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tv   Today  NBC  November 1, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. what went wrong. images of the virgin galactic breaking over the mojave. one pilot killed. one injured. how the crash will affect the space tourism. holiday tragedy. three young girls, twin sisters, killed by a driving trick-or-treating. as authorities launch an all-out search for a suspect. still a threat. the lava flow slows in hawaii, but residents of one town are still not out of danger. a new view of the slow motion disaster. and novem-brrr. snow in the south to brutal winds in chicago.
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it's only going to get colder. today's saturday, november 1st, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with lester holt and erica hill. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today." i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill alongside sheinelle jones and dylan dreyer. it is cold. >> look at what is going on in north carolina. that is mike seidel getting ready for his live shot. snow going down. i was about to say he was working in north carolina. clearly that is not the case. we will check in with him. as dylan is going to tell us. >> i'm not ready. >> dylan is not ready. definitely.
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pull the coats out. we want to get to the top story with the search for answers after the deadly crash of virgin galactic spaceshiptwo aircraft over the mojave. jacob rascon is live with more. >> reporter: erica, good morning. the ntsb will investigate what went wrong. this as serious questions about what setback this crash willing for the future of space tourism. by helicopter and four-wheel-drive, recovery teams are searching for the scorched and broken pieces of spaceshiptwo. it was after 10:00 a.m. friday when something had gone terribly wrong. the photographs capture the moment the space ship started breaking apart at 45,000 feet. the highway patrol says one of two test pilots managed to parachute to safety, but badly injured. the second pilot never got out. >> our primary thoughts at this
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moment are with the crew and family and we're doing everything we can for them now. >> reporter: the failed mission was meant to test a new engine and fuel mixture. nbc news was here for the last test flight in the mojave when the mothership flew to 40,000 feet and separated. >> four, three, two, one. >> fire. >> reporter: that's when the space ship fired a rocket to send it higher. we spoke to david mckay about the experience. >> because it was much smoother than i expected. i compared it to magic carpet ride. it is wild because of the level of acceleration. >> reporter: on friday, the space ship seemed to come apart within seconds of the rocket kicking in. billionaire richard branson founded virgin atlantic. >> i want to go to space.
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nasa was not building space ships for ordinaries. >> reporter: branson has sold more than 700 tickets to prospeprope prospective space tourists. among the celebrities who bought a ticket. lady gaga and tom hanks and katy perry. the surviving pilot is being treated for what had been described as moderate to major injuries. as for the future of the virgin galactic program, the ceo said we believe we owe it to the folks flying the vehicles to move forward which is what we will do. richard branson is expected late a er today. erica. >> thank you. >> captain mark kelly flew four mixes with the space shuttle program. captain kelly, good morning. it's great to see you. >> good morning, lester.
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>> in your opinion, will this defer the dream of space tourism or end it? >> well, it definitely will not end it. it won't end it for virgin galactic. it will slow it down. when you think of what happened early in aviation, if you go back to when humans first tried to break the sound barrier, you know, there were accidents. when we first tried to go into space. this is one of those things. we are pushing the envelope. trying to bring ordinary civilians to go in space as tourists. it is a challenging thing to do and do it routinely. >> you talk about the word routine and think of all of the shuttle flights, you were on four of them. did it ever feel routine to you or every time you strapped into the shuttle, did you feel like you were in some way a test pilot? >> definitely are a test pilot. the space shuttle only flew 135
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times. i was on "endevour." what they are trying to do with virgin galactic is trying to make this a passenger operation with much more flights. i think they can get there, but everybody just needs to understand this is flying in space. it is a really difficult and challenging thing to do. >> you look at nasa and apollo i and the challenger disaster, is the commercial space industry going through the same learning curve as nasa or would you expect they would be ahead of it? >> well, you know, there are a lot of companies out there trying to do really challenging things. when you -- we just had the accident with orbital science rocket a couple of days ago. companies like spacex that delivers cargo to the space
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space. there is a company in tucson called world view with the hope of bringing passengers up above 100,000 feet. there is a lot going on. a lot more people and companies involved and technology. so there will be some accidents. >> in the foreseeable future, it will be for the wealthy. people laying down $250,000 for a ride for essentially four to five minutes of weightnessless. mark, you have been there. what makes people want to take the risk and experience what you experienced? >> it is the most exciting thing you can possibly do. on or off the planet. to climb into a rocket ship and strap into the seat and go through the launch count and preparation. for the space shuttle, years of preparation for a commission.
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to be rocketed off the planet from zero to 15,000 miles in the space shuttle the. it is an incredible thing to do. to gaze back at the earth and see it as a round ball and planet from the blackness of space, there is nothing else like it. >> you have sold me. all right. captain mark kelly. always great to talk to you. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome, lester. in the eastern half of the united states, bitter cold temperatures are ushering in november which made for bone-chilling trick-or-treating last night. you may have experienced it. this morning, parts of the south under winter weather advisories. the weather channel's mike seidel is in sugar mountain, north carolina. mike, good morning. you looked like you were having fun earlier with the snow. >> reporter: we were, erica.
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good morning from the sttop of sugar mountain ski. we have about four or five inches much snof snow on the gr. it blows around like dust. because the temperature is so cold, we are down to 22. the windchill this morning is 5 above zero. not too shabby. the front blew through chicago 24 hours ago. the worst flooding on the lake front since 1945. they had to shutdown the thoroughfare. that is good old u.s. 41. also, nearly 750 flights canceled at o'hare because of the winds which gusted in gary, indiana to 70 miles an hour. over the middle of the lake, they had 20 footers. to the north, lake-effect snow. wisconsin, puu.p. of michigan, inches of snow. the cold air over the warm lakes and you get snowfall for the
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first time. winter driving kicks in. we will be snowing and blowing all day. temperatures stay in the 20s. i talked to the owner and he has the snow guns on. they anticipate opening tomorrow morning for the first time this season. this would be the second earliest opening on record. we had snow flakes as far south as atlanta, georgia. dylan dreyer, a little early and i see you are in the studio and not out here on the mountain top with me this morning. >> i'm usually out with my mouth frozen just like yours, mike. if you stay there long enough, it will warm up. by the time we get to monday and tuesday, we are looking for temperatures to rebound. let's talk about today. we have this dip in the jet stream that is extending all the way down into parts of florida. it is ushering in the cold air. temperatures will be 10 to 15 degrees below average. look at the current low temperatures this morning. 24 in minneapolis. 35 in chicago. 32 in st. louis. atlanta is down to 40 degrees. we are going to see this cool
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air extend all the way down into daytona beach. 54 degrees this morning. now this dip in the jet stream is going to start to shift east. watch what happens monday and tuesday. we flip it around. we have a ridge in the jet stream. that is the warmer air coming in from the south. st. louis will be up to 69 by the time we get to monday. lexington, kentucky, 62. in new york city, we should get back up to 63. it is cold this weekend, but we will see a turn around as we start off the workweek. lester. >> dylan, we will check in with you in a moment. thank you. let's get to the raging fight over ebola quarantines. the nurse from maine is now free to move about in public and speaking out again. this after a big legal victory on friday. kristen dahlgren is here with more. >> good morning, lester. kaci spoke out with her lawyers
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on friday. she said she is humbled by the district court ruling. the judge did however point out there is real fear surrounding the ebola epidemic. he urged hickox to be sensitive. she doesn't want to make anyone uncomfortable, while the education of ebola continues. as per her health. >> i have been treating ebola patients. if i develop symptoms, by all means, i'm sitting here next to my partner, ted. i would not put my partner ted at risk. if i develop symptoms, i would do the right thing. i would immediately isolate myself. >> now according to the judge, she has to have daily health checks and notify health authorities if she travels and tell officials if any symptoms appear. this morning is the moment former ebola patient nina pham has been waiting for.
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reunion with her dog bentley. the king charles spaniel has been declared ebola free. bentley was quarantined. she was released from the national institute of health last week. she said she was looking forward to getting home and seeing bentley. she will get that chance this morning. >> thanks, kristen. i want to get a check of the morning's other stories. sheinelle is following those. >> good morning. a third victim wounded in washington state high school shooting has died. 14-year-old shaylee died. two other teens were killed in the rampage. allegedly part of the love triangle that left the 15-year-old gunman dead. two more students are still in the hospital this morning. the school is set to reopen on monday. police in southern california are looking for the suspects in the deadly hit-and-run that killed three
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trick-or-treating. twin sisters were dressed in costumes when hit by an suv in a crosswalk friday night. investigators say the suv had two men inside. it was found abandoned near the scene. trick-or-treaters were hurt in arizona and washington state after getting hit by cars. a u.s. marine held in a prison in mexico since march is home. it was a scene when sergeant andrew tahmooressi was reunited. the war vet was in prison after he crossed in tujuana with weapons in his car. his release comes after a diplomatic push. to hawaii, news on the frontlines of the lava flow. hallie jackson has more on the big island. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. the news pahoa, the lava flow
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has stalled. the leading edge is 480 feet back past the roadblock set up to prevent access. it is limited access. folks are showing up. they want to see this front edge of the lava. there is a lot of activity upslope which we got to check out when we were back from the frontlines recently. no mandatory evacuations in place yet, but officials are in close contact with people living on the street letting them know which homes are effected and when the lava picks up speed. as for timeline, still unclear. tough to predict when the pause may end because lava is unpredictable. it is a half a mile away from the main highway. that is a big concern. it is the next piece of critical infrastructure. two alternate routes are finished. one is underway.
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it is pouring out here this morning. rain is not having an impact on the flow. sheinelle. it is too powerful. >> you would think rain could help, but not in this case. thank you, hallie. at least 200 police officers on hand in salem. thousands took to the streets for the halloween mecca for the haunted halloween bash. police start planning for the crowds here a year in advance. they are planning for next year. the crowds come from all over the world. wow. >> so far, so good. >> salem is an awesome place during halloween. >> it is a pretty time of year. >> new york was rocking. 5:00 a.m., there were still people out. >> in costumes. >> they start early. when i was going home from work yesterday, 4:00 in the afternoon. the toddlers out. >> the toddlers out at 5:00 a.m. too. >> people saw me in a suit. look at the dude in a suit. >> he's an anchorman. >> all right.
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sheinelle, thanks. this morning, we are learning more about the capture of accused cop killer eric frein ending the manhunt. he is accused of ambushing two state troopers. ron allen has the latest on that. >> reporter: good morning. frein is in custody, but investigators are busy trying to retrace his steps and how he eluded capture. corporal byron dickson lost his life that day. >> i cried. it was the end for me. it was a completion. >> reporter: darla never doubted they would find the man that killed her son. >> they honored byron as one of their own. i'm very proud of them.
7:18 am
>> reporter: an angry crowd opportunity toed frein as he was led from court looking gaunt. his face bruised. cuffs belonging to corporal dickson. as for the squad car he was taken into as he was put in jail. he was tracked down by a team of u.s. marshals. some 20 miles from the barracks where he allegedly ambushed dickson and douglass. >> he had nowhere to go. >> you have the police department over there. >> reporter: tom lives next to where frein was captured. we could see police still at the scene gathering evidence. >> it is creepy finding out somebody walking around here. again, it is a place abandoned for 20 years. >> reporter: and with frein's capture, relief for the communities. kids out for halloween. canceled when frein was on the run. police at ease enough to enjoy
7:19 am
the holiday. >> when i first heard they caught him, i got goose bumps. >> reporter: the kind of joy dickson remembers sharing with her son. >> we don't see him today, but our hope is there are eternal things. we will see him very again soon one day. >> reporter: we also have some good news about trooper douglass. now on the long road to recovery, police say, frein did not enter a plea. he was denied bail and prosecutors will seek the death penalty. erica. >> ron allen this morning. thank you. dylan told us about the big chill in this half of the country. >> the west coast dealing with a big storm. sierra nevada is dealing with a snow storm of their own. you can see right out through here. this is our storm system that is producing a lot of rain in central california. we are looking at the chance of 4 to 8 inches of snow in the
7:20 am
sierra nevada. further to the east, that is the bigger storm system with the heavy snow in the mountains. especially above 5500 feet. we will see as much as 8 to 12 inches of snow. up and down the east coast, we also have a lot of heavy rain. it will be a washout here in new york city. the rain up to new england and the carolinas and in the middle of the country which is dry and sunny. however, temperatures below average. we are going to top out at 45 degrees today in chicago. it is extremely windy. winds spread east. for the marathon in new york city to a good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. the rain occasional showers throughout the day. moderate rainfall in spots. breezy, chilly. temperatures topping out around 50 degrees. 48 to 51. winds out of the northeast. the chill air stays with us on sunday as well as wind. looking at five degrees.
7:21 am
monday, 58 after a cold start. tuesday, nice. wednesday, 70 degrees. by thursday, 60 with showers and colder on friday. just 52. have a great day. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks. up next, a boo-tiful day. halloween celebrating. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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♪ very superstitious ♪ >> sheinelle, this one's ours. if you are waking up with a sugar rush hangover this morning, you are not alone. so are we. we all joined in the halloween fun last night and breakfast. here is a quick look. that's my young son who is a star wars guy. there's my older son, also known as peyton manning. >> did they get candy?
7:24 am
>> a lot of candy. >> bosco. >> she got her haircut yesterday and they sent her home with treats. >> this is our first time in new york city for halloween. there were a lot of supermans and spidermans. he took off the head thing because he could not breathe. or see. we had a fun time. >> so cute. >> lester may have topped us all. there. there is lester yesterday. so lester, you were saying hi to people in the crowd after. they did not realize it was you. >> no one mentioned it was me. i went to greet the crowd. people were being polite. finally a woman says who are you? i said i'm lester holt. she looked. >> lester, you asked me if i saw this yesterday. i had no idea you had moves like
7:25 am
that. i dvr'ed it. >> if you saw me with the door closed to my office, i was in there dancing. >> i often hear lester playing his bass. the music was loud on thursday. i did not realize you were practicing your moves. >> well executed. >> thank you. now that halloween is over, it is time for christmas shopping good morning. i'm rosemary connors. just a few minutes before 7:30. let's get to that dreary forecast outside with meteorologist michelle grossman. i hate to say it, not going to
7:26 am
be a great one today. >> gra i one. great one if you like gray days. maybe do a movie marathon later this afternoon. if you like the sunshine on the weekends, you're not going to get that today. live look outside from our adventure aquarium camera. this picture tells the story. a rainy saturday. see that rain falling on radar. orange, yellow, indicating moderate rainfall. could be seeing ponding on the roadways. a chilly one as well. 46 in philadelphia. 45 in allentown. those temperatures are not going very far. 48 to 51. yeah, it's going to be breezy, chilly, and rainy. seven-day forecast as we go throughout the day. high of 50. sunday, we're going to keep the temperatures chilly. it will be windy, that will be the headline on sunday. by monday, things are starting to improve after a cold start. 58. 68 on tuesday. looking fantastic on wednesday. 70 degrees before we cool back down on friday. just 52. this morning we are to the lowing breaking news out of philadelphia where one person is dead and two others are injured
7:27 am
following an accident along roosevelt boulevard. this happened right around 6:00 this morning along the boulevard. police tell us there was a crash and that a person was struck and killed. we are still working to get more details about what exactly happened here. police tell nbc10 a woman is in extreme critical condition after struck by two cars in north philadelphia. the driver of the first car stopped but the second one took off. this happened around 4:00 this morning at broad and venango streets. police are still searching for the hit and run driver. philadelphia police are also investigating a crash in the logan neighborhood. nbc10 was on the scene at logan street where the driver of a car crashed into a pole. he died in the accident. investigators are now trying to figure out exactly what led up to the crash. i'm rosemary connors. now back to the "today" show.
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♪ back now on this saturday morning. it is november 1st, 2014. talk about a chilly start to november here in the east in the heart of midtown manhattan. dylan says we can expect rain in the near future. in this area, anyway. good day to stay inside and cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie. >> and eat candy. >> i like your thinking. we have not had enough yet. still to come in this half hour of "today," taylor swift is dominating the music charts. not everyone is happy with the superstar, especially in new york city where residents are calling foul. and then why wait for black friday? some of the biggest deals of the holiday season. feel free to boo me.
7:31 am
we will tell you where to find the bargains if you are hitting the mall today. >> thanks. plus, you may have heard i am one of 50,000 people gearing up for tomorrow's new york city marathon. of the 50,000, there are a good 7,000 plus of us running for important causes that mean so much. we're going to share a few of those inspiring stories and get a look at why so many people are now running for charity. >> i'm impressed. >> you have been very supportive. >> better you than me. all right. first we are hearing from an ohio man who was held in north korea for nearly six months. accused of promoting religion there. he spoke to our white house correspondent kristen welker and how he was treated and what it is like to be free. >> i have to pinch myself every once and a while. >> reporter: jeffery fowle is processing he is back on american soil after being detained in north korea for six
7:32 am
months. the 56-year-old doesn't dispute he deliberately left a bible at a nightclub knowing it could be illegal in a country that doesn't allow religious freedom. >> i was so motivated by the stories of the suppression of the underground christians. >> reporter: fowle was originally detained at the pyongyang airport. >> i usually had too much to eat. >> reporter: he was isolated for nearly 23 hours every day. allowed only a daily walk and few clothes. >> i had two pairs of long pants and a few pullover shirts. >> reporter: the father passed the time with tv and writing letters to his family. including one to his oldest son. >> until i get home -- this is hard. until i get home, you'll have to step up and be the man of the house. >> reporter: suddenly last week
7:33 am
after almost half a year, fowle was released brought to ohio on a u.s. government plane. >> i wanted to pinch him. i didn't know if he was a replication of him. >> i cried when i saw him. >> reporter: now fowle's focus is on the two still held in the country. >> i pray for them several times a day and hope they get out soon. >> reporter: an unlikely pawn in complicated foreign affairs. for "today," kristen welker, nbc news, ohio. let's go to the weather check and dylan dreyer. >> i am standing with this group here for fred's team. erica, i know this is important to you as well. awesome seeing the people coming out in new york city for the marathon tomorrow. the weather is windy, but now it
7:34 am
is rainy. on the west coast, the big storm system producing a lot of snow in the highest elevations. it is producing the risk of mudslides because of the heavy rain. the orange and yellow on the western side of the mountains in fresno and bakersfield. up in the higher elevations, we could have 6 to 12 inches of snow in the next 24 hours. on the eastern coast, the snow through the appalachians and the south and north carolina in the mountains. for us in the east, it is about the rain. it will be heavy through the day. all day long, a washout. in the middle of the country, the coldest temperatures will spread east tomorrow. we will be in the 40s in parts of ohio. it will be very windy. especially in the northeast on sunday afternoon. we will even see some accumulating snow up across the northern maine. it is a little early. a month early for the snow. it is
7:35 am
a good saturday morning. rain is falling today. we're going to see the rain, occasional showers and moderate rainfall in spots. breezy, chilly temperatures. topping out at 50 degrees. 48 to 51. winds out of the northeast. chilly air on sunday as well as the wind. looking at 50 degrees. monday, things are 58 after a cold start. tuesday, nice. wednesday, 70 degrees. by thursday, 60 with showers and colder on friday. just 52. have a great day. and let's head west for today's top spot. it is 16th annual last type out of the garage car show brought to us by our louisville, kentucky station. it has more car displays and booths. awards are given out for top 50 in show and people's choice. it happens rain or shine. cold or warm. we are getting the cold this time. lester and erica.
7:36 am
thanks, dylan. still to come, the king of the highwire. nik wallenda making the last minute preparations for the stunt above chicago. why he says it is what he was destined to do. it may be tough to believe, so we will break it to you gently. the holiday shopping season is under way this morning. it turns out this actually could be the best time for you to find it turns out this actually could be the best [ julie ]you to find the wrinkle cream graveyard. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula available. you'll see younger looking skin in just one week. one week? this one's a keeper. rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots rapid tone repair. from neutrogena®.
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back now with the best time to buy. okay, we get it. it is the morning after halloween. you are going through candy for breakfast. it is the best time to talk to you by shopping. it starts earlier every year. christmas is two months away. retailers are locked in fierce competition. here is gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: this morning, the halloween decorations may be coming down, but the holiday shopping season is heating up. >> i think the sooner, the better. you have more things and you get what you want. >> reporter: walmart rolling back 20,000 items. four weeks before black friday. >> it's on. >> reporter: it is that time of year seems to be coming earlier. office depot and office max are kicking off sales. so is and target is
7:40 am
offering free holiday shipping on online purchases. >> holiday season is the retail industry super bowl. it accounts for 20% of the industry's annual sales and can account for as much of 30% of a company's annual sales. >> reporter: the scenes like this play out every black friday and the retailers are saving the best for later. they are competing to attract the customers as early as possible. >> is black friday for you? >> i'm not into crowds. >> i will not fight the crowds. >> reporter: industry wide sales are forecast for 8% to 11% increase this year. shoppers promising cyber monday type deals this monday. >> you can expect great prices. 20,000 rollbacks on items across the store. >> reporter: so procrastinators be aware. you will have less of an excuse
7:41 am
for that last-minute gift. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news, atlanta. >> so what should you be racing out to buy right now? elizabeth mayhew is the contributor this morning. let's talk about electronics. so much hype over black friday and cyber monday. do i wait or buy? >> you buy later. this is the deal with electronics. the consumer electronic show is in early january. that means all of the new things are coming out. it means the 2014 models will be discounted. the one exception is black friday and cyber monday where you get great deals. if you can, hold off until february or march. >> otherwise you may have to sleep outside in the cold for three days. i feel like every time i open my mailbox or e-mail, i get inundated for cookware sales. >> november is the best time.
7:42 am
it is one of the few categories where the sales are in conjunction with the time of need. you will see all of those things getting you ready for thanksgiving. buy now. the best deals. >> that is dangerous information. tools. really popular holiday gift. buy now? >> buy now. think dad presents. one is right before christmas. now in november and next is in june. before father's day. >> we will stock up on tools. finally toys and video games. >> toys, shockingly, if you can hold off, i say buy later. wait until the first two weeks of december. research shows those are the best prices. one thing i recommend, if your kids know what they want, go to toys r us and sign up for e-mail alerts so you know when the toy is going on sale. one smart thing to do. for video games, most video games are released november and december. they are more expensive. if you can hold off to january, hold off.
7:43 am
>> sounds good. we want to check in with sheinelle. we asked you when you are starting your holiday shopping. sheinelle has the answers for us. i'm nervous. >> i'm surprised. when do you begin your holiday shopping? look at the results. 63% of you are shopping already. 20% wait until the last minute. then 17%, i'm usually in this category. erica, lester has inspired us. we are trying not to wait until the last second. >> i think you should. lester said he will start shopping now. he plans to have it done by thanksgiving. >> thanksgiving is pushing it. we're going to try to do it earlier. >> okay. we are taking the "today" show packed for early shopping. sheinelle. elizabeth, good to see you. still to come, running for a cause. the new york city marathon will take over new york city and boroughs tomorrow.
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transferred money from hisy bank of america savings account to his merrill edge retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business for "not offering a 401k." larry knew the importance of preparing for retirement. that's why when the time came he counted on merrill edge to streamline his investing and help him plan for the road ahead. that's the power of streamlined connections. that's merrill edge and bank of america. 50,000 runners will pound the pavement tomorrow as they run this year's tcs new york city marathon. >> each runner has a story and a reason to run. for me, my dad, steve hill, died four years ago.
7:47 am
i'm running for a group which raises awareness and money for the kettering cancer center. sarah is running for her dad who is battling cancer. our group and countless others are determined to make a difference with every mile. new york city is full of inspiration. especially on marathon sunday. when its streets swell with runners, spectators and survivors. >> i run with fred's team because i'm a very, very grateful indicted survivosurviv cancer. i'm a survivor when less than 10% survived the disease. >> aubrey will run past the hospital that saved her life. >> when you walk through the fire like that and the 13-year
7:48 am
journey where the hospital never gave up, i can give what i can. >> this is aubrey's 17th new york city marathon with fred's team which raises money for cancer research at memorial sloane. she has raised more than $500,000. more than 300 charities will be on the course. for the new york road runners, which oversees the race, charity partners are a natural fit. >> for us, this is the way we can give back. give back to the city and community. >> team for kids benefits the road runners youth programs across the country. catarina is a first time marathoner. >> i think of the kids i'm raising money for. >> just like the race itself, these causes require dedication and time. with weekly training runs and a minimum fund raising requirement. most starting at $2,500.
7:49 am
>> raising money for a charity and knowing you are doing something good in the community and your local area, that gives you a sense of pride. >> reporter: it is not just happening in new york. last year, 10,000 charity runners in the chicago marathon raised more than $15 million. in boston this years, upwards of $38 million. running for a cause is just about part of every race. >> it is a wonderful thing to see the races accommodate these groups of people. great for your health. great for your spiritual health and for the charity itself. it is incredible. >> reporter: incredible and for so many, truly life changing. >> one of the other -- some of my friends are here braving the conditions. there are so much emotion that goes along with any marathon. when you are running for a cause, someone you love, it brings more to it. what an inspirational group of people. so many people running for people and causes that they
7:50 am
love. so we're happy to share that with you. the marathon has partnered with crowd rise. they are encouraging every runner to fund raise. >> we are super proud of you guys. we cannot wait to watch you. we will miss you on the show. >> see you back on tuesday. >> coming up, a must-see moment. the emotional marriage proposal born from tragedy that will melt your heart. first these messages. you used to sleep like a champ.
7:51 am
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gosh. try four, buddy. hmm, i'll take a dark roast. chai tea, please. honey, text the man what you want. french vanilla, make it strong! the all new keurig 2.0 is here. brew for one, brew for all. good morning. et cetera just a few minutes before 8:if if you had a chance to get outside then you know it's going to be a wet, cold day ahead of us. let's check in with me
7:56 am
meteorologist michelle grossman. >> we are seeing rain falling. windy conditions. making the umbrellas go inside out. live look outside. you can see the rain drops. it is windy. it is raw. temperatures in the 40s to 50s. here's a live look outside. rain on radar. you can see yellow and oranges indicating moderate rainfall. lot of spots seeing that. especially in bucks county, montgomery county. right now looking at temperatures right around 45 in philadelphia. 44 in allentown. 48 degrees in wildwood. temperatures not climbing very far from there. rainy, windy, 48-51. we will see the showers dissipating later on tonight and cold and windy on sunday. just 50 degrees. this morning one person is dead and two others injured after an accident on roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia. this happened right around 6:00 this morning. philadelphia police tell us there was a crash and a person was struck and killed. but we are still working to get
7:57 am
more details about exactly what happened. strike averted if septa and the transport workers union reached a tentative two-year agreement. septa and the transport workers union twu local 234 sat at the bargaining table after until 11:00 last night. that means nearly a million riders can still depend on buses, trolley shs and subways. union members have to ratify the contract. that vote is set for friday. six police officers in montgomery county are expected to be laid off today. a judge rejected an injunction by police officers by franconia township to stop the layoffs. they violated labor laws. the cuts mean the police department will lose half of its force.
8:00 am
good morning. it's saturday, november 1st, 2014. here is a look at the top stories. disaster in the desert. investigators head to mojave over the virgin galactic crash. and heavy snow across the south this morning as millions deal with the arctic blast that has temperatures falling from the dakotas to the carolinas. and risky walk. nik wallenda making final preparations for the daring stunt high above the city of chicago. willie geist is cohosting the
8:01 am
big event. welcome back to "today." i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill alongside sheinelle jones and dylan dreyer. >> of all times to walk the high wire through chicago, they are dealing with the wind storm. >> it was windy in the grand canyon. he has that little balancing thing. >> that's scary. >> that's why i'm staying on the ground. >> let's get to the deadly crash now of the virgin galactic space plane that happened yesterday over california's mojave desert. the investigators are arriving on the scene this morning and questions mount over the future of commercial space travel. jacob rascon has latest for us. >> reporter: lester, good morning. the ntsb will be here to look at what went wrong. sir richard branson will be on-site. looking at what kind of a setback the crash of the future of his commercial space program. friday's test flight was the
8:02 am
first since january. this one was meant to test a new fuel mixture. the spaceshiptwo was carried to 45,000 feet and then separate from the mother ship. the rocket would propel the ship to the edge of space before it glides back to earth. the explosion happened after separation and the rocket went off. one pilot was able to parachute out and was air lifted to the hospital. the other pilot did not make it out. the spaceshiptwo was supposed to carry passengers. several hundred tickets have been bought. this is a bad week for the commercial space industry. the second accident in a week. on wednesday in virginia, an unmanned $200 million rocket meant to carry supplies to the international space station exploded seconds after takeoff. nobody was hurt there. nbc news has an agreement with virgin galactic to document the
8:03 am
inaugural flight with paying passengers. as for the future of the space program, we said this earlier, the ceo says we believe we owe it to the folks to move forward. lester. >> jacob, thank you. we have been talking about the cold weather hitting the country. dylan, there is heavy snow. i know we are following in the deep south. it feels early. >> it is early by about a month. this is unusual for this time of year. look at sugar mountain, north carolina. snow was flying. temperatures down in the mid-20s. with we could end up with 6 to 8 inches of snow in the area. this cooler air. look at the freeze warnings. it is an end to the growing season all the way down through mississippi and into alabama and most of georgia. we have the winter storm warnings in pink here. we will see most of our snow in the highest elevations. this snow is all elevation
8:04 am
depende dependent. you will see 8 to 12 inches of sn snow. lower elevations in raleigh and up here in new jersey and new york city, we will see heavy rain today. here is a look at the estimated snowfall amounts. most of the higher elevations will pick up about 3 to 6 inches. i want to point out maine. you guys will get the brunt of this storm especially late sunday into monday. we could even end up with 6 to 9 inches in bangor, maine. caribou, maine as well. winds are gusty on the back side of the storm. the wind gusts in excess of 40 to 50 miles an hour. it is a brutal storm moving to the northeast. erica. >> thank you. let's get a check of the stories of the morning with sheinelle. >> good morning. a third victim has died in
8:05 am
connection with the washington state shooting bringing the death toll to four. 14-year-old shaylee died one week to the day she was shot in the head in the school cafeteria. two other teens were killed in the rampage allegedly part of a love triangle. two more students are still in the hospital this morning. trick-or-treating turned tragic in southern california after a deadly hit-and-run accident killed three trick-or-treating. the 13-year-old girls, which included twin sisters, were hit by an suv in a crosswalk friday night. the suv was abandoned near the scene and police are still looking for the driver. trick-or-treaters were hurt in washington state and arizona after getting hit by cars. in hawaii, two people were arrested after getting close to hot lava. police caught the man and woman within five feet of the flow tracking pictures and holding golf clubs dipped in lava.
8:06 am
the area closest to the flow is off limits. officials warn it is not just the hot lava, but methane gas that can shoot debris in the air. evacuations have been ordered for residents in ventura county, california after a mudslide. this is a home left waist-deep in mud. one person was rescued and there is a potential for more mudslides. the nurse at the center of the ebola quarantine debate has the green light to go where she wants. the decision came from a judge in maine on friday. state officials sought to isolate hickox after treating ebola patients in west africa. >> good decision that offers human treatment to health care workers coming back. >> hickox has to have daily health checks and notify authorities if she travels and notify if symptoms appear. it was a treat for the
8:07 am
youngsters who visited the white house for halloween. must be nice. president obama and the first lady welcomed d.c. area children and children of military families. the president seemed to revel in his job passing out candy. the menu included a special white house sweet dough butter cookie. kettle corn, jelly beans and apple and baseball cards with the first two dogs, bo and sunny. daylight saving time officially ends at 2:00 a.m. on sunday except in hawaii and most of arizona. no matter where you live, it is a good reminder fire officials say we should put new batteries in our smoke alarms. >> i don't want to disrespect the president. he did not have candy bars? >> i have the word apple in my notes. i had to go back to that. it is the white house. >> dip it in caramel.
8:08 am
>> it's halloween. come on. >> maybe we should send them our candy. >> the sugar dough cookie is not bad. >> all right. >> a ball of sugar. >> a ball of dough. with a spoon. when it comes to gas prices, speaking of gas prices, we weren't. i needed a transition. anyway, the news is getting better. according to aaa, the national average dipped to $3 with a slide showing no signs of stopping. here's anne thompson. >> reporter: it's getting easier to fill her up. >> surprising to see. >> reporter: the national average price of gas is on the verge of falling below $3 a gallon. >> it is good to see. >> reporter: not since december of 2010. gas is under $3 a gallon. go to chattanooga and it is cheaper at $2.61. the rock bottom price is sam's
8:09 am
club on lee highway at $2.53. drivers across the country tweeting pictures of low local prices. what is driving down gas prices? analysts point to multiple factors. the price war among opec members. price of a barrel of crude falling more than 20% since june. >> the bigger story is u.s. production. the u.s. was producing 6 million barrels a day. now we're about 9.5 million barrels. much of that thanks to development in areas of north dakota. >> reporter: spending less at the pump means more americans have more to spend elsewhere. gas buddy says motorists are saving over $100 million a day compared to a year ago. >> right now, a gallon of gasoline costs less than a gallon of milk on average. you are seeing a savings and that may translate into consumer spending more on other every day
8:10 am
items. >> reporter: just in time for the holiday shopping season. this is by no means the bottom. gasoline, analysts say, the price will continue to drop. one analysts expects the national average will hit $2.90 a gallon. for "today," i'm anne thompson in ft. lee, new jersey. >> i haven't seen a two on the front for a while. >> it getting a lot of traction online. a lot of people tweeting about it. this is one of our favorites. you know gas prices are good when it is lower than your gpa. >> that's a good one. >> if you read it a couple of times, too, it is a grammatical thing there. >> never mind. >> that gpa. >> since my gpa was in that same neighborhood. i say nothing. >> the world embracing the $2. if you think you have good balance, i'm guessing you are no
8:11 am
match for a tightrope. a grueling walk-on top of it, high above the city of chicago, no safety net, part of the walk blindfolded. why not try that. that is what daredevil nik wallenda is doing tomorrow. we have willie geist in chicago with that story. >> reporter: good morning, guys. a lot of thing to consider. this morning, 39 degrees. tomorrow at walk time, temperatures notice in the low 40s. the winds about 20 miles an hour. gusts tomorrow are bigger. all that as nik navigates the wire atop the leo burnet building. he comes across there, comes back down and does a second more daring walk between two buildings while blindfolded. from the moment he stepped off the wire at the grand canyon, he said he wanted to do a skyscraper walk.
8:12 am
that brought him here to chicago. part athlete, artestiisartist. nik wallenda has built a career on the unthinkable. >> these are things i was born to do. that's why i am here on this earth. to do what i'm doing. to walk these wires and push these limits. >> reporter: in chicago, it is not one, but two death defying walks more than 500 feet in the air. first from marina tower west to the leo burnet building. then, a second walk from marina tower west to east. this time, blindfolded. and all without a tether. no safety net to catch him if he falls. >> i love challenging myself. it was a challenge that i thought was exciting. >> reporter: for seven generations, the wallendas have been the first family of the
8:13 am
high wire. a career that brought them fame. >> the flying wallendas. >> reporter: and tragedy. in 1978, wallenda's great grandfather karl fell to his death and the family fell on hard times. >> i think that's part of what has made me become such a driven person. it was about carrying on a legacy that started 200 years ago. to carry on that legacy, you have to do big things. >> reporter: and it doesn't get much bigger than this. a career with seven world records. last year, fighting powerful winds, wallenda crossed the terrifying expanse of the grand canyon. 1,500 feet above the colorado river gorge. now a double dare in the windy city. >> trying not to focus on the winds, the cold, the chill. i'm trying to focus on training, on practice. put myself in the state of mind that i know i have the ability
8:14 am
to do this. i know i can make it across this wire. >> reporter: nik wallenda calls this the most challenging walk he has ever done because of the conditions i mentioned. eri erica, he will go eight stories up the first part. imagine that on a thin tightrope. >> you sound a little hoarse there, my friend. get inside. we need you healthy. >> reporter: it is the chicago weather. i'm not going to complain to you as you run the marathon tomorrow. good luck, my friend. >> willie, thanks. we will watch you and "skyscraper live with nik wallenda" happening tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. eastern on the discovery channel. >> dylan has more on the weather in chicago. >> i am worried about his feet. it is cold. >> you get a windchill going on. >> the windchill will make it feel in the 30s.
8:15 am
i guess he is prepared for it. i'm not going to say how i would prepare. we are looking at the conditions not so great in chicago. it will be better than it was on friday when we had 65-mile-an-hour winds. look at the water just getting churned up on the lake here. it was passing over lake shore drive causing flooding there. we will not deal with those conditions, but still see very strong wind gusts and chilly temperatures. let's zoom in here on chicago and show you exactly what we are expecting as we go through the day tomorrow. the winds ease a bit. we are still looking at them to gust at 20 to 25 miles per hour. with temperatures at 45, with winds that strong, it will feel in the 30s. it will be exceptionally chilly tomorrow evening. today, we also have some heavy rain moving into the mid-atlantic and the snow in the a good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle
8:16 am
grossman. the writtrain, occasional showe. breezy, temperatures around 50 degrees. winds out of the northeast at 10 to 20 miles per hour. chilly air on sunday as well as the wind. 50 degrees. monday, things are going to get up to 58. tuesday, nice. wednesday, 70 degrees. by thursday, 60 and showers and colder on friday. just 52. have a great day. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks. >> up next, a hollywood worthy marriage proposal. how one man used his talents and marriage proposal. how one man used his talents and a movi what's in a can of del monte green beans? ( ♪ ) grown in america. picked and packed at the peak of ripeness.
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and then there's juicy chicken. the difference is hellmann's. hellmann's is the secret to making parmesan crusted chicken so juicy and so delicious. you can make dinner disappear. hellmann's. bring out the best. ♪ who doesn't love a touching marriage proposal. sheinelle has the story behind a sweet one with poignant history. >> this features a filmmaker surprising his girlfriend with a movie trailer about the relationship.
8:19 am
the rest as they say is history. it's a tale of true love. the kind you normally see in the movies. when max wanted to propose to his girlfriend, bonnie, he did it the only way he knew how. through film. >> i knew she was the one and somewhere in my confused and broken state, there was a glimpse of hope. >> not only because of his passion, but tragedy that reignited their relationship two years ago. >> i was on a road trip with my friend and we he stopped for the night. last minute, we decided to go see the midnight premiere. >> it was outside that theater where a gunman opened fire and hit bonnie hit in the knee. >> i'm trying to crawl to the exit door. thinking i'm probably not going to make it out of here. >> she was rescued and rushed to the hospital. while the couple wasn't together
8:20 am
at that time, that night, bonnie kate had been on max's mind. >> i was restless. i could not sleep well. her mom calls me and tells me she was shot. >> through the recovery, they became inseparable. then came the touching proposal. over the top movie trailer on the big screen. max trying to replace the memory of the night with the joyous one. >> bonnie kate, this is for you. it's that romantic gesture. so, it begins where it almost ended. >> the trailer is now part of a short film chronicling their love story ending in happily ever after. >> it's been so good to not be alone and have someone that is there for you and you are there
8:21 am
for them. you're one. it's an incredible thing. >> it's a good deal. >> it is. >> isn't that a good love story. the short film is called "wild flower." that is sweet. >> somewhere there is some poor guy planning a proposal today thinking, oh, man. >> the bar is so high these days. it's hard. still ahead, why new yorkers are pushing back against an unexpected role against taylor
8:22 am
8:23 am
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that are powered by the moon. ♪ she can print amazing things, right from her computer. [ whirring ] [ train whistle blows ] she makes trains that are friends with trees. ♪ my mom works at ge. ♪ good morning. i'm rose marlmary connors. let's get to that saturday forecast with meteorologist michelle grossman. cloudy and wet.
8:26 am
>> oh, yeah, it's wet. we're seeing pockets of more moderate rainfall. it's gray. it's chilly. it's windy. and it's going to be like this all day long. radar, you can see green covering most of the map here. that's where we're seeing the shower activity. you're seeing the yellow and orange and a tinge of red, moderate to heavy rainfall. pockets of that across the area. zoom in closer. montgomery county down into chester county. take it on the roadways and see ponding on the roadways and keep the windshield wipers going. temperatures mainly in the 40s. 40 in mount pocono. 45 in wilmington. and 46 in atlantic city. seven-day forecast, looking at rainy and wet and chilly today. 50 degrees. by sunday, we're going see the winds kick up higher. 50. chippy. monday, better after a cold start, 58. nice on tuesday, 68 up to 70 on wednesday before we cool back down on friday. partly sunny. 52. this morning one person is dead and two others are injured after an accident along
8:27 am
roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia. this happened around 6:00 this morning at the boulevard. police tell us that there was a crash and that a person was struck and killed. we are working to get more details about what happened here. the decision 2014, the countdown is on. it's the final weekend of campaigning ahead of tuesday's election. nbc10 is following key races in pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. but the big contest in our area is a race for governor of pennsylvania. republican governor tom corbett will be spending his saturday campaigning in central and northeastern. . while his democratic challenger tom wolf will be making civil stops in our area today. he will spend the first part of the day talking to chester and media in delaware county. i'm rosemary connors. now back to the "today" show. michelle and i will see you here at 9:00.
8:30 am
♪ want to be starting something you want to be starting something ♪ ♪ too high to get over >> here to cheer on erica hill for the new york city marathon tomorrow. >> a little rain is not going to keep us away. >> checking the "today" show off my bucket list. >> i'm running my first marathon tomorrow. >> we come all the way from guatemala to see erica hill. >> go erica! >> wait, wait. the umbrella war. we are back here on the first day of november, 2014. we have an enthusiastic crowd
8:31 am
with us. you are small, but so mighty. we love it. a lot of you here for the tomorrow's marathon. knock them dead. still to come, shake it off taylor. what the music superstar is now doing that is rubbing people here in new york city the wrong way. a good day for a movie. a lot of thrillers out this week. which ones are world your time? we assembled a panel to weigh in. and dylan has a final check of the weather. >> i'm trying to block the wind for you. this is miserable out here. >> where is mary poppins. >> we are looking at windy conditions in the northeast. let's talk about the marathon tomorrow. the wind is going to stick around, but will lose the rain. partly cloudy. at 9:00 a.m., 40 degrees and winds 20 to 25. at 1:00 p.m., 45 with sunshine and windy. by 4:00 p.m., 47 with winds at 20 to 30 miles per hour.
8:32 am
i'm sorry about the wind. we will lose the rain. it is heavier here in new york city and back through parts of the appalachian and the mountains of north carolina. we are looking up to 6 to 8 inches of snow. there is a storm on both coasts. it is dry, but chilly in chicago at 45 degrees. the cold air starts to spread east tomorrow. the winds pick up into the northeast and also up into new england. parts of maine, we could see as much as 6 to 9 inches of snow, especially across northeastern maine. not really the best a good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. we're going to see occasional showers throughout the day. it will be breezy, chilly temperatures. probably topping out around 50 degrees. 48 to 51. winds out of the northeast at 10 to 250 miles per hour. we're looking at 50 degrees.
8:33 am
monday, things are 58 after a cold start. tuesday, nice. wednesday, 70 degrees. by thursday, 60 with showers and colder on friday. just 52. have a great day. and we have a nice hearty family from wisconsin. they are used to the cold, but you don't like it. we are not liking it either. lester. dylan, thank you. taylor swift is one of the world's biggest stars. this week, she added a new title. new york's new global tourism ambassador. not everyone is thrilled about that. kristen dahlgren is here. >> swift's role is getting a thumb's down from locals. the gig coincides with the single "welcome to new york." it seems new yorkers are not welcoming when it comes to swift as a city spokesperson. ♪ welcome to new york ♪ it's been waiting for you >> she may sing welcome to new
8:34 am
york and swift has great things to say about the city in the ad campaign. >> new york pulled me here. >> reporter: she teaches visitors about the new york lingo. >> it is open 24 hours most of the time. >> her insider tips. >> houston street. commonly confused with houston street. >> reporter: getting the type of welcome that only new yorkers can give. tweets like of all the past, present talent and celebrities that are actually native new yorkers, explain why taylor swift is our ambassador? as a native new yorker, this makes me finally want to move out of nyc. the singer is a recent transplant. >> how can we let someone that is not a native new yorker be ambassador to new york city. >> reporter: the tourism agency
8:35 am
was to target people outside of new york city. quote, taylor's sense of enthusiasm, excitement and wonderment as a new comer is what we wanted to tap into. perhaps they also like her ability to shake it off. ♪ shake it off >> the ad agency said taylor is not getting paid for the stint. she is donating proceeds to new york public schools. some alternates came up with jay-z and sarah jessica parker and jerry seinfeld and lester holt and erica hill. >> i think a transplant is great. one of the things i loved about the city is you can get off the airplane and rent an apartment tomorrow and you are a new yorker. it is welcoming. transplants sell the city well. >> i'm from new jersey. i was never a new yorker growing up. we never visited the city. i feel like a new yorker. i have just learned what a
8:36 am
bodega was when i moved to the city. >> i love she is donating the proceeds of the song to the new york public schools. >> i'll take the other side. no, i'm just kidding. >> spike lee. >> i think they would all be great. >> you think of some of those people. >> absolutely. not necessarily taylor. good for you. >> shake it off. >> come visit us. up next, your complete guide to the weekend box office. are [ male announcer ] lowe's presents
8:37 am
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8:39 am
selling knnovel on the same nam the story of housewife who wakes up every morning with no memory. little by little, truths emerge forcing her to question her life and everyone in it. >> he says he is protecting you, but don't trust him. >> the thriller stars nicole kidman and colin firth. >> then jake gyllenhall plays a reporter. >> i want you to contact me. >> think of our newscasts of a screaming woman running down the street. >> it explores the l.a. crime journalism with camera crews racing to film fires and murders and mayhem. >> if it bleeds, it leads. >> for "today," joelle gargulo,
8:40 am
nbc news. >> we have scott nantz and then our skinny mom and then eric davis. good morning to all of you. thanks for being with us. eric, let's start with you. before i go to sleep. the trailer has sucked me in. is it a psychological thrill thriller or a visual thriller? >> 'tis the season for adult dramas. if you like puzzle movies that unravel. especially one with nicole kidman and colin firth, you are looking for something without the blood and guts. i say check it out. >> there is violence. >> toward the end. without giving too much away, it gets violent to the point where everybody in the theater was like this is not what we were expecting. >> not a date movie. >> not for teens. >> do i have to think too hard? i hate the movie where is i'm
8:41 am
spending hours afterwards what did that mean? >> you have to think a lot. you want to go to a movie that is entertaining and one that challenges you as well. which this movie does. >> you don't like scary movies. i don't. >> i can't take a scary movie. it is suspenseful. it is a dimented groundhog day. >> i love all of the hitchcock suspense. >> i want to tell you about "night crawler." i like this movie. i went to the premiere this past week. i liked it. jake gyllenhall lost 40 pounds? first of all, i did not understand the point of that. whether his character was skinny or heavy did not matter. >> when you make a physical transformation like that, it does wonders for the oscars. it did that for matthew
8:42 am
mcconaughey with "dallas buyers club." he won an oscar. >> i think losing the weight helped his eyes bug out more. that was part of his crazy. a silent eye bugging character. >> i agree. rene russo is fantastic in the film. >> is this movie scary? >> it is a thriller. it is a dark comedy. a satire of the news business. no wonder you liked it. >> i want to have the disclaimer. we're not really like that. it's a movie. >> it has been exaggerated for hollywood. >> i think jake gyllenhall gives an oscar winning performance. with steve carell and michael keaton. >> i did not feel like a teenager could not see it. i think everybody could see it. not your children. >> because he was shooting graphic things and whether it
8:43 am
was tasteful for morning television. things we do all the time. >> not that scary though. >> it is suspenseful. >> scott and eric and terry. thank you. we will send it to dylan in the orange room who is with our plaza fan of the day out from the cold. >> i think we found our prettiest plaza fan. this is ella o'brien and her dad, mike. they are here in town for the new york city marathon. take it away. >> up next, erica celebrates the beloved movie "steel magnolias." but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ time to brush up on all things southern. "steel magnolias" is celebrating the anniversary.
8:46 am
we come to visit the characters that brought the is story to life. >> you can't screw up her hair. you tease it and make it look like a brown football helmet. >> the movie based on the play of the same name was filmed where the real story began. home to bobby and his sister susan. the inspiration of the character of shelby. >> i would rather have 30 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special. >> it was always meant to be a celebration of my sister. the fact 25 years later, we are remembering her story and celebrating the community of women that surrounded here and this wonderful town. >> susan battled diabetes through her life. losing her fight at 33. leaving behind a young son and avoid that her brother robert struggled to comprehend. >> when we all lost her, it was really devastating to me. i was having a lot of trouble
8:47 am
dealing with it. a friend of mine said you should write something. >> i want to know how that baby will ever know how wonderful his mother was. will he ever know what she would do for him? >> the original play, the first he written, poured out in ten days. >> i think shirley macclaine said it was channelled. >> he quickly realized there was a lot of humor in his story, too. >> there actually was an armadillo grooms cake. people think i make this up. i don't. >> i'm not crazy. i'm just being in a very bad mood for 40 years. >> looks like two pigs fighting under a blanket. >> that was something my mother said. these women are funny and they do kind of speak in bumper stickers. >> "steel magnolias" went from off broadway to center stage and
8:48 am
the silver screen. brought to life by the all-star cast and one actress about to hit it big. >> julia walked in. never seen her before in my life. when she walked in, it was like somebody turned the lights up in the room. she flashed that smile. i just -- that was my sister. >> did you realize at the time how big this movie ultimately would become? >> i remember shirley turning to me and saying, you know, i think this could be important. you know, shirley's never wrong. >> his mother, who passed away earlier this year, kept meticulous scrapbooks. 18 in all. >> this is the sydney production that nicole did. >> there's one letter you won't find filed away. >> my wallet. >> a man inspired by the movie donated a kidney to a neighbor he barely knew. >> the recipient who has become a second father to me is
8:49 am
positively thriving. he and his wife plan to celebrate their 25th anniversary this fall in europe. i will raise a toast in your honor on that day. i wrote him back and said save your toast to me. toast my sister susan. whatever happens, this matters. thank god for susan. >> he may be one of the most lovely people i have ever met. he is fantastic. >> a great man. we're back in dove invited women to a makeover with a difference. hi ma'am hi would you like to have a free makeover? yeah, why not? who doesn't love a free makeover? there you go. it's a shower. it's a shower. but it's a shower with new dove body wash, with its new breakthrough formula all it takes is just one shower for softer smoother skin. want to feel? feels really good. really silky smooth. it's awesome.
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plan preferred networks, now in many medicare part d including united healthcare, humana, aetna, and coventry. at our new health insurance information centers, you'll find independent agents that tell you about plans that could be right for you. take care of your medicare part d enrollment, so you can spend your time doing the things you enjoy the most. visit walmart or call 1-800-966-1848 to speak to a licensed agent. save money. live better. walmart. we mentioned tomorrow is a big day for erica as she runs in the new york city marathon. before you run, we wanted to send a few good wishes your way. >> erica, you have trained for over a year for this.
8:53 am
we will give you practical advice. >> erica, my best advice as you prepare is a good italian red wine. get the blood flowing. you also, of course, carbo load. lots of pasta. i hear it is good for you. i have never run a marathon. >> all i can think of is breathe. it worked for labor. >> erica, i ran the marathon. it took like almost seven hours. my advice to you is enjoy yourself. >> erica, my piece of advice as you prepare for marathon is one people forget. wear comfortable shoes. >> you should have really good tunes in your ipod. >> we have one thing that is important. hydration. >> hydration is incredibly important. >> 26.2 miles? >> 26.2? >> wow! >> i can't believe you are going
8:54 am
to run 26.2 miles. are you really going to do that? it sounds awful and inspiring. >> i know you have been training and training. you have put your blood, sweat and tears into this marathon. i think you will do great. >> erica, i want to wish you nothing but good health and stamina when you run the marathon. this is about you staying healthy and getting through the race. it is not about picking up a medal. i'm not in the tv business for the awards or accolades. i do this because i love it. i want you to run the race because you love it, too. >> erica, from one marathoner to another, i know you can do this. you got this, girl. >> here's to you. good luck, girl. >> erica, good luck. >> go erica go! listen to that over and over when you hit that finish line. good luck. >> good luck. >> good luck, erica. >> good luck, erica. >> we'll be rooting for you.
8:55 am
>> i like the hydration line. >> i love it. i actually love it. the red wine and pasta is great. you are sweet. thank you so much. >> how do you feel? >> i'm excited. i feel really good. i'm trying to rest. i don't want to go out of the gate so fast. >> do you set a time? >> i'm hoping to do it in under 4:30. you know, we'll see. my goal really is to have fun and take in everything and i'm just so appreciative of all the people who supported me. all of you guys here and my staff and friends and family. my husband has been amazing with the early morning runs. >> the wind beneath your wings, but the wind behind your back. >> everyone will be carried along on the wave of love. >> the wind at your back. the whole way. >> you are making all direction changes. the wind will always be at your back. >> it is good to know a meteorologist.
8:56 am
>> we'll check in on you. good luck tomorrow. that's going to do it for us on saturday morning. tomorrow, sheinelle shows a busy morning for accident investigators in philadelphia. what caused this deadly crash on roosevelt boulevard. and a woman suffers critical injuries after she was hit by a car in north philadelphia. the driver of that car stopped, but police are looking into whether a second vehicle may have hit her as well chltsz septa and transit workers reached a tentative agreement to avert a strike. details on the deal and what it means for computers coming up. a poker room will debut today with high-tech features to enhance the experience. those stories and much more
8:57 am
coming up next on "nbc10 news today" at 9:00.
8:58 am
8:59 am
this morning commuters don't have to worry anymore about how they will get around next week. a late night deal will keep them running. we'll explain what led to the agreement that averted a transit strike. the rainy conditions won't let up today as we take a live look over center city, philadelphia. temperatures will barely get past 50 degrees today and drop later on. the rain isn't stopping as thousands of people who lace up their sneakers this morning or put on their boots and participate in the step out walk to stop diabetes. team nbc10 will be among the walkers in just a few minutes at 9:is 9:15. good morning the this is "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's just before 9:00 on this
9:00 am
saturday morning. meteorologist michelle grossman has been tracking the wet and cold conditions all morning long. i'm sure many people will want to know if able to get outside and get on with their weekend plans. >> tomorrow would be a better day than today. later on this afternoon, late afternoon into the evening hours is when we're going to see this rain tapering off. right now rain is pretty much for everybody. it's a raw day. it's a chilly day. it's gray. also a live look from our adventure aquarium camera. you can see on radar, most of the radar is green. that's showing that we are seeing shower activity. yellow, the reds, that's where you're seeing the heavier to more moderate rainfall. right now i zoomed into new castle county in delaware. that's where we're seeing the more moderate rainfall. the red, heavy downpour. so again, you may see ponding on the roadways. not an easy day to get around outside as we've been seeing the rain for the past few hours. temperatures are chilly. 40 degrees in mount pocono. 46 in reading.