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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  November 6, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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survive. >> who did this to scotty mcmillan? his own mother, jillian tate, and his mother's boyfriend. >> reporter: the district attorney claims the couple used a knotted rope, a curtain rod and a piece of aluminum with tape on it so they kay gary wouldn't hurt his own hand. >> why was he abusing them? he felt they had disrespected him. a 3-year-old and a 6-year-old. >> reporter: police say it was his estranged wife, amber who lived with them who called 911. >> i didn't see the kids at all. i seen them in the rear window a couple times. other than that i haven't seen them outside. >> for someone to do something like that to a child has to be possessed. today there is evil. >> reporter: gary, julian tate and amber all in chester county prison tonight and we're also told that in this particular case, scotty mcmillan's older
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brother, ryan, and amber felabam's infant both in protective custody. live in westtown township, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 following breaking documents in the cause against delven barnes accused of kidnapping a philadelphia woman off the street sunday. barnes was on closed-circuit tv earlier this afternoon to make an appearance before a judge in maryland. it could be a while before philadelphia police get their hands on him. the 37-year-old was already wanted in virginia for kidnapping a 16-year-old. he faces attempted murder charges there. today we learned an image from a traffic camera, the suspect's car combined with a gps device in that car helped police track him down in maryland. >> also today carlesha is back home in philadelphia with her family. they spent much of the day resting after her ordeaordeal.
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nbc 10 news live at northwest detectives in olney, where the police detective who promised the victim's mother that he would bring her daughter home is about to speak to reporters there, our camera live right now waiting for that to happen. moments ago we learned detectives visited the home this afternoon where carlesha has been staying. >> nbc 7's christine maddela is in the neighborhood. what can you tell us about what happened there this afternoon? >> reporter: about a half hour ago we saw two more police officers walk into the family home here. and within the past hour, we heard from philadelphia police who were here talking with carlesha's family members. she is not here right now. she is with other relatives resting as an undisclosed location. lisp to what else he said about the woman who survived her abduction. >> carlesha is a very resilient and tough young woman and she was smart in what she was doing, you know, she resisted to the best of her abilities as far as
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you saw on the film. overall, she's in good financial condition. she's very upset, emotionally she's very upset obviously, but she's doing well overall from what i understand from the family. she just needs time and space to heal. >> reporter: the i specter wouldn't answer certain questions about the suspect delven barnes or the status of the investigation. the fbi and u.s. attorney's office is taking the lead in that investigation. reporting live in north philadelphia, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 is in maryland where the suspect appeared in court a few hours ago. nbc 10's tim furlong was in the courtroom. >> tim, tell us what comes next for barnes. >> reporter: well, next thing is barnes is going to get a ride in this jail cell here, this facility in maryland, he's going to get a ride down to another jail cell down in virginia. he has a long criminal past, but before i'm told he would ever get a chance to ever face charges for the situation with carlesha in philly at the federal level, he's going to
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face much more serious charges in virginia that could alone lock him up for life. you can see from the court sketch, delven barnes in a baltimore county court via video link in his orange prison jumpsuit. he answered the judge with no sirs and yes sirs. he had no attorney president and confirmed he'd waive his extradition hearing. he was captured and locked up in maryland last night. today the prosecutor had to help the process along to get him back to where he faces the more serious charges. >> i can't comment on what's happening in virginia or philadelphia. all i know here in baltimore we asked for no bail, he's exactly where he belongs. >> that was an easy decision for baltimore county to decide. the charges he's facing in virginia are very serious. >> reporter: dramatic and highly publicized as the abduction of carlesha was, barnes faces other charges, capital murder. he beat and raped his young victim. she was able to escape but remains in a virginia hospital. and as we come back live, i can
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tell you charles city county authorities have until next wednesday to pick up barnes from this baltimore county jail. although i'm told they should be here to get him within the next 40 hours. guys, back to you. >> tim, you mentioned barnines answered yes, sir, no, sir, to judge in court. what else did you notice about his demeanor? how did he appear physically? >> reporter: he was kind of hunched over. on the big videocamera link, there was a large screen tv in the courtroom, the camera had him on the bottom part of the screen. he had his heads down. he'd look up and look up at the camera to acknowledge the judge with a yes sir, no, sir. he looked physically tired and looked obviously like a man who knows he's probably in a whole lot of trouble. >> all right. tim furlong live for us in maryland this afternoon. this abduction isn't barnes' first run in with the law in philadelphia. >> today nbc 10 has been digging into this man's past. a crime involving his ex-wife and her family. barnes served time for that then
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got out of prison less than a year ago. nbc 10's cydney long has been following that part of our coverage. >> what have you uncovered today? >> reporter: well, we know for a short time delven barnes lived here on leonard street with his wife of a only a year or two before she got a restraining order against him. despite that order, police say it was november of 2005 that barnes was hiding inside of his wife's residence. he was later accused of beating and sexually assaulting her. now the wife whose name we are not releasing does not live here anymore, but neighbors remember it well. >> we knew what we drove and saw him, chris and i both saw him driving around the front, back, looking for her and her car. >> reporter: jody didn't put two and two together until today. >> no way, that's him? >> reporter: the man in the video that federal agents tracked down last night, devven barnes is the same person married to and violently assaulted her neighbor in 2005.
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>> all i heard after she told me it all happened, she said she came home from work, she was doing a couple things and went upstairs and he came out of a closet and started beating her with a bat. >> reporter: barnes was found guilty of aggravated and simple assault, criminal tress pass and numerous charges on the attack on his wife. she moved to louisiana and we tried to reach her unsuccessfully by phone today. his uncle, in the meantime, admits his nephew has always gotten into trouble with women but says there is more to the story. >> he wasn't -- >> reporter: it seems like a pretty violent assault. >> yeah, that's the way it always is. she had a restraining order against him, yet she went and visited him that same weekend. >> reporter: though he loves his nephew very much, he hopes authorities throw the book at him for the crimes related to carlesha freeland-gaither as
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well as the teenager in philadelphia. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. i want to go back to northwest detectives and listen to into this news conference from detective sloan, the man who promised carlesha's mother he'd bring her daughter back to them. listen. [ inaudible question ] >> he's not lying to you when he tells you, he was adamant we'd find her, he was extremely optimistic and driven. he's telling you the truth there. never gave up hope. >> how long have you been on the force? in terms of the highlight of your career? been on the force 22 years. this is one of the more memorable cases. it feels good to help out and have a good ending. >> did you get a chance to talk to carlesha today? >> no, i didn't talk to her
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today. >> one of the witnesses who called the police twice and that enabled you guys to get right on this and you were able to find that video almost immediately. how significant was that in trying to get this case, the successful collusion it was? >> i want to thank you for bringing that up. gentleman by the name of dwayne fletcher, everyone keeps saying he -- stuff like that. he witnessed it, he watched, he called the police tice. he waited for the police. he waited for me. if it wasn't for him, i don't think we'd have the same outcome. this man is a hero. i wish that he was here, but apparently he's at work until 4:00. i tried to get him here, and he's not. >> saw on the video the pickup. [ innaud bl ] deliberately trying to wait until somebody knew she was gone. is that correct? >> yes.
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>> you're saying carlesha -- to track her down? >> she's an intelligent girl. yes. >> you said she did that dl deliberately? >> yes, we believe that. >> did she tell you that? how instrumental was the gps? having a car being tracked by a gps system then being able to find the suspect? how tremendous was that gps system? >> i think it was an important part of the investigation along with other tips. it was a very important part of it. there were other things that went along with it and other things they were following up with simultaneously. >> like what? >> we don't want to get into too many details to compromise the investigation. the detectives were realtime in a sense following through one of the tips, speaking with our team that was down there, the atf and the fbi. >> was it ultimately the gps that led you to mr. barnes? >> it was a big part.
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>> detective, how long have you been partners? >> 17 years we worked together. yeah. >> detective, step up closer to the mike if you don't mind. have you had contact with the family earlier today? if you could, tell us a little about the investigation when you -- >> i contacted family members quite a few times during the day. every time we found out there was video, anything we broadcast to you guys that you were putting out, i let them know it was coming out, had them watch the tv, tell me if you see anything. any updates we had. it was passed on to the family. >> late in the day, everything went down very quickly. that conversation? >> yes. >> with the family. tell us about that. >> when i told the family? >> yeah. >> i spoke to her sister, britney, and she answered the
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phone and she sounded gloomy. i said, why do you sound so gloomy? why don't you start cheering? she said, why? i said, we found your sister. i said, put your mother on the phone. her mom got on the phone and i said, we found your daughter. she said thank you very much. >> when did you know that this was the tip that was going to bring her home? >> well, again, not wanting to compromise the investigation, it was some time yesterday afternoon that we can running with that person of interest and that tip. >> is there anything to be learned by -- [ inaudible ] coming home to their family. i know you can't get into specifics about what she did to help herself. but is there anything people could learn from this? >> it was a combination of many, many things.
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fantastic work on the behalf of the detectives here. great work on behalf of the fbi and atn. the moedia helped us tremendously. got the message out. got a lot of tips. the family worked hand in hand with detective sloan, detectives here, lieutenant otto. they were in constant contact. anything they felt would be of interest, anything the family could point us in a certain direction me followed up on. it was a lot of information coming from various sources and it all worked together and actually a case study example of how it's supposed to work. and i say that knowing it doesn't happen a lot, but this could be a case study on how everything fell right into place. everybody worked seamlessly together. the fbi, the atf, everybody worked great, everybody communicated. and we got a lot of input from the public which i have to thank everyone in news media for
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getting out the information. so it was a complete circle of help and communication and effort. >> the camera got the dealership name off the car. was that the toll booth on i-95? >> i'm not sure on that and i won't comment on that. >> what do you do now? >> the main thing we're worried about at this point is obviously the fbi, he's going to be charged federally. they're the lead agency on the charges, and u.s. attorney's office. the biggest concern that we have is trying to reach out to the family, make sure that we're helping the family in every way we can. that's why we met with them today and provide any kind of help or counseling we can and keep them in the fold and support them because they've been through a terrible ordeal. terrible ordeal. >> is there any concern of him being in philly prior to this anening that he committed other crimes during the week. >> >> not that we're aware of now, but the investigation is going to look at everything. >> do you still think this is a random abduction? >> wyes, we think it was a randm
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abduction. >> is there any individual that helped you out that might be eligible for the reward money? >> the individual detective sloan just mentioned would be eligible for it. >> mr. fletcher is the hero. if there's any money that should be given, i think he deserves it. i think you all think he deserves it. if he didn't make the phone call, if he didn't wait, alls we had was a cell phone in the middle of the street and a missing person report and had nothing. >> it could have been maybe 24 hours before you got that -- >> it could be more that. we all know that. also the -- you asked earlier about the video footage that we got. i'd like to thank the security guard that went into that building. he came in and opened up the building for us and allowed our detectives to recover that video which we got out to you guys. you did a great job getting it out. and tips coming in.
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extremely -- >> that's detective jim sloan with the philadelphia police department. other key members of the department talking about how this case came together and how veteran detectives sloan feel with 22 years under they felt feel to the great outcome of this case. feels goods to have helped out. coming up at 4:30, nbc 10's keith jones will be back on what was said during this news conference. new at 4:55 this afternoon nbc 10 investigators show us how bad credit and technology like this helped catch the suspect in this high-profile abduction case. now your nbc 10 first alert. >> it's been a foggy thursday out there as we look at the gloomy skies over center city from our live sky cam network. there's still more rain to come. we look at nbc 10 first alert weather technology. so which areas can expect rain tonight? >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the first alert answer for us.
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a lot of rain behind you on the radar, glenn. >> that's right. the heaviest of the rain is moving into delaware now. extreme south jersey is going to get some, too. live radar, see there's quite a bit of rain around. a lot more than there was a few hours ago. there's one band of at least moderate rain coming into the philadelphia area. right now. and down into cumberland and salem counties but the heaviest is coming through new castle county, into eastern maryland and it's moving straight to the east. about 4:44 at milford and 5:23 at cape may. if it holds together, crossing delaware bay, those are the areas that are going to get hit hardest with this, but there are more showers back to the west. even when this bapd cond comes through that's not the end of the rain threat for the night. see it's still pretty cold especially north and west. temperatures in the upper 40s. while it's in the low 60s farther to the south. that has allowed those showers and thunderstorms to be stronger
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in the southern sections. following this, cold blast. more on that with the seven day coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, glenn. more than two dozen people forced to evacuate this morning when construction crews hit gas line causing a fire in old city. a private contractor was working underground when he hit a one inch gas main. the fire sparked when the equipment hit the line. no one was hurt, gas customers weren't affected but fire crews forced several people to leave the area to ensure their safety including a woman who was staying at a nearby hospice. >> when the fireman knocked on our door and said we were being evacuated and had been some sort of explosion, we didn't hear any noise so we were really surprised and had to go around. >> they turned off the gas source to the line after it was hit. firefighters tell nbc 10 they let the fire burn off which they say is protocol for tihis type f situation. new video of shooting at a gas station in east mt. airy.
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police looking for the suspect who got into an argument with a man and fired six shots at him tuesday afternoon at the sunoco on germantown avenue. see the suspect confronting the guy in the orange shirt and following him to his car. skyforce 10 was over the scene after the shooting happened. police say the suspect got away in a black or dark blue cadillac srx. the victim was shot in the hip and shoulder. he's in stable condition right n now at temple hospital. new information on the shooting of a student from delaware state university. police made a second arrest. the shooting happened monday in a parking lot of an off campus housing facility. that student is still in the hospital but expected to recover. marshawn fortner arrested tuesday and yesterday police arrested michael clark. neither are dsu students. police in montgomery county
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working with a source to find a trick-or-treating scare. one found a razor blade inside a piece of wrapped county. vineland county is investigating a similar incident. it didn't cause injuries and don't believe the incidents are related. parents should continue to check their kids' candy. it has all been submitted for forensic testing. the candy manufacturer is also cooperating with police. retailers and restaurants in the poconos want tourists to know they're open for business. their bottom lines took a big hit during the search for accused trooper killer eric frein. the small business administration asked to give federal help to the businesses who took a financial hit during the seven-week manhunt. several businesses lost customers affrayraid to go near search area. today, local nurse who made a dream come true for a woman
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with cancer. >> the double delivery that is touching a lot of hearts today. also, together with dad. a little girl fighting a disease arrives in daddy's arms and in the city where some excitement is about to happen hours from now. and bottom dollar, bottoms out. today the local grocery chain with dozens of chains across our nation makes a decision that affect thousands of its workers and customers.
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the company that owns bottom dollars food plans to sell 66 stores to another grocery store chain. aldi plans to acquire the grocery stores including 46 in the greatest philadelphia area. they expect all locations will stay open until the end of the year. their strategy to focus on the traditional supermarket store. about 2,200 jobs in our area could now be in jeopardy because of the sale.
4:25 pm
bottom dollar has 13 locations in south jersey, the most recent opened last july and 18 locations in southeast philadelphia. here's a look at how the discount grocery store chain has impacted our area. the first local store opened in king of prussia in october 2010. total the chain has 66 stores. again, 46 of them are in the delaware valley. the other 20 in the greater pittsburgh area. locally the scores employ about 2,200 people. the vice president of bottom dollar's retail operations says this decision was difficult given the impact on our associates, customers and communities in which we operate." the university of delaware is planning to close two of its oldest residence halls. the dickinson and rodney complexes will close at the end of the school year in spring 20 15. both were built in 1966 and each houses more than 700 students. the university says the buildings need to close because of their age and condition. they do not plan to demolish them right away. and meantime, the university
4:26 pm
of delaware is planning to open open a new dining and residence hall and renovating the harrington complex. both projects should be done by the next school year. the school says there will be no interruption for housing of freshman students. to our top story. a little boy dead. investigators say he was beaten and tortured. >> that is our top story on "nbc 10 news at 4." the 3-year-old's death has been blamed on the child's mother and her boyfriend. the westtown township couple now charged with the toddler's murder. new at 4:30, a look at his past. continuing live coverage of our breaking news story. nbc 10 workinging on the criminal history of the man accused in philadelphia's high-profile abduction of a woman. glenn "hurricane" schwartz? >> well, it's been a rainy day. we've got more showers ahead for tonight. we'll let you know who's going to get the wet weather and when it's finally going to clear out in the exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. then coming up tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5," beach battle.
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the city of margate is at odds with the state of new jersey. why this week's election has added more fuel to the growing debate over who actually controls the sand.
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just like an interception, i bet you didn't see this one coming. up your game with a new fritos chili pizza. a large for $12 dollars. add a mega chocolate chip cookie for just $5 dollars more. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's. nbc 10 breaking news. >> the man accused of abducting a woman off a germantown street on sunday will be extradited to virginia. delven barnes was captured last night in jessup, maryland. ordered him returned to virginia to face charges of a kidnapping of a richmond girl last month. unclear when he'll face charges in the case involving carlesha freeland-gaither. she's back home with her family today in philadelphia. >> she's in good physical condition. she's very upset, emotionally she's very upset obviously. she's doing well overall from
4:31 pm
what i understand from the family. she just needs some time and space to heal. >> barnes has a long and violent criminal history serving eight years in prison for a 2005 assault on his estranged wife in philadelphia. now just within the last half hour the detective who promised the victim's mother he would bring her daughter home spoke to reporters. >> and as you saw nbc 10 was there and nbc 10's keith jones was monitoring that news conference. >> keith joins us from the digital operations center. keith, what did the detective have to say? >> jim sloan says this was a terrible ordeal wideal for the the family, and is glade could bring carlesha back home. the victim's mother gave him a big hug, thanked him for fulf l fulfilling his promise to bring her daughter home. today sloan said there was a big hero in the case, the man who witnessed the abduction in the first place. >> gentleman by the name of dwayne fletcher. everyone keeps on saying hero and stuff like that.
4:32 pm
he witnessed it. he watched. he called the police twice. he waited for the police. he waited for me. if it wasn't for him, i don't think we'd have the same outcome. this man is a hero. i wish that he was here, but apparently he's at work until 4:00. >> now, detective sloan broke the news to the family carlesha was found safe yesterday. he was on the phone first with her sister, britney, broke the news with her and said she should start cheering because her sister had been found safe. live in the digital operations center, keith jones, nbc 10 news. this just in to nbc 10. the wanted poster for barnes put out by the sheriffs office in virginia, where barnes was wanted for attempted murder, kidnapping and rape of a 16-year-old last month. the poster shows barnes' picture and ford taurus he used in the kidnapping of carlesha-freeland
4:33 pm
gaither in philadelphia. the suspect's past -- >> his rap sheet is extensive. nbc 10's jacqueline london is here to tell us what she found in barnes' past. >> his past includes crimes from traffic violation to aggravated assault. back in 1999 he was charged with assault and battery on a minor in virginia beach, virginia. that charge was later dropped. in 2002, he was found guilty of robbery using a gun in richmond, virginia. he served nine months out of a 20-year sentence. then in 2005, barnes attacked his ex-wife. he was found guilty of numerous charges include iing aggravated assault and false imprisonment. barnings served his time at the state correctional institution in dallas from june 30th, 2006, through november 30th 2013. he was up for parole five times and denied. one of the reasons the parole board gave its last denial was
4:34 pm
his, quote, lack of remorse for the offense committed. since getting out of prison less than a year ago barnes has been charged or tied to more crimes. in july he was charged with making a bomb threat. that charge was later dropped. his dna matched the suspect who kidnapped and assaulted a charles city, virginia, teenage girl in early october. and now the only suspect in the kidnapping of a philadelphia woman. when barnes moved to virginia after being released from prison, his probation was transferred to virginia. he's currently on probation supervision. and parole office. renee and jim? now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> if you were hoping the rain would ease up, not happening yet as we look live on market street in center city. let's talk about what's in store for us tonight. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is monitoring that from our weather center. glenn? >> yeah, renee, heavier rain in
4:35 pm
parts of the area. we're going to get a break later but that's not the end of the rain. see on live radar there's quite a bit across the i-95 corridor and beyond. at the moment, a band of heavier rain has moved across philadelphia, now into camden and gloucester counties right along the route 42, for example. runnemede, cherry hill, west deptford. they're getting fairly heavy rain there. also in parts of extreme south jersey, but the heaviest continues to be in central delaware and that's going through dover right now. millville, about 4:48. and also southern delaware right around then. cape may, if it holds together, closer to 5:30 for that line of storms that could have some gusty winds with it and there are more showers back to the west. then after that, cold blast number one. details on all that with the seven day in a few minutes. >> thank you, glenn. form efrom our delaware bur
4:36 pm
candidates who ran for office in tuesday's midterm election are on the clock now to remove their roadside campaign signs. candidates and campaigns have 30 days after the election to remove signs from state-owned rig right-of-way areas. if they don't remove them, de deldot say candidates can face fines for each sign left on the road. after the 2012 general election, more than $23,000 in fines were issued. new jersey's online gambling firm broke the rules and must pay up, cesar's interactive. the state has fined it $10,000 now for soliciting more than 250 people who had voluntarily banned themselves from gambling. those people were on the state's self-exclusion list for compulsive gamblers. this is the first fine they imposed since new jersey began online gambling last year.
4:37 pm
it's the disease typically associated with women. >> today, why men should also be on alert. but first, here's what we're working on for you right now for "nbc 10 news at 5." >> it's disgusting. disturbing. i can't believe it happened across the street. >> still happening right now, a 3-year-old allegedly beaten to death by his own mother. coming up, we're asking chester county police how they were alerted and rushed in for the arrest. plus, the detective who promised to bring carlesha home safely speaks out. what he just told us about the rescue and tracking her down. then as the suspect has his first day in court, we're looking into what's next for him behind bars. count on "nbc 10 news at 5."
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apple says it's blocked a new type of malwear targeting its customers called wire lurker. it was mostly affecting customers in china who use a third-party app store. experts said the malware was unlike anything they've seen and hackers are getting more sophisticated at attacking iphones and mac computers. many think osteopetrosis only affects women. one if four women will break a bone because of this disease. yet not enough men are tested. even after breaking their wrist, men are ten times less likely to get a bone density scan. researchers are calling on doctors do be more aggressive about screening for osteopetrosis in older men. a local nurse really delivered. >> we'll show you what she was able to pull off for a local
4:41 pm
woman with cancer. also, airport embrace. cameras capturing a special hug between a famous dad and his little girl fighting a disease and now they're getting ready for primetime. glenn "hurricane" schwartz? >> well, keeping my eyes glued to that radar as more rain comes our way. i'll let you know how much more wet weather is ahead and when we're going to see clearing in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. then all new tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5," battling over beaches. why margate is at increasing odds with the state of new jersey on just who controls the sand. just like an interception, i bet you didn't see this one coming. up your game with a new fritos chili pizza. a large for $12 dollars. add a mega chocolate chip cookie for just $5 dollars more. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's.
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fifteen percent or more fifon car insurance.d save you everybody knows that. well, did you know certain cartoon characters should never have an energy drink? action! blah-becht-blah- blublublub-blah!!! geico®. introducing the birds of america collection. fifty stunning, hand-painted plates, commemorating the state birds of our proud nation. blah-becht-blah- blublublub-blah!!! geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. how are you feeling, miss leah? >> good. >> are you excited to be here? >> yes. >> a special 4-year-old made the journey from philadelphia to cincinnati to watch her dad play football in person for the first
4:45 pm
time. leah still,s daughter of cincinnati bengals' devon still has been receiving treatment for pediatric cancer. >> she was in the stand for tonight's bengals/browns game. she traveled to cincinnati to meet up with dad last night, excited for this game. she's expected to take part in a ceremony during a game where she'll accept a check for more than $1 million on behalf of cincinnati children's hospital. dad can't be more proud that his daughter who's fought a brave battle will now be able to watch him from the stands. >> definitely exciting to finally have my daughter out here in cincinnati and for her to be able to go to a game finally and be able to watch me play. so hopefully i give her a lot to cheer for. >> the money that will be donated tonight was raised mostly through the sale of devon still's number 75 jersey with the proceeds donated by the bengals. birth of twins at a local hospital is a fairly regular occurrence, but this time, it
4:46 pm
was one of the hospital's nurses who gave birth serving as a surrogate for her cousin battling breast cancer. they were born tuesday at crozier medical center. the mother battled breast cancer for years. she asked her cousin, a nurse at the hospital to be a surrogate mother. erin carried the boys for 38 weeks, born one day shy after their parents' wedding anniversary. her health continues to improve as well with several clean cat scans. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> now, we had a lot of rain for the morning rush then it tapered to a drizzle noup itesizzledriz bit heavier. more showers to contend with, windy weather to contend with during the day on friday and a chilly weekend across the entire area. well, it's looked like this a lot during the day.
4:47 pm
it's actually looking a little worse than it did an hour ago. 53 degrees with rain in philadelphia. the winds 6 miles an hour. 10 degrees colder than we were at this time yesterday. still just in the upper 40s in pottstown and allentown, trenton only 50, but it's in the low 60s in extreme south jersey and delaware. areas that are getting the heavier showers as a punishment for that warm weather. look at this line of very heavy showers moving through dover right now. delaware. it will be near georgetown a little after 5:00. cape may around 5:25. you can get some strong gusty winds along with the downpours in this, and the general area of rain moving through philadelphia and northern delaware and parts of south jersey. salem, gloucester, cumberland counties right now. there's more back to the west, not nearly as heavy as what we're seeing now, but you'll need the umbrellas f s for the
4:48 pm
of the evening even if the rain stops. take a look at future cast. more showers through the night tonight. not as much as is around right now. we dry out and clear out by tomorrow morning. no showers. no fog. but the wind will pick up. that will break up the fog but also bring in colder air, some lake effect showers possibly coming in. maybe some snow flurries in the poconos and cold air moving in here. and saturday morning is going to be especially cold. for tonight, we do have more showers and then clearing toward daybreak. 43 for the low in the city. 39 north and west. the wind picking up is going to help scour out that fog. now, tomorrow windy and cold with a few showers around. the high temperatures only in the low to mid 50s. and 15 to 25 mile an hour wind. gusts to 35 will make that feel a whole lot colder. and the seven-day forecast, there's that cold start to
4:49 pm
saturday. 34 in philadelphia. 20s in the suburbs. then only up to 50 during the afternoon. a chilly day on sunday. but then the weather starts improving as we go into monday and monday night. a lot of cheers monday night. not just for football but for the weather. looking pretty good. good timing there with temperatures generally in the 50s and dry weather, but we warm up one more day. veterans day. and then it starts getting colder wednesday and starting on thursday, get ready for an extended stretch of unseasonably cold weather. well, some have criticized it. >> now some are praising it. we' helping save a philadelphia woman. the tracking technology used for people on shaky financial footing that's now being credited with cracking the case of that kidnapped woman. the nbc 10 investigators report. all new tonight on "nbc 10
4:50 pm
news at 5," it's only a matter of time before we see scenes like this again and penndot wants every driver on the road to do several things right now to make sure the roads are safe then.
4:51 pm
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delven barnes sits in a maryland jail cell now, almost 24 hours ago he was captured, found with a philadelphia woman who was kidnapped on sunday night in germantown. now barnes has a long criminal history but it's his bad credit that helped lead to his capture. >> investigative reporter mitch blocker and nbc 10 investigators looked into what some call a shady car lot tactive thc that d to have saved carlesha freeland
4:54 pm
gaither. >> nbc 10 investigators did an extensive background check into delven barnings. he filed for bankruptcy and defaulted on several loans, something the dealer who sold him his ford taurus also noticed. from the first shocking video of carlesha freeland's kidnapping to these still images of the man police say grabbed her, technology helped bring her home. >> videos, photographs. it's proven to be very, very helpful. >> reporter: we now know it was a traffic camera that led police to barnes' car. nbc 10 investigators also discovered barnes' bankruptcy and liens against him made it nearly impossible for him to buy a car. in fact, the only way some finance cars to financially risky buyers is secretly install a gps device in the vehicle. >> we are going to mount it in a stealth location where it's not visible to the driver. >> reporter: one of the most frequent sellers of that device is a company out of phoenix called gps and track. its videos show the gps device hidden behind paneling just feet
4:55 pm
from the driver. >> the unit is now mounted in the vehicle. as you can see, all the wiring is on the backside so we don't see anything on the front. >> reporter: this tactic has been criticized as invasive and deceptive, but michael fisher who runs gps and track told the nbc 10 investigators it's only meant to track the car, not the driver. >> it doesn't matter who's in the vehicle, or if they're doing right or wrong. the primary device is tracking the vehicle, not necessarily the individual. >> reporter: in this case, it tracked delven barnes' car to maryland. he just happened to be in it. now, we don't know specifically which kind of gps device was on barnes' car. we did learn car lots commonly use a kind of device that only shows a car's location once a day, but they can find it at any time if necessary. for the investigators, mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. >> thanks, mitch. "nbc 10 news at 5" is next. >> here are jacqueline london and keith jones. >> next on "nbc 10 news at 5," a chester county toddler murdered. >> nbc 10's doug shimell has
4:56 pm
details of a crime allegedly -- >> reporter: it was a horrible set of circumstances inside this mobile home. i'm doug shimell. the story coming up. and this just in to the nbc 10 first alert weather center. we have a severe thunderstorm warping for parts of south jersey, mostly parts of fla atlantic, cape may counties until 5:30 this afternoon. storms lining up in delaware moving east at 50 miles an hour. these could be containing pretty damaging winds. we'll keep tracking this for you coming up and the timing of the rest of the evening's showers. beach battle. margate and the state of new jersey are at odds over who controls the sand. the election just added more fuel to their fight. that's next on "nbc 10 news at 5." cocoa or eggnog? toasty or frosty?
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right now on "nbc 10 news at 5," dents and holes. the visible damage on this wall caused by two people, battering, according to police, their own 3-year-old child. >> these are some of the tools prosecutors say a chester county mother and her boyfriend repeatedly used to torture the toddler. little scotty mcmillian died this week. >> we must warn you now the details of this case are disturbing. >> even veteran police and
5:00 pm
prosecutors were visibly upset as they broke the news to reporters today. nbc 10's doug shimell joins us live from west caln township. doug? >> reporter: scotty mcmillian's family only lived in this mobile home barely three weeks and neighbors say the only sign they saw of the kids, occasionally the boys would peek out of that window. >> see the holes in the wall? that's not from kids playing. that's from gary fellenbaum taking that little boy's head and smashing it into the wall. >> reporter: it was graphic and only got worse. >> they whipped scotty. that's a homemade whip. >> reporter: a knotted rope, curtain rod, and aluminum window strip prosecutors say they were all allegedly used until 3-year-old scotty mcmillian stopped breathing tuesday night. >> gary fellenbaum and julian tait tied the two boys up by their feet over a door and beat them. while they were doing that, they were laughing. >> reporter: scotty's mother, jillian tait, and bo


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