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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  October 31, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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frein was taken to the pike correctional facility where he is awaiting had his court arraignment this morning. frein was captured after 48 days on the run. we have live team coverage of his capture and what is next for the community in the center of that manhunt. also breaking this morning, an apartment fire forces people from their homes. three people are hurt, including a firefighter. a drop in temperatures while you were sleeping. a live look this morning at center city. we are seeing 42 degrees in philadelphia, much chillier in the suburbs and we're going to see a warm up today, but this weekend, oh, boy. on saturday, it's going to feel like november 1st. good morning, welcome to nbc news today i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. bill henley in the first alert weather center. bill? >> we are looking at clear skies this morning, which means it is a colder morning for our area with less wind, dry air and clear skies and that's when the temperatures plummet and they've done that this morning. clear in center city, 42 degrees here at nbc 10.
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but most of the area is running colder. 30s, in fact, right at the freezing mark for potstown. 26 degrees right now in mt. pocono and 33, just dropped another degree in mt. holly. dover at 32 degrees but we'll see some sunshine to start things off. clear skies at 7:00. 44. 45 at 9:00 and then by lunchtime, a few extra clouds, especially in new jersey. 52 degrees, but dry at noontime today. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back in less than ten minutes, but right now, let's find out what is happening on the roads with first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. good morning, jillian. >> so far no accidents to report on the majors in delaware, new jersey or pennsylvania. this is a live look at 422 right near 429. the eastbound side where things can get busy later in the morning. for now, quiet out there. an accident investigation going on. this happened hours ago in falls township.
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blocked off between tyburn road and penn valley road. take new falls road and keep you updated there. a live look at route 1. you can see things are very quiet along route 1. 495 looks good and so does 95. chris? at 5:02. we're following breaking dwem developments in the capture of eric frein. this video into nbc 10 showing his transfer from the state police barracks and he has been transferred to the pike county correctional facility. you saw him in an orange jump suit and waiting an arraignment in front of a judge. the fbi put frein on the ten most wanted list. you can see what they added to the website there in red under his photo. the word captured. u.s. marshals arrested frein around 6:00 last night. that is an abandoned air field and that's about 30 miles from the site of the attack on september 12th when the state trooper was killed and another was wounded. jesse gary eis live for us this
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morning and, jesse, you're following these develops as we just saw frein's transfer there. >> chris, we're very close to where he has been transferred to. we are standing in front of the training facility, which is directly behind me. but off to my right is the county jail. it's the dark road, would be and you really can't see anything because it's so dark. at the end of the dark the correctional facility has blocked off the road leading to the pike county jail. they say we can't go any efurther, but that's where eric frein now sits waiting for his arraignment. video just in. we'll take a look at it. this is his transfer from the blooming grove barracks where the crime occurred here to the county jail. this happened just a little while ago during the overnight hours. he was moved by state police and correctional officers to the county jail. federal agents made the arrest last night after residents tipped them off. they saw a man going to that
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abandoned air field in pocono township moving back and forth, in and out. federal officials surrounded the area and then took frein into custody without incident. waiting on further word from the arraignment. they moved it to the county courthouse just to allow media access to video and record the proceedings. so, we'll have that for you late in the morning. coming up in the next hour, we'll make new calls and any new information and what is going on down in the county jail. we'll have that in the next 30 minutes. live in pike county, pennsylvania, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. we want to show our viewers where he was captured. this is an aerial photo. birchwood opened as a resort and the airpark was added in 1960 and closed in 1988. following frein's capture we were on the scene as police set up a road block a block from the abandoned hangar. just how long he was there, but
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they'll be eback out there. police will be ebaback out ther looking for more clues. people in the community can breathe a sigh of relief. >> they had their lives turned upside down over the past seven weeks. schools were being closed when there was a frein siting and hunting was delayed and other people had their property searched. investigators had 15 search warrants for various properties in the area. trick or treating was even going to be canceled tonight. >> but not any more. trick or treating is back on. good news for a lot of families. nbc 10 katy zachary is live where residents have to be rejoicing this morning. katy? >> chris and tracy e, they are revoijoicin rejoicing, especially the kids. kids are waking up to find out that trick or treating is back on. we learned that from township supervisors last night. they canceled all activity because they were worried about
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kids' safety. now that frein was caught, as he has last night, nbc 10 in the area where police are searching and talking with people who live and work in the area and the relief here is palpable. people's lives were deeply affected during the nearly two-month-long search where schools were closed for several days. police would not let people tour from their homes. his capture means that people do not have to live in fear here any more. >> when i got the phone call this afternoon from my chief of police, thank god, thank god this is over. >> and township officials had had planned a trunk or treat in a parking lot. that way kids could go from car to car selecting candy, but halloween festivities have been reinstated. kids are waking up this morning to at least that good news, as well as their parents. reporting live, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. of course, life is not back
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to normal for everyone involved in this. many people remembering the state trooper who was killed in the attack on september 12th. corporal byron dickson was shot as he walked out of his barracks on september 12th. he leaves behind a wife and two young sons. he used to work in the belmont barracks in philadelphia. he was transferred to pike county just a couple months before his death. last night when officers caught frein they used corporal dickson's handcuffs to restrain him. >> fitting to use corporal dickson's handcuffs to place them on frein when we caught him. >> now, the other trooper who was wounded in the ambush, alex douglas, he spent more than a month in the hospital with serious injuries and he is still recovering this morning. in fact, we have to assume that his testimony will be used, will be very valuable in the prosecution of eric frein. you can stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage of frein's capture. updated information online at
5:08 am just about 5:08 and 42 degrees. sky force ten over breaking news in west philadelphia. an entire apartment building has been evacuated because of a fire and three people are hurt. monique braxton is live at the fire scene. monique, what can you tell us? >> since i last talked to you about a half hour ago chestnut street has reopened. firefighters have also cleared the scene, but the scene is still being guarded by police down at the other end of the block. this all means the investigation is far from over. as you mentioned, three folks are injured and one a firefighter and a department spokesperson says when they arrived here just before midnight, they found heavy smoke and flames billowing from a third floor apartment window. the two alarm blaze took more than an hour to bring it under control. and the firefighter here on the scene who spoke to us said there was some difficulty in battling this blaze. >> you have four stories of fire, you have to make sure that all the oxygen moves and the
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safety of the firefighters and the residents, as well. >> now, more than 60 people were rescued and taken to a local shelter at a local high school just a couple of blocks away. in the past half hour, we've been talking to them, we're working on bringing that sound to you in the next half hour. live for now from west philadelphia, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> get ready to bundle up if you're heading out the door. temperatures much lower. most of the area in the 30s to start with. clear skies will see sunshine today. few clouds later on, but dry during the day today. that changes tonight and tomorrow. windy and wet and the temperatures won't be pretty over the weekend. sunshine will be bright, once it comes up. we're still a couple hours away from that happening. 35 right now in allentown. look at the 30s for northeast philadelphia and millville and clear skies and 35 degrees and
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completely dry at the shore and now looks like showers at the shore will stay off shore during the day today. temperatures definitely off this morning by ten degrees in millville and nine degrees cooler in allentown which has most of the area in the 30s. wilmington just bumped up to 31 degrees. bring the temperatures up, 39 now in northeast philadelphia and doylestown 36 and potstown right at 32 degrees and just below the freezing park of chester county. a cold start this morning, but dry one. satellite shows clouds are to the west and off shore. somewhere in between. we're in the clear right now. that changes. the clouds that will be coming up the coast leading to some rain overnight tonight and into tomorrow. so, stand by for sunshine. 49 degrees for mt. pocono this afternoon and middle 50s for quakertown and reading and you'll see plenty of sunshine for trenton, northeast philadelphia and mt. holly. partly cloudy skies this afternoon and showers staying
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off shore. 57 for vineland ask dover and 59 degrees for rehoboth and philadelphia nice and dry and into the 50s today. but, there are changes ahead. the seven-day forecast when i'm back in less than ten minutes. but, right now, things are looking good for your morning commute. >> that's what we like to hear. thank you, bill. on friday morning, it should be ea rather stress free drive to work, don't you think? >> i do think. let's find out if it will be ewith jilli with jillian mele. >> 202 looking good out near route 29. the signs warning about the construction zone, a long-term construction that we have been dealing with for quite some time, but as you can see, no slow downs or accidents to report. drive time on 202 northbound from route 30 to 76 is about 12 minutes and 76 westbound from the vine out to the blue route is a 14-minute trip. if you're traveling the blue route northbound from 95 to 76.
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average speeds in the 50s and 60s on most of the area roadways, including the northeast extension and the pennsylvania turn pike. our one problem this morning that we're keeping an eye on is this accident investigation still happening out there in falls township bucks county and still blocked off between tyburn road and new penn road. >> all right. 12 minutes past 5:00 right now. a tearful apology from a pennsylvania state senator. the crimes leona washington admits to committing and the action she is expected to take today. you can count on nbc 10 for developments in the capture of eric frein. the accused cop killer is in custody this morning. he was just moved to the county jail. next, a closer look at the evidence the police collected during the seven-week manhunt. ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready
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5:15. we're following breaking developments in the capture of eric frein. happened late last night and video just into nbc 10 showing frein taken out of the state police barracks and being transferred to the pike county jail where he is awaiting arraignment that will happen in a few hours. tom corbett talked about how troopers honored their fallen brother, corporal byron dickson. >> when this day did come as had
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been talked about from the day after the shooting, he was placed under arrest and handcuffed with the handcuffs of corporate dickson, which i think is very appropriate. >> corporal dickson leaves behind a wife and two sons. frein left a trail of evidence before his capture from explosives to a rifle and ammunition and found serbian cigarettes and a journal found that police described as chilling. over the last seven weeks, searchers used dogs and even a balloon to try to find him. you can count on nbc 10 to stay on top of this still developing and breaking story. jesse gary and katy zachary are monitoring this morning's developments. we'll check with them in 15 minutes. this morning continue to tick towards a possible septa strike. the main transit workers union could make that decision today on whether or not workers will walk off the job. the strike could happen as early
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as monday. both sides will return to the bargaining table today at noon to sttry to avoid a walkout. vai sikahema is live in the center. >> yesterday as you just mentioned septa and leaders of transport workers union 234 met. they did not come to an agreement. here's what's going to happen if they don't come to an agreement and go on strike. subway trains in the city of philadelphia. and nbc 10 spoke with the vice president of another union representing workers that operate in delaware county eand parts of montgomery county. he said they, too, are negotiating with septa and his members also authorized the strikes. so, it's entirely possible that they could also walk out of negotiations, if things break down. some riders are bracing for the worst. >> the strike would be a really big problem for me because i need to get home from work and i
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work in center city. >> it's important to remember we'll still be operating, we'll continue to monitor and keep an eye on negotiations and bring you the latest developments. live in the digital operations center, i'm vai sikahema. >> what vai was say was that the regional rail, the regional rails to go eto the burbs will continue to operate in the event of a strike. of course, they'll be a lot more crowded than normal, plan on that, if there is a strike. you can also go to where we have a strike survival guide put together right for you. which bus routes shut down and which ones will still run and we also have handy alternate travel alternatives to get to where you want to go. check that out at a senate senator is expecting to step down today after misusing public money.
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yesterday state norleanna washington took a plea deal. she will serve 57 months probation and she gets to keep her pension. washington admitted to using her senate staff and public dollars to host campaign fund-raising events and throw herself a birthday party. she had this message after taking the plea. >> i apologize to those who have been negatively impacted or affected. >> now, the attorney general's office said that washington is also cooperating in ongoing investigations, but wouldn't give us the details on the nature of those investigations. it's 19 minutes past 5:00 right now. if you're heading out the door on this friday morning to get to work, let's check roads. >> let's hope it's a smooth drive. jillian mele has a look at everything going on. jillian? >> looking good in parts of new jersey. route 73 right at the entrance to 295, 73 looks good, 29 a is
5:20 am
free of any accidents right now. area bridges are also pretty quiet. this is the ben franklin bridge and the view from philadelphia, no accidents and no delays to report on all the bridges. that is a little bit of good news to start your friday. 76 right near passyunk avenue. later in the morning, we see some westbound but still pretty quiet out there. the one problem we continue to follow is out of route township. new falls road is your way to get around an accident investigation. your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's a cold morning. 30s and very low 40s. you'll find the 40s in the city. live view from center city. you won't find any clouds overhead, that allowed the temperatures to really come down this morning. five degrees colder in philadelphia with just a light breeze out of the north at five miles an hour. wind is calm here at nbc 10. the flag is at rest. a little bit of a breeze at times, but temperatures, they're
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still falling with dry air and light wind. got 32 degrees in potstown and 30s for millville, dover, wildwood has just dropped to 39 degrees while wilmington is 41 and temperatures still could fall because we have a couple hours to go before sunrise this morning. we're watching the radar and looks like it will stay dry today but by tonight raindrops in the area that will continue into the weekend. the future clouds show this afternoon, clouds will be moving into the area, but rainfall holds off until 9:00 this evening. you see some showers in the toms river area making some progress. just some light, scattered showers in new jersey. those move inland by 11:00 p.m. we'll see light rain in the i-95 corridor and then the rain is likely eto continue overnight tonight and into saturday morning. outdoor events not looking pretty to begin with on saturday and saturday afternoon looks like the rain will continue. so, partly sunny and dry today. 50s this afternoon.
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temperatures will tumble, though, as we go through the weekend. tomorrow, wet, windy conditions and low 40s in the morning and 52 the high temperature in the afternoon with the rain and the wind is really going to feel colder. then it will be colder on sunday, the wind will still be here and gusty winds on sunday afternoon, a high of 49 degrees and 58, a nice warming trend for monday after a cold start monday morning. we will see the temperatures climb even farther on tuesday and wednesday. wednesday potentially 70 degrees. and on thursday, 65 degrees. and sunday is the day you'll get an extra hour. it's time to turn back the clocks. fall back. the hour that was wrongly stolen from sleep deprived people in the morning will be returned to them finally this weekend. >> and a reminder, that's a good time to change the batteries in your smoke detector. a lot of people. there we go. right on cue. change those batteries in your smoke detector. do it twice a year.
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that's so valuable, especially as people are waking up this morning in west philadelphia. today know the value of those smoke detectors as we were covering last night fire tore through an apartment complex there. you can see the size of the flames this morning. the red cross is on the scene assisting a lot of people who are without a home this morning. nbc 10 monique braxton talking to some of those people and let us know how many people were injured in this fire, including a firefighter. those details straight ahead.
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it's a cold morning. the temperatures plummeted overnight. running five to ten degrees colder than yesterday. but this morning, there's no sign of any fog. live view of center city from the adventure aquarium. right now 42 degrees at 5:26. time to say happy halloween to first alert traffic reporter, jillian mele. >> happy halloween and good friday morning to you, bill. to you at home, as well. good morning, philadelphia. traffic having no eproblems out there as you can see it's getting by in both directions. coming up in just a few minutes, a check of the 42 freeway. 5:26 right now. following breaking developments in the capture of eric frein. he was captured last night and new video just into nbc 10 in the last hour. good look of him. he's been transferred to the pike county jail where he is awaiting arraignment that will
5:27 am
happen in a few hours. he was captured after a 48-day manhunt. >> we anticipate another transfer, possibly, if he's taken from the jail to the courthouse where he will be arraigned later this morning. find out what is happening there when that is taking place. count on nbc 10 for all the developments. a team of reporters committed to this breaking story. jesse gary eis near the jail where frein is being held this morning. jesse? >> that's right, correction officers have blocked off the road leading to the jail, won't let us get any closer and he is there and then scheduled for arraignment later today. we'll give you all the details coming up right after the break. and i'm katy zachary. the community that was living in fear is now breathing a big sigh of relief. coming up, you'll hear what people are saying about the capture of eric frein.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> waiting for his arraignment this morning, accused cop killer eric frein is in the pike county jail. he was taken there overnight. live with new can details. fire engulfed a philadelphia apartment building trapping a lot of people there. we are live on the scene with what is happening this morning. an even colder morning. taking a live look outside rht