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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  October 31, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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by 7:00 or 8:00, at least in parts of new jersey, could be some sprinkles, not much around as we go through the evening. but later tonight, the chances go up. this is still very light rain for the most part and so as we go through the evening, the temperatures as you can see, are already pretty chilly and we're going to go even lower with temperatures dropping to near 50 degrees, a chance of light rain basically starting about 9:00. we'll talk more about more substantial rain, colder weather and more wind with the seven-day in a few minutes. developing right now, we could soon get an update on whether septa's union workers will walk off the drive, throwing the morning commute on monday into turmoil. >> a local congressman is getting involved in the talks and is expected to update us soon. nbc 10 has a team of reporters following the negotiations and talking to commuters who are bracing for a possible stoppage of mass transit. >> we begin in old city and nbc
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10's matt delucia. you've been camped outside of negotiations. any signs of progress? >> reporter: that is unknown at this point, renee and jim. what i can tell you, a source tells me that both sides went into the wyndham hotel at 1:00 this afternoon. i just spoke with congressman bob brady. he's been involved in the contract talks. an update is expected in front of the hotel within the hour. as we wait, plenty of riders are also waiting. >> what do you think about a possible strike. >> reporter: septa workers still on the job as union leaders negotiate behind closed doors. we have to wait to see what happens. >> reporter: this includes septa bus, trolley and subway operators. it its 4,700 members could walk off the job if negotiations fall through, negotiations that have
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been ongoing through early spring. >> i have to rely on another way of getting to work. i probably will have to use a mountain bike to get to work. like they'll have to move a mountain to get to work if these drivers disappear. >> kind of scary to think about it. >> reporter: twu president willie brown commented earlier this week that a decision to strike would be made by the end of today. arguments over benefits continue, mostly on pensions. septa says it will receive 24 hours notice of a strike but some riders tell me that is not enough. >> i don't know. i'll have to try to find a ride to work. >> so you depend on septa entirely? >> everywhere i need to go, take my kids to school, everything. >> reporter: the last time the union went on strike was five years ago. the negotiations are ongoing as we speak. as i mention, i just spoke with congressman bob brady a few minutes ago. he says an update will be coming within the hour. he is in the hotel right now
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along with union leaders. we saw several council members going in there as well. we will be back there live with the update as soon as it happens. for now, we're live in in old city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. cydney long live at 30th street station for us. >> cydney, you've been talking to commuters and the impact this could have on them come monday morning. >> >> reporter: renee and jim, that is right, monday morning, monday after-nene and potential already for days and weeks to come after that. any potential work stoppage will have an immediate impact on the rails here. those riders who are left without the buses, the trolleys and the subway will have to find a ride somewhere. for commuters who will be working through these doors here at 30th street station, it could leave them fighting for a seat. >> it is going to be that much more hectic. >> reporter: michelle owens rides the rails from bensalem to center city each morning. do you realize what the impact
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would be if this strike take place. >> no, i didn't. >> reporter: says the trains are jam packed at capacity now. she plans to adjust her schedule to not find herself in the thick of additional gridlock during her commute to and from work. this as a septa city transit strike could force some of 900,000 daily c]mmuters who rely on city buses, trolleys and the subway on to the rail lines to get home, lines that carry 126,000 trips or passengers daily during the morning and evening rush. >> it's upsetting because i don't know how long it will go on and just thinking of the whole thing, i don't know how much longer i can do an adjustment or flex my schedule. >> every day is different but i have to plan about an hour ahead because i have class. it takes about an hour just to get to center city, plus the walk. >> reporter: septa's jerry williams says a service interruption plan will post to the septa website if and when a decision to strike is reached.
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septa says it does not have the resources or overtime capacity to add trains earlier each morning or later into the night. they're asking businesses to work with their employees. >> my boss, either he comes to pick me up or he'll have to pretty much understand. right now he's pretty upset. he doesn't know what's going to happen. everybody here catches the bus. >> reporter: as you can tell, commuters are somewhat average shus b -- anxious. they said they will wait to see if a strike is ultimately decided. cydney long, nbc 10 news. as we head into the weekend, count on nbc 10 news to bring you the latest on the septa strike threat. we'll bring you updates around the clock, on the air, online at and on your mobile device with the nbc 10 news app. a free download for your seimone or tablet.
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20 minutes of nonstop news continues with the capture of eric frein. >> eric, are you sorry? >> why did you do it, eric? why did you do it? >> crowds, you hear them shouting at the accused as he was led out of court under heavy guard. this is the booking photo taken of eric frein. he's in maximum security under the pike county correctional ç facility. >> i've characterized his actions in the past as pure evil. i stand by that. >> we've learned new information about frein's time on the run. over the next 2 1/2 hours a team of nbc 10 crews will cover every angle of this story. >> here's what we know right now. pennsylvania state police say eric frein acted alone when he ambushed two pennsylvania state troopers exactly seven weeks ago today. he had no help to get away from police. the 31-year-old gave short yes and no answers when he appeared before a judge today.
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frein faces several charges, including murder, attempted murder and possession of weapons of mass destruction. his next court appearance is november 12th. >> nbc 10's randy gyllenhall was there as eric frein walked into court. >> randy, this investigation, not over yet? >> reporter: this is a very active investigation, a i just finished speaking with two sources involved with this investigation. they tell me they found some sort of electronic device inside that hangar in the airport where eric frein was captured. they say they are seeping through the data to see if he may have had contact with anybody in the outside world, specifically they want to know how able he was able to get that far south, if he had any sort of help. we got a clearer picture of this mysterious man, eric frein, who was on the run for seven weeks. after waking up in a jail cell, eric frein is driven to the pike county courthouse.
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the state troopers who escort him inside get a round of applause from a thankful crowd. after 48 days, this manhunt is over. frein makes a brief appearance in front of a judge, avoiding eye contact. he says he understands he could face the death penalty. >> eric, are you sorry? >> reporter: not 20 minutes later he's back outside to face the public and the cameras. locals even get a few words in to the accused cop killer. >> do you feel bad that those little boys have no father? >> i've never come that close before to someone like that. >> reporter: people here say they had to come to court to make sure it really was him, the man on the run who caused so many problems in small towns like this one. >> we all live in the woods. was. we didn't know what he was going to do. >> reporter: he was found in an abandoned airport. search teams captured him near an old hangar. >> u.s. marshals, in this case, located him as part of a routine sweep through the woods they were conducting. >> reporter: police say frein
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surrendered without a fight but was armed with a knife and that .308 caliber rifle he used in the ambush was located inside the hangar. sources also tell me a .millimeter pistol was found nearby. frein did not enter any sort of plea today. he'll have another hearing in two weeks. he also did not say a word when he was being walked outside, even as the crowds were chanting and shouting at him. he got back in the police car and they drove away. live in pike county, nbc 10 news. two troopers were shot outside their barracks during a shift change. corporal bryon dickson was killed, trooper alex douglass critically wounded. he's in rehab for his injuries right now. and that shooting touched off a manhunt that would take federal, state and local officers and agents through the vast terrain of the pocono mountains. frein was also added to the fbi's ten most wanted list.
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during the investigation, we got a better look at eric frein from this documentary. he was filmed as part of a war re-enactment and in it, he discussed how difficult it was to find someone hiding in the forest of the pocono mountains. it all came to an end last night around 6:00 when u.s. marshals caught frein outside this abandoned air park hangar. state police say agents caught him by surprise, his weapons inside. in addition to this hangar which skyforce 10 flew over today, frein also hid out in cabins for food and shelter. this is eric frein, the moment he was taken into custody, just as darkness set, in the poconos. frein's capture comes as a big relief to residents and business owners in the poconos. >> christine madella has talked to some of them who were paralyzed with fear while frein was on the run.ç christine, tell us what people are saying now. >> reporter: well, everyone is talking about this. take a look at the front page of
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the the "pocono record." the head line reads "got him." the parents and children we talked to say they are excited it's just in time for halloween. trick or treating is back on in barrett township. >> she's busy turning this cardboard box into thomas the tank engine, a last-minute costume for her son. >> i drive a school bus for pocono mountain. all i heard all morning was we within trick or treat. halloween is back on. so it was very exciting for the kids. >> our 50th annual parade was canceled. so in that regards, yes, he did have us hostage. but i think we're a tough group of people. >> reporter: neighborhood kids are free to roam, something they haven't been doing much of in the past 48 days. usually we go to the playground and ride bikes around. we cut that off for a while just to be safe.
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it's nice to know we can go back to that. >> i'm glad he was captured. we were living afraid, locking our doors, windows. >> reporter: this neighbor told me she's venturing outdoors for the first time in weeks because she finally feels safe again. >> maybe we'll go back to living normal now. >> reporter: today we stopped by the local school district. they shut down school for five days during the massive manhunt. in a statement, the superintendent said in part, i am pleased pocono mountain school district schools will be able to resume normal operations. the past month and a half have been very unnerving and stressful for our entire school community. that sentiment was echoed by all the neighbors i talked to. reporting live in barrett township, christine madella, nbc 10 news. happening right now, we want to take you back to our top story, the septa strike watch. you see state senator anthony williams there.
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we understand congressman bob brady is set to speak. he was brought in to help with the negotiations. you see willie brown fromç the transport workers union. let's listen in to state senator tony williams. >> i think everybody has the best of intentions. i think they wouldn't invite us. we're not here to -- we're not pressuring, we're not leveraging. we're friends. i'm trying to get the congressman who has a distinguished labor record and has done a lot of this before, bob brady. come on up. >> there he is. >> you're doing fine. you're doing fine. >> senator, how confident are you that septa riders will be able to get their ride come monday morning? >> my back hurts. what did you say, i'm sorry? >> how comfortable are you that septa riders will be able to get the rides monday morning.
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>> i'm not here to handicap. i'm just here to -- we're here to encourage and support. we have congressman brady, representative jordan harris, we have a whole bunch of folks who are here with a similar collection of backgrounds who are supporting them to go forward to try to avert a strike. i'm not saying anything they have not said. it's not in the city's interest, it's not in the constituent's interest, it's not in the riders' interest, it's not in septa's interest to be in the middle of a strike. tw knows it and is working hard to be cooperative. we're also very clear that workers and how we support workers is very important to all of us. >> we've been listening to tony williams, state senator. a lot of our political officials have been brought here to old city and we expect to hear from
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congressman bob brady at around 4:45 today talking about what the latest is in the septa strike. we'll keep you on top of this story and of course go back there if there's news breaking on a possible potential hopeful settlement in the septa potential strike çthere. we'll keep you on top of this story. 20 minutes of nonstop news continuing for a warning for parents in the wissahickon school student. a student has been diagnosed with whooping cough, pertussis. this is the second case of whooping cough at wissahickon high school in less than two months. it was a cry for help written in make-up on the wall of a fast food restaurant, words that led police in delaware to a woman who says she was kidnapped, raped and held captive for a week by her estranged husband. nbc 10's lu ann cahn shows us
4:16 pm
how investigators connected the dots to find her. >> reporter: dover police say it was a brave, smart move for a woman who they believe was kidnapped and raped for days by her estranged husband. they say she left a lipstick message here, hoping it would lead to her rescue. >> his name is brandon turner from october 23rd through yesterday morning, dover police say he repeatedly raped his estranged wife who he allegedly kidnapped and duct taped to a bed in this rural home. on turners public facebook page, the day his wife disappeared he posted i love and miss my wife. she's the only woman i want in my life. the day before he posted you don't want me, you made that clear last night. call the cops. i'm leaving now. his wife had a no contact order against her husband because of prior domestic abuse. yesterday, a customer at this mcdonald's on dupont highway found a message in lipstick on the women's bathroom wall just before noon. >> upon arrival, the officers determined -- read the message,
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realized that it was alluding to a victim being held against her will for some period of time. she left information on there that helped us i.d. who the victim was. >> reporter: police saw the couple on surveillance video and within three hours found them in the parking lot outside the dover mall. detectives tell us turner has a criminal rap sheet 30 pages long. police say it's unlikely he's getting out of prison anytime soon. bail is set at over $600,000. police say the victim is recovering with her family. in dover, delaware, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news.ç now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we started off the week with some pretty warm weather. we've seen a lot of sunshine but things are changing. we have rain moving in, some of it's going to start tonight. a rainy saturday continues to be in the forecast and a very windy sunday, along with the cold. at least it won't be raining on sunday. we have cloudy skies across much of the area now.
4:18 pm
it looks kind of threatening but the rain is not here yet. 54 degrees in philadelphia, the wind north at 8 miles an hour. we're 4 degrees cooler than we were at this time yesterday. we're still only 49 degrees in westchester, low to mid-50s across much of the rest of the area. fairly uniform temperatures but nobody is close to 60 degrees, which was our high yesterday and the day before that, we were 70. well, we continue to see moisture offshore. there's also moisture back to the west and in between. we just have clouds that came in from the ocean during the day. still nothing too substantial out there, out in the ocean, but as soon as the wind starts turning back into the northeast, that moisture will start coming in. and the future cast will show us that, not so much by 6:00 or 7:00 or even 8:00 but later tonight after 10:00, here come the showers now. this is generally patchy light rain to start off with and then
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as we get closer to day break, it becomes at least a chance of a little bit heavier and a little bit more widespread. now, this particular model seems to really underplay this. this has just come in a few minutes ago. i'll show you another model a little bit later that's more threatening than that one. you can see the trick or treat forecast continues to show, temperatures dropping toward the 50 degree mark by 9:00 and the chance of a little bit of light rain toward the 9:00, 10:00 period. so the earlier everybody goes out, the more sure i am that it's going to be dry. but tomorrow, along with the rain, we've got windç gusts. this is our future weather computer model showing us that. look at the potential wind gust down at the shore. at least this is an offshore wind, which helps. there is a coastal flood advisory for later tomorrow afternoon. then look at sunday. we again have potential gusts over 40 miles an hour.
4:20 pm
so for the rest of the night, we see patchy, light rain developing, 44 for the low in philadelphia. 40 north and west. the wind starts to increase a little bit out of the northeast. and tomorrow, rainy, windy and cold, may not be raining every hour tomorrow but a fairly rainy day. and some places not reaching 50 and everybody is getting a pretty gusty wind. then on sunday, it may be even windier and pretty cold but at least it's dry. very cold start on monday but then a big warmup next week, near 70 by wednesday. then we cool off toward the end of the week. don't forget to fall back when you go to bed saturday night. that's because daylight saving time ends at 2:00 a.m. on sunday. that means, of course, you get an extra hour of sleep this weekend. and when you turn back the clock, it's also a good time to put fresh batteries in the smoke detectors inside your home. >> good reminder. thanks, glenn. mischief night turns
4:21 pm
destructive. >> nbc 10 with information on the vandalism affecting one local community on halloween eve. also ahead, a halt to the hazing. the local school scandal that could pave the way for changes embroiled in taunting and bullying. . that package in the back was eric frein. police transmissions were gotten today. nbc 10 with the just released figures on the real impact on casino closures in atlantic city.
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police in new castle county, delaware, are investigating what they call a hate crime. someone targeted a home on allegretto road. when officers got there, they found a racial slur and other offensive graffiti spray painted on the driveway. if you have information, police
4:25 pm
would like to hear from you. more than a dozen residents in one burlington county neighborhood woke up to find their cars and homes spray painted by vandals. 15 people were affected by this. vandals spray paint on scene words and images on several streets in the area. the targets were random. if you know anything about that crime, call pemberton township police. delaware probation officers are preventing registered sex offenders from being on the streets this halloween. officials say for the sake of the public, all registered sex offenders in probation on delaware must stay inside their homes tonight. they also have to keep their homes outside lights off. that's because officers don't want trick or treaters going to their door. this begins tonight at 6:00. if you're concerned about whether that trick or treat candy collected tonight is safe to eat, have it x-rayed tonight through november 7th. premiere urgent care on
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conestoga road in villanova is offering service for free. they're opening seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. he was captured and he confessed. >> that's one of our top stories on nbc 10 news at 4:00, accused cop killer eric frein is in jail without bail. after being officially charged with murder.ç for the september ambush of two troopers in the poconos. >> off road, cherry lane road, subject's in custody. >> only the nbc 10 investigators have the police radio transmissions just as officers closed in on frein. you'll hear the tapes as the drama played out. glenn "hurricane" schwartz? a chilly halloween night ahead, plus, i'm tracking rain. that's not all. find out what's in store for your weekend in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. then coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, what's your favorite halloween treat? turns out it may not be candy. what more kids seem to want.
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this is nbc 10 news. right now accused trooper killer eric frein is at the pike county correctional facility. pennsylvania state police say frein acted alone when he ambushed two troopers, killing one of them seven weeks ago today. they also believe he had no help in alluding police and confirm it was not a tip thatç led to s arrest. >> u.s. marshals located him as part of a routine sweep through the woods that they were conducting. >> frein faces a slew of charges including murder, attempted murder and possession of weapons of mass destruction. he does not have an attorney and his next court appearance is november 12th. and now something you'll see
4:31 pm
only on nbc 10. >> nbc 10's investigator reporter harry hairston takes us behind the scene for an exclusive moment-by-moment account of how police nabbed their man. >> reporter: all day today i've been talking to police sources knowledgeable of how they tracked down eric frein. you're about to hear state police radio transmissions of the moments troopers heard the suspect was in custody. >> u.s. marshals first discovered eric frein hiding in an airport hangar in the poconos. state police not far away were searching another area when this police radio call would go out to them. >> cherry lane road, subject's in custody, handcuffed. you're going to go to the hangar and make contact with the marshalls there. >> reporter: police sources tell me the word of frein's arrest rocketed through the law enforcement community, then just a few short moments later, police would pay homage to their
4:32 pm
fallen brother, corporal bryon dickson by carrying out a long-running tradition, the slain troopers handcuffs placed on the suspected killer. >> blooming grove car two is en route with corporal dixon's handcuffs. he'll be there in approximately 20 minutes. >> reporter: the 48-day search ends with this final radio transmission, it comes from trooper dixon's state police car used to transport the suspect to face the criminal suspect. >> 11652, romeo 42 is en route to the station. >> we contacted the pike county jail where frein is being held. we are told he is being held under maximum protection. for vh investigators, harry hairston, nbc 10 news. >> state police estimate the frein case has cost them roughly
4:33 pm
$10 million. that's about $208,000 a day. that amount could climb, though, since the investigation is still ongoing. it's clear from our video today that eric frein had injuries to his face, of course, throughout the past seven weeks we've seen many different looks. so we put together a slide show for you, the faces of eric frein. that's right now on also right now on, life on the run. what living conditions were like for eric frein for the weeks he was eluding police. that's our now nbc 10 first alert weather. >> some young trick or treaters getting a lesson in broadcast news before their holiday party today. nbc 10 and storm force 10 at kinder care bala cynwyd for media day. >> nbc 10's first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz, here to tell us what kind of conditions our trick or
4:34 pm
treaters can expect. glenn? >> it's looking a little bit threatening because all the clouds out there. we don't have anything on radar at the moment. it is kind of chilly, temperatures in the low to mid-50s across the entire area. we don't have any place close to 60 but at least we don't have much wind. there's going to be a lot of wind over the weekend. now, the temperature will be going down slowly to about 50 degrees at 9:00 but the chance of rain goes up a little bit as we get toward 9:00 or even later tonight. so the later you go out, the better the chance for any kind of rain. by the way, the sunsets right around 6:00. it's completely dark by 6:30. full forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, glenn. back to our breaking news that we brought you at the top of this news cast. one person has been killed, another person hurt when a virgin galactic tourism rocket exploded in southern california's mojave desert. this is new video of the
4:35 pm
wreckage of the spaceship ii hr(t&háhp &hc it was taking off on a test flight when it crashed. richard branson says he's flying immediately to the mojave desert to be with that crew. 1800 volunteers covered 80 miles of coastline from wilmington to fenwick island. they collected more than three tons of crash. they found unusual items, a bowling ball, a car fender and christmas lights. rutgers university is making it easier for students to get their degree by offering classes at more locations in our area. by the end of this year, rutgers courses will be offered at atlantic cape community campuses and cape may courthouse. next summer students will be able to take classes in point pleasant, ocean county. they're part of a summer at the shore initiative. its goal is to provide an
4:36 pm
education to students who may work or live at the shore during the summer months. you heard the expression about turning into a pumpkin at midnight? >> what about turning into a multimillionaire at 11:00 p.m.? we'll explain. first, here's what we're working on for nbc 10 news at 5:00. >> eric, are you sorry? >> inside the mind of alleged cop killer eric frein. at 5:00, nbc 10 has a new look inside his journal and the notes he was keeping while on the run, plus, how he was able to survive for six weeks in a dense forest. then, septa just hours away from a possible strike. nbc 10 is making calls, asking local officials who might step in to prevent workers from walking off the job. and what a woman left in a mcdonald's bathroom that found her kidnappers.
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now to the casino crisis at the jersey shore and its impact on atlantic city's unemployment rate. the number jumped to over ç11%n september. that increase is blamed on three casinos closing in just two weeks this summer. more than 8,000 workers lost their jobs in 2014, a total of four casinos closed this year and there could be one more. the future of the trump taj mahal is still up in the air. there's a lot of money up for grabs in tonight's mega millions drawing. tonight's giant jackpot is worth an estimated $284 million. the largest in seven months. it's been growing since august 22nd. that's the last time it was hit. one ticket holder in california
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won $180 million. we are monitoring a developing story on nbc 10 news at 4:00. >> the septa strike threat. nbc 10 live in old city where we are awaiting a news conference from negotiators as well as congressman bob brady. glenn "hurricane" schwartz? well, tracking rain plus colder conditions and gusty winds. find out when all those changes start moving in in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, you aren't the only one who likes coffee. the feds do, too. you won't believe how much of your money some officials have spent at starbucks.
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- ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it. this is nbc 10 news. >> big day for the american diabetes association.
4:44 pm
they are holding their stepout walk, the largest in the country. >> money raised could help thousands of people, including a young man you're about to meet. delaware bureau reporter tim furlong has his story. >> when zaire walks past you, you notice the little limp. under those khakis he has a high-tech prosthetic leg. >> it's scratched up. i don't think about it much. only when asking questions like this. >> reporter: he lost his leg due to diabetes but believe it or not, getting used to the prosthetic, that was the easy part. >> they say dealing with the diabetes makes life challenging but in layman's terms. >> sometimes it just stinks. >> always having to check his blood sugar, watch him through the night and things like that. >> reporter: on saturday, thousands will join our nbc 10 team at the philadelphia art museum for the stepout walk to stop diabetes. zaire and his family will there, too, not just walking to find a cure for zaire, they're walking to help everyone with diabetes
4:45 pm
and those who might get it if we don't raise enough money to figure out how to prevent it. >> i hope people aren't saying i'm not going to go. this is a condition or disease that can be cured if all of us get behind, standing and walking together. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. this is so important. tomorrow's walk is at the philadelphia museum of art, registration for the diabetes walk begins at 8:00 a.m. come on out. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we started the day off with sunshine, the clouds have increased quite a bit during the day. and some rain will be moving in during the night tonight. it will be a rainy saturday across much of the area and a windy and cold sunday. we could see all the clouds that, if the far western sky it's brighter. it will take longer for the rain
4:46 pm
to move in there.ç 54 degrees, the wind north at 8 miles an hour. the humidity not too high, at least not yet. one of the other things happening this weekend, we have fall back on sunday. we can turn the clock back one hour, get an extra hour of sleep. that's the good news. the rest of the forecast, not necessarily so. we can see the temperatures while well belove average and well below what they were a couple days ago. it's in the low to mid-50s. a couple days ago we were 76 degrees. at least we don't have the wind yet. we add the wind and lower the temperatures more tomorrow. we'll be watching offshore for that storm to develop, the moisture is increasing down here off the north carolina coast. that's just the first sign. and the future cast showing us the increase in the moisture, it's coming in from the ocean. it will hit new jersey first and the western suburbs last. a few sprinkles, 8:00, 9:00, and
4:47 pm
then more substantial rain gradually coming in as we head toward midnight and into the early morning hours. and this particular model shows that it's not all light, either. you can see more coming in during the morning tomorrow and into the afternoon. we call this periods of rain rather than showers. it's not just 15 minutes here and there. this could be hours of a steady rain, followed by a bit of a break. look at this. here we are top evening. more coming in off the ocean. that storm is going to move offshore and things are going to dry out for sunday. of course, it's going to be windy and cold on sunday. so at 5:00, it's stit just cloudy and chilly. 53 degrees. 7:00, still cloudy and chilly and not a lot of wind. there's no wind chill. and then a chance of light rain coming in by 9:00.
4:48 pm
especially again in new jersey. but it will be very light. patchy light rain developing tonight. 44 for a low in the city, 40 north and west. tomorrow, rainy, windy cold, nasty day. highs in the upper 40çs, 50 degrees. the average high is 362. a long way from that. on sunday, windy and cold but dry. cold start on monday but we start warming up. by wednesday, we're up to 70 degrees. that doesn't last either. we cool off at the end of next week. >> thanks, glenn. >> 160 people were forced out of their homes after a fire ripped through a west philadelphia apartment building overnight. neighbors watched in fear as the five-story building went up in flames. two people, including a firefighter were taken to the hospital. they are expected to recover. fire crews rescued several people trapped by the heavy smoke and flames. overnight, nearly 70 people checked into a shelter set up by the red cross. fire vicks tell nbc 10 they lost everything. they're now homeless.
4:49 pm
they're just glad they made it out safely. >> i had to climb out the window, third floor, right where the fire was. >> you know the best thing happened, all of us made it out. that's the best thing. >> reporter: several residents tell nbc 10 their smoke alarms alerted them to the fire. red cross officials say this is a reminder to check your batteries in your smoke alarm when we turn our clocks back an hour this coming sunday. decision 2014 election co r coverage continues. nonstop news through the hour. the candidates sprinting toward the finish line, going town to town. tom corbett campaigned across eastern pennsylvania in selinsgrove, chambersburg, carlisle and anville. tomorrow he heads to harrisburg and wilkes-barre and sunday back to our area for a rally with new jersey governor chris christie. meantime, democratic challenger tom wolf attended rallies in
4:50 pm
stroudsburg and three in our area, allentown, quakertown and phoenixville. he'll stay in our area tomorrow with stops in philadelphia, chester and media. on sunday he'll be joining president obama for a rally at temple university. four days left until voters are heard. election day, tuesday, november 4th. there will be federal, state and local elections in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. he final weekend before the election, read up on the candidates and the issues that will be decided on tuesday. right now on our website at that music can mean i lonlye thing, we're getting close to kickoff for another night of high school football. we go to a showdown between ridley high school and hayertown high school.
4:51 pm
there will be skylights from skyforce 10 flying high above the action. catch all the action on nbc 10 news at 11:00. and then "high school football blitz" tomorrow night at 7:00, only here on nbc 10. it was the scandal that sidelined the rest of the football season for one local high school. >> now there could be tough new action against those who are guilty of hazing. today the propose the punishment that could put the brakes on bad behavior. >> then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, forget the candy bars and the m & ms, an increasing number of kids say candy isn't their favorite halloween treat.
4:55 pm
it's been a week since a local high school football team became the center of a hazing investigation. >> a pennsylvania lawmaker is introducing a new bill that would protect students from harmful ritual. all players and coaches were suspended when the superintendent revealed the investigation. the alleged incidents targeting rookie players happened before the start of the season. state representative ron marsico developed a bill that would make any hazing at pennsylvania schools a crime. it would also require schools to write and enforce policies to prevent hazing. 44 states have some version of anti-hazing laws. pennsylvania's law considers hazing a misdemeanor but only applies to colleges and universities. in a statement marsico said the instances of hazing here in pennsylvania as well as across the country, clearly not limited to colleges or universities. he went on to say, every child in this commonwealth has the right to grow up free from intimidation, torment and
4:56 pm
emotional distress. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is coming up next. >> here are jacqueline london and keith jones. >> next all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00, in custody after seven weeks on the run. >> eric frein didn't say much in court today but we're learning all about his time on the run. the diary entries nbc 10 obtained. and talking weather, sheena, cold and rain on the way. >> that's right. coming up i have your trick or treat forecast for tonight. colder temperatures and rain moving in for part of your weeks. details straight ahead. this doesn't just hit adults. meet one inspirational little girl who beat the odds and is now working to save others. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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4:57 pm
ryan costello went into politics. in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions
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4:58 pm
in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message.
4:59 pm
nbc 10 news starts now. an accused state trooper killer captured. the man who eluded police for weeks and kept an entire community on edge was paraded in front of cameras and angry residents. he's being held in a maximum security jail cell. >> he was hit with a long list of serious charges, among them first degree murder, assaulting an officer, reckless endangerment and possessing weapons of mass destruction. nbc 10 was there as frein wasess courtsed inside the courthouse this morning. >> we have new information about
5:00 pm
his time on the run. randy gyllenhall, live in pike couldn'tpy. randy, what have you found out. >> reporter: i just spoke with two sources close to this investigation who tell me investigators found some sort of electronic device inside that hangar at the airport where eric frein was hiding. they say that investigators are seeping through all the data. they want to know if he was in touch with anybody in the outside world, specifically if anybody helped him move around the search area. as search teams scoured the woods for seven weeks, eric frein kept handwritten notes. they were discovered at a campsi campsite. frein wrote about the night of his attack and how i escaped. he ran back to the jeep, he wrote, i hit a road block. i didn't expect one too soon. i missed a trail around a runoff pool and drove straight into it. disaster. this was the first and critical clue, frein's car submerged in a posi