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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  October 31, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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nbc 10 breaking news. >> waiting for his arraignment this morning, accused cop killer eric frein is in the pike county jail. he was taken there overnight. live with new can details. fire engulfed a philadelphia apartment building trapping a lot of people there. we are live on the scene with what is happening this morning. an even colder morning. taking a live look outside right now. feels more like winter than fall
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as you head out the door this morning. will it warm up in time for trick or treating? hope so. it is 42 degrees right now. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. let's find out more tricks than treats when the kids hit the streets this evening. bill henley is standing by with the first alert forecast. >> when you walk out the door, that colder air will hit you. much of the area is in the 30s and a few spots at or below freezing this morning. dry and fog free this morning, as you can see by this live view from center city. 39 now in northeast philadelphia. look at millville and atlantic city at 35 degrees. dover is in the 30s and potstown is 32 while it's in the 20s this morning in the pocono mountains. getting a cold start, but we will see ethe temperatures climb slowly. by lunchtime, 52 degrees. there is some wet weather on the way, at least the potential for parts of our area. the neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back. right now, let's check in with jillian mele in the first alert
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traffic center. good morning, jillian? >> chester county roads pretty quiet. a look at the route 30 bypass. no accidents and no edeldelays report there. just got word of this one in elkens park and old york road and for drivers in bucks county, this is with us for hours. an accident happened in the overnight hours and an investigation going on in falls township. route 13 is blocked off right now between penn valley road and stick to new falls road as your alternate there and heading into new jersey for a look at the 42 freeway heading northbound between route 55 and average speeds right now in the mid-50s. tracy? 5:32 and we're following breaking developments in the capture of eric frein. new video just into the nbc 10 newsroom just a short time ago. good look at him taken out of the barracks and transferred to the pike county jail where he is
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awaiting arraignment for later this morning. >> we're starting with nbc 10 jesse gary live in lords valley pike's county. jesse? >> yeah, i've been working the phones the past 30 minutes or so calling the county d.a. and calling the state police and trying to get more information about this transfer. was it something that they do, just a matter of course or security concerns. earlier this morning, eric frein was transferred from the bloominggrove state police barracks and brought here to the pike county jail. you can see he's wearing that orange jump suit, placed in a car and driven here. now, once we got here a short time ago, correctional officers had blocked the road leading to the jail. they won't let us get any closer other than to say they can't comment because the road is blocked. frein is scheduled for arraignment at the pike county courthouse around 9:00. we'll be there and try to get more information about this transfer. now, my colleague katy zachary
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up here in northeastern pennsylvania in barrett township. a community that has been on edge. >> good morning, jesse. the relief here is palpable. people living in this community have had their lives turned upside down for two months. over the last seven weeks we know schools have closed and areas evacuated and hunting has been delayed. at times, police would not let people to or from their homes as they search for the state's most wanted man. frein's capture yesterday means people can stop living in fear. >> wife was at choir rehearsal one night and could not get back home because they would not let her back into our neighborhood. she had to sleep on somebody's couch. >> the man that you just, the man that we actually have a new sound bite coming for you in about a half hour. it's from a man who works at this diner behind me. i could tell you businesses in the area have taken a
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substantial hit during the search and in the next half hour, we'll look at how owners and businesses hope to recoup the loss. reporting live in barrett township, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. >> stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage of his capture and live updates throughout the morning on air and on our website, at 5:35. also breaking this morning. look at these flames. this apartment fire forced people out of their beds in the middle of the night. sky force 10 flew over that scene just a few hours ago. some people were trapped by the fire and had to be rescued. monique braxton is live on the scene there for us in west philadelphia. monique? >> chris, dozens of those rescued residents who called chestnut apartments home are settling in place. this place is still being guarded by police just up the street. the fire investigators still don't know the cause. our camera captured dozens of firefighters battling heavy smoke early this morning and
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flames. for more than an hour, investigators say they believe the blaze began inside a third floor apartment. we also saw people shivering in the cold, wondering what had happened to them. we learned that some 60 people were rescued. they're now in a shelter set up by the american red cross at sayer school. >> i saw a big fire. and i got out of there. my wife's handicapped, so it was like kind of hard getting her out of there. >> i went to my door, all this black smoke and fire coming through and then being handic handicapped, nothing much in there. >> we also talked to a gentleman who had to be rescued from his balcony. we're working on that sound for you at 6:00. live for now in west philadelphia, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. it is 5:36 and 42 degrees. this morning, the philadelphia region is bracing for a possible strike by septa transit workers. the main transit union workers
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could make a decision today whether workers can walk off the job, that could happen on monday. both sides at the bargaining table trying to avoid a walkout. septa met yesterday and they couldn't reach an agreement. nbc 10 talked to the vice president of the union representing bus and rail operators that service delaware county and parts of montgomery county. he said they, too, are negotiating with septa and his members also authorize the strike. so, it is possible they could walk out, if negotiations with septa break down. if there is a strike, the regional rails would still be running. now in the event of a mass transit strike. has you covered. our web team has established a survival guide. which lines would be shut down and which would be running and alternate travel routes to get you where you need to go. ebola fears have prompted a legal standoff. we have new information this morning about the maine woman who is refusing to stay in isolation after treating ebola patients in west africa.
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temperatures are falling this morning. it's 42 degrees in center city, but there's some much colder air in the region. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, when we come back.
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skois are nice and clear and it's cold as a result. but you can see clouds north and west and to our south. those are the clouds, the one from the south that could produce a few scattered showers and sprinkles late this morning at the jersey shore and then this afternoon. you can see them in the toms river area. the clouds will be back late this afternoon just a chance of some sprinkles. but most of the area will be dry during the day. 49 degrees for mt. pocono and 50s for allentown and reading. plenty of sunshine for trenton, northeast philadelphia and mt. holly eaauollauolly and partly . vineland and dover will likely stay dry with temperatures in
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the upper 50s and sunshine to start with. warm us into the 50s for westchester, chester and glasboro. but wet weather ahead and colder temperatures, too. i'm back in less than ten minutes with the seven-day forecast. right now, at least we don't have any fog for your commute. we continue to follow breaking news this morning. we will break down the timeline of the events over the past seven weeks of the ambush to last night's capture and now what's ahead. you can count on nbc 10 to walk you through it all. jill jillian? area bridges including the walt widman clear right now. average speeds in the 40s and 50s and no accidents to report and nothing to slow you down on 76. coming up, i'll tell you if i'm still following an accident out of elkman s park.
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5:44. we're following breaking developments in the capture of eric frein. new video we got in here from our sister station showing frein being taken out of the barracks. being put in that car and transferred to the pike county jail. arraigned on charges later this morning at 9:00 a.m. we're following that for you. of course, this all began on september 12th with that deadly ambush outside the blooming
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grove state police barracks. three days later frein's suv submerged in a swamp. the manhunt for frein involved some 1,000 officers. trooper alex douglas who was wounded in that ambush was discharged and schools were closed after a possible sighting of frein on the 17th. thy remained closed for a couple days. yesterday evening it all ended on the 30th. eric frein was captured. and our coverage of his capture continues online at and a lot of different angles for this story and right now jesse gary and katy zachary are monitoring this morning's developments. we'll hear from them in the next 20 minutes. while we're monitoring news in our area, checking developments across the country thanks to our network of reporters and photographers. vai sikahema is checking out the feeds in our digital operation
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center and one thing you're following is the plane crash at the kansas airport. tell us more about that. >> that plane crash happened at 10:00 yesterday morning and i was on the air at 11:00 and broke into it. officials are saying four people are dead as a result of that accident and five others have been hurt. one witness said it looked like a giant fireball as a small plane hit a building at the airport in wichita yesterday morning. the plane had lost power after takeoff and was trying to return back to the airport when it crashed. meanwhile, on hawaii's big island dozens of national guard troops are helping to provide security near the volcanic lava that is creeping closer to homes there. the lava has slowed a little bit, but still on course towards a downtown area and a part of it is within 100 feet of a house. and today nik wallenda plans to walk on a high wire between
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skyscrapers on sunday without a net and while blindfolded. i'm nervous watching this right here. this happened last year. walked across part of the grand canyon and he did that without a net. now, i must confess, guys, some professions i don't get and that's one of them right there. i'll see you guys in about ten minutes. health officials in montgomery county say they're monitoring their first travelers from a west african country. the pair arrived home from liberia on october 28th. neither have any symptoms. they are considered to be in the low-risk category. both will be monitored daily by the health department until their 21-day incubation period ends on november 17th. meantime officials at dover air force base are ready eto support the fight against ebola in west africa. developing several scenarios and training for air crews that may be ready to call for missions. call in response for a person returns to the base showing signs or symptoms of ebola.
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meantime, maine's governor says negotiations between the state and nurse kaci hickox have gone no where. treating ebola victims in west africa. two days in a row hickox defied the safety quarantine, including taking a bike ride with her boyfriend yesterday. she left her home. hickox said she tested negative and she's not a threat. 5:48 now. happening this weekend, tomorrow morning, in fact. 6,000 people will hit the street to make a statement about a disease that often doesn't get the headlines. we're talking about diabetes. 200 die from it every day. and it affects a lot of children in the philadelphia area. nate among those. he was diagnosed with diabetes at age 6. >> for a 6-year-old who's in kindergarten telling them he has to take injections every day and
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test your blood, it's scary. >> holds the biggest fund-raiser of the year. step out walk to stop diabetes and the philadelphia walk is actually the largest in the country. this year's goal, an ambitious one, raise $1 million to find a cure. here's how you can help. still time to sign up. starts at the philadelphia museum of art and registration begins at 7:00 a.m. and we'll be there walking. see you there. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> people will be briskly walking this morning as it's much colder this morning. five to ten degrees chillier with clear skies and light wind in philadelphia right now. it's 42 degrees, but that number still could come down. we're about an hour and a half away from sunrise this morning. nice and calm here at nbc 10. sunshine will be bright and temperatures will be climbing. right now 39 in northeast philadelphia. mt. holly is 33, but look at the 20s for the pocono mountains. portions of delaware and new
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jersey in the 30s this morning. definitely colder than yesterday. it is dry right now for delaware, south jersey and inland, but we may see some scattered light showers in new jersey this afternoon and into this evening, late evening hours. those showers will be moving inland for philadelphia. we'll be in and out of the clouds during the day today and then the rain comes in tonight and stays with us into tomorrow morning. so, not great for outdoor events tomorrow. that's saturday morning. 11:00 a.m. the temperatures will be low and the wind will be blowing to make matters just a little bit worse. so, today's not looking so bad. happy halloween. party sunny skies. 50s and northwesterly wind. the wet, the wind and rain in time for the walk this afternoon and drying out for sunday, a cold wind blowing. don't forget to set your clocks back. it is that time of year. 49 degrees on sunday. monday, look at the warm up. 58 degrees. 70 by wednesday. then a chance of showers
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thursday. >> trick or treating tonight. the weekend is upon us. and first we got to get you to work on this friday morning. >> rets hope it's a smooth drive. jillian mele has a look at what's happening out there. >> i just got word of another accident into our system. this is for drivers in new jersey. northbound side of route 55. the right lane is blocked there. so you can expect to see a little slow down starting to form as more drivers wake up and head out on the roads. still have an accident in elkens park, old oak road and out near the cottman interchange. some volume building southbound, but no big slow downs yet and no accidents to report on 95, 76 or the blue route and we still have route 13 blocked off right now between tyburn road and penn valley road due to an accident investigation. near falls road is your best alternate. 495 is quiet, as you can see, right near terminal avenue. both directions are looking good. chris?
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it is halloween and as kids are getting geared up for the costumes and all that candy, experts are telling parents to keep those little trick or treaters safe while they're on the street. 35 children were hit and killed on the streets on halloween of 2012. two happened on halloween. to keep kids out of danger, they should wear reflective gear and be able to see clearly out of any mask that may be part of their costume. children need to know where to walk and how to cross streets safely. equip them with glow sticks. take you county by county eto lo look at halloween events happening. this is where a community is giving a warning to trick or treaters in one part of the area. we are live on the scene this morning as people continue to recover from this devastating fire that sky force ten was flying over last night. several people were trapped.
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had to be rescued. monique braxton is talking to families that now have no place to live because of this fire.
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a deadly bear attack in north jersey has some families on alert this halloween. patel was killed while hiking in west millford. it was the first ever deadly bear attack and now police in the neighboring town of wayne are telling police to be on the look out. more than 100 sightings and several neighborhoods are surrounded by wooded areas there. police are telling families, use common sense. trick or treat in the daylight, if possible. >> definitely. we're all concerned. but, you know, we'll stay together as a group and just, you know, we'll persevere. we'll be fine. >> experts point out that bears generally don't like noise and activity and probably stay away from large groups. trick and treaters and parents are feeling better about going in the dark tonight because this african savannah
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cat named boo has been found. the animal escaped from his owner's home two weeks ago. authorities were warning people to stay away from the cat. but boo is back where boo belongs now. let's look at some of halloween events county by county. kids can go trick or treating while enjoying the animals that zoo. the annual boo at the zoo event. children are invited to wear their costumes and collect candy from 5:00 to 7:30 tonight. and the bucks county we have details about trick or treating in one community there. they're starting earlier than usual this year. the ghouls and goblins can collect candy earlier in the night. the neighborhood is doing that from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. so that it will be lighter outside at that time to help keep kids safer this year out on the streets. and moving on now to delaware county and our halloween round up. young kids can show off their
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costumes at halloween parade this afternoon. that's for children ages 6 and under. the parade will leave from thatcher park on rutgers avenue and a halloween event for those who want a little scarier of a time here. the haunted hugh moore park. cue the scary music from 6:00 to 9:00. ghost walk, and halloween stories around a camp fire and some guy holding a flashlight under his chin and pumpkin painting and a hay maze. a terrifying hay maze. that's on hugh moore park maze. it's thrills and treats in cape may. the wildwood elk is hosting a free haunted house. free. trick or treaters can walk through the scene and then get some candy, if you survive being scared out of your pants. that's from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. a lot of halloween fun going on, guys. tracy and vai, i hope you have your costumes all picked out and ready. >> i have a candy and i'm ready to answer the door. >> for my money, eastern state
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penitentiary, it's too scary when it's not halloween. nbc 10 news at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. one of the fbi's most wanted is behind bars this morning. eric frein the man accused of ambushing and killing a pennsylvania state trooper will make his first court appearance in the poconos. another breaking news story we're following overnight. an apartment building goes up in flames. fire shot out of the windows and some people had to be rescued from balconies. we're live on that scene. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. >> kid may ihave to layer up a little bit under their costumes but otherwise should be okay. let's get our forecast from bill henley. bill? >> anybody heading out right now will have to layer up, like we did in the beginning of the week. skies are clear and temperatures have fallen. right now, philadelphia in center city is in the 40s. but look at this.
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temperatures in the 30s and below freezing now in potstown and allentown. 29 degrees in allentown and 37 in trenton and mt. holly just one degree above freezing and just got a bit cooler in millville. you'll see sunshine in the suburbs and 30 degrees in some of the colder suburbs while it's 40 degrees in center city. during the day today, we will see sunshine. 45 at 9:00. and by lunchtime 52 and then 57 degrees and partly sunny skies later this afternoon. i'm back in ten minutes with your neighborhood by neighborhood forforecast. let's check in with jillian mele. >> following a really serious accident out of franklin township. route 55 northbound is completely shut down past route 40, exit 39 all because of the serious accident there. we are told a medical helicopter is en route to that