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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  October 29, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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60s, unusually warm for the end of october, and especially when you consider how cold it was at the beginning of the week. this is the view from center city. it's a view that will turn cloudy as the day goes on. and some of those clouds have already started moving into the area. so, if you're moving out the door right now, this is what you will feel. 62 degrees in philadelphia and wilmington. 64, a little bit warmer in millville and dover. and north and west, where the temperatures are cooler, it is in the 50s. not a bad start at all for late october. during the day, you will see clouds, sunshine, 61 degrees at 9:00. by lunchtime, 66 and dry. but later this afternoon, that changes. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in less than ten minutes. first, jillian mele, your first alert traffic reporter has a look at what you can encounter on the roads this morning. hey, jillian. >> good morning to you, bill. to you at home as well. we continue to follow an accident involving an overturned vehicle in thornbury township, chester county, especially in
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thornton on dilworthtown road right on brinton lake road. that's blocked off, so stick to 926 to get around it. elsewhere in chester county, route 30 bypass, eastbound at route 113, we're starting to see some pockets of volume out there but no really big delays so far on the route 30 bypass. the boulevard is also fairly quiet. that's southbound as drivers make their way approaching 76. 76 is still clear right now. and if you're taking mass transit, including the septa region al rail lines, on or cloe to schedule. a possible septa strike in philadelphia is on the minds of commuters this morning, this as septa and union leaders will be back at the bargaining table to try and work out a deal to avoid a strike. a work stoppage could come as early as monday. nbc 10's katy zachry is live at the frankford transportation center with how this all could affect travel. katy? >> reporter: hi, vai. for one thing, it will add a lot more congestion to the roads. if you think about all the people who rely on these septa buses, trolleys and subways to get to work, and those people
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are now forced to drive or carpool in the event of a strike, you're dealing with a lot more cars for the morning and evening rush. now, we called penndot to find out if any of their highway construction projects will be put on hold in light of more cars being on the roads. a spokesperson tells me right now there are no plans to delay road work, but they will be watching the union developments closely and make changes to highway construction schedules, if necessary. now, back out here live, another group that will be affected by a strike, well, school students. 60,000 school students in philadelphia rely on public transportation to get to school. in the next half hour, i will lay out for you, or rather, highlight, the district's plan to accommodate kids who will either be late to school or may miss school altogether in the event of a strike. that's coming up in about a half hour. for now, reporting live at the frankford transportation center, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> all right, katy. it's 6:02. a man charged in the murder of a transgender woman is scheduled for arraignment later this
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morning. charles sargent is accused of stabbing and dismembering mark williams, who went by the name of diamond, back in july of 2013. police found williams' remains dumped in a vacant lot at sedgley and york in north philly. sargent is charged with murder and abuse of a corpse as well as other charges. an investigation is under way after human remains were found in a riverton, burlington county backyard. the bones were discovered by a construction crew behind a home on bank avenue. forensic anthropologist is trying to figure out the identity and how that person died. investigators say it could take a while because the remains appear to have been there a long time. coaches at central bucks high school west are receiving plenty of support in the midst of a hazing scandal. at a board meeting last night, school officials said the incidents in question happened at a preseason picnic. they said some players were subjected to humiliating initiation rituals, like water boarding and having their
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private parts slapped. the coaches were suspended and the remainder of the football season canceled. >> no one's doubting that what happened was wrong, and the boys should have been punished. they should have been punished in an educational way, not a punitive way. >> can't ask for anything more than the support we got in that room tonight. >> all of the coaches spoke last night, defending themselves, saying that they were not there when the alleged hazing happened. and former head coach mike pettin issued this statement, saying "from my view, it appears the school district gave little forethought regarding the ramifications of their overzealous, knee-jerk, overreaction when confronted with the hot-button topic of hazing." also happening today in trenton, mayor eric jackson will swear in six new cabinet members as he approaches 100 days in office. jackson says his priority is to fix the government and rebuild community relationships damaged by former mayor tony mack, who is in prison on corruption charges. today president obama will meet with his ebola response
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team. after that meeting, the president will speak to health care workers on the front lines in the fight against the deadly virus. yesterday the president called on the country to support those workers. in our area today, delaware governor jack markell will give an update on how the state is preparing -- that state is preparing to deal with a possible case of ebola. right now there are no cases in delaware and in new jersey, gloucester county is offering free ebola awareness training to its first responders. that's at the government services building in clayton tonight. the battle over legalizing sports betting in new jersey is headed back to court. the matter will go before a judge on november 20th. a temporary restraining order that stops the state from allowing it expires the next day. the four major professional sports leagues and the ncaa are seeking a permanent ban. an investigation is under way to figure out what caused an unmanned rocket to explode seconds after lift-off in virginia. watch.
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the supply rocket was bound for the international space station, but about ten seconds after lifting off from wallops island it burst into flames. what was left of the rocket came crashing down on area beaches. no one was hurt, but six students from ocean city high school witnessed the explosion. they had an experiment on board that astronauts would have performed in space. the rocket was originally supposed to launch on monday night but was canceled minutes before because a boat was in the launch area. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> we're looking at clouds moving into the area during the day, but the clouds are helping things stay mild this morning. 50s and 60s. later on we'll be watching showers. they're in central pennsylvania right now, and once they leave, here comes the cold, especially this weekend, when the wind will be blowing, and it will be wet. allentown will see some breaks of sunshine once the sun is up, so about an hour and 15 minutes before that happens. 52 degrees right now in
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allentown. northeast philadelphia's 56. but look at millville, 64 degrees right now with sunshine breaking through the clouds. we'll see the temperatures climb into the upper 60s this afternoon. so, not a huge warm-up. and here's why. the clouds are already starting to move in from the north and west. we'll see some scattered clouds to begin with. and then later this afternoon, the brighter clouds with this will be moving into our area. but it's going to be light, scattered rainfall at best. your forecast neighborhood by neighborhood. 60s for allentown, reading and quakertown. late afternoon showers are likely, and then showers through the evening commute for trenton, northeast philadelphia and mt. holly. they'll be light and scattered. in fact, some spots might not see any rain drops coming with these showers. 69 for rehoboth with sunshine. partly sunny for dover and vineland, 67 degrees in vineland this afternoon. and into the mid-to-upper 60s from west chester to glassboro, voorhees up to 68 degrees. clouds, sunshine and then
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late-day showers. and then the colder weather comes in tonight, or at least starts coming in tonight. the seven-day forecast to show you how cold it will go when i come back in ten minutes' time. 6:08. that means that volume is building on the majors. there's also an accident out there. >> let's get the details from nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. jillian? >> good morning. still following an accident out of chester county, thornbury township, thornton, dilworthtown road. that's blocked off. stick to 926 as an alternate. 76 is quiet near city avenue, but 95, slowing down on the southbound side right near cottman avenue. as you can see, it's starting to get that crawl that we normally see around the 6:00 hour. so, 95 heavy from cottman down to girard, but that is pretty much our first delay of the morning. for drivers in new jersey, the 42 freeway northbound between route 55 and the area bridges. you can see speeds averaging still in the mid-50s right now. so, while we are starting to see
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some volume on 42, no big slowdowns just yet. tracy? it is 6:08. it has been two years since hurricane sandy, and the storm is still causing problems for some new jersey communities. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in cumberland county talking to victims there. jesse? >> reporter: yeah, tracy, the problem is getting recovery efforts like this started, never mind completed. but there is strength in numbers, and i'll explain that right after the break. also, pope francis makes a declaration that might surprise some in the catholic church.
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12 minutes past 6:00 right now. a live look outside. this is 95 at girard point bridge. a dry ride to work. your ride home may not be dry. we'll get the timing of rain with meteorologist bill henley, coming up.
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two years ago -- this is what hurricane sandy left behind in cumberland county. and many other counties in our area as well. the storm knocked houses off their foundation, leaving piles of rubble behind. today, some people are still struggling to put the pieces back together. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in cumberland county. jesse? >> reporter: yeah, tracy, we're in ft. escew downtownship. this house is being raised to protect the structure against future flooding, by mandate. but over here, look, nothing. no house. just sand and the bay. well, that's actually an improvement. take a look at our video. just one year ago, this site had a home on it. the back half of that home was sitting in delaware bay after superstorm sandy punched a hole in the sea wall. fast forward to this year and the house has been removed,
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another sign, despite the slow pace of state and federal relief efforts, the recovery here continues, largely on the backs of the people who have been affected. >> the community itself in a lot of these areas has really rallied to the cause and provided a lot of volunteer labor, not just at the charlesworth, but from their neighbors. >> reporter: philip tomlinson works for the county long-term recovery group. a handful of non-profits bridging the financial gap for folks rebuilding. he says folks finally see a light at the end of the recovery tunnel. and in a couple hours, volunteers are meeting just a quarter mile down the road to help with the rebuilding effort at the local hotel, a landmark, the charlesworth hotel, which still is in need of repairs. for information on how you can help, go to our website, live in cumberland county, new jersey, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. new jersey governor chris christie will mark the second anniversary of sandy today. he will appear any morning in bergen county, meet with people rebuilding their homes there and
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then stop in ocean, monmouth and middlesex counties to visit residents and volunteers in those hardest hit areas. penn state's board will not be taking another look into the controversial freeh report on the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. the board voted 17-9 against creating a special panel to examine the report and seek answers from former fbi director louis freeh. the report became the basis for unprecedented sanctions by the ncaa, which included $60 million in fines and loss of football scholarships at penn state. jerry sandusky, meanwhile, was convicted of molesting ten boys. the former assistant football coach is serving a 30 to 60-year prison sentence. the freeh report concluded that former head coach joe paterno and other administrators concealed facts about sandusky's abuse of children to avoid bad publicity. >> this board is divided on its own, each and every one of us, view of our sacred past. there are different versions of
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that on this board. and there are two very different viewpoints, indeed. >> the board did okay a resolution that said it would monitor ongoing legal proceedings related to the case. a warning for anyone who has taken a ride on the cape may lewis ferry in the last year. check your credit card systems because it was breached, affecting cards used between september 20th of 2013 and august 7th of this year at the ferries and the terminals. cards used at the reservation system not impacted. free identity protection is offered to customers who may have been impacted. >> yeah, that ride on the cape may lewes ferry's a pretty cool ride to take. by the way, we have an update on the problem in chester county and that accident. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jillian mele's always getting new information. >> and it's still out there. the accident involves an overturned vehicle. heav heavy response is out there. as a result, thornton,
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dilworthtown road blocked near brinton lake road. still to 926, because that is still there. this is the blue route near the mid-county toll plaza. volume definitely starting to build in both directions, but drive times aren't too bad, 17 to 18 minutes both ways on the blue route between 95 and 76. 95 is slow moving on the southbound side from cottman down to girard. 76 starting to see some volume out near the conshohocken curve, but it's all pretty typical for 6:17 in the morning. for drivers in delaware, this is 495 right at 12th street. you can see traffic is moving along just fine. no delays and no accidents to report on 495. 95 looks good, so does route 1. if you're waking up in new jersey, we're not reporting any accidents there. and so far, so good when it comes to mass transit. so far, so good when it comes to weather, too. the temperatures much warmer this morning. we're in the 50s and 60s. some cloudiness came in overnight, but it is dry in
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center city. and we will see some sunshine. it's now just over an hour away from coming up. 62 degrees in philadelphia. temperature actually came up a degree as the winds have started mixing things, now southwesterly with 9 miles an hour. last hour, the wind was calm. and it is calm here at nbc 10. this is a live view from the studios. it's a studio view that will change during the day today, however. we'll see the clouds take over and late-day showers. right now, 50s and 60s, unusually warm for this time of year. wet weather not in the immediate area, but you can see it's really not far away. it's just off to the northwest, moving into the pocono mountains and central pennsylvania, but it's going to take most of the day for it to move into the tri-state area. future weather showing this afternoon, 3:00 this afternoon, clouds over allentown, berks county, lancaster could see some scattered showers. those showers will fall apart as they move into the i-95 corridor. you might see a sprinkle or two by late afternoon and early this
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evening, but by 7:00, those clouds are moving away from us. and then later this evening, it clears out completely, and that will lead to a chillier morning tomorrow. for today, though, nothing chilly about this. 60s this afternoon. we'll see clouds, sunshine, then the clouds take over later today as those showers move through parts of the area and then move out for tomorrow. 46 degrees in the morning, 58 degrees, a chillier day on thursday. and halloween is going to be chilly, too, especially in the evening when the temperatures will be dropping into the 40s. then a cold, wet and windy saturday. windchills in the 30s with rain for the ada walk in the morning and the temple game in the afternoon. and sunday, we'll see some sunshine, but the wind will still be with us. fortunately, we will be warming up next week. monday 58, 64 tuesday. 19 minutes past 6:00 right now. pope francis says evolution and the big bang theory are real and they do not contradict god's role in creation. the pope made these comments while speaking to members of the pontifical academy of science yesterday.
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he said the big bang theory is part of god's plan. scientists believe the formation of the universe occurred with the big bang nearly 14 billion years ago. the pope said god is not a wizard with a magic wand and that these scientific accounts about the evolution of life are compatible with the catholic church's vision of creation. back home, the girl who survived a pit bull attack is on the mend, and for the first time is reunited with the men in blue who saved her. and another day, another possible sighting. where police believe accused cop killer eric frein was last seen. [anncr:]making jackets that are built to perform anywhere is hard work. and at l.l.bean, we take our job, very seriously.
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guaranteed quality, no matter what you're up against. from l.l.bean
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. 6:23. it is 62 degrees out there, unusually warm, according to bill henley, but that warmth is going to cool off later today. we'll get more details from him in a few minutes. meanwhile, it's the time of the year when coughing and sneezing takes over offices and
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schools and new studios and people line up for the flu shot. although some people haven't been able to get it because of shipment delays, doctors say they should be restocked by the end of the week. the flu generally peaks between december and february, but some states have already seen an uptick in cases. it takes a couple weeks after receiving the vaccine to create antibodies to protect against the virus. there are 150 confirmed cases in our area. delaware has 3, new jersey 14 so far, and pennsylvania has reported 142 cases of the flu since late september. and people in camden county can get a flu shot. a clinic will be held at camden city hall in the counsel chambers on the second floor from 9:30 to 11:30 this morning. if you can't get there, don't worry, the county is holding several more clinics through the middle of november. good morning at 6:24. a very minor accident but something to be aware of. drivers in new jersey, 295
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southbound at 195. you can see a single-vehicle accident on the shoulder. police are on out on the scene. it's not causing a delay. in a few minutes, i have an update on an accident in chester county. for now, let's go outside for a live look in center city, philadelphia. you can see liberty 1 and 2. skies are looking clear. and bill, we're expecting rain later today? >> yeah, there will be scattered showers, not widespread rainfall. this morning it's warm outside. 50s and 60s. much warmer than it normally is this time of year and certainly warmer than it was earlier in the week. pottstown's 54, but look at the 60s for wilmington demand philadelphia. gloucester county just shy of the 60-degree mark for swedesboro and logan township. 62 in mullica hill and 59 degrees right now in washington township and sicklerville. septa union workers say they could be just days away from a strike. we're looking into how this would affect philadelphia public school students. tens of thousands of them rely
6:26 am
on public transportation every day. i'm nbc 10's monique braxton live outside school district headquarters where walter d. palmer's elementary school will be the subject of a hearing today. a preview after the break.
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a septa strike would mean big problems for thousands of commuters and students who depend on public transportation. this morning, nbc 10 is looking at the school district's plans. and clouds are moving in and we are tracking showers as we're looking at the comcast center. we'll get your first alert forecast hour by hour, and of course, neighborhood by neighborhood. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. it's 62 degrees outside right now. it's warm. bill henley has his first alert forecast with what's to come later in the day. >> good morning, tracy.
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all the neighborhoods are warmer this morning, considerably warm for this time of year and compared to earlier in the week when we were in the 30s. this morning it's 50s and 60s. and this is the view from the comcast center in center city. clouds will be scattered to start with. we'll get some sunshine, but it's not going to be brilliant sunshine during the day today. it is going to be a warm start, though. look at the 60s, delaware, south jersey, philadelphia at 62 degrees, while it's 56 degrees in trenton and northeast philadelphia at the airport. it's 54 in pottstown. your hour-by-hour forecast is calling for a dry start, 61 degrees. and 66 by lunchtime. we will be tracking some showers moving into the area this afternoon. for now, those showers are in central pennsylvania and into the pocono mountains. back with your future weather hour by hour in less than ten minutes, but first, first alert traffic reporter jillian mele is watching your commute. good morning, jillian. >> good morning, bill. and i've been following an accident out of chester county in thornbury township still out there. it involves an overturned vehicle, so as a result,
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dilworth town road is blocked off near brinton town lake road. use 926 as an alternate, but watch for delays. building on 422, eastbound side. you can see the volume we're dealing with eastbound. drive time is 8 minutes from oaks to route 202, but that number is going to increase. then in new jersey, we still have this accident out there on 295 southbound at 195. it's actually earlier just a few minutes ago, this camera was completely zoomed into here, so we couldn't see the other shoulder where we have a second people involved, but it's not causing delays. if it stays out there, it could, and that's something i will update you on. right now, no accidents to report on the majors in delaware. 6:31 right now. septa and union leaders will be back at the bargaining table to avoid a strike. a work stoppage could come as early as monday. we sent nbc 10's katy zachry to find out what's being done for
6:32 am
philadelphia schools because tens of thousands of students rely on that transportation every day. she joins us live from the frankford transportation center. >> reporter: a police officer who patrols this bus depot tells me give it about an hour and we can expect to see thousands of students boarding septa buses to get to school. but if there is a strike, these buses, trolleys and subways will not run, leaving many kids without a way to get to school. the district tells me they will be lenient with kids who ride septa, approving late arrivals, even sending work home to students who do not have any other way to get to school. and for teachers, special parking accommodations will be made for those who will have to drive instead of taking public transportation. still, parents tell me they are upset and they blame septa and union leaders for not coming to an agreement, saying philadelphia students have been through a lot with schools closing and staff and materials being cut. >> i have little cousins that are in high school, so they get the bus every day to get to school because the schools aren't in walking distance like this the used to be.
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>> my children aren't going to have a way to get to school. so i don't know. i just really think septa and the powers that be, they really, really point blank need to get it together. >> reporter: and a district spokesperson tells me that if there is a strike and it lasts for more than five days, the district will try to have yellow bus service offered to students, tens of thousands of students who take septa every day to school. reporting live in frankford, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. meanwhile, police in monroe county have a new tip to work with in the manhunt for eric frein. investigators say a possible sighting of frein was made yesterday afternoon near route 390 in barrett township. that's near canadensis, where frein had lived. he's been on the run now for 47 days after police believe he shot two state troopers outside of their barracks, killing one of them. and now to "decision 2014." election day is next week and voters will head to the polls in pennsylvania, new jersey and
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delaware. at stake, federal, state and local offices. in the race for pennsylvania governor, both candidates are trying to capture residents' votes. democratic candidate tom wolf will continue his fresh start bus tour, which will bring him to coatesville, chester county, later today. governor tom corbett has not released his schedule of events yet for today. and coming up this afternoon, nbc 10 is taking a closer look on where the candidates stand when it comes to philadelphia schools and its funding crisis. that's right here on nbc 10 starting at 4:00. it is 6:34 right now. parents at one elementary school could learn more about the fate of their school as early as today. there's a public hearing for walter palmer charter school just days after the high school was closed down. nbc 10's monique braxton is live outside school district headquarters in spring garden where today's hearing will happen. monique, tell us what's going to happen. >> reporter: tracy, we have seen some school officials arriving early this morning. i can tell you that preparations are being made for the hearing that gets under way in about three hours. now, the subject of today's
6:35 am
conversation will be this particular school. should the charter be revoked? you may recall, monday there was a lot of outrage when the high school was shut down. hundreds of parents were there along with their students who showed up for class, and they were dismissed immediately. the parents were upset because they got no notice. some got robocalls. some told us they had no notice whatsoever that the high school bearing the name of walter d. palmer, the dhacharter school, being shut down. our cameras were rolling when mr. palmer came outside to apologize to the parents, also attempting to console them. we'll be here for the next couple of hours as parents begin arriving to hear their thoughts on the elementary school. live for now outside school district headquarters, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, monique. and it's been more than two months since the taney dragons competed in the little league world series, but today they will be honored by the citizens
6:36 am
crime commission in philadelphia. at a banquet tonight, 129 and 13-year-old little leaguers will be presented with this year's thomas jefferson award for helping unite the entire region in their exciting run in the world series. congratulations. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a nice, mild start. we will see some sunshine to start with and the temperatures will be climbing, but then clouds move in during the day. and later today, we'll be tracking some light showers. nothing heavy about those showers coming through later on. and by tomorrow, they're done. but then, colder air moving in, especially for the weekend when the wind will be blowing and rain will be back. allentown 52 degrees. 56 right now in northeast philadelphia, and millville is 64. this is the view of the sky. really thin cloudiness. we'll see a good deal of sunshine before the thicker clouds that are farther north and west move in. this is the satellite imagery. you can see those very high clouds right over the city.
6:37 am
filtered sunshine to start with. then this afternoon, the clouds that are brighter to the right there, that's where the rain is. you can see some steady rainfall in central pennsylvania and into the pocono mountains, but the rest of the area is dry. so, sunshine will be fading as the day goes on for mt. pocono, 60 degrees. low 60s for allentown, quakertown. reading up to 65. we'll start with some sunshine, then clouds will take over later on for northeast philadelphia, trenton and mt. holly. at the shore, mostly sunny skies to start with. temperatures in the upper 60s for atlantic city and cape may, 68 in dover. and clouds arrive late this morning and this afternoon. that's when we'll see some scattered showers moving in from the west to the east. west chester will have a chance of showers before chester. glassboro up to 68 this afternoon. enjoy the 60s today, because it turns colder. the seven-day forecast when i come back in less than ten minutes. >> all right, bill. 6:37 right now. let's get you updated, show you what the roads look like.
6:38 am
>> here's jillian mele in the first alert traffic center. jill? >> good morning. no surprise we have volume building. this is 76 right near the conshohocken curve, slow moving in both directions. and you can see the drive times about 20 to 25 minutes both ways between the blue route and the vine. we still have an accident out in thornberry township, chester county. a tow truck is at the scene, so working to get it clear, but dilworth is blocked off near brinton lake road. take 926 as an alternate there. heading to the lehigh valley, 22 at route 512, volume building, but nothing out of the ordinary. in new jersey, an accident on stratford on the white horse peek twine webster and cooper avenues. we are dealing with an accident there, so use caution. aside from that, we're not reporting any other accidents on the majors in new jersey. 295, new jersey turnpike are all clear of any big accidents. 295 southbound, we still have one on the shoulder near 195, but it's not blocking anything right now. and no accidents to report on the majors in delaware. vai?
6:39 am
ebola concerns. today, president obama wants to send a message to health care workers on the front lines in the ebola fight. and in the line of fire. lava creeps closer to homes in hawaii. that's happening right now. what's happening right now to protect those people living nearby.
6:41 am
6:42 am
it is 6:42. today, president obama will get a briefing from his ebola response team, including members of his public health and national security teams. later, he will speak to health care workers who are on the front lines. meantime, the family of a connecticut third grader is suing the girl's school, saying she's been unfairly blocked from attending classes over fears that she may have been exposed to ebola. they say the school told the girl to stay home until november
6:43 am
3rd because the family says they visited nigeria earlier this month, but not guinea, sierra leone or liberia. those are the nations associated with the current ebola outbreak. locally, nbc 10 has learned that 105 people are being monitored for ebola in pennsylvania, but the three pennsylvanians that were on a flight to cleveland with a nurse who was infected with ebola have shown no signs of the virus. we've reached out to new jersey health officials for their numbers but have not yet heard back, and there are no known cases in delaware. in bucks county then, the shamny school board has adopted a controversial plan to send fifth graders into the district's middle school next year. hundreds of parents turned out for the meeting, which ended with a vote in favor of expanding middle school beyond the original sixth to eighth grades. they say it will help utilize classroom space as enrollments shift, but many parents worry they're simply not ready. >> socially, academically, just
6:44 am
the demands for middle school are far different than elementary school. so, just seeing these little fifth graders having the same experience as my sixth grader, it's going to be tough on them. >> now, the fifth graders will have their own separate sections in the middle school building, and supporters say that kind of separation has worked well in other five to eight middle schools. a new castle county girl whose arm was severed by a pit bull is waking up at home this morning after spending more than a month in the hospital. 8-year-old emily ruckle was attacked by the dog that her family had temporarily taken in to their newark home after he was found abandoned. when the pit bull started attacking emily, her sister fought the dog off until police got there and shot the dog. surgeons at children's hospital of philadelphia were able to reattach her arm after nine surgeries. >> first, he bit me on the hips and knocked me down. and then he grabbed my arm. but he was going for the back of my neck. >> so sweet. so brave.
6:45 am
emily has more surgeries ahead and doctors hope she'll eventually gain some function in her arm, but they say that could take time. in response to recent acts of terrorism abroad, security will be increased at some federal buildings in washington, d.c., and other cities. the department of homeland security made that announcement yesterday. this comes, of course, one week after the deadly shooting outside canada's parliament building. we reached out to the fbi office in philadelphia to find out if any buildings in this area will see increased security, but the government would not release that information. and an accused serial killer's scheduled to appear in an indiana courtroom today. darren vann is a convicted sex offender charged with strangling two women. he has a hearing today in one of those murder cases. police say he has confessed to killing a total of seven women. in an elementary school on hawaii's big island will be closed starting today because it is in the path of volcanic lava. dozens of families have been told they might have to evacuate
6:46 am
if the flow gets too close to their homes. it is now within 200 yards of two houses. the "today" show will have a live report from hawaii beginning at 7:00 a.m. the creator of the board game "operation" needs an operation of his own, and he's getting help paying for it. john spinello is having trouble maying for his injury, so fellow game investors peggy walsh and tim brown started an online fund-raiser to gather $20,000 for his medical care and so far they have $8,000. he says he sold the game to a toy firm for just $500 decades ago. well, there's a new addition at ocean county six flags great adventure. we want to introduce you to mika, the park's new giraffe calf. she was born to first-time mom noelle earlier this year. park officials say mika stood within an hour of her birth and measured in at 5'10" tall. this is video of her first time outside of the giraffe barn with
6:47 am
her mom. mika will make her first public appearance a little bit later this weekend. very, very nice. >> so cute, yeah. let's go to new york now for a look ahead to the "today" s w show. >> we get a preview from matt lauer and hoda kotb. good morning. >> hey, guys. >> hello, tracy and vai. nice to see you both. straight ahead, we're live in virginia as the investigation into that unmanned rocket explosion now gets under way. so, what caused the catastrophic failure just seconds after lift-off? also ahead, the nurse at the center of the ebola quarantine controversy who spent four days in a tent at a new jersey hospital joins us. why she's now pushing back against a quarantine in maine. then, how about this one? on "rossen reports," psychics hired to cleanse your home of evil spirits put to the test. wait until you hear how much they charge and the warning that one of them had for jeff rossen himself. >> oh, come on. all right, those -- >> come on. >> those stories, plus, fashion icon diane von furstenburg stops
6:48 am
by. her thoughts on style, aging. she's got a brand new book out that's terrific, and how you can become the person you really want to be, when we see you in a little bit here on "today." she's got an incredible story, guys, coming up. >> look forward to seeing that. thanks. see you at 7:00. >> all right, you got it. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> at 7:26, we'll see the sun. right now we're in twilight, so we're starting to see the skies brighten a bit. you see the scattered, high clouds that are in the area. we will see a good deal of sunshine before clouds take over later on. 62 degrees right now in philadelphia. no wind here at nbc 10. sunshine is going to be bright to begin with, but that fades later today and that's when you'll need your umbrella. look at these temperatures. 50s and 60s. 62 degrees right now in wilmington and philadelphia. camden at spruce street is 63 degrees, while haddonfield is 55. it's in the low 60s right now in cherry hill and not much cooler for voorhees and glendora. we will see sunshine fade once
6:49 am
it's up. clouds off to the north and west, already producing rain. this is stuck north and west. it will slowly move into the area this afternoon. and as it does, those showers may be falling apart. noontime will be dry. look at the sunshine for philadelphia. clouds are moving into the lehigh valley. some scattered showers late this afternoon. that will be it for today. temperatures into the 60s. we'll see sunshine to start with and clouds take over later on. highs in the middle to upper 60s today. but here comes the cooler weather for tomorrow. a little bit chilly. sunshine, 59 degrees after a morning low of 46 degrees. and a cool halloween, too. it will be in the upper 50s friday afternoon, but during the evening time with clouds moving in, the temperatures drop into the 40s and the clouds will lead to a cold, wet and windy saturday. it is going to be cold and rainy for the ada walk in the morning and for the temple owls game in the afternoon. 49 degrees will feel like it's in the 30s, thanks to the wind. wind will still be blowing on sunday, but warmer weather ahead
6:50 am
with sunshine for monday and tuesday, up to 64 degrees. 6:49. jillian did report a couple of accidents, but the good news is, at least in her last report, the majors were accident-free. >> let's get an update. bhar you seeing now, jillian? >> they're not delay-free, but the plajz accident-free, so a little good news sandwiched in there. we have an update on the accident in chester county, thornton, dilworthtown road between brinton lake road. an overturned vehicle just cleared in the last ten minutes, so you shouldn't run into any problems there. center city, philadelphia, vine street expressway heavy westbound as drivers make their way to 76. we have normal volume in the normal spots when it comes to 76 and the boulevard is slow moving on the southbound side as drivers try to get on to the schuylkill expressway. that, of course, is because of the volume that we are dealing with on 76 right now. if you're taking septa this morning, including all of the regional rail lines can see listed here, everything is on or close to schedule.
6:51 am
we're not reporting any significant delays, vai. septa strike is dangerously close. nbc 10's katy zachry's live in the frankford section of the city with what commuters need to prepare for if the workers walk off the job. ka katy? >> reporter: hi, vai. for starters, we'll likely see a lot more cars on the roads. we're also looking into how a strike could affect philadelphia public school students who take buses to school every day. the district has a plan. i'll break it down for you. i'm nbc 10's monique braxton live outside school headquarters. the walter d. palmer charter school has been the focus and this morning it's the elementary school. that's after the break.
6:52 am
6:53 am
ryan costello went into politics. in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message.
6:54 am
6:55 am
happening today, septa and union leaders will be back at the bargaining table trying to work out a deal to avoid a strike. a work stoppage could come as early as monday, and we want to make sure that you're ready if and when this happens. nbc 10's katy zachry is live at the frankford transportation center with how students could be affected. >> reporter: hi, vai. a lot of students will be affected by this if there's a strike. we are seeing dozens of students already board buses. 60,000 students in philadelphia use public transportation to get to school every day. a strike would affect buses, trolleys and subways, leaving many of these kids with no way to get to school. but the district has a plan. they say if union workers strike, students who usually take septa are late, well, that's excused. and if they're absent, a packet of work will be sent home. teachers and staff are expected to arrive on time, even if they take public transportation. at some schools, i'm told they're working with the philadelphia parking authority to relax parking rules around
6:56 am
those buildings for the extra vehicles that could be out there in the event of a strike. now, the district says if a strike lasts for more than five days, they will make every effort to provide those yellow school buses for those 60,000 students who rely on septa every day to get to school. we'll keep you posted. reporting live in frankford, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. meantime, the school district of philadelphia will hold a public hearing today on whether to revoke the charter status of walter palmer charter elementary school. nbc 10's monique braxton's live outside school district headquarters in spring garden, where the hearing will happen. explain this for us. >> reporter: hi, tracy. in the past half hour, we have seen staff arriving as preparations are being made for a hearing regarding the walter d. palmer charter elementary school. this charter school will be the focus of this morning's hearing. the question to be addressed -- should the charter be revoked? you may recall, tempers were flaring outside the high school monday. parents were outraged after hundreds of their own children showed up for classes to be
6:57 am
dismissed. the state's supreme court ruled palmer violated the charter contract because he accepted way too many students. palmer challenged that enrollment cap in court and lost. we caught him apologizing and attempting to console so many frustrated parents. now, today's hearing regarding the revocation of the elementary school license gets under way in about 2 1/2 hours. we'll have it for you. live outside school district headquarters, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. and happening today, residents in one south jersey community will mark the second anniversary of hurricane sandy by volunteering to help rebuild a local landmark. nbc 10's jesse gary's live in cumberland county. jesse, tell us more about this service project. >> reporter: yeah, vai, in a couple of hours, community members are going to meet at the charlesworth hotel, just a quarter mile down the road, lend a hand with various projects to help that landmark hotel reopen. i took a walk with co-owner jim farnish, who says superstorm sandy damaged both the exterior and interior of this bayview bed
6:58 am
and breakfast. he says up until recently, cumberland county had been forgotten in state and federal relief efforts, since it's not on the ocean, but the community has rallied to the cause to help other neighbors rebuild. the hotel plans a grand reopening in december, just in time for the christmas holiday season. we're live in downtownship cumberland county this morning, jesse gary. good morning, 6:58, 76 eastbound at university avenue, a block in one lane. and on 76 near belmont avenue. the blue route northbound, a car fire past bluebell upper darby, so watch out for lane restrictions there. and cherry hill police just said traffic lights are completely out at the intersection of cropwell and crescent in cherry hill, so use caution there. as always, when you see that, treat it as a four-way stop.
6:59 am
clouds will be moving in during the day, but we'll start with some sunshine. the sun is coming up in less than a half an hour. and you can see some breaks in the clouds in cape may. we'll see a pretty good amount of sunshine before rain moves in later on. and look at these temperatures. it's already mild. warm for this time of year. 62 degrees in philadelphia. reading is 59. it's 57 in trenton. and wilmington is in the 50s. so, a mild morning at the bus stop. suburbs at 51 degrees. 61 degrees in the city. no sign of rain this morning, but showers later this afternoon will be moving into the area. and it won't be a whole lot warmer than it is right now. won't see the 70s like we had yesterday. 67 degrees later this afternoon. the radar shows the showers off to the north and west. they've really made no progress this morning. they'll slowly move into the lehigh valley during the afternoon, then just some scattered showers for the afternoon commute. >> so, possibly windshield wipers for that evening drive. >> you might be required to flip a switch, yes.
7:00 am
>> got it. >> yes, to deal with this light rainfall. >> thank you, bill. today show's up next. we'll see you in about 25 minutes. >> you can always get the latest at good morning. $200 million disaster. an unmanned rocket carrying supplies to the international space station explodes in a fireball seconds after taking off. what went wrong? closing in, that slow-moving lava overtaking homes, the path of destruction from the ground and the air. >> right now, if feels like we're in a furnace. >> lost and found, the dad who went missing from a crowded stadium in denver finally turns up, 100 miles away. how did he get there without money, credit cards or a car? what he's telling police about his mysterious disappearance. >> and cat calling.