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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  October 29, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, the buses are running, but for how much longer? septa and the transit workers union will work to try to hammer out a deal. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. today septa and union leaders will be trying to work out a deal and avoid a strike which could begin monday. monique braxton is live in old city where the meeting is scheduled to begin at noon. a lot of people are nervous about this. >> reporter: a lot of people are nervous. a lot of people are paying attention to the talks that septa tells us they hope will continue. here is what we learned from the union leaders. they tell us if they strike, they will give bus, subway and trolley riders 24 hours notice.
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more than 60,000 students use septa to get to and from school. we have been talking with parents and the school district since the strike vote by union members on sunday. the school district tells us, classes will continue on a regular basis for about five days the school buses will be pro -- after five days, the school buses will be provided some of them by the school district. here is what some parents and students had to say. >> i have little cousins that are in high school. they get the bus every day to get to school, becauseóoarñ the schools aren't in walking distance like they used to be. >> my children aren't going to have a way to get to school. so i don't know. i really think septa and the powers that be, they really need to get it together. >> reporter: septa's spokesperson says she hopes both sides will continue meeting every day this week at the bargaining table. union president tells us pension reform is a major sticking point. he also says the union and septa are as far apart as california
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and pennsylvania. coming up in the next half hour, we are working to bring you what some of the contingency plans are provided by the school district. live in old city, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. we have breaking news this morning. 40 people have been charged in connection with a drug trafficking ring. among them, a camden county police officer. officials are set to hold a news conference a short time from now. nbc 10's bureau reporter cydney long is following the story. fill us in. >> reporter: i'm told this was a major city to suburbs drug trafficking organization operating to the tune of some $100,000 a month, that arrests are still being made. what we know is one of the ringleaders may be charge ed wi attempted murder. state police just went upstairs. prosecutors set to release details a half an hour from now.
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police and investigators confirm that the camden female police officer is facing charges that she was married to the brother of one of the ring leaders in this drug trafficking organization. she will be charged, i'm told with official misconduct and related charges. i found out her name is ashley bailey, she's a rookie on the force. but it's unclear her exact role in the operation. we do know that this group distributing county-wide. we will head up to the press conference about 11:30 from thousannow. count on additional details. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. new details on the ebola outbreak this morning. chuck hagel has just said that the u.s. troops returning from ebola missions are to be kept in supervised isolation for 21
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days. president obama will meet with his ebola response team this afternoon. the president will speak to healthcare workers on the front lines after that. the president called on the country to support those workers. we are hearing more from the nurse who was quarantined in new jersey after running from treating patients. casey hi casey hickox is now at home. >> even though i am in perfectly good health and feeling strong and have been this entire time symptom free. >> she says if the restrictions placed on her by the state of -- state or maine are not lifted by tomorrow more than, she will go
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to court. jack markell will give an update on a possible case of ebola. in new jersey, they are offering free ebola awareness training to first responders. that's 7:00 tonight at the county government services building. to learn more about ebola, go to our website at learn how you can and cannot contract the virus. for ebola coverage on twitter use #ebola. that way you will get the latest from nbc and nbc 10 on the developing ebola story. a mild start to the day as we look at boat house row. rain is on the way. meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with the forecast to tell us when we can expect that. >> we see some rain to the north and west of the area. it's going to take its good old time getting through here before
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the day is over. but in the meantime, we have cloudy skies across the entire area from the poconos to the shore. you can see just totally ov overcast conditions. the rain is to the north and west. it is not moving real fast. at least not in the direction of our area. it's moving pretty fast but right up the same area. so it's getting pretty wet out here. this is just west of berks county, lehigh valley and the poconos will be moving in our direction over the next few hours. you can see there's 2:00. by 4:00, it's across the i-95 corridor. and then this particular computer model weakens everything as we go into the evening hours. a little bit later i will show you another model that has a little different solution there. we are up to 68 degrees. where we are above average for this time of the year.
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70 in northeast philly and atlantic city international, wildwood and 71 in georgetown, delaware. even with the clouds, it is a very mild day. temperatures are going to be going down later on during the afternoon. the showers north and west at noon. by 3:00, 4:00, into the philadelphia i-95 corridor. and by dinner time, it's starting to move to the south and east. of course, this is nothing compared to the rain we're going to see over part of the weekend and a big cold outbreak. details coming up in a few minutes. police in monroe county have a new tip to work with in the manhunt for eric frein. investigators say a possible sighting was made yesterday afternoon near route 390. that is near where he lived. he has been on the run for 47 days. he killed ee eed a state troope.
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an investigation is under way after human remains were found. this was the breaking news we brought you yesterday on nbc 10 news at 11:00. the bones were discovered by construction crews behind a home on bank avenue in riverton. an anthropologist is trying to figure out the identity of the person and how they might have died. investigators say it could take a while because the remains appear to have been there for a long time. this morning the search continues for the driver of the suv who took off hitting a 71-year-old woman in delaware county. she was walking along a highway. this happened around 8:00 last night when she was hit. video from a nearby store shows the suv. the woman is listed in critical condition. we have new information about a public hearing on the walt walter palmer charter elementary school. it has been postponed. they will weigh in on whether the charter of the elementary
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school should be revoked. on monday the high school shut down without much notice. that closure happened after a supreme court ruled they violated the contract because too many students were accepted. now to the hazing -- hazing scannal. a su at a meeting last night, school officials say the incidents in questions happened at a preseason picnic. they said players were subjected to humiliating rituals like water boarding and having their private parts slapped. the coaches said they were not aware that -- they weren't there when the alleged hazing happened. a school board adapted a plan that will send fifth graders into the middle school next year.
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it ended in favor of expanding the middle school beyond the sixth to eighth grades. it will save money by utilizing space more efficiently as student enrollments shift. many parents worry fifth graders aren't ready for the environmentally academically or socially. >> huge changes to get ready for next year. >> absolutely. i know there's going to be tears. i won't bring it up until the weekend. i will need a couple days to get her settled. >> the fifth graders will have their own separate sections in the buildings. supporters say that separation has worked well in other fifth to eighth grade middle schools. in bucks county in an hour from now, a ground breaking ceremony will take place for the bensalem high school renovation project. the $78 million improvement project will expand and upgrade the 45-year-old school building. the renovations include splitting the school into four academies, one for ninth graders and the others are science, arts
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and business focused. a new survey shows that two years after the super storm struck, majority of new jersey residents hit hard are still unhappy with recovery efforts. just one in three storm survivors feel their needs are being addressed. many residents say that they have been forgotten and leaders have famed to communicate with them about recovery assistance programs. the only group showing satisfaction are those who sandy damaged properties have been rebuilt. the same study also conducted last year with similar results. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg covered the storm and its aftermath. he will have reports marking the second anniversary right here on nbc 10 news at 4:00. up next, $200 million disaster. an unnamed -- unmanned rocket explodes seconds after liftoff. the investigation into what happened. in the line of fire.
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lava creeping closer to homes in hawaii. what's happening to protect people who live nearby. i'm tracking showers as well as a big drop in temperatures. will you need your heavy coats or umbrellas for trick or treaters? i will let you know just ahead.
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this mothering investigators are searching for debris from a rocket that exploded off the coast of virginia. it was carrying supplies for the international space station.
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nbc's tom costello looks at the search for answers. >> five, four, three, two, one. >> reporter: it was just after sunset when the launch of an unmanned rocket destined for the international space station lit up the sky. everything was normal under six seconds after liftoff. a massive fireball involves three-quarters of a mill pounds of fuel tore through the rocket and lit up the sky. as it started to come apart, nasa's controllers decided the safest option was to use the self-destruct option. >> be advised, stay at your console. >> reporter: the explosion visible across a huge area. from the press sight -- >> it's going to be loud. >> reporter: to a nearby beach. to a plane flying high above. >> wow. >> reporter: this was to be[+b resupply mission carrying cargo,
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including food, clothing, and space parts. they say the people on the space station are in no danger. >> the crew is in good shape. we have plenty of work to do on orbit and plenty of supplies to keep them going for quite some time. >> reporter: while the explosion was massive, nasa reports no one has injured. there was extensive damage to the launch pad and surrounding areas. >> it's expensive lesson. but it only cost us time and metal and money. it didn't cost us, as happening too often, lives. >> that was tom costello from nbc. six students witnesses the explosion. they had an experiment on board that astronauts would have performed in space. the rocket was supposed to launch monday night but was canceled minutes before because there was a boat in the hazard area. of course, stay with nbc 10 and for continuing
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coverage of the rocket explosion. we have viewer video of the liftoff and explosion as it happened online. the space station will get new supplies thanks to a russian rocket that launched this morning. the unmanned spacecraft blasted off in kazakhstan. it's carrying nearly three tons of supplies. the lava flow continues to advance toward homes on hawaii's big island. officials say the lava has advanced 100 yards since yesterday and is moving at nearly 15 yards per hour. it's less than 100 yards from the nearest home. 50 homes are expected to be impacted by the lava flow. evacuations have not been ordered. emergency shelters have been opened for residents needing help. happening now, funeral services for ben bradlee. he passed away last week.
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today's service in washington is being attended by vice president joe biden. speaking now is the former publisher of "the washington post" and the son of katherine graham who brought bradlee in to run the newsroom in 1965. he won the coverage of the watergate scandal which helped topple the presidency of nixon. he died at the age of 93. we are not going to be as warm as yesterday. it's 78, but it's mild for this time of the year. we have showers that are going to be moving through. more rain coming on saturday for a good bit of the area. and a cold blast for the entire area over the weekend. we have cloudy skies across much of the region now. it's not stopping the temperature from going up. it's 68, winds west southwest
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and we are five degrees warmer than yesterday. 70 in bensalem. only 60 in lancaster. 62 in reading. reading got up to 79 yesterday. nowhere near that today. it is going to be into the mid 70s, perhaps, in southern delaware and parts of south jersey. this is the area of showers. it's not moving quickly. so it does two things. it comes in more slowly and the rain lasts longer when this kind of thing happens. and you can see it's not quite into berks county yet, not quite into the poconos. it's taking a while. the futurecast -- this is another computer model here -- shows it coming in to parts of berks county and the poconos by noon and then as we go through the afternoon, it gradually spreads to the east. this may be exaggerating it a bit. it gives you an idea of the
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timing. here is 4:00 across parts of the i-95 corridor and even some northern and western areas. by 5:00, it's starting to move east of the delaware river. and as we go through the evening, it starts to move offshore. it's just one band of showers with a cold front. somewhat colder air coming in behind it. but the real cold air is going to take until the weekend. as you can see, we have two areas of low pressure. this storm is going to develop off the east coast. but it's going to wait for this one to join up with it. so as we go into friday, trick or treat time, we are in between storms. we may actually get pretty lucky for halloween. but not necessarily for the weekend. for today, cloudy and mild with afternoon showers moving through. high temperatures up near 70 degrees. and the seven-day forecast, it's going to be a good bit cooler on
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thursday. but that's still not that cold for this time of the year. now on friday, that is the trick or treat day. it's 58 degrees for the high. but by the time you are going outside for the trick or treating, it's dropping in through the 50s. it's chilly but not real cold. i do not expect much wind. and i do not expect rain for that. saturday is a different story. i expect some rain. i do expect the wind to increase. going to be kind of a nasty day. sunday, even windier with wind gusts over 40 miles an hour. windchills in the 20s sunday morning. the latest target of hackers, well, how about the white house? the cyber attacks were confirmed this morning. who may be behind this breach.
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this week's wednesday's child is an upbeat teen who likes to show off his creative side. he's hoping to find a forever family to make all of his dreams come true. let me introduce you to joe. 14-year-old joe loves to bake. so we headed to whipped bake shop in philly where we decorated all kinds of treats. >> for that one, i did two rows. you can do one and then you do a big doll lop in the middle. perfect. that was great. >> beautiful. >> joe is a happy teen who responds well to adults and warms up to people quickly.
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he currently lives in a residential facility and receives special education services. he loves school and has a big imagination. joe knows exactly what he wants in a family. >> they treat me with respect. they will take good care of me. >> the ideal family would be a two-parent family who is patient, preferably where he can receive a lot of attention. you learn something today? what did you learn? >> i learned that i never done something before and that i did something really, really -- something really big and hard. >> and you did it really well. >> yeah. >> joe is this week's wednesday's child. we had a good time eating the cupcakes. you can make the dream of a forever family for joe or any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation come true. go to our website at when you are there, search wednesday's child or you can
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call the national adopt center directly. their number is on the screen. up next, she's ready to fight. the nurse in isolation after treating ebola patients in west africa says she's fighting for her freedom. hear what she told "today" this morning. plus, more proof that mom knows -- this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure
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women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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just about 11:30. in a half hour at noon, septa union leaders are returning to the bargaining table. they will try to work out a deal and avoid a strike that would affect nearly a million riders. monique braxton is following negotiations and the possible impact of a strike. she joins us live from old city. >> reporter: that impact would be enormous. right now, septa negotiators and
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union leaders are about to arrive here at the hotel to sit down at the bargaining table. look at video we captured in the past week as they have continued to talk. the president says if they strike, he will give bus, subway and trolley riders 24 hours notice. that's something everybody is holding him to. more than 60,000 students use septa to get to and from school. the school district says classes will continue on a regular schedule. students who use septa and are unable to attend must be marked absent or coded excused, but they must also have a note from a parent or guardian. >> extended strike is what the worst would be for us dealing with three or four absence of a school student, it's something we don't want to see. that would be substantial for us. >> reporter: the school district said if students are late because of the strike, they won't be penalized. if it lasts longer than five
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days, they wim try to offer a secondary yellow bus option. if students use a district yellow bus on a regular basis, no unauthorized siblings or other students will be allowed on the buses. the school district also says they want you to know, food service as well as athletic programs will continue. they are calling on teachers, they are asking them to carpool and they are asking the teachers to provide supplemental independent work for those students who can't make it. this is something we're going to be following today. live in old city, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. the clouds are hanging around this morning, as you see here. a live look outside at cape may, new jersey. we are expecting showers later on today. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with our forecast. > >> places like cape may will be
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the last places to see this evening, maybe not until this evening. one of the first places is lake wallenpaupack. the clouds getting thicker as the rain gets closer. you can see it's a solid band of rain now. it's not moving eastward very quickly. so it's going to take longer to get here or to you, wherever you are, than we had thought earlier. that also means the rain may last longer. not just a couple of showers here. berks county, just about getting into it. poconos, just getting into it right now. the futurecast shows that it's going to take quite a while. 2:00, it's through berks county and into the lehigh valley. by 5:00, it's right on top of the i-95 corridor, right during the rush hour. after 6:00, it gets closer to the shore. it's just one band of showers moving through. if that computer model is right,
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just about everybody gets at least some rain before the day is out. not especially heavy. 52 right now in the poconos. upper 60s to near 70 across much of the rest of the area. it is a pretty mild day, despite the clouds. once the rain starts, the temperature is going to go down. i don't think it's going to be near as warm at 6:00 as it will be at noon. the showers continue to move toward the southeast. more about the big changes, the cold blast coming over the weekend, with the seven-day in a few minutes. we have breaking news now where a rescue has just happened off the coast of boca rotan. we just lost the video. 33 suspected migrants jumped from a boat that was packed. they are being rescued by the coast guard. as we get the live feed, we will show it to you.
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33 people have been rescued off the coast of florida. we will bring that to you as soon as we get it. we will bring you the live feed in a moment. new information in the past half hour on ebola concerns in our country. chuck hagel signed an order that all u.s. military returning from west africa be kept in isolation for 21 days. it goes beyond precautions remember bended by the obama administrati administration. after that meeting the president will speak to healthcare workers who are on the front lines in the fight against the deadly virus. yesterday, the president called on the country to support those workers. the nurse who was quarantined in new jersey is speaking out again. she was put in the involuntary quarantine after returning from treating ebola patients in sierra lee own. kaci hickox is in maine.
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>> thankful to be out of the tent. but i found myself in yet another prison just in a different environment. >> she says she plans not to -- that she does not plan to follow the quarantine guidelines. she says if the restrictions placed on her by the state of maine are not lifted by tomorrow more than, she will go to court. today in our area, delaware governor jack markell will give an update on how the state is preparing to deal with a possible case of ebola. there are no known cases in delaware. in new jersey, gloucester county is offering free ebola awareness training to first responders in that state. that's at 7:00 tonight at the county government and services building in clayton. countries around the world are implementing various measures to deal with possible ebola cases. japan imposed new measures at their airport to prevent the virus from spreading.
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aside from screenings, travellers have to disclose where they have been in the previous 21 days. similar preventative measures are being implemented in thailand. red cross is calling for more people and resources to fight ebola. the head of the humanitarian group spoke today. he said they need to double the budget to $70 million and more transportation equipment is needed to transport the people and bring in contamination -- decontamination products. the pope is praising the heroic response by medical workers treating ebola patients. in morning prayers, he asked for prayers for the victims. he also noted that ebola is affecting some of the world's poorest areas. to learn more about ebola, go to our website at you will learn how you can and cannot contract the virus. for ebola coverage on twitter,
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use #ebola. you will get the latest news from nbc and nbc 10 on the developing story. at least ten people are killed and more than 250 people are missing following a deadly landslide. the disaster buried more than 140 houses in one village. the landslide watt two miles long. the minister said the villagers had been told to move away because of the threat. but many had not heeded the warning. there's a growing memorial outside the washington school where a deadly shooting took place last week. the shooter is among those being remembered. flowers, balloons, cards and notes line the fence around marysville high school. many bare the name jaylen. those are the tributes to 15-year-old jaylen fryberg, the popular freshman who texted five friends to invite them to lunch friday and then gunned them down
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in the cafeteria. > two girls died in the shooting. three our students were seriously wounded. he died after shooting himself. authorities are still looking for a motive in the shooting. canadian authorities paid tribute to two soldiers murdered last week. it's an honor of the two officers. one was killed in a hit and run incident while on duty last month. the other was gunned down while standing guard at the national war memorial. he was laid to rest yesterday. both soldiers were killed by radical islamic converts. a huge air strike hit kobani this morning as they continue the battle for control of the syrian border.
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the u.s. is leading a coalition that has carried out dozens of air strikes targeting the militant group in and around the kobani. isis launched it eed its offens mid september forcing more than 2,000 people to flee across the border into turkey. the white house says an investigation is under way after suspicious activity was detected on its unclassified computer network. the hack was found during routine scans for potential cyber threats. a white house official confirmed activity of concern but did not elaborate on it. some members of the obama administration experienced internet security -- internet out age outages as security worked to contain the breach. decision 2014. time runs out in the race for pennsylvania governor. both candidates are trying to capture votes.
11:40 am
tom wolf will continue his fresh start bus tour which will bring him to coatesville later tonight. tom corbett will talk to voters in eerie county. he will be joined by middle class families at a private home. with less than a week until the election, the gap in the race for governor is widening. according to one new poll, the latest poll shows tom wolf with a lead over corbett. that's an improvement for wolf from last month's poll which had corbett down just nine points. coming up this afternoon, nbc 10 is taking a closer look to where the candidates stand when it comes to philadelphia schools and its funding crisis. that's right here on nbc 10 starting at 4:00. the american heart association and the american stroke association have updated their stroke prevention guidelines. they say the most important way to lower the risk of a first
11:41 am
stroke is to control high blood pressure through home monitoring or medication, if necessary. the new recommendations include eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts. they recommend eating less red meat, dairy and sodium. they say daily exercise and quitting smoking can help lower the risk of stroke. today is world stroke day, a day to spread awareness of the world's high stroke risk. scientists at stanford say they found differences in brains of people with chronic fatigue syndrome. those with the condition had lower brain volume and significant abnormalities in the white matter. researchers say larger studies are needed to understand the link between brain and structure and chronic fatigue syndrome. new research shows a majority of parents aren't checking nutritional labels. moms are more likely to do that man dads. out of nearly 1,500 parents, less than half of the mothers said nutrition labels influenced
11:42 am
their purchases. one-third of fathers said the same thing. 16% of moms and so10% of dads sd they never read the labels. how your children could be targeted by identity thieves and what you need to know to protect them. i'm tracking showers and a big cool down. what's it mean for halloween night? i will let you know just ahead.
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there's a growing trend in identity theft. your child could be target. authorities say thieves are using fake names with a child's real social security number to open up bank accounts and even credit cards. it's a synthetic i.d. police say it's something every parent should be on the lookout for. >> if you steal the i.d. of a child or a social security number, it may be several years before the child realizes when they go try to get credit that something has been compromised. >> authorities say child medical records are an easy way for social security numbers to be stolen. this type of theft can generate anywhere from $70,000 to $80,000 per i.d. one in four children is suffering from a vision problem. many of the children don't have access to quality vision care. but a local university has been doing its part to look out for kids in a very important way.
11:46 am
dr. michael middleman is the president of salis university. he is here to talk to us about looking out for kids. thanks for being wihere with us. tell us about the program. > . >> it's to support community outreach for philadelphia and the local area. we have been doing this for over 40 years. we provide vision care to under served children in the philadelphia public schools. we are now doing in norristown. we do vision screenings for under served children. then we provide two pair of glasses for these kids who need it. we like to say, vision ready is mission ready. so if kids are going to be ready for school, we need to make sure they are seeing well. 80% of what a child learns before they are age 12 or 13 comes through ntheir eyes. it's important we have the vision system done right. >> it's interesting because kids in the inner city will treat vision issues differently than kids who are out in the suburbs
11:47 am
with parents -- two-parent homes. they will get vision care, right? because their parents have the money. kids in the inner city, they may be more reluctant to tell the teacher they can't see the board. >> that's true. they may be more reluctant. they may not have the opportunity to have vision screenings. 80% of our children in philadelphia public schools are under served. in one way shape or form. so consequently, we have to make the extra effort to get out there and ensure they get the vision care they need. >> i saw the clip on your website. i was interested to see it's not just for kids b s but you are serving families. >> absolutely. families are very, very important part of the program. we go out to some of the senior citizen homes. we have our eye institute in philadelphia where we see patients. it's for all comers. we screen patients in old age homes, in the school system. then we encourage them to come
11:48 am
to our eye institute. we have two satellite clinics in the east falls section of philadelphia and one in chestnut hill. each one of these places we provide full service vision care. >> you are going out in community, serving churches and synagogues and mosques. it's great to see. >> we take all comers. we have been going to norristown. an important point is that we are a health science profession university. we don't just do eye care. we do healthcare. we are starting to do more integrated health screenings now along with our vision screenings. >> of course, the stuff is not free. there's a fund-raiser this weekend. looking out for kids charity reception and silent auction taking place saturday night november 1 at the university student center at 50 breyer drive. the vip reception is 6:30. tickets are still available. be sure to get there. thank you so much for coming and joining us today and telling us
11:49 am
about your program. >> we appreciate it. >> good luck. we have had clouds all morning. it's getting a little darker, looking a little more threatening. showers are going to move through a good bit of the area during the afternoon. even more rain is coming on saturday to much of the area. everybody is going to be feeling this weekend's cold blast we have been talking about. cold plus wind. as we look toward the northwest, the sky is pretty dark. there is rain out in that direction. 69 in philadelphia though. wind northwest at 10 miles an hour. we are four degrees warmer than ip r(t&háhp &hc yesterday we got to 76. that's not happening because of the clouds and then the rain. but you can see how warm it has been for a while. now it's going to start dropping. 59 tomorrow for the high. and then over the weekend, way lower than that.
11:50 am
we have touched 70 in parts of the area. northeast philly, atlantic city international. 60 in lancaster. that's a sign of things to come, because a front is moving through. the wind direction is out of the northwest. while it's out the southwest at the shore. there's a front coming through. right along that front, that's where we are seeing the rain. it's really not moving very fast in our direction though. just barely getting into western berks county and a few showers getting into the poconos right now. it's going to take a while to come through, longer than we expected yesterday. you can see that as we go through the afternoon, it continues to move eastward. by 3:00, it's still north and west of the philadelphia i-95 corrid corridor. by 5:00, in this model, still has it intact, right over i-95
11:51 am
during the rush hour. after 6:00, it moves into coastal new jersey and then eventually offshore. once this does move offshore, we have dry and cooler weather. we have a complicated pattern, an extreme pattern setting up. another coastal storm developing over the weekend. we will wait for this disturbance to come in and combine with it to produce the stronger storm. watch what happens. on friday, as we go trick or treating, we are in the middle so we are lucky. see rain come back toward us as we head toward saturday morning? that's not exactly great news for saturday. for friday night, trick or treating, it looks dry. a little bit on the chilly side. but not windy. it could be worse if we waited
11:52 am
until saturday night. cloudy and mild this afternoon with showers. high temperatures near 70 degrees, but they will fall later in the day. don't be surprised about that. tomorrow, it is cooler. friday is chilly but nothing like the weekend. saturday and sunday both very cold, increasing wind saturday, wet on saturday morning and windchills into the 20s by sunday morning before we warm up next week.
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now is your chance to vote for this friday's high school blitz game of the week. here are the choices. the game with the most votes is featured on the high school blitz every saturday at 7:00 right here on nbc 10. this afternoon at 3:00, "ellen" is all new. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00.
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a scandal over skimpy outfits. one gaming hall changed its dress code. now nbc 10 has learned new developments in the case this afternoon on nbc 10 at 4:00. then on nbc 10 at 5:00, the race for governor in pennsylvania. nbc 10 sits down with both candidates to talk about major issues in the state tonight at 5:00. education, what needs to be changed and how to make it better. at 6:00, a father opens fire after finding a strange man in his daughter's bedroom. now the dad is facing charges. what police say really happened. glenn "hurricane" schwartz here now with a check of your afternoon weather. >> it's going to be mild, but it also is going to be wet. we have showers that are going to be moving through during the afternoon. temperatures will drop toward dinner time. don't let that 70 fool you there. take a jacket along with the umbrella for later on. then it cools off a little tomorrow and friday. and then a lot over the weekend. >> game seven tonight.
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>> sami: oh, and, johnny, it is yours and allie's job to help sydney figure out what toys she wants to take on the plane, okay? [sighs] rafe. >> rafe: hi. bad time? >> sami: no. no, no, i mean, of course not. come in. >> rafe: good. so i heard you're moving to l.a. >> sami: um, yeah... well, for a little while, anyway. i mean, you know, hollywood... wouldn't take no for an answer. >> rafe: not surprised. well, that's good. you needed some good news. well... i guess this is good-bye. >> sonny: hey. when i got up, you were gone. where'd you go so early? >> will: visiting hours at the prison start at 9:00.