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tv   NBC 10 News at 10am  NBC  November 2, 2014 10:00am-10:31am EST

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nbc 10 starts now. >> right now on nbc 10 news today, political star power in our area as we count down to election day. bundle up, baby. it's cold outside. here's a live look over center city. you can see that our camera is moving out there in the wind. the flags are blowing out there in the wind. it's going to be a windy and cold day. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary conners. it's 10:00 on this sunday. let's get to the forecast with michelle grossman. not the best day to do some leaf raking, right? >> i agree. i don't think there's any good day to do leaf raking, but today is not the day with winds. it's cold also. here's a live look outside. you can see that camera shaking. it tells the whole story. it is blustery outside. that's a live look overlooking center city. right now, 45 in philadelphia. just 33 in mount pocono. that's one degree above
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freezing. 41 in lancaster. 45 in atlantic city. you factor in the winds, it feels a lot colder than that. feels like just 22 degrees in mount pocono. so do yourself a favor, if you head out, dress for the 30s in most spots. for today, later on this afternoon, by 1:00, 47, lots of sunshine. by 3:00, we're looking at 49 degrees. we'll talk more about that, and we're going to make a run for near 70 degrees during the workweek and we'll talk about that in just a few minutes. >> looking forward to it. thanks, michelle. with just a couple of days to go, 48 hours before voters head to the polls, both candidates running for pennsylvania governor will be in our area stumping today for votes. democratic challenger tom wolf will campaign with president obama. they'll appear together at temple university in north philadelphia. yesterday wolf greeted voters and posed for pictures at this shop right. he urged his supporters there to
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not become complacent and to cast their ballots on tuesday. >> i need you to come out and vote. i need you to get your friends to come out and vote. i need your family to come out and vote. let's bring all the people we can out to vote on november 4th, on tuesday. >> this election is won by what you're doing today. the consequences of the future are won by what you're doing today and what you're going to continue to do in those next 75 hours. >> today, governor corbett will be joined by new jersey governor chris christie at a rally in bucks county. and also, in support of corbett this afternoon, lieutenant governor jim collie and state representative john taylor are planning to hold a news conference and they'll talk about the president's visit. if you'd like to learn more about the candidates and the issues that will be decided on tuesday, just go to our website, new from overnight, philadelphia police are looking for the person who shot an
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18-year-old in the head and hand while he was sitting in a car. this happened at around 2:30 this morning. somehow the car ended up here at temple university hospital, that's where the victim is in critical condition. it's unclear if he drove himself or if somebody else got him there. no word yet on a motive for this shooting. today, the philadelphia police department will remember officer chuck cassidy who was killed in the line of duty seven years ago. they'll hold a candle light vigil at 66th and broad streets in west oak lane at 7:00 tonight. you may remember that cassidy walked in on a robbery at a dunkin' donuts there on halloween in 2007. he was shot in the head and died from his injuries the next day. john lewis was sentenced to death for the murder. he was scheduled to be put to death in june, but his execution is on hold while he pursues an appeal. a civil trial is set to begin tomorrow against a former professor at the university of pennsylvania who beat his wife
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to death. rafael robb bludgeoned his wife to death while she was wrapping christmas presents. he pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and is currently in prison. the family of his wife, ellen robb, is seeking to have her estate compensated and money provided to the couple's daughter. the daughter who is now in college will testify during the civil trial. jury selection and opening statements are scheduled for tomorrow. this weekend, parents in one montgomery county community are being warned to check their kids' halloween candy after one boy said he found a razor blade inside the wrapper of a candy bar. this happened in towamencin township. >> how did it get there? like how did they take a sealed package? >> brandon was not hurt by the
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blade. police are continuing to look into how it exactly got inside that wrapper. investigators tell us that right now, they are not releasing the brand of the candy involved because they want parents to check every piece. a philadelphia group with ties to one of the west african countries hit hardest by ebola is sending some much-needed supplies overseas. the federation of liberian mendigos in the usa are shipping these boxes to liberia. they're filled with medical and cleaning products, to books and toy. >> i'm a liberian, of course, residing in the united states. and i'm very much happy to see people, you know, liberians, especially lone liberians to help for the cause of the human being. >> it's going to take about three weeks for these packages to reach monrovia. once they do get there, the supplies will be distributed free of charge to any liberians who need them. meanwhile, the new york city doctor infected with ebola is
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doing better. dr. craig spencer's condition was upgraded from serious but stable to stable this weekend. officials at bellevue hospital say that spencer is receiving therapies that have been effective in treating ebola patients at hospitals in atlanta and nebraska. dr. spencer developed symptoms of the virus last month after he returned from guinea. that's where he was helping people with the deadly illness. back in our area, the ben franklin bridge is open this morning once again after runners and walkers made their way across this morning for a charity event. here's a live look at the ben franklin bridge. you can see traffic is moving. looking good out there. it was flooded earlier today with hundreds of runners and walkers. they were there for the cooper norcross run the bridge 10k. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at the base of the bridge in camden, and matt, it reopened just a short time ago. >> yeah, that's right. about 20 minutes ago, traffic reopened on both sides of the ben franklin bridge. of course, it has a little bit of an impact out here, even on a sunday morning. thousands of people depend on
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this bridge. you can see some of the cars behind me as they are making their way into philadelphia and some into camden. this is the reason why the bridge closed, a lot of people were here on this chilly sunday morning. organizers tell me that more than 3,500 people were out here doing the 10k run. another 500 people were walking. and this run the bridge event has been going on since 2002. it supports a school in south jersey for children with special needs. people were bundled up, we saw with hats, gloves, sweatshirts and even heavy winter coats already. >> i'm warmed up with all of these people here, honestly. you can't not be so full of gratitude for all these people that got up early this morning and came out. >> it's fun, it's great. it's a great day. and we're doing it for the kids and the school. >> and we'll back out here live. we'll come back here live. you can see that flag waving in the wind. we've had some fairly intense
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gusts out here this morning. but for the runners, their part is done and the ben franklin bridge, as you can see, it is back open. live in camden, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> i think you need a hat yourself, matt. thank you very much. still ahead, a halloween hit-and-run. this morning, police in california are working to track down the driver of this suv who's accused of killing three teenage girls. and a fire burns at one of walt disney world's newest rides. we'll take a look at what started it after the break. ♪ this flu season...
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this is nbc 10 news. >> some disturbing news from overseas. dozens of iraqi tribesmen are dead after isis militants line them all up and then shot them. the group killed at least 50 men, women, and children shooting them one by one in public. the militants also kidnapped 17 others. this attack is part of an isis
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mass killing campaign over the last few days. in all about, 150 tribesmen have been killed. meanwhile, iraqi forces carried out air strikes against isis targets on friday in response to the tribal killings. this footage released by the iraqi defense ministry shows that a number of vehicles belonging to isis have been targeted. the militants have already captured large areas of syria and iraq. back here in the u.s., federal investigators believe that the virgin galactic spacecraft that killed one of the two test pilots broke up in flight. the ntsb started their on-scene investigation and say the wreckage from spaceship 2 is spread out over a five-mile area of the mohave desert. virgin galactic was performing test flights. it plans to fly tourist passengers more than 62 miles s above the earth. the flights were heavily documented. >> that's actually a good thing that we have that much data because it's going to help us again do what we're here to do, which is to find out what went wrong and figure out what to do,
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make representations to prevent it from happening again. >> the injured test pilot, peter siebold, is alert and talking with family and doctors. the pilot who was killed, michael alsbury, had 15 years of experience and had flown the spacecraft on multiple missions. the full investigation into exactly what happened to spaceship two could take up to a year. in portland, maine, five people are dead after a fire broke out after a halloween party. this happened in an apartment house near the university of southern maine, in addition to the five dead, a sixth person is critically burned. seven people were able to escape from the building. at this point, firefighters are not identifying the victims or saying whether they're students at the university. the cause here is still under investigation. check out this new video that came in to us this morning. this is from florida. this is a fire at walt disney world. a witness took this cell phone video last night. officials say that an ash from the magic kingdom fireworks show, the one they have every
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night, it fell on to a patch of fake grass on the roof of the train ride through the seven dwarves mine. the fire did not spread to the ride and nobody was hurt. the ride is expected to open later on today. in california, police are still looking for two people in connection to this hit-and-run crash that killed three teenage girls who were out trick or treating on halloween night. yesterday, investigators tried to track down the owner of an suv that was abandoned near the scene. they went to the house where the vehicle was registered, but the owner had moved. right now, they are also looking for another man whom witnesses saw running from the scene of the accident. police are checking for any surveillance video around the time of the hit-and-run. they're also analyzing evidence taken from the suv, and that includes fingerprints and dna samples. the mother of a murdered pennsylvania state trooper is speaking out about the capture of his alleged killer. eric frein was taken into
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custody on thursday night at an abandoned airport hangar in monroe, county. he had been on the run for 48 days after allegedly shooting and killing corporal brian dixon. dixon's mother says she never had a doubt that her son's fellow troopers would bring frein in. she admits that the capture was an emotional moment for her. >> i cried. it was the end for me. they honored brian as their brother, and he would be very proud of them. >> investigators are now looking into frein's past for a possible motive. police believe that he had a grudge against law enforcement, but authorities say that they don't yet understand exactly why. the end of the manhunt means that hunters are now back to the woods in search of game. hunting had been banned in seven townships in pike and monroe counties during the search. the game commission ditched all of their restrictions on hunting. the hunters, as you can imagine, are glad to be back. >> don't have to get anything, it's just nice to be in the
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woods again and be relaxed. there's some beautiful scenery in the poconos. >> hunting had been halted for a month after police found explosives in the woods that they believed were left behind by frein. still ahead, an update on the lava that's oozing from a volcano in hawaii. we'll take a look at how close it's creeping to a nearby town. plus, snow down south. it's a record-setter. next we'll take a look at some other parts of the country that are experiencing some severe weather this weekend. not us, though, right, michelle? >> not us. we're not seeing snow. we're not seeing severe weather. we are seeing very windy conditions. a live look outside. but that's a pretty view, right? we have mostly cloudy skies, if not partly cloudy at this point. the camera shaking a bit from the wind. we'll talk more about that. and pretty nice workweek forecast. we'll talk about that too after the break.
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severe weather this weekend from coast to coast. snow, rain, wind, and mud. but it seems much too early to
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be digging out and bundling up. nbc's dylan dreyer explains. >> winds nearly 50 miles per hour slammed into massachusetts late on saturday. storm-tested new englanders watched the ocean wash over the sea wall. >> we were in the blizzard of '78. you know, so, it's nothing new for us. >> hardy fans in north carolina braved blizzard conditions to watch appalachian state bury georgia state on the snowy field. >> layers. lots of layers. >> elsewhere, a half foot of snow is more than enough to send cars skidding off the road. georgia roads were perilous too in the early hours of saturday morning. it's never snowed this early in columbia, south carolina. temperatures were in the '80s just a few days ago. a vacation lodge in the tennessee mountains tweeted out these pictures, digging out from nearly two feet of snow. in chicago, it was a 65-mile-per-hour wind gust that
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knocked down light poles and swept 20-foot swells from lake michigan on to lake shore drive. out west, north of los angeles, parts of ventura county are a muddy mess after heavy rains unleashed dirt and debris. 11 homes were evacuated. firefighters rescued a man stuck waist-deep in the mud. northern california was unprepared for nearly six inches of snow, so early in the season. >> first snowfall is always the hardest because it hits us the fastest. a lot of people don't really know what to do. >> that was nbc's dylan dreyer reporting. climate change is happening and it's almost entirely man's fault because of the dependence on oil, coal and gas. the panel issued the statement in denmark this morning. they also say greenhouse gas emissions may have to be reduced to zero this century if countries want to limit the impact of climate change. >> the good news is that if we
10:20 am
act now, immediately and decisively, we have the means to build a better and more sustainable world. >> the panel's report says that some impacts are already being observed, including rising sea levels, a warmer and more acidic ocean, melting glaciers, and more frequent and intense heat waves. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> good sunday morning. we're dealing with the winds today. winds really whipping. in case you haven't been outside yet, i'm sure you can hear it outside. we're seeing winds gusting near 40, 45 miles per hour. that's our big story today. along with the cold air that's in place. weather headlines on your sunday morning, a blustery morning. if you have soccer games to get to, errands to do outside, you want to dress for the 30s, even 20s in some spots. we're seeing windchills in the 20s and 30s. not as cold monday. near 60 degrees. today we'll top out around 49, maybe 50 degrees.
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midweek, closer to 70 degrees, so we like that. right now, temperatures mainly in the 70s. mostly cloudy in philadelphia, 45. atlantic city 45. temperatures cold this morning, but feeling even colder with the wind. 41 in allentown. we're seeing blue all over the map indicating that very cold air from canada. 45 in philadelphia. to the south and east, mainly in the low to mid 40s, 45 in atlantic city. wind is in place. cold air is in place. here's a look at the wind. this is sustained wind. we're not talking about wind gusts. winds are gusting much higher than this. 23 miles per hour in philadelphia. 22 in wildwood. so you factor in the winds, also the air, and that gives you a wonderful, what it feels like on your body. so it feels like the freezing mark at pottstown. feels like 39 in wilmington. so bundle up. winds are gusting near 45 miles per hour in philadelphia. that's high. 38-mile-per-hour wind gusts in dover. high all across the board.
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it will stay intact all day long. we have high pressure building in. low pressure off the coast. and these two are keeping that cold air in place, and really helping to drive down that cold air from canada. and that's why we're not really going to budge very far in terms of the temperatures. so for today, a blustery one, becoming sunny. we don't have the rain yesterday. that's the good news. but we do have the cold and wind in place. winds out of the northwest, 20 to 30 miles per hour, but gusting higher than that. tonight we're going to see the temperatures really dip down to 35 in philadelphia. 29 north and west to below freezing in many of the northerly suburbs. even to the south, we'll see below freezing temperatures as well. we're going to warm it up on monday. 58, closer to normal. sunshine. a really nice day tomorrow. but that's a cold start for all the kids at the bus stop and for yourself getting back to work. by tuesday, election day. 66 degrees. that's beginning to be my pick today for the week. wednesday, more clouds. still mild. thursday, you need the umbrella once again. 61 with showers. friday, sunshine returns, cooler 53, and not too bad for next
10:23 am
saturday. breezy, though, 54. >> have you been following what's happening at hawaii's big island? this is the lava from the kilauea volcano, stalled at the main road. it's moving very, very slowly. the lava has been streaming down from the volcano since june. so far, it's om bunly burned a , trees, and grass. fortunately, no homes. this is the aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights. this is over sweden. since october 19th, a series of huge flares have erupted from the sun, sending streams of charged particles into the earth's magnetic field. this, by the way, most recent flare eruption has been called the largest in 25 years. today, renovations continue at the white house -- rather at the capitol building.
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you can see scaffolding that now surrounds the dome of the building. due to its age and weather, the dome now has more than 1,000 cracks and deficiencies. the majority of the work is being done at night and on the weekends. the dome of the capitol building, by the way, is more than 150 years old, and it has not gone through a complete restoration for more than 50 years. next, helping to support the special olympics, but this was no easy challenge. >> i'm tricia davidson for nbc 10 at issue. join me today when we debate the pros and ko s and koncons of ph new hate crime law. >> if you are not accepting, there's a price to be paid. >> we should apply the law across the board and equally to everybody, regardless of their sexual orientation, regardless of their disability. >> coming up this morning at
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11:30, following "meet the press" only on nbc 10.
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several special olympics athletes teamed up for the plain pull. they teamed up with superstars from the wwe. this is no easy feat. very difficult. unfortunately they lost to a team from the state's department of corrections. the good news is the event raised more than $30,000 for the special olympics. it is race day in the big apple. tens of thousands of runners are taking part in the new york city marathon right now. they're dealing with some windy conditions out there, and the temperature, similar to what we've got here, they're in the 40s. the professional women got started at 9:10 and the professional men at 9:40. other runners step off between now and 10:55 this morning. and by the way, this is the 44th year for the race. wow. >> and the temperature's not bad for a marathon.
10:28 am
you want 40s. but those winds, that's going to be tough. >> i know. although, if we had yesterday's weather, all that rain, different story. >> yeah, 26 miles of wetness. that's true. a live look outside. there's that wind we're talking about really blowing around those flags. seven-day forecast, we are looking at 49 today. it's windy, it's cold. windchills in the 20s and 30s. 66 on tuesday. >> that's going to do it for us. i'm rosemary conners. for michelle grossman and everybody here at nbc 10, have a good one. "meet the press" is next.
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this sundays with just 48 hours to go until election day, it's our midterm special. are we looking at a republican senate wave, or can the democrats hang on? we're live from key battleground states, and we have some new polls that may tell us where this race is headed on tuesday. plus, eting the voters. they had one very clear message for washington. >> stop the bickering. >> meeting the candidates who seem to be getting that message. >> we have to produce results. >> my final report from our battleground road trip. also, 2016 candidates, start your engines. all week the likely contenders from both parties have been making themselves a presence. >> sit down and shut up. >> i will be joined by rand paul.