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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  November 3, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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we're live outside of police headquarters, nefertiti jaquez, nbc 10 news. >> nbc 10 has been talking to the missing woman's family today. >> live on the scene of the investigation is rosemary connors. >> rosemary, we've seen the video. you also talked to someone who witnessed it. >> reporter: that's right, renee and jim. that eyewitness saw it all unfold right here. this is exactly where the car pulled over. you can see the shattered glass from the back passenger window. this is the capture that captured everything on surveillance the victim was walking along the sidewalk, struggling with her attacker, she was just two blocks away from her home off of green street. and now police hope that somebody will be able to give them some more tips on this. >> it wasn't just a random act.
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>> reporter: after viewing the surveillance video which shows a struggle, family members believe she may have been targeted by someone she knew, a man who lived in the same neighborhood she visited her god son and relatives last night. the family remains heartbroken. >> i love her to death. that's all i can say, carlesha, i love you. please come home. >> while investigators continue to search for clues at the scene of the abduction today near west colter and green streets, carlesha's family canvas the neighborhood. >> somebody takes a little girl. that's a coward, you know. just bring her back. she was screaming for help. >> this witness was walking in the same direction as the victim around 9:30. he passed her and kept going. when he heard the cries for help, he turned around. >> he forced her into the car, in the back seat pep got out and went in the front. i don't know what happened inside the car. it was just like pat, pat, the
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glass came out. >> this shattered glass appears to be evidence of carlesha's efforts to escape. >> she was a sweet child. >> reporter: described as someone who helped others in deed, carlesha works as a nursing aid and was ónç her way home at the time of the tack. >> if anybody knows anything about her, get in contact with me, my dad, anybody that's in the family. >> call the police. >> police, anybody. just bring my daughter back home safe. that's all i'm asking for. >> reporter: now, police have not said whether this attack was random, however, as you heard family members suspect that carlesha may have known her attacker. in the meantime they continue to hand out these flyers, post them around the neighborhood. reporting live in germantown, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. thank you, rosemary. count on the nbc 10 news team for new information on this breaking story. as soon as we get an update we'll pass it along to you on nbc 10 news and 20 minutes of nonstop news
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continues now with new information from the father/daughter duo accused of attacking a homeless man on a south philadelphia street. the father who was a mummer and his daughter are now both out of jail. nbc 10 investigative reporter harry hairston has been trying to track them down. what have you been able to learn? >> just a short time ago i went to the suspect's home in south philadelphia trying to get their side of the story. >> is mr. d'amato available? >> reporter: no one would come to the door. as i was about to leave, a woman yelled from the balcony that their attorney advise them not to speak. rita and her 62-year-old father are caught in this neighborhood surveillance video released by police. it appears they are attacking and shooting a 36-year-old homeless man. take another look. it happened here near carpenter and second streets just over a week ago about 2:40 in the morning. police say rita first hits the homeless man with a bat and then rita's father, carmen, according to police, shoots the homeless man in the leg.
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both the father and the daughter turned themselves in to police after cops told them there was a warrant for their arrest. police tell nbc 10 news an anonymous tip led detectives to the 900 block of front street where cops recovered two handguns, both rita and carmen d'amato are charged with aggravated assault and gun-related charges. i reached out to the hospital officials, requesting an interview with the victim. the hospital denied that request. >> once again, the victim is in the hospital right now. he is recovering in stable condition. although there is no motive for this attack, a police source does tell us that they believe that the suspects may have thought that that individual may have been trying to break into some cars in the neighborhood. i also contacted the suspect's attorney. he declined to comment for this report. reporting live in the digital operations center, harry hairston, nbc 10 news. thank you, harry. we have new information today
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about a former university of pennsylvania professor convicted of killing his wife. he's back on trial. this time it's a civil case resulting from the crime. nbc 10 was there as rafael robb headed into court in montgomery county this morning. a jury was seated. the trial began this afternoon. the family of rob's wife is seeking damages for her estate. rob has allegedly been hiding assets from behind bars. robb, as you remember, pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in the death of his wife ellen. he was sentenced to five to ten years in state prison. ellen robb was bludgeoned to death two days before christmas 2006 as she was wrapping presents inside their king of prussia home. rafael robb staged the scene to make it look like a burglary. the police in ocean county, new jersey say they're looking for a hit awn run driver also
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accused of trying to run over a police officer. police say 54-year-old robert deckert drove away after he hit another vehicle on route 37 in tom's river last nigl an off-duty officer saw the crash and followed the car to a nearby restaurant. when the officer approached the car, officers say deckert tried to run him over. police made a potentially dangerous discovery at a north philadelphia business this morning. two shotgun booby traps. skyforce 10 over this screen. police were responding to a call for help with the removal of an animal. when they got there, officers say they were met with two shotguns that were rigged up as booby traps. the owner put them there to secure the building. now he's under arrest. skyforce 10 over the scene
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on clyde weight drive. atf is helping local authorities with this investigation. damage is estimated between $300,000 and $500,000. and now to our coverage of decision 2014. glenn a and the candidates are sprinting to the finish right now. here's one of the key races nbc 10 is following for you. the race for pennsylvania governor, republican incumbent tom corbett. he's been lagging behind in the polls to his democratic challenger, tom wolf. >> george, last night it was star power. today, well, they're covering a lot of territory, right? >> renee, both of the candidates have been crisscrossing the state, hitting three or four cities apiece throughout the day. at this point, their campaign messages feel almost secondary to a more pressing concern, getting the voters to actually show up. >> hi, everybody. are you ready?
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are you ready for tomorrow? >> reporter: in front of a crowd of supporters, many holding signs, incumbent governor tom corbett made his election case one last time in the philadelphia area this morning at a plane hangar in westchester, followed by other events throughout today around the state. as his supporters return to the most basic issues facing our state, governor corbett emphasized voter turnout. >> less than 36 hours to go out there and get those votes. as the chairman said get the vote out. we need to get our vote out there. >> we're not for higher taxes. that's seems to be what the opposition is going to stand for. we're against that. >> reporter: meanwhile, democratic challenger tom wolf is doing a statewide run of his own with appearances in lancaster and pittsburgh. over the weekend, the wolf campaign brought in the nation's highest ranking democrat, president obama, to support the cause. as with their republican counterparts, the emphasis was on getting voters to the polls.
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>> if we want this election to actually deliver on the promise of those three things, education, jobs and fairness, guess what we have to do? >> vote! >> that's right. tuesday we have to vote. >> democrats lost the governor's race in pennsylvania by 20 votes per precinct. 20 votes! >> corbett is expected to complete his campaign day in pittsburgh. his own hometown with a final event this evening. that's where an event for his challenger tom wolf began within the past ten minutes. we're monitoring that one as well. live in the digital operations center, george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> meantime, the garden state, democrat corey booker will try to retain his u.s. senate seat. the former new york new jersey mayor faces a challenge from jeff bell. he ran for senate in 1978. ober in delaware, chris coons is hoping for a victory over his republican opponent, kevin wade.
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the polls open tomorrow morning at 6:00 in new jersey.ç voters can cast their ballots an hour late at 7:00 in pennsylvania and delaware. of course count on nbc 10 to bring you election results tomorrow night as they come in. we'll have coverage of the candidates across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. we'll hear from the winners and losers on the air with nbc 10 news at 11:00, online at and on your mobile device with the nbc 10 news app. that's a free download, by the way, for your smartphone or tablet. ♪ >> president obama getting a taste of brotherly love during his visit to philadelphia last night in the form of this serenade while at temple university for a tom wolf campaign rally. the local a cappella group brotherly love treated the president to this song. the group just performed at the rally when the president invited them backstage to take a
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picture. for reaction from the group about their visit with the president, visit students at one of pennsylvania's state universities will mark election day with a protest over their polling place. the students from kutztown university will march five miles to the maxatawny township municipal building. their protesting the closing of an on-campus polling place. county election officials closed the polling place after residents in the area combined about long lines and crowded parking lots. the change is a great inconvenience for those students without cars. the student government will provide buss to the polls for students who don't march. nbc 10 has learned new information today about the capture of accused cop killer and eric frein and the one place search teams did not look during their manhunt. doug shimell is live in the poconos for us.
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while state police have said frein was a moving target during the search, you've learned one key spot didn't get checked out. tell us about it. >> well, exactly. of course it was that infamous hangar where everything sort of culminated last thursday night. state police had been asked during the press conference last thursday after eric frein's arrest had you searched that location? had you searched that facility? and state police said yes, it had been searched and cleared but we found information that says that may not be the case. when a clean shaven eric frein was taken into custody late last week, it was unclear how long he had been hiding in the old airplane hangar at the closed birchwood resort in pocono township. state police claim they had previously searched and cleared the hangar but law enforcement sources tell nbc 10 the hangar had not been searched before. sources claimed the hangar was
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not swept until a newly arrived team of u.s. marshals was ass n assigned there last thursday. when the marshals saw eric frein walking in the open near the hangar and arrested him, it culminated a search that had stretched from the blooming grove police barracks to the woods near frein's home in canadensis. nbc 10 e-mailed state police and asked how long they believe frein was in the hangar and why it was allegedly not searched. a spokesperson e-mailed back, they cannot answer any further questions. one other item of note, it has been released from the public defender's office in pike county, eric frein has two court-appointed public defenders to help him prepare for his preliminary hearing november 12th. live in stroud township, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. attorneys for the two suspects in the deadly market street building collapse decided
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today if"át men are prepared to stand trial next year. shawn benschon and campbell have been charged for the collapse. campbell was a demolition contractor and benschop was a building contractor when the building being demolished fell on to a thrift store. a guilty plea today from the philadelphia man charged with abuse of a corpse after his mother's body was found stuffed in a freezer right after entering his plea, he was sentenced to time served. he's now out on parole for 23 months. investigators found the body of his 83-year-old mother in a basement freezer at her feltonville home, this was back in july. the body had been there for about seven months. authoritiy ies believe he hid t
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body to continue cashing her social security checks. we continue to follow that breaking news. the hunt for a woman snatched off a philadelphia street last night. police just released this video showing the crime as it happened. this is on colter and green streets in germantown. detectives found carlesha freeland-gaithier's cell phone at the scene along with a knife and a glove. no sign of the 22-year-old woman or the man who dragged her down the street into a car. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with this. treehouse trouble. >> a property dispute leaving a little girl in limbo. her treehouse is no longer safe after someone took a chain saw to it. nbc 10 delaware bureau tim furlong picks up the story from there. >> this is my daughter, grates's treehouse. >> richard's daughter has down syndrome and she needs exercise. she gets it in her treehouse.
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>> the guy who lives in the house behind their property came over with a tree contractor who brought a chain saw. >> you can't cut that line. there's no survey, it's my kid's treehouse. he stood there and said cut it, cut it. he put a chain saw right through and cut out a main structural support here. >> the treehouse is no longer safe. they say they've had back and forth bickering. it's a border war. this strip of land is the real issue. it belongs to the neighborhood, it was originally intended to be a horse path around the neighborhood. some of the people now say nicole's treehouse extends too far on the right of way. they don't deny the treehouse might encroach but they say the spray painted lines aren't an official survey. >> i believe this place where he made the cut is actually on our property. >> all day long we tried to get
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in touch with the owners of this house. they haven't called us back. same deal with the homeowner's association president. they believe the coles knew all along the structure should be removed. no matter who is right, this kid no longer has her treehouse. in newark, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> folks are bundled up on the boardwalk, nbc 10 in atlantic city this afternoon where a lot of people are dressed in coats, hats and scarves to help stay warm with the wind. but certainly a whole lot better than it was over the weekend. much windier and saturday was a total washout across much of the area. we're calming down. we've had three straight days of some pretty strong winds but not tonight or tomorrow. we are going to be warming up ç somewhere. it warmed up a good bit today. we're tracking rain and maybe some heavy rain before the week
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is out. a lot of sunshine out there right now. and what we've seen all day. 58 degrees, the wind only 13 miles an hour. we're 9 degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday. and temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s, even 61 in bensalem. reading is 60 degrees. we actually hit the 60 degree mark in a couple spots. a couple spots could hit the 70 degree mark tomorrow. look at this, here is some of the lowest relative humidity you'll ever find in november. reading and northeast philly, 15%. if your skin is real dry today, that's the reason. the humidity is unusually low. the wind continues out of the west. it's not nearly as strong as it was. and so we'll have west wind but at least we'll have a warming trend. generally dry conditions, a couple sprinkles in central pennsylvania. i don't think they will be bothering us. this area of showers in the middle of the country, that is with the next weather system
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that will be coming our way. as we go through the night tonight, patchy clouds. the warmer weather comes in tomorrow, not nearly as windy but it's the right wind direction to warm us up, southwest wind. and then wednesday the clouds increase. that might prevent us from hitting 70. if l we've got enough sunshine we'd hit 70 on wednesday. look at this. thursday morning, heavy rain and more of it coming back up from the south and west. we have wet weather coming. the warm weather is not going to last. partly cloudy with the wind diminishing tonight. not going to be gusty tomorrow. how about that? 44 for the low in philadelphia. 35 north and west. it's not as cold as it was this morning. mostly sunny and warmer tomorrow. look at that. mid-60s to near 70 degrees. look at the sunset, 4:55. it's setting real early.
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it gets completely dark a half hour after that. great weather for voting tomorrow. wednesday is still mild. the heavy rain comes on thursday. then here comes the colder weather friday and over the weekend. there's a chance of rain returning by sunday. the experts are keeping a close eye on sea levels. >> as those levels rise, so does anxiety. >> sea level rise is occurring and it's not going to stop in my lifetime. >> flooding fears, the measurements that experts are taking now and what they reveal about potential risk to parts of our region in the future. plus this -- >> we just want to have a voice. >> desperate with days to go, local casino workers facing an uncertain future. they take their case to city hall. nbc 10 is there as the mayor lets them in. we'll tell you what he told them. >> and winter's early arrival, while other parts of the country are dealing with it, we know it's not too far behind for us.
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today, the program that can take the sting out of winter's wrath. newspapers speak out. tom corbett has been something of a disaster. tom corbett cut spending on education by a billion dollars...
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it's time for a change. elect tom wolf, and you'll get the type of governor we haven't seen for a while... who looks out for average, hard-working pennsylvanians. it's wolf who has solid ideas for bringing in new business and for boosting the economy. tom wolf for governor, a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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look at this, the first weekend in november brought a winter wallop for some. runners at the new york city marathon were hit with wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour. locally were were de lly we wer temperatures in the 40s. many of us turned on the heaters in our homes for the first time since last winter. now is the time for people to apply for help with the heating bills. fill out an application at a county assistance office or download the form at the department of public welfare's website or you can find it on
4:25 pm the program is available to renters and home owners who qualify. more than 400,000 pennsylvania families were able to keep their homes warm because of those grants. the secretary for the department of public welfare says individuals can apply now rather than wait for a cold spell. we encourage people to apply online so they can avoid onlines and traveling. students at st. monica's catholic school in south philadelphia teamed up with nutritional development services to help fight hunger in the city. since the start of the school year, nearly 60,000 pounds of peanut butter and jelly were collected to stock local food pantries. st. monica is's more than 55 schools that participated in this year's pbç & j drive. a woman taken against her will right off a philadelphia street. nbc 10 has obtained surveillance video as the crime happened. this breaking news is our top story for today. police right now looking for 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither. they're trying to figure out who
4:26 pm
abducted her. also -- >> fighting for their futures. local casino workers taking their message to city hall. the answers they got that may not change their outlook. glenn "hurricane" schwartz. well, my outlook is i'm tracking a warmup, plus, more rain and that's not all. get details on a week changes in my nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. coming up at 5:00, work stopped on this three-mile long sea wall that's supposed to protect several jersey shore towns. why history is getting in the way of progress.
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nbc 10 breaking news. a kidnapping happening right before your eyes right there.
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it's a crime caught on tape that has a tearful father putting up posters of his missing daughter. police look for the person who dragged the woman right off the street. nbc 10's jacqueline london joining us live from the digital operations center. take us through the video that could be the key to finding this woman. >> jim and renee, the crime plays out in front of a surveillance video. we'll show you the entire video. at times we slow it down or speed it up so you can get a better look. better lajbóájjt up to the car germantown on west coulter street at 9:30 last night. a man gets out of the car, just as the bus pulls up on nearby greene street. he walks to the bus stop, we get our first glimpse of the kidnapping victim. he approaches her, she runs across the street. he chases her, just out of camera range. then we see them again and he's dragging her down the street,
4:31 pm
toward his car. the last thing we see in the shadow is what looks like the man hitting the woman. now, police believe this shattered glass is where the kidnap kidnaper's car was park. a witness says the victim kicked out the rear window as she was pushed into the car, leaving behind her phone and eyeglasses in the struggle. now take a look at this. a picture of the victim. she's 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither. we are following this developing news very closely. we'll bring you any new updates just as soon as we receive them. live in the digital operations center, jacqueline london, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, jacqueline. nbc 10 has multiple crews covering this breaking news story. as soon as we uncover new information we'll bring it to you live right here on nbc 10 news and on our website, >> take your time. hundreds of taj mahal casino
4:32 pm
employees take their frustrations to the mayor's door step today. they march from the taj to city hall. >> as we've been reporting, the casino is threatening to close its doors next month. >> both union and nonunion workers are asking leaders what can sessions can be aef chaoed to help keep the casino open. about 3,000 jobs are at stake. cydney long,ive in atlantic city tonight. cydney, some of those workers were invited into the mayor's office. what did he tell them? >> renee, he told them he hears their message loud and clear. he certainly understands their fears he went on to say every time he works with the casinos on assessing their properties at a lower value or lowering their tax bills it's never enough and the city doesn't have much more to give. with petitions and signs in hand, workers, some who have clocked in at the taj mahal since day one. >> i want them to give us the concessions. what taxes is he going to
4:33 pm
collect if we close down the road? >> reporter: say it's about saving their own jobs which would also rescue revenue to atlantic city's tax base. >> they're not going to have the taxes from the revenues, employees paychecks. it's going to hurt small business. >> reporter: before too much applause. >> he'd like ten people to represent you. >> reporter: the mayor asked employees to join him for the discussion. >> closing taj is what nobody wants. >> reporter: explainingç there are no more concessions to give, explaining that the taj already owes the city $20 million. >> reporter: he says he'll go to bat at the state level. he went to trenton today to discuss with eyemakers new jersey's eye grow grant funding. one idea to infuse capital into nongaming areas of the casino. >> i'm hoping that the amount of debt that the property currently has, that you can write off for
4:34 pm
taxes. >> reporter: the casino workers union rallied against billionaire investor carl icahn who is asking for health care concessions but some nonunion workers say -- >> what are benefits without a job. you have no benefits if you don't have a job. it is that simple. >> as long as we're on the agenda and discussing it, hopefully something can be done. >> now, we also reached out to taj mahal higher ups today who responded by e-mail, not about our questions on back-owed taxes or alleged mismanagement but simply saying the company applauds the commitment and support of its employees. we'll keep in touch with the mayor's office on any potential solutions. live in atlantic city, cydney long, nbc 10 news. thank you, cydney. the most recent poll numbers for tomorrow's pennsylvania gaub that torial race finds corbett trails tom wolf, the race has tightened. >> governor corbett will in fact make history tomorrow.
4:35 pm
keith jones is joining us to explain. >> let's say governor corbett wins tomorrow. he's been behind in the poll since the race began. that's never happened before. if he loses, it will be the first time pennsylvanians say no to a sitting governor. >> whatever the polls say i'm running right through the election. i'm going to continue to work hard through november 4th. that's the poll as they say that counts. >> right now those polls say york businessman tom wolf will become the new governor of pennsylvania. governor tom corbett has consistently trailed in every poll, most times by double digits. back in june, only 20% of people surveyed in a franklin and marshall poll. he's certain he'll be re-elected tomorrow. >> the one reason i'm positive we'll get a win is we're exactly where i've been in every race, within i ran for attorney general in the primary, when i
4:36 pm
ran for attorney general in the first race, when i ran for re-election in 2008, the year of obama, none of those times was i supposed to win but in obama's year i got 3 million votes more than any republican in the history of pennsylvania. >> how do you deal personally with low approval ratings? >> first off, i told people i was going to make tough decisions. i warned them that was going to be the case. some people remember that. some people don't. >> reporter: both candidates are push fog are a high voter turnout, hitting the campaign trail with party big wigs over the weekend. corbett was joined by new jersey governor chris christie and wolf held a get out the vote rally in philadelphia. a high turnout will boost wolf's chances. >> is the race tighter? >> i hope they feel it's that important that they would want to come and support me. obviously it's great for me to have support for people like that. >> registered democrats outnumber republicans in the state by nearly a million. even though democrats tend to
4:37 pm
ignore nonpresidential year elections at least one turnout model predicts more democrats will vote in pennsylvania on tuesday. >> keith jones will be heading out to pittsburgh to cover the corbett camp on election night. lu ann cahn will be in new york at wolf campaign headquarters. count on nbc 10 news to bring you live up to the!çminute election night results. live updates begin after the polls close tomorrow night at 8:00, right here on nbc 10. today it's the fattening of america. >> also, how obesity could be putting our national security at risk. first here's what we're working on for you right now. >> just bring her home. >> his daughter kidnapped. now there's new video of her abduction as it happened. at 5:00, we have two reporters talking to the one and only eyewitness. plus, we're walking you through the crime and getting an update from philadelphia police on their search. new at 5:00, we've seen pictures of eric frein's
4:38 pm
hideout, now coming up. an find crew was allowed to bring cameras inside to get a look at where he lived before police caught up with him.
4:40 pm
skyforce 10 is over breaking news that we've been following for a couple of hours. this is 95 north, southwest philadelphia. traffic still tied up because of a deadly accident here in the northbound lanes. if you're expecting anybody and they have to take 95 northbound now you understand why they're
4:41 pm
late as skyforce 10 pulls back to show you the volume of traffic that's backed up because of this deadly accident a couple of hours ago now. u.s. army officials say they could be relaxing their fitness standards for new, young recruits based on the changing needs of the institution. the army's top recruiting official says the next generation of soldiers needs to be adept at computers and cyberwarfare. he predicts the army will have to go through an institutional and cultural change to recruit those types of soldiers. some believe that can translate to lessened physical standrdards for certain recruits. right now, only three out of ten are able to enlist. they expect that number to drop by two in ten young people by 2020. >> physically fit, you're a healthy person, maintain your professional appearance but we don't make you have the same physical standards as you would,
4:42 pm
you know, for somebody who is in the ranger battalion. >> the army's changes don't mean their loosening their standards, it's about making sure they have the right standards in place that are modern and reflective of army requirements. a male recruit needs to do at least 35 push-ups and 47 sit-ups in two minutes to pass basic training as well as run two less. the birds got banged up. >> the eagles score a win but limp away in some pain. also, concerns at the coast, the rising water levels and the sinking land that could predict bigger problems ahead. glenn "hurricane" schwartz. wfafter a cold, wet weekend i'm tracking warmer weather but more rain and more changes after that. get all the details from my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, a three-mile long sea wall is supposed to
4:43 pm
protect shore towns from mother nature. why history is throwing progress an unexpected curveball.
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we're following breaking news. a woman is snatched from a philadelphia street and the crime is caught on camera. it happened last night at coulter and greene streets in germantown. you can see the kidnaper at some point here dragging carlesha freeland-gaither along the sidewalk. detectives say she fought back. she screamed for help but the suspect picked her up and forced her into the car. if you know anything about this kidnapping, please call philadelphia police. right here, the eagles new starting quarterback for the time being, mark sanchez led the birds to a costly win against houston after nick foles went down. today, coach chip kelly confirms
4:47 pm
foles has a broken collarbone and he's out indefinitely. the news isn't good for demeco ryans either. he's suffered what is being called a torn achilles. he's expected to miss the rest of the season. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> a lot of wind and a lot of cold over the weekend. we're starting to warm up today. and wind is starting to wind down, making you feel milder. it's going to continue to warm up tomorrow. some places could touch the 70 degree mark. we're also tracking rain, maybe even heavy rain before the week is out. a lot of sunshine across the area today. we're looking west. there's a band of clouds that you can see in central pennsylvania moving this way. it won't be a completely clear night. it's 58 degrees right now. the wind only 13 miles an hour. the relative humidity only 21%, very, very low. the temperatures held way below
4:48 pm
average over the weekend. that high on saturday didn't occur during the day. the high on saturday, 49, gusts over 40 miles an hour. 60 for the high today. 68 tomorrow. and like i said, some places could touch 70. 10 degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. the poconos, 14 degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. there's some of those clouds to the west, a couple sprinkles there. it's not out of the question that the poconos, for example, could see a little bit of sprinkles during the evening hours. this is the main area that will be coming in. it will take a couple days to are that to happen. áh @(t&háhp &hc& on our future cast coming through during the night tonight. generally dry. the warmer southwest wind, lighter, though, southwest wind is going to continue for a couple of days here. warming us up somewhere. look at theç clouds on wednesd and then some of the rain wednesday night and into thursday morning. some of that on the heavy side.
4:49 pm
we have some computer models suggesting 1 to 2 inches of rain with this system between wednesday night and thursday night. and on the other side of the world, another super typhoon. it is called nuri. it has had winds of 180 miles an hour sustained. but at least this one is going to miss japan. tonight partly cloudy with the wind diminishing. 44 for the low philadelphia, 35 north and west. not as cold as last night. tomorrow, could be warmer than today. today felt a lot warmer. mid-60s to near 70 degrees. getting the sun set before 5:00 now. the seven-day forecast, similarly warm day on wednesday but more clouds around. the rain comes in wednesday night, thursday, heavy at times. we clear out on friday. windy and colder sets us up for another chilly weekend. there is a chance of rain on
4:50 pm
sunday as another system develops off the coast. >> today taking measurements. >> what those findings reveal about part of our area that could be at risk. >> water, where it wasn't before, at a spot along the coast that seems to be sinking. >> it's a big concern. >> i'm ted greenberg. what changes to the land escape now could mean for the jersey shore's future. then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, the ads that will be running up until the polls close tomorrow.
4:51 pm
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it's really no secret that sea levels are rising around the world and in the coming decades, coastal parts of our area could see significant changes. >> there are signs some areas are already flooding. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg tells us why that's a major concern to experts, especially in the wake of superstorm sandy. >> reporter: they have to come by boat to study a swampy destination that's disappearing. >> the marsh seems to be sinking. >> reporter: this marsh along barnegat bay at island state beach park is part of a network of monitoring sites across the region. >> 159. >> reporter: kurt and other researchers from drexel university take measurements in the mud to determine how these crucial wetlands are keeping up with the pace of rising sea levels. here the water -- >> you can see the pond has increased. >> reporter: looks like it's winning. >> i think it is alarming. >> reporter: why? because the marshes can slow
4:55 pm
down storm surges, suffering as a buffer to protect heavily inland areas. >> in the areas that had strong, healthy marshes, it reduced the impact. >> reporter: when these markers went in the grounded about three years ago, this area was filled with vegetation. now you can see the plants have been replaced by pools of water. >> if there's fewer marshes, the land areas, the houses will be impacked more by flooding. >> reporter: as a result, the researchers believe some communities will be forced to adapt in the years ahead and potentially make changes to shoreline areas where houses currently stand. >> sea level rise is occurring and it's not going to stop in the next -- it's not going to stop in my lifetime. >> reporter: experts say the water's rise will only get faster, fuel for a flood of questions about with what they'll find during future visits to the marsh. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news.
4:56 pm
nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> here are jacqueline london and keith jones. we continue to follow breaking news. >> police have turned to the fbi for help in finding this woman, abducted right off a philadelphia street. live team coverage aand more detail about this video investigators want you to see. i'm also tracking warmer temperatures as we go into tomorrow, plus, heavy rain by the middle of the week. i'll show you the timing on that> coming up. two shore towns are counting on a three-mile long sea wall to protect them. what stopped them and when crews will be back on the job. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> we continue to follow breaking news on nbc 10 news at 5:00 this afternoon. police released this video showing a 22-year-old woman as she's grabbed right off a philadelphia street. >> her abduction appears to be random. nefertiti jaquez is live outside police headquarters. nefertiti? >> at this hour, investigators say they do not believe the victim knew her kidnaper because it seemed like this was a random attack, police have called in the fbi for help. >> reporter: police say in mere seconds carlesha freeland-gaither was kidnapped off the street in germantown.
5:00 pm
and tonight, they're releasing this video in hopes of catching the man who took the 22-year-old. it happened just before 10:00 p.m. on sunday. off of west coulter street. the video shows a man parking a gray or silver four-door sedan believed to be a ford taurus.ç the suspect gets out of the car, crosses the street and crosses back before grabbing the victim. she is seen struggling with the man while being dragged on the street. off camera, detectives say she kicks out the rear driver's side window just before the car takes off. >> now, the victim's glasses and her cell phone were dropped before the car drove off. the suspect is described as a man with a medium complexion about 5'10" with a heavier build. police say that car that he was driving does not have any inspection stickers. they ask if you see a man fitting this description, not to go up to him. he is considered armed and dangerous at this hour. detectives say if you know anything to call police. that is the latest from