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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  November 7, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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with the rest of the seven-day coming up. >> two developing stories. the first out of washington, d.c. president obama is authorizing the u.s. military to send up to 1500 more troops to iraq. it's part of the mission to stop isis. they will not be combat troops. instead the white house says they will train, advise and help iraqi and kurdish forces fighting isis. the president is asking congress for more than $5 billion to fund the fight. this story developing kurt busch. police in dover say he is being investigated in a domestic assault case. the allegations were brought to the dover police on wednesday. his ex-girlfriend said the incident happened inside the motor home at a race. busch is known as the outlaw in the racing circle. he has a history of run-ins with drivers and nascar officials. busch is not charged with a crime. sources close to him say he denies any wrong doing. a man is accused of luring a
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local teen into a house and sexually assaulting her and then taunting police, daring them to try to find him. today that suspect surrendered. nbc 10 was there. tim furlong tracked the actions as the man appeared before a judge. >> you also talked to the victim's family members what did they tell you? >> they told me their 14-year-old is having a tough time. right now she's at a counseling session. she's a happy go-lucky kid is, and never could have expected anything like this would happen to her. >> did you do it? >> kasim hill did not seem bold in cuffs, but police say he was with them. >> he was brazen enough to call up and say you better come get me, because i'm not coming in. >> reporter: police say on wednesday he told a 14-year-old girl the friend she was looking for was inside his house on north 9th street. when she got inside, he threw her down on a bed and assaulted
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her. her friend came pounding on the door and that gave her time to escape. kasim took off before police got to the house. his mom cried in court and told her son to be strong as he was taken away in cuffs. >> i understand she loves him. everybody loves their child if it was my son, he would have been at the jailhouse knocked up beside his head the night it happened. if it was up to me, he would never see the light of day agai again. >> kasim hill is locked up tonight in a delaware county jail. he has a history of violence and an extensive juvenile record. the judge made it today that he cannot get bail. there's no chance he will get out before his trial on the new charges. we'll keep you posted. live in darby borough, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with this. nbc 10 is learning new information about an early
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morning fire at a philadelphia boarding house. one man has died. live on the scene in north philadelphia is matt delucia. >> there have been conflicting reports about the fire alarm. you have talked to a witness what have you learned? >> i've been on the phone with the fire commissioner's office this afternoon. as of right now the cause is still under investigation. it's believed to be the result of smoking. one man who woke up to this fire says it all happened so fast. >> i was sleeping. when i woke up, the smoke was coming through my room. the hallway pitch black with smoke. >> reporter: it was just before 3:00 a.m. at this house for the disabled and homeless, lamar hargrove lives across the hall from the man whose room was on fire and he was desperately trying to get out. >> his hands were up in the air. >> reporter: by the time
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firefighters got to his room it was too late. 23 people live in this boarding house run by the alliance of youth mission ministries. early on witnesses say they never heard a warning. did you hear any fire alarms? >> no. >> most of the people were coming out. that's an indication that the alarms were working. there's also a report that someone turned the alarm off. >> reporter: i took that question to the building office manager, who tells me a maintenance worker did shut off the fire alarm because he couldn't hear as he was banging on doors. >> the alarms did go off? >> yes, they went off. the fire marshall and l & i came back out after they turned the electric back on to test the alarms. >> he was upstairs banging on everybody's door telling them to wake up. >> reporter: nbc 10 was there as l & i examined the property and alarm system while residents packed up and found another place to stay. >> he's a nice guy. he never bothered nobody.
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>> reporter: the residents of this house will move to another building run by the same organization. this is not the first fire they have dealt with here. it's not the fist time this year. i'm working on those details right now. for now, live in north philadelphia, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> nbc 10 has learned the man at the center of a high profile kidnapping case is on suicide watch at a virginia jail. >> delvin barnes was taken there last night after being captured in maryland on wednesday. he is facing charges for a crime against a teen in virginia in addition to sunday's kidnapping of a philadelphia woman. deanna durante joins us live from germantown. you have been talking to law enforcement. what have you learned today? >> reporter: we have been talking with federal law enforcement sources that are painting a bigger picture as to how that arrest went down. we know carlesha is back home with family.
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she spent the first night at her mother's home and she is now in a safe location with philadelphia police watching closely her and her family. it was sunday night, cameras here in germantown caught that kidnapping on camera. police tell us if it had not been for that, that was their first big piece of evidence in the case. however we are learning from federal law enforcement officials other pieces that helped make the arrest. it was wednesday when that arrest happened. police taracked the car that delvin barnes was driving in. atf officials were already in virginia checking out various addresses for barnes. he was also wanted for rape and
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attempted murder in virginia. when information was learned about the car, agents with the atf were able to locate it, one agent was already in the area. he was the first to spot that car parked along a road in jessup with barnes and carlesha inside. those close to the family say they want to stay out of the limelight and help carlesha recover. i've been talking with federal investigators, they tell me that the first priority here is getting those charges filed in virginia where barnes is being held now, after that case wraps, they will proceed with the federal case in philadelphia. reporting live in germantown, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. barnes was first taken to virginia to face those charges in the kidnapping and attack on a 16-year-old girl. that happened last month before the filled abduction case. jacqueline london has reaction from that teen girl's mother. the mom did not hold back.
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>> no, the mother is fighting mad. she says her daughter did not even look like herself after the ordeal suffered at the hands of delvin barnes. officials say barnes hit the 16-year-old girl in the head with his shovel, forced her into the trunk of his car and brought him back to his home where he allegedly raped her and poured gasoline and bleach on her. the mother had some strong words for the man she says caused her daughter so much suffering. >> i just want to kill him. just want to kill him. all i can say is god bless him. he didn't succeed and i hope your [ bleep ] fries in hell. >> police say barnes began digging a grave for the girl. the 16-year-old was able to stumble two miles down a dark road to a building supply company.
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barnes father answered the door at his residence. >> what would you like to say to the family? >> we wish them a speedy rov . recove recovery. we hope they can forgive our son. >> you're asking that they give your son? >> yes. >> the family is relieved that barnes has been apprehended and spending nights in jail. their daughter is still recovering in the hospital. doctors have not given her a time frame for when she might be released. >> thank you. count on nbc 10 news to bring you new developments as we continue to follow the delvin barnes case. we'll share it with you on nbc 10 news and skyforce 10 over the scene of a murder investigation in reading. police found a man dead on green street around 1:00 this morning.
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officers told us they believe the victim ran there after he was shot. investigators do not believe the crime was random. stalk and robbed all for just $2. a car followed a woman along west pike street in tioga. a man gets out of the passenger side and follows the woman. he points a gun to her head and grabs her back. he got away with that and $2. a grieving community will come together to remember a chester county toddler murdered. the 3-year-old's mother and her boyfriend are charged in this case. keith jones has more in our digital operations center what are they doing tonight to remember scotty mcmillan. >> gateway church is holding a candlelight vigil tonight at 7:00 for young scotty mcmiller and also jacinda miller who was
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killed by her ex-boyfriend outside the ymca earlier this week. the church says they will open their doors to anyone who wants to pay respects to the victims. the boy's mother and her boyfriend are charged with his murder. they are both scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing next week. prosecutors say the couple used a knotted rope, a curtain rod, and aluminum strips to torture the boy in their west caln mobile home. a 6-year-old and an infant were also living in the home. they're in protective custody. lu ann cahn will have live reports tonight at 6:00 and 10:00. philadelphia's first casino wants to keep the city from adding a second. sugar house is petitioning the pennsylvania gaming can troll board.
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right now the board is considering four applications for a gaming casino license. the gaming board declined to comment on the petition today but they announced a vote will take place november 18th. new information about a famous crime figure in philadelphia, reputed exmobster joe joey merlino fighting his return to jail. skinny joey as he is often referred to was ordered back to prison for four months. he violated the terms of his probation while living in florida by meeting with a known mobster. will video help a man prove camden county officers went too far during his arrest. he says officers paralyzed him when they stepped on his back and neck back in june. police deny that but the man is fighting back in court. sidney long talked to the man's
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attorney today. >> the man who is suing wants that video released to prove his case? >> that's right. he and his attorneys say right now witness accounts or bystander account also have to fill in the blanks of where we see that surveillance video cut off the night of june 12th this past summer. a law enforcement source does confirm that that attorney has not yet formally requested the vide video. >> mr. ingram heard his neck break and felt excruciating pain. >> her client remains hospitalized and without the use of his limping following the june arrest. watch the top right hand corner of the screen. >> they kneed him in the neck, they stomped on him. they assaulted him. while he was handcuffed. >> reporter: police and prosecutors who did not comment on camera paint a different picture.
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they say ingram slipped and fell while evading capture. the chief of the police department says mr. ingram caused the tragic injury on his own accord, that his officers acted with composure even calling an ambulance for the suspect. police seized heroin and a gun from ingram that night. his attorney feels there's a cover-up. >> it's a fair question. >> is it your question? >> i have asked for production of the sky cam video. i asked for production of the radio transmissions from these officers. >> ballinger is also representing a bystander who witnessed police make the arrest. he asked them what are you doing? he asked him to stop. they said get out of here unless you want some of this, too. >> reporter: and they hurt him, too. >> they kicked him in the ribs, kneed him in the back and stomped him, correct?
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>> yes. >> reporter: police say all procedures were followed in this case but they are not able to comment on camera pending litigation. we also requested the rest of that surveillance video from the prosecutor. that will take some time. the charges against the bystander have been remanded down to municipal court. sydney long, nbc 10 news. thank you. new information in a custody case involving a new jersey man who is part of hitler's order. he now has lost custody of his son. the man goes by a fictitious name in court papers to protect the identity of the boy. that child was removed from his parents in 2011. the next year he lost rights to his three older children. the father lost the case after arguing the state could not find a psychologist who was not jewish. >> members of septa's largest
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union are voting now to ratify their comment. the deal avoided a strike and kept city buses, trolleys and subways up and running. the new contract includes wage increases that would give both sides more time to negotiate bigger issues like pension reform. new jersey republican jeff bell says he congratulated senator cory booker on his election win in the form of a text message. booker defeated bell on tuesday for a full six-year term to the senate. the republican candidate said he was sorry he didn't have a chance to congratulate booker over the phone. pennsylvania's new governor elect wasting no time putting together his transition team and he wants you to be a part of it. tom wolf launched a transition website today, it will allow pennsylvanians to interact with the transition, learn more about the process, provide feedback,
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receive announcements and submit resumes. wolf defeated incumbent tom corbett in tuesday's election. the governor elect wants his new website to create a conversation with pennsylvanians about how to give the commonwealth a fresh start. >> just a few days ago, we were over 70 degrees, now shivering. we have a lot of wind today bringing in the cold air. the winds will be dying down as we go into the evening. the km is going to be dropping quickly. so, it's going to be in the 20s across much of the area tonight. by the time the eagles play monday night, it won't be quite as cold but still on the chilly side. a mix of clouds and sun. more sunshine than a few hours ago. 51 degrees, sustained wind of 22 miles per hour. three degrees colder than this time yesterday. we are a lot windier.
4:18 pm
it's only 43 in allentown. 35 in mt. pocono. we saw some of the first snowflakes this season. 51 in philadelphia. 49 mt. holly. gla glassboro. here's the current wind gusts, about 20 to 30 miles per hour. as opposed to 30 to 40 which is what we were seeing a couple hours ago. the temperature will go down as the wind goes down. allentown, down to 25. 27 in reading. 28 in quakertown. these temperatures about 6:00 tomorrow morning, 28 in doylestown. 29 in norristown. mt. holly, at least there won't be a windchill during this period. 27 in vineland as the wind goes calm. vineland and millville tends to
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get extra cold. the heat stays in the city, 34 still cold. we see some quick showers moving through, also some quick snow flurries up towards the poconos. there's snow on the map. we had some mix of rain and ice and snow. look at this lake-effect snow coming in, cold air over the warm lakes, the wind is so strong that brings the moisture all the way down into our area. once the wind dies down, those showers will disappear and we won't get the threat of rain or snow tonight. for the eagles, as we go into monday night 54 at the start of the game. 47 at the end. not much wind. really decent weather for this time of year.
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tonight clearing and sold with 34 by morning in philadelphia. 25 in some of the coldest suburbs. it will be dead calm in the morning. mostly sunny, cold start. high temperatures only in the low 50s. but with much less wind it will feel not quite as cold as it does now. sunday, up to 56. expecting a dry weekend. look at the temperature go up monday and into tuesday. then it starts going down again. by the end of the week it will feel like winter. we have some rain and snow showers possible. >> i'm transfixed by friday. that looks scary. the warning is out. >> people are on alert about a small insect that made its way into our area. >> something that just happened, seemed to happen overnight. >> insect invasion, the tiny bug with the potential to do some big damage and what people in our area can't do because of
4:21 pm
these bugs. plus this -- my grandmother has cancer. so when they came in -- when i came into school, everyone was like i'm so sorry for your loss. then game the glares. >> that's not all. today one local teen's effort to honor her grandmother left her bullied and bruised, but she did not back down. also -- >> there are days where you're like, my gosh, how will i ever do this every day for the rest of my life? >> unbelievable. food is forbidden. the new jersey girl who can never eat or drink anything ever again?
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freeland-gaither. a piece of pennsylvania is taking center stage at rockefeller center. the christmas tree araihed in new york city this morning. workers cut down the 85-foot tall norway spruce in pennsylvania on thursday. cranes hoisted the tree on a
4:25 pm
truck for the 125-mile trek to manhattan. the tree will be decorated over the next few weeks. it's a popular tourist destination for the holiday season. the tree came from a home in hemlock township, columbia county, now it's in the middle of manhattan. here is how it looked as the tree came down. it's a complicated process cutting such a huge tree. the head gardner for "rock center" first spotted the tree driving down i-80 several years ago and he knew it would have the potential of being a christmas centerpiece. you can watch the tree lighting december 3rd at 8:00 p.m. toys a"r" us will join jcpenney and open doors at 5:00
4:26 pm
p.m. thanksgiving day. that's one hour earlier than sears, kohl's and macy's. toys "r" us will keep its doors open until 11:00 p.m. black friday night. a local man accused of luring a teen girl in a house and sexually assaulting her is in custody. >> and the suspect surrendered today in darby borough, despite taunting police to try to catch him for that crime. and this later on. the tiny insect from overseas threaten i threatening some things outdoors. >> speaking of outdoors, the mercury will continue to tumble fast overnight. we'll let you know how cold it will get in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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coming up tonight at 5:00, better think twice before you brown bag it. why mom may not know best when it comes to school lunch.
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just like an interception, i bet you didn't see this one coming. up your game with a new fritos chili pizza. a large for $12 dollars. add a mega chocolate chip cookie for just $5 dollars more. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's. so here's the good news, we made it to friday, but it's windy and chilly out there this afternoon. you can see the trees blowing in the wind in bala cynwyd. glenn "hurricane"schwartz is watching the mercury drop. >> and drop and drop. how cold will it get?
4:31 pm
>> with the wind diminishing, the temperatures will drop quickly. showers generally on the lighter side. some through philadelphia, lehigh valley. yeah, that's snow for the poconos at tobyhannah. you can see the lake-effect snow causing all that. as the wind diminishes, that stuff will stop. 43 in allentown. 35 mt. pocono. 51 in philadelphia. 49 in millville. the wind is still gusting, 20 to 30 miles per hour but not as strong as it was a couple hours ago. as we go through the oevening fs, the temperature will be dropping with the wind. by 10:00, close to the 40s. some places in the suburbs close to freezing already. we'll see how cold it will get
4:32 pm
where you live coming up. a marlton man is accused of exposing himself to a 13-year-old girl. this child was playing on a sidewalk in evesham township on wednesday. police say george florence decided to undress in the front stoop of his home in full view of his victim. florence was released after posting $1500 bail. a chester county couple facing charges this afternoon in three bank robberies. christopher leblanc robbed banks in east and west gauchen and bucks county. also arrested were elizabe elizabethkaneely. people who live or work near joint base mcgwiuire-dix may he
4:33 pm
some testing going on. the chester county community has been celebrating veterans day since monday. a parade went past the coatesville veterans affair medical center this morning. a high school marching band as well as fire and police vehicles. the theme is operation desert shield and operation desert storm. >> we recognize how much these veterans have given up for us. some of them have sacrificed their health along with their time with their family. it ought to be veterans day every day. at least we have that opportunity this week to really pay tribute to them and give back to them in a little way. >> how great making it more than one day. monday there will be a flag raising at the veterans medical center. on tuesday, a salute to our men
4:34 pm
and women at veterans park in coatesville. united airlines is ending its service to and from atlantic city. they say it's not sustainable. flights started in april, but service will end december 3rd. a cape may county skate park is closer to becoming a reality today. the location for the skate park was finalized at a town hall meeting this week. it will be at 6th street and as bu bury avenue in ocean city. it is estimated to cost $750,000. the annual cost to maintain it will be less than 5,000. it is friday. the nbc 10 team ready to cover your home team with the high school football blitz. our spotlight game of the week takes us to burlington county and a showdown between whlenape
4:35 pm
high school and ran cococas val high school. our team is heading out to capture the action. we may show up at your school. see the action from the gridiron tonight at 11:00. tomorrow, a full half hour of high school football action with the nbc 10 football blitz, tomorrow night at 7:00. nothing to eat, nothing to drink forever. >> sounds extreme, that's what the future holds for one local new jersey teen. we will tell you how doctors plan to keep her alive. first, here's what we're working on for you at 5:00. >> a 14-year-old girl allegedly lured into a home and raped by an 18-year-old. coming up, how he turned himself in after daring police to find him. >> you can explain the pain. south jersey police accused of brutally beating a man in handcuffs. >> they kneed him in the neck. they stomped on him. >> now nbc 10 is asking what really happened on the scene and
4:36 pm
the legal action being taken sdm. and he's the man who kidnapped carlesha. we're speaking to the mother who says he almost killed her daughter.
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air pollution may be contributing to the growing rates of adhd in children. researchers at columbia university followed more than 200 african-american and
4:39 pm
dominican women and their children living in new york city and they found babies with a specific type of hydro carbon in the placenta and umbilical cord were five times more likely to be diagnosed with the disorder. a new jersey teen can never eat or drink again, that's because sarah has a rare and incurable medical condition called chronic intestinal pseudoobstruction. it tricks her body into thinking any food making its way through her digestive tract is an intestinal obstruction. for the rest of her life she will be fed through an implanted tube. >> we finally did get that diagnosis, it was like, okay. great. now we have a name for it. but then it was like, hey, wait, i've read all this stuff. i know how awful it is. i done want that. give it back. >> only about 150 people worldwide are diagnosed with the
4:40 pm
condition each year. she is trying to raise awareness for the condition with a non-profit she created called sarah's army. to another young lady who cut her hair to honor her grandmother who was battling cancer. >> then came the criticism at school for a local teen. we'll tell you how she took a stand. plus this -- >> yeah, they'll probably try to live on the bark. they like smooth bark. >> bug battle. the insect that has one local county on guard and bracing for the potential of serious damage. glenn "hurricane"schwartz? >> very windy and whil chilly d. i'll let you know how cold it will get and the weekend outlook in my nbc 10 news first alert seven-day forecast. at 5:00, packing more than pants and socks. new numbers revealing how many guns have been found in carry-on luggage at philly international.
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building a trusting relationship with the person behind the eyes. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. it was a show of solidarity for her grandmother who is battling cancer. a delaware county teen believes her decision to cut her hair made her a target for school bullies. kayla wilson said her grandmother became depressed when her illness started to cause her hair to fallout, so kayla cut her hair as well. a week later at school, kayla said that's when the taunting began. >> it got worse the beginning of
4:45 pm
this year. the names get worse, they have become very, very, very -- very vulgar. >> the local organization teach anti-bullying plans to honor kayla for her efforts to take a stand against bullying. another honor today for this high school student. janisha cruz is one of the winners of the nbc 10 high school leadership award. she was chosen for her maturity and leadership. cruz says she knows she has to speak out. >> when i hear someone saying something that is kind of questionable or it's a little narrow minded, to really give out my opinion in a sense. not to force it on them, but to get them to think and question what they're saying. >> cruz will get a $20,000 scholarship to widener in the fa fall. competition heating up at citizens bank park in the off
4:46 pm
season. today more than 70 young women tried out to be a phillies ball girl. the field will be narrowed down to ten women. each candidate had to show off his softball skills and the phillies and visitors batting cage. they have to have a knowledge of baseball and good communication skills. winners will be announced in january. that was a beautiful picture of citizens bank park. the sun is setting right around this time. a couple minutes from now. the wind has been a factor all day. it will be calming down this evening. a very cold night tonight. not quite as cold when the eagles play on monday night. still a bit on the chilly side. right now we are seeing the winds not quite as strong here
4:47 pm
outside the station. it helps when you have a building blocking the wind. 51 degrees, winds sustained at 22 miles per hour. we have had gusts to 40 miles per hour during the day today. we were in the 70s monday and tuesday. plunged yesterday, 53 today. 52 tomorrow. the average high is 59. we're already seeing temperatures drop into the 40s, even in millville, mt. holly, northeast philly. 46 in trenton. 43 in allentown. rain showers and a nasty day with these wind gusts on top of that. close to 30 miles per hour now. not quite as strong as an hour ago. that wind will be going down and as it gets calm the temperature will crash, too. 25 degrees in allentown. 23 in the poconos. 27 in reading. this is around 6:00, 7:00 tomorrow morning. 28 in doylestown. 29 in mt. holly. even colder in the vineland/m l
4:48 pm
vineland/millville areas. when you have the clear skies and low humidity, those temperatures drop fast. 34 the warm spot in philadelphia. we see some of those light rain showers racing through the area. one right across philadelphia at the moment. that will move out. we dry out. as we head up towards the poconos, we saw some of those snowflakes just in the last few minutes. some of the higher elevations. camelback camera, you can see the effects here, the streamers. cold wins coming over the warm lakes. and everything dies down. once the wind diminishes, the lake effect machine gets shut off. we clear out. now, next week, things will get pretty crazy. now, mostly in the northern states, middle of the country, we're just on the edge of this. this is next weekend, not this weekend, next weekend.
4:49 pm
arctic air coming into the country. cold air going down practically to florida. that's a huge area of unseasonably cold weather. you will be hearing more and more about it. yes, the polar vortex coming down closer. it's happened before. clearing and cold with wind dim menni inishing. tomorrow, mostly sunny, temperatures in the low 50s. the seven-day forecast, chilly day on sunday, looks dry. then it warms up a bit monday and tuesday. look at that. 66 degrees tuesday. some of that really cold air from the middle of the country starts to make its way over here. we have a chance of rain or snow showers by the end of next week and the following weekend. that could be an extended period of cold weather. i know you're thrilled about that. >> we all are. >> here we go again. all right. stay on top of it for us, glenn.
4:50 pm
you could say we have company. >> and it's making a lot of people very uneasy. >> an unwelcomed guest in pennsylvania orchards is causing a quarantine what came over from china that has farmers concerned. and new tonight at 5:00, hundreds of passengers have been caught with guns in their bags at american airports. how many were stopped here in philadelphia?
4:51 pm
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4:53 pm
. how is this for a pretty picture on a friday? our live sky cam network capturing late afternoon shot of
4:54 pm
william penn high atop city hall in philadelphia. it's pretty, but it's going to be a cold night out there tonight. you could say some local farmers are bugged out over this thing, this insect. >> it's called the lantern fly, it made its way to our area. some communities in berks county are on alert. randy gyllenhaal explains the potentially big threat from this tiny insect. >> reporter: inside each create at the fruit farm in boyertown, p.a., bright red apples are prepped and packed for hungry customers across the region. perhaps even hungrier is a new neighbor in these parts causing all sorts of problems. >> seemed to happen overnight. >> reporter: out here in the growing fields, farmers inspect every branch for the spotted lantern fly, it's a new invasive
4:55 pm
critter from east asia that loves fruit trees. >> they will probably try to live on the bark. it is an insect with bright colors. >> reporter: on this farm no problems yet. >> haven't seen any. >> reporter: but five townships are under carnitine which means no movement of firewood or shipping materials. the bug probably came over on a crate from china or korea, and this is the fist case in u.s. history. >> since it's new to the country we are taking every precaution as possible. we need to stop the spread of spotted lantern fly. >> reporter: neighbors are asked to look out for egg sacks like this one and kill them because if the bugs breach the quarantine they could munch on the profits of the logging, wine and fruit industries. >> we get alarmed, the last thing we want to do is be quarantined. >> there is some hope these bugs could be killed off come wintertime, but they come from climates in asia similar to ours and they have survived there.
4:56 pm
now to nbc 10 news at 5:00. >> here are jacqueline london and keith jones. >> we're learning more about the abduction suspect and his alleged past crimes. >> why delvin barnes is being watched closely as he sits behind bars in virginia. and the family of the teen he's accused of kidnapping and assaulting has some choice words to share. and sheena, cold air moving in. >> get ready for some very cold air as we get into tomorrow morning and colder temperatures in the seven-day forecast. new hope needs your help, why getting to and from this bucks continunty town could get easier and why they need your input.
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. if you listen closely you can hear that crackle of rain, snow and ice mix briefly passing through the area. here in north philadelphia little bits of it were pelting cars and people walking outside. now the rain has gone but cold air is moving in. >> sheena parveen has more of what we can expect tonight. >> we will start to dry out tonight but we will see more cold air setting in through the overnight hours. we have a few sprinkles still
5:00 pm
trying to move through mainly north and west of philadelphia. in the poconos, we have lake-effect snow. these are mostly in the form of flurries in higher elevations. this shows you how cold the air is across the area. in the poconos, 34 right now. philadelphia coming in at 50 degrees. we're only dropping down from here. millville, 48. 1 in allentown. if you are heading out this friday night it will be a cold one. by 6:00 p.m., upper 40s. the winds still with us. right now gusting near 30 miles per hour. by 8:00 p.m., the winds will diminish. but 10:00, a lot colder, 41 degrees. many parts of the area will be in the 20s by tomorrow morning. we'll look at the morning lows coming up. under arrest. this man allegedly lured a delaware county teen into a house and sexually assaulted her. before he


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