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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  November 4, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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today is the day to cast that ballot. you can count on nbc 10 for complete coverage of all the races and we'll take you state by state for the races we're following today. >> a developing story we're first told you about yesterday. her mother's emotional plea her relief. the schuylkill river is warmer this morning. you won't need the big coat that you brought out yesterday morning. it's already 53 degrees in philadelphia. and we're expecting to see a warm up throughout the day. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato. the number on the screen, i've been trying with my eyes, but that's really small. 53. >> 53 and we'll find out how warm it will get later today with meteorologist bill henley. >> we hit that lotto, we'll get you a big screen tv. no problem seeing it. it is warmer this morning. clouds overhead and you can see those passing by, too. even a sprinkle in some spots but most of the area is just like center city, nice and dry.
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that's a live dry view right across the delaware and much milder this morning. right now in philadelphia, 53. look at the 50s for wilmington, trenton and drop under to the 50s in dover. dover near 70 degrees this afternoon. yes, a cool start. we're still cooling off by 7:00, 46 degrees, but then a quick warm up. 55 degrees at 9:00 and then into the 60s as we head into the afternoon. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast is less than ten minutes when i come back. first alert traffic reporter jillian mele is watching a few trouble spots this morning. jillian? >> we had accidents earlier this morning but they cleared a while ago. right now not reporting any accidents on the majors, which is really good news for drivers. this is a live look in center city philadelphia. the vine street expressway really quiet. this is right near 95. the vine is cleared the entire length between 95 and 76 in both directions. speaking of 95, drive times looking pretty good. southbound from wood haven to the vine is about 14 minutes right now.
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14 minutes is what we're seeing on 76 westbound from the vine out to the blue route. if you're traveling on the blue route this morning northbound from 95 to 76 right now that trip is looking to be about 18 minutes. if you're waking up in conshohocken an overlooked lane all because of construction there. take route 23, front street or even route 320 if you need to get around it. tracy? now to decision 2014. election day is here and in one hour some voters can start heading to the polls. polling places are open at 6:00 in new jersey and open at 7:00 in pennsylvania and delaware and polls close in all three states at 8:00. investigate and prosecute any fraud allegations during the elections. the task force is made up of assistant das and detectives who are assigned to locations that have had prior fraud allegation. if you run into problems voting in philadelphia or you just need to find your polling place, the committee of 70 has a hotline you can call at 1-855-seventy.
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one of the biggest, most talked about races of the day is for pennsylvania governor and it could be one for the record books. vai sikahema is live in the digital operation center. you're tracking where wolf and korbut will be co corb corbitt. >> both men telling their polls forget about the base, disregard. both candidates will spend their final hours on the campaign trail. democrat tom wolf has several stops scheduled throughout philadelphia this morning before heading to york county and incumbent governor tom corbett will spend his day in the pittsburgh area. corbett ended with a rally in his hometown of pittsburgh. corbett made his final visit to the helicopter museum in
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westchester. a rally in pittsburgh. he met with members of the steel workers union there. earlier in the day, wolf visited with small business owners and voters in lancaster. now, wolf happens to beat corbett the first time a governor lost a re-election bid in over four decades. i'll be back in the next half hour with a look at news from across the country. live in the digital operation center, vai sikahema. today's election could change the landscape in washington, d.c. president obama believes the democrats will hold on to the senate. it's going to be close. republicans across the country are looking to take advantage of the president's low approval ratings. they need to add six senate seats in order to gain the majority. you can count on nbc 10 for complete coverage. the most important races across the region as voters go to the polls. live team coverage beginning on nbc 10 news at 4:00 this afternoon and then count on nbc 10 throughout the evening as those results roll in on air and online at
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just about 5:05. 53 degrees outside. now to this developing story. this surveillance video is the main clue in the abduction of a young woman in germantown. a story that we broke yesterday morning. nbc 10 katy zachary is back on the same street where it happened. >> tracy right here on this corner of culture street in germantown where the suspect grabbed the victim. we know this because, take a look, a surveillance camera located at the end of the block that captured the entire violent ordeal. here is video of that struggle between the suspect and the victim from sunday night. you can see from the surveillance video released by police that he parked his four-door gray or silver car pauszably a ford taurus and then crosses the street just when the victim rounds the corner. the suspect followed her and then walks right up to carlesha freeland-gaither. a witness saw this all play out.
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>> sthhe was screaming for help. i figured if it was somebody she knew, she would say the name or something. cell phone and glasses and all that. >> there was also a glove, a man's glove found at the scene. police tell us they're hoping to lift fingerprints from the glove and that knife that was found here. we also spoke to the victim's father and mother about this. they are distraught. we're working on bringing you that sound from them and we'll have that in the next half hour. reporting live in germantown, katy zachary. >> once again, police say they're looking for a dark gray 2000 to 2002 ford taurus. they believe it has a pennsylvania license plate on the back. also an unidentified plate on the back of the car. remember, witnesses say the victim kicked out at least one of the rear windows. it may have a rear window broken out of that car. nbc 10 and will keep you up theidated on this case and you can look at the entire
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three-minute surveillance video of the abduction on our website. we continue to follow this story out of oregon where investigators say they have found the body of a 6-year-old boy after his mom says she threw him off the bridge. the bridge is about 100 feet above freezing water below. rescuers found the body of the boy, a little more than two hours ago. the mother has been taken into custody for questioning. locally new from overnight, a mcdonald's employee was stabbed outside the restaurant. police say the man got into a fight with another guy in the parking lot of the mcdonald's. this is 29th and that worker is still in stable condition and no arrests have been made. a delaware state university student is recovering this morning after being shot in the parking lot of an off-campus residence hall. police are still looking for the gunman. it happened around 4:00 yesterday afternoon near the living and learning commons a few blocks away from the main campus in dover, kent county. that building is a residence
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hall for 200 students. it forced the students into lockdown for about four hours. >> something like that can happen at any time, but pretty much a shock. >> the student is in stable condition. investigators believe this is an isolated incident. delaware state university is closed today for election day. eight minutes after 5:00 p.m. investigation into a murder/suicide outside a ymca will continue in chester county. a man ambushed his ex-girlfriend in the parking lot around 6:00 last night. he then shot, he shot her and then he shot himself. the y was put on lockdown while police investigated. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> getting a warmer start this morning. the temperatures are in the 50s. and there is a little bit of a breeze blowing. that's a live view from the aramark building in center city. more of a southerly wind today.
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expect those temperatures to be warmer right on through the day. right now, we're in the 50s. with clouds overhead. helping us out this morning and clouds will clear out and temperatures into the upper 60s, possibly near 70 later on. we're already tracking some rain and potentially heavier rain for later in the week. cloudy skies over allentown. 48 degrees. 50s for northeast philadelphia and atlantic city right now is 52 degrees. this is the view from here at the nbc 10 studios. mo no wind here at the studio and where it is blowing, very light. 3-mile-per-hour breeze and mt. holly and most of the rest of the area is calm this morning. you see the clouds that are overhead and the clouds will be thinning for some sunshine and that will take us into the 60s later today. 66 this afternoon for reading. 65 in allentown and quakertown and a nice warm up into the 60s for the pocono mountains. 66 for doylestown with sunshine. trenton and mt. holly and 67 degrees. northeast philadelphia warms to
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68 this afternoon. lots of sunshine, much less wind at the shore. atlantic city, 65 degrees. 67 in vineland and look at dover, possibly up to 70 this afternoon. and sunny skies with light west, southwesterly winds and glassboro up to 67 degrees. see more clouds tomorrow, but the temperatures not bad. the wet weather is on the way for later in the week and i've got the seven-day forecast when i come back with that in less than ten minutes with the timing for that and a look at your weekend, as well. >> all right, bill, thanks. 5:10 right now. get you updated on the roads. flashing lights are never a good sign. >> flashing lights is the symbol that jillian mele have behind you. >> there they go. just going outside the camera's view right now. overnight construction starting to wrap up in the process of clearing. this is what happens as crews actually work backwards so they can pick up all the cones they had placed out there. 202 southbound just past 76.
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once the crews get the cones picked up, then things start to free up a little bit. not reporting any delays and that construction completely clear and out of there in the next six minutes. two spots of construction on the northeast extension. northbound right near quaker town and we also have northbound right near lansdale. long-term overnight construction that we are following out there. the southbound construction has wrapped up. heading to 422, where things are looking pretty quiet. 55 miles per hour is the average speed. the length of 422, especially on the eastbound side right near oaks, that's where things can really start to slow down. as you can see, speeds are still reading 55 all the way down to route 202. tracy? >> you can count on nbc 10 for complete coverage of the races that are important to you today. we're headed to delaware next. a threat on campus. this morning we're learning more about a student's plan to kill her teacher and her classmates. and heating help. a program now available to help cover the cost of keeping your family warm this winter.
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5:14 on decision day 2014. a congressional seat and senate seat up for grabs. in the house john carney trying to win re-election. chris is hoping for victory over kevin wade. matthew den who is the lieutenant governor is running against republican ken catilla
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and joe biden is not seeking a third term as attorney general. running for state treasurer of delaware, sean barney and now chip flowers decided not to seek re-election in the wake of harassment allegations by his former deputy. we wanted to know what kind of turnout is expected in this mid-term election. so, we took a look at the numbers and in the last mid-term elections back in 2010, 47% came out in pennsylvania when there was a race for governor. 42% in new jersey, 51% in delaware. trend is obviously higher in presidential election years like 2012. 5:15 now. students at one of pennsylvania's state universities will mark this election day with a protest over their polling place. students from kutztown university will march five miles to the municipal building to cast their ballots. they're protesting the closing of an on-campus polling place. university and administrators are expected to join today's march. they closed after residents in the area complained of long
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lines and crowded parking lots. school officials say the change is a great inconvenience for students, many of which do not have cars. so the student government will provide buss to the polls for students who decide not to march. we have new information about the football program at california university of pennsylvania following the arrest of six players, school officials are creating a task force to conduct a top to bottom review of the program. the players are charged with attacking a man outside an off campus restaurant on thursday and that victim suffered severe brain trauma. the players were immediately suspended and saturday's game was forfeited. a main line student is in custody this morning accused of threatening to murder a teacher and her classmates. here's what we know, police say the radnor high school senior who ask nis not being identifie wrote in a journal about being the first female mass murderer. the 74-year-old wrote details about a mass execution in her personal notebooks. she wrote a letter to one of the
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parents of the columbine shooters. >> we would be remiss if we did not take these calls seriously. >> police did not find any weapons at the girl's home or at the school. she has a history of psychological issues and will be charged as a juvenile. at 5:17, new information about camden's efforts to cut down on crime on what's known as mischief night. police say their blue knight event throughout the city the night before halloween were a big success. here's how it worked, children who came out were sworn in as knights for their neighborhood to help keep the streets of camden safe. police say it was very successful. they had very few incidents and this is a main stay for mischief night which used to be marked by other crimes. if you're getting ready to head out the door, let's keep you updated on the roads. >> jillian mele has a look at all the slow downs and hopefully speed ups out there. jillian? >> still no delays to report and no accidents on the majors. starting things off in chester
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county and eastbound right near 322. see volumes out here. see some volume out here little bit later in the morning but for now as you can see, not too many drivers on the roads. typically tt delay starts around 6:20, 6:30. keep you updated on all the delays as they form. drive times still looking pretty good. 76 as you can see both directions between the blue route and the vine will take you about 14 minutes. same time frame for drivers on 95 between wood haven and the vine. still following a spot of construction on the new jersey turnpike, pa turnpike connector. the eastbound side between route 130 and the new jersey turnpike. lanes restricted in that area and expected to be out there until 6:00 this morning. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clouds are overhead this morning, but they're not going to last all day. we'll see lots of sunshine in this view from center city. it's already warmer this morning. 53 degrees currently in
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philadelphia. very little to no wind look at the water in front of boat house row, very nice and quiet this morning. low 50s right now for potstown and trenton and northeast philadelphia is 54 degrees and 50 right now in wilmington. these temperatures were dropping into the 40s and 30s yesterday morning. langhorn is 51 degrees. jamson down to 56 but it's 51 in doylestown and farther north and west right at 50 degrees in quakertown. a milder morning for the clouds helping to keep things warmer and breaking for lots of sunshine. the next round of clouds will start moving in tomorrow but rain not expected until thursday. today sunny and nice. 66 to 69 degrees. some spots may even hit 70 degrees later today. tomorrow, another mild day in spite of clouds coming in. the clouds will develop rain and some of it potentially heavy later on thursday. high of 63 degrees thursday. and then the showers taper off first thing on friday. friday will be a cooler day.
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but the chillier weather will be here for the weekend. saturday and sunday, morning temperatures in the 30s and lower 40s. high temperatures in the low 50s over the weekend. and still cool come monday. chilly weather we saw last weekend forced a lot of us to turn on the heat in our homes for the first time since last winter. officials say right now is the time for people to apply for help with their utility bills. pennsylvanians can now apply for grants through wy heat for this season. you can download the forms through the department of public welfare's website. you can also find that form on the low-income home energy assistance program, that's what liheap stands for. during last year's record winter, more than 400,000 pennsylvania families were able to keep their homes warm because of that program. did honda fail to report the airbag problem that has prompted millions of recalls? that's the question federal investigators are trying to
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answer this morning. the experts at cnbc will walk us through the allegation. and a big jackpot. if you haven't gotten your mega millions ticket yet, you may want to do that. what you need to know for the winning chance at more than $300 million.
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would you like to have money? lots of it? >> yeah. >> here's a low effort but very low probability way of getting some. the mega millions drawing is
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tonight. the jackpot is 321 million bucks because no ticket matched all six numbers drawn on holweep night. only the tenth time in mega million history that the jackpot has surpassed $300 million. the drawing happens at 11:00 tonight. well, election day and the stock market. historically there is a connection. jackie deangeles is here to explain with this morning's cnbc business news. jackie, good morning. >> good morning to you, tracy. that's right. history has shown that the stock market does perform well after the mid-term elections. since 1930, if there is a unified congress and a democrat in the white house as there is now. the s&p 500 index is up on average nearly 18% in the calendar year following the election. meantime, the national highway traffic safety administration has opened a probe into whether honda failed to report to regulators death or injuries involving airbags. u.s. law requires automakers to submit quarterly on warranty
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claims and other incidents. honda has recalled more than 5 million vehicles in the u.s. to fix airbags which could explode and spray metal shrapnel. tracy, back to you. >> tracy deangeles, thanks. well, yesterday morning you had to bundle up, but this morning it's much milder. temperatures are in the t50s to start with. look at boat house row, it is glowing this morning. lots of sunshine during the day and right here at nbc 10, 53 it gree . jillian mele is watching traffic. >> westbound at city avenue, traffic is moving along just fine. 76 looks great. coming up in a few minutes, i'll look at 495 in delaware. nbc 10 is your decision 2014. you can count on us for everything you need to know this election day. >> nbc 10 jesse gary is looking
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at a new task force to prevent corruption at the polls this morning. jesse? comes after an incident at this school a few months ago. i'll explain what happened and what the charges were. right after the break. we continue to follow this developing story. the search for this kidnapped woman seen on surveillance video trying to fight off her attacker.
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ready, set, vote. election day is here and nbc 10 has everything you need to know before you head to the polls this morning. you can count on us for complete coverage of the candidates and the issues that are important to you. this morning, a reward is being offered in the search for a missing woman. police say this video shows her being kidnapped. the latest on the abduction investigation ahead in a live report. and we are tracking a change in temperatures. a live look outside right now. you will notice a difference as you head out the door this morning. already 53 degrees and feeling pretty good. >> yeah. >> good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. meteorologist bill henley is in with our first alert forecast. those clouds are keeping us warmer. >> yesterday it felt like december and today it feels more like the beginning of october. here we are in november. we have readings that are in the 50s. that's more than ten degrees warmer than normal for this time of year. that's a live, dry view from
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center city. clouds overhead and without a sunlight, we're hard to see them. 15 degrees warmer in philadelphia and trenton at 15 degrees warmer and millville at 18 degrees warmer. everything is warmer this morning. the temperatures right now 54 in northeast philly. allentown seeing breaks in the clouds and 47 in dover. but it's going to be a nice and sunny day today with temperatures climbing into the middle 50s by 9:00 and then by lunchtime, up to 64 degrees. nice and comfortable. when i come back, a look at the forecast, neighborhood by neighborhood. but, right now, let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. good morning, jillian. >> good morning to you, bill. a live look at 95 shows no delays on 95 just yet. right near girard avenue and this is where we can see see volume later in the morning. but, for now, things are pretty quiet there. thanks to one of our loyal viewers who just sent me a tweet about this construction we still have out then