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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  November 6, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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a rather live system across the area. in south philadelphia it shows drivers navigating that rain in the wet roads out there so give yourself extra time. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's find out more about the rain and when it will move on with "first alert" meteorologist bill henley. >> it's going to take its time. to start with, it's steady rainfall but light. a live view of center city. the radar shows there's plenty more where that came from. a bit steadier. not much in lancaster county and portions of chester county. to the south, just some scattered showers for delaware. and cape may, but that will change. 50 in philadelphia. low 50s for northeast philadelphia in the airport. wilmington, 40s in place north and west for trenton, mt. holly and atlantic city. stand by with your umbrella.
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rain gear needed. steady rain at 7:00. 51 at 9:00. then we'll see scattered showers this afternoon at lunchtime, 54 degrees. your hour-by-hour, future weather, when i'm back in less than ten minutes. first, let's get a traffic update. jillian mele is on duty. good morning. >> good morning, bill. we can see the rain coming down in chester county. this is a live look at route 100 and 113. we see a number of problems. we have a fire that we're follows in west philadelphia in peach street near master street. that's going to be blocked off. take immediateia or thompson streets if you need to get around it. new jersey turnpike northbound. route 73, exit 4, overturned tractor trailer. two right lanes are blocked there. if you want to avoid that area, it's looking good. in plainsboro, route 1 southbound at college road also blocking two lanes in that area. found alive, carlesha
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freeland-gaither is back in philadelphia this morning after being rescued from her alleged abductor in maryland last night. she left a hospital in columbia, maryland, and 1:30 this morning. this is video of the van there that took her and her family away from that hospital. and just minutes ago, as we continue to have reporters working around the clock. just minutes ago, our katy zachry got an interview with carlesha's cousin. >> katy is live in north philadelphia. >> reporter: her cousin tells me they are absolutely rejoicing with carlesha who is right now inside her mother's home here in north philadelphia. he is cousin said they can finally get some sleep. some rest, something they haven't done in the three long days that carlesha was kidnapped. she was driven here overnight from a hospital in maryland. her family accompanied her on that drive. now she is home. her family has asked for privacy. we are giving them that. just a short time ago her cousin who is acting as a spokesperson came to the door and to tell us
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this. >> it's exciting. everybody can leave. we can finally get some sleep now. she can get some sleep. knowing that everybody is safe. everybody that was out there, the news, the media, one that reported. >> reporter: of course, she's talking about that initial witness who called police after she saw carlesha being kidnapped so violently thrown into the back of the abductor's car. her cousin went to to say she is doing well, she is safe and most importantly, she's in good health. and she's thanking everyone for their prayers, their tips along this arduous journey the last three days. we'll have much more about what the family says about the family rejoicing inside with carlesha. that's coming up in 30 minutes. reporting live from north philadelphia, katy zachry, "nbc10 news." a disturbing case because
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this was a random kidnapping. delvin barnes is in custody. new this morning, we're hearing from his father and we have new information from his past. randy gyllenhaal is live in jessup, maryland where the search came to an end. what you can tell us about delvin barnes? >> reporter: well, he was arrested here in this maryland parking lot after authorities tracked his gps. carlesha was rescued and we are now learning that she may not have been the first person that he kidnapped. we just smoke with law enfor enforcement near charles and they too were tracking barnes, they say he was involved in the brutal rape of a 16-year-old back in october. the details are horrid. police say barnes hit her her with a shovel. stuffed her in the trunk of the car, poured bleach and gasoline on the teenager. she managed to escape alive. barnes accused in philadelphia.
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we did knock on his family's door in southern virginia where his father issued an apology. >> reporter: what you like to say to the family? [ inaudible ] you're asking that they forgive your son? >> yes. >> reporter: i can tell you that barnes is right now in the custody of the fbi here in maryland. we've been on the phone all morning with investigators here in maryland and down in virginia. it sounds like he was going to make some sort of initial court appearance in maryland. investigators tell us they expect him to be extradited down there to face attempted murder charges which means according to what i'm hearing he won't be making it back up to philadelphia anytime soon. we're live in jessup, maryland, randy gyllenhaal. >> it was broken glass on a
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maryland street, a bag of potatoes and one neighbor that helped crack the case. nbc10 continues with nbc10's jesse gary working to put the pieces of the puzzle together for us. jesse, walks through this. >> reporter: tracy, investigators say trash from that convenience store purchase crucial in their investigation of the case. a neighbor remembered seeing surveillance video of suspect delvin barnes buying snacks. that led to a tip and police scrutiny from virginia. law men down there recognized the suspect of a crime called philadelphia police station and then started using the car's gps device to track his movements. >> he's a vicious predator. he's off the streets and hopefully, he'll be in jail for the rest of his life. that's the only thing he deserves. >> reporter: commissioner charles ramsey is thanking the public saying that initial response from that first video of carlesha being pulled off
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that germantown street, well, that kind of got the ball rolling because it's garnered so much national attention. so many eyes were watching the case that helped lawmen. we're live outside of northwest this morning. nbc10 continues as we track the movements of both delvin barnes and carlesha freeland-gaither. at 5:30, more reaction from carlesha's family in philadelphia. and at 5:45, a video time line of barnes' movement of alleged abduction. we have new information on this story, the shooting of a student from delaware state university. both men face false cons appear and weapons charges. that shooting happened monday in an off-campus residence hall. police say neither attends the university. the victim is expected to recover from the injuries no word on why he was shot.
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happening today, trenton's mayor will offer a progress report on his 100th day in office. mayor eric jackson will address city hall. jackson said it's important for citizens to be part of the process to design trenton's renewal. also teachers in atlantic city will be the topic a teach-in at the galloway campus of the richard stofen college. casino workers will be part of that along with collegiate spirit experts on economic and other fields. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> you'll need your umbrella and at times, this afternoon, it's a steady light rain and the rest of the region. that light rain will taper off to scattered showers but we could see heavy downpours during the late afternoon hours.
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then it's all followed by gusty winds over the weekend. the wind will be blowing tomorrow and that's going bring the temperatures down. right now, 46 degrees in doylestown with the rain. a steady rain in philadelphia. 50 degrees. cape may right now is cloudy and waiting for rain. it's on the way. this is a view of boathouse row, kind of a murky view as the rain is falling not only around center city, but around the rest of the area. steadier, moderate showers moving into lancaster county. pretty light rain for trenton and millville area and southern new castle county and delaware. future weather, hourby hour shows 9:00 this morning, rain still fallinging at northeast philadelphia. and philadelphia international. by noon time, just scattered showers. and then late this afternoon, this is when we could see heavier downpours, that's 4:00 this afternoon with temperatures in the upper 50s. not everybody is going to be seeing the rain at that hour.
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but we'll all see the wind come tomorrow. today, grab the umbrella, you'll need the rain gear. a steady light rain. and scattered showers. upper 50s to near 60s. but that is changes. we've got the full seven-day forecast when i'm back in less than ten minutes. all right, bill. 10 after 5:00. we're talking about problems on the road now there's problems on septa. jillian mele will let us know what happened. >> septa officials sent out an e-mail indicating what's going on right now, amtrak is having some problems throughout, as a result, airplane line has sp suspended service. that information just came out. the rest of mass transit is looking okay so far. but of course any information we'll pass it along. this is a live look at 95 near the philadelphia international airport. wet roads pretty much all over the place this morning.
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and the big accident that we continue to follow is still on the northbound side of the new jersey turnpike right near route 73, exit 4. two lanes still blocked in that area. they're the two right lanes. so we do have traffic getting by. if you want to avoid that area, 295 is your best bet. you can see they run parallel in that area. can you count on nbc10 to follow the developments in the case of carlesha freeland-gaither. this morning, we're following evidence and beale tell you what led to her safe return. plus, reading and writing, a local business committed to helping philadelphia student s improve their education.
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5:14 and 49 degrees if you're heading out the door this morning. an umbrella will do you well. it will be a rainy ride to work. we'll find out from meteorologist bill henley how long the rain will stick around today. new video from overnight, this is carlesha freeland-gaither leaving the hospital in columbia, maryland, around 1:30 this morning. you see her there getting in the van there. with the glasses on. we'll see a close-up of it here. the family left that hospital. they arrived in philadelphia just before 4:00 in north philadelphia. the trail of arrest of the suspected kidnapper began early monday night. a woman who noticed some broken glass and a bag of trash in her driveway called police tuesday after learning about the search
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for carlesha. fbi agents came to her home. they examined the bag and they found a receipt from acme that's where they saw the surveillance of delvin barnes inside that store. >> i was just about to get the recycling and i saw the vans out here and i thought what's going on. >> you definitely don't see this every day. >> that was the neighbor of the woman who found the trash. a police from virginia recognized barnes as a suspect they were looking for in another case. we'll have more updates at 5:30. princeton university is taking new steps to prevent sexual assault and harassment on campus. the changes came after the school was found to be in violation of title 9. that's the that protects students from discrimination. 5:15 now. some students and parents will
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have to wait until next month to learn the future of their philadelphia charter school. at a hearing yesterday, school district officials said they would make a decision on whether to revoke the charter of walter palmer's charter school in the next 50 days. palmer closed its high school last month then administrators held a lottery to cut the number of students at its elementary schools. nbc10 has talked to one parent who actually pulled her daughter out of the first grade. >> it's a struggle. i don't want the stress no more. >> with what the high school parents are dealing with are you worried about the same thing happening at the elementary school. >> the ceo of walter palmer told us if the charter is revoked, they will appeal. and long-term commitments from the bergerroll and.
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the district's key spokesperson told us the deal would boost the advance of child literacy. >> what we're trying to do true this program is see what are the right tools. what are the right level of training. what are the right materials to help the kindergarten students moving through grade three to find out how to read at a method that suits them best. >> students will get tablets, software. >> and a heads-up for those who rely on mass transit. >> we have suspended service between the septa airport line between 30th station. septa said this is going to be suspended indefinitely because it's amtrak signal problems causing the issue. unfortunately, it's out of their hands. suspended between the airport terminals and 30th street
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station. heading north to the lehigh valley, a live look at 22 at 309, you can see wet conditions up here. we're not reporting any accidents on 22, 78 or the northeast extension. that is a little good news to start the day. the bad news, we have been following a serious accident on the new jersey turnpike all morning long. still out there northbound, route 73, exit 4, overturned tractor trailers. two lanes still blocked there. you can take 295 if you need to get around it. >> now your nbc10 "first alert" weather my meteorologist bill henley. >> the rain is coming down this morning. it is a steady rain that's going to carry us through the morning commute. this is kind of a dreary view of center city looking across the delaware. 50 degrees at philadelphia international. the wind, very light at 3 miles an hour. we're running cooler than yesterday morning this time. down 4 degrees but for this time of year, it's still on the mild side. even with the rain falling. clouds are going to stay with us through the day. but the rain is set to take a break later this morning. right now, 40s for pottstown,
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doylestown and trenton. 51 degrees in northeast philadelphia. wilmington just dropped a degree there. 50 degrees there. 40 for swedesboro. molica hill is 40 degrees. turnersville and sunshine is not happening today, but it will be back. the temperatures, though, will look a lot cooler as we go into the weekend. it's a lot rainier this morning. steadily rain, light rainfall for most of the area, and those areas that are still seeing the rain drops will see steady rain before this back edge moves in. that will allow the back edge to taper off as we head into the afternoon hours there's still a chance of a late-day shower. steadily light rain. high temperatures will creep into the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. and gusty winds for tomorrow. and it won't be as warm in the morning or the afternoon. high of 54 degrees. it will feel chillier with that wind and it gets colder for the
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weekend. saturday morning, 34 degrees in the city. high of just 50 degrees saturday afternoon. the chill continues on sunday. but bright sunshine will warm up to near 60 degrees on monday. and into the 60s for veterans day. >> happening today in philadelphia, this is a big event for the march of dimes. they're raising money for mothers and babies to prevent premature birth. the organization holding its annual chef gala. dishes will be prepared by philadelphia's top chef. and the march of dimes has just issued it's midterm report. the preterm birth rate was just over 11%. the march of dimes wanted that rate to be at 9.6% by now. they say there's plenty of work left to do. getting ready for the game. tonight, a little girl battling a form of terminal kansler get to cheer on her dad from the stands. the emotional moment for the cincinnati bengals devon still.
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5:23. a live look at lincoln financial field where happening today a career fair taking place for military veterans in south philadelphia. vets and their spouses will get the opportunity to find some new jobs later this morning at this career fair. it happens from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00. among the companies looking to
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hire, amtrak, lockheed martin, merck and pse and g. federal doughnuts is looking to expand outside of philadelphia. ppl is cutting jobs and israeli startup is planning to stay in philadelphia. you can read more of those stories in today's philadelphia business journal. well, the market is reacting to this week's midterm elections. bertha coombs is here with this morning's cnbc news. bertha, good morning. >> good morning, tracy. we've got futures pointing to a lower open after stocks entered mostly higher on wednesday. that's reaction to mixed economic news and midterm election results. the dow, the s&p 500, the dow transports and the utilities indexes all closing at record highs. that's the first time that's happened all on the same day in more than 16 years. today, we're going to be watching for data on unemployment claim. that's about 8:30. also worker productivity and
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labor costs. that could set the tone for the rest of the morning. the airline industry expects more than 24 million passengers to travel over the thanksgiving holiday period. this runs from november 21st to december 2nd. that's up more than 1% from last year, despite of the fact that we've got higher prices. about 10% of those people will take international flights from u.s. airlines. busiest travel days are expected to be the day after november 26th, 30th and december 1st. the lightest will be on thanksgiving day itself. and if you're not traveling and you finish eating your turkey and stuffing, then apparently, it's time to go shopping, or at least that's what retailers want you to think. jcpenney's said it's going to open stores at 5:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. that's an hour earlier than macy's, sears and kohls. i don't know about you but by the time i finish my thanksgiving dinner the only shopping i want to do is on my laptop.
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>> exactly right. yet, we hear more and more stories opening on thanksgiving. bertha coombs of cnbc, thanks. your nbc10 "first alert" weather. into we should make it a holiday so people get that day off. this morning, the sun has the day off. light rain to see it falling on market street. 8th and market, a bit damp. right now 49 degrees at 5:26. "first alert" traffic reporter jillian mele is watching the roadways, that's what it looks like out there, jillian. >> it's wet all over the place. this is a live look for drivers in delaware. this is what you're going to see if you're leaving the house in the next two minutes, route 1 at christiana mall. good news, we're not reporting any accident. we do have one on new jersey pike. carlesha comes home. we continue to learn more about the woman found alive almost 72 hours after being abducted off a philadelphia street.
5:27 am
>> from pennsylvania to maryland we have an entire team of reporters dedicated to this story. randy. >> reporter: here in the parking lot where that suspect was arrested. we're getting a shocking look into his past. next, why police in virginia say he's the main suspect in yet another kidnapping, after the break.
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nbc10 breaking news. the victim of the abduction
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that was caught on camera is back on philadelphia now. this morning, carlesha freeland-gaither out of the hospital. they see her going into a van there. the suspect is in federal custody. nbc10 has you covered. our team of reporters is working all night and all morning to give you an investigation into the suspect's criminal past. we're also tracking rain into parts of our area, you can see on nbc10's "first alert" weather radar. it's going to be a wet day and it will start with the morning commute. we've got you covered, though, it's 5:30. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. let's get to that forecast with meteorologist bill henley. you told us the rain is coming and it looks like it's sticking around, huh? >> yeah, for most of the commute. it will taper off this morning and this afternoon. later today, we're still looking at showers. right now, steady rain. light rain falling on delaware and center city. most of the area is getting that light r


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