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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  October 31, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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captured. the seven-week manhunt for this accused cop killer in the poconos is over. eric frein is in custody this morning and we have new information now on his transfer to jail. we just got this in the past few minutes. a live report from jesse gary in just a moment. breaking in philadelphia, fire destroyed apartments injuring several people and forcing many more into the cold. strike decision. septa expected to announce today whether or not commuters will need to find a different way of getting to work monday morning. we're e off to a cold start this morning. 42 degrees in philadelphia, but warmer weather is ahead for halloween night. 4:30, good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato.
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>> let's get you start would that october 31st forecast. bill, it's cold this morning, but parents want to know if we need to dress the trick or treaters up in something really warm tonight. >> it will get chilly tonight and little colder this morning. 30s and 40s right now. clear skies, no fog, no problem other than the cold. that's the live view that we have been monitoring. really hasn't changed and sun's not up for another three hours. we will see the temperatures come down a bit more. and temperatures, well, they're already cold for potstown and allentown and right at the freezing mark. wilmington, millville, atlantic city and mt. holly just two degrees above freezing right now. yes, you have to bundle back, it is back, cold air. by 9:00, still pretty chilly and we'll see sunshine and 52 degrees at lunchtime today. now, there's a chance of a sprinkle in parts of our area. back with the hour-by-hour future weather in ten minutes to eshow you where that might be happening. first alert traffic reporter
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jillian mele eis looking at your commute. good morning, jillian? >> a couple problems in montgomery county. upper state road at dekalb pike and following an accident out of lower gwynn. an accident that happened in the overnight hours and an investigation still going on. crews are still out there and route 13 is blocked between tyburn and penn valley road. and then for drivers in delaware this morning, things are pretty quiet, no accidents to report on the majors. this is 495 at philadelphia pike where you can see just a few drivers out there right now. chris? 4:32 and everyone is talking aathis morning about the major breaking news we're following. in the past half hour we learned frein was moved from bloominggrove to the pike county jail. this is video from last night, where the same spot on september 12th he was accused of ambushing
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the two state troopers n chy rz one of them. police arrested frein around 6:00 last night at an abandoned air field about 30 miles from the site of the attack. and here we see, again, troopers taking 31-year-old frein from that patrol car and walking him into the police barracks in union grove. this is after the fbi and marshals surrounded the abandoned hangar after someone reported seeing a man go ein and out of the hangar. turned out to be frein. he surrendered without resisting. after 48 days on the run, he actually looked healthier than they expected. >> eric frein had a mission. that was to attack law enforcement. if he got out of those woods, we were very concerned that he would then kill other law enforcement and if not them, civilians. that's why we had to keep the pressure on. >> and a lot of officers told us
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last night they were surprised that this went down without any violen violence, any resistance. frein is in custody and arraignment scheduled at 9:00 this morning. jesse gary is joining us by phone because they moved frein. transferred frein and that made the media's position move their location, as well. that's why he's joining us by phone. >> roads are blocked off. jesse, what can you tell us? >> we're the first ones here at the county jail here in pike county. the main road, which is pike county boulevard near the intersection of valley road route 7/39. as you approach the jail, a couple officers blocked off the road and said we can't go any further. having to stay or park next to the park county training center or county ecenter where sheriff deputies are trained and housed to a certain degree. that's where we're parked. a quarter mile from the jail
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where frei inis being held. he will be moved to the county courthouse later this morning for his arraignment. that's about 20, 30 minutes away from our current location. right now he is in the jail and a quarter of a mile down the road and we can't get any closer because jail construction officers have blocked off the road. we will try to get a picture up for you, talk to the worker -- >> jesse, we have that picture. we have that picture that you just took. that's where you are, a quarter mile from the jail where they blocked off with the two white vans. >> exactly, tracy. i took that a little away, so it's a little blurry. i did the best i could. a little bit from where that picture is taken. we'll try to get you a tv picture as soon as we can and put that on the air and join you in the next 15 minutes or so. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. 4:35. now that the manhunt is over, halloween is back on for some kids in monroe canty. they initially canceled trick or
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treating because of the search for frein. that wasn't the only issue for children in that area. on several occasions schools were closed because of the police activity. this morning many are remembering the state trooper killed in the attack. byron dickson was killed as he walked out of the barracks on september 12g9. he used to work at the belmont barracks in philadelphia. last night when officers cuffed if, frein they used corpal dickson's handcuffs. we will have live updates for you throughout the morning on air and online at another major story we're following this morning. more breaking news in philadelphia this time. a two-alarm fire raced through these apartments in west philadelphia injuring several people and putting others out of their homes. sky force 10 flew over that scene shortly after the fire broke out after 11:30 last night. monique braxton is live there on the scene and, mow monique, what is the situation now?
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>> good morning to you, chris. we can show you now that the firefighters have just pulled up their hoses and cleared the scene. we have been told that three people have been injured, one of them a firefighter. several people were trapped by the flames and smoke and rescued. we can also tell you that the fire started about 11:45 this morning. heavy fire was scene shooting from the third floor windows and firefighters arrived. residents here tell us that they believe the fire started on the third floor and then shot up to the fourth floor. we're just outside the chestnut park apartments. going it be calling the fire marshal and see where he eis in his investigation, but right now the cause is unknown. but about 60 people are staying in a red cross shelter at sayer middle school. live for now, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. at 4:37. we're looking at a crime crackdown. >> the new addition to one of our area's most dangerous cities. worries about trick or
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treating safety in a another local area. we'll tell you about the threat that may be lurking nearby. the big box store kicking off the holiday shopping season this weekend. we'll tell you what the deals are.
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it is 20 minutes to 5:00 right now. a strike threat looms over philadelphia as we head towards the deadline for a possible walkout by septa workers. they could make a decision today whether the workers will walk off the job. the strike will happen monday. both sides back to the bargaining tables today trying to avoid that walkout. septa and the union met yesterday and still did not reach an agreement. representing bus and rail operators. service delaware county and parts of montgomery county. they, too, were negotiating with septa and his members also authorized the strike. so, it is possible they could walk out if negotiations break down. if there is a strike, regional rails would still be running.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> satt aellite shows we're in clear, which means we're cold this morning. watching showers off to the north and west. look at the clouds and some off shore. the clouds that are musk towards norfolk could be entering the picture for parts of new jersey later today. there's a chance of some scattered showers. you can see the clouds building on the future weather. this is 11:00 this morning. showers off shore at that time. 49 degrees. the farther inland you are, the more sunshine you will see. 46 degrees at that hour in allentown with bright, sunny skies for reading. partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies in philadelphia at 11:00. the clouds will continue to push inland, a few scattered clouds off to the north and west. by 3:00, the shower threat doesn't look all that great for the shore and inland it will be dry. 56 degrees. clouds will be moving in tonight and will likely see some rain
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overnight tonight and into tomorrow. in fact, by late this evening, the rain will be falling and the temperatures will be coming down as the wind picks up for your saturday. saturday is not looking pretty. but, today will be pretty nice. happy halloween. partly sunny skies ask high temperatures in the 50s today. look at the weekend and beyond seven day in less than ten minutes when i come back. and in less than five seconds, a look at traffic and how the roads are shaping up on this friday. >> jillian mele has that. jillian? >> good morning to you at home, as well. live look at 95 right outside of philadelphia international airport. both directions of 95 very clear and quiet right now. no accidents to report there. montgomeriville upper state road at dekalb pike and then lower at dekalb pike. one of our bigger problems out of bucks county. an accident investigation going on. the accident happened hours ago, but crews are still out there. route 13 is blocked off between
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tyburn road and penn valley road. here's what else we're following this morning. one of the troops who helped take down osama bin laden could be facing some legal trouble. next, a possible misstep that has a navy s.e.a.l. at the center of an investigation. breaking news out of the poconos where eric frein is awaiting arraignment. he was moved to the county jail overnight and an update a few minutes away.
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quarter to 5:00 and following breaking developments this morning. the capture of eric frein. we ehave learned that frein has been moved to pike county ecorrecti correctional facility. that's scheduled for 9:00 this morning. we have crews on the scene and prosecutors say they will ask for the death penalty. the fbi, you'll remember, put frein on the ten most wanted
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list. this morning you can see the word captured added in red and our coverage of the capture continues online at nbc10 and right now crews are on the scene. jesse gary, katy zachary moni r monitoring this morning's developments. there is word of a criminal investigation of the formal navy s.e.a.l. who wrote a best seller about the raid that killed osama bin laden. former seal team 6 member is being investigated for allegedly disclosing classifying information in that book. "no "no easy day." he blames his first attorney for advising him that he didn't need to submit his manuscript for review and he apologized not having the book vetted by the pentagon. at least four people are dead following a plane crash in kansas, five others hurt. one witness said it looked like a giant fireball as a small plane hit a building in wichita
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jerd mo yesterday morning. on hawaii's big island dozens of national guard troops are helping provide security near the volcanic lava flow that is creeping closer to home. the lava is still on course towards a downtown area and part of the flow is within 100 feet of a house. so far the lava has burned a shed, tires and a lot of vegetati vegetation. happening today, the man accused in the disappearance of a virginia college student jesse matthews is facing an abduction charge related to the recent death of hannah graham. today's court hearing is in connection with a sexual assault case dating back to 2005. now to the ebola concerns across the country. the governor of maine says negotiations between his state and nurse kaci hickox has gone no where. hickox returned to the u.s. after treating west africa patients and quarantined in new jersey for a couple of days and then transferred to maine and for two days in a row she defied
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that safety quarantine including taking this bike ride with her boyfriend yefrd. she tested negative and does not have ebola and is not a threat to anyone and her rights are being violated. here at home they're monitoring their first travelers from a west african country. a pair arrived home from liberia on october 28th. neither have any symptoms and considered to be in the low-risk category. both will be monitored daily by the health department until their 21-day incubation period ends on november 17th. officials are ready to support the fight against ebola. leaders are developing several scenarios and training air crews that may be ready to fly missions into west africa. if a person returning to the base shows any signs or symptoms of the virus. nick walenda is practicing for his next big challenge that comes up on sunday. he will brief the media about the dare devil stunt in chicago
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where he plans to walk between skyscrapers without a net and blindfold. he walked across part of the grand canyon also without a net. he is seventh generation member of the famous tight rope walking family. now looking at clear skies this morning and a colder morning as a result. clear view across the delaware. we didn't see fog in center city yesterday. not seeing any efog in the region this morning 42 degrees and a little bit of a breeze out of the north, northwest at five miles per hour. completely dry at cape may, which we'll see some clouds and watching for some sprinkles during the day at the shore, but not right now. 38 degrees in atlantic city and 32 in potstown look at wilmington in the 30s as is northeast philadelphia and trenton is down to 36. a colder morning, but it is dry and the radar looks like it will stay dry inland, but this changes tonight as showers will be moving in. it it will be a wet and windy
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saturday. but today is looking pretty nice. partly sunny skies to mostly sunny skies and more sun on the this morning than this afternoon. high temperatures today in the middle to upper 50s. those northwesterly wind to 12 miles per hour today. the seven-day forecast, here it comes. cold, rain for saturday and the showers will move in overnight tonight. the wind will be peaking during the day and top out in the low 50s and without the wind, never feel that warmth. the rain will end for sunday, but sunday will turn colder with clearing skies. high of 49 degrees sunday afternoon. lots of sunshine to start with on monday. it will be a cold start, but look at the afternoon, 58 degrees and the warming trend continues. 68 degrees on tuesday. 70 is possible on wednesday before the next round of showers will come in on thursday. i'm back in ten minutes, the updated temperatures for our area, but right now looks like it's dry for your commute.
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>> let's check on that commute at ten minutes before 5:00 as we're ready to head out the door. >> jillian mele was following a few things a couple minutes ago. anything out there to slow people down? >> not on the boulevard right near broad street. get to some construction on the boulevard in a second. this is route one right near broad street and no accidents to report and i mentioned that construction we have out there, a few spots on the boulevard southbound and also rising sun from 9th street and on the northbound sigh, we have construction cornwell to tyson avenue. i was following two accidents in montgomery county and both just cleared in the last few minutes. upper state road in dekalb you're good to go there. same situation here in lower gwynedo. i'll tell you if we're still dealing with a problem in falls township. chris? continue to follow developments in the capture of eric frein. just got new video into the newsroom here. this is video from our nbc
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center station showing eric frein in orange jump suit and you saw him being transferred there from the pike county or union grove police barracks and put in that patrol car where jesse gary told us earlier he was then taken to the pike county correctional facility some miles aaway. again, you see the transfer of frein there appearing to be, to have a hair cut from the time that we saw him taken into the jail last night and in the orange correctional facility jump suit there. he was waiting an arraignment later this morning set to happen at 9:00 on charges that he shot and killed one state trooper and attempted to kill another in that ambush outside the very barracks where you see there on september 12th. all right, back to tonight's events across the region. halloween, of course, should be a fun time for kids. costumes, candy, all that good stuff. but a lot of dangers out there that parents need to be aware of. some of this is common sense
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stuff, but we want to remind you that kids need to wear reflective gear ask they may not be able to clearly see out of any masks that they're wearing, you want to watch out for that and they also may not be able to see where to walk as well at night. be sure to equip them with flashlights or other illuminating objects they may carry with them and officials are calling halloween one of the most dangerous nights of the year, especially on the roads. >> you know that on halloween night, the number of kids who are killed actually doubles. and there is aism issimple rear it. kids are out and excited and trick or treating and crossing streets probably in the middle of the block where it's not the safest. >> yeah, again, you know it may sound like common sense, but you need to take it slow out there on the roads this evening. slow down and watch out for any kids on the sides of the roads and the streets there. walmart is hoping that you want to get an early start on your holiday shopping. walmart will officially kick off the holiday shopping season tomorrow, november 1st. never too early, right?
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the discount retailer is offering more than 20,000 roll back on items from groceries to television. walmart is offering free shipping on its 100 hottest gifts. 4:54 now. a big day ahead on the university of pennsylvania campus. penn is holding a ceremonial groundbreaking. at 3:15 this afternoon before that the university will host a forum showcasing penn's south bank, a future hub for renovation and new business ventures they call it. a new jersey community is dealing with extra level of spooky this halloween. next, we'll show you what could be lurking around any corner. you have to see this. plus, governor christie's unhinged rant at a hurricane sandy victim getting some backlish and this morning the governor has a response to those criticizing his strong words.
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new this morning, people living in chester should soon feel safer walking down the streets. dozens of new security cameras are about to be installed throughout the city. a $750,000 grant announced yesterday will help pay for the cameras. that money will be backed by another $350,000 from the city of chester. the first new cameras are expected to be installed in the city's sun hills section. governor chris christie is standing by his reaction after a clash with a heckler who wasn't happy with his state's response to superstorm sandy. >> you want to have a conversation later, i'm happy eto have it, buddy. but until that time, sit down and shut up. >> some called it an overreaction. that was on wednesday in bell mar. storm victims including that heckler there are frustrated. the exchange drew national attention, but the governor isn't backing down. >> someone is going to stand up and then they continue to be rude and talk over me and that's
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what the people of new jersey, people in the country expect from me. >> the audio was a little crummy there, but he was pointing out that wasn't the heckler's first outburst. the guy had been talking throughout the speech. many regard christie as a possible presidential contender for 2016. a deadly bear attack in new jersey have some residents on alert. he was hiking while hiking in a nature preserve. it was the first ever deadly bear attack in that state. now, police in a neighboring town of wain are telling trick ortreaters to be on the look out. several neighborhoods are surrounded by wooded area. police are telling families, use common sense. make sure the kids are with an adult and trick or treat in the daylight, if possible. >> we're all concerned. but we'll stay together as a group and, you know, we'll
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persevere. we'll be fine. >> experts also point out the bears don't generally like noise and activity and probably stay away from large groups. there is some relief this morning for parents and trick or treaters in north wilmington today. this aaffsavannah cat named boo was found. the spca told us last night that the animal was found safe. we don't know if boo was returned to his owner, but trick or treaters were worried that the cat may be on the prowl. what you need to know is that the cat is back behind bars, not behind bars, but in an enclosure. >> no danger to anyone. we'll keep you updated on that story throughout the day. you're watching nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. new developments this morning moved to jail. this is video we just got in as you were sleeping.
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the accused cop killer eric frein was taken to the pike correctional facility where he is awaiting had his court arraignment this morning. frein was captured after 48 days on the run. we have live team coverage of his capture and what is next for the community in the center of that manhunt. also breaking this morning, an apartment fire forces people from their homes. three people are hurt, including a firefighter. a drop in temperatures while you were sleeping. a live look this morning at center city. we are seeing 42 degrees in philadelphia, much chillier in the suburbs and we're going to see a warm up today, but this weekend, oh, boy. on saturday, it's going to feel like november 1st. good morning, welcome to nbc news today i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. bill henley in the first alert weather center. bill? >> we are looking at clear skies this morning, which means it is a colder morning for our area with less wind, dry air and clear skies and that's when the temperatures plummet and they've done that this morning. clear in center city, 42


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