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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  October 29, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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showers. but the colder air has come in to most of the area, temperatures are down to the low to mid-50s. it was in the 70s in southern delaware with 70 for the high in philadelphia. down to 55 degrees now. so those showers are just south and east now. they'll be ending throughout the area by 8:00. and then it's just a matter of clearing. but these temperatures are cooler than it's been but nowhere near as cool as it's going to get, as we head toward the weekend. that plus more rain with the seven-day in a few minutes. we have this just in to nbc 10. 11 people are being monitored for ebola in delaware. the people just returned from west africa but didn't have direct contact with ebola patients and are considered low risk. we're focusing on facts, not fear. we invite you to visit for detailed information on ebola, including symptoms, again, you must have contact with a sick person's bodily fluids to catch this virus. use the hash tag ebola on social
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media to get the latest information from us. new at 6:00, a father says he's being kept from his 1-month-old baby daughter after her mother tried to kill the baby by throwing her into an inlet. he's also revealing details about a previous investigation into the mother's behavior, an investigation that he says contributed to the mother's mental health problems. the father spoke to nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg. >> reporter: the pain of only being able to look at photos of his baby daughter krishna brings williams bay to tears. >> they told me i had to leave the premises or they would lock me up. >> reporter: his fiance, 24-year-old patricia shurig is charged with aggravated assault. witnesses saw her toss the couple's nearly 2-month-old girl into an atlantic city inlet.
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and then jumped in herself. he says shurig was also suffering anxiety following a lengthy custody battle from her two older children and an investigation launched during the summer. she was supposed to go to court for that on monday. >> the complaint was that she was on cocaine and that she was getting pimped. at that time she was eight months pregnant. >> reporter: not true? >> no way in the world. >> reporter: i reached out to the new jersey division of child protection and permanency. a spokesman told me confidentiality laws preclude them from commenting on allegations or investigations or validating whether there is an investigation. as for bay being unable to visit his daughter, a hospital spokeswoman says it's their policy to follow the instructions of investigating agencies. he also can't see his fiance who
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is still hospitalized under police guard. bay says his devotion to her has not changed. >> i think she needed some help, you know. i'm going to love her regardless. >> reporter: ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. also new at 6:00, a man from philadelphia is now charged with killing his daughter's acquaintance after finding him inside her bedroom. police charged charles jordan with involuntary manslaughter. he's accused of killing 32-year-old mark carrione. initially investigators believed jordan mistook him for an intruder. he's now out on bail. the exhilaration of thisç liftoff turned into fear after an explosion. students are still shaken after witnessing the antares rocket ship blow up over coastal
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virginia. it was carrying a year-long science experiment from the state of the union. the experiment, one of 19 on the unmanned rocket was designed to see how e. coli bacteria would attach to lettuce in space. the students made the trip to virginia to watch their hard work just go up in flames. now, no one was hurt when this rocket exploded but the blast left them terrified, speechless and disappointed. >> like a loud boom resonated. it made its way across the water. and i was terrified, we intw th >> the students and their teachers say duplicating their experiment shouldn't be hard. they've been told multiple rockets will be going up over the next several months. also in new jersey, 40 alleged criminals off the streets, part ofhe streets, part of what police call a huge drug trafficking organization. among them a camden county police officer.
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28-year-old ashley bailey used her power and resources to help the suspects. bailey is married to the brother of the alleged ring leader who police say moved heroin, pot and crack to lower-level dealers across the suburbs. >> this network is believed to have supplied heroin and crack cocaine to lower-level dealers in camden and atlantic county and the drugs also reached burlington, gloucester and ocean county. >> bailey's accused of running license plates to help drug suppliers and tipping off criminals to police findings. new at 6:00, philadelphia police arrested one of their own in a prostitution sting. ronald thompson has been with the department for 26 years. today he was charged with solicitation of a prostitute. internal affairs says he was arrested two weeks ago during an undercover operation in hunting park. he's also suspended for 30 days
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and will likely lose his job. tonight, still no breakthrough. septa strike threat remains alive as the union and the agency try to negotiate a deal. thousands of people are making contingency plans in case septa's service is disrupted. nbc 10's rosemary connors is live outside the bargaining session in old city. what's the impact you're finding on local colleges? >> well, renee, today i've been checking in with colleges all over philadelphia and many of them have already sent out alerts to students and stuff just to make sure there aren't any surprises come monday if there is a strike. part of their planning means extending and expanding shuttle services, helping to organize car pool options. it's not just students we're talking about, it's also prof s professors who may have trouble getting to campus. >> i think it's going to be hard. i think they'll be cancelling classes. students say it's inevitable that they sean their professors will sometimes be late. >> they live so close, like 30
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minutes. they take the trolley and transfer from the market frankford to the broad street line. they take that every day to and from. >> reporter: this contingency plan has been introduced to students and staff. regional rail will be the only septa service available. >> they have the regional rail but that's more money than sometimes taking the subway. >> reporter: and may get crowded. >> even more crowding and less seating, yes. it will affect a lot of people. >> i use septa every day for everything. without septa, i can't get around. >> reporter: that would affect myrna ferguson'sç livelihood. other workers are equally concerned about the prospect of a strike. >> i'll have to drive in, pay a lot more to park and probably won't find a parking spot in one of these garages because everybody's going to drive. >> reporter: driving is not an option for many students who
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don't have cars but still need to travel to and from campus. >> it will be hard, especially for people who have other parms -- appointments in the city. they're not going to be able to make those either. >> reporter: both sides, septa and the union are still negotiating. i did check in with state rep jordan harris. he's been called in to help out and work with both sides. at this point, there's no update as to whether any progress has been made today. reporting live, in old city, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. if septa goes on strike next week it could have an impact on election day. that's according to a nonpartisan watch group. >> the franklin marshall poll shows the governor's race is tightening. tom wolf is pull 5g 3% for like voters. nbc 10's christine madella live in center city with a look
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at the other issues at stake. christine? >> for example, in the city of philadelphia, there are other issues. there's the city bond issue on the ballot. asking if the city of philadelphia should borrow more than $137 million for things like transit, streets, parks, museums and municipal buildings. plus, there are several big races that could have a big impact on state and national politics. >> obviously the big race is for pennsylvania governor. but there are other races that voters in pennsylvania should know about it. all the seats in the 435-member u.s. congress are up. >> reporter: so everyone in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware will cast a vote for u.s. representative. >> there are also 203 seats in the pennsylvania house. half of the 50 seats in the
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pennsylvania senate are also on the ballot. >> reporter: the polls show every lawmaker is being graded on their stance on education funding. >> every poll that has come out has said the number one issue that people care about across pennsylvania is education. education funding is huge. certainly in philadelphia as we all know it's a very big point of contention. >> reporter: in the garden state, voters will not be electing a new governor. >> the big race in new jersey, of course, is the senate race for corey booker. >> reporter: booker is a newer senator but he's the incumbent. >> he's already their senator because he won in the special election. so i don't think the stakes in new jersey are as high as they are in pennsylvania. >> i also asked the committee of 70 about voter turnout. in the city of philadelphia, voter turnout for a gubernatorial election has never topped 40%. just a reminder for you voters out there, next tuesday, november 4th, is election day.
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reporting live in center city, christine madella, nbc 10 news. thanks, christine. a federal civil rights lawsuit is being filed against pennsylvania governor tom corbett. a group supporting cheney university says the school is being strangled financially over racial discrimination. it only has about 1,000 students an a big budget deficit. the lawsuit says the school is treated like an ugly stepchild because of outdated policies involving separate but equal education. no committee today from the governor. >> sit down and shut up. new jersey's governor gets into a shouting match.ç why he was so angry at an event to mark two years since hurricane sandy. changes are coming to the delaware state fair grounds. the new musikfest val. >> glenn? >> you should have moved your mouth.
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you could have never told the difference. >> i'm still tracking some showers. even more is on the way. i'll tell you how much to expect and how it could impact your halloween plans or your weekend.
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what's the truth on taxes? says it's tom corbett who's being dishonest. they say tom wolf has a plan to reduce income taxes for the middle class and cut local property taxes. and tom corbett?
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it's corbett who slashed education by a billion dollars... ...and now almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. and it's corbett who's increasing gas taxes by 28 cents a gallon. tom corbett. desperate and dishonest. on this second anniversary of hurricane sandy, a photo-op
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with governor christie turned into a shouting match. >> if you want to have the conversation, i'm happy to have it but until that time, sit down and shut up. >> the man was holding up a sign and questioning the governor about why many homes and businesses still haven't been rebuilt two years after the storm. a new report criticizes the american red cross and its response efforts to superstorm sandy saying the organization was more focused on good publicity than helping victims. aç study from pro-publica and national public radio, says staffers said the organization repeatedly failed to get supplies to people who needed them. in one situation a worker claimed 40% of new york's emergency vehicles were assigned to public relations duties while victims nearby lacked food and water. the red cross denies that claim. in an e-mail to the associated
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press, red cross spokeswoman called the report distorted and inaccurate, saying in part our mission is to alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies. that alone is what guided our service delivery decisions during sandy. the red cross also said during sandy it delivered 17 million meals and snacks to victims and delivered more than 7 million relief items to victims like blankets and flashlights. hundreds of thousand of people are still having mental health problems because of sandy. we're taking a deeper look at the problem on you'll find warning signs and resources to help survivors cope. the allentown school board is going ahead with plans to name a football field for football ledge enandre regend r. he went on to a hall of fame
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career in the nfl. the decision to name the stadium after him was put on hold last week. that's because concerns about a profanity-laced facebook message the exwide receiver sent to an alum who criticized the plan. from our delaware bureau comes word of a big country music festival following the fair. it's expected to be held from august 14th to the 16th, two weeks after the fair. live nation is involved here. more details are expected at a press conference tomorrow. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> a warm stretch of weather. 76 yesterday, 70 degrees today. but that's moving out and the showers are moving out as well. we have more rain coming in on saturday. more rain than what we saw today. and the weekend cold blast that everybody will be feeling. look at this.
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as we go just after sunset, look towards the north and west through the philadelphia skyline, we see clearing. and that is a sign of things to come. 55 degrees now. the wind is diminished to 3 miles an hour. 16 degrees colder than it was at this time yesterday. i hope you have your coats if you're headed out tonight. temperatures in the low 50s, even glassboro and mt. holly near 70 degrees just a couple hours ago. now it's 52. it was near 70 in dover and atlantic city. temperature really dropped quickly as that cold front moves through. the whole area was shrinking. we've been showing you this over the last 2 1/2 hours or so. that area of rain shrinking and moving to the east pretty quickly. the only real rain left is near the shore. even that is on the light side. as you can see, the clouds are going to be going with it and we'll be seeing sunshine tomorrow. the cold front that moved
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through, that's offshore. somewhat colder air coming in. nothing too brutal yet. we're waiting for this next system to come in. in the meantime, the shore develops off the east coast. another nor'easter getting ready to develop here. here comes the northeast winds. by friday evening we're in between systems for the trick or treating. that's pretty good. here comes this, combining with that and when it does, it will create a bigger storm and throw the moisture back and look at al$ this rain around here. saturday, not only in the morning but in the afternoon as well. for tonight, the showers ending. 4 for the low in philadelphia. 39 north and west. mostly sunny, colder tomorrow. high temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. and the seven-day forecast, another chilly day on friday. okay? that's trick or treat time. we'll be seeing temperatures go
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through the 50s. i expect it to be dry and not much wind. that's pretty good. saturday, maybe not so good for somebody outdoor activities. periods of rain much of the day, windy, cold. sunday, here's the bonus. you're going to get an extra hour of sleep, because you set the clocks back at 2:00 a.m., before you go to bed. look how cold it is over the weekend. sunday's wind gusts could be over 40 miles an hour. look at the warmup next week. back into the mid-60s by tuesday and wednesday. i'm john clark. coming up, how is one of the eagles offensive linemen going to play through a big injury? plus, what goal does noel have in his sixer debut tonight? that is next.
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this is the xfinity sportsdesk, brought to you by x xfini xfinity, your home for the most live sports. the birds are 3-0 all-time against the texans. this could be tough for the offensive line trying to block j.j. watt. he has five sacks over his last three games. especially with the uncertainty of guard todd hariman. he has torn biceps in his left arm. he's going to try to play through this. jason kelsey practiced. he should be back at center. evan mathis is a week away but he knows todd well. >> todd is tough as nails. it will take something very bad to bring him out of the game. he's as rugged as they come. at the end of the game he was
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literally blocking, pass protecting with one arm and he was getting the job done. he was dropping his hips and grabbing on and doing what he had to do. >> the sixers tipping off their season tonight in indianapolis. you can see the game on comcast sports net at 7:00. could the sixers win this one? the pacers will only have one of their five starters from last season. and tonight, the debut of nerlens noel. he's one of the pillars of the sixers rebuilding plan. no michael carter william but noel said this morning his goal tonight is to get a double-double in his debut. take a look. last night, the flyers brayden schenn, game-winning goal. jumping up and down, the refs way it off. the kings drew dowdy goes, no goal, bro. he punches him in the chest. flyers are hot. i'm john clark, back to you,
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jim. >> just another day at the office. a political showdown on campaign signs just days before the election caught on video. who took down the signs and what police are saying about it. that's tonight at 11:00.
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hiding in plain sight. that's how scientists explain a new species living in the jersey shore. you heard the atlantic coast leopard frog. it makes its home in the wetland along the shore, even in industrial parts of the meadowlands. a rutgers researcher just published a new paper about these frogs and they have a colorful call, don't they, glenn? >> what a neat discovery. >> yes, a pretty neat sunset behind us, just a few minutes ago. we have clearing back there. >> pretty. >> yes. that sets us up for sunshine tomorrow. it will be on the cool side for a couple days. the weekend gets nasty. rainy and windy and cold on saturday and just windy and cold on sunday.
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tomorrow looks good. thank you, glenn. for all of us here at nbc 10, i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> i'm jim rosenfield. the news continues with "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good night. on our broadcast tonight, $200 million disaster. incredible new views of that explosion up close as a rocket fails to launch on liftoff to the space station. tonight, in this era of contracting out the space program, what went wrong? standoff, the ebola nurse not sick but being quarantined in her home and now vowing to fight. also, the order from the pentagon tonight about members of the military in the hot zone. losing his temper, chris christie flies off the handle at a protester at the jersey shore on this second anniversary of superstorm sandy. and math problem, are you smarter than a second grader? why so many parents are feeling so frustrated these days just trying to help the kids with the homework. "nightly news"