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tv   Today  NBC  November 5, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EST

7:00 am thanks for watching. good morning. republican rout. the gop grabs full control of congress for the first time in eight years. >> it's time to turn this country around! >> we are going to make them squeal! >> so, what does the historic night mean with the 2016 presidential race looming? new jersey's governor, chris christie, is with us in our studio, live. breaking overnight, new video tied to the chilling abduction of that woman in pennsylvania. one of the women shaking her abductor's hand just before he forces her into his car. another video showing the person of interest at a convenience store the next day. we've got the latest.
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challenging those popular cameras at intersections. will it lead to millions of busted drivers across america getting their money back? pop quiz. jimmy fallon tests our knowledge on "the tonight show." >> 1989! >> oh, my gosh. >> find out which one of us was left high, but not very dry "today," wednesday, november 5th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. feeling better? are you all dried off? >> oh, yeah, yeah. all i have to say is justice was served. >> i'm not so sure about that.
7:02 am
all right. we're going to get to that jimmy fallon thing in a little while. let's take a look at politics this morning and where things stand. republicans picked up senate seats in seven states, one more than they needed to take control. >> over in the house, nbc news is projecting that republicans have added 13 seats, making it the republicans largest margin there in 80 years. as we said, we will be talking live to new jersey governor chris christie in a moment. first, let's go to peter alexander at the white house this morning. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. make no mistake this wasn't just a republican wave last night for the gop. it was more like a political typhoon crashing down on democrats and those here at the white house. senior adviser to the president this morning tells me that president obama is clear eyed about the results. will he hold a news conference this afternoon. speech writers better looking up s synonyms for the word
7:03 am
shellacking. call it a republican rout. for the first time in eight years, the gop controls the senate with joni ernst, promising to cut pork. >> i grew up castrating hogs on an iowa farm. >> we are going to make them squeal. >> reporter: in conservative kansas. >> well, we did it, kansas. >> reporter: senator pat roberts overcame accusations that he lost touch with his home state, holding off independent challenger greg orman, riding a wave of voter frustration. in all, the gop snagged seven new senate seats from colorado to west virginia, basking in the glow, the presumed new senate majority leader, kentucky's mitch mcconnell, winning a sixth term. >> it's time to turn this country around! >> reporter: one silver lining for the president's party, new hampshire's jean sheheen fending off scott brown. >> thank you, new hampshire!
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>> the gop also expanded its strength in the house, now holding more seats than at any time in more than 80 years. among the new faces, new york's elise stefanec, at 30, becoming the youngest woman ever elected to congress. among the losers, clay aiken, knocked off in his bid for the north carolina seat. it reached governor's mansions in reliably blue states like illinois and maryland and helped republican governors hold on in florida, ohio and wisconsin. already fueling 2016 buzz. one other milestone for the first time ever, there are now 100 women in congress. overnight, the president may have revealed a post-election willingness to work with republicans. he called winners from both parties, we're told, even invited congressional leaders to the white house that. meeting will take place on friday. they'll look, the president's aides say, for places they can work together in his final two years. matt, savannah?
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>> peter, thank you very much. governor chris christie is the republican governor of new jersey. >> good to be here, matt. >> are you surprised? >> no. >> not at all? >> a little bit but not much. i thought we were going to have a good night last night. >> the world changes in washington, republicans have control of the house and senate for the first time in eight years. in january, voters are going to say what are you going to do with the power? opposing the president's policy is not a policy. specifically, what can republicans do with this power? >> senator mcconnell and speaker boehner will have to sit down and decide what their priorities are and sit down with the president. people want to get things done. that's why republican governors were elected last night, re-elected and elected because governors get things done. that's what the country want. >> tell me specifically one area where you would like this republican majority to compromise, real compromise with president obama. >> listen, i think what the republican majority first needs to do is grow jobs in this country and have prosperity. the first things they need to do
7:06 am
is tax reform and national energy policy and the president needs to sit down and get that done with republicans in congress. it should be able to get done. >> your travel over the last several months on behalf of these republican governors in tight races, eight trips to, three in maryland, four in michigan. you know where i'm going here. how much credit do you personally deserve for the success of these republican governors across the country? >> the candidates deserve the credit. it's always about the candidates. you raise money and you raise awareness and the candidates have to do with that what they will. but, you know, listen, this is about my candidates across the country. they did a great job. >> however, you're sitting here this morning and it seems you're willing to be one of the faces of this republican rout. so, do you think that the success that these governors had in these tight races boosts your credentials nationwide, especially two years out from a presidential race? >> i have no idea. i got elected by my fellow
7:07 am
governors to be chairman in a year when we had to defend two-thirds of the seats. remember, opposite of what went on in the senate. we didn't have some great map in our favor. nine of the states we defended, the president won twice. we won eight of those nine. it's about our candidates, matt. it's not about me. i was happy to help. i'm glad to have their confidence but that's all it is. >> first time i've had you here since you've had another run-in with a heckler at an appearance, second anniversary of hurricane sandy and the guy wouldn't sit down. you said, sit down and shut up. that kind of response is something your staunch supporters love. it makes other people queaziy q. are you going to have to control that side of your personality to be seen as presidential outside the rough and tumble world of politics. >> first of all, you're assuming i wasn't controlled. i sat and took it for a while and other people -- hundreds of people that were there deserved to hear what we had to say that day. that person had had their say. i sat and listened to it. it was time for them to sit
7:08 am
down. i'm not going to change, matt. this is who i am. >> instead of controlling that, do you have to hide that side of your personality outside of new jersey? >> there's no hope of that. >> four years ago, you said famously, i don't feel ready in my heart to be president. four years later, do you feel ready in your heart? >> i'll have to figure that out. >> when do you think you might do that? >> you know, in the next number of months. mary pat and i have to start talking about it in earnest and make a decision. but today is the day to celebrate what my fellow governors have done and i'm glad just to have played a small part in it for them and i look forward to working with new governors in massachusetts, in maryland, in illinois. if a blue state governor like me is chairman of the rga, i work to make the decisions to spend the money in states like that and we get victories, that's a great day for a guy who is a blue state governor. >> governor chris christie, thank you for joining us live this morning appreciate it. >> thanks, matt.
7:09 am
always good to see you. >> i have chuck todd here. governor christie, is he rung? >> i think he's certainly someone we'll see in iowa. >> we knew republicans would have a good night. it was a great night. >> it is. the important r word is repudiation. republicans ran against president obama not just in senate and house races but in a lot of these gubernatorial cases. maybe more so than what he faced in 2010, savannah. >> what's his state of mind this morning? will he say all right, let's deal? or is he going to say i have more gridlock than ever? >> they're not in acceptance when you look in the five stages of grief. there's anger inside the party, finger pointing between congressional democrats and president obama. they're trying to put on a public face of con sciliation. hey, we've heard. they've done this before. are we going to see a shakeup?
7:10 am
are we going to see him truly say i'm going to table issues over here that will start an ideological fight and instead focus on taxes and energy. governor christie is right. if those are the two issues that republicans choose to focus on and the white house chooses to focus on, they can can get something done. but immigration can stoke the fire. >> more gridlock or less gridlock because of this. >> i think that's right. i think congressional democrats are ready to fight. i think some democrats are going to be ready to basically put obama in the past, focus on the clintons and focus on 2016. president obama, i think, doesn't want gridlock. i think -- i think. but we'll see. again, his state of mind, white house state of mind is not at full acceptance of what happened. >> losing in what were battleground states for them in 2008 and 2012. bad sign for them last night. >> five of the last six elections, the party that won right before that next presidential also won the presidential. democrats can sit here and think
7:11 am
this is just a mid term. when the presidential happens and all young people show up and they win again -- i think they better be careful. and they better reread these results. >> late night for you, chuck todd. you can go to bed now. meantime, we are taking a turn, learning about a tragic accident involving a commercial spacecraft. natalie has that. >> that's right, savannah. good morning. the focus now is on exactly what went wrong over the california desert and how to make sure this never happens again. nbc's jacob rascon has the very latest. >> reporter: sources close to the investigation into virgin ga lachlt c. tic's failed test flight tells nbc news at 45,000 feet after michael alsbury opened the feathers and they deployed, spaceship disintegrated around the pilots, launching them faster than a speed of sound into an atmosphere of no objectioxygen.
7:12 am
only pilot peter siebold was tiebl deploy his parachute. either his parachute failed or he blacked sbout was never able to deploy it. ntsb investigators are leaving the mojave desert, turning their focus to analyzing data and considering new industry recommendations. >> we have a lot that we don't know. this was one fact in the several links of a chain to determine the totality of what caused this mishap. >> reporter: richard branson has vowed to push his program forward, borrowing a line from nelson mandela when he tweeted the greatest glory in living lies not in never falling but rising every time we fall. after spaceship two fell back to earth the question now is just when and how space tourism will finally have liftoff. jacob rascon, nbc news, mojave, california. at least eight people were injured today when a suspected terrorist drove their car into a crowd waiting for a train in jerusalem. according to reports, police
7:13 am
shot and killed the suspect after a short chase. it happened hours after crashes erupted at the city's holiest site. the compound was briefly closed earlier after palestinian demonstrators scuffled with police. he's back, this time without a cane, north korean state media releasing these photos of kim jong-un walking without his cane there, awarding prizes to military officers. kim's health has been the subject of rumors after he was not seen for nearly six weeks. according to south korean intelligence, he had an ankle cyst removed recently. pizza shop employee having a very bad day decided he was in no mood to be robbed in washington state when a gunman ordered up cash, jordan rodhambush refused and shoved the would-be robber out the door. he thought the gun was a fake and didn't realize a single gunshot was fired in the midst of that struggle.
7:14 am
bullet hole was later found in the ceiling. the suspect meanwhile still on the run. speaking about close calls, take a look at this one. very close call for people trying to cross the street in russia. surveillance video. group of nine people standing by, waiting to get across when two cars collide right in front of them, sending that red sports car ka reasoning out of control right at them, as you see it again. they all manage to get out of the way unscathed. no doubt, though, very shaken up after that. scary stuff. >> back to that pizza shop. you look and say, wow, what a brave guy buchlt that could have ended so badly. >> do not do that. do not mess around with a guy with a gun. >> no doubt. >> little shock probably more than instinct. >> no doubt. >> a lot of wet weather to talk about again down south. texas may have been suffering through record-setting drought, seeing a lot of rain over the last couple of days. san antonio and dallas, more heavy rain coming in. that rainfall is going to last during the day.
7:15 am
this is a massive system that extends all the way from texas and then a secondary system develops into the northeast by friday. and look at this. snow developing two weekends in a row. so we start off down south from del rio to houston, up to four inches of rain possible. we move to the north one to two inches of rain generally through the northeast. take a look into northern new england, especially into maine. parts of caribou could see up wards of nine inches by friday morning or friday afternoon. we're going to continue to watch this. we're going to get to your local forecast coming u
7:16 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist bhiill henley. a mild start and it will be in the 60s this afternoon. clouds, some breaks of sunshine during the day today. clouds thicken up tonight and rain late tonight and tomorrow. rain will be on and off, but still mild. 63 degrees thursday afternoon. showers continue into friday, but the wind picks up. that brings in colder air, just 54 friday. and a chilly one saturday, 48 degrees. a chance of a shower sunday. dry monday and tuesday. have a great day. >> and all is right with the world. >> that's right. >> carson daly took off more time for "the voice" than savannah took off for maternity leave. >> wow! >> it provides 80 hours of prime time on this thet work. we are always shooting "the voice," chairs are always
7:17 am
turning. >> welcome back. >> thank you, guys. >> welcome back to you, savannah. you look beautiful, by the way. >> thank you so much. sorry. we just hurt the ones we love. >> i missed you guys. i watch every morning. you guys do a hell of a job. >> you should show up. >> inside the bubble. i've been shooting "the voice" and it's been fun. let's get into our first orange room item today. 85 posts, comments and likes about the mid-term election. and our favorite topic, mr. tom brokaw. a not so subtle noise filled the studio. take a look. >> could that be me? >> no, it's not you. it's something ambient. >> no, i'm afraid it is, unfortunately. the alarm goes off and there you are. >> i thought that was -- i thought you were a fire. >> yes, i will remember to bring home the milk and -- don't worry about it. and i'll feed the dog in the morning. just sleep in. it's going to be okay.
7:18 am
i'm sorry. >> that was a funny moment last night. social media having some fun. our own luke russert writing in, cell phone ringer is a fire alarm lourd enough to clear out a building. patrick writes in it was too early to call, mr. brokaw, that is. pat, you're hilarious. i vote tom brokaw's phone 2016. handled it like a pro. guys, back to you. >> i always wondered who picks that alarm ring. it's the most annoying ring in the world. >> i actually had used that and then that was it. >> wake up. fire, fire! >> exactly. >> carson, good to have you back. thank you very much. coming up, new video and evidence in that disturbing abduction of a young woman caught on tape. the latest on the search and the emotional plea from the victim's parents. plus, have you been busted by one, the new fight to have those red light cameras illegal and your money reimbursed. first this is "today" on nbc.
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good morning, i'm vai sikahema. let's get our forecast from bill henley. >> we're going to see breaks of sunshine. it's a mostly cloudy morning. you can see sunlight breaking through the clouds in cape may, a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. a few showers have moved through the pocono mountains and are staying to the north and west for now. most of the area will be dry during the day. very unnovemberlike numbers. 52 in philadelphia. just enough sunshine to warm us into the middle 60s bp lunchtime, 68 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon. >> bill, thank you. let's get a check on traffic and update on route 22 from jillian mele. >> good morning, vai.
7:27 am
an accident was blocking all lanes at 22 eastbound right at 33. this camera just froze, but this is what it looks like now. 22 eastbound has been reopen, so that's definitely good news. also had an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound just near virginia drive. the left lane was blocked, but that also just cleared. unfortunately, we do have a delay there. and normal volume on 76. this is a live look right at belmont avenue. vai? >> thank you, jillian. we have new information in the search for the missing philadelphia woman abducted sunday night. nbc 10 reached out to carlesha freeland-gaither's family to show them this video of a person of interest at a maryland convenience store. they have seen it, but they don't recognize him. another video shows the exact moment the suspect approached the victim in germantown and then grabbed her. you can count on nbc 10 for any updates and search for carlesha intensifies. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have another update in 25 minutes.
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7:30 am
and we're back on a wednesday, bright and sunny morning. nice shot there in detroit, november 5th, 2014. good morning. nice to have you along on the day after election day. >> let's take a look at stories making headlines. republicans, as you just mentioned election day, have captured control of congress, for the first time in eight years. >> voting to approve the recreational use of marijuana, but there's a possibility that congress could block the move in the nation's capital. ray rice's appeal for domestic violence is getting under way here in new york city today, both rice and nfl commissioner roger goodell are expected to testify during a hearing that should take about
7:31 am
two days. >> meantime, has this ever happened to you? you check your mail, discover a ticket from one of those red light cameras? coming up, the new fight to have those cameras declared illegal. could you be entitled to getting some money back? >> that sounds good to a lot of people. we begin with the investigation into that disturbing abduction that was caught on tape in philadelphia. this morning, police now have new video and evidence to go on as the victim's family is speaking out. nbc's rehema ellis is in philadelphia for us this morning. rehema, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. police say surveillance video showed carlesha gaither was violently drag friday the street. well wishers have left candles. police are following new clues. overnight, new video released by the police. this video from a gas station convenience store in aberdeen, maryland, a man police call a person of interest walks in and buys a drink.
7:32 am
he looks a lot like these images of a man police say used 22-year-old carlesha gai. ther's bank card. this dramatic surveillance video appears to show gaither shaking hands with someone and then being dragged off the street. her distraught mother now begging for her daughter's release. >> please give me my baby. give me my child. please! >> reporter: the video is disturbing. at first, showing a gray ford taurus being parked. moments later a heavily built man is seen leaving the car and then approaching gaither, violently dragging her down the street and forcing her into the car. authorities believe she kicked out one of the car windows. police say they found her glasses and cell phone on the sidewalk. brittany gaither says her sister
7:33 am
is well loved and was exploring a career in nursing. >> she was a loveable, friendly, nice person. i know they always say that but carlesha is really a sweetheart. >> reporter: back at the crime scene, police are going over evidence and asking the public for help. >> we're getting -- every time a tip comes in, we're acting on it, trying to see where it leads us. >> reporter: as gaither's father clings to hope and pleads to her abductor. >> let her go. >> reporter: police hope a $47,000 reward being offered in this case will inspire people to come forward with information. savannah and matt? >> all right. rehema, such a disturbing story. thank you very much. a new battle over those red light cameras at intersections all over the country. on one side people say that makes drivers slow down and that saves lives. others say it's just another way for local governments to raise
7:34 am
revenue and an attorney is working against them. kerry sanders is in florida. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. $100 million paid by motorists who blew through the stop light and got caught by one of those red light cameras. a florida lawyer is now arguing the way the cameras are operated is unconstitutional, a violation of due process and, if a federal judge agrees, the lawyer argues that motorists are due a full refund. some legal experts say if that happens, it could turn out to be a green light for similar refunds in other states. it happens every day. motorists running red lights and an unmanned camera is triggered by the motion. followed weeks later by a hefty fine in the mail. in some cases, those cameras pick up motorists blatantly ignoring traffic signals and sometimes horrible red light runner accidents. michael shane got a ticket for
7:35 am
$158, which he paid, even though he believes he didn't go through a red light. >> i didn't want to risk having my license taken away. i didn't want to risk paying double the fine. >> reporter: in florida, from 2011 to 2013, revenues from red light cameras more than tripled to almost $119 million. >> this is a money grab. >> reporter: a money grab that's added up to -- >> hundreds of millions of dollars. >> reporter: attorney jason weiser says hundreds of thousands of florida drivers are due a refund because, he argues, local cities have outsourced a police foununction to a private arizona company. >> instead of having a law enforcement officer reviewing these films, making a determination if somebody went through a red light il lyle, you have a private company that's for profit in arizona making that determination. >> reporter: but ats says while its company experts weed out pictures that are clearly not violations, it does not have the
7:36 am
authority to issue a citation. the pictures forwarded to police, quote, are reviewed and either approved or rejected by the issuing authority. 24 states and the district of columbia now use red light cameras. critics complain their primary benefit is to make money for the municipalities and ats. but cities that use them say the numbers that matter most are the accident statistics. >> this last year, crashes at camera enforced intersections went down 24%. that's a big number. >> reporter: according to american traffic solution, seven of every ten photos that were first taken, suggesting there were violations, upon review, are tossed out. of course, the motorists whose photographs were taken may never know that because they never received a citation. back to you guys. >> kerry sanders in tampa on this one. thank you very much. let's take a turn and get a check of the weather from al.
7:37 am
>> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by disney's "big hero 6" in 3d this friday. >> all right. it's not the polar vortex, but it is the coldest air of the season getting ready to come latter part of this week into early next week. big chunk of arctic air is going to dip down as the jet stream dips down. look at these temperatures. we are going to be watching by wednesday of next week, minneapolis, your high, 29. 13 degrees below average. chicago, you're going to be at freezing. 19. 42 in nashville. atlanta 52. this cold air is really going to get socked in middle of next week. meantime today, rain in the pacific northwest. gorgeous day in los angeles. sunshine, 84. santa ana winds setting up later today into tomorrow. red flag warnings will be going up. more heavy rain from central texas all the way up into the lower ohio river valley. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a mild start and it's going to be warm this afternoon.
7:38 am
we'll be in the 60s, clouds, just some breaks of sunshine during the day today. clouds thicken up tonight and here comes the rain, late tonight and tomorrow. rain will be on and off, but it's still going to be mild, 63 degrees thursday afternoon. showers continue into friday, but the wind picks up. that brings in colder air, just 54 friday. and a chilly one saturday, 48 degrees. a chance of a shower sunday, dry monday and tuesday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. is it too good to be true? with his a marketing firm behind that alex from target phenomenon? what that teenage worker and the retailer are now saying. on trending, who got wet? matt and i go dunce cap to dunce
7:39 am
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♪ i've got some real estate here in my bag ♪ ♪ it took me four days to hitch-hike from saginaw ♪ ♪ "i've come to look for america" ♪ we are back at 7:42. wacky, this alex from target thing. >> he blew up on social media. >> photo of a teenager alex was posted online. thought he was cute. suddenly has half a million twitter followers but carson -- where are you? >> over here zbl. >> oh, i was looking in the orange room. this might abe marketing ploy, what? >> it might be. a marketing firm is reporting it's behind the alex from target phenomenon and we're hearing
7:43 am
from the young man himself. this is the photo that's become an overnight sensation, catapulting a teen boy from texas only known as alex from target from obscurity to fame. #alex from target has now been tweeting 1.5 million times and even landed the teen an appearance on "ellen." >> how many original twitter followers did you have? >> 144. >> 144? >> yes. >> now you have 500,000 or more now? >> just about 550,000. >> reporter: the sudden fame seems almost too good to be true. and this morning it appears that might be the case. late tuesday a british firm admitted to a marketing ploy to start the phenomenon. ceo of the company is claiming to have engineered a social experiment saying we wanted to see how powerful the fan girl demographic was by taking an unknown good looking kid and target employee from texas. adding, truly, we never thought it would go this far. perhaps even more surprising, target itself says the company
7:44 am
had nothing to do with the stunt, saying in a statement, we value alex as a team member and from the first moment we saw this photo beginning to circulate, we shared that the target team was as surprised as anyone. >> it certainly was an explosion from sunday until tuesday. but this is something that i think you're going to see more and more of. such a big debate between marketers, advertisers and users about how important and how powerful social media companies are in perpetuatining brands an this strikes right at the heart of that. >> while his newfound fame wasn't entirely by chance, it's still very real. >> have you had wedding -- like marriage proposals? >> i mean -- yeah. >> that's amazing. do you have any other talent? we should take advantage of this. >> i can apparently bag groceries pretty well. >> just a little bit of a discrepancy. online now whether or not this company was actually responsible for initially posting the picture but one thing remains
7:45 am
the same. alex is a real guy who really does work at target and he is really is dreamy, so nothing else really matter. >> to hear you say that, carson, makes it all -- >> i follow him because it's not real. darn. >> don't do it. >> carson, thank you. just ahead, mcdonald's finally reveals the secrets of how the mcrib is made. >> yes! >> do we really want to know? >> yes, we have the video. >> do we really want to know? >> it's meat, natalie. the new james bond theme, the hot young singer who could be attached to a remake. (mac) so...what is that? (surface) it's my surface pro 3. it's a tablet and a laptop. but it couldn't have the power of my mac ? this has an intel core i5. this does too. runs office. full adobe photoshop. and it's got a touchscreen. i have a touchscreen too. hm.. well, this my favorite thing, i can write with a pen. well, so can i. wow, i've got a lot of stuff to carry. you are more powerful than you think. ♪
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we're making carson work hard this morning.
7:50 am
he's over in the orange room now talking james bond. >> bring it on, guys. bring it on. there's a little buzz, rumor over who will sing the next james bond theme. this is the rumor, sam smith perhaps singing that next james bond theme song, coming out one year from now, november 2015. the 24th installment of the franchise. you said, matt, you loved "goldfinger," "skyfall," adele. natalie and savannah chose duran duran. teenage fight over who is the best member of duran duran. savannah, john taylor. natalie saying simon. >> i said john taylor is my boyfriend. feel free to pick one of the other ones. >> keyboard player is shaking his head going -- >> what about me? >> he's good, too. >> let us know. live ranking of the best bond
7:51 am
themes. "gold finger" coming on top there. guys, either way, that would be amazing if sam smith did it. we have a year to wait. >> perfect voice. >> two words for you, she'll be back. >> skyfall was almost an homage. >> don't you think john taylor is hot? >> he's dreamy, as carson would say. >> wow! all right. well, coming up, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria. come on! tell them about the twinkie. my long-awaited chance to sit down with the cast of "ghost busters." >> from luggage to toys, special steals and deals to help you get a jump on your holiday shopping. that's coming i was on the go. i kept on top of things. i was a doer. then the chronic, widespread pain slowed me down. my doctor and i agreed that moving more helps
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm vai sikahema. let's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. bill, we're liking this warm-up. >> yeah, it's not bad, really comfortable outside, but it is mostly cloudy, too. the clouds kept us warmer overnight. the clouds are a little thicker in the pocono mountains, where there have been some light rain showers. a line of showers moving through the mountains and slowly moving into western berks county. just a chance of a sprinkle or a light shower in reading and allentown. most of the day and most of the area will be dry. right now, 52 degrees at philadelphia international with a little bit of a breeze out of the west-southwest at 6 miles an hour. 55 in mt. pocono and 55 also in wildwood. >> thank you, bill. let's get a check on traffic and a report on an accident in bucks county. jill? >> it's happening in language ho langhorne at the intersection of east lincoln highway and 95. we have a multivehicle accident, at least two vehicles involved, so use caution there. this is in chester county, route
7:57 am
30 bypass, eastbound slow moving right near route 322. and take a look at the map. we have low speeds out there pretty much everywhere. 16 miles per hour on 422. normal volume westbound p.a. turnpike, 95 and 76 both crawling along, speeds in the teens. investigators in two states are working to find a missing philadelphia woman and the man scene on surveillance video kidnapping her. this is a person of interest in the abduction of carlesha freeland-gaither. he was captured on video at a convenience store in aberdeen, maryland. a short time earlier, police say a man matching that same description used her atm card. nbc 10 spoke with police commissioner charles ramsay. >> somebody's going to recognize this guy. we've got enough video out there now where if you know him, you could pretty much say, oh, that's so-and-so, and we need that phone call. >> another video shows the exact moment the suspect approached the victim in germantown and grabbed her. we'll have another update coming up in about 25 minutes.
7:58 am
womaand the way it made me chronic feel,ipation, the discomfort, the bloating, the straining. i'd just felt this way for too long. so i finally talked to my doctor about my symptoms. i'd tried laxatives before. he prescribed amitiza (lubiprostone) for my chronic constipation. it works differently than laxatives. man: amitiza is clinically shown to help relieve common symptoms like bloating, abdominal discomfort, hard stools, and straining and help people with chronic
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8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, no tuition, no guilt. meet the california dad sparking controversy when he tells his kids they're on their own when it comes to college. plus, who are you gonna call? al sits down with the cast from his favorite movie "ghostbusters" for a special 30-year reunion. >> who thought we would be sitting here for a 30th anniversary of ghost busters? >> plus, coming up, savannah and ion "the tonight show." who has bragging rights this morning?
8:01 am
find out "today," wednesday, november 5th, 2014. >> from eureka! >> good morning, peoria. >> my first trip to new york city. hi, grandma. >> it's so cool to be on "today"! day." >> we're back now 8:00 on a wednesday morning. it is the 5th day of october, 2014. another big crowd on the plaza and a little while from now, we are going to get to the answer of that question, which one of us got wet last night, me or savannah. and we should also mention that since carson is back for the first time in a couple of weeks, you got the beard going. >> i got it going, yeah, for a
8:02 am
good cause, obviously. >> we all do. >> and a nice little blurb that willie geist and i are going to be doing something this month. >> you might as well tell people. >> we're going to get a testicular exam live on air. >>ware not just quitting shaving. we're doing it for the right reason and hope you'll take part in that as well. >> that will be a welcome back. >> yeah. now inside to the top stories with natalie. >> good morning to you guys. in the news this morning, republicans savoring huge wins that will give them the control of the senate and full control of congress for the first time in eight years. and nbc's national correspondent peter alexander is in washington with more on the republican rout. peter, good morning. >> natalie, good morning. late night. this is certainly a republican rout. wave that swallowed democrats and the white house really. president obama will hold a news conference before 3:00 this afternoon to address the
8:03 am
results. all said, republicans picked up at least seven senate seats, one more than they needed to take control. in the house, nbc news projects the gop has added 13 seats. that would make it the republicans largest margin there since herbert hoover was president. joni ernst becomes the state's first female senator. pat roberts held off challenger greg orman. mitch mcconnell becomes the new presumed senate majority leader. in new york and d.c. legalizing marijuana for recreational use. natalie? >> peter alexander in washington for us. thank you. new jersey governor chris christie says he is not surprised by the republican rout. earlier on "today" he spoke to matt about what a republican congress should do now. >> listen, i think what the republican majority needs to do first is grow jobs in this country and have prosperity. the two things they need to do
8:04 am
is tax reform and national energy policy and the president needs to sit down and get that done with republicans in congress. and it should be able to get done. >> now as for that recent incident when christie told a protester to sit down and shut up, matt asked if he will have to hide that side of his personality if he runs for president. christie said, quote, there is no hope of that." appeal hearing gets under way for ray rice who wants the suspension from the nfl overturned, originally suspended for two games, then suspended indefinitely after the release of that video showing him hitting his then fichlt ancee in an elevator. the two married a month later. rice's attorneys contend he should not be punished twice. an update on the story we told you about back in may. federal safety officials cited ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus for
8:05 am
misusing a key component leading to a fall that seriously injured eight acrobats and one person on the ground. osha said the component was overloaded and caused a catastrophic failure. parent company of the circus is being fined $7,000. and caught on camera, a rocky rescue in canada, where a man spotted a frightened squirrel trapped on a rock in a raging river so he paddled out with a camera on his helmet, tried to coax the critter to come aboard. instead the squirrel jumped off the rock into the fast-moving water. the man was finally able to grab it and bring it safely to shore. good for the squirrel. let's get a check of the weather now with al. mr. roker? >> happy anniver -- you've been married 25 years? >> 25 years. >> where is your husband? >> he's home. >> and that's the secret to 25 years. you want to say hi to him? >> hi, honey. happy anniversary.
8:06 am
love you. having a good time. >> that's the best. all right. let's show you what we've got going on. a lot of wet weather from texas all the way to boston. you're going to see rain later today. dallas, heavier showers. we're looking thursday rain in boston clearing out in texas by friday. the rest of the country afternoon highs going to be a little on the chilly side down through dallas and texas, central texas. we've been looking at a lot of rain. northern plains a little on the chilly side. wet weather through the northern plains. upper midwest. parts of central minnesota may see some light snow, beautiful day into the southwest and the . good morning i'm bill henl y henley. a mild start and clouds with some breaks today. here comes the rain late tomorrow and tomorrow.
8:07 am
rain will be on and off, 636 tomorrow afternoon. the wind will pick up for a high of just 54 on friday and a chilly one on saturday, just 48 degrees. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thanks. coming up next on trending, painfully awkward. why rob lowe is taking heat over his latest ad for directv. and al's can't miss fan boy moment as he reunites with the cast of "ghostbusters." real steals and deals bargain on, thank god, american girl accessories. but first these messages. ♪ ♪ ♪ let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together ♪ ♪ i've got some real estate here in my bag ♪
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8:10 am
♪ when the snow comes to cover the ground ♪ ♪ it's a time for play, ♪ it's a whipped cream day ♪ i wait for it all year round ♪ in winter it's a marshmallow world! ♪ 8:10 on a wednesday morning. time for what's trending today. >> let's start this wednesday with the video that i think everyone is dying to see, no one more than al. >> that's right. >> posing that age-old question. what is the mcrib. what is in it. >> yeah. >> is it real meat or is it mcfake? >> it's real. >> mcdonald's caught a lot of slack when this picture was shown and it says that's the
8:11 am
mcrib. they had to answer the question whether it's really real. wait, what is that? >> so on the right -- >> flash frozen. >> right. people are saying what exactly is it? >> that's how it starts. >> so, they've answered that question. >> right. with a video. take a look. >> roll the tape. >> we have a boneless pork picnic, which is the main ingredient in the mcdonald's mcrib patty. >> every piece of meat we're grinding in here in the mcrib process is visually inspected by highly trained individuals. after this is mixed we'll form it in that mcrib shape. if you turn around behind you, you'll see where we're forming mcrib that resembles the rack of ribs. >> awesome. >> mcrib shape, i thought he said mcrib shake. i thought there's an idea. >> that's a little different. >> from that moment, the patties are flash frozen. mcdonald's says pork, water, salt, sugar and vitamin d. >> shroud in secrecy for so
8:12 am
long. now it's like the gates are open. >> all telling. >> an answer to the different fast foods that are seen as being a little more wholesome. >> healthy. >> healthier. so they're showing their stuff is made of real meat. >> it's real rib meat. it's real meat. >> they're real good. >> i had one over the weekend. >> you found them? they're hard to find. >> i did. down in virginia. >> wow! >> ready for another ad here? check this one out. it is bizarre. it's from directv, it stars rob lowe. the handsome star we all recognize. he likes directv. then there's someone called painfully awkward rob lowe. he's supposed to be a cable customer. in other words, he's not hip to directv. and there's something in this ad that has some folks upset. see if you can figure it out. >> fact, directv's been ranked higher than cable for over ten years. >> fact, i can't go with other people in the room. >> don't be like this me. >> all right. that's the scene in the restroom that's drawing some fire. you see painfully awkward rob
8:13 am
lowe says he can't go with others around. here is the problem. there is a real condition called shy bladder syndrome. >> oh, wow! >> it affects 7% of americans and this morning an advocacy group is demanding that the ad be pulled saying it mocks a serious problem. so far, directv is refusing. rob lowe himself says, son, there are those who really need to lighten up. what do you say, guys? >> is that advice from a dad who -- >> this is a really good discussion with us this morning because -- >> painfully shy? >> or like -- >> it's a real thing. it's a syndrome. if your father took you to a ballpark and you, at age 10, had to pee in a trough, for the rest of your life sometimes you have issue. >> yes, carson daly. >> are we on? >> how does that make you feel? >> the ad doesn't bother me but it's a real thing and people are
8:14 am
sensitive to it. you have to acknowledge it. >> i don't suffer from that. no matter where i am. if i have to go, i go. >> we know. >> we've all had that problem. >> you don't want to upset the shy bladder people any more than you want to upset the e-cigarette people. >> you just opened yourself up. >> i'm not upsetting -- i'm for everybody. >> i'm for everybody. i like that. i'm for everybody. >> when it comes to bladders, i'm switzerland. let's go to a different battle, safer territory. thanksgiving is getting intense with some of the retailers, jcpenney plans to open as early as 5:00 pm. on the other side, other stores are saying, no, we're staying shut, shaming the stores that will be open, snarky statement that is needle the competition. one department store said, quote, we profitably run our business during the remaining days of the year so we don't have to sacrifice tradition for the sake of sales. wow!
8:15 am
>> shy shopper syndrome. >> exactly. >> now you're going to get the e-mails. >> yeah. you may have heard by now that savannah had a big night. we made our very first full appearances on "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon. later in the show under threat of water balloons, jimmy tested us with pop culture trivia and that's when savannah made a shocking confession. >> what are the names of the two sisters in the hit animated movie "frozen." >> elsa and elsa's sister. i have never seen "frozen." >> who won the 2014 emmy for outstanding guest actor in a comedy series? >> that would be jimmy fallon. >> hey, that's right! die. >> it seems a little rigged. >> singer meghan trainor is all about that what?
8:16 am
>> bass! >> what was the name of the neighborhood bar? >> oh, that's ridiculous. that was the corner bar. >> no. can i go down if i get it right? >> no. >> the regal beagle. >> yes! >> sit up straight. you're leaning a bit. >> i get wet, you get wet. >> you're leaning a bit. matt, you can answer this. what actress played matthew broderick's sister in "ferris bueller's day off"? >> i would lick to buy a raincoat, jimmy. >> come on. >> i cannot remember her name. >> dirty dancing? >> oh, yeah, jennifer gray. >> jennifer gray.
8:17 am
>> every so -- >> perfect. >> oh, you've got the hats. >> oh, you noticed? >> so from your confession, you've never seen "frozen" to mine, i have never seen "ferris bueller's day off." >> your loss, my friend. >> it's an american classic. >> i'll be on it next time. >> why did you take your dunce cap off? >> because i wore it last night. >> it's going to get water on it. >> you don't feel it's as slimming as it could be? >> in slow mo. >> they said i popped a little water balloon. that's a full cow bladder. i went home in the car last night just drenched. >> sometimes the universe gets it right. >> you feel good about it. >> i did. >> and your driver is saying matt lauer sweats a lot. >> we had a good time. >> yes, we did. >> thank you, jimmy. let me fix my dunce cap's hair. every parent knows that
8:18 am
paying for child's college tuition can be challenging and costs seem to go up every year, too. now a dad in california is taking a stand, stirring up controversy, too. here is joe friar. >> reporter: you'll find no shortage of children inside this household, eight kids in all. the oldest is 17. the youngest is 2 and all of them are equal when it comes to this. >> we told them that they really need to pay for college if they want to go to college. we have no intention to pay for their college. >> reporter: in their upcoming book "guerrilla parenting" they say they need to figure out how to pay for college on their own. >> it's something to value more if you're earning that money that's going out pretty quickly. >> reporter: surprising controversial stance in their affluent community. >> all their parents are paying for their college? >> yes. >> reporter: yet their oldest daughter, jordan, won't complain. >> i'm not mad at them. i do get mad at them but not about this.
8:19 am
>> reporter: next year she'll likely pay her own way through community college. her father, a marketing entrepreneur, never graduate himself and says that's okay. >> some of our kids may not go to college and i don't think college is for everyone. >> reporter: he says his kids should focus on what they'll get for their money. >> if the only return on your investment is good times and living life with the rest of your young friends, you can do that, more power to you but -- sbl on your own dime. >> why are we writing the check for that? >> reporter: statistics on average show americans with four-year degrees make 98% more an hour than those without. >> i went to college and i really value education. >> reporter: but they feel their kids can also succeed by learning self reliance and entrepreneurship at a young age. some already run their own businesses. 13-year-old nia made nearly $1,000 selling enchiladas. >> she'll go out and talk to anybody and say, hi, do you want
8:20 am
enchiladas? if they say no, is there anybody else in this office? but it's good. >> reporter: reaction to the family's approach has been mixed. >> it's like they agree with us. it sounds good. that's a really good idea, but i'm not going to take any chances. >> reporter: supporters say people who raised their children like this built america. crickets say fagan is doing his kids a disservice. we'll have to wait a few years to see if their take on tuition pays off. joe friar, nbc news, los angeles. >> what do we think? >> my parents were so kind in paying for my college education, one of the greatest gifts they'll ever give me but i was lucky they were able tochlt so many families it's just a stretch. >> i think the majority of americans can't really afford college and most are in -- have student debt, so -- >> it's an interesting one. for more advice, including eight ways to help your kids succeed head to our website now to this morning's kickoff of our special series
8:21 am
"reunited today." i'm smiling already. we partnered with entertainment weekly to pull off some remarkable cast reunions from beloved shows and movies and al is probably already smiling as well. >> this one was so much fun. i was so thrilled. if you know me at all, you know three things. i love my family, i love the weather and i love "ghostbusters." when they needed someone to interview the cast for the 30-year reunion, who you gonna call? >> al roker. >> me, of course. ♪ when there's something strange in your neighborhood who you gonna call ♪ >> it's hard to believe it's been 30 years since my love affair with the movie "ghostbusters" began. i've seen this flick 100 times which means i can really annoy my co-worker. >> thisguy essa's a sailer. he's in town. >> sigour nechltney weaver, ann,
8:22 am
bill murray all reunited and i put myself smack dab in the middle of it. >> it's the end of the world as we know it. dogs and cats living together. show of hands, how many people thought you would be sitting here talking about the 30g9 anniversary of "ghostbusters." >> no. >> you did? >> i knew it would be a huge movie. >> pick up your phone and call the professionals. >> ghostbusters. we're ready to believe you. >> we were still watching yankee d dodle dandy. i thought we had a shot. >> how much of this was ad lib. >> remember when you say bill, we need something here, when you came into the apartment? he opened the piano and went -- >> they hate this. >> very hard to be a member of a crew on this show because i don't actually -- i think they barely made it to the end of the take and then they just fell apart. >> i've got a couple of pictures
8:23 am
here. >> what happened? are you okay? >> he slimed me. >> he slimed me. it was a disgusting combination of corn syrup and starch and some sort of an adhesive and a kind of poison that's use d on - >> i feel so funky. >> when you look back at the movie, if you have one memory, what's your best memory? >> we had that damn car. and in the uniforms with the car, even the cops thought we were above them somehow. they were like, yeah, hello, whatever. and we would do a take where we have to drive the car somewhere. cut. and we would just keep driving and we would just run around chinatown, wherever we were, running red lights, wrong way on one-way streets looking at people like, okay, all right. all clear here. >> if there's a steady paycheck in it, i'll believe anything you say. >> ernie, how about you? >> i think about the movie and look back, probably being on the
8:24 am
streets of new york with bill murray and watching him react to the crowds and the people. and that was aye was always really impressed with that. >> hello, new york. >> bill, for you, everybody is always asking when is there going to be a "ghostbusters 3," what do you say to that? >> yeah, bill, what do you say to that? >> what do you say? >> i say the money's not right yet, annie. no, it's really hard to re-create something that was so beautiful, that was so wonderful. ♪ who you gonna call >> i think the studio would like to make a movie and continue the franchise. i hear there's going to be one that's going to be all women. >> ghost babes. >> ghostbuster babes. >> you could still be in it. >> so could ernie. >> i'm an actor, man. hey! >> love it. >> item number one "ghostbusters" reunion complete. "ghostbusters" edition of "sbram
8:25 am
entertainment weekly" hits stands friday. and bluray version available. >> here are your questions for the interview. got it. >> both of you could quote every line. >> we probably talk about "ghostbusters" more than any other movie. >> sadly sbchlt proud of it. we'll catch up with "the baker boys," jeff and beau bridges. savannah? steals and deals. american girl. >> baby vale's first american doll. >> more time in hair and makeup than matt lauer. amazing. >> nice. >>
8:26 am
good morning i'm tracy davidson. let's get your forecast with bill henley. >> good morning, tracy. we're tracking light scattered showers morning into lancaster. most of the areas dry and will stay dry. 56 thrdegrees and it is climbin. we're going to upper 60s this afternoon. >> it is happening in bridgeport right now, you can expect to see seven-day forecast on west 6th street. this is near girard. still a little volume out this.
8:27 am
it looks like speeds are in the mid 50s. the search for an abducted philadelphia woman, this is the person of interest. she was last seen thursday night in germantown. >> we're hoping that she is with him. obviously we're concerned of psychological trauma if nothing else after all of what she has gone through. stay with for updates. i'm tracy davidson and we'll have another local update in 25 minutes. get the latest on now back to "the today show." have a great day.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now, wednesday morning, the 5g9 of november, 2014. beautiful day out here on the plaza. it is getting warmer. >> good morning. >> coming up in a few minutes, something called status among the pregnant set. what to expect author heidi murkoff is here "what to expect the first year," new edition. we'll ask hot button questions that carson and i are thinking
8:31 am
about. do you sleep train, do you not? >> i remember that book. that was your bible. >> oh, yes. >> had it memorized. >> new edition. >> exactly right. also eddie redmayne is here, tony winner. fairly soon i think he might be an oscar nominee for his new role "the theory of everything," phenomenal playing stephen hawking. also jill martin is here making your holiday shopping a breeze with big savings on everything from clothes to american girl accessories. don't miss this one. it's a big deal. >> carson, i understand you saw something kind of interesting on your flight back from l.a.? >> i did an interview what seems like a year ago for the in-flight magazine. i was on that flight yesterday and forgot about it with my family on an american airlines flight and pulled out the magazine and that was a really weird moment. i put an instagram photo of myself on the plane. there's me on the plane yesterday.
8:32 am
i bored myself to death reading this article. i showed it to jack, my 5-year-old. he said, dad, why are you on the cover? i said, i don't know, buddy. >> get used to it. >> very cool. >> yeah, thanks. coming up next week, an in-depth look at sleep. we're calling our series "snooze or lose." you spend one-third of your life doing it. what really goes on when you doze off? surprising results of an exclusive new sleep survey, what your sleep position says about you. >> i'm wearing my sleep monitor that i've had on the last eight or nine days as part of that series. we want you to join our conversation. do you sleep with a pet in your bed or a phone near your face? snap a picture right before bedtime or while you're sleeping and share it with the #snooze or lose. >> kids in the bed sometimes. i do that. >> al, let's get a check of the weather. >> that's right. let's show you what we've got going on for today. wet weather from texas into the
8:33 am
appalachians. gorgeous day in the southwest into southern california. santa anas will start kicking in later today. for tomorrow, 86 in los angeles. wet weather along the gulf coast. midatlantic states in the northeast and into new england and more wet weather making its way into the pacific northwest. that's what's going on around good morning i'm bill henley. a middle start and it will be warm this afternoon. it will be in the 60s, just some breaks of sun later today. clouds thicken up today, rain will be on and off but still mild, 63 thursday afternoon. the wind picks up and that brings in colder air, just 54 friday and a which i haddy one on saturday. dry monday and tuesday. have a great day. that's your latest weather. savannah, coming up, an announcement about a guinness world book of records sleep or lack of sleep thing we'll be
8:34 am
involved in. >> good tease. stay tuned for that. they are the baby bibles read round the world, published in more than 30 languages. "what to expect while you're expecting" spent 676 weeks on the new york time's best seller list now heidi murkoff is back with a new and improved edition of "what to expect the first year." i'm all ear. >> just in time for your new edition. >> yes. so many of us know you. we watch you and your little videos and read the book "what to expect." what's new in this? why did you decide it's time for a new edition? >> the good news, of course, is that babies will never change. they'll always be sweet, snuggly and warm and have that new baby smell that you want to bottle, maybe splash a little behind your ears before you go to work in the morning. lots of things have changed about how we take care of babies. there's more on shopping for babies because your head can explode and your credit card can max out. >> that's for sure.
8:35 am
>> on aisle three at toys r us. skip spoon and go straight to the hand baby, hunk of sweet potato and let her go to town. fathers. there are 2 million stay-at-home dads now. there's a whole section for them. and sleep and you're looking at me like, sleep, what is that? a distant dream. >> an issue that i am very, very interested in. a lot of new parents are. we asked them for their experiences. take a look. >> the most terrifying part was getting my son to sleep. >> i definitely did the sleep training. in the beginning it's hard. >> we were really bad at the cry it out method. we thought we would be good at it and we were terrible at it. >> i literally thought anything anyone told me would get him to sleep. a fan. a sleep sack. a magic merlin sleep suit, a white noise machine.
8:36 am
everything. >> heidi, i am obsessed with sleep. how much vale sleeps. big controversy. do you let them cry it out? do you rub them on their backs? what are you finding? is there a best way? >> no. i'm not picking sides on this one, not on national television. there are very few absolutes about parenting. that's really one of the most important lessons you can learn. love your child unconditionally, keep your child healthy and safe. beyond that, there are so many good ways to be a good parent. you can do sleep training with the full cry it out. it's called cio in social media circles. or you can do the sort of modified form or co-sleep as long as you do it safely. the most important thing is that you are comfortable with the method that you choose, you know, that you feel good about it. if you're uncomfortable with crying, don't go there. >> a lot of people think i'll be tough enough. they'll cry it out for a night but i can handle it and then you dissolve in the face of your baby's cry. >> it's counter intuitive.
8:37 am
it goes against everything you stand for as a mom or a dad. you don't want to listen to your baby cry. a baby's cry in the first six months is the only way they can really communicate. you want to run to them as soon as they cry. >> another big issue, scream time. how much babies should have, particularly in the first year. here is what some of our parents said. >> i'm not so into the technology for babies at such a young age. >> he doesn't watch tv. he's not on my phone. i don't like putting videos on my phone. >> anything before 6:00 am is on the table. he's up early and watch a cartoon with us and snuggle on the couch. that's very enjoyable. >> it is true, desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures. >> is it hurting the child? >> the american academy of pediatrics comes down pretty hard on screen time of any kind for the first two years and that's backed up by research and it's probably smart and all that but it's not necessarily realistic because we live in a
8:38 am
wireless world and most babies and definitely most toddlers know their way around an ipad or iphone. and in small doses that's fine. but too much of that screen time can take the place of the human interaction. and, you know, there's no app for that, for that human interface between a mom, dad and baby. >> to have the tv on, it catches the baby's eye, is that okay? >> you know, they are very easily distracted by it. it's better to keep the tv off entirely. if you do want that good night's sleep it can, in fact, interfere with sleep even if they just see the bright lights before they go to bed. >> heidi murkoff, always the woman with the answers. the new edition of "what to expect the first year" is out now. go to and join the conversation on our facebook page if you have a question for heidi. steals and deals, american
8:39 am
girl dolls and accessories and more. eddie redmayne on his new movie "the the
8:40 am
8:41 am
back now at 8:41 with the very, very talented eddie redmayne. you'll recognize him from "marilyn" and "les mis." now starring in "the theory of everything," epic portrayal of renowned physicist, stephen hawking and his relationship with his first wife. >> what if i reverse the process all the way back to see what happens at the beginning of time itself? >> beginning of time itself? >> yes. the universe getting smaller and smaller, getting denser and denser, hotter and hotter. >> you mean wind back the clock? >> exactly, wind back the clock. >> is that what you're doing? >> eddie, good morning. nice to have you back. >> lovely to see you.
8:42 am
>> wow! this is the story of stephen hawking, his first wife, jane, his work and his illness. how did you -- he talked about things in science that none of us will ever understand. so how did you go about making him relatable? >> well, i start bid trying to educate myself as much as i possibly could. i gave up science when i was like 14 or 15. so, trying desperately to understand what he achieved scientifically took a while. i went to astronomy for children website. >> hawking 101. >> really it was about meeting him and his family and his first wife, jane and his children. i gained so much from spending time with his children. >> he was diagnosed with als in the 1960s. a lot of people thought he would live two years and is still alive at 70 something years old. >> at 72. when i met him, at this point i spent four or five months researching. and he had sort of become idol
8:43 am
like in my mind. i was so nervous that i basically just sort of spewed forth information about him to him for about the first 40 minutes. >> like a sycophant? >> like a sycophant. i calmed down a bit after that. >> as he progresses with his disease through the 25 years or so this movie covers, you have to progress and you knew this would be challenging. how did you do it? >> well, i started by going to an als clinic in london and meeting a specialist there and meeting people who suffer from this infernal disease. i worked with a dancer trying to put that physicality into my own body. you don't shoot chronologically. you're having to jump between the different ages. >> at some point they're saying you have to go back to where he's more advanced and other times when he's less advanced. >> the first clip you showed was
8:44 am
the very first seen that we shot, him young and healthy but that afternoon we were in the second wheelchair and so it was amazing. >> give people an idea what it's like as you transform yourself. take a look. >> so what next? >> prove it. prove with a single equation that time -- wouldn't that be nice, professor? >> what you do with your voice, your mannerisms and your body is extraordinary. let me read some reviews. they are really good. redmayne towers. visceral performance. this is more than just skillful impersonation. it's inhabitation. people are talking about oscar nomination for this. what would that be like for you? >> oh, my gosh. firstly, thank you. >> i didn't write it. >> but, you know what?
8:45 am
when felicity jones and i were cast in this, it was the most formidable privilege for us because the stakes were high because we knew stephen and jane and the family would see this film. when they were kind and generous about it, that, for us, was the greatest reward. any other oscar buzz is flattery. i hope it encourages people to see the movie. >> it is richly deserved. "the theory of everything" from our sister company focus features. it opens friday. >> good to see you. >> special holiday steals and deals, including a real deal on american girl accessories. first on a wednesday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
all right. it's 8:47. we have a special holiday edition of steals and deals. already the holidays, can you believe it? here to get us in the spirit
8:48 am
with big bargains is contributor jill martin. good to see you, my dear. >> i know. it's our first time. >> i've missed you. welcome back to steals and deals. >> i'm not emotionally prepared. >> it's memorial day, labor day. everything just flies. we're here. why does everybody wait in line during the holiday season and then crash? so we are going to do holiday shopping now. make room under the bed and start. >> okay. >> leggings. >> retail $145. two styles, the black art, little edgier if you're going to the gym or the plain black. they're made of dry flex fabric, hard to say. compression technology known to improve circulation while exercising. >> really? >> pretty cool. retail $145. the deal $36.25. 70% off. >> workout pants not just leggings to wear anywhere? zblie wear my workout clothes every day. they're sort of stylish. here we go.
8:49 am
>> american girl. >> i'm getting vale her first american girl doll. these are the accessories. you do not get the doll. this is all accessory driven. just accessories. american girl accessories. let's start with the first one. >> this is crazy. >> this is the fancier setup than we have. salon and spa collection, everything to pamper your child's favorite doll. >> i want this. you have a little sink. the iron. the blow dryer. >> next level. this one, the retail, 84. the deal, 34. 60% off. this, i love. >> even because it's roller -- little american girl rollers. now outfit sets. >> i want to go back to this for one second. i got the price wrong. retail is $222. the deal is $89. that's 60% off. >> lot of stuff here. >> it's cute. apologize for that. go online to see exactly what you get. second one, outfit collection. these three outfits. you get all three in this.
8:50 am
retail $84. the deal $34. that's 60% off. >> that is good. these are going to go fast. get online. >> yeah, get online now. last time they went in seconds. >> this is really -- we tried to pick things that sort of come wrapped, all in one. it comes in this little box. travel beauty kits, $78 to $85. three different beauty kits. duo sets, vintage escape and student to a tee. go on you see spal what you get here. retail $78 to $85. the deal $24. up to 72% off. just to stress, it's one kit. >> eye shadow or the blush or -- >> right. it's one kit. everything is clear online. >> details online. >> little golden books. these are classics. >> another vale perfect gift. retail $39.90. choice of little golden book sets each come with ten books. you see them here in all classics. go online see exactly what you
8:51 am
get. retail $39.90. the deal, $12. that's 70% off. >> you can start your library if you want to for a little one. >> stocking stuff er, inexpensie and looks substantial. >> scarves. >> they're great to travel with, wear them all year round. seven colors, awesome colors and 100% cotton. retail $48. the deal $14. 70% off. >> you could use it as a sarong. >> it's all in one or throw over a couch for a little pop. >> finally, luggage for your baggage, jill. >> we all have baggage. now the literal version. $199.99. fully lined. there's an added organizer. four colors. this is super awesome, obviously. fys in the overhead. the deal $53.99.
8:52 am
73% off. fun color and an interesting gift. because it's fun to give something like that that people can actually use. >> it's not fun to buy luggage. it's great to get it as a gift. leggings from aziam, american girl sets, cargo cosmetics, scarves and luggage. we're back in just a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:54. we're back on a wednesday morning. let's find out who is celebrating a birthday right now. mr. willard scott knows the answer. hey, willard. >> aquarium in mmystic, connecticut. we want to wish a beloved birthday to millie, you are so sweet, millie kuperman is from staten island, new york, 101 years old and loves to play the piano. i bet she knows all the old songs. that's the kind i like. raphael plana rios from honolulu, hawaii, 100 years old today. he loves to do exercise.
8:55 am
this is knut einarsen from ken more, washington state. he is 100 years old today. and he can drink two pots of coffee every single day. ruth beeman lives in hen reettr, new york, 100 years old today. one happy woman. she volunteers all the time and does good things for people. she loves to travel. how about that? that's it, gang. back to new york. >> hey, willard. what's coming up, guys? >> would you get a device that would allow your infant to take selfies and post them online? >> no. >> asking that question. it's a real question. >> mobile over a crib that could post to facebook or twitter. >> no. >> then the baby goes to like play or tap at it. it's a possible development -- product in development. >> was that in your baby book? >> no. cynthia nixon and rob riggle
8:56 am
from "dumb & dumber to." >> roll that good morning i'm tracy davidson. a mild morning to start the day. let's get the details from bill henley. >> we have clouds around and some limited sunshine. we're tracking some showers off to the north and west. they're moving through burkes
8:57 am
county. they're moving into bucks county this morning. then they will fall apart. the temperature is already up to 59 degree aens climbing with mostly cloudy skies and 60s this afternoon. >> investigators in two states are working to identify the man seen on camera abducting a woman. authorities are hoping that someone will recognize him. he was captured on camera in aberdeen. the strongest lead is in maryland but every tip is important. >> it is a mosaic. there is a lot of pieces to put together. there is a lot of theories. some are right and some are not. once you go down a particular path you're almost doomed to fail. >> it shows the moment he
8:58 am
approached the victim in germantown. they're not sure if she was targeted or if it was a random attack. also, philadelphia police say a man and his parents were taken into custody from their home. they served a warrant, heard movement inside, and shots were fired. one officer had minor injuries to his hand. i'm tracy davidson. get updates any time at
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning, november 5th, 2014. good-looking crowd out on ur plaza. i'm willie, along with al, natalie and tamron hall. >> are they ever not good looking? you're never going to say it's not a good looking crowd. >> generally large, excited, handsome crowd. >> i never noticed before -- >> what? >> our head stage guy, jerry -- >> yeah? >> provides tamron with a small candy bar. >> you didn't notice that? >> every day. >> is that a conference call activity?
9:01 am
>> no. you've seen it before. >> we have an arranged marriage. >> jerry, there's no love here for all of us. >> because you don't eat sweets. >> i eat sweets. >> she crushed her kids candy the other day when they went to bed. >> i had a three musketeers yesterday. >> whoa! >> is that breaking news? >> natalie had a three musketters. actually she only had 1 1/2. >> you better go run a marathon. >> that fun size is never enough. >> you were up until 4:00 am covering the election. >> i left the building at 2:00 am. >> incredible night. >> yeah, it was. >> a political standpoint. republicans had a crazy night. >> good thing if you dozed off tom brokaw was awake. >> providing inside analysis during the election and then
9:02 am
this happens. >> could that be me? >> no. it's not you. it's something ambient. >> no, i'm afraid it is, unfortunately. the alarm goes off and there you are. >> i thought that was -- i thought you were a fire. yeah. >> yes, i will remember to bring home the milk. and don't worry about it. and i'll feed the dog in the morning. just sleep in. it's going to be okay. i'm sorry. >> throwing meredith brokaw under the bus. >> his ringer is like an air raid siren. >> finally, deborah said no. stop it. >> it's annoying. >> it is. but it wakes you up. it does the job. 2:15 in the morning you are up. >> you think there's a fire running out of your house. >> but sv up. >> i was thinking has your phone ever rang at an inopportune time? i was at a service and everyone was praying and my phone went
9:03 am
off. >> it's the lord calling. >> hello. >> mine was in a broadway theater where they specifically tell you, please turn your phones off. i swore i turned it off. i must have turned the vibrate the other way around and put the ringer on. next thing you know i'm like -- >> you can't find the switch. >> no. >> i try to wait it out thinking it will stop ringing and they'll think it's someone else and then it's like please stop ringing. >> is that your phone? >> everybody next to you. >> mr. roker, you had an awkward moment? >> i have not, fortunately. >> really? >> i'm so afraid of that happening. but i've been in the theater -- >> you got a call here from our good friend john harris live on the air. >> i did. >> i remember that. >> it was coming in. >> it didn't ring. >> my ringer wasn't on but sunday night during the wallenda show between the two walks, tension was high. i was sbrug the doctor, dr. cole, and my phone was in my pocket and it was only buzzing but whoever was calling kept
9:04 am
calling. and my side is -- >> whoever it was was definitely not watching you. >> no. silence it with my hand. >> we've all said that, that family members or loved ones have called while we're on air and it's like, do you not know what i do? i'm on tv. >> your mom face timed you yesterday. >> when we were about to interview michelle williams, my mom face timed me. >> in your mother's defense you're on in a different time zone. >> but she knows -- >> she forgets. she wants to talk to her tamron. >> she wanted to talk to michelle williams. that's what it was. ringers off, everyone, when you're in a meeting or -- >> especially when you're looking for a job. you know what they say. there's a good segue. you only have -- there's never a second chance to make a good first impression. recruiters spend just six seconds scanning a resume before they decide if the candidate is worth interviewing or not.
9:05 am
>> makes sense to me. >> clearly, they look at organization, how well you lay out your resume first. that's overall. that's going to grab their attention. >> if there's crayon on it, probably not a good thing. >> no. name, current title, current company, start and end dates, previous title and the company that you work for and start and end dates and your education, as you would expect. but it made us think about first impressions and how often be sometimes you can misjudge people if you're just giving them six seconds, a six-second glance. how often have you -- have you been wrong about people before? >> i think i've been right more than i've been wrong. malcolm gladwell called "blink." it shows how most times your first impression is the correct one. the more information you get generally speaking, the worse your decision. >> i think that's true. but it's also interesting in the study about the name. in six seconds, we've done studies -- we've not done it. there have been studies on how
9:06 am
people are judged by their name. >> exactly. >> whether they get the next interview or even a call back. >> the name, experience, few things. one thing jumps out on your resume. christina, my wife, was an intern once for howard stern. >> intern for howard stern? >> yes. but she worked for johnson & onson and the first thing any interviewer goes, you worked for howard stern? you have something on your resume that always jumps off. >> so put that you worked for howard stern even if you didn't. >> and if they ask, no, not that howard stern. since i have your attention -- >> it was the law firm howard stern. >> great work in tax law. >> you also interned for dr. google. so here we go. we can never get enough of these in iowa. student has to make a layup,
9:07 am
free throw, three pointer and half court shot in 30 seconds to win a ford pickup. does he do it? glets to the video. >> three, two, one. shoot! >> there's the layup. >> okay. free throw. okay. now picking up some steam. okay. >> not loving the form. >> he doesn't have the flip. >> not looking great. >> wheels are coming off. >> no pickup in the future. >> he does do it. >> one chance at this. two seconds. >> here he goes. >> get in. >> where are the keys to that truck? >> that's amazing. >> impressive. >> talk about rising to the occasion. >> when it really counted. >> unfortunately he was injured after everybody jumped on him. he'll be out of the hospital in two weeks. >> f-150. >> oh, f-150?
9:08 am
that's a great truck. >> nice truck. sweet ride. >> he has to work on the -- >> we were talking on the conference call that you weren't on, and willie missed today as well. rising to the occasion under pressure. i was in college and if i had a month to study for a test, never. the night before -- >> cram. >> just go in. i'm only good under pressure. >> totally with you. >> our executive producer was saying she's sure everyone in this business is that type. where you can only work your best when you know -- >> your back's against the wall. >> i like the run-up. i was one of those -- i had the pocket protectors and the organizers. >> the whole thing. >> because we've traveled together. you sit down in your seat, al opens his briefcase. all of his cords, his ear phones, everything is color coordinated and it has sticky
9:09 am
notes on -- >> look at how well the man is put together. >> garanimals. >> all right. it is also would you wednesday. >> oh, yeah. >> this is interesting. so, newborn fame, crib mobile, the thing above the crib that babies play with that would allow an infant, there you go, to take a selfie. >> no. >> if that's not enough for your little 1-month-old, that kid can then post the selfie to social media. see the tweet there, little facebook. >> come on. >> all that have available with this. when the baby reaches up to touch, the picture snaps and automatically posts the photo to social media. >> this is just a prototype, right? >> but that means someone is thinking about a way to make money off of it. >> apparently the developer is thinking about doing it so it would post to a parent's private account. so then if you're at work you
9:10 am
see your child taking pictures or reaching for the birdie because they like the birdie and take a picture of themselves. >> until they accidentally hit the thing where the picture goes out to everyone. >> i don't want my newborn thinking facebook is my daddy. >> too many creeps in the zblorld very bizarre. but there's proof that someone will invent anything. >> i like the flowers. aren't they great? >> you're just saying that. >> this might be the most controversial part of the show. i am not kidding. you guys at home have just been beating up our social media page with your opinions about our floral arrangements. katie, this was on -- i don't know which date this was on. little ensemble. the flowers you have on the table look like bacon and cabbage. >> it's the same arrangement. >> apparently we like bake sbco
9:11 am
c cabbage. did willie geist bring dip? #healthy decor. >> that does look like asparagus. >> other people complained about the length of it. it blocks out natalie, you can't get a full view of us. you don't know how we look. this is what we've decided to do because basically you own the show and you are our bosses, you get to decide which flowers we'll use on the show for the next three weeks. >> three options. >> choices. this is option number one. >> is that an anomone. >> option b in the middle, roses and the asparagus is c.
9:12 am
>> it's very fall like. i like that. this is more spring in the middle. the aenomone has to go. >> snap a picture of a floral arrangement you have. >> or send us some flowers. ♪ you don't send me flowers anymore ♪ >> not with that. >> anyway, as we look -- if you've got flowers or any kind of vegetation down in texas, we've got wet weather to talk about there from dallas to austin. look at it. you can't even see the camera in austin. it will be rainy there for at least the next 24 hours. we've got this system and a secondary one developing around the great lakes. moving through the weekend, a decent amount of snow again in northern new england. so, we break it down. first next 24 hours from del rio, houston, texas, three to four inches of rain. the next 48 hours, that heavier rain spreads up into the east.
9:13 am
anywhere from a tenth to an inch of rain. look at the snow by friday night into new england. caribou may be look at up to nine inches of snow. oh, man. do weekends in a good morning i'm bill henley. a mild start and it will be warm this afternoon, in the 60s. clouds and some breaks of sun during the day today. here comes the rain. late tonight and tomorrow. rain will be on and off. it will still be mild. showers continue into friday but the wind picks up. that brings in colder air for 54 on friday and a chilly one on saturday. a chance of showers sunday, dry monday and tuesday. >> and that is your latest weather. >> thank you. >> eating a milky way. >> we tend to believe these are a little too long. >> i think.
9:14 am
>> we'll talk flowers later. up next, 20 years after harry and loloyd made us all a little dumber, the guys are back. ♪ [ woman ] i will embrace change... everything life throws my way. except for frown lines. those i'm throwing back. [ female announcer ] olay total effects. nourishing vitamins, and seven beautiful benefits in one. for younger-looking skin. so while your life may be ever-changing... ♪ ...your beautiful skin will stay beautiful. total effects from olay. your best beautiful. total effects from olay. i'm home. ♪ hi, mom! ♪ of all the things that happen on your shiny surfaces, disinfecting has to be one of them. clorox disinfecting wipes.
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citizen cane, gone with the wind, dumb & dumber. to celebrate, the sequel, "dumb & dumber to" hits theaters the same date next week. >> harry and lloyd are back to their loveable idiotic ways with the help of a cast of characters like rob riggle, not playing just one but two bad guys. >> that's right. >> doubled up. >> mr. riggle. >> how are you? good morning. >> it must be kismit, the movie
9:17 am
being released 20 years to the day. >> i've been quoting this movie for 20 years. i didn't realize it until it came out. it's in the every day vernacular for most americans. >> "dumb & dumber to" is spelled t-o because it is dumb & dumber. >> they're hovering over their keyboards waiting to correct you. even if you're typing fast. you know i meant to spell -- but they love to jump on your business about that. but, yeah, it actually -- and it's so ironic, too because, you know, you misspell "du "dumb & dumber to." no, you don't get the joke so you don't get to see the movie. >> running off viewers, way to go, rob. >> for jumping on your business. i like that.
9:18 am
i think that is -- i'm going to put that on a pillow. >> "dumb & dumber to." >> people loved it so much 20 years ago. i'm like you. i still quote the movie all the time. how does the sequel match up? sometimes you worry about something so classic like, do we want a sequel? how good is it? >> okay. if you're a fan of "du "dumb & dumber" which i hope most people are, you're going to love "dumb & dumber to." jim carrey and jeff daniels back as harry and lloyd. all the producers came back. it really felt like they got the old band back together, you know. and they brought it. i think they brought it. >> they look good. >> the haircut. >> history is there. >> i love that you have something else in common with mr. roker. i think all of us -- "airplane," the movie "airplane" was a monumental moment in your life. >> your grandmother took you when you were 8 or 9 years old. i want to meet your grandma.
9:19 am
>> she was incredibly cool or incredibly naive, i don't know. >> you were 8 or 9 when she took you? >> how silly is that? >> amazing. >> it was pg, or r. >> so she went with r. >> i guess this works. basically i want to see this movie and i've got the kid but god bless her. >> and you fell in love with comedy, right? >> i love it. >> that's right. >> there's a lot of things in that movie that a 9-year-old boy should not see. >> and yet you did. >> and yet i did. >> probably over your head. >> i turned out okay. right? nothing wrong here. >> rob riggle, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> "dumb & dumber t-o" hits theaters. if you see rob, jump up on his business. >> that didn't come out right. oh, i see what's -- >> exactly. coming up, all the news you need before you leave the house this morning.
9:20 am
can you jump on my business, too. >> whoa! >> whoa! >> maybe not. >> i take that back. >> too late! >> gone the way of rob's granny. >> too late! >> gone the way of rob's granny. >> go to ever since we launched snapshot, my life has been positively cray-cray. what's snapshot, you ask? only a revolutionary tool that can save you big-time. just plug it in, and the better you drive, the more cash you'll stash. switching to progressive can already save ye $500. snapshot could save ye even more. meat maiden! bringeth to me thine spiciest wings of buffalo. you can't breathe through your nose, suddenly, you're a mouth breather. a mouth breather! well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. cold medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip and pow, it opens your nose up to 38% more. so you can breathe and do the one thing you want to do,
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9:26 am
(vo) theraflu. serious power. good morning everyone, i'm chris cato. we're looking at a nice wednesday morning out there. let's get your forecast with bill henley. it is nice, mild, and we're seeing breaks of sunshine at the shore. meantime farther inland we're watching light scattered showers through burkes county and into milford and bucks county. they are getting a few rain drops right now. the temperatures are climbing. 61 right now in wildwood. that's where we're headed today to see clouds and limited sunshine. philadelphia police joined forces with investigators in
9:27 am
maryland to look for a missing philadelphia woman. this is the person of interest. the family of the 22-year-old says they do not recognize the man. he was captured on this video at a convenience store in aberdean, maryland. gaither has been minds since sunday night when she was grabbed off of a street and forced into a car. >> just a few minutes a public hearing is expected to begin to discuss the future of an elementary school. the state supreme court ruled that school violated a contract by accepting too many students. walter palmer who is the founder and president has apologized for the situation.
9:28 am
i'm chris cato. we'll have the latest for you in 25 minutes.
9:29 am
9:30 am
. welcome back to "today," wednesday morning. i'm willie, along with al, natalie and tamron. you mentioned airplane a few minutes ago. >> yes, yes. >> survey revealing the greatest line in movie history. are you ready for this? >> okay. >> according to one survey. lot of dispute. >> out of the uk. >> yes. third, say hello to my little friend. >> "scarface." >> second you're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off, michael keane in the italian job. it's a british survey. according to the one survey, the number one movie quote of all time. >> to infinity and beyond! >> i could see that. >> of all time?
9:31 am
really? >> that's the problem with a survey like -- >> scarlet, i don't give a damn and some others. >> so subjective. >> who should get in the rock 'n' roll hall of fame, all these inside die dibait. >> i always quote ghost buster zpls she barks, she drools, she sleeps four feet above the covers. >> that's why al's -- >> don't do movie quotes. it's more of a guy thing. >> that's sexist. >> no, but guys tend to quote movies more. >> cynthia nixon is over there. sex in the city. >> quote great lines it's just you guys don't waste time quoting them. we waste time. >> we don't waste our precious time. >> you know them. >> you just have better things to do. >> guys sit around and there's no connection. >> what's your quote? >> caddy shack. i did "airplane" basically. anything leslie nielsen.
9:32 am
don't call my shirley is the obvious. >> you want the truth, roker? you can't handle the truth. you want me on that wall. you need me on that wall. >> a speech. i like that "few good men." where did you go for this one, tamron? >> where do you think? >> "airplane," of all your lists, that's all i've seen. >> none? >> i thought about googling but we have an authentic experience. >> you completely disproved my theory. >> no, but pretending like i like the flowers. >> that's the problem. you don't watch movies. >> i watched sex in the city. >> that's one movie. three movies. can you believe that? >> i lost my choo. that's a famous line. >> you lost your shoe? >> i lost my choo. >> you and your little dog, too.
9:33 am
sunshine along the eastern seaboard. santa ana winds developing in southern california. red flag warnings will probably go up. gulf coast looks wet. rain moves into the northeast into the upper ohio river valley. plenty of sunshine good morning i'm bill henley. a mild start and it will be warm this afternoon. it will be in the 60s. clouds and just some breaks of sunshine. here comes the rain. late tonight and tomorrow. mild and 63 degrees thursday afternoon. showers continue into friday and when the wind picks up that brings in colder air, just 54 friday, a chilly one on saturday. dry monday and tuesday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. she may be known best for her
9:34 am
role as miranda hobbs. >> grammy and tony award winner is returning to the stage in "the real thing," a play she starred in once before 30 years ago. different role. >> jeremy irons and glenn close and christine baransky really starred in it. >> well, please. >> you were there way back when. >> and you were not only just that, but in two plays at once while you were in college. >> yes. well, the real thing was directed when i did it the first time by mike nichols and he also directed another play that season called early birley. i was able to be in both those shows 30 years ago. >> the same night? >> yes. the first act of hurley burley and third act and in the second act of --
9:35 am
>> christopher walken, sigourney weaver, and me. >> what a cast. >> whatever happened to them? >> i don't know. >> where are they now? >> 30 years later, playing a different role. >> yes. i'm playing my -- i am my own character's mother, the part that christine baransky played 30 years ago. >> did you call her for advice? >> oh, yes. we e-mail. we're e-mail buddies. she's come to see the show and second acted opening night. yes, we've had a lot of good discussions about the character. >> what is it like, going back to broadway then? obviously, a lot of fame from sex and the city. >> yes. >> it's hard work getting back on that stage. >> not really. not really. if you've been in this play you're in love with this play. to get to be in it twice, particularly with having tom around again. >> it's an honor. >> it is an honor. >> it feels to me like theater, beg
9:36 am
given your beginnings at 17, feels like home. >> 14 is when i fers dfirst did my first broadway play. i like both parts of being in a play. >> is that because of the new york experience, your background, your family -- what makes it such a homey place for you? >> i think for an actor, when you're in a film, it's in the editor's control. it's in the director's control. when you're on the stage, you're in charge of it every night. >> that's how i feel on this show. did you notice? it's like being live, like we're in charge. >> when it's live, you're in charge. >> the difference is nobody would pay to see this. that's the big difference. of course, sex and the city. and miranda hobbs, you call this had your bombshell period? >> yes, my -- because i was a child actor. i had been acting almost 20 years by the time sex and the city came around but i was doing flower children and earth
9:37 am
mother, young earth mother types. sex and the city came along and the heels and the push-up bras and, you know, it was like boot camp. bombshell boot camp. >> no, no, long hair and, you know, peace. >> what's the word on sex and the city? kristen was on with meredith vieira. >> the elephant. >> transition to the excitement of the possibility, sarah jessica has been on social media with kristen, going back and forth. so what's your heart tell you? >> i hear the rumors, too. i hear the rumors, too. i think it would be great if michael patrick had another one to write and we were all free and i think we would all be thrilled for the opportunity. >> do you watch reruns like the rest of -- well, me and natalie. >> i don't have tv in my house so no, i don't. >> you zroent tv in your house? that's great. >> well we still love you. >> we still love you. >> if did you have tv -- >> i hear you guys are great.
9:38 am
>> you can listen to us on sirius xm. >> i don't have that either. >> cynthia nixon, thanks anyway. all those gifts under the tree could be yours. jean chatzky tells you what you need to do to make it happen and maybe a tv for cynthia dear willy, thank you for alerting us to doorbells & trash cans, and helping us appreciate your enthusiasm. (dog barks playfully) dear murphy, thanks for being a warm pillow, a snuggler, and showing me that slobber... ha! just adds character. dear sadie, for playing along with make-believe games, thanks for teaching us to be as patient... as you. give thanks for all the joy & inspiration your pet gives you! shop thousands of unique toys & treats at petsmart® (coffee being poured into a cup.) ♪ save your coffee from the artificial stuff. switch to truvia.
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woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment.
9:42 am
i wouldn't trade him for the world. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. if you're caring for a child with special needs, our innovative special care program offers strategies that can help. believe it or not, the holiday shopping and travel season are creeping up on us. a time when everyone tends to overspend and put it on their credit cards and worry about it later. >> jean chatzky, good morning. >> good morning. eight weeks right here. this has to do with booking flights. >> right. eight weeks is the amount of time you want to book in advance. >> okay. >> which means if you're booking for the holidays, you are booking now. and you are saving about 19% by
9:43 am
following this format from airlines report incorporation. >> booking on sundays now being the best day rather than tuesdays was the original thought? >> right. what we now know about this, deals change all the time. be continually shopping. use the search engines to help you. >> our next number $100 to $400. what's that spread? >> this is all about turkeys. it is the time of year where you can get a free turkey in the grocery store if you play the game right. that's about how much you have to spend in order to do it. the programs differ. deal news did a roundup of them. they differ from store to store. check with your local store. you may have to use your loyalty card to track your spending with $100, if you spend that in one fell swoop, that's how you get the turkey. >> i didn't know there was a turkey game going on. >> free. and sometimes they give it to you on the receipt so you can get the turkey when you want the turkey. >> shop rite near me does it.
9:44 am
let's move on. this is a big number, $1 billion. >> this is the amount that is left on gift cards annually that we don't redeem. and this is for all you parents who have gift cards lurking in the bottom of drawers or bulletin boards like they are at my house. gather them up and use them to do your own holiday shopping or if you're not going to use them, if they're for a website that you know you're never going to patronize, we like card where you can go, trade, sell and get the value. that's too much money to leave there. >> this is a good deal for stores. they count on this. so many people don't use them. that's free money for them. >> they call it breakage. >> there you go. >> $47 billion is our biggest number of the day. what does it represent? >> it represents the value, again, of all those iphones that you got sitting around that you're not using that you should be actually selling back when you get a new one. because they still have
9:45 am
significant value. by the way, so do a lot of your other devices, ipads, tablets. g is where we like to go for this. there are a lot of resellers and type in what you got, they give you an estimate and you move on. >> because of this note i got last night i put an ipad on and got 35 bucks for it, but that's okay. i got rid of it. >> and you can use it to do holiday shopping. >> 56%. we're talking about how much people go into debt when it comes to buying for the holidays. >> the percentage of parents willing to go into debt for buying for the holidays is such a disappointment. it's a big number and totally not necessary. here, a lot of wonderful gifts by the tree. this represents -- evefrom ever day from now till the holidays took five bucks and tut in an envelope you could put all of this under your tree or give it to your kids for hanukkah, whatever you're happening to celebrate without going into
9:46 am
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9:50 am
now where we give you a little pop. >> and we've got coffee mugs! look at that. >> i like it. >> check it out! >> look at this. where did kim k's brous go? she wrote #don't be scared of my bleached brows. it's for a photo shoot. photo shoot or not, i would say
9:51 am
no. >> dark features and dark hair, it just -- >> frightened. >> i don't even know what to say. >> have you ever had your brows plucked? >> all the time. >> i've had accidents with the waxers. >> i have, too. rogaine helps. if you get overplucked. >> excuse me? >> other brow news, rhythm nation is all abuzz over janet jackson's first red carpet appearance since 2013. in the united arab emirates, miss jackson if you're nasty, long ponytail, black ensemble, which she always does. something's different. that led to speculation whether or not she had work. >> wait. on what? >> see her eyebrows? that's janet jackson before. this is janet jackson now. >> she just tweezed them differently. >> her makeup artist set the record straight and said backup, he told extra.
9:52 am
that's contouring and bronzer and also the ponytail is pulled back. >> should we just leave? >> don't you guys talk about this stuff, men's eyebrows? >> i don't do eyebrow work, i'll be honest with you. >> it's like being beardless. >> let's see if we -- >> say it i'm doing it. robert downey jr., he and his wife, susan, welcomed baby girl. >> there you go. that's what counts. >> congratulations goes out to my girl, destiny child singer kelly rowland. >> i like the baby's name. >> titan jewel. >> is that the name of the baby? that was added before i read the script earlier. finally in music news -- >> the pop, make sure miss hall
9:53 am
knows. >> silence. taylor swift has done it again. brand new album "1989" has sold nearly 1.3 million proving she is the queen. before we give her the title, the other queen, the real one, queen b made a big announcement that she is now coming out with a new platinum set, beyonce shaking up the music world again. go online and say keep it. >> we're back in a moment. >> first this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> thank you. >> big show today. >> naomi jud and we're going to p
9:56 am
good morning, everyone, i'm chris cato. 9:56 and time for your first alert forecast with bill henley. >> yeah, in spite of all of the clouds it's a mostly cloudy day. limited sunshine in some areas. but the temperatures are up at 60 degrees right now in wilmington, atlanta city, 59 in northeast philadelphia and climbing. a little bit of a breeze, but
9:57 am
it's a mild one. middle to upper 60s later today. >> that's right, chris. 95 southbound right near academy road. this silver vehicle is facing the wrong way on 95. we have the left lane blocked and earlier we had two ambulances at the scene, fire department activity out here and only the right lane was getting by. now two lanes have been reopened and traffic is starting to move once again, chris? >> the family of the missing woman does not recognize the gentleman in the surveillance video. the same man used gaither's atm card at a nearby bank. >> there is a lot of theories. some turn out to be right and some are not right. once you go down a particular
9:58 am
path you're doomed to fail. >> they're not sure if she was targeted or if this was a random attack. we'll be back in 25 minutes with more.
9:59 am
- ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it.
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello everybody. it's that time. >> it's wines day wednesday. it's november 5th, day after the big election. we've got a terrific show today. six-time grammy winner naomi judd is here. she's acting now in a christmas movie coming up. >> comedian and former "snl" writer john mullany who we hear was one of the writers behind one of the "snl" sketches that parodied -- >> we'll have to have a talk. if you long for a good hair like hoda does, we've brought in the
10:01 am
best to teach you tricks to blow drying your hair like the pros. >> this is one of the things you wish you knew. every time you leave the salon, you go, how did they do that? >> you can't do your own hair? >> no. i've tried and watched people do it. maybe she'll give us tips. >> it's time for hoda's words of wisdom. >> okay. here it is. if you don't build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs. how about that? >> i like that. >> how about it, tony gaskins. >> who is tony gaskins? >> i don't know. i just google quotes. some people are upset with this election, but nobody more so than this 3-year-old. >> he learned he could not vote, he was too young to vote, all right. so let's take a listen to what xavier had to say. >> you want to vote? >> yes. >> you want to vote by yourself? >> yes. >> you know there's people out there that can vote that just
10:02 am
don't? is that sad? >> [ crying ]. >> should they go vote? >> yes. >> you want to vote? >> yes. >> that is so, so cute. >> oh, my gosh. >> once again, another list we're not on hoda. >> yes, it is. forbes has come out with the highest paid female singers, musicians. number one, no surprise. >> by a long shot. >> beyonce, she made $115 million this year. >> and it's only november. >> taylor swift was second with 64. her big album came out last week. >> she posted this kind of fun celebration video of instagram, she says in this that her album sold 1.287 million copies which is way over expectations. the last person to do that was eminem. >> let's listen to see what rap
10:03 am
taylor's got. ♪ >> i have no idea what she said. she's adorable. good for her. >> last person to do that sales was eminem back in 2002. >> pink is in the top five. >> j. lo. >> and katy perry. >> my lie cyrus, celine dion, lady gaga and britney spears. jimmy fallon last night had some fun at savannah and matt's expense. before all that happened, i guess they sat down for an interview and jimmy showed savannah and matt what happened to you with your halloween outfit. >> first of all, it didn't happen to me. it happened to wayne campbell. >> it happened to wayne campbell. anyway, let's take a look at that little moment. >> i don't know if you saw it --
10:04 am
if you missed it right there. they have this graphic in the bottom of the pumpkin and bats flying out. watch it again. >> your host wayne campbell. [ laughter ]. >> the timing of that, oh, gosh. they made fun of themselves the next day. they're good sports. >> is that the expression, a bat out of hell. >> oh, my god. good luck at work tomorrow. >> i've never had any complaints. >> exactly. >> all right. matt and savannah played this pop quiz game, a game where they wore those dunce caps. every time they got one wrong, they moved up and there was a water balloon above them. >> what are the names of the two sisters in the hit animated movie "frozen." >> elsa and elsa's sister. >> i've never seen frozen. >> that was a lot higher! >> who won the 2014 emmy for
10:05 am
outstanding guest actor in a comedy series? >> that would be jimmy fallon. >> hey, that's right! >> whoo! >> i think this is a little rigged. >> what was the name of the neighborhood bar? >> oh, that's ridiculous. that was the corner bar. [ buzz ] >> can i go down if i get it right? >> no. >> the regal beagle. >> yeah! >> matt, you can answer this. what actress played matthew broderick's sister in "ferris buhler's day off?" >> i'd like to buy a rain coat, jimmy. i cannot remember her name. >> "dirty dancing." >> oh, yeah. jennifer grey. [ cheers and applause
10:06 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> i call that karma. personally i call that karma. >> what do you mean? >> because of the bat comment. >> bat out of hell and then that? i love how he chased down jimmy. >> one big mystery has been solved. remember there's an iconic picture of sophia loren looking down at janes mansfield's cleavage. >> the sideways glance. in her new autobiography she reveals what she was thinking about it. >> this is a direct quote. >> i can't do it in it tailian. look at the picture, where are my eyes? i am staring at her nipples because i'm afraid they're about to come on my plate. i'm so frightened that everything in her dress is going to blow and spill all over the table. >> now we know. >> now we know. >> so it is movember.
10:07 am
all the guys are growing out mustaches and beards. it got us thinking about who are the people with the most iconic mustaches. >> i thought immediately of clark gable, not because i thought he was the handsomest with it. it's so iconic with "frankly, scarlet, i don't have yo give a damn." >> groucho marx, charlie khabibulin, hulk hogan. >> we both picked the same. >> tom selleck. he's the nicest man on the planet. >> back in the day you had quite a moment with him. >> yes. i don't think it's on youtube. maybe you can get it on youtube. >> that's the before picture. he had just shot a movie where he kissed kevin klein. regis kept saying kiss me, kiss me. i just got up and went over and laid one on tom selleck. >> like he's never had before. >> i doubt that. but he did send me roses the next day. he's the nicest man. >> that was sweet.
10:08 am
>> same with you, right? >> tom selleck. he is all man all the way with the cleft chin and mustache. it's excellent. think about this. which states do you think have the highest heels in the united states? think about the heels that you wear? guilt researched this and they came up with the highest heel states. here they are. they are nevada, florida, arkansas and texas. those are the stiletto capitals. >> that average is 2.5 inches high. that's not a tell let toe. that's not even a heel around here. the average heel in new york is just two inches. we have to walk on bad terrain around here. we're supposed to measure, hoda. >> i was always amazed -- >> i wore jessica simpson heels and those are high. >> i'm four inches today.
10:09 am
>> i am five. >> i can't wear these around new york at all. >> i've got to tell you, though. it is funny. when i first moved here i was still amazed -- i expected people wearing sneakers and flats. people do wear heels and walk around new york. i'm not talking this kind of heel. they don't wear comfy flats. >> don't they realize how they look when you wear heals like that? you can't walk properly, so it's not sexy. >> i don't look good when i'm walking in high, high heels. >> you don't. >> hey! these are high. >> the lowest heels, nebraska, kansas, maine and vermont. good and surprising news at that time los angeles zoo. nobody knew. a 10-year-old hippo named mara. she was on birth control and started gaining weight. it turns out she had a baby. they did find the father,
10:10 am
3-year-old hippo named adama. i guess what they say about birth control working 99% of the time is true. anyway, that's the first birth they've had in 26 years. >> that can be described as cute? >> i wonder how much he weighs. that's something. so it's beginning to look a lot like christmas -- >> actress and award winning singer naomi judd, her movie for the holidays and melissa, what do my wife, uncle, children and niece all have in common? i don't know. absolutely nothing. that's why i go to walmart to do all of my holiday shopping. great idea. i can get an xbox one for my son, oh, i want one of those. a keurig 2.0 for my wife, oh, i'd like one. a fitbit for my daughter, oh, that sounds rich. and frozen stuff for my niece. kids would love that. what are you going to get me? um, a samsung tv. ah, i like that. thank you. you're welcome. with walmart's unbeatable prices, you can make every day 'til christmas count. ♪ [laughs] when we're having this much fun, why quit?
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10:14 am
♪ naomi judd is a country music legend with six grammys, 15 number one hits and more than 20 million albums sold. >> naomi is also a talented actress starring in manufacture an evergreen christmas," a film about finding your voice and fulfilling your dreams. >> it's sweet. >> it's great to see you. >> i'm really sweet. that's what i want to be, sweet. >> the movie is sweet, not you. >> you're the opposite. >> this one has a dark side, believe me. >> you all are my friends. like condoms -- friends are like condoms. >> work with me here. friends are like condoms. they protect you when things get hard. >> and merry christmas. >> and this is water. >> christmas and nut meg and
10:15 am
sweet. >> i told you she had a dark side. i just didn't think she'd make it so obvious so soon. >> right out of the gate. that's what we like about you. we're talking christmas in november already. >> which i don't like. >> you don't? >> no. >> talking about it so early. >> at our house the rules are you can't -- who brings the sweet potato casserole and all that stuff. but the main thing is, no weapons -- >> that's saying a lot in your family. >> no sharp knives. >> don't you pack a pistol. >> spread them before you come in the door. >> enough talk like that. >> why are we doing that? >> you are. >> you started it. >> you did it with the condoms. we weren't going there. >> i talk like this. >> tell us about this dvd movie.
10:16 am
>> the movie is called "an evergreen christmas." it's about a family, a pretty normal family -- i really had to stretch for this acting. but they filmed at an evergreen farm in the middle of nowhere in north carolina. i didn't want to drive back and for forth. i lived in a trailer. there was no shower door. i had to hold up a hefty bag. i slept with my .38 under my pillow because the lock on the door didn't work. i bet you all would get better treatment than that. >> you never to fire your agent. >> how did you get food out there and stuff? >> they had catering on the set. but here i was in the deep woods for a month or so. >> it's not your first acting job. you've been doing acting along the way. >> i love, love, love acting. charlene close see and robert loggia. a very christmas spirit movie.
10:17 am
>> do you know when the call comes for you. >> you anti ashley. this is mom. i'll make you chicken and dumplings if you let me be in something. >> naomi judd wants you to call her. >> well, we love you. we love everything about you. >> ashley is in a new movie coming out soon called "big stone gap" with our friend adrianna trigiani. give her our love. say hi to wy. >> i find out about this stuff from you guy. >> we find out about friend shipts and#c variety magazine called him one of the ten comics to watch. variety magazine called him one of the ten comics to watch. >> talking a real s i was active. variety magazine called him one of the ten comics to watch. >> ti kept on top of things.
10:18 am
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♪ now to a guy who thinks our show is the best thing on television, so we already love him. >> you know his name. john mullany. >> former "snl" live writer and standup comedian. now with his own shown, a sitcom about life as a struggling up-and-coming comic. where have we seen that before? >> come on now. quiet. i'm barely getting away with it.
10:22 am
>> that's exactly what you are. this is somewhat auto biographical. >> yes. >> are you nervous at all? >> i'm late nervous. i'm so delighted. i did the other "today" show one time. >> what is that? >> to be at the real "today" show. >> the difference between being to the first three hours and then this, it's between the wedding and a wedding reception. >> what time does the wine come out? >> you don't have to wait for it here, baby. >> you do standup. a lot of people know you from that. how was it transferring and trying to make this entire thing work on tv? >> it was very scary at first. >> why? >> because it was -- i was acting for the first time. i mean i was playing a character
10:23 am
named john mulaney, not that much acting going on the you believe the critics. i was used to working on shows where other people with a lot more stature were in charge. the best thing was people like martin short and elliot gould, an amazing cast put together by our director. i was extremely lucky. >> your producer is loren michaels. >> yes. >> i was on a plane -- by the way, you couldn't really change the channel. your show was on on all the monitors in the show. >> were people chuckling. >> people liked it. >> so it was on mute, right? >> you were a writer for "snl." >> yes. >> we teased that you somehow had a hand in the skits about us? >> i had a small hand. i would occasionally pitch jokes. a brilliant writer named brandon sawyer. >> oh, bradley cooper.
10:24 am
>> we just wanted to watch us again. >> i remember that one. i would pitch jokes occasionally because it was one of my favorite sketches. america sawyer is a bigger fan of the fourth hour than i am. she would write these brilliant things. i would pitch jokes occasionally. i worked a lot on the one where jimmy fallon came back to play regis. >> that was a great one. >> do you miss "snl"? >> i do. i miss rockefeller center. nothing looks like this building you're an l.a. guy now? >> yes, strip mall city. there's nothing like this here. there's no skating rink on ventura boulevard. >> bowling alleys. >> a lot of bowling alleys and waterbed stores. >> john, we wish you good luck. you're a lot of fun. you say hello to nastine for us. my budget used to be hard on me.
10:25 am
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live, learn, and get luvs. and more likely to choose luvs than first time moms. he loves me, he loves me not he loves me, he loves me not he loves me! warm and flaky in fifteen... everyone loves pillsbury grands. make dinner pop. and discover an exciting combination of tastes. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers. flavored with exotic fruit juices. it's chocolate and fruit flavors like you've never experienced before. discover brookside. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. let's get a check on our forecast from bill henley. mild but cloudy? >> yeah. the temperatures are up in spite of the clouds. you can see cloudy skies over
10:27 am
center city. that's the view from the adventure aquarium. the wind at nine miles an hour at philadelphia international. 60 degrees, within one degree of where we were yesterday. 61 in atlantic city. right now an nbc 10 crew is talking to the family of a missing philadelphia woman as we continue to follow developments in this investigation. the newest clue please have sha shared is this picture of the man they are calling a person of interest. the family of the 22-year-old carlesha freeman-gaither says they don't raise the man. he was captured on video at a convenience store in aberdeen, maryland, a short time earlier police say a man matching that district used her atm card. gaither has been missing since sunday night when she was forced into a car. we will hear from her family coming up in about a half an hour at nbc 10 news at 11:00.
10:28 am
an update to a story which broke earlier this morning. philadelphia police say a man and his parents were taken into custody. offi officers arrived around 6:00 a.m. to serve a warrant and heard movement inside. shots were fired at the officers. one officer suffered a minor injury to his hand. we will get more on this coming up in a half hour. i'm vai sikahema. a full hour of news in 30 minutes. get the latest news and weather on revealed through the work of its scholars and graduates. it has inspired strength and purpose. an enduring symbol of passion and excellence that is not static, but moves among us. a feeling...a shared experience, a reminder that we are connected for life. we are penn state,
10:29 am
making our mark on the world.
10:30 am
♪ we're back with more of "today" ready to play our weekly trivia game called "who knew." on this day in 1935 monopoly was invented by the parker brothers. we're celebrating all your favorite games. kathie lee is ready to hand out $100 who get the questions right. those who don't are winners, too. they get one of her wonderful cds. >> she's totally encouraging that crowd. we have a bonus here in the studio. every time somebody answers the questions incorrectly, our producer joanne and sal from our props department will have to take taurn at twister. it's going to be fun. here is ofera eisenberg, host of
10:31 am
npr show "ask me another" that blends brain teasers and trivia. are you ready? >> i am so ready. >> this lovely lady is from illinois. after twister was introduced in 1966, sales of the game took off when johnny carson played it on "the tonight show" with what actress? shirley maclaine, shelley winters or zsa zsa babor. >> i can ask my buddy? i need another buddy. i'm going to see c zsa zsa babor. >> and you would be right! >> zsa zsa was right. nobody happier than joanne and sal. tell us. >> that became really popular. it became so popular after it was on "the tonight show" although milton bradley, thought it was very controversial and they called twister sex in a box because you're draped over each other and stuff.
10:32 am
>> the first game with humans as the puzzle pieces. >> over to you. >> this lady is from south carolina celebrating her 50th birthday today. in monopoly, what is the name of the character in jail? is it jake the jailbird, felix the felon or clark the con. >> clark the con. >> no, it's a lovely cd. >> excellent. that means since we have someone who has missed, it's time for joanne and sal to step up. here we go. it is right hand yellow everybody. good luck. joanne has heels on and can't move. tell us a little about jake the jailbird. >> the answer is jake the jailbird. i love it could be clark the con. jake the jailbird and actually the officer that put him on jail his name is officer edgar mallory. >> kath, over to you.
10:33 am
you're from iowa, right? >> in the game cranium there are four categories, creative cat, data head, word worm and star performer. i'm going to choose a card from star performer, can you guess what famous person or character i'm acting out? >> happy birthday, mr. president. >> marilyn monroe. >> she got it right. joanne and sal, they are so happy. >> tell us about marilyn. >> that was a very easy question from cranium. who goes first in the cranium game? the person whose birthday is the one coming up. that's how you figure it out. >> i think you should do one more just for fun. left hand red. >> where are you from? >> ohio. >> on a classic "sign field" episode, george plays what game
10:34 am
against the bubble boy, taboo, trivial pursuit or stratego? >> a? >> no. but you'll love the cd. >> let's try another one, shall we. joanne and sal. it is right foot red. >> come on jojo. come on sal. tell us quickly about it. >> i can see why this is so controversi controversial. >> this is not working out well. that was a lot of fun. thank you for the fun. joanne, sal, thanks. kathie is going to come back across the street. save money on all those weekly blowouts. you'll learn how to blow dry yourself f ♪ music plays your baby will feel like dancing.
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10:39 am
it's a battle every morning for a lot of women, getting your hair to look the way you want it. lucky for hoda and me, when we're here, we have it taken care of by our wonderful stylist laura. we brought in a pro o to teach us all the tricks of the trade. >> alley webb. >> it's just the blowout. >> they wash you. that's the best part. >> we walked out of a salon and thought gosh, i wish i could do that. even though you try to use and watch, it's hard to learn. >> it's hard to do your hair like a professional which is why we've had success with dry bar. >> let's look at andrea. this is her before picture. tell us what you think, what needed to happen here.
10:40 am
great hair by the way. >> she's got great hair. she's like our dirty martini. we're turning her into a cosmo. we did a little bit of her hair to show you the curl we're going for. i'm going to show you how you can see. >> you blew it out straight? >> not straight. i'm glad you mentioned that. you want to blow your hair out with a little curl and volume, not just straight. your hair has memory. if you blow it straight and then curl it, the curl won't last as long. we blew her out with a little curve on her hair, a little bend. then i'm going to go back in and curl it with the iron. >> show us how to do that. >> you want to work in small section. that's the biggest mistake women make, they take a huge clump. >> you want to give yourself 30, 35 minutes, even 40 to do your hair. >> take a section one to two inches. you curl away from your face. that's a big thing to remember.
10:41 am
get everything in the iron and let it drop. this one gets very hot. at home if you have one that doesn't, you just want to hold it for a few seconds -- i don't know if you saw the video of the girl who burned her hair off. don't hold it for too long. >> do you not touch it, you let it cool? >> if you want a traditional curl, let it be. if you want it moore beachy, then you pull it out. >> let's go to delana. she's got my kind of hair, a little unruly, can be difficult. i feel you. how do you blow that out straight? i'm about to pay very close attention. >> you see we have a small section. i'm going to go in with the brush. ceramic barrel brush is a good brush to have because when the drier hits this barrel, it heats
10:42 am
up. almost like a curling iron. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> you basically want to work in a small section blowing away from the face and using as much tension as you can. >> where do you put the heat? >> you always want the heat going down the hair shaft. that helps seal the hair. it's a repetitive motion, up and back. >> you don't want to overdo it because it gets all fried. >> you want to focus on the ends, make sure to get all the way to the ends. it's like you're almost letting it set like a hot roller. you can pull it out. you want to go over it a couple times. >> any products to use with it? >> you want to start out with some kind of clean, shine-free, something that will make it easier to get through the hair. >> thanks ladies. >> feels so good. we'll check back with both of these ladies to see how their
10:43 am
hair turned out by the end of the show. our special series tackles another tough talk, helping your kids deal with death and divorce after this. we love... love... love...
10:44 am
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skin healed in just 5 days. that's the healing power of vaseline.
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10:48 am
we've been bringing you the four important talks you'll have in your life. today we talk about how to talk to your children about death and divorce. >> one of the most difficult conversations to have. while death and divorce cannot be compared, to the eyes of children both can be extremely deaf staefting. >> take a look at "cramer versus cramer" when dustin hoffman tries to explain he has to live with his mother. >> where is my bud going to be? where am i going to sleep? >> mommy has figured that all out. you have your own bedroom at her place. >> where are all my toys going to be? >> we'll take all your toys over there. play your cards right, i bet she'll buy you some new ones.
10:49 am
>> dr. ron leow, both subjects are tough. where do you start? >> it's interesting. what was he concerned about is where are his toys going to be, where is my bed going to be. some basics. >> you are imagine as a parent about to have this conversation, whether you're prepared or not prepared, you think they'll ask you these huge life questions, like how am i going to answer that? for a 5-year-old's mind, he wants to know about the bed, the toys, who is going to kiss me and tuck me in at night. >> stability. >> stability. this is an amazing movie. at the end of the day he says to his son we're going to be okay. it's one of those moments where it's like, you know he's thinking to himself, i don't know if i'm going to be okay, but i'm going to do everything i can to make sure you're okay. >> should we let our children see our fears, our pain? >> i have this amazing colleague at the child study center who says we learn best by example
10:50 am
and experience. our best examples on how to grieve and deal with loss are our parents and our family. so being able to show some of that authentic sort of feeling and sadness with your child, not grieving through your children but with your children is really kind of an important thing. if you're able to talk and tell them, too, what's happening and help them give words to their feelings, that can be incredibly helpful. >> to some people divorces can be messy, both parties can be very angry. some couples, no matter how hard they try to keep it close to the vest, they wind up inadvertently or maybe obviously harming their spouse verbally. >> absolutely. that can be one of the most harmful things for kids, is that the parents playing out the on going conflict through their children, in front of them, through them. >> or using them. >> exactly. it's a painful time for families. i think about things behind the curtain, in front of the curtain. behind the curtain is adult
10:51 am
conversations that need to happen about custody, conflict, any of the aerng things that come out. in front of the curtain, they need to see you're both their parents, you'll both be there and taking care of them. it's not their fault. >> a lot of kids think it's their fault. >> what did i do? >> i always tell parents, sometimes when you're sitting down to have these talks, whether on the way to school, tucking in at bedtime, your first words need to be very simple and very clear, but they're the opening for the rest of the conversation to hear your child's questions. >> you're making me feel better just with your voice. >> so soothing. >> when it comes to something as difficult as death, again, some parents -- some of the spouses who survive, they try so hard to be strong and keep it together, but again we talk about showing your vulnerable side to your children. >> absolutely. one thing i would say to those parents who are grieving because we've had a number of people posting questions on facebook, it's one of the hardest times you'll probably face in your life. i think parents often feel alone, like they're the only
10:52 am
person, the only family having to go through that. it's really important to remember that you're not. >> just real quick. this is interesting. jennifer asked this question, i lost the father of my two boys, age 7 and 8. what do i say when they say it's not fair? they're absolutely right. >> they're right. kids have a sixth sense. they understand things even if they don't have the words. >> do you say -- >> you can say right back to them, you're right, it's absolutely not fair. mommy is here, mommy is going to take care of you and mommy needs to have people that are taking care of sglou and praying about things with your children seems to soothe them, too. thank you so much. could they get the salon look without the salon price? >> they're down stairs blowing out their own hair. we want to see how they did it coming up. first this is "today" on nbc hoda woman.
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earlier we showed you how to blow out your hair like the pros. we gave our two models a few minutes to see if they could do it themselves. how is it going? show us. she took a little section. >> she's doing good. she did it all herself. >> okay. good. >> she's just twisting, making sure she's getting the ends and takes it out. >> it looks adorable. >> i want to go here because this is my department. what's happening? what are you doing? how is it? >> she's pretty good. she's blowing away the from her face which is key. >> down and over. >> boy, you have magnificent hair. >> how did you do that? >> you can do it, too, hoda. >> you can do it. thank you so much. all right. tomorrow from "sex & the city" and white collar actor willy garrett takes a seat at the
10:57 am
poker table. >> have an awesome wines day wednesday, everybody. >>
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right now at 11:00, new information in the frantic service for carlesha freeman-gaither that has spanned two states. investigators hope this vitd yo will help them find her. her family is pleading for anyone with any information to come forward. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. there are new leads but still no answers in the search for carlesha. she was abducted in germantown. they believe this man caught on video is the same person who used her atm card a short time


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