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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  October 28, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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folks got infected in texas because they were behind. we're not going to have folks infected in new jersey and other states in this country. >> right now at 11:00 a.m., new jersey gofr nor chris christie is defending ebola quarantine rules in the garden state. good morning. we're following several new developments concerning the ebola outbreak as new jersey governor chris christie defending his decision to quarantine a nurse returning from west africa. >> reporter: emory hospital reports amber vinson will make a
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statement but not take questions when she's released today. there's more news. the university of maryland medical center reports this morning their patient has tested negative for ebola but is still being treated. >> cautionary and there is no need for individuals to think there is an ebola in baltimore city. >> reporter: the biggest concern, how to treat healthcare workers coming home from west africa. >> whatever policies should not unduly burden the healthcare workers that are operating in west africa. >> reporter: after speaking out pub publically, nurse kaci hickox was released from a new jersey hospital. she's spending the rest of her quarantine at home in maine. new jersey's governor defended his decision and denies he caved under political pressure. >> my first responsibility is to protect the public health and safety of the people of new jersey. and i will not submit to any
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political pressure. >> reporter: the military decided to impose a 21 day quarantine on returning troops. with different states doing different things, the cdc issued new guidelines classifying travelers by risk. direct exposure will be asked for monitor for fever twice a day but not forced into quarantine. remember the cdc's guidelines are just that, they are recommendations. they are not mandatory. tracy potts, nbc news, washington. >> to learn more about ebola, go to our website, learn how you can and cannot contract the virus. you will get the latest news from nbc news and nbc 10ingi st. more than a dozen dogs are taken from a home, where they were bred and trained to fight. matt delucia live. you have been talking with investigators.
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walk us through what happened there. >> reporter: about 11:00 last night, police got a phone call reporting that a dog fight may be happening inside this row house. when officers got here, no one was home. now you see the search warrant on the door right there. once investigators got inside, they found this. their bashing is loud but it doesn't put into words what the spca says was going on inside this house. >> some of these dogs were scarred up. they appear that they were used for fighting. >> reporter: mixed breeds, 13 of them, including eight puppies. >> these dogs are trained like body builders. >> reporter: found in filthy and dangerous conditions. >> these animals were chained in almost every room on short, she havery chains. they were wagging their tails into the walls.
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>> reporter: one dog was missing an eye. investigators can't say for sure fights happened here, but they are confident the dos were bred and trained for that. >> i wouldn't be surprised. >> reporter: some neighbors saw nothing suspicious. >> i never had no indication anyone was doing none of that around here. it happens. >> reporter: we watched as evidence was taken from the home, including two treadmills. a neighbor believes it's all a misunderstanding. >> i know they say that's what they do when they fight them. what's wrong with exercising his dog? he works so much. maybe that's the only exercise they can get. >> reporter: you don't believe the homeowner did anything wrong? >> nothing. well respected young man. >> reporter: right now the spca believe otherwise. they are looking for the man who lives here. when they find him, animal cruelty charges are likely to be filed. live in south philadelphia, matt
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delucia, nbc 10 news. we have nice weather today. you should certainly enjoy it while you can. a live look right now at the philadelphia museum of art where it will be warmer than yesterday. in fact, it will be the warmest day of the week and the warmest weather we will see for quite a while. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. sounds like we need to get outside today. >> it all depends on how much sunshine we get as to how warm it will be. but it's going to be warm, even with the clouds that we're seeing in parts of the area. it's not overcast and the sun's raies are getting through. there's no rain associated with them. you have to go back into ohio and indiana. that's the front that's going to put an end to the warmer weather that we're seeing today. 63 in philadelphia right now. only 57 in allentown.
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it's 73 degrees in georgetown, delaware. southern delaware with the southerly wind, some of the warmer weather is coming this way. we will see a pretty good amount of sunshine. some clouds during the day today. temperatures getting up into the mid 70s. no rain during the day today. that is going to change and the temperatures are going to change big time. more like a winter chill coming up for the weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. sky force 10 was over a car crash in northeast philadelphia. it happened just before 6:30. police tell us a driver lost control and rolled into a school bus. no children were on board and no one was hurt. a house fire in philadelphia's summerton section, just before 1:00 in the morning. heavy smoke throughout the home. investigators believe it started in the basement. one resident was checked out on the scene but is okay.
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septa executives head back to the bargaining table today to avoid a strike. nbc 10 learned negotiations will resume at noon today at the wyndham hotel. members voted sunday to authorize the strike. the maj union is continuing to negotiate. they assure riders they will get 24-hour notice before any work stoppage. >> real soon. the economy is bad. i can't afford to be out of work. people got to get to the doctor. we all need septa. >> strike would affect almost a million riders. members of locals 234, they have gone on strike four times over the last 20 years. their last strike in 2009 lasted six days. another strike in 2005, seven
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days. there were longer strikes in the '90s. we remember these. in 1998, the union went on strike for 40 days. in 1995, workers walked off the job for 14 days. happening today, the man accused of a deadly shooting is scheduled for a preliminary hearing. richard plotts is facing a long list of charges. he is being held without jail. in july, he shot and killed his caseworker at the mercy wellness center on the hospital campus. psychiatrist was wounded that day during the shooting. he pulled out his own gun and fired several times injuring plotts. happening today, the school board will meet about hazing allegations involving the central bucks west football team. officials say they verified accusations that rookie players were subjected to initiation.
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all varsity and j.v. football games have been suspended. school officials say if the kids move, then the district could add more programs and hire additional staff, but some say the children aren't ready to be in middle school. penn state board will meet over the report related to the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. members will discuss the 2012 report issued by louie freeh. it said they concealed facts to avoid bad publicity. the board wants to get some answers. we are hearing details about the deadly school shooting out in washington. we now know how the gunmen allegedly lured his victims to the lunch table where they then
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were shot. an update on that investigation ahead. an attempt to escape from police leads to a crash and a dozen people are hurt. we are tracking showers that will move into the area. there's a blast of cold air coming behind it. details in my exclusive seven-day forecast.
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happening right now, this funeral service under way for the soldier killed in last
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week's shooting in ottawa, canada. a live look at the ceremony for corporal naththan cirillo. he was shot and killed at the memorial. the incident left the nation in a state of shock. the terror group isis released another prop begga -- propaganda video. officials say the undated video was shot in kobani and the assertion is loss. kently was a photographer before he was kidnapped in 2012 along with james foley. the high school gunman in washington state lured his victims with text messages.
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investigators say 15-year-old jaylen fryberg sent texts. he then started shooting. he shot them all before killing himself. two of the girls died. authorities are combing through the text messages, phone records and social media posts as they search for a motive. the trial for the man accused of a deadly colorado movie shooting has been pushed back again. the lawyers for james holmes asked a judge to push back the date to give them time to evaluate a second report on their client's san itty. jury selection set for january. it been set for december. he pleaded guilty by not reason of insanity. 12 people were killed and 70 injured in the 2012 attack. the flowing lava on the big island of hawaii is getting closer to homes in that area. right now, the lava is said to be increasing in speed as it puts at least 50 homes in
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jeopardy. officials say they are make i arrangements so those home owners can watch as the lava burns their homes. officials believe this could provide closure to those homes that are subsequently destroys -- the owners of the homes. the red cross opened an emergency shelter for people forced to evacuate. video out of ohio where a truck being chased by police crashed into a bar. police say a patrolman put stop sticks in the road. he ran over them and crashed into the bar. the driver was injured and so were 12 people inside the bar. the driver had hey suspended license. toronto elected john tory. ford did run for city council and won that seat. he made headlines last year
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after a video surfaced him smoking crack. a scare for britain's prime minister when a jogger had a run-in with the leader. the man bumped into david cameron. you saw it. and then found himself surrounded by security forces. he didn't know it was the prime minister and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. the prime minister was not hurt. a big milestone, the september 11 terror attacks. people working at the world trade center. the port authority of new york and new jersey announced workers began moving into offices at 4 world trade center yesterday. the 74-floor office building was one of the first finished in the rebuilt complex. it opened in november of last year but has sat unoccupied until now. 1 world trade center is scheduled to open its doors to workers next week. if you found bags containing thousands of dollars of cash, what would you do? a police officer in california did the right thing.
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now, a man has his life savings back. the officer found more than $125,000 in two bags in the middle of the street in california. she immediately took the money to police. the officer didn't want her identity revealed. but she does say that her children wanted to know why she gave back what could have been their college fund. >> asked them what integrity is. they said, it's doing the rile thing even when no one is looking. i said, exactly. >> what a great mom setting a great example. the money was claimed by a man who says it's his life savings. it's not clear why the money was in the street. they plan to honor the officer for her good deed. a boat prevented a group of students from seeing an experiment they designed head out into outer space. they went to virginia to watch a rocket with their experiment on board and other supplies lift
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off. nasa canceled the launch after a sail boat ended up in the danger zone. nasa will try again tonight. we don't know if the students will, however, be there to see it. the weather will be good for that launch tonight as well as our weather. it's feeling like september today with temperatures into the 70s over just about the entire region, at least eventually today. we are tracking showers, that is for tomorrow. and the weekend cold blast, that is pretty much a sure thing. just a question of how cold it's going to be. 63 degrees right now. it's five degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. despite the clouds, temperatures are jumping up. still only 58 in pottstown. 63 in mount holly. 65 at atlantic city
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international. it's already into the 70s in southern delaware. that's a sign of things to come. the 24-hour temperature change, about five degrees on average. we will continue to go into the 70s. we have 67 yesterday. add five to that. we're into the 70s. to the west, temperatures are warmer there. 70 in cincinnati. there's a cold front. it was in the 70s in chicago yesterday, but not today. look how cold it is up in central canada. teens. temperatures, not windchills. and it's not november yet. that's cold even for central canada. we have a patch of clouds coming through. we should see more sun this afternoon than what we are seeing right now. this is the front that's going to put an end to the warm air. you can see a band of showers with it. it's not exactly really impressive. there is colder air behind it. so that front is significant. but by tomorrow morning, the front still to our west, not
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much in the way of any kind of shower threat. as the front going on top of us, early afternoon tomorrow, we will see showers and then the colder air comes in. the real cold air will take a while. that's going to take until the weekend before it gets in here. it's going to be sort of cool for trick or treating but not too bad. 55 at 5:00. dropping into the 40s by 9:00. for the rest of the day today, we expect a mix of clouds and sun giving way to more sun. highs in the mid 70s. the record is 85. we are not going to come near the record. tomorrow, still kind of warm but with some showers around, especially midday hours. then it gets colder thursday. it's kind of cold on friday. but really cold over the weekend. highs only in the 40s. we have morning rain on saturday. could be some snow up in the
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poconos and even some snow showers north and west. and then windchills in the 20s by sunday morning. when we talk about new apple products, it seems like we talk about phones or computers. this morning we are talking about -- remember these? actual apples. there's a new kind of apple on the way. we will show how it was created. we will tell you what researchers discovered when it comes to treating night-time coughs.
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happening today, in philadelphia the newest addition to the shopping corridor in center city will open. there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony this afternoon for the century 21 department store. it brought nearly 300 full and part-time jobs to the city. older adults who suffer traumatic brain injury may be at a risk for dementia. researchers compared adults over 55 with recent brain trauma to those treated for other injuries. they found brain injury was linked to a higher risk of developing dementia. even a mild brain injury after age 65 increased the risk. they say health problems, family history and specifics of the brain injury were also risk factors when it comes to dementia.
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a new study shows parents think agave nectar is better than nothing when it comes to treating night-time cough. over-the-counter cough syrups aren't recommended. researchers tested the effect of agave nectar. it found parents felt their kids had fewer cough symptoms when they received those treatments. dunkin' donuts plan to roll out a cresent doughnut. dunkin' donuts denies this new creation is a copycat. the university of minnesota create aid new apple.
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it's a cross between the honey crisp and the monarch. it's called the mn-55. they need to come up with a new for the apple. the apple has the texture and flavor of a honey crisp, which was developed at the university of minnesota. it will be ready for picking in august, a full month ahead of time next year. it took 17 years to make this apple a winner. >> like having kids and say, i'm going to pass my charming personality on to this kid. you know? maybe it happens. maybe it doesn't. >> don't expect to see the new apple in markets for four or five years. we are tracking developments in the ebola crisis. good news about one ebola patient. we will have another update on one texas nurse's condition. an update on the investigation of dogs being removed from a home.
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now to the latest on those concerns about ebola. a dallas nurse who was being treated for ebola will be released from the hospital this afternoon after tests show she's virus free. amber vinson will attend a news conference. she worked as a nurse and cared for thomas eric duncan. her family said last week doctors could no longer detect the virus in her body. that's good news. a dozen army troops after a tour in west africa. they will stay near their base in italy even though they didn't come in contact with patients and none show symptoms. maryland medical center says a patient they are watching has tested negative for ebola. the patient is in isolation and is still being treated.
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the nurse who was forced into quarantine at a newark hospital will stay in isolation at her home in maine. kaci hickox was released yesterday. her lawyer is deciding about taking legal action against new jersey. the governor of new jersey says he is not backing down on his decision to quarantine hickox. >> she never presented with symptoms. our policy would have been to send her to maine and ask her to quarantine at home in maine. it's because she presented with symptoms and then she was tested. that testing was ordered by the cdc. >> the governor criticized the cdc for not preventing the virus from spending to two nurses at a texas hospital. he says he will not allow people in new jersey to contract the deadly virus. the cdc released new guidelines
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for people returning from ebola-ravaged countries. those at some risk should monitor themselves daily for symptoms for 21 days and report to their local health department. people at a higher risk, those who cared for those who were very sick, should voluntarily quarantine themselves at home. that's from the cdc. in our area more than two dozen people are being monitored for the ebola virus, that includes three people in bucks county. no one has symptoms but health officials are prepared to handle any potentially positive case by transferring that patient to the closest hospital and then isolating them. the biggest concern is that patients could slip through the cracks. >> someone is coming here to overstay a visa or whatever, they may give false information. nothing is totally fail safe. >> health officials say the three being monitored in bucks county have cooperated. to learn more about ebola, go to our website,
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learn how you can and cannot contract this virus. and for ebola coverage on twitter, use the #ebola. that way you get the latest 24-hour-a-day information. breaking news to tell about you out of burlington county. crews discovered the remains of a human body in the home of a yard. sky force 10 was over the scene a short time ago along banks avenue. this is how they found the remains. we are told that workers were installing a swimming pool when they came across these remains. nbc 10's cydney long is on the scene. we will have a live report for you coming up shortly. more than a dozen dogs are taken from a south philadelphia home. the home investigators say is where the dogs were bred and trained to fight. nbc 10's matt delucia live. are investigators closer to fine
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the man who lived in the home? >> reporter: they are still looking for that man right now. i will tell you what happened here late last night, police got a call that there were dogs in here, possibly fighting. when they got here, no one was home. the dogs were found. some of them in this basement. investigators say the basement was covered in feces and urine. the dogs had no water. here is what it looked like when the pennsylvania spca showed up to take the dogs and evidence found inside the row house. some of the evidence included two treadmills. as of now, the pspca believe breeding and training was going on. it's unclear if fighting actually happened in this property. initially, the call to police was to report that a dog fight was in progress. more than a dozen pit bulls and mixes breeds, including puppies were take ton be checked out by a vet. one i saw had a missing eye. i asked pspca spokesman how big a problem dog fighting is in the city. he says very big.
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in fact, it's explosion of interest according to him. >> we were able to rescue these. each place you go to like this, just saved another dog from a fighting ring. >> they get what they deserve if they get caught. i got my dog here. i walk him every day. i don't think that's right. >> you can see the search warrant on the front door explaining that animal cruelty was suspected inside this home. if the owner is found, charges are likely to be filed. live in south philadelphia this morning, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. checking out our other top stories. firefighters battling a house fire in philadelphia's summerton section. the fire started in the basement of a home. no one was hurt. sky force 10 over a crash involving a car and school bus this morning. the driver hit the school bus.
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no children were on board this bus at the time. no one was hurt. nbc 10 has learned negotiations will resume in about a half hour between septa and the transport workers union. members of twu 234 authorize the strike sunday. the union will make a decision whether to walk off the job by friday. a strike could affect almost a million riders. get out and enjoy the night warm weather. it's here today. no promised after that. a live look at camden where it will be in the mid 70s today. as we said, changes are in store. rain and colder temperatures heading our way. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. >> yeah. it's the warmth, then it's the rain, then it's the colder air. here we're in the poconos, the french manor.
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mostly cloudy skies now. they could see snow on saturday. maybe even a couple other places. a band of clouds moving through. it's pretty patchy. it looks like there's more sunshine behind it. there's no rain until you get back to ohio and indiana. that's what the cold front -- it's not that impressive. 63 in philadelphia. 50s in the northern suburbs. we're 73 degrees in georgetown, delaware. a sign of things to come with that south to southwest wind that we have today. temperatures will be going into the mid 70s. more sunshine this afternoon than what we have seen this morning. then things start changing tomorrow. first the showers, then the cold. we will tell you how cold it's going to get and how cold it's going to feel and what areas might have a chance of seeing some snow by the weekend. that's coming up with the seven-day in a few minutes. philadelphia city council members have killed the proposed sale of pgw to a private company
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in connecticut. the proposed deal required the approval from both city council and the state public utility commission. pgw workers union opposed the deal saying they were scared that workers would lose jobs if it went through. mayor nutter a huge supporter of the deal said it would have brought in more than $420 million to the pension fund. >> i think what we heard and what we saw today is quite possibly the biggest cop-out that we have seen in recent legislative history. >> the reality is that there's no appetite to sell as proposed. >> city council said a hearing will be held in december to discuss how to improve pgw moving forward. pgw is the nation's largest city-owned gas utility with more than half a million customers. now to decision 2014. there's one week to go before election day. voters will head to the polls this time next week, tuesday,
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november 4th. big names are showing their support for the candidates running for governor of pennsylvania. former florida governor jeb bush was in philadelphia last night along with republican governor tom corbett. they across the state, former president bill clinton was in pittsburgh supporting tom wolf. clinton told several hundred people there tom wolf -- he says tom wolf is a man that can bring people together for the political and economic good. president obama will come to philadelphia to campaign for wolf this sunday. air travellers will soon be able to enjoy a whole new flight experience. one airline is introducing some new planes. we will tell you about the new features they have to offer. it's warm today but get the winter coats ready.
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a cold blast is on the way for the weekend. >> look at the top stories trending right now on your nbc 10 app.
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here is a sobering statistics. the number of bicycle traffic
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deaths are soaring, up 16% since 2010. they said california and florida had the most deaths and more men are hit than women. the report did not give a reason for that difference. here at home the number of deaths in pennsylvania down by five. they are up by one in new jersey and also two in delaware. it looks like bike riding is booming in center city. the number of bike riders in the city is up more than 33% since 2012. the increase due in part to gas prices that rose up over $3 a gallon. there are more places to store bikes and a growing number of young people in surrounding center city communities are choosing to commute by bike. if a bike is not for you and you are in the market for a new vehicle, toyota is topping the list of most reliable. they are at the top followed by lexus in its annual car relight
11:44 am
survey. that means a toyota brand has led the ranking for eight years in a row. mazda, honda and subaru were in the top. the least reliable was fiat. virgin atlantic is flying its first green liner today. the airline plans to start rolling out boeing 787s before introducing them on longer routes. it features larger windows and what virgin atlantic calls the comfyest economy seats in the sky. you get scary fun run. take a look. ♪
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♪ >> you want some water? >> i love it. >> the run for your life 3-k. it's this week in the west laurel hills cemetery, scary place. it benefits manna. nbc 10 and comcast sponsoring the event. here is the executive director. that is a great looking promo. >> what a better thing than come out, it's a 3-k. it's a quick run. making a difference in those fighting serious illnesses. >> before we get back to the run -- i understand it's the first time for you doing it. >> absolutely. >> the timing is perfect, the location is perfect. for those folks who don't know, manna does do just the work of angels. talk about manna. >> we do. every month we serve 65,000 meals to about 750 individuals
11:46 am
that are battling life-threatening illnesses. what we believe is food is medicine. we provide 21 mealles a week. it's a prescription to help fight the illness. we do that with an army of volunteers. we have 2,500 active volunteers, 100 every day that come into the kitchen and chop and dice and make the meals and they make sure people get their prescriptions to fight their illness. >> we are showing pictures of what happens in the kitchen as you are talking. again, the proceeds that come from this run, go to all -- >> directly to manna. this was a combination from a great group of people, the kem te cemetery, nbc 10, comcast and saying they want to make a difference. feel free to bring the kids. there's all kinds of party after ward and a great time. >> it looks terrific from the video. i think you will have a lot of excitement.
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you are doing pies again for thanksgiving. >> we are. >> i always travel for -- >> our biggest fund-raiser of the year. you can get your ticket for the run and pies. and it's a $25 donation. you get a pie and feed people. >> i always get my apple caramel. information on the screen. it's thursday, october 30th. registration, 6:00 p.m., run, 7:00 p.m., west laurel hill cemetery. get you right in the spirit, in the mood for halloween. thank you so much for -- >> thank you for having us. it's amazing. >> see you back here next year. this will be a tradition. >> absolutely. >> thanks, again. >> thank you. we have some big weather changes as we go through this week and head into the weekend. starting off the week with warm conditions, unseasonably warm today, more like september than almost november.
11:48 am
we are tracking showers, not anything really heavy or severe. and then candidate coa weekend that's going to be significant. we have a mix of clouds and sun. 63 in philadelphia. wind southwest at nine miles an hour. it's five degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday. we got up into the 60s over the last couple of days. 75 today. 68 tomorrow. then it starts going down. the average is 63. we will be close to 20 degrees below average over the weekend. 15 to 20 degrees below, plus wind on top of that. current temperatures in the upper 50s to the mid 60s. it's into the 70s in southern delaware. there's even warmer air back to the west and southwest. that's where our air is coming from, at least for today. into tomorrow morning. then the colder air behind the
11:49 am
front. but the real cold air is behind the front and it will take a while until the weekend before the real cold blast comes in. that's a very cold temperature, even for central canada. this early in the season, that's very, very cold. you can see the patch of clouds that's on top of us now. looks like it things out back to the west. expect more sunshine this afternoon. this is the front that's going to be bringing the change and the shower threat. you can see not a lot with it. there will be less tomorrow than there will be today with that front. watch what happens here in our futurecast as we go into tomorrow. for the morning, just a few clouds. noontime, look at that, just a few showers around. nothing too significant. and that is the shower threat for much of the week. mostly sunny skies, unseasonably warm, high temperatures in the mid 70s. then still relatively warm
11:50 am
tomorrow, but with a few showers, mainly during the midday hours. then we cool down thursday. kind of chilly for halloween but not too brutal. it's going to get brutal over the weekend with cold and wind and rain saturday morning, maybe some snow in the poconos and windchills in the 20s sunday morning. we want to update you on breaking news we are following out of burlington county. crews installing a swimming pool outside a home have made a disturbing discovery. nbc 10's cydney long live at the screen. what have you learned? >> reporter: those contractors have quickly been replaced by police investigators. riverton police together with the prosecutor's office are handling the situation delicately, sifting through the sand here in riverton. you can see we just arrived on scene. investigators with the agencies, take a look, are wearing plastic gloves working in the yard.
11:51 am
the home sits right on the delaware river. sky force 10 was also overhead a short time ago. it may give us a better vantage point. investigators tell us the homeowner was having a pool installed. it came to a halt when the bones were discovered. the state police are on the way here to the scene to determine when and how the death of this person occurred and how old the bones may be. neighbors say police sort of were holding down the fort last night, holding the area off as a crime scene until they could return and have daylight this morning. we will be checking with the pool company who was doing that work, also checking with police on any missing persons in the area. keep note that it's a very old quakertown, appears to be in the process of under going
11:52 am
renovati renovations. the home may date back to 1894. as soon as we have more information, we will bring it to you. live in riverton, cydney long. we will be right back.
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coming up this afternoon at 3:00, a talk show host welcomes
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another. "ellen" is all new and her guest is steve harvey. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. taken for a ride. if you travel on this popular local ferry, check your financial statement. nbc 10 learned your records may be at risk. that's the the story on nbc 10 news at 4:00. on nbc 10 news at 5:00, days away from losing half of the police force, what officers are doing today to try and delay or stop the layoffs. fact, not fear. nbc 10 at 6:00, bringing you information you need to know about ebola. new tonight, what the community college of philadelphia is doing today to educate its students about the deadly virus. we want to update you on our top story, the dallas nurse who is now ebola free will be released from the hospital today. amber vinson will be leaving the hospital after a 1:00 p.m. news conference. she worked at a nurse in texas and cared for thomas eric duncan.
11:56 am
a nurse who was quarantined at a new jersey hospital after treating ebola patients in west africa has returned to maine. kaci hickox, criticized the way her case was handled. let's look at the forecast. >> we have warm weather. we have been mild through the weekend and yesterday and today it's going to be warmer. tomorrow on the warm side. and then after that, things change dramatically. what a difference between today and what we are going to see this weekend. we have a few showers around tomorrow. and the weekend, first of all, it looks like it's going to be wet saturday morning at least and could even be a little bit on the white side in the poconos, maybe even some flakes north and west. and wind increases, windchill down into the 20s by sunday morning. really windy sunday, gusts over 40 miles an hour. we have to prepare you for that. >> november coming in with a bang. thanks for watching nbc 10
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news at 11:00. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc 10. we will see you today at 4:00. have a good afternoon.
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12:00 pm
>> sami: and i haven't finished with these boxes yet, but when i do, they need to go in the foyer too. >> harold: yes, ma'am. >> sami: okay, thanks. [doorbell dings] >> harold: excuse me. >> sami: yes. thank you, harold. >> allie: mommy, i can't find veronica. we can't go to california if i can't find veronica. >> sami: you're right. of course we can't. but let's think about where you were when you were playing with her last. >> hope: hey, sami. i just got your text. is everything okay? >> allie: in t garden. >> sami: oh, there you go. okay, ciara, hey, do you mind helping allie find her dolly in the garden? >> ciara: now? we just got here. >> hope: ciara. >> ciara: fine, fine, fine. >> sami: yeah, sorry about this mess. i'm so glad you could come, 'cause i have something i have to tell you in person. >> hope: what? what is it?