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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 7, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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us a male student threw the teacher to the ground which caused him to hit his head. in the video, if you take a clear look. it looks like he's not moving, but school officials tell us it's because he's told to stay put until medics arrive. we can tell you tonight that student has been suspended and that teacher was rushed to the hospital. we're told he suffered a concussion. nefertiti jaquez, nbc 10 news. bartram is no stranger to violence. in march, a 17-year-old student was accused of assaulting a school employee and knocking him to the ground. the video shows the conflict resolution special lest lying on the ground. coming right now at 6:00, it's the
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sound of winter. this is the scene at temple university as ice-covered kn snowflakes fell from the sky. >> this is the poconos snapped by a viewer in white haven, luzerne county. >> let's go to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane"schwartz. how cold are we talking? >> most places will be in the 20s by tomorrow morning. now, our high was 53 in philadelphia. we're already down to 49. it's already down to 41 in allentown. 32 in mt. pocono. where we saw that snow. 42 in trenton. warm spot, one of the warm spots, 8 in delaware. the wind is diminishing. fewer and fewer wind gusts, the gusts we're seeing are not nearly as strong as they were a couple hours ago. so that wind is really
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diminishing quickly. with the clear skies and light wind, it's going to cool off very quickly. down to 40 degrees in philadelphia by 10:00. closer to 30 in some suburbs. talking about how low it goes in your neighborhood and how long it stays that way with the seven-day in a few minutes. police say he dared them to come and get him. hours later he surrendered. nbc 10 was there as this 18-year-old turned himself in on charges of raping a teen girl. >> kassim, did you do it? >> police hauled him away while a relative made an on scene jex gesture to the cameras. >> tim furlong has more. >> tim, emotions running high today. >> yes, all sides of this. even in court, the suspect cried, but the victim's family
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says they don't have an ounce of sympathy for this guy. they say he's an absolute predator. >> do you have anything to say? >> kassim hill was brazen on the phone with police, not so much now that the cuffs are on. they say the 18-year-old was pretty bold at his house wednesday, too. police say on wednesday he told a 14-year-old girl the friend she was looking for was inside his house on north 9th street. when she got inside, he threw her down on a bed and assaulted her. >> a friend heard her screaming help me, help me. he was holding her captive. >> the friend pounding at the door allowed the girl to escape. kassim took off, too. today, his family threw inappropriate gestures our way. in court kassim and his mom both cried. mom told him to be strong. the victim's mom was in court, too. she didn't have sympathy for kassim. the victim's aunt says she does not want him just in jail --
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>> i want him under the jail. if it was up to me he would never see the light of day again. >> reporter: the 14-year-old is now getting counseling, but she's embarrassed and worried that people will find out what happened to her. she may see this house on north 9th street again, but her family hopes she will never see the man who lured her into it. >> and kassim hill was on probation for his juvenile crimes. that guarantees he will not make bail and get out of jail any time soon before he faces trial on the new charges. to end this story on a positive note, the victim's family and police say the friend who went and pounded on that door, he's a hero. they all look forward to thanking this guy personally themselves. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, tim. new details are emerging behind the effort to capture delvin barnes. agents with alcohol, tobacco and
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firearms were looking for barnes in virginia. he was wanted on a warrant there for rape and attempted murder. they were tracking his car using gps, that's when agents got the call that he was tracked to jessup, maryland. it was less than ten minutes from that phone call to barnes being captured. >> had to give him several verbal commands so he could process what was happening. they could see the female in the back. they got him to unlock the doors. as soon as the doors were unlocked they took him into custody. barnes had a pennsylvania tag on the car but it wasn't the correct tag. tonight barnes is on suicide watch in a virginia jail. count on nbc 10 for updates on the abduction and investigation. another suppoports star bei investigated for a suspected domestic assault.
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the allegations were brought to the dover police on wednesday. his ex-girlfriend said the incident happened inside the motor home at a race. busch is known as the outlaw in the racing circle. he has a history of run-ins with drivers and nascar officials. busch is not charged with a crime. his attorney says this allegation is a complete fabrication of a woman who refuses to accept the end of a relation and mr. busch denies her allegations in every respected. members of septa's largest union are voting on a new contract. septa and the transport workers union reached a tentative agreement two weeks ago. the new contract includes wage increases and gives both sides more time to negotiate bigger issues like pension reform. polls close for members in less than an hour. also happening now, a community is gathering for
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prayer tonight after two murders in a single week. one victim was a 3-year-old boy named scotty mcmillan. police say he was beaten to death by his own mother and boyfriend. he died hours after a mother was shot to death at a ymca parking lot. lu ann cahn is live tonight in parksburg, pennsylvania with more. >> reporter: the candlelight vigil will begin in just about an hour. the pastor of gateway church says he is not sure how many people will show up but he felt like he just had to do something because of the disturbing veal lent nature of the crimes in the community this week. >> we've been praying for these families through the week. some of our church family are involved, law enforcement. they have the challenge of being first responders at first events. >> reporter: some of those first respond eers saw the brutally beaten body of scotty mcmillan.
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prosecutors say the couple used a knotted rope, a curtain rod, and aluminum strips to torture the boy in their west caln mobile home. fellenbaum said he felt the boy disrespected him. a night before scotty died, jacinda miller was shot and killed outside the brandy wi wine ymca. terrified parents and children heard the gunshots from inside the y. >> we want to provide a living room setting so they can come and mourn together. seek that kind of hope and healing. the vigil is open to the public. it starts at 7:00. lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. joey merlin so ta ishgs nmel
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action to keep himself out of jail. skinny joey as he is often referred to was ordered back to prison for four months. he violated the terms of his probation while living in florida by meeting with a known mobster. philadelphia's first casino wants to keep the city from adding a second. sugar house is petitioning the pennsylvania gaming can troll board. sugar house says the market is too saturated and the situation in atlantic city is proof of that. we contacted the gaming board, but it's not commenting on the petition. atlantic city is expected to get a financial boost due to unpaid taxes by the revel hotel. the city will move forward with its effort to collected unpaid t taxes from revel casino.
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smoking is the suspected cause of this deadly boarding house fire in north philadelphia. the fire started inside a room on the third floor of the alliance of youth mission ministry. it houses the disabled and homeless. some residents claim they never heard a fire alarm. the office manager told nbc 10 has the alarm did sound but it was turned off by a maintenance worker who was banging on doors to alert people of the fire. police have arrested the person who robbed at least two rutgers students in the past two weeks. the most recent robbery was on wednesday. he allegedly had a fake gun and items belonging to the victims. the suspect is a juvenile. >> just two joejtsdz sglooifrnlgts 12k3w4r50i6r7b8g9sz 12k3w4r50i6r7b8gs sglooifrnlgs sglooifrnlgs sglooifrnlgs sglooifrnlgs 12k3w4r50i6r7b8gsd 12k3w4r50i6r7b8gs s sglooifrnlgs sglooifrnlgs sglooifrnlgs sglooifrnlgs 12k3w4r50i6r7b8gsd 12k3w4r50i6r7b8gs
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sdmro after a recount yesterday, betty lou mackena had gained two votes over lamar gunn. new jersey republican jeff bell said he congratulated cory bucker on his win in the form of a text message. booker defeated bell on tuesday for a full six-year term to the senate. the republican candidate said he was sorry he did not have the chance to congratulate booker over the phone. she supported her grandmother who was battling cancer. why a local teen says it made her the target of bullies. and it's a tiny bug with a big threat. why this insect has left some local townships facing a quarantine. the cold is coming. i'll tell you about the extreme temperatures that will be arriving in some parts of the country and tell you what to expect for our weekend.
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details ahead in my nbc 10 news first alert forecast.
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it was supposed to be a show of support for her grandmother battling cancer. but it became a bullying battle.
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today a delaware county teen told nbc 10 why she believes her decision to cut her hair made her a target. >> my mom calls me into the kitchen and tells me that my grandmother has been diagnosed with cancer. >> reporter: the word cancer turned kaylee wilson's world upside down. her closest family member was fighting a brave battle. >> we went to visit her, i saw how depressed she was losing her hair. >> reporter: kaylee didn't want her grandmother to feel alone. so they made the decision to lose her own locks. >> she cut her own hair off, she wanted to do it. it was amazing. i felt so inspired we all did it. >> reporter: but kaylee says the show of solidarity and her new do made her a target of bullying. >> i get looks, glares at frowni
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frowning. >> reporter: a local anti-bullying group saw what was happening and wanted to applaud her. >> she's a hero in my opinion. >> reporter: and her family couldn't be more proud. >> it made me feel very in touch with my grandmother, even more so than i already am. >> reporter: officials with teach anti-bullying say the culture of the community needs to change to stop what they believe is an epidemic. they plan to honor kaylee in the coming weeks. new at 6:00, no new trial for the lehigh university graduate who sued the school over a grade. yesterday the pennsylvania supreme court sided with a northampton county judge who rejected giving the new trial. megan had sued lehigh university and her coordinator over a c plus grade she got in a course because of her views on
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marriage. it's the first time this bug has been seen here in the u.s. a new invasive species that threatens fruit farmers and vineyards is spreading in berks conte. farmers are inspecting their trees and plants for the hungry spotted lantern fly. the bug is native to china and korea. recently it has popped up here. it is known to feast on fruit trees and grapes and could threaten the local produce and wine industries. five townships have been put under an agricultural quarantine. >> go to the limbs to see if it's on the smooth bark or crevices. it's an insect with bright colors, so it should stand out. >> state officials hope to stop this fly before it infects neighboring areas. well, it was really blowing
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out there this afternoon. we had peak wind gusts of 0 miles per hour in philadelphia. that wind already calming down a lot of the area. temperatures tonight going way down. it won't be quite as cold monday night when the eagles play but kind of chilly. mostly clear skies now, 49 degrees. winds 16 miles per hour gusting to 26. it was gusting to 40. that is some improvement. and the temperature, quite a drop. tuesday and wednesday, 70 plus. 56 yesterday. 53 today. about 52 tomorrow. the average high is now down to 59 degrees. the average high. it's now 41 degrees in allentown, 42 in trenton and pottstown. it's in the 40s everywhere. it's cold out there. the temperature dropping quickly
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as the wind diminishes. a lot of places not reporting gusts now let alone anything above 30 miles per hour. so tonight as the wind goes down, the temperature goes down, too. 25 for the low in allentown. 28 in quakertown. 27 in reading. 28 in doylestown. 29 in norristown and mt. holly. colder in vineland and millville. down to 27. 32 in dover. and right around the city, balmy 34. 29 in glassboro. it's cold, but the rest of the country will be even colder. this is next week. a week from now. it's going to be so cold up in the northern plain states, near record cold. over a huge area of the country. all the way down south abnormally cold. it's going to be stuck. this is one of those blocking patterns we talked about a lot last winter and we will be stuck in a portion of that. on the edge.
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so it won't be as cold around here as it will be to west. still abnormally cold. clearing and cold front with winds diminishing. 34 in the city. 25 in the suburbs. during the day tomorrow, mostly sunny after that cold start. low 50s in the afternoon. but a whole lot less wind. sunday looks dry also. not quite as cold. then monday goes up into the low 60s. mid 60s on tuesday. then it starts to get cold again. by thursday, highs in the 40s. by friday we have a chance of rain and snow showers and that chill lasts all the way through next weekend. good evening. coming up in sports, mark sanchez has his first start in two years. details ahead of tonight's tilt at the wells fargo center.
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. the eagles and panthers are putting the finishing touches on their game plan for monday night's showdown. the eagles are fourth in the nfl for points per game and yards per game. more important for sanchez and company is limiting the turnovers. >> that the the name of the game moving forward. you have to take care of it. be real smart. and, you know, have possession of that ball after every play. >> nick foles the only eagle who did not practice today.
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no one else is even listed as limited participant. as for foles and the broken collarbone, chip kelly says he won have a timetable for his return for three, four weeks. >> i think it's how that bone progresses. they will check him three, four weeks out to see where he is. take another x-ray or c.a.t. scan to get an idea of how the bone is healing. >> to the hardwood, the sixers next five opponents have six losses combined. that stretch starts tonight against the bulls, and it starts without noel. rose is also out for the bulls. the flyers may have braedon coburn back for tomorrow's game against the avalanche. he was scheduled to return from his foot injury a couple weeks ago. was asked to talk about then to now. >> it's a big difference. everything from putting full weight on it, turning, skating
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on both feet. yeah. the extra bit of rest and the extra treatments we did i think helped a lot. >> that's your look at sports. jim, back to you. >> thanks. now for a look at tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00. putting the brakes on red light cameras in new jersey? why the entire state could turn them off in about a mon.
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all right. >> cold friday night. >> find that coat, ray, right? >> those winds are bringing in the colder air tonight. we'll be in the 20s in much of the area and a chilly weekend tomorrow morning. by the time the eagles are playing on monday night, yeah, it will be a little on the chilly side going down into the 40s, but not as cold as the last couple of nights. we get warmer on tuesday before we feel more like december.
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>> oh, that time of year. we're ready. thanks. for all of us here at nbc 10 news, i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> the news continues now on "nightly news." escalation in u.s. involvement. the number of american troops there about to double including some very dangerous places. are you among those allergic to pencilen? stunning news about a big overreaction. something he said in our interview with him last night that got jerry seinfeld a whole lot of attention today on the subject of autism. and the crowd goes wild for a little girl going through a really tough time finally getting to see her hero, her own dad, in action. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian willia.


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