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tv   Today  WCAU  October 31, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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"today" show eis next. we'll continue updates about the eric frein capture. sky force 10 is on the way to cover his arraignment. good morning. manhunt over. after 48 days on the run, suspected cop killer eric frein is finally in custody, the search ending in an abandoned air field. he will face a judge this morning. how did he elude police for so long? call for help. pilot of a small plane signals trouble seconds before crashing and sparking a horrific fire. at least four people killed, five others injured. an investigation now under way. long way down. a parachutist gets hung up on the wires of a television tower near st. louis and dangles there for two hours before being rescued but police say his troubles could just be
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beginning. and let the boo-nanza begin. it's halloween morning and exactly 20 years since "today" first dressed up and we're marking the occasion with a reveal that's literally been decades in the making "today," friday, october 31st, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," halloween boo-nanza with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning on a friday morning. happy halloween, everyone. i'm matt lauer, along with hoda kotb, al roker, natalie morales. savannah is back on monday. >> indeed, she is. >> we have a band out there? >> what a way to celebrate halloween on the plaza. >> a lot of people are dressed up in their costumes.
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this is one of those shows that always starts one way and ends completely differently. fun in our 8:00 hour. >> we're already thinking christmas. >> we've moved ahead. merry christmas, honey. let's start on a friday morning with our top story. two-month-old search for eric frein, suspected of ambushing two pennsylvania state troopers, killing one of them. kristen dahlgren has the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. eric frein is being arraigned on first-degree murder aof a state trooper. seven weeks ago, he hid in these woods, targeting two state troopers, killing one. >> we weren't going to stop until this fugitive was arrested. >> reporter: suspected cop killer eric frein is in police
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custody this morning. seen here with blood on his nose but without the dirt and facial hair many expected to see given seven weeks on the run in the pennsylvania woods. late thursday, pennsylvania governor tom corbett praised the efforts of police in ending the long manhunt. >> i can't tell you how much on behalf of a grateful state we want to thank all the partners who have been involved in this mission to capture this individual. >> reporter: frein was seen with blood on his face, but authorities say he surrendered without a struggle. they found belongings, including a rifle and handgun. he was taken into custody, wearing the handcuffs of the troop trooper he is accused of murdering. >> he was placed under arrest and handcuffed with the handcuffs of corporal dixon, which i think is very appropriate. >> reporter: frein was then taken to the barracks, the same building where that ambush took place during a shift change september 12th, launching the
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exhaustive 48-day manhunt for the gun enthusiast. police found the 31-year-old's abandoned suv, assault rifle, pipe bomb, soiled diapers and detailed writings describing the murder of corporal dixon. all frustrating near misses until police finally got their man. >> let me assure you from everybody here, justice will be served. >> reporter: and authorities say that justice will include seeking the death penalty. meantime, you can imagine the relief -- not just for authority whose worried that this would end in a gun battle but also for this community, waking up relieved for the first time in weeks. the halloween trick-or-treating they had canceled because of the manhunt is back on for tonight, matt and hoda. >> kristen dahlgren, thank you very much. we are learning more this morning about a tragic plane crash at wichita's mid continental airport. at least four people died when a small plane slammed into a
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training building. ron mott is there with that story. good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning to you. three of the people who died were in a flight simulator in this building you see behind me. the fourth person was the pilot. investigators have arrived to begin the process of figuring out exactly what went wrong. the twin engine turbo prop slammed into the building shortly after takeoff, sparking a raging fire that sent black clouds of smoke high in the air. inside, pilots practicing in flight simulators. identified as a friend by 53-year-old mark goldstein tried turning back to the runway when an engine failed. >> he didn't have enough altitude to do much of anything. the time he applied the power to the time he hit the building was less than 30 seconds. >> reporter: the popular prop he was flying, leaving him the only one aboard struggling to maintain control. he called the tower soon after getting airborne. >> just declared an emergency. we just lost an engine. >> reporter: few seconds of
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silence, then this. >> what's on fire? >> we just lost an aircraft. >> reporter: this woman says she saw something go down but was uncertain exactly what. >> it was windy and i heard a big, loud noise but i didn't know what it was and then i could see smoke coming up from around the side of the building. >> reporter: hours after the crash, smoke still billowed from the building, which officials say will be inspected before the wreckage and bodies can be safely removed. >> until such time we can render the building safe, we're going to take all the precautions necessary to ensure none of our firefighters are hurt. >> reporter: now, officials say they'll make every effort to try to recover those bodies today, but because the building is so unstable, that process could take several days. still no word on the identities of the three people who died inside. hoda, matt, back to you. >> ron mott, thank you very much. standoff in maine between officials and that nurse who is fighting that voluntary
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quarantine for people who treated ebola patients. will she be forced to comply? stephanie gosk has more on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: the big question following kaci hickox's bike ride is what were officials going to do? the answer so far is not much. this debate maybe having an affect. doctors without borders, the group that hickox worked for says there's growing confusion and anxiety among the u.s. volunteers getting ready to come home. >> this is something my partner and i like to do. >> reporter: with a bicycle helmet as her only protection, maine's governor said he has no problem with kaci hickox vent turing out of her house for a quick bike ride. governor paula paige is says for her safety. >> her behavior is really riling a lot of people up and i can only do what i can do. and we're trying to protect her,
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but she's not acting as smart as she probably should. >> reporter: so far, maine seems to have backed down from plans to seek a court order to keep hickox and others who have had contact with ebola patients in the past 21 days out of public places. >> i am not symptomatic. there's no way i could give someone ebola. >> reporter: so far, hickox has complied with the state's request, opting for a pizza delivery after this national name drop. >> i would love to be able to getg to the moose shack and get a piece of pizza. >> we've received phone calls, is she here? people wanting to come have lunch but she's not coming because possibly she may be here. >> reporter: 3,000 have signed an online petition to revoke her nurtur nursing license if she doesn't stay inside. what a brat, one tweeted.
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serious case of mebola. kaci hickox swears a bike helmet to protect herself, could care less about americans. the burden is on maine to justify a strict quarantine. >> you can do it if you can demonstrate that they're going to harm the public. the state has to show that. they haven't offered any evidence to that effect. all they've said is an abundance of caution. liberty is more than that in america. >> reporter: kaci's boyfriend came out and said they chose that bike route deliberately. they didn't ride into town or go among a lot of people. they said we don't want to get anybody sick and we don't believe we can get anyone sick. matt and hoda? >> stephanie gosk, thank you very much. here with a new investigation into the killing of osama bin laden, huh? >> that's right. and member of s.e.a.l. team 6 who wrote the best-selling book now under criminal investigation. at question is whether or not he
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disclosed classified information in the book "no easy day." according to the "new york times," investigators are looking into paid speeches he gave at corporate events. he has already apologized for not having the book vetted through the pentagon. series of explosions at a fireworks factory in england leaves four people hurt and one worker is still missing. nearby homes and businesses were evacuated and other residents were told to stay indoors as flames ripped through the warehouse. the cause of the incident under investigation. down to the wire for a base jumper in st. louis thursday night. he was stuck dangling 150 feet in the air for more than two hours. firefighters say the man probably climbed the tv tower and jumped off. the man then became entangled in the wires with his parachute deployed. rescuers were able to pull him to safety. he was taken from the scene in handcuffs by ambulance.
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the dallas nurse who recover friday ebola will be reunited with her dog tomorrow after tests revealed the pet is ebola free. bentley had been remove friday nina pham's apartment and placed in a 21-day quarantine after pham was diagnosed with ebola and placed in isolation. pham was released from the hospital last week after being declared free of the deadly disease. you can imagine how joyful that reunion is going to be. screeching halt because of a drill -- not a fire drill but a giant drill bit that pierced the ceiling of a subway tunnel. construction crew was working on a project in queens when the drill was accidentally used in the wrong place and scraped the side of a subway train that was carrying, get this, 800 people inside. the train stopped and passengers were led back to the subway platform. >> that is terrifying. >> yeah. >> you're packed in there like sardines. >> you are. >> why don't we drill here? yeah, i don't think there's
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anything under here. oh, sorry! maybe we should have looked at a map. >> woopsie. roker? >> this halloween forecast not great for a lot of people. >> no, it's not, unfortunately. a lot of little ghouls and goblins will have to have coats and sweatshirts underneath the costumes. high pressure builds in, bringing in colder air, low pressure develops off the coast. the difference between the two going to bring in cold air. 40 million people this morning into saturday will be under some sort of freeze warning, freeze watch or freeze advisory. so here is your halloween trick or treat forecast. not great in syracuse. rain. it will feel like 36. pittsburgh, 38. it's going to feel like 44 in charleston. as you get into central and northern ohio, indiana, on into parts of michigan, we're talking snow in chicago. it will feel like 24 degrees for trick-or-treaters out there. we're going to get to
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so here's the new living room... tv, couch, pillows. nice! see, we've completely remodeled the kitchen. cozy. ♪ let's go check out the pantry! ♪ it's our dunkin' dream room! amazing! wish i had a room like this. let's make some dunkin'. one taste and you'll understand. great remodel. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries. try new french roast and colombian today. america runs on dunkin'. good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. a cold start, but we'll see sunshine to start with before clouds roll in this afternoon. the temperatures will climb to the mid to upper 50s. clouds will be increasing as we head into tonight and late evening showers for trick or treaters and then rain, wind and cold for saturday and colder sunday. but it will be dry sunday as we turn the clocks back an hour. monday, a bit warmer after a cold start and look at the
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warming trend for tuesday. wednesday afternoon, up to 70. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks so much. only days before the mid term elections, it's all about the mood of the voters and whether change will again come to washington. chuck todd, moderator of "meet the press" is wrapping up his "meet the voters" road trip. his last stop, metaire, louisiana. good morning, chuck. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. >> president's numbers are low, congress' numbers are low. do you think people are going to want to go out to the polls, are they going to be holding their nose, picking the lesser of two evils? what are we going to see? >> the voters i met definitely feels like a hold your nose election. you get the sense, in talking to voters, they would like to punish the president's party without rewarding the republicans. in many cases they're sitting on their hands. not sure what to do. they do plan on voting. they're spending millions of
7:15 am
doll dollars in these races, they are going to show up to the poll. they're probably leaning against the president but they're not happy about it. >> the republicans need to take six seats to take control of the senate. >> reporter: right. >> where do you see the most competitive spots? >> reporter: there are three states, iowa, colorado and kansas, i would have a good idea who would control the senate. republicans start with three in the bag already. among those three, if one party wins two of those three races, they're going to control the senate. and right now i think all three of them are within two points. >> let's talk ebola for a second. it's sort of emerged as an issue. people are upset about how the federal government has handled this. a couple of states it's very important, new jersey and maine. how big of an issue do you think ebola is going to be for voters? >> reporter: well, it's interesting. in traveling the country and the states i was in, whether it was the midwest or the south, ebola wasn't a huge issue in the senate races, wasn't a huge
7:16 am
issue for these voters, but in these particular states, i would peg illinois, georgia. you brought up maine. highly contested gubernatorial cases. you have major airports there or, of course, the one nurse that's in maine. and so it could play, but voters aren't exactly holding one party against the other on this. so while it's an issue, i don't know if it sways an undecided voter, hoda. >> are you hopping on that bus and coming home now? is it over? >> reporter: of course. well, it's sort of over. i'm going to be back here in louisiana in december. you guys got crazy rules down here, hoda. >> that's actually very true. for a complete wrap-up of the races, be sure to "meet the press" this sunday. nbc, of course, will have special live coverage as the results roll in tuesday night at 10:00, 9:00 central time. nba superstar lebron james could probably win an election
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in cleveland right now. playing his first game back with his old team, the cavaliers. the celebration was over the top. the results probably not what king james or the fans had hoped for. national correspondent craig melvin is in cleveland this morning. hi, craig. >> reporter: matt, good morning. check this out. the entire front page of this city's major newspaper devoted to ohio's favorite son. keep in mind, last year, they were burning this guy in effigy. as you mentioned there, thursday night, fans flooded the streets, celebrating the triumphant return of their prodigal son. >> number 23, lebron james! >> call it a comeback. he had been here for years, now back with a vengeance. james for three. they lost their first home game but that did not spoil the mood.
7:18 am
cleveland is all about looking forward to the future. >> we had one bad moment and it overshadowed a lot of great times. >> reporter: that one bad moment? james' high profile departure to the miami heat, winning two championships there. over the summer, cavalier's owner called his departure a cowardly betrayal, buried the hatchet as lebron re-signed with the cavaliers sbchlt just like that, all was forgiven. a giant banner that was torn down when he left in 2010 replaced with a new one. jerseys that were torched now replaced and seen all over town, as fans prepare for a new age of lebron. >> he means the world to us. >> do you remember what -- >> we all hated him months ago. >> reporter: that's all in the past as seen in a new nike ad
7:19 am
gone viral. >> one, two, three. four, five, six. >> reporter: with one game in the books it remains to be seen if the second come something all it's cracked up to be. ask cavalier fans and there's little doubt. >> we're excited for a championship. >> reporter: this year? >> hopefully. >> reporter: 1964, that's the last time this city enjoyed a major sports championship, guys. but they are -- as desperate as they are optimistic, season tickets for the cavaliers sold out in eight hours this time around. they're saying lebron's return to the franchise will mean about $215 million in additional revenue. >> wow! >> all right. >> wowza. >> the next guy killed by the bulls in their home opener and then went to cleveland and beat the cavaliers. >> that's right. tamron is in for carson this morning. you have some fall lsout about one of the most talked about moments in the world series. nothing to do with baseball, though. >> nothing to do with baseball.
7:20 am
the giants won the world series wednesday. there was a lot of buzz online during the game but it was a moment that actually happened after the game. not a controversy but a conversation. regional chevy manager's name rick willoughby, presenting a new truck to the mvp madison m bumgarner when his nerves got the best of him. take a look. >> at chevrolet, we have -- we have have also been proud of the latest and greatest technology in our truck lineup, which is the all-new 2015 chevy colorado. it combines class winning, leading technology and stuff. >> well, okay. i thought he was adorable but technology and stuff, guys, started trending. this is chris bailey.
7:21 am
i wonder if the #chevy guy knows he's trending since you know he's up-to-date on technology and stuff. wait a minute. okay. so sam said i love #chevy guy. i'm a firm believer in ditching the prepared script script & freelancing. gm responded and said in their statement, he was on message. the truck has technology and stuff. we will use that term "and stuff." and, guess what, they did. a couple of their official websites, what if we told you that #chevy colorado with technology and stuff could make you cooler? they told him he did nothing wrong. he's getting a lot of praise. i think he's adorable. >> let's invite him here to try that again live on the air like we did -- what was that, miss america? >> yes. >> we don't want to do redo it. >> but let's show him some love
7:22 am
here. >> okay. mr. willsie, you've been invited to the "today" show. >> and we could all have one of those moments. >> and will. this morning, speaking out about the disturbing threats she now claims she's receiving. nik wallenda has conquered the grand canyon and now his most dangerous stunt ever, tightrope walk over the chicago river. part of that walk, by the way, blindfolded. first this is "today" on nbc.
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good morning, i'm vai sikahema. hour halloween first alert forecast. bill? >> just a couple minutes away from sunrise, but you can clearly see clouds along the coastline. the jersey shore might see a few sprinkles during the day today and later this morning and into the afternoon. inland sunshine to warm things up. right now it is cold outside. 39 degrees for northeast philadelphia. potstown is below freezing and in the 30s in wilmington and trenton. clear skies over the city and 52 degrees at lunchtime, 57 later today. check on traffic with jillian mele. jill, an accident on the blue route? >> mostly on the shoulder, but partially blocking the right
7:27 am
lane. blue route northbound just past upper darby a slow down here as drivers pass that scene and finally a bit of good news for drivers in new jersey. route 55 northbound shut down for about an hour at route 40 because of a multi-vehicle accident. that has been reopened and the accident has been moved over to the shoulder. vai? we're following breaking news in the capture of eric frein. sky force 10 is on its way where frein is waiting to be moved for his arraignment this morning. frein was moved from the jail from the state police barracks in blooming grove. his arraignment scheduled an hour and a half from now at 9:00 a.m. we have crews in pike county following new developments and always get realtime information on let's send you back to "today" show.
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newspapers speak out. tom corbett has been something of a disaster. tom corbett cut spending on education by a billion dollars... it's time for a change. elect tom wolf, and you'll get the type of governor we haven't seen for a while... who looks out for average, hard-working pennsylvanians. it's wolf who has solid ideas for bringing in new business and for boosting the economy. tom wolf for governor, a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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7:30 now on this halloween morning, october 31st, 2014. this is a good crowd this year. a lot of people in the spirit. lots of great costumes out there already on the plaza. and, very soon, we're going to be getting dressed up and will join them for our big reveal. >> so looking forward to that. >> are you really? >> yes. 30 minutes to go. >> it's going to be good. >> epic. >> speaking of halloween, wait till you see what happen when natalie, willie, tamron and i paid a visit to the haunted house. tamron had to apply for workman's comp. >> we're still recovering. >> crazy. crazy. >> let's first get a look at
7:31 am
what's making headline this is morning. accused cop killer eric frein is being arraigned this morning. he was taken into custody near an abandoned airplane hangar last night after a nearly seven-week manhunt. crews are working to recover the victims of a tragic plane accident in kansas. a small plane lost power and slammed into a building at an airport in wichita, killing the pilot and at least three people inside. the national guard is now being deployed to an historic village in hawaii to help deal with that slow-moving lava flow. 83 troops will provide security and man roadblocks as the natural disaster advances. meanwhile we'll be talking with nik wallenda, as the dare devil is preparing for this weekend's risky tightrope walk high above the windy city of chicago. did we mention he will do part of the walk blindfolded? >> you and willie will be there. >> we'll be more nervous than he is. he looks pretty calm.
7:32 am
a woman's encounter while walking through new york city is provoking strong reaction. this morning, the women behind it are speaking out. tamron? >> yes, hoda, when does a compliment turn into a cat call? that's one of the many questions about that video now being debated across social media. when the video of a hidden camera experiment capturing the sights and sounds of a woman's experience walking the streets of new york city is posted online, it became a social media phenomenon, with more than 20 million views since it debuted tuesday. the group behind the video wants to raise awareness of street harassment. >> my dream of all dreams is that street harassers watch this enemas and think, god, i had no idea the impact this had on women as they walk down the street. >> reporter: it did not provoke that reaction for some. >> i do not see harassment there, none, zero. >> we think about these things differently. >> reporter: when actress
7:33 am
shoshanna roberts heard about the casting call, she jumped at the chance to show what a typical day is like for her. >> i'm telling my story so someone can understand and walk in my shoes for two minutes. >> reporter: she says she received a lot of positive feedback from the video, she has also received threats of rape and violence, some so extreme, she's taking them to the police. a recent report by an advocacy group found more than half of all women have experienced verbal harassment on the street. and two-thirds of the harassed women were concerned it would escalate into something worse. >> it can make them fearful. they never know what the intention is behind men who may be saying things to them. are they going to escalate their attention, grab them, assault them? everybody has had a story that's happened to them or someone they know. wives, sisters, nieces, your aunts, your daughters.
7:34 am
>> so, another criticism of the video concerns the ethnicity of the harassers shown in the clips, with some calling all of the white people saying they were all edited out. they she walked in neighborhoods all over manhattan and experienced 100 instances of harassment but only the most egregious ones. and the video grapher said he had some audio problem soes a lot of men were not heard that he would have used and many of those, he said, were white. >> do you believe there's a thin line or broad line between a compliment and cat call? >> i think it's tonal. >> i think it's how you feel. when someone says, hey, pretty, i say hi. i don't get defensive but it's -- >> depends on tone. if they're leering, following you. >> that's scary. >> men were following her. >> thanks, tamron. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> announcer: "today's" sunday
7:35 am
night football weather is brought to you by nfl mobile exclusively from verizon. >> we also have a nor'easter we're watching over the next 24 hours. energy will be transferred from this one system into this one coming off the north carolina coast, making its way up into new england. look at this. we've got winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories, tennessee on into virginia and parts of west virginia. some areas, picking up three to six, even nine inches of snow. wet weather around the delmarva peninsula and possibility of heavier sno good morning, i'm mete meteorologist bill henley, a cold start, but we'll see sunshine to start with before clouds roll in this afternoon. temperatures will climb to the mid to upper 50s. clouds will be increasing as we head into tonight and late evening showers for trick or treaters and then rain, wind and cold for saturday and colder sunday, but it will be dry sunday as we turn the clocks back an hour.
7:36 am
monday, a bit warmer after a cold start and look at the warming trend for tuesday. wednesday afternoon, up to 70. have a great day. >> announcer: catch nfl action right from your smart phone. get live, local and prime time nfl games when you download nfl mobile exclusively from verizon. >> it's the best night of the week. it's sunday night, football night in america. heinz field, that's right. the ravens are going to get coated with ketchup. we'll see what happens, when the steelers take on the ravens. very cool. 40 degrees on sunday night, football night in america. i like ketchup. >> is that a penalty? >> i don't know. but we'll see if they can cut the mustard. >> all right, al. thank you. by the way, also sunday night, he walked over the grand canyon on a wire, niagara falls on a wire. now nik wallenda is ready to
7:37 am
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7:42 am
prove it again. >> in chicago first at an incline and then blindfolded. >> we'll talk to nik in a moment. first, his flare for the dramatic. nik wallenda has built a legendary career on 5/8 an inch, but even he has never done this. the thrill seeker has taken a high wire over a highway. >> nice and steady. >> conquered both niagara fall. >> nik wallenda has done it. >> and the grand canyon. >> thank you, lord. >> and even took time to phone us from 12 stories above the ground. nik, can you hear us? >> yeah, i can. >> why are you calling us, nik? >> now he will be walking a wire in the windy city with some twists. wallenda's sunday stroll is his highest skyscraper walk ever taking him between two of chicago's biggest buildings at a
7:43 am
15-degree incline. and to follow that up, a second walk, blindfolded. sunday, all eyes will be on nik wallenda's latest stunt, even if he can't say the same. and, nik wallenda joins us live. nik, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i know you spent a lot of time last night with the construction crew and the engineers, watching the wires get set up. now that you've seen what it looks like, does it make you more or less nervous? >> no. you know what? it makes me excited more than anything. this is another dream of mine. i love the city of chicago and i'm excited to be here. >> i love that nik is never nervous. nik, everybody will be keeping their eyes on the weather forecast, calling for 40 degrees or so there in the windy city, of course, the winds coming from the north. how is the forecast looking for you? is there any reason at this point to be concerned sunday night? >> not right now. everything looks great. of course, today we've got a storm blowing through. this would be very intimidating if i let it take control of my
7:44 am
mind. i know that weather changes within minutes often around here. there's no sense in focusing on today. i'm focusing on sunday and the weather looks very promising. >> real quickly, nik, what gets in your head more, the 15% incline of the first part of the walk or the blindfold on the second? >> that's a tough one. both of them are extremely huge challenge. i would say the blindfold, taking away that most important sense of a wire walker, vision and focus is very, very challenging. >> well, we are going to be watching. me, from the comfort of my home, but natalie will be there, broadcasting this live. are you nervous? >> along with willie geist and jim cantore from the weather channel. i think we are always more nervous than nik is. you are the picture of confidence and he always keeps his head about him. after the grand canyon, i think i lost a couple of years of my life there. >> nik, our best wishes -- >> i'm sorry. >> -- are with you. you always put on a great show.
7:45 am
good luck, sir. >> see you guys sunday. >> watch the drama for yourself on skyscraper live with nik wallenda sunday 7:00 eastern, 7:00 pacific on the discovery channel. coming up, get in your final guesses, almost time for coming up, get in your final guesses, almost time for halloween boo-nanza and you could be at the corner of "i'm throwing away money" and "i had no idea." well, walgreens has your back. our expert pharmacists make it easy for you to save on your prescriptions. so you can keep your money where it belongs. swing by walgreens... ...where you could save even more with medicare prescription copays as low as zero dollars. at the corner of happy and healthy. [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon.
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7:50 am
we're going as for halloween this year? we're going to see if you're right. let's head over to the orange room. >> do you notice anything different? got a new friend. anyway, we've already shown you our one and only clue for the costumes that we will be wearing in our big boo-nanza hallo-palooza. very, very popular, wonder twins power activate. and then, of course, danny and sandy from grease and one of our viewers said that is definitely dirty dancing. looking forward to willie geist in tight pants. okay. there's willie, working on his muscles. that's the rehearsal. good guess there. okay. beauty and the beast is the theme, that's what thomas said. we don't have necks. okay. this one is genius.
7:51 am
jacqueline sent in @today show the brooklyn bridge. take a look. huh? >> i like that. >> where is your ez pass? >> so we have one more clue for you before the big reveal. ladies and gentlemen, here it is. got it? >> that's it? >> yeah, that's it. >> that's the clue? >> that is all. keep your guesses coming. >> you're not helping america, tamron. come on! >> you have to think. we don't want to reveal it. you have to work for it. the mystery will be answered very soon. let me go out to the minivan. >> all right. >> i'm confused. all right, kids, the moment you have been waiting for, it's our crow -- the crew put the
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning, i'm vai sikahema. let's get our first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley. the kids will just have to layer up this afternoon in their costumes. >> it is cold outside, too. the temperatures in the 30s and some spots in the 20s. you can see the fall colors, though. a nice view as the sun is getting brighter in the pocono mountains and that's the view from the french manor this morning. the cold, 26 in mt. peocono. 34 in mount holly, a cold start, but lots of sunshine to warm things up, only into the 50s today. >> thank you, bill. let's get a check on traffic and an update on the blue route. jill? >> the accident northbound right near upper darby has cleared, but, unfortunately, a pretty big delay as drivers approach that scene because it backs things up so much. the blue route northbound is still slow moving, especially
7:57 am
near route 1. this is good news for drivers in bucks county. route 13 was closed for hours this morning because of an accident investigation. the southbound side had reopened earlier and northbound had since reopened between penn valley road and tyburn road. vai? following breaking news this morning in the capture of eric frein. over the pike county jail. we just lost our shot there, but eric frein is waiting to be moved for his arraignment at any moment now. frein was transferred to the jail early this morning. this is video of that. his arraignment is scheduled for about an hour from now, 9:00 a.m. at the pike county courthouse. and, of course, stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage of eric frein's capture. you can always get real-time information at right now dozens of people are out of their apartment after a fire in west philadelphia. 62nd and chestnut overnight. two people were hurt, including a firefighter. this morning the red cross is there helping about 60 people
tv-commercial tv-commercial
7:58 am
outthr out. we'll send you back to the "today" show and see you in about 25.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today" and it's time for our halloween boo-nanza. two decades since "today" first dressed up. and we're now just minutes away from this year's big halloween reveal. and it's truly one for the ages "today," friday, october 31st, 2014. >> good morning, iowa. happy halloween! >> happy halloween. till death do us part. >> we're girls. >> ohio loves "today." >> good morning, kansas city. hi, mom! >> i'm a sailor.
8:01 am
>> i'm a nurse. >> from texas. >> happy halloween! >> and welcome back, everyone, to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer along with hoda kotb, natalie morales, al roker and tamron hall. savannah comes back on monday. >> yea! >> and she promises to bring us a video diary of that little girl there. that is baby vale. we'll see that when savannah returns. >> cannot wait. something different with the guys around here. no shave november. it's all to raise awareness about men's health. remember how you guys really stuck to it last year. >> you stuck to it the longest. >> too long. just november this time. >> professor roker. getting a little hairy. if you are a college group or fraternity ditching the razors as well, we want to hear from
8:02 am
you. go to our web sight to find out how you can take part in our no shave "today" challenge. some could be dressing up as harry potter. they're in for a treat. >> potter more is releasing a new essay about dolores umbridge only on >> nice. >> very scary. a check of the top stories. peter alexander is stepping in so natalie can get ready for the big costume reveal. good morning. >> good morning to you guys as well. seeking the death penalty against accused cop killer eric frein. the fugitive was captured thursday night. kristen dahlgren is in pennsylvania. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. first-degree murder and homicide of a law enforcement officer. he was taken into custody at about 6:00 pm last night when
8:03 am
u.s. marshals were conducting a routine sweep of a nearby abandoned air field. we're told he surrendered peacefully, though police say they did find a rifle and handgun in a nearby hangar. we're told he is in good shape with just an injury to his nose. that, after seven weeks on the run in these pennsylvania woods. he was taken in to custody with the handcuffs of the state police trooper that he is accused of murdering, peter. >> kristen, thank you very much for that. >> reporter: you bet. it could be days before crews can uncover bodies from the unstable training center in kansas hit by a plane on thursday. the pilot died as well as three people inside the building who were in a flight simulator at the time. the pilot had radioed that one of his engines failed after takeoff and he was trying to return to the airport when the plane crashed. the governor of maine says efforts to reach a quarantine
8:04 am
compromise with nurse kaci hickox hasv failed. she tested negative after returning from treating ebola patients in west africa. she says she will not obey a state order to quarantine herself at home. the governor of maine said he had no problem with her going out for a bike ride thursday. still, some have launched an online petition to have her nursing license revoked. australian surfer said he didn't realize how close he came to being bait until he saw these pictures that emerged thursday. a ten-foot great white stalking andy johnson in the waves off perth. he said he knew the shark was out there but decided to hold his ground and not freak out, as he described it, and cause a commotion. it's 8:04 right now. let's send it back to you guys. >> all right. peter, thank you very much. mr. roker, time for a check of the weather. >> that's right. we're going to start out west where they'll get much-needed rain.
8:05 am
not in the pacific northwest because it has been wet. they just continue to get hammered with all this shower activity. in fact, you can see seattle, going to continue to see the rain hanging out. here is what we're watching. this low pressure system comes on shore, brings a cold front. good news is that some of this rain will make its way all the way down into southern california. in fact, mountains outside of southern california could see one to three inches. as you get into the sierra nevada, we're talking about some areas picking up to a foot of snow and much-needed rain making its way into central california as well. that's what's . good morning i'm bill henley. a cold start, but we will see sunshine to start with before clouds roll in this afternoon. clouds will be increasing as we head into the night and late evening showers for trick or treaters, rain, wind, and cold and it will be dry on sunday as we turn the clocks back an hour.
8:06 am
monday warmer after a cold start and look at the warming trend for tuesday, wednesday afternoon up to 70. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> uh-huh. >> okay, mr. roker. now, brace yourself. and prepare to be amazed. >> it is going to be big. it's the big moment, our spectacular halloween costume reveal is right after this. so it seemed like a good time to sell my car. well, we make it pretty easy. in fact, your appraisal should be ready, let's pull it up.
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8:11 am
♪ i ain't afraid of no ghost ♪ [ thrill er by michael jackson ] >> thank you very much. from the west coast, which is on the left, we've got wicked weather all the way down to tombstone, including rain, sunshine and fog and the big l, which stands for lame candy for all you trick-or-treaters out there. stay away from that lame candy. from bone leg all the way down to gory and it is hot, hot, hot. but all you care about is what's going on in your neck of the woods and for us, that's right here in the big apple where, live from new york, it's saturday night!
8:12 am
>> announcer: it's "saturday night live" with matt lauer, savannah guthrie, al roker, natalie morales. willie geist. tamron hall, kathie lee gifford,
8:13 am
hoda kotb. with musical guest -- it's a surpris surprise. >>o look. >> where is he? >> maxwell! >> the guys are doing great. >> coach maxwell? coach maxwell? >> he can't hear us. >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy east lake high school's half time entertainment. >> oh, my goodness.
8:14 am
are you ready? >> i'm ready. ♪ everybody dance now ♪ ♪ give me the music give me the music everybody dance now ♪ ♪ ♪ everybody dance now >> you were so good. >> you were so good. >> was i good? >> you were amazing. >> i love. >> you i love you. >> st. monica's talent show is mary katherine -- >> mary katherine gallagher! i slipped.
8:15 am
mary katherine gallagher. mary katherine gallagher. >> mary katherine, right. i think i have it now. >> mary katherine gallagher. that's me. >> right. >> and i think i've got it now. >> okay. >> could we have some attention now, please, for mary katherine -- >> gallagher. >> are you auditioning for the show? >> yeah. sometimes i get nervous and when i'm nervous, i stick my hands in my armpits and i go like this and -- gross. very gross. >> that's interesting and weird. >> okay. i think the best way -- i'm sorry. i'm nervous. i think the story would best be told in a monologue. shark-nado two, the second one. the shark kept chasing me. he a huge scar across his face. it's like he knew who i was. i know you're scared. i'm scared, too!
8:16 am
monologue. superstar! superstar! >> you are watching cable 10, aurora, illinois, cable community access channel. ♪ wayne's world wayne's world ♪ >> okay, everybody. welcome to wayne's world. here's your host, wayne campbell. >> party! party hardy. it's time for party here in my basement. i'm here, your most excellent host, wayne campbell and with me, as always, is garth. >> party on, wayne. >> party on, garth. >> what are you doing for halloween? >> do you know what i think we should do? i think we should dress up as those two most excellent tv hosts, kathie lee and hodie, who
8:17 am
drink on tv. >> nationgnarley. >> the blond one, she's so hot. if she were president, her name would be babe-raham lincoln. shwing! >> we're not worthy! we're not worthy! >> now our musical guest. >> premiere show band great lakes, the music of juliette jake and elwood blues. what? >> what? the blues brothers. ♪ ♪ comin to you on a dusty road good lovin'
8:18 am
i got a truckload and when you get it you got something so don't worry cause i'm comin' i'm a soul man ♪ ♪ i'm a soul man i'm a soul man i'm a soul man ♪ ♪ people say what's that it's pat a lot of people act who's he or she a mammal or sir accept him or her or whatever it might be it's time for androginy here comes pat ♪ >> i love halloween. i get to dress up in all kinds
8:19 am
of -- last year, i was a musical beach babe. the year before that, i was a macho prince. what should i be this year? oh, boy. >> eh!
8:20 am
>> what would "saturday night live" be without pat or julia sweeney? what would it be without an ad parody? >> are you looking for the perfect gift for mom this mother's day? introducing mom jeans, exclusively at jcpenney. mom jeans fit mom just the way she likes it. she'll love the nine-inch zipper and casual front pleat, cut generously, to fit a mom's body. she'll want to wear them to everything, from a soccer game to a night on the town. and with your choice of ankle length, capri length or short you'll find the perfect jean for the least active mom. this mother's day, don't give mom that bottle of perfume. give her something that says i'm not a woman anymore, i'm a mom. ♪ put on your mom jeans >> get a free applique with
8:21 am
every mom jean purchase at jcpenney. >> yeah, girl. >> hello. >> oh, my god! >> awesome. >> didn't they have a costume for you? >> oh, my god. okay. >> come here. >> that was perfect. that was perfect. >> excellent. >> can we turn around for this shot? >> oh, no! >> excuse me. >> it reminds me, time for
8:22 am
easter. somebody get the ham. >> al, we have something for you. >> right. >> we know you love the blues brothers and guess what, mr. roker, a special message from elwood himself. take a look. >> hey, al, happy halloween. definitely my favorite feast day of the year. and who makes a better blues brother than you, my friend? have a great time. be safe. stay on the sidewalk. >> all right! early this year. >> and there's more. natalie, we have something -- check this out for you, nat. >> hi, natalie. i'm molly shannon. so glad you dressed up as mary katherine gallagher. i have one tip for you. if anyone gives you a problem, go up to them and say, hello, i'm natalie and i'm a superstar!
8:23 am
>> we have molly and dan and we've got the real julia sweeney. is this snl all over again for you? >> it is. it's so crazy. >> how did matt do? >> matt did really good. >> can i say something? can i say -- and this freaks me out. kathie lee, facially, you look like mike myers. >> get a shot of kath. >> this is the way i come in every morning. >> least makeup of anybody. >> why did this take an hour and a half? i don't know. >> and what about the return of savannah guthrie to the halloween show? >> i can't look at you like this. let's do this monday. >> we double dog dare you. >> and return of meredith.
8:24 am
>> you're lucky, willie, that that video of you dancing will never be shown again. >> these are the original costumes of will ferrell and cherie oterie. thank you, snl. >> and mary katherine gallagher. >> and these are wayne and garth's clothes. t-shirt, glasses. >> i'm wearing john belushi's underwear. >> we're paying tribute to 40 amazing years of snl in our halloween boo-nanza is just getting started. we're back with much more after these messages. ♪ >> we're not worthy! ♪ comin to you on a dusty road
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning i'm tracy davidson. let's get your halloween first alert forecast. >> it is a cold start but not to be scared, temperatures will be climbing with some sunshine. we're seeing some clouds too but they're not looking very spooky. right now 40 degrees in philadelphia. 40 at the airport. 30s for pottstown, trenton, a cold start this morning, sunshine will warm temperatures into the middle 40s. >> where is it, jillian? >> yes, it is on germantown
8:27 am
pike. use caution there. heading to a live look at 95. this is a life look at 76 website side. we're following breaking news in the capture of eric frein. this is video of the correctional facility taken just a few minutes ago. he is here now and he is waiting to be moved for his arraignment. he was transferred to that jail from the jail early this morning. stay with nbc10 for continuing coverage of his capture and what is ahead. get realtime information. atç#!ççupdate in about 25 minut. get realtime information. atç#!ççupdate in about 25 minut. i'm tracy davidson. built the largest distributor o. rk, peia we'e
8:28 am
we've got american-made products that are beating out chinese imports. so, i know pennsylvania can be a leader in manufacturing and we can make things again. but we have to invest in education and a skilled workforce today. i'm tom wolf and i have a plan. we can do great things, but we have to think ahead. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
8:30 am
>> announcer: this morning, savannah made a surprise visit and they celebrated halloween, mom jeans and all. monday, be there for her return as we welcome her back and say. >> welcome back, savannah. >> announcer: only on "today." we're back now, 8:30 on a friday morning. >> yes! >> 31st day of october, 2014. that makes it halloween morning here on "today." >> all right. >> and the moment a few minutes
8:31 am
ago was great, big halloween reveal. i want you folks to know something. savannah, the first thing she said to me -- we haven't seen each other in forever. she said i just want you to know, we're wearing butt pads. no mistake about it, right? >> i can verify. >> fun to have everyone back together. there are certain things that are trending as we speak. do you know what they are? >> what? >> snl today, mom jeans and wayne's world. >> party on. >> a big thank you, guys. folks over at ah, loren michaels. >> all their makeup people, wardrobe people. some of these outfits are the original outfits worn by the characters on snl. all of our hair and makeup people and wardrobe people and all the producers.
8:32 am
>> yeah. >> thank you. >> yes. >> and don't forget, "saturday night live," huge show. alum chris rock is the host and it doesn't get better than that. musical guest is prince. >> there you go. >> and, of course, we always love it when meredith stops by. >> congratulations to the renewal of her show. >> i was just going to say that. show picked up for a second season. you guys look like you had a little bit too much fun shooting your p rochlt mo. >> do you want to do something? and i said yeah. they said mom jeans and i said meredith and jenna. we went over to her house and we had the best time. >> meredith has vouched to wear those jeans for the entire show. catch her show weekdays, check
8:33 am
your local listings. >> i think we have mom jeans on, too. >> no, no! >> let's check out the weather. >> your weekend. let's show you what we've got going on. we are looking at a mix of rain and snow and sleet. midatlantic states into southern new jersey. we've got wet weather, snowy weather, plains, plenty of sunshine in the gulf coast. sunday, sunday, snow moving into northern new england. wet weather through the southwest. pacific northwest as well. it's going to be windy, too, in the northeast. we're going to be watching that nor'easter. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's good morning i'm bill henley. a cold start but we'll see sunshine to start before clouds roll in this afternoon. temperatures climb to the mid to upper 50s. clouds will bes and showers for trick or treaters and rain and
8:34 am
cold for tomorrow. it will be cold on sunday when we turn the clocks back an hour. look at the warming trend for tuesday and wednesday afternoon. up to 70. >> all these nice folks. also want to thank the nice people at mars for all the candy they've provided us. we're all wired up, so it's great. what is that? what is -- wow! i'm thinking of having some turkey leg. go for the thigh. all right. let's go back in to hoda. >> al, thanks so much. party time. anyway, did you guys put off finding that perfect ghoulish getup for tonight? why not join us on our snl theme? alana oakland can show you how you can make costumes with stuff you already have at home or at a party store so you can be decked out for tonight, right? >> yeah.
8:35 am
>> okay. like, what are you wearing? >> like i'm 30 rock. i am where we are right now. this is as easy as pie. i took a black t-shirt i already had, cut out a bunch of rocks and had to label them all. that was probably the hardest part. >> are there 30 of them? >> there are 30. you can count later. >> snl characters are hans and frans. we'll refresh your memory and you're going to show us how you can do that. >> i'm hans. >> and i am franz. >> and we are here to pump you up. >> that's a classic. we have jessica and ian. tell us about their outfit. >> great costume if you want to stay cozy. all you need is gray sweats head to toe, a belt and most important part, your muscles. use either paper towels, pillow stuffing, stuff your muscles. it's also great if you don't want to go ougto the gym. >> you guys like gnarley.
8:36 am
let's take a peek at that. ♪ ♪ clucking like a barnyard hen >> wooech ge've got our own gil >> this is one of my personal favorites. take a black dress, cut some hearts out of felt, glue them all over and then it's all about the attitude and, of course, the hair, which is a wig. >> i like it. you look good, julia. all right. one of my favorites. come on. bring it on down to rappinville. ♪ bag it's about revolution solution that's the way we wrap it up bring it on down to wrappinville ♪ >> that's your move? that looks like an easy gig.
8:37 am
tell us about that. >> brett's a great sport. we threw him in this box. that's probably the most intensive costume, wrap it up with christmas paper you have around the house, gloves and tech dance moves. >> love it. one of the all-time favorites of snl, none other than stefan. take a look. >> if you need to get a spot checked out, i know just the place for you. >> love it. we have ryan, who has done his own version of stefan. tell us what you've done to ryan. >> probably the easiest costume. all you need are some old t-shirts. the worse, the better. then you have to sell t it is all about the sass, rings and all about the bangs. >> you've got attitude, ryan. >> all right, thank you. you guys, great ideas. join us tonight. dress up as is the snl characte.
8:38 am
for more diy halloween projects, check out our pinterest board. you know where you can find that on the website our halloween boo-nanza rolls on with drinks and treats to serve your neighborhood bash. but you know what?
8:40 am
some of our favorite cone heads occupying our control room this morning. normally we just call them bone heads. halloween, just one of the reasons we love the fall season around here. of course, it also means football. cheerleaders are excited. in our ongoing series with the nfl "together we make football," josh elliott introduces us to a couple of sisters from suburban pittsburgh -- can't believe you -- whose entire schedule revolves around the game.
8:41 am
>> reporter: kylee and katie are typical american girls but they're certainly not dolls. >> i am a fan of the pittsburgh steelers. my favorite player is troy polam polamalu. i used to have long hair. it went almost the whole way down my back and when i put on my helmet, i looked like troy polomalu from the back. >> she started out as a dancer and went from that to football. >> football is the way of life around here. everybody lives for friday nights for high school ball. >> sunday for the steelers. >> sunday for the steelers. yeah, there's passion. >> reporter: this is no powder puff football for kylee. she plays on the line, on both
8:42 am
offense and defense. >> i think that girls are just as competitive as boys. i love football because i can prove that i can play with the boys. >> while kylee's play speaks for itself, sister katie talks a good game. >> did you see me block him? >> katie's the youngest. this is her first year playing. >> i play quarterback, guard and end. >> good job! >> just keep doing this. you'll get two drinks. >> let's go, guys. >> our family, we like football a lot and we like hanging out with each other. >> everybody get your seat belt on. >> it's all about football from the time you get up in the morning till the time you go to
8:43 am
bed. >> that's it. first down, first down. >> to me, family and football go hand in hand. >> it's just really nice to have our family there and to support us. >> kylee may no longer have the flowing locks of her favorite player, but she'll always be a proud member of steeler nation. >> dad, did you see that one up there? >> you play football? >> yeah. >> good for you. >> what can you sign of mine? >> i can sign your forehead. >> do you guys want to go out and watch practice? >> yeah. >> there he is, big ben. >> big ben. >> troy is coming. get the papers ready. get the papers ready. >> how are you guys doing? >> good. >> what do you guys think about possibly coming to the game? >> awesome. >> thank you. >> could you sign this? >> yes. >> i love football because it's what my family enjoys. >> what a sweet story.
8:44 am
reminder for you, you can catch the steelers taking on the baltimore ravens sunday night on nbc. coverage begins at 7:00 eastern with football night in america. go steelers, go ravens. up next, last-minute halloween countdown party. put me down. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
you know it's never too late to plan a party. and halloween provides the perfect excuse. here with some great easy and creative last-minute ideas, sandra lee, editor in chief, of courses, of sandra lee magazine. happy halloween. >> happy halloween. >> and happy anniversary. we did our first segment 15
8:47 am
years ago on halloween. >> and i walked off this set and the food network called me and offered me a show. thank you, matt. >> thank you. you're going to help us throw a party. you're going to a party tonight? >> i'm going to bette midler's tonight. >> how cool is that? beautiful buffet-looking setup. >> this is how you can entertain quickly tonight if you just want to have a couple friends over or add to what you have on your buffet already. what we have is we have spooky pop spice, dracula bat wings, blood orange martini and, of course, the creepy skewers. >> something for the kids. let's start with the chicken/bat dracula wings. how do you do this? >> everybody loves wings. think about this, too, when you're tailgating after halloween. put a little bit of oil into the bag and a lot of seasoning. >> what do you like to use?
8:48 am
>> garlic herb seasoning and chili powder going in here. more garlic powder, herbs, salt and a little bit of sugar in there. then we're going to pump this with some hot sauce b a table spoon. >> would you marinade this well in advance? >> no. all you need to do is marinade this ten minutes before you put it in the oven. it's a very fast recipe. >> i noticed you kept the little tips on the wings because that make it is more like a bat wing? >> of course, and those are the crunchy part that is everybody loves. >> you mush that around in there? >> mush this all around. >> how long will these cook and at what temperature? >> they'll get nice and dark and black. these are going to go into the oven 375 for 20 minutes. then what you're going to do is turn the heat up to 425 and cook them for another 20 minutes. >> you used one of these racks that elevate it is above the pan? >> absolutely. that way the fat drips down and off. >> when it comes out this is what it looks like. the meat just falls right off the bone.
8:49 am
make these little stuffed bites for me. >> okay. this is the best-kept secret in the frozen section of the grocery store. there are potatoes that are stuffed with cheese and bacon already frozen. you get them. these are jalapeno poppers that have been breaded. frozen section. put them in the oven 20 minutes. semi homemade. sour cream. all you do to make your little mummies is go back and forth with the sour cream. then what you're going to do is put some eyes on here. >> cut up some olive? >> cut up some olives. maybe you want to put a nice little mouth, smiley face or maybe not a smiley face. >> it's halloween. make a frowny face, scary face. then you've got your mummy. >> let's go with the skewer first. >> very easy to do. you take all sorts of candies and licorice. i like to put faces on them for the kids.
8:50 am
stack them up on to a skewer, of course. put it all, cut up your licor e licorice. that's it. >> blood red martini. >> here is -- this is simple syrup, equal parts sugar and water, half a cup of each. simmer it down. two cups of orange vodka, two cups orange juice. along the rim verks easy to do. you want to do it? >> you're better at this. go ahead. >> i have some little vampire -- >> you can hang that from the side for effect? >> cake decorating gel. you go all the way around the glass. >> told you, you're better than i am. >> i need you to do this because i need to make the garnish. >> what are these? >> this is -- aren't these cute? >> hose are eyeballs. >> all you do, they come canned. take just -- >> chocolate chip. >> and put them inside and you have cool eyeballs. put that in your drink and you're ready to go.
8:51 am
>> sanda lee, happy halloween. happy anniversary. love having you here. >> thank you. >> have fun at the party tonight. >> happy halloween. thank you. i will. >> you can find all these recipes on our
8:52 am
ryan costello went into politics. in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message. all right. we are back. we've had a great time with our snl inspired halloween madness.
8:53 am
i want to -- no, i'm supposed to -- i just want to thank julia sweeney again for helping out. she has been such a good sport. you wrote a book, by the way. >> yes. >> can i just mention that? >> mention my book. "if it's not one thing it's your mother." >> all about finding love, adopting a child. >> yes. >> she said to me when she came yesterday and we started going over our routine, she said, do you think people are going to remember this? >> are you kidding me? >> are you kidding? >> i was standing next to her, i didn't know it was her. >> it's great to have you back. >> so excited. missed everybody. not that i recognize any of you. who are these people? i'm so excited. >> how is that baby. >> she's adorable. she's a delight. she's a total babe.
8:54 am
she's trying to suck that thumb. i got her a goldfish costume but mike, my husband, ordered another costume. >> uh-oh. >> doesn't approve of the goldfish. i don't know. >> mike ordered the sexy nurse costume? >> this sounds like a segment for our 9:00 hour. >> dueling costumes. >> mila. >> she's going to be elvis, baby elvis. but also pinata. >> pinata? >> yeah. >> second choice. >> what comes out? >> you have this great video diary, savannah, you've been keeping of your days with baby vale and mike, obviously. >> yes. it's fun, a lot of the middle of the night, hi, baby, go to sleep. but it's been really fun. it will be exciting to share with everybody. kind of like, what have you been doing all this time? >> we're keeping the theme going for the next hour and then you guys as well? >> we're picking it up.
8:55 am
>> get ready. once again, a big thank you to all our friends at snl for helping us pull this off. >> and meredith. >> and meredith. >> big congratulations on 40 years on snl. we'll be back on monday with savannah and much more after these messages and your local news. ♪ ♪ >> turkey leg.
8:56 am
>> announcer: this morning savannah made a surprise visit and "today" celebrated halloween in style mom jeans and all. monday be there for her official return and be there >> good morning i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast with bill henley. a cold start this morning but we have sunshine and especially cold in the pocono mountains. you see blue skies overhead. the temperatures very cold and will only climb into the 40s
8:57 am
this afternoon. 40s in philadelphia already, don't look for a big warm up, 50s later today. the capture of eric frein, right now he is on his way to the pike county courthouse. the d.a. already said that he will make a statement after the preliminary hearings inside the courthouse. sky force 10 was over the correctional facility a short time ago where he was held overnight. frein's arraignment is scheduled to begin in just a few minutes later this morning. he was moved from the state police barracks this morning, taken into custody last night at an abandoned airfield about 30 miles southwest of the barracks. he has been on the run since he allegedly shot and killed a
8:58 am
police officer and wounded another. you see he is walking into the courthouse right now for a preliminary hearing guarded by state troopers. you can continue to follow this story on air and online on he was captured about 6:00 last night. we'll keep you updated. i'm tracy davidson.
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news it's "today's take" halloween edition with the spartan cheerleaders, mary katherine gallagher. >> superstar! >> and the blues brothers, live from new york and studio 1 in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everyone. i'm dennis haskins and welcome to "today's take," halloween pep rally. as your principal, i'm going to be running this event but frankly, i am the only person who raised my hand to volunteer to do it so let's get this thing started, okay? we want to pump you up and have everyone get so excited, right?
9:01 am
so, let's see who is first on our list to entertain. what's a pep rally without cheerleaders? right here, our spartan cheerleaders. >> whoo, whoo! okay. roll call! ♪ ♪ my name is lie i'm super tall i like chocolate too so check me out ♪ so check us out. >> whoo! >> okay. you know, that -- that was okay. >> okay? >> frankly, jesse could have done better. >> who are they? >> you call that spartan spirit? put your hands in. hands in. >> okay. >> i want you two to dig deep
9:02 am
inside and make all spartans proud. >> i think i know what he's talking about. >> what? o i know, i know! the perfect cheer. go spartans! ♪ and it goes a little something like this hit it ♪ ♪ >> superstar! >> i know, but you're interrupting their cheer. >> mary katherine gallagher. >> you need to wait, right? wait your turn. >> sometimes i -- >> what are you doing with your hands? >> sometimes when i get nervous, i put my hands in my armpits and i smell them. oh, it's gross. it's really gross. >> no, no, that's okay. >> it's so gross. it's so- gross. i think in order to prepare for
9:03 am
"today's take" pep rally i need to take inspiration from a compilation of some pep talks, pep talks from eric taylor from nbc's "friday night lights." here it goes. listen to me. every man at some point is gonna lose a battle. it's yours for the taking. depends on how much you want this. clear eyes, full hearts. you can't lose. you can't lose. you can't lose! you can't lose! superstar! >> show us, show us -- >> superstar! >> would you guys please help mary katherine out of here, please? >> i love your energy. >> kind of cra -- >> where is zach morris when you really need him? seriously. lucky for all of you, we have saved -- get it, saved the best for last. so, let's hear a song from the
9:04 am
blues brothers! hit it, guys. ♪ ♪ comin' to you on a dusty road good lovin' i got a truckload and when you get it you got something don't worry cause i'm comin' ♪ ♪ i'm a soul man i'm a soul man i'm a soul man i'm a soul man ♪ >> whoo! go, spartans! >> great pep rally, you guys.
9:05 am
great pep rally! >> thank you. >> you're welcome, you're welcome! >> nice job. >> well, we tried. let's go over to the take table. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you. >> wow! fantastic. you actually -- that was amazing. >> that was -- zblun believable. >> that was the perfect cheer! >> few extra -- >> lost my towel. >> for a second there, i did a split take. did we get will ferrell here? >> you're a dead ringer. >> natalie. >> oh, please. >> that's her high school picture right here.
9:06 am
this is it. >> our first performance earlier in the morning. we were honored to lead things off. we worked very hard on the choreography. >> you had that down. >> how long have you rehearsed? >> minutes at a time. not sleeping last night and looking at the video constantly. we were in the opener, so we knew, got to bring it. got to nail it. >> you brought it. you brought it. >> incredible -- >> the lift was the best. >> yes. >> i said, willie, can you pick me up? willie's got muscles. >> i mentioned earlier, these are the original costumes. >> yes. >> will ferrell, cherie oterie worn these 15 minutes ago. in the tag it says will snl. >> boom! >> and you're will. >> unbelievable. >> will ferrell, it is an honor to wear your musty old sweater, i have to tell you. >> this is molly shannon's
9:07 am
original from mary katherine gallagher. >> wow! >> i feel like we have a huge responsibility. today, it was all about keeping in character and doing great for snl. because 40 years and running, they have been knocking it out of the park. >> and entertaining us. let's face it, when you're a kid you don't have much of a night life. pop on snl and that's your evening. >> yeah. >> that's where you learn the cool things like prince on snl saturday. all the things that are cool and relevant. chris and prince, great combo. >> everybody over at it snl, thank you for collaborating with us on this. >> makeup and hair people. these are the actual wigs. a team of makeup people running in and fixing us. i said to el, you have chap sticks. >> pork chop. >> mutton chop. >> you're hungry. obviously hungry. >> as usual. as usual. >> i picked a heckati atiheck o be a catholic school girl.
9:08 am
it's a little cool. >> heaters into this costume. you should have told them. >> matt as pat with julia sweeney. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, this was the best. >> did you guys know julia was coming? >> i did not know. >> i didn't either. >> no. >> i loved how synchronized they were. >> that was very -- it was like lucy and -- >> it was exactly like that. >> kathie lee and hoda as wayne and garth. they're going to be doing this next hour all in character, the whole hour. >> amazing. >> look at kathie lee. >> she looks just like mike myers. >> she really does. >> crazy, right? >> that's a compliment. >> i think she got tired of hearing that. >> that's a compliment to the makeup people and hair. >> and the biggest surprise, saviasav y savian -- savannah, rolling up in the minivan in mom jeans. nice to be acquainted with you, butt first. the commercial we made the other day.
9:09 am
>> how about we gave a clue in the 7:00 hour. >> the minivan. >> and i said in the orange room, okay, this is the clue. no one figured it out. no one got it. >> all right. come on. so, we love the guys at jibjab. >> yes. >> every year they do something crazy. this year, they took us and put us in the adams family. >> what? >> oh, boy. ♪ ♪ they're creepy and their kooky mysterious and spooky they're all together ooky the addams family the house is a museum when people come to see 'em they really are a scream the addams family ♪ ♪ neat
9:10 am
sweet petite ♪ >> oh, that's great. >> so cool. >> jibjab, love that. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you so much. >> it's a little chilly out here. >> it's crisp. >> how is it looking across crit for trick-or-treating? >> it's going to abe rough trick-or-treating for a good portion of the northeast. big high pressure coming down, cold air, low pressure develops off the coast by sunday. it's going to be windy. 40 million folks are under a freeze watch, frost advisory or freeze warning and it is going to get rough. in fact, here is the weather. the rough stuff mixed bag of precipitation ohio, indiana, snow into michigan and wet weather from western new york all the way down into mississippi, alabama and georgia. good morning i'm bill henley. a cold start but we'll see sunshine to start with before clouds roll in this afternoon. temperatures will climb to the mid to upper 50s.
9:11 am
clouds increasing tonight and late evening showing for trick or treaters. cold on sunday but it will be dry as we turn the clocks back an hour. monday warmer, look at the warming trend for monday and tuesday afternoon. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> okay, al. thanks a lot. up next on this halloween, be afraid. be very afraid. we got the scare of a lifetime in the scariest haunted house, i assure, you have ever seen. get the ear plugs. there's been a lot of screaming. tamron almost didn't make it out ♪ [driver] started my camry. ♪ picked up someone i hadn't seen in far too long. ♪ went somewhere we'd both never been. ♪ did something we've both never done. ♪ and was reminded that the most important
9:12 am
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for softer smoother skin. want to feel? feels really good. really silky smooth. it's awesome. i love it. new dove body wash. softer, smoother skin after just one shower. cozy. ♪ let's go check out the pantry! ♪ it's our dunkin' dream room! amazing! one taste and you'll understand. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries. try new french roast and colombian today. back now on this halloween day and last week the four of us visited a very scary haunted house and we're still in recovery. >> that's right. tamron screamed so much, she
9:15 am
actually tore a muscle in her stomach and had to go to the hospital. >> that's a true story. >> that is a true story. you were my concerned nurse. >> you're about to see why. it's called the brighton asylum in passaic, new jersey. >> as legend goes it was shut down in 1952 after years of harsh living conditions, staff disappearances and distant screaming. >> let's just say -- >> really? >> we're glad they shut it down. if tamron ever does decide to quit her day job, she could have a great second career as an actress in horror movies. >> no acting here. >> good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> happy friday. >> ooh. that doesn't look good. >> good-bye. >> good-bye. >> oh, hey! you should have that looked at. >> reading.
9:16 am
>> whoa! ow, that's my head there. oh, a closet. it's like going through my wife's closet. oh! whoa! [ screaming ] >> i'm cramping. [ screaming and laughing ] >> whoa, whoa! oh, that's not good. hey, hey, personal space! personal space! there's something in there. >> natalie? >> they know you. >> this is your room. [ screaming ] >> whoa, whoa, whoa, let go! let go! >> hold on. my shoe just came off. >> for real?
9:17 am
>> jiminy christmas. >> i thought you guys were enjoying this. [ screaming ] >> hey, hey, back off, lady. >>o boy. >> where are we going? what does she have? [ screaming ] >> excuse us. >> one, two, three. >> one, two three, one, two three. [ screaming ] >> whoa! >> i can't take it! >> oh, we're going in here? oh, good god. >> she's still here. >> i can't even speak anymore. i'm so tired. i'm so scared. >> oh, my lord. >> oh, no, what? >> are you a real person?
9:18 am
>> whoa, whoa! >> jeez! >> oh, my god. >> this is disgusting. >> oh! >> okay. look at this guy. >> thank you so much. thank you very much. >> that's where you have to go. >> we appreciate you. >> okay. >> sit! >> hey, good to see you. feet, don't fail me now! whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey! oh, oh! >> tamron, watch out. [ screaming ]
9:19 am
>> we probably should have warned the little kids. that was a little scary. >> sorry, kids. >> sorry, children. >> happy halloween! >> the brighton asylum haunted house is still opened tonight. check it out if you dare. if you think the haunted house in your neighborhood is scarier, let us know. i screamed a lot but all of you -- >> we had our moment. >> al kept it together. >> oh, you ought to have that looked at. that's not good. >> meanwhile they tried to pull me away. natalie. >> one dragged me down to the ground. that's how i got injured, by dragging me down. >> let's get in and out of there as quickly as possible, so i was dragging the train. >> dragging. >> where are we going next halloween? >> brighton asylum, passaic, new jersey. we'll get caught up on all
9:20 am
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9:24 am
has shot up in recent months while the supply has stayed flat. even though suppliers are trying to keep up with that demand, it takes time for traditional dairy farms to convert to organic production. a starbucks at every corner, but the coffee giant is planning to make it even easier for you to get your "morning joe." starbucks planning to launch a food and beverage delivery service in select markets during the second half of next year. the delivery service will be available at starbucks loyalty program members. mediterranean diet may help protect against kidney disease. the diet rich in vegetables and fish and low in red meat and dairy may help fend off alzheimer's, heart disease and cancer. researchers found eating a mediterranean style diet leads to a 50% reduction in kidney disease. how about this? terrifying train ride thursday for a few hundred passengers in new york city. you see that image there, a giant drill bit pierced the ceiling of a subway tunnel.
9:25 am
construction workers accidentally used the drill in the wrong place. accidentally used the drill in the wrong place. it scraped the side looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. choosing is half the fun.. because there's a little something delicious...
9:26 am
for everyone. hershey's miniatures, choose your own delicious. good morning. it's a chilly one. the temperatures dropped into the 30s and 40s overnight. high clouds and winds out of the northeast at 7 miles per hour. there is still 30s around. pottstown is at 34, allentown at 36. he has been captured and is being arraigned in court. eric frein is being arraigned and we're expecting a live
9:27 am
statement from the district attorney any minute now. this is where they will be addressing the media after frein is arraigned in court this morning. now this was the scene just a few minutes ago. this was the scene in milford as he was led up the walk. you see him there in the orange jump suit. he is being arraigned of charms of the state police barrack ambush. frein was transported from the correctional facility to the county courthouse. here is video from earlier this morning as he was walked out of the state police barracks. he was taken into discuss di last night after 48 days on the run. found at an abandoned airfield. about 30 miles from the police barracks where he allegedly shot two officers.
9:28 am
we'll have it live for you. here on nbc10.
9:30 am
welcome back to "today" on this halloween friday morning, october 31st, 2014. i'm willie, along with al, natalie and tamron. today, better known as our snl alter egos, spartan cheerleaders, mary katherine gallagher. >> superstar! >> and mr. blues. >> okay. since it's halloween, we thought we would bring in some spooky looking animals from the national wildlife federation. >> good to see you. >> happy halloween. >> you guys look amazing as always. >> you do, too, robin. >> thank you. >> we have a couple spooky halloween animals for you guys. what better animal to represent the holiday than an owl? check out this gorgeous animal. these guys are nocturnal. it's an eagle owl.
9:31 am
they can fly in absolute silence with their special feathers, check out those tal nochlt s. use those to crush and impale their prey. an owl symbolizes halloween, spookiness and darkness. at the same time, obviously, that is a myth. these are beautiful animals. they need our protection. >> i thought he rotates his head. >> they can turn their head 270 degrees around. >> checking you out, willie. >> they can't go all the way around like the exorcist. their head would pop off but that allows them to see behind them in case a predator is coming after them. >> what's their prey? >> small mammals, rodents. great horned owls, similar to this guy, eat skunks. one of the only animals that eats skunks. i'm going to put my bow down. this is a black and white lemur. >> hi, buddy.
9:32 am
>> critically endangered species. lemur comes from the breaking news, this is live picture of eric frein, the accused killer of a state trooper after his arraignment being led in front of the media as you see there. we're awaiting word now from the district attorney about the charges that frein is facing following the september ambush and the 48-day man hunt that concluded last night with his arrest. his arrest at an abandoned airstrip. we're going back to "the today show" right now, but as soon as we see the district attorney we will be cutting back here to a live report. back to "the today show" momentarily and we will have
9:33 am
that live picture for you. unless we get involved to protect them, they will go extinct. >> happy halloween. >> al, check of the weather? >> looking for some twix bars. after we get through halloween, saturday, we're looking at a messy commute for you folks along the midatlantic states. we're also expecting to see some showers. i think there was some prey for the owl there, moving by. wet weather through the western plains. sunday, sunday! we've got snow in northern new england as a nor'easter pulls away. wet weather in the northwest and pacific northwest. gorgeous, but cool weather great lakes into good morning, i'm bill henley. a cold start but we will see sunshine to start with before clouds roll in this afternoon. clouds will be increasing as we go into tonight and late evening showers for trick or treaters.
9:34 am
it will be dry on sunday as we turn the clocks back an hour. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. >> thanks, al. big news about the hit show "friends" and meryl streep, and rick springfield on the streets of new york. what's that about? plus a sneak peek at "fast & furious 7." >> usa today entertainment reporter, ariana thompson better known as pharrell. >> making us happy. >> absolutely. >> this is the vivian westwood pharrell hat and this is just a kid's adidas jacket. squeezed into that. >> and the chains. >> major bling. >> great idea. >> let's start off with star power. we thought we knew everything about friends. >> right. >> lisa kudrow is telling us
9:35 am
something we didn't know. >> she told jimmy kimmel when the first episode premiered they thought monica might be read as slutty because she slept with someone on the first date. they were concerned that audiences would think she was slutty. i think that's acquaint, compared to what we think of tv now. that was 20 years ago. >> it all worked out. >> last time we talked about christian bale playing steve jobs. now it looks like seth rogue ert n will be joining it as well. >> part of woz nichlt acki. great dynamic there. >> mindy kalin likes the idea. >> very into it. she can't wait to hear that conversation at the craft services table, so -- i agree with her. >> we did reach out to seth rogen's team. no comment as of right now.
9:36 am
>> yeah. >> photos of the week, liv tyler. >> she went as a bun in the oven because she's pregnant with her second child. >> perfect. >> really good one. >> adorable. >> and meryl streep's photo caught our eye as well on the set of her new movie. >> yeah, ricky and the flash. >> rick springfield. >> yeah, she stars with rick springfield and they get it on in the movie. they make out. so she plays a rocker, an aging rocker trying to reconnect with her kids. you know meryl. she can literally do anything. >> do anything. >> great singer. >> yeah. >> iron man, robert downey jr. >> stars, they're just like us. he went to go get his license renud at the dmv. >> hilarious. >> he had on like a three-piece suit. he caused a bit of a stir. he tweeted out the photo and people started to photo shop some of his other characters into the dmv photo. he posted some of them.
9:37 am
he was like, i love this. >> finally, sneak peek. exclusive first look at "furious 7." take a look. >> we do. >> five, four, three, two, one! >> all right. lot of dialogue there. >> riveting. >> they are furious. >> i'm a huge "fast & furious" fan. this was paul walker's last movie. with the help of his brothers and a little movie magic, they were able to complete the film. >> full trailer is out tomorrow? >> yes. we're all excited to see that, yeah. >> out in april next year. >> great to have you here. >> pharrell, thanks. dove invited women to a makeover with a difference. hi ma'am hi would you like to have a free makeover? yeah, why not? who doesn't love a free makeover? there you go. it's a shower. it's a shower. but it's a shower with new dove body wash,
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9:39 am
i'm the district attorney here in pooik county. i want to begin by commending law enforcement. the state plif, the atf, the u.s. marshall service. law enforcement for many jurisdictions from our nation. outside of pennsylvania that worked without rest to successfully apprehend eric frein. they are to be commended for their professionalism, persistence, and the resources they brought to capture eric frein. today's preliminary arraignment is the first team in the system. based on the facts in evidence we have charged mr. frein with murder in the first degree. homicide of a law enforcement
9:40 am
officer. attempted murder in the first degree, attempted homicide of a law enforcement officer, assault of a law enforcement officer. possession of weapons of mass destruction, discharged of firearm into an occupied structure. possession of an instrument of crime and reckless endangerment. while eric frein is now in custody, the investigation is still ongoing. the pennsylvania state police, fbi, and atf will continue the investigation so we can build the best case to achieve justice on behalf of the victims and the pennsylvania state police family. we have now started to find the answers that the community desired in this case.
9:41 am
the names in this matter of corporal brian dixon, and officer douglas have suffered a loss of unspeakable proportions. they will never be the same. today we find some comfort as a community that we are taking these next steps toward justice. to my left, a man who needs no introduction i have our lieutenant, members of the state police and my staff. i will take questions now.
9:42 am
>> what was the real break in this case? was there a sighting? what led you to him? >> i will let lieutenant colonel bibbens dress that. >> this was due to the continuing pressure. one of the teams in this case, the u.s. marshalls, located him as part of a routine sweep through the woods that they were conducted. we're not prepared to discuss motives today. that is part of the ongoing investigation. >> referee: has he spok . >> has he spoken since his arrest. >> he has and we will not
9:43 am
comment on anything he has made. >> is there anything at all -- >> no, there was no message. he was transported and then interviewed by members of the pennsylvania state police. >> what does it, emotionally, feel like for you? >> it's difficult for everyone in the state police and especially for the dixon family. there will be no one else injured in the course of this manhunt and that was a big consider. he showed himself to be very dangerous. there was always a lot of concern for the safety of law enforcement, but we're very proud of the work that the men and women of the state police and all of our fellow law enforcement agencies did in
9:44 am
apprehending frein. >> what did you find -- >> the searches are on going as we speak. >> did he say anything after being captured? >> we have been in contact with the family, but i'm not prepared to discuss anything said there. >> did he have any firearms at the time of his arrest -- was there any reason he didn't have the firearms when he was arrested? >> no, i would not speculate. we gained some insight, without going into a lot of detail, i would characterize it as much as we said all along. he was able to get into cabins, other unoccupied structures, find food, he had things hidden, but he was about to get shelter out of the weather as much as we
9:45 am
suspected was occurring. >> no, we're not going to characterize or comment on anything he said. >> my understanding is that he was outside of the hanger and did not go back into the hanger at all. a team was sweeping through and surprised him. gave him commands to surrender, he did and he was -- into custody. >> what happened to his face, it looks like there was a struggle. >> there was no struggle with law enforcement. we talked to us about things that happened in the woods during the 40 plus day period, but that occurred to him at some time in his flight.
9:46 am
we're still working through all of that, it is part of the ongoing investigation. we'll determine where he had been and which sightings were legitimate. that will take time. >> was it sporadic? >> that is part of the investigation. >> any idea a when other locations he was in? >> that's part of this information. we're collecting evidence right now and it will take us time to analyze that compare it to statements he gave us and allow us to map out his entire time out of the woods or in those p cabins. >> did he indicate if there are more explosives in the woods he left behind? >> he did not. yeah, that's still part of
9:47 am
the investigation, we said previously he planned it for years based on other interviews we had done and information we found. we knew it was an extended period of time. as far as refining that belief, that is all part of the investigation. >> is there any indication -- >> that is all part of the investigation. we seized a significant amount of evidence already. >> he characterized his actions in the past as pure evil and i stand by that. >> any idea of the cost? we remain confident he was in this area. everything pointed that he was
9:48 am
here, and that's why we focused the vast majority of our efforts in this area. >> is he cooperating with the investigation? >> for the costs, we're calculating those. we were in the ballpark of $10 million. in the not too distance future i think we will have costs for you. that is a rough idea. >> that's all part of the search that was on going right now. we know there are weapons in the hanger, and those will be collected and processed as part of the ongoing search warrant down there. we'll have to determine that. >> he has spoken with law enforcement, but i'm not going to go any further than that at
9:49 am
this point. >> that will be part of this ongoing investigation. i'm really not prepared to say that's the case. we know that he moved around. hopefully we'll be able to determine how long he stayed in what locations as this unfolds. >> that will be up to the warden of the pike county correctional facility. >> this was a lengthy search, what is the general feeling of the men and women. >> the moral remained high, i will tell you that we brought in numerous waves of people from across the state. troopers that were anxious to come here and there was never a shortage of volunteering offering to come up and while
9:50 am
they were here, they gave a very good effort. i commend the other agencies as well, but i will tell you that i'm proud of the way our people stepped up and never lost faith and they got this done. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. [ applause ] lieutenant bevins, a man who on september 12th, staged, for whatever reason an ambush in pooik coun pike county and took the life of lyeian
9:51 am
bryan dixon and injured alex dougl douglas. they say they linked writings to frein about hating the law enforcement. then he led police on a 48-day man hunt. disrupting the lives of people living in the area. we saw last night that manhunt, finally after 48 days, came to an end with his arrest. today he has been arraigned on numerous charges including murder and attempted murder of a law enforcement office. we are getting the latest on how he will be prosecuting and reaction from very relieved people there in the area in the poconos where he was captured. we take you back now to "the today show." website we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. you used to sleep like a champ.
9:52 am
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>> whoo! >> erica hill is here with a preview of what's coming up this weekend. >> and she brought a whip. watch out. >> watch out. >> which we borrowed from pat battle. >> she has a whip? >> yeah. >> with everything going on on the plaza, we thought you needed someone to keep new line so i'm the ring master. >> you have a big weekend. >> on sunday morning, i'm following in natalie's footsteps, being one of 50,000 people running the new york marathon. >> yes! >> and 7,000 of us are charity runners. i am one of the 7,000 people along with that woman you see on your tv, audrey barr, raising money in the fight against cancer. there are 300 charities represented in new york city this weekend. we'll take a look at the rise of people running marathons for a cause, why they do it and how successful it's become. it's amazing the amount of money
9:55 am
being raise zpld you'd. >> you're running in honor of your dad? >> i am running in honor of my dad. i'm going to bug you for your personal forecast. i'm going to wear my running shoes but the rest of it, i'll totally wear. >> wear the top hat. at least the top hat. >> people will donate a lot more. >> okay. i will wear the hat if you donate more money. >> coming up next, we've got the big halloween bash. kathie lee and hoda, live. >> party on, dudes! >> go, erica! >> after your local news and weather. >> happy halloween. >> happy halloween. enjoy. >> have some meatballs.
9:56 am
good morning i'm chris cato. it's time for your first alert forecast on this friday with bill henley. >> happy halloween. not to fear, we will be in the 50s this afternoon. this is a live sunny view from the melon bank building. the temperature is climbing right now out of the 30s for allentown.
9:57 am
redding out of the 40s. sunshine will warm us into the 50s later today. after 48 days on the run, he is captured and now eric frein is formally charged. just moments about he was led out of the pike county courthouse. he was charged and now faces nine charges including first degree murder and attempted murder. they will seek the death penalty. eric frein is now in custody and the investigation is still ongoing. the pennsylvania state police, the fbi, and the atf will continue the investigation to we can build the best case. >> be sure to stay with us for continuing coverage of his capture and arraignment. you can always find the latest
9:58 am
on now back to "the today show." i'm chris cato, have a great friday.
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is a most excellent halloween edition of "today" with, well, you'll see, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, party on, dudes. >> no. >> no. oh, i like it. >> you are watching cable 10, auro aurora, illinois, community a access channel. >> wayne's world, wayne's world. party time, excellent! whoo!
10:01 am
>> welcome to wayne's world. i'm your most excellent host wayne campbell. and with me, as always, is garth. >> party on, wayne. >> party on, garth. it's try day friday. so we figured we would try and add a little wine to the show. check this out. it's wine, in a keg. >> i don't believe i've ever had wine in a keg. where did you find that? >> i'm glad you asked that, garth. i found this keg of wine from the most excellent winery called leaf cellar. >> they combined our two favorite things in one. >> how would you describe this kind of wine, garth? >> well, wayne, the color of this bridge 2030 lady chardonnay is a pale yellow with greenish undertones. it reminds me of julie andrews twirling on a hill top in the
10:02 am
sound of music and i think the bouquet carries the nose of stone fruit and ripe granny smith apples. oh, okay. >> all right, okay. party on, garth. >> okay, party on, wayne. >> time now for -- to vote for this week's babraham lincoln. my vote goes out to gloria estefan. what a babe. she makes me want to conga. shawing. >> no way. >> way. rhythm is gonna get ya. >> okay. my vote goes out to the babalicious bette midler. she will always be the wind beneath my wings. double shawing. >> no way. >> way. >> our last vote, like, that we actually agreed upon. >> yeah. >> goes out to the spice girls.
10:03 am
>> yeah. they're the queens of s hhawing. >> i was searching on the internet for some chicks in sexy halloween costumes. there is a most excellent website called they sell lingerie and halloween costumes. >> no way. >> way. yeah. so let's go through them, okay? so check this one out. this is sexy lobster. watch out for those pinchers, garth. >> she makes my temperature boil. >> next, what do you think of this sexy sock monkey, garth? i would like to walk on her wild side. >> oh. >> or this sexy candy dots. but she's shaweet as sugar. >> she's giving me a toothache.
10:04 am
hey, wayne, i found a sexy picture too. >> no way. >> way. check it out. a sexy clown. shawing. >> sexy clown? dude, clowns aren't sexy. >> oh, okay, okay. >> okay. time now for our viewer mail. >> viewer mail. viewer mail. party time. excellent. >> okay. >> okay. time to time we get letters. sometimes we, like, answer them. >> but do we even know how to read? >> i do. >> okay. >> you don't, so i'll read it for you, garth, okay. the first letter comes to us from curt austin here in aurora. dear wayne, what does garth think about when wayne is talking? >> i wish i was wayne. i wish i was wayne.
10:05 am
i wish i was wayne. >> very funny, wayne. you goob. take a drink. take a drink. let me get some from our keg, wayne. oh -- >> cool. >> excellent, excellent. >> mm. >> you know what it is time for, garth? >> what? >> extreme close-up. whoa! >> whoa! >> excellent. >> excellent extreme close-up. >> you know what it is time for now, everybody? time for our next segment, we called it friday funny. take it way, wayne. >> what do you say, garth, when a king you don't like walks into a room? >> i don't know. >> good morning, your heinous.
10:06 am
>> that's my favorite planet, uranus. wait. is that still a planet? >> i think so. >> we want to give a shoutout to most excellent babies in america. it is time for our special halloween edition of johnson's baby of the week. cue the baby music. >> yeah. okay. okay. anyway, our first johnson's baby of the week is a lion. his name is langston spencer millner born on march 25th in sunny l.a. lucky kid. his mom told us that he has a special skill, he pees on his mommy every time he gets a bath. gnarly. >> yeah. now a boy named maddox andrew moore. this little dude is an owl for halloween. hoot, hoot. >> that was good. >> maddox was born in north
10:07 am
carolina on december 6th. his mom says find new moms you can hang with, because mommy play dates rock. >> okay, next to a baby with a totally rock 'n' roll name, maverick jax pyne, born on january 28th. he lives in rehoboth beach, delaware. can you imagine being magically whisked away to delaware? moving on. and for halloween, he's scooby-doo. where is shaggy, little man? >> our final johnson's baby of the week is jack miles cherny, born may 27th in the big apple, new york, new york. his mom and dad want people to know after the first three months it does get easier. why am i talking like -- he's a cute furry monkey for halloween. still in new york.
10:08 am
good choice, little bro. >> let's give it up for fabulous little monsters. we're not worthy. we're not worthy. >> okay. now, guess what? >> what? >> it's time for one of the most excellent parts of our show. >> today, it is time for our today's igarth. >> party time. >> okay. you know what, wayne. >> what? >> i'm in the mood for a little bit of rhapsody. >> would that be a bohemian rhapsody? >> most excellent, dude. take a listen. >> ready? ♪ i see a little silhouette of a man ♪ ♪ will you do the fandango thunderbolts and lightning ♪ ♪ galileo galileo galileo ♪ ♪ i'm just a poor boy
10:09 am
nobody loves me ♪ ♪ he's just a poor boy from a poor family ♪ ♪ easy come easy go ♪ ♪ will he let me go this will not go ♪ ♪ we will not let him go ♪ let him go ♪ we will not let you go let him go ♪ ♪ let him go ♪ let me go, go ♪ mama mia mama mia ♪ ♪ mama mia let me go ♪ ♪ for me for me ♪ ♪ >> wait, wait. let's continue our party outside on the plaza. come with us. party on, everybody. come on. come on. >> come on. we got our passes.
10:10 am
>> squeeze me. >> squeeze me. >> come on, come on. >> thank you. >> come on. >> party time! >> party on, wayne. party on. what do you think? this is really excellent. >> okay. >> we're going to come back, i think. don't we get to take a commercial break. we have bills to pay. party on. >> what he said. >> squeeze me. baking powder. >> what does that mean?
10:11 am
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save money. live better. walmart. wayne's world. wayne's world. party time. excellent. >> okay. >> what do you say we talk to the finalists? >> we found people with great costumes. not as great as ours, but whatever. who are you? >> allison. >> what are you supposed to be? >> jack and the bean stalk. >> that is gnarly. >> and excellent. >> let's go over here. what are you? okay, whatever. he's a werewolf. he doesn't speak. hello. >> hi. >> oh, it is a werewolf. >> i'm dude. let's keep going. >> mad scientist. what's your name? >> spencer. >> spencer. you look so cute. come with me, come here, wayne. what are you two girls or guys supposed to be? >> little minions. i like it.
10:15 am
what is happening with this family? what is your name? >> i'm captain hook. >> you're captain hook and you're what? >> mary poppins. >> buddy the evil. >> batman. >> okay. >> you're like a family, right? >> you are. there is another family, what are you guys supposed to be? >> we're five little monkeys jumping on the bed. >> i only see three and that's -- >> mommy called the doctor. >> mommy calls the doctor. >> one fell off already. >> you guys look good. that's tragic. okay. what do you have going on here? some sort of bumblebee. >> honeybee and flower. >> honeybee and flower. you didn't spend a lot of money, right? >> but, you know what, shawing. that's good. >> extreme close-up. >> whoa! >> okay. what are you? >> can we give you a clue? >> what? >> oh! >> that's from that iconic picture --
10:16 am
>> don't -- >> iconic, second world war. >> let's go pick our winners. >> okay, so -- >> the prizes were furnished by this thing called nintendo. okay. so we have two for two young kids. the first one goes to jack and the bean stalk. congratulati congratulations. you got a nintendo. >> you earned it. this is a nintendo 2-d, it features kirby on his latest adventure. and what about -- what about the other one? >> i think that guy right there. >> the werewolf? okay, yes. congratulations. you get a 3-d nintendo, it comes with a 3-d screen and camera, it brings all your favorite nintendo characters to life from mario to donkey kong. whatever. >> garth, you're reading really good now. >> i just learned.
10:17 am
we got some adult prizes too. >> yeah. >> you guys are going to get one because you have to feed those kids. yes, you do. >> the other one i think -- >> you give it to somebody. i'll give these away. >> this one for the kiss. >> congratulations. you all are awesome and excellent. >> the last one. >> you already gave it. >> no, i didn't. >> give it to somebody. it is cold. >> i'll give it to you. >> and you get one of these. >> guess who is here now? >> who? >> bobbie thomas. shawing. that's a babe. that's a robo babe. i hear she has cool halloween makeovers. >> excellent. we'll play some games, i think. >> copious amounts of halloween fun for the kiddies. >> cool. we'll be back, i guess, later, or after this, whatever.
10:18 am
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10:21 am
whoa! >> garth. >> excellent. >> okay. >> it is time for guess what, garth? >> what. >> bobbie's buzz. >> even though today is halloween, you have time to create a super cool costume out of makeup. >> no way. >> way. >> keep it down, kid.
10:22 am's bobbie thomas, aka bobbielicious. >> she's going to show us some makeup magic. >> shawing. >> whoa. >> you are a babe. >> thank you. >> can you close your eyes for our viewers? >> yes. >> i was inspired by margaret cane's paintings, the new movie with amy adams is coming out. i'm a real lifedoll with eyes painted on my eyelids. >> let me look at you, garth. let me look at you, garth. you look crazy. >> all you have to do is print out on computer paper, if you can't draw on your eyelids. it is not that hard. you can put them on sunglasses to get your oversized eyes. >> you never looked better. >> of course.
10:23 am
>> over here. >> don't grab me. >> next, i was really excited, black and white can easily get white cream at a drugstore, start with a white face, this is so easy, make two black circles on your eyes, contour your cheek and chin, and then just make the lines over your nose and lips. that's it. and -- >> if you wait long enough, you're going to look that way anyway, right? >> that looks awesome. >> easy. just trace with your finger your bones with white makeup. this is a flattering kind of sexy spooky look. we added hair color for femininity. very easy. last but not least, melanie here, she is my fantasy look. these are so cool. tattoo faces from the game face company. they have spooky jewels, you stick it on, it is two seconds and then if you want to use
10:24 am
glitter, debtget a clear brow g from the store, tap it on your face and it stays. >> these are almost excellent, right, wayne? >> totally excellent. >> i'll post it on and >> coming up, last minute halloween games for the megaamounts of small humans at your house tonight. >> party on, little dudes. my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. ♪hey! i found a happy space...
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10:26 am
good morning. i'm vai sikahema. it's late october. let's get our first alert forecast from bill henley. >> it's at late in october as it gets. it's not too scary, just chilly.
10:27 am
temperatures in the 40s right now. that includes the pocono mountains. that's from jim thorpe, which it dropped into the 20s earlier today. we are watching temperatures climb in philadelphia. 49, that's four degrees colder than yesterday at this time. we will see the numbers climb into the 50s this afternoon. right now, trenton is 44 and 48 in wilmington. we are following breaking news. after seven weeks on the run, eric frein is now formally charged with the murder of one pennsylvania state trooper and shooting and rounding of another. this is frein being led out of the pike county courthouse in milford, earlier this morning. he was arranged on nine charges. nbc 10 was there as frein was returned to the pike county correctional facility where he spent the night. and he will remain there held without bail. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for november 12. this is frein being walked out of the state police barracks in
10:28 am
blooming grove early this morning. he was taken into custody last night 30 miles southwest of the blooming grove barracks where he allegedly shot the two troopers, back on september 12. of course, stay with nbc 10 and for continuing coverage of eric frein's capture. much more on frein's capture and arrangement in a half hour on nbc 10 at 11:00 this morning. i'm vai sikahema. have a great day.
10:29 am
10:30 am
so, dudes, welcome back to a special edition of wayne's world, wayne's world, party time, excellent. i'm wayne. >> i'm garth. if you have a lot of little people coming over tonight. >> we like to calls they nose pickers. >> nose pickers. you got to keep them entertained, right? >> yeah. and here with some most excellent games you can put together in no time is very cool dude, nathan turner, author of nathan turner's american style. >> hi, nathan. how are you? >> i'm well. >> these are games like all kids can play. >> totally cool games. >> why are you in lederhosen? >> this is what we wear in my native country. >> we have -- we should point out, cecelia is here and andrew is here and they have most excellent costumes.
10:31 am
>> in lieu of the traditional bobbing for apples. we have grabbing for doughnuts. come on, guys. >> come on, andrew. you can do it. so can you, cecil. too low? are they too high? >> too wide. >> are they too low. >> oh, get it. >> sorry. >> all right. >> come over here. okay. now what do we -- we have spider cookies. >> is that justin? >> yes. >> excellent. >> you have hairy legs. >> what do you do with it? >> you mack a cookie, spider cookie out of an oreo and pretzels and it is to cook a spider crawl. you make it crawl down into your face. squish your face. >> that's what she said. >> that looks like it is going to take a long time.
10:32 am
good luck there. >> he's got it -- >> he's almost got it. >> you go, justin. >> go, justin. >> excellent. >> good luck. okay, next. >> carnival game. >> i have a question, aidan and emma? >> they did. >> they said they were coming. >> we took balloons and stuffed them with toys and candy and confetti. it is a fun kind of game. >> where are the toys? >> they're popping out. >> oh. >> is that fun? okay. whatever. >> it looks great. >> wait, this is the best ever -- >> kids love this. make a mummy -- >> let me say who's here, olivia, and sam and -- >> pair kids off and have one wrap the other. >> oh, my gosh. are you going to wrap too? what is happening with -- she doesn't want to. >> she's not feeling it. >> she's look a princess -- >> she's, like, you're wrecking my princess dress. >> it looks like fun.
10:33 am
>> by the way, wayne, the kid got the cookie. whatever. >> here we have -- that was excellent. >> taking butternut squash and painted it. and here we have -- is that avery? >> avery -- >> avery, you can do it. do it again. okay. all right. >> and then the final one is -- >> avery, that was a good try. try it again, avery. you got it. >> excellent. >> now we have pumpkin sweep. nothing is more iconic than brooms. come on, you guys. keep it fair. >> my name is garth. >> you're going to sweep it through the goal post there. >> are you ready? >> come on. a lit more enthusiasm into it. let's go. >> go. >> party on. party on. >> garth won. >> it is through -- oh, that way. >> well, i won, so whatever. >> that was, like, so -- >> that was really fun.
10:34 am
>> the dancing scientist has excellent moves and cool experiments you can do tonight for halloween. >> i hope it gets a lot of babes. >> you want to see babes, check out these real moms. they're going to give you a reason to cuddle up with the family after all the trick-or-treating is done. >> excellent. count me in. cute kids out here playing still, but, whatever. first, these messages. okay. party. walmart pharmacy is now in many medicare part d plan preferred networks, including united healthcare, humana, aetna, and coventry. at our new health insurance information centers, you'll find independent agents that tell you about plans that could be right for you. take care of your medicare part d enrollment, so you can spend your time doing the things you enjoy the most. visit walmart or call 1-800-966-1848 to speak to a licensed agent. save money. live better. walmart. for my skin. lease on life new l'oreal age perfect cell renewal. surface skin renewal is accelerated.
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10:38 am
so it is like time for our reel moms and popcorn. it is orange. is it orange for halloween, garth? >> i think so. anyway, party on. >> okay. >> we got some totally awesome movies to watch. after you come home from trick-or-treating tonight. a total hotty. >> suzanne rust is a mother of two, live style editor at family circle magazine, she's magically babalicious. >> she sure is. mother of three, liz stern, she
10:39 am
doesn't look like she popped out three of them, the ceo of diva shawing. in latin, she would be called baby imagna. >> and tina mcnamara, she's a total hotty. >> she's a babe. she's a robo babe. >> okay. now, let's start with some movies, okay? how about wayne's world. oh, no. let's start with, okay, hold on, the first one is the book of life. that's supposed to be, like, a tearjerk tearjerker. >> that sounds boring, right? >> sleepy. >> what is it like? >> that's life, whatever. >> in a book. >> it is a perfect one for this weekend because it has all the halloween elements, you have the skulls, i'm a character from it. and it has the skulls and the after life and death, but it is not scary and it is not creepy. it is funny.
10:40 am
it is musical. my 4-year-old and 13-year-old loved it. >> is it about reading? it is a book and everything. >> my 7-year-old loved it. >> animation is beautiful. it is a really great film. take your whole family this weekend. >> it is about day of the dead, which is this weekend. >> would you like it too? what do you think? >> i just tuned out, wayne. >> we're, like, over. next, are they still talking? let's talk about ouija, it is pg-13 but sounds scary. >> it is from michael bayh who does the transformer movies and teenage mutant ninja turtles. it is a scary movie for teenagers. they wake up the dead with the hasbro game. it is the most responsible horror movie i've ever seen. no nudity, no sex, no drugs, no smoking, no alcohol. >> but it is still a little
10:41 am
scary. >> why would anybody want to go? >> too young. a little bit scary, but it's great. go see it, especially this weekend. if you have a teen or tween at home, this is perfect. >> i'm a big chicken. i agree with tara, i was, like, usual conventions of the sex and nudity and then you guy, it was absent there. >> what are you? >> the babe from scandal. >> you're minnie mouse. >> garth, you didn't know she was minnie mouse? >> i didn't. but she's hot. okay. let's talk about something else, what are your favorite rentals? >> i think for tonight it is halloween. you have to have a monster movie. hotel transle vainia has all the monsters, but it is fun, they humanize them, it is good for the whole family. >> what do you think? >> i think tonight it is going to be betelgeuse, can't beat tim burton's betelgeuse on halloween. one of my favorite all time
10:42 am
movies, little spooky, little fabulous and great, great halloween -- >> what about you, scandal? >> tim burton. i love the nightmare before christmas, great with the kids, great for the adults, beautiful animation, funny story. >> you know what i want to rent tonight? you and i can watch it. citizens cane. >> what is that? >> i hear it is great. >> whatever. it is party time. >> party hardy. >> spooky halloween cocktails. >> excellent. >> and dancing scientist will show you how to make your own slime. slime, garth. this is kathleen. setting up the perfect wedding day starts with her minor arthritis pain, and two pills. afternoon arrives and feeling good, but her knee pain returns. that's two more pills. the evening's event brings laughter, joy, and more pain. what's that, like six pills today? yeah. .i could take two aleve for all day relief. really?
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10:47 am
hey, every dudes, welcome back to halloween friday. i'm wayne campbell. i'm your excellent host. this is garth. this is jeffrey viniker. garth and i need to go to the
10:48 am
proktologist after the show today. >> with over 20 million youtube views, jeffrey takes the show on the road to schools across the country to blow kids minds. >> he has cool but safe experiments you can do at home that will make your halloween totally rad. >> what are you doing? >> happy halloween. >> you too. >> we're making slime, spooky halloween science. >> okay. >> in our big bowl, our calderon, i put a bunch of glue. clear nontoxic glue, put a bunch and equal parts water. >> okay. >> in here? >> it is already in here. it is easy. >> all right. >> just two ingredients. next, food coloring. i got green. you should have one next to you. squirt it in. >> i am. stop telling me what to do. >> that's good. mix it up. little potion here. >> i like this. >> mine is purple. >> how did you do in science class? >> my mommy never played with me when i was little.
10:49 am
>> you get borax at the supermarket. >> i didn't know they still sold that stuff. >> i dissolve this in, add it in in small increments while you mix. >> garth doesn't understand increment. >> don't use big words. >> until it thickens. >> yeah, like jell-o, garth. >> but you have to -- take your hands, reach in there, and mix it up, like this. >> whoa. >> whoa! >> whoa! >> whoa! >> we're not worthy! we're not worthy! >> we're not worthy. >> that's awesome. >> cool. >> look at this. >> whoa! >> you really like this? >> extreme close-up. >> whoa! >> whoa! >> good. a plus on that one. >> okay. gloves off? >> gloves off.
10:50 am
stay nice and clean. >> okay. >> it is safe and nontoxic, kids can do it. >> okay. >> borax and glue, that's it. next, dry ice. can't have halloween without dry ice. here it is. frozen carbon dioxide, have you seen it before? >> do it. >> add hot water. it bubbles up. easy to impress today. this is carbon dioxide gas. i thought -- wouldn't it be cool if we could put this inside bubbles and make little -- >> why can't you do that, dude? >> i will. if you can head over to the other side of me, i'll pot hot water in this soda bottle here, like so. i took this hose off my mom's vacuum cleaner, put bubble and juice on one side. they have a little bit of air -- >> whoa. >> they're running away. the ghosts are running away -- >> try to get another one. >> whoa. >> whoa! >> one more, one more.
10:51 am
>> excellent! >> we tried. we tried. >> we're not worthy. >> we're not worthy. >> can i give you a halloween dance move? >> as we go to break. we have to go. other people need to talk. >> for moreinstructions on how to slime, go to >> zombie walk. you're good. >> i'm bored. bye.
10:53 am
10:54 am
while your little goblins are sorting through their halloween goodies and you and your parents can indulge in grown-up libations. >> i love when you talk like that. party on, garth. >> party on, wayne. >> whether you're into aliens or zombies, we have a wicked drink for you. here to help you pick your poison, mixologist and uber
10:55 am
babes, shawing. >> are we making some drinks, ladys? >> you do drink, right? >> occasionally. >> this san alien brain shot. you put peach schnapps, lemon juice and that acid curdles. irish cream on top. it looks so gross. it turns into a brain. >> gnarly. >> i know. and then you can bloody it -- >> why would you want to? >> because -- >> it is cool. >> very potent. what does it taste like, garth? >> i don't know. >> whoa. >> blood on it. >> wonderful. >> okay, i'll taste it. i'm the tester. >> whoa! >> next one. pumpkin keg. we'll put our bloody orange in it. put a spigot in it.
10:56 am
>> what do you mean a spigot? >> like a keg spigot. buy it online, whatever. we're pouring our bloody orange into that. it has got vodka, vanilla vodka, lemon juice -- >> how do you like the top, garth? >> triple sec. it is like a creamsicle. >> that's cool. >> we'll put the hollowed out litt little oranges that have jack-o'-lantern faces on them. >> party on. >> okay. >> thank you. >> put beer and wine in here, whatever you want. >> excellent. >> excellent. garth likes beer best. >> i do. what else you got? >> the next one is a bourbon and lime cocktail. we mix that up and put it in a beaker, it looks sciency and you can rim it in colored sugar for sparkle. this is essentially like a very potent, little tart, little smoky and like as dark as -- >> you used a lot of words that we don't understand.
10:57 am
we just care if it's good. >> let's taste it. >> normally mix that up a little bet, b better, but don't worry about it. >> whoa. >> okay, what else? >> if you don't want a single cocktail -- >> i'd like to shake a cocktail waitress. >> shawing. >> good one. >> why don't you just drink it and stop talking? >> this is our giant ice cube. >> whatever. and what is -- oh, look. >> is somebody talking? >ëd we talk too much. thank you so much. we want to thank our most excellent guests and most excellent producers, kate, alicea, amanda, avery. everybody, joanne lamarca. guys, thank you for everything you do. big week next week, jennifer
10:58 am
lopez. and stevie nicks and naomi judd
11:00 am
we are following breaking news this morning, behind bars and held without bail after nearly seven weeks on the run, eric frein just made his first court appearance in the murder of a pennsylvania state trooper. this is video police leading him into the courthouse for his arraignme arraignment. he was transported from the correctional facility where he spent the night to the courty courthouse for this morning's hearing. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, i was there as eric frein was taken by state troopers from their vehicle into the courthouse. there were cheer f