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tv   NBC 10 News at 530a  NBC  October 25, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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right now on "nbc10 news today," police have a person of interest in a deadly double shooting in philadelphia. officers say that person showed up at the hospital. this morning new quarantine guidelines are in place to prevent ebola from spreading to our area. we'll explain in a live report. a cool start to our saturday as we take a live look over center city from our camera atop the loews hotel. good morning. welcome back to "nbc10 news toda today". i'm rosemary conners on this saturday. michelle grossman is tracking the pleasant conditions in store for us today. i think it's going to be pretty tough to beat yesterday's weather. >> it was so nice yesterday but today is going to be great. near 70 degrees. lots of sunshine. cannot wait for that sun to come up. great day to get things done, do
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all of your fall activities. sports are happening today also. live look outside. clear skies this morning. clear skies over night. that tends to drop the temperature. that's what we're seeing right now. looking at temperatures mainly in the 40s across the area. if you're getting out early this morning you need the jacket because we are looking at low 40s to the north and west. 43 in allentown. just 42 in pottstown. 44 degrees in lancaster. 43 in mount pocono. south and east, low 40s. 41 in millville. 43 in atlantic city. if you're getting a head start on the day, bundle up this morning. we're going to be nice this afternoon. a life look outside, looking at center city here. clear skies this morning. lots of sunshine this afternoon. as we plan your saturday we're going to plan on a good one. 8:00, 52 by 10:00. low 60s by noon. we're going to top out near 70 degrees but even warmer on your seven-day pft we'll have all the details straight ahead. new from overnight. one man is dead, another is wounded after a shooting in philadelphia. nbc10 was on the scene in
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kensington where police tell us the gunfire erupted at fout street and indiana avenue after midnight. a 25-year-old man was rushed to the hospital where he died, but it's the wounded man who showed up later at the hospital that caught the attention of police. >> the second male who was shot, he might possibly turn into a suspect. right now he's a person of interest and he is under police guard for involvement in -- possibly involved with the shooting. >> according to police, at least one witness saw the wounded man run from the shooting scene into a nearby house. investigators have not found a weapon yet but they tell us they're going to be looking at any surveillance images that become available from that scene. a man is hurt after a shooting in ga philadelphia's queen village neighborhood. he was shot at second and carpenter streets just before 3:00 this morning. the victim was taken to the hospital, but it's unclear what his condition is right now. police have not made any arrests in this case. there are new standards in
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place this morning for passengers lanning at either jfk or newark airport. the governors of new york and knowledge have ordered a 21-day carnitine for anyone landing at those airports who have had direct contact with ebola patients in west africa. nbc10's matt delucia is live in the digital operations center this morning. matt, what are governors christie and cuomo hoping to achieve with the mandatory quarantine? >> this quarantine is mandatory. before yesterday health care workers treating patients in west african countries that have seen ebola cases, they were asked to put themselves in voluntary isolation but that is not the case anymore. this week, a doctor in new york, as you recall, was hospitalized and is being treated for ebola. and now the first person to be placed in this new quarantine, a 45e health care worker, she flew in yesterday and was immediately put into isolation. this worker apparently had no
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symptoms of the virus upon arrival but has now developed a fever and is being evaluated at a new york hospital. yesterday governors andrew cuomo and chris christie said this is about responsibility for protecting the public. right now wrens departments have serious concerns and they say a mandatory quarantine as opposed to a voluntary may be the way to go. >> we put people who have certain professions to higher standards. i think that's why people are upset and i think they have a right to be. >> the health care worker being monitored this morning had been working with doctors without borders. here's what they're saying about the newman date. doctors without borders a enfacted strict proelt kols governing the return of their health workers to their home countries. we act in full compliance with official public health regulations. the group says it is now going over the new guidelines put in place by the governors of new york and new jersey but they do intend to comply with those regulations. live in the digital operations center, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thank you, matt.
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new let's head to manhattan for the latest on what's happening there. dr. craig spencer, he is in an isolation yun net at bellevue hospital. he returned from guinea last week and was diagnosed with ebola thursday night at the hospital. you can count on nbc10 to help address your concerns about the ebola virus. on monday morning we will have two medical professionals mere at the nbc10 studios to answer your questions. if you have a question, send it in right now. you can go to our facebook page, the nbc10 facebook page and look for the ebola q and a section. we will answer all of your questions live monday morning from 4:00 in the morning until 7:00 right here on "nbc10 news today." now to decision 2014. this morning we've learned that president obama will be making a stop in philadelphia. mr. obama is scheduled to visit the city next sunday. he will attend a campaign event for democrat tom wolf challenging tom corbett for the dpover in's seat. yesterday joe biden was in town
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here for a democratic event. meanwhile, the car bet administration claims internal polling shows the incumbent is closing in on tom wolf. a quinnipiac university poll shows that corbett was down by 17 points to the challenger. in other news this morning. the clock is ticking on a possible septa strike vote. they will decide tomorrow whether to authorize a walkout. the union says that right now there is no plan for a work stoppage but if that should happen they will release a plan for service interruptions before a strike. 4700 bus drivers, subway, and trolley operators and maintenance workers had been working under an expired contract since march. negotiations continue with pensions and health care benefits as the main sticking points. today a once in a lifetime opportunity, the mainline mansion that used to belong to the former owner of the 76ers will go to auction. it will be auctioned off to the
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highest bidder. nbc10 got a tour inside the home yesterday. the auction company says that he and his wife are empty nestors and have no longer have a need for such a big mansion. the home is 10,000 square feet. it sits on more than 3 1/2 acres. most recently listed for more than $6 million. you can take a virtual tour of the mansion right now on we've got a slide show of the interior and exterior of the property. > . a human chain of volunteers will stand together a little bit later today. this morning at the venice park united methodist church. the chain of hope will showcase cooperation between storm recovery organizations. just four days before the second anniversary of sandy hitting the jersey shore. coming up next, officials say there could be tens of millions of cars on the road with faulty airbags. we'll tell you what
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investigators are doing to try to fix the problem and how you can kind out if your vehicle is on the list. plus, gambling on sports in new jersey hits a snag. some people were ready of place their bets this weekend, but a judge isn't going to let it happen.
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federal prosecutor are looking into an airbag recall that couldle involve even more cars than the recent recall involving gm. congressional investigators say there could be 30 million vehicles nationwide with faulty airbags. those devices could explode, spraying drivers and passengers with metal shrapnel. prosecutors are looking at whether the japanese maker of the airbags misled safety regulators. meanwhile, dealer, customers, and safety experts say this problem is big and it needs to be fixed right now. >> this is the biggest that i've been involved in, being with honda. really we haven't had anything
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of this scale. >> my kids are the most important thing, the most important people in my life right now and i really want to make sure they're safe. >> this is a lethal defect and this is a government agency that has totally botched this investigation and recall. >> you can logon to to type in the vin number to an online database, your vin number, to determine if you are on any kind of recall list. the etsy is now making it easier for sellers to accept payment in person. the company lauchbled a card reader that can will used with a smartphone to process credit and debit card transactions. etsy says sellers can use the device at craft fares and flea markets. the reader is free but sellers will be charged a small percentage per card swipe. ups is expecting a double digit surge in shipments as the holiday shopping season gets under way. the workload it plans up to hire
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up to 35,000 seasonal workers. last year ups was caught off guard by the number of people who bought gifts online and shipped them last minute. remember that? the additional help was too late though. some differries did not make it until after the holidays chlks a federal judge is saying no to legalized sports betting in new jersey. yesterday the judge ordered a temporary freeze on the law that governor chris christie signed which repealed the state's ban on sports wagering. the four major professional sports leagues and ncaa are suing to make the ban on sports betting permanent. now to news from our jersey shore bureau. atlantic city international airport could soon live up to its name. the airport has not had international service since canada-based west jet ended in 2010. the mayor's office tells us service to canada may resume by the end of the year. several airlines are showing interests in the atlantic city market. a new survey finds hiring is
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healthy but wages are not going up. that's one of the stories that's topping this week in business news. let's check in now with cnbc's tyler mathisen. >> good news for apple last week with more than 39 million iphones sold and best quarter ever, ever, for sales of its mac personal computers. apple easily whipping earnings forecast last quarter. ipad sales though down another 12%. reflecting an industry wide decline of tablet sales. different story at ibm. totally so. big blue missed its earnings forecast on weak revenue growth. it also incurred a big charge to offload its struggling chip making unit. paying another company -- paying another company $1.2 billion to take it over. an actual highway traffic safety administration raised big concern for owners of more than 6 million vehicles. airbags, many made by japanese company, called ticata, those
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airbags can explode in an accident sending shrapnel flying. the recall affects most popular brands of automobiles including bmws, general motors car, honda, mazda, nissan, toyotas. new survey of business economists finds hiring is healthy but wages are not going up. only a quarter of companies surveyed raised wages in the summer quarter. that's down from 43% in the spring. not many raises during the hot months. meanwhile, another survey says that last year americans took the fewest number of allotted vacation days in nearly four decades. it costs them billions of dollars in benefits. the airlines are at it again despite lower energy costs most of the major carriers raised fares on their domestic routes by an average of $4 a ticket. maybe that's why those vacations are down. and staples became the latest big retailer to admit that it was likely the target of a massive credit card breach. earlier this months sears holdings reported a breach at
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the k part stores. other retails including home depot, super value, and target. beware hackers, why don't you go on vacation? i'm tyler mathisen. get all of your business news on cnbc. next,pennsylvania has come of the most beat-up bridges in the country but now there is a plan for a statewide fix. plus, getting ready for old man winter. how some road crews are getting ahead of the storms this year after last year's whiteout. remember that, michelle? >> i remember it. yes. thankfully not feeling like winter today. it's going to be near 70 degrees. as we head throughout the afternoon, live look outside. looking through our cape may camera. clear skies. mostly sunny by this afternoon. feeling even warmer during your workweek. we'll have all the info straight ahead.
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with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless. all right. a good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. we are looking good. clear skies. chilly if you're heading out
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early this morning. temperatures in the 40s. warming nicely this afternoon. to near 70 degrees. even warmer in your seven day. weather headlines on your saturday morning. starting out with a chill but really nice saturday. super saturday. nice temperatures. low wind. looking at lots of sunshine. especially for late october. looking fantastic. windy sunday. we're going to start getting windy overnight and feel it on sunday. still a nice day overall with sunshine on sunday and mild temperatures that still the wind in place. then we are looking at 70 nasdaq your seven day. talking about upper 70s. one of the days. taking a live look outside. looking at clear skies. a nice start to your saturday. we're going to see sunshine. we're going to keep the sunshine in place today. tomorrow, and actually through most of your seven day. right now looking at 48 in philadelphia. it is chilly as you start out your saturday. winds are light with winds out of the west-southwest at three miles per hour. the light winds, clear skies helping to bottom out the temperatures across the area. looking at clear skies across the board here. reading, 44 degrees. upper 40s in philadelphia.
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atlantic city, we are looking at púeñno carrierringr0 today. come through dry. not realry bring much in the way of cloud cover either. high pressure in control today. looking good perhaps you want to go see some fall foliage.
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you need to head north to see that high color in parts of the lehigh valley, bucks county, montgomery county. low color as you head to the south and east. today, sunny and mild. enjoy it. 67 to 70. winds out of the west, 5 to 15 miles per hour. gusty in the overnight hours. seven-day forecast. 69 today by sunday. windy, 66. lots of sunshine. temperature not bad either. still above normal. monday, looking good. getting back to school and work, 66. tuesday, warm, 74. then by wednesday, look at these temperatures. looking at temperatures in the upper 70s. 77. could see a nighttime shower. otherwise just looking at mostly cloudy skies on wednesday. thursday, clear it out. cooler, 61. for halloween, all the kiddies and their costumes, 59 degrees. to news from our delaware bureau. who could forget last winter's brutal snowstorms?
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del dot inspected equipment in lieu wis yesterday. they're also thinking about salt. last year delaware did not run out of salt when other states did. but the situation was a little touch and go. >> there was a period of time there we knew we weren't getting a shipment for four weeks. at this point what we had was going to have to make it until the shipment -- your proverbial ship came? >> right now delaware all right has 43,000 tons of salt stored up and this year deldot will be testing a new system to keep track of how much is being used. they're mounting gopro cameras in the barns. those cameras will tell deldot computers how much salt needs to be replaced. certainly last winter didn't help with pennsylvania's bridge problem. pennsylvania has some of the worst bridges in the country, penndot is ready to replace hundreds of them across the state. pen dot has chosen the plenary infrastructure group to repair
5:53 am
or rebuild 558 bridges. construction will begin next summer. the project is expected to be finished in about three years. plenary must then maintain the bridges for the next 25 years. >> we launched this effort to rebuild 558 of our structure deficient bridges in a rapid method that has not yet been done throughout the country. >> the average cost per bridge is 1.6$1.6 million. the entire project will cost $65 million a year. relief is on the way for drivers on the new jersey turnpike. work on widening a 35-mile stretch in burlington and middlesex counties is finishing ahead of schedule and is $200 million under budget if rekruted stretch of the turnpike will go from six lanes to 12 lanes. the northbound lanes will open tomorrow and then the southbound lanes will open next weekend. next, jimmy rollins has been
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named the cowinner, an honor given to player who best exemplifies the game of baseball. here's a live look
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beautiful boathouse row. looking good out there today. you know it's going to be a great day to get out there along kelly drive and martin luther king drive to run, bike, whatever, because temperatures are going to be near 70 degrees and sun will be shining. a facebook argument has allentown school board rethinking plans to name a football field for nfl hall of famer andre reed. reed graduated in 1981. played 16 snsz in the pros. 15 of them with the buffalo bills. the field was supposed to be renamed in his honor but the
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school board tabled the proposal because a member was concerned about strong language that reed used in a facebook argument. no word on what was said. next week the board will call a special meeting to vote on the name change. phillies star jimmy rollins is the co-winner of the roberto clemente they award. j. rollins, paul konerko accepted the ward in san francisco yesterday. it's given to players who show superior sportsmanship and community involvement. rollins was praised with his work for inner city students and other charitable efforts. >> we go out there as baseball players and people get to see us in uniforms and, wow, that's a great person, that's a great player. but i think to take that off the field, to become more than just a person in a uniform says a lot about a person. >> the award is named for hall of famer roberto clemente they who died in a plane crash while delivering aid to earthquake
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victims in central america. new guidelines are in place when it comes to battling ebola. nbc10's matt delucia is following the developments for us. >> while ebola has not surfaced in our area people are not taking any chances. some of them are planning to hit the streets of philadelphia later today. we'll tell you about that coming up. >> all right. chilly start. get ready for a beautiful day. lots of sunshine as we head throughout the afternoon and temperatures in the upper 60s. a live look outside. we are waking up to clear skies and temperatures in the 40s. we'll have your full forecast straight ahead.
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right now on "nbc10 news today" a deadly shooting overnight in philadelphia. this morning police say they have a person of interest in the case. we are tracking developments in the ebola outbreak as concerns about the deadly virus move a little bit closer to our area. it is a beautiful fall morning. live look outside at boathouse row where temperatures could reach 70 degrees today. good morning. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. let's get right to our weekend weather with meteogi