i'm hoping to figure that out along the way. >> i take it you are not looking for people to participate on sunday. perhaps if somebody is watching and listening, are they invited to come out? >> they are invited. we will have a keynote speaker on social entrepreneurship. i think everybody would love to hear that. we will try to live stream it. >> again, you have reached out to other schools in the area to get other young people like yourself who are really forward thinking about the future to come up with some solutions. >> exactly. that's exactly right. i look for kids who are optimistic about the community and want to read more about the community. they want to say high school is a place of learning and not solving. with the technology we have today, we have grown up so connected that i think we can solve challenges. >> the best way to predict the future is to create it. >> exactly. >> thank you so much. you give us all i think a lot of optimism for what's ahead. we will be looking to follow you and what you have accomplished
11:48 am
out of sunday's conference. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for coming in. good morning. we have gotten rid of all the rain. where he getting rid of clouds more sunshine today. our wind speeds are sticking around as we head into the rest of today and as we head into the evening. a nice weekend on tap for us. temperatures recovering today. that will head into your weekend, even into next week. temperatures warmer back to the 70s. so keep that in mind as you are making plans for next week. right now, in philadelphia, 62 degrees. wind speeds out of the northwest at 12 miles per hour. breezy but we are seeing wind gusts closer to 25, 30 miles an hour. 51 in the poconos. 61 in west chester. 61 in glassboro. if you are closer to atlantic city, 57 degrees. in dover right now, we are at 61. a closer look at some of the
11:49 am
wind gusts. up to 29 miles per hour in the poconos, 20 in pottstown, 30 in atlantic city. breezy in wildwood with winds up to 17 miles per hour. you can see the rotation of what's left of the system that moved through here and brought us rainfall for the past two days. now it continues to push to the northeast. we are under the influence of the northwesterly wind. we are starting to get rid of the clouds. our temperatures will be warmer as we head into the rest of today. behind that system we are not seeing anything. very quiet across the nation, which is good for us heading into the weekend. we are not going to expect to see any storms heading our way, especially not for saturday and sunday. although, storms are back in your seven-day forecast. back to average for us as well with our temperatures. our average for this time of year, 64. yesterday we stayed in the 50s. today we are heading into the 60s. 66 degrees and we will stay in the 60s. 67 as we kick off the weekend. our range today, between 64 and 67 degrees, sunny and breezy,
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wind speeds out of the northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour, gusting up to 30 miles per hour. your seven-day forecast shows as we head into the next couple of days, 67 on saturday and nice. sunday, still nice but breezy. and then we warm up back to the 70s starting tuesday. we continue to stay in the 70s even on wednesday. then we track a chance of showers wednesday and thursday. stay with us. you are watching nbc 10 news.
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this just in, we have just learned pennsylvania state senator lee anna washington is agrees to plead guilty. she was accused of using state senate staffers to plan fund-rais fund-raisers. the plea is expected to happen next week. she lost her primary re-election bid a few months ago. her district covering parts of montgomery county and philadelphia. we are expecting a guilty plea from her. this afternoon at 3:00, "ellen" is all new.
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then coming up today at 4:00, this afternoon, bracing for winter's worst. snow may be the furthest thing from your mind right now. but it's front and center for some in our area who are preparing for the season ahead. nbc 10 takes you behind the scenes to show you how they are planning for snow, for ice and anything else mother nature happens to throw our way. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. then at 6:00, a local field was supposed to be named after football length enter andre reed. now the plans could be changing. why local officials are so upset about something that reed did on facebook. we want to give you a quick update on our top story. the first nurse diagnosed with ebola now has been proclaimed virus free, free of the ebola virus. nina nam is being released from the national institutes of health in maryland. she contracted ebola while treating an infected man at a
11:55 am
dallas hospital. you are looking at a picture of dr. craig spencer being treated in isolation after testing positive for ebola. dr. pspencer returned to the u.. last week after treating infected ebola patients in guinea. we are going to check in now with this press conference here. this is out of the nih in maryland. you can see the head of the nih talking about -- we would imagine -- nina pham. >> i think hope went up a notch today by the fact that we are here to celebrate the recovery of a patient who clearly was afflicted by a decease that is very serious and yet under the careful care of this remarkable staff is now here before you. i would like to call or dr. tony pouchy to tell you why we are all here. [ applause ] >> thank you very much. as you are probably
11:56 am
anticipating, i have some very good and happy news to impart on you right now. our patient, nina pham, is free of ebola virus. we know that because we have multiple determinations of her pcr. she has no virus in her. she feels well. as you will see in a moment and probably have already seen, she looks extraordinarily well. i want to first tell you what a great pleasure and in many respects a privilege it has been for me and the staff here of the clinical studies unit, the special clinical studies unit here to have the opportunity to treat and care for and get to know such an extraordinarily courageous and lovely person. >> nina pham has been proclaimed
11:57 am
ebola free of the virus. good news there. for all of us here at nbc 10, thanks for watching. we will see you today at 4:00.
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>> jj: something, uh, did happen, and you have the right to know what it was. you only got half the story-- [pounding on door] sorry. dude, bad time. >> rory: dude, i just saw her. uh, that hot chick dude, i just saw her, uh-- the one you say set you up. i just saw her. >> eve: what are you doing back in town? >> jill: you have to help me. otherwise the whole scam is gonna be exposed. >> kate: so what exactly is it that you set straight? >> clyde: well, you know the reason i'm even here is to mend