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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 7, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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and that breaking news is a fire at this homeless shelter in philadelphia where about 50 people were staying overnight. a live picture here. nbc 10 on the scene to work and find out if anyone was injured in the fire. developing now in philadelphia and delaware county. the search for an accused teenage rapeist who victimized a girl and then taunted police. extradited to virginia. the mother of one of his other victims is speaking out. and the skies outside have cleared for now. it is chillier, though, this morning. 47 degrees in philadelphia. we don't see the flags boeing there on top of the aramark
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building. good morning, everyone. welcome to nbc 10 news today on this friday, i'm chris cato. let's begin with bill henley. >> the wind will be blowing during the day and return some clouds to the area during the day. scattered showers later on. still a bit damp in cape may. that's a live view and the wind is blowing right now at philadelphia, it's a 7-mile-per-hour wind and stronger in trenton and wilmington and 13 miles per hour in the pocono mountains where it's gusting to more than 20 miles per hour. cooler start, 49 degrees in philadelphia and pocono mountains that dropped into the 30s. we'll start off with sunshine and then as the wind picks up, clouds will be blowing in and we'll blow a few scattered showers through the area late this morning and into the afternoon. 53 degrees at noontime. the first alert radar when i'm back in less than ten minutes. jillian mele on a friday
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morning. good morning. >> good morning to you, bill. to you, as well, as well. 76 right at belmont avenue. the right lane is blocked and only the left lane getting by on 76. something i'll keep you updated on. street road in both directions right near old lincoln highway and if you travel 422, the highway itself is looking pretty good. don't forget this long-term construction project out there. the armand hammer boulevard. let's get back to that breaking news now. on the scene of a fire that broke out at a homeless shelter in north philadelphia. a live view. you can see some firefighters emerging from the building there. this is at the shelter that's called the alliance abuse mission ministry. the fire started around 3:00. as you see there the firefighters definitely have the situation under control. we're not seeing the flames and heavy smoke we saw earlier.
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we have learned that there were about 50 people inside this shelter overnight. we don't know if any of them were hurt or injured. we're working to find out that information and also learning more about how the fire started. nbc 10 monique braxton is on the way to the scene there. she'll gather information and have a live report coming up soon. also new from overnight, another fire that have people in the west philadelphia fire out of their homes. fire started in the 18th floor unit that broke out around 2:00 this morning. no one was hurt. most of the people who had to evacuate were allowed back in except for those who live on the 18th floor. also new from overnight. look at this, a woman drove her suv straight into the side of a church in west philadelphia. nbc 10 was there at o'sage avenue. police lost control and smashed into the church around 11:00 last night. she had minor injuries. a developing story this morning, philadelphia police are
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still looking for an 18-year-old rape suspect who they say taunted officers who were looking for him. this started last night in darby where a 14-year-old girl claimed she was sexually assaulted by this young man. now, this investigation has led police to west philadelphia. they're looking for hill. investigators say he should be considered armed and dangerous. katy zachary is live in darby. what do we know about the investigation and the search for hill at this point? >> the suspect in this sexual assault case is considered armed and dangerous. he's also been taunting police. last night he called the officers here at darby borough police station telling the officer assigned to the case, they are going to have to find him. he is not turning himself in. right now you have investigators looking for hill. you see his picture there. he is accuse of luring a 14-year-old girl into his mother's house earlier this week
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and raping her. a witness outed is the home heard the teenage girl scream during the assault and knocked on the door to try to stop it and that's when hill, the suspect, ran out of the back of the house. police believe he is hiding in west philadelphia. again, he is considered armed and dangerous. in the next half hour, you will hear from the victim's aunt. she sat down with nbc 10 and she talked to us and has a message for the suspect. reporting live, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. this morning the suspect in the abduction of carlesha freeland-gaither. being extradited from maryland to face charges of attempterd murder in a separate case. investigators filed separate kidnapping charges against barnes. barnes confessed to the kidnapping and told investigators he did not know
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carlesha. the 22-year-old victim is with her family resting at an undisclosed location. new information about the other kidnapping case that barnes is charged with in virginia. tracy davidson is live in the digital operation center this morning. tracy, for the first time we're hearing from the mother of this 16-year-old victim in virginia. >> last night police in charles city, virginia, laid out their case against delvin barnes. it is there he was wanted for attempted murder, kidnapping and rape of a 16-year-old girl last month. barnes, as you know, was captured wednesday. police got a big break in the case when philadelphia police released surveillance video of the kidnapping scene. police in virginia noticed a detail from that video. >> we had information he was driving that ford taurus and then through the video in philadelphia you can see the virginia state inspection
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sticker on the front glass and we're only one of the few states that has a sticker in that position. >> they call the car dealership where barnes purchased the vehicle. they were able to use the gps to track barnes. the mother of the virginia victim was asked about her daughter's alleged attacker. >> i just want to kill him. just want to kill him. the burns of her skin. my daughter didn't look like herself. it was devastating to watch. the only thing i have to say to him, god bless him. he didn't succeed and i hope -- >> police say barnes hit the teenage girl with a shovel, drove her to his house and sexually assaulted her and then poured gas and bleach on her and that victim is still recovering at a virginia hospital. tracy davidson, nbc 10 news. >> our coverage of the abduction
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investigation continues at 4:30. you'll hear from the man who will get the $47,000 reward in the case and how he tried to intervene. eight minutes after 4:00. new this morning, eric frein has a new court date. the man accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper and wounding another in september will have his preliminary hearing now on december 9th. or originally set for last monday. happening today, transit workers are expected to vote on whether to ratify their new contract with septa. the two sides came to a tentative agreement last week avoiding a strike that would have halted buses, subways and trolleys. a popular discount grocery chain will soon close its doors. bottom dollar food announced that 46 locations across southeastern pennsylvania and new jersey will shut down by the end of this year after the chain was bought by rival aldi. about 1,500 local employees will lose their jobs.
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for those employees, news of this closure is still fresh. >> it was just really a shock to the me when everybody just say, yeah, we're closing. >> now, as of now it's just too soon to know which of those stores may be eventually reopened as aldi stores or when that will happen. we have a list of all the bottom dollar stores on our website on a cooler start, but it is dry outside. no sign of any showers. that will change in part because of gusty winds that will be developing this morning and staying with us into this afternoon. blow clouds into the area and scattered showers, as well. they'll keep on going and out of the picture for the weekend. the weekend will turn chilly and get off to a cold start tomorrow morning. right now, the temperature is 45 degrees in doylestown and cape may in the low 50s. you can see a dry view of boat house row, all lit up this
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morning. you will see sunshine to start with. look at the arrows. the winds have all aligned. northwesterly wind and stronger in the pocono mountains and lancaster we're seeing wind gusts of 25 miles per hour and just bumped up to 32 miles per hour in the pocono mountains. that stronger, gusty wind will make its way to the philadelphia area. you'll feel the difference later this morning and this afternoon. though we're dry right now, that wind is going to blow some of these into the area. some scattered rain showers are likely to pop up during the late morning and afternoon hours. the future rain showing 9:00, 10:00, you can see them off to the north and scattered showers. 1:00 this afternoon for the trenton area while parts of the south, and delaware and parts of south jersey will stay dry. but the brose will be blowing and that will make for the colder night tonight. when i come back, the future weather to take us right on in to your weekend. in less than ten minutes time. in less than five seconds time. a look at first alert traffic.
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jillian mele has a look at the highways. jillian, a lot of green moving around on the map behind you. >> that means the cars are moving along with no problem. we do have an accident on the turnpike westbound but not causing any slow downs in the area. that's something for you to keep an out for. we still have this active construction and you can see blocking the right lane, only the left lane of traffic is getting by and it's just too early to see a delay. not seeing any delays as a result. that's something we'll continue to watch. following construction out of new jersey right now. this is in camden on 676. one lane is blocked out there in both directions. officially over. the big milestone the city of dallas hit this morning in the fight against ebola. tortured to death. the disturbing crimes a chester county mother is charged with in the death of her own son. and pipeline project. a new plan that has the green light now to pump energy across
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our region.
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14 minutes after 4:00. we continue to follow this praking news in north philadelphia. that building there is a homeless shelter. it caught fire this morning. nbc 10 is at the scene as you see in this live picture. the alliance of youth ministries at 22nd and ontario. 50 people were inside that time the fire broke out. we don't know if they're injured and we are about to talk to the fire chief and get new information for you. two national guard soldiers are dead after their helicopter crashed in idaho. it happened near boise during a nighttime training mission. the names of those soldiers have not been released. officials are still investigating the crash.
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happening today, president obama will meet with congressional leaders for the first time since republicans took over the senate. on tuesday, the gop won enough seats in the senate to give them the majority for the first time in eight years. the voters also gave the republicans a bigger majority in the house. among those expected to attend the president's meeting today. kentucky senator mitch mcconnell who is expected to become the new senate majority leader. the labor department will release jobs report for october. expected to show a continued drop in unemployment. economists say the country likely added more than 200,000 jobs last month but also pointing to some weaknesses in the labor market. the ebola outbreak in texas has officially ended. as of midnight, it was 21 days since anyone there got ebola or was in contact with someone who had the virus. health official os were monitoring 177 people in texas after that liberian ebola patient died in the dallas hospital and two nurses became infected. meantime, a hospital in
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switzerland has been given the green light to begin clinical trials for an experimental ebola vaccine. it was developed in canada and the second vaccine to be tested. the first injections are scheduled to begin on monday and results are expected in december. a mother and her boyfriend are in custody this morning for the death of a 3-year-old boy in chester county. jillian tate and gary fellenbaum are charged with killing scotty mcmillan. it happened inside a mobile home in west tellen township. the boy died on tuesday. >> gary fellenbaum and jillian tate tied the boys up by their feet and beat them. while they were doing, they were laughing. >> for someone to do something like that to a child, they have
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to be possessed or just dangerous, evil. >> a 6-year-old and an infant were also living in this home. both are in protective custody now. police have released the names of two teenage boys who died in a crash in salem county. his 18-year-old passenger, colin harvey was also killed. a 16-year-old dwurl in the car with them is in stable condition. no one inside the home that the car crashed into was hurt. new this morning, four more people are accused of filing false claims. the latest defendants include three new jersey men and a woman from new york. authorities say a total of 20 people, you see their faces here, are now charged with filing for sandy relief money that they were not entitled to. if convicted, they could each get three to five years in prison. the fight to keep new jersey from building dunes on margate's
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beaches is heating up. the federal government said that it can move forward with construction. however, opponents say that they're looking forward to sitting down with their elected officials and look for a better solution. sonoco logistics is moving ahead with a major pipeline project that will stretch across pennsylvania. the company announced yesterday it plans to invest $2.5 billion in a new pipeline for natural gases like propane. four times the capacity to move the products in western p.a. to sunoco hook refinery. you're looking at that refinery there. they hope to have the new line-up and running in two years. the university of delaware is planning to close two of its oldest residence halls. the dickinson and rodney complexes will close at the end of the school year. both were built in 1956 and each houses more than 700 students. the university says those buildings need to close because
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of their condition but they do not plan to demolish them right away. meantime, the university of delaware is planning to open a new dining and residence hall and also investigating the harrington complex. both projects should be done by the next school year. the school says no interruption of housing for freshman students. landmarks around philadelphia are green today to mark the 30th anniversary. here's proof. a live look at boat house row where you see the boat houses there lined in green, supporting the cause and looking live at center city now. you see one in two liberty also lit up in green. that organization was founded 30 years ago by pam lawler who used her blue station wagon to transport donated food to those in need. serve 75,000 people a week across the delaware valley through a network of hundreds of agencies. celebrate tonight and honor lawler at a beet hunger bash.
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that's b-e-e-t hunger. clouds will be blowing through the area, right now, though, it is dry. some thin clouds are over center city and the temperature 49 degrees at philadelphia. the wind is now at 7 miles an hour in philadelphia. that's going to be picking up during the day today. you can see the wind is blowing the flag here at the nbc 10 studios. a live view from the rooftop and clouds over the city, gusty wind blowing and more clouds on the way. the possibility of a scattered shower during the later morning hours. it will stay dry right now. 48 degrees in wilmington, 49 in northeast philadelphia and seeing 46 now for blue bell and lafayette hill and down to 46 degrees in collegeville and eaglesville at 45 degrees. 40s up into the gillbertsville area this morning at 47 degrees. clouds, thin clouds, no sign of rain with these clouds, but to the west, you see those brighter
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white clouds in northwestern pennsylvania. that's some shower activity and that will be blowing our way. here are the showers that will likely move into our area late this morning and early this afternoon. but you won't see them to start with. we will actually start off with some sunshine, but thanks to the gusty winds, the future weather is going 2:00 this afternoon, some scattered showers into the area and then they'll blow right through and we'll clear out tonight and tomorrow morning, watch the temperatures drop. 7:00 tomorrow morning, we're in the 30s right at the freezing mark for pottstown. gusty winds will blow a few scattered, light showers into the area with temperatures that will be running cooler as we head into the weekend. back with the hour-by-hour temperatures in less than ten minutes. looks like we're good right now through the morning commute. things not so good now for drivers on the turnpike. jillian mele is here for nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter, jillian mele. how important it is to watch out for deer on the road.
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>> you got that right. two accidents on the pennsylvania turnpike involving separate vehicles that involve deer. you definitely need to just keep your eyes out for that. pennsylvania turnpike and right on the ramp we have an accident that hit a deer and on the westbound side, another one just past valley forge. use caution there. but they are the only two accidents that we're dealing with so far this morning. we still have this construction on 76 eastbound at belmont avenue and still out there blocking the left lane and the right lane of traffic is getting by. if that stays out there, we could see a delay in that area. i'll keep reminding you about it because i'll keep an eye on that camera for you. for drivers in new jersey, we have construction out there in both directions and that is expected to be out there active until about 6:00 this morning. chris? history and person. the local students who got a lesson straight from the source. dangling a carrot in front of
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the wrong crowd. the atlantic city that has to pay up for illegal addvertising. a new study is helping parents pick which one is right for their kids.
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4:25. an update on the breaking news we are bringing you out of north philadelphia where fire broke out at this homeless shelter. we just learned that one person has died. one person was killed in that fire. we told you earlier there were about 50 people inside the shelter overnight when the fire broke out around 3:00. most of them got out okay, but one person was killed in the fire and investigators are still on the scene trying to figure out what caused it.
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monique braxton is there, as well. she will have a live report for us coming up. happening in montgomery county a four-day arts festival the show runs tonight through monday rather. more than 250 artisans will have their works on display there. and a twice grammy nominated will perform. it's rare that you get to say doub double. also looking ahead to this weekend's events. a couple veterans day observa e observances will take place ahead of next tuesday's holiday. in coatesville the military will march in a parade. they're actually going to do this parade on the health center's campus. it starts at 9:30 this morning. and in cherry hill, there is an annual veterans day observance and metal cerem a a al ceremony.
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the nonprofit organization will serve children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. a surviving member of the tuskegee airmen visited students in delaware. stopped by a fifth grade class in wilmington yesterday. the author and former pastor spoke to the kids about his life. holmes tells nbc 10 that kids should be focused on continuing their education after high school. >> so that they will still be up there, they need to go to college. aim for college. can't get anything without going to school. >> living history right there. p homes served for one week before they ended world war ii. a dry start this morning and cooler, too, right now 47 degrees at 4:27. first alert traffic reporter jillian mele watching a few problems. good morning, jillian.
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>> two accidents on the pennsylvania turnpike and construction on 76. 95 looking pretty good near the betsy ross bridge. the details of these problems coming up in just a few minutes.
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that breaking news is a fire at a homeless shelter in north philadelphia where we learned just moments ago that one person was killed. a live picture here at the scene. we will have new information from fire officials straight ahead. the search for a local teenager's accused rapist and his menacing words to authorities. carlesha freeland hp


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