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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 7, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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trying to move through mainly north and west of philadelphia. in the poconos, we have lake-effect snow. these are mostly in the form of flurries in higher elevations. this shows you how cold the air is across the area. in the poconos, 34 right now. philadelphia coming in at 50 degrees. we're only dropping down from here. millville, 48. 1 in allentown. if you are heading out this friday night it will be a cold one. by 6:00 p.m., upper 40s. the winds still with us. right now gusting near 30 miles per hour. by 8:00 p.m., the winds will diminish. but 10:00, a lot colder, 41 degrees. many parts of the area will be in the 20s by tomorrow morning. we'll look at the morning lows coming up. under arrest. this man allegedly lured a delaware county teen into a house and sexually assaulted her. before he was placed behind bars
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he taunted police to come and get him. police received some help from the victim's family. >> i know you covered this story last night, you know the details of what this case entails, and you also know this guy called police and said i'm not coming in, you need to come get me. i guess he changed his mind today because he brought himself in. police say on wednesday he told a 14-year-old girl the friend she was looking for was inside his house on north 9th street. when she got inside, he threw her down on a bed and assaulted her. her friend came pounding on the door and that gave her time to escape. kasim took off before police got to the house. today his mom sobbed in court and told her son to be strong. the victim's family was also in court. they did not appreciate any of this sentiment. >> his mother is in there empathizing over what he's going
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through. but he caused this on himself. i saw him in there crying. but, you know, i'm looking at him. but my niece was screaming and crying for him to stop what he was doing to her. you know, where was the sympathy for that? >> reporter: we're told kassim has a juvenile criminal record that includes violent crimes. because he is on probation there's no chance he will get out. the victim's family says she is having a tough time. a couple hours ago she's had a counseling session. she is embarrassed and afraid people will find out what happeneded to her. they are hoping she can move past this traumatic situation. live in darby borough, tim furlong. we have more on the man accused of abducting a woman off a germantown street and taking
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her out of state. that in the next half hour. fire kills a man in a north philadelphia boarding house. the flames were confined to one room but nearly two dozen people can't live in the building. matt delucia has more. >> reporter: those residents were moved into a building not far from where we are, 22nd and clearfield. within the past hour firefighters have come out to the scene, knocking on doors, talking to neighbor's and handing out these flyers. while this case is still under investigation, it is believed that this fire was the result of smoking. the fire started inside a room on the third floor of the alliance of youth mission ministries which houses those who are disabled and homeless. some residents claim they never heard a fire alarm. investigators are looking into that claim. i asked the office manager here who tells me the alarm did sound but was turned off by a maintenance worker in exchange for banging on doors.
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this fire was contained to that one room and one witness who lives across from the victim describes the scene. >> i could see his hands up in the air like telling somebody to come up and get him. >> reporter: l & i inspectors spent the day examining this building. there was also a fire that happened here in february caused by smoking. mang tagement tells me they for smoking inside and will try to keep a closer eye on the folks who stay here. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. he's known as the outlaw on the nascar racing circuit. today kurt busch is the latest sports figure under investigation for domestic violence. police in dover say they got the complaint on wednesday. his ex-girlfriend says the incident happened inside his motor home at a race in
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september at dover international speedway. busch has a history of run ins on and off the track. nascar says it is aware of the situation and is waiting for the outcome of the investigation. sources close to bush tell tmz that she's making the whole thing up and he never touched her. two men are on the run after they broke into a business in the pennsport section of philadelphia. the break in was at savage services on east oregon avenue. new information tonight on the death of robin williams. the final autopsy report has been released it says there were no alcohol or illegal drugs in his system. williams was on prescription drugs at the time of his death. the comedian had been struggling with depression, anxiety and the early stages of parkinson disease when he committed suicide in august. last month the same man
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accused of abducting carlesha freeland-gaither also took another teenager. >> i hope your [ bleep ] fries in jail. >> we hear from the family of the suspect coming up. hospital rampage caught on tape. watch as a patient runs wild armed with a metal pole. and slowing down. new york just dropped the speed limit on all of its streets. how slow drivers must now go and what led to the change.
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rebel separatists say more human remains have been found at the crash site of the plane shot down over the ukraine in may. the rebels remain in control the site where flight 17 was shot down. a busy day for president obama. he has decided to send more troops to iraq as part of the mission to stop isis. they won't be combat troops, though. also today the president met with both parties to discuss the new reality, the republican control of congress. jay gray has details. >> the american people just want to see work done here in washington. >> reporter: as the president
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and congressional leaders sat down for a working lunch today at the white house, republicans came to the table with an appetite for change. ♪ after sweeping wins in tuesday's midterm elections that will give them control of the house and senate. >> we'llwçc:6a see whether we ck with the president. i hope so. that's what he says. we'll find out. >> i am not going to judge ideas based on whether they're democratic or republican. i'll judge them on whether or not they work. >> reporter: analysts warn common ground will be difficult to find. >> you simply can't look at this situation and where we've been for the last four years and be optimistic about the two sides setting aside difference and coming to large-scale compromise. >> reporter: already the battlelines have been drawn over health care. >> he needs to make good on his promise. >> reporter: and an immigration reform rally outside the white house is a reminder that both sides are split on the controversial issue with the president suggesting he will act on his own using executive
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order, if necessary, for immigration reform. >> it's not a threat. the president made a promise he would act on immigration reform before the end of the year. >> we expressed for him if more executive actions are taken that would make it difficult for us always to work together. >> reporter: the heat clearly on the president and leaders from both parties to find some ways to break the gridlock. again, it's important to point out today's lunch included a briefing on the u.s.-led fight on isis on the same bay that the president doubled the amount of troops on the ground in iraq. this week's midterm election brings new faces to washington. >> but will it do anything to break the washington gridlock? joining us now from washington is meet the press moderator chuck todd. thanks for taking the time to talk to us. >> happy to do it. >> congress and the president have not been able to agree at all during president obama's second term. now it's republicans controlling
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both chambers. will that gridlock continue for the next two years? >> i think it depends on each side handle the immigration issue and the health care issue as jay gray pointed out. think of them as political nuclear bombs as far as what the other side considers. if the republicans spend the first month or two just trying to repeal the health care law, chip away at it, that -- the white house would see that as an antagonistic move. republicans believe if the president decides to move on his own on executive action, they would view that as a hostile antagonistic move. that's the way you could see gridlock coming back in a hurry. do they agree to pause both of those issues for a while and leave an opening to do other things on taxes and jobs and things like that? that's the open question. i think we -- that's what we'll have to find out.
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this meeting went fairly well. but i expected this one to go well. >> the economic picture nationally looking good. voters did not seem to notice that. what is causing that discrepancy between the national economic picture and what voters are feeling? >> look, i think a couple of things. number one, wage stagnation. that's been -- there's a terrific chart that we had this morning on msnbc on "morning joe" that showed steve ratner who follows this stuff, there's only one industry where wages have grown in the last six years, that's the financial sector. if you look at the regular manufacturing jobs, the auto industry, wages have gone down from 5% to 15% in a lot of key areas. yes, jobs are there. but they pay less. yes, in some places the unemployment rate is going down. but a lot of people decided to take early retirement. there's a big discrepancy between rural america and
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smaller city america and the slower economic growth versus urban america and the ushen suburbs which is seeing much faster economic growth out of this recovery. i think that's why you have this feeling in the american public that the economy is still a problem. >> a real disparity on how people are feeling depending on where they live. chuck todd, always nice to talk to you. be sure to watch "meet the press" this sunday morning at 10:30 on nbc 10. the ebola scare in texas has subsided for now. as of midnight it's been 21 days since anyone there last had contacted with anyone with the virus. 21 days is the incubation period for ebola. health officials were monitoring 177 people in the state after a liberian man died in a dallas hospital and two nurses became infected. nbc 10 got a behind-the-scenes look facility of where the u.s. army is waging war against
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ebola. scientists at the medical research institute of infectious diseases are looking for a weakness in the ebola virus. this is where thebiologists are find that one vaccine that will stop ebola in its tracks. >> are you hopeful ebola can be beaten? >> i think the current outbreak can be controlled. i'm not sure it's ever a virus we'll beat. you don't see a reason why he can want develop effective treatments for it. a half dozen vacancies are ready for human trials. the research is slow work. teams began looking for that elusive vaccine when ebola was first discovered in africa in 1976. new ly released video of a hospital patient on a rampage attacking nurses. it happened last week. that's charles logan running
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through the nurses station with a metal pole. he attacked four people and left the building. one nurse suffered a collapsed lung. another fractured her wrist. logan later died after being arrested three blocks away. for those brave enough to drive in new york city they'll have to take things slower. today the speed limit changed from 30 to 25 miles per hour on all streets where maximum speed is not posted. 90% of speeds there have speed limbs of 25 or lower. >> i think there's a real consensus in the town that we need to have people drive more carefully, more safely, slower for the protection of our kids and seniors. >> i don't think it's necessarily a good thing. people drive fast regardless of what the speed limit is. >> 3,000 new signs will be i stalled over the year. the city is running radio, print and online ads to let drivers
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know about the change. on north broad street and the ben franklin bridge, the speed limit is 30 miles per hour. on south broad street, 25 is the speed limit. well, it is going to get cold as we go through the overnight hours tonight. especially in the suburbs and especially areas north and west. the colder temperatures will be settling in through the overnight hours tonight. some areas in the 20s. 50 degrees in philadelphia. not far away we have the 30s in the poconos. the cold air is continuing to move in this direction, tomorrow morning it will be a cold start. even through the afternoon. temperatures remaining chilly saturday and sunday. dry as we go into monday night, just in time for the eagles game. in the poconos, 33 degrees. this is where we have seen snow flurries.
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46 in bensalem. in the lehigh valley, mid to low 40s. 41 in allentown. 48 glass dominguboro and wilmin. the poconos has seen mostly snow flurries parts of the day today because of higher elevations. we've seen a few sprinkles around because of this. the wind dragging it in from the great lakes. through parts of montgomery county, chester county, bucks county seeing sprinkles. across 78, south of allentown, seeing a few sprinkles. up in the poconos, possibly light snow flurries in tobyhanna. our flow coming from the northwest, dragging down the colder air and a bit of moisture.
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tonight the colder air will settle in and we will be drying up. winds from 25 to 30 miles per hour. wind also stay up this ooe ning, later tonight those winds will diminish. 25 for the morning low in allentown. 27 for reading. 28 in quakertown. upper 20s in mt. holly. 33 northeast philly. 28 in doylestown. close to the shore, 30 degrees. vineland you could be at 27 degrees. philadelphia expected to be in the mid 30s. for tonight, clearing. we are getting colder. winds will lighten up. that's when it will be dropping the temperatures down. tomorrow, a cold day. mostly sunny, cold start to the day. temperatures topping out from 50 to 53 degrees. on sunday, still chilly. we start off around 40 degrees. more clouds will keep temperatures in the mid 50s. monday, in time for the eagles
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game, low 60s. for the game monday night temperatures will be cool but the good news is we'll be try. 8:30 monday evening, temperatures in the mid 50s. by the fourth quarter, temperatures in the 40s. we warm up tuesday, mid 60s. look at the blast of cold air, it moves in on thursday, highs in the 40s. mid 40s as we go into friday. philadelphia's first casino wants to stop the city from adding a second. sugar house is petitioning the pennsylvania gaming control board. right now the board is considering four applications for a new casino license. sugar house says the recent implosion of atlantic city says the market is already too saturated. the gaming board declined to comment on the petition today but announced a vote would take place on november 18th. four more people accused of filing false claims for hurricane sandy relief money are facing charges. the late the defendants include
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three new jersey men and a woman from new york. investigators say 20 people are now charged with filing for sandy relief funds they're not entitled to. if convicted they could each get 3 to 5 years in prison. mom knows best, right? of course she does. always. she's always right. but what about when it come ss packing that school lunch? why some kids may be better off ordering from the cafeteria instead of brown bagging that lunch. getting to and from new hope. planners need your help. how you can take part in a mass transit upgrade project.
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a new study con firl confirms what many say they already know. teenagers have trouble getting up for school. researchers studied their body clocks, and researchers say it's more esvidence that schools may want to rethink start times. and brown bagging your kid's lunch bag is the biggest nutritional punch, right? maybe not.
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school lunches were compared tho those packed at home. both meet nutritional standards but packed lunches have more saturated fat and sugar. lunch from home is also lower in protein and calcium. school lunches contain more sodium. school lunches have more fruits and vegetables, packed lunches have too many desserts and sugary drink sgls. penndot is asking anyone who lives, works or visits new hope to share information on their travel needs and habits. officials say it will help decide whether it makes sense to establish new transit service to the community. penndot wants to hear from you. just fill out a brief online survey. find it on our website, a question today, did police go too far? >> that's what a paralyzed man is alleging against camden police.
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>> now a lawsuit has been filed alleging police used excessive force. today we talked to the attorney involved, the suspect's family. we're also asking the prosecutor's office for answers. what we found out straight ahead. armed at the airport. more than 1800 guns have been found in carry-on bags this year. which airplane has the most and how many times has it happened at philly international? plus all new at 6:00, who says your vote doesn't count? a local race was decided by two votes. the recount that led to a different outcome.
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cold air is blowing into the area right now. this is the flag from the station building along city line avenue. some areas saw showers today and even a brief blast of an ice and rain mix. more cold air is on the way for the weekend. >> let's turn to sheena parveen. what can we expect tonight? >> tonight temperatures will be dropping down. areas seeing a few showers around will be drying out, too. numbers will drop into the 20s for some of you come tomorrow morning. right now winds are gusting near 30 miles per hour. temperatures through the lehigh valley and allentown already at 41. poconos at freezing. 32 where we seen a few snow
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flurries going by. needless to say, if you're heading out tonight, it will be a cold evening. here is some of the precip moving in from the great lakes. lake effect snow showers giving parts of the poconos very brief flurries. these are very quick moving as we go through the rest of the evening temperatures will continue to drop down. by 8:00 tonight, less wind. that will be diminishing. by 10:00, 40 degrees. colder as we start off your weekend, those numbers coming up. the torture and murder of a chester county toddler has made national headlines. >> the details of the case has been difficult for members of the community. lu ann cahn is in chester county to explain. >> we are at the gateway church in parksburg, they are holding a candlelight vigil tonight at 7:00. the pastor said he felt it necessary because this community
5:31 pm
experienced two horrific violent crimes this past week. 3-year-old scotty mcmillan died tuesday night after police say he was tortured to death. the boy's mother, jillian tait and her boyfriend, gary fellenbaum used a knotted rope, a curtain rod, and aluminum strips to torture the boy in their west caln mobile home. in a different incident monday night, jacinda miller, the mother of two, was shot and killed outside the brandy wine ymca. her ex-boyfriend then turned the gun on himself. terrified children and parents heard the gunshots from inside the y. >> we've been praying for these families throughout the week. some of our church family are involved in law enforcement and they had the challenge of being first responders to both events. we knew there was a need in our own church family but also knew
5:32 pm
the community had a great need, to find a place to seek hope. >> the pastor says he has no idea how many people will show up at the vigil starting at 7:00. he's asking people to bring candles. there is no planned program. it's open to the public. live in parksburg chester county, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. this man who is accused of abducting a philadelphia woman in germantown and was the focus of a three-day manhunt by police and fbi agents tonight is on suicide watch. delvin barnes sits in a virginia jail where this evening police are keeping a close eye on a him. >> new details are emerging about his arrest in the last hour. diana durante spoke to a baltimore-based fbi agent who coordinated the arrest. what did the agent have to tell you? >> he says it was less than ten minutes from the time that he got the call from richmond atf
5:33 pm
ajens that that car had been located by gps to the time barnes had been arrested. the car had been under surveillance by undercover atf agents, this we know. but how they surrounded the car without him knowing, that took delvin barnes by surprise. tim jones says he got the call from atf agents in richmond, virginia looking for barnes on an active warrant there. at first agents saw no sign of barnes or the 22-year-old woman, so they called philly detectives asking if they wanted the car impound. then they spotted barnes. >> we got the vehicle, it's occupied by a male and female. do you want us to detain him? absolutely they said. >> that's when agents blocked the vehicle with theirs. he was in disbelief that he was caught.
5:34 pm
>> they had to give him several verbal commands so he could process what was happening. they could see the female in the back. they got him to unlock the doors. as soon as the doors were unlocked they took him into custody. >> reporter: jones tells me when the first agents arrived, they ran a check on the car. the car had pennsylvania tags, the cars did not match the gray car they were attached to. he also advised agents if they saw a car, a back window that had been broke than it could be involved in the kidnapping that happened right here. >> he told her he was going kill her. she was going to die. >> the family of a teen allegedly kidnapped and assaulted by delvin barnes is talking about the attack. at 5:55, hear their angry words to barnes. nbc 10 news and will continue to follow developments here at home and in virginia in
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the abduction investigation. did the arrest of a man in camden go too far? >> the man who police took in custody says officers stepped on his neck and back and paralyzed him. today the suspect's family and attorney spoke to nbc 10's sidney long. are police or prosecutors saying anything about the lawsuit? >> reporter: i can tell you that the attorney in this case believes that medical professionals will be able to prove that this type of injury did not happen from a mere slip and fall. in the meantime police do say there was no misconduct or no excessive force. they went on to say they think the attorney's claims are theatrical, that she contradicts herself saying the suspect fell to the ground with his hands up. watch the video for yourself. >> xavier ingram's family sent us this video of his 21st birthday at an icu hospital bed at cooper medical center. his sister and can ussousin app
5:36 pm
for answers. >> he is a 21-year-old, he can't do anything. >> he can't touch his kids unless we put them on him. >> in question what more detail might additional surveillance video provide that's not been released by police. >> so far to date the prosecutor's office is conducting a criminal and has refused to release the remaining portion of the video. >> on the night of june 12th, watch as ingram runs from police and they say he slipped on the pavement causing his own tragic injury. the family and attorney say ingram and witness accounts dispute it being a simple fall to the ground. >> mr. ingram's cervical injuries were major and substantial and could not be caused by someone going to the ground hands first as he did. >> reporter: police could not
5:37 pm
comment on camera today. his attorney also did not hent on stolen drugs or handguns that recovered that night. >> that is irrelevant and immaterial to what they did to mr. ingram. he was down on the ground, not resisting arrest. they had him in handcuffs. >> reporter: whithe police offis involved were never taken off duty. also we asked for video of the arrest in its entirety today. i got a phone call a few minutes ago that police are reviewing our request. they may release it to us as early as tonight or monday morning. a cumberland county man is heading to state prison for telling a woman who have sex with two children and send him pictures. gary kraemer of bridgeton was convicted of sexual assault and sentenced this week to 55 years behind bars. he will serve 38 years without the possibility of parole.
5:38 pm
rachel baker pled guilty to child abuse in 2012. she was sentenced to ten years in prison. 8 1/2 without parole. the execution of a man convicted of murdering a university of delaware student is on hold. a judge delayed the execution for james cook. he was scheduled to be put to death on december 4th. cook was convicted of raping and killing lindsey bonestahl, she was 25 years old. the news journal of wilmington reports the delay happened so the u.s. supreme court could consider his appeal. cook's lawyers claim he should have been given more time to prepare for trial. a special honor today in north philadelphia. >> a section of whitaker avenue was named for the 65th infantry. they are noted for fighting during the korean war. while these men and women fought alongside americans, one veteran we spoke to said this regimen
5:39 pm
had to prove they were worthy of the job. >> we were told many, many times he was not -- we were not americans. we were told that we are only in american uniforms. we had to show the people they were not uniforms that did the job. it was inside the uniforms that did the job. >> tomorrow the group will be honored in washington, d.c. packing much more than sweaters and slacks. new information shows just how many guns have been found so far this year in carry on luggage at american airports. which airport has seen the most and how many times it's happened at philadelphia international. first here's what's coming up tonight at 6:00. >> you need to face justice. >> right at 6:00, an 1-year-old turns himself in to police accused of raping a young teen girl. what changed his mind after daring police to hunt him down. >> would somebody else have
5:40 pm
assaulted her? abused her verbally? >> this young girl shaved her head to support her grandmother battling cancer. coming up, how other kids bullied her for it. >> and the casino coming to south philadelphia. what's being done to get the project approved. takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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>> carlesha freeland-gaither was kidnapped, but before that a teen was abducted in virginia, that victim's parents are talking about the crime and not
5:43 pm
sparing a word. and a teacher lying motionless after being attacked in a philadelphia high school. the school's troubled history and what officials are saying about this latest violent incident.
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
here's some of the stories making headlines at 5:45. today the teen accused of luring a 14-year-old girl into a delaware county house and sexually assaulting her turned himself into police. kassim hill has a juvenile criminal record what does include vile leapt crimes. since he's on probation he won get out on bail. delvin barnes is on suicide watch at a virginia jail.
5:46 pm
jail authorities say barnes was put on suicide watch shortly after being booked today. the decision was made by the medical staff. barnes is due in court on wednesday. a man is killed in an early morning fire at a north philadelphia boarding house. that fire started inside a room on the third floor of the alliance youth ministry services. authorities believe the victim may have been smoking. we have new information about the recall of dangerous air bags. the "new york times" reports manufacturing takata knew about the risk of rupture in 2014 and hid that information for years. officials involved in the secret testing were ordered to delete the data from from their computers and to get rid of the air bags. more than 14 million vehicles worldwide have been recalled. it seems like common sense,
5:47 pm
don't take weapons on to a plane, but the tsa says it still happens all too often. according to the latest numbers released today, airport screeners have found more than 1800 guns in carry-on bags this year, most of them were loaded. you can see photos of them here. screeners also found grenades, stun guns and swords. at philadelphia international, eight firearms have been seized this year compared to 104 at dallas/ft. worth airport. experts think some forget the weapons are in their baggage while others don't know the rules. >> has to be declared t has to go through checked baggage and be in a locked class, clearly marked as a firearm. if you don't do that they'll catch it during the checked baggage screening, flag it and confiscate it. >> while this year's numbers are not abnormally high, it proves the importance of the tsa's
5:48 pm
work. well, get ready for a cold start to your week. some of you will be in the 20s come tomorrow morning. the temperatures overnight tonight will certainly be dropping down. it will be much colder tonight. if you have the friday night plans, will you want a pretty thick jacket. going into the weekend, we stay chilly saturday and sunday for the high temperature. the good news is as we go into monday, we'll still be chilly for the eagles game, not as cold but at least dry. clouds around on monday. 50 degrees right now in philadelphia. winds are gusting to 30 miles per hour. as we go overnight the winds will be diminishing. temperatures 41 now in allentown. 33 in mt. pocono. 41 in reading. 48 in millville and wilmington.
5:49 pm
49 in dover. 48 in atlantic city. overnight tonight, staying dry. but when winds diminish temperatures will be dropping and bottoming out in the 20s areas north and west. 25 nor allentown, 28 quakertown. 27 in reading. around philadelphia, northeast philly 33 degrees tomorrow morning. 28 for doylestown. upper 20s norristown. mt. holly in the 20s. vineland could be waking up to 27 degrees. same thing for wilmington and chester. philadelphia mid 30s. we have had a bit of moisture move in from the lake effect showers. colder areas are seeing lake effect snow showers. but we've seen a few sprinkles across the area. in the poconos we've seen flurries coming down because of the lake-effect snow moving in. nothing expected to accumulate. the cold air is driving this down. our winds are still up because of this but it will be getting
5:50 pm
colder again overnight and to start off your weekend. here is a look at future temperatures. colder air sets in this saturday and sunday. it does retreat and moves back as we go into tuesday. by tuesday of next week, milder air will be here again. watch what happens after that. the really cold air moves down and look at how much of the country will be seeing very cold air as we go into next weekend. we will see changes in our forecast the next seven days. for tonight, clearing and cold. mid 30s for the low in philadelphia. tomorrow, mostly sunny, temperatures topping out at 50, 53 degrees. tomorrow morning for the heart walk at citizens bank park, a cold one. by 10:30, temperatures around 42. 12:30, temperatures will be in the mid 40s. it will stay cold as we end out the weekend. good for the eagles game but chilly monday night. as we go into next week, we drop into the 40s on thursday. >> you heard sheena talking about it. have a heart, come walk with me.
5:51 pm
the philadelphia heart walk is tomorrow morning. gates open at 8:00 a.m. the walk begins at 10:30. i'm thrilled to be the emcee for the second year. it's a fun time. for more information go to a mon before carlesha freeland-gaither abduction, the same man is accused of kidnapping another young woman. >> delvin barnes is facing charges in a violent sexual attack. the family of the girl he terrorized are talking about the crime. gl and coming up, breaking news, a teacher attacked in a philadelphia high school. this new video shows him lying motionless on the ground there. it's not the fist time this has happened. the other violent incident at the same school.
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delvin bans barnes is not just a suspect in the philadelphia abduction, police say he also kidnapped and raped a 16-year-old girl from virginia. >> i just want to kill him. just want to kill him. >> reporter: this mother is fighting mad. charles city county deputies say
5:55 pm
delvin barnes abducted her 16-year-old daughter, hitting her in the head with a shovel, put her in the trunk of a car, then dousing her with gasoline and bleach. >> he told her he would die. >> he then began dugging her grave. >> after all that beating, raping, choking, she got away. >> reporter: the 16-year-old girl stumbled down this road to a business and was med flighted to a hospital. mom was shocked. >> the burns to her skin. my daughter didn't look like herself. it was devastating to watch. >> reporter: the fact she's 16 years old and this is a 37-year-old man what do you think? >> sicko. sick [ bleep ].
5:56 pm
>> reporter: we stopped by barns last known address this week. the suspect's father answered the door. what would you like to say to the family? >> we wish them a speedy recovery. we hope that they can forgive our son. and move on and recover with their lives. >> reporter: you're asking that they forgive your son? >> yes. >> reporter: what would you say? >> i can forgive him but i will never forget. because i just going through a picture in my head seeing my cousin get beat, bruised over and over again. it's a picture that keeps rolling in my head. >> reporter: the family relieved barnes is posing for mugshots and spending his nights in jail. >> i hope he rots. >> reporter: as for mom, she has a message for the man accused of brutally violating her child. >> all i have to say is god bless him. i hope your [ bleep ] rots in
5:57 pm
hell. coming up next at 6:00, breaking news. >> a teacher attacked in a philadelphia high school. this video posted on social media shows the teacher lying motionless on the floor. it's the second time this has happened in a matter of months. nbc 10 is looking at the school's troubled history and asking officials how this could happen again. snow in the poconos. the frigid weather is just beginning. i'll tell you how cold it will get and also tell you what to expect for your weekend. also ahead, she was trying to support her grandmother who is battling cancer. why a local teen says her good deed made her a target of bullies.
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5:59 pm
what happened? [ bleep ] . >> you are looking at a teacher attacked, lying motionless on the floor of a philadelphia high school. >> this is horrible. it's the third attack on a teacher in that school in the last mon. nefertiti jaquez is live outside bartram high school. >> police tell us they are investigating an assault on a substitute teacher here at bartram high. this after a video surfaced online of that teacher laid out on the ground. this attack took place yesterday at the end of the school day. school district officials tell
6:00 pm
us a male student threw the teacher to the ground which caused him to hit his head. in the video, if you take a clear look. it looks like he's not moving, but school officials tell us it's because he's told to stay put until medics arrive. we can tell you tonight that student has been suspended and that teacher was rushed to the hospital. we're told he suffered a concussion. nefertiti jaquez, nbc 10 news. bartram is no stranger to violence. in march, a 17-year-old student was accused of assaulting a school employee and knocking him to the ground. the video shows the conflict resolution special lest lying on the ground. coming


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