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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 11, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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estate deal. castro isn't scheduled to be released until april 2016. nbc 10 is asking how this happened. we'll have the very latest on what we find out on nbc 10 news at 11:00. be sure to tune in to nbc 10. count on us. live in the digital operations center, keith jones, nbc 10 news. right now, at 6:00, the man accused of kidnapping a woman in philadelphia is back in the city where the alleged crime happened. delvin barnes was extradited from virginia this afternoon. >> nbc 10's tim furlong is live in center city. what happens next, tim? >> reporter: renee, we expect he'll have his first federal court appearance sometime tomorrow. that will be over in the federal building here. tonight he's being locked up in the federal detention center over there. it's been a busy nine days. last sunday night, barnes abducted carlesha off the street in germantown, took her to maryland. he was picked up after atf agents were tipped off there was a gaps in car.
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he was then taken to virginia where he was wanted for the rape and kidnapping of a teenager where she remains in the hospital after she escaped. that brings us to today, he arrived here at noon today. i read through the federal complaint. that's the basis for bringing him back to philadelphia. we expect he'll make an appearance in a courtroom tomorrow. carlesha's grandmother says she's on her way back to southern maryland. at this point no family members plan to be in the courtroom. nbc 10 will be. live in center city, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. mercer county authorities say everyone hurt in this crash between the school bus and a car, they are expected to recover. police say one of the drivers crossed the center lane en route 206, hit a bus and this is the result. the bus ended up on its side. you'll see it on board where the driver and aide and a 16%ydar-old student. the three were taken to the hospital along with the person
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driving that car. >> officers ab wul medical personnel at the scene were somewhat surprised the injuries weren't more serious. >> nbc 10 was there a short time ago. both the bus and the car were towed from the scene. investigators trying to figure out which one of the drivers was at fault. the nbc 10 investigator had been looking into the history of the bus company involved in today's crash. the rick bus company is based in trenton. it has 280 vehicles and 300 drivers. according to the department of transportation the company has been inspected three times in the past 24 months. it's had no violations or crashes prior to today. bucks county authorities tell us the situation is now under control after a gas leak. skyforce 10 was over the scene just about an hour ago. two buildings were evacuated because of the leak. that leak has been isolated. everyone has been allowed back inside.
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i'm christine madella live over breaking news in skyforce 10. this is juniata section of philadelphia where police are investigating a shooting. they say one person was shot. you can see several crews on the scene here. we are also told police have a home barricaded where the suspect may be inside. skyforce 10 is not the only helicopter over this scene. there's a police helicopter searching the rooftop for a possible suspect here and from police we are learning the person may have run into another property along howlland street here. they did recover a gun. we're staying over the scene to monitor for details.
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reporting live from skyforce 10, christine madella, nbc 10 news. a local woman in fear for his life. >> i know he's desperate after whatç he did yesterday. >> police say her estranged husband drove their corvette into the delaware river. >> tonight, the wife is telling nbc 10 about her husband's troubling injury and the protective order she has against him. nbc 10's rosemary connors is live tonight at northeast detectives. >> rosemary, you just found out new information about the charges. >> reporter: i did. 56-year-old john kramer has been charged for violating that protection from abuse order. he's charged with harassing her and endangering the livers of the di -- divers who had to fish out that corvette yesterday afternoon. back in october, a judge ordered
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him to anger management counseling, undergo anger management therapy. his wife tells me clearly it's not working. >> after what he did yesterday, i never thought he would do something like that. >> reporter: divorce is often unpleasant, even nasty. but according to the wife, this is extreme. while she did not want her identity revealed, she tells me a fight over their 1990 corvette in exchange for their blue mini van lead her husband make good on his threat. >> i saw breaking news come across news. it shows the car was down the tacony. i called 911. i asked them if this was my car. >> reporter: her husband's anger first doubled over in the summer when he broke through the window of their front door and damaged their other car which she has fixed. as a result she filed a protection from abuse order, pfa, against him in june.
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>> he was disgruntled about that. he had to leave the premises for the three-year order. he's been angry and upset about that. >> we see threats but actually do it and walk away from it. >> reporter: the husband violated the pfa police say and he could face more charges for ditching the vet in the delaware. >> the witness that was there when it happened gave a statement to the marine unit officers thatç when the guy go out he just walked away, said don't worry about calling the police. it's a family matter. >> reporter: do you think he could go even further? >> i don't know. but at this point i know he's desperate. >> reporter: the wife tells me that she and her estranged husband have two teenage daughters. they're living with the wife right now. she's also concern for their well-being. on a final note, police are looking for john kramer, however, they've not released a photo of him. as soon as we do get something we'll pass it along to you. reporting live, outside of
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northeast detectives, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. new at 6:00 on this veterans day, a man's been arrested accused of vandalizing the graves of military vets in bensalem, bucks county. carter is charged with institutional vandalism and arson. bensalem police say they used dna to link him to the crime. he's accused of committing acts of vandalism at rosedale memorial park as well as another park. all the decorations and flag holders were removed and burned. also new at 6:00, paying tribute to veterans. >> all thanks to the national program help usa, some of those who fought for our country won't have to fight for affordable housing. nbc 10's harry hairston is back in southwest philadelphia where our new facility is dedicated to vets in need.
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>> reporter: this program help usa is working miracles for many vets who return home with no place to turn to. no place to live. >> no vet should have to be homeless or without a job. >> reporter: retired army captain debra derricott says she was both. >> i actually suffer a very aggravated sexual assault in the military. >> reporter: now thanks to help usa, a national organization that provides shelter and support services for the homeless, she has a home. she moved in last yearç on veterans day. >> i came in, they provided me with a three-bedroom central air, central heat for me, my daughter and grandson. >> reporter: she came to support the dedication of the second veterans center to go up in southwest philly. it's named after anthony
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williams father, hardy williams. >> i can't really describe the moment because my father's passed away. he was a vet, a second lieutenant in the military during the korean conflict. >> that should be ready for folks to move in after the first of the year. in some of the parm apartments will have wheel they're accessible tubs. when finished there will be 61 apartments. u.s. congressman bob brady who pushed for the federal dollars tells me 2,500 have applied for an apartment. >> if we can't help them, we don't deserve to be here. >> we lay our lives to fight or four country. i feel our country should at least give us a little compassion sometimes to help us out in our time of need. she tells me her home and support services have given her the strength to share her story with other vets in need and tell them not to give up. she plans to speak to two
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different groups of vets tonight. she does this while battling stage 2 brain cancer. back to you. >> new at 6:00, a local college president under fire. the controversial comments he made about sexual assault. shifty fans uncover a piece of history. i'm ted greenberg about what i learned about these ties from the past. i'm tracking fog which could cause problems during tomorrow morning's commute. also about a 20-degree temperature swing on the way. temperatures ahead in my nbc 10 first alert forecast.
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i'm christine madella live in skyforce 10 over the juniata section of philadelphia where there's a heavy police presence here at the intersection of howlland and east luzerne streets. police say this is where someone was shot and they are actively searching for the gunman. take a look as we pan down here. police officers have fanned out throughout the neighborhood looking for the person that fired that shot. they're looking on the ground
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and also from the air. there's a police helicopter scanning rooftops as well. reporting live in skyforce 10 over juniata, christine madella, nbc 10 news. bill cosby spoke at the memorial for soldiers and sailors. the monday yum was restored to its originally intended location on the parkway two years ago. also new at 6:00, university of delaware researchers are being credited for helping discovering two lost world war i planes. this is gopro video of the team using underwater robotics. they found the remains of an avenger bomber where two airmen had lost their lives as well as an f-6f hellcat that went down.
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here's the statement the lincoln university president robert r. jennings made that left some people outraged. >> jennings gave this speech lat september at lincoln's annual all-women's convocation. this afternoon jennings posted an apology letter on the lincoln university facebook page. it says in part, quote, let there be no miss understanding, sexual misconduct will not be tolerated at the lincoln university. i am committed to creating an
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environment where you can excel as a student and grow as a young adult. the latest tourist attraction on a jersey shore beach, probably nothing you would expect to find there, train tracks believed to be a century old that suddenly appeared feet from the water. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg found out why and where they came from. >> it's amazing, it really is. >> reporter: the newest draw to sunset beach has surfaced from deep in the past. >> i had to come out and see them. >> reporter: more than 100 feet of rusted railroad tracks dating back to the early 1900s running down the sand at the popular spot along the delaware bay outside cape may. >> it's quite a thrill for us. >> we had a really unusual storm saturday, november 1st. >> she says beach erosion from that storm uncovered the rails, a site that's taken many people
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by surprise. >> it was in 1935. >> they just disappeared for many years. >> former cape may mayor and history buff says the tracks were once used by the old cape may sand company which had a plan the nearby. >> they ran those tracks along the beach because that's where the good sand was. >> reporter: i'm told at least one person took away a piece of these rails. since then, locals have been urging folks to leave them here. >> it's history. admire it but walk away. >> reporter: for laura mcpherson, her great, great uncle seen here in this photo from 1914 worked for that sand plant. >> it'sç a neat thing to think here i am, 100 years ago, there he was. >> reporter: ties to the past unearthed by shifting sand that with changing tides could easily vanish as quick as they appeared. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, another warm day while much of the country is getting colder and colder, plus a lot of snow in parts of the area. we have one more warm one before the cold air gets to us. we do have a foggy late night and morning, could affect the morning rush and a long cold spell. once the cold weather gets in here, it will stay for quite a while. good visibility now but probably not when you get up in the morning. we have high humidity. the fog is likely to develop. we got up to 70 degrees today. 66 tomorrow. the average is 58. there we go, thursday and friday. only 48. and then by early next week, we'll be longing for a high of 48. because it will be even colder. some folks like it really cold. some would like snow, too. we'll get it, plenty of it.
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53 in allentown, 53 mt. pocono, still pretty mild here. the wind chill down to 25 in chicago. it was in the 60s yesterday. 10 minneapolis, 1 in bismarck, north dakota. the arctic air from canada we've been showing you has now invaded, gone down all the way to texas and then coming to the east. it's taking a little while but it's coming. we're not going to get the arctic part of it. but it's going to get cold and it's going to stay cold. green bay will get the arctic part of it. it will be down closer to 20 during the game. with wind chills down near zero or perhaps zero. the arctic air and cold air hang in there across much of the country. as you can see. all the way through next week. we have some low clouds coming up.ç moisture offshore, we could see
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a few sprinkles, drizzle drops later tonight. first thing in the morning. the main issue is going to be the fog followed by the cold later on during the week. tonight, very mild for this time of the year. 53 for the low in philadelphia. 47 in the suburbs. tomorrow, the early fog possible drizzle, then some clearing. fairly warm day. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. then that northwest wind comes in, here comes the cold. thursday colder, friday continues to go down. saturday, 20s even in philadelphia. look at the cold weekend. now we could see some rain as early as sunday afternoon into sunday night, possibly changing to a little snow north and west on monday as it gets even colder. if you don't want to brave the cold temperatures to do your grocery shopping, reading terminal market is offering same-day delivery service. according to our news partners at the philadelphia business journal, 32 merchants in the
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market have partnered with insta-cart. you can have them delivered to your door within an hour. right now the service is limited to packaged items, fresh fruit and baked goods. do the phillies have a trade worked out with jimmy rollins? it's all next.
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♪ i thought it'd be bigger. ♪ ♪ (dad) there's nothing i can't reach in my subaru. (vo) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru,a subaru. this is the xfinity sportsdesk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. mark sanchez won his first starts aeagles quarterback last night. the defense with nine sacks with, their most in six years. the birds set a franchise record
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for the season already with nine touchdowns on defensive special teams. >> at the 35, starts up the middle. he's at the 50. he's at the 40. cuts to his right. he's at the 30, the 20, the 10, the 5, touchdown. he's done it again. >> this is my first time being a part of something like that. >> intercepted by fletcher. >> the guys creating a great camaraderie, loving each other, playing for one another and the emblem on our chest. >> he's being hit, sacked. >> eight sacks was our goal. we met our goal. >> we had nine. >> then we exceeded. >> we were going for ten for real. >> they come in bunches. they keep coming. >> sanchez fires, complete, touchdown, jordan matthews. >> i felt like jeremy maclin. >> he fires, he's at the 5. he spins into the end zone.
6:26 pm
sec touchdown of the night. >> it's so fun to get back out on the field. very blessed and thank god for the opportunity. it was really cool. >> how did mark sanchez celebrate his birthday after a win? he went for his first cheesesteak at pat's and gino's. >> mark sanchez. >> mark sanchez. >> happy birthday to mark sanchez. the mets reportedly wanted to trade for philly jimmy rollins but j-rolle blocked the deal. he wants to stay here. we'll be right back.ç
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it was nice out there today. that's changing. >> we got up to 70 degrees today. tomorrow will still be relatively mild but by thursday morning, you're going to be feeling the change and once we get into the cold air, we'll stay in there for -- you see the
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seven-day period and way beyond that. >> forever. >> not forever. for all of us at nbc 10, i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> i'm jim rosenfield. see you at 11:00. on our broadcast tonight, waiting for word. in ferguson, missouri, on edge again as they await the decision from the grand jury tonight. fears of repeat violence as businesses board up like they're getting ready for a storm. extreme weather, wild temperature swings from the 70s to the 30s in a day. record snowfall, danger on the roads as a huge early season storm now moves from north to south. the sniper fighting to save her city from falling to isis. tonight richard engel completing a hazardous journey through a hidden maze of tunnels to reach the front lines. tough sell. a huge gamble for the hugest selling vehicle of all time in this country. tonight we're there as a potential game changer rolls off the line. "nightly news" begins now.


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